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Caitlyn Counter Stats

Caitlyn Counters
Bottom Lane
Ranked #16 out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Caitlyn. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Caitlyn in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Caitlyn Data for all roles taken from 444,899 matches.
Caitlyn Counter Stats From:
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Bottom Lane (98%) Caitlyn Bottom Lane Counters: 435,244 matches, 23 counter champions

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Tips Against Caitlyn in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LegendaryOstrich says “Let Caitlyn push you under tower with her Q, don't go for cs if she has her head shot it's not worth it at all. Start doran's shield and farm under tower until you get a cutlass; dash into her use the slow to help your support land their abilities and ult her.”
[10.19] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth] by LegendaryOstrich | Lucian Player
PH45 says “Has a long range and can poke you quite a lot for free since she outranges you. Farm up and demolish her in teamfights as your teamfight capability is much better than hers.”
StriveHD79 says “Her kill threat is much lower than some of the other ADCs but since her range is much higher, she will poke you out of lane so try to avoid walking up for no reason. Doran's Shield is recommended. Look to side step/avoid her Q. And be mindful of her traps. ”
✔️[10.18] The Bounty Hunter|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Miss Fortune Player
SaltedCrisp says “Caitlyn absolutely outranges you so try and have her come to you instead. Watch out for her traps when trying to fight her. Farm harder and better, and abuse her weak early game.”
IHaveNoName says “Traps, Net, Range, Q-Poke, Ult finisher/ poke”
Absolute domination Draven - How to by IHaveNoName | Draven Player
Vapora Dark says “Caitlyn is 110% lane bully and nothing really else. You wont be doing much in lane as she'll always get the first/last auto on you usually resulting in a won trade for her. Farm up as much as possible and do your best to avoid traps/nets as she'll hit you with a passive shot dealing a tonne of damage. Mid game, you just simply become a better version of her, allowing you to trap/pick off enemies in ways she could only dream. Just make sure to not walk around too low, her ult cant miss.”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
tokyodamonsta says “A good caitlyn will win this matchup purely off the range advantage, which makes it hard to get your root off. Play off your supports CC and chain your root to one shot her.”
[SEASON 10] Xayah High Elo Guide! by tokyodamonsta | Xayah Player
StriveHD79 says “Her kill threat is much lower than some of the other ADCs but since her range is much higher, she will poke you out of lane so try to avoid walking up for no reason. You can retaliate when she tries to poke you with your trading pattern W + AA.”
✔️[10.18] The Frost Queen|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Ashe Player
StriveHD79 says “Check the Matchups Chapter for all the matchups”
✔️[10.18] 1v9 Low Elo Stomper|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Tristana Player
ELOSANTA says “If you as Lucian has an engage/catch support like Leona or Thresh, Lucian can win this matchup easily. You just have to dare to play offensive. If Caitlyn has a poke support, it's gonna be a lot harder. As long as you are inside your range of her, you have a lot more dps. Walk/E into range, use passive, W her for speed, use passive, Q, use passive, then another E. Poke supports tend to be squishy, so if you deal damage to them before they deal to you, you might force them to play passively”
[10.19] Rank 1 Lucian in-depth Guide by ELOSANTA | Lucian Player
Bouhhsolene says “In early she is kind of annoying, just don't walk in her traps, and avoid trades if you don't hit W. In late, you outrange her so you should be pretty much ok.”
[10.19] Follow the screams! by Bouhhsolene | Senna Player
LostFishEU says “If Draven is the king of botlane, then Caitlyn is the queen. Caitlyn has one of the longest range in the game (650 vs Vayne's 550) combine with a long range poke and headshot passive crit on her poke.”
<Grandmaster> LostFish - Vayne: The Guide by LostFishEU | Vayne Player
R3Veal says “Don't run into her traps as she can still shoot you for some time even after you get out of it. Don't fight her alone in lane because of her ultimate. She pretty much outranges you really hard. Don't trade while she has her crit loaded.”
[Patch 10.19] "How Lovely!" Jhin Guide! by R3Veal | Jhin Player
OverjarlZane says “Massive range, but you have so much poke and she's so immobile that you should win this 9/10 times *knock on wood*”
[10.19] The Jarls APC Ziggs AND THE TOWERS CRIED OUT by OverjarlZane | Ziggs Player
tokyodamonsta says “Skill matchup! Dont step on traps and dodge her Net!”
[Season 10] Ezreal High Elo Guide! by tokyodamonsta | Ezreal Player
Profesor APH. says “not hard matchup you have bonus life steal on severum when she poke you just life steal you self from minions (if you are scared pick heal or barrier)”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
StriveHD79 says “Her kill threat is much lower than some of the other ADCs but since her range is much higher, she will poke you out of lane so try to avoid walking up for no reason. Save your spellshield for her E or Q to avoid its damage and regain mana. You can also step on the traps with your spellshield (E) activated for free mana. After your first item you can instantly clear the wave so the threat of being poked is no longer there.”
liteon132 says “She outranges your turrets, and forces you to trade with rockets.”
Donger in the botlane. by liteon132 | Heimerdinger Player
KXNGLXXVII says “She can bully you out of lane if you don't play your early levels properly with her 150 range advantage. You win the fight with her if you can make it to level 3 and W a headshot or her Q. ”
The only samira guide you will ever need by KXNGLXXVII | Samira Player
LSCaspen says “In early game Caitlyn have huge range advantage”
[NEW]AssassinVayne's Special Build by LSCaspen | Vayne Player
DoctorDingus says “Outranges, can clear turrets fast - hard to kill”
Rank 1 World Heimerdinger Bot - Breaking the Meta! by DoctorDingus | Heimerdinger Player
Bwura says “Her headshot is really good against you. Don't try to fight.”
How to Play Our Holy Dragon in Bot Lane by Bwura | Aurelion Sol Player
StriveHD79 says “Her kill threat is much lower than some of the other ADCs but since her range is much higher, she will poke you out of lane so try to avoid walking up for no reason. Doran's Shield is recommended. Look to side step/avoid her Q. And be mindful of her traps. If you can get on-top of her you will kill her, but try to dodge her net ability which will slow you down.”
[10.18] Spear of Vengeance|Diamond Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Kalista Player
MagedTRYNDAOTP says “Beaucoup trop de range.”
Trynda ADC by MagedTRYNDAOTP | Tryndamere Player
OverjarlZane says “Very long range and currently in a very good place. If you get good harass off she's easy enough to pick but she will scale really hard and REALLY fast.”
[10.19] The Jarls GraspMF Crit & Lethality builds by OverjarlZane | Miss Fortune Player
Dxactivatxd says “Caitlyn is great early game, and late game. She lacks power in the mid game though, which is where you'll spike. If you can make it through her early game abuse, and spike before her late game, you'll do fine. Be wary if she's running something like Dark Harvest. Each mistake you make, will make the next one worse.”
E. Z. Oh, I'm Dead... by Dxactivatxd | Ezreal Player
Ultrama says “Is not a hard match-up, trade with your Q, NO WITH YOUR AUTOS. She has a lot of range, but a good Q of MF has more range, poke her and you'll fine.”
[10.18] Miss Letalithy (In Depth / Match-ups and Synergies) by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player
GodMulti says “Don´t get in her range until you really want to fight her and try ulting after her dash, so she can´t just dodge your damage.”
[10.18] Miss Fortune / The Bounty Hunter by GodMulti | Miss Fortune Player
GodMulti says “Don´t get in her range until you really want to fight her and try ulting after her dash, so she can´t just dodge your damage.”
[10.18] Miss Fortune / The Bounty Hunter by GodMulti | Miss Fortune Player
GodMulti says “Don´t get in her range until you really want to fight her and try ulting after her dash, so she can´t just dodge your damage.”
[10.18] Miss Fortune / The Bounty Hunter by GodMulti | Miss Fortune Player
CiverSkyx says “Caitlyn, is another champion with high range, but with much more damage than Kog, I put him in this level because we can dodge all his abilities (except the R), and thus only leaving the damage of his basics.”
lightrocket2 says “largely out-ranges Thresh and can be impossible to lane against”
Thresh ADC and how it's actually good -- 10.15 by lightrocket2 | Thresh Player
JJBarjaa says “So much range and Damage,If you are going against her,Play safe.”
ImNova20 says “Out-ranges you and can deal more damage than you”
Ashe - The Queen of the Ice 10.18 Builds by ImNova20 | Ashe Player
SubaParadox says “Good Cait will mostly win all trades early game - Wait for lvl 6 + Q evolve”
Blow them up - Kai'sa guide by SubaParadox | Kai'Sa Player
WoodieHoodie009 says “Best adc rn, has very good early and late, but you can 1v1 her and oneshot her in mid-late, if you dont step on her traps. You will lose lane as she can poke you down with headshot and q if your support is bad.”
WoodieHoodie009's Ezreal guide to climb out of low elo! by WoodieHoodie009 | Ezreal Player
DSpinz says “Perma Ban this champion. She can poke you out all game, will outrange you and deal more damage while being completely safe late game. Even if you get onto her she can still E away making it near impossible to kill her in lane.”
Graves ADC. Pop Em 10.17 by DSpinz | Graves Player
Jakobskii says “Buy dorans shield and go fleet footwork and try to get to late. Wait for ganks and trade if you have the opportunity to condemn them against a wall.”
