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Fiddlesticks Counter Stats

Fiddlesticks Counters
Discover all champions who counter Fiddlesticks. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Fiddlesticks in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Fiddlesticks Data for all roles taken from 62,534 matches.
Fiddlesticks Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

In the Jungle (92%) Fiddlesticks In the Jungle Counters: 57,771 matches, 43 counter champions

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Tips Against Fiddlesticks in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Doubtfull says “Fiddle can lock you down with his kit and it is difficult to 1v1 him until you get your Ult, as you have no way to cancel his W. Use your speed to run outside of his drain range, and try to punish his relatively weak early game. Buy a blue orb so you can reveal him when you're forced to fight.”
[Preseason] Doubtfull's Challenger Lillia Guide by Doubtfull | Lillia Player
Narutoe says “Easy opponent to invade and kill early game, but be careful late game as his fear and ult can instantly kill you, so ult instantly. ”
Play Maker Build By Yed (OTP 3.1mil Mastery) by Narutoe | Kindred Player
Suseri says “Ones you are 6 don't Ult till he has used his fear otherwise you will run very far away and your Ult might run out. Ones you have Qss he is a Childsplay.”
[S11] The Best Master Yi Guide ✔️ by Suseri | Master Yi Player
ak521 says “You outclear him, but he (or it) outsustains you. Meaning he'll have some 70-90% HP at the end of his clear, you'll have some 30-40%. He's best in team fights, especially when he has a lead, as his ultimate is just terrifying. Keep vision up, and be EXTRA careful while doing drag or baron. Your Q interrupts his W so be sure to use that.”
Kayn Mains says “You lose all fights from early to mid game. Fiddlesticks's Bountiful Harvest (W) will always win him trades. Avoid him at all costs unless you are ahead or have teammates by your side. It is recommended to go Shadow Assassin into Fiddlesticks. Build Edge of Night once you reach the late game and catch him out in his jungle. Your spell shield should block his fear and a full combo is enough to kill him. You will be able to force out his Zhonya's Hourglass at the very least.”
r/KaynMains | Comprehensive Guide [10.24] by Kayn Mains | Kayn Player
uSgSello says “Winning matchup. Fiddlesticks will not try to counter jungle. His counter ganks are not very strong so you won't be in huge trouble if he is counterganking you. You should try to kill him in the early game in his jungle because you can stop his drain with the cocoon and you can burst him fast.”
[Season 2021] Extensive Guide to Elise by uSgSello | Elise Player
nZk01 says “Very annoying as its pretty impossible to ever kill him, just abuse your better early game with ganks and counterjungling.”
EUWRATS says “Make sure to ward against him because if he catches you in his R you're pretty much dead because of his insane damage. Ward prio to ganking because you dont want to be surprised by his R which can easily wipe out your team”
[10.24] Challenger Rank 1 Hecarim WORLD EUWRATS by EUWRATS | Hecarim Player
Frillen says “Double abilities to interrupt poweball, wait for cooldowns before you roll. Pure cancer if playing against a good fiddle.”
Tips for Jungling (Itemization updated for S11) by Frillen | Rammus Player
NixLychee says “He hard outscales you, so you should focus on 1v1 fights, although he can sustain through some of your damage, you should have the upper hand in skirmishes, and you will probably get more early objectives.”
[10.24] Lee Sin Owner's Manual (PRESEASON) by NixLychee | Lee Sin Player
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Bottom Lane (6%) Fiddlesticks Bottom Lane Counters: 3,731 matches, 32 counter champions

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Tips Against Fiddlesticks in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Profesor APH. says “fiddle is bad at support but you cant run away from his r and his e can cancel ur q at severum but i gave him only even cause you have cresendum if he use r to rou cresundum and you have severum its pretty easy to kill him in that moment”
[10.24] SNOVA's TIAMAT APHELIOS GUIDE - SEASON 11 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
Ultrama says “THIS GUY IS SO ANNOYING. Seriusly, his E is a pain in the ass in lane and a good R is a team fight destroyer. Is not a great threat is just annoying.”
[10.22] Miss Letalithy (In Depth / Match-ups and Synergies) by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player
OverjarlZane says “Early game it's a cakewalk, just don't stand in his W because the damage is deceptive, the end burst is extremely high. Post-6 it depends on how much knowledge they have on how fiddles ult works on walls but he can be VERY obnoxious if he ults well. ”
[10.20] The Jarls GraspMF Crit & Lethality builds by OverjarlZane | Miss Fortune Player
Veigarv2 says “a good fiddle makes it unplayable for you with his point and click silence + fear. consider getting qss or cleanse”
[10.18] CHALLENGER RANK 1 VEIGAR BOTLANE GUIDE |VEIGAR V2 by Veigarv2 | Veigar Player
WoodieHoodie009 says “vision is very important against fiddle. buy control wards. if you dont feel safe dont buy blue trinket, just stick with the yellow trinket.”
WoodieHoodie009's Ezreal guide to climb out of low elo! by WoodieHoodie009 | Ezreal Player
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ says “He's way too much annoying, WAY TOO MUCH. You cannot use your ultimate if he's somewhere near, you cannot burst, and his fear will make you wish that Riot killed this champion for good.”
[10.14] [En-US|Pt-BR] Art should terrify! In-Depth Jhin guid by KuuHaKu_OtgmZ | Jhin Player
NediHere says “You can't do too much when you're feared or silenced by him. Going in is the worst thing you can do... try to do combo like "E (stun), Auto Attack, Q, Auto Attack" then back, if you dont have tank with CC like Leona or Nautilius.”
[10.13] Diamond Vayne by NediHere | Vayne Player
LupinTheCat says “he heals, you click E fiddledicks can't suck the life essence out of ppl if he can't speak, remember that kids”
Soraka's hurricane. god bless the ds by LupinTheCat | Soraka Player
Shimaru says “Recognize situations early enough to react to his Q since hes very squishy.”
Eccentricks says “Plz don't use your ult... oh shit he did- *loud raven noises* PENTA KILL!!! How the heck is this guy support? Why is he good? He early game is his strong point for starters, which coincidentally is your weakest point. Just bully him before he gets Crowstorm and hits his powerspike. And, above all else, respect his level two spike, as, with drain and Terrify/Dark Wind, he will kill you then and there if you don't have a good support with two abilities online to save you. Luckily, Fiddlesticks is hardly ever played and will get a rework in 2020, so that is nice.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
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