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Master Yi Counter Stats

Master Yi Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #5 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Master Yi. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Master Yi in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Master Yi Data for all roles taken from 110,729 matches.
Master Yi Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (95%) Master Yi In the Jungle Counters: 105,182 matches, 43 counter champions

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Tips Against Master Yi in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

reganakers says “Its down to you to slow down this mans power spike. Playing against this champion is like a ticking time bomb. You will easily 1v1 him. But his W will let him stall for his team. ”
Frozerlol says “Easy early but annoying with rageblade and red smite try to get his stack before that or he denies you hard”
[D1] Season 10.19 In-Depth Rengar Jungle Guide by Frozerlol | Rengar Player
ak521 says “hahahah easy as hell matchup. He's dead with your cc. but don't 1v1, never 1v1. You /could/ get away but I wouldn't take the risk as his E does true damage. He'll be useless in team fights. Yes, you should focus Yi, especially late game, he scales well. Try as hard as you can to win early for your team and I would end ASAP as Yi can snowball a late game lead.”
Embracing says “His W outlasts your passive duration and can just wait out your stack and win the all in. Early on if he's low or W is on CD you might be able to kill.”
A Jungle Nidalee Guide by Embracing | Nidalee Player
KamiKZ says “Master Yi is a tricke one. He can downright outplay you if he has his meditate up and it is very hard to 1v1 him late game unless it is a 1v1 with isolation. Even then, he will still shred you. It´s a skill matchup most of the time. Extremely hard to duel without Q evolution and challenging smite. ”
Ellesmere says “You are stronger early, but he is stronger late. Make sure you get your team rolling and don't try to 1v1 him past level 11.”
Not So Fireproof | Jungle Udyr | 10.19 by Ellesmere | Udyr Player
Nyftt says “High attack speed with true damage on his E ability. Yi's like to build blade of the ruined king as well which don't help as he will shredding your hp quite fast. You have a lot more play-making ability so if you get your carries ahead and build a frozen heart you should be fine. Just note that if he gets very fed you will not have much fun.”
10.19 Nunu & Willump Guide AMA by Nyftt | Nunu & Willump Player
Doubtfull says “This match up can be annoying if the Master Yi takes Ignite. Try to bully him out of the game early by tracking him in his jungle. Take red smite as blue smite doesn't do anything against him. Don't let him alpha strike your knock up or you are in trouble.”
Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide by Doubtfull | Rek'Sai Player
Riealone says “Take Skirmisher's Saber. Try so save your E to stop his meditation. He can dodge your E and R with his Q, so play it smart. Buy Bramble Vest after Trinity Force if you want to completely counter him ”
Tchouvline says “If he's running to you with his R, E and Q him.”
[10.19] Reworked Fiddlesticks Jungle, the detailled guide by Tchouvline | Fiddlesticks Player
HVfun says “Well, Master Yi is Cancer. You can beat him by getting off ganks or invading early, but my mid game if your allies are getting picked, or don't team fight properly against him it's over. Essentially your team needs to hold a lot of damage to burst him when he engages, but it's hard to coordinate in Solo queue. ”
Maintained says “You beat him early game within your spires, and his biggest weakness is crowd control, meaning if you save your ult for him in teamfights, he's useless he pays the QSS tax. Once early game is over, he'll be able to run you down rather easily, and if he has QSS it will be difficult for you to lock him down.”
Fear My Sting - Jungle Skarner [10.19] by Maintained | Skarner Player
KamiKZ says “This match up is Graves favored, try to fight master yi early pre 6 and gain and exp and gold lead over him so you are able to fight him after lvl 6 aswell. Tip try to hold onto your W untill Master yi uses his Q (Alpha strike) on you and put down your w on top him there. Then you should be able to win the 1v1 against him. ”
Season 10 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
Eagzey says “Pressure early. We can stop his W with our W and he does no damage until 2-3 items deep. We can also R his Q if you time it right.”
uSgSello says “Master Yi is comparable to Tryndamere. He will farm up until he have got his ult. After level 6 you shouldn't fight him because he is able to dodge your cocoon with his Q and have got a lot of dps. Concentrate on ganking pre 6 and on counterganking after reaching level 6. ”
[Season 10] Extensive Guide to Elise by uSgSello | Elise Player
Smartest2 says “Low risk to you, high risk to your team. Leave him alone in his jungle early game but try and get counter ganks off. Once he uses his q his damage output is fairly low. Mid-game we can 100-0 him.”
colingogo says “Unless yi has merc treads + deaths dance + witts end, you charm him and one shot him. ”
[10.19] Colingogo's Challenger Evelynn Guide by colingogo | Evelynn Player
LambWolf says “You can win fights against master yi early on. Don't use your E's 3rd attack when he has w on. Don't let him make your team low with your ultimate.”
Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.19 by LambWolf | Kindred Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Master Yi cannot run from Jarvan so if you catch him out he dies easily.”
Udyr uber says “Abuse do seu early game para invadir ele, e mata-lo na selva. Roube o máximo de campos possiveis antes que o Master Yi tenha chance de crescer. Tabi+Navalha+Espinhos”
O Poder do Xamã - Udyr Jungle BR - 10.18 by Udyr uber | Udyr Player
CaptianMike says “So, so easy. Your counter strike blocks nearly all his damage. You can stun him out of his meditate, and you win duels throughout the entire game!! You counter Yi hard. ”
ChaseMorePlz says “You have a very easy time fighting him when you group up with your team. After he alpha strikes, stun him and he dies instantly. It's best not to 1v1 him until you have a clear lead or item advantage. ”
10.19 Amumu MELTATION Jungle Build Guide For Season 10!~ by ChaseMorePlz | Amumu Player
nZk01 says “Care about level 2 invade, otherwise really easy to outjungle and outgank, I would still recommend going zhonyas into this champion if he's getting fed.”
[10.19] Karthus Jungle Guide | Not just an R Machine by nZk01 | Karthus Player
freddy66623 says “yi is a pain ban if possible”
Holessando says “Don't feed him, if you and your team feeds him, your game is most of the time over, since he's really overpowered when fed.. if he's good, he will try to invade your red and wait for you, this happened to me many times, he waited for me in the bush and he killed me.. be careful when clearing camps and fight only when you're sure you can kill him”
[10.19] HOLESSANDO's ULTIMATE EKKO JG GUIDE by Holessando | Ekko Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Yi will full clear so will you.”
[S10] DESTROY SOLOQ WITH EVELYNN - UDYSOF Challenger Eve by UDYSOF_OCE | Evelynn Player
Stratogos says “Q his R.If fed focus him and you should win teamfight if your team has good position.”
[S10] [10.19] Junglesticks Guide ~ Are you Afraid? by Stratogos | Fiddlesticks Player
KevinThyAsian says “Annoying but you should win early and shut him down, if he’s ahead you lose tho so ban him if you must.”
[10.19] 200k Mastery Kindred, all optimal build paths by KevinThyAsian | Kindred Player
Aqua Dragon says “Master Yi doesn't have as much early pressure as other junglers, and is especially prone to silences and suppressions due to their telegraphed landing spot from Alpha Strike. Still, after QSS, a smart Yi can still spiral out of control if they have an early lead.”
Diamond Jungle Malzahar - The Void's Legion by Aqua Dragon | Malzahar Player
FrostForest says “He can dodge your Combo and kill you. Luckily he's useless if he doesn't get ahead and will die quickly in teamfights if hit by any cc”
How I play Jarvan IV like a Challenger in Season 10 Updated by FrostForest | Jarvan IV Player
xDopii says “He can easily nuke you with his high attack speed and true damage. Always avoid 1v1s and stick with your teammates. In teamfights you can try to get your passive stacked on him and follow with a stun.”
[10.19] Tanky Tahm Jungle by xDopii | Tahm Kench Player
Afro D Legend says “Point and click one shots you for no reason.”
ChaseMorePlz says “Due to the Bloodrazor/Guinsoo's Rageblade changes, he is actually a big threat to you especially when you don't have any armor, he will delete you. Fight him pre-6 and before he gets sated, respect him when he gets these power spikes. CC him and focus him down with your team and you'll be fine :)”
[10.19] IN-DEPTH Vi Combo Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION] by ChaseMorePlz | Vi Player
chasemyman1 says “This is a great matchup because your cocoon destroys his Healing and his ultimate. You simply have to burst him before he starts stacking his Guinsoo's Rageblade and Conqueror.”
Elise in depth guide by chasemyman1 | Elise Player
SELORONIOS says “You can usually handle him 1vs1 but if he gets fed your whole team will be in danger. Considerable ban choice if you're going Jungle.”
⚔️"Help is not coming... "⚔️ by SELORONIOS | Nocturne Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Grab a dead man's plate and a devourer and you'll be able to fight him early on; pick up a cinderhulk and frozen heart if your carries have the damage potential to kill him.”
(10.19) IN-DEPTH Jax Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION] by ChaseMorePlz | Jax Player
Rhoku says “Master Yi is a very difficult matchup. If he gets fed, and the likelihood of him getting fed is high in soloq, then he will cut you down in 2 seconds and process to murder your team. You can beat him earlier on if you manage your abilities properly. By this I mean making sure you hit your Q and making sure he doesn't dodge your abilities with Alpha Strike. He outscales you very quickly once he kills you twice. After that point there is no hope against him between the %health damage and his true damage.”
Unishamaani says “You can't stop him from farming”
[10.19] Ivern Guide with pathing by Unishamaani | Ivern Player
TheInkKingLoL says “Master Yi is a very cheese champion. He's easy to master, and does a lot of damage. ALWAYS build Thornmail into Master Yi to negate his damage. He has an advantage in early game duels but really falls off in late game fights with cc.”
[10.19] Sett Jungle Guide by TheInkKingLoL | Sett Player
Yitastics says “May the best right clicker win”
(10.19) The 500K Master Yi Guide by Yitastics | Master Yi Player
McSushi says “vs him take ignite, and USE IGNITE INTO HIS W, at those lvl 3-4 fights. NEVER fight him midgame without ult unless you have another advantage, like gold or current hp.”
10.19 AD Shaco Jungle Guide by McSushi | Shaco Player
At0mikx458 says “Very strong mostly in low ranked. Can do a lot of damage quick and unstoppable when fed.”
Elise Jungle by At0mikx458 | Elise Player
wild overload lol says “Não poderia dizer que nosso querido espadachim Yi seja um counter de Shaco em específico, mas como o objetivo do Shaco é drenar os recursos do jungler inimigo e matar ele, o Master Yi se recupera muito rápido disso e com facilidade, sinceramente, meu pesadelo nas filas ranqueadas.”
[10.19] Mono Shaco Shaco - Guia 100% BR by wild overload lol | Shaco Player
NixLychee says “He's squishy, so you should win if you land your combo correctly, but don't let him get the first attack, because that will start to proc the Guinsoo's that he inevitably built. Kill him early to prevent snowballing.”
[10.19] Powersquatting to Victory by NixLychee | Pantheon Player
PsiGuard says “Master Yi can win basically any matchup if he gets fed enough, but on average, this tends to be Nocturne favored. He can't burst you and he doesn't have escapes other than running away with R, so your fear is a good deterrent. If you and your team focus him in group fights, he should have a tough time doing his job.”
The Nocturnomicon by PsiGuard | Nocturne Player
Aas112mm says “There is really nothing a master yi can do to you, you just R him as soon as he come out of alpha strike. Although watch out for late because if you cane kill him fast enough he might become a big problem and kill you easily.”
