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LeBlanc Counter Stats

LeBlanc Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #55 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter LeBlanc. Use our statistics and learn how to counter LeBlanc in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! LeBlanc Data for all roles taken from 20,232 matches.
LeBlanc Counter Stats From:
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Middle Lane (96%) LeBlanc Middle Lane Counters: 19,308 matches, 51 counter champions

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Tips Against LeBlanc in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Daers says “Perma poke with your Q and go in with your E after she uses her W. Avoid her root at all costs. ”
7daysko says “Very annoying. Make sure to watch out for her roams. Try not to give her any kills as she snowballs very easily. I suggest building some kind of MR as well as taking Exhaust or Barrier.”
eiensiei says “Level 1 I'll poke her with E-AA, after that I'll stick to farming safely with E and staying out of her W range. More often than not I'll find myself behind in this lane, but that's normal. When she goes in, I'll first use the E for the slow and then I'll try to land a Q. If I feel like she bursts me down whenever I step foot in lane, I'll go Lost Chapter into Mercury's Treads into Luden's. In tough scenarios where the enemies have a magic damage jungler and I'm getting camped, I'll get a Banshee's before finishing Luden's. This delays my power spike quite a lot, but then again, so does dying. On the off chance that I get her low on HP and use E to try to finish her off but she uses W to dash away, I'll cast my R towards the original W position, a lot of LeBlanc players will return to it on reflex.”
[11.4] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Avucado says “Incredibly annoying but not that bad to lane against. Don't go for E's on them, they will dodge it then chain you. Look for hooks but don't let them combo you because it will do a ton of damage. Save E for their chain, they can W out of your hook slow so don't try to Q->E.”
[11.4 Pyke Mid Guide] War Crimes in the Midlane by Avucado | Pyke Player
Halfhand says “Mercs is a good first item here just like the ahri matchup. ”
[11.3] S11 Twisted Fate guide - Halfhand - Master Tier EUW by Halfhand | Twisted Fate Player
iZianni says “Leblanc is considered a good match up for Lux because of W being countered by Lux Q. However, everyone seems to forget that if she just max range bursts you it doesn't really matter. Not an enjoyable match up, if you're unable to get an early lead then she'll just W spam diagonally to avoid linear skills like your Q. Do not use Q first ever in this match up. ”
Challenger Lux Guide by iZianni | Lux Player
CaptianMike says “Lots of damage and very slippery! Make sure you don't overextend because she can easily 1-shot you. Although she is very fast, she cannot outrun your ultimate. It's best to take her down with your team and use your ultimate to secure the kill if you have to.”
Embody death itself! (1k AP) (Mid and Top) by CaptianMike | Karthus Player
PRoli03 says “A more easy to track katarina. same strategy as the previus. (Fleet footwork or lethal tempo)”
Up-to-date preseason corki build by PRolos MCholos by PRoli03 | Corki Player
PlayCabex says “such a pain in the *** in early game , all you can do is just poke , you want to buy hextech protobelt as fast as you can and stay behind minions . If she uses his q and then jumps on you quicly try to hit her with your e,q and aa, when you get hextech protobelt and she jumps on you , you can do the same thing (q and e and aa) but now also you can chase her and try to hit again with q and e , you can also kill her with your ult combo, when you chase her and she tries to e you , then ult, e,w (if you haven't ulted yet) if you have ulted , then go to e and w and also use your protobelt (if you haven't used it) if you have then just go to e and w , use your e on her and run away and keep farming you will this champ is just so busted”
Vladimir guide (Patch 11.4) MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
Yeager says “She will outrade you from lvl 3. The way you counter leblanc is by shoving her into turret. Leblanc has to max W. Basically it's her main damage and waveclear ability, and if you shove her into tower, she can't use it to harrass you. Be careful of ganks because she's really good at setting them up with chains. You can take cleanse or barrier here. You can use time warp tonic and corrupting potion for a stronger early game. Farm for your first hex core and then just focus on pushing her in over and over. You have one of wave clearing abilities in the game, so she won't be able to match that.”
Yeager's Master Viktor Guide by Yeager | Viktor Player
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