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Cho'Gath Counter Stats

Cho'Gath Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #38 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Cho'Gath. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Cho'Gath in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Cho'Gath Data for all roles taken from 21,229 matches.
Cho'Gath Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Top Lane (69%) Cho'Gath Top Lane Counters: 14,703 matches, 55 counter champions

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Tips Against Cho'Gath in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

BoilTheOil says “Take Conqueror. He can be hard to kill in lane, but luckily you don't need to kill him, just outfarm and outscale him. Like Sion, he's a massive meat bomb so you can just ult him and kill the entire enemy team. If you ever fight him after level 6 make sure you W his ult.”
[11.15] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide by BoilTheOil | Sett Player
I Am Goliath says “This matchup is usually very easy, you should get an early merc treads in this matchup as they're very strong against Cho, I usually go cleaver and death's dance as my first two big items here and once you get them he just doesn't have the damage to keep up, between conqurer and your passive leg procs it's just too much damage/healing for him, make sure you're trying your best to get your passive leg procs in this matchup as well as trying your best to dodge his Q which should be easy most of the time. I also usually hard push cho'gath in early game since his sustain is fairly high I don't bother trading very much I just play for a CS lead to get my core items quicker, obviously be careful with this and it is dependent on who the enemy jungler is playing.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
RivalOCE says “Riven has all the mobility needed to deal with his kit. Cho wins this by out sustaining, hard all in when you can.”
[11.15] ✔️⚔️ PLAY RIVEN LIKE 1,000+LP MAINS! by RivalOCE | Riven Player
Lynter says “Runa Recomendada: Conquistador. Cho'Gath ficará forte depois, no início não é um problema. Tome cuidado para não levar knock-up com os seus Q (Rupture) e não fique atrás dos minions que ele bater pois ele te acertará com o seu E (Vorpal Spikes). Use seu Q sempre para tirar vida dele e espere ele gastar o Q (Rupture) para poder agressivar com EW+AA+QE+AA para possível abate. Acima do nível 6, assim que ele gastar o W (Feral Scream), agressive com combo e use sua ultimate para matá-lo. Ele não é bom em Roaming e por isso você deve abusar, pois quanto mais tempo passa, mais grande ele ficará e mais forte também, cobre dele fazendo isso e a partida será sua. A ultimate de Cho dá muito dano, e ainda é dano verdadeiro, tome cuidado para não ser executado, calcule seu dano e posicionamento para evitar ser pego por ele. Em teamfights, observe se ele está tank, caso esteja, foque outro do time e deixe o por último, caso seu time o foque, gaste apenas o combo QEW, guardando sua ultimate para ultar nos outros que sobrarem do time inimigo. O potencial de perigo de Cho'Gath é de igual para igual devido Cho'Gath possuir bastante dano, inclusive com sua ultimate de dano verdadeiro.”
[S11] Lynter's Katarina Guide (PT-BR) by Lynter | Katarina Player
Drake6401 says “Most of the time, you expect to see a Q max and start Cho'Gath. These are standard cases of dodge his poke and all in. Recently since this new season, good Cho'Gath players are starting E first and maxing it. It actually does a WILD amount of damage, hammering you with the first two hits and kiting back with the third if you chase them. This will leave you half HP if not lower. By landing his E-W then Q, it's almost impossible to dodge the full combo of this guy. Never fight him if you're low because his ult is a click move and cannot be evaded. While Cho-Gath still doesn't like extended trades, he's actually very strong vs diver class champions right now.m”
Complete Guide to Renekton (Wild Rift Portion) by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Anoying bro5 says “Be careful of Cho silencing you before knocking you up. If he does this, try not to parry the knock up but use it on his ult or silence in general. This isn't that hard of a match up if you work around both of those abilities. He has high sustain and tankiness as he scales. Try to fight him lvl2. Pre 6 he is fairly easy to kill.”
[11.15] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
MrDomian says “Max W and build Sunfire Aegis. Your W counter stun. Use the first R to avoid being eaten.”
Sovereign Kitten says “While fighting or simply laning, you should always be positioning yourself away from his angle to avoid his spikes that slow you. The second you let him line up a spike-slow, you will be swiftly met with your death through his knock up and more often if he is running Glacial Augment. He is a high HP and sustain stacking champion through killing minions, so preventing his sustain makes killing him easier. If he misses the knock up and can't land a slow, you can simply run him down with auto attacks and burst from your (Q). Be aware if he is running Glacial as it is a huge threat and you really need to play well. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
SaltCat says “You straight up beat this buy, rush bork and you will melt him, you can use your q to dodge his q and w easily”
RTO says “Really easy pre 6. Easy to dodge his abilities with your e. You need to establish dominance early because once he gets his core, then you will have hard times. Silence can also be really annoying. Watch the animation for it and you can dodge it. ”
[11.15] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
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Middle Lane (14%) Cho'Gath Middle Lane Counters: 2,923 matches, 36 counter champions