Ap Malphite Jungle Guide by Aas112mm | Malphite Player
Veralion says “Avoid him as usual in the early game. He wins quite handily until 6 because meditate is a balanced ability that can just stall until your E mark expires. And that's if he's not healthy enough to just right click you to death. If he's running ignite, that means he really wants to kill you at your second buff. Ward before starting it. Don't engage him if he has his ult available post-6. If you know it's down, save your ult to interrupt meditate and he's a free kill. If he has a Taric, or a Yuumi, or a Lulu, ESPECIALLY if he has 2 of them, dodge the game. It's not worth playing into a 25 minute instant win condition. It doesn't matter how bad the Yi is, he will pentakill you at some point with those champions behind him. Funnel Yi, much like cancer, refuses to die, and the Yi is typically piloted by a very skilled high elo booster. Tarzaned says the only way to beat funnel Yi is with a very early game jungler with hard CC, which is the complete opposite of Shyvana. Just dodge it. ”
AP Shyvana Jungle: Fire and Death by Veralion | Shyvana Player
PsiGuard says “This matchup can be rough if Master Yi gets items, but usually it won't come to that. Use your superior early pressure to build a lead for your team and contest him wherever you have lane priority. Make sure you get Ninja Tab in this matchup.”
Rek'Psi by PsiGuard | Rek'Sai Player
Hosing says “he can q to dodge ur 1 shot”
The BEST 1 SHOT AP Nunu Guide! [10.18] by Hosing | Nunu & Willump Player
XtheZ115 says “Yi can't Q if he is standing in glue. ”
Aggressively Running Away: The Art of Playing Singed by XtheZ115 | Singed Player
Agzer says “Can be hard matchup if your team decides to give him 3 early kills. You can't do much after because he simply shred you with his true damage from E and rageblade. Pretty coinflip, just perma fight him and pray that you win.”
PulseBeat_02 says “Master Yi can be a big or small threat depending on how smart you or the enemy plays. He can dodge your Q and also fight you while even being in your ultimate. (Makes him untargetable). If he tries to Alpha Strike you, use Black Shield to reduce the damage.”
[10.18] Morgana Juñglê (Detailed) by PulseBeat_02 | Morgana Player
SnakeTastic says “is only a problem in start game because mundo isnt too tanky at the start but end game hes ez”
Snakes Dr.mundo jungle guide by SnakeTastic | Dr. Mundo Player
Unknown420 says “super easy match up win the game before he can reach his power spike but try to avoid fighting him of u dont have a bush near by or ult to get an emp ability or ult”
[10.19] Beginner Guide-Rengar Jungle by Unknown420 | Rengar Player
Faraz_shadow says “His Q range is almost the same as your E range, so when you try to E him, he will most likely dodge it (AND your tentacles) by pressing Q. his late game power is so good. try to land your E on him no matter what and cc him with your team.”
[10.18] Illaoi Jungle Guide by Faraz_shadow | Illaoi Player
SSALEM says “Yi is a ticking time bomb, all he needs is some gold and a beautiful flank to take over a game. Keep vision in the jungle because if you let Master Yi flank during a teamfight and get resets on his ult you will be dealing with a disaster. Keep him under control, stay even or ahead of him, and team fight with VISION. You will win if you just keep him under control. Remember to play CLEAN and efficient, capitalizing on your mistakes are how Master Yi's win games. He is my other main so I would know...”
MrMuckDuck says “Master Yi could be a threat, depending on whether or not he performs well in early game. If you stop Master Yi from ganking your team and stealing your buffs, he won't necessarily be much of a problem late game. Every Yi will eventually start dealing damage, even if he's 0/5, so be careful about underestimating his position in the match.”
[10.18] DRAGONATION - AP/AD SHYVANA JUNGLE by MrMuckDuck | Shyvana Player
Loul_60 says “Yi isn't as bad as people think. Blue form can probably one-shot him as long as he doesn't use W or Q to dodge your W. Rhaast does fine into him as long as you hit a W. If you miss your first W, just Q then ult if you are below half hp or so, then try again. Yi's Q and Kayn's ult are quite buggy, you may find you can't ult him until about half a second after he exits his Q.”
Weed Kayn's Season 10.18 In-Depth Kayn Jungle Guide by Loul_60 | Kayn Player
Poly Bear says “Will add threats as the season progresses.”
JakeDuhDawg says “I would say this is a rather annoying matchup as he has true damage to negate any of your resistances.”
The rank 88 Dr.Mundo NA's guide to mundo in the jungle by JakeDuhDawg | Dr. Mundo Player
manco1 says “Yi gets doinked by your blind, very easy match-up. He snowballs well so you want to focus on tracking where he is to help out your team. ”
RageAx says “He's only dangerous if he gets ahead. Your clear and ganks are stronger, feel free to invade his jungle once you have form. You can skirmish him and run away easily if things turn sour.”
RageAx says “He's only dangerous if he gets ahead. Your clear and ganks are stronger, feel free to invade his jungle once you have form. You can skirmish him and run away easily if things turn sour. Late game be careful as he can shred you even with lots of armour.”
Zimmerlator says “He can invade and out-scale if he gets ahead. He can be dealt with properly if your team plays around you well (Although in solo-q that usually wont happen). ”
Zimmerlator's Bard Jungle Guide by Zimmerlator | Bard Player
Aimisenpaii says “He will tend to look to power farm, and look to scale, punish this and invade him, you win early fights. ”
Chinese Challenger Katarina Jungle Guide WIP by Aimisenpaii | Katarina Player
metalhydra273 says “Yi can be dangerous, especially with a funnel, but Skarner is definitely one of the better champs at beating him. Your cc absolutely ruins him, just watch out for a possible qss. When on his own it's pretty self explanatory on beating him, but with funnel, try to counter any dives they pull with your cc and look to bait out Taric ult. If he gets ahead and builds a qss though, it may be game over.”
The Other High Elo Skarner's Guide [Patch 10.18] by metalhydra273 | Skarner Player
KillyOne says “Popular pick in lower elo, snowballs really hard and can ruin your game if not shut down properly. Thats why i put it as major risk. Early on you are stronger 1 on 1, but make sure to cancel his W with your E or R.”
[10.16b] ULTIMATE S10 WARWICK GUIDE by KillyOne | Warwick Player
Kimxasoto says “Just says no to snowball and Ult also will steam roll if fed (even with stoneplate)”
Nunu's Rod Of Ages And Willumps Stone Skin by Kimxasoto | Nunu & Willump Player
WarThicc Boi says “Uma matchup muito facil, vc deve consiguir ganhar todas as trocas contra ele ”
Guia de Warwick em PT-BR by WarThicc Boi | Warwick Player
Lightninglamp says “He will melt you really fast, can solo carry if you don't cc properly.”
[SEASON 10] {10.17} A Guide To League's Most Adorable Champ! by Lightninglamp | Nunu & Willump Player
League Of Cursed says “He outscales you pretty hard, sort of. You can 100% kill him late game, but if he gets his dodges your fear, you are dead. If he doesn't then you made him waste 2.25 seconds of his ult late game, and hopefully your team has followed up on your cc and killed him. ”
[SS10] - Fiddlestick Tank Build in Jungle... by League Of Cursed | Fiddlesticks Player
MetaSolaray says “This scale starts small and scales to extreme the longer the game goes especially if he has a taric on his team. Invade him early and often, and hold your bear stun till after he begins meditating. If you waste your stun he can get a full meditate off allowing his allies to rotate and his passive to grow for free.”
Melyn says “Not a lane counter, but be aware that Zyra is very bad into Master Yi jungle, unless your team has a lot of CC. Zhonya's is a must.”
Dopamine_influx says “The matchup is pretty easy IMO, you're stronger early, even with his W, so you can contest him on scuttles, provided the lanes are even/you have prio/ you won't be at a number's disadvantage. You can't OS him, but you can always combo, disengage while he uses W, then re engage. Later on, you still OS him if you're fed, else, you just focus other targets. Sometimes yi goes tanky though, so you don't really OS him, but then you don't focus him. If he's funneling, you look to contest him if you have prio, else you just ignore him and perma dive bot/top and get objectives.”
[CHALLENGER 900 LP] How to play rengar like DOPAMINE ! Becom by Dopamine_influx | Rengar Player
DjapeFromSerbia says “In late Yi is dealing so much true damage, that ignores your armor totally.”
Rammus, Jungle Guide for Season 10 [ Patch 10.17 ] by DjapeFromSerbia | Rammus Player
JunglerBuilds says “Similar to Warwick, relies more on his teams Crowd Control, but deals more damage. Also can solo objectives, so try to play around dragon as much as possible. BAN HIM.”
Maokai Jungle [10.16] by JunglerBuilds | Maokai Player
Xeldom says “Even match-up. Master yi is capable of killing you for many stages of the game. Rengar is unable to burst through yi's meditate unless with a huge gold lead or by a surprise. Do not let yi farm for free and shut him down early by mirroring his early start and force skirmishes.”
[10.16] Everything You Need To Know About Rengar by Xeldom | Rengar Player
AsparWild says “easy enough early, lategame yi is a monster for everybody.”
Poohlio says “He's only scary when he has items, but don't underestimate him, his E true damage and W heal/damage reduction is more than enough to fight you. Get Blue form and pop him or Red to peel him off your team. OwO)b”
A Vietnamese take on Jungling with Kayn by Poohlio | Kayn Player
ZLOCO says “He's dead with your cc. but don't 1v1, never 1v1. You /could/ get away but I wouldn't take the risk as his E does true damage. He'll be useless in team fights. Yes, you should focus Yi, especially late game, he scales well. Try as hard as you can to win early for your team and I would end ASAP as Yi can snowball a late game lead.”
AP TANK MUMU (Best Build for low elo) FREE WIN by ZLOCO | Amumu Player
Jogress says “At my gold-platinum elo, this char is pure canser. Whenever i don't ban him - i regret it very often. You can't slow him with E. Putting him to sleep is very slow process, and good Yi still can dodge final effect with his Q. Also, Lillia slowly burns her enemies - Yi just cuts everyone into oblivion. Aaand, almost always - you can't outrun him. His W probably will outheal your Q+W combo - killing him also might be hard. If Yi gets ahead - then it's over. Consider playing accurately: don't feed him, monitor Dragon\Nashor pits, COUNTERGANK him! Don't fight 1x1. He is strong at dueling you even early, so be very carefull and ping for your team to help. Pick fights with your E+R when team is nearby - that way your ult won't be completely useless, unless he dodges it, that is( Yi-feeder is, luckily, absolutely useless (no CC, no dmg). Shame, i meet Yi-Gods much more often.”
Jungle Lillia - Tips and Tricks! (with detailed notes) by Jogress | Lillia Player
NoLyfe says “You beat him early game so try to snowball, If you make it to late game and he's scary , just r and wait for him to hop on someone then burst him. It's when no one focuses him he's scary. ”
Nolyfe's Guide to Rengar by NoLyfe | Rengar Player
Prate_k says “Other master yis with the rageblade builds are an extreme threat to this build because of the high dps and on-hit effect outputs of the attack speed build. Something to look out for in blind-pick solo queues or non-draft game types.”
A ScallYiwag's guide to Master Yi - Rage against rageblade by Prate_k | Master Yi Player
shebaba says “ban this heathen boi”
TANK ZOE JUNGLE by shebaba | Zoe Player
DarkArbalist613 says “Yi can run you down and his Q can keep him from dying to your autos. His W gives him a ton of reduced dmg do make sure to take conq in this matchup as it is really easy to stack it on him. If he begins to snowball avoid him 1v1, and take him out in teamfights.”
