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LeBlanc Counter Stats

LeBlanc Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #55 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter LeBlanc. Use our statistics and learn how to counter LeBlanc in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! LeBlanc Data for all roles taken from 88,534 matches.
LeBlanc Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (96%) LeBlanc Middle Lane Counters: 84,863 matches, 50 counter champions

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Tips Against LeBlanc in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

lkycch says “Follow her roams and don't let her snowball off your allies. Stay far away and don't let her land her full combo on you, as you don't want to waste your ult on yourself. Remember: Summoner's Rift is a 5V5, not a 1v1. You don't have to stay in lane and suffer a losing matchup!”
iZianni says “She outranges us, has mobility and excessive damage. Our damage is gated around comboing but it's incredibly difficult to do so when LeBlanc is in control. This match up is extremely dependent on LeBlanc's distortion and your own Scatter the Weak (E). Early null mantle is a must and hope you land a 100-0 combo.”
Zianni's Challenger Syndra Guide by iZianni | Syndra Player
Yeager says “The key to winning this matchup is to TRADE BACK. Once she uses her combo, she's useless until it's back up, so you want to make sure you trade back in order to keep the lane even. Mercury treads are good into Leblanc. Her weakness is being shoved in, as she will be forced to use her abilities on the minion wave instead of you. She's good at setting up ganks, so before shoving her in, get some good vision around the lane, and track the enemy jungler. ”
Yeager's Master Orianna guide by Yeager | Orianna Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Start Doran + 2 Pots if 1) You think you can outplay her and hit your W's to generate a kill at levels 3-5 or 2) You think she will burst you down post 6 (get an extra ring). Start Corrupting if you think you will not hit your W's (or you will get poked down) and you rely more on wave clear/spammy poke (you will be way more squisher but more durable -- this is recommended if you are sure you will not get hit by CC spells and instantly die). I honestly consider the LB matchup a fairly easy one because Taliyah E counters her heavily. The first thing you have to keep in mind against a LB is that her W can be predicted, baited and dodged. If you find yourself near the enemy LeBlanc you will certainly expect a W coming from her, so use E to damage at least 25-40% of her hp and Q for the rest. You can easily setup baits and win the lane by making her dash through your E. Every time you see her using W you should also expect an E so sidestep immediately after the W and try to repeat this process in the other direction for the next combos. If you struggle against LB go for Cleanse/Barrier but I usually go for Ignite, Time Warp Tonic, Dematerializer and 2 Doran Rings. I usually don't buy MR because I tend to get a kill on LB before I need it. After she's 6 you have to bait her ult in order to fight her and win. On Roams always assume she will follow and always assume she has ult (and your team should be aware of that too, ping them!). You can try to break her double chain combo by using W properly when she W's towards you.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID by Drewmatth by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
eiensiei says “Level 1 I'll poke her with E-AA, after that I'll stick to farming safely with E and staying out of her W range. More often than not I'll find myself behind in this lane, but that's normal. When she goes in, I'll first use the E for the slow and then I'll try to land a Q. If I feel like she bursts me down whenever I step foot in lane, I'll go Lost Chapter into Mercury's Treads into Luden's. In tough scenarios where the enemies have a magic damage jungler and I'm getting camped, I'll get a Banshee's before finishing Luden's. This delays my power spike quite a lot, but then again, so does dying. On the off chance that I get her low on HP and use E to try to finish her off but she uses W to dash away, I'll cast my R towards the original W position, a lot of LeBlanc players will return to it on reflex.”
[10.19] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Yeager says “She will outrade you from lvl 3. The way you counter leblanc is by shoving her into turret. The reverted leblanc maxes W. Basically it's her main damage and waveclear ability, and if you shove her into tower, she can't use it to harrass you. Be careful of ganks because she's really good at setting them up with chains. You can take cleanse or barrier here. ”
Yeager's Master Viktor Guide by Yeager | Viktor Player
Yeager says “Take ignite or cleanse. The new Leblanc maxes her W, so it is her waveclear AND damage ability. The way you play against leblanc is by shoving her in over and over, because she will be forced to use her W to waveclear. Be careful of not over-extending because she's really good at setting up ganks with her chains. ”
Yeager's Master Zoe Guide by Yeager | Zoe Player
Sylvan Lore says “A good Leblanc will bully you very effectively from as early as level 1. Since they have mostly reverted her, she has higher burst, but weaker wave clear. Take advantage of this again by pushing her under turret with minion dematerialized. Go very defensive build with Merc Treads right after your opening mana item and banshee veil ASAP. Breaking even is a complete victory in this situation and you will outscale for sure. For the most part, don't try to trade early, and do not Ult her unless both charges of her W have been used. Also keep in mind if you are going for an all in, that her passive can activate and dodge your Ultimate in a Q->W->R combo. Recommend: Barrier and Dmg Build”
[10.19] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
PlayCabex says “such a pain in the *** in early game , all you can do is just poke , you want to buy hextech protobelt as fast as you can and stay behind minions . If she uses his q and then jumps on you quicly try to hit her with your e,q and aa, when you get hextech protobelt and she jumps on you , you can do the same thing (q and e and aa) but now also you can chase her and try to hit again with q and e , you can also kill her with your ult combo, when you chase her and she tries to e you , then ult, e,w (if you haven't ulted yet) if you have ulted , then go to e and w and also use your protobelt (if you haven't used it) if you have then just go to e and w , use your e on her and run away and keep farming you will this champ is just so busted”
Vladimir guide patch 10.19 MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
sweodigaming says “Try to stun her with Q so she can't W away, then follow up with R and W. She has strong level 3, but she easy to trade with. Make your team aware when she is gone since she has really strong roams.”
[10.19] the Dark Child - All Viable Roles and Runes by sweodigaming | Annie Player
Rermo99 says “She can't deal with you, BUT her passive litteraly stop your ult and it's really annoying so wait for her passive to proc before ulting, and check which on still have your E on it. That's the good one.”
Mortality is weakness~Choose your Style~Malzahar Guide by Rermo99 | Malzahar Player
7daysko says “Very annoying. Make sure to watch out for her roams. Try not to give her any kills as she snowballs very easily. I suggest building some kind of MR as well as taking Exhaust or Barrier.”
CaptianMike says “Lots of damage and very slippery! Make sure you don't overextend because she can easily 1-shot you. Although she is very fast, she cannot outrun your ultimate. It's best to take her down with your team and use your ultimate to secure the kill if you have to.”
Embody death itself! (1k AP) (Mid and Top) by CaptianMike | Karthus Player
Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 says “Video: You outrade her in 1v1, the problem is that unlike her, you can't get out once you go in and bam, her jungler is there. The key against LB is to think about the jungler. Track her W CD and when she goes in, sidestep the chain, then trade back. Or you can just E right into her W, but as I said, with the junglers in mind. Remember she has to win lane hard, or gets outscalled hard. Rush merc's for sure.”
👑How to play Azir - MASTERCLASS👑 by Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 | Azir Player
Veigarv2 says “ Strong kit vs you, annoying passive. great sidelaner. great at setting up ganks. Oneshot her before she oneshots you basically. Electrocute with biscuits and timewarp + corruption pot / spellbook resolve page.”
[10.19] CHALLENGER EUW RANK 1 VEIGAR WORLD | MID GUIDE by Veigarv2 | Veigar Player
crabbix says “Assassin. Banshee's.”
fwii says “Start Corrupting Potion and trade with her whenever it's safe. ”
Scyrine says “I absolutley despise going against Leblanc. Not because she counters akali a lot, but since she's annoying to play against. She's gonna try to fool your mind completely. whenever she goes in for a trade, play agro against her. wait until 6 for a full engage as she can play with you easily. ”
FrostbiteMW says “Buy MR!! Dodge chains and keep distance”
[10.19] [Dia+] Free Elo Vel'Koz Guide - updated by FrostbiteMW | Vel'Koz Player
Yasukeh says “ Leblanc can reliably burst you, and kite you with her W's to the point where you can never kill her. Take Triple Rejuv, hope to survive, and try to effect the map in other ways. ”
In Depth Rank 1 Grandmasters Tryndamere by Yasukeh. by Yasukeh | Tryndamere Player
Yeager says “Oppressive champion. She can easily hit you with chains if you blink onto her. She has 1 weakness you can abuse. Her main damage spell is ALSO her waveclear, and her waveclear is quite bad. If you want to survive this matchup, get some wards and SHOVE THE WAVE. She will be forced to prep the CS before it hits the tower. If she still decides to attack you, she will lose the CS and you can just teleport back. ”
Yeager's Master Ekko Guide|Rank 1 Ekko world by Yeager | Ekko Player
Yeager says “Against a good leblanc, this matchup is autolose for us(in the laning phase). Stay as far back as you can, and farm safe with Q. She is so good at setting up ganks for junglers, so if you ever get hit by her chain, you are dead. Rush mercs, and from level 6 you want to get your other laners ahead so they can carry you.”
Yeager's Master Twisted Fate Guide by Yeager | Twisted Fate Player
Yeager says “Your goal: Play passive, get hexdrinker if necessary and outscale her. Leblanc can be obnoxious to play against due to her mobility and burst. At the early stages, you can pressure her quite a bit with your gatling gun. Just make sure that you TRADE BACK. After she uses her combo's, she won't have anything up for a bit, so trade back and keep your HP levels even so she doesn't bully you out of lane. Her chains can be blocked by minions, or even sidestepped if you're good at reading the opponent. ”
Yeager's Master Corki Guide by Yeager | Corki Player
FalleN3 says “This is a skill match-up and you might struggle early in laning phase. She has a lot of burst damage, even early in laning and she can root you too. This lane becomes a lot easier after level 6 so keep your head down, try your best to farm and try not to die to ganks or solo in lane. After 6 you should either try to kill her and if this is not possible, call for jungler help. Don't forget to roam and look for picks elsewhere.”
Fizz Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Fizz by FalleN3 | Fizz Player
Dr Eggmund says “Annoying. Lots of mobility and damage, avoid Leblanc's stun at all costs as this will be her ignition for her combo. This is a lane where you must respect her, I'm not to familiar with how Leblanc works...however like I said be respectful and you will know when the time is right to all-in/trade with her.”
Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
Glasletter says “Binding kills her but the poke hurts. Play the lane safely and don't engage until after she dashes.”
Reason97 says “Another skill matchup. Leblanc has a very forgiving "get out of jail free" card with her ability to teleport back to her shadow, which makes her hard to kill, and has the ability to jump to you, chunk your health, and then jump back to her shadow all before you can even respond. Most likely, you arent gonna be killing her a whole lot in lane, so focus more on farming and keeping her on the backfoot. save your stuns for when she jumps in, and catch her out with it and your blizzard to scare her into backing off without really hurting you too much. Do NOT chase her for a kill, let her run, and farm up while she's forced to back and heal up. ”
A general guide to Anivia, The Cryophoenix by Reason97 | Anivia Player
AP WormMaW Mid says “Leblanc is big problem for a lot of midlaners, due to her high mobility and harass/assasination potential. Though, if you build Negatron here after Dark Seal, you should be able to win even face to face trades, because once when she jumps on you, she has to stay at least for few seconds to deal her damage, leaving her wide open to your full-burst combo, which will mostly deal more damage than her. Except for that she has hard time to deal with poke, if she doesn't all-in you.”
[S10] WormMaW's Guide for AP Kogmaw (build for ADC included) by AP WormMaW Mid | Kog'Maw Player
Yuki H. says “A lane bully who dictates the early game is never fun to play against. I personally don't have much of a problem in this match up, but she supposedly does well against Zed. Her W makes it hard to hit skill shots which might explain one aspect, but her mark passive also makes it hard to come up to cs. Start Doran's Shield for safety and rush Hexdrinker for an even safer lane if needed. I personally think a Doran's Shield and Merc Treads are enough to handle lb.”
[10.19] Zed + Matchups by Yuki H. | Zed Player
RedFire2055 says “Assassin Ap with a lot mobility. Reccomended Setup: Summoner Spells: Flash/Exhaust. Start :Corrupting Potion . Keystone: Aery. Stats :1 Adaptive, 1 Mr, 1Hp/Armor. Tips: 1)Take the control of the waves , she can' t kill you if she use her spells on minions . 2)Your ultimate jumps on her copy, that s grants a free passive explosion. 3)Care hers all-in , just hold it and farm till she can t handle your dps . 4) Magic Resistance and Hp are rly good vs Her . ”
Brand The Fire God by RedFire2055 | Brand Player
Impossible2Gank says “Her ability make her hard to catch and therefore becomes a hard matchup. She also has better roam potential so she can be hard on your team. Try to avoid her snare and you'll be ok.”
[10.19] SHACO AP & HYBRID OFF-META GUIDE FOR MID LANE by Impossible2Gank | Shaco Player
Hullos says “Pokes you for almost free, easy escape, better roams. Though if she misses the chain that is you best time to punish. take barrier and hope for her misplay.”
Shazzaam says “Hard for AP Twisted Fate, even harder for AD Twisted Fate since you won't be able to one shot casters with 1 Q.”
[10.19] Trinity Force Twisted Fate (Discovered/Invented by J by Shazzaam | Twisted Fate Player
ShadowSlayerMain says “Heavy Early Damage, Malmortius is optional, try to predict her blinking and use your own to back off to safety so she can't deal damage”
SSM's Gold Zed Guide Season 10 by ShadowSlayerMain | Zed Player
OverjarlZane says “HUGE burst. Maw shuts her down though so get it early.”
