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Kayle Counter Stats

Kayle Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #11 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Kayle. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Kayle in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Kayle Data for all roles taken from 79,485 matches.
Kayle Counter Stats From:
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Top Lane (81%) Kayle Top Lane Counters: 64,145 matches, 50 counter champions

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Tips Against Kayle in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “Punish kayle very hard pre 6 because she is meele until then, seriously do not let her walk up to farm in this lane when she is meele because she basically isn't even a champion, once she gets 6 this matchup gets a lot harder because it gets extremely hard to get E's on her, but you can sometimes still bait her in to fight and get the surprise E if you make it look like you're running away and then turn on her really quickly, her ultimate also denies your ultimate but you should try to time the pull to avoid that because she can't R while she is being pulled, so if she R's early just wait a little bit before you press R again to pull her, also sometimes you can just pull her anyway and then finish her off normally if your ultimate doesn't kill her. Kayle scales pretty hard as well in the splitpush so she is scary later, but you can still teamfight well against her.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Ayanleh says “Try to get magic resist. Her late game compared to yours is equal but your early - mid is stronger than her's. Try to get blasting wand then look for aggressive plays as she needs atleast 2-3 items to deal good dmg. Use your W shielding when she uses her ult.”
A Guide To Playing Mordekaiser by Ayanleh | Mordekaiser Player
Sovereign Kitten says “You absolutely dominate this match-up early game, however, if you don’t take advantage of this and let her get to level 11 or 16, by letting her free farm and split all game, you are likely to lose. Her win condition is getting to the point where she doesn't have to rely on stacking her passive. Push her out and keep her out. You have to be super aggressive against her. You completely counter her early game due to her reliance on getting passive stacks, through auto attacking. You can sidestep her (Q) which will slow you if you are hit by it. Just keep putting her down early with (Q) even if it means getting ganked a lot. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
YoungTact says “Abuse her early because she hard outscales you. Treat her as you would the jax matchup for 1-5 whilst pushing for an early kill. ”
Rhoku says “TL;DR - EVEN LANE IN YOUR FAVOR EARLY. DUMPSTER HER PRE-6. PHASE RUSH RECOMMENDED. CONQUEROR WORKS TOO. DON’T LET HER FARM. SHE IS A LATEGAME NIGHTMARE. Kayle is not 5 due to her early laning. Though her slow and her poke are somewhat annoying, you should be able to stomp her easily pre 6. Wait for the wave to be on your side of the lane and then run her down with ghost once you get a pull or once she missteps. Make sure you kill her over and over again and try to prevent her from farming as Kayle can win lategame by herself. Phase Rush is recommended for this lane as it lets you run her down even without your Ghost as her slow won’t be able to stop you. A trick to keep in mind is that she cannot cast her ultimate when she is stunned. So if you/your jungler/whoever’s working with you possess the burst to kill her quickly, you can do so by pulling her and chain ccing her. But that requires too much coordination for soloq. Just something to keep in mind if you have a duo or something. After she gets her ultimate, it shouldn’t be too difficult to run her down still. You have two options. 1) Burst her down quickly BEFORE she can ult. 2) Apply stacks on her and get her low enough so that you can kill her with your ultimate AFTER she ults. If you are looking to burst her down before she ults, it might be a good idea to do your combo on her (AA+W+Q)and then pull her in. If she hasn’t ulted, you can opt to quickly R her as this will probably leave her low enough where you can kill her with 1 more auto after her invulnerability is over.”
[10.19] Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku's Darius Guide by Rhoku | Darius Player
Yamikaze says “Even: This lane favours you but the enemy still has kill pressure on you. More information found below.”
[Season 10] Yamikaze's Challenger Fiora Guide by Yamikaze | Fiora Player
lol Wero says “Free Lane: at Pre 6, make sure to Root her with your Tangled - Barbs (E) when shes about to hit a CS to cause a lot of damage on her.”
[10.19] S9/S10 Masters AD Crit Neeko Top Guide by lol Wero | Neeko Player
Defensivity1 says “Start Cpot, then Dirk rush is the best against kayle, gives damage to your ghouls, all in her with 4 ghouls before level 6 and it should be an easy kill, After dirk just get Tri.”
Defensivity's Yorick Guide S10 by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Pathetic Singed says “Both tiny and extreme. Pre 6 she kisses your feet, then post 6 you kiss hers. As of 10.18, she'll be a lot more present in lane, so you might just be kissing her feet the entire game. This remains to be seen however.”
[10.19] Mark's Guide to Singed: Desert Rose MonkaS by Pathetic Singed | Singed Player
Drake6401 says “ The key to this lane is zoning. Assume lane dominance very early and don't push the wave at all. Freeze the lane for as long as possible and don't let her get anywhere near the wave to farm. If you can kill her, absolutely look to do so but she will usually play too safe. After she hits level 6, take great care not to use W when she ults. This is bound to happen at times, even to me and it sucks. You should also bait it out before attempting a dive. She will wait for you to hit her then immediately use it so you have to back out. ”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
LiL Bunnie FuFuu says “Kayle is weak and easy to bully pre 6 but once she gets some items she can be difficult to 1v1. Tank build is highly effective against her especially with CDR. This will prevent her from autoattacking and also from deleting you, effectively making her useless.”
BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh [10.19] by LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Thresh Player
qasddsa says “Whoever can farm more, time ult correctly, and have the better items, will win the fight. ”
PH45 says “Reworked Kayle doesn't have a huge threat level due to her really weak early game. Care for her empowered E auto and try to not trade when she has lowered your resistances with her Q. Smash her early so she won't get to her powerful late-game state since at that point you are pretty screwed.”
RTO says “Kayle can easily kill your tentacles, and her slow can keep us out of range. Try to prioritize death's dance. She is squishy before 6, so take advantage of a jungle gank.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Illaoi Top Lane Guide by RTO | Illaoi Player
Raen says “Kayle will try to push you under turret and focus on farming. Easy to get her at early lvls since her E got a bit high CD. After she gets items may be a bit hard cuz of her 3 sec immortality. If she ults dont use Q or W wait until her R ends and then try to all in her or just jump away when she ults and return when it ends. Max Q vs her and second E.”
Persicum777 says “She has one of teh weakest level 1s in the game, you have one of the strongest :), let the wave push to you and dont let her have 1 cs get q first.”
Persi's Complete Camille Guide by Persicum777 | Camille Player
ak521 says “Harass early game knowing she outscales you. Close out game, no need to extend. Deny CS while attempting to freeze.”
👊 10.19 SETT GUIDE & MATCHUP SPREADSHEET 👊 by ak521 | Sett Player
Anoying bro5 says “Kayle will scale HARD. Start Dorans shield. Try to abuse her early game as much as possible. Q poke her as much as you can and parry her Q to avoid the slow. She is hard to catch when she has fleet footwork. If she has ult, parry that damage. Try to stop her from free farming.”
[10.19] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+ Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
iZeal says “Kayle pre-6 is easy to beat if you can catch her. Be wary of her wonky hitbox as she appears much larger than her actual hurtbox. Kayle will gain range and increased strength at 6 and 11 and once she has Hextech Gunblade it'll get very hard to reach her in the first place between Q slow, W speedup and her damage. Her ultimate can screw up your resets or even flat out deny any bleed stacks. DBlade/DShield, Swifties/Tabis/Mercs, Phage, later on Adaptive Helm.”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Darius compendium by iZeal | Darius Player
Justkb says “Kayle before level 6 is easy. Don't push the wave and try to force mistakes out of her at level 3. If you get a lead try to snowball by tower diving her and pressuring top hard. Be wary though if the game goes past 35mins she will beat you! ”
✔️[10.19] JUST1KB'S DARIUS GUIDE! by Justkb | Darius Player
DasGrauen_ says “You hard stomp every Kayle early and outdamage her hard.. She has no resistance and you can kill her very easily. But after lv 11-16 you cant do a shit against that ”
[10.19] Pykë Top/Midlane Guide - Did I support right? by DasGrauen_ | Pyke Player
iZeal says “Mostly a punching bag until Level 6 unless she gets to build up her passive stacks before you get to lane, after that you have to pick your fights more carefully. She has a deceptively small hurtbox meaning skillshots might look like they hit her but don't. Her W movement speed also allows her to walk out of your W. Hold your Q3 when she has ultimate up.”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Aatrox compendium by iZeal | Aatrox Player
Rhoku says “Kayle is usually an annoying laner for immobile champions like Mordekaiser but Morde has higher ranger so you can pretty much lock down the lane completely. Pre-6 she is free food. Post-6 she is also free food. The only reason the lane is difficult is due to the urgency of you HAVING to gather a lead. If you don't stomp Kayle, she will outscale EVERYTHING super hard and take over the entire game. You HAVE to gather a lead on her early. Land every CS, punish every mistake, get every kill.”
[10.19] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Mordekaiser Guide by Rhoku | Mordekaiser Player
LoLReal says “Easy lane. We can trade early with her, look for pulls with E and abuse her short range early. At 6 we can just all in and kill her every time.”
LoLReal says “Kayle's range is abysmal at low levels and we should abuse this. When she walks up to CS pull her in and trade. Be careful not to take too much damage at levels 1 & 2 so we can afford to trade with her later in the lane. She inevitably outscales us so we are on a timer to abuse her in lane early.”
DeuZZ says “I won't add all Threats, since every matchup would have the same threat level. Every lane will depend on you. If you prevent falling behind in the early game then you'll have an easier time reaching late game, rather than if you die over and over again.”
[10.18] Kayle - AD/AP Build for Top & Support by DeuZZ | Kayle Player
Jungl says “She is very weak early. Kennen will be able to harass a lot during lane and get kills with jungle help. Freeze wave.”
AP/AD Kennen for top or mid by Jungl | Kennen Player
Ravenborne says “Abuse her pre 6 due to her low Damage. Let her push you in and when she is near your tower run her down with Ghost. When she is Level 6 E her and during the Pull ult her. Do not let her free farm, otherwise she will be a problem later on.”
[10.16] Ravenborn's Darius Guide by Ravenborne | Darius Player
RTO says “She has decent poke, but if you max W 2nd you negate a lot of her DPS. Try stop her charging her passive. She gets scarier when she goes ranged. Keep her behind.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Nasus Top Lane Guide by RTO | Nasus Player
Phrxshn says “To be honest, Kayle is consider both "Tiny" and "Extreme" threat as she can either feel like a pinch or a nuclear bomb. Dodge her Radiant Bomb(Q) and you should be able to out-trade her. Use Primal Howl to negate her Celestial Blessing(W) which give her movement speed. Avoid fighting her whilst in Divine Judgement(R) which make her invulnerable and does AOE damage. (Recommended Items: Mercury's Treads, or Boots of Swiftness) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Warwick Early, Kayle Late) (Outscaling Edge: Even) ”
Phrxshn's Guide To Warwick by Phrxshn | Warwick Player
ERNESTSAURUS says “CONQUEROR SETUP - DORANS SHIELD / 3 REJUVENATION BEADS + POT = Kayle since her rework hasn't been performing great, but due to a mini rework that makes her E not. I've seen that she's getting a mini rework where her E now has no Mana Cost, but still this is a pretty Nasus sided matchup, since she now loses the mana refund of Q making it super hard for her to poke you. Look to farm in this lane and once you get lvl 6 + Sheen and Boots (she can kite you really well, so don't underestimate Boots) and then look to all in her. Similar to Garen, when she W's she not only heals but she gets a movement speed buff so look to use your W after she use her W. Even full build, its really hard for her to kill you due to the ammount of resistances you get with R, also you can build tank while still infinitively stacking damage with Q. Later on to the game look to splitpush since in teamfights she can become really annoying due that she can protect her allies with W and R while dealing a lot of damage. She can decently hold you but look to do a short trade with E + Q combo and it will chunk her really hard to the point her lifesteal with Hextech Gunblade and W aren't enough, do it consistantly and then dive her with Ghost whenever she is low enough.”
[10.19] How to get Gold with Nasus, In Depth - All Matchups by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player
Fan22 says “Kayle scales really hard and can melt you after getting her first item, or after "evolving" with her passive, when full build she is really dangerous. Early game poke her and try to kill her whit R, having ignite and GLP helps to kill her more easily and abuse her weak early game, having junglers help also ensures to let her behind enough to win lategame. The best Trick against Kayle its to use your R when she is CC'ed with your W or Q, since then she cannot become inmortal casting her Ult. Lategame you can still do this, you can also Ult sooner so that she uses her R earlier and becomes less usefull in a fight.”
The Monster of the Void [10.19] Cho'Gath Top by Fan22 | Cho'Gath Player
chrisorion says “You want to abuse her weak laning phase before she reaches level 6. Poke her constantly when she goes for a minion. Parry her Q as it is main damage and peel before level 6. When she reaches level 6 the lane is harder as she can kite you hard. Parry her R or Q when she becomes ranged. She outscales you in teamfights. ”
One Step Ahead! - Fiora Top by chrisorion | Fiora Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Very hard to play against without being kited. A bit tougher to kill her once she hits 6, but it's possible to poke her down and all-in especially when you hit 6. ”
(10.19) Olaf Top/Jungle Guide: Season 10 SAVAGE! [YOUTUBE ED by ChaseMorePlz | Olaf Player
Phrxshn says “To be honest, Kayle is consider both "Tiny" and "Extreme" threat as she can either feel like a pinch or a nuclear bomb. Dodge her Radiant Bomb(Q) and you should be able to out-trade her. Use Seismic Shard and Ground Slam to negate her Celestial Blessing(W) which give her movement speed. Avoid fighting her whilst in Divine Judgement(R) which make her invulnerable and does AOE damage. (Recommended Items: Mercury's Treads, or Boots of Swiftness) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Malphite Early, Kayle Late) (Outscaling Edge: Even) ”
Phrxshn's Guide To Malphite by Phrxshn | Malphite Player
Twist21 says “This champion is a minion before lvl 6 and even after that you should win easily.I would go flash ghost in this matchup tho since she can kite you later in the game.”
