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Rammus Counter Stats

Rammus Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #2 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Rammus. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Rammus in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Rammus Data for all roles taken from 19,975 matches.
Rammus Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (97%) Rammus In the Jungle Counters: 19,363 matches, 49 counter champions

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Tips Against Rammus in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

ak521 says “Hypermobile tank.. if rolls into a squishy, they are as good as dead with the enemy team follow-up, there's almost nothing you can do. AP Builds will counter him which makes him not an Extreme matchup. Your W will also melt him in either build. Block him from getting to your back line with your Bandage Toss/Q. ”
LambWolf says “You need tenacity against rammus. Just get legend: tenacity or merc treads. ”
[11.12] Kindred the Solo Carry Machine by LambWolf | Kindred Player
Arfreezy says “He can rush armor items and become very hard to kill. He isn't particularly strong early, but if he doesn't fall behind by the time he starts hitting the 1 and 2 item armor spikes, you will have trouble dealing with him. Play efficiently and play to scale through farming, counter jungling, and counter ganking.”
Ellesmere says “Ahhhh the Sonic of League. This guy will be incredibly tanky late game, and he has a ton of escape early. If you do try and 1v1 him early, make sure you save your stun for right as he starts to powerball so you knock him out of it. He also ganks a lot early since he has such high mobility so make sure you don't let him dominate the early game.”
Not So Fireproof | Jungle Udyr | 11.12 by Ellesmere | Udyr Player
Maintained says “Similar to Zac, he is unable to kill you, it will be very difficult for you to do much to his allies when he is around. He has enough crowd control and disruption that you are unable to stick to his allies and get off free ults. You also have no reliable way to stop his powerball without using your own body to block him.”
Fear My Sting - Jungle Skarner [11.12] by Maintained | Skarner Player
EUWRATS says “Useless champ against you, just take conq and you will out damage him, super easy match up for you”
[S11] Challenger Rank 1 Hecarim WORLD EUWRATS by EUWRATS | Hecarim Player
Citric says “This is another tank matchup for Shyvana. You have builds that allow you to shread tanks. Rammus should pose little to no threat to you in the jungle. Try to ping off your team when Rammus is trying to gank.”
✔️ Citric's Jungle Shyvana Guide (AD/AP) by Citric | Shyvana Player
SnowballBarrage says “Nunu is better than Rammus in every way. You never lose. ”
{S11} 1.4+ MILLION MASTERY MASTER Nunu & Willump - JG Gu by SnowballBarrage | Nunu & Willump Player
Narutoe says “A problem as he is a fully tank with thornmail. Try to avoid him.”
Play Maker Build By 'Yed' [11.12] by Narutoe | Kindred Player
NixLychee says “Rammus will taunt you and then he will play the ultimate game of stop hitting yourself. Very strong ganks, and gets much too tanky to kill in the later stages of the game. You can just kick him away if he tries to get too close.”
[11.12] Lee Sin Owner's Manual by NixLychee | Lee Sin Player
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