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Sejuani Counter Stats

Sejuani Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #12 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Sejuani. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Sejuani in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Sejuani Data for all roles taken from 50,387 matches.
Sejuani Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (97%) Sejuani In the Jungle Counters: 49,021 matches, 42 counter champions

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Tips Against Sejuani in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Narutoe says “Also a problematic champ with a lot of CC and damage, whereas she is still a tank. you will not out trade her after early game, so dont bother.”
Play Maker Build By Yed (OTP 2.9 Million Mastery) by Narutoe | Kindred Player
FalleN3 says “This is just simply annoying. Extremely tank but also will damage and CC you quiet a bit. She shouldn't interfere with you too much on your jungle side early game but you may bump into her when ganking / counterganking. Try to dodge her CC abilities and you will have some chance to kill her. Later game you will need to avoid her CC and try to avoid grouping in teamfights.”
Master Yi Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Master Yi by FalleN3 | Master Yi Player
reganakers says “Sejuani will not beat you in a 1v1, but in a late game teamfight she brings alot more than you. Feel free to take fights against her but don't expect to kill her. She is tanky enough to stall for another teammates arrival so be careful. Dont overchase.”
Ir.Defender says “In early, always wait for her passive time and then you can kill her, but she got great cc and damage aswell and even her team may follow.”
🔸 Xin Zhaofend / To The Arena [10.19] 🔸 by Ir.Defender | Xin Zhao Player
ak521 says “Constant nerfs make him less useful. Heavy cc and great team fighter, like amumu. Could intercept your Q by with their dash. For a good thing, slow wave clear. Just don't fight sej, it's useless, overly tanky with too much cc. ”
Doubtfull says “This is a really easy match up for Rek'Sai. With conqueror you shouldn't ever lose a fight, so look for as often as possible in the early game. Watch our for her lane ganks with ult post 6. If you can, pop her passive with your burrowed Q before going in to combo.”
Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide by Doubtfull | Rek'Sai Player
KamiKZ says “Similar to Zac in that she poses quite a threat in teamfights but cannot kill you, altough you will have a hard time killing her yourself. Difficult to burst down due to aftershock and hard to stay on her. You´ll need a lot of anti-tank items such as Lord Dominiks Regard, Black Cleaver, stacking armor penetration, or a combination in order to kill her.”
Riealone says “You don’t have problems with tank junglers. Sometimes you just can’t kill them”
KamiKZ says “This match up is Graves favored. You can easy 1v1 Seju since Seju is only a tank with cc and no damage. As soon as you get black cleaver, seju should be no problem for you as Graves.”
Season 10 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
Eagzey says “Similar to Rammus, pressure early and track pathing. Easy to dodge her R.”
FalleN3 says “This is just simply annoying. Extremely tank but also will damage and CC you quiet a bit. She shouldn't interfere with you too much on your jungle side early game but you may bump into her when ganking / counterganking. Try to dodge her CC abilities and you will have some chance to kill her. Later game you will need to avoid her CC.”
Twitch Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Twitch Jungle by FalleN3 | Twitch Player
colingogo says “You just powerfarm - she doesn't have any way to pressure you off your camps so you get to freescale. CC can get annoying though.”
[10.19] Colingogo's Challenger Evelynn Guide by colingogo | Evelynn Player
LambWolf says “Sejuani has plenty of cc. But she cannot duel you. ”
Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.19 by LambWolf | Kindred Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Sejuani VS Jarvan is a simple matchup both are scaling with tank stats and provide engage. Better JG wins this one.”
Udyr uber says “Os tanks é só invadir antes de fecharem tabi e titã ardente. Navalha Sangrenta+Mercúrio+Guinsoo”
O Poder do Xamã - Udyr Jungle BR - 10.18 by Udyr uber | Udyr Player
ChaseMorePlz says “She is very weak early so counter jungling is a must, try and get her Raptors at all costs.. Body block for your team when she ults, then you have a window to fight. ”
10.19 Amumu MELTATION Jungle Build Guide For Season 10!~ by ChaseMorePlz | Amumu Player
Holessando says “not really a threat, there are not many fights vs each other, because she's a tank and she just clears and ganks, she doesn't want to kill you really.. she can be a good jungler, in late she becomes a lot tankier, so be careful, dodge her ULT if possible and dont let her to stack her passive on you, dodge her abilities when fighting her and you should easily kill her.. (you could possibly take precision for tenacity, but thats up to you really)”
[10.19] HOLESSANDO's ULTIMATE EKKO JG GUIDE by Holessando | Ekko Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Sejuani will fall clear and so will you.”
