FAQ CounterStats Information & Icon Descriptions

What do the bars & colors represent?

Janna kills Thresh
Thresh kills Janna
Janna Champion Kills
Thresh Champion Kills

Green Bars

Green bars denote an area of gameplay in which the counterpick is stronger than the chosen champion.

Janna Comeback Percent
Thresh Comeback Percent
Janna Win Percent
Thresh Win Percent

Red Bars

Red bars are simply the opposite; they will tell you where the chosen champion is stronger than the counterpick.

What do the icons represent?

Counter Kills

Counter Kills

The counter kills bars show what percentage of kills the champion and counter have exclusively against each other - no other champion kills count toward this number.

Champion Kills

Champion Kills

The champion kills bars will tell you total champion kills across all games in which the two champions played against each other.

Early Lead Ratio

Early Lead Ratio

If either of the two champions are ahead in both cs and experience at 10 minutes, they are flagged as having an early lead. This is the percent of games each champion has an early lead.

Comeback Ratio

Comeback Ratio

A comeback is marked as a situation where a champion has given up an early lead (behind in both cs and experience at 10 minutes) but still manages to win the game. This is the percent of games each champion gets a comeback.

Win Percent

Win percent

This is the percent of games won by each champion while they are laning against each other.

Where does our information come from?

All counter data shown is exclusive to matches where the two selected champions are laning against each other unless explicitly stated otherwise. We gather all our information from ranked Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger games across all regions supported by Riot's API (including BR, EUNE, EUW, KR, LAN, LAS, NA, OCE, RU, and TR).

How fresh is our data?

Very fresh! Our statistics update daily and includes data from the 4 most recent patches.