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Heimerdinger Counter Stats

Heimerdinger Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #10 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Heimerdinger. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Heimerdinger in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Heimerdinger Data for all roles taken from 29,070 matches.
Heimerdinger Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (37%) Heimerdinger Middle Lane Counters: 10,627 matches, 47 counter champions

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Tips Against Heimerdinger in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Yamikaze says “The only way he can get a lead is if he gets to stack 3 turrets and push super fast. We can cheese him(before minions spawn) by waiting in a brush while he's stacking turrets and then take them down. Keep taking his turrets down when he's spawning them, and you will have no trouble in this matchup. Your windwall can block ALL his damage. ”
[Season 10] Yamikaze & Yeager's Challenger Yasuo Guide by Yamikaze | Yasuo Player
lkycch says “The lane dominance and bullying that Heimerdinger is capable of will put you under turret all throughout laning phase. Try your best to CS under turret. Don’t waste your mana trying to destroy his turrets with your bombs, as you will get pushed in anyways due to your high cooldowns early on. Remember: Summoner's Rift is a 5V5, not a 1v1. You don't have to stay in lane and suffer a losing matchup!”
lkycch says “The lane dominance and bullying that Heimerdinger is capable of will put you under turret all throughout laning phase. Try your best to CS under turret. Don’t waste your mana trying to destroy his turrets with your bombs, as you will get pushed in anyways due to your high cooldowns early on. Remember: Summoner's Rift is a 5V5, not a 1v1. You don't have to stay in lane and suffer a losing matchup!”
Polarshift says “Super annoying to play against. But atleast your E spreads even if you use it on his turrets. Asking for a gank against this guy is a bit tricky, since in lower elos he will most likely get a doublekill instead. Farm up, outscale and outperform him in the teamfights and the sidelane.”
Yeager says “This is something i rarely see midlane because heimer is better top since he's oppressive against melee champions. Heimer does 1 thing: Stack turrets and shove people in. If you're fast, you can walk into one of the midlane brushes BEFORE the minions spawn to destroy his turrets with your team. If you manage to do that, the lane will become so much easier because you simply have to destroy every turret as soon as he places them. He will lose his ability to control the lane. If you can shove him in, his lane is doomed. Watch out for his E AOE stun. I often see heimer players using this ability right when you're about to attack one of his turrets. His W deals a lot of damage but it can be body-blocked by minions, so stay behind those when trading. Basically you use your range advantage to take down his turrets. Bait out his E (it helps having boots since it's a skillshot) and then go for trades. Even though i run phase rush into pretty much everything, it's really strong into heimer. You can counter his slows and dodge his skillshots with the bonus movement speed. ”
Yeager's Master Orianna guide by Yeager | Orianna Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Corrupting due to turrets. Hit as often as you can his turrets with your small Q (Q on circle). Use E when pushing, hitting cannons too in the process. Go for all ins whenever possible but predict and try to dodge his E (because the cannons will Beam you). Usually he will perma push you and ganks on him will be difficult but have no fear for that, just try to keep up with the push and focus on getting a kill either on him or on botlane. Very few players are experienced with Heimerdinger so try to abuse that.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID by Drewmatth by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
eiensiei says “Level 1 I'll rush to lane and kill his little turrets as he places them if I can. Other than that, most of the laning phase is spent under tower for Lux and I focus on getting as much CS as I can. I avoid roaming in this match-up, as he won't follow and is going to push fast and get plates. This is not as much of a threat because of the kill pressure, but he'll easily get ahead by farming better while I'm struggling under tower. However, ganks can definitely shut Heimer down and make him think twice before playing up to my turret again, so I'll try to ping my jungler for assistance.”
[10.19] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Sylvan Lore says “Heimer is usually very good at pushing people in and gaining large leads through cs alone. Orianna however does not struggle at all in dealing with him. You can use your range to safely remove his towers faster than he can replace them by simply using Q. I would not reccomend using Q->W to take them out though as this will make you run out of mana very quickly. Without towers up, this champion really struggle. Especially if you can push him under his own turret! If he has 3 turrets up, DO NOT try to kill him, even with your jungler. Recommend: Barrier and Dmg Build”
[10.19] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
sweodigaming says “He has very good sustain. He is also very squish. Be careful to not get caught around his turrets, they can do much unexpected damage.”
[10.19] the Dark Child - All Viable Roles and Runes by sweodigaming | Annie Player
7daysko says “Place R on his turrets and watch him have a panic attack.”
Phrxshn says “Consider being a full-time Proxy Singed because you will not out trade him. If you cannot push or set-up proxy consider skipping a wave just to proxy. Try to kill Heimerdinger if you chose to lane against him. Dodging his skillshots will determine if you can trade or not. (Recommended Items: Adaptive or Abyssal Mask for laning; Rylai's Scepter, Mercury's Treads) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Heimerdinger, Singed without turrets) (Outscaling Edge: Even)”
Phrxshn's Guide To Singed by Phrxshn | Singed Player
fwii says “Start Corrupting potion and farm until Jungle Gank. Heimer is very poke heavy with his Turrets and it's risky to trade against him early. Killable after level 6. ”
Scyrine says “Super annoying and but also super squishy. I see a lot of new players have trouble with him but once your in shroud the turrets he has don't attack you. Do a simple E backwards and Q combo to proc passive and place shroud and hit him with a Q>>AA>>Q combo.”
Yasukeh says “It's practically impossible to get on top of him until level 6, and even then it's hard to actually kill him. He can often 1v2 if he gets ahead of you, and it's easy for him to deny you. Just farm it out until 6 and you should be able possibly get onto him or just outskirmish him and getting leads through playing with your team. Take Triple Rejuv beads, and wait for ganks. Make sure you tank the turret during the gank with your ult. If you get a small lead on him, you can easily kill him through all of his damage. ”
In Depth Rank 1 Grandmasters Tryndamere by Yasukeh. by Yasukeh | Tryndamere Player
FalleN3 says “This is a lane where he will generally have you shoved up to your tower all day long with his turrets. They are pretty squishy so try to not let him get x3 of them set-up. You can try to kill them with Q+W and (E) out as needed but be aware this will cost you quiet a bit of mana! Try to farm as much as you can, look for picks and out-roam him if possible. Use your mobility to your advantage. After level 6 you should be able to all-in him but be aware, even after he is dead the turrets will continue to shoot at you.”
Fizz Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Fizz by FalleN3 | Fizz Player
Dr Eggmund says “Don't underestimate Bill Nye as he is a genius after all. Avoid his turret's damage and all-ining him at 6 should be very simple for you as he is very-VERY squishy. Build resistance if you can't bare his turret damage but if you position yourself properly you should have the upper hand throughout all portions of the game.”
Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
Glasletter says “Burn his turrets and watch him cry.”
Fuzzmonkey says “Syndra is basically the biggest counter to heimerdinger since you can pick up his turrets with your W. Constantly poke him with Q as well. Easy win.”
[10.19] THE ULTIMATE SYNDRA GUIDE! - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | Syndra Player
Aegox says “Heimerdinger is extremely annoying because he will literally just hide behind turrets to block all your shots. Try using your R to get behind turrets, hit an E, then Q around the turrets to hit him.”
[10.19] Aegox's Zoe Guide For Beginners by Aegox | Zoe Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Work around when he has turrets near him. If he doesn't go in for trades, other than that don't go near him and just farm as best you can against him. At level 6 will be your best all in opportunity, make sure you hit everything. Biggest thing about the match up is to not let him hit you with the stun grenade, this will pretty much kill you if all 3 of his turrets then hit you after. Other than that, just play it safe and wait for him to use his cooldowns.”
[10.19] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
Eoba says “The matchup becomes extreme if he's running barrier. The only guarantee to winning this lane is to only W Q Auto, as Q'ing first will let him predict where you'll land...and then he will follow up with E.”
Yuki H. says “Though it seems to be a difficult lane, Zed can actually start q'ing Heimer's turrets while he's setting them up before minions spawn in lane. (2q's per turret). For in-lane trading patterns, do NOT look to W in if Heimer is holding both stun and rockets with nearby turrets. Only look for aggressive trades if he does not have turrets or rocket/stun grenade. Otherwise just try to poke him down with abilities without going too near.”
[10.19] Zed + Matchups by Yuki H. | Zed Player
RedFire2055 says “Heimer is one more of easier matchup for Brand , you can always all in him and wait farm under tower while you can continue to harass him. You can use his turrets for kill him with ultimates.”
Brand The Fire God by RedFire2055 | Brand Player
Hullos says “Building tear can make this guy useless as you can just farm his turrets and maybe even kill him because his cc his mediocre. take TP for tear and scaling.”
Impossible2Gank says “Even though his turrets can easily take out your boxes, if you lend a few points into E you should be able to poke him down enough to go in for a play with your R. You can also try to bait him closer near your turret to make a play or wait for jungle pressure.”
[10.19] SHACO AP & HYBRID OFF-META GUIDE FOR MID LANE by Impossible2Gank | Shaco Player
Shazzaam says “Annoying since he has a lot of pushing power with his turrets.”
[10.19] Trinity Force Twisted Fate (Discovered/Invented by J by Shazzaam | Twisted Fate Player
OverjarlZane says “Lots of damage from his turrets and is deceptively powerful.”
[10.19] The Jarls Midcian by OverjarlZane | Lucian Player
BloooodTV says “D-Blade. Use his turrets as mobility against him. He will poke you a bit but it won't be enough to force you out of lane, especially if you can keep the pressure up on him. You should always have lane priority in this matchup. Outscales you. Take Fleet or Conq (Depends on team comp).”
[10.19] "Kill me? You can try." Yasuo Guide by BloooodTV | Yasuo Player
FalleN3 says “This is a lane where he will generally have you shoved up to your tower all day long with his turrets. They are pretty squishy so try to not let him get x3 of them set-up. Try to farm as much as you can, look for picks and out-roam him if possible. Use your mobility to your advantage. He is pretty squishy so after level 6 you can 100-0 him but be aware, even after he is dead the turrets will continue to shoot at you. You can use your Shroud to drop tower agro once he is dead. It is a tough lane Pre 6 though!”
Akali Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Akali by FalleN3 | Akali Player
I count to seven says “Easy matchup, you can poke him with his own turrets”
10.19 | Syndra Guide ~ Power without limit! by I count to seven | Syndra Player
LunarVortex says “Your W is great for clearing turrets and your E is great for blocking his stun. Time your E well so he doesn't break it before his stun. The worst that can happen to you in this matchup is that he forces you to lasthit under tower.”
[10.19] In-Depth Midlane Morgana Guide by LunarVortex | Morgana Player
TheFwnK says “You can easily kill him.”
Fizz's Bible - Assassinating enemies like a fish. by TheFwnK | Fizz Player
TimRhabey says “Control and/or poke mages are always hard to play as gragas. Heimerdinger has way better scaling and waveclear than you all game, he is also as good or even better than you on teamfight He can easily deny you entirely on a fight with his empowered E,its pretty much impossible to kill him during lane phase. Take the comet rune setup so you can waveclear as good as him and poke him during lane phase.”
Gragas Laner for Every Matchup | In Depth by TimRhabey | Gragas Player
ToHadesWithYou says “His turrets helps him farm and when you open a little, he will use his abilities which causes the turrets to attack you.”
Zoe Guide 10.19 by ToHadesWithYou | Zoe Player
Coldsong says “Heimerdinger is a very annoying matchup for Talon, but not an impossible one. Make sure to destroy his turrets and play safe. Bait his grenade and go for an all in, as he is very squishy.”
[Season 10] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
Fadedreformed says “Easy matchup don't die pre 6 and he is just unable to do anything. Avoid getting hit by his e because his turrets are gonna chunk you for a huge amount”
Papzz says “Very easy match up, just wait for upgrading your E with the item, then try to hit his Q with your E and poke him at the same time.”
God Tier Viktor Guide 10.19 by Papzz | Viktor Player
DaggerTV_ says “Heimer will do exactly what you dont want. He will permapush, forcing you to stay in lane and he will have perma prio. There is essentaily nothing you can do but wait for your jungler to do something. However, this amtchup is rare ”
Katarina 10.19 Diamond Guide In-depth by DaggerTV_ | Katarina Player
DarkM3tal87_ says “Don't let him push the minion wave under your tower. Use your windwall to dodge his turrets' attacks.”
Delirium's In-Depth Yasuo Guide Season 10 by DarkM3tal87_ | Yasuo Player
Proma says “Dshield You're better off looking for roams than trying to kill him as most of them tend to place towers and permashove/sit under tower. If he blows his E and you get on top of him you should win.”
economistastonks says “No one likes laning against this cruel genius. You can try to all in if he is low on mana, but at level 6 he will be able to simply stun and burst you. I wouldn't pick Pyke against him. ”
Farming Champions by economistastonks | Pyke Player
Chiefsnake says “Annoying early game because he can out shove you with his turrets so you just have to farm until you have enough points in W to shove and roam”
Scuffed Asol guide by Chiefsnake | Aurelion Sol Player
elnino9 says “Setup Q daggers on him and poke in/out - After Shunpoing on Q, immediately use W to get a full refund on Shunpo and use that to shunpo back out on minions. Careful when he has too many turrets next to him if you attempt an all-in. Start Doran shield. You will be pushed in this laning phase most of the time, last hit under turret, careful for his rocket poke under turret. Don't need to win lane as his strength comes within being a bully in lane.”
SkellyBirb says “You don't have much kill pressure as his turrets will deal damage even if you stun him, but you can roam to gain your advantage and he won't be able to stop you easily.”
[10.18] A Guide to Lich Bane Bard Mid! by SkellyBirb | Bard Player
Defensivity1 says “Can shove you under tower with a huge minion wave very easily, you are pretty reliant on jungle ganks against him.”
