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Maokai Counter Stats

Maokai Counters
Support Lane
Ranked #4 out of 39 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Maokai. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Maokai in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Maokai Data for all roles taken from 57,926 matches.
Maokai Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Bottom Lane (82%) Maokai Bottom Lane Counters: 47,263 matches, 37 counter champions

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Tips Against Maokai in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Penguto says “Tanky, root, can dash onto you, and pokes you with small trees.”
Profesor APH. says “you can run away from his ult but he can easilly catch you but his w when im playing vs aphelios on support i like to pick him”
[11.2] InfamousSNOVA's APHELIOS GUIDE - SEASON 11 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
yers says “Thick and he's going to make facechecking uncomfortable. Most you can do is play for earlygame and try to kill him then. Otherwise it will require your support to pitch in a lot of effort to take him down as well.”
yer's Recommended botlane [s11 update] by yers | Syndra Player
TheWizardM says “Maokai support is just about the easiest support to face with this build. He doesn't have to tools to prevent us from getting too close to his adc with his q, and his seeds don't even go off if we walk past while stealthed. Do make sure no ally is walking next to you though as they can cause them to go off.”
Ultimate kiter (100% slow AP Twitch) by TheWizardM | Twitch Player
Terrific says “Just obnoxious and annoying. Care for his W and plants in bushes. They do annoying amount of damage. His W is very dangerous because he will be able to position himself behind you and Q you towards his ADC. punish him for having cooldown and his melee range.”
CALSHARKY says “Super aids unkillable if you dont punish him early. Lose axes to his gapcloser also.”
LupinTheCat says “Trees are so weak, it's hilarious how bad they are, unlike ivern this guy is useless, stay away from bushes”
Soraka's hurricane. god bless the ds by LupinTheCat | Soraka Player
XtrassXio says “Maokai can use his ult. (His ult is to call Mao Zedong back to life. Stop him before he gets lvl.6”
Eccentricks says “The buffs to his ult litterally change nothing, this champ is still trash after his rework way back when, and Rito will never change a thing... ”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player

Top Lane (14%) Maokai Top Lane Counters: 8,120 matches, 50 counter champions

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Tips Against Maokai in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “Similar to most tanks for Urgot, scaling matchup where you can't do too much to punish him early, I recommend building Cull on first back. Once you have Black Cleaver you can start to extended fight him more, once you get death's dance as well you should just destroy him.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
PH45 says “Can be semi-difficult to kill as he has built in sustain and he can just Q you if you try to jump on him. After 6 and with a couple items he shouldn't be a problem to you though. Bork is good buy against him coupled with Divine Sunderer.”
iZeal says “Very mana hungry early so you can just permapush him in and there is little he can do. Later on he becomes much harder to deal with since he shrugs off your damage with his passive sustain and has insane teamfighting capabilities. Be aware that his W can dodge your Q3 easily and his Q can displace your knock up sweet spot. Once he has bramble trading becomes more difficult, so you might want to just push him into tower so he has to exhaust his mana if you can't fight him anymore.”
[Patch 11.2] iZeal's Aatrox compendium by iZeal | Aatrox Player
Anoying bro5 says “More of an annoying match up. You can parry his Q and his E to stun him. Beware of ganks often as Maokai is easy to assist his jungle. Maokai is fairly easy to kill early if you play around his grasp proc and stuns. After he gets bramble, just focus on farming and possibly freezing to get your jungle to secure the kill.”
A_Drunk_Carry says “Another meta tank that can't do anything to do. Ignore him, and if he wants to fight bring down the hammer. Take his tower the first time he TPs bot for a teamfight. ”
EU_Toxicity says “One of the easiest tanks to deal with, just stay away from bushes and he'll never outdamage you as long as you can stick to him. Save your CC for after he uses his Q knockback and pull him back in. He can use his W to dodge your Q although in a 1v1 he should still not have enough damage to kill you. He has great gank setup though so be very wary of jungle ganks.”
xPetu says “Recommended: Standard Runes & Ignite Tips: Passive shield his Q poke. Don't run into bushes with saplings. Don't try to dive him because he can CC you for 3 seconds.”
[11.2] xPetu's Challenger Shen Guide by xPetu | Shen Player
RTO says “He struggles to trade with you at level 3 and for the rest of the game you should be able to press your dominance. Shove lanes because he is really bad under tower. ”
[11.2] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
Rhoku says “TL;DR - EASY LANE. DON’T TAKE BAD TRADES. DONT GET CHEESED BY SAPLINGS. TRY TO WIN TRADES HARD BECAUSE OF HIS SUSTAIN. CLEAVER IF BEHIND(somehow). CONQUEROR/PHASE RUSH BOTH WORK. Even if you miss ALL of your abilities and just auto attack him, you will probably kill him. He is very shit at extended fights. A Maokai will be looking to safely farm with his abilities and keep trades with you short, damaging you a little and then disengaging, with him healing off of his passive later. Just don’t leave yourself in a position where he can easily knock you back without you retaliating. Q spam poke him off of minions. If he roots you in order to dodge the Q, just W/E him in order to stop him from escaping. If possible, time your E/W (whichever one is left) same time as his knock back so the slow lets you catch up. Maokai is VERY GOOD at setting up ganks.”
Drake6401 says “This is a pesky laner because of his sustain and CC. He's very good at buzzing you off every time you want to fight and is amazing at setting you up for his jungler to gank. The best way to beat this lane is treat it like most tank matchups and zone him off the wave by establishing early kill pressure. Because of how easy he makes ganks to be, heavy warding is recommended and pray you are on blue side of the map because it's harder to gank than red side. Later in the game, you will want to invest in a Mortal reminder if he's an issue in fights.”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
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