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Varus Counter Stats

Varus Counters
Bottom Lane
Ranked #18 out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Varus. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Varus in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Varus Data for all roles taken from 23,310 matches.
Varus Counter Stats From:
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Bottom Lane (95%) Varus Bottom Lane Counters: 22,009 matches, 21 counter champions

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Tips Against Varus in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LegendaryOstrich says “You win until Varus gets rageblade. With quick reaction speed you can dash or flash out of the way when Varus is channeling his ult. If you are ahead consider buying a QSS to counter the ultimate in case you get hit.”
[10.19] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth] by LegendaryOstrich | Lucian Player
StriveHD79 says “Right now just a weaker version of Ashe. Take cleanse if enemy support has heavy CC as well, you will need it for Varus R. Try to stay away from minion wave when he tries to charge up his Q to poke you.”
✔️[10.18] The Bounty Hunter|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Miss Fortune Player
IHaveNoName says “After avoiding his ult, he is good for your passive. But beware, strong poke. Extreme threat if ult is present. Build Scimitar in moments of doubt.”
Absolute domination Draven - How to by IHaveNoName | Draven Player
Vapora Dark says “Varus is a problem for Jhin, the range on his autos makes him a pain to out trade pre 6 and post 6 he can hardcore CC you, and with a lack of mobility its hard to dodge, causing you to be unable to attack back because of his auto range and lose the fight thanks to his Q/W burst. Focus on farming early and let your support/jungle create the pick, which thankfully is pretty easy to do due to his lack of any form of mobility. Not even a movement speed steroid.”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
StriveHD79 says “Right now just a weaker version of you. Take cleanse if enemy support has heavy CC as well, you will need it for Varus R. Try to stay away from minion wave when he tries to charge up his Q to poke you.”
✔️[10.18] The Frost Queen|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Ashe Player
StriveHD79 says “Varus is similar to Ashe, depending on how much CC enemy support have you might want to take cleanse in this matchup. His R is a immediately snare that you should try to avoid. His trading pattern are usually with his Q charging up. E to slow you down to add in an extra auto attack. Keep your distance, harass and poke when you can, do not overly force anything.”
✔️[10.18] S+ Tier Marksman|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Caitlyn Player
ELOSANTA says “A good Lucian player shouldn't lose this match. All of Varus's abilities can be dodged using Lucian's dash. If the Lucian player is experienced he should win, now this match is not impossible for Varus to win the matchup because he could time his skills after Lucian uses his E so as Lucian you have to know when to use your E. Lucian's E is 18 second cool down at level 1 and Varus' arrow is 16 seconds so if you use it to dodge something be aware that his arrow comes off cool down first. Varus' E is also another thing Lucian can outplay with his E, at level 1 Varus' E is a 18 second cool down which is equal to Lucian's dash. Unless Varus is engaging pre level 6 if he is just using it to poke it's not worth a dash because Varus can follow with a Q while you're running away. After Varus has level 6 save your dash for his R. Read his body language since it is a short range if we walks up be ready to dash away.”
[10.19] Rank 1 Lucian in-depth Guide by ELOSANTA | Lucian Player
Bouhhsolene says “His R is quite annoying but overall you outrange him and outdamages him late. Just don't go in his R and you win. Take trades in lane if you hit W.”
[10.19] Follow the screams! by Bouhhsolene | Senna Player
LostFishEU says “Why I put Varus as a major is simply the ultimate. His ultimate makes it really easy for his support to follow up with a bind / root / hook. Varus ultimate also roots you as Vayne from using tumble and using you ultimate invisibility, which makes it that you will lose out on a lot of damage. Pre-Level 6 Varus doesn't have too much. Varus has his Q and E that could chunk you low but you also have your tumble to dodge them.”
<Grandmaster> LostFish - Vayne: The Guide by LostFishEU | Vayne Player
R3Veal says “His ultimate lets him kill you quickly and easily. After It's finished you still can't really escape he can even slow you down.”
[Patch 10.19] "How Lovely!" Jhin Guide! by R3Veal | Jhin Player
StriveHD79 says “Right now just a weaker version of Ashe. Take cleanse if enemy support has heavy CC as well, you will need it for Varus R. Try to stay away from minion wave when he tries to charge up his Q to poke you. Farm safely with Q.”
[10.18] The Prodigy|Diamond Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Ezreal Player
tokyodamonsta says “Ezreal is one of the ADC's that does not struggle vs poke varus as you can poke back just as good! You can also dodge his ult very easily!”