[S10] DESTROY SOLOQ WITH EVELYNN - UDYSOF Challenger Eve by UDYSOF_OCE | Evelynn Player
KevinThyAsian says “Extremely annoying. Hard cc get Merc’s and qss if necessary. She is way too tanky if she’s ahead. If you are even with her just try and dodge her ultimate, if not then say G'night.”
[10.19] 200k Mastery Kindred, all optimal build paths by KevinThyAsian | Kindred Player
FrostForest says “You out damage her and outscale Pretty good matchup if it's tank vs tank Black Cleaver and Conqueror shreds her”
How I play Jarvan IV like a Challenger in Season 10 Updated by FrostForest | Jarvan IV Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Don't get ulted when you're alone, even then you may just be okay haha, especially when she isn't ahead.”
[10.19] IN-DEPTH Vi Combo Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION] by ChaseMorePlz | Vi Player
chasemyman1 says “As long as you kill her and play aggressively in her jungle early you will be fine. She scales really well though so try to close the game early.”
Elise in depth guide by chasemyman1 | Elise Player
ChaseMorePlz says “As long as your backline doesn't get iced you'll be fine.”
(10.19) IN-DEPTH Jax Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION] by ChaseMorePlz | Jax Player
Rhoku says “Similar to Nunu. A tank who cannot stand a chance against you. But unlike Nunu, a Cleaver is usually enough for you to be able to cut her down even if she does get fed. Not much you need to know really. Just beat her down early and she will be another corpse waiting to drop in teamfights.”
TheInkKingLoL says “Sejuani is very tanky and has good cc, but isn't honestly that big of an issue and is a GREAT target for your ult.”
[10.19] Sett Jungle Guide by TheInkKingLoL | Sett Player
ElTwisted says “En early game pega demasiado y aguanta tu daño demasiado bien.”
Mi pago por las elytras. by ElTwisted | Kha'Zix Player
Yitastics says “CC hell, dont try to 1v1 her as her teammates will be there to help her before her cc runs out, try to dodge as much as u can and Alpha Strike her ult”
(10.19) The 500K Master Yi Guide by Yitastics | Master Yi Player
NixLychee says “Tanky CC Jungler who actually helps in teamfights. You fall off hard but she scales and teamfights, so you'd be better off invading her to prevent her from establishing a big CS lead.”
[10.19] Powersquatting to Victory by NixLychee | Pantheon Player
PsiGuard says “Sejuani only has one escape and despite her tankiness, she can still melt in the mid and late game due to your % MR shred from Allure. Kite her out with your team, or outpressure her on the map with your post-6 ganks since she has trouble ganking when her ultimate is on cooldown.”
Stalk and Seduce by PsiGuard | Evelynn Player
Veralion says “Nerfed out of favor by pro play overuse, and I haven't seen her in ages. She does a surprising amount of damage for such a tanky champion, but her engage range is too small to make her a threat in any real way. I'm pretty sure you can chase her off of early crabs fairly easily, she takes a while to get going. Should be very easy to outscale and out-objective. ”
AP Shyvana Jungle: Fire and Death by Veralion | Shyvana Player
Suseri says “Annoying CC which buys her enough time for backup. Dodge her Spells.”
[S10] The Best Master Yi Guide by Suseri | Master Yi Player
Agzer says “Dodge W and you won the fight. Permamently invade to secure the win. Her kit is weak for duels, but she can be annoying with her CC. Run tenacity runes along with merc and cleaver.”
Freyhacks says “Sejuani is easy to beat as xin because she can never win a duel against you. Just let her go in on you first and than you let out your combo and you win the fight. ”
Loul_60 says “Early game you can 1v1 her at pretty much any point, though watch out for her teammates. Blue form isn't good at all into her, but that's because she's a tank, once you stack Lethality and Armour Pen you should be alright. Red form is easy into her as she doesn't have the damage to kill you, at all. Be cautious of her Crowd Control.”