Shounate says “The girl that you need to watch out , if you meet this woman then pls just go for the normal route .”
DRAVENSCRiPT says “Hard to pressure this champion cause of her range”
D1 Draven Guide by DRAVENSCRiPT | Draven Player
Sephix92 says “Shes hard to catch so just bann her.”
ADPC Anivia by Sephix92 | Anivia Player
GiAEcchI says “She pokes a lot, buy doran shield farm till you have BOTRK then it's over for her, watch out for her trap.”
Spider Shaped says “Конечно,у неё очень много урона,но за Эш можно победить Кейтлин,уворачиваясь от её е и не вставала на капканы”
Build by Spider Shaped | Ashe Player
yers says “Your abilities can outrange cait's AA range. Squishy and mostly defenseless, she is an easy kill, but her general spacing and E will require you to move up a little more.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
Melyn says “Her long range makes it difficult to harass. I usually max E here. Be very aware of her traps and her head shot count.”
Panuelos says “Long range poke but weak at all-in scrimishes”
Pro Xayah guide - Make the feathers count! by Panuelos | Xayah Player
SweatMeALake says “Caitlyn is a lane bully, and can easily harass with her range early game. Watch her net combo, but if your support can get onto Cait, it should be an easy kill for you.”
[10.16] An Invitation To Dance - Xayah Guide by SweatMeALake | Xayah Player
SweatMeALake says “Caitlyn has a range advatange, and punishes immobile ADCs. Her traps and Q outdamage every ability you have. Her headshots do a lot of damage. Watch for her Caliber Net + Piltover Peacekeeper combo which is alsmost an automatic health chunk. ”
Season 10 A Guide To A Deadly Ashe by SweatMeALake | Ashe Player
DjapeFromSerbia says “Outranges Swain, he can't hit E ever on her. Flashing in and all in-ing is only hope.”
Swain BOT as APC / ADC Guide for Season 10 [ Patch 10.17 ] by DjapeFromSerbia | Swain Player
Pengwan says “Long range, poke with q, deals alot of damage with her headshot. She is strong early game where you're at your weakest.”
Time for a true display of skill [10.16] by Pengwan | Ezreal Player
liteon132 says “Aggressive lanes are the bane of your existence.”
Ezreal Season 10 Best ADC by liteon132 | Ezreal Player
HankScorpioblaze says “Caitlyn may or may not be a problem depending on your gaming skills or her gaming skills. Just dont trip on her bear traps”
Twisted Fate Attack Damage, Attack Speed & Lifesteal Bui by HankScorpioblaze | Twisted Fate Player
Sammon says “Caitlyn far outranges you and will have little problem surviving your W stun, dashing and then kiting you. Let your support poke and focus on minions. If you can, try to all-in her support otherwise start roaming ASAP.”
Baking your way into Botlane, like a MAN! by Sammon | Pantheon Player
LettArcticFox says “She can oneshot you, you have very little mobility so that makes you the perfect prey for her”
Aphelios for Begginers by LettArcticFox | Aphelios Player
FOOTBALLJOHN99 says “ban every game, she is normally strong against draven but now she is completely broken because of the recent bufffs”
Lethality/Crit Hybrid Draven Build by FOOTBALLJOHN99 | Draven Player
StriveHD79 says “Her kill threat is much lower than some of the other ADCs but since her range is much higher, she will poke you out of lane so try to avoid walking up for no reason. Doran's Shield is recommended. Look to side step/avoid her Q. And be mindful of her traps. She will always be stronger when on even footing.”
[10.16] In-depth Diamond Jhin Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Jhin Player
eyh4sxdf says “A good Caitlyn will absolutely wreck you, her range is longer and you're always in danger of dashing into one of her traps. You can ult to save yourself from hers, but you'll need a tanky support”
An In-Depth Guide to Kindred ADC by eyh4sxdf | Kindred Player
EvoNinja7 says “She has better poke then you and more range. She does fall of a bit late game, so try to play safe when laning against her. ”
All Ashe Builds That You Didn't Ask For. by EvoNinja7 | Ashe Player
snukumz says “Her range is super long and her headshots will melt you. She can dodge skillshots with her dash. Her ult hers Zyra quite a bit by itself. Watch out for her traps. She is squishy though so if you combo her you'll most likely kill her.”
Honk If You're Thorny - Zyra Bottom Guide by snukumz | Zyra Player
xIntangible says “Cait is the same as ashe, a hard lane bully that out ranges her by far so that she has a hard time csing and scaling how she would like to. Unlike ashe however kaisa can escape decently easily from cait, and sometimes with the correct support you can just all in the cait before she has bf sword and out damages you. Also, cait can stay back in teamfights and use her traps to just be more useful than you, shes a very hard counter to kaisa and she scales with crit so shes always scaling at the same time as kaisa.”
Updated Kaisa Guide Patch 10.15 by xIntangible | Kai'Sa Player
SapphireLoL says “Easily dodge her Q and leap over her traps. Only real threat is her range and E which can slow you and let her get away. Her Ult can be blocked or you can use Lamb's Respite against it.”
KINDRED ADC/ OFF META BUILD GUIDE by SapphireLoL | Kindred Player
Alonixlol says “For a long time regarded as the queen of laning phase, Caitlyn's had a lot of power taken out of her laning phase and given to her mid-late game, and playerbase perception hasn't yet to catch up with the times. She's still a massive lane bully and will win almost any lane that comes down to trading and waveclear, but she's very weak in all-ins and will get crushed in fights by any bot lane that can engage on her. Because of how extreme her strengths and weaknesses are her threat level really varies between high to low, so I chose medium as a compromise, but beware of how utterly dominant she can be in lane if you don't have a good matchup against her.”
Mono Twitch ADC Guide (Master) (Muramana) by Alonixlol | Twitch Player
Terrific says “Care for it's traps and it's auto attack range most Caitlyn's aren't that very good and just pick her because it's a counter against Draven. Tho do not underestimate a good Caitlyn they will stomp you if they know what they're doing. If you can get in range and caught her off guard you definitely will win but as i said if it's a good Caitlyn you'll just get out ranged and pooped on.”
Siberg says “Good in laning phase, be careful”
Bandle gunner in all the lanes by Siberg | Tristana Player
Sordoma says “Caitlyn has strong early game potentional, and a lot of poke so i would reccomend pick up Doran's Shield for fist item.”
OP Twitch (Muramana) Build by Sordoma | Twitch Player
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ says “She has range, right, but early game you dominate the botlane. Just keep going aggressive and you will outpoke her”
[10.14] [En-US|Pt-BR] Art should terrify! In-Depth Jhin guid by KuuHaKu_OtgmZ | Jhin Player
NakadashiV2 says “Lane bully but I tend to outscale her ”
SEASON 10 RATIRL MANAMUNE TWITCH BUILD (10.14) by NakadashiV2 | Twitch Player
Twiggymocha says “She is a very hard counter to [[vayne]] because she has a much longer attack range. This allows her to poke down [[vayne]] very easily.”
[ADC] Vayne Guide Patch 10.14 by Twiggymocha | Vayne Player
shadowbloodedge says “Shadow Form excels at deleting carrys and damage/control mages. ”
Kayn (10.14) by shadowbloodedge | Kayn Player
Iroh_LFT says “Easy to play against when you have glacial, hard when you don't.”
Surp1Clone says “Caitlyn's range makes it really annoying to go against her she will usually poke you down so you're going to depend on your support alot.”
AD Twisted Fate by Surp1Clone | Twisted Fate Player
SuPIeX says “She outranges you and is extremely safe. If she steps out of position you can coordinate with your support to engage on her but otherwise you'll be bullied the entire laning phase.”
Low elo Easy Lucian Guide 10.14 by SuPIeX | Lucian Player
Trisien says “Her high range and early damage output make it quite hard for you to farm safely. A good Cait can make your laning phase really hard, so just max Q and try to get as much free farm as you can before spiking in midgame.”
Secret tech Quinn ADC by Trisien | Quinn Player
GiveMeMyDoritos says “brainless champ, get ready to sit under tower and do nothing”
FULL LETHALITY SIVIR GUIDE by GiveMeMyDoritos | Sivir Player
CALSHARKY says “Outranges you, uses her bear traps to control the lane and when you chase her uses her trap to escape and slow you.”
jmtl20 says “She has better wave clear than you and better range, she is not going to let you farm properly, this match up in order to win it, is on your supp looking for all in chances, if you manage to go in, with your w you will have better dps”
Manamune Miss Fortune by jmtl20 | Miss Fortune Player
A6Shadow says “Not to hard to lane vs after u get 3 items powerspike.”
[10.4] Jhin Adc Guide by A6Shadow | Jhin Player
Krod7435 says “If you CS well against caitlyn, jhin is pretty good killing her fast along with ashe”
PalestinianLuck says “insecure champ with to much range. none alpha players pick her”
[10.13] Quick Draven Guide It's Not draven It's DRAAAAVEN! by PalestinianLuck | Draven Player
jaxentersadenfesivestate says “You are iron her range is her main strong point just dont step on traps ”
Iron Draven by jaxentersadenfesivestate | Draven Player
xSEASeahawks12 says “As a low-range ADC, Kalista gets completely bullied in lane by Caitlyn. She makes it difficult to last hit as her poke is so immediate and strong with her Headshot and range. Keeping up with her in CS is incredibly hard. Plus, her hard CC trap can completely shut you down as you try to hop around.”