[Season 10] Ezreal High Elo Guide! by tokyodamonsta | Ezreal Player
Profesor APH. says “have cc on r hard to dodge he is poker but you are aphelios you like to playing vs poke adc he dont have any dash pretty easy matchup”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
StriveHD79 says “Similar to Ashe except Varus has muc higher burst potential and less sustain DPS. Avoid trading with him and his Q poke, use your E if you need to. Post level 6, save your spellshield (E) for his Ultimate at all times.”
DoctorDingus says “Outpokes, outranges and outdamages you. Lethality Varus is really annoying to play against.”
Rank 1 World Heimerdinger Bot - Breaking the Meta! by DoctorDingus | Heimerdinger Player
Bwura says “His w q combo hits you really bad. If u can dodge you can get him very easily try to have a aggressive support to have because he has no mobility.”
How to Play Our Holy Dragon in Bot Lane by Bwura | Aurelion Sol Player
StriveHD79 says “Right now just a weaker version of Ashe. Take cleanse if enemy support has heavy CC as well, you will need it for Varus R. Try to stay away from minion wave when he tries to charge up his Q to poke you.”
[10.18] Spear of Vengeance|Diamond Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Kalista Player
QueerJunk says “You can cancel his Q & his Ult. Making his game insanely frustrating.”
Ultrama says “Easy match-up, watch out for his R and play agressive. Watch out for posible ganks.”
[10.18] Miss Letalithy (In Depth / Match-ups and Synergies) by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player
Spider Shaped says “Всё зависит в кого идёт вдруг,в апреле или в ад. Если в ап,то вы можете убить его уклонившись от в способностей,если в ад,то шансы на его стороне”
Build by Spider Shaped | Ashe Player
yers says “Look forward to killing him pre6 so that he doesn't be as problematic, because his Q poke + lethality (if he still builds it) will really hurt if he keeps landing them.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
Melyn says “Beware of his poke (early MS and potions are nice) and ultimate. Otherwise, he is low mobility and you can burst him with E. ”
SweatMeALake says “Varus has a decent early game trade, and can lock you down with his ultimate, making it kind of hard to use your range,”
SEASON 10 A Guide To A Lethal Caitlyn by SweatMeALake | Caitlyn Player
SweatMeALake says “Varus vs Xayah is about skill. If you have the reaction time to dodge his ultimate you win almost all times. If he lands it on you, you may be in trouble, so keep this in mind at all times. ”
[10.16] An Invitation To Dance - Xayah Guide by SweatMeALake | Xayah Player
SweatMeALake says “Similar to you, Varus has high range, and a CC ultimate. He has a higher damage output than you. Only trade if you have stacks on Q, and watch out for his blight stacks and Q combo. He has high burst, and is often a better engage and damage option. ”
Season 10 A Guide To A Deadly Ashe by SweatMeALake | Ashe Player
Pengwan says “Not really someone to worry to much about, has a strong q but it has long cooldown early and if missed he loses alot of damage. Just make sure to dodge his ult in late and stay out of basic attack range”
Time for a true display of skill [10.16] by Pengwan | Ezreal Player
HankScorpioblaze says “Varus wont be to much to deal with just try to avoid his big arrow ability that goes all minions and through you as it can deal quite alot of damage”
Twisted Fate Attack Damage, Attack Speed & Lifesteal Bui by HankScorpioblaze | Twisted Fate Player
LettArcticFox says “Pretty much skill matchup, but he can poke you really hard with his W+Q and inhabilitate you with his R, careful”
Aphelios for Begginers by LettArcticFox | Aphelios Player
StriveHD79 says “Right now just a weaker version of Ashe. Take cleanse if enemy support has heavy CC as well, you will need it for Varus R. Try to stay away from minion wave when he tries to charge up his Q to poke you.”
[10.16] In-depth Diamond Jhin Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Jhin Player
snukumz says “His poke hurts, but otherwise he is just another low mobility squish champ for you to use and abuse in bot lane at your leisure. If he ult snares you, just snare and combo him right back.”
Honk If You're Thorny - Zyra Bottom Guide by snukumz | Zyra Player
Nodon says “he can poke you out but like u win all in so just play better than him kekw”
Jhin for the sempster by Nodon | Jhin Player
SapphireLoL says “His damage mostly relies on his Q with his W So if you dash away from that you can get an advantage. You can equally slow him with your E and he can his. His R is his only other escape option.”