[10.19] The Jarls Midcian by OverjarlZane | Lucian Player
BloooodTV says “D-Blade. She will just beat you! You can windwall her Q and E but she will usually just bait it then go back in and solo kill you. Take Conq and probably exhaust.”
[10.19] "Kill me? You can try." Yasuo Guide by BloooodTV | Yasuo Player
FalleN3 says “This is a skill match-up and you might struggle early in laning phase. This lane becomes a lot easier after level 6 so keep your head down, try your best to farm and try not to die to ganks or solo in lane. After 6 you should either try to kill her and if this is not possible, call for jungler help. Don't forget to roam and look for picks elsewhere.”
Akali Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Akali by FalleN3 | Akali Player
arcanejhin says “She hard counters you for the amount of dashes she has. If she is good she will jump around everyone of your moves and poke you down. If you can dodge her E (chain) you should be able to chase her down and do some damage. Let her push into your tower so she can not W away. DO NOT GET POKED DOWN EARLY, try to clear first wave and then play back”
YONE MID GUIDE = SLICE THE COMPETITION by arcanejhin | Yone Player
BIG BRAIN MAN says “Survive laning phase until gunblade and maybe get hexdrinker. You kill her easily later on. Ult will attack her while invisible and will also attack the clone. The clone gives you resets if you kill it. ”
"BEST" Katarina Guide (2 Videos) WHAT&WHY by BIG BRAIN MAN | Katarina Player
ziolo to noob says “Skilled matchup, first person that hits 6 prolly wins.”
Vladimir MID - Threats and Synergies updated! by ziolo to noob | Vladimir Player
I count to seven says “She's a fast assasin with good dodging ability. Try to time her W.”
10.19 | Syndra Guide ~ Power without limit! by I count to seven | Syndra Player
tyo professor says “A good leblanc will be hard to play vs. Most LB's would look to Q-w you when you are in range. Also her E(chain) will still root you even if you are in pool. This means you should use pool to not get hit by it because getting hit by it means you will die.”
LunarVortex says “Annoying, but her high cooldowns make this match-up bearable. Try to not be too predictable with your Qs. Keep shoving the wave and ask her in all-chat if she's having fun lasthitting under tower. In teamfights, try to spot her early and babysit your ADC. If you hit a Q on her, your team can almost certainly kill her instantly.”
[10.19] In-Depth Midlane Morgana Guide by LunarVortex | Morgana Player
TheFwnK says “Pretty annoying with her pokes... If a chains lands on you, you'll be more dead than alive. Try to be more creative with LeBlanc to force her W and other abilities. If not, just play safe.”
Fizz's Bible - Assassinating enemies like a fish. by TheFwnK | Fizz Player
BCota says “Stomps Blood Newbs but experienced Bloodlords will know this matchup is fairly easy. When she Ws just Auto+Q+Auto and you will be fine. Wait till 6 ignite her before she gets 50% hp and all in, ignite will show who is the real and who is the clone”
Vladimir Mid Guide 10.19 by BCota | Vladimir Player
TimRhabey says “Pretty annoying but if she doesn't snowball early you just shit on her, late game she most likely becomes useless while you are an extremelly usefull team fighter late game. Take the dark harvest rune setup so you can outscale her easily and instantly kill her if she dashes into your team.”
Gragas Laner for Every Matchup | In Depth by TimRhabey | Gragas Player
Tatty says “Skill match up just don't take to much poke earlier on”
[10.19] 1m Zed Carry Games Guide! by Tatty | Zed Player
xxseraphinaaxx says “If you don't know how to play LeBlanc as well, you'll find it a bit hard to deal with her. Just don't engage when she's used her W, as she can just distort back to where she initially was, and don't get caught in her roots, as Anivia has no mobility to recuperate. Try not to hand her kills early game, as she snowballs hard.”
[S10] Anivia Mid General Guide by xxseraphinaaxx | Anivia Player
Fadedreformed says “Pretty easy matchup, if she takes first item doran's blade let her be till you get level 6 since she can just harass you. After 6 care for her chain if you get chained once you will be chained twice..”
Shazzaam says “Try to freeze the lane and don't get Q-W for free in lane.As long as you're even with her you auto win.”
[10.19] Hybrid Corki Guide by Shazzaam | Corki Player
Coldsong says “LeBlanc is a really bad matchup for Talon due to her insane burst potential. Make sure to dodge her E and don't stand too close to her when she Q's you.”
[Season 10] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
BEYBLADE NOXIANO says “Early Game dela é muito mais forte, mas se ela usar o W errado você consegue puní-la. Tente desviar das correntes dela com seu E. Seu lvl 6 é mais forte.”
Guiazinho de Kat by BEYBLADE NOXIANO | Katarina Player
Papzz says “She is kinda strong, try to use your E at the same line with her w and her so you can hit her twice. She has massive damage. exhaust is a nice option here but you know how to use it at this match up because her burst damage is very fast.”
God Tier Viktor Guide 10.19 by Papzz | Viktor Player
DaggerTV_ says “leblanc will be extreamly anoying early game. She can double chain you in mid game, and can 1shot you in late. However, you deal a lot of dmagae if you place the daggers right with her w., use your ult when you are between her and he w.”
Katarina 10.19 Diamond Guide In-depth by DaggerTV_ | Katarina Player
ZedCZ says “This depends on how much enemy LeBlanc is skilled but most of the times you should win.”
Sylas Mid and Top by ZedCZ | Sylas Player
DarkM3tal87_ says “Do not let her short-trade you, always look for extended trades and block her abilities with windwall.”
Delirium's In-Depth Yasuo Guide Season 10 by DarkM3tal87_ | Yasuo Player
Proma says “Dshield You win early. The hardest part about this matchup is learning how to trade when she presses W.”
economistastonks says “Awfull lane to be Pyke. She plays with you and there is nothing you can do, she dodges everything and bursts you. ”
Farming Champions by economistastonks | Pyke Player
Chiefsnake says “She can hop in on you and burst you but you can just Q her as soon as she goes in forcing her to jump back out and break her chain or get stunned. you really just need to play around her dash cooldown in this matchup”
Scuffed Asol guide by Chiefsnake | Aurelion Sol Player
Apex CryptLord says “Your main dmg are Auto attacks, If you cant reach her u wont deal dmg :)”
One Shot Pantheon by Apex CryptLord | Pantheon Player
ItzJavAgain says “Really scary,hard to land the E and R on her + your W is worthless against his burst since is all Magic damage,i would dodge”
Irelia build and guide by ItzJavAgain | Irelia Player
elnino9 says “Don't let her proc her Q mark. Dodge chain by staying behind minions or side stepping when no ally minions are around. Take advantage of her if she uses her W as she won't have an escape/gap closer. Play patiently in lane, don't use EW combo if she has W as she will dodge the spin damage. Merc Treads is good vs her chain.”
SkellyBirb says “Leblanc has a lot of burst and snowball potential. She likely won't be able to one shot you early on, so you can set up shrines to heal for when she trades. If she goes in with minions behind her, you can stun her.”
[10.18] A Guide to Lich Bane Bard Mid! by SkellyBirb | Bard Player
Defensivity1 says “Dont use your q unless she comes within the range and dont be affraid to cage her up, she can stay very safe away from you just like ziggs and then jump in to burst you be cautious.”
Defensivity's S10 Veigar guide by Defensivity1 | Veigar Player
laoshin3v3 says “Go defensiv and farm up, u lose lane hard”
[10.18] Lao's Vladimir - Kneel before Vlad by laoshin3v3 | Vladimir Player
Veralion says “HoB/Beads. Tricky, but actually isn’t bad at all anymore. You win the 1v1 quite handily at level 6. The problem is getting there. One misposition will kill you and snowball her into untouchability. Do not get QWed at level 2. You can’t afford to get chunked that hard so early. Sacrifice whatever you need to so that doesn’t happen. Do NOT get WEQ-Ignited at level 3. This will nearly kill you from full and forfeit the lane. Sacrifice even more to prevent that. If she W’s in and goes for a chain, don’t just run back and set her up for a clear shot. Rotate around your creeps and use them as shields until she’s forced to take her W back or be stuck in the middle of the lane with no mobility. At level 5, the matchup starts to turn and your E is now strong enough to hurt her. Just a few hits should get her low enough to discourage any aggression and set up your all in. At 6, go up and just start autoing a creep with your cursor over her. The second she distorts in, ult at her (your knockback actually completely cancels her ability if cast early enough). She will probably snap back to her distortion portal right away, so wait for her to do so before using your E and autoing her. Ignite will mark the correct target when her passive procs. Now, from this point the correct decision is for her to R distort away and cut her losses, but you will probably still have a Q mark over your head that she wants to proc, so she may use E instead. This will give you the time you need to tear her to pieces. If she was pushed up a good bit you should be able to chase and finish the kill. She’s been overnerfed because of pro play and a lot of her teeth have been pulled out by the addition of MR shards. As long as you avoid her absurd level 3 combo, the lane is free. A lot of LBs love just leaving mid lane randomly to go roam. Just spam ping ?, shove in and don’t worry about following her into fog, where she can set up on you for free and ruin your life. A level lead will seriously ruin her. Catching her facechecking on her way back is a good way to chunk her out of lane. ”
AP Shyvana Mid: The Lizard Wizard by Veralion | Shyvana Player
SkellyBirb says “If the LeBlanc is good, she can dodge your knock ups and get stuns off on you doing massive damage. However, she is extremely squishy so if she could be one shot in return.”
[10.18] AP Zac in Season 10! Mid and Jungle! by SkellyBirb | Zac Player
Man0Vit0r says “[Eng]: Le blanc is a boring champion to play against because of his teleports, moving fast while causing you damage, against it is good to use your stun at the right time [BR]: Le blanc é um campeão chato para jogar contra por causa de seus teleports, movendo-se rapidamente enquanto lhe causa danos, contra ele é bom usar seu Q certo, procure nao desperdiçar a toa”
Anivia OFF-TANK [MID/TOP] [ ENG / BR ] by Man0Vit0r | Anivia Player
DabiDabi says “LB is very abusive towards Talon, try dodging her stun. W towards her and her return pad when she W's to you so you can hit two Rake and set up for a kill. If not, try to at least proc her passive.”
ReapeRGP says “LeBlanc is really annoying as she can escape your E and burst you quickly, I'd recommend to play safe and just farm/stack until you get strong. Try to push your wave so she can't roam to get kills. If you can get fed in botlane or something and she is not then try to safely abuse her.”
Veigar 10.18 Carry Alone by ReapeRGP | Veigar Player
seemes says “if shes even slightly competent you will never land any q. try to surpise her with w first so she cant dash then q. ambush her in river/jungle”
A Chads Guide to A$$'Gath by seemes | Cho'Gath Player
Veigarv2 says “so much mobility making it hard to hit your Qs. A lot of damage aswell so fights dont last long for your Q damage to matter. ”
[10.18] CHALLENGER GUIDE TO KARTHUS MIDLANE by Veigarv2 | Karthus Player
Icemperor says “Leblanc has CC and Mobility. You want to stick in your shroud early in fights, and try to stick in the space between her dash and her dash-mark, so you can attack if she blinks back to her mark too.”
I1oveZombie says “Unless the player is making a mistake you can never hit double Q, however you can also set up Bombs at her W so that she cant really recall to it.”
My Zilean Guide (Made by me, for me :) ) by I1oveZombie | Zilean Player
xCleansuo says “She have too much mobility, play safe until u got a chance. ”
Filosh says “Do not play aggressive. Farm under turret and ask for ganks”
Simple Aurelion Sol guide by Filosh | Aurelion Sol Player
Dare366 says “She a hoe. Deadass she gives you trouble cuz she can poke you down and w you and you can't trade back too well. You gotta get her low with ranged e+q and clear waves. You got corrupting pots so you'll be fine and survive lane phase. You'll be more useful early and mid game.”
(SEASON 10) Mid Jayce Build by Dare366 | Jayce Player
Haywyre says “Electrocute is a must, matchup is really trickery due to her w. Try to avoid trades when marked by her sigil.”
[10.16] Haywyre's In-Depth Rank 100 Katarina Guide by Haywyre | Katarina Player
Frixen says “People will tell you otherwise, but this is one of the better TF matchups. You can always stop her with your gold cards, and whenever she goes in, she has to commit, which means you can always take extended trades and win them. Take Electrocute + Ignite and kill her. You can poke her all you want, you need to push her into the turret and whenever she tries to return damage, simply gold card and unload on her. ”
RikudouDovahkiin says “LeBlanc isn't more dangerous than Malphite in Vladimir's eyes, with a proper game you can dodge her Q+R combo with Sanguine Pool, beware of gangs because she has some serious CC (E-R) and it can lead you to the point where she can easily manipulate mid-lane area with her jungler. Its not a risky business as mentioned before in 1v1, but if shes to get fed, she can one-shot everyone in your team, so becareful when she is missing and give SS. You should start trading when you have 3rd Q because without it, your damage and sustain may be not enough at early game to confront her. Do not let her poke you down freely. In teamfights you can punish her when she tries to w q+r, try to defend your teammates against her but do not try to chase her, its really risky since her mobility will probably seperate you from your team. Otherwise shes more of an assassin type, defend ur team as usual, render her useless in teamfights. LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET.”
How to Vladimir [Out-dated] Guide: Kneel Before Vlad by RikudouDovahkiin | Vladimir Player
Wholesomefrog says “A big damage dealer, you kinda outrange her which makes it a bit easier. Try not to get too close, poke her :)”
LETHALITY CAITLYN MID by Wholesomefrog | Caitlyn Player
Defensivity1 says “she can 1 shot you level 3 or 4 be carefull.”