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Tips Against Cho'Gath in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Kippari says “Cho has abusable cooldowns early and is fairly squishy, if you zone him away from farm to deny his passive you can get early kills easily. Just remember he becomes a monster later on.”
Ambitieux says “Although Cho should seem easy, he does have a few tricks with silence. Play around this and try not to be to in his face. Poke him out with mostly autos under turret and have his lane pushed in. ”
Ambitieux's MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+ by Ambitieux | Ahri Player
Yeager says “You rarely see this guy midlane even though he can be pretty strong. AP Cho'gath has a lot of burst, so you want to focus on dodging his Q. It's the only way he can gap close (without flash) and engage. Banshee's veil is great since it counters his surprise engages. Remember that AP cho doesn't care as much about stacking his ultimate. He can use it to burst you early on with his entire combo. You can bully him a lot early game since he can't really defend himself, and you also outscale him really hard. ”
Yeager's Master Orianna guide by Yeager | Orianna Player
iZianni says “The more he eats, the easier he is to hit. The silence is annoying but as long as you're constantly moving (You can cast while moving, this is a really simple lane.) Perma farm or tank and spank.”
Zianni's Challenger Orianna Guide by iZianni | Orianna Player
XayLies says “His Silence > Knock Up > One Shot with R combo is DISGUSTING. dodge his Q with E - Sweeping Blade and try to make an R if you have to fight him.”
[ALL ROLES] XayLies Yasuo Guide | Season 11 | In-Depth by XayLies | Yasuo Player
Hullos says “CC, sustain, enough dmg to kill after 6. The only upside is that he is easy to poke and if you can force him off minions then he losses his sustain and you win the lane. After 6 he can almost one shot you so watch out if the lane is even or worse.”
angeLoon says “Conq Dblade in Resolve Second Wind to match his sustain. has too much sustain all-in lvl 2 or bait his W”
[S11] The Wind of Change OTP Yasuo Guide TOP/MID by angeLoon | Yasuo Player
Katawina52 says “In the long run Cho will always win cuz of his sustained passive. This is why u should always look for hard all in's once you're level 2/3+. This matchup is gonna depend enterily how u play the all in. For example at level 3 with ConQ you can kill him depending if he's pushing or not (U always want Cho to push so u can always look for the all in) If u go for the all in make sure he doesn't hit all his spells on you, u can make it easier by waiting for him to use Q/W or E on minions or waste to poke on you then u can also look for an all in and it should be easier. Mercs vs cho is really good if more ccs elsewhere.”
S11 Katawina's challenger EUW Katarina guide by Katawina52 | Katarina Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Not much experience in this matchup but sounds fairly easy. Take conq in this lane bc he gets way too tanky to not have the extra damage. Would probably take Dom in this matchup bc the fight will be very extended and the extra omnivamp will be nice. Another easily ganked champion due to no mobility so freezing against him is very effective. Always keep moving to try to dodge his Q when he silences you. Respond with W when he Ws you.”
[Season 11.14] In-depth Challenger Yone Midlane Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Yone Player
Yasukeh says “Chogath has little he can do to stop you from running him down. Bait out his [[Rupture]] and he is a free kill. Very useful lane to try to freeze in, since he is very unsafe without a tower to protect him. ”
In Depth Rank 1 Challenger Tryndamere by Yasukeh by Yasukeh | Tryndamere Player
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In the Jungle (11%) Cho'Gath In the Jungle Counters: 2,364 matches, 29 counter champions