Weed Kayn's Season 10.18 In-Depth Kayn Jungle Guide by Loul_60 | Kayn Player
RageAx says “She has hard cc and you can't one shot her. Try to avoid fighting her 1v1 and use your greater clear to gank repeatedly without falling behind. If she isn't the only tank, I'd strongly recommend taking Rhaast.”
RageAx says “Has enough cc to be dangerous in a teamfight but besides that, pre form she can kill you but post form you outheal her damage.”
Aimisenpaii says “Fairly even 1v1, I would more so avoid to eliminate risk factor.”
Chinese Challenger Katarina Jungle Guide WIP by Aimisenpaii | Katarina Player
metalhydra273 says “Pretty much same deal as Nunu minus the objective threat. I never see this champ though so I wouldn't worry too much. Just like any other tank, look for ways to get past her or open a hole with your ult, though your team may not be able to kill her before the duration ends so be mindful.”
The Other High Elo Skarner's Guide [Patch 10.18] by metalhydra273 | Skarner Player
KillyOne says “Same as Amumu, these champions only bring late game crowd control and tankiness to their team composition. So make sure to bully them early game.”
[10.16b] ULTIMATE S10 WARWICK GUIDE by KillyOne | Warwick Player
Dopamine_influx says “Invade early and kill, contest scuttles, she's a great teamfight/Skirmish threat and has great ganks post 6, but you're stronger 1v1. Don't let her get towards midgame for free, be in her face early. Late, you ignore her and focus her carries.”
[CHALLENGER 900 LP] How to play rengar like DOPAMINE ! Becom by Dopamine_influx | Rengar Player
reganakers says “Sejuani is a very strong champion. She is tanky and has a tonne of cc and damage. She is an all round strong dueler and skirmisher. Rek'Sai will win 1v1 early (barely).”
SEASON 10.16 Eyes are overrated. UPDATED Rek'Sai In Depth Gu by reganakers | Rek'Sai Player
DjapeFromSerbia says “Ton of CC, slows, chase potential, and can lock you down, ruining your triforce rush early game. More usefull than Hecarim in late game fights. ”
Hecarim , Jungle Guide for Season 10 [ Patch 10.17 ] by DjapeFromSerbia | Hecarim Player
JunglerBuilds says “Similar matchup, both have downsides, comes down to the rest of the team and how good they are. Has a lot of Crowd control.”
Maokai Jungle [10.16] by JunglerBuilds | Maokai Player
Stiwy says “Not a big deal. Wait for level 6 then engage her whenever you want, it should be a free kill. Conquror + Black Cleaver will make this lane even easier. She can only kill you with a gank because of her CCs, but in a 1 v 1 situation she can't win. Start cull for farming .”
Xeldom says “Favorable match-up. Sejuani is very weak early however she has strong skirmishes due to her being able to lock you down and have someone else burst you.”
[10.16] Everything You Need To Know About Rengar by Xeldom | Rengar Player
NoLyfe says “Sej is kinda gay to vs but it's not that bad. If she's hugging backline waiting for you to jump , it's just better top hop on their frontline and fight it. Even with Night's Edge you cant do much against her q r ass rape combo ”
Nolyfe's Guide to Rengar by NoLyfe | Rengar Player
DarkArbalist613 says “Her abundance of CC means you have to be careful fighting her near her allies. Try to invade her as she cant beat you 1v1, and dodge her W with your Q.”
AWierdShoe says “Sejuani is a tank jungler with low damage but a good amount of CC in her kit (which you can avoid with your E). In early 1v1s you will beat her, but watch out for her counterganks and teamfight potential later in the game. Build armor penetration early and with a good lead you will shred her.”
Double-Down on the Double-Barreled Jungler by AWierdShoe | Graves Player
Comrade Eshgrim says “She is annoying, your slows are useless as she is immune to them most of the time, but she has low kill pressure on her own. Deploy the same treatment as with Zac, and keep your teammates safe from her dives in lategame.”
Path of the Eternal Hunters / Simple, quick guide by Comrade Eshgrim | Kindred Player
Snap0ner says “You can deny her earlygame if you invade her at lvl 2 to steal blue+kill. Win asap!”
A Simple Shaco Guide To Climp low elo 10.16 by Snap0ner | Shaco Player
Sheathblade says “She is a great tank, and has innate boost in armor and magic resistance. Lots of great CC. You can duel her and win however.”