Defensivity's S10 Malzahar guide by Defensivity1 | Malzahar Player
SnakeOnRiver says “Try to dont trade early, if you dont die early you can land Q and keep distance, then just wait for her mistake and run her down.”
[10.17] The holy and blessed Cassiopeia guide! by SnakeOnRiver | Cassiopeia Player
UndoRedo says “very annoying, i'd always ban her if you aren't in the mood”
Every Sekkond Matters by UndoRedo | Ekko Player
lessbedone says “Poke her until you reach chackrams. Get electrocute.”
MID/ADC Aphelios: Most in-depth guide you'll see by lessbedone | Aphelios Player
LinCass says “Try to freeze the wave early at any cost, her gank setup is too great for you to overextend, consider second item banchee to have a greater chance of winning 1v1”
[Season 10, P.16] LinCassX Challenger Cassiopeia Guide by LinCass | Cassiopeia Player
Melyn says “Build defensively (health and MR) and try to block her chains with an EW combo. Ideally, you should be able to root her when she is dashing to you, though good LeBlanc players can be extremely quick with their combos. If possible, Q the area where she is as well as where her W started from.”
Lunasta says “Another Skill-Matchup try to stay with W on Water and E>Q when she she dashes in front of you, then take grass and stay invisible so she can't counter attack, if you'reconstantly getting invisible, i'd recommend building a QSS, if you're still having difficulties, stay safe and wait for her to dive you, just like Zed, she will just die as you have tons of CC with your Ult + Q”
[ 10.16 ] A TOP 50 Qiyana's Guide (Top/Mid/JG/ADC) by Lunasta | Qiyana Player
GnarZing says “Take Electrocute. If she hits you with her chains from close range, you can't jump out of range unless you bounce. If she forces a trade, step forward and trade aggressively. Remember that Ignite and W stacks wont follow the clone when she splits. ”
Zing's Guide to Mid Gnar (10.16) (WIP) by GnarZing | Gnar Player
Big Shawn says “LeBlanc is considered a counter to Ekko, but I think otherwise. She is easily punishable if she overextends, due to the fact that she is super squishy in terms of Health Points. Nevertheless, she does deal a ton of damage. As Ekko, you try to predict. Against LeBlanc, you mainly can outplay her by casting your W-Ability to the position from where she dashed towards you. If you execute your full passive on her, you will basically threat her immediately. Not to forget, if she appears with her clone, you will notice which one is which immediately thanks to the timer indicated when your passive can be applied again.”
Ekko | Big Shawn's Mid Guide by Big Shawn | Ekko Player
Nooldles says “This matchup is very simple tbh. When she uses W onto you, use W on her. If you do it right you will always come out on top of the trade. It is still Leblanc so she can kill you if she is good but as far as Sylas matchups go this is one of the easiest if you are evenly matched. When you ult her it takes the last ability she used so try ult her when she uses W or E but dont ult her when she uses Q it's kinda useless. Definitely max W in this matchup.”
10.16 Updated Sylas Mid Guide by Nooldles | Sylas Player
Snow Day Zoe says “shje can out damage you, but if you time your e right to her w, you can easily kill her.”
xtrinity01x says “Dashes and blinks everywhere. try to bind her when she goes in and don't waste abilities on her clone.”
Morgana Mid/AP Morgana Supp (WATCH EM BURN) by xtrinity01x | Morgana Player
ThatOneKatMain says “Not a bad matchup try to dodge her e and her passive doesn't affect you since your r will hit both her and the clone. She's very squishy so if she messes up at all you can burst her down really fast.”
In depth Katarina guide by ThatOneKatMain | Katarina Player
TheWindWalker says “Can outsmart you easily in high elo”
The Hidden OP Sylas Build by TheWindWalker | Sylas Player
Rakgnar says “High burst, very slippery, try to just farm safely and ask for jungler.”
Yone the Unforgotten by Rakgnar | Yone Player
Zoe Sparklepop says “Do NOT let her roam, if you do try to track her since she has strong roams. In lane, if she goes in for a trade you can E to soften the blow and stun her when she jumps in so that she can't jump out before your damage. Just try to get her to engage before doing Q so you can deny more damage with her having to Q E after your stun.”
snukumz says “You're basically the same champion, only you have more burst damage. ”
BUST IT DOWN TRISTANA - TRISTANA MID GUIDE! by snukumz | Tristana Player
AlolanFairy says “Can delete you before you delete her. Make sure to poke a lot early game and learn her movement/skill pattern. Once you can predict LeBlanc, she's effectively out of the game.”
[10.15] Stormin' Through Low Elo! by AlolanFairy | Kennen Player
SirDrPotato says “More info in the match up section”
[Patch 10.15] Qiyana Lethality Mid In-Depth Guide. by SirDrPotato | Qiyana Player
Magical Rock says “LeBlanc Is annoying to play against, though not as much as some. What makes her annoying is when she goes in on you you want to run away. Usually you cannot do that, so instead use that time to trade with her. Always know which one of her you are ulting, but if she goes in on you, your q will follow her all the way.”
The Perfect Assassin - A guide to AP Malphite Mid by Magical Rock | Malphite Player
The PaIe King says “Abyssal Rush Summoner Spells: Barrier/Flash---- Build Path: Abyssal Mask, Sorcerers Shoes, Liandry's Torment, Banshees Veil , Void Staff, Rabadons Deathcap . ----Rune Page: Electrocute, Taste of Blood, Ultimate Hunter, Zombie Ward, Bone Plating or Conditioning, Overgrowth.---- ”
The Karthus Community Guide by The PaIe King | Karthus Player
maxtenj says “Watch out for LeBlancs as they can pump out tons of damage and easily dodge your ults.”
[10.15] Crush the Meta, with Malphite Mid! by maxtenj | Malphite Player
snukumz says “Possibly worth a ban if you don't mind playing against Fizz. She's super hard to hit because of her mobility, and hard to kill because of her passive. The jungler usually won't be able to gank and help you kill her. Get banshee's against her. She can 100-0 you in the late game instantly with banshee's/zhonya's. ”
Understing says “LeBlanc more like LeBroken”
nguyenbautroi says “Hard to deal with by her annoying, make you hard to roam lane to.”
Killing Machine Pyke by nguyenbautroi | Pyke Player
1256 says “annoying earlygame, lots of burst but you outscale very hard, she has very good gank setup so just be careful fleet+dom, electro if confident”
galactic kassadin guide by 1256 | Kassadin Player
cayden says “Leblanc is a skill based match up dodge her e and you can win the trade or 1v1”
Fizz guide season 10 by cayden | Fizz Player
GrayRiver says “DODGE by any chance :) "I absolutley despise going against Leblanc. Not because she counters akali a lot, but since she's annoying to play against. She's gonna try to fool your mind completely. whenever she goes in for a trade, play agro against her. wait until 6 for a full engage as she can play with you easily." Scyrine”
AZIR MEN says “Leblanc is a pretty hard matchup, but it's doable. Try to dodge her chain. You can take Conq, HoB, Electrocute, or Comet”
Pentakai says “You outscale her. Press Q>AA>W when she goes for a Q>W combo on you. Finish off your combo with an E and you will always win.”
[10.13] PTK| Choose Your Path | Kassadin Guide by Pentakai | Kassadin Player
LightningTemplar says “Electrocute setup. Long Sword + 3 pots start. Skill matchup. Play safe early. Rush Hexdrinker if needed. Be careful early as her dmg is high, if she Qs you, walk back until the Sigil disappears.”
Swagilicious' Zed Guide - ZED99 Inspired by LightningTemplar | Zed Player
Disaray says “Difficulty: Very Hard More information in the section "When should/shouldn't you pick Diana?"”
Ghostwalker562 says “Her teleports can be difficult but your ult can follow well. Just hit your Qs.”
[10.14] My Extra Special Vi Mid by Ghostwalker562 | Vi Player
VeneficusFerox says “Skill matchup. Another one who is mostly dangerous because of your team mates feeding her. Her combo will not work as nicely on you when you have W available, and the power to burst her down instead. Mostly ends up in both farming and a race to gank first.”
[S10] Twisted Fate: Your Get-Out-Of-Bronze-Free-Card by VeneficusFerox | Twisted Fate Player
only yasuo play says “Save windwall for her chain, she cannot push wave so maintain a freeze.”
BEST YASUO GUIDE (WIP) by only yasuo play | Yasuo Player
bigbeanboi4 says “all Leblancs are smooth brain idiots just poke them when there cool downs are down try not to fall behind”
tilt city jinx by bigbeanboi4 | Jinx Player
SicKitty says “ok so she can be baited under tower if you do it right but in most cases your gonna just throw your Q from under tower, not fun to fight but hecrim is still the #1 ban but she is the #2 if your jng is gonna be playing hec”
Death to all towers by SicKitty | Ziggs Player
Art1val says “If you land your e you will win trades, only annoying thing is her passive has a short cooldown, so be certain you ignite the right one if you do it after her passive procs. She will 1 shot you late game though.”
PepeOnDrugs says “This is a skill match-up and you might struggle early in laning phase. This lane becomes a lot easier after level 6 so keep your head down, try your best to farm and try not to die to ganks or solo in lane. After 6 you should either try to kill her and if this is not possible, call for jungler help. Don't forget to roam and look for picks elsewhere. ”
How to dominate with Akali by PepeOnDrugs | Akali Player
gonzales1 says “I'd say thats one of the biggest talon counters so I would suggest banning her.”
Lobban says “Defenantly Zed's hardest counter. Her early poke is crazy, she can easily push you under tower to go for a roam. Leblanc can also now in season 7 double W faster. Her W shuts your ult down super fast. Then lb can go back in after death mark has popped. ”
kryptonkat says “This one is just... She's such a good pick against Veigar, it's crazy.”
[10.14] The Tiny Master of Evil by kryptonkat | Veigar Player
Ekko Rush B Guides says “LeBlanc's mobility makes it near impossible for you to hit any ability. She has extreme CC Range with her chain and instant burst with Q and ult. Do not fight her at any cost and try to get as much experience and cs as possible. Ideally let her push so you can farm more safely under turret and zone her off with your W.”
[S10] AP Ekko Mid Lane Guide - Short but Detailed by Ekko Rush B Guides | Ekko Player
lRusu says “50/50 depends on skill matchup. try to play within your minions and use your q'e to dodge her q'w”
evilforreal says “The best way to mess up Leblanc is to rush in if she dives on you with W. This usually throws of their E aim, and then try to keep equidistant from her location/W position to guarantee the root even if she swaps back. Push the lane as she cannot farm as well as you. Rotate when she starts to roam to stop her from getting ahead.”
Hail of Blades Karma: Perpetual Mantra by evilforreal | Karma Player
KataFlix says “LeBlanc is tricky, only her passive is the trick the rest of her abilities are simple to identify, to counter LeBlanc, make sure her E is being used and as soon as her E is on cooldown, dive in and make her bleed”
KataFlix Katarina Guide by KataFlix | Katarina Player
MaxskeProductions says “Dominates the lane phase. You can kill her but her mobility is crazy if she plays correctly. Do not let her E you or you will probably die. You can dash towards her when she decides to blink back to her W for a trade.”
Maxske's Ekko Guide (w/ Xiao Lao Ban's RANK 1 Ekko Tips) by MaxskeProductions | Ekko Player
CallMeDaddyGR says “In mid lane, leblanc is the biggest threat, all you can really do is try to dodge her e and w with your e and w and wait till level 6, if she is not fed by then you should be able to easily jump her and i highly recommend bying banshees for this match up”
Best Akali Guide for patch 10.13 by CallMeDaddyGR | Akali Player
Ventus2k says “Very hard as she can bully you early on but you still have the option of playing safe and just scale (you scale better). Play around her W cooldown.”
panger 174 says “si es buena te va a hacer porongita, es un champ roto y si sacas galio le ganas libro elec dh”
pangers zoe build by panger 174 | Zoe Player
ImDaNub says “Pick electro against her (to match her burst) , use your e wisely and try to poke her whenever she has w on cd”
Basic Azir guide. by ImDaNub | Azir Player
Gageowago says “Used to be a harder matchup but you can now charm her out of w. If she walks up and lands q on you at level 2 she is going for a Q W AA electrocute proc on you. You can charm her W if there aren't any minions to block which will easily win you the trade. you usually can easily land a charm on her if she overextends to finish her E's root on you.”
[10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox by Gageowago | Ahri Player
Debonair Karma says “Very difficult matchup. You need amazing reflexes to get ahead. Pay attention to her. When you see her cast Q immediately shield, walk back and Q in her direction. Get early MR. Take teleport/barrier. Build ROA-Seraphs and merc treads.”
A guide to Karma Mid [10.12] by Debonair Karma | Karma Player
BigFatCat909 says “This matchup is quite easy with any electrocute build.”
Hunt Their Shadows by BigFatCat909 | Zed Player
topal says “After leblanc uses her w you can get a very strong trade.With protobelt your waveclears are even so her roams are not as threatening. ”
Galio op op ( in depth Galio guide ) by topal | Galio Player
silverSideUp says “Burst damage atar ve çok kolay kaçabilir.”
Vladimir Rehberi by silverSideUp | Vladimir Player
Noodles912 says “Go corrupting potion. Play safe early, and use Q to soak her W damage. Play behind minions, a bit closer to your tower, and you should win at 11. TIP: If you pop a corrupting potion during a trade, you can see purple flames on the real leblanc, so you dont attack the clone.”