[Patch 10.19] Season 10 Tryndamere Toplane Guide by Twist21 | Tryndamere Player
StrikeX114 says “Before level 6, you can win trades and potentially solo kill her due to her low health and damage output. Between levels 6 and 11, you can trade roughly evenly with her, but you have to be mindful of her range. After level 11, you cannot win lane, as she greatly out-ranges you and can damage you faster than you can heal yourself. Your main goal is to keep her from scaling as much as possible.”
LulzTVit says “She can't do anything in lane against you”
Tank Lux Top ( Try on normals first ) by LulzTVit | Lux Player
Twist21 says “Kayle is strong since the e buffs , you win super hard before lvl 6 tho , try to snowball the lane before she hits her ranged form.”
[PATCH 10.18] TWISTGOD's TOPLANE JAX GUIDE by Twist21 | Jax Player
Bombabo says “Kayle does not have the damage to beat you in trades until level 11, but her ranged autos at level 6 will allow her to farm more safely. Try to play aggressively to gain a lead before she becomes too strong”
How 2 Crab on 'em with Urgot by Bombabo | Urgot Player
wallobear53 says “Harass her as much as possible with any ranged ability and Auto-Attack pre-six. She doesn’t have ranged Autos at that point and can easily be killed by the means of ganks and all-ins. Her Q will be the main source of harass for her in this lane so avoid it at all times. Remember that it can go through minions for a short distance so don’t stand behind them directly and take free damage. Constant ganks are needed to shut her down and prevent her from scaling. Freeze the wave near your tower and keep ganking her till she is scared to play too far forward. At that point, you can just zone her out with your presence. ”
[10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide by wallobear53 | Dr. Mundo Player
ForgottenProject says “She got some Buffs and they worked but You should have no Trouble against her. [1]If she uses her heal when she's in your Q Range, Run her down the lane. [2]If she uses Q on the wave, you can run her down the lane. [3]Her E is an Execute so If you're low on HP, it's worth Parrying. [4]Parrying her Ult is good if it's a 1v1. [5]Set up a Freeze because Kayle Players get a lot of attention from their Junglers.”
[S10] Rank #1 Fiora Guide - ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
XtheZ115 says “Ah, Kayle. My original permaban for Singed. Her powerful ranged attacks are infuriating to lane against, but you do have one trick up your sleeve- Kayle's ult will make her feel safe. She'll get low and go in hard, thinking she will be safe behind that invulnerability, but little does she know that your damage ticks longer than her ult lasts. This will land you a few kills on an uninitiated Kayle before she wises up and just ults earlier; use that to your advantage.”
Aggressively Running Away: The Art of Playing Singed by XtheZ115 | Singed Player
Womsky says “Scaling runes, its just a free lane, nothing much to say about it, she is melee early on, you can turn those first 6 level into a living hell for her, zone her off cs, beat her up, freeze the wave, then beat her ass with ghost if she ever over extends, later on she still struggles big time dealing with you in a 1v1, one of the easiest matchups out there”
Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups by Womsky | Tryndamere Player
laoshin3v3 says “Fleet Kayle is very weak and abuseable earlygame. When she hits 6 it will be very hard to kill her 1v1 since she is ranged form already. Try to help other lanes or wait for jungler”
[10.18] Lao's Fiora - Every Matchup by laoshin3v3 | Fiora Player
AlanVenator says “Kayle is not a threat to you early levels, but she can get out of control late game. Her ult is so annoying as she can save herself or one of her teammates from "fear beyond death" and there is nothing you can do about it.”
Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation by AlanVenator | Urgot Player
SkellyBirb says “Kayle can do quite a bit of damage once she hits level 6. She has sustain and range, but if you get 6 before her, you can all in her for an easy flash or possible kill most of the time.”
[10.18] AD Ahri Top! Multiple Builds by SkellyBirb | Ahri Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
AWierdShoe says “Contest the push with Q level 1 while trying to shield her poke. Level 2-5 you should be looking for extended trades with 6 empowered Q’s whenever you can and push her out of lane or kill her. Try to get the blade up the lane while farming and when she walks up to get the Q on you drag the blade through her to shield the damage and taunt onto her while she’s slowed and walk with her to Q again. ”
JD the DJ says “ Before lvl 6 not a problem, but then it's your full counter, so poke before lvl 6, be aggresive, and after lvl 6 just roam or gank”
ImVoxxX says “dont let she farm, her pre lvl 11 is garbage so deny as much CS as possible”
Teemo Top Guide by an OTP teemo [S10] by ImVoxxX | Teemo Player
ShiningShen says “Słaby early game więc możesz szukać killa, ale po 11 levelu jest już bardzo trudna do zabicia 1v1. Chyba, że jest bardzo do tyłu.”
renneleous says “Her early is where you have to be the most aggressive to prevent her from Reaching 6 efficiently, farming, and items. If not then the game can be very rough for you to win. Her late game, aka level 16 spike. makes her very scary to the point of destroying even the most fed of Summoners in team fights and one on one fights.”
Horu says “Basically a free lane, she loses mana poking you which you just heal back up every time you poke her with your combo. Bait out her heal with a fake advance so when you go in to trade, she has no way to escape”
Yone by Horu | Yone Player
M.P.C says “Currently, she's extremely weak in the early game but a monster in late game. Bully her into submission to delay her 3 item power spike and as much as possible end the game as quickly as possible, even if she gets behind, she comes back HARD the longer the game drags on.”
Urgotem says “Refer to Match Up Section”
Urgodzilla says “Very annoying champion, you can't do much even before she gets lvl6 unless she is really stupid, because she has everything to stay away from you: slow, heal and speedboost. Don't waste your R on her R: wait a little bit and press your R second time to make sure her R runs out.”
Urgot, The Dreadnought by Urgodzilla | Urgot Player
Fiora Pogjet says “You have an easy laning face against kayle epsecialy before lvl 6. You can outtrade her but have to care abouth er scaling.”
[S.10] Fiora Toplane Guide - FioraPogjet by Fiora Pogjet | Fiora Player
Ashookaa says “abuse her before 6 when she walks up to farm all in and force her to recall early when she gets 6 she can farm from a distance so force her to push so ur jgl cn gank so she wont farm and get items and fast lvl 16”
♥|Lillia Top|♥ Look who's blooming now! by Ashookaa | Lillia Player
NullPC says “1v9 machine but if you ever hit your E she dies if she dosent ult. Abuse her in lane and supress her in late.”
A comprehensive guide to Urgot top by NullPC | Urgot Player
Teemain says “She sucks early game, but do NOT let her roam around the map, or GOD FORBID let her reach her lvl 16... Make sure you end the game FAST or try to gank her with your teammates when she's isolated. Her ranged attacks combined with her very op protective R spell makes teamfights a very BAD time.”
Garen the Lich King by Teemain | Garen Player
Teemain says “She sucks early game, but do NOT let her roam around the map, or GOD FORBID let her reach her lvl 16... Make sure you end the game FAST or try to gank her with your teammates when she's isolated. Her ranged attacks combined with her very op protective R spell makes teamfights a very BAD time.”
Garen the Lich King by Teemain | Garen Player
ChevalierArlo says “Escala MUITO mais do que você. Late-game é dela. Bote o máximo de pressão no início. Peça ganks. ”
Yorick Builds e Matchups 2020 PT-BR by ChevalierArlo | Yorick Player
LeSocair says “Q her, and again, and again, and again, and again. E her all the time and bait her R if you go for the kill. DON'T EXTEND THE GAME TOO MUCH!”
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
LeSocair says “One of the easiest matchup at the moment, I would say, but only during laning phase! Q her, and again, and again, and again, and again. E her all the time and bait her R if you go for the kill. DON'T EXTEND THE GAME TOO MUCH!”
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
ModxLoL says “Kayle is one of Riven's easiest matchups. Just stand in front of every minion she wants to go for while her q is down, and full combo her. It's easy to dive her too once you poke her down a little bit. At level 6, it's easy to all in her, and keep in mind that her ult at lvl 1 is an insanely long cooldown, so you can punish her whenever she uses that. Try to not let your ult go into her ult. Make sure she is stunned or knocked up when you ult so you can kill her before she can use it. ”
Modx's Super Omega Giga Chad Riven Guide by ModxLoL | Riven Player
Stiwy says “From level 1 to 10 you destroy her. When she gets level 11 she can fire back but still you should be able to kill her if you use your R correctly. When she finally reaches level 16 it will be hard to take her down. Try to use your early advantage to pressure the map and take objectives. If you see that the JGL is premade with her, probably he is going to camp you. Start Cull and be aware of the fact that she is a late game monster.”
9690 says “D-Blade. She is a very easy matchup early, so shut her down as much as you can so she can't scale as hard. you can deny her so much xp and cs pre-6. Outscales you. Take Conq.”
Yone Top - Your enemies wont forget you by 9690 | Yone Player
E_IS_POWER says “She got some Buffs and they worked but You should have no Trouble against her. [1]If she uses her heal when she's in your Q Range, Run her down the lane. [2]If she uses Q on the wave, you can run her down the lane. [3]Her E is an Execute so If you're low on HP, it's worth Parrying. [4]Parrying her Ult is good if it's a 1v1. [5]Set up a Freeze because Kayle Players get a lot of attention from their Junglers.”
[Season 10] CrazyWolf's Fiora Guide 10.16 by E_IS_POWER | Fiora Player
Fourpaws33 says “Bully. Don't let her cs and get levels and abuse her before 6. Careful of range and still abuse her. She's extremely squishy so you can one shot her all game and still outplay her with your r. ”
Paw's Guide to Throwing Top! by Fourpaws33 | Kha'Zix Player
FallenAngel149 says “Kayle is like Tryndamere in that you have to really shut them down early. Your Q deals better damage than her E early if you stay healthy. Since you're building Deaths Danxe you'll be negating all of her damage if you crush her early.”
Ornn Death Dance top by FallenAngel149 | Ornn Player
MisterDerpFace says “Her Ult counter your ult but you'll be fine since she's not as annoying as Tryndamere.”
Urgot Builds From Some Bronze Player by MisterDerpFace | Urgot Player
EntxRecoil says “Lethal Tempo Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Long sword refillable potion start. Kayle is EXTREMELY weak in the early game. She is melee until level 6so that means she is forced to either use spells to get minions or to walk up and auto attack. Even without much fury level one if kayle walks up and auto attacks a minion we need to position our character forward to auto attack her when she goes for the minion and the spin on her to extend the trade. Often times we can burn her flash levels one or two. Another big part of the matchup is when both characters hit 6, Tryndameres ult is a 110 second cooldown at level 1 however Kayle's ultimate level 1 has a 160 second cooldown. So if you ult and try to dive her or fight her and she ults and disengages. We have a 50 second window to kill her with an ultimate advantage if we wait for our ult to come back up. Mid-late game splitpush Tryndamere will win, and even when kayle hits level 16 Tryndamere still has a really good chance of winning the 1v1 especially if she is away from her turret.”
FoggedFTW2 Tryndamere Guide by EntxRecoil | Tryndamere Player
BloodyDream81 says “Ce match up est un peu particulier, Kayle n'a aucune chance de te battre en début de partie, avant son niveau 6 tu peux littéralement l'empêcher de jouer et la tuer si elle ne respecte pas assez, une fois niveau 6 c'est un peu plus compliqué car ses AA deviennent distances, et elle possède son ultime pour contrer le tiens, mais cela reste jouable, car si tu lui force un all in ou elle ne peut pas reculer sous tourelle elle n'aura toujours aucune chance ! En revanche, si une fois qu'elle est niveau 11, tu n'as pas beaucoup d'avance sur elle en terme d'exp et de gold, tu n'as plus aucune chance et il te faut reculer quand tu la voie, attendre de l’assistance pour l'affronter. Astuce : Jouer Rush phasique, faire rapidement tes tabi ninja et 1 phase te permet d'abuser l'early de kayle qui est son point faible, et il te faut vraiment en profiter pour la mettre au fond, car kayle est un réel cauchemar en fin de partie, qui peut annihiler une équipe entière toute seule dans les bonnes conditions. ”
Darius Top by BloodyDream81 | Darius Player
Space69420 says “You cannot let kayle scale to level 11. Deny cs and zone away from minions before her level 6”
Karma Top/Mid Lane by Space69420 | Karma Player
Dantheman81 says “Kayle is an interesting matchup, she is very easy to kill until she gets 2 or 3 items finished. Harass her as much as you can to slow down her itemization, and try to bait out or utilize when he ult is down. If she is ahead of you I recommend building an Adaptive helm.”
How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke) by Dantheman81 | Yorick Player
Alan234 says “Any rune is fine. Shes so weak early that you should be able to poke her down so hard that by the end that she is scaling your item advantage is too large.”
[10.20] Alan234 - #1 EUW 900LP Chall Teemo Top OTP by Alan234 | Teemo Player
Xplor says “Kayle is not a threat on low-levels but can be on late game if played right. You can easily take him down pre-6 and you should but beware and play smart. ”
Hunter Frenzy says “1v1: SA & Dom | vs Burst JG: E & Res | vs MS JG: PR & Dom | Boots: Beserker's | 1st Core Item: Nashor's Tooth | Spell Upgrade Order: Q 1st up to 3rd lvl”
[10.15] iPav's Teemo Book by Hunter Frenzy | Teemo Player
Lintaar says “Play aggressive early when she has no range. She loses mana fast so dodge every Q till she has none and then all in her”
LILLIA TOP LANE SHRED AND CARRY by Lintaar | Lillia Player
TheLittleJungler says “Early game its yours, abuse here!”