Defensivity's S10 Veigar guide by Defensivity1 | Veigar Player
Veralion says “HoB/MANY BEADS. Hope you’re good at farming under turret, cause you’re going to be doing a lot of it. Your E is on too long of a CD to cleanly deal with his turrets, but you can do enough to keep him on 1 or 2. 2 E’s or an E-auto will kill them; try to line up shots which get a few last hits and also hit a turret, then follow up with a melee if you think you can get away with it. One turret shooting you does very little damage. You should be able to prevent him from leapfrogging all 3 turrets too far forward, which is the real threat of Heimerdinger. Stand behind creeps to avoid full-wave missile hits. You won’t be able to avoid his missile spreads, but they won’t hurt too badly. If you get clipped by a grenade, turn on W and run perpendicular to the incoming turret lasers. You’ll be able to run right out of the most damaging part of his kit. Do NOT get grenade stunned around 2 or 3 turrets or you'll be chunked right out of lane. He squishes easily, so you can kill him once he shoves in after you’ve just backed and bought, but check his inventory first and don’t get baited by Zhonya’s. He usually takes the Stopwatch rune. If he plops down a big turret and uses stasis, you’re probably dead. You’ll need to immediately go on him when you get back to lane after a buy before he chips you back down again. If you incidentally hit his big turret with your E during your all in, smite it to finish it off. Orbit him while you’re hitting him to make it harder for him to land grenade stun; the direct hit radius is pretty small, and mind those turret lasers! ”
AP Shyvana Mid: The Lizard Wizard by Veralion | Shyvana Player
Tauricus2017 says “His turrets are very powerful and annoying to deal with. There is not much you can do in this matchup. If you engage, he will most likely stun you between 3 turrets and interrupt your W. If you will try to outpush him, you most likely won't succed as he can control waves very easily. Call out for ganks and try to kill him as a team.”
AP Tristana by Tauricus2017 | Tristana Player
seemes says “no mobility so all in with flash.”
A Chads Guide to A$$'Gath by seemes | Cho'Gath Player
BCota says “Annoying af ez to feed him just take Dshield and if you need to, buy corrupting potions. Sacrificing some HP for farm might become a necessity but as long as you dont get dangerously low ~40% hp. Just farm you outscale him or if you get the chance trade with Auto+Q even if you lose the trade you still win it because of your sustain”
Vladimir Mid Guide 10.18 by BCota | Vladimir Player
SnakeOnRiver says “Try to destroy towers with Q + E, keep distance, best tactic is just farming.”
[10.17] The holy and blessed Cassiopeia guide! by SnakeOnRiver | Cassiopeia Player
SHKINFU says “Pokes and stuns from heimer is very annoying,always ban him if you're going to do this”
True OP Alistar Mid by SHKINFU | Alistar Player
TheCatOfCheshire says “Boooooring, don't focus the turrets, you'll lose your time. Just wait an opportunity to charm and kill him. Send your jungler away, he's going to feed the heimer. Nothing you can do, noyhing he can do.”
All about those tails (1 million mastery in-depth) by TheCatOfCheshire | Ahri Player
Lunasta says “It is a really hard match-up , but his machines lose target when you get invisible, try to use this in your advantage”
[ 10.16 ] A TOP 50 Qiyana's Guide (Top/Mid/JG/ADC) by Lunasta | Qiyana Player
GnarZing says “Take Comet or Electrocute. Poke him as much as you can, and all-in him at lv 6 [Matchup experience needed]”
Zing's Guide to Mid Gnar (10.16) (WIP) by GnarZing | Gnar Player
Snow Day Zoe says “He is annoying, his turrets can block your q and e, but you can destroy them fast. you out range him.”
xtrinity01x says “dodge his stuff, but then realize his turrets are fucking annoying. honestly just hope heim doesn't get picked.”
Morgana Mid/AP Morgana Supp (WATCH EM BURN) by xtrinity01x | Morgana Player
Brentonlop says “He is very annoying and takes up the whole lane. Ask jungler for ganks and level 6 all in him. ( take teleport )”
Brentonlop's In depth Leblanc Guide by Brentonlop | LeBlanc Player
Zoe Sparklepop says “He takes a big bulky stance in mid lane trying to take it over but your AA AA Q kills the turrets so you should be able to win this fairly easily with poke When he gets 6 and puts down a big turret, just back off with E.”
Mpegial says “I wouldn't say he can kill you at all honestly, he has zero mobility and is useful only for defending and assisting his allies, he can't do much to you so roaming should be a piece of cake.”
The: How to be a Talon main by Mpegial | Talon Player
SirDrPotato says “More info in the match up section”
[Patch 10.15] Qiyana Lethality Mid In-Depth Guide. by SirDrPotato | Qiyana Player
The PaIe King says “Abyssal Rush Summoner Spells: Barrier/Flash---- Build Path: Abyssal Mask, Sorcerers Shoes, Liandry's Torment, Banshees Veil , Void Staff, Rabadons Deathcap . ----Rune Page: Electrocute, Taste of Blood, Ultimate Hunter, Zombie Ward, Bone Plating or Conditioning, Overgrowth.---- ”
The Karthus Community Guide by The PaIe King | Karthus Player
maxtenj says “Extremely hard lane if the heim is good and can poke and oppress you so hard I would either dodge or ban.”
[10.15] Crush the Meta, with Malphite Mid! by maxtenj | Malphite Player
snukumz says “Supposedly a counter to Vel'Koz. Focus on wave clearing, and killing his turrets when he puts them up. Watch out for his stun, and don't let your jungler gank him unless he's out of little turrets. Late-late game you can roast him with a Q and your ultimate. ”
nguyenbautroi says “Nothing to say because Heimer can hide behind his Q to dodge Pyke Q and he can cancel your combo with his E.”
Killing Machine Pyke by nguyenbautroi | Pyke Player
1256 says “just outscale him, very annoying because of permaprio, hes barely gankable too and you cant rly destroy his turrets, legit nobrainer fleet+dom”
galactic kassadin guide by 1256 | Kassadin Player
AZIR MEN says “Just kill his turret. It's his only wave clear. Be careful when shuffling him. Take conq/comet/Lethal Tempo”
goodimbinatas says “His turrets grant you additional stacks in laning phase and are even easier to farm later on in the game when Veigar has enough AP to one-shot them with his Q.”
Veigar One shot guide [10.14] by goodimbinatas | Veigar Player
Pentakai says “Cancer pre-6, tell your jungler to stay away.”
[10.13] PTK| Choose Your Path | Kassadin Guide by Pentakai | Kassadin Player
SicKitty says “this guy is relly easy to play against just keep throwing q and your gonna have his tower in no time.”
Death to all towers by SicKitty | Ziggs Player
Art1val says “Not a big deal, just annoying, once you get used to playing Zoe you will just destroy lane.”
PepeOnDrugs says “This is a lane where he will generally have you shoved up to your tower all day long with his turrets. They are pretty squishy so try to not let him get x3 of them set-up. Try to farm as much as you can, look for picks and out-roam him if possible. Use your mobility to your advantage. He is pretty squishy so after level 6 you can 100-0 him but be aware, even after he is dead the turrets will continue to shoot at you. You can use your Shroud to drop tower agro once he is dead. It is a tough lane Pre 6 though! ”
How to dominate with Akali by PepeOnDrugs | Akali Player
Jackpitts says “engange only after lvl 6, dodge his ult with your E and go in with your shark”
One shot Fizz guide by Jackpitts | Fizz Player
CallMeDaddyGR says “I dont have much to say about this annoying guy, there is not much you can do about him, just dont get hit by his stun and play passive till you get a gank from your jg, be careful tho, a single missplay can lead to him getting a double and trust me, you dont want that to happen”
Best Akali Guide for patch 10.13 by CallMeDaddyGR | Akali Player
Raf Rivens says “Can be easily poked by E+Q combo through his turrets.”
[10.13] RYZE NEVER LOSE | 90% WiNRATE RYZE GUIDE by Raf Rivens | Ryze Player
panger 174 says “burbuja y muere, acordate de tirar q1 despues de que se stunee porque va a tirar torreta, no seas boludo (dh elec)”
pangers zoe build by panger 174 | Zoe Player
Gageowago says “Just don't fight him in his turrets. This is a matchup where corrupting potions aren't a terrible choice. -----(Patch 9.24b) Heimer is a weaker pick now because of the nerf to his rockets and grenade, but he is still a threat so continue to not fight in his turrets.”
[10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox by Gageowago | Ahri Player
Debonair Karma says “His turrets will put you in a lot of trouble. No real way to counterplay him other than staying under tower and farm with Q. Take teleport”
A guide to Karma Mid [10.12] by Debonair Karma | Karma Player
BigFatCat909 says “Not hard but will make you cry internally.”
Hunt Their Shadows by BigFatCat909 | Zed Player
topal says “very hard to deal with if he sets up his towers well.try to all in him if he steps out of his towers and kill them with q.Take absolute focus to kill the towers easier.”
Galio op op ( in depth Galio guide ) by topal | Galio Player
Noodles912 says “Play chicken till level 6. In this lane, you can max Q if you would like. Use ult to avoid his rockets/bombs, and Q to soak missiles. Go mercs if you would like, and outscale him. NEVER FIGHT HIM PRE 11, AND KEEP YOUR JG AWAY FROM MID.”
1v9 every game as Kassadin with Noodles912 by Noodles912 | Kassadin Player
Ignix0 says “Hes by far the dumbest champ in the game, I hate this matchup (even though you win it). Just keep your distance and weq him to death! You should really watch out if he has zhonyas.”
[10.12] Master of the shadows by Ignix0 | Zed Player
Lil Tidepod says “It's really difficult to get close enough to Heimer to pop any of your combos, because his turrets will just never-endingly chunk your health. Try and clear his turrets as quickly as possible, preferably before you kill minions, because they will cause him to win any trade. If you dodge his stun bomb, engage on him if he has one or no turrets up, as he has nothing to stop you from popping his health bar.”
Tortoise_Maniac says “- His turrets make it extremely hard for you to get on him - Just try to match his wavelcear with yours and help your jungler and roam - You win 2v2 outside of lane as he can't set up turrets ”
[10.11] Galio Mid Guide by Tortoise_Maniac | Galio Player
ZombieZack1 says “Heimerdinger can Win against Lux if played Well but Mostly Lux will win, Heim is Easily Dodged and Lux can Shield throughout his Turret Damage”
xXxYasuoxXx2007 says “turrets? free q stacking”
The only yasuo guide you will ever need by xXxYasuoxXx2007 | Yasuo Player
Fhizzikx says “You will most likely be shoved in pretty hard but try to keep the wave in balance by using w on the wave. It isn't that dangerous to shove the wave with e since heimer cant really punish you for using your e. Later in the game you should win.”
Learn the Basics of Vel'koz by Fhizzikx | Vel'Koz Player
JacWilly says “Dont w into him when he has turrets, will normally rush zhonya's, buy ghostblade first and roam”
A Real Zed Guide + Matchups by JacWilly | Zed Player
BigBushMan says “The only real problem here is that Heimer is going to be able to perma shove you with his turrets. Call for jungle help when he shoves and hes an easy kill. ”
Low Elo Akali Mid Guide by BigBushMan | Akali Player
RockitoAhri says “Annoying. Don't focus on his tower too much, let them be. He usually steps up to secure CS, make sure to poke him and be ready to sidestep his Grande (E). It will make the turrets focus you and poof your HP. TLDR: avoid grenade and poke him when he comes for CS. ”
[10.9] Ahri Guide! Climb Ranked Tips S10! [D1 AHRI OTP] by RockitoAhri | Ahri Player
Malmortious says “He will put some turrets down for pressure, try to play around them. Dodge his skillshots and burst him fast when you can, preferably by surprise attack with E. His turrets give him a lot of lane control so you will need to roam more to match his pressure and stay relevant if you can't get kills on him.”
Malmortious' Talon Guide by Malmortious | Talon Player
JoshAy says “Unless you are really good this matchup will haunt your dreams. You can't kill his turrets with Q and get poked out if you try to get rid of them otherwise. Try to push and roam. BAD ULT TO STEAL, WILL CHANGE YOUR ABILITES DONT TAKE IT”
yashizaro says “Heimer's turrets completely stops you from csing. This champ should be banned if you have trouble already farming.”
Depths of the Sea by yashizaro | Pyke Player
P0rk0 says “try to trade with Q only.”
ER1KLB says “Can outscale you. His turrets are really annoying and if he's able to put them correctly, you're not going to do much, just wait for a gank.”
NapTimeForYou ! [ZOE GUIDE] by ER1KLB | Zoe Player
t3rminated says “This heim ding dong is fairly easy for you. You can easily outrange his turrent and poke him. Great thing is that if you kill his turrent with your Q, it refunds mana back. Poke him out and dodge his stuns. ”
1Recycle Bin1 says “play as safe as possible early levels, kill his turrets with your q and all in when he's on cd/low on mana”
1Recycle Bin1 | Only Fools Hesitate!【10.8】 by 1Recycle Bin1 | Katarina Player
MoIRL says “Go d shield and hope for the best”
jster131 says “this is one of those matchups where you are goint to want to let him push you into your turret. His turrets are annoying to deal with, bu they can be killed almost instantly by hitting an auto-q cancel (See Tips n' Tricks). Dodge his stun with e and disengage when you se his ult indicator ( He gets a weird kinda helmet). Also, you can dash over Heimerdinger's turrets to gap close if there are no minions nearby.”
HOW TO YAS LIKE A PRO by jster131 | Yasuo Player
chrisloths says “Battle of the farm. Don't fight him, he won't fight you. Just kill the waves, it's a boring lane.”
theboywhodominatedaplat says “This dude is cancer his turrets, and range, basically everythign Q his turrets while he's placing it before the minion spawn and always Spam ur Qs on his turrets and try to farm as well and call your jungler to help you out but before that clear his Q's or he will get a double kill. if you don't want to face him just ban him”
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
theboywhodominatedaplat says “This dude is cancer his turrets, and range, basically everythign Q his turrets while he's placing it before the minion spawn and always Spam ur Qs on his turrets and try to farm as well and call your jungler to help you out but before that clear his Q's or he will get a double kill. if you don't want to face him just ban him”
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
Witchxry says “Heimerdinger is not good to go up against, but he is very squishy. You're going to want to focus on CS and break his turrets any chance you can.”
Sloyr says “All of the mages are really easy to counter, you just have to dodge their CCs with your E or wait for them to waste it, to then go all in.”
Carry your allies to the victory by Sloyr | Katarina Player
Yas Yasu Yasuo says “Annoying poke but your W-E-Q is worse, dodge his stun and kill him, he has no mobility so call your jungle for free kills.”
Gogicha55 says “Annoying but he's really squishy and you can kill him really easily early if he messes up even a little bit”
Small And Simple Talon Guide by Gogicha55 | Talon Player
ekkologix says “this guy is the teemo from midlane, be agressive , 3 Hit then when you're positioning yourself dodge his skill , pretty much like ziggs matchup, a bit harder.”
In-Depth Ekko Build Guide!! { Mid/Jg/Top } by ekkologix | Ekko Player
8wolf says “His towers are just free farm for you. +10 gold whoop whoop. Careful at his e. if he lands one expect a ton of burst dmg. Most times this is a farm lane.”
Gettsuu says “Facile pour vous vu votre range mais attention a ne pas le sous estimé.”
Tehqo says “Heimerdinger is one of those champs that just hates being against Azir. You can literally cs off of his turrets.”