1v9 every game as Kassadin with Noodles912 by Noodles912 | Kassadin Player
YunaDragoon says “Engagement range is insane, a real threat when you're fighting her in lane ”
Talon The Blade's Shadow by YunaDragoon | Talon Player
parkie boy 22 says “easy lol, stop banning it ur bad, she has shit waveclear, you have good waveclear, holy fuck press protobelt.”
Ekko Mid for Karmacyy by parkie boy 22 | Ekko Player
Papapostolou says “I always ban this pick, she most likely gonna bully you and always kill you, its like very hard to beat her but there is a chance, try to ask for a gank but first waste her w. Zhonyas here is good. Also here you have to play for late.”
Guide to the Vlad God Patch 10.12 by Papapostolou | Vladimir Player
SolarFlare433 says “She can dodge your w with ez”
SolarFlare’s conq talon by SolarFlare433 | Talon Player
ASDHUB says “She can be very dangerous, so watch out to her spells.”
Lil Tidepod says “LeBlanc really isn't a problem for Ryze. Stay out of the minion wave. Side step her chain. Root her if she wants to get close to you. Really, you can kind of mess around going against a LeBlanc in lane.”
sm1rk says “Mobile mages are a fun bunch. They can dodge your nados, and it's a pretty even match up, dependant on the skill of each player.”
Stereotypical 16 Year Old Yasuo Guide by sm1rk | Yasuo Player
PRoli03 says “Dangerous. Play around her cd-s and dodge her w to gain advantage”
Sanctuar says “Many players underrestimate her unexpected burst damage, and especially her chain can open up her deadly combo on you. If you struggle a lot against this matchup, i would recommend an early Mercury's because this item is the perfect way to keep yourself sustained and durable for the entire laning phase. Max Q if you struggle, otherwise W for more trading potential.”
A Swamp Master's guide by Sanctuar | Kennen Player
Tortoise_Maniac says “- Can only kill her if she W's into you on low hp - If you're against a good LeBlanc, you can't solokill her but you can bait her W out and easily kill her with your jungler. - Alternatively, you can outpush her with your Q and Passive and help your jungler/roam - Try to prevent her snowballing, then she is weak”
[10.11] Galio Mid Guide by Tortoise_Maniac | Galio Player
ZombieZack1 says “Leblanc will Dodge every Shot that u Throw, only way of Winning is too Have a Jungle Camp u, Which is Rare because She can just W out”
Fhizzikx says “Once she hits lvl 2 play from afar because if she gets a q w onto you then you will take tons of damage and you can die. Don't use your e if she recently used her w or she has her w up. And don't use it if she has ult and her last ability used was her w. ”
Learn the Basics of Vel'koz by Fhizzikx | Vel'Koz Player
Capparelli says “"She's mobile so she should be hard right?" Wrong. her engage is her damage use your root when you dive in on her and play safe at level 1-3, your E-Q is auto targeted even after her dash and her passive, do not be afraid to lose health in order to deal damage, you have lots of sustain with the above runes”
Qiyana In-Depth Guide by Capparelli | Qiyana Player
JacWilly says “Beats you early, Start D Shield, Buy mercs and a hexdrinker and outscale her, dont let her get ahead or the game is over for you.”
A Real Zed Guide + Matchups by JacWilly | Zed Player
taenapay says “with Leblanc's E she can easily dodge Pyke's Q and E”
BigBushMan says “If the Leblanc is good, this matchup sucks. Really Bad. She has so many ways to abuse her range advantage that akali really can't deal with. Freeze and look for jungle help early on, because Leblanc can only win through snowball, she does NOT scale well at all. ”
Low Elo Akali Mid Guide by BigBushMan | Akali Player
I main support says “Like Yasuo, she can burst you down and is also very mobile, she is more vulnerable then Yasuo but this doesn't change how dangerous she is to everyone.”
Low Elo Ahri Guide by I main support | Ahri Player
Giurg says “Her high mobility makes it hard for you to land your Q on her. She's very squishy though which means that a nice landed Q will probably result in a kill. ”
LuxTheGreyWarden says “Read below in the matchup section for more info!”
[10.10]And They Said I Lacked Balance, Ha!: Luxeøn Style by LuxTheGreyWarden | Syndra Player
JccmSaysNom says “Leblanc is known for her high mobility and insane burst. Both of which are a literal nightmare to a one trick skillshot pony as AP Ashe. This matchup makes Zed look like childsplay. You will be doing your team a favour of going AFK at fountain in this matchup.”
Scyawn says “Her teleports make her hard to hit, similar to Zed.”
serruh says “leblanc used to be a decently easy matchup back when ryze had shields and/or people ran aftershock on him. that is no longer the case so this matchup got a whole lot harder. she has a lot of early kill threat and can also 100-0 you after 6 if you're not careful. catalyst + mercs should be your early buys, try to survive, but this lane is not impossible and can be turned around eventually”
[10.10] Ryze MID Guide & Matchups by serruh | Ryze Player
Noodles912 says “She can get a bit painful sometimes. Use a corrupting potion before you trade with her, and use the purple flame on her to attack the correct version of her. Your ult is great to deal with her. Remember to abuse her early W cooldown, as it is quite long early. Same time by being careful without your E.”
awarded shoe says “It's hard, but not impossible, try to use your Q when she tries to agressive, this way you can tank a bit of damage with Q shield Try taking Corrupting Potion as well, might help a lot”
Viktor Mid by awarded shoe | Viktor Player
RefFusioner says “Your E is good against LeBlanc. But don't be overconfident. Try to hide behind minions or dodge her E. She can do some serious poke damage as well.”
Midaliyah (Not complete yet) by RefFusioner | Taliyah Player
Mr Fehr says “go elec or you will get stomped”
viktor guide by Mr Fehr | Viktor Player
Astalfo says “A good LeBlanc is hard to outplay in low elo, if you don't know how to play around her and dodge her abilities, ban her.”
Hybrid / AP Yasuo CARRY by Astalfo | Yasuo Player
RockitoAhri says “LB has a clunky auto attack. Throw Q's at her when she is walking up on a low HP minion in order to last hit it. She will either have to give up the gold, use her W (which costs more mana) or take the dmg. Either way, its not good for her... Sidestepping LB's E is crucial. Whenever you see her charging towards you with W, immediately start walking left or right. She will most likely throw it forward (unless she is good). ”
[10.9] Ahri Guide! Climb Ranked Tips S10! [D1 AHRI OTP] by RockitoAhri | Ahri Player
Malmortious says “Her burst is slower and the damage is really delayed compared to yours. She also falls off harder than you do late game, but a general advice would be to dodge her chain. You can do some trades early but then wait for level 6 when you get your ultimate and kill her.”
Malmortious' Talon Guide by Malmortious | Talon Player
deprimere says “She has less cooldown on every ability than Nocturne, makes it hard to W - Spellshield the right spells. Also her passive can be pretty annoying. But overall - winnable.”
10.9 Nocturne Midlane Build - Patch 10.9 / Season 2020 by deprimere | Nocturne Player
Maverick809 says “So mobile and bursty, hard to deal with. Her clone also very annoying.”
Pantheon guide, THIS IS MID LANE! The Maverick by Maverick809 | Pantheon Player
JoshAy says “If you survive early you can easily win. Be careful of taking her ult, it will copy her last spell when you steal it. Wait for her to use an ability that you want before you steal it. BAD ULT to steal. ”
Kami_EU says “Skill matchup, her trades are telegraphed > if she Q's you she wants to W or E, dash/position accordingly. Early trades are in LB's favour since it's easy for her to proc electrocute and chip 30% of your health if you misposition yourself. ”
BabyTwisty says “E to the side when she w's onto u to dodge her chain than you can nae nae her.”
A Silver Ekko guide by BabyTwisty | Ekko Player
Panciul says “Realy hard to play against”
Akali if you know how to play by Panciul | Akali Player
P0rk0 says “Here is the timing and reflexes the most needed thing, when she uses her W try to autoattack reset W combo. ”
ER1KLB says “Assassins, you know what it feels ....”
NapTimeForYou ! [ZOE GUIDE] by ER1KLB | Zoe Player
1Recycle Bin1 says “quite a difficult match up but rare in low to mid elo, back off when she E's(chains) you and try not to let her hit her Q buy merc treads against her and play pateintly(dont ulti when she has her W/R)”
1Recycle Bin1 | Only Fools Hesitate!【10.8】 by 1Recycle Bin1 | Katarina Player
MoIRL says “The champ can easily dodge your passive so look for an all in lvl 2 - 3 before shes 6. ”
Zontasuna says “Her abilities are very strong vs Katarina. I will recommend going CQ with Magic Resist ”
Zontasuna's Katarina Build by Zontasuna | Katarina Player
Gio Monster says “If played Right LB can kite you very well. becareful!”
ur_mom_gay says “Fairly annoying matchup since you will have to outplay her. Early levels don't step up or you will eat a QW electrocute and lose half your HP. When going for your poke combo don't immediately throw your Q's since LBs like to W into you as soon as your W comes out. I like to wait for her Mimicked W then all in.”
Zed by ur_mom_gay | Zed Player
chrisloths says “Her all-in is scary but your plants can block her snare. If she engages, counter with your ultimate and plants.”
theboywhodominatedaplat says “Most likely skill match up if you're better than her you'll dominate the midlane if she's better than you she will dominate and destroy you try to bait her passive before you R her and always WEQ her, play safe pre level 4 and poke her she can't really farm that good so try to deny her as much as possible by pushing the wave under her tower”
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
theboywhodominatedaplat says “Most likely skill match up if you're better than her you'll dominate the midlane if she's better than you she will dominate and destroy you try to bait her passive before you R her and always WEQ her, play safe pre level 4 and poke her she can't really farm that good so try to deny her as much as possible by pushing the wave under her tower”
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
Witchxry says “Leblanc is a bit dangerous because of her high damage, cc, and mobility, but you're just going to want to get to level 6 as fast as you can and try to roam to get kills to get ahead.”
Sloyr says “She's a really flashy champion, she can easily bait your daggers and her QW damage is really high, try to play slow to predict where she's going to go with her W and dodge her QW combo with your E. If she does a full combo with R at 6 and you were able to dodge her abilities, you can try to all in on her, because without her W she's really weak.”
Carry your allies to the victory by Sloyr | Katarina Player
Yas Yasu Yasuo says “Get Hexdrinker, she is very hard to play against due to her mobility. Her combo hurts, try kill her before level 6 or all in when you hit 6 first.”
Calggara Z says “stay behind minions to prevent her stun from landing. if she jumps in, try to get a basic attack off or Q. predict her dash retreat with cage and you can easily kill her with mist walkers at that point. just keep cool and wait for her to make a mistake.”
Yorick Mid by Calggara Z | Yorick Player
Zeyan says “If Leblanc is good it is a very hard lane to manage, due to how difficult it is to trade back with your Q.”
Orianna Guide by Zeyan | Orianna Player
Gogicha55 says “Pretty hard matchup cuz of her mobility and outplay potential, Dodging her chain is really important. there's a trick to countering her W, when she's out of range and you feel like she will W to get some damage in without you being able to trade back you just Q on her and when she W's near you, you will Q her automatically so you will be able to get some damage in before she blinks back.”
Small And Simple Talon Guide by Gogicha55 | Talon Player
ekkologix says “this is a real pain agains any midlaner, i usually dodge this matchup.”
In-Depth Ekko Build Guide!! { Mid/Jg/Top } by ekkologix | Ekko Player
Eccentricks says “Yeah sure, lock me down from like 1000 feet away. I don't give a crap. Just dodge this one, no good ult, counters you in every way, and nearly guaranteed to lose no matter your skill level (I mean, if you were in diamond, but then you wouldn't be reading this guide...)”
8wolf says “Hands down my worst matchup. I've heard people saying it's not that difficult, but personally it's just too annoying for me. Her mobility is insane, your wall is nothing against her and her burst potential can destroy your hp bar with only one combo. I just don't want to deal with her so i ban her 90% of the time.”
Daedralus says “Range, blinks, roots, clones and an annoying laugh! For the common player that is not extremely familiar with LB mechanics is likely to be tricked or played or simply not very good at timing. Her dash and blink can be latched on to, but they are significantly fast paced abilities which make it more difficult compared to other champions. Having the ability to distance and dock you as well as burst you down, she takes the cookie quite easily and can shut you down early quite hard. Going on, your E will save you from her combo and an ult that hits her after having your first item (gunblade) will be an easy kill (regardless of this difficulty level in matchup) as she is extremely squishy. A fast follow up Q and gunblade after your ult will cause an insta kill. But here is why the difficulty remains high as it is difficult to land your ult considering her escapes and juking capabilities as well as having a clone, giving you a chance to fail horrendously. Going invisible to spawn her clone also grants her a chance to come back or escape your following abilities for the kill. Overall, just a very annoying champ regardless of who you play.”
[S10] Hybrid AP Warwick [One-Shots + Full Heals Mid/Top/Jung by Daedralus | Warwick Player
bigbeanboi4 says “also has large mobilty”
big bombo blitz mid by bigbeanboi4 | Blitzcrank Player
MrRiots says “Starting Item: Dorans + Potions Not even gonna add notes for this one. But its manageable but not often winnable. Keep the range.”