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Tips Against Cho'Gath in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Smartest2 says “Cho sustain is high, just out farm him while harassing. Start corrupting pot. Try and freeze as much as possible, Cho pushes lane pretty quick. Don't eat his E autos. ”
Arfreezy says “Last Updated: Patch 11.14 Jungler Type: Tank Jungler Cho'Gath is a tank jungler, but due to his kit he can't farm as well as some of the other tanks so he will struggle to scale. His early game is terrible similar to Zac and he is vulnerable in early fights. Look to path to the same side as him to deny crab and play for 2 scuttle to generate a massive exp lead. Side step or dash his knock up during skirmishes.”
Scooltefan says “Care for W Silence, Knock up and his massive R Damage. Might be hard to kill if you're behind, he is tanky and you don't have Conqueror. Other than that - slice and dice.”
[11.14] 3 Builds + Guide for Free LP! (Updated) by Scooltefan | Master Yi Player
Kayn Mains says “Make sure to always save your Reaping Slash (Q) to dodge his knockup. Avoiding it wins you the fight easily early game. Cho'Gath's clear is painfully slow, so always look for opportunities to invade him. Don’t fight Cho'Gath once he reaches level 6. His ultimate does massive damage and can kill you from half HP during mid game. Once you reach the late game Cho'Gath becomes a free HP reset with your ultimate if you have chosen to go Rhaast. He is also very immobile, so as long as you have the appropriate itemization to fight his tankiness you win the fight.”
r/KaynMains | Comprehensive Guide [11.15] by Kayn Mains | Kayn Player
Suseri says “You win Level 1 after that it can be hard till you have items. You beat a Tank Cho very easy after Rageblade however an AP Cho can be very difficult depending on the player. If he times his abilities correct you won't be able to take trades with him because of his silence and damage. Try to dodge his knockup safe your Q for that it's very reactable.”
[S11] The Best Master Yi Guide ✔️ by Suseri | Master Yi Player
freddy66623 says “Kiting Cho is easy. Invading him shoulnt be a problem. Just do not let him catch up!”
[11.15] 🍭Ivern Candy Tank - In-Depth Counter Jungle! 🍭 by freddy66623 | Ivern Player
Amatzu says “Urgot is probably one of the most painful, but Cho'Gath is just one of the more prevalent champions with a tool you need to especially watch out for: executes. You aren't playing tank Volibear, so it's easy to get into the mindset that you're invincible, but ping uses and cooldowns. Play safe, and fight in favorable positions. A patient Cho'Gath with good cooldown management is one of the scariest things in lane. Besides that, you can ban pretty much whoever you want. If you hate laning against a Teemo, ban Teemo. If your lanes like to feed the Master Yi you've solo-killed twice and snowballed into a nexus turret, ban Master Yi. ”
Violent Variable Volibear by Amatzu | Volibear Player
Riyad101 says “Dodge his W with your E and kite him. Buy LDR as a second or third item. He is killable with the help of your jgler so you can take ignite. End the game early before cho gets our of hand.”
Best Graves Match Up Guide for MID/JGL/TOP by Riyad101 | Graves Player
SoSheolH says “Cho'Gath is strong at the moment, and given the opportunity he'll ult you and take you out of a teamfight early. Try and simply play around his ult cooldown and go in if he wastes it on someone else.”
[11.13] Long Range Ganking - Tank Galio Jungle by SoSheolH | Galio Player
barbarianmode_on says “Bully him, dominate before lvl 6, and don't get too low.”
Barbarian Mode Warwick by barbarianmode_on | Warwick Player