NebuIa says “Very annoying waveclear lane but nothing more than that. Similar to Anivia pains. Don't R too close to him or he will dump his damage onto you.”
In-Depth Challenger Zoe Main Guide by NebuIa | Zoe Player
TheBlueImperial says “Heavy poke lane but has mana issues and incredibly squishy. If you full combo them they're dead and you have the option to roam.”
[10.5] Galio Wanna Smash (Mid/Support) by TheBlueImperial | Galio Player
Je Suis Azir says “Honestly, you can take care of his turrets, and poke him, all while not losing control of the wave. Just cripple him, he is a shitty little Yordle who can get stiffed by you if you shred his turrets and poke him viciously.”
[Season 10] Azir Build : DOMINATE MID LANE by Je Suis Azir | Azir Player
Impswitch says “Perma push op. Damage also high af. just try to kept lane pushed and farm it out. Late game you are worth more!”
Janna Mid OP by Impswitch | Janna Player
Dgraider says “You'll need your jungler to help you out with this matchup to secure a kill if the heimerdinger plays well, but you should be able to clear his turrets without too much trouble. I'd advise taking celerity in this because the move speed really helps with dodging his abilities”
Rumbling in the 90s by Dgraider | Rumble Player
GalioPlayer says “as much as his kit may seem cancerous vs galio you can beat him if you play very aggressively ”
The Ultimate Galio Guide by GalioPlayer | Galio Player
cobbzy says “Really difficult match-up. He will poke all day long and every time you trade he will have his turrets do most of the work. Avoid getting stunned by his E, watch out for ult-W. Roam often, or get jungler help. ”
Understanding Katarina: A Full Guide [10.4] by cobbzy | Katarina Player
sekkondsEU says “Havent seen him in mid for quite a long time, but he is pretty annoying. Dont trade-risk too much, reather try looking only for good trades and all-ins.”
LONERlSM says “annoying to play against he will have good lane priority so he can get ganked at anytime. your qs can kill the turrets.”
Karthus Mid lane in Season 10 by LONERlSM | Karthus Player
Runtley says “He can farm super easy when against lux. His turret also force you back.”
DravensBukkake says “Ignite Matchup Run down mid level 1, he'll try to setup turrets. Destroy them with soldiers. LUL free gold. Spam W Q AA with Ludens rush, farm off his towers, shove this mofo in. He will shove you in for the first few levels, but that's ok, this bitch ass will miss half his cs anyways. Very easy to shuffle gank.”
[S10] 10.1 - New Conq Azir - Combos, Builds, Runes, Matchups by DravensBukkake | Azir Player
MarkeleleYasuo says “use his turrets to your advantage, use your w for his stun, use the E Q W combo as much as you can”
S10 Yasuo Midlane Guide by MarkeleleYasuo | Yasuo Player
Marumo says “Threat level 2. When first you lane against a Heimerdinger it seems a very hard lane to win. However, Heimer actually gives Veigar the perfect conditions to thrive. Heimer gives you turrets you can Q to get stacks off of, he makes you farm under the safety of your turret and he makes you wait for the late game. When you hit the late game you should have massively outscaled him. Just dodge his stun and it's easy stacks.”
Viegar, The Grandmaster of Evil by Marumo | Veigar Player
Braddik says “if you can take out his turrets early you can trade well while blocking damage with your q. past 6 you should be able to 1 shot him as he has low mobility”
CHAD KASSADIN 1V9 GUIDE by Braddik | Kassadin Player
SebaSebS says “He's a shit. A big one. But it's not impossible to kill.”
Diana - Scorn of the moon by SebaSebS | Diana Player
Tayna says “This is just sad, your W will destroy his turrets + farm for you. He can't CC you, u have more range, and he can't run from your R. Just...sad...”
Cloud375 says “The turrets are painful and outrange your auto attack range, you need to be careful when playing against him. Your Q does have enough range to hit turrets and poke the Heimer though, so try abuse that when you can and the lane should be easier.”
For the risks, an AP Sona Mid Guide by Cloud375 | Sona Player
IceBite says “Try to get a jungler with cc and kill him together with him. Lee is perfect vs him because he can kick him out of his turrets. Do not jump in blind.”
[Season 10] Master Katarina Guide by IceBite | Katarina Player
Yu_1 says “His turrets out-range you by a lot, try and take them out whenever possible to gain extra gold and ulti him after he uses his stun.”
Zed Guide S10 by Yu_1 | Zed Player
x3pher says “”
PAMICLO'S AKALI the Rogue Fearless Assassin by pamiclo | Akali Player
Sneaky boi says “Start D shield, try to farm and dodge his skills. Buy stopwatch versus him so when he land a skillshot on you the turrets laser won't do damage. ”
w00txkill says “If he build his turret close to yours you Lose All farm i hate it. ”
Ephiron says “Hard to Encounter and use R sometimes due to Good harass of Q”
[GOLD 3] CLIMB IN 2 DAYS WITH JUST ANIVIA by Ephiron | Anivia Player
Darth Nihilus says “Ask for an early gank and you should be ok, purchase an early refill pot.”
Senna the Redeemer - Mid Lane by Darth Nihilus | Senna Player
Tchouvline says “Outfarms you before 6 but after this you can ult and win the lane”
[9.21] Middlesticks, a genius pick ! (including matchups !) by Tchouvline | Fiddlesticks Player
ZyDeDy says “Can be annoying with his stuff... Try your best to ignore him”
Zed (ussles) guide by ZyDeDy | Zed Player
Xalt says “Solo killing Heimer is near impossible 1v1 in lane try to pick him off after he resets with less turrets in lane.”
Become the King of Diana by Xalt | Diana Player
PhantomFury9 says “Would destroy you early game if you have no counter play”
chloric says “Just get past the laning phase and you're way better than him at every other stage.”
Chromuro says “Heimer is pretty easy, his turrets will fall like flies with your voidlings. The only annoying part is that the turrets can "distract" your E.”
SeeEl says “People who play this champion are reported to start wars, create famine and evolve new genetically superior diseases. You will not have priority in this lane and he will smack you but remember that your utility in teamfights and late game scaling is superior. That being said, there are literally no good heimerdinger players until challenger. Also, don't try to outpush this guy, accept that he is keyboard smashing drooler smashing his QWE buttons so play to farm.”
-- by SeeEl | Orianna Player
Big Shawn says “I would classify it as a greenlight, but you never know. Heimerdinger is quite a disgusting champ with him constantly just "Camping" on the lane.”
Yasuo | The Unforgiven - Big Shawn's Mid lane Guide by Big Shawn | Yasuo Player
DVL CHALLNGR says “If you burst him and build Hexdrinker it will be hard for him to kill you because you will have MR and when you R him he can't absorb your damage but you must dodge his E stun to move away”
No Technique It Is Forbidden. Zed Main Pro Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Zed Player
Wizboy73 says “if you can survive till the point where you can oneshot his turrets, you destroy him. but dont get baited or he kills you and wins.”
Guide to Learning Viktor by Wizboy73 | Viktor Player
EvilOranges says “D-Shield or D-Blade. This matchup is basically him shoving over and over again while you maintain a freeze. He can't kill you, you can't kill him. (At least solo). Wait for jungler or level 6 spike, and always Windwall or E his grenade. Take Fleet Footwork.”
I Do Not Flame says “Be patient and farm, if u're not veery aggresive, he will be, and that's the moment u should go for all in.”
[9.18] Katarina, the Mid Queen [In depth guide] by I Do Not Flame | Katarina Player
mattmatts says “No range and it'll be hard to farm.”
AP Zac Mid Guide by mattmatts | Zac Player
Vispectra says “I class this match up as minor because yes , you won't be able to kill him , but that goes the same way for him. He's just a nuisance in lane but later on you'll make him regret picking Heimer. Be sure to avoid his stun at all costs.”
Massadin Guide season 9 for mid lane! (9.17) by Vispectra | Kassadin Player
League Gamer says “His turrets are able to poke you down, but you are able to pick them up with your W. Throwing his turrets away from you helps keep the fight pretty even.”
LGs Syndra Mid by League Gamer | Syndra Player
Best Akali Fra says “Just... Stay away from this bullshit XD Nah, seriously... just freeze your lane and wait for your jungler. This is really hard to kill Heimerdinger because of his stun (E) and his turrets (Q/A) You will get low hp faster and it's gonna be more difficult to do trades !!”
Guide Akali S9 (MID) by Best Akali Fra | Akali Player
quinniston says “Annoying but if you don't know how to play against Heimer then you need to re-evaluate. ”
KaktusHraje08 says “When u press E on him his turret outdamage u so much so play so much agressive when u reach lvl3 take water element stun him press E on him and take grass element q him and run away ”
[9.17]Qiyana the CARRY of the team by KaktusHraje08 | Qiyana Player
Zeprius says “Rare but if he shows up just start D shield and farm under turret... dont go in unless his Stun is on CD”
Elejul says “You heal off his turrets, what more is there to say?”
kilgta says “Level 1 to 4 is the hardest part as he pushes you undertower. Try to shove the lane the most at level 1 to 4 but I doubt you will be able to. Use E and W on towers. Ult him on ganks or when no towers. Hes very squishy. Ludens into Zhonya will make the lane easy. He will stay at his towers but you will E+Q them and then hell run to his tower and youll get to nexus. Start sapphire or corrupt.”
[9.14]Easy way to higher elo by kilgta | Malzahar Player
unownreality says “you can singularity his turrets for easy kills. He shouldnt be able to get the foothold he needs to win lane, as long as you are taking out the turrets effectivly. ”
[Mid] [9.14] Making Light Work of Climbing Elos by unownreality | Lux Player
MechaaZero says “Eh. More annoying than anything. A good Heimer will block your E with his turrets if he is expecting is, but if your use your Q wisely and wait for a gank if your pressed, it can be relatively balanced.”
[8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery] by MechaaZero | Zoe Player
Latarnia40 says “Your range is big enough to avoid his turrets. You can deny his turrets with your q. Doge his e with your e”
Basic AP Glacial Augment Ezreal Guide by Latarnia40 | Ezreal Player
CC Diana says “This is an awful matchup. You can't do anything pre 6 and post 6, it's still bad. Heimerdinger likes sitting inside his ring or turrets which makes it incredibly frustrating to CS and risky to dive in. Pre 6, you'll have to sacrifice some CS farm with Q. Keep an eye on the white bar on Heimer's turrets. When the bar is white, the next shot from the turret will deal increased damage and will pass through units so do not be in the line of fire. Once you are 6, do not jump in recklessly. Heimerdinger will likely still be sitting in his ring of turrets which is his safe zone. Assuming you do dive in, make sure he used his E (stun). If he catches you with it, it will empower ALL of his surrounding turrets which will either kill you or get you very low, not to mention he will also UPGRADE!!! his turret to a super turret. So, poke him out with Q to get him low and go in for the kill when you can. Don't take unnecessary risks.”
maplecat21 says “He shoves you in pre-6 and that's about it. Hit 6, buy your tear, and farm his towers with your autos and E.”
Eternal Winter - Controlling the Game through Waveclear by maplecat21 | Anivia Player
RagexAddict says “Heimerdinger is by far one of the most frustrating champions for Fizz to deal with in lane. He will constantly push you to your tower and make it difficult for you to CS effectively. Try your best to farm up and all in him by levels 2-3 if possible. Taking teleport against him might also be a good idea if you're confident that you won't be able to get at him in game.”
SrSuders says “Aufgrund der kleinen Geschütze die er aufstellen kann mach das Fassen von Heimerdinger schwierig. Jedoch wenn man Heimerdinger eine Falle stellt oder schnell one-shotet, in der Backline z.B stellt er kein Problem dar.”
Flipps says “Prioritize taking out his turrets before anything, but don't get caught out. Heimerdongs mostly rush zhonyas so instead of countering you he might get armour instead. That being said don't chase him into his turrets and avoid the stun.”
Cassiopeia Guide by Flipps | Cassiopeia Player
Pidge18 says “Just stay at a range, destroy turrets and poke him out while denying him farm. ”
Azir Guide (In-Depth) by Pidge18 | Azir Player
PhoenixianSlayer says “If you give him the lane for a bit, good luck getting back in. Ask for a gank if you leave to gank someone else. A recall is fine since you come through tower and can slowly cut in through that way”
The Team Slower: Aurelion Sol by PhoenixianSlayer | Aurelion Sol Player
RainbowNova says “Heimerdinger's E(CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade) has a pretty big radius, which can both slow and stun you. His R(UPGRADE!!!) makes this radius even bigger, allowing him to slow/stun you easier.”
Iron IV's Guide to URF - Movement Speed Zoe by RainbowNova | Zoe Player
Yenwai says “more of a nuisance really, if you play passive, farm and roam with teleport or help jungle invade he cant do to much and you'll out scale mid game with your R and team.”
What i've learned from getting M7 on Malzahar by Yenwai | Malzahar Player
borsamalac says “Irritating to lane vs him , play with teleport. He will force u to farm under tower, his main dmg comes from when he lands stun on you and his turrets starts to deal dmg to you. When u have trinity +boots its your time to kill him.”
This is Ground Control to Major Tom by borsamalac | Corki Player
Bughans says “Quite fast, but shouldn't be that much of a problem. Dodge his stun, preferably while engaging with W. Then he oughta be dead. Be prepared to run if he uses ult turret. ”
AP RAKAN MID - 100% FOOLPROOF EPIC GUIDE by Bughans | Rakan Player
Helnakensbrorsa says “Farm with q and try not to get poked by his Q, W or E. Ask for help if you dont get 6 before him. ”
Kassawin by Helnakensbrorsa | Kassadin Player
D3gReen says “He will outfarm you AF, and it's hard to trade him when his turrets are up.”
Press R to pay respects by D3gReen | Katarina Player
Best Karth NA says “Easy matchup, hes squishy and your q's can take out his turrets easily. ”
How to Win Every Game on Karthus by Best Karth NA | Karthus Player
Charon25 says “A éviter ! Déficit de range trop important. Il peut bloquer le Coup de Bidon avec ses tourelles.”
500k MID AP Gragas Guide by Charon25 | Gragas Player
HerrSolahri says “Leblanc Wave Clear is pretty bad. Your best Chance is to stay healthy and kill him at 6”
[S 9.9] In-Depth Diamond Leblanc Mid Guide by HerrSolahri | LeBlanc Player
OTPowersPyke says “get dorans shield and take second wind as rune wait for him getting oom or wait for your jungle”
TOP 300 EUW PYKE MID BUILD by OTPowersPyke | Pyke Player
SmokeyEggs says “VERY ANNOYING but still manageable. Avoid fighting at early levels.”