PhantoMenace says “her clones, e root and w are making this matchup super annoying, try to bait her w then all in”
LOW ELO DESTROYER ZED by PhantoMenace | Zed Player
Gettsuu says “Bon la faut vraiment pas tilt votre jungler ne pourras rien faire et vous allez probablement vous faire explosé sous tour. Vous ne la tuerez jamais en 1v1 attendez la lategame et les tf !!ATTENTION A VOTRE POSITION CONTRE LB!!”
Tehqo says “This champ might prove to be a problem. She has a lot of mobility and might just make your ult completely useless. You want to avoid her chains 100%. Because if you get hit by her chains, you're most definitely dead. Farm and try to push hard early game because it's difficult for her to farm under turret.”
NebuIa says “I really enjoy this matchup. Try to predict when she will W in on you and throw your E out as she is in midair so she can't dodge it. It's pretty scary but I don't have too much trouble. E level 1 is nice if you wanna cheese her with it, as she will probably W auto auto for electrocute, and not expect bubble.”
In-Depth Challenger Zoe Main Guide by NebuIa | Zoe Player
TheBlueImperial says “Slippery and annoying but you've got decent anti-magic damage in your kit to avoid being oneshot by her, once you hit any CC on her she is dead because of how squishy she is.”
[10.5] Galio Wanna Smash (Mid/Support) by TheBlueImperial | Galio Player
VoxolPrime says “Leblanc is a soft counter to Talon, if you engage on her she can W or Ult W to avoid most of your burst or just to poke you out in lane, She can also stealth when below 40% health which can mess up your combo. Her E can also be used on you while you are ulting then chained with an ulti E to root you for 3 seconds while she bursts you down. It is best to roam bot, go into the enemy jg or to catch her offguard as much as possible in this matchup. ”
Je Suis Azir says “Honestly, the threat with LB is ganks. She and you have similar capacities, but she can fuck off when she feels like it waaay better. Her capacity to kill you is dependent on having gank potential, and her capacity to escape is dependent on her cooldowns. She is much more weak than you'd think. Be aware of her jungler and yours, if your jungler wants to gank, get her to all in you, then she is fucked. She HAS to snowball to be worth anything, so you can tease this fucker and ruin her game if you play properly.”
[Season 10] Azir Build : DOMINATE MID LANE by Je Suis Azir | Azir Player
GMXMITILOFUN says “A lot of mobility and damages already in early. Play safe and you will be able to kill her in lategame.”
Mitylo's master Zed guide by GMXMITILOFUN | Zed Player
Eriuboom says “you cannot dodge her E with your E Very big problem”
Fizz by Eriuboom | Fizz Player
Dgraider says “You'll win every trade early and can punish her pretty hard”
Rumbling in the 90s by Dgraider | Rumble Player
Luqadris says “such a pain in the *** in early game , all you can do is just poke , you want to buy hextech protobelt as fast as you can and stay behind minions . If she uses his q and then jumps on you quicly try to hit her with your e,q and aa, when you get hextech protobelt and she jumps on you , you can do the same thing (q and e and aa) but now also you can chase her and try to hit again with q and e , you can also kill her with your ult combo, when you chase her and she tries to e you , then ult, e,w (if you haven't ulted yet) if you have ulted , then go to e and w and also use your protobelt (if you haven't used it) if you have then just go to e and w , use your e on her and run away and keep farming you will this champ is just so busted”
Glacidimir by Luqadris | Vladimir Player
GalioPlayer says “She can literally auto you to death at level 1 but with proper plays you can shut her down post level 3 ”
The Ultimate Galio Guide by GalioPlayer | Galio Player
N4wt says “She can really abuse you early game, so be careful. Second wind is recommended here to help survive early. ”
[10.4] Kayle Mid Guide (Diamond+) by N4wt | Kayle Player
cobbzy says “Don't die to her all in, make sure to take Doran's sheild as she pokes often. Ask for jungler help when her W is down. ”
Understanding Katarina: A Full Guide [10.4] by cobbzy | Katarina Player
MachyFDW says “This entirely depends on the Le Blanc player.”
SEASON 10 [10.5] A beginers Guide to Yasuo by MachyFDW | Yasuo Player
NightSoar says “Easier since silence was removed. Retaliate trade or E away when she tries to pop her Q.”
- The Death Lotus - How to Learn Katarina (In-Depth) by NightSoar | Katarina Player
GESTAPOisHERE says “Skill matchup, whoever wins first blood / lane will usually carry the game.”
[s10] The blade, above all things... | Beginner Yasuo Guide by GESTAPOisHERE | Yasuo Player
sekkondsEU says “Another slippery champ. Hard to combo out. Would suggest shoving and roaming, taking tp also.”
i am a heron says “you're immobile and low-range, so you might think she would be hard for you, but you actually push and cs better than she does, your E keeps her from bursting you, and your Q is often easy to land against her and keeps her from backing out. make sure to abuse your autos against her, because she's very squishy and can't take too many. the real threat from leblanc comes from her roam, but rejoice! you outscale her :-) she can still out-trade you if she lands her E and doesn't take bushwack damage, so make sure to use your autos and try not to let her burst through your shield totally for free. after level 6, don't let her full-combo you and try to wait for your ult or your jungler to fight her.”
Ivern mid: the secret boss of the early game by i am a heron | Ivern Player
lunox says “This matchup used to be hard, but with access to dash at level 3 Diana now wins the early game.”
Season 10 Assassin Diana Guide by lunox | Diana Player
Aizenvolt says “Leblanc is generally an easy matchup. Stand behind minions so she can't you her e on you and poke her with your q and e. If she uses q on you then q her too so you minimize her damage from her q,w combo. Just farm before 6 and poke when you can. After lvl 11 she can't kill you if she isn't fed.”
Utility Kassadin [Patch 10.1] by Aizenvolt | Kassadin Player
stupid katarina says “(E) After nerfs she's gone weaker, but still can one shot you if you don't react to her.”
(10.2 PATCH) LULU MID/TOP FUNNEL BUILD by stupid katarina | Lulu Player
OhReflects says “Since she has been reverted she is a lot harder to play against because of her q+w burst. When she goes to proc her q with her w try to shunpo away. Keep poking her until you know she is low enough to kill. when her passive goes off the real one is always the one running for tower cover or bush control.”
[10.2] Katarina: The Blade Queen by OhReflects | Katarina Player
LONERlSM says “Lb doesnt need to play the lane well to beat you its not really fair look to go at her level 1 and cheese her laning. What makes lb so good is when she is ahead she can make you 0-4 like nothing. Staying even in this matchup is key. Rylias 2nd Item. ”
Karthus Mid lane in Season 10 by LONERlSM | Karthus Player
DravensBukkake says “If LB is ever a good or top tier mid laner, dodge or ban. If not (like as of 9.15), she's very hard matchup for Azir. If she W's in, W AA her, but do NOT let her attack you 3 times, otherwise she procs electro and gets to W back with free dmg level 1. Level 2 and onwards, its W Q AA her, and run. If she has mark on you, walk back until it expires. Then you win trades as no mark LB doesn't do that much dmg. ”
[S10] 10.1 - New Conq Azir - Combos, Builds, Runes, Matchups by DravensBukkake | Azir Player
Mid Win Repeat says “Rush mercury treads in this match up. If Taliyah is your main feel free to go glass cannon. Casting out your E when she W's in procs the full damage from it. Cast q at the same time and auto attack all as shes coming in, she will take heavy damage and blink back immediately. Cast your W on to where hers was to pull her back in and potentially finish her off.”
[10.1] Top Ten Taliyah NA Mid Guide by Mid Win Repeat | Taliyah Player
MarkeleleYasuo says “Same as katarina, good lb wont let you kill her, and she has bad farming under turrets, push her and always use your windwall on her q or e ignite her before she gets her passive to know which one is real, try to hold on your 3rd q when she uses her w, and when she comes back to it you can throw it at her”
S10 Yasuo Midlane Guide by MarkeleleYasuo | Yasuo Player
SupaSnor says “Depends on the LB tbh, most are not that much of a treath”
[10.1] - Australian Troll by SupaSnor | Aurelion Sol Player
Marumo says “Threat level 9. A nightmare. Her long range, her huge burst, all just make her a pain. Here you just wait it out. Don't be afraid to give up cs, it's more important that you stay alive and are doing damage in the late game than trying to 1 v 1 her in the early. ”
Viegar, The Grandmaster of Evil by Marumo | Veigar Player
SrAlex-kun says “La movilidad de LeBlanc te hara imposible dar ninguna habilidad asi que si juegas contra ella no pelees mucho que te conozco. Solo farmea y ya. Juega bajo de torreta y farmea.”
Guia Ekko HyperMamadisima by SrAlex-kun | Ekko Player
ToilettenHund says “Every assasin is an extreme threat to mages, including Neeko. LeBlanc has extreme mobility, making it hard to land skillshots.”
Xelaadryth says “Once she gains a few levels in W, she can Q+W you for a bunch of damage and push hard. Try to E away to reduce W damage and also help juke her E tether. Her roams are hard to deal with too.”
[S9] Lane Dominance: A Comprehensive Kennen Guide by Xelaadryth | Kennen Player
LOLVan says “--------------------------------------------------- Character KEY - (Q) = Bladesurge with *NO RESET (*Q*) = Bladesurge with *RESET* (AA) = Auto-Attack [1x] = 1 - Ability Cast / Auto-Attack --------------------------------------------------- Its a hard match-up the first few time; this match-up will become easier to farm/sustain/and pressure. --------------------------------------------------- [LEVEL 1]: Last hit each minion with (*Q*) WITHOUT pushing the wave. Achieve (5-Passive Stacks) from the first minion wave, and rush to kill the *First MELEE Minion* in the second wave... granting XP for [lvl 2] --------------------------------------------------- [LEVEL 2]: If you make it to [lvl 2] while maintaining (5-Passive Stacks) force an all-in. The faster you can all-in after hitting [lvl 2] the better. Set your wave up so you can (*Q*) to a minion while using (E) to catch your laner off-gaurd. *Side-Tip*: Practice using (*Q*) and upgrading your (E) ability upon landing from (Q)-dash. Then immediately casting (E) on your target in "One-Fluid- Motion". (*Q*) + level-up ability Immediately (Q) to target, and proceed to (AA) until target exits (AA)-range and/or you can execute... *Summoner Execute* = (Q) + |[1x]-(AA)| "ONLY" use your Second-(Q) ...|(Q)-[2nd]|... when execute conditions apply. Don't be impatient with |(Q)-[2nd]|, holding out for 1 more (AA) always does more Total Dmg. But use [AKA]: Use your Second-(Q) when the targets health is low enough to satisfy... [Execution] <= |[1x]-(Q)| + |[1x]-(AA)| --------------------------------------------------- [LEVEL 3-5]: Repeat this process. 1.) Set up the wave for quick trades with (*Q*)-IN 2.) Look to get [2]-"AutoAttacks"... |[2x]-(AA)|...on your laner. If you can drop solid (E), go for the "All-In". 3.) Always use your (Q) as an *Auto-Reset*. The faster your (AS), the faster your combo will be... |[1x]-(AA) + (Q)|. --------------------------------------------------- ”
Braddik says “you outrade her early with your electrocute, past 6 R away from her chains if she hits one. If her clones spawn together you can use E to hit them both ”
CHAD KASSADIN 1V9 GUIDE by Braddik | Kassadin Player
LilSlaySlayyyy says “good lb will make your lane hell rush neg and bring elec to trade when she jumps on you corp pot too”
Viktor 9.24B by LilSlaySlayyyy | Viktor Player
Calabeast says “A good Leblanc will probably make you want to cry.”
Future Diamond Galio Main - Season 10 by Calabeast | Galio Player
BalkanGem says “Not impossible to lane against, but still tricky ”
9.24 Zyra Mid Guide/ Flowers are red, Zyra is fed by BalkanGem | Zyra Player
Sakaya says “Any experienced Le Blanc player will fuck you over. ”
AD Soraka mid by Sakaya | Soraka Player
HeisendongNA says “This is ok matchup for Heimerdinger. Her mobility can be annoying, but her W has really long cooldown early on, and in order to trade she has use it on top of you into bunch of turrets. But be careful, she is one of the best roamers in the game and if she roams don't follow her into fog of war - it is when she at her strongest: small skirmishes like 2v2 or 3v3 and locations where you lack vision so she can burst you when you don't expect it. Just warn your teammates that she is missing and hope they will not die. I recommend to build banshee's and mercury treads. With this build there is no way she can kill you. Take ignite if you've got massive balls or barrier as a safe choice.”
[9.23] [S10 CHALLENGER] Heisendong's Guide ~ Raise Your What by HeisendongNA | Heimerdinger Player
spark2 says “She has terrible waveclear--the only way for her to efficiently clear is with her W, which is mana intensive and has a really long CD early game. Therefore, your best bet is to shove your lane into her tower and force her to burn abilities and mana to farm or miss CS (make sure to ward up to protect you from ganks!). While this is happening, feel free to gank other lanes. When you're actually fighting her, your ult and shield are your best tools. Interrupting her with a sudden heal/invulnerability or a clutch shield/stun can be devastating to her ability to trade. Dodge her chain, and get a feel for how your opponent moves so you can tell which one is them and which is the clone.”
[9.23] Sekkonds (Mid AP Ekko) by spark2 | Ekko Player
Tayna says “The only big issue with leblanc is that she can literally have half an item and still take half of your health away with 2 abilities, because this champ is amazing (ugh) Farm from the distance, buy Rod of Ages ”
Cloud375 says “She can burst you down as well as juke you. This is a pretty annoying matchup but if you play it right, then you could end up destroying her.”