The DPS Taric by TheLittleJungler | Taric Player
SpedIsOn says “Late game beast but bully her early”
Sett The Boss by SpedIsOn | Sett Player
Defensivity1 says “Outscales you by a lot, but weak early game.”
Defensivity's Shen guide by Defensivity1 | Shen Player
Colin0224 says “CANCER CANCER CANCER. idk like dodge? you can try to beat her with 1 shot build if you cheese a few kills but she out-scales and kills your whole team”
Garen is OP. Everyone builds him wrong by Colin0224 | Garen Player
bakk0n says “Kayle post level 6 is an opressive laner against melee champion in the top lane. Try your best to abuse her pre-level 6. Hard pokes, all ins and zoning her out of farm are preferrable. While Mordekaiser does not have the strongest early game of the Top lane, he is still an opressive pick and you need to express that against Kayle.”
Phase Rush Mordekaiser! by bakk0n | Mordekaiser Player
Siberg says “Abuse her before level 6/11. Your ult is longer than hers.”
Tryndamere by Siberg | Tryndamere Player
Alzeidx says “Hard matchup, she will slow you and run, its hard to kill her, you might have a chance early if you take ignite on Top. After lvl 6 it will be really hard to kill her, all in early, ask for ganks.”
SpyDaFX says “must kill or get a lead before level 6, try to roam, try to get xp advantage over her and look for a big trade/all in at level 2 with ignite (e+w). you will shred her with ur conqueror and will get her flash or secure a kill.”
1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guidr by SpyDaFX | Renekton Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Don't think ive seen a Kayle in about 1000 games but if you do see who don't worry it's a pretty easy lane. Go hard on her lvl 2 when her E runs out, early game with no CDR her E has 8 sec downtime which is insane bc she is basically useless during the downtime. Post 6, if she ults when you knock her up, do not ult unless the fight isn't even close and you are just looking to gapclose with it.”
[Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
Nabura says “why u in norms bruh ”
Mid/Top Kayle Guide Season 10 by Nabura by Nabura | Kayle Player
Speed_Fire2 says “A Skill matchup in every form, A Good Kayle is nearly impossible to catch out, try to poke her down with Q, and if she engages, Use your E to pull her close, She will usually only engage with a Gank so be careful!”
[10.14] Welcome to Oblivion - CDRKaiser by Speed_Fire2 | Mordekaiser Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “She will just lose really hard to you early. Hopefully, she will be too inted to outscale.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
TotallyEclipse says “Just q to her while its off cooldown and all in her, you'll kill her before she hits 6 if she steps forward.”
[10.14] ECLIPSE'S INSANE 1V9 JAX GUIDE FOR TOPLANE KINGDOM by TotallyEclipse | Jax Player
ForOrion says “Basically a walking kill. Her melee form level 1-5 is so punishable that pyke can legit walk into her and she melts under the HOB damage. Always bring long sword to this fight, and ignite for an easy first blood.”
Shark 悪魔 of the Rift by ForOrion | Pyke Player
Dedrick says “You win easy pre-6. Once she hits lvl6 just stick to bushes and poke her down with Qs before walking up and finishing her. Don't dive her while she has ult up.”
(10.14) Tahm Kench Top Guide by Dedrick | Tahm Kench Player
Lobban says “Overated opponent. Go in for a W+E+Q when you can early. You NEED to get 6 before her. Or atleast go all in when her ult is on cd. And always keep an eye out for when her E is on cd.”
Walnut25 says “Easy! She is not even a champion early so just kill her! She dosen't stand a chance until lvl 11.”
ACE4291 says “she should dodge. you bully her so dont let her farm. she is in for a rough lane ”
(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out! by ACE4291 | Tahm Kench Player
PalestinianLuck says “EASSSY match up till 6”
[10.12] Palestinian's Luck QUICK Shen Top guide by PalestinianLuck | Shen Player
Scoothare says “She is annoying, her scaling is scary. Just ask for a few ganks and shut her down early and you should be good. You have way more CC then her on lower cooldowns. She should run out of mana early.”
[10.13] Ivern Attack Speed onetrick (All matchups) by Scoothare | Ivern Player
MrClockWorks says “You can bully her hard early but chances are she'll play really far back until level 6. Bilgewater cutlass active is huge this matchup to kill her early but she will outscale you if the game isn't over before she gets lvl 16 and goes god mode. You can still deal with her team of course if you get a lead early so try hard.”
Play Sett as an actual Boss by MrClockWorks | Sett Player
Mr. Popper says “Kayle has no poke and is pretty squishy. You can take just about any rune into her and win lane with them. The only problem is she scales like a monster. Try to Zone her from the waves to deny as much gold and more importantly experience to prevent the ticking time-bomb that she is.”
10.12 Gnar Guide for the Gnar enthusiasts :) by Mr. Popper | Gnar Player
report singed ty says “Kayle is just gonna scale on you and 1v9 your team no matter how good you are and how bad she is. Pretty cool. She can also peel you away from flinging her every single time so you don't really get to fight her unless she screws up big time.”
The Extensive Singed Bible (REMAKING) by report singed ty | Singed Player
gladiatorrr4 says “Try to go for aggressive trades against kayle. She can't really do anything about that. Kite her a bit. Poke her when is in Meele form.”
62% Winrate Diamond 1 Quinn! 10.12 SEASON 10! by gladiatorrr4 | Quinn Player
UlisesFRN says “Dont let her Farm Pre-6. Try to kill her everytime she tries to farm and abuse as hard as possible while she is melee. End Game ASAP”
HIGH TEST TOP88 says “This champion is extremely weak pre lvl 6, but after 6, oh boy, it can get rough. You go boots 4 pots here, E lvl 1 and try to zone her from the experience of the 3 first meele mininos. She either has to fight you and lose a ton of hp or she loses experience from 3 meele minions. Win win. Take armor or MR based on enemy jungle.”
Sq_09 says “Doable at first but scales away. You can't really poke her too so I would recommend not buying Cull unless she's agressive. You can't rly outkite her bc she's also ranged and outdamaging her would be hard. ”
Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build) by Sq_09 | Ashe Player
Beatport Expo says “Easy match in early game but she became a EXTREME THREAT If she reaches level 16(?) where she becomes a ranged champion ”
Kingarthur720 says “one of the hardest amtchups for graves lategame. Kayle is one of the champions hwo are literally considered ez win late game. You need to keep her in check and make her go behind early game if not shell snowball out of control and will probably carry the game. I recommend fleet runes or dark harvest to scale better into the late game.”
TentiTiger11 says “Personally, I hate kayle. They out scale you by AUs. It is scary. They have high poke at lvl 3. At lvl 6, they gain ranged auto attacks, poking you in lane. At lvl 11, they have huge cone auto attacks. Their scaling is a nightmare to deal with. I usually ban morde, kayle, or talm kench most of the time. To deal with them, try to get your jg to gank before kayle is lvl 6.”
Garen Destruction by TentiTiger11 | Garen Player
Shoqi says “HardCounter A ideia do Ornn é ser um TANK que muito Armor e MR. Fora que o Ornn não consegue punir muito a Kayle. Por ela ser ranged, ela consegue aplicar pressão e conforme o jogo avança, ela bate mais em você.”
gabriel5ben9 says “Fight pre-6. Ask your jungler for help so she doesn't snowball too hard. If you play well you can actually outdamage her, pre-11.”
Toplane Tank Leona by gabriel5ben9 | Leona Player
ShaharKarisi says “Shyvana is very strong early on, but on the contrary Kayle is very weak early on with no mobility. Try to trade heavily and negate Kayle's scaling. Call for ganks often because if she scales properly, she is a scary champion.”
SirDrPotato says “She is easy to bully in lane and very easy to be camped thanks to the fact that she's so squishy and has no mobility. Freeze your lane - I'll explain freezing and more wave management stuff later in the guide, but freezing is pretty much the act of trying to maintain minions in a certain area of the lane, usually close to your turret - and ask for ganks.”
[PATCH 10.11] Gracefully Climbing With Fiora Top by SirDrPotato | Fiora Player
TrinityForceYasuo says “She is really easy to face. When she uses her E wait for it to expire, block her Q slow and go in for trades. Try to fake that you are going for an all in so she uses her ultimate and then we she stays you can kill her.”
Subject3 says “ohoho.. yeah just dont let them even lvl up.”
Tahm Kench Top / Bait and Kill by Subject3 | Tahm Kench Player
LloydOrchid says “Bully pre-6. Don't feed her since she can 1v9 if she gets fed. If she's ahead, try to make her use her ult so you can kill her down.”
Captain Dantems says “Você tem mais dano no early, aproveite e acabe com o jogo antes dela ficar forte. Grasp com inspiração ou chamuscar. Poção corrupta, anel de Doran, cristal de safira com 3 poções de vida ou com refil.”
Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1 Milhão de maestria) by Captain Dantems | Gangplank Player
Fizzmaker says “Not the hardest matchup should be easy”
Garen by Fizzmaker | Garen Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Kayle is a dog shit champion right now”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Squishy as hell, but scales decently and the longer the game goes on the more impossible she will be to deal with. However, her early game is pretty bad, which you can abuse to hell and back since she is very item and level reliant and if she falls behind the only thing she can hope for is to farm and stall the game until she hits her powerspikes. Early game is relatively simple, play aggressively and deny her as many last hits as you can, but try to not push TOO hard or else she will just last hit underturret. Since she is melee until level 6 that means she can only farm from range with Q and E, and if the former doesn't hit you she can run out of mana fairly fast. Simply keep up the pressure and ensure she at least doesn't farm too much, else she will just begin to outscale and become a nightmare in the late game. If you get a lead however congrats, you can roam at your leisure since she is basically a canon minion. Ignite works wonders for the early game, but if you are confident you can with the matchup without it, you can go TP instead. HoB, Conqueror and Fleet are all useful.”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
J 2 the ROC says “She can harass a lot and use her ultimate to counter your execute.”
Volibear Top (Doom Edition) by J 2 the ROC | Volibear Player
NaCLBait says “She's fairly weak early so just e into q to poke her down. ”
Revamped Sion Top Guide by NaCLBait | Sion Player
Itreallyhim says “Skill matchup, Kayle has super high DPS, And kiting potential, But you can kill her if you play right, Trade alot and try to poke her low, Her mana costs are high so abuse that.”
itreallyhim's Mordekaiser Guide! [100% Matchups] by Itreallyhim | Mordekaiser Player
RavenGOD says “Call jng to help you with this. You can't reach her beacues of her Q and W.”
Running it down by RavenGOD | Singed Player
Circas says “As a Kayle player myself if you actually get to load into a game against a Kayle and she didn't dodge in champion select she is trolling. This is one of those match ups that Kayle cannot do anything and just takes whatever abuse you want to dish out. I wouldn't even classify Kayle as a champion before level 6, more like an over sized angelic cannon minion that gives you more gold when you kill it. Also keep in mind her ultimate is 160 second cool down so it is even longer than yours. You win this match up VERY hard. Seriously if you ever some how manage to lose this match up you need to close League of Legends and re think life in general. I joke but please don't lose it.”
[10.10] The ULTIMATE Diamond Irelia Top Lane guide. by Circas | Irelia Player
Rivenetto says “Early game so easy,before level 6 always trade her and dont let her farm.She outscales you so make sure u end the game before level 16.”
Riven is counter to next adc buffs by Rivenetto | Riven Player
LycheeMochigome says “Find a time when she is attacking the minion pre 6 and just e + q and get a really good trade in. keeping her dead and not leveled is the best way for you to snowball”
Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled) by LycheeMochigome | Kled Player
ItsPaulygon says “You beat her early, but during the late game, she can out scale you. The reason why she is a major threat, is because of her late game power spike. Try to abuse her out of lane early, but be careful, she can still mean trouble for you in the early game with her ranged attacks. Bait out her Q and then trade. Don't underestimate a good Kayle player, so play smart and try to not let her scale.”
JohnakaCane says “Kayle is an easy match up, you can farm her for gold before lvl 6 and even keep diving her, get ahead as much as you can and rush mobility items to have ways to keep up the lead”
Darius OTP guide by JohnakaCane | Darius Player
Erenando says “You will be able to stack up easily pre 6. You can easily sustain with sheen and go for some kills on her since she is squishy af. She'll be a huge threat with lvl 16+ so make sure to destroy her early on and remember to stack your Q's.”
OnePunchDog by Erenando | Nasus Player
wolfclaw3812 says “Kayle can't do anything to you before level 6, and after level 6, you can still run her down. AP or on-hit build will work for this one. ”
Every One's a Treasure by wolfclaw3812 | Teemo Player
DabPajusDab says “You win easily until lvl 6. After lvl 6 she will become ranged. After lvl 11 she will begin to deal tons and tons of damage. Try to get advantage untill lvl 6. ABUSE THE EARLY GAME.”
My amazing Crabgod! by DabPajusDab | Urgot Player
SuperPopo7 says “try all in as early as possible but it will get to a point where you cant 1 v 1 her (level 8)”
Cats4lyfe123 says “Kayle can't do much damage to you at all while you're in your W. She's very weak pre 6, so bully her as much as you can before then to slow her scaling.”
AP Bruiser Akali Top by Cats4lyfe123 | Akali Player
OakenshieldXVI says “She got armor breaker and cc. Abuse your early game and try to win the game soon as possible, or else she'll turn into a monster on the late game.”