This is for you brendan by SmokeyEggs | Kassadin Player
SmokeyEggs says “This champion is literally impossible to trade with until you have Protobelt and Mercs, just roam and push hard until you have those items and then you win”
ryze4thewin says “you cant kill him he cant kill you try to get kills with roaming then when fed kill him in lane he is cancer but you are better at roaming”
RYZE UPON THEM by ryze4thewin | Ryze Player
xispy420 says “Aids match up but always winnable ”
Ready to set the world on fire by xispy420 | Brand Player
Bestlover says “Realy hard to kill him, and he as higt dmg as well so you need to be skill to dodge his abilities. Look to roam and ask jungle help to shave the wave when you need to.”
Leblanc Ultimate Guide s9 by Bestlover | LeBlanc Player
AzureArmatt says “Without his turrets heimer is useless. So just destroy his turrets and then go for the win. staying behind minions will prevent his rockets to hit you. It looks simple now right?”
Easy guide for everybody on how to play Ahri by AzureArmatt | Ahri Player
Edg3Lord says “Turrets can be cleared quick, his E can be blocked.”
Nocturne Mid R(o)ams Up Your Team [1.4.1] by Edg3Lord | Nocturne Player
Shaawn says “The only way he can get a lead is if he gets to stack 3 turrets and push super fast. We can cheese him(before minions spawn) by waiting in a brush while he's stacking turrets and then take them down. Keep taking his turrets down when he's spawning them, and you will have no trouble in this matchup. Your windwall can block ALL his damage.”
[9.7] Mid Yasuo Guide by Shaawn by Shaawn | Yasuo Player
Ebug8215 says “You can't all in, it is just a farm lane. Nothing much you can do.”
[9.6] Crit is Back! (Lucian Mid S Tier) by Ebug8215 | Lucian Player
shuckhax123 says “You should out shove the 'donger when you invest mana. Just don't waste it all”
Sivir in the Mid-Lane by shuckhax123 | Sivir Player
thedonk says “Dodge his E, and you should be fine. It's all about his stun, it will attract the turrets to kill you and make you vulnerable to his W.”
[9.6] My Leblanc Guide Of Deceit by thedonk | LeBlanc Player
Dudstrol says “Use seu E nas torretas e empurre a rota quando possível, heimer perde muita força sem suas torres. Mesmo assim não deixe ele acertar um combo, pois caso acerte ira te matar ou fazer voltar base.”
RYZE BOLADÃO PT-BR [S9] by Dudstrol | Ryze Player
overweight_zoe says “Easy wave clear match up. Q's reach a point where its cd is shorter than his turrets and you can actually shove heimer in his tower by one hitting his turrets. ”
make noobs sit while they pee with zoe by overweight_zoe | Zoe Player
Louiel says “Extremely brutal unless you can take out his turrets. Dodge his stun wave grenade and you may win”
A Glorious Guide To LeBlanc by Louiel | LeBlanc Player
Jenkinsu says “Another dodge at champ select. His turrets make your life a living hell and will block every W you throw out. His range isn't abusable since he can kite your W to land his stun to delete combo. ”
Lethality Jinx: The Money Lord by Jenkinsu | Jinx Player
Junix L9 says “You cant really do much against him, you can try to go for some trades when you dodged his E. ”
[Season 9] Katarina Guide (High Elo) by Junix L9 | Katarina Player
lol mid laner says “this goes for any champ he is sometimes unbeatable because of his hell turrets ”
Jhin Mid OP by lol mid laner | Jhin Player
YoungBeater says “Heimer can be extremely dangerous with his lil cannons, he wil NOT let you farm.”
One Punch Lux by YoungBeater | Lux Player
tsyuu says “Either dodge or switch lanes with someone. You're gonna lose laning phase and maybe the game.”
[Patch 9.3] tsyuu's Irelia guide. by tsyuu | Irelia Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “after rework he is not really a problem, but if you want, try to kill the useless turrets with E.”
The Light Of Demacia! [9.3] by LuxIsMyCrush | Lux Player
moutenn says “First of all. He can replace towers faster then you can destroy them. And if you poke his towers you cant poke him. So there is no winning. If you R, you will get insta-stunned, then bursted by his towers. You CAN win but its hard. Also most heimers rush Hourglass no matter what.”
Zed Season 9 moutenn guide by moutenn | Zed Player
qasddsa says “Extremely oppressive laning phase; be prepared to constantly be pushed to your tower. Although it does get easier later on, he can still be a huge threat late game just because of his turret damage and the potential stun on you if you Riftwalk into his face.”
[Mid&Top] Reave the Cosmos | Kassadin by qasddsa | Kassadin Player
Skeptil says “While being a very annoying champion, your Tides of Blood can easily take care of his turrets, so he shouldn't be that much of a problem to lane against.”
TheMayorPotato says “Is annoying, play safe, don't engage often and wait for JG.”
A More Updated Zoe Build (9.2ish) by TheMayorPotato | Zoe Player
toalkey says “Your E can spread off of his turrets, use this to clear wave easier. ”
Big Brain Ryze Guide by toalkey | Ryze Player
mandatorycloud says “Heimer pushes you in and there's not much you can do about it because Swain's waveclear is bad. Look to CS as best you can and wait for ganks. ”
Swain Mid/Top/Bot Season 9 by mandatorycloud | Swain Player
Felispo says “É importante quebrar as máquinas primeiro com seu W para depois tentar agredir ele.”
Centro do Universo (Guia em PT-BR) by Felispo | Aurelion Sol Player
Gambinos says “Heimerdinger is such an annoying champ to go against. He'll be annoying but thing is, you'll probs win mid-late game. Maybe even early game. Thing about him is that he has turrets, but the thing is, you have W, your Wind Wall. That'll do much of the work. Also you should stay behind minion when against him anyways.”
[9.1] Yasuo Build Guide, For newer players by Gambinos | Yasuo Player
rimzaki says “U can destroy all hims turrets with ur E He no match u ”
The Ancient Bloodlord Vladimir Guide by rimzaki | Vladimir Player
Sozzoh says “People still play this guy? If you find yourself going up against a Heimerdinger, be happy. You can farm from his turrets, and dodging his W, E, and his Ult'd W or E can be pretty easy sometimes. Play aggressive and you win lane.”
Katapullt says “Start Dark Seal or Doran's Shield. Dont fight him in the early lvl's and engage when his E is on cooldown. You can use your Q on his turrets to enlarge your jump range.”
Razor Fly! Do it quickly.【8.24】~ All you need to know by Katapullt | Katarina Player
Doctor_Dr says “How to counter: Avoid his stun and his rockets, Q his turrets away.”
M7 Veigar Runes + Vs. Champions by Doctor_Dr | Veigar Player
undeadsoldiers says “He will create a turret triangle of death so avoid it. Try to get him to get away from it to fight him.”
TwoRoundHero says “Annoying in lane, just farm under tower to win.”
JuaniG17 says “Pisses me off, better farm from behind and roam post level 6”
JuaniG17 - Talon Guide by JuaniG17 | Talon Player
Eccentrik says “Ah yes, the donger, dodge his stun and destroy his turrets with auto attacks.”
Eccentrik's S9 Ahri! by Eccentrik | Ahri Player
wo xiang zhaoo says “He just pushes hard. If he knows what to do, you won't have any killpressure until you got 2 items. Be careful when your jungler ganks because of his turrets.”
Your very DETAILED Kassadin guide! Get elo NOW! by wo xiang zhaoo | Kassadin Player
Cheddar Soup says “Just wind wall everything lmao.”
Yasuo Mid/Top (8.23) by Cheddar Soup | Yasuo Player
asffg123 says “Don't let Heimer stack his turrents, and use them to farm gold/AP. Otherwise, be careful of his stun + rocket burst.”
Veigar in the Mid Lane (Gold - Plat) by asffg123 | Veigar Player
DuhBrandon says “heimerdinger is heimerdinger you lost at champ select. Want Farm? turrets do a thousand health, Wanna poke? Turrets do a thousand damage, Wanna kill me? what do you know zhonya is up and oh yeah the turrets do a thousand damage while im taking a nap. just try and stay under tower and destroy his turrets with your Q.”
[8.23] [Mid] Kite 2 Win TF Build Season 9 by DuhBrandon | Twisted Fate Player
mehdi2606 says “try to destroy his turrent before”
ZED (dark harvest) by mehdi2606 | Zed Player
Palme201 says “I mean... You dont have to fight him. Just farm and roam so you can oneshot him mid game”
8.23 Updated Katarina Build (Guide coming soon) by Palme201 | Katarina Player
RobinR says “Can be really annoying if you engage at a bad time.”
ZOE BLAMS EVERYONE by RobinR | Zoe Player
Smol Jelly says “A skill match-up. You can do damage to his turrets and out-range most of his attacks. Just keep an eye on his ult status. Try to save your E for when you can poke Heimer and a turret. Just aiming for the turrets will cause you nothing but trouble, as he can regen them very quickly. Poke smart.”
Feel the Power of the Light! by Smol Jelly | Lux Player

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Tips Against Heimerdinger in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Profesor APH. says “he have cc on her e but its pretty easy to destroy hes turret with calibrium and you have ur own turret its pretty funny to watch fight between them”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
OverjarlZane says “Heimer is very annoying. While, yes you can deal with his turrets if he places them poorly in a lot of cases he'll be able to lock you down and 60% you with one e-q combo. Give him respect, may wanna run Barrier for this one.”
[10.19] The Jarls GraspMF Crit & Lethality builds by OverjarlZane | Miss Fortune Player
eyliegoin says “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself - FDR”
Low ELO Heimerdinger build guide by eyliegoin | Heimerdinger Player
LupinTheCat says “This is a tough matchup, turrets are so goddamn annoying, honestly try to peel his turrets that is all”
Soraka's hurricane. god bless the ds by LupinTheCat | Soraka Player
Deathfeather says “I hate the disrespect abuse pick but ok, you go even and outscale if you play well enough. also the nerfs a couple patches ago hit hard.”
xf3NNI3 says “The same thing about Vel'koz can be said about Heimerdinger. Extremely high range, huge poke and burst damage. He's also quite immune to ganks and can take your turret plates extremely fast, especially if you pair him up with another mage, such as Fiddlestick, Zyra or even Vel'koz.”
Varus Season 10, Patch 10.5 by xf3NNI3 | Varus Player
Eccentricks says “This guy got powerful as an ADC recently, and more played too. I have only faced one in this new patch, but, lemme tell ya, I got smacked DOWN. There is really nothing to do but dodge if you see him. That high win rate got there for a reason. Lets hope he gets nerfed back into his place soon.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
Deathfeather says “Gross pick. Play safe and only all in when hes alone or everything is on cd.”
[9.24] Deathfeather's guide to being a Lightslinger by Deathfeather | Lucian Player
Pacu says “Skill matchup, smite is advised in this case, because you can just 1 shot the small turrets and 1 smite and like 2 auto his ulted one. Nullifying orb is optional.”
Pacu's guide to Kindred (as an ADC) 9.23 by Pacu | Kindred Player
mhsmhs123 says “The rise of mages in the bot lane has led to an obvious downfall of weak early game marksmen like Vayne. Not only does heimer do significantly more damage that Vayene early, but his turrets allow him to clear faster and have an overall better control of the wave, which hinders Vayne's ability to farm in order to get her items.”
Vayne [The Night Hunter] Champion Guide by mhsmhs123 | Vayne Player
mhsmhs123 says “Heimerdinger is goiing to push the wave in on Xayah and chunk her health away early because his turrets can push waves very quickly.”
Xayah [The Rebel] Champion Guide by mhsmhs123 | Xayah Player
GetBoppedKidd says “He straight ruin my vibe. Big counter”
Ashe to ashes by GetBoppedKidd | Ashe Player
Fruxo says “Take care of his turrets and he won't be able to do anything. Dodge his stun or you might possibly die because of it. His main focus is to farm up as he's very vulnerable early on, he's also very immobile so ganks are very useful in this kind of matchup.”
✔️ How to be a Purple Peach by Fruxo | Kai'Sa Player
Fruxo says “Take care of his turrets and he won't be able to do anything. Dodge his stun or you might possibly die because of it. His main focus is to farm up as he's very vulnerable early on, he's also very immobile so ganks are very useful in this kind of matchup.”
✔️ Experience My Love For Feathers by Fruxo | Xayah Player
NDarKnight says “avoid his spells and its too ez to poke him”
[9.2] Miss Fortune build 100% CRIT ADC by NDarKnight | Miss Fortune Player
II Monokaiser II says “Fácil quando junto a Sup de engage.”
O Guia definitivo para o Mordekaiser ADC by II Monokaiser II | Mordekaiser Player

Top Lane (24%) Heimerdinger Top Lane Counters: 6,834 matches, 55 counter champions

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Tips Against Heimerdinger in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “Heimer is just simply annoying in my experience, very hard to kill him early but he also shouldn't kill you, he's going to just be pushing you in 24/7 so try calling for jungle help pre 6 before he gets his big turret. Try your best to push in this lane and atleast keep it in the middle of the lane, if you ever land an E on him you should be able to kill him quickly in one full combo, but do be careful of stopwatch/zhyonas which they usually get early since their turrets can do the work for them.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Ayanleh says “He's pretty stronger than you early on but hes pretty squishy so get lv6 and take him to the shadow realm and kill him there as it removes his turrets.”
A Guide To Playing Mordekaiser by Ayanleh | Mordekaiser Player
Sovereign Kitten says “You can (Q) his turrets and kill them with 2 (AA), so your objective is to focus on this and avoid using abilities, if you prefer to not max (Q). However, if you do max (Q) you can kill his turrets in one (Q) so long as you have the AP early game, which allows allowing you to press your advantage of shoving him back and not setting up a perma shove into your tower. Keep on your toes scout! You need to be vigilant and keep avoiding all of his skill shots. Once his towers are down for a tiny second you can get in and poke him a little or continue to simply take his turrets down until he's out of mana. However, if he places all three of his turrets down on top of each other... It's over. You can not trade with him period so don't even try to, you lose the lane immediately. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
Sovereign Kitten says “You can (Q) his turrets and kill them with 2 (AA), so your objective is to focus on this and avoid using abilities, if you prefer to not max (Q). However, if you do max (Q) you can kill his turrets in one (Q) so long as you have the AP early game, which allows allowing you to press your advantage of shoving him back and not setting up a perma shove into your tower. Keep on your toes scout! You need to be vigilant and keep avoiding all of his skill shots. Once his towers are down for a tiny second you can get in and poke him a little or continue to simply take his turrets down until he's out of mana.”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
Pathetic Singed says “Can't get near him because of the turret harassment. Dodge everything you can but the best case scenario is to proxy.”
