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Sylas Counter Stats

Sylas Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #54 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Sylas. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Sylas in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Sylas Data for all roles taken from 129,294 matches.
Sylas Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (74%) Sylas Middle Lane Counters: 95,103 matches, 57 counter champions

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Tips Against Sylas in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Katawina52 says “Almost unbeatable when he has points in his W. Try to kill him early levels while he has no items with d blade/long sword. Unfortunately thanks to his W trades are pretty unwinnable (3+ points in W) so look to play safe until jgler makes a play. He is really bad in 2v2/3v3 scenarios where as Katarina is really strong there. Once you have bork/wits end you can look for all ins, but only if he used his E else it's pointless to go for it. Make sure to always ult instantly as soon as possible when you go for an all in, because you will make his W only heal 40% which is really crucial.”
S11 Katawina's challenger EUW Katarina guide by Katawina52 | Katarina Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Sylas outsustains you early game so your best choice is to go Dblade into Dshield. Try to windwall his E and Ulti and trade while his W is down. ”
[Season 11.7 Yasuo Guide] Tempest Challenger Yasuo Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
Stinkee says “Sylas, like all newer champions has a pretty crazy and overloaded kit. His heal is insane and he can dash out and stun you when you Q. An early Executioner's Calling is a great purchase to reduce his healing (don't upgrade it though). Just buy Abyssal Mask and wait for him to make a mistake and you'll be good. If he's ever in trouble he'll likely steal your ult and run away with it but that's fine as it's a long cooldown and I've seen a lot of Sylas players mess up Sion ult cause they don't know how to use it.”
Fuzzmonkey says “Quite a hard matchup, best thing to do is to bait his E, and try to all in him without getting into his W ranged so he can heal again. Make sure you ignite him at the start of the all-in.”
[11.7] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “MELEE = PUSH EARLY (LEVELS 1-2) - CARE FOR GANKS! (SPAM Q'S TILL 50-60% MANA). Corrupting because of his annoying sustain. You might supplement it with a Doran's Ring i you feel his burst is high and that he can play well. Can be a rather difficult matchup if you get camped due to his CC spell and how easy he can reach you. Use your WE to push him away from you when needed and if you miss it trying to engage on him or to kill him back off because he can turn on you and you won't have much to protect yourself. Usually he cannot 100-0 you but some MR will work. On Roaming be careful because he can steal your ult (PING IT if so!!). Also beware of his sustain and heals - it can outplay you sometimes. Ignite helps greatly in this matchup but if you feel you are going to get outplayed get something defensive such as heal/barrier.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID [S11 ITEMS] by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
crabbix says “If you can dodge his second e, you're likely to win. Stun him when he pauses to throw the chains”
Polarshift says “This fella will take short trades and heal it all back up when hes low. You wont be able to kill him till you are scaled up. Always dodge his second E, because that is most of his damage.”
[11.7] RYZE THE RUNE MAGE [MID/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH GUIDE] by Polarshift | Ryze Player
iZianni says “He goes merc treads and presses W. I've often won this match up due to Sylas players being some of the worst OTPs, with the champion being extremely bad. But the reality is Sylas should win this match up because of his all in potential. You do outrange, but he can easily outmaneuver you if given the opportunity. ”
Challenger Lux Guide by iZianni | Lux Player
Quinncidence says “Really easy matchup for Yorick. Get Executioners! Note that if Sylas takes Yorick R, the cats does way less dmg since the cats scales on AD and not AP”
Meowrick - An in-depth Challenger guide for Season 11 by Quinncidence | Yorick Player
Yeager says “You have to watch out for his early game damage with corrupting potion. He has a ton of burst and sustain which makes it very hard for Yone to win early trades. Stay behind minions when his E is up so he can't grab you with E2. Getting early healing reduction will make the trades easier. Basically just farm out the early game, look for trades when he uses abilities to farm with. You win easily after you get berserkers and first mythic item. ”
Yeager's Master Yone Guide [In-Depth] by Yeager | Yone Player
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Top Lane (20%) Sylas Top Lane Counters: 26,504 matches, 46 counter champions