FUCKTHEPOPULATION says “Yi is a really big threat since he can ult and basically catch up to you and also if he knows what hes doing he can even cancer your ult so whatever happens DO NOT try to solo him.”
deadsilnce says “basically counters everything you do he can q when you w and w when you ult and he out damage and sustain best thing to do is to counter him in team fight since you can insta knock him up with your w if he q”
AWierdShoe says “You win 1v1s in the early game, so try to invade and force him to fight. Later when he gets his item powerspikes he will become a menace. Set him behind XP and farm as much as possible. When dueling, pop your W AFTER he uses his Q on you. I usually take Ignite into this matchup.”
Double-Down on the Double-Barreled Jungler by AWierdShoe | Graves Player
Dreadscythe95 says “He can outrun you and escape a lot of cc with his Q. If he exploits your early weaknesses since you are a tank in jungle, he can outscale you and become the late game monster that he can become so play safe, play smart and pressure more. Make your teamates outscale him.”
0rphan13 says “Well its master Yi, i would recommend to ban him, as i do each game”
Nunu One Shot Build [10.15] by 0rphan13 | Nunu & Willump Player
Comrade Eshgrim says “Same as Jax. If he is fed, you can't do anything about him. Just avoid or ban him. The only way to kill him is him getting CC trained by your teammates.”
Path of the Eternal Hunters / Simple, quick guide by Comrade Eshgrim | Kindred Player
Sheepchu says “No need to say much, Master Yi is so fast that you will likely MISS ALL YOUR SKILLS during the fight. He will instantly Q after you pop your sleep, and bother you in your jungle camps. Avoid this match.”
[10.15] Dream Dust, a Jungle Guide by Sheepchu | Lillia Player
TheRealAlpacaDG says “Can ult to keep pace with you, and can use Q early in a 1v1 to make you lose passive stacks”
Lillia Jungle Guide by TheRealAlpacaDG | Lillia Player
Omega Zero says “Refer to the first build page, would you kind sir?”
Quick Guide to: Master Yi! by Omega Zero | Master Yi Player
Omega Zero says “Refer to the first build page, would you kind sir?”
Quick Guide to: Master Yi! by Omega Zero | Master Yi Player
Murderman5 says “For yi, You have to let yi dash at you with his Q and after that you have to take advantage of the lifesteal with your Q and the fearing ability as well, Gaining lots of stacks of conqueror making the duel a easy one, Keep using Q constantly”
The Warwick Destroyer, It's your time to carry by Murderman5 | Warwick Player
Sir-Melon says “especially in low elo”
Red sucks so do this by Sir-Melon | Kayn Player
Raztrok says “Busca de hacerle counter jg y robarle su jg, si lo ves en los primeros minutos solo pelearle, si ves que retrocede tu también lo haces. No dudes en tirarle todo, pero trata siempre en tirarle r+e para así hacerle daño.”
[10.15] Nocturne full Letal + attack speed by Raztrok | Nocturne Player
nextonetwo says “annoying all the time, bane of my existence. Need to lock him down so your team can burst him in fights, easy to fight against, but you can't ever fight him alone unless you're super ahead.”
AP Amumu Jungle by nextonetwo | Amumu Player
nextonetwo says “annoying all the time, bane of my existence. Need to lock him down so your team can burst him in fights, easy to fight against, but you can't ever fight him alone unless you're super ahead.”
AP Amumu Jungle by nextonetwo | Amumu Player
BillyJoelBob says “you can beat him all the time”
The John Dyr Classic 10.15 by BillyJoelBob | Udyr Player
Snap0ner says “So easy to kill earlygame. When ganking him ,save box a few seconds if you think he will Heal up in middle of fight. Try to set him behind by farming his creeps and killing him over and over. A well farmed Yi can be a problem later.”
A Simple Shaco Guide To Climp low elo 10.16 by Snap0ner | Shaco Player
QzKama says “Zero threat to Udyr early, invade and save your Bear Stance for his (W) and you'll be golden. If he snowballs, respect him and hard CC him during teamfights.”
[10.14] "Their Fear is Wise." Udyr Guide by QzKama | Udyr Player
shadowbloodedge says “Yi as a counter jungle hits hard and does a lot of damage, I'd watch him.”
Nautilus (10.14) by shadowbloodedge | Nautilus Player
FreefallPH says “Early game engagement will make your life easier against in this champ. Don't wait to get his late item build. Just play aggressive.”
Omega Zero says “Farmers like Yi not only clear camps really quick, they can still have successful ganks and can scale well late game. They tend to be squishy, but don't let them get a lead otherwise they'll be snowballing hard.”
Kayn you click this guide? by Omega Zero | Kayn Player
VeneficusFerox says “Special mention: remember that he cannot be slowed in his ult, but he can be stunned by your Gold Card. Use [[ghost]] to catch up if needed and try to bait his Q, since he can dodge your Gold Card with it.”
[S10] Twisted Fate: Your Get-Out-Of-Bronze-Free-Card by VeneficusFerox | Twisted Fate Player
shadowbloodedge says “Yi is squishy early and can snowball hard unless you put him down”
Vi (10.14) by shadowbloodedge | Vi Player
nickname3110 says “He can easily 1vs1 you with his high attack speed so always avoid him and stick with your teammates. In teamfights you can try to get your passive stacked on him and follow with a stun.”
Tahm Kench jungle easy stomp by nickname3110 | Tahm Kench Player
TimRhabey says “You can win trades against him on early levels really easily.”
Guia de Udyr - O Poder do Uga by TimRhabey | Udyr Player
Velade says “Any experienced Master Yi player, can and will shit on you and run your entire team down while space x lightning speed drinking coffee-”
RANK 1 LEE SIN WORLDWIDE GUIDE by Velade | Lee Sin Player
AsheZ says “You don't win against him late game and can shred you”
Dr. Mundo Jungle by AsheZ | Dr. Mundo Player
Monkii says “Yi's ult can catch you off guard after he uses it because you wont be able to run away. and his Q can get you to low health very quickly.”
Monkii's Pyke Jungle Challenger Guide by Monkii | Pyke Player
Hide on Nidalee says “Hmmm Yi is a very annoying match, before 6 he can beat you if he do it well, and after 6 you dont have any chanse to kill him (on equal conditions) Take Phase Rush if u are a pussy player, and DH with sorcery if u wanna try to beat him on early”
10.14 jungle Nidalee guide by Hide on Nidalee | Nidalee Player
Turbotailz86 says “Don't let him get fed. ”
Jungle Lulu: The Battleground Manipulator by Turbotailz86 | Lulu Player
Fresh Diamond says “i is a hit or miss champion. If your team is smart enough to deny him kills and you counter jungle his camps, he becomes useless. On the other hand, if he manages to snowball, you lose at all stages of the game. The key to stopping a Yi is to choke his gold income.”
[10.13] Diamond|Best Warwick Build| Season 10 by Fresh Diamond | Warwick Player
Heihro EUNE says “lol! better yi wins! to win him is just try to get more golds and follow my guide!! the way is to 1v1 him to time better your spells and aas!”
DarkPit59 says “Maître Yi est un assassin qui prend beaucoup de dégâts dans sa jungle. Ses chemins dans sa jungle sont nombreux et il est difficile de prévoir sa trajectoire. Placez autant de vision que possible dans sa jungle et tentez de l'éliminer rapidement avant les combats d'équipe ou laissez vos équipiers lui appliquer un CC avant de tenter de l'éliminer en frontal.”
[FR] [8.19] Monter avec Evelynn (rev. 10.13) by DarkPit59 | Evelynn Player
Al3ksP says “Master Yi can be hard to deal with some times, but if you have your ult up you can be able to stun him very easily, when he Q's you while your ult is nearby the shaco clone will take damage and then break, When this happens he'll be stunned and take alot of damage”
AP Shaco JG : Slaughter Your Opponents by Al3ksP | Shaco Player
White Cr0w says “So easy to kill earlygame. When ganking him ,save box a few seconds if you think he will Heal up in middle of fight. Try to set him behind by farming his creeps and killing him over and over. A well farmed Yi can be a problem later.”
Hawary says “if u managed to stun him and he didn't dodge it with his Q u will win the trade”
[10.12] Elise jungle guide 101 ! by Hawary | Elise Player
theblackspider says “He can dodge most of your moves including your Q and your R and is a pain in early game and the late game”
Pyke: Jungle,Support,Mid, and Top 10.12 by theblackspider | Pyke Player
c9erkio says “If you go lvl 3 trade with 100+ armor, know that you are losing 1v1. Run away or call teammates.”
Play Graves Like A God by c9erkio | Graves Player
Vodka4Gaben says “You beat him if he doesn't get fed. If both of you have the same score, you will always beat him. However If he gets fed and you're doing bad, there is no coming back.”
KAYN - KING OF THE JUNGLE by Vodka4Gaben | Kayn Player
SlaughterSong02 says “Easily kills you mid-late game. Only chance to beat him is in the early game, otherwise try not to run into him.”
Kha'Zix Jungle Guide by SlaughterSong02 | Kha'Zix Player
rokazz says “in short you will have difficulties with champions with a strong early game or with very high mobility, what you must do to get around this is to ward well and be smart not to suffer any pick off or invade”
Viable Cho'Gath jungle by rokazz | Cho'Gath Player
Otos says “Dont waste your E until he gets to you with the Q, this way u cant be killed.”
[10.12] Free LP with Elise by Otos | Elise Player
Shattered770 says “I don't know exactly what to classify him at, because whenever I play jungle I ban him to prevent my team inevitably inting into him. Personally annoying, but beyond that Idk man.”
Neeko Jungle: The best decision! by Shattered770 | Neeko Player
Strikethru says “Will clear very fast and can solo dragon a few levels earlier than you can, just beat him to objectives and you win.”
Shazamumu by Strikethru | Amumu Player
Flux31 says “Given how broken he is there is a way to counter Master Yi. Ask your team for an assistance if needed but the best way is to time your E correctly follow it up with R then Q pass.”
Warwick Guide For Beginners by Flux31 | Warwick Player
Vazo says “Master Yi is quite oppressive versus Graves because he can easily stick onto you. Graves doesn't have hard cc, so once Master Yi gets items, you can't really do much against him except purchasing a stopwatch and playing around your teammates. Try to engage in fights with Master Yi pre-level 6 to generate a gold/exp lead over him, to ensure that you are able to deal with him more easily after level 6. Try to hold onto your [W] Smoke Screen until Master Yi exits his [Q] Alpha Strike. You should be able to win the 1v1 against Master Yi if you place your W directly on him after he uses his Q.”
Season 10 Graves JG Guide by Vazo by Vazo | Graves Player
WickedPoppet says “He outscales you pretty hard, sort of. You can 100% kill him late game, but if he gets his dodges your fear, you are dead. If he doesn't then you made him waste 2.25 seconds of his ult late game, and hopefully your team has followed up on your cc and killed him.”
Fiddlesticks Guide by WickedPoppet | Fiddlesticks Player
LightBright9213 says “Even but goes higher the Lower Elo you are. You crush him early game but once he gets items its over unless your team has a lot of CC. ”
[10.11] LB's Guide to The Boss (W.I.P) by LightBright9213 | Sett Player
Kexx97 says “he can kill you earlier and lately too. The way you can defeat him is 2v1 him in earlier fights.”
[Patch 10.11] Best guide for Nidalee by Kexx97 | Nidalee Player
J4ck1902 says “He can dodge your E and Q. Thats a problem. He will outscale you in the lategame and will loose to him.”
Play Kha'Zix like a real killerbug|by J4ck by J4ck1902 | Kha'Zix Player
gurubashi35 says “Weak early and low gank potential but spikes very hard with Rageblade + BORK/Bloodrazor so invading him early can set him back alot.”