KINDRED ADC/ OFF META BUILD GUIDE by SapphireLoL | Kindred Player
Terrific says “Either they play him on hit or they play him pokey lethality. You will win against him if he plays on hit if he plays pussy ezreal playstyle with lethality you will only get annoyed and it will be a mental battle for you. Just get ur Vamp and be sure to stay healthy. If he is on hit tho don't underestimate his late game and care for his ult. Also becareful for his late game if he's lethality it hurts like a fucker since you are so squishy.”
Sordoma says “If Varus goes lethality build, it won't be a great time for you.”
OP Twitch (Muramana) Build by Sordoma | Twitch Player
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ says “Well, this lane will be awkward, just dodge his Qs and you will be good”
[10.14] [En-US|Pt-BR] Art should terrify! In-Depth Jhin guid by KuuHaKu_OtgmZ | Jhin Player
Twiggymocha says “Besides his q harass, varus does not have much going for him, he goes the same build as you with worse 1v1'ing potential, just dodge q's and you will be fine.”
[ADC] Vayne Guide Patch 10.14 by Twiggymocha | Vayne Player
CALSHARKY says “Killable but annoying it entirely depends on what he builds and the support. If it's DH poke Varus then prepare yourself for pure aids if you have idiot support.”
xSEASeahawks12 says “This is arguably the most skill-based match up out there. If you can effectively predict when Varus is going to release his Q and hop accordingly, you can avoid most of his damage. However, if he lands this, it's absolutely massive chunk damage that is nearly impossible to come back from. Buy a Doran's Shield every time and play very safe to avoid his insane poke. Before he hits level 6, you have to hope that your support can get on top of him, as his low mobility can let you stick onto him until he dies or Flashes. Unfortunately, after level 6, if he lands his ult you are dead. Always play behind your support, as even being behind you minion wave isn't enough to block his tendrils of death. If he's going Lethality, then just remember that you out scale him and pretty much punt on dreams of first blood or general laning success.”
Zoodyacc says “Beware of Varus R, after you get hit by that you most likely will be dead, however if you manage to avoid it, you can go all in on him. He has powerful W+Q that he can catch you up and deal enormous damage with, although there's a catch since you can dodge it with your Tumble [Q].”
LBmyBB says “His range and grevious wounds really stop you from doing what you need to do”
The Useful One - Support by LBmyBB | Karma Player
DravenMETA says “Lethality Varus is broken as of this patch. If you are not abusing it to climb, you don't care about LP. ”
[10.13] - Concise Draven Guide by DravenMETA | Draven Player
Eneino01 says “varus letality can build early anti heal which is kinda bad for us”
THEBURGERKING says “He does the same thing, but better smh”
In The Stupidest way possible by THEBURGERKING | Sivir Player
atonementblade says “Spell shield his Q for mana and leave spell shield up when he hits level 6 so he can't root you.”
atonementblade says “If he's building lethality, a lot of damage can be avoided by dodging his Q with yours. He has little mobility, so dodging his ult with your tumble can easily lead to an all-in.”
ShroudedBRH says “Varus is similar to Ashe except he has more poke and wave clear. You can trade with him after dodging his Q as its on a fairly long cool down when missed just be careful not to be caught by his ult as he gets 3 stacks of blight to proc instantly”
Ashe Complete Botlane Guide by ShroudedBRH | Ashe Player
JccmSaysNom says “Same as Ezreal, Better poke and is able to play defensively because of his long range, Varus doesn't have an escape spell so coordinate with the jungler for a free kill.”
ItsPaulygon says “Dodge his ultimate and you win easy.”
RegalFlash says “Strong early game, but you scale much better than he does.”
[10.9] Kai'Sa Main's Guide for Everything by RegalFlash | Kai'Sa Player
AirRoh says “just dodge his q's lmao”
the FAST by AirRoh | Jhin Player
Pingu Fugindo says “Seu range é maior que o da vayne e ele pode bater em você enquanto você está preso”
Vayne As Perfect As Udyr by Pingu Fugindo | Vayne Player
TheGronne says “Has no mobility, but can ult you and outrange your auto attacks with his own auto attacks. if you dodge his ult, you're good.”
[10.8] TheGronne's Guide to Season 2020 Xayah by TheGronne | Xayah Player
Bebras19 says “After avoiding his ult, he is good for your passive. But beware, strong poke. Extreme threat if ult is present. Build Scimitar in moments of doubt.”