[S10] Ornn Hard Carry - Toplane Monster by OakenshieldXVI | Ornn Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Win: Will add more later”
[10.5] The Steel Shadow - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Camille Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Win: Will add more info later”
[10.9] The Grand Duelist - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Fiora Player
ShinyEmo says “New Kayle is not even a threat, she is a minion in early game. Her Ult can be a problem but she has nothing to respond after that. ”
Some Master Yi Top & Jung Stuff (W.I.P.) by ShinyEmo | Master Yi Player
Loki029 says “Don t let her get Late Game, (Hint: Silence before Ult) Biuld Anti AP use ignite before she could heal herself to escape you”
Loki029 says “Like Illaoi or Irelia, Try too dodge, run, block her Poke, deny her creeps with Standing in her creeps ( No AA just skills too poke her !!!) SIlence before Ultimate... (Q after her Q should be clear)”
Oblak says “Kayle gets destroyed very easily, she starts to get strong only at the late game, you can do a all-in at level 3 and make the first blood without problems. When she starts to fall out of the game. Start some roaming, she can't do anything against it.”
hephephepeEPEPE says “you might proxy first 3 waves after that just try to deny her exp and cs so she dosent scale late game”
Epic Singed Guide by hephephepeEPEPE | Singed Player
AkenoSenpai says “Very weak champion in early, which requiers farm to pop off. In this match up instead of slowpushing towards your opponent, instead freeze the wave to deny as much farm as possible early on. This is a lane where passing on early tiamat is a good idea as it makes it harder to freeze.”
S10 Irelia guide by AkenoSenpai | Irelia Player
Nerkas says “She has no damage compared to you, early on. Your 6 is so much better, than hers. ”
Swain, The Ultimate Teamfight Carry in 9.19 by Nerkas | Swain Player
lugzinho says “Abuse really hard her pre-6 state Try to end the game as fast as possible so she doesn't get to that Level 16 Powerspike. ”
Thr3shPrinc3 says “You do win this lane pretty easily before level 6 and if you play it correctly even after level 6 you still beat her. Start The Cull as you really need to get an item advantage and she can't stop you from farming. Try to bait out her ultimate using yours and then engage again for the kill as you don't really need your ultimate in order to kill her. She can poke you out in lane so I recommend taking Fleet Footwork and running Teleport as oppose to Ignite.”
Thresh Top : How To Play, How to Win!!! by Thr3shPrinc3 | Thresh Player
6MillionBreads says “Pre-6 is easy farm lane for you as Zac, you outsustain her harass and can get tons of free Undying Grasp procs on her. After 6 neither of you really have kill pressure on each other without jungler assistance so just wait for ganks, keep up farm, and maybe try to roam mid with E for kills”
Zac, The Globular God (Off-Meta Top/Support guide) by 6MillionBreads | Zac Player
ForgottenProject says “Q poke her early game Kayle has no keystone so she’s weak early/mid Parry her R damage. It negates the slow and slows her so you can finish her off Usually you can fast combo her, force her ult. Parry it and finish the job Don't let her free farm after you smash her, she will come back strong.”
(Season 10) Rank #1 NA Fiora Guide by ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
Speez says “Simple, she doesnt really get anywhere to level 11 and by then you should be 8-0.”
The Lost Drawing says “Le ganas el early-game y el late es 50-50. Armate 'brillo' para tu 'trinidad' porque si no la matas o al menos la sacas de linea te va a deletear en las TF mucho mas facil”
Poppy la Carry by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
Pedrokis says “Muito fácil de se jogar contra, principalmente no começo. / Pega ignite e abusa muito dos seus Qs. / Caso ela tente fugir com o W, usa seu W com o Q pra garantir o puxão, daí acaba com ela. / O seu objetivo é matar ela muitas vezes, evitar que ela farme e não deixar ela crescer, por que Kayle com muito farm carrega facilmente.”
Aatrox Brabo do Pedrokis by Pedrokis | Aatrox Player
Trial_By_Barrel says “Also a very easy match up for Gangplank. Her early game is very abuse able so you can poke her and you can lane barrels. Bully her out of lane so she isn't such a major threat later in the game. ”
Builds And Tips - Beginner's Guide To Gangplank by Trial_By_Barrel | Gangplank Player
zekynan says “only a threat when she is fed but mostly a free kill”
Death Emperor by zekynan | Mordekaiser Player
Braddik says “Just q to her while its off cooldown and all in her, you'll kill her before she hits 6 if she steps forward.”
Joaking says “You can't lose against a kayle.”
Ultimate Riven guide: How to climb elo by Joaking | Riven Player
Pickle Pick says “try to shut her down early, like you usually would, but she can be a pain if she gets ganks. If she gets ahead it's really really hard to come back. Especially since her late game is arguably better than Ornns”
Daedralus says “Annoying lane due to her slows and speed up heals and especially her R. However, as her melee time is her weakness and it is most apparent within earlier times of the game, it gives you the opportunity to heal back . She also cannot use R while you have your R on her as she will be suppressed. A jungler coming to help once you get 6 can almost be considered a guaranteed kill.”
[S10] Hybrid AP Warwick [One-Shots + Full Heals Mid/Top/Jung by Daedralus | Warwick Player
TheBiskoppen says “You stomp her early, theres not much she can do, once you are ahead she is unable to do anything untill level 11-13.”
Crazy Crocman (Low Elo Match ups get gold+ ez pz) by TheBiskoppen | Renekton Player
NoxianBlood says “If she gets Bork and Rageblade and goes Nashor full Attack speed, she will melt you very fast that you won't even press a button going into Sion Passive in less than a second, I think you can handle her in lane, but don't feed her she will outscale you very hard, ban her, or all in her with multiple CC lockdowns, she's is ranged at a certain level and she will kite you to hell.”
Sion Guide by NoxianBlood | Sion Player
TheRevenantsHand says “Not as bad as Nasus but will cause havoc late game if you don't get close and miss your skillshots.”
[10.6] Mordekaiser lane bully *Crush and Enthrall* IN DEPTH by TheRevenantsHand | Mordekaiser Player
Valorkyrie Quinn says “Kayle may be strong late game, but she is not good in the early game. Quinn can easily burst her down and snowball the advantage, to help Quinn reach her 3rd item powerspike. Tip: Always look for all-ins when she uses her E to last-hit minions in the early game. ”
Phoenix, Fly! 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! [10.5] by Valorkyrie Quinn | Quinn Player
xxskipskipxx says “Play Aggressive and try to deny as much farm as you can ! E her E! Trade as much as you can before she hits 6!! After 6 you can engage when she uses Q! Hold on to your R2 for after her R expires! Her R immortality expires a few seconds After the swords fall from the sky !!”
(DIA)Riven Top 9.22 GUIDE [Matchups incl.]Testing season 10 by xxskipskipxx | Riven Player
feederfromelohell says “Mages in general are really bad against Sion on lane. Kayle has possibly the worst early game of all before lvl 11, so you should be able to crush her even easier than Lissandra.”
The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion by feederfromelohell | Sion Player
Big Belly Bop says “ABUSE your range advantage early on, Pre-6 she cannot do much to you. Post-6 she will start to out scale you and 1v1'ing her becomes much harder. Deny her CS, and coordinate ganks to shut her down. Flash + TP, Doran's Blade + 1 HP, Burst rune page.”
[10.3] Only Senna Top's TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE by Big Belly Bop | Senna Player
ExfIamed says “Pretty easy, just full combo her everytime she uses her slow, all you really need to watch out for his her ult. Bait her ult out before you ult and if she holds it till shes 1 hp just wait as long as you can and ignite her and she'll still die.”
ExflamedMMask's Indepth Climbing Guide for Garen in S10 by ExfIamed | Garen Player
R3action says “She can slows you and speed herself up, making your E ( slow ) useless and your W ( Wall ) harder to use. As she become ranged it is harder for you to fight her”
Yorick Experience ( Top,Mid,Adc,Sp) by R3action | Yorick Player
9690 says “Easy lane. We can trade early with her, look for pulls with E and abuse her short range early. At 6 we can just all in and kill her every time.”
Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed) by 9690 | Mordekaiser Player
Ends says “do i even need to say why?”
[10.4] Mordekaiser Guide by Ends | Mordekaiser Player
Loevely says “Any rune with a lot of damage works vs Kayle. You need to abuse her as hard as possible early or she becomes a farm bot that never dies until 16. ”
(10.3) In-Depth Rengar Top Guide by Loevely | Rengar Player
Corin_devaliere says “Early game Kayle is so weak, Taunt+empowered Q and she Will be finished”
Crushing Top and Support with SHEN (CHECK THE RUNES) by Corin_devaliere | Shen Player
H V N T says “You can abuse her pre 6 and even after 6 just run to her and cheese she beats you late”
[10.03]Darius guide season 10 by Hi its Darius by H V N T | Darius Player
numpadddd says “Not the biggest threat until 6 (when she becomes ranged) dont get baited by her ult (she can cancel your R with it) annoying at 6 and higher but winnable”
10.3 CARRY Every Game With GAREN! by numpadddd | Garen Player
ENX Kai says “Try to end this game fast as she's hard scaling late game. Her early game sucks, try to kill her when you have chance.”
Ends says “can be dominated early game and can be oppressed so much that she is unable to obtain her power spikes before the game ends.”
600k Mastery Aatrox Guide by Ends | Aatrox Player
Aizenvolt says “The new Kayle is a little easier than the old one when you face her pre 6. She cant do any damage to you when she activates her ult which was annoying before because she could keep hitting you while she was invulnerable, but he ult still does some damage at the end so watch out. Before lvl 16 she has to stack her passive so its easier to kill her while the passive is not stacked becasue she doesnt have alot of damage. If you fight her with a stacked passive then you will lose alsmot every time, if you aren't extremely fed. Late game you don't have her, because she does insane damage and unless you are extremely fed and your ult is fully stacked you don't stand a chance.”
Utility Kassadin [Patch 10.1] by Aizenvolt | Kassadin Player
Defensivity1 says “Kayle will become really strong once she hits level 16, against kayle it is recommanded to go with the conqueror page however, grasp should do a fine job aswell. do not be affraid to trade against kayle before level 6 and throw a lot of ghouls on her. against kayle you should start with cull and potion as she is really weak early and cant punish your lack of a dorans shield.”
Defensivity's S9 yorick guide by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Quezel says “This matchup can be quite annoying as Kayle beats you for the first few levels in short trades and can poke you out at 6 as well as dodge your e very easily with her movespeed from w and passive try to chase her down in your r with ghost to help stick to her and force her into long trades pre 6 as you win these quite hard.”
How to play the King of Oblivion Mordekaiser by Quezel | Mordekaiser Player
Evilfury10 says “Kill Her As Much As You Can Before She Is 11. Take Ignite”
Rengar Top Guide (9.23) by Evilfury10 | Rengar Player
XPRflew says “Farm under tower because she will keep on poking you with her e ”
Nasus Guide Build Season 10! + Match Ups by XPRflew | Nasus Player
SNOBOY says “Kayle is very annoying. She can poke, kite, heal your poke, and has her ult. While this seems really bad, you can actually poke her down and combo her well. While her ult will block all damage taken if they have to have really good reaction time to stop your combo. Just ult, q, e, ignite and she should die. Try baiting out her ult if you can and once she burns it go ham. Right now with Lethal Tempo Kayle is extremely strong. You basically are going to get smoked by her all game. Pray for ganks.”
Straight tank is BORING (Season 10 Ready) by SNOBOY | Malphite Player
Lunasta says “Just all-in her as much as you can before she gets level 6.”
[ 10.1 ] Simplifying Irelia by Lunasta | Irelia Player
mightydylan101 says “Kayle is pretty easy to beat you just have to be sure not to be caught out of position if he's low as he can ult and quickly turn the fight.”
[10.1] Top Low Elo Stomper by mightydylan101 | Teemo Player
ProgettoYorick says “Kayle is up to you to destroy her, even during level 6 she can't do anything, she also uses her R! if it is closed by the W with ghouls on your side it will be easy to knock it down. Advice from OTP: try not to do stupid things against her, you can allow me some mistakes, if you make too many, the lane will be lost”
hotdog93 says “Deceivingly good level 1, so don't try to cheese her. Hard to kill early if she has bone plating, can sometimes win lane with lethality. Try to get your jungler to repeat gank her if you can, she's a ticking time bomb until she's a level 11 2 item right clicking machine. ”
Season 10 Riven guide by hotdog93 | Riven Player
Greekamol says “Annoying ranged champ. Kill her early and get your jg to destroy her.”
linsher19 says “She's scary late game but she doesn't do that much damage early on so use that advantage on stacking thoses Qs and you will destory her ”
Drop de Cane DOWN BOOM! by linsher19 | Nasus Player
ThisIsJustSad says “1. This is not a fun champion to play against. 2. If Kayle does not have fleet footwork, you can freeze early and get a strong early lead. 3. The big problem is that Kayle R stops you from Proccing vitals, meaning that you cannot cannot cannot teamfight until you see who Kayle Rs. Even if she's 0/10, she can still effectively beat you in team fights. 4. Also, she scales really hard even when behind, so she'll always be a threat you're forced to deal with.”
Skarner Main says “I dont really struggle vs kayle because if you get 45% cdr this bird cant move just try farm and go for some short trades and all in her if you got the chance to kill her”
Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate by Skarner Main | Skarner Player
Karnan says “With corrupting pots and inspiration tree she just has a ton of sustain. Early executioners and bully her from creeps. She will outscale you but not until late late game. Even if she R your R you can still get a easy pick if you drag the person away from their team. ”
DerpzGG says “If you take cheesy runes, she’s gonna Have a HUGE delay for her late game potential, Plus, You can kill her before she can kite you. Watch out for the ult clutches Tho.”