Lkuj says “So broken Range ban this shit”
Jhin IS mY Boy [Best build Ever] by Lkuj | Jhin Player
Galois_Group says “Use shield and walk over trap to get more Q pokes.”
Pizza Defence by Galois_Group | Sivir Player
SaintSega says “She out ranges you and can headset you to a grey screen. If their a good cait they have decent movement. Just farm as safe as possible and wait for team fights to stun ”
Kennen Apc/Adc by SaintSega | Kennen Player
T1NYT0R1A says “She outranges you and deals extreme damage with Headshot.”
Aphelios guide | The sound of silence by T1NYT0R1A | Aphelios Player
Zoodyacc says “Caitlynn out ranges you easily, try to avoid stepping into her traps, and/or combined CC at any cost. She will usually try to poke you everytime you come up to minions, she also can reveal your invisibility when she targets you with her R. Caitlynn might be an extreme threat if she's matched with Morgana in team. ”
CaptainYisus says “Como vayne tiene un poco rango, conlleva a que caitlyn le gane, recuerden que caitlyn es el campeon con mas rango que hay en el juego.”
Guia Vayne Season 10, Adc Y Top by CaptainYisus | Vayne Player
DravenMETA says “Free poke (AA range) without recompense is Draven's biggest weakness early. You have to all in Lv. 2 or attempt to trade equally. Do not stay in lane with low HP and rush vampiric. PTA w/ overheal runes recommended. ”
[10.13] - Concise Draven Guide by DravenMETA | Draven Player
liteon132 says “She outranges you, and if she stays at max range it's kinda hard to do anything.”
Graves the crit machine by liteon132 | Graves Player
KriXPeIIo says “In mid/late game can oneshot you and it's may be hard to play early game because her AA range very big.”
Dark Harvest Ezreal by KriXPeIIo | Ezreal Player
TwentyOneShadows says “Caitlyn is an extreme threat for Draven. Try to avoid this matchup at all costs. I didn't test this myself, but i would recommend starting Doran's Shield instead of Doran's Blade.”
Basic Draven Guide by TwentyOneShadows | Draven Player
CaptainIano says “be careful with caitlyn, as she outranges you by far. Against caitlyn, you are going to want a support with long range cc like blitz, morgana, or thresh.”
Kai'Sa Hail of Blades crit rush! by CaptainIano | Kai'Sa Player
SupahSalt says “out-ranges you, can out-trade you if you dont play right. try your best to poke, CS under tower, and askl for ganks. i perma-ban her.”
manamune draaaaaven B) by SupahSalt | Draven Player
atonementblade says “She greatly outranges you, but her traps are basically useless because you can spell shield them.”
atonementblade says “With the highest base attack range of any ADC, Caitlyn can easily push the wave and poke you under turret. Laning phase will be tough, but you scale better than her into the midgame due to her low attack speed.”
ShroudedBRH says “Caitlyn's range is on par with Ashe but she has better disengage utility as well as burst damage threats early. Avoid her poke while landing your own and extend the game to win through teamfights.”
Ashe Complete Botlane Guide by ShroudedBRH | Ashe Player
appadong says “Especially coupled with certain support champs, if your support can't give you the lane possession, you are going to get bullied, and you don't want that. But once you get past the lane phase smoothly, you will outrange and out-survive her. ”
Appadong's Guide, Theory of Kindred ADC by appadong | Kindred Player
ItsPaulygon says “Caitlyn is always strong in the meta, you will be forced under tower which is fine. Take Doran's Shield cuz she will always poke you. If she has a protective support, you will most likely not kill her. Just wait for Jungle assistance for find for opportunities with your support.”
HardToHate5508 says “She is quite annoying to deal with, considering she e out of your w. Make sure you combo her correctly. ”
"Fear the power you do not see." | APC Swain Guide by HardToHate5508 | Swain Player
RegalFlash says “She will outpoke you in lane and make your life awful.”
[10.9] Kai'Sa Main's Guide for Everything by RegalFlash | Kai'Sa Player
tristanaman says “Muito chato por causa do W e mt safe por causa do E e o range alto”
TRISTANA TO DIAMOND 10.9 PT-BR by tristanaman | Tristana Player
NevTSC says “she has bigger range than you dude, just stay back or just ban her if you can't win against her.”
Lucian Bot lane/Solo lane [Season 10] by NevTSC | Lucian Player
namerb says “Longer range than Ashe ”
Ashe Botlane - To CC or to Troll ! by namerb | Ashe Player
EvoNinja7 says “She has a poking mechanic that can keep you at bay, and her traps can stop you from getting a in-range A.”
*The Cheapest ADC* by EvoNinja7 | Ashe Player
Shounate says “Before 6 se is a nuisance but after that you can win no problem !”
Pingu Fugindo says “Seu range imenso e sua capacidade de se afastar de você com certeza vão dificultar seu jogo”
Vayne As Perfect As Udyr by Pingu Fugindo | Vayne Player
Loki029 says “Can be diffucult, be aggressive, but try too avoid Poke (use W for her Ult)”
MAIN_NUNUFULLAP13 says “HER W CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL, but she has a small base hp so you can still one shot her”
PrettyPinkPutin says “Cait functions best at long ranges, if you get close to her follow her net with your R she should just die, be sure to not step into traps while you are AA moving alongside her.”
Season fucking 10 half assed Camille "Guide" by PrettyPinkPutin | Camille Player
Sir-Melon says “That range is not fun also she has a nice hat”
Jhin it to Win it by Sir-Melon | Jhin Player
TheGronne says “Unless you can get close Caitlyn has the upper hand and can zone you and stop you from farming.”
[10.8] TheGronne's Guide to Season 2020 Xayah by TheGronne | Xayah Player
LupinTheCat says “The queen of botlane, just surrender at 15 if you don't want a bad time To counter just stay aware from her traps, caitlyn is usually pretty weak when she doesn't build lethality, what will kill you are the roots, don't get rooted and you fine”
Soraka's hurricane. god bless the ds by LupinTheCat | Soraka Player
ItsDravenTimee says “She is one of strognest adc in the game,have big range”
DravenADC Beast[UPDATED] by ItsDravenTimee | Draven Player
FitiQ says “Caitlyn is strong against Lucian because her range early game, makes it hard for Lucian to farm, and get the cash.”
Lucian Build by FitiQ | Lucian Player
JustAF0x says “She is EXTREMELY poweful against Ezreal so be very careful”
EZREAL| 2020 | PATCH 10.8 | by JustAF0x | Ezreal Player
Phantom R says “My second favourite bot matchup. Q her (with rockets) whenever whe trades you. Try to push the lane as much as you can on early game, as she will struggle quite a lot near her tower. A sustain support here goes very good. On mid/late game you should be able to kill her easily only with AAs, but you HAVE to, at least, dodge her E and 1 or 2 traps. Buy RFC 2nd item if necessary. Good luck.”
Bebras19 says “Traps, Net, Range, Q-Poke, Ult finisher/ poke”
"NOT DRAVEN, IT'S DRAAAAVEN." AK-47 DRAVEN BUILD by Bebras19 | Draven Player
TheGronne says “Ouranges you hard. Can be quite troublesome.”
TheGronne's Guide to 2020 On-Hit Neeko ADC (In-Depth) by TheGronne | Neeko Player
AngelisNice says “just try to drain her mana and she will be less dangerous to approach in a 1v1 (even though her bigger range)”
Xayah - Sharpening her Feathers to Victory by AngelisNice | Xayah Player
MayeLeven says “She can poke you with her Q and with her auto-attacks, becouse of her attack range. Try to get close to her, then you can use your R and kill her.”
|Best| Vayne Guide -ADC- by MayeLeven | Vayne Player
PVeS says “This is the most even matchup for jhin, Skill based matchup.”
Caster Jhin 2020 by PVeS | Jhin Player
JohnnyC says “she can bully you in mid game but if you bully her in the early game then no need to worry”
Kai’sa Conquers Bottom lane(it’s a bun) by JohnnyC | Kai'Sa Player
Midorima says “Ranged poke. Have fun under turret. To win this match up: You literally only need level 6, avoid traps and her net, and you will catch her and kill her since she will be all out of tools.”
Midorima's Vayne Guide (Patch 9.1) | THE SAUCE by Midorima | Vayne Player
venhome says “Cait is bad for you because she can bully you out and get ahead in Farm pretty quick”
Unkillable Ziggs APC BOT by venhome | Ziggs Player
LouisGeert says “Draven is really bad versus poke lanes, scince Caitlyn has a really long range its a very hard lane.”
Bewis's In-depht draven guide! by LouisGeert | Draven Player
MonsterSkillBr says “Even Matchup , Ashe can compete because of her Ws range, so it falls to the support to set up the lane.”
Iceborn Ashe , All Lanes, 10.6 Guide. by MonsterSkillBr | Ashe Player
Deathfeather says “that range is disgusting. shes gonna bully you out of lane, but prone to ganks and you have better all in at level 4. make sure to not step in the traps otherwise youll be shown the fuzzy cuffs.”
vincent98 says “she has the longest rage in the game and her E Q combo can really hurt draven and it's hard to poke her down!”