"NOT DRAVEN, IT'S DRAAAAVEN." AK-47 DRAVEN BUILD by Bebras19 | Draven Player
madmickey says “Varus can be difficult. Play passive and avoid his ult. Similar to Ashe, keep moving. ”
Cait Baby! by madmickey | Caitlyn Player
AngelisNice says “dodge his Long shot and ult then he is almost useless”
Xayah - Sharpening her Feathers to Victory by AngelisNice | Xayah Player
MayeLeven says “He can poke you with his Q, especially when he pressed his W or with his E. You can trade him easily, but then you must dodge his Q. After level 6, he can root you with his R, but if you dodge it, he will be an easy target to kill.”
|Best| Vayne Guide -ADC- by MayeLeven | Vayne Player
Midorima says “Varus is a lane bully that can consistently poke out Vayne. To win this match up: You have to wait out his Q and dodge his ulti at 6 or else he will just win through his poke. ”
Midorima's Vayne Guide (Patch 9.1) | THE SAUCE by Midorima | Vayne Player
Deathfeather says “he pokes, but has bad engage. play smart and you are just a better champ. ”
RoadDGM says “Havent done the matchup but i feel like it will be more of a support diff matchup just try to dodge his q's and keep a safe range early for an all in at level 6.”
Twitch WIP by RoadDGM | Twitch Player
Holidayuniverse says “Varus is good vs Senna, because he has so long CC with his R. Senna is so squishy and she will be dead after his R maybe.”
|10.5| Senna "The Low Elo Stomper"| Senna ADC Guid by Holidayuniverse | Senna Player
Finnkip says “- Strong laning phase - If you get by his R, you are dead”
M7 Jhin Build (10.4) by Finnkip | Jhin Player
Spection says “RARE. A pretty powerful pick against Pantheon. Various has no escape but very powerful poke and CC, making him incredibly hard to deal with if he gets a combo in on you. He isn't very squishy either, but if you avoid his Q you should be okay.”
[UPDATED FOR S10] Pantheon In the Botlane, Making ADCs Cry! by Spection | Pantheon Player
Szauronmester says “You can outrade him with aa+Q, if he fires back an E you can go in cuz it has a 20sec cd early on. You can dodge his Q ez-pz with your speedboost.”
Szauron's guide to Kai'sa, daughter of the void by Szauronmester | Kai'Sa Player
Ichaid says “Varus won't be hard as a matchup in laning phase but it will be hard, Try to dodge his Q with your Tumble. The range on his Q is the only tool he has to poke you from afar. Be careful, as a good Varus will try to ult you right after you Tumble. Buy QSS after BOTRK so you don't get stuck in his ult”
Vayne by Ichaid | Vayne Player
ZERO Destructo says “Avoid his Q at all cost. I recommend you to just farm on lane without much of a trade. If he lands his ult on you you're toasted, since it lasts so long. Also, be careful in fights and stay behind, and run even if he ults someone else since his ult can pass onto you if you're in range.”
[SEASON 10]A Comprehensive How to Jhin Guide [10.1] by ZERO Destructo | Jhin Player
Nik7857 says “Longer range then you. A slow. Poke. and giant CC ult. Better team fighting then you. He will probably play far back in lane and just poke you down. He is very easy to gank and he will guarantee flash if you engage on him. Win the lane and win the game ASAP. Buy qss after bork.”
jhoijhoi says “ Varus' ultimate, Chain of Corruption is a fantastic initiation, similar to Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow. If you or your ally is hit by it, ensure you don't stick together, move in separate directions. Hail of Arrows is similar to Kog's slime trail, or MF's round of bullets - they're more often used for utility, as in slowing an enemy champion from fleeing or chasing, rather than for damage. Watch out for Piercing Arrow, like Cait's Piltover Peacemaker, you have fair warning when Varus will attempt to snipe you with this, as he will often try to increase its range and damage by drawing it out.”
Ashes to Ashes by jhoijhoi | Ashe Player
Falllol says “Consegue parar a Vayne com muita facilidade por conta do seu alcance e sua facilidade em parar a Vayne com sua ultimate .”
Eccentricks says “All I can say, is watch for the E and Ult. I haven't fought many Varus players, so, play it safe is my best guess, because that is what you should do in most matchups at early game.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
Deathfeather says “Hes aight, but only really noteworthy if its the poke variant, other than that, take good trades and force him out of lane.”
[9.24] Deathfeather's guide to being a Lightslinger by Deathfeather | Lucian Player
spark2 says “Varus has a butt ton of poke but zero mobility. Go aggressive on him and dodge his Q's, but try not to push too hard. He's incredibly vulnerable to ganks, so try to leave some room for your jungler in the lane.”