Darius Guide S10 by DerpzGG | Darius Player
just000jay says “After she gets range she is quite annoying. But before that try to deny her cs.”
Attack Speed Cho'Bank Top Guide ( OP ) by just000jay | Cho'Gath Player
Rime101 says “Take electrocute, smash lane hard early, play very aggro VOD:”
[9.23] Rime's Ultimate Kennen Guide - KENNEN OTP by Rime101 | Kennen Player
spark2 says “You almost never see Kayle mid-lane after her rework (actually you almost never see her period). Her early game is super duper weak, so dodge her very telegraphed Q and make her life hell before she scales into space and wins teamfights by herself.”
[9.23] Sekkonds (Mid AP Ekko) by spark2 | Ekko Player
ryzetrox says “Cry. She perma kites you after 6 and when you get on top of her she takes no damage thanks to her R”
Asothin says “She has mobility sustain and she can also poke you back. However she has no instant gap closer so landing your E>Q>Q>Q combo is still possible and your ult still works when she has her so when she uses Intervention you can simply R and stop her from doing majority of the damage. None the less still a tough match-up”
Revert Urgot. by Asothin | Urgot Player
picklehater77 says “Pre-6 she should be easy to deal with, especially with Kleptomancy being a non-factor nowadays. However, if you can't get her behind before then you'll have a miserable time since she can kite you infinitely after level 6. ”
OneMustFall says “Cakewalk. Nothing Kayle can do against you. Try to snowball as much as possible on her and take her turret early.”
Wonder Woman Top Lane by OneMustFall | Sivir Player
Kalrex says “Like Trynd, her ult also negates your ult. Sort of annoying, but you should be able to out-trade her until ~20 minutes and when she panic uses it to try and run, just spear her in the back when it goes down for the easy kill. Her range gets sort of annoying post-6, but she will shred you at her level 11/16 power spike. Obviously, she scales harder than you”
How to KS and Dominate with Urgot (9.23) by Kalrex | Urgot Player
Tep11 says “Kayle has no way to escape once you got her with your E. Try to play smart and you should get a free lane evry time”
The Stomper Darius build by Tep11 | Darius Player
SrHolmes says “Start Rejuv x3. Bush cheese lv 1, try not to get hit by her Q, attempt pull when she auto's you, buy early boots.”
Jnewbringspain says “Stay aggressive early. Stack your Grasp of the Undying whenever she tries to farm. Poke her with Rupture whenever you can. Scale yourself and delay her level 11 as much as you can. She's easy to attack since she has no range for 11 levels, and really doesn't do much damage before then.”
Cho'God - Hybrid Damage/Tank Top Lane! by Jnewbringspain | Cho'Gath Player
SirZeros says “If she ults herself (or anyone else) just ult them. When they're unzhoniassed (is this a word?), they won't have the ult anymore. You generally should to burst her down mid-late but don't be too sure of that.”
PlasmaFox1 says “She is pretty op. Try to shut her down and get help from jungler.”
Aatrox Basic Guide by PlasmaFox1 | Aatrox Player
Ze mentira says “Max Q. Rune: PTA Page. start corrupt potion and back with dark seal and doran's ring to a good poke. //I reccomend you do mercury's threads, and Wit's end(trinity force) to win any fight against her.”
Malphite TOP Guide w/ 25 Matchups[UPDATED] by Ze mentira | Malphite Player
TryndamereBawt says “If kayle gets to the late game you can be ripped apart so try and get the jump on them and get them to waste their ult have yours up and you should be able to win”
TryndamereBawts attempt at a tryndamere guide by TryndamereBawt | Tryndamere Player
Tophatant says “early game suggested against her level 6 is going to be hard”
My shen stuff by Tophatant | Shen Player
ineptpineapple says “Goes without saying her dont ult when she has hers unless she uses it in between your first part of the ult and the second. Other than that she has a fairly normal laning phase.”
Akali Top S9 by ineptpineapple | Akali Player
Hamstertamer says “Kayle can poke pretty well early game but you beat her in an all-in, since your attack speed slow cuts down her DPS pretty hard (max W second). When her passive isn't stacked you can just mindlessly charge in. Adaptive helm makes her cry.”
The meme lord - with detailed matchups by Hamstertamer | Nasus Player
ineptpineapple says “What a pain generally has simmilar poke to you but you out scale her when you get your ult. Get her low enough that you can ult her and kill her before she has a chance to ult and you should be fine if she engages on you just root her and gtfo so she cant stack her armour and magic pen on you.”
Agro Lissandra top lane S9 by ineptpineapple | Lissandra Player
Guantecillo says “Aprovecha cuando Kayle aún no supere el nivel 6.”
Guía de Teemo en español (En proceso) by Guantecillo | Teemo Player
TwAllBuildDarius says “When she have gunblade the lane is over moat of the time.”
Movement God speed by TwAllBuildDarius | Darius Player
AsomeSonic says “don't take unnecessary damage from her unless you have warmogs, prob best to ult her in later team fights”
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer by AsomeSonic | Poppy Player
Polkadog says “So in the early-game, you dominate to lane. Constantly harass her so she can't farm. Late-game you still have an advantage over her since you're a tank and she can try to save herself only for a moment. Kayle can output some serious damage but if she feeds you in the early-game, you've won the game.”
"One More Step Toward Domination" Yorick Top Build by Polkadog | Yorick Player
Chromuro says “She can't do too much damage early, she's a nuisance because of her heal and invincibility, but it shouldn't be a problem; farm enough and the tentacle will do their job. The only (half) ranged champ that I can stand.”
Faith of the depths [S9] by Chromuro | Illaoi Player
Yotzuo says “easiest champ to fight. you can basically int and still win this matchup :D.”
blunderr says “Pre lvl 11 Kayle is very weak and you win the matchup very easily, after lvl 11 she becomes a monster and you have to be careful fighting her. To prevent her from becoming the late game hyper carry that she is you should poke her as much as you can whilst still getting CS, deny her as much as CS as possible to prevent her from getting gold and kill her as much as you can.”
sir monsieur says “Trades with Kayle require a good reaction and positioning. Your Q poke will outdamage her E if you're not low, but if she'll land her Q on you, you'll lose the trade anyway. She's a major threat after she reaches 6, but all of her danger is based on her R. Read matchup details below.”
Top Sona Late Support (Testing New Meta) by sir monsieur | Sona Player
Weakling says “Kayle is ideal matchup against Tryndamere. No Tank, Not a lot of CC, not a problem in early. Even in late game where she has transformed if you have Ult theres no way you cant kill her. 3 Autos and she is dead.”
How to Tryndamere [S9] - Weakling by Weakling | Tryndamere Player
HKRV says “In early game you kill her easily. Abuse it a lot and let her push the wave so easier kill pressure. DON'T LET HER GET LVL 16! If she's behind still has enough juice to turn the game. So force to end early or really put her behind. ”
Rhinoface says “You're a pretty safe lane for her to scale. She gets hit by your E she'll just W away. Usually not worth ulting her unless she's pushed into YOUR tower. ”
400k Mastery Mordekaiser Top/Mid/ADC ALL MATCHUPS by Rhinoface | Mordekaiser Player
Poppu says “Kayle is really weak during early phase and uses up alot of mana. Bait her into using mana and trying to outsustain, would suggest getting ganks to secure kills and trades. Also, going really aggressive with your lvl 2 can end up with a kill. It's good way to get her to be more wary of Poppy than the wave.”
[Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top! by Poppu | Poppy Player
Aizo says “She will greatly smack you in the lategame, however in the early to early midgame you are able to push her around due to her very weak earlygame.”
CHALLENGER Maokai Top OTP Guide by Aizo | Maokai Player
MrMurder says “If she is going Attack Speed you need to Focus her ”
Mal FIGHT not Mal RUN by MrMurder | Malphite Player
Petethebossch says “She can't punish stacks heavily and is very susceptible to jungle ganks. If she gets ahead though she is a team fight monster and you can be sure you team will be spam pinging you.”
9.17 Split-push Nasus by Petethebossch | Nasus Player
MehmetPower69 says “Scales hard lategame try to feed on her early game”
Fiora guide by MehmetPower69 | Fiora Player
TheOsKaRoO says “You'll win this lane almost every time, since she can't do anything during your early roams, also doesn't have a good escape, but be careful after 11.”
CARNAGE UPON THEM // Plat+ Aatrox Top Tank Hybrid Tactic by TheOsKaRoO | Aatrox Player
Jnewbringspain says “Since rework this matchup has taken a 180. You have a huge advantage early on, especially level 2. She has no escape so you can Leap in, and she can't really damage you while you Counter Strike. By the time she hits her power spike, you'll be very far ahead and should still be able to handle her.”
Top Jax - Fear The Walking Eggplant! by Jnewbringspain | Jax Player
Necrops says “She is weak as hell early, jump on her, Q her when she come close to the minions, freeze the lane and she is done.”
9.16 Mantheon Top Build by Necrops | Pantheon Player
messketchup says “Take advantage of the bushes, you can sometimes cheese out a kill by baiting the Kayle in too close, then hooking into your Q and W. You should be doing this anyway, and Kayle is one of the least susceptible toplaners to it if they know what they're doing, but it's still a neat little trick that can get you a free kill if they're not paying attention.”
Angela du Seithr says “Elle n'a aucun moyen de se frotter à vous jusqu'au niveau 11 car vous dominer au corps à corps. Même une fois le niveau 16 atteint, vous pouvez la surprendre avec un énorme burst. Ne pas sous-estimer son ultime et bien positionner votre E.”
[9.16] Pantheon's Fall by Angela du Seithr | Pantheon Player
PandaSenpai101 says “Due to the recent buffs to the reworked Kayle. she became an S-tier champion. You have to use your parry against her E, as there isn't much to parry in her kit. Look to punish her in the early game, where she lacks ranged auto attacks. Keep track of her ultimate cooldown, and look to all-in when it is down.”
Devitt45 says “This match up is really easy. After her rework her early game is horrible compared to Garen's. Just try to Q her when you have the chance and if she is pushed up, you can easily kill her. Just be careful if you are going to tower dive, because she might ult herself and stall, so try to bait out her ultimate.”
Crit Master Garen Carry Guide by Devitt45 | Garen Player
Zestysquid says “Her ranged auto attack ability will mess you up, but post 6 it's often easy to bait her. Depending on when she triggers your boxes they will outlast her ult.”
The Chad Clown - 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick by Zestysquid | Shaco Player
bosniak34 says “Eazy matchup, You win eazy trades level 1. won´t be any problems at all.”
Best olaf build top by bosniak34 | Olaf Player
Jnewbringspain says “She just doesn't present as a threat until very late in the game. Engage often early on and try to delay her late game spike. She has range, mana, and damage problems early on so use this to your advantage.”
Save Your Teamates! Top Lane Shen by Jnewbringspain | Shen Player
zuiop21 says “Easy early game but huge outscale from her in late game if you don't bully her.”
[9.14 Kled Guide] The Grievous Wound Boi by zuiop21 | Kled Player
Ryako the Exile says “In my opinion an easy matchup but better watchout of ganks, watch where the enemy jungler could be or is. You should never lose against kayle if she is on your lane except she is getting fed ”
Ryako the Exile´s Riven Guide. Carry your team by Ryako the Exile | Riven Player
Bombabo says “Bully her. Hard. If she plays passive with Klepto, freeze wave and have you jungler come. She will outscale you if you do not shut her down in lane.”
The Darkin Chad (WIP) by Bombabo | Aatrox Player
mahlightning says “She has wings but is not bird, hince she is no threat. ”
Squawk 2 The Electric Boogaloo by mahlightning | Swain Player
0mega best says “Not played alot these days, she still counters you alot and is very dangerous to play agaisnt, call for ganks and be careful in 1v1.”
RainbowNova says “Kayle is weak early. Abuse her as much as you can and get prepared for lvl 16 if you have to by getting Adaptive Helm and Warmog's so you can negate some of her damage and heal it back if you can manage to run away. ”
DatPixelGuYY says “Ranged vs melee matchup youll lose early game”
Uh.. smash ? by DatPixelGuYY | Darius Player
hipstersora says “One of my least favorite matchups. She has strong waveclear, strong dueling, strong scaling, and her ult can deny your entire kit or a long range ult for as long as it lasts. I suggest getting an early Luden's and focusing on waveclearing and then roaming bot.”
E-Z Breezy AP Ezreal (1000+ AP) SUPER IN-DEPTH by hipstersora | Ezreal Player
ImpossibleLogic says “Same as Nasus however some people can fall victim to Kayle's poke disengage strategy however whenever she even comes close you can Q her she'll most likely follow up with her W in which you can Q E and knock her up setting up your W which she cannot get out of into your final q and passive auto which should be enough to kill her. if she flashes out of your W that's fine as you'll kill her next time if she flashes after she was grabbed by W you can flash in the animation of your final Q to land it knock her up and finish her with your passive.”
The Only Aatrox Guide You Will Ever Need by ImpossibleLogic | Aatrox Player
Hunterlogic says “You beat her easily until level 11, as soon as she scales she has a much better chance, it can go either way after level 11.”
Un-killable Mordekaiser Guide (9.12) (Matchups Included) by Hunterlogic | Mordekaiser Player
FunkySoul says “Wait, this is supposed to be hard? Your ulti is better than hers, so end the game before she hits 16, or else you're in for a beating.”