Draven by vincent98 | Draven Player
xVEA says “Are range-ul ala musit de la pasiva”
JINX - Din Iron in Platina by xVEA | Jinx Player
RoadDGM says “Her range and net can make it so you cant kill her very easily so it all depends on the supports.”
Twitch WIP by RoadDGM | Twitch Player
xf3NNI3 says “Varus mostly wins or stays even with all other champions in lane except from the above shown hard ones.”
Varus Season 10, Patch 10.5 by xf3NNI3 | Varus Player
STORMTGLIVE says “Stay behind minions so her Piltover Peacemaker will do less damage. Her ultimate can be blocked by a teammate standing in its path. Her net can be interrupted by an instant stun, knock-up, or a displacement ability. Her Yordle Snap Trap (W) takes time to set up after placed.”
[10.5] Kataclysm guide to Xayah, the Rebel! by STORMTGLIVE | Xayah Player
Kicaj says “Range difference is s big threat especially till 6 lvl.”
Ashe forgotten botlane Queen by Kicaj | Ashe Player
Lloyden says “Will out range you, only time you will beat her is when you go all in.”
Xayah Guide 10.5 by Lloyden | Xayah Player
akaCaptini says “Caitlyn is just annoying since you can't poke her and get stacks on her cuz of her range and when you chase her down she will just net you.”
Support Yourself (ADC Senna) :) [10.5] by akaCaptini | Senna Player
liteon132 says “Her early game is superior to yours, so try to survive until 6, her ultimate is weaker than yours so use that to your advantage.”
Kai'sa season 10 pew pew machine by liteon132 | Kai'Sa Player
mrPERISH says “Caitlyn is really strong right now. You do not want to trade with her outright. Try to get poke damage on her with your Q's. Look to keep your distance until you have a good health advantage or a gank.”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Caitlyn is really strong right now. You do not want to trade with her outright. Try to get poke damage on her with your Q's. Look to keep your distance until you have a good health advantage or a gank.”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Caitlyn is really strong right now. You do not want to trade with her outright. Try to get poke damage on her with your Q's. Look to keep your distance until you have a good health advantage or a gank.”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Caitlyn is really strong right now. You do not want to trade with her outright. Try to get poke damage on her with your Q's. Look to keep your distance until you have a good health advantage or a gank.”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Caitlyn is really strong right now. You do not want to trade with her outright. Try to get poke damage on her with your Q's. Look to keep your distance until you have a good health advantage or a gank.”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
DemonicBlank says “Careful with the traps”
(10.5) Hybrid Crit /Armor Pen ONE SHOT!(UPDATED) by DemonicBlank | Miss Fortune Player
Finnkip says “- She can shove you under tower and make you miss CS - Has much stronger early gaming/laning phase ”
M7 Jhin Build (10.4) by Finnkip | Jhin Player
Nunuzera says “Sua distancia e formas de escapar entregando muito dano de volta, é um péssimo oponente para o rato.”
SILVER TWITCH BR by Nunuzera | Twitch Player
Spection says “COMMON. Caitlyn can be somewhat irritating with her kite and escape ability as well as her very long range poke. She's pretty squishy regardless and relies on empowered auto attacks to do most of her damage. Make sure your passive is ready when she has the little particles around her hands!”
[UPDATED FOR S10] Pantheon In the Botlane, Making ADCs Cry! by Spection | Pantheon Player
Szauronmester says “She has 125 range advantage over you. Thats a lot. She will win the lane over you if your jg not ganks. BUT she is hard to use, so I ban MF over her ”
Szauron's guide to Kai'sa, daughter of the void by Szauronmester | Kai'Sa Player
jk47q2 says “more poke and cc than you also more damage in early game.”
Antike2018 says “i belive in one vs one she win but if u be able to dogde her q and e u will win your line ”
be jhin by Antike2018 | Jhin Player
Shimaru says “you should be winning trades but it is rather a skill matchup.”
Jeerus says “Caitlyn is a huge threat but not impossible. Her range makes her very annoying against Kalista. Try to poke her by hitting a minion 2-3 times, hit her with your basic attack and then use Rend. In that way you can also poke her and your Rend doesn't go on cooldown because you killed the minion.”
[Patch 10.2] [Quick Guide] Kite Machine Kalista by Jeerus | Kalista Player
Rumpelstil says “She just has too much range and her gun is to long.”
Ichaid says “Caitlyn can beat the crap out of Vayne in the early game, but once you get get into the late game she won't be a problem at all. With Vayne you should save your tumble and use it to dodge Caitlyn's Q You can also use your condemn to cancel caitlyn's ult”
Vayne by Ichaid | Vayne Player
ZERO Destructo says “She has bigger range than you, so she will probably try to constantly poke you with her 6th stack and her Q. Be careful when you go into the bush, because she probably has traps planted there. Try to zone her out from her traps by using yours, and force her to use her E so she can go out of mana. Best way to play against her is to let her push a little, then call jungler for a gank so you can shut her down.”
[SEASON 10]A Comprehensive How to Jhin Guide [10.1] by ZERO Destructo | Jhin Player
Jima says “Caitlyn has a much superior range to you and she will use this to her advantage, if your support doesn't have any engage it might be pretty hard to fight her without flash gold card or a gank.”
[10.2] Twist Fate To Your Will! [TF ADC] by Jima | Twisted Fate Player
Loggit says “High range and high damage. Try not to get low.”
The Stage is Set---Loggit's Jhin guide by Loggit | Jhin Player
Nik7857 says “Your at a range disadvantage. She will probably push you in and gain dragon control. Ask for ganks and then murder who ever is a guaranteed kill.”
EvE_Deoxys says “She outranges you and has hard poke. You need to play safe, but you can win in a 2v2 if you are not too low from her autos.”
_Deoxys's guide for Kai'Sa bot lane by EvE_Deoxys | Kai'Sa Player
jhoijhoi says “ Caitlyn is a high ranged ADC with a sort of steroid via Headshot. My most unfortunate experience with her was laning against her, hanging around on 150ish health during the early levels, pre6; she just killed me straight away with a Headshot-infused auto. Her Yordle Snap Traps can be deadly, snaring you in place for her to follow up with 90 Caliber Net + Piltover Peacemaker. After this combo, if you're low enough, she'll net the kill with Ace in the Hole. Remember her Q has a windup time, so there is no excuse to get hit by it if you're constantly watching.”
Ashes to Ashes by jhoijhoi | Ashe Player
ReallyBoring says “Ugh, we all know how laning against a good Caitlyn is. Start Doran's Shield, and try not to get auto'd for free. You can try trade with W and get a quick auto off. What I like to do in this match up is to freeze just outside my tower without the wave being too big, then I would wait for them to mess up their positioning and then try to engage.”
[9.24] Diamond Draven ADC main [800+ games] by ReallyBoring | Draven Player
Alchemisting says “Just make sure to dodge her skillshots with ur bloodrush and u win any trade.”
Draven the Elo Climb Machine [ 9.25 UPDATED EVERY PATCH ] by Alchemisting | Draven Player
Falllol says “Assim como outros campeões ela consegue abusar do range em cima da Vayne alem de facilmente parar o avanço dela com armadilhas e a rede .”
Eccentricks says “I hate this Flapper. Her out of place 1920's style isn't what is scary though. Her traps are instant death if she is well positioned, her ult will kill you if you aren't careful. A great ban if you aren't sure of any others.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
realenjoi says “She can auto your turrets and still be out of range of them. Plus her Q can do most of your turret's HP. (but she's a minor threat because you can really just stun her if she's just out of range and let your turrets do the rest.”
[S10 META] BECOME THE BEST HEIMER ADC IN LEAGUE NOW !! by realenjoi | Heimerdinger Player
Lightdead69 says “Her range is annoying. Thats all xD”
Miss Fortune ADC Hyper-Carry by Lightdead69 | Miss Fortune Player
lRevex says “Cait has high range and can out maneuver Lucian well. Her poke will hurt him a lot if you're not careful since Lucian has short range. She also outscales him so getting behind in this matchup is really rough. Try to dash into her with e, auto, q, auto and back out. If she's really scared and e's backward right away make sure to juke it so she can't land the headshot passive from landing her e.”
9.24 | Diamond Lucian Guide by lRevex | Lucian Player
Venyax says “Play passively and get as much farm as possible due to the fact she out ranges Vayne like crazy. Late game big threat as well with her slow on her net ability. Very hard for Vayne to pick her out late game due to this”
Carry Vayne Guide by Venyax | Vayne Player
lRevex says “Cait is generally very annoying to lane against. Jhin can handle her a bit better with his poke, but it can still be a challenging laning phase. Later on she will provide more dps so be careful.”
9.24 | Diamond Jhin Build by lRevex | Jhin Player
bmfxlol says “Hard to fight in lane with your short range, but easy to all in and can match her range later game.”
bmfxlol says “Outranges you heavily early, and can be hard to fight throughout the entire game”
dravenplayer99 says “PERMABAN, PERMABAN, PERMABAN. Caitlyn is not only very strong in the current meta but she is a serious fucking pain in the ass to deal with as Draven. With her high AA range and CC with traps and net you are very likely to have a hard time.”