[Patch 10.10] | In-Depth Warwick Jungle Guide by gurubashi35 | Warwick Player
CrackedBathtub says “Most JG's invade- I've noticed Yi does multiple times. ”
[10.10] CrackedBathtub's Brand Jungle by CrackedBathtub | Brand Player
SavageFy says “Personally, I never have problems with Yi early on, and once Amumu has reached 6 you can CC chain him with Q and Ult to the point where he can be killed before he can really do any damage.”
Multiple Amumu Jungle Builds by SavageFy by SavageFy | Amumu Player
Loggit says “Spook him when he engages on you and run. Job done.”
Jhanthem says “Stop his W and you win, don't fight solo if he is super ahead as he will cut through you like a hot knife through butter.”
John Dyr Classic, Breachin to Gold by Jhanthem | Udyr Player
derpyboi says “Fairly squishy you can one shot him like any other carry.”
Where Did Your Health Bar Go? (10.10) AD SHACO BUILD by derpyboi | Shaco Player
majmuncinakg says “SAME FOR YI IF HE IS FEED U ARE DEAD IN 2 OR 3 SEC ”
Nidalee " PRO " guide by majmuncinakg | Nidalee Player
Najss4 says “He haven't got threats unless the master”
Updated Nocturne JG And Mid Crit!!! by Najss4 | Nocturne Player
GinWinsky says “Skill matchup. If he uses his Q on you near a tower, Q under it for him to take dmg. Can solo after Duskblade.”
GinWinsky says “You have key-abilities to outplay DPS champions like clone and boxes. It's just a matter of skill.”
Ehxakt says “Pretty useless champ. If he has 20 Kills he will kill you. Otherwise he wont. You can chain cc him easily.”
[10.9] Platin Zac Main Guide In-Depth by Ehxakt | Zac Player
TrevorJayce says “The biggest issue with fighting a Yi is the fact that most of them will start off a fight thinking they can win it, then W once they realize they're being outdamaged, and spam ping one of their laners to come help them. He shouldn't be much of an issue unless he gets ahead, at which point, just hope you can oneshot him before he can W.”
Trevor Jayce's Rengar Guide by TrevorJayce | Rengar Player
WasasGaga says “When he dodge your q you died.”
Rengar crit/leathality by WasasGaga | Rengar Player
Zatharioii says “Master Yi wont be problem in early game however when he finish his items he would beat you easily.”
[10.9] Lee Sin 400ad+ 3k hp+ broken build by Zatharioii | Lee Sin Player
FireDarkLucas says “Bad Man, kills kids and yetis.”
Nunu & Willump Best AP Guide ™ by FireDarkLucas | Nunu & Willump Player
Fabosch is Love says “Weak champ (except if funnel...), don't get many errors or your team will pay it after.”
Sett Jungle, The Guide. by Fabosch is Love | Sett Player
JackieXDz says “You won't win only if he doesn't time correctly the alpha”
Undying RED Kayn(Darkin/Rhaast)-JUNGLE by JackieXDz | Kayn Player
rivershen says “Taunt and his useless.”
Rammus jg/top tank/bruiser by rivershen | Rammus Player
AsarWeth says “Dont let this game extend, you can get him in a really bad state by invading him, killing him early on the game, and countering his ultimate with your fear.”
Nocturne ⚫ The key to Darrknessss『Jg & Lane』 by AsarWeth | Nocturne Player
Nico449c says “Yi is almost unbeatable early for you in a 1v1 fight even if you hit the cocoon since hes w makes most of your dmg disappear if you get a bit snowballed early you can win it or if you invade him at hes camp at lvl 3 you got a chance but be aware just attempt to outgank him since he got really weak ganking potential.”
tsiami says “Easy win. Just play smart and use your w, then you can go in and when he Q in you then do Q on your trap ”
[10.8] Shaco win 1 vs 5 by tsiami | Shaco Player
jsmolik says “its interesting match-up . never fight him solo but when you are with team its really easy kill bcs of your R and Q . just dont fight him solo and you win . ”
amumu 75 % winrate , easy stomp by jsmolik | Amumu Player
Big-Man-PIson says “He's just fucking annoying. And can really suck you off early and then your screwed for the rest of the game.”
Nibble Nibble My Diddle by Big-Man-PIson | Skarner Player
TottalyNotAdrian says “High amounts of damage and attack speed mid to late game if fed, shred through Zac.”
Zac Ap Tank by TottalyNotAdrian | Zac Player
qjgfree says “master yi è facilmente counterado pelo iten randuim”
[10.8] o guia mais completo de nunu by qjgfree | Nunu & Willump Player
DirtyGames says “i just ban him most of the time”
Ryttar says “Just Q him to watch him run away when his R is on. In early you'll beat him so deny him the scutlers and farm to get 6 sooner than him. If you expect a gank you'll be more powerful than him so countergank as much as you can.”
Carry your fights Fiddlestick Jungle by Ryttar | Fiddlesticks Player
AsarWeth says “You can counter his 1v5, and get time to your team CC him, then melt him, but 1v1 is pretty complicated.”
Kindred ☯ Bring Death to The Rift 『JG & Lane』 by AsarWeth | Kindred Player
Just a Scarecrow says “Since the old fiddle u could make this little Crap just flee away by spamming Q on him but now you can't since of the cooldown I sometimes ban him”
Fiddle Quick Guide / Game setter by Just a Scarecrow | Fiddlesticks Player
Dankuya says “Just make sure to deny his ganks, but you'll always outduel him.”
Low Elo Solo Queue Carry by Dankuya | Warwick Player
lheisse says “yi can be a big threat if he has skill. He can dodge both your ult and q with his q and stay on top of you with his r. Additionally, your ult slow will not affect him during his ult so keep that in mind as well.”
Season 10 Morgana Jungle Guide by lheisse | Morgana Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Yi is easy, if he uses his ult to chase you, just Q him and he will speed off in the opposite direction.”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
Sanhulks says “CHAMPION MATCH UP. WARWICK 496 % WR VS ✅YI 51 % WR✅”
GODEFFO says “Target Ban, possibly only in the lower ranks, Yi's scaling potential is very high, in the lategame, TF has a hard time keeping up with him in all aspects of the game, objective controll, rotations or vision management. Early LVL threat is not so high, using gold card and backwards kiting, Yi is manageable.”
Coccaa says “If he times his Q perfectly, he can dodge your snowball then AA u to death. If he fed, u ded. Build frozen heart against him for ur own good plz.”
WillumpNA's Tank Nunu Guide by Coccaa | Nunu & Willump Player
EdgyBoiKayn says “Just don't 1v1 and it's ok.”
guide for Kayn right from main by EdgyBoiKayn | Kayn Player
66lew says “Must kite Master YI. KIte this guy and continually sentd him over and over again and out play him because he is bigger than you and Q, your dead you must ensure to correctly lite on mechanics because master wolf always Q in TF.”
Twister of Fate in all position [theory] by 66lew | Twisted Fate Player
Edwarduu says “Master Yi can easily get out of his ultimate just by giving his Q or dramatically decreasing the damage by pressing W”
Nunu Gold to Diamond build by Edwarduu | Nunu & Willump Player
zekynan says “much like kayle, but somehow he is always fed. If he is the enemy jg, ward constantly and keep your E off cooldown to push him away”
Death Emperor by zekynan | Mordekaiser Player
Soulreaperjin says “He's extremely strong because of his E which gives him true damage out of the gate and also get's bonus AD per level ability which melts you immediately even with full armor items. He's must ban champ in ranked.”
Super Saiyan Shyvana bruiser/juggernaut build by Soulreaperjin | Shyvana Player
Autimn says “Yi can easily avoid all your abilities with Q and shreds you later on into the game”
Intro to Poppy Jungle by Autimn | Poppy Player
pokeyminch5236 says “Master Yi is not so hard to fight if he isn't fed. Make sure to land your e and wait for the q to attack. You can cancel his meditation by placing the wall to where the ring would actually hit him.”
Yorick Jungle Guide by pokeyminch5236 | Yorick Player
NegativeSe7en says “Apesar de ser forte, é possível trocar com ele, dependendo da runa que ele estiver, tente, embosca-lo no arongueijo, e espere ele usar alguma habilidade, só use o W quando ele te der dano,”
Rengar Jungler BR Build 1Kk de maestria porém Gold by NegativeSe7en | Rengar Player
The Top Bear says “Crush him early, he can't stop you if you wait to spear him till after he q's. Alternatively, hit him with a spear after he uses it on a camp. After all, you are a huntress. Stalking your prey and waiting for the best time to strike is half of what playing Nidalee is all about.”
I Will Guide You - Extensive Guide to Nida in EVERY ROLE by The Top Bear | Nidalee Player
RaptorDre says “With his True damage it doesnt matter how much Armor you build almost, but conqueror is nerfed so it won't be as much true damage (So Yi wont deal 200 true damage per AA now). But you will be able to outplay him by placing Q on top of yourself and CC'ing him as soon he re-appears on top of you. ”
Weight Watchers Guide on Gragas by RaptorDre | Gragas Player
RaptorDre says “With his True damage it doesnt matter how much Armor you build almost, but conqueror is nerfed so it won't be as much true damage (So Yi wont deal 200 true damage per AA now). But you will be able to outplay him by placing Q on top of yourself and CC'ing him as soon he re-appears on top of you. ”
Weight Watchers Guide on Gragas by RaptorDre | Gragas Player
RaptorDre says “With his True damage it doesnt matter how much Armor you build almost, but conqueror is nerfed so it won't be as much true damage (So Yi wont deal 200 true damage per AA now). But you will be able to outplay him by placing Q on top of yourself and CC'ing him as soon he re-appears on top of you. ”
Weight Watchers Guide on Gragas by RaptorDre | Gragas Player
urrb says “This matchup is also about who gets a lead first and who catches who. If yi catches you at your buff before you hit three, you won't be able to escape if you're unable to win. If you hit three without him invading, many times you can try to catch him at his second buff without his Q (alpha strike) and you'll be able to either chase him out of his jg and force a back/flash or kill him. ”
Kha'Zix to Platinum S10 by urrb | Kha'Zix Player
SpecterZX says “This is your other counter because you cant hit a W on him,which is most of your damage.Use the same strategy as with Olaf.I personally choose to ban Yi cuz he is played more and you can usually run away from the other counters.”
1v9 Sett Jungle Guide by SpecterZX by SpecterZX | Sett Player
Arc501st says “Advantage early game”
Simple Rengar Jungle Build by Arc501st | Rengar Player
SeekerPTK says “Master Yi has no real dueling power when his ult is on cooldown (85 seconds). If you ever see a Master Yi without it, do not waver, go kill him because it is also his major form of escape. Masteri Yi looks to farm up and scale on items - he's very weak until he completes his jungle item. Look to fight him 1v1 in his own jungle and bully him off of camps whenever possible to slow his scaling. Do not try to 1v1 a Master Yi when behind. Instead, try to focus him down with teammates since he doesn't build tanky early in the game. Farming out against a Yi is very dangerous, but can be possible since his invading isn't too threatening. If he does decide to do so, don't get baited by his Meditate into overstaying - his team is likely coming. Double-check the minimap whenever he uses the ability, it has a 35 second CD so he can only use it once per fight.”
[10.5] Get out of gold - Lee Sin Guide by SeekerPTK | Lee Sin Player
Ripperino says “Don't fight yi in the late game 1v1 he can fight you easily”
Tinjus says “Master Yi is a tricky one. He can downright outplay you if he has his meditate up and it is very hard to 1v1 him late game unless it is a 1v1 with isolation. Even then, he will still shred you. Its a skill matchup most of the time.”