For the risks, an AP Sona Mid Guide by Cloud375 | Sona Player
Asothin says “Simply avoid fighting her. She will dodge most of your Q's and E's and will burst you down. If you can land a few E's off early game when she teleports back then you might be able to win this lane but you will need help.”
Revert Urgot. by Asothin | Urgot Player
IceBite says “She can punish you early, get Mercury's you can kill her with Gunblade.”
[Season 10] Master Katarina Guide by IceBite | Katarina Player
Yu_1 says “Her extreme mobility and high burst damage allows her to easily out-trade you in lane and dodge your combos. Play it safe pre-6 and only go in on her after she uses her blink/dash.”
Zed Guide S10 by Yu_1 | Zed Player
Jiyani says “LeBlanc has access to a double dash which allows her to easily escape Moonfall.”
S10 Diana Build/Rune Paths by Jiyani | Diana Player
YoussefJoe says “Higher Mobility champs causes his/her skills predictions are a little bit harder but you can always land your W at the right spot which he/she would stop by and do your skill order ”
Tarael says “Stack Magic Resist and you'll be fine, care a lot about early lane, if she does W you, instant stun her. ”
[9.22] Aggressive Aurelion Sol Mid Build by Tarael | Aurelion Sol Player
Novok says “LB has a clunky auto attack. Throw Q's at her when she is walking up on a low HP minion in order to last hit it. She will either have to give up the gold, use her W (which costs more mana) or take the dmg. Either way, its not good for her... Sidestepping LB's E is crucial. Whenever you see her charging towards you with W, immediately start walking left or right. She will most likely throw it forward (unless she is good). If she goes for you and start with her W react and throw your Charm to cancel it.”
worddog says “Most Ekko mains will think Leblanc is a hard counter to Ekko, she is not. She is difficult, but the matchup is completely skill dependant due to the fact you can follow the second part of her W with your E. This nullifies her disengage. While the matchup still favours her, there is outplay potential.”
Ekko Mid 9.23 by worddog | Ekko Player
4rr15 says “same as for zed but with a good jungler you can kill her more easily”
Veigar build by 4rr15 | Veigar Player
SirZeros says “You are lucky that LeBlanc got reworked in Preseason 7. Now she needs at least 1.5 seconds to kill you. That should be enough for you to kill her late game, but keep in mind that her early game is stronger. Just try to get a stun on her from time to time. And if she got you kind of low with all her spells don't be scared too much if you could kill her, since she most likely needs to wait some seconds until she gets her abilities back. Try to balance yourself what is smart to do.”
Tchouvline says “Skill matchup, don't get killed early game and everything should be fine.”
[9.21] Middlesticks, a genius pick ! (including matchups !) by Tchouvline | Fiddlesticks Player
MironW says “Against a good LeBlanc you can't do anything, she can burst you down easily and you can't do much, again, enable your other lanes to carry.”
today we pray our luck will be okay (TF guide) by MironW | Twisted Fate Player
Flakees says “She's annoying to play against, she can pressure your so hard in the early game, just try to not give her kills, then, after lvl 6 and your lich bane you can start killing her.”
Freelo with the fish by Flakees | Fizz Player
Euphoric Toaster says “LeBlanc can be really frustrating to play against because she can do a lot of damage easily with her Q + W + AA + Electrocute combo, with very little counterplay to it, plus shes generally pretty mobile with her W. You CAN stun her while she uses W towards you but it can be difficult and only disengages, as unless shes low you can't burst her before she swaps back. You can also W her preemptively if you predict shes going to W you, which can be a nice trade in your favor, especially if shes near your turrets. Additionally, you can block her chain with your turrets if you're fast enough. After 6 shes a lot harder to deal with because she has access to 2 dashes, making it a lot harder to actually land a stun on her. Recently, LeBlanc was nerfed though, so it made the matchup quite a bit easier.”
[9.21] S8/S9 Diamond - Midlane Heimerdinger - In-Depth Guide by Euphoric Toaster | Heimerdinger Player
chloric says “She's very controlling of the lane. She decides how the lane goes. Just don't feed her kills. Otherwise, you have better teamfighting than her.”
xdKami_ says “She has near to no damage early compared to you. Q in the direction of her W if she jumps on you. She's like Katarina, an open book.”
[9.20 MID] The Mage Assassin [Diamond] - WIP by xdKami_ | Lux Player
Castel Ahri says “Very squishy. Reserve our charm for the finale blow or if ever, for the moment leblanc can't return to her 2nd or if your'e sure she can't trade. Dodge her 3rd. It allows Leb to finish you off instantly when trig33red.”
Plastique Tiara says “She will not be able to do much harm to Qiyana, but will often avoid death at the expense of w”
!!QIYANA IS STUNNING!!|Guide Qiyana 9.21| Best builds by Plastique Tiara | Qiyana Player
Chromuro says “After the revert, she's more powerfull, but she gained back a lot of her problems (like really low pushing power). Stay at a safe distance (moreover after level 6) and just block her under her tower. Please double check before ulting her, you really don't want to ult her mirror image.”
Rubikko says “Farm, Try to not be poked with her Q+W+E If you can, poke her, and wait for jungler ganks”
Vladimir - Stomp the midlane 1v9 by Rubikko | Vladimir Player
Rubikko says “Farm, Try to not be poked with her Q+W+E If you can, poke her, and wait for jungler ganks”
Vladimir - Stomp the midlane 1v9 by Rubikko | Vladimir Player
SeeEl says “EDITED: She is ban worthy and difficult to play around but you can definitely win this lane if there is a skill difference. If you are playing at your own elo, try build a lead from level 1 by making a slow push toward her and creating a minion differential. Other than that, respect and try stay out of her qw ranges.”
-- by SeeEl | Orianna Player
Big Shawn says “Not such a big threat. Try dodging her E ability and you should be good in facing her, unless she's fed.”
Yasuo | The Unforgiven - Big Shawn's Mid lane Guide by Big Shawn | Yasuo Player
Big Shawn says “Kennen vs LeBlanc. This is a smiliar match up between Kennen vs Katarina, just that LeBlanc has the early game advantage in terms of damage.”
Kennen | The Heart of the Tempest - Big Shawn's Mid Guide by Big Shawn | Kennen Player
Fox1ne says “If you playing with 10 ms start E, Anything else than this just try harassing her early level,she has not much burst. But at 6 look for roams lane is over for you.”
Fox1ne | #5 Ahri world otp | Art of mid lane by Fox1ne | Ahri Player
hoppyscotch says “She can just poke you out of lane and there is not much you can do vs a decent leblanc. I recommend to run fleet and play around her w cooldown.”
(9.20) 4 Years of Yasuo In-depth Guide by hoppyscotch | Yasuo Player
Heavytoubi says “She can melt you before you even react ! stay put with her on the ennemy team.”
460 mm Caitlyn by Heavytoubi | Caitlyn Player
DVL CHALLNGR says “Skill Matchup You will have to burst her in Early Game and be careful when she catches you with E because you won't absorb damage if you get trapped but you can R almost before you get trapped or WW2 or R2 to move away”
No Technique It Is Forbidden. Zed Main Pro Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Zed Player
HupperMage says “Very hard early game for Fizz when this champ can poke Electrocute really fast and escape from Fizz's R”
Just a Fizz build in my opinion :D by HupperMage | Fizz Player
Zeyan says “Skill matchup slightly in Leblanc's favor”
Bronze Trashcan Katarina Guide by Zeyan | Katarina Player
Keop O Darkin says “Farm under your tower and farm using Q and E ”
[Season 9] Best Fast Jarvan IV Mid Guide by Keop O Darkin | Jarvan IV Player
ZenonZeni says “Leblanc a dangerous champ if you let her be. Try to punish her at level 1-2 and get a kill before level 3 or else she will be able to one-shot you. Build Banshee's to able to face her at an even level.”
Ahri Mid - Season 9 - Updated Seasonally by ZenonZeni | Ahri Player
DanDosXR says “She just has a lot of mobility and she hurts a lot. Abuse her early game with your E and try to bait her W, if she misses it you can dive her with your ult and try to burst her.”
Nuclear Bomber AP Shyvana Mid - Hidden Meta by DanDosXR | Shyvana Player
KarmaFull says “Can poke out Pyke very easily, hard to hook and oneshots if you do not have MR and jumps away from ult”
Sink in gold | 9.19 | Pyke guide by KarmaFull | Pyke Player
Wizboy73 says “W has no effect on her, you can maybe lane bully till lv 3 then she already blows you up.”
Guide to Learning Viktor by Wizboy73 | Viktor Player
EvilOranges says “D-Blade. This matchup is hard, but not unwinnable. Her level 3 is amazing. Push her in level 1 and 2, and let the wave push back for 3. Bait out her W if you want to go in or wait for a gank. Basically, you can't really kill her, she can kill you. Watch her double chain, as that spells death for you (spells, haha, nice pun). Take FF.”
LiakoZ says “LeBlanc's mobility makes it near impossible for you to hit any ability. Do not fight her and try to get as much XP and CS as possible. Let her push so you can safely farm under tower and ask for ganks.”
I Do Not Flame says “Kinda easy match up, if you can stomp her in early, she cannot recover for the late. Look at her items and build yourself to mitigate them.”
[9.18] Katarina, the Mid Queen [In depth guide] by I Do Not Flame | Katarina Player
deixa akali open says “Very OP combo burst, be careful and keep distance”
Akali MID/TOP[9.18] (STOMPS GOLD/PLATINUM) - Let Akali Open! by deixa akali open | Akali Player
AwesomeTeddyBear says “Hard to kill but she cant get you either.”
The best Ekko guide. by AwesomeTeddyBear | Ekko Player
TruePvPYT says “If the Leblanc knows what she is doing, you are surely loosing lane. Roam alot and dont overstay for cs. Try to farm whenever you can and keep it even with her. You cant really do much against her unless he uses her W and Q for the wave and then this is the window for all in.”
[9.18] Play Zed like a God by TruePvPYT | Zed Player
kiewe says “She's really annoying with her blink and stealth but if you can predict well she's gonna lose mid 100%.”
LUX ONE SHOT by kiewe | Lux Player
Selemor says “I really don't like to play vs LB with Annie. Yes you can but LB burst is insane.”
Annie Mid Predator 9.18 by Selemor | Annie Player
x3SnowyBunny says “Mirror matchup! May LeBEST win! <3”
❦ Trickery Is My Form Of Sorcery ❦ [Patch 9.17] by x3SnowyBunny | LeBlanc Player
Vispectra says “Fairly easy match-up provided you respect her early burst potential. If you're like me and take electrocute, you'll be walking all over her once you hit 6. Try to avoid being rooted at all costs as she will most likely either be getting a gank or out-trade you easily. Be mindful of where she has leaps , you could punish her for using it once you're 6.”
Massadin Guide season 9 for mid lane! (9.17) by Vispectra | Kassadin Player
PizzaMarine says “Leblanc can give anybody a headache, and us Chads are of no exception. They will attempt to harass you so that you aren't capable of sucking them senseless, however you can poke them back with crows. Your Drain will also continue to wither them away even when she splits into two, which is a nice perk.”
Ultimate Counter; Make your enemies feel their fear; Fiddles by PizzaMarine | Fiddlesticks Player
0n1yg4m354nd1if3 says “This mainly depends on if you can land your W on her”
Bruiser Cass Carry by 0n1yg4m354nd1if3 | Cassiopeia Player
Best Akali Fra says “Sorry... I've any tips for you !! I always ban this champion !!!”
Guide Akali S9 (MID) by Best Akali Fra | Akali Player
MehmetPower69 says “LeBlanc will not be able to touch you unless she is really good but you wont be able to touch her because of her w (jump/dash). And if you try to trap her with your e she will most likely just jump back to her first position. Late game you will smash her most likely unless she gets you behind.”
Veigar Guide by MehmetPower69 | Veigar Player
MehmetPower69 says “Leblanc got alot of range so try to use your Q (turrets) to protect from her E (root) and just try to predict where she will jump. Constantly poke with your turrets and W (if needed get double dorans) Other wise it should be a fairly easy matchup.”
Guide for Heimerdinger by MehmetPower69 | Heimerdinger Player
Potato Power says “Working on a update for Vs. Champions”
Xerath MID - [Analysing enemies] by Potato Power | Xerath Player
Michelaengelo says “You can't outtrade her. Look to farm and waveclear until you have 3 items.”
[9.15] IN DEPTH Karthus mid guide 65% winrate by Michelaengelo | Karthus Player
SepekuAW says “another 50/50 skill matchup. You can cancel leblancs W with your E making it very easy to win trades. You can push easier as well to keep her under tower. don't let LB shove you in. be ready to q + e her when you go to CS. If you ever miss your E, back up and give up CS until it's off cooldown unless she is passive. This matchup is volatile if you get ahead u can one shot her forever. Whenever you see her walking up as you go to cs get ready to q + e her to cancel her W. make sure you get your ulti off before her passive procs as well! you can do 70% of her life with a lost chapter, level 6, 5 ball ulti and ignite!!”