World Ender Aatrox Jungle || Extensive Guide by Sheathblade | Aatrox Player
QzKama says “Essentially free real estate early although you may want to look in building towards tenacity for later teamfights.”
[10.14] "Their Fear is Wise." Udyr Guide by QzKama | Udyr Player
Hide on Nidalee says “She has more damage than it apears, so be careful, don't underestimate her. Also, you can beat her 1v1”
10.14 jungle Nidalee guide by Hide on Nidalee | Nidalee Player
DarkPit59 says “Sejuani ne peut pas être burst car son passif la protège de vos surprises. Le mieux à faire est de réussir à prédire ses ganks avec un bon map-control et counter-gank quand cela vous est possible.”
[FR] [8.19] Monter avec Evelynn (rev. 10.13) by DarkPit59 | Evelynn Player
Fresh Diamond says “This is just simply annoying. Extremely tank but also will damage and CC you quiet a bit. She shouldn't interfere with you too much on your jungle side early game but you may bump into her when ganking / counterganking. Try to dodge her CC abilities and you will have some chance to kill her. Later game you will need to avoid her CC and try to avoid grouping in teamfights.”
White Cr0w says “"OMG SEJUANI OPEN PICK HER". She used to be the top tier jungler few patches ago, but with the recent nerfs she can be fought. You can deny her earlygame if you invade her at lvl 2 to steal blue+kill. Win asap!”
Vodka4Gaben says “Never Wins, You just murder her with Red Kayn.”
KAYN - KING OF THE JUNGLE by Vodka4Gaben | Kayn Player
LightBright9213 says “Who even plays this champ anymore lmao? Just ult her into the backline.”
[10.11] LB's Guide to The Boss (W.I.P) by LightBright9213 | Sett Player
Kexx97 says “harder matchup but if he doesnt gank rly good or get much success you can outscale her. If she gets the lead you cant do anything.”
[Patch 10.11] Best guide for Nidalee by Kexx97 | Nidalee Player
Loggit says “Lots of cc, somewhat mobile, but only has damage if she catches you out.”
Sorrowful Prince says “Has a faster clear and is better in skirmishes. Later on she can make you question your life choices in teamfights if she peels your targets. Try to invade her before level 6 if you have prio on your lanes to delay the turning point in this matchup.”
Crazy Fly Camille Jungle by Sorrowful Prince | Camille Player
Balintvezer says “Really hard matchup. He is tanky, lot of cc. Hard to kill!”
EXTREME SHYVANA -AP CARRY by Balintvezer | Shyvana Player
GinWinsky says “With S9 buffs to cinderhulk she'll be back. And she cannot be killed by one single person. I hate that. Might wanna go Black Cleaver. Dodge the CC.”
Ehxakt says “You just ignore each other tbh xD. Better Jungler wins in this matchup. ”
[10.9] Platin Zac Main Guide In-Depth by Ehxakt | Zac Player
TrevorJayce says “Sejuani isn't unbeatable, but she's fucking annoying. The free stats she gives to a teammate as well as having a knockup, two stuns, all the while slowly melting you with cinderhulk makes her very cancer. Handle with care.”
Trevor Jayce's Rengar Guide by TrevorJayce | Rengar Player
Fabosch is Love says “Not a problem at all in early game, but she tanks hard in mid and late game and she's more useful in teamfight.”
Sett Jungle, The Guide. by Fabosch is Love | Sett Player
Morzanoth says “Sejuani is just annoying with all the tank buffs recently. She has good early damage and can bully you out when early in the game. You can look to beat her buy focusing one lane and just snowballing hard. Only look to engage when you have your ult and make sure you get rid of her passive before committing to an engage since it makes her a lot tankier than a lot of champs early in the game.”
How to play Fizz Jungle. by Morzanoth | Fizz Player
Loki029 says “Spirit Visage and Tenacity Boots so you get way faster out of her stunns, she can t 1 vs 1 you. Harass her early and kill her before her jungler Shows up”
Nico449c says “You wont be able to burst her down about every because of her early high defense even harder if she got aftershock. So try to countergank or invade her camps eventually outgank her. Avoid her in about any situation if your 1v1 unless your insanely fed.”
tsiami says “if he build full tank he will make you to fell trash ”
[10.8] Shaco win 1 vs 5 by tsiami | Shaco Player
Ryttar says “Can burst you, can tank you, can cancel your casts... Very annoying, try to kill the rest of her team.”