[9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg) by FunkySoul | Tryndamere Player
Brentard says “Early on, its a cheese lane. You can bully her and still roam. Its great. But after 11 its best to just farm as needed. But the guerrilla tactic works pretty well vs her even with her ult. Just... save your ult until after she ults, (unless she is silenced or its on cd)”
Speedy Von Garen (Carry build) by Brentard | Garen Player
GrGamingTeo says “Just kill her early and try to early finish the game beafore she gets to 16 or worse to 18!!!”
Noxus will rise/Darius guide/S. 9/ by GrGamingTeo | Darius Player
0mega best says “Counters you but is not used often these days, still be careful and play safe and call for ganks, there is not much you can do.”
DrMoneybags says “Garbage early IMO. Her poke is meh, just use the bushes to avoid most of it. Once you are lvl 3-4, all in for a free kill. The jungler should just sit top and help you get fed if anyone picks her. Try not to dive lvl 6 with her ulti up. Otherwise, good matchup for kled.”
Qubert64 says “Minor threat in lane. Extreme threat lvl 16. Farm her in lane every time she goes in for poke or cs.”
Shen 9.10 S9 (Chapters Coming Soon) by Qubert64 | Shen Player
AgreeableOtter says “dont stand close to minions and Q farm early at 6 get a hexdrinker if you are losing or dirk when winning Force her ult with w-e-q combos then go in for the kill afterwards. Or use ult to gapclose when you know you can kill her after her ult expires. Kayle outscales you hard late tho”
Duelist Zed by AgreeableOtter | Zed Player
Skoh says “- Work in progress -”
[FR] NASUS IS OVERCHEAT by Skoh | Nasus Player
OnionMilkshake says “Same as Nasus however some people can fall victim to kayle's poke disengage strategy however whenever she even comes close you can Q her she'll most likely follow up with her W in which you can Q E and knock her up setting up your W which she cannot get out of into your final q and passive auto which should be enough to kill her. if she flashes out of her W that's fine as you'll kill her next time if she flashes after she was grabbed by W you can flash in the animation of your final Q to land it knock her up and finish her with your passive (Recommended: Conq)”
Aatrox World Ender 9.9 by OnionMilkshake | Aatrox Player
Zdenster says “Take Arcane Comet. Poke her out. Rush Sheen.”
Shderen says “Okay, so, new Kayle. Prior to level 11, where she gains a lot of auto attack range, she is DEFINITELY going to be asking for ganks against you. If she doesn't, you're definitely gonna steamroll her ass. However, if the game exceeds 25 minutes, Kayle unconditionally becomes powerful. You can't stop it, so aim to close out the game quickly.”
TheNinjaRoid says “If she's good, you'll get bullied out of lane. If you can farm, you'll destroy her. Get Mercury Treads and a Sheen and you should be fine. She wins late if allowed to snowball out of control.”
Ultimate Nasus Guide from a Nasus OTP - Patch 9.9 by TheNinjaRoid | Nasus Player
Fruxo says “Try to "bait out" her R, without it she and the adc is very vulnerable, whenever she uses it back off for a bit, wait for her R to run out and then do your all-in with your Support, that way Kayle won't have another way to save herself or her adc therefore you should be able to pick up a kill or two. Keep in mind that early on in the game she's a melee champion until she hits level 16, that's when she becomes permanently ranged.”
✔️ Killing is my form of Art by Fruxo | Jhin Player
TheBoltLord says “Kayle is easy as all in lane to deal with... unless you make this game a late game then your screwed. Basically try to end the game quick and your fine and bully her as much as you can... or your most likely going to lose against her true damage.”
S9 Full Tank Poppy (TOP) by TheBoltLord | Poppy Player
MrFakeHero1 says “Blind her if shes looking to be going all in, you will 100% win this match up. Timing your blind is key for this match up.”
Gunner Teemo 9.9 by MrFakeHero1 | Teemo Player
MediocrePolk says “You kill her early, she kills you late. Poke matchup take mr ”
Rengar Top by MediocrePolk | Rengar Player
Aulenza says “The new kayle is pretty easy to face early game but when she gets level 11 it starts to be a pain in the ass. Control the lane in early game and try to finsish the game as fast as you can.”
[Patch 9.9] Poppy, The True Berserker by Aulenza | Poppy Player
xxxskully says “Easy to burst down early game. When Kayle hits level 6 just burst her so she uses her ult and back off.”
Rengar Guide (Patch 9.8) 190k Mastery Points by xxxskully | Rengar Player
Carlosm04 says “é izi no começo do jogo mas no late, ela derrete rapidin mas cuidado com R dela ”
Jax top/jg [9.8] PT-BR by Carlosm04 | Jax Player
LosAngeloser says “Pretty easy matchup, but you have to keep in mind that her late game is immense, so you have to get a strong lead on her. Go clepto and bully her a lot.”
Tankplank TOP (9.8) by LosAngeloser | Gangplank Player
ElleryTheViking says “Pre 11 you have full control. You need to push her out of the game. You have every advantage pre 6 given she's melee. She'll have to choose between you killing her or no cs. A freeze is your best friend in this matchup. If she cant CS, she can't buy items, meaning she'll be useless when she goes God Mode post 11. After that time, she'll work her way back into the game and likely start melting you if you haven't snowballed.”
Godlaf in the Top Lane (9.7) by ElleryTheViking | Olaf Player
The Lost Drawing says “Ganas el 'early-game' muy facil y pierdes un gran porcentaje de ganar la partida si llega a nivel 11. Solo cuídate del 'jg', te hacen casa cuando estas contra ella, pero cuando eres ella ni se para tu 'jg'”
Poppy - La tanque anti-tanques (y adcs si se puede xD) by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
LonerFKS says “her ult will basically destroys you so flash to bush and stay there until you're sure that she is gone. (if her ult is gone then poke her)”
Toxicated Teemo by LonerFKS | Teemo Player
NocUout says “She used to be difficult but with new rework, her early game is quite terrible and you should be able to win someone easily. Just beware of her ult, and remember your ultimate cooldown is shorter than hers. ”
Assassin at it's finest: 9.6 Zed Guide (WIP) by NocUout | Zed Player
kingkang2 says “Beat her early. Yorick's level 3 power spike is amazing against her. She has nothing to get out of your rape cage, so get an early flash or kill with it.”
Yorick - The Goon Squad Splitpusher (Work in Progress) by kingkang2 | Yorick Player
E61K says “Used to be much harder but the nerfs to Rageblade and nerfs to her as a champion hit her like a truck. Also the meta shifting to short games doesn't give her enough time to acquire her items and become this huge hypercarry threat. This matchup is easy pre-6 but post-6 she gets her cockblock ultimate which just makes her more annoying to deal with since a well used ultimate can deny you your ult reset and ultimately shut you down in teamfights. Tabis are great against her because she deals the majority of her damage through AA's. Then continue to build into your core and after that pick up Adaptive Helmet. Phase Rush + Ghost highly recommended.”
SwiftOblivion says “Strengths: Auto attack based, potentially out-scales, Ranged, AP, Invincible Ultimate. Weaknesses: Weak early game, Melee throughout most of the early game, Low Mobility. A ranged matchup that’s difficulty increases the higher Elo you go, and the more people understand how to abuse Ranged vs. Melee. Typically, you want to poke her a few times with your vitals when her E is down. Once you’ve gotten her low enough, look to all in early since she doesn’t have the CDR to consistently stand at range to CS. Once you do that, focus on CS-ing and All-inning her when you can. It is also important to keep in mind that her ultimate, when active, prevents you from dealing any damage to her and does not allow you to proc any vitals. This prevents you from not only dealing damage but healing off your passive and life steal as well so keep that in mind when finishing her off at low HP. It can be a bit hard to build against her because she does mixed damage. If she gets ahead of you, it becomes that much harder to deal with her because she has a slow which hinders your ability to reach her vitals and all she needs to do is auto attack.”
(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide by SwiftOblivion | Fiora Player
Suthafru says “Kayle - its a very simple situation the new kayle has a poor early game in exchange for one of the strongest late game scalings jhin top exists purely to abuse early game leads. she's helpless to your poke”
the mega superior - JHIN TOP [UPDATED 9.5] by Suthafru | Jhin Player
NOH giel says “His ults counters your ult, very annoying to play against, not impossible.”
Urgoat, Crab yourself a victory! by NOH giel | Urgot Player
Yasuo Comunica says “Kayle the only thing I can say about Kayle is very good distance damage for her E and it's pretty fucked up. Kayle is Tier D. ”
Nasus God of Destruction [9.5] [TOP/JG] by Yasuo Comunica | Nasus Player
NOH giel says “His damage is high, he can poke you and his ult counters your ult. Is there anything more you need to know?”
Do you even DARIUS by NOH giel | Darius Player
drunken hunter says “Kayle may have ranged attacks and a slow thats all no problem for Rengar - you can do the lvl 2/3 engage and the poke because this champ got a heal as an ability, kayle is bad in trading melee and you can outtrade her ult and do the counter ult under tower - after you killed her, press (W) to survive the enemy turret (i mean - it worked before the rework)”
[S 9.4] Jumping Kitten Top and Jungle - NEW Top/Jgl Build! by drunken hunter | Rengar Player
kkiskk says “Try not to let her kite you. All-in her when her E is about to end. Try not to fight her post-6 if you're not fed. Easy match up early-mid game before her rework goes online.”
Top lane Xin Zhao (What? It's still viable?) by kkiskk | Xin Zhao Player
Daniloooo says “Rush Withs End and you win in a 1V1 ezy (Dont die till you build Withs end) Withs end is super cheap and youl get it before she gets her Nashors.”
Tank / AP / On hit Teemo! by Daniloooo | Teemo Player
SeaWeeb says “Especially with the rework she will poke you hard and deal a ton of damage (soon to be true). Try to gank and be ready to disengage if she has ult. She will heal up so punish her early and do not let her get a lead. She will become a late game monster so harass as early as you can but don't overextend or get too cocky.”
The Suit Hunts in the Manner You Choose by SeaWeeb | Kai'Sa Player
Sion says “Like Jax, she's a 2-item powerspike who can 1v3 easily. BUT, she is easier to fight earlygame so capitalize on that. Shove her in and avoid trading when she Q's you as she will either orb-walk or kite you depending on your movement. Post-6 is still killable as you can bait out her R with a minimum charge Q”
Low-elo stomper AD Sion by Sion | Sion Player
Vincheelo says “She can slow you and kite you to death. Her damage makes her pretty scary and her ult can counter your ult. Luckily, it isn't too bad pre-6, so try to kill her and get your lead. Later on, she'll be hard to kill and so will her teammates, so your Noxian Guillotine resets will be hard to get.”
Super Detailed Darius Guide v9.4 WIP by Vincheelo | Darius Player
SunKnight116 says “Kayle, insane defense that can't be broken, since this is a tanky build, not really damage. In order to conquer top lane, you need the jungler to gank before Kayle is lvl.7 ”
Undying Garen by SunKnight116 | Garen Player
Moccamasterpro says “You have the lead at least until 6. after 6 her ulti will make all your lifesteal useless. poke her in the early game.”
ShinobiSlime says “A strong fighter but she gets rework so i'll update her soon!”
Tipurrs says “The only thing that makes her hard is her ult, but she's squishy enough too not live your burst before she can ult herself.”
Found Him! Patch 9.2 Annie Guide by Tipurrs | Annie Player
shlemvem says “Complete lane bully, and hard to kill.”
The roaming singed by shlemvem | Singed Player
Zahkar00 says “Take Glacial. Just try and engage whenever your stun is up.”
How to Taric Top 101 by Zahkar00 | Taric Player
Bakiraka says “As long as you play passively, this matchup is exactly what you want. She doesn't have a ton of kill potential and doesn't have a good way to get onto you. The only thing she can do is shove you in, which is pretty much what you want. The only thing is that you won't proc Kleptomancy too often.”
Trixelkour says “Play it right and you win, play it wrong.... You lose the game indefinitely. Rush Adaptive Helm into Abyssal Mask. You should win against her if she's behind. Be cautious of her ult, because if she times it correctly she can deny your ult damage. Take Exhaust and you win.”
Demon Birb of Zaun by Trixelkour | Swain Player
KennenenneK says “She has a big slow and she can heal. Go AP vs her, burst her down quick.”
AP/AD Kennen all roles! by KennenenneK | Kennen Player
lunarstaff says “Only is a problem when she groups up. You should deal enough damage to make her use her ult and have her low.”
Hunt's Comprehensive Rengar Guide by lunarstaff | Rengar Player
Autoswitched says “Bit difficult but still she lacks high range, so you can farm quite safely as she is forced to push the wave, and her e is predictable, so if she just used it, you can just wait it out.”
Yasuo, Way Of The Wanderer Season 9 by Autoswitched | Yasuo Player
E61K says “Nothing but her Q can be windwalled. Her early game is shit. Her late game is god-like. Abuse her in lane by windwalling her Q and cutting her down afterwards. Tabis are extremely effective against her since AA's are the only source of damage which are worth mentioning. Always keep her ult in mind because it can turn fights around. Not only in lane but also in team fights. After all Kayle is basically a worse version of Yi with the exception that she can used ranged AA's, offers some utility, a tiny amount of CC and a cockblock ultimate. Should she ever become a problem somehow then Adaptive Helm + Tabis will drastically cut her damage down. She pushes naturally if she wants to use her E to poke you. So it's easy to gank her.”
undeadsoldiers says “Lane Aproach:lv1 cheese + 2 stun else play passive farm with Q, trade when her e is on CD Key CDs:R Notes: Hexdrinker if you get dicked on, usually should be easy to all in her after 6. Play around her ult. ”
Omega best says “Volibears worst counter, range, can put herself invincible and can one shot you, build mr, playsafe and dont forget to call for ganks anytime and NEVER, never rush her unless if ganked”
Zachlikespizza says “You can bully her extremely hard in the early game. Do your best to wait out her ult and you should be able to survive her damage.”