SepekuAW untapped power Syndra guide! by SepekuAW | Syndra Player
CG SimoN says “Avoid being get high damage with electrocute , if u intelligent , u can use E Q to make dmg and W to retire if LB don't have skill”
quinniston says “Not a fun matchup, leblanc does a ton of damage to squishes and is super mobile, watch out for this one. ”
TrashPlayer says “Gank This Champ is too high she can OS you in early game”
ORIANNA IS BORING IN MID SO GO JUNGLE by TrashPlayer | Orianna Player
Buzdon says “stay under tower and farm with q and try to escape her chains if she hits you are dead”
Twisted-Fate THE REAL SHERIFF by Buzdon | Twisted Fate Player
Xavier Senori says “LeBlanc is not as problematic as most people make her out to be (though with her burst and mobility she is still a pain). Most LB players assume that their DPS is going to be higher than yours, but I guess they haven't played against many Cassiopeia players because they are dead wrong. Your level 1-2 are much stronger than hers, use this to your advantage to zone her and control the lane. If she all ins you, dont run, turn around and fight. A good trick when LeBlanc players constantly W + Q harass you and then Distortion out is to drop miasma where she came from so that when she blinks back you can follow up with as many Qs and Es as you can. Invest in an early Negatron Cloak if you need the MR.”
In-Depth Competitive Cassiopeia Guide - With Comet Cassio! by Xavier Senori | Cassiopeia Player
DoAgitt says “Take the INSPIRATION(3) rune path. For more information go to the "Detailed Matchups" section.”
[9.15] Morgana MID - Bind Your Opponent by DoAgitt | Morgana Player
CrackedBathtub says “She pokes very well against Brand, just farm and poke her as often as you can, but play safe. ”
[9.15] CrackedBathtub's Brand Mid Lane by CrackedBathtub | Brand Player
Kaized says “Very easy to land a bind when she jumps in. She can't teleport back when she's binded so you can get some damage off. Still hard to kill though.”
[9.15] Support!...but in the mid - Morgana Mid Guide by Kaized | Morgana Player
Zeprius says “Everyone knows LB... laning phase is impossible... well for me but just Farm up.. u scale... Ulting her clone as well as her also heals you”
kilgta says “you poke her a lot and since she is squishy you pretty much allin her at half hp on level 6 - 11 and shes dead. try to roam with her or inniate the roams since thats how she will try to get fed. She will try to allin you at level 2 or 3. Deny that by managing the wave and not shoving it to her tower. Be smart about it. Start corrupt pot.”
[9.14]Easy way to higher elo by kilgta | Malzahar Player
unownreality says “you'll take a bit of damage, but if she is binded, she dies. Full burst will take her out quickly. Focus on trades until then. ”
[Mid] [9.14] Making Light Work of Climbing Elos by unownreality | Lux Player
MechaaZero says “Ok, this champ is kinda gross. If you can freeze lane, or pick very wise engagements. This can win you lane, or at least prevent you from feeding her. Not the worst one to go against.”
[8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery] by MechaaZero | Zoe Player
Latarnia40 says “She can burst you down and doge your skillshots. You can pretty much poke her from the distance ”
Basic AP Glacial Augment Ezreal Guide by Latarnia40 | Ezreal Player
CC Diana says “Treat the matchup against Leblanc the same you would with Katarina. Leblanc has an incredibly powerful level 2 and level 3 where you need to be mindful of her skill rotation. Level 2 is Q -> W. Level 3 is a mix of the following: Q -> W -> E W -> Q -> E W -> E -> Q -> (E (second hit))”
Im Jayce says “try abusing your brain, this is the ultimate must predict enemy you can face”
Jayce, taking you to A HIGHER ELO by Im Jayce | Jayce Player
maplecat21 says “She can burst you super hard, and has run of the lane all through early game. She gets outscaled and can be outplayed early by throwing stun as soon as she uses w though. Move yourself so that her destination is between you and her return mark --> throw q at return mark.”
Eternal Winter - Controlling the Game through Waveclear by maplecat21 | Anivia Player
Wrxith says “You won't able to do much since she can just burst you down late game, or poke and avoid your cc. ”
[9.14] Pyke Mid (After nerfs) by Wrxith | Pyke Player
CoffeeCube says “Be careful of her Q and W combo and once she hits 6, she can basically kill you in an instant. Play back and try to predict her all ins”
League Veigar Guide (Patch 9.14) In Depth Guide! by CoffeeCube | Veigar Player
Envel says “Pretty Annoying early Game, cause her lvl 2 is Stronger then your (Q+W Poke). !!!!! PATCH 9.14 !!!!!!! Her Charm now: Cancels in-progress dashes. That Means when LB tries to W on you, you can e her and it will interrupt her W and you wont receive any W Dmg. Also avoid getting hit by her Chains, because its allow an easy follow for the Jungler. But that Kinda basic for every other cc kinda mid.”
Vombat says “If she lands her E on you use your W to knock her to the otherside so she won't root you.”
The Jhin Cena says “Scary damage and scary root. Though can be outplayed using your Q or E. She can also dodge your Ult pretty easily so you should probably wait until her W is down to launch it at her. Also be wary of illusion. If you see LeBlanc mindlessly running along the lane, that's likely her illusion, so don't blow your CD's on it.”
Snowballing Mid Lane / Jungle / TT Fizz: In Depth Guide by The Jhin Cena | Fizz Player
IceCreamPaintJob says “this is probably yasuo's worst matchup for mid lane, because of her insane burst and gank setup potential. she outranges you, so letting the lane push to you is a viable option here, then looking for extended trades if she walks up too far. you could theoretically push level 1 since you have better waveclear, but this could backfire if the leblanc thins the wave properly and freezes on you. but in lower elo, this strategy can work as well.”
IceCreamPaintJob's Grandmaster Yasuo Guide by IceCreamPaintJob | Yasuo Player
Pitsas says “try playing passive,she can poke you with w and cannot outscale her easily”
my teemo mid build guide by Pitsas | Teemo Player
Pidge18 says “Exhaust, Poke and keep as much range as possible. She will hurt. Try and get a gank off early from jungle or have them camp her and get you ahead. Follow her roams. ”
Azir Guide (In-Depth) by Pidge18 | Azir Player
Thecookiesmudkip says “LeBlanc's roots and high burst damage will make it very hard to fight against but if you get your ult on her it should be an easy kill”
AP-MID NUNU, AND JUNGLE :) by Thecookiesmudkip | Nunu & Willump Player
LyndonK9 says “Leblanc is one of Ahri's hardest matchups. When she Qs you shes typically going to W in. If you are fast enough you can charm her and negate the W damage and prevent her Q proc, but you have to have good reactions. Try and dodge her E. If you miss charm and she gets her E off and ults with her E, you lose.”
9.12 Ahri Guide by LyndonK9 | Ahri Player
hipstersora says “Mobile enough to dodge everything you have. Twice. Has the burst to kill you before you can even EQ. If you're play safe, she can still roam and get kills. I suggest spamming a winning lane with ultimates to try and get assists or just pressure down there so they can carry.”
E-Z Breezy AP Ezreal (1000+ AP) SUPER IN-DEPTH by hipstersora | Ezreal Player
LighterDay says “LeBlanc's dash can make it difficult to land abilities, but it's not entirely impossible to play against if you are passive.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Veigar Mid by LighterDay | Veigar Player
Thecookiesmudkip says “LeBlanc and most ranged champions are extremely hard to fight against and eliminate your chance for any early kills. ”
Mid-Nocturne (and jungle) ;) by Thecookiesmudkip | Nocturne Player
KatAirlines says “Don't let her poke you in level 1&2. Make short trades and ask for help from your jungler.”
Dark Harvest Katarina Pro Guide by KatAirlines | Katarina Player
BenLegend443 says “She's a assassin. Assassins destroy you. You need to dodge the chain.”
Karthus Guide: Feel the frailty of life by BenLegend443 | Karthus Player
Yenwai says “her ability to dash in and poke or all in suddenly gives her unpredictability, something that makes her a hard person to push in, because of this she can push and roam, getting kills across the map. but if you bait her to dash under turret and R her mid dash you will lock her down and ensure massive damage if not a kill. if she clones from her passive during your R you don't lose your R and you keep her locked down despite her becoming invisible.”
What i've learned from getting M7 on Malzahar by Yenwai | Malzahar Player
Schmigo says “Don't let her chain hit or her mark pop off. Just stay behind wave”
KATARINA BRONZE GUIDE (9.12) by Schmigo | Katarina Player
YourBestSenpai says “Pretty annoying, can dodge your skills with her w and ult, but so can you with your ult, however, her animation is faster, so can be tricky. Pretty much who has more experience on the champion will win.”
GLP Ahri Mid Guide (Don't ask me why, just do it) by YourBestSenpai | Ahri Player
Ec40494 says “Can escape your ultimate with w so try poke her down before all in. She can burst you down as well so be careful to avoid abilities.”
Basics and combos of Zed by Ec40494 | Zed Player
ParkChnm says “She can one shot you if you don't shut her down early. Late game Banshee's Veil is useful if she's constantly getting onto you. In lane you can poke her down, especially if she uses W.”
[9.11] Best Xerath in Silver Guide by ParkChnm | Xerath Player
ParkChnm says “This champion is very annoying. Pre-6 it's not as bad as long as you stay out of W range and dodge her chain.”
[9.11] Beginner's Guide to Ziggs by ParkChnm | Ziggs Player
BL00dY3nD says “You can dodge her Stun and maybe also her Jump damage. But she can also dodge everything you do so try to CS and maybe roam for some kills. If your jungler is good enough he could be useful for you.”
Electrocute Vladimir [V9.11] by BL00dY3nD | Vladimir Player
Bughans says “She can dodge your shit, but you should be able to make it through lane, and out of lane, and into lategame, and then win, because you spank towers harder than xayah when you're alone in your home.”
AP RAKAN MID - 100% FOOLPROOF EPIC GUIDE by Bughans | Rakan Player
ParkChnm says “Try to push the wave and then run away since she can't farm that well under turret. She can kill you, so be careful when pushing. Banshee's is a good purchase.”
[9.11] Beginner's Guide to Orianna by ParkChnm | Orianna Player
Helnakensbrorsa says “Hard lane early. Play really safe and farm with Q. Don't push. If you get 6 before her you win, but if she gets 6 vefore or at the same time you lose. ”
Kassawin by Helnakensbrorsa | Kassadin Player
Fogitetso says “her mobility and waveclear make it hard for you to compete in lane”
The Freeze Kennen by Fogitetso | Kennen Player
Mern says “Don't trade before lvl 6. Play smart, and also ALWAYS PING WHEN GOES MISSING. Nukes botlane.”
Kassadin ULTRACARRY Guide [9.11] by Mern | Kassadin Player
Swift_Trapper says “Hight burst BE CAREFUL until 6 ”
hetter12x says “Can easily poke you when you farm, high burst dmg and dodging your daggers.”
[9.11]Welcome to the league of katarina! by hetter12x | Katarina Player
Best Karth NA says “Annoying matchup, although you technically counter leblanc, you would need to play the matchup perfectly. Try to Q her and outtrade her when she goes in. Keep her shoved in when possible because she has a lot of trouble csing under turret. ”
How to Win Every Game on Karthus by Best Karth NA | Karthus Player
Charon25 says “Avantage de portée, burst assez facile. Attention à ne pas E dans le vide si elle revient sur sa marque.”
500k MID AP Gragas Guide by Charon25 | Gragas Player
Siand says “Her W is a dash, not a blink, your Q will hit her while dashing. Her going into you with it doesn't mean she wins as in many of her matchups.”
Karma mid [9.10] by Siand | Karma Player
AgreeableOtter says “One of the easier matchups, Lv 6 you should win all ins. Make sure to keep track of her W Pad and dodge either Q W or E with your R. Quick tip: W onto her when she's about to W to dodge it. ”
Duelist Zed by AgreeableOtter | Zed Player
Slydemon says “She can easily dodge your entire combo, while still trading damage with you. Play extremely safe early, wait for her to drop mid/late.”
Freezing time (and your opponents) by Slydemon | Ekko Player
noolan says “You both have a ton of damage, but she is going to be able burst you down in a shorter amount of time. Her chains will make you a sitting duck if you dont have shunpo. Try to get Abyssal as soon as possible, and shunpo away if she goes for a quick combo. Play safe, you can do this.”
The Best Katarina Guide [In Progress] by noolan | Katarina Player
Shderen says “Why didn't you ban her? LeBlanc is practically where she was before the assassin update at the end of season 6, I think it was? This means that she has worse waveclear, which gives you a slightly easier time dealing with her in lane. However, she synergises amazingly with straight damage, and a smart LeBlanc will conserve her many and now throw out bad combos randomly. Under the best conditions (she's dumb and also didn't build Morello's), you can keep other teammates healthy. If you decide to heal them, of course, which I don't advise. Your damage against her will not be enough, unless you catch her by surprise, E her, Q her and run away IMMEDIATELY. Also, I hate her passive.”
SmokeyEggs says “Leblanc isn't a very hard matchup yet it depends on how you play as well, you can fight depending on your items and level. Know when to engage.”
bigoof says “I can offer one 1 tip against Leblanc: ban her.”
Talon 101 by bigoof | Talon Player
BicBee says “LB likes to Q then W. Her Q is at a longer range than her W so her jump will be predictable as long as you don't stand too close (AA range). Bait LB by letting her Q you, when she tries to step into W range charm her mid flight and Q. When she W towards you Q towards where her marker is. After LB jumps step to the side to dodge chains. LB's W is on a long CD early on around 10s so punish her after she W. LB has problems CSing under turret early on so look to shove. ”
[9.8] CRUSH LOW ELO WITH THIS BUILD by BicBee | Ahri Player
ryze4thewin says “most easy matchup in my opinion doge chain and then kill her if she jumps to you w and punish her ”
RYZE UPON THEM by ryze4thewin | Ryze Player
TheSmithy says “Super strong early and midgame.”