Tinjus' Ultimate Kha'Zix Jungle Guide for Season 10 by Tinjus | Kha'Zix Player
orangepenguinhead says “He doesn't have CC and your damage can match his damage output. Make sure you don't miss your skilshots and weave in auto attacks between abilites. ”
[10.4] Descend into the Darkness: Kha'Zix Guide by orangepenguinhead | Kha'Zix Player
KitsyMamori says “This shouldn't be too hard for you late game. Keep ganking and avoid contact with him until late game (or if you're fed delete him with your combo). Don't spam your abilities on him as his Q dodges a lot of it. Wait for him to Q, then use your stuff!”
Kitsy's Diana guide by KitsyMamori | Diana Player
OGPOTATOJEFFSHACO says “early on save you Q prep a box when he Q onto you run into the box. Ignite when he mediatates and place another box down you just win after. Q auto to finish off. If its a gold funnel you're fucked just ff”
GeftiNez says “Q Attığında Kutunu Öldürür”
Shaco Jungle(Türkçe) by GeftiNez | Shaco Player
PokeBen6551 says “If he pulls some ganks off in early and farms like hes supposed to, Master Yi isn`t just a threat to Shyvana, but every other Champion that doesn`t counter him. Definitely ban when you can.”
Shyvana, The Tanky Dragon Attack Speed Hybrid by PokeBen6551 | Shyvana Player
Gank Or Derank says “He has too much damage and mobility in most cases for you to burst him down fast enough.”
GOD's Guide To Graves by Gank Or Derank | Graves Player
cutmeh says “Somewhat easy to deal with pre six. However, after he gets r, he is difficult to deal with. DONT FALL INTO THE TRAP AND SAVE YOUR BURST WHEN HE'S MEDITATING”
[10.2] Assassination by cutmeh | Rengar Player
Quiklix says “easiest enemy of my life”
best champ jungle by Quiklix | Udyr Player
eastya says “Save unburrow for when he exits alpha strike and full combo him while he is knocked up.”
THE ONLY REK'SAI GUIDE YOU NEED by eastya | Rek'Sai Player
matg8 says “If he's fed its over. He heals too fast with LS. In early you can shut him down as long as you land the grapple. He can't ult while under it and you can stop his heal with it.”
Amumu jg (bc im not clever) by matg8 | Amumu Player
DonaldBinBaggin says “You can safely full clear early. Don't try to kill him as he will most likely have W up to stop your 1 shot. Take objectives, farm, gank and you will win this matchup. ”
[9.19] TILTING THE ENEMY-Stomp Solo Q with this Shaco Guide! by DonaldBinBaggin | Shaco Player
KingStix says “It's hard to land your stun on him when he's on top of you.”
S10 Brand Jungle Guide - Challenger - KingStix by KingStix | Brand Player
Rekar says “Just perma CC him. If he goes ''bork'' buy thornmail. If he goes crit buy ''randuin''”
[10.1] Volibear Jungle - Pre-Rework by Rekar | Volibear Player
Simlito says “Blades beats fists right? You can't 1v1 this dude, he's just too strong for you and in late game don't even get close to this dude. ”
jaybae says “Early game there isn't much to say about this matchup but if you don't exert pressure and outjungle him early - mid game, he will outscale you.”
Just_Dejv says “Everyone who has fast attack is problem for Pantheon.Try to block his q with e”
Pantheon Jungle Build by Just_Dejv | Pantheon Player
TheDrKlord says “He's a farming machine, try to invade him and steal his farm so Yi can't scale quickly.”
HackedAccountlol says “Try to impact lanes as early as you can so that he'll have to gank instead of farming so that the pressure will be on his head and try to end the game early. You can't 1v1 him.”
Kayn Jungle by HackedAccountlol | Kayn Player
Stiers0muLLa says “Bro you cant lose vs this dog he is just useless vs u”
El truc nocturne free elo build by Stiers0muLLa | Nocturne Player
Mkcls says “Another champ to ban. Can kill you no matter what, cuz of his Q. He's really fast furing his R, so try to outplay him with good stealth. Not much you can do. ”
Twitch Jungle To Gold by Mkcls | Twitch Player
Simphoria says “Obviously his snowball potential is high but I will specifically pick Sejuani into this matchup. He lacks any ability to avoid our CC (except during Alpha strike) and his biggest counter is CC. When he is in the game, wait for him to alpha strike the back line, Q + W him. Once you get your E up he will be dead. He'll farm a lot during the game but his ganks or bumping into him in the river is not to be feared. ”
The Complete Sejuani Guide by Simphoria | Sejuani Player
Fyurex says “He is difficult to deal with if the yi is good. He can Q your Q and your R. Just keep that in mind when fighting him. ”
[9.24] Talk $hit get hit by Fyurex | Vi Player
Xelaadryth says “When he goes in on your team, ult when his alpha strike is about to end. Your chain stuns on him should end him quickly as it not only stops his damage but cancels his damage reduction from Meditate. He'll be immune to your Rylai's slows though.”
[S9] Lane Dominance: A Comprehensive Kennen Guide by Xelaadryth | Kennen Player
LFS_aXent says “Master Yi's ult speed, plus his alpha make him a tough matchup for Jhin. Good luck rooting and counter-ganking. It's similar to Xin Zhao, in that he can easily fight you and win. His W can save him from your fourth shot, but leaves him vulnerable from your root, and a follow up by nearby laners.”
VTEC Jhin [UPDATED] by LFS_aXent | Jhin Player
Lyieru says “This match up is totally in favor for Master Yi. He has more attack speed and can deal more damage in two seconds than you. Your advantage is using the ultimate when he uses his Q or W, you can restore your life or cooldown your skills while you're invisible”
Kha'Zix FTW 2K20 S10 by Lyieru | Kha'Zix Player
VoLDii says “My perma ban when i Poppy Jungle.”
Poppy Jungle Gawd Preseason 10/S10 by VoLDii | Poppy Player
Mr. Nyahr says “High damage, but not a lot else. He's a worse version of you that dies faster. Punish him for picking Yi against you.”
[9.23] The Dragon's Den - Shyvana Jungle Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Shyvana Player
Laverenz says “Master Yi is an easy counter, as he relies on basic attacks, which you can block ;)”
Season 9 Jax Guide! The Fast Boi (9.23) by Laverenz | Jax Player
Laverenz says “Wait for him to engage, then go attack him. Should be an easy kill as he is so squishy”
spacegamerking says “Master yi is only a threat if he gets feeded, you can't do anything about him if he use q every 2th second”
Ornn tank jg (a true friend) by spacegamerking | Ornn Player
Laverenz says “Many people these days fears Master Yi, and bans him in every low elo game. If you see a Master Yi on the enemy team, be happy. Seriously. He is one of the easiest champions to beat as skarner.”
[Former Rank 10 Skarner World] Atomizing Faces! (9.23) by Laverenz | Skarner Player
Asothin says “Use W>AA when he uses his Q and then proceed to E>Q>Q>Q. Could be a pain due to his heal. Make sure to ult him as soon as possible in a 1v1 scenario.”
Revert Urgot. by Asothin | Urgot Player
today ill feed enemy team says “He don't gives you any risks, just invade him and use your stun on his W and you can beat him easily. ”
The WIP Godyr Low Elo Guide [TOP AND JG] by today ill feed enemy team | Udyr Player
jc8a says “Pre lvl 6 you can 1vs1 him if you poke him with your E but when he reach him lvl 6 he can kill you easly”
Rumble jungler by jc8a | Rumble Player
imdumb121 says “Annoying to play against because of his Q Stun alot dont engage with self”
Jungle Leona by imdumb121 | Leona Player
EntiaTh0tSlayer says “He is Master Yi. If he gets fed go Thornmail, red smite and time your W.”
EXTENSIVE [S10] KAYN GUIDE BY KAYN MAYN (read all notes) by EntiaTh0tSlayer | Kayn Player
1Joshua says “Welp typical you building damage full life he shred you the end... just dont fight him 1v1 unless your sure your burst get through ”
Dragon Hyper carry by 1Joshua | Shyvana Player
TheStabbio says “Absolute beast if fought against in the late game.”
Hail of Blades Ivern jungle, how to rank up easily! by TheStabbio | Ivern Player
nphm20 says “Any other champion, is very easy to play once you get your items. ”
Master Yi by nphm20 | Master Yi Player
mmaattxx says “Robisz go po 6 poziomie ale nie próbuj go solować na krabie.”
Kha'Zix 9.23 EUNE PL by mmaattxx | Kha'Zix Player
Kaynnnn says “Do not 1v1 Master Yi, his W outheals your damage most of the time.”
Karasmai #1 Kayn NA Build by Kaynnnn | Kayn Player
Dmitr says “Nobody likes a fed Master Yi. If he is ahead, try to protect/peel ur Adc/Mid with your E and R against him.”
Froozenn says “You will kill him easy in 1v1 early game. You will outscale him the entire game, unless he gets really fed. ”
Kha'zix runes, build and some few counters. by Froozenn | Kha'Zix Player
CryAwake says “Not that much of a problem unless he gets fed early use you E to negate his burst, its incredibly important to get the stun on Master Yi.”
Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth) by CryAwake | Poppy Player
Her0mars says “This guy will spend most his time farming, but if he gets ahead and you guys lack a lot off cc, prep anus. Stomp his lanes while he farms and remember starve a carry jungler and they will be almost entirely useless. when defending against his splitpush, make sure you send someone that he can't kill under tower, and that they don't fight him or they will most likely lose and he will take the objective anyway.”
Her0mars's Diamond Zac Jungle Guide by Her0mars | Zac Player
Hamstertamer says “You have no hard CC so you can't deal with him, his ult makes him immune to your slow, and he can block your ult with his W. He beats you 1v1, he'll counterjungle you and you can't contest. Just group with your team and hope they can CC him so you can land your Q. Get zhonyas so he can't focus you.”
Hamster's guide to Karthus jungle by Hamstertamer | Karthus Player
Yuki H. says “Though Master Yi deals physical damage, his E allows him to do true damage and Q allows him to gapclose. Once he hits 6, it is almost impossible to duel him, and even in the early stages, he will most likely channel meditate to negate your burst before re-engaging. However, he is very vulnerable to cc and he could be quite useless in a 2v2 where your team has good cc.”
[9.21] The Return of the Jungle King by Yuki H. | Graves Player
miguelceromil says “will outscale and outdamage you past lvl 6, you do not want to play against him; from experience I can assure he is the only thing that can 1v1 you”
Toaster's Warwick carry guide by miguelceromil | Warwick Player
VViciu says “Shaco is rather a good counter for Master Yi, because his boxes immediately fear Master while he's ending his Q.”
9.21 AD Jungle Shaco Guide by VViciu | Shaco Player
AaronStonne says “Se ele grudar em vc, gg. 3 Opções: Pegue ele, com sua ulti ligada, do outro lado da parede; Se ele pular em você, use flash e se ele não flashar junto, ou corra ou mate ele dependendo da situação; Fique invisível, espere ele pular em você e depois use flash pela parede”
Twitch Jungle by AaronStonne | Twitch Player
Hamstertamer says “Horrible. Can jump you and oneshot you and you can't do anything since you have no CC and he's immune to slows with ult. You can't 1v1 him at any stage of the game, your only hope is that your team can CC him in a teamfight so you can burst him. Only item that remotely deals with him is zhonyas. Wait for him to jump a teammate and counter-initiate with your stealth advantage. And even then he'll just meditate and you can't break it. Group up, teamfight, and hope he ints.”