The Fallen Glory, Aatrox by Zachlikespizza | Aatrox Player
undeadsoldiers says “You outpoke Kayle, which basically makes you really annoying to her. Kayle will attempt to use her E autos to poke you. Harass her while this is down (her sword is not glowing). It won't have permanent uptime until she has almost 40% CDR. Kayle does not have major mana issues but will go OOM if she stays around too long and spams her W on herself. She can still fall asleep while invulnerable. Her ult is on a rather short cooldown so make sure it's down before you go all-in.”
Mouadyam says “easy early on, but gets harder because of the fact that she's ranged and that her R has a very short cooldown, kill her early and snowball your lead to other lanes to end fast, she outscales you hard, adaptive helm is a good buy here.”
Demon Lord AC0 says “Another Braindead champ. You gotta try your best to kill her before she gets level 6. You can, and you should windwall her Q since the Slow is pretty stupid. She will poke you a lot so start Doran's Shield. You can also Rush PD. You can only kill her lategame if you bait her ult somehow. If you hard engage her she will just ult herself and then destroy you to bits because her damage is way too high to tank before her ult ends.”
macspam says “Low-mobility DPS champ, is prime meat for Veigar. Just stun her and 100-0 her with your combo. She can't ult when stunned. ”
The waddling nuke by macspam | Veigar Player
iam colorblind says “Very easy to play against her until she get her first 3 Items! You can dodge her AA very good with ur E. Your Ultimate makes u tanky and u can go for her. If she pops her Ultimate, try to go for the kill or piss off!”
Jax 1v9 in Preseason! 8.24/8.25 by iam colorblind | Jax Player
Puppybagel24 says “She is kind've annoying but if you play smart, she's useless.”
Teemo AD annoy your enemies by Puppybagel24 | Teemo Player
Fharamir says “Kayle will kite Olaf indefinitely unless he ults, and if he does she can run away or ult herself until it wears off.”
Viking God by Fharamir | Olaf Player
Trixelkour says “Wins. EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. TIME. Get Adaptive early on to tank her E, but won't prevent her from ulting and healing away. Hail of Blades to harass and disengage or PTA if you are confident in your duels. Counters you hard the later the game. Take Exhaust or Ignite to make your all-ins easier Pre 6. ”
Mr Regular says “As retarded as Tryndamere, but hers last less To compensate that, she fights from afar, and can run faster from your ultimate range”
joelblack says “Same as Jayce, not very common. You have an advantage early game because she has to waste mana to attack with range, while you have it naturally. Just juke her to activate it, then back away and poke her right when it's about to run out. She's only a problem because she can slow you and give herself MS to run away, so positioning is key in this matchup. Post-6 will be annoying because of her ult, so you can either poke her til she uses it, then go in, or wait til she has about 60% health then go in. Be wary though, if you go in, be fast about it. Try using R into a wall when your Rage is full then get your combo off, so she can't use ult.”
[8.23] A Good Boi by joelblack | Gnar Player
CaioOP1985 says “Kayle depends on her auto-attacks. Wither slows them down. Do I need to say what happens? Altough, watch out for her Ult, it can cause your premature demise.”
Nasus, God of the Late Game by CaioOP1985 | Nasus Player
GeneralJ0hn27 says “She scales like no other champion, because her ult doesn't let her die. However in the early game shes quite weak so all in level 1-2 or even 3 if you can predict her slow. At 6 you can kill er because your fear will start working in her ult and you can et all 3 stacks of press the attack. win early because late you lose.”
Their Screens will always be Dark|Mid| UPDATED :) by GeneralJ0hn27 | Nocturne Player
JefferXpr3ss says “Currently Testing...”
JefferXpr3ss's Guide to Ornn Top by JefferXpr3ss | Ornn Player
JovexMasina says “Kayle is an absolute nightmare. There is only going to be 1 opportunity to win lane. Levels 1, 2 and 3. If you do not get a kill during these levels, then you have lost the lane. The thing with Kayle is that she always levels her ranged AOE autos. So if you were to close the gap and hit her melee, she would effectively have no abilities to use against you as you are already melee range. You HAVE to kill her then and there. If you want, you could take Ignite or Ghost to help you finish the job. You gotta snowball hard on her and kill her fast. Letting her rule the lane will ruin everything. Phase Rush is okay here. ”
Darius Guide 8.23(dark harvest meta) by JovexMasina | Darius Player
Dacnomaniak says “Much like Heimer this lane is going to be annoying. Try going a more aggressive build and engaging on her when her E is on cool down.”
The One True Hero (S8 Poppy) by Dacnomaniak | Poppy Player
GOTG Ment135 says “Para ganar contra Kayle, debes ser extremadamente decisivo sobre si quieres pokearla o pelear con ella. Si te mantienes al alcance de sus ataques básicos sin comprometerte a matarla, ella te matara. El tiempo que tarda tu ultimate en ejecutarla, supera la duración de su ult en los niveles iniciales si está controlado correctamente, usa esto para tu ventaja.”
GreenMoon935 says “Dont waste your R until she wastes her, and try to force her out of lane. She will bully with her ranged ability so be aware.”
thedunkening111 says “A little bit pokey, and it outscales you to hell and back, but you can definitely kill her. You got the lockdown for it. Look to avoid getting poked, and look for points where you can E in to either get a nice long trade off, or an all in. Take Conqueror”
T1 Lilou Senpai says “Kayle is a ranged attack speed based ap champion with a huge attack range. She can outpoke you very easily. Wait for the first gank and farm to get ahead, then she'll be useless against you.”
[ TOP ] Lilou Senpai's Fiora Guide by T1 Lilou Senpai | Fiora Player
galvapheonix says “ Kayle is an interesting matchup, she is very easy to kill until she gets 2 or 3 items finished. Harass her as much as you can to slow down her itemization, and try to bait out or utilize when he ult is down. If she is ahead of you I recommend building an Adaptive helm.”
Whack Em Dead by galvapheonix | Yorick Player
Bananaman710 says “Kayle is difficult mainly due to her ult, but if you play it right you can ult roughly at the same time and all can sort of be negated.”
Tryndamere Jungle Major Critical hit and Lifesteal by Bananaman710 | Tryndamere Player

Middle Lane (11%) Kayle Middle Lane Counters: 8,448 matches, 53 counter champions

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Tips Against Kayle in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Yamikaze says “She always shoves in the wave. You want to play passive when her E: Righteous Fury is up, and go ALL-IN when it's going on cd. Be sure to click on her champ, so you can her stats, and see when her E will go on CD. Ask jungler for help if you are shoved in and unable to do anything.”
[Season 10] Yamikaze & Yeager's Challenger Yasuo Guide by Yamikaze | Yasuo Player
Yeager says “Probably the easiest matchup in the game. If someone picks Kayle into Orianna mid, consider it a free win. Take Aery with scorch and absolutely crush her in the lane by constantly poking her down with auto attacks, and abilities. Zone her away from every single CS, so you force her to use E on the minions instead of you. Don't give up a single CS for free, not even under her turret. Place the ball between her and your minions, so she will be completely zoned out. You have permanent lane priority in this lane, so your jungler is free to do whatever he pleases, and you will always be able to back him up if he goes for invades. ”
Yeager's Master Orianna guide by Yeager | Orianna Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Doran + 2 pots or Corrupting, really depends on prefference. Go for the kill as often as you can since you will outdamage Kayle in every way early to mid (especially if you position properly). Get a full combo on him and you won early. Try to roam if she plays too defensive. Don't waste your full combo on a Kayle that ulted herself.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID by Drewmatth by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
Sylvan Lore says “Kayle has a very strong lategame and a game changing ultimate, but a lacklustre landing phase. You should be able to poke her out and bully the lane for most of the game. Once she gets a rageblade going, you won't really be able to match her in a splitpush position, so you need to build as much damage as you can and hopefully crush teamfights harder than she can splitpush. Recommend: Barrier and Dmg Build”
[10.19] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
FalleN3 says “Kayle is a relatively easy champion for Annie to lane against. Poke her as much as possible in lane with your AA but concentrate more-so on farming. You will be able to 100-0 her after level 6 with your full combo and (R) Tibbers. If she (R) Intervention to survive your combo she will have to either run away from you to back or you should be able to finish her off before she can kill you.”
Annie Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Annie by FalleN3 | Annie Player
Phrxshn says “To be honest, Kayle is consider both "Tiny" and "Extreme" threat as she can either feel like a pinch or a nuclear bomb. Dodge her Radiant Bomb(Q) and you should be able to out-trade her. Use Mega Adhesive to negate her Celestial Blessing(W) which give her movement speed. Avoid fighting her whilst in Divine Judgement(R) which make her invulnerable and does AOE damage. (Recommended Items: Rylai's Scepter, Mercury's Treads, or Boots of Swiftness) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Singed Early, Kayle Late) (Outscaling Edge: Kayle) ”
Phrxshn's Guide To Singed by Phrxshn | Singed Player
fwii says “Look for trades Early but avoid her Q and E Poke. Take Phase Rush to have an easier time trading. ”
Yasukeh says “Reworked kayle is incredibly weak early, and really easy to get on top of and yeet her out of existance. If you get the wits end build, its easy to duel her at all stages of the game. -”
In Depth Rank 1 Grandmasters Tryndamere by Yasukeh. by Yasukeh | Tryndamere Player
FalleN3 says “This is a skill match-up but she is a right pain to deal with. Make sure you do not take too much free harass early game as she packs quiet a punch. You can bait out her ultimate and then pop your shark onto her as it's about 50% through in order for it to be garunteed damage. Call for jungler help in this match-up. Farm as much as possible, roam and look for picks.”
Fizz Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Fizz by FalleN3 | Fizz Player
Dr Eggmund says “Has very annoying poke with her E, additionally those who choose Kleptomancy can stack this on you in order to gain her items earlier and gain her power spikes. Once she hits level 6 it's going to be difficult to kill her, it's best looking for a kill sooner or later. Like usual poke when you can and farm better than her with your early game presence.”
Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
xAsuta says “Just destroy her pre 6, get an early advantage and snowball. respect her other forms.”
[Reworked] A Guide about Xin Zhao MID & TOP by xAsuta | Xin Zhao Player
Yuki H. says “At this point she isn't even a champion until level 6. But after 6, things start to get rough since she is a pretty strong champion right now. The only thing placing her on "even" is her early game, or her laning phase, which is what the threat scale reflects. Look to roam, and make sure to abuse her early game as much as you can, but never overextend since junglers exist.”
[10.19] Zed + Matchups by Yuki H. | Zed Player
RedFire2055 says “Like a Midlaner adc , but you can harass him free when she is in melee form. She has a little sustain but a rly good protection from the dmg”
Brand The Fire God by RedFire2055 | Brand Player
Impossible2Gank says “If she plays safe you'll eventually be unable to deal with her so try to get early ganks to shut and slow her down from reaching late.”
[10.19] SHACO AP & HYBRID OFF-META GUIDE FOR MID LANE by Impossible2Gank | Shaco Player
FrostbiteMW says “her ulti counters you”
[10.19] [Dia+] Free Elo Zed Mid Guide - updated by FrostbiteMW | Zed Player
BloooodTV says “D-Blade. She is a very easy matchup early, so shut her down as much as you can so she can't scale as hard. you can deny her so much xp and cs pre-6. Outscales you. Take Conq.”
[10.19] "Kill me? You can try." Yasuo Guide by BloooodTV | Yasuo Player
FalleN3 says “This is a skill match-up but she is a nightmare lane pre 6. Make sure you don't take too much free harass early game as she packs quiet a punch. Try your best not to fall behind because even after level 6 she is still a problem due to her ultimate. Call for jungler help in this match-up and be weary of engaging on her. Farm as much as possible, roam and look for picks especially in botlane. ”
Akali Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Akali by FalleN3 | Akali Player
Shazzaam says “Free Lane. Cull with Future's Market and scale.”
[10.19] Hybrid Corki Guide by Shazzaam | Corki Player
Coldsong says “Kayle is similar to Kassadin in the sense to where she has a bad laning phase but an amazing late game. The thing that makes her slightly more annoying to deal with is the fact that she is ranged and she can go invulnerable.”
[Season 10] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
Veralion says “DH/Dark seal. Kayle's 1-5 is pathetic; you only have to worry about her Q and E, one of which is dodgeable, and both have long cooldowns. You should be able to farm relatively undisturbed. However, now that she gains her ranged attacks at 6 instead of 11, she can become aggravating to deal with. I need to see the lane more (she's back to being run mostly top lane nowadays to hit 16 faster), but I don't think she should be abusive enough to warrant Fleet. I would suggest buying a few beads on your first recall, though. HoB is a bad idea for this lane since she can simply immune its entire combo, but it may be worth taking anyway to help your jungler fight for objectives. Your call. Her ult has a massive cooldown, plenty of time to build another bar and get her the second time around if necessary.”
AP Shyvana Mid: The Lizard Wizard by Veralion | Shyvana Player
Lunasta says “Just play as agressive as you can, she can't do anything about it until lv 11, abuse of your lv 6 and becareful with enemy ganks”
[ 10.16 ] A TOP 50 Qiyana's Guide (Top/Mid/JG/ADC) by Lunasta | Qiyana Player
Zoe Sparklepop says “She can't really do anything to you till her first ascension After that, she'll chase you down and poke you back with Q, a few autos and E unless you stun her. Keep in mind to abuse her since her W takes a lot of mana, she can't keep up with the mana usage compared to you.”
