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Warwick Counter Stats

Warwick Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #21 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Warwick. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Warwick in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Warwick Data for all roles taken from 36,987 matches.
Warwick Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

In the Jungle (78%) Warwick In the Jungle Counters: 28,712 matches, 45 counter champions

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Tips Against Warwick in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LambWolf says “You can kite warwick quite easily if you ain't low hp and you have redbuff. He cannot do much about you. Just don't get in to melee distance.”
[11.15] Kindred the Solo Carry Machine by LambWolf | Kindred Player
Maintained says “Early game he's you but better. He can probably beat you in your own spires before you get your bami's cinder. Although you outscale him. ”
Fear My Sting - Jungle Skarner [11.15] by Maintained | Skarner Player
NixLychee says “I personally win this matchup most of the time, but someone a bit newer to Lee Sin might make a crucial mistake during an early fight, so just try to avoid him.”
[11.15] Lee Sin Owner's Manual by NixLychee | Lee Sin Player
Smartest2 says “Warwick is one of the easiest matchups. He leaves you alone, you clear faster than him, and you can gank more. Provided you get a lead, you can easily 1v1 him as well, even if he ults you.”
Riealone says “Keep dragons warded, track him, dodge his E and you win”
Insightful says “He's hard to kill if you're solo, but he's super early game champion, just try to scale up a bit and avoid him early”
[11.13] Challenger EUW In depth Sejuani Guide - Tank and Uti by Insightful | Sejuani Player
KamiKZ says “Can be difficult for Kha Zix in the early levels if you´re not playing around his fear. Try to only fight him if he´s isolated as you might not be able to burst him otherwise. He will heal a lot of your damage up and can kill you quickly if you´re not careful as well. Evolving Q is a must when fighting him and evovilng W will help in terms of kiting him. ”
KamiKZ says “This match up is Graves favored. Against Warwick you want to kite Warwick from healing from you with his Q and don´t waste/blow your Q AA and R on him whenever Warwick has his E on him since this reduces the ammount of damage he takes. Tip don´t go into melee range since this will make Warwick able to heal of you and fear you. ”
Season 11 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
[11.15] WILDEBOBS [REWORKED] INSANE SMURF 1v9 DR MUNDO JUNGL by WildeBob | Dr. Mundo Player
CatGopher98 says “Warwick will stop your ult when you least expect it with his Q and R. He also has the potential to invade you and will heal back to full HP. You need to buy an anti-heal item for this matchup.”
Mordekaiser Jungle: Mungle by CatGopher98 | Mordekaiser Player
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Top Lane (21%) Warwick Top Lane Counters: 7,808 matches, 50 counter champions

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Tips Against Warwick in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

MrDomian says “He can destroy you in early game. Very important is anty-heal - Bramble Vest.”
quinn adc says “Early game play as aggro as you can. WW wants you to get him low so he can barrier bait you. He gets extra healing below 50% hp, so don't fall for his trick. It's like shaco backing while low in front of 10 boxes trying to bait you. If you want to kill him, ignite early so you mitigate his healing. Be careful of your E usage because WW can Q you after you use it, but his Q range is only 350 units, which is super short. Constantly harras him with autos, and if he Qs you, E away to escape. Play the matchup like this and he can't do much at all. If he has R, try to blind him when he is getting low cuz WW will only R when he is low. If you blind him first, this makes it so muich tougher for him to land R. If he misses R he is dead.”
QuinnAD's Season 11 Grandmaster Quinn Guide by quinn adc | Quinn Player
Phrxshn says “If he uses Jaw of the Beast(Q) try to be unpredictable with your direction as his Q can dash behind you. Save fling for his Primal Howl to prevent being feared by him. Also save Fling to cancel Infinite Duress. Make short trades against Warwick. (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Even) (Outscaling Edge: Warwick) (Recommended Items: Thornmail or Morello's) (Mega Adhesive prevent Infinite Duress and Jaw of the Beast from being cast) (Fling overrides Jaws of the Beast and Infinite Duress channeling) (Fling does not override Infinite Duress jump)”
Fryx says “If you go allin make sure you kill him or he actually destroy you. He can hard carry the game so stay toplane. Pick Grasp in this Matchup and max your E. You will win all the trades and he will be hurt badly.”
maxlid3 says “Keep your distance. Usually he can't really do much before level 6 so you can just poke him to death. After level 6 he can just ult you can heal to full health and kill you. Buy antiheal.”
[11.15] ULTIMATE SENNA TOP GUIDE [The Kraken Slayer] by maxlid3 | Senna Player
SunFalk says “Warwick can seems like a big threat, but when you know how to deal with him, he's realy not. When you see a wolf head a bit transparent on top of you, heal or back up because that means warwick smells you. If you see a darker head on top of you, that means that warwick is coming for you and used his W to go faster, always back and stay under tower until you know he's gone”
✔️S11.15 Yuumi Top AP and AD from Sunfalk 🐈 by SunFalk | Yuumi Player
FeedLaneGetCaryd says “(Bone Plating+Magic Resist) Not much you can do to Warwick early, buy healing reduction and just play for scaling, since Urgot does outscale him. If Warwick ever tries to go in, wait for him to Q. Otherwise he can dodge your E, being unstoppable.”
SettVEVO says “Cheeseeeeeeee. And hard to deal with, unlike the other cheeses this guy is weird cause he seems like you can actually kill him but you can't. He will outheal your damage, and his barrier can be casted while stunned, so you can't E stun W to instakill him. Build Executioners and actually magic resist cause his Q does insane magic damage. Just don't die to him and it will be alright, he isn't that bad if he doesn't get fed. Watch out when he recalls he might roam if he has his W on people.”
RareParrot says “warwick is easy just ignite him when he starts to get low because the only way ww top works is if you underestimate his insane lifesteal when hes low.”
TEEMO GUIDE by RareParrot | Teemo Player
BoilTheOil says “Take Conqueror and ignite into him because he will outheal your damage early on, try to save your spells to burst him when he's low because thats when he heals the most. Don't use W until he Q's because he can go behind you with it and dodge it. Don't fight him without ignite up. If you ever think he's dead you're wrong. Your teamfights are better than his so you can try to outscale him.”
[11.15] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide by BoilTheOil | Sett Player
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