Hamster's guide to Twitch jungle by Hamstertamer | Twitch Player
6Vik9 says “dont play aggressive”
Optimal Warwick guide by 6Vik9 | Warwick Player
sNenSss says “Master yi is pretty squishy so it's very easy to kill him. But beware he can dodge your Q E with his Q, so you don't get your Frosty stacks. He also has his W to block all your DMG be aware.”
[S 9.20] One shot Rengo ;) by sNenSss | Rengar Player
Respect The Bear says “Yi is also very hard to go against, you just don't do enough damage to kill him, and he will destroy you with his true damage.”
[9.20] VOLIBEAR JG TOP AND SUPPPORT #22 Volibear NA by Respect The Bear | Volibear Player
Chromuro says “Always keep you Q for when yi goes into alpha, this way you won't waste it. If he invades, keep the distance with the jungle monsters, so he can get less hits possible on you. Luckily your can stop him when he activates highlander”
A Wholesome Guide for Wholesome Trees [S9] by Chromuro | Ivern Player
shebaba says “skill matchup. he will destroy you if you let him ”
Jungle velkoz (secretly op) by shebaba | Vel'Koz Player
HKRV says “Only in the late game means real trouble, also you cannot stop with W. Early game you can punish him really well and try to counter jungle him. Also he vulnerable to stuns, so always E first then beating him up.”
RSol Fox says “Early game you should be able to 1v1. Late game you can not but with your team nearby your W seals his fate quite nicely. Easy to focus Yi in team fights.”
[9.20] S9 Reworked Pantheon Bruiser Jungle by RSol Fox | Pantheon Player
yasinpg says “Just counter his engage with your Q and you will be fine. You will lose if the enemy team has better engages, So try to force teamfights when enemy is in a cramped space.”
4by3 says “You counter hard. Save your W for his meditate, his clear isn't that great either so you will beat him early. Late game you one shot him since you are an assassin, so technically you beat him every part of the game unless you fight him when he has guinsoos passive.”
[9.19] AD Jungle | 4by3's Indepth Shaco Guide by 4by3 | Shaco Player
raMe162 says “Your W doesnt do anything against him, I've decided to permaban him because that and for the fact that he is super strong at lower elos. Wait for him to use his Q and while he is using that, run towards a wall and wait him to pop out from his Q and stun him. Really hard matchup still.”
Pop the jungle with Poppy! by raMe162 | Poppy Player
Koirth says “Ah, Master Yi. I think you know the problem with him. (HINT) W, & R.”
[9.19] Evelynn Jungle Guide by Koirth | Evelynn Player
10TheHunter12 says “you cant hit him in his q and you are not able to win against him in a 1v1 except he is bad. ”
Rek'fckn Sai by 10TheHunter12 | Rek'Sai Player
AsarWeth says “Early game you can get him, late game he will certainly be a problem.”
Lucian in the Forest 『Patch 9.19』『Jg 』 by AsarWeth | Lucian Player
Scantie says “Free food, not even a hyper fed Yi can stop the strength of a 3 - 4 item Mord. Play aggressive early and ult him immediately in a fight.”
Mordekaiser DH Jungle: 1 Shot Pop (WIP) by Scantie | Mordekaiser Player
Jadiac5 says “only gets a problem if you cant charm him if you are bedhind, or he gets fed.”
The Back To Spawn Edition by Jadiac5 | Evelynn Player
TOYOism says “Pressure him early pre 6, camp his red buff and counter gank his every gank. And try to peel your adc on team fights and you'll win this match up.”
Shieldss says “Your burst will out he do his if you stay ahead. I don't see him as a big threat in early stages of jungle so meh”
Ekko JG - The boy who shattered elo dreams by Shieldss | Ekko Player
TheStabbio says “Biggest pain in the a** of all. He has a very good early game dmg and can basically become a monster in late if he gets spear of shojin. Try to gank as much as you can to outgank him and then try to end as fast as you can.”
Lee Sin Guide | The Blind Monk by TheStabbio | Lee Sin Player
izzuliciouS says “Dont fight near with him , if he alpha you , only you can do want to safe with your ultimate only .”
Kindred Jungle OP early game ! by izzuliciouS | Kindred Player
ASV1994 says “Vsing Yi early game will be easy but as the game goes on Yi most likely scales attack speed so you wont be able to Vs him even in mid game. So i suggest ban Yi no matter how dumb it might seem. ”
FromTopToGank says “well its a hard match up especially late game try to build BORK against him”
Shensei Ultimate Guides[S9] by FromTopToGank | Shen Player
MrPuggles says “ Master Yi is extremely feast or famine. If he gets ahead, surrender. If he is behind, free food. It is always one way or the other. Try to get ahead of him by invading him. He is much weaker than you until he gets his Guinsoo's Rageblade. Be careful, as even if he is behind, he will eventually catch back up. He is very OP even with only 3 items and boots. A helpful trick is using your Three Talon Strike to cancel his Meditate.”
[9.17]Xin Zhao - A Guide For Low Elo (In-Depth Matchups) by MrPuggles | Xin Zhao Player
Lichskorpion says “With this build there's nothing you can do against Master Yi late game because you're not building Thormail and Zz'Rot is nothing against him... I always ban him when I play this build :)”
Ingenious Predator Shen by Lichskorpion | Shen Player
Rexerekcio says “If you happen to play against another Yi, consider ending your career in LoL. Seriously, don't play blindpick unless you're leveling accounts for sale.”
HOW TO CRUSH HARDSTUCK SILVER DOGS by Rexerekcio | Master Yi Player
Galois_Group says “Farms faster, can push you out of jungle, has insane oneshot potential hitting powerspike faster then you. Also suitable for funnel, while you are not.”
1v9 Carry Malphite by Galois_Group | Malphite Player
FesteringJester says “Annoying as hell as always. Deal with him early game to out-scale. ”
The Jaws of Zaun, Watch Them Flee by FesteringJester | Warwick Player
Ephiron says “Very Very Hard To deal with in 1v1 situations but is very squishy when you killed him first ”
Pantheon Climb FROM IRON TO GOLD 1 BEST GUIDE by Ephiron | Pantheon Player
Maltz says “Yi is kinda useless unless he snowballs hit him with Combo ignite R and he should die”
Aoefa says “You can't kill him really, so no 1v1's. If he picks up a couple of kills from ganks he becomes unstoppable. Your CC istelegraphed so he can dodge it. Try to lock him down and burst him in tf's”
Sejuani Jungle Tank [9.16 READY] by Aoefa | Sejuani Player
krystiansen1 says “its hard match up becuse he can ez escape from your E and R”
Irelia Jungle BROKEN FOR SOLOQ by krystiansen1 | Irelia Player
EmperorCirno says “He can dodge your E and ult if he times his alpha right.”
Pupper Guide to being a good boi by EmperorCirno | Warwick Player
c00k1e_ger says “You can easily 1v1 him. But in teamfights he can counter your Ult with his q. so Just time the Q right and you will end his winning streak with ez.”
Amumu neverdie - The Mummy with 0 deaths by c00k1e_ger | Amumu Player
Resada1 says “Can dodge your Q with his Q”
Easy carry Graves JG Build Guide by Resada1 | Graves Player
Eqxilibrium says “Super weak early, but if you don't snowball early, you will likely lose late game.”
Eqxilibrium's In-Depth Jarvan IV Guide [WIP] by Eqxilibrium | Jarvan IV Player
wolfclaw3812 says “A good Q will dodge your entire combo, his E ignores the armor your passive and items give, but at least you can knock him out of Meditate. ”
Fire demigod in the jungle by wolfclaw3812 | Ornn Player
Intello says “Yi is iffy. If he's ahead he can burst you down but if he's behind you might be able to kite and kill him. If you see a Yi heading towards you and you DON'T want to fight don't cast and spells while running, the animation will give him enough space to Q on you. After he Q's on you EW him and run. He's a melee champ and if he burns his Q then he's easily kited. When he uses his Ultimate, DO NOT USE W UNLESS HE HAS E ON HIM. His ultimate makes him invulnerable to slows, but not roots/stuns. If you throw a W on him without an E it'll do nothing.”
[9.16] - Ryze Jg - Fear the Tall Smurf by Intello | Ryze Player
Yzroma says “Yi's Q is really hard for Vi because you can't 1v1 him and you can't escape if he Q you when you try to Q out. Try not to facecheck and don't engage and peel in teamfight.”
[9.15] 980k Diamond OTP Vi guide by Yzroma | Vi Player
vanchovski2002 says “You beat him from early to mid game. Invade him... You have better ganks so abuse it..”
The Jhin Cena says “If you're fed enough you can kill him, if you aren't fed then avoid him if you're alone.”
AP/Health Jungle Amumu: In Depth Guide by The Jhin Cena | Amumu Player
Leapus says “Just like Xin, but easier. Ignite vs his heal. If fed, avoid. W when he begins to heal.”
[9.14] Shaco Jungle Guide - Why so Anxious ? by Leapus | Shaco Player
ShadowNinja194 says “Master Yi will shred you solo and can dodge all of your abilities with ease. NEVER fight him solo.”
[9.15] Ornn Jungle Build by ShadowNinja194 | Ornn Player
Ephiron says “Super Duper Extreme A yi Can Counter All Of your attacks For his Second and first. Yi Is good at harassing you ”
Teamwork Skarner Build!! by Ephiron | Skarner Player
profaned says “honestly hes so damn annoying and fast. its a good ban for your whole team.”
Easy Kayn Clap by profaned | Kayn Player
Bombabo says “Master Yi poses no threat as long as you have your combo ready. your charm will interrupt his W, meaning he can't negate your damage. Do be careful of when he uses his q. After that, He'll go down extremely easily”
Embracing The Thot by Bombabo | Evelynn Player
Aht3ns says “This depends on the player. Yi is normally very squishy against Volibear and easily invaded. If it is a good Yi player, he can get an advantage on you quite easily.”
Thunder & Lightning [In Depth] by Aht3ns | Volibear Player
lucario200151 says “he can take your passive early, but you can cc him through ult”
[9.14]"i never skip breakfast" Zac Guide by lucario200151 | Zac Player
TheLord110 says “one of your hardest counters. try to get lead in farm, DO NOT FIGHT HIM. good ban option. AVOID AT ALL COST ”
the best Kindred guide ever by TheLord110 | Kindred Player
lucario200151 says “when he ults, you can still cc him as you don't have a slow.”
[9.14]The monster I always was: Warwick guide from a silver by lucario200151 | Warwick Player
Kocykek says “He shouldn't be really the problem.”
BLITZCRANK JUNGLE 9.14 by Kocykek | Blitzcrank Player
Zeroshiki says “He basically Outdmgs you, outheals you, can dodge your abilities, and be sometimes faster than you. Try taking number advantages against this cancer.”
Hecarim Build - Ride to Higher Elo by Zeroshiki | Hecarim Player
Chosokabe says “w...w-what? I mean, better Yi wins I guess? Save your Q until after he Qs, idk just hit him? Ignite would probably help win but please don't take ignite.”
Season 9 Theorycrafting for Low Elo Jungle Yis by Chosokabe | Master Yi Player
HAMMERSLAYER says “A very passive jungler most of the time, he will spend most of the time farming and trying to secure objectives like dragons and towers while ganking only the very overextending lanes that can provide with very secured kills which will allow him to snowball in late game.”
JaKaM8 says “If gets snowballing will be annoying, alpha strike can avoid your burst ”
9.13 / Xayah Jungle by JaKaM8 | Xayah Player
LixoPanado says “Same as jax, you will never kill him unless maybe in the first 5 levels, after that, play with your team.(Ask teammate to ban).”