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Tips Against Sylas in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “Start Doran's Blade in this matchup, This matchup is fairly easy for urgot since hitting E should be easy for you with him being meele, plus a lot of sylas players will try to E in on you and then you can just E them and kill him, Executioners calling is recommended in this matchup since he heals a ton with W and they usually run conqueror, I just go for trades whenever my E is up in this matchup and it's smooth sailing, if you miss E then just back off until it's back up. and try your best to dodge his Q's as well. If he steals your ultimate try your best to either dodge it or kill him first, if you guys both ult at the same time, whoever gets the other person low enough first for the pull wins.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
xPetu says “Recommended: Standard Runes & Ignite Tips: Play aggressively. Always inform your team (by spam pinging) when he clones your R. Ignite early to prevent his W heals. Don't get hit by Q2.”
Sovereign Kitten says “This matchup is dependant on the main rune Sylas chooses. Aftershock or Electrocute dictates how you should be fighting him. You need to by all means use your minions to body block his (E) dash into his (E) chain CC, especially if he is running Aftershock. If he misses this ability, make sure to run him down. He is squishy as hell if he misses. If he does hit you, however, there is not much you can do, because you let him land the ability and you're going to be taking a shit ton of damage. Throw your (R) on his (R) to track where he places them or buy Oracle Lens to remove the mushrooms he placed. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
MrDomian says “Don't let him heal you. You can try to fight after level 6. Wait for your R and counter its R your stuns.”
[11.7] ORNN - THE BEST BUILDS AND RUNES! 💕 by MrDomian | Ornn Player
Drake6401 says “The only real threat Sylas holds is his disgustingly high healing at low HP. Executioner's Calling is required. While two of his abilities are skillshots, it's much less likely to be the one who looks to engage so he will be aiming from point blank. You out burst him but he will look to chase you with his E. Side step the chains if you can't dash. When going for the kill, saving your W for the killing shot is a good plan to hopefully burst him down before he can get a huge heal off.”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Rhoku says “TL;DR - EASY LANE. DON’T EAT TOO MUCH POKE. KEYSTONE DOESN’T MATTER. DSHIELD IS A GOOD START BUT DBLADE WORKS IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT ABOUT BEING ABLE TO DODGE HIS POKE. Sylas is not a difficult matchup for Darius at all. He might have an easier time in midlane but not up here in top. Sylas is somewhat difficult to land your first Q on due to his shield dash and him being able to pull himself to you. But other than that he is very free to fight against. Just grab a Dshield as it should be enough on its own to negate his poke. And poking you is all he can do as if he ever gets in the range of your W or E, he is just dead. Freeze him off of farm and kill him if he ever steps up. If he ever becomes an issue, get executioner’s calling as it helps a lot against his healing. Unless the Sylas is smurfing vs you, you should be able to beat his face in.”
Anoying bro5 says “You win if you dodge his Q and land your Q pokes. Parry his stun which is predictable as he dashes right before stunning. If he steals your ult, hes trolling. You will hit the vitals faster and you know how they work. Get executioners as your second item to prevent his healing from his W and if he does complete your ult.”
[11.7]|Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
Raen says “Annyoing with those heals, Early Sheen and Executioner's vs Sylas. Remember about his W healing increased by 50% against targets below 40% health so be careful diving him or trying to kill when you got low hp.”
Raen's Jax Video Tips & Tricks & Build ^̮^ by Raen | Jax Player
LoLReal says “Not a big threat, the Sylas lane is pretty straightforward. He can't trade with us efficiently as a melee caster. Executioners Calling is very good in this lane because his W does heal him an annoying amount. Don't take too much poke from his Q and if he's spamming it let him push the wave and freeze under turret. This lane shouldn't be a problem, play standardly. ”
Warwick de Crocs says “Pressionar o Ataque - Lâmina de Doran. Início da lane é bem tranquilo, corta cura é uma boa contra ele se tiver fortinho, 1 kill pro Sylas pode decretar a derrota na lane. Obs: a maioria dos Sylas não vai saber usar sua ult e ela é bem ruim no geral pro Sylas.”
Guia Definitivo do Warwick Top - S11 - PT/BR (WIP) by Warwick de Crocs | Warwick Player
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