Mpegial says “Kayle is very! hard to beat you can kill her most easily at early game ( if she is an idiot) I simply suggest playing safe.”
The: How to be a Talon main by Mpegial | Talon Player
SirDrPotato says “More info in the match up section”
[Patch 10.15] Qiyana Lethality Mid In-Depth Guide. by SirDrPotato | Qiyana Player
The PaIe King says “Suicide Karth Summoner Spells: Teleport/Flash---- Build Path: Archangels Staff, Sorcerers Shoes, Liandry's Torment, Rabadons Death Cap, Void Staff, Zhonya's Hourglass. ----Rune Page: Summon Aery, Manaflowband, Transcendence, Scorch, Tast of Blood, Ravenous Hunter.---- ”
The Karthus Community Guide by The PaIe King | Karthus Player
snukumz says “Mostly a farm lane. She can heal a lot of your poke damage. Push her in with your better wave clear. She's hard to kill post-6 because of her ult but you can kill her easily pre-6 with the help of your jungler. You both have tons of damage late game but I give you the edge because of your longer range. ”
goodimbinatas says “Veigar has to bait her ultimate before casting his own ult onto Kayle - this becomes easier when Veigar's Q+W combo deals more damage. She can't cast her ultimate when she is stunned in Veigar's cage.”
Veigar One shot guide [10.14] by goodimbinatas | Veigar Player
sTepWay says “Kayle R's counter your ”
Zed SLAYER!! by sTepWay | Zed Player
forever0lp says “If you take predator you may win, if you won't most likely you will loose. More coming soon.”
Debonair Karma says “Bully her in lane and push the wave in, don't let her farm. Take teleport.”
A guide to Karma Mid [10.12] by Debonair Karma | Karma Player
JacWilly says “Dominate her early game, but outscales you hard, try to abuse her as much as possible, but be careful of dying from roams and giving her a kill, she will build seekers and tabis and will beat you if shes ahead. Post 6 , makes it hard to ult her as her ult counters your ult, try to roam as her waveclear early is terrible”
A Real Zed Guide + Matchups by JacWilly | Zed Player
BigBushMan says “Look to kill her early, this matchup is the easiest for Akali early on. She can only sustain through Corrupting Potion and Biscuits, and if you are able to all-in her pre-6 she can't do anything. Just try and win the lane and snowball out of control before she hits level 16. In short, this matchup is a ticking time bomb, Defuse it before it blows up in your face. ”
Low Elo Akali Mid Guide by BigBushMan | Akali Player
BigBushMan says “Kayle is one of the easiest lanes to face, she can literally do nothing until she scales, so just abuse the hell out of her. However if she gets to level 16, she will destroy every hope and dream you ever had. ”
Low Elo Xerath Guide by BigBushMan | Xerath Player
serruh says “she wants to scale, you want to scale. except you get stronger a lot faster and have a lot of ways to help your team snowball. look to poke her while she's melee, just shove her endlessly once she becomes ranged or look for small trades, never take extended trades”
[10.10] Ryze MID Guide & Matchups by serruh | Ryze Player
Noodles912 says “Easy lane. Try to engage with q and burst her. After level 6, don't use ult with all your abilities. You wanna force the ult while still holding an ability. Do not R when she has W. Try to not get outscaled. If it gets to late game, just blow up her adc, as she will need to give up her important ultimate.”
Malmortious says “Her ultimate is annoying and she has a lot of peel. Try to kill her when she doesn't have her ultimate .”
Malmortious' Talon Guide by Malmortious | Talon Player
Kami_EU says “Easy matchup, pre 6 trades almost always go in favour of Yasuo if you respect her kiting potential. Later your mobility will help you out-manoeuvre her. In hyper-late your way to win 1v1 is to bait her R.”
Yas Yasu Yasuo says “This b*tch is flying. Same for Anivia, aim her shadow. Her ult counters you. She will destroy you in lane so try to roam as much as possible when she is not focusing on you.”
Gogicha55 says “Easy to kill cuz she's squishy, bully her early and just don't take alot of poke”
Small And Simple Talon Guide by Gogicha55 | Talon Player
8wolf says “Early game she doesn't really have dmg, she is extremely squishy and easily poked. Careful in the lategame tho, as she scales very well with 2-3 items and you might have an unpleasant surprise at some point.”
Tehqo says “Nothing to really worry about. I guess care for her ultimate. You might not want to have extended fights with her.”
NebuIa says “Not much to go into. You just bully the hell out of her.”
In-Depth Challenger Zoe Main Guide by NebuIa | Zoe Player
VoxolPrime says “Kayle is another annoying matchup for Talon, she can ult whoever you go to kill including herself, she is great at pummelling you while you fruitlessly try to escape. ”
LightningDeceptigon says “Her ult makes it very hard to kill her, and her W gives her healing and MS, making it hard to chase her down and hit 2 Ws. She also outscales you hard so you have to snowball early to win. Try to force her ult and then go for an all-in, because your ult is on a much shorter cd.”
Mid Lane Talon Guide by LightningDeceptigon | Talon Player
ShockStrikes says “Harass her early game, she will be looking for kleptomancy procs, dodge her poke, and just try and get ahead of her. Try and get your jungler to get a few ganks early on.”
[9.24] Top & Mid - Mastering the assassin with no master by ShockStrikes | Akali Player
OhReflects says “A nightmare before 6. try to get a gank as early as possible. when 6 try to bait her her then ult ignite her.”
[10.2] Katarina: The Blade Queen by OhReflects | Katarina Player
Open Meta says “This cosplayer is hot and will fall before your mighty big black guns. However, if you're in NA and you are facing against Riot Kayle, you're fucked. Run at the sight of this cop otherwise you will receive Divine Judgement from false rape accusations because 2020.”
[OPEN META BUILDS] Black Magic Lucian by Open Meta | Lucian Player
Braddik says “Late game shes a monster but her laning phase is worse than yours so just poke her out with your q and e”
CHAD KASSADIN 1V9 GUIDE by Braddik | Kassadin Player
smooth453 says “destroy her before lvl 8 or she will destroy you ”
ZEDORSON says “Kayle counters you with her ultiamte (R). So always try to poke her to low hp before you will use your ultimate on her. If you have problem play vs Kayle. Take exhaust (no ingite) you will reduce her dmg and she wont escape from you. After her 16lvl don't try to fight with her 1v1 without W or flash. Items vs her? Executioner->Mortal reminder and Guardian Angel to late game”
Cloud375 says “A very annoying matchup. She has longer range than you most of the time due to her W and her Q will slow you down with her ult stopping you from killing her if she is allowed to use it. She's not unkillable, but she is very tough to face.”
For the risks, an AP Sona Mid Guide by Cloud375 | Sona Player
Garybaldo says “Bully her early game, Grasp and Phase Rush are both good, don't let her cs and try to deny her XP, it's a very easy lane however she'll outscale you hard so watch out for her lategame, you might want to build Spirit Visage or Banshee's if you do get to late game”
[9.23] I look out upon humanity, and see only a feast... by Garybaldo | Swain Player
Aus-ZM PartinG says “You can only go even in this lane. You will never be able to kill her if she knows how to play. And she will outscale you.”
KissHanks' One Trick Garen Guide by Aus-ZM PartinG | Garen Player
ShuUis says “Wow, those recent kayle changes really bomb akali really hard. Akali can solo kill Kayle 60 percent of the time, but Kayle can win the game 99.999999 precent of the time (exxagerated but OML). In midlane, you won't see her often but pls brainstorm on what you will do before the game. ”
Akali Mid Build/Matchups Guide [9.22] by ShuUis | Akali Player
chloric says “Get as many Q + HoB trades on her levels 1-2 then you can kill her with E + Ignite. Flash if necessary. You beat her ass and make her your bitch until her Super Saiyan 3. But just like Vlad, don't let her scale.”
DVL CHALLNGR says “Compared to Old Kayle new one is not that big threat for Zed and almost no more Skill Matchup You will just need to burst her in Early Game but if she farms you will have to build Hexdrinker You know you must be careful in Late Game because she has much Attack Speed and you need MR to absorb her damage”
No Technique It Is Forbidden. Zed Main Pro Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Zed Player
OnlyCheeseBreads says “You stomp her early even more than most champs. By the time she gets ult, she will likely be so far behind that you can just ult without flashing, burn her ult, and then engage later. Her ult cd is way longer than yours, abuse that. Also since most of her damage is point and click, your W can disrupt it temporarily.”
S9 AP Neeko build- I'm gold and this is how I play her. by OnlyCheeseBreads | Neeko Player
Vispectra says “I've played against Kayle mid like maybe 3 times. Her early is worse than yours , it's terrible. You can probably out-trade or kill her when you hit 6. You'll be able to force her out of lane. Just remember she scales HARD and will be an issue to deal with late-game. ”
Massadin Guide season 9 for mid lane! (9.17) by Vispectra | Kassadin Player
DoAgitt says “Take the PRECISION(1) rune path. For more information go to the "Detailed Matchups" section.”
[9.15] Morgana MID - Bind Your Opponent by DoAgitt | Morgana Player
Elejul says “She has better poke and healing. If she has no mana, you can all-in and win the lane”
RandomGuy5574 says “Kayle counters everyone including Qiyana.”
Only Qiyana guide you'll ever beed by RandomGuy5574 | Qiyana Player
Pyrexini Autism says “Not the easiest matchup she can get out of barrel range pretty quickly and her ult can change the whole situation but if you predict right you can still win the lane.”
ONESHOTPLANK - GANGPLANK ONESHOT GUIDE. by Pyrexini Autism | Gangplank Player
Helnakensbrorsa says “Poke her with Q and do small trades. At 6 all in her. ”
Kassawin by Helnakensbrorsa | Kassadin Player
ryze4thewin says “You have more burst than her so small fast trades. Watch her ult cd if she does not have it trade if you have your combo ready.and the new kayle is weaker than you in early and in late you can also burst her just dont let her all in at full live and you should win ”
RYZE UPON THEM by ryze4thewin | Ryze Player
AzureArmatt says “She's not the strongest champion early but in late game you can't ignore her damage. She will try to gain as much gold as she can to deal damage to you and will harass you with her poke that empowers her basic attacks to deal AoE ranged damage. armor / magic resist shred passive makes her dangerous in longer fights without resistances and her ultimate is short lasting immunity to any form of damage, if you want to kill her you need to bait her ultimate first or charm her and finish her during the duration of charm, it's good to take exhaust against her if you think you are not going to win on 100%”
Easy guide for everybody on how to play Ahri by AzureArmatt | Ahri Player
Lobex says “gg ult counters yours”
BlueMoon01 says “Make sure to chain CC him in teamfight before she uses her ultimate [DETAILED MATCHUP INFORMATION BELOW]”
[9.6][AP Mid] Fix Yourself, Mere Human. by BlueMoon01 | Viktor Player
thedonk says “Pretty easy because she is melee most of the time in laning phase. Kayle scales hard late game though because she starts to turn ranged. Try to avoid wasting damage to someone who has been R'd by her.”
[9.6] My Leblanc Guide Of Deceit by thedonk | LeBlanc Player
Padrepio says “Care of her R and her empowered AAs. You should be ok before lvl 10, after that she probably has enough AS and CDR and becomes a serious problem.”
[Mid] Brand ~ Catching Fire by Padrepio | Brand Player
Jazzmonkey says “She will zone you with her E. You can just wait it and trade her after its on Cooldown. You will outtrade her but trade with brain and wait her cooldowns. Try to kill her befor hitting 6 and try to kill her again with level 6.”
[9.5 Wukong Guide] Challenger Wukong EUW From zero to hero D by Jazzmonkey | Wukong Player
Yasuoo123 says “Just destroy her in early. But stay safe cause of ganks, She really can´t kill you in early game ”
Play Yasuo like Yassuo(Moe) by Yasuoo123 | Yasuo Player
moutenn says “Many think of her as a hard counter, and to be fair her Q is almost a Nasus slow. But you can kill her pre 6, then just kill her over and over again. You do more damage, and her ult wont safe her, if you wait with R.”
Zed Season 9 moutenn guide by moutenn | Zed Player
rimzaki says “She can harrash u with her e and can dodge ur ultimate E combo with hers ultimate dont try to poke early game and wait ur ultimate ”
The Ancient Bloodlord Vladimir Guide by rimzaki | Vladimir Player
ThePhantomPsychic says “This i think is by far mordes hardest lane. Kayle does way too much damage over time, and has antiburst for 3 seconds, which is conveniently the length of mordes q and w (yes w is 4 seconds, but it still negates most of the damage). Once you get to late, kayle will focus you down and murder you.”
So i heard you like damage? by ThePhantomPsychic | Mordekaiser Player
Sozzoh says “Kayle is pretty easy. Pre-6, you'll want to negate as much farm for her as possible. Post-6, try not to have extended trades with her or dive her under tower as she will most likely pop her Ult and probably kill you. If you can, try and bait out her ult so she's less of a threat to your life.”
Katapullt says “When you Face a GOOD KAYLE you can't really do anything. You have to try to get lvl 3 advantage and bully her out of lane and out CS her. Later she will zone you no matter what. When you engage she will Ult herself and you don't deal any damage and obviously you dont get your resets.”
Razor Fly! Do it quickly.【8.24】~ All you need to know by Katapullt | Katarina Player
AQRC Turtle says “Backup if ur W is on CD. Her slow and ult can be deadly if u make a mistakes”
Bengineer says “Avoid her at all costs, she has insane range and basically Tryndamere's ult.”
. by Bengineer | Vladimir Player

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