[9.23] Sekkonds (Mid AP Ekko) by spark2 | Ekko Player
Laverenz says “See if you can kill him a time or two before he hits level 6. He's not really a big threat for Vayne before level 6 basic of his poor damage output, and skillshot-reliant poke. After level 6 you're done. If he hits you with Ult there's not much you can do against it. He will probably kill you after level 6. Try to dodge his Ult, because it denies your ability to Tumble, which is bad, because Varus' range is 575 and Vayne only has 550.”
Season 9 Vayne guide! Purge With Silver (9.23) by Laverenz | Vayne Player
philsopaoto says “Varus should be an easy lane if you're good at dodging his Q and ult, and Xayah's root is great against Varus who lacks mobility outside of summs”
Basic Xayah Guide S10 by philsopaoto | Xayah Player
MewlingRavenPaw says “Damage windows is the name of the game. Play passive till he uses a spell on your support or misses one before attempting to trade back into him. If you're uncomfortable with Kalista just play around your first back of berserker greaves before telling your support to look for opportunities to engage. Just be cautious of his E when using heal as the greavious wounds can easily lead towards a good fight going south. ”
Spear Dancing Through Low ELO by MewlingRavenPaw | Kalista Player
minepro221 says “He wins extened trades, while you win if you proc your passive and back off. in laneing phase, go for auto q trade on every minion. if he auto e to trade back, play aggressive, as his e is on a 20 second cooldown early. Late game, wait out her root, and you are good to go.”
Kynaz0071l0l says “Poke from his q and e is very annoying. His ult is good at locking you down, but if you can dodge it you can easily kill him. ”
[9.23] DRAVEN ADC MAIN - GOLD [200+games] by Kynaz0071l0l | Draven Player
Eucalyptus says “He can just build Muramana and Lethality and kill you with his fucking rail-gun from the comfort of his pentakill-house suite while you act as the Hotel's bellhop on the ground floor.”
LORD OF UNLIMITED KITING- Graves ADC by Eucalyptus | Graves Player
Fruxo says “Try to avoid his Q's to your best ability. Same goes for his R, try to avoid it. A Varus without his ult (R) is very vulnerable, Take advantage of that.”
✔️ How to be a Purple Peach by Fruxo | Kai'Sa Player
The Jhin Cena says “Varus' Q can be a bit annoying since he can constantly chop your health down with it. The best course of action is to just try your best to dodge it while also poking him with your passive. This is so if one of you engage, you will both have similar health rather than you being at 20% and him at 80.”
ADC Crit Jhin: In Depth Guide by The Jhin Cena | Jhin Player
Hardstuck Sona says “Varus and Twisted Fate are similar in the sense that their early games are garbage, but Twisted Fate's is slightly better. Use that to your advantage.”
ADC TF Rise From The Ashes by Hardstuck Sona | Twisted Fate Player
MrDecoy says “watch out for when he pops his blight stacks as the dmg might surprise you but if you trade around your w lane should be easy”
[9.19] Decoy's Xayah guide by MrDecoy | Xayah Player
dravenfizz says “fairly easy matchup save your E to dash his abilities or more preferably sidestep his Q and dash his ult, again this is another champ that ruins your life in the later stages of the game.”
Diamond Lucian guide (not done yet) by dravenfizz | Lucian Player
Zervax says “You outscale him, just don't get poked down in lane and watch out for that R.”
Ashe Guide by Zervax | Ashe Player
Zach IWNL says “On hit Varus shouldn't be a concern, but beware of Poke Varus.”
[9.17] | "Strike Quickly" | CDR Ashe Guide by Zach IWNL | Ashe Player
ADNathan says “Basically nothing to worry about other than his support”
complete wip [9.18] Most builds for MF! by ADNathan | Miss Fortune Player
Fruxo says “Try to avoid his Q's to your best ability. Same goes for his R, try to avoid it. A Varus without his ult (R) is very vulnerable, Take advantage of that.”
✔️ Experience My Love For Feathers by Fruxo | Xayah Player
BP Chaos says “He can poke you down from range and lock you down level 6. Be careful for his damage and range.”
Draven the freelo executioner guide 2.0 by BP Chaos | Draven Player
LostSoulslol says “Dependending on his support and build he can poke Jinx really easy with his Q and deny farm”
Get Jinxed - Hipercarry Guide by LostSoulslol | Jinx Player
SimbaADC says “Varus can be a rough lane for Cait as he has decent range combined with strong abilities for trading and all in. Do not engage in long trades with him, the only trades you can win are when you can land an E-Q-Auto on him. Respect his level 6 all in ability, and remember that when you reach your 3 item spike your siege and poke potential is far greater than his. Consider a QSS after your IE/ 2 item spike.”