LEAGUE OF DRAAAAVEN by dravenplayer99 | Draven Player
Pusan says “Got two root abilities not hard to fight out but its strong againts her”
Pušan's Kai'sa Guide by Pusan | Kai'Sa Player
Deathfeather says “She pokes you, and has really high numbers rn, but if you play it right, you can come out on top with all ins early or just have a farming lane. Dont die tho, bc u get the fuzzy cuffs.”
[9.24] Deathfeather's guide to being a Lightslinger by Deathfeather | Lucian Player
lolThe1master says “Caitlyn has the biggest Auto attack range of all ADC's. She is gonna be able to poke you a lot. She also has traps. You have no escape if you get hit by one. Wait until late game to fight. You will out-scale her in team-fights. ”
PENTA KILL Twitch (ADC) Guide [9.23] by lolThe1master | Twitch Player
EzVeryReal says “I mean, Cait hurts a lot but she's support dependent. She shouldn't give you too much trouble. However, don't underestimate her damage.”
You Belong In A Museum! - Ezreal ADC Season 10! by EzVeryReal | Ezreal Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Stand behind minions in case you can't avoid her Q, as it will do less damage through units. Early game bully, you scale much better.”
[9.23] Daughter of the Void - Kai'Sa ADC Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kai'Sa Player
Laverenz says “Caitlyn is the worst matchup you can pick. Her range is a pain in the ass, as she can constantly poke you in laning phase, without having to fear taking damage, as Vayne has a lot less range on her basic attacks. Play passive and try to farm up, if possible, ask the jungler for a gank. You can most likely fight her when you reach level 6, if not too far behind. Caitlyn's biggest weakness is up close combat, so try to get near her while fighting.”
Season 9 Vayne guide! Purge With Silver (9.23) by Laverenz | Vayne Player
philsopaoto says “Caitlyn's long range is really troublesome for Xayah due to her short range, but the matchup is not doomed as she's quite squishy.”
Basic Xayah Guide S10 by philsopaoto | Xayah Player
Pacu says “Her range, can be a little bit annoying, try to stack your passive so you get around the same range. Otherwise easy matchup, just don't step into the traps”
Pacu's guide to Kindred (as an ADC) 9.23 by Pacu | Kindred Player
MewlingRavenPaw says “Due to the range difference this is your support's lane to win. Otherwise Q harass with your rend cs pattern to setup potential all-in's. With weak supports though she can zone you off CS. ”
Spear Dancing Through Low ELO by MewlingRavenPaw | Kalista Player
breehops says “One of the hardest matchups for Draven. If she pushes up too far, or your jungler is coming in, take the opportunity to all in her. If you let her scale she will eventually 1 shot you.”
Not Draven, Dark Harvest Draavvveeennn by breehops | Draven Player
go4sp33d says “Her high range makes poking her very difficult, and her passive makes her hit hard on targets like TF. Even if you hit a gold card, if she has sufficient reactions she can E away and wait out the stun at a sufficiently safe distance while her support intervenes. If you are up against caitlyn, try to move TF to the mid lane and pick another support in champ select. Otherwise: opt for more tanky runes for a little extra survivability and rely on global pressure instead of lane kill pressure.”
Panuelos says “Cait outranges you hard”
Kaisa the Void Terror by Panuelos | Kai'Sa Player
Gamerdactyl says “You will die and be sad. Pray that you get to outscale her.”
Tristana Mains guide by Gamerdactyl | Tristana Player
corvy says “Caitlyn: You will be constantly be in a wave war with caitlyn, she can punish you for free when you go to take minions. [[KAI'SA]] has a massive problem with her attack range range. [[Caitlyn]] has an obnoxious advantage of auto attack priority. ”
[9.24] Kaisa Guide by corvy | Kai'Sa Player
DRAVENISBAE says “this champ is SO FUCKING ANNOYING perma ban this dumb slut”
best draven guide in the world by DRAVENISBAE | Draven Player
minepro221 says “She is a monster in lane. She have 100 more range than you, so if she play well, you would be punished hard. However, you outdamage her if you auto q for cait's auto. So try to only trade when that is avaliable. If you have a all in support, only fight when he hits a hook or engage. If she have a morgana, well, it is gonna be really hard”
mhsmhs123 says “In the early game, Caitlyn outranges xayah and her Q can kill Xayah in the early game.”
Xayah [The Rebel] Champion Guide by mhsmhs123 | Xayah Player
Kynaz0071l0l says “her long range counters you really hard and can stop you from doing the exact thing you're supposed to do. Poke. She has alot of cc for an adc so if she can hit you with her trap or her net you have already lost that trade. Try to all in with your support when her passive is not up, it's more important to dodge her cc than to catch your axes because it recharges her passive. Try to win your lane and finish as fast as possible.”
[9.23] DRAVEN ADC MAIN - GOLD [200+games] by Kynaz0071l0l | Draven Player
tenerdenkilla says “PermaBan. Her range sucks and her knockback will disrupt most of your engages!”
TW by tenerdenkilla | Twitch Player
Obariyon says “Biggest range in early than you can outrange her, but till that moment you are an easy target”
Senna adc by Obariyon | Senna Player
Ledeni123 says “You are your only real threat”
Sniper one shot/one kill by Ledeni123 | Caitlyn Player
Eucalyptus says “She's extremely dangerous in the lane phase but a decent support can out trade her early on and keep you alive long enough to scale.”
LORD OF UNLIMITED KITING- Graves ADC by Eucalyptus | Graves Player
Iciest Ice says “Reawy safe. Does big hurt outside your range.”
Giga Lord Bot lane with Pocket Cat by Iciest Ice | Vladimir Player
ziolo to noob says “big range and she can avoid your grab with her E”
9.20 BLITZCRANK - YOUR WAY TO YOUR DREAM DIVISION by ziolo to noob | Blitzcrank Player
vincent98 says “Hard to play against because her long ranged”
Varus My Build by vincent98 | Varus Player
Yosharu says “She can escape you with her E and can harass you while youre farming. You can probably rush ninja tabis if youre having a lot of trouble.”
Lightning Shen ADC by Yosharu | Shen Player
Panuelos says “Weak at all-in scirmish”
Play Xayah like the pros at Worlds by Panuelos | Xayah Player
Fruxo says “Has a long range and can poke you quite a lot for free since she outranges you. Farm up and demolish her in teamfights as your teamfight capability is much better than hers. Try to avoid taking far trades.”
✔️ How to be a Purple Peach by Fruxo | Kai'Sa Player
The Jhin Cena says “Not too bad, her Q is fairly easy to dodge though it's good to have your support ward the bushes just in case she threw a billion traps in them. Also make sure your support can intercept her ultimate for you.”
ADC Crit Jhin: In Depth Guide by The Jhin Cena | Jhin Player
kil09 says “caitlyn has a lot of damage and cc Caitlyn tiene mucho daño y cc ”
Veroxus says “Her long range can really hurt if you don't position correctly.”
Fly up the ranks with Xayah. by Veroxus | Xayah Player
TMDSHT says “Attack range soooo long. Be careful when against for the first 15 mins”
ADC/ AD Neeko by TMDSHT | Neeko Player
Hardstuck Sona says “Automatic ban. Don't even try. She outranges you in everything.”
ADC TF Rise From The Ashes by Hardstuck Sona | Twisted Fate Player
Ni14 says “A good caitlyn player should never get hit by your q's. Go tear first and scale. Once you have iceborn gauntlet and muramana you can teamfight.”
Master Tier Ezreal Guide by Ni14 | Ezreal Player
MrDecoy says “Annoying to play against as any adc due to her insane range advantage, avoid getting hit by cc around her and go ham when you see her net go out.”
[9.19] Decoy's Xayah guide by MrDecoy | Xayah Player
GeftiNez says “Menzili Ve Trapleri Yüzünden Lanede Dravena Büyük Sıkıntı Çıkarıyor”
Draven Build(TÜRKÇE) by GeftiNez | Draven Player
Mimori says “Huge range, dont get poked to much, counter her with all ins but dont get hit by her E because she has a huge combo with it.”
9.20 DIAMOND DRAVEN OTP TIPS & TRICKS by Mimori | Draven Player
Harfang says “Early game difficult but you will destroy him in late game.”
DOOM-guy says “She can be really annoying to Play against but it is not an Auto-Loss for your lane. It realy depends on the support she gets.”
dravenfizz says “Depends how good the caitlyn is, i've seen alot of Caitlyn players not utilize their range properly, but normally you shouldn't be winning this matchup until you get BORK, then you can easily 1v1 her by either flashing or dashing her net.”
Diamond Lucian guide (not done yet) by dravenfizz | Lucian Player
Zervax says “Cait is good from ahead and can easily bully you with her range. She really wants a support with hard cc, so if you see something like a Soraka, she's not as scary. Morg + Cait chain cc can one bang you from ahead, so be careful of the morg Q. Cait is otherwise in a good spot right now.”
Ashe Guide by Zervax | Ashe Player
UniSyn says “Kites well Swain's E”
Swain+Sion botlane combo by UniSyn | Swain Player
DeepSilfver says “This is an extremely hard matchup in laning phase, because of Caitlyn's auto-attack range is huge, which she takes advantage of and pokes you down if u come close.”