Carry your fights Fiddlestick Jungle by Ryttar | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Sejuani is very strong right now, but she is still very weak in the early game. Try to invade her if you can and take as much of her camps as possible. If she falls behind she will take a very long time before she gets really tanky. ”
Kaji's Reworked Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying in S10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Sejuani is very strong right now, but she is still very weak in the early game. Try to invade her if you can and take as much of her camps as possible. If she falls behind she will take a very long time before she gets really tanky. ”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Sejuani is very strong right now, but she is still very weak in the early game. Try to invade her if you can and take as much of her camps as possible. If she falls behind she will take a very long time before she gets really tanky. ”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
Sanhulks says “CHAMPION MATCH UP. ✅ WARWICK 51 % WR✅ VS SEJUANI 49% WR ”
EdgyBoiKayn says “She will fk You up in 1v1, but You will win if u get Rhaast form. Just avoid 1v1 fights and don't counter-jungle her.”
guide for Kayn right from main by EdgyBoiKayn | Kayn Player
Dexiron says “Sej also likes engaging, but you can counter it pretty well. I like taking Aftershock against Sej because she has little escape mobility, and you can soak while you allies are cc'd.”
Jungle Taric: The True Power of Gems [10.6] by Dexiron | Taric Player
Soulreaperjin says “She was nerfed recently but that doesn't stop from CC chaining you with all 3 abilities, even more so once she hit's level 6. Thankfully she isn't often played, so don't worry much about her being threat.”
Super Saiyan Shyvana bruiser/juggernaut build by Soulreaperjin | Shyvana Player
Fabosch is Love says “You can free farm like you want. You just have to take some early kills, in order to focus enemy carries. She engages well but doesn't peel really good (except with Knight's Vow).”
The Monkey King in Jungle by Fabosch is Love | Wukong Player
Ardent Deceiver says “Extremely tanky and lots of CC. Can steal your camps easily and will pin you down in fights. Basically no way to avoid her.”
s10 Shaco JG - Climb to Mastery 7 by Ardent Deceiver | Shaco Player
The Top Bear says “Sejuani is actually very hard to 1 v 1 now. With aftershock and her passive, she essentially has a 6 second immunity to your burst. I would spear and auto her down if you fight her, but it's over for you if you get CC locked and killed. With her max HP damage she can basically one-shot you at level 3.”
I Will Guide You - Extensive Guide to Nida in EVERY ROLE by The Top Bear | Nidalee Player
urrb says “This is a skill matchup. She needs to scale to win. You win the 1v1 early and she's very vulnerable to early invades. If you 1v1 her with her abilities off cooldown, make sure to kite her if she engages and procs her aftershock, and wait until it's over to all in. Try to dodge her W and Q if you can. If she has a teammate by her side, she is a lot more of a threat, so be wary of teammates collapsing from their lanes. If she has another teammate that is tanky, Conquerer can be a good pick, but lethality is fine if you're confident you can shut her and her team down early and end before they get to scale.”
Kha'Zix to Platinum S10 by urrb | Kha'Zix Player
Tinjus says “Similar to Zac in that she poses quite a threat in teamfights but cannot kill you, although you will have a hard time killing her yourself.”
Tinjus' Ultimate Kha'Zix Jungle Guide for Season 10 by Tinjus | Kha'Zix Player
OGPOTATOJEFFSHACO says “weak champion until she gets tanky. Even so you should be able to out damage. also she has slow clears so counter jungle and invade. ”
ATrain001 says “If she misses her ult, you win. Keep her back, and dodge her flail.”
Orianna Jungle Experiment? by ATrain001 | Orianna Player
Unawesomeness says “She can't carry, because if she does damage her team will fall apart, and if she's tanky she heavily relies on her team, so if tanky focus carries.”