Nelkee says “if he tries to CS, just show him some of your positivity, demons hate positivity so he'll likely fuck off”
ADC Neeko, They can't outrun positivity! by Nelkee | Neeko Player
FrankynFood says “Beats you early. Accept it. Move on to late game where you show him his place. ”
Ashe guide from an Ashe main (High DPS) by FrankynFood | Ashe Player
SlashLion says “Varus is poke heavy and will constantly try to hit you with his Q, which can do a lot of unexpected damage and allows him to safely pick kills under tower if you are low. Not the worst matchup in the world but not the greatest either.”
[9.13] Jhin: A Guide on The Virtuoso by SlashLion | Jhin Player
InfernalFox says “He can be quite the bother. He can poke as much as you. Also you have no way of dodging his R. If you get hit by it you are screwed, its really hard to escape even after the ult ends.”
[9.13] Jhineral guide to Jhin by InfernalFox | Jhin Player
lonely Xatu says “his skillshots are easy to spell shield, abuse this as much as possible”
Lethality Sivir for Degenerates by lonely Xatu | Sivir Player
TotalWarKS says “He has a stronger early than you and will out DPS you on all stages of the game unless behind, but you will have a longer range later on.”
Uncouthlol says “See Matchups Section Near Bottom”
[9.12] Vayne to Diamond by Uncouthlol | Vayne Player
MallisTheGreat says “He can poke, but you can poke back. He can't really escape you whenever you engage, except for his ultimate being up, so care and abuse his cooldowns as much as you can.”
Jinx - A Simple Guide [Patch 9.12] by MallisTheGreat | Jinx Player
Vortiris says “He is somewhat squishy. You can outscale him easily, just don't mess up. Watch out when he tries to snipe you with Piercing Arrow. Do not get caught by his Chain Of Corruption and you can kill him.”
Numresunw says “Has a lot of range like to poke you down to death and his ult makes you unable to escape even if you go invisible while it is active, farm as long as possible and go for an early quiksilver slash.”
Best sneaky killer by Numresunw | Twitch Player
Shoguken says “Interrupting his attack speed may have a benefit for you.”
ADC Thresh Guide by Shoguken | Thresh Player
Shake the Shade says “Very easy matchup Varus can never outscale you and loses early if played correctly.”
KawaiiNeko says “Relatively even lane, avoid his skills shots and ultimate. Push him under tower or poke him down to kill.”
Ashe Guide- All The World On One Arrow by KawaiiNeko | Ashe Player
Uncouthlol says “Explanation at bottom”
[9.11] Tristana to Diamond by Uncouthlol | Tristana Player
IamVictorious says “Dodge His Qs early game and you can destroy him late, just try to dodge his utli too otherwise he can become pretty tough to battle against”
[Patch 9.1] Diamond Jinx Guide by IamVictorious | Jinx Player
Hidrogear says “Dodge his zone and your quite the guy, don't forget about his ult, he will chop you down in no time.”
[S9.11] Kogmaw for the win! by Hidrogear | Kog'Maw Player
Dayum Draven says “Varus can easily poke you, so it's a problem. Try to poke back as much as possible. Don't stand in his E , it'll reduce your lifesteal”
Draven was an EXCELLENT pick for this game by Dayum Draven | Draven Player
BurstTheBots says “Don't underestimate the range of his Q as for it's longer than a lot of people think also be sure to dodge his ult if possible.”
Shacolada says “Varus has no escape abilities so focusing him in team fights tends to be easy. Dodge his Piercing Arrow at any cost when he has stacked 3 blight on you, as it will do an incredibly high damage. If he has dark harvest, play extra safe at low health. Stay clear of Varus's ultimate because it can spread.”
[Patch 9.11] A LeJhindary Guide by Shacolada | Jhin Player
Gun God Mike says “A lane with varus seems easy but it become dangerous when he reaches 6 and hard counters you with r,your goal is take advantage in early to delete the threat.”
Jinx Dark Havest guide by Gun God Mike | Jinx Player
Levi Senpai says “Not that strong , usually gonna go for blade - > rageblade build which cant kill you instantly so its easy for you to kill him especially with crit build”
Vayne Guide Patch 9.10 by Levi Senpai | Vayne Player
word101 says “ban this guy or you're gonna have a bad time”
Thick Jhin by word101 | Jhin Player
Niculae01 says “This matchup depends on your ability to dodge a spell. You dodge his Q, you win. You don't, you will have a really bad time down there.”