JayBeeEU says “Much larger AA range than you can force you back sooner than you want with her Q”
How to Ezreal for Dummies by JayBeeEU | Ezreal Player
ADNathan says “Pretty even. Try and CS and much as possible and mid game will be easy.”
complete wip [9.18] Most builds for MF! by ADNathan | Miss Fortune Player
Fruxo says “Has a long range and can poke you quite a lot for free since she outranges you. Farm up and demolish her in teamfights as your teamfight capability is much better than hers. Try to avoid taking far trades.”
✔️ Experience My Love For Feathers by Fruxo | Xayah Player
ADCMike says “Difficult to get kills most of the time. Best way to kill Cait is to press W and run towards her, and quickly attempt to dodge her net (Don't get yourself killed doing this). With Net on CD, you can kill her easy.”
Full Draven Guide (Patch 9.17) by ADCMike | Draven Player
ASDHUB says “Her Trap Is Deadly For You”
Jhin Silver-Gold Elo Guide by ASDHUB | Jhin Player
BP Chaos says “She can mess you up if youre not careful. She has high range and a really good combo. Be ccareful.”
Draven the freelo executioner guide 2.0 by BP Chaos | Draven Player
PhantomPlayz6 says “Has a long range and can poke you quite a lot for free since she outranges you. Farm up and demolish her in teamfights as your teamfight capability is much better than hers. ”
♥Xayah Lover 's Lane♥ by PhantomPlayz6 | Xayah Player
Sahalio says “the biggest b"tch in the game”
Xayah noob's carry guide by Sahalio | Xayah Player
IPodPulse says “While her long range is obnoxious at times, this is still a fairly even match up. Try to not take free damage and poke back when you can. She will try to use her range advantage to whittle you down. Try to avoid stepping on her traps, a good Caitlyn will be placing traps during fights, so be aware. She also has a dash through 90 calibre net which should be taken into consideration when landing important skill shots.”
Varus - The Whistle you hear is not the Wind by IPodPulse | Varus Player
ELMallekZarzor says “Stand behind allied minions as Q does less damage each .She usually gets W at lvl 2. Paired with CC from her support, she can deal quite a bit of damage. subsequent target.At lvl 6, many Caitlyns like to immediately use ult to chunk enemy laners.At lvl 13, with W maxed, Caitlyn becomes very strong as she can set up sieges and zone opposing team by placing 5 traps across a lane.Caitlyn has worse attack speed scaling than most ADCs, and hits a power trough in the mid game. Her reliance on crit items make it hard for her to itemize defensively early. ”
Miss Fortune - LOw Elo Build- High AD&Mana ! by ELMallekZarzor | Miss Fortune Player
Ramenhitthefan says “High AA range and Q make her tough to engage and allows her to poke more than you can. Wait for your sup or jungler to engage. ”
Righteous Maniac says “Annoying ass matchup. Watch for her trap animation and watch where you walk. Try not to E into a trap (not that I've done that before, haha). Take Dshield and sustain through the poke early game. After lane you should destroy her if you hit your abilities.”
Patch 9.15 | Let's be REAL, it'll be EZ (HEAVY WIP!) by Righteous Maniac | Ezreal Player
jimmyiscod says “Out ranges you, if you step on a cupcake can almost take half your hp out, try to fight away from bushes and catch her off guard, the later in the game the faster you can kill her. In laning phase only fight her if you have a poke supp or a leona/braum”
Make them RQ Draven by jimmyiscod | Draven Player
Exs Xena says “Caitlyn has strong early pressure due to her range advantage, she might try to abuse this. Try to stay out of her auto attack range, and slow her with Volley when she tries to harass you. ”
Snipe like Veteran PraY himself! | [9.14] Ashe by Exs Xena | Ashe Player
Potato95x says “BE CAREFUL WITH HER! She outranges you, if she has more AS than you, she'll kite, use Q, E and kill you. Poke her with your Q bounce as much as you can, and watch for her E. If she's clever, she'll save it to get closer to you. Be careful around her traps, she'll deal more damage to create the perfect gap for her Ult. Her Ult (dat auto-aim) is deadly. DON'T LOSE TOO MUCH HEALTH AFTER HER LEVEL 6.”
[9.15] Captain Fortune - Raise your shield [ WIP ] by Potato95x | Miss Fortune Player
GORE Klabok says “Avoid traps (E) , Skillshots (Q) & nets (E) . you can't lose. every Spell from cait can be dodge. Caitlyn is the kind of Adc you should usually always outplaying.”
Spear of vengeance by GORE Klabok | Kalista Player
4Inters1Lucian says “Let Caitlyn push you under tower with her Q, don't go for cs if she has her head shot it's not worth it at all. Start Doran's shield and farm under tower until you get a cutlass; dash into her use the slow to help your support land their abilities and ult her.”
Lucian ADC Guide by 4Inters1Lucian | Lucian Player
Nelkee says “When your busy pummeling her with your positivity, it can be difficult to pay attention to traps, otherwise you have similar ranging capabilities”
ADC Neeko, They can't outrun positivity! by Nelkee | Neeko Player
FrankynFood says “BAN HER!!! Outranges you. Out damages you early and it will be really hard for you to come back. You will most likely lose lane so just hope that your team doesn't feed to bad. ”
Ashe guide from an Ashe main (High DPS) by FrankynFood | Ashe Player
FinalAeon says “I don't consider her much of a threat, basically supports are the ones that matter.”
The Queen of Chill by FinalAeon | Ashe Player
Math Eon says “A good Cait does not give you room for error, but if you manage to dodge some Q's and not step on a trap, Press the Attack will do the job for you.”
SlashLion says “She has long range poke, similar to how you tend to drop fourth shot on your opponents, be aware that a good Cait will always try to drop her headshot on you to try and poke you out of lane and lose farm. It's an even lane that can go either way”
[9.13] Jhin: A Guide on The Virtuoso by SlashLion | Jhin Player
TotalWarKS says “Outranges you heavily early, will poke you hard. You can 1v1 her if you are even but you have to dodge her E, this is crucial.”
Uncouthlol says “See Matchups Section Near Bottom”
[9.12] Vayne to Diamond by Uncouthlol | Vayne Player
MallisTheGreat says “High range and damage early game, she can pose quite the threat for Varus. Be sure to engage only with your support.”
Snipe snipe snipe! [A Simple Guide to Varus!][Patch 9.12] by MallisTheGreat | Varus Player
Canis858 says “Mit der großen Reichweite und den Fallen countert Sie Ashe sehr gut.”
[9.12] Ashe Guide Deutsch by Canis858 | Ashe Player
MallisTheGreat says “Caitlyn on this patch is pretty dominant. Care because nearly all of your trades will fail against her because of her giant range. Better focus on trading with skillshots when playing against her.”
Jinx - A Simple Guide [Patch 9.12] by MallisTheGreat | Jinx Player
Vortiris says “She will out range you at all times, and she can catch you out with her trap and net. Try to catch her by surprise and give her no time to react in the late game.”
Numresunw says “Outranges you and makes it hard for you to farm plus you might end up dead if you are stealth and go into one of her traps, try playing defensive and dont get too close to her or her traps. Make it a farm lane”
Best sneaky killer by Numresunw | Twitch Player
Shoguken says “Her range is massive, keep calm until late game, don't engage with her on early.”
ADC Thresh Guide by Shoguken | Thresh Player
Arcanarist says “Watch out for the traps, none of her other abilities are much more than annoyances”
Lethal Tempo Kench Hijinks by Arcanarist | Tahm Kench Player
Shake the Shade says “Caitlyn will outrange you but Jhin has above average range for an ADC so you won't get as abused as someone like Vayne would. Caitlyn has no attack speed steroid and minimal damage boosts outside W and Passive so you can easily out trade her in autos if you can get in on her. Another thing to note is that you have a much more effective R than her.”
mythicdem0n says “Caitlyn will more than likely bully you in lane with her head shot passive and with her increased range compared to Vayne's little range”
The Night Hunter by mythicdem0n | Vayne Player
Steve9222 says “Her range is a killer”
Get me out of Silver Vanye <3 by Steve9222 | Vayne Player
MasutaKokoBot says “Caitlyn can still hit you while youre behind your allies, and when you get low, she can potentially kill you with a long ranged ultimate. Try to stay directly behind someone to have them body block it for you, and heal them nicely in return. ”
Waambulance Soraka Support - Patch 9.12 by MasutaKokoBot | Soraka Player
KawaiiNeko says “She has a longer range than you so just focus on farming this game and let your support do the poking and the engaging.”
Ashe Guide- All The World On One Arrow by KawaiiNeko | Ashe Player
Uncouthlol says “Explanation at bottom”
[9.11] Tristana to Diamond by Uncouthlol | Tristana Player
IamVictorious says “Same as Draven , Caitlyn has a strong early game and long range so you need to be careful and play passive ”
[Patch 9.1] Diamond Jinx Guide by IamVictorious | Jinx Player
Hidrogear says “Don't walk in her traps and she is dead”
[S9.11] Kogmaw for the win! by Hidrogear | Kog'Maw Player
Dayum Draven says “She has a very strong early game. She has enough cc and limits your movement. Never start a poke war because you WILL lose”
Draven was an EXCELLENT pick for this game by Dayum Draven | Draven Player
Shacolada says “Caitlyn is a nuisance but matches evenly with Jhin. Stay behind minions so her Piltover Peacemaker will do less damage. Her net can be interrupted by an instant stun, knock-up, or a displacement ability. Her Yordle Snap Trap (W) takes time to set up after placed. Most likely, you will win gunfights because of the sheer damage Jhin can unload.”