[10.19] Mark's Guide to Singed: Desert Rose MonkaS by Pathetic Singed | Singed Player
Rhoku says “TL;DR - DIFFICULT MATCHUP. DON’T TAKE TOO MUCH POKE. START TRIPLE REJUV BEADS+SECOND WIND INTO MERC BOOTS IF YOU HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN FIGHTING BACK. IF YOU HAVE BEEN GETTING OBLITERATED, GO FOR SPECTRE’S COWL AND FARM UP. YOU OUT SCALE HIM IN 1V1. IF HE GETS COCKY AND STEPS TOO FAR UP, PULL HIM IN AND CHASE HIM DOWN WITH GHOST. ASK FOR JUNGLE HELP IF POSSIBLE. CONQUEROR WORKS. AFTERSHOCK IS GOOD TO HAVE IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS. PHASE RUSH MIGHT WORK. FORCE FIGHTS WHEN HE DOESN’T HAVE TURRETS SET UP/IS NOT NEAR HIS TURRETS. A Heimer lane is poke city. Take EVERY anti poke thing at your disposal. His rockets do so much damage if he lands all of them that you might need to start triple Rejuv Bead in order to have enough health to actually survive in this lane. On the bright side, he will almost ALWAYS be pushed up so he is very gankable. Not to mention how if he is overconfident and steps too far up, you can run him down. He is low hp so you can kill him very quickly. The trick is not dying after, as his even if he isn’t there to attack you, his turrets will be. Unflinching in addition to Second Wind is great. Conqueror is good but Aftershock is great as it allows you to survive his rockets. Phase Rush CAN work though. I’d recommend packing tenacity and Rushing Merc boots if you think you have kill pressure on him. If he completely destroys you, just give up and build SpectrE’s cowl. On the bright side, you outscale him in the 1v1 as you tend to be very tanky so as long as you dont die and get whatever farm you can get, you will get to a point where he is free food for you. Feel free to kill his turrets using your Q or W. But later on, they become so tanky that the damage you take while doing so is not even worth killing the turret, especially since Heimer will just put another one down.”
[10.19] Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku's Darius Guide by Rhoku | Darius Player
Defensivity1 says “Second wind and doran's shield is a must, also advised to buy spectre's cowl and then just do the regulair Tri rush.”
Defensivity's Yorick Guide S10 by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Drake6401 says “A very annoying laner no matter where he goes. If he's feeling extra petty, he'll go top. This is just a farming lane for the most part as he will run from every fight. if he tries to poke with his stun grenade then you have an opening to engage. Make it a very very short fight. PTA rune is recommended and use bushes as a get out method to disengage his turrets. He's terrible at lane control and inevitably overextends which makes him vulnerable to ganks. ”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
LiL Bunnie FuFuu says “His turrets block your hooks and Thresh's immobility and short range makes it difficult to avoid his stun. You also lack the damage to efficiently clear his turrets although you can pull them under turret with Q. Heimer is squishy and immobile so if you ever hook him he's dead. Good luck doing so...”
BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh [10.19] by LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Thresh Player
qasddsa says “Be careful of his rockets and stun grenade. He'll be constantly pushing the wave, so ask your jungler for a gank. Try your best to not fight in his turrets, as their damage starts to ramp up as you get closer to level 6. In teamfights, do not fight in his cannons; make sure to clear them. You do not want to get caught by his stun grenade.”
RTO says “Heimer's turrets are the bane of Illaoi's life. Just play passive and try to farm under tower safely. ”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Illaoi Top Lane Guide by RTO | Illaoi Player
RTO says “His turrets are very annoying and hurt like hell, but if you can dodge or bait his stun then you can possibly burst him down in one trade. ”
[10.19] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
The_Unf0rgiv3n says “Avoid fighting him while he has 2-3 turretns around him. Blocking his stun doesnt mean winning the trade because his turrets deal A LOT of dmg early game. At level 6, dont fight him if he spawns the big turret! Wait for it to expire and go back in for the kill.”
SEASON 10 [10.19] Diamond YASUO TOP/MID GUIDE (3.5 mil maste by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Yasuo Player
RTO says “Lane dominance, zoning, high range poke - everything you hate. Play safe, don't trade, ask for ganks, take MR, roam.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Kled Top Lane Guide by RTO | Kled Player
Persicum777 says “Play back play safe, look for pokes with w and all in when hes about half health pre level 6, but always before you poke or all in, bait his stun, if he doesnt throw stun ever you wont kill him but he wont keep you off the wave either also dorans shield is a must have here”
Persi's Complete Camille Guide by Persicum777 | Camille Player
An Actual Viable Blitzcrank Top Guide **BALL FART TECH** by epic blitz top | Blitzcrank Player
iZeal says “Another difficult matchup as Heimer will permapush you into tower trying to harass you while you will have problems farming and destroying his turrets. If he catches you with a stun, you die after level 6. Try to kill his turrets while dodging his E and W before going in or bait out his ultimate for a gank so he can't 2v1 you and your jungler. RejuBeads>DShield, Merc Treads, Specter's Cowl or Hexdrinker if struggling”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Darius compendium by iZeal | Darius Player
Justkb says “More annoying than effective! Make sure that you take Dorans Shield and that you are able to get Q's off against him tower at level 2! Once you get Merc Treads you can safely Q his towers while trying to dodge his stun. If you can take out 2 towers without his response make sure you try to run him down and finish him off.”
✔️[10.19] JUST1KB'S DARIUS GUIDE! by Justkb | Darius Player
DasGrauen_ says “Skillmatchup. Pretty annoying laning phase but you outdamage him with your combo.”
[10.19] Pykë Top/Midlane Guide - Did I support right? by DasGrauen_ | Pyke Player
Rhoku says “This matchup is going to be HELL. For the first 5 levels, you just need to sit back and make sure not to take damage. Trust me when I tell you that 1 stun grenade, regardless whether he lands the slow or the stun, will lead to you getting chunked from full to half HP INSTANTLY. If you can land a pull, your combo will do a lot of damage to him, as he is innately a squishy champion but trying to do so will leave you vulnerable. Just make sure you SURVIVE until level 6. Give up CS, conserve HP and try to passively exist in your lane. On the bright side, your ultimate CHANGES the entire dynamic. His turrets and etc won't be around to help him in the Death Realm. So look to Ult him either AS he throws out his stun grenade, OR as he puts down his super turret with his ultimate. This way, you will cancel one of his major abilities which will allow you to just walk up and murder him with little resistance.”
[10.19] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Mordekaiser Guide by Rhoku | Mordekaiser Player
LoLReal says “Heimer is hard for us. Punishes us hard early game and isn't very easy to kill. Also difficult to gank. Build an early spectre's cowl in this lane and farm. Mordekaiser can be more useful in team fights so be patient. Heimer builds early zhonya's so he can also be tricky to kill inside of our R. Punish him before he finishes zhonya's post 6.”
LoLReal says “Enjoy farming under turret because that's all you'll be able to do in this lane. Ungankable champion too, obnoxious to play against. Build early cowl and focus on farming well for mid-game.”
Ravenborne says “Mandatory to get 3 Rejuv Bead as Start. Simply can not touch him. If he gets close to Tower however you can run him down with Ghost because your Damage is far greater than his. Just be sure to not let his Stun Grenade hit you at his turrets because he will then be able to finish you off.”
[10.16] Ravenborn's Darius Guide by Ravenborne | Darius Player
TwistedDemon says “You should beat him. Kill his turrets and don't let yourself be hit by his stun. Ask for ganks since he is very vulnerable, and easy to kill in a 2v1. After 6 it becomes a bit harder, just make him to waste his ult and you'll be fine.”
[S10] TwistedDemon's Karthus Guide by TwistedDemon | Karthus Player
Phrxshn says “Consider roaming across the map.Try to kill Heimerdinger if you chose to lane against him. Dodging his skillshots will determine if you can trade or not. (Recommended Items: Adaptive Helm for laning; Spirit Visage, Mercury's Treads) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Heimerdinger, Warwick without turrets) (Outscaling Edge: Warwick)”
Phrxshn's Guide To Warwick by Phrxshn | Warwick Player
ERNESTSAURUS says “FLEET FOOTWORK / SPELLBOOK SETUP - DORANS SHIELD / 3 REJUVENATION BEADS + POT = Heimer is a really inmobile champion but he can use that to his advantages with his torrets. In this lane he will always permapush since his torrets will automatically autoattack you, but you have to play it safe enough to not get poked, once the wave starts pushing back you can kill the torrets with your minion wave and then look to waste his mana like that. Fleet in this lane is really good but if you feel confident you can try to go for Spellbook. if he can't get an advantage in this lane, later on you will beat him 1v1. Look to setup a splitpush situation where he has to match you and look to all in him when he hasn't placed his torrets yet, the torrets are his main source of damage, without them he is super squishy. Remember you can stack his torrets with Q.”
[10.19] How to get Gold with Nasus, In Depth - All Matchups by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player
chrisorion says “Second Wind or Nullifying Orb if there's an AP jungler. Start Doran's Shield. You'll be shoved under tower a lot in this matchup due to his turrets. The main goal is to not get hit by his stun. If you get hit, not only that you'll get hit by his W, all of his turrets in a 1000 range from you will target you and deal bonus damage. If you manage to dodge his stun and land your parry on him you should out damage him before he can out damage you. ”
One Step Ahead! - Fiora Top by chrisorion | Fiora Player
Phrxshn says “Consider roaming across the map. Try to kill Heimerdinger if you chose to lane against him. Dodging his skillshots will determine if you can trade or not. (Recommended Items: Adaptive Helm for laning; Abyssal Mask, Mercury's Treads) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Heimerdinger) (Outscaling Edge: Malphite)”
Phrxshn's Guide To Malphite by Phrxshn | Malphite Player
StrikeX114 says “Heimerdinger's turrets can often be one- or two-tapped by most champions. Yuumi is not in said majority. Build a Stinger early to destroy his turrets faster, because he can otherwise keep you at a distance for the entire game.”
PuckTheFairyKing says “You can't match his wave clear and he'll poke you out as you kill his turrets. ”
Danger Lulu ADC/MID/TOP Season 10 by PuckTheFairyKing | Lulu Player
Bombabo says “Super annoying lane. All you can do is sit back, poke, and hope that something exciting happens.”
How 2 Crab on 'em with Urgot by Bombabo | Urgot Player
wallobear53 says “Heimerdinger will attempt to shove you in while simultaneously trying to poke you. Destroy his Q with your AOE abilities while simultaneously clearing the wave. This will help you match his pushing power and will keep you even in the lane. Avoiding Heimerdinger’s E should be your top priority, no matter which lane you belong to. That ability when paired with his Q turrets can destroy your health bar and kill you immediately if you don’t have resistances. While CS’ing, make sure you don’t get hit by his W as it will give him a push as well as a trade advantage. Make sure you don’t let him shove you into your tower, or else he will just siege you under his tower or roam around the map and get leads elsewhere. ”
[10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide by wallobear53 | Dr. Mundo Player
ForgottenProject says “This is not a lane this is just Torment. You'll be under your turret for the first 15 Minutes of the game making you Question why even bother with this Game? [1]Take Teleport and Just Farm out the Lane, there's not much you can do here. [2]Take Corrupting Pot in Lane and Pick up Mercs so you dont get overwhelmed by his damage. [3]You can beat him if he doesn't have his turrets set-up or if you kill his turrets and still have Most of your Hp. [4] Don't ask for ganks just focus on farming till the Laning Phase is over, you will out-scale Hard.”
[S10] Rank #1 Fiora Guide - ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
TXK_ says “AIDS champion. Save your ult after his ult since he can not take turrets with him in your Death Realm.”
[10.19] Detailed Mordekaiser Top + Match-ups Guide by TXK_ | Mordekaiser Player
Womsky says “lane survival, doran's sheild, He is known as the ultimate lane bully who shoves u under your turret and forces u to stay there all laning phase while poking you, but as a tryndamere, u have so much sustain and u can destroy his turrets while out sustaining his mana pool, he has alot of skill shots, so dodging is important in this matchup, he will try to throw stuff at u when u go for his turrets, but u can dodge it and destroy them, he is nothing without his turrets, when the game starts u can also head to the lane right away to prevent him from setting up turrets, if u let him set up too much he can poke u out, dives and kills on him is easy if u take out all turrets and stay high hp high fury, his base states are nothing compared for you.”
Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups by Womsky | Tryndamere Player
laoshin3v3 says “Fleet Farm matchup since you can't kill him in his towers”
[10.18] Lao's Fiora - Every Matchup by laoshin3v3 | Fiora Player
AlanVenator says “There is not much you can do against Heimerdinger. Try to avoid poke and stay healthy. When asking for ganks, try to clear his turrets and minions as they will do a lot of damage. I would suggest buying hextrinker or adaptive helm.”
Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation by AlanVenator | Urgot Player
laoshin3v3 says “You can clear his towers with your E, and they take damage if they stay near enough to minions. Just Farm up no reason to fight him without jungler.”
[10.18] Lao's Kayle - Your time has come! by laoshin3v3 | Kayle Player
Viola Boss says “Pre 6, you are going to lose really hard. Once you hit 6 you will be able to ult him out of his turrets”
Sett Top HoB by Viola Boss | Sett Player
Urgotem says “Refer to Match Up Section”
Runtley says “Heimerdinger is just annoying. You want to make sure you hit his turrets twice then the poison will take care of the rest. You can also throw your shrooms on your turrets if they are close enough to each other and get them all. I recommend you use aery so you can get a bunch of poke/ on hit damage.”
Urgodzilla says “Very hard to do anything in this lane. Farm as best as you can, get some lifesteal and Adaptive helm.”
Urgot, The Dreadnought by Urgodzilla | Urgot Player
LeSocair says “Medium matchup, watch over his turrets and avoid his stun. You can one shot turrets with sheen so that's just free gold for you.”
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
LeSocair says “Medium matchup, watch over his turrets and avoid his stun. You can one shot turrets with sheen so that's just free gold for you.”
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
9690 says “D-Blade. Use his turrets as mobility against him. He will poke you a bit but it won't be enough to force you out of lane, especially if you can keep the pressure up on him. You should always have lane priority in this matchup. Outscales you. Take Fleet or Conq (Depends on team comp).”