[9.9] Twitch ADC | ~ Sneaky Sneaky ~ | By Only Teemo by Niculae01 | Twitch Player
Shderen says “If you can SOMEHOW get in his range, early on, you can trade well with him. If either of those criteria aren't met, he usually pokes your ass or just outright auto-attacks you into oblivion. Pray your team isn't braindead and knows how to deal with his ult when it hits one of them - even consider cleanse as a summoner spell. Avoid his E while you're regenerating from Q, as it inflicts Grievous Wounds.”
Fruxo says “Try to avoid his Q's to your best ability. Same goes for his R, try to avoid it. A Varus without his ult (R) is very vulnerable, Take advantage of that.”
✔️ Killing is my form of Art by Fruxo | Jhin Player
NeinMeansNo says “Varus's Q+E can chunk Twitch's health especially when Twitch has three stacks of blight . Although Varus can be easily executed if Twitch's support has hard cc.”
From out the sewers comes.. DOOM! by NeinMeansNo | Twitch Player
Todomagia says “In Building (I do not have too many encounters with him)”
LET´S TRY VAYNE W/MATCHUPS by Todomagia | Vayne Player
Krazioz says “This is the same as with Jinx, except that Varus has less range, even though that he can poke you down with his q. Varus relies heavily on his abilities so try to bait them out and then engage on him. Varus is biggest threat when combined with support like Lulu or Soraka. ”
In-depth Jhin guide by Krazioz | Jhin Player
DddyAwsmSauce says “He has lots of pokes but they're all dodge-able; try your best to dodge them. You'll take more damage the more stacks of Blighted Quiver you take. Try to go in and out when engaging with Varus; you don't wanna drag the fight long. His ult can't interrupt yours, so it should be an easy match up.”
[Miss OP] All You Need is a Fortune (9.8) by DddyAwsmSauce | Miss Fortune Player
jster131 says “Pretty even matchup early game, but if he gets ahead, your late game becomes a nightmare. Make sure not to make any mistakes or feed the varus because his late game power is no joke.”
THEY'RE GONNA LIVE, UNTIL THEY DIE!!!! Jhin Guide by jster131 | Jhin Player
DaSticks says “His ult can stop you tumbling. Deals alot of damage.”
[9.8] Vayne is OP by DaSticks | Vayne Player
DutchWolf114 says “Outscales you properly, but can be outplayed and shutdown.”
ADC: Ahri Damage Carry [Quick & Dirty Ahri ADC] by DutchWolf114 | Ahri Player
Xerxes Is ADC says “keep your distance, move side to side dont run straight at him as he can show his abilities easier at you. becareful of his poke damage.”
Season 9.7 Diamond Draven ADC Build by Xerxes Is ADC | Draven Player
xTheUnlimited says “Really solid lane. Ahead in range and in early damage. Your only hope is to get an aggressive support and over-aggress him. Depends on the supporters. He has range advantage and will push you in at early Levels. You scale better into late game tho. ”
[9.6] Tristana ADC - Blast 'em ! by xTheUnlimited | Tristana Player
xTheUnlimited says “Similar to Sivir. He can push alot and has a strong laning phase and you have to watch out for his good Damage in lane. ”
[9.5] Ezreal ADC - Time for a true display of skill ! by xTheUnlimited | Ezreal Player
Vayne To Dia ez pez says “Some people say that Varus is a counter. The only thing that makes him hard to play against it his GW on E. Other than that I do not see anything hard about facing him.”
Draven does it all... with style! by Vayne To Dia ez pez | Draven Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Can out-trade you in lane and deal more damage than you at other points and power spikes.”
Ashe deals big damage by Ch33syB0y8 | Ashe Player
Ightveso says “Abuse Varus Q Cooldowns. ”
[9.4] Rank 34 Jhin World! Go get your LP! <3 by Ightveso | Jhin Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “A quite large threat with good poking power so stay under turret and wait for ganks to beat Varus.”
Stattik Shivvir by Ch33syB0y8 | Sivir Player
Arrogath says “Very Hard to play Draven vs Varus”
WELCOM TO THE LEAGUE OF DRA-FUN [9.4 BUILD] by Arrogath | Draven Player
Tipurrs says “He will poke you from afar. all in at 6 since he's too squishy and mana hungry.”
Found Him! Patch 9.2 Annie Guide by Tipurrs | Annie Player
SpicyAdCurry says “Varus is one of the Best ADC'S to counter Caitlyn in late game he simply Stack his Passive and Q late game and in early She loses trade with Varus cause of his Passive ”
Master Caitlyn Guide by SpicyAdCurry | Caitlyn Player
qasddsa says “Dodge his Q and poke him down with your Q. He has a weak early game but is strong mid-late game, especially in teamfights with his ultimate. You do not want to get caught by his ultimate, as that will put full stacks of his passive on you, letting him quickly burst you down. With a little bit of kiting to dodge his abilities, he can be easily killed.”