Nunu&Willump Jungle | Super Tank [9.13] by LixoPanado | Nunu & Willump Player
Lil Trash says “You can kill him level two just amke sure he does not get fed. Save a box just to counter his w and he is done.”
MrParias says “you can maybe kill him early game but if he gets fed from other lanes then you cant duel him.Extremely good 1vs1 potential and melts through armor.Try counter jungling and warding your area.”
Nocturne Jungle - Overwhelming Darkness! by MrParias | Nocturne Player
xMalcho says “Invade him alot his clear in the early is bad.Save your w for the moment he w because he will reganarste health if you don't and then his q will come and he is probably going to kill you.”
[9.13] AD Shaco Jungle - READ THE NOTES by xMalcho | Shaco Player
DGtoon says “Avoid him as much as possible or he will make sure to kill you.”
DGtoon's Basic Zac Jungle Guide by DGtoon | Zac Player
Exeo says “he can fight you whenever, post lvl-11. fuck up his early game by invading, do not underestimate his lvl3”
Exeo's Shaco Guide by Exeo | Shaco Player
WorstEkkoEUNE says “Untill level 6 u win him easy after 6 u cant run that fast”
Ekko Jungle S9 - Time Can Carry by WorstEkkoEUNE | Ekko Player
New Player says “He is a troublemaker in solo queue, but as long as he is not too much ahead, you shouldn't have a problem.”
Jungle Cho'Gath (Season 9) by New Player | Cho'Gath Player
TheLandlos says “Master Yi shut you down hard, since you can't kite him when he ults. If he wants you dead, he will kill you. During teamfights you can outperform him, but you need to be very carefull.”
Lamb & Wold - Kindred 9.13 Build and guide by TheLandlos | Kindred Player
lolWillieP says “Red smite + ninja tabi. Youll dumpster him until 5/6 items, then he outscales you”
[9.12] WillieP's Challenger Udyr Guide by lolWillieP | Udyr Player
Toad12138 says “He is quite strong in early skirmishes, but has terrible ganks early. Abuse this fact and the fact that Yi has a pretty obvious jungle path to get your red form early where you can shut him down in teamfights and skirmishes. Don't go blue against him since his W Meditate and his Q Alpha Strike and make him avoid most damage.”
[9.12] "Sure, Why Not"; Kayn Jungle (Unfinished2 by Toad12138 | Kayn Player
LighterDay says “Vi counters Yi good. Since Vi's abilities can disrupt Yi's meditate and since Vi does bonus damage due to her W, she wins against Yi in a fight.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Vi Jungle by LighterDay | Vi Player
SuicidalKitty says “not a bad matchup just outjungle him”
Best Rengar Jungle Guide S9 by SuicidalKitty | Rengar Player
quinceeeee says “Yi has high damage even in early game. However, he is still weaker than mordekaiser early, since he has no attack speed and MR. Don't be scared if he tries to steal your farm, just fight back and you are likely to win !”
MORDE JUNGLE FULL AP FOR CC TEAMS by quinceeeee | Mordekaiser Player
RammusOneTrick says “He will also ignore your armor but you may have a chans against him”
Just exist, clear and gank, A full Rammus guide 9.11 by RammusOneTrick | Rammus Player
phayilgaming says “Yi is just an annoying champion in general. Late game he will chunk you so quickly.”
[9.9] Big Green Man by phayilgaming | Zac Player
EvilOranges says “Fight him early, he can insta-kill you hyper late game. Play like an ADC and use your E and R to counter his dash and R:Highlander.”
Forever Together - 9.11 Guide for Lamb and Wolf by EvilOranges | Kindred Player
Pants are EUNE says “Master Yi can counter jungle you because you 're not that strong on early levels. He can also counter your stun with his Q so be careful when you press that Q against him ”
[9.10] AP Burst Amumu Jungle Guide by Pants are EUNE | Amumu Player
New Player says “can't be caught after level 6 and will deal more damage than you in 1v1, on top of being able to gank better.”
AP Jungle Rumble (Season 9) by New Player | Rumble Player
Termineter says “If hes minor, the rest only have one single possibilty...”
Assassin Gragas Jungle by Termineter | Gragas Player
Haquha says “Auto Attack based enemies are your weakness, but if played properly you can win against them.”
[9.11] JUNGLE KAYN BUILD [WILL IMPROVE] by Haquha | Kayn Player
Tonemien says “Master yi is always a threat against any character but you can kill him easy if you hit Q. try to kill him often and keep his farm low”
Vi: the true carry by Tonemien | Vi Player
DotXGamer says “Weak early... godlike late game.”
Udyr Builds to Carry Low Elo [ 9.10 ] by DotXGamer | Udyr Player
abboz says “Dont fight when fed. Use your w and q and r. Go all out. ”
[9.11] Big stick, Will Smash [Jungle] by abboz | Trundle Player
KidPulse says “Don't let him Q your cc and you win, every auto lowers your E cd making it easy to kill him.”
%HP True Damage Amumu by KidPulse | Amumu Player
Zoumakios says “Just a dumb champ and since you have no stun dont fight”
NoWhales says “Pretty hard mach up atleast for me, Because he can Just W when you use your dmg, so he negates your dmg.”
How Challengers play Nidalee by NoWhales | Nidalee Player
Celestial Retard_euw says “With this build, we can slam Yi hard. Interrupt his heal with W, and just keep smashing him.”
A different approach on Kayn. by Celestial Retard_euw | Kayn Player
GinWinsky says “Slap him while you can. After guinsoo's, he shreds through you with ease.”
[Updated] Malphite Jungle, a forgotten god. by GinWinsky | Malphite Player
Shderen says “Will very likely know what he is doing, but simultaneously, will probably still be ass. If you know he's ulting and gonna chase you down, throw an E where you're both running in hope to snare him. Consider exhaust?”
C0ragem says “Late game you cant match him. but early to mid game if he uses his Q before you E, you can E him prock passive and run, or if ahead Q him and keep kiting and you should kill him.”
Quinn Jungle with Bloodrazor by C0ragem | Quinn Player
Bielu1337 says “he can dodge your skillshot easily with Alpha Strike. Don't try to fight him in late game, just catch him into Q and try to oneshot.”
[S9] Lux Jungle works by Bielu1337 | Lux Player
DAIMOND545 says “you can deal him a lot of dmg on combo also take your time with timing escape Q so he dont take a buss ride on you”
Sejunami beginer guide by DAIMOND545 | Sejuani Player
classicnoob says “a fed yi will always win u”
Yi Top/Jg 9.8 (season 9)+chapters by classicnoob | Master Yi Player
Twist21 says “Try to fight him as much as possible early levels and make abuse of your E.”
Season 9[9.8] Jungle Jax Guide. by Twist21 | Jax Player
1MellonHead1 says “Master and Dodge your attacks while hurting you with his Q, you don't do enough damage to block out his W without items.”
Kayn Build to both Darkin, Assasin(9.8) by 1MellonHead1 | Kayn Player
Corrovox says “This is very reliant on his runes. If he has Lethal Tempo, do not fight him early game, as he will out DPS you. Otherwise destroy him.”
BigBadVoodo says “Easy to pressure early. He can't really do much against us until he hits some items. We can stop his W with our W. We can also dodge his Q with our R”
Most Viable Shaco builds (BIG UPDATES IN PROGRESS!) by BigBadVoodo | Shaco Player
Jomickies says “Master Yi is an incredibly oppressive champion. If he is ahead after level 6 he can solo kill you at any point int he game. His primary goal is to power farm to level 6 as fast as possible. As a result you should try to get off early ganks and empower your team so that they can kill him if you CC him. Your goal versus Master Yi is simply to lock him down and let your team kill him.”
Prove your worth - Diamond Sejuani Guide by Jomickies | Sejuani Player
Bestlover says “He is weak early game, but in late he will rekt you”
Ekko Jungle Season9 by Bestlover | Ekko Player
WiskeyANDGin says “cant beat him,his dps is too big for your healing,try and kill him early game, on late you will do nothing to him.If u cant escape him, just w after his q and start a fight,use your ultimate till the end, try and save time and hope u get backup.If you predict his q with your w then u have u chance to stun him after he exits q”
Kayn builds by WiskeyANDGin | Kayn Player
EstellaOfVenus says “Your W does nothing against him and you can't out trade him unless you get fed.”
Acrimitory's Bronze 4 poppy jungle by EstellaOfVenus | Poppy Player
xTheUnlimited says “Your huge amount of CC is your counter towards him. He can still be pretty dangerous, because due to his On-Hit build he shredds tanks like they are ADC's. So, definitly avoid fighting him whenever you meet him. Try to wait with your ultimate till the point where his Q is on cooldown. ”
[9.6] Sejuani Jungle - We fight while cowards talk ! by xTheUnlimited | Sejuani Player
League Wukong Builds says “This champion cannot be slowed unlike Warwick where you have a chance but when Yi steps in to late game he's an unstopable beast!”
Late Game Carry Wukong Jungle by League Wukong Builds | Wukong Player
Yuki Nagato says “Go challenging smite and Q evolve, only fight him when he doesn't have meditate, he shreds you late game so focus on getting your laners ahead.”
Kha'Zix Guide | Change... is good. by Yuki Nagato | Kha'Zix Player
"Your will, My hands" Lee Sin guide by Epochsad | Lee Sin Player
ApexZulu says “Unless you manage to get ahead of the Yi early, post 6 he will almost always beat you. However Trundle wins against Yi at the early crabs, and can usually gain an advantage through safely counter jungling or securing map objectives.”
AD Trundle Jg by ApexZulu | Trundle Player
Shinxsage says “pretty easy because you have good cc but if he somehow gets ahead you have to rely more on your team.”
[9.5] Korean RIVEN Jungle by Shinxsage | Riven Player
Trap_mp4 says “Because of your speed you can easily out run Yi if he tries to counter jungle you and even if he ults you can just double q him.”
Cant kilean the Zilean jungle by Trap_mp4 | Zilean Player
Matyezda says “He's scaling better than you (wtf) Unless you get him behind, you can't do much.”
[TOP/JNG/MID] Cho'Gath guide by Matyezda | Cho'Gath Player
Ninjona says “late game monster. destroys jax if ur e is down”
S9 Jax JG Juggernaut by Ninjona | Jax Player
Zophyr says “Just like Udyr.Dont engage him with our e unless you know he doesnt have his w. If he uses w and you have e just use it on him and his heal and dmg reduction is gone.”
Kansei Dorifto Master by Zophyr | Rammus Player
LePlay says “Although you can´t block his Q blink with your W, he still is extremely vulnerable to stuns and knock-ups. Furthermore, he possesses no CC abilities, the only thing to worry about is to get as much armor as possible”
[9.4] Popping the Jungle! (In-Depth) by LePlay | Poppy Player
drunken hunter says “Master Yi can be used as a roaming machine and get fed if he is away. If he stays on the top lane, watch out for his (Q) and his (E) the (E) will do true dmg on hit. If you trade him and and he uses his ult - try not to get hit and run to bush til his ult is over, after that you can trade him much better. My tipp: get life steal (but not as first item) or do the lvl 2/3 engage.”
[S 9.4] Jumping Kitten Top and Jungle - NEW Top/Jgl Build! by drunken hunter | Rengar Player
MaRtOOOOOOOOOOO says “You can destroy Master Yi if he face cheks you in a bush and you are lvl 3, but your Q must be fully charged. He will destroy you late game if your team doesn't have any CC.”
(9.4) How to dominate with Vi (by Vi OTP) by MaRtOOOOOOOOOOO | Vi Player
Moccamasterpro says “A right click champion has not so much to do against you, as you can make him flee. Just beware of his q and you should be fine.”
