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Aurelion Sol Counter Stats

Aurelion Sol Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #22 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Aurelion Sol. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Aurelion Sol in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Aurelion Sol Data for all roles taken from 12,122 matches.
Aurelion Sol Counter Stats From:
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Middle Lane (90%) Aurelion Sol Middle Lane Counters: 10,920 matches, 54 counter champions

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Tips Against Aurelion Sol in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Katawina52 says “Always look to play agressive since you can almost never lose an all in once you're lvl 3+ (always E behind him), but careful with his stun if you're fighting in a minion wave, the best way for him to beat you is with a well placed stun. Try your best to match his roams. He will always be there first thanks to his E, but if you move instantly you should be able to influence a skirmish harder than he can.”
S11 Katawina's challenger EUW Katarina guide by Katawina52 | Katarina Player
Vicksay says “Very depends on the Aurelion Sol player. A new/inexperienced one you'll crush with no problem, one that knows their roaming timings as he can outpush you once he has a few levels in his W, and takes Merc Treads + Legend: Tenacity will be really hard for you to deal with. He's an absolute terror when paired with a competent jungler.”
7daysko says “Your stun ruins his day. His ulti can't stop your ulti either unless you are really close to him, which you won't be. You most likely won't be able to match his roams, so try to secure a good lead.”
Fuzzmonkey says “Aurelion isn't really a hard match up for Leblanc at all. His trades are week compared to hers. Most Aurelion Sol players will be shoving you in under turret constantly. Just find an opening to all in him and the lane should be free.”
[11.7] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
Yeager says “He can shove harder than you with his W. You want to stun him whenever he expands his W to clear the wave. He is one of the few champions who can match your roams, so try shut him down early game with your jungler.”
[Season 11] Yeager's Master Twisted Fate Guide by Yeager | Twisted Fate Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Corrupting due to his push power. Roamers matchup. Ping pre level 6 because he will always be first. Try to kill him on lane due to your burst damage but be careful on his Q/R/jungler followup. Ask early for ganks so he does not roam that easily and put a vision ward in the bush towards botlane (in the river) as often as you can. Play with Dematerializer and post 6 push waves faster than him. In order to fight him it is very tricky but doable, you need to stay either inside his big W circle or outside and spam Q's. Movement speed helps a lot in this matchup so get boots faster than usual. Usually who uses their mana better should win. Play with Cleanse if you think his stun will help their jungler get to you, always ping versus Aurelion after level 3 that he is going to gank. Find the solutions and be first to gank botlane after 6, but expect to get followed. Try to clear their vision wards also all the time. This is perhaps the most entertaining of matchups because you have to play smarter on macros and not necessarily micros. Also think that when you gank bot they might respond with a roam top, the reverse also works so definetly warn your team with pings.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID [S11 ITEMS] by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
crabbix says “No one plays this champion. If you do face one, play with your range and poke heavily, deny farm.”
Polarshift says “It's hard to get close to him, probably just a battle of waveclearing and roaming which he does better. You are definitely better at teamfighting.”
[11.7] RYZE THE RUNE MAGE [MID/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH GUIDE] by Polarshift | Ryze Player
Halfhand says “This champion is a bit annoying since his waveclear is really good and his roaming too. Though I have not seen him alot in season 11 so it seems he is not that viable at the moment.”
[11.6] S11 Twisted Fate guide - Halfhand - Master Tier EUW by Halfhand | Twisted Fate Player
Aethlo says “Aurelion Sol has the wave clear advantage. || Aurelion Sol loses pre-3 || Aurelion Sol loses pre-6 || Aurelion Sol loses post-6 || Aurelion Sol outscales Annie. || TIP: Buy Sorc shoes ASAP. The movement speed combined with your E means you will always be faster than him unless he E s for some reason. The only thing you have to be aware of is him roaming, have good vision and awareness and you will be cruising through this matchup.”
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