Lee Sin-Jungleborn by Unawesomeness | Lee Sin Player
Sir Skull says “nothing is treat for U”
Immortal Sejuani by Sir Skull | Sejuani Player
Dyt0Xx says “Trundle is one of the traditional counters of Sejuani. Sejuani's passive gives him more armor and magic resist for the first few seconds in combat. Sejuani is also an aftershock user. This rune gives him extra armor, on top of items he builds, and his passive. Using your ultimate on Sejuani makes you very tanky, while Sejuani becomes more squishy. Since he will try to engage in teamfights, its possible to delete him, before his team can follow up. Their team will either disengage, or try to fight 4v5. You can play this match-up fairly aggressive. But be careful for enemy teammates collapsing on you if you decide to invade him.”
Troll of the jungle by Dyt0Xx | Trundle Player
0kruemlmonster says “Is able to fight you before 6, but after that not. Has lots of CC, be careful, maybe get QSS and get Mercs.”
[s10] a Master Yi Jungle Guide by 0kruemlmonster | Master Yi Player
DonaldBinBaggin says “Weak when she has no Q/R up. You can duel her after her aftershock/passive has been used. ”
[9.19] TILTING THE ENEMY-Stomp Solo Q with this Shaco Guide! by DonaldBinBaggin | Shaco Player
KingStix says “Easy, range advantage and can hourglass ultimate.”
S10 Brand Jungle Guide - Challenger - KingStix by KingStix | Brand Player
HackedAccountlol says “(not enough games played against her to know the matchup)”
Kayn Jungle by HackedAccountlol | Kayn Player
Fyurex says “You can duel her pretty easily because of he low damage. in teamfights just watch out for he ult, if you have a good enough reaction time you are able to ult their carry before it hits you and get out of there without getting stunned. This will most likely surprise your enemy and buy time for your team.”
[9.24] Talk $hit get hit by Fyurex | Vi Player
LFS_aXent says “Sejuani, as we know, does a ridiculous amount of damage for a tank. She has enough CC to negate your speedy VTEC build, and can coordinate an efficient counter or invade with her team. Keep vision in your jungle at all times, as well as drag and baron pit.”
VTEC Jhin [UPDATED] by LFS_aXent | Jhin Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Lots and lots of CC. If you can avoid her abilities, punish her. She stacks health so you will massacre her.”
[9.23] The Dragon's Den - Shyvana Jungle Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Shyvana Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Tons of CC, you simply can't compete with her, but her damage isn't very scary and you clear far more quickly.”
[9.23] Snowballing Your Team - Nunu Jungle Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Nunu & Willump Player
Laverenz says “Sejuani has got A LOT of CC which counters you hard. Buy mercury's treads against her”
today ill feed enemy team says “Just take care about her CC after level 6 and try to snowball your team faster than her.”
The WIP Godyr Low Elo Guide [TOP AND JG] by today ill feed enemy team | Udyr Player
Dmitr says “Easy to beat early game.”
CryAwake says “Generally a painful matchup due to her E however it if very hard to secure a kill on you same goes for you.”
Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth) by CryAwake | Poppy Player
Her0mars says “She isn't that big a threat anymore to anyone, and isn't meta. Beware the 5 man ults and such but outside of that not much to fear.”
Her0mars's Diamond Zac Jungle Guide by Her0mars | Zac Player
HKRV says “Pokechamp and CC, annoying, but killable.”
Ajagara says “She can slow you, freeze you, stun you. Everything needed to counter you. You CAN'T solo her, unless you are far ahead To win teamfights while she is on the enemy team, flank the enemy team with E + all movement buffs and enter with your ultimate before your E expires, this way she won't be able to CC you. ”
TOYOism says “CC is your #1 enemy so just steal casually if possible, put more map pressence and you'll win this match up.”
N4m3n2l02 says “1 vs 1 is easy beware of 2 vs 1.”
Pantheon Jungle Guide by N4m3n2l02 | Pantheon Player
Maltz says “Weak early but has a lot of CC. You have a lot of ways to get ahead in this macthup”
Eqxilibrium says “In the early game, Sejuani will want to be more proactive than you, but she will outscale you in the late game, so make sure you're just as active.”
Eqxilibrium's In-Depth Jarvan IV Guide [WIP] by Eqxilibrium | Jarvan IV Player
Eznar says “An sejuani main. Is always an pain in the ass but if she is new u can ez win jungle.”
vanchovski2002 says “She shouldn't be a problem overall.. 1v1 might be hard but dont worry..Just dont force it ”
Bombabo says “She will most likely be farming early, so she won't be counterjungling. Just avoid her and go for squishies”
Embracing The Thot by Bombabo | Evelynn Player
Aht3ns says “Requires some quick thinking. Flashing her ultimate is hard, but can be done.”