[Patch 9.11] A LeJhindary Guide by Shacolada | Jhin Player
GodOatmeal says “Caitlyn is someone you want to either keep shoved under tower because your wave clear is better or let her shove you under and clear the wave before she can poke you . You will always have the mana you need because of her traps but have to remember that if it’s something like an alistar or Leona support don’t step on a trap with e bait the trap with e and e the support's CC. ”
[9.11] Fleet of Freelo - In Depth Sivir Guide by GodOatmeal | Sivir Player
Gun God Mike says “When you face a caitlyn the risk his taked by her support,the she can do a full combo against you,the suggest is avoid any support engage and stack safely.Late against she is more easy after you complete infinity edge,critical hit and draktar.”
Jinx Dark Havest guide by Gun God Mike | Jinx Player
DevilsNightMare says “Out Ranges you! She is squishy though so try cc her. ( boots early could help! )”
VAYNE ADC 9.10 by DevilsNightMare | Vayne Player
Levi Senpai says “Good cait's will punish you and deny farm from you with their huge range but you are stronger late game , especially with crit build”
Vayne Guide Patch 9.10 by Levi Senpai | Vayne Player
1tephra1 says “Extremely annoying to deal with. She out ranges you so it will make the lane phase difficult. Save your E for her ult or net when fighting her. You can use your E for free mana on her traps.”
Wonder Woman - Top of the meta [9.10 Sivir guide] by 1tephra1 | Sivir Player
BL00dY3nD says “Most of the people say its hard to play against her. I don't think so. Her trapps are easy to counter (Just dont step in). The good thing is that she explodes very fast against you and her range bonus you can counter with your W. In most of the cases she beginns to run away from you. So she want do damage meanwhile you can destroy her.”
BL00dY3nDs Draven by BL00dY3nD | Draven Player
Niculae01 says “She will poke you. It will be the hell on earth to face her.”
[9.9] Twitch ADC | ~ Sneaky Sneaky ~ | By Only Teemo by Niculae01 | Twitch Player
Fruxo says “Has a long range and can poke you quite a lot for free since she outranges you. Farm up and demolish her in teamfights as your teamfight capability is much better than hers. Try to avoid taking far trades.”
✔️ Killing is my form of Art by Fruxo | Jhin Player
NeinMeansNo says “Caitlyn's Q can control the lane in early game. Her W can also control twitch during his Q”
From out the sewers comes.. DOOM! by NeinMeansNo | Twitch Player
Todomagia says “A difficult phase line because her range, play safe and 1vs1 you can win easily”
LET´S TRY VAYNE W/MATCHUPS by Todomagia | Vayne Player
Somoko says “Wins by out ranging you. Granted, you can weave in an auto once or twice and have Aery's bonus damage go onto her; but her range can shut you down. Play passively and farm under YOUR tower so your jungler can gank her instead of the usual other way around.”
A Heckin' Cute Carry | Marksman Annie! by Somoko | Annie Player
misterfirstblood says “Very hard lane, range disadvantage is pain ”
[9.8] Kai'Sa ADC In-Depth Guide by misterfirstblood by misterfirstblood | Kai'Sa Player
DddyAwsmSauce says “Caitlyn has a long range for her auto attack and Piltover Peacemaker, which is dodge-able; try your best to dodge it, since it has a long wind-up time. She puts pressure by placing Yordle Snap Trap, and you'll feel uncomfortable around it. Pay attention to them and try not to step on them. You can take them out when she B's. If you try to poke her, she will most likely poke you back, but that's OK. Back off if her passive is up.”
[Miss OP] All You Need is a Fortune (9.8) by DddyAwsmSauce | Miss Fortune Player
Twitch by DimmyJimmy | Twitch Player
jster131 says “The only thing Cait has on you is range, but that changes once you pick up your Rapid Fire Cannon. Riot Games completely gutted Cait when she was op back in preseason 8, so now only wintraders play her. Very EZ lane.”
THEY'RE GONNA LIVE, UNTIL THEY DIE!!!! Jhin Guide by jster131 | Jhin Player
DaSticks says “Caitlyn has range advantage but if you can get past her E you can beat her all in.”
[9.8] Vayne is OP by DaSticks | Vayne Player
DutchWolf114 says “Range advantage, good late-scaling.”
ADC: Ahri Damage Carry [Quick & Dirty Ahri ADC] by DutchWolf114 | Ahri Player
Orysh says “She is the only ADC that has more range than you early game. A good Caitlyn will wreck you if you don't position yourself correctly. Pay attention to Headshot animation and stay at all costs behind minions because of her E.”
TruMediaMix1 says “Matches against Caitlyn rely a lot on your skill as Ashe. Caitlyn has a longer basic attack range and might auto-attack lane creeps to get a headshot ready to poke you. You typically win in longer trades due to your passive bonus damage against enemies you slow. Use your Enchanted Crystal Arrow to cancel her Ace in the Hole if possible, but you'll mostly be using it when you're going to go all-in to kill her.”
Permafrost: An Ashe Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Ashe Player
DarkBracks says “From my experience with neeko bot you win the early game trades if you dodge her E and Q combo.”
bardbot says “Safe and high damage. Your short Q range will make hitting her nearly impossible if she has more than two braincells.”
Be the Carry! [APC Bard Guide] by bardbot | Bard Player
xTheUnlimited says “High range. Will bully you in lane. You should play it kind of safe. Can get a thread to you in late game. I think she isn't that dangerous to Varus, because you have your powerspike in the mid game where she has her most weak point. You should use that. ”
[9.6] Varus ADC - Give me a target by xTheUnlimited | Varus Player
xTheUnlimited says “High range. Pretty annoying in lane, but you can win an all in against her pretty easy. ”
[9.6] Tristana ADC - Blast 'em ! by xTheUnlimited | Tristana Player
TruMediaMix1 says “You hear that? That's the sound of the police!”
Get Jinxed!: A Jinx Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Jinx Player
xTheUnlimited says “You can keep up with her range through your Q and got a good poke against her. Take care of her traps tho. ”
[9.5] Ezreal ADC - Time for a true display of skill ! by xTheUnlimited | Ezreal Player
Vaedelive says “her range and utility makes it a bit hard to lane against, but as soon as you lane some CC on her, an all in should be easy. Cait does not outscale kalista SUPER hard like some other champs. Not the worst not the best.”
L9 Boosted Trash says “She outranges you, but you can easily catch up to her and since you're both scaling champs you should be fine”
Serve justice as ADC Kayle by L9 Boosted Trash | Kayle Player
purrpledrank says “I personally don't find Cait very hard to play against since I play against her so much. Expect to play against her any time you first pick Draven. ”
Draaaven does it all! by purrpledrank | Draven Player
LilRalle says “if lucian use ult cait can just use e out of it and she escapes with 0 dmg on her. plus you can poke lucian easlily because of the range lucian has and Cait has one of the longest range in the game, so you would be able to poke lucian a lot.”
Op Lucian One crit kill by LilRalle | Lucian Player
FelipeGustavo says “Do not try to punish your reach is greater than yours, fight with it with your support ”
Best Draven Build For to Destroy by FelipeGustavo | Draven Player
Darkness3609 says “The most hard match up for me is vs Caitlyn cuz she always out trade u with her passive and also her traps if i want to catch my axes”
Draven BotCarry by Darkness3609 | Draven Player
NorToXz says “Outrange and outdamages you early. Farm and wait until lategame.”
(AD) Tristana Build Guide by NorToXz | Tristana Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Abuses you in lane yet your mid game is a better power spike so you can neutralise her.”
Ashe deals big damage by Ch33syB0y8 | Ashe Player
WeaveStolen says “Her range screws your cookies up real bad. play as safe as possible and under tower if possible, ideally, don't even play Vayne against her at all.”
Stop Using Fleet Footwork on Vayne by WeaveStolen | Vayne Player
Neut says “Really Annoying to lane due to her range”
Ch33syB0y8 says “Can out-trade you in the early game with her long range but your mid game is far more powerful”
Stattik Shivvir by Ch33syB0y8 | Sivir Player
KinkyGaren says “You should always ban Caitlyn, your attack range is significantly smaller than hers, she will shove every wave in and zone you behind your own tower. Perma-ban status for Lucian mains.”
Lucian ADC Guide by KinkyGaren | Lucian Player
KinkyGaren says “Caitlyn is a very strong ADC as of the Marksman Patch, and with her Attack Range she will out-poke you almost every time. She merits a high ban rate if you plan on playing Jhin.”
Jhin ADC Guide by KinkyGaren | Jhin Player
B34STLYG4M3R says “Caitlin is almost as bad as Draven. All game, her range will screw you over. You only really have more damage than her mid game. After that, her headshots can kill you as fast as you can kill her.”