[9.2] Get Excited! | Jinx by qasddsa | Jinx Player
weinerman says “hah, pathetic, his range is monstrous but he is homosexual so hes probably going to lose concentration looking at ur ginormous weiner. also, everything he has is spell shieldable. spell shield anything he drops directly on u. it's always feelsgood time in the house when u spell shield a max range q when u have 3 spooky varus stacks on u and then u laugh maniacally and take a sip of your evil tea ahhaahhahahahhahahahahhahah. also late game when varus is by himself trying to be big weiner because he thinks he can because of his small weiner ult u can run at him first and pop ur spell shield, either he wastes ult and dies, or dies. :)))”
Dr3sko says “With his Q he can poke without punishment. If you have 1-2 stacks, care for his E”
"Prefer the Good Cop or the Bad Cop?" Caitlyn S9 G by Dr3sko | Caitlyn Player
DFireFox says “You go even with him throughout early to mid, but you out scale him hard, watch out for his ulti and poke when you can and you should be fine.”
Right. On. Cue! by DFireFox | Jhin Player
EagleBlades says “This guy is a joke. 90% of Varuses are absolute trash. At least in silver.”
Sivir Build by EagleBlades | Sivir Player
satancurls says “Muito fácil, Varus tem uma mobilidade ruim, aproveite disso e tente sempre desviar das skills dele.”
[8.24] [PT-BR] Hora do acerto de contas. by satancurls | Vayne Player
Savagerayne says “This is even during lane as long as you do not get hit too much with his poke. Late game avoid his ult and try to remove him from the fights by being smart with yours.”
Kai'sa The Breach by Savagerayne | Kai'Sa Player
SSG Ruler says “immense poke, slighty more aa range, strong lvl 6.”
a silver guide on lucian by SSG Ruler | Lucian Player
Sucks At Lux says “To charm or not to charm. ”
Glacial Aug. Ahri Support Trust by Sucks At Lux | Ahri Player
NotFlyREDKIT says “do not get caught when he uses his ultimate strenght”
Not Fly Jhin by NotFlyREDKIT | Jhin Player
Seigemaster035 says “You win this fairly soundly, early is hard because of his poke but again, you out scale. Make sure to avoid getting stacked and avoid his ult.”
Twitch Guide by Seigemaster035 | Twitch Player
Robin Banks says “Immobile Adc with range advantage. However its very easy to proc your W+E. I'd say you win pre 6 as long as he isn't able to detonate any blight stacks. Haven't seen too many varus's nowadays so I'm a bit rusty on the knowledge of this matchup. ”
8.24b Ezreal Guide | Lategame oneshot build by Robin Banks | Ezreal Player
Nittwerp says “Varus isn't that difficult to deal with, dodge his Q in laning fase and if you don't get snared by his ult you can easily win against him. ”
PTA Vayne - PRE season 9 by Nittwerp | Vayne Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Varus has poke and can win the matchup with a good tanky support quite easily.”
Big Yordle Gunner Boi by Ch33syB0y8 | Tristana Player
iOwnPT says “Now this isnt 100% right, you all know it depends on the player but if the enemy Varus is good, he will give you a hard time poking with his E/Q where your axes will drop. Also, in level6+ if he gets you on his ult, you wont be able to catch your axe which makes you lose alot of damage.”
koyomilikesbloods says “His r is strong but it doesn't stun. Really it's his passive you want to watch out for. His slow is stronger than yours at early levels so just be careful. You can poke him easily because of where he stands in lane.”
Strong (kinda) Off-Meta MF by koyomilikesbloods | Miss Fortune Player
ZiviPK says “Constant poke and harass that you can do little against. usually my #1 ban.”
Draven Does it all by ZiviPK | Draven Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Varus has an element of trading power into you and offers much more to his team.”
Ch33syB0y8 says “Varus has lots of poke so you must play defensive”
Darkk Mane+CheesyBoy8 Jinx by Ch33syB0y8 | Jinx Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Varus has a strong mid game which goes against you yet his late game is not as good as yours.”
Runaan's Hurricait by Ch33syB0y8 | Caitlyn Player
Tylerfig455 says “He has good range with his Q, just don't let him get 3 stacks from his W on you and land a fat Q or your dead.”
Win Lane, Win Game | Draven Guide [8.22] by Tylerfig455 | Draven Player

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