Thunder & Lightning [In Depth] by Aht3ns | Volibear Player
Killerbacca10 says “Skill matchup. Your looking to do the same thing. She has the slight edge because she has more damage.”
Nunu and Willump/How to be an unstoppable threat! by Killerbacca10 | Nunu & Willump Player
Tonga Ragnar says “Not a hard matchup, be care of his CC and you will be able to kill him pre and post lvl. 6”
Does Master Yi abuse on jungle? With this you are GOD by Tonga Ragnar | Master Yi Player
HAMMERSLAYER says “A tank jungler with a moderetly slow clear, she will try to gank lanes every now and then or just babysit one of them, she can be easily 1v1ed with Xin and doesn't pose much of a threat. ”
LixoPanado says “Sejuani, she is not really hard to deal with, you are better in duels, but she's hard to kill, so you probably wont get to kill her alone. Can also cancer your ulti.”
Nunu&Willump Jungle | Super Tank [9.13] by LixoPanado | Nunu & Willump Player
Lil Trash says “Invade her early one and a kill is almost guaranteed.”
TheLandlos says “You can abuse Sejuani weak early game by invading and dueling her, making she completely useless later on. Just be carefull with her ganks tho, they are still powerfull.”
Lamb & Wold - Kindred 9.13 Build and guide by TheLandlos | Kindred Player
lolWillieP says “hard champ to play against- way too good of a tank. Invade her early is all i got”
[9.12] WillieP's Challenger Udyr Guide by lolWillieP | Udyr Player
RoboJungler says “Really tanky 1v1'er. You need to know what you're doing when you're in this match-up. Basically just dodge her abilities and you should have this in the bag.”
Taliyah Jungle [9.12] UPDATED I Freelo by RoboJungler | Taliyah Player
HoityToityOce says “Strong in the meta and is too big a body to navigate sometimes”
Sammystinky says “65/35. She can one v one you early and out counter you. She isn't the easiest thing to deal with late”
Haquha says “Tanks are your weakness.”
[9.11] JUNGLE KAYN BUILD [WILL IMPROVE] by Haquha | Kayn Player
abboz says “She has more cc and can jump over your wall. She cant kill you but it'll be hard for you to catch her.”
[9.11] Big stick, Will Smash [Jungle] by abboz | Trundle Player
Sarutobi says “Most tanks are easy matchups. You can block their major skill shots with your alpha and out damage them by a mile. Your true damage makes their tankiness useless.”
[9.10] The Ultimate Samurai by Sarutobi | Master Yi Player
bluejaypig says “She's not hard to beat in duels, just watch out for her ult in team fights and don't group.”
[9.9] Master Yi CRIT Jungle Carry Build (Season 9) by bluejaypig | Master Yi Player
Bielu1337 says “Try to catch her with Q when she's engaging, you can try to fight her in early.”
[S9] Lux Jungle works by Bielu1337 | Lux Player
ArthurCaron says “No 1v1 potential, invade her and farm her jungle, but be careful with her CC on team fights.”
The Ultimate Master Yi Guide to Jungle by ArthurCaron by ArthurCaron | Master Yi Player
BigBadVoodo says “Must keep track of her a lot. Easy to pressure early, use that. We can dodge her R easily so that isn't a problem.”
Most Viable Shaco builds (BIG UPDATES IN PROGRESS!) by BigBadVoodo | Shaco Player
deamonfate says “When going against a [Sejuani], do not engage her within the [Jungle] - She will typically win the fight unless you're 2 - 3 kills ahead. One of the best strategies against a [Sejuani] is to counter jungle her; In the game's I've had against [Sejuani] - I noticed that she can either farm or gank, and unlike [Shaco] - She can't do both!”
How To: Shaco by deamonfate | Shaco Player
WiskeyANDGin says “not so hard to kill, tank with cc but still if u ult when she ults she wont be able to kill you, and u can get a easy kill”
Kayn builds by WiskeyANDGin | Kayn Player
Agwy says “just cancer cant kills her she got better ganks idk just cancer.”
(9.07) dia shaco otp build guide by Agwy | Shaco Player
EstellaOfVenus says “You pretty much win every trade just watch out for her passive and dodge the thing.”