Full damage nocturne jungle/ my best build season 9 by Moccamasterpro | Nocturne Player
T0RTU says “Pretty much the same as Zed, Skarner can stop Yi and leave him useless and exposed to all the damage that Skarner´s teammates can deal. Also, Skarner can 1v1 him at early levels with the help of his passive.”
Yvaniella says “Since you are bruiser, facing a Master Yi with items that shreds your health directly makes him dangerous; not to mention that he does it in blinding speed, facing him recklessly will pretty much lead to your demise.”
Full Bruise Rhaast by Yvaniella | Kayn Player
OmnimX says “Late game damage is high, but you and the rest of your team can CC him out of it and blow him up.”
Evelynn: The Taste Of Their Pain (In-Depth) by OmnimX | Evelynn Player
Predium says “Always Avoid him! if he Q you, try escaping with E + W or fight him seperately, becarful!”
[9.3] Ultimate Pyke! [SUPPORT/JUNGLER] by Predium | Pyke Player
EpicWarrior1 says “don't let him jungle keep shunting him down and end the game before he get his holy 2 items and win”
[9.3][platinum]assassin / tanky shaco by EpicWarrior1 | Shaco Player
ElementressX says “Yi is honestly the bane of my existence. I despise Yi. But vi is able to fight him but if Yi gets fed or has ONE good team fight, and he is a decent yi, then it's gg im afraid. He is my usual ban.”
Top/Jung Don't call me Fathands by ElementressX | Vi Player
Arso234 says “You can outtrade him if u play properly , but it's really hard early counter champ for u and so in late game . Master is one of the best counterpicks against Voli.”
[9.3] VOLIBEAR "LET NONE SURVIVE" by Arso234 | Volibear Player
LMM Crash says “Yi beats u. Just dat. Gank and focus him in tfs”
Shyvana WITH EARLY GANKS by LMM Crash | Shyvana Player
Dark0211 says “You will die if he gets to lvl 6 before you #GG YOU LOST THIS GAME”
Urf Kayn by Dark0211 | Kayn Player
MainKayn ON says “You can counter him, but only in late game, his early and mid game are devastating, so be carefull”
Kayn the destroyer (Rhaast and SA) by MainKayn ON | Kayn Player
smokeyxde says “His Q destroys your ulti and Q. He maybe outdamage out early, but if you build up a lot of AP, you'll destroy him.”
Best way to use Amumu jungle! by smokeyxde | Amumu Player
Iced IMP says “Abuse pre 6 before his has his ult when you can kite him. All he does is press R, run at you, kill you so you cant ult and stop his sustained damage, kill the rest of your team. Your only hope is that he focuses someone else and you can ult them, get him low, and then kill him as your ult ends.”
Dynamic Duo of Death 9.2 by Iced IMP | Kindred Player
NDarKnight says “(48.9% in early jg) 56% in game”
[9.2] Warwick jungle god guide by NDarKnight by NDarKnight | Warwick Player
WhatsLeft4Dead2 says “Yi is Yi, he's always a pain in the ass. Just wait for a team mate and you should be fine against this dummy.”
|M|ExecutingYourEnemies by WhatsLeft4Dead2 | Dr. Mundo Player
Wulfery says “It's hard for me to say anything about Master, except that fact that he'll most likely shatter you. Your contact-based kit and lack of long CC will be really bad. Tho' I don't know - Always banning that nasty champ.”
Violzandre says “This is like you but weaker, literally if I want to use shyvana and it's banned or something, I pick this. Get a Tornmail, a ninja tabi, and the core items (With the dmg jungle item, no the slower item) Piece of cake!”
[8.24] My Dear High Damage Shyvana (Irregular playing style) by Violzandre | Shyvana Player
Predated01 says “He gets ult you can't run away he just two shots you. If you abuse him early you can get so far ahead that you kill him 1v1 though.”
Season 9 Diamond Nidalee Guide by Predated01 | Nidalee Player
Mundo_Mundo says “Removes slow with ultimate while that is the only kite you can use. Absolutely shreds you regardless of items you buy.”
Mundo's Dr. Mundo jungle guide. by Mundo_Mundo | Dr. Mundo Player
Yasuo Comunica says “Easy early but annoying with rageblade and red smite try to get his stack before that or he denies you hard ”
Rengar Jumping Oneshot [JG][S9] by Yasuo Comunica | Rengar Player
Runner runner says “Let yourself decide....who's the real threat or them?”
SpicySkelleton says “Good Yi's can just build to melt you. So go for Omen and thormail, he'll do his standard combo against you and will probably gank a lot, so make sure to tell your team where he is at any time you see him. He also is faster so no point in chasing him unless your practically next to him and hes low enough. However as I said before and will say again, a Lot of Yi's have the "cocky champ syndrome". They will try to go for the kill no matter how low they are, even if its under the enemy tower. There is your chance to secure a kill while saving either yourself or you ally from him.”
Jungle Malphite.... It oddly works (sort of) by SpicySkelleton | Malphite Player
Corvux says “Rammus is natural counter of Yi, even do keep an eye on him.”
Rammus JG S9 by Corvux | Rammus Player
PlantPotGang says “*headbutts keyboard* pentakill”
Skarner: How to obtain ADCs at mach 10 by PlantPotGang | Skarner Player
RedtheLegend7 says “Early invades are easy if you are tanky enough”
Mad Yordle Poppy by RedtheLegend7 | Poppy Player
BERSERK3R says “Yi is very annoying mid-game, make him use his Q before engaging since he can doge your Q which is very bad.”
Rengar S9 Guide by BERSERK3R | Rengar Player
P0150N0U5 V31N says “He scales really really hard late so don't let the game go that far. Otherwise you just absolutely destroy him throughout the game.”
The 1v5 Champion by P0150N0U5 V31N | Jax Player
TheScreamingMenace says “can outheal your damage also is able to out damage your life steal meaning you can't do anything to him.”
The Uncaged Wrath in the jungle by TheScreamingMenace | Warwick Player
Rick789 says “You can't trade with Assassins or fighters in early game, but you can counter them late game”
Amumu tank is BORING by Rick789 | Amumu Player
Loul_60 says “Master Yi is similar to Kayn in the way that his early game is 'muh', but in the late game, especially if he gets fed enough, will just '1v9'. Try to get your team to help fight him, get him behind on gold/CS early and he won't be a problem unless you begin to throw. If you cannot decide on what form to go, probably consider Rhaast as being better due to his superior teamfighting potential, just remember to not always go Rhaast if they have a Yi (Refer to form chapter).”
9.1 - Loul601's In-Depth Kayn Guide by Loul_60 | Kayn Player
IceBrittle says “As always OP but if he's not fed you may win against him. Only thing you should watch out for is his q when your ult ends”
L3gislacerator says “He is fairly weak and not hard to deal with early game. Once he gets points in Wuju Style, don't underestimate his true damage. Stuns can interrupt his Meditate and are one of the only forms of CC that affect him when he's ulting.”
[S9] Pink Diamond - Jungle Taric Guide by L3gislacerator | Taric Player
Master_Yagyu says “dont e him,wait him use alpha strike then e him and that will be good in clash.”
River Shen Guide by Master_Yagyu | Shen Player
TricolorStar says “A fed Master Yi is a winning Master Yi. He will try to use Alpha Strike to avoid your Allure or Last Caress, so plan accordingly.”
Evelynn: Comprehensive Guide (Season 8) by TricolorStar | Evelynn Player
Ivker21 says “Easy to deal with in team fights. Just CC him after he Alpha Strikes and he's dead. Just make sure to wait for the Alpha Strike so you don't waste an Ult or Q. Keep in mind to never 1v1 him unless your really ahead since he'll melt you. So be very careful with invades.”
ninja8135 says “Your E interrupts his channel and your W blocks his attacks. Do not use your taunt when he ults though or you will die.”
Jungle Shen is OP by ninja8135 | Shen Player
GinWinsky says “Skill matchup. Can kill you easily with R. Can't kill you without R. Position well to run or counterattack.”
Avarkk says “Try abuse Yi's weak early game and counter jungle him as much as you can so he cant buy his items and steamroll your team.”
[8.24] A Competitive Guide to Lee Sin by Avarkk | Lee Sin Player
Squiem says “only an issue if hes ahead and if he is theirs nothing to really do against him”
card dunker by Squiem | Twisted Fate Player
RAT 4 says “well i didnt have any problems with him recently ”
ITS ME |TWITCH JUNGLE SEASON 8| by RAT 4 | Twitch Player
BloooodTV says “He is all around just so annoying. He has so much damage with his E and Q and can get ganks much easier.”
[8.24] "Will you prove worthy?" Kayn Build Guide by BloooodTV | Kayn Player
DjapeFromSerbia says “Just invade him in early game.”
Xin Zhao Preseason 9 by DjapeFromSerbia | Xin Zhao Player
Asianfury79 says “Just farms plus if he ults you can fear him and he runs far!!”
Skate on them! FIDDLE the real way! by Asianfury79 | Fiddlesticks Player
GinWinsky says “If he gets fed, he'll melt you. Rush bramble vest or randuin's depending on the build and their comp. ”
[Updated] Eat stacks like garbage by GinWinsky | Nasus Player
SiwanKara12 says “If Master Yi gets fed then theres not really much to do other than run if you see him.”
Neeko Jungle Is OP! Patch 8.24 by SiwanKara12 | Neeko Player
hi Im Rusuu says “if you get an yi in enemy team and know to play , yi will try to dodge your w if you are darkin. ”
Do You Wanna Win With Kayn? by hi Im Rusuu | Kayn Player
KonOCE says “One shotable, try to catch him out early in his jungle”
Full Ad Assassin Hecarim by KonOCE | Hecarim Player
1ShotKitty says “in early u can beat him but in late if u dont 1 shot him you are dead”
[S 8.23] ONE SHOT KITTY IS BACK [ JUNGLE ] by 1ShotKitty | Rengar Player
Razvan1ro says “invede him at lev 2/3, very weak in the early game, farm dependent”
Sustain God Xin Zhao by Razvan1ro | Xin Zhao Player
Pr0phiC says “In the early, your damage plus your CC is the key against him, stop him in early and win fast the game.”
RAKAN JG SUPREME GANK! 8.23 by Pr0phiC | Rakan Player
Aboviel says “If they're good, they'll fear away from you at top speed, making it hard for you to kill them. ”
Nocturne Build by Aboviel | Nocturne Player
xXZwippinXx says “This champ will scale and probably be very effective early game using your stealth with high immense of AP you can assassinate him the "Evelynn" way.”
S9 Evelynn Guide | Sneak and Torture by xXZwippinXx | Evelynn Player
Eve jg for low elo by ZeksPyro | Evelynn Player
noobynight says “ok to 1v1 just make sure to wait out his heal then ignite him.Back stab him as he is healing.”
Shaco Shot by noobynight | Shaco Player
Albertkills says “Everything with CC is a threat.”
Police Man S9 by Albertkills | Master Yi Player
Castcade says “The BANE OF YOUR EXISTENCE i have always hated master yi because you cant out run him kite him or even poke him i recommend playing SUPER safe and be cautious about rivers and scuttles ”
S9 Gold PH Guide by Castcade | Kindred Player
Great President says “Before 6, he can give you a lot of damage and fill his healt with his w. Try him after 6.”
Easy Win for Kitty by Great President | Rengar Player
TheSoloNinja says “Make sure you time Heartseeker Strike, or else he can dodge it using Alpha Strike, also, make sure you have some sustain.”
Pantheon Jungle is so BROKEN! by TheSoloNinja | Pantheon Player

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