Yone Top - Your enemies wont forget you by 9690 | Yone Player
KevinTD says “This little shite will poke the living hell outta you dont really engage without gank”
How to tahm your kench by KevinTD | Tahm Kench Player
EntxRecoil says “Fleet Footwork Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Dorans shield start. Head to lane at the very start of the game and make sure heimer doesnt set up his turrets in lane, and also make sure he doesnt cheese your jungle buff level 1 either. Merc treads can help in this matchup or you can take tenacity on your runes If you are able to consistently take out heimer's turrets in the early game and not allow him to have 3 up at one time you can outsustain heimer's auto's and get very good early pressure on him. If you let him get his turrets down then he will be able to pressure you and shove you under turret and deny you CS. Post 6 you can look for allins on heimer however you need full fury and close to full hp to look for it, also you need to take out heimer's turrets before going after him or else he will burst you very quickly and kite around his turrets while you are ulting. Once you get about 2-3 items you can start beating heimer even when he has full turrets and cooldowns ready, still a good idea to take out his turrets early though so he doesnt have the burst of damage for after your ulti is over. In the mid-late game split push, if you don't think you can dive heimer then look to push him in and use your superior mobility to outrotate him on the map and potentially flank his team while he is holding the wave.”
FoggedFTW2 Tryndamere Guide by EntxRecoil | Tryndamere Player
BloodyDream81 says “Comme pour GP, le niveau de menace réel est plutôt autour de 4, mais il te faut de l'expérience sur Darius pour ça, dans un premier temps évite absolument ce match up, et considère le comme affronter Cassiopeia, un enfer ! Je vais quand même te donner quelques astuce qui rendront ça un peu plus viable. Premièrement, prend "Second souffle" pour la regen vie quand tu te fais poke, deuxièmement prend note du placement de ses tourelles, et essaie de toutes les toucher avec ton A pour les détruire rapidement, ensuite, le E de heimerdinger (sa grenade) et son sort le plus dangereux, si tu parviens à l'éviter, non seulement tu ne seras pas Stun mais en plus les tourelles n'utiliseront pas leur attaque spécial sur toi. Si il utilise mal on E, utilise tout de suite fantôme et court lui dessus, en réussissant ton A tu le tuera à coup sur, n'oublie pas de t'éloigner des tourelles une fois qu'il est mort car elle continue à jouer pendant 4 secondes après sa mort. Astuce : Des bottes de mercure, un phage et l'aide de ton jungle sont les seul moyen d'espérer faire quelque chose ! Bon courage, et reste forte !”
Darius Top by BloodyDream81 | Darius Player
Kingarthur720 says “Fleet Footwork Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Dorans shield start. Head to lane at the very start of the game and make sure heimer doesnt set up his turrets in lane, and also make sure he doesnt cheese your jungle buff level 1 either. Merc treads can help in this matchup or you can take tenacity on your runes If you are able to consistently take out heimer's turrets in the early game and not allow him to have 3 up at one time you can outsustain heimer's auto's and get very good early pressure on him. If you let him get his turrets down then he will be able to pressure you and shove you under turret and deny you CS. Post 6 you can look for allins on heimer however you need full fury and close to full hp to look for it, also you need to take out heimer's turrets before going after him or else he will burst you very quickly and kite around his turrets while you are ulting. Once you get about 2-3 items you can start beating heimer even when he has full turrets and cooldowns ready, still a good idea to take out his turrets early though so he doesnt have the burst of damage for after your ulti is over. In the mid-late game split push, if you don't think you can dive heimer then look to push him in and use your superior mobility to outrotate him on the map and potentially flank his team while he is holding the wave”
Let the anger take over - In depth Tryndamere guide top by Kingarthur720 | Tryndamere Player
Dantheman81 says “Heimer isn't really played very much but if he is all you have to do is q the turrets and they die. Without his turrets he lacks any damage to kill you throughout the game.”
How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke) by Dantheman81 | Yorick Player
Alan234 says “Any rune is fine. Aery with 3 points in q is probably best Dont waste too much time attacking the towers, but do attack them. He can replenish them but its good to keep up pressure in lane. Its mostly a farm lane where it depends if he lands skillshots or if you dodge and q poke him down. Usually noone can kill anyone and you both just force each other to back and lose cs/platings ”
[10.14] Alan234 - #1 EUW 900LP Chall Teemo Top OTP by Alan234 | Teemo Player
Xplor says “Heimerdinger is not a threat unless you go all-in when he has his turrets down. He will control the wave, you will do the same. Farm out of his range and poke with your Mists and "E" as much as possible. Do not engage on him unless you are confident you can take him down.”
Hunter Frenzy says “1v1: FF & Dom | vs Burst JG: E & Res | vs MS JG: PR & Dom | Boots: Mercury's | 1st Core Item: Nashor's Tooth / Gunblade | Optional Item: Null-Magic Mantle”
[10.15] iPav's Teemo Book by Hunter Frenzy | Teemo Player
Marmeleader says “You cant outpush him and you cant kill him.”
SpyDaFX says “try to kill at level 2/3. dont trade with him when his machines are nearby, ask for ganks, a skill matchup (he needs to land his stuff, if he doesn't it's a free lane for you after level 2/3 if you get a lead especially). go press the attack.”
1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guidr by SpyDaFX | Renekton Player
tasie456s says “Turrets are annoying, but if he groups them up too much, you can combo them all together. He helps you to waveclear, so look to constantly shove and roam with your jungler. ”
This Ends Badly: A Ryze Guide by tasie456s | Ryze Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Relatively easy lane. Wait till lvl 3 to go in so you have windwall to block the grenade. Can easily e auto q his tower to one shot them and if Heimer gets pushed in he has a very hard time last hitting. Only way you die is if you don't windwall the grenade and take his RW to the face.”
[Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
Nabura says “Take fleet. Put on your dancing shoes and bait his abilities for the entire laning phase, some people hate this matchup but I personally find it fun as they usually constantly miss their abilities and slowly lose control of the lane. Just be careful of TPing back to lane, going for greedy last hits and bushes, as these moments CAN GET YOU KILLED.”
Mid/Top Kayle Guide Season 10 by Nabura by Nabura | Kayle Player
OmAEn says “threats sorted by chance of getting stomped by them ”
10.14 Singed Top (Sleeprer) Full In Depth by OmAEn | Singed Player
ACE4291 says “dodge or stay turret. he is near impossible to kill with out jungle help. ”
(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out! by ACE4291 | Tahm Kench Player
DirtyDishSoap says “His turrets don't outright kill your Ghouls, and he'll likely die by them if you land an E. Every Heim will push but it's incredibly important to bear in mind that 1. He'll be fast, 2. He can stun and kill you if you're not careful, and 3. Your jungler will almost always F it up and feed him. Tell your jungler to not gank. Seriously. I call it "The Curse of the Donger". where your jungler suffers a seizure and they just fly in half health and die to this midget. With that being said, Heim takes practice to beat, but once you nail it down, he's super easy.”
Yoloick - Washed up low Diamond player by DirtyDishSoap | Yorick Player
TentiTiger11 says “By far the biggest problem to garen. This matchup is just straight up horrible. Heimer has great poke, high damage, and lane control with his turrets. Even with this build, he will still deny you so much gold and exp. If he poke you down, he can tower dive with his jungler. Avoid at ALL COSTS. Maybe ask your mid to lane swap at the beginning if they are ok with it.”
Garen Against Ranged Champs by TentiTiger11 | Garen Player
Kynji says “Early game is gonna be a really challenge if your facing him top lane, because his turrets poke harder then your Q”
Wanna make an ADC to never play ADC again? by Kynji | Malphite Player
report singed ty says “You lose this lane and there's nothing you can do. Luckily for you, it's likely you'll never even have to fight this matchup. If you ever see him just dodge. He's probably the one matchup I always recommend dodging on. Your winrate vs him is something like only a 30% chance last I checked, it's crazy bad and it's not a matchup you can try and outskill your opponent in either.”
The Extensive Singed Bible (REMAKING) by report singed ty | Singed Player
Sq_09 says “You can't engage him but if he doesn't place offensive turrets you can try and poke him a bit. Just don't walk into his stuff and he's a chill lane, that you just need to counterpush. If you take some damage he can W you but you can take the damage. ”
Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build) by Sq_09 | Ashe Player
not normal says “With full crit you probably one-shoot his turrets, but it is a pain in the ass to push and lane against him.”
How to stay in Iron by not normal | Jhin Player
Beatport Expo says “Haven't fought him yet but based on experience, you're gonna have either swallow one of his turrets and throw it away from you and NOT directly onto Heimerdinger If your W doesn't kill the turret. This of course, cost you some damage and you won't be able to bring him away from his Tower since you used your W on his turret. ”
SabinX says “Turrets, turrets, turrets. But when you got close to him, you will destroy him from a full combo.”
Wukong TopLane - Armor Reduction Build & Guide by SabinX | Wukong Player
RainbowFreeze says “Champs that set up in an area like Heimer and Illoai can be punished with barrels. You can also farm Heimer's turrets for Serpents when enemy minions are gone, which is neat. ”
[10.12] A Bronze Scrub's Guide to EVERY ROLE GANGPLANK by RainbowFreeze | Gangplank Player
Spacix6 says “Range champion, very annoying against Illaoi, kill turrets ASAP”
Illaoi - The Alpha Female by Spacix6 | Illaoi Player
SirDrPotato says “A very very hard lane. The only reason why I do not put heimerdinger up in "Extreme" is because you are way better than him later in the game. However, laning phase is a nightmare. Buy doran's shield or corrupting potion and stay under turret, farm the best you can and do not try anything risky. Sometimes it might sound like you have a nice opening to engange him but trust me: You don't. Also, there are very few junglers that can help you, most often than not heimer will just kill you and your jungler, however, there are a few mid laners that might: If your mid laner is ahead and has burst - talon, fizz, diana - you can ask them for some help, be aware that heimer might kill both of you and if your mid laner denies to help you that's a very wise choice. Stay calm, you scale better.”
[PATCH 10.11] Gracefully Climbing With Fiora Top by SirDrPotato | Fiora Player
Subject3 says “stay under tower, stay under tower... stay under tower, look your skills can only target one thing, if he hides behind his turrets your q does nothing, if you try and swallow his turrets you will get nothing out of it, he has more. if you try and swallow him! look at him go at mach speed around his turrets and you barely able to stack at him, and then die.”
Tahm Kench Top / Bait and Kill by Subject3 | Tahm Kench Player
Captain Dantems says “Tome cuidado com as torrezinhas dele, pokea ele com seu Q e barril, uma hora da para matar ele. Grasp. Dá para usar poção corrupta, anel de Doran e Cristal de safira com 3 poções.”
Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1 Milhão de maestria) by Captain Dantems | Gangplank Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Frustrating, like most yordle matchups. He will basically try to either turtle with his turrets or push like a maniac and keep you under your own turret, which is bad because you need bushes to have any pressure on him, and if he gets to scale he can be terrifying. Lane is fairly even otherwise, he is very squishy early and if you get a lead on him he either rushes Zhonyas or keeps dying without jungler assistance, both of which will set him back significantly. Try killing his turrets as soon as they spawn with a Leap + Q, they will reduce his pressure significantly and give you an opening, but respect his E+W damage or you might find yourself losing the trade if you don't have Emp W at the ready. At level 6 his ult will make directly jumping into him a really bad idea unless you are already ahead, so try playing carefully around it and don't be afraid to ask for jungle assistance to secure the lead. All in all, manageable lane where you can just crush the game if you get ahead and just farm if you are behind. Ignite is good for early game pressure, specially since he is squishy. Fleet and HoB both work well enough, conqueror is an option too but he is very squishy and you don't really want / need long trades on him.”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
Itreallyhim says “Annoying, But grab him with E, Q and then back off, use your W after his E or his W hits you. Just a patience matchup. Stay strong in your mental and wreck his buildings.”
itreallyhim's Mordekaiser Guide! [100% Matchups] by Itreallyhim | Mordekaiser Player
Rivenetto says “He isnt doing great in meta so hes not playable at top(thanks god) but hes an extreme threat to Riven.Try to fight him only if his E is on cooldown and if he dont have stopwatch/zhonyas.”
Riven is counter to next adc buffs by Rivenetto | Riven Player
LycheeMochigome says “Just all in him sometime, avoiding his e since his turrets all blast you down if you get hit by it”
Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled) by LycheeMochigome | Kled Player
ItsPaulygon says “Don't even try to trade with him. He can just stun you and let his turrets do all the work for him. Play safe, take Doran's shield and take all the cs you can. Only engage if you have your jungler with you. But be careful, as he can still deal with both of you.”
DobbieTheElf says “Really annoying. Try and destory turrets with ranged autos if possible.”
Erenando says “Uninstall. No seriously you'll have a very hard time at stacking since he can kill you under your own tower. You must manage to survive the lane until you got spirit visage, mercury's and of course sheen to fight him of, but until then you're basically fucked without your jungler.”
OnePunchDog by Erenando | Nasus Player
Gabotinus316 says “If you take care of his turrets fast you will be good to kill him.”
Nasus for low ELO by Gabotinus316 | Nasus Player
I Play Blitz Top says “Ranged so you wont be hooking him much. Punishes you for missing hook.”
Blitzcrank Top Guide (Blitz has never been this strong) by I Play Blitz Top | Blitzcrank Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Lose: Will add more later”
[10.5] The Steel Shadow - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Camille Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Lose: Will add more info later”
[10.9] The Grand Duelist - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Fiora Player
Oblak says “Well... you can't do anything, just stay safe and wait for a gank, his turrets make him almost untouchable in this matchup.”
hephephepeEPEPE says “i awlays dodge this matchup because its impossibile to be on lane rush mercs and proxy if you want to beat him later on in game make sure to buy adaptive helm and hextech protobelt to kil his turrets ”
Epic Singed Guide by hephephepeEPEPE | Singed Player
Average Ahri says “Now you must be wondering. WhAt ArE EvEn MoRe AnNoyInG THAN ryZe?”
Poppy guide for climb by Average Ahri | Poppy Player
stratixx says “Destroy his turrets, this task should be easier once you get rapid fire cannon.”
Ask god for forgiveness by stratixx | Teemo Player
Thr3shPrinc3 says “Neither one of you will really "win" this lane. Heimer doesn't have kill pressure on you unless you engage him in his turrets and you can sustain through his poke using Fleet Footwork. Try and shove your minion wave and roam into the enemy jungle or down to midlane. If you get a lead you can kill him in about 4 charged auto's once you have Stormrazor and Rapid Firecannon so if you do get a lead make sure you push it. Late game you can 1v1 him and most likely kill him before he really gets chance to do anything else.”