Acrimitory's Bronze 4 poppy jungle by EstellaOfVenus | Poppy Player
Yuki Nagato says “She can't kill you, you can kill her. Therefore gank your laners instead of trying to fight her (conquerer is nice in this matchup).”
Kha'Zix Guide | Change... is good. by Yuki Nagato | Kha'Zix Player
BUILDAWALLLL says “only a threat because sejuani is tanky and does damage to 1v1 in the early levels unless you can kite around her”
OmnimX says “Only concerning when her team is backing her, or invading early game.”
Evelynn: The Taste Of Their Pain (In-Depth) by OmnimX | Evelynn Player
Optimal Pancake says “The second tank Kayn really struggles with. She's a really insane champ in general, but her kit feels like it was made just to mess with Kayn. Her Q will knock you out of the wall, on her side if she uses it quickly enough, her W will slow you and apply her E passive, her E will lock you down and when followed by her ult will usually mean death for you. You won't have as bad a time against her in red.”
[9.3] A very ok guide to Kayn by Optimal Pancake | Kayn Player
Rainbow6Six says “she is the ultimate counter against an Udyr, she is more tank then you are. because of that you must select the right rune page and go for the armor. In my opinion she is the upgraded udyr but with less charm. She can stunn you just as you can stunn her, but her ultimate can win the game.”
The Dyr by Rainbow6Six | Udyr Player
Violzandre says “Wow, one of my favorite tank champs for jungle. She has a lot of cc, can do a good dmg, impressive defensive stats, and can escape usually. Be careful, you can try to kill her in her jungle but be careful with her teammates, in late you'll win a 1 vs 1 obviously, but in early it's unpredictable.”
[8.24] My Dear High Damage Shyvana (Irregular playing style) by Violzandre | Shyvana Player
Predated01 says “One of your best matchups, she can't challenge you early game. Make sure you use your early power though, she will hard outscale you.”
Season 9 Diamond Nidalee Guide by Predated01 | Nidalee Player
Yasuo Comunica says “it's an annoying matchup just try to crossmap play as you do when playing against rammus, but she is easier bc you can cheese her early ”
Rengar Jumping Oneshot [JG][S9] by Yasuo Comunica | Rengar Player
Debtlock says “she is useless against you”
brand jungle? by Debtlock | Brand Player
Rick789 says “Don't focus enemy tanks in TF's, they will not take too much damage from your abilities.”
Amumu tank is BORING by Rick789 | Amumu Player
Loul_60 says “In Solo Queue, Sejuani is considered rather weak - She is. Her CC and tankiness will be hard to tackle in teamfights, especially after her changes. Like Zac, she lacks 1v1 potential and doesn't have the an amazing clear speed.”
9.1 - Loul601's In-Depth Kayn Guide by Loul_60 | Kayn Player
Ivker21 says “Her early game is really weak and her clears are really unhealthy. Try invading her all the time early. Later she'll be very mobile, but you counter that, so in team fights, you'll be fine. Keep in mind it's usually worth body blocking her Ult since later you'll be able to take the damage, and if she gets too close you can ult her.”
BloooodTV says “They will mostly build tank which does put them behind for ganks, if they gank you do 2x the damage so counter ganking just screws any wish they have of winning.”
[8.24] "Will you prove worthy?" Kayn Build Guide by BloooodTV | Kayn Player
Exhiled says “She's not hard to beat in duels, just watch out for her ult in team fights and don't group. ”
(8.24) Form before strength. [Pre-Season 9] by Exhiled | Master Yi Player
CactusRaids says “EZ to duel don't group when she ult”
1 Shot Master Yi Guide by CactusRaids | Master Yi Player
Asianfury79 says “easy farm just be careful his ult can stop your ult so ward up and get sweeper”
Skate on them! FIDDLE the real way! by Asianfury79 | Fiddlesticks Player
TheSoloNinja says “Sejuani is one of your worst nightmares, she has hard CC and is tanky. Be careful.”
Pantheon Jungle is so BROKEN! by TheSoloNinja | Pantheon Player
brickygamer says “-TANK Queen -Burst (Stunner) + (Conqueror) ”
Burst Frozen Tank Queen :Sejuani by brickygamer | Sejuani Player

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