OG Korean Triple Crit Vayne (1M Mastery) by B34STLYG4M3R | Vayne Player
TheCoCoFTW says “Unless she is trash, Cait will make your lane phase extremely painful. Do your best to not let her poke you to death and try to stay as close in CS and you will scale better late. ”
AsterXI says “Her range is higher than yours and her traps last longer than yours and also gives her a damage boost against you.”
Lethality Jinx by AsterXI | Jinx Player
DragenDragfer says “Es molesta con su poke, solo espera a tu supp y las bursteas”
Kai'sa The HypperCarry 1vs9 Guia en español by DragenDragfer | Kai'Sa Player
Mkcoolness says “She outranges you but isn't that hard of a matchup as long as you know what you are doing.”
Mkcoolness's guide to Miss Fortune by Mkcoolness | Miss Fortune Player
qasddsa says “Strong laning phase with her longer range. Play a little bit passive, but if you see opportunities to kill her, you need to do so. Her first/second item spikes aren't as strong as yours right now, so abuse her during that time.”
[9.2] Get Excited! | Jinx by qasddsa | Jinx Player
YukiWyvern says “Em lane, Caitlyn luta em torno de seu (W) e (E), Procure evitar trocas e cair nas suas traps até surgir um momento realmente valioso para poder dar um all-in.”
Yuki Wyvern - Guia de Lucian (ADC) S9 (Update) by YukiWyvern | Lucian Player
TruMediaMix1 says “Mirror matches are typically hectic. Do your best to make sure your rival doesn't get ahead of you!”
Ace in the Hole: A Caitlyn Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Caitlyn Player
Varmina says “Full tank renekton dont lose to nothing”
S8 RENEKTON FULL TANK BEST BUILD EVER by Varmina | Renekton Player
BenLegend443 says “She outranges you, but you've got the gap closer. Watch out for the traps.”
General Kai'Sa Guide by BenLegend443 | Kai'Sa Player
KaedeGod says “She is punishing us for every cs, and keeps us out of range. At 2 items we are getting stronger and can crush her.”
Perseus the Vayne main says “Playing vs Caitlyn is one of the worst lanes for Vayne. The best option to play against Caitlyn is to be under the turret and try to farm as much as possible without having to go into trading and wait for lvl 6 (If you're not too far behind). Going in with your ult will almost always end in your favor. Try to fight at close range, because Caitlyn is the most effective for a longer distance.”
Perseus' Vayne guide (9.2 Patch) by Perseus the Vayne main | Vayne Player
Komrad says “Caitlyn es uno de los mayores dolores de cabezas que tiene Vayne, pues su largo alcance y excelente capacidad para hacer duelos, pueden dejarte en una muy grande desventaja”
Vayne Build Platino en Español [9.2] by Komrad | Vayne Player
weinerman says “hah, pathetic, everything in your kit outranges this 'high-range' one trick pony. PUMMEL HER”
MeSad says “Hope to god she isn't very good and doe not utilize her 650 range against you. do not fight yourself and allow your support to poke down, and pray for a gank. Late game you should be able to cheese her in a bush by her red, but do not go to aggro in laning unless your support gets them below 40 for the DH proc, or you get love from your jungler.”
Vayne's Worst Nightmare by MeSad | Teemo Player
DFireFox says “Outranges you and depending on her skill can out dmg you, play safe and watch out for her traps.”
Right. On. Cue! by DFireFox | Jhin Player
EagleBlades says “Caitlyn is a medium lane just avoid her trap and you'll be fine. Her only power caitlyns power spike is lvl 6 and thats all you need to worry about for her.”
Sivir Build by EagleBlades | Sivir Player
Master_Yagyu says “caitlyn can outplay u in level 1!,but in level 3 she cant do anything.”
River Shen Guide by Master_Yagyu | Shen Player
ExcalibursMight says “Cait can easily be beaten. She has a high ranged trick shot that can easily be dodge and same with her traps. ”
Carrier ADC (Patch 8.24) - "WTF WAS THAT!?" by ExcalibursMight | Quinn Player
satancurls says “Pode te abusar bastante na lane então tente apenas farmar recuadamente e quando o seu suporte dê engage, acompanhe-o.”
[8.24] [PT-BR] Hora do acerto de contas. by satancurls | Vayne Player
II Monokaiser II says “Extremamente Difícil, candidato forte a ban, ainda pior quando junto da morgana. ”
O Guia definitivo para o Mordekaiser ADC by II Monokaiser II | Mordekaiser Player
Savagerayne says “She will bully you the whole lane phase with additional range, ask for a gank to give you a lead and try to out farm her.”
Kai'sa The Breach by Savagerayne | Kai'Sa Player
Hers Wolf says “Her range makes the lane a bit hard, but if you freeze under tower you should have no problem”
Varus Build (8.24) by Hers Wolf | Varus Player
SSG Ruler says “way more range, great poke, shitty mid game though. depending on support you might actually crush this lane.”
a silver guide on lucian by SSG Ruler | Lucian Player
AisBuax says “Depends on how good she is, she can poke you very bad. Also, depends on how good you are with Jinx. Try to poke her with your Q's rockets. But in most of the cases, you counter her.”
rrocks003 says “Can one shot your turrets without ever actually getting in their range. Your best bet is to constantly poke her with your E when she goes in to kill your turrets.”
The Key to that Heimerdinger Carry by rrocks003 | Heimerdinger Player
Federalist says “tiene mucho daño, y tiene mas alcance que tu, ademas debes morir muy poco porque te puede zonear muy jodido con sus trampas”
TF mid in all by Federalist | Twisted Fate Player
Ziickness says “These 3 are the hardest to lane against for Vayne so try to avoid them. Whenever u do end up fighting them just stay back, farm under turret, and if necessary get Tabi's in the early. ”
[8.24] Shauna Vayne guide by Ziickness | Vayne Player
Seigemaster035 says “A natural counter, play passively and avoid getting close, freeze the lane under the tower and wait for ganks and out scale her.”
Twitch Guide by Seigemaster035 | Twitch Player
Robin Banks says “Your only true counter. A good Caitlyn will make your life hell. If you happen to die early I'd get a cull and do your best to farm it out. If your jungler ganks for you though, the kill should be pretty free. Do not get trapped, do not greed to auto minions. Farm with Q safely and prioritize your hp. ”
8.24b Ezreal Guide | Lategame oneshot build by Robin Banks | Ezreal Player
Gordove says “Something like infinity mana sustain. Oh, she has a lot of range, what difficults a little, but it's still 'easy'.”
[8.23] Sivir - On the Hunt! by Gordove | Sivir Player
Starredgamer says “She is soooooo god darn strong against you. I would ban her if I were you!!! ”
|-[8.23]-| 4th Time's A Charm! THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE! by Starredgamer | Jhin Player
Kusan4gi says “Caitlyn has 125 more range than you so it is very hard to fight her don't pick xayah into her cause she is also scaling insane”
Season 9 Xayah by Kusan4gi | Xayah Player
LordZeta1313 says “just don't step into her traps and you should be able to lure her into a couple of your own ”
beauty in death (jhin build) by LordZeta1313 | Jhin Player
Nittwerp says “Caitlyn is a difficult champion to deal with in laning fase. Let her push, try to keep your distance and once you get your BORK and boots you should be able to duel her. IMPORTANT don't step into her traps or you lose the duel.”
PTA Vayne - PRE season 9 by Nittwerp | Vayne Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “A large counter with her long early game range and damage against you.”
Big Yordle Gunner Boi by Ch33syB0y8 | Tristana Player
Im_Demolish says “Cait is a bully as well with her range advantage. She is easily one of the safest picks to go as she has so much poke and you have no opportunity to damage until CC is landed”
(8.23) "Behind every mask... is another mask." by Im_Demolish | Jhin Player
iOwnPT says “In this scene, you can't try to do "mini fights" with caitlyn, since she will always get an extra 1 or 2 AA's more than you because of her high range. In this fight, i recommend you to ask your support to go agressive and all in. If you go all in you can win pretty easily.”
N1ster says “Playing vs Caitlyn is one of the worst lanes for Vayne. Her range means that she can just continuously auto attack Vayne and not have to worry about taking any damage back. In the early game, just sit back and get as much farm as possible without killing yourself. Asking the jungler for a gank while she is pushed up can be quite effective, because the lane will likely be pushed up to your tower. After level 6, if you aren't too far behind, going in with your ult will almost always end in your favor. Getting up in Caitlyn's face is the most effective, because she does best while damaging from a distance.”
Impure fools! by N1ster | Vayne Player
Warmanreaper says “Just harass her, don't let her trade for free. You have to play like you own the lane as this champ so you should do this for anybody regardless.”
Draven? No.. It's DRAAAAAAAAAAVEN! by Warmanreaper | Draven Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Caitlyn's range makes it hard for you to lane.”
Ch33syB0y8 says “Although Caitlyn has a strong early game because of the range advantage yet you can capitalise on her weak mid game”
Darkk Mane+CheesyBoy8 Jinx by Ch33syB0y8 | Jinx Player
Tylerfig455 says “High poke. Hit her with your E and maybe get a Bork and it should be pretty easy.”
Win Lane, Win Game | Draven Guide [8.22] by Tylerfig455 | Draven Player
Ultrama says “You can trade her with your Q, DONT TRADE HER WITH YOUR AUTOS or else you will lose.”
Miss Fortune Carry Guide by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player

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