Thresh Top : How To Play, How to Win!!! by Thr3shPrinc3 | Thresh Player
Blakespeare says “the poke is hard practice wave control and before engages you want to focus down the turrets taking his damage source away, This is a cull match up unless you are not confident in your side step ability then you want to take dorans shield.”
spaceriftmaster says “Heimer is actually pretty easy. Pre six he's very difficult to fight. But when you use death realm his turrets don't follow him into the death realm giving you a free kill even if he stopwatch's or uses hourglass.”
Obliterate Your Opponents! - Beginner's Guide To Mordekaiser by spaceriftmaster | Mordekaiser Player
The Lost Drawing says “Es otro counter. Especialista en bajar tanques con un solo objeto. Solo juega pasivo y armate 'Yelmo adaptable' despues tiene mejores TF fuera de sus torretitas”
Poppy la Carry by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
Pedrokis says “Bonecão esse hein. / Poke ridículo com todas as skills e muito dano por segundo caso você vá pra cima e ele tiver torres, stun, Q e muitos minions perto dele. / Espera ele ficar mal posicionado e tiver sem Zhonya's ou cronômetro, daí você ganha facilmente.”
Aatrox Brabo do Pedrokis by Pedrokis | Aatrox Player
Trial_By_Barrel says “Basically an annoying match up. He makes his lane a military base and presses one button while his army of turrets melts your health bar. You also can't engage him since his turrets take zero damage and he can just stopwatch or hourglass and lets his turrets do all the work.”
Builds And Tips - Beginner's Guide To Gangplank by Trial_By_Barrel | Gangplank Player
enderare says “you just lose, boo hoo. does good damage and has way stronger lane presence just farm. dshield or cull. ”
Bruiser Tank Vayne Top by enderare | Vayne Player
Braddik says “There's a small window lvl 2-3 where you can all in him if you set your wave up properly. Kill him twice and you'll kill him forever. Rushing mercs can be good here. If he gets to level 6 uncontested you lose.”
VoidStlk says “Ranged, Turrets, a lot of ap dmg”
Vi TOP - Vayne... but without darts by VoidStlk | Vi Player
TheRevenantsHand says “If this guy is patient, he can be quite a bump in the road. Just like other "spawnable" ults, wait for him to use his first. But beware, good players will wait for your ult first.”
[10.6] Mordekaiser lane bully *Crush and Enthrall* IN DEPTH by TheRevenantsHand | Mordekaiser Player
Split King says “There is not much counter play for Shen in this lane. Do not fight him unless he is really bad. Focus on farming and staying alive. Rush Spectre's Cowl and Merc treads.”
Split King: Solo Queue Shen by Split King | Shen Player
JPlayah16 says “He isn't a huge threat to your existence, but you'll never get a kill on him unless you get seriously fed elsewhere first. Don't engage him during the laning phase and play defensively. Watch out for his stun grenade when you run up to last hit minions.”
Wreckarim: Being Slow is for Scrubs by JPlayah16 | Hecarim Player
BeautifulWinter says “You will lose this lane. If you play other champions do not play illaoi into Heimerdinger. Post 6 only play agro if you land E and can flash ult on top of him. If the heimerdinger is bad you might be able to kill him with Youmuu's however I recommend building whatever will help your team more in team fights.”
Illaoi build guide by BeautifulWinter | Illaoi Player
Valorkyrie Quinn says “He has strong waveclear and poke. He is annoying especially after he builds Rylai's. Tip: Beat him before 6. Destroy his turrets first. You can dodge his E with your E dash. Bring Phase Rush and Nullifying Orb against him to avoid slow by Rylai's and his AP damage. If you are still struggling, you can consider buying Boots of Swiftness to negate slow.”
Phoenix, Fly! 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! [10.5] by Valorkyrie Quinn | Quinn Player
Eskimotuutti says “Every melee toplaner's nightmare.”
[10.5] Shyvana Top Guide by Eskimotuutti | Shyvana Player
Canis858 says “Las ihn farmen und nimm dann die Wave an. Runen: 3”
[10.5] Yorick Guide Deutsch by Canis858 | Yorick Player
xxskipskipxx says “Farm Lane ~ Dodge his Abilities and dont force trades! if he misses his Stun (E) you can look in to trade him, BUT make sure you dont stand in the range of ALL 3 Turrets of Heimer!! Let him push and ask for Jungle help”
(DIA)Riven Top 9.22 GUIDE [Matchups incl.]Testing season 10 by xxskipskipxx | Riven Player
Big Belly Bop says “He will be constantly pushing and ganks will be nearly impossible unless you have a jungler that can follow up and do damage. Ask for ganks and TRY to stay even in farm. Look for good ults across the map and roam mid if possible to gain a gold lead. You will out-scale him with items. Flash + TP, Corrupting Potion, Burst rune page.”
[10.3] Only Senna Top's TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE by Big Belly Bop | Senna Player
9690 says “Heimer is hard for us. Punishes us hard early game and isn't very easy to kill. Also difficult to gank. Build an early spectre's cowl in this lane and farm. Mordekaiser can be more useful in team fights so be patient. Heimer builds early zhonya's so he can also be tricky to kill inside of our R. Punish him before he finishes zhonya's post 6.”
Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed) by 9690 | Mordekaiser Player
3rr0rL says “His spam of Q is very annoying. To win lane you need to wait the perfect moment to flash into him and kill him. If you lost a lot of farm and gave him couple kills, ask your jungler to help you.”
Loevely says “He's somewhere between even and major in terms of threat. It can be an annoying ranged matchup, but you can play around it with Fleet.”
(10.3) In-Depth Rengar Top Guide by Loevely | Rengar Player
H V N T says “don't fight him until you stack mr rush mercs and spectres cowl”
[10.03]Darius guide season 10 by Hi its Darius by H V N T | Darius Player
arekij says “Build tenacity and do not go into bushes without a vision. Heimer is good until he has mana and can use Zhyonia.”
Fast Beast Darius Top/Mid by arekij | Darius Player
numpadddd says “Very annoying, cant trade, ask for Junglers help, otherwise just stay in your turret and farm lane”
10.3 CARRY Every Game With GAREN! by numpadddd | Garen Player
0__.0 says “Just tons of range, poke, and harass. Not fun.”
BigManYam says “BULLSHIT CHAMPION! Just avoid him till pre 6. And build MR and go Dorans Shield.”
WHO LET THE DOG OUT!!! by BigManYam | Nasus Player
Defensivity1 says “Be carefull to not get poked down too much by heimerdinger, if at level 4 or 5 you have 30% health or lower just teleport back to lane afther basing and buy yourselve a null magic mantle, against heimerdinger the conqueror page is recommanded.”
Defensivity's S9 yorick guide by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Evilfury10 says “Take D Shield & Fleet. Try & Roam & Get Ahead Then You Can Heim.”
Rengar Top Guide (9.23) by Evilfury10 | Rengar Player
XPRflew says “play safe under tower early and you could fight him at lv 6 but if he e you you will lose the trade.”
Nasus Guide Build Season 10! + Match Ups by XPRflew | Nasus Player
TEEMO IS GAY says “it's pretty hard to kill him , u just need to wait for ganks , but he is able to kill u 1v2 if he gets zhonya first ”
mightydylan101 says “Heimer is a counter as hes ranged and his turrets do a lot of damage to you even early. His turrets can also CS for him and he scales bad.”
[10.1] Top Low Elo Stomper by mightydylan101 | Teemo Player
linsher19 says “Build Mr and you can stack his turrets it's OP more stacks for you ”
Drop de Cane DOWN BOOM! by linsher19 | Nasus Player
ThisIsJustSad says “1, Heimer is only annoying if he manages to setup his turrets. You need to always be ready to trade your hp bar to make sure he never gets a single turret up. Use auto-q on each turret and the E auto reset + crit to get rid of the turrets. 2. If Heimer doesn't have turrets, he auto loses. 3. Heimer will naturally push the wave due to the turrets he places down. Kill them, then freeze the wave, then run heimer down. 4. You don't need to w Heimer Stun, you just need to W Heimer to slow him down. You can use your q at max range to give you more wiggle room to dodge Heimer stun.”
Objective focus says “Stealth. Run him down before he sets up all his towers.”
iCamillia says “Just ban him if you go mid”
Camille 3-Shot Build by iCamillia | Camille Player
NasusIsMyBoy says “His little robot things are great at denying farm and poking whenever you get close, however you can stack them but you should watch out for the orb thing he throws as all of the others will target you”
Rime101 says “Ignite + electrocute + dorans shield Max Q Look to safe farm until 6 where you have strong all-in potential Kill turrets with Q if possible to attack his mana pool, also free gold Ignite can be good for stronger all-in”
[9.23] Rime's Ultimate Kennen Guide - KENNEN OTP by Rime101 | Kennen Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Stupidly easy lane. Kill the towers asap and burn him down if he misses a stun.”
[9.23] By Wing and Blade - Kayle Top Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kayle Player
ryzetrox says “Hard matchup. You can one shot him but he pokes you to death. Try not to get dismounted.”
Nightblue33 says “Try To Damage his cannons because if he out of it he will be easier to kill him and also he is a bad counter just go E and the Q and E again ”
Renekton Runes Best Way To Win and Carry Ur Lane by Nightblue33 | Renekton Player
Darthon says “Pre 6 you can't clear his turrets as the moment you go he'll throw his grenade and drain your hp in a matter of seconds.”
[9.24] High elo Teemo survival (TOP) by Darthon | Teemo Player
TCP520 says “enough said. he can cast his turrets in the death realm,”
Mordekaiser by TCP520 | Mordekaiser Player
Hamstertamer says “Boring. Just farm under tower for 10 minutes, and rush adaptive helm + merc treads so you can kick his ass later. Punish him with E if he tries to slowly chip at your tower.”
The meme lord - with detailed matchups by Hamstertamer | Nasus Player
Atlascrower says “Heimerdinger dominates you, until you got Sheen. His turrets are just Food for your Sheen-Q. Dodge his Rockets and its easy.”
Oh Captain my Captain! by Atlascrower | Gangplank Player
ineptpineapple says “Your qs go through his turrets for good poke, stay fast on your feet to avoid stuff and when you 6 he is easy to murder.”
Agro Lissandra top lane S9 by ineptpineapple | Lissandra Player
Pacal Votan says “Just start with doran ring and max E to poke him and destroy his turrets as well.”
[9.21] Nasus The Chase One by Pacal Votan | Nasus Player
Guantecillo says “Puede ser un combate muy a tu favor o muy en contra, depende de quién consiga la ventaja primero.”
Guía de Teemo en español (En proceso) by Guantecillo | Teemo Player
AsomeSonic says “kill the turrets first! adaptive and bamis for grasp is great”
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer by AsomeSonic | Poppy Player
SummonedLight says “Good heimerdinger will just set up in lane and push slowly to your tower and tower dive with his turrets to out proxy you. Just go double proxy if that happens.”
From Toxic to Nuclear A Gold's Guild to Singed. by SummonedLight | Singed Player
HKRV says “Dodge. Seriously you can't do much in his early game. Even bigger bully than Teemo. Ask the jungler to babysit. Be on the move always, as staying still here is more of a death sentence. ”
SweetAsCreampie says “Recent patch made him impossible to play against. ”
Top Lane Kog'Maw (for when you can't afford Vayne, but still by SweetAsCreampie | Kog'Maw Player
Poppu says “Build MR, Adaptive Helm, play with your team and snowball them instead. Heim will just hard push and deny CS, really annoying lane to deal with.”
[Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top! by Poppu | Poppy Player
Shady Zane says “Heimer ze crazy yordle.. Great, here we go again with this. Anyways, playing against heimer can get quite difficult cause of his turrets. SO you have to think before you strike and try to avoid his E. (Can't give much advice even tho I've played as/vs him in top)”
Shady's Guide to Taliyah [Top Lane] by Shady Zane | Taliyah Player
notlmaze says “oh my gawd get magic resist same to gragas!”
Lmaze's Camille Fleet Guide by notlmaze | Camille Player
Petethebossch says “Just farm under tower until Heimerdinger makes a mistake or gets ganked. If not you will be able to kill him level 11ish if you haven't fallen behind.”
9.17 Split-push Nasus by Petethebossch | Nasus Player
TiuHiikou says “He poke you a lot, don't try to engage without a zhonya and backup, AKA gank.”
Akali - Win every game. Patch 9.16 by TiuHiikou | Akali Player
Jnewbringspain says “One of the hardest matchups. Don't try to solo fight him until late game. Ask for ganks in pregame as you will need them. His turrets make trading with him at close range impossible.”
Top Jax - Fear The Walking Eggplant! by Jnewbringspain | Jax Player
messketchup says “Quite easy to all in. Care for ganks and his turret dmg.Get some Magic Resist.”
Zestysquid says “Dinger is bad news. He will not engage on you and will kick you under your turret. His turrets have more health than your boxes and don't expire, but they don't do as much damage. Try to get your protobelt fast to keep up with his pushing. Roam as much as you can afford to in order to get ahead.”
The Chad Clown - 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick by Zestysquid | Shaco Player
M2 Jizu says “Juega pasivo y espera al gank del jungla, necesitas saber jugar muy bien para que no se te complique este Matchup, si eres Platino 4+ me imagino que tienes una idea de como jugarle a Heimer y como matarlo siendo Shen, si eres Platino 4- juega pasivo y espera el gank de tu jungla. necesitarás sustain.”
Yisuo says “hard lane phase, e start”
Yisuo: Riven to beyond (unfinished) by Yisuo | Riven Player
Onwego317 says “As a too hit Teemo Heimer can be a pain early. Make sure to get his turrets down as fast as you can. Knowing he will out cs you early lane phase is fine. BePatient and you will come out of the lane ahead on cs and the tower take down. Hurricane will change the lane once acquired for sure. Place plenty of wards around tribush and in the river. When Heimer backs to upgrade is when you take your stabs at the tower. It will be a slow lane as your jungler may be hesitant to gank due to his abilities and turrets. LVL 6 also changes the lane significantly in your favor.”
The Life of a True To hit Crit Teemo by Onwego317 | Teemo Player
RainbowNova says “I literally haven't seen this guy all year besides in ARAM. I have no clue how he would fare against Tankmo, but I'd imagine that Tankmo could tank most damage with Adaptive Helm. ”
punmaster911 says “he can out-burst you, but his turrets don't go into the death realm with him.”
Become Death itself. (season 9 build) by punmaster911 | Mordekaiser Player
DrMoneybags says “This matchup is very annoying for any melee toplaner. Heimer is a burst mage that excels against low-range champs. His turrets cost very little mana and he can constantly shove you in if you don't have tiamat, which will let him poke you a ton. Be careful when you engage on him with E, he can retaliate with his stun and that'll blast you with his turrets. Wait until he throws his stun grenade and then dive onto him. He gets enhanced movement speed around turrets, so landing your Q can be a bit tricky as well. Once he has Zhonyas it's pretty hard to beat him without a lot of MR since he can use his enlarged turret while he's in stasis to chunk you out. ”
Arcthunder says “The Donger is an annoyance to everyone. If you don't know why, see in the Tough Matchups section.”
Qubert64 says “Not very common matchup. Haven't played him enough to really give any tips on fighting him. Probably just sit under turret with an adaptive helm.”
Shen 9.10 S9 (Chapters Coming Soon) by Qubert64 | Shen Player
Skoh says “- Work in progress -”
[FR] NASUS IS OVERCHEAT by Skoh | Nasus Player
Zdenster says “You don't get poked out. Take Arcane Comet. Don't fight him when all of his turrets are up. Use W to destroy them. Rush Sheen or Merc's Treads.”
SpysGreed says “Other Heimerdinger builds don´t stand a chance!”
100% Winrate Heimerdinger by SpysGreed | Heimerdinger Player
MediocrePolk says “Really bad match up, play this like you play cass matchup”
Rengar Top by MediocrePolk | Rengar Player
nuken507 says “this little dude can do a lot of damage at range, vi has a very short range meaning that he can eat half your health before you even touch him”
Vi Tank Build by nuken507 | Vi Player
Carlosm04 says “Rei mendigo e suas torres, krai esse bixo me dar uma raiva, tenta pedir ajudar do jg ou bate algumas torrinhas pra ele ficar desvantagem , n seja atingido pelo E dele, se nao as torres vao dar o dano do cacete”
Jax top/jg [9.8] PT-BR by Carlosm04 | Jax Player
LosAngeloser says “He is annoying, but he can't really kill you. Go Comet and farm, you can't really trade or kill him.”
Tankplank TOP (9.8) by LosAngeloser | Gangplank Player
SynergyXO says “YOu should never even try to kill him, if you do, you are playing it wrong. just dodge his stuns and rockets, and farm what you can.”
Masters Experience, Tryndamere Build Guide + Top Lane match by SynergyXO | Tryndamere Player
francodm says “Apenas farme, uma matchup sem muitas interações. Use Aery”
A Bíblia do Teemo Top (em construção) by francodm | Teemo Player
E61K says “Start Doran's Shield and take Second wind + Conqueror. Heimerdinger has always been frustrating to play against as an immobile melee champion. The best approach to this would be rushing Specter's Cowl and then destroying his Turrets with Q's or a quick AA+W and then all-inning him when he has little to no turrets placed. Stacked turrets into a grenade can easily chunk you so hard that you need to cower behind your turret or need to recall. Other than that if you can't cope with him his pushing nature opens him up for a nice gank. Just play it smart so you and your jungler don't get double killed.”
SwiftOblivion says “Strengths: Consistent damage from turrets, Hard to Dive, AP, CC. Weaknesses: Low Mobility, Squishy. He'll be trying to poke you down heavily early game so build a hexdrinker against this guy and after you gain a few levels start trying to remove his turrets to mitigate his potential damage output. You will eventually outscale him and deal enough damage to kill him in a 1v1 so play the waiting game and don't give him a huge lead. Once you have hexdrinker, you should be able to all in him once he is either low on mana or is on cooldowns. That is your chance to punish him and gain the lead that you need in the lane. Don’t be surprised if you have to give up your tower early, that’s just how the matchup can turn out a lot of the time.”
(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide by SwiftOblivion | Fiora Player
moshy555 says “Anti Special Olympics scum”
Special Build by moshy555 | Fiora Player
CommanderKevin says “If you knock him up do the Combo else he stuns you and he will do his combo”
Rek Sai Top Dmg/Tank by CommanderKevin | Rek'Sai Player
Sion says “Post level 6 you win any and all trades as long as you E his ulted turret away and/or dodge his stun. Play around E max 2nd cause it's mandatory in this matchup. You will outpush and outroam him post 6.”
Low-elo stomper AD Sion by Sion | Sion Player
hrisimiriliev says “Just push farm as long as you buy ZZ Portal. Then you will be able to overpush him. After he use his E try to poke.”
[p 9.4] Dominating top line - best build so far by hrisimiriliev | Teemo Player
Vincheelo says “His H-28 G Evolution Turrets hurt a lot. Dodge his CH-2 Electron Storm Grenades and Apprehend him for the kill.”
Super Detailed Darius Guide v9.4 WIP by Vincheelo | Darius Player
The Tentacle Lady says “he will zone you from CS all day long and you're basically crippled”
Illaoi Guide by The Tentacle Lady | Illaoi Player
BornToBeAlive says “Heimer has the same potential as Yorick. He can eat you up in his turrets. Make sure you buy MR for this guy.”
BornToBeAlive's guide to Dr.PWNDO [Patch 9.4] by BornToBeAlive | Dr. Mundo Player
shlemvem says “Playing against a good heimerdinger with singed is one of the hardest things in matchups with singed. You can't engage, you can't farm, proxying is hard, etc.”
The roaming singed by shlemvem | Singed Player
POTATOBEAVER says “Your kit cant really do much as Heimerdinger uses turrets mainly and not auto attacks, not much u can do before 6, try and get youur jg to early gank”
Low Elo Teemo 9.3 by POTATOBEAVER | Teemo Player
Zahkar00 says “Take Glacial. Honestly this is just a cancer lane. But he isnt hard to kill. Once you get negtron and sheen you can just run up and kill him if his minion wave isnt to big. But realistically he will be outpoking you so you may have to rely on your jng'er”
How to Taric Top 101 by Zahkar00 | Taric Player
Bakiraka says “Really not bad. Let him push you in and you'll outscale him pretty handily. Your barrels can also make short work of his turrets. Just forget about poking him.”
Trixelkour says “Almost a tier 5 threat, but winnable if you can stay safe and juke his stuns in lane. Take exhaust and ignite if you want an easy early game kill. Runes are pretty wide for Heimer since a lot of them can be useful against him. Get plenty of MR and you can win anytime anywhere. ”
Demon Birb of Zaun by Trixelkour | Swain Player
lunarstaff says “No escapes, but man, jumping onto heimer with 3 turrets ready and him stunning you is no fun... Shield required!!”
Hunt's Comprehensive Rengar Guide by lunarstaff | Rengar Player
P4Pie_ says “annoying, high damage output, and cc. i dont like him at all. ”
KA$H MONEY KENCH by P4Pie_ | Tahm Kench Player
E61K says “Yasuo is probably Heimerdinger's greatest counter. Heimer is basically like Orianna except that it's mostly the turrets which make Heimer the champion he is. The thing is that you are resourceless and can one-shot his turrets with EQ at level 2 or just use them to gapclose. After you are on top of him you can either windwall his stun or dodge it with your E and then he will be helpless. ”
undeadsoldiers says “Lane Aproach: Farm safely, you can all in when he has no turrets. Key CDs:R Notes: You can easily 100-0 him with triforce, Q reset on turrets.”
Zachlikespizza says “Just fuck this guy, get some mr, a cowl, maybe a hex drinker and try to survive.”
The Fallen Glory, Aatrox by Zachlikespizza | Aatrox Player
Mouadyam says “boring lane, you will die if you try to kill him inside of his towers so just farm boringly and abide by this veery fun champion's rules, kill the little furry if he gets too close though, an early spectre's cowbl can help with his poke.”
Demon Lord AC0 says “Trying my best not to insult this guy... You can move around him and dodge or windwall his abilities pretty easily. But he still does a lot of damage when you least expect it. Against him you start Doran's Shield and rush Merc and PD”
iam colorblind says “Very hard to play against. You can't farm in early game and he poke's u very fast down. Buy Hextrinker and try to cheese him! Don't go on him in early game or you will be dead.”
Jax 1v9 in Preseason! 8.24/8.25 by iam colorblind | Jax Player
FIux says “Heimerdinger makes using your E hard since he would have turrets awaiting you. In this case, you would want to use Q to destroy his turrets. Only use E to engage when he has his skills on cooldown and you are out of range from his turrets.”
Deal Damage With Those Blades [8.24] by FIux | Katarina Player
CaioOP1985 says “His turrets are annoying and hurt a lot earlier into the game, but they are also a juicy source of stacks for your Q, so enjoy it while watching out for missiles and grenades.”
Nasus, God of the Late Game by CaioOP1985 | Nasus Player
Ashnard says “Heimer has a lot of damage and lane control due to his turrets, but you can easily kill them with 1q + auto when u get the chance. Be careful of his stun grenade, it will chunk you pretty hard if it hits in middle of his turrets.”
[8.23] Aatrox lane matchup guide by Ashnard | Aatrox Player
STO Dew says “A very annoying match up since his turrets keep on poking you. Again just play safe.”
Tryndamere TOP | The Hard Carry by STO Dew | Tryndamere Player
DERPFISHrejects says “Your Q can quite reliably kill turrets in the later stages of the game. He's still going to bully you early, but you can win trades if you can bait the grenade out or have taken down some of his turrets.”
Atrix--The Terror on the Top Half (WIP) by DERPFISHrejects | Aatrox Player
Dacnomaniak says “This lane is not gonna be fun. The Constant turret pressure means you cant really go in early. But an Adaptive Helmet and it will make your life a lot easier.”
The One True Hero (S8 Poppy) by Dacnomaniak | Poppy Player
IllIlllIIlI says “This little fucking yordle manages to piss me off everytime, but still not an extremely difficult lane. You can often come out on top if you manage to out manouver his stun.”
Speediest Singed in the West by IllIlllIIlI | Singed Player
GOTG Ment135 says “Linea muy molesta. Todo lo que puede hacer es sentarse, empujar y esperar que suceda algo emocionante.”
thedunkening111 says “The 'you're not going to do anything' lane. What can I say. The good thing is you got tons of lock down, so ganking the guy isn't totally out of the question. Take Aftershock”
Nechu2448 says “He is annoying so much. Heimer can build sentries you can go past them or anything . you can try destroy but aslo heimer is danger , he throw at you grande and turrets start attacking you. To defet him you need jungler help ”
AD Teemo - Best teemo Build by Nechu2448 | Teemo Player
DuhBrandon says “I know this a top guide but you have no idea how many people I've seen go heimerdinger top lane and crush me. Trust me its not fun. There is a high chance you will be behind on farm. if the heimerdinger gets ahead it will be near impossible to catch up so your best bet is to all in when you can and abuse your shroud.”
galvapheonix says “ Heimer isn't really played very much but if he is all you have to do is q the turrets and they die. Without his turrets he lacks any damage to kill you throughout the game.”
Whack Em Dead by galvapheonix | Yorick Player

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Tips Against Heimerdinger in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Polarshift says “Champion designed for harassment and kiting. Not fun to play against as a melee toplaner.”
[10.19] WARWICK THE UNCAGED WRATH [JG/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Warwick Player
Aqua Dragon says “Poor turrets. They are surrounded by a never ending swarm of Voidlings, and the turrets themselves can be easily eliminated with some long-range Q's.”
Diamond Jungle Malzahar - The Void's Legion by Aqua Dragon | Malzahar Player
SELORONIOS says “Buy Maw of Malmortius. His burst damage is dangerous.”
⚔️"Help is not coming... "⚔️ by SELORONIOS | Nocturne Player
Suseri says “Just farm don't fight get more points in W to sustain in lane if he pokes you under your turret. It's winable but not worth the effort and risk since he can just wait for your Q stun you to the place and let his turrets kill you while keeping his distance again.”
[S10] The Best Master Yi Guide by Suseri | Master Yi Player
Luzyni says “im tired of write XD, ehmm, be carefull with turrets always, you will use a lot your R”
Break Their Time by Luzyni | Ekko Player
RZEMgub9r says “Don't gank unless you have good synergy with laner”
[10.12] Morgana Jungle by RZEMgub9r | Morgana Player
D3str00 says “Ungankable pre level 6. You can try smite one of his turrets, but if you do something wrong, you will end up probably dying”
Ultimate Lee Sin guide - tips and explenations by D3str0 by D3str00 | Lee Sin Player
Ardent Deceiver says “Ganking Heimer sucks because of his turrets, he can burst you down easily if you don't play smart and even kill you in death. Reccomend ganking behind to avoid turrets if possible.”
s10 Shaco JG - Climb to Mastery 7 by Ardent Deceiver | Shaco Player
FeniSS says “His turrets are really annoying try to get on top of him in fights with your ult”
Red Kayn Is The Best Kayn by FeniSS | Kayn Player
Just_Dejv says “Everyone knows he is shit so careful with him ”
Pantheon Jungle Build by Just_Dejv | Pantheon Player
Neallord says “You go in and he puts down his turrets that wil notify him you're close. If you engage he just destroys you with his ult.”
XERA 08 says “Along with Illoai, never gank his lane. Heimerdinger will stand in the middle of his three turrets E (stun) > W (rockets) > R (x3 empower) > Q (turrets) and you along with 2 other teammates that roam into his lane will be dead within 5 seconds. As long as Heimerdinger has 2 turrets next to him, you have to treat him as 2 champions worth of damage. Do not underestimate Heimerdinger during laning phase. However, during late game; when you see him spilting alone, this is the chance to strike. Simply E + Ghost > R > E > Q + W and fight him head on, as long as you can dodge his E stun, you have secured a 1v1 kill.”
(In Progress) Hecarim Jungle [9.23] by XERA 08 | Hecarim Player
Jadiac5 says “His turrets will automaticly start attacking you if he sees you so be awayre of that.”
The Back To Spawn Edition by Jadiac5 | Evelynn Player
Flashfire128 says “You will almost never be able to gank him. ivern has horrible turret clearing and he can make it hard to land your Q on him with his turrets.”
TheFalco62 says “The only way he can get a lead is if he gets to stack 3 turrets and push super fast. We can cheese him(before minions spawn) by waiting in a brush while he's stacking turrets and then take them down. Keep taking his turrets down when he's spawning them, and you will have no trouble in this matchup. Your windwall can block ALL his damage.”
Yasuo Mid/Jungle 9.16 by TheFalco62 | Yasuo Player
Midsdead says “Let's be honest, heimer is a pain for most assassins, he can sit in the middle of a lane away from walls next to his turrets.”
Assassin Poppy Jungle by Midsdead | Poppy Player
SpicySkelleton says “Heimerdinger is difficult to gank. Only gank him when lvl 6 or if his turrets are down and he can't seem to put more out.”
Jungle Malphite.... It oddly works (sort of) by SpicySkelleton | Malphite Player
Leeup says “He is almost ungankable. His turrets will block ur E instanly, be aware of him.”
GRAGAS Jungle BOSS Silver/Gold by Leeup | Gragas Player

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