THE LISSANDRA GUIDE S9 ! read notes ! by TheSmithy | Lissandra Player
Header_FX says “Push in early so LeBlanc need to cast her spells to wave clear and cant all in you. Dont try to trade with her, because you will loose. If she got her levels just try to stay back and farm. Late game is the time where LeBlanc falls off so just try to play safe.”
[9.8] Header´s out of silver Corki-Guide by Header_FX | Corki Player
BicBee says “LB likes to Q then W. Her Q is at a longer range than her W so her jump will be predictable as long as you don't stand too close (AA range). After LB jumps step to the side to dodge chains. LB's W is on a long CD early on around 10s so punish her after she W. LB has problems CSing under turret early on so look to shove. ”
9.8 CARRYING LOW ELO by BicBee | Orianna Player
GalenVork says “Leblanc's W is too big of a dash to follow even with the phase rush rune page. ”
Lucian AP midlane [9.9] by GalenVork | Lucian Player
xispy420 says “If you get the first kill you will be good,you will be kinda doomed if she gets feed ”
Ready to set the world on fire by xispy420 | Brand Player says “She can bully you hard early Land W>E>Q to keep pressure Trade when she doesn't have her W Buy hexdrinker and use 2nd rune setup”
Zed , The Master Of Shadows by | Zed Player
Draakos says “The early againt's Lb is difficult. So just try to manage your wave as long as possible. The only key to control LB is when you dodge her chain.”
460 Aurelion Europe by Draakos | Aurelion Sol Player
AzureArmatt says “One of your counterpicks. Why? Mobility is the answer. Every champion that has enough mobility and dmg to doge your charm and Orb of deception is hard match up for you since Orb of deception is your main damage source and charm is your set up for all burst you have. Not to mention she has her own burst that is even greater then yours... We don't like her for sure. Respect every Leblanc you meet on rift (at least until u dominate lane because they are bad)”
Easy guide for everybody on how to play Ahri by AzureArmatt | Ahri Player
Edg3Lord says “Spams a whole fucking lot, and has high output damage even in early. Hug your tower!”
Nocturne Mid R(o)ams Up Your Team [1.4.1] by Edg3Lord | Nocturne Player
Bestlover says “She outdmg every time and its hard to land your abilities.”
Ekko Guide S9 by Bestlover | Ekko Player
Hatzo1vs9 says “on the lane phase when she tries to Q+W at you press your W before she lands her W , you wont take damage and outrade her , after 6 push her under turret and poke her till death . ”
Play Lissandra as a PRO by Hatzo1vs9 | Lissandra Player
Lobex says “one chain lands on you and its gg, try to be creative vs LB, like using E first to force her W etc”
pappychap says “out of place unpunishable champion reserved for homosexuals to play.. winnable if the lb is totally brain dead but best just to dodge it and save yourself the afk warning”
Iron Dome Xerath by pappychap | Xerath Player
Olenka05 says “Delete you and dodge your e too. Don't let her get fed. Go banshee.”
Escape to gold with one champ by Olenka05 | Veigar Player
BlueMoon01 says “Do not engage on her, only fight back if she engages on you [DETAILED MATCHUP INFORMATION BELOW]”
[9.6][AP Mid] Fix Yourself, Mere Human. by BlueMoon01 | Viktor Player
Gerrage says “Leblanc has the problem of mobility, she moves a lot, if you can't activate your skills it's dangerous, and as she gets low her mirror image activates, if you fail to W her by then or after then. You will lose. ”
Sylas sustain damage king! by Gerrage | Sylas Player
thedonk says “You're obviously the better one by reading this guide.”
[9.6] My Leblanc Guide Of Deceit by thedonk | LeBlanc Player
Dudstrol says “LeBlanc voltou para seu estilo antigo de jogo, agora seu combo é explosivo e em um intervalo curto, por isso não ha muito o que fazer. Tome cuidado e tenha sempre noção de onde ela estiver, pois se ela te pegar de surpresa é morte.”
RYZE BOLADÃO PT-BR [S9] by Dudstrol | Ryze Player
Padrepio says “Your ulti bounce between her clone and her: you can R her when you want! Care of her dash and high damage output.”
[Mid] Brand ~ Catching Fire by Padrepio | Brand Player
Jazzmonkey says “You need to get level 4 to outrade her. Wait until she use her jumps and then trade her. You Q follows her even if she jumps back. Your are able to one shot her if you got even farm and hit level 6.”
[9.5 Wukong Guide] Challenger Wukong EUW From zero to hero D by Jazzmonkey | Wukong Player
overweight_zoe says “Would strongly recommend leveling E second as it's pretty easy to land if she w's towards you. If she gets her q w combo off your e q combo damage should out trade hers. ”
make noobs sit while they pee with zoe by overweight_zoe | Zoe Player
The Bloodlord says “Play passive, use your W to dodge she's W but be careful if you W before she W you are most likely dead. When you get revolver go for AA + Q + E + W (W if she W)”
The night shall consume them... by The Bloodlord | Vladimir Player
Jammy158 says “You cannot outtrade her early at all. Your best bet is to play a bit more passive and windwall her Q ideally or E if need be. You just need to outscale her but if she messes up you can definitely kill her.”
Low Elo's Guide to Yasuo by Jammy158 | Yasuo Player
RaAKaSaMa says “stop poking me mid lane”
NackBkk says “Don't use your dash to poke past level 3. Once you're six, poke him down with your q+w, and make sure your ult is off cooldown in case he engages. He barely needs AP to instantly win a 1v1. Chain him if he dashes to you, late game you'll do more burst.”
Conceit says “She has a lot of kill pressure on you early. Just try wiggle just outside of w range and try to get e poke whenever you can. If you don't die early you can outscale soon. ”
kkiskk says “Try not to die. Wait for the passive debuff to end if she poke you with Q/W then use the combo to poke her and dodge her E to get back safely. Her E is super annoying. Dodge her E to win fights/trading.”
Top lane Xin Zhao (What? It's still viable?) by kkiskk | Xin Zhao Player
Jenkinsu says “If you can't root her, you're dead. Don't let her tether you and stay the hell away from her. Farm under turret and cry for ganks”
Lethality Jinx: The Money Lord by Jenkinsu | Jinx Player
eloment says “Dont underestimate her dmg. E her w and q where she started her w after that.”
Complete Gragas Guide (Mid,Top,Jungle) by eloment | Gragas Player
Dr Wonderdrugs says “Leblanc est insane elle peut dodge tout vos spell dodgeable et vous ne pourrez pas la contrer ”
La quatrième est fascinante... by Dr Wonderdrugs | Jhin Player
piggypiggyshadow says “Can hop around and is hard to chase”
Akali still good by piggypiggyshadow | Akali Player
Junix L9 says “Be careful, when she hits lvl 2 she will just Q W Auto to get her electrocute proc which deals like half of your health. You can try to fight her when she misses her E. ”
[Season 9] Katarina Guide (High Elo) by Junix L9 | Katarina Player
CapCapSikerim says “This one can escape in too much position. u need to catch her. ”
Katarina S9 Detailed Guide by CapCapSikerim | Katarina Player
Eli The Bat says “Her mobility, cc, and damage makes it difficult for you to do your combo and win the 1 v 1.... So you better farm what you can and roam....”
Kat Best Waifu by Eli The Bat | Katarina Player
Tipurrs says “If you're new in facing her, it might be a little hard especially at early game. At early game, she hits hard but she kinda falls of late game and she is really squishy. Rush Banshee's Veil and you will already win the lane. If you're gonna all in on her, stun her with Q and then continue with your combo.”
Found Him! Patch 9.2 Annie Guide by Tipurrs | Annie Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “try to dodge his stun, in most cases will be obvious when will try to stun you.”
The Light Of Demacia! [9.3] by LuxIsMyCrush | Lux Player
apsonalol says “Le blanc é um personagem um tanto quanto difícil, tome muito cuidado, por ela ter um dash muito cedo na lane você pode ser solado se acabar cometendo algum vacilo, sempre guarde a sua passiva do W para quando ela chegar perto de você, aliás a passiva do W da sona reduz o dano total do boneco, o que acaba que não burstando você, no mesmo caso da akali você terá que entregar a lane phase e jogar na team fight.”
AP Sona - Maven of the MID by apsonalol | Sona Player
LionLifeSteal says “Skill matchup, could tip either way depending on jungle pressure and player skill. You can push waves much quicker with a lesser cost than her but her all in potential is very high at all points in the game.”
Yasuo, The Unforgiven by LionLifeSteal | Yasuo Player
Filthyrich says “If she gets lvl 6 before you, she will try to nuke you. If she fails her W you should all in and win”
Annie from bronze by Filthyrich | Annie Player
AquaXfire says “More information in future”
Yasuo Build: Damage and durability by AquaXfire | Yasuo Player
moutenn says “Pretty mobile, and her burst and CC is hard to deal with. But just outplay and poke her. If you are on her and R. She will W away. Then follow with W and R back if she goes back.”
Zed Season 9 moutenn guide by moutenn | Zed Player
qasddsa says “Kind of difficult during laning phase since she can freely trade with you using her dash and all you have to trade back is Q and E. Make sure to stand in minions to dodge her chain or expect it coming so you can dodge it without minions. Gets much easier after level 6 and depends on who engages first -- if you engage you need to be careful, and if she engages you can follow up after she uses dash.”
[Mid&Top] Reave the Cosmos | Kassadin by qasddsa | Kassadin Player
Itsyaboyorchid says “Due to her mobility, and very quick, high damage combinations, she is equipped to burst you down before you're able to react. Her Q-W-E or her E-Q-W-R combination are extremely quick, and difficult to dodge. As Syndra, your best best is to burst her before she can burst you. Having to rush your combinations may lead to mistakes, which can be deadly. In early laning phase, however, farm with Q-W and save E to shut down LeBlanc's engages. After laning phase you should be able to farm up, and have a lot more wave control around the map. Be aware of LeBlanc's kill pressure.”
Syndra Guide (Patch 9.2) (Updated) by Itsyaboyorchid | Syndra Player
Zetrok Bot says “ To finish the triad of the Counters, LeBlanc is like Kassadin, but faster like Kass, do not pass the river and warn every time he leaves the line, try not to push the line and when you do try to return to your tower , recall or steal something from the jungle.”
How To Spam R by Zetrok Bot | Karthus Player
Rugie says “With new patch, she won't be big problem for you if you will not feed her or let her kill you. I recommend take magic resis. runes and doran's shield. Be careful about her. Try to play safe till you get some items. Try to not get hitted by her W and E.”
Draczor says “This matchup isn't too hard. If you manage to get a lead by winning trades against her you can pressure her from farming. Remember to not be in her W range and try dodging her E. If you get hit by her W she will win the trade, if not then you will. On levels 1 and 2 you easily win trades, just poke her enough with your Q and E to get an advantage. If you do so she won't be coming near you. If she keeps sticking around with about 20% hp try killing her. If she recalled and comes back with full hp you should play less aggresive. Keep poking her with your laser and keep a good distance from her, especially her W. Only play more aggressive if you have a hp advantage or if you outdamage her and you will be fine in this lane. I recommend taking Heal/Barrier since it will negate her burst but Teleport is still fine so you don't miss any minions. If she roams you can simply push the wave, recall and teleport to the lane she roamed, in case it's not good to teleport just keep pushing mid tower.”
[9.1] [Diamond 70% WR] Unstoppable Viktor by Draczor | Viktor Player
XBlackyX says “use your skill for douge from her burst skill”
My empire lives in every grain of sand by XBlackyX | Azir Player
Dralexus says “You rely on hitting your Ulti to get kills is most cases, she can dodge that pretty easily. Poke you though the lane phase while leaving you empty handed. ”
Slammy Slam AP Malphite - MID [Season 9 Ready !] by Dralexus | Malphite Player
Felispo says “Ótimo ban, também é praticamente impossível de vencer caso o jogador tenha a mínima noção do que está fazendo.”
Centro do Universo (Guia em PT-BR) by Felispo | Aurelion Sol Player
Exiled Heretic says “Leblanc favored. But you can still win if she misses her chain. Try to dodge her poke early on to survive mid and late.”
Andicus says “This matchup is fairly 50/50 depending on her skill and your skill. However she is pretty slippery and has a bigger advantage pre-6 than you depending on how she plays. If you play around her W and don't fall for her passive you should be okay in laning.”
S9 Zed Guide - Secrets Kept Are Weapons Wasted by Andicus | Zed Player
Gambinos says “She can be annoying to go against. He'll poke you with her W. Just stay away and be passive.”
[9.1] Yasuo Build Guide, For newer players by Gambinos | Yasuo Player
stevangnjato says “Lb is so annoying.she have hight damage and she can out scale you. I highly recomend roaming in this match up.”
Mid nuke Graves Full AP by stevangnjato | Graves Player
rimzaki says “Wait ur sanguine pool for hers distorion she can escape early game from u but no match against u cuz u have good sustain trade her when ur bloodrage come good luck”
The Ancient Bloodlord Vladimir Guide by rimzaki | Vladimir Player
Sozzoh says “A decent LeBlanc can destroy you. She can completely ignore your ult and your soldiers, and if she stuns you, consider yourself dead. Play passive in this lane and just try to farm. Get Banshee's to counter her, and roam for kills. Before LeBlanc reaches 40% health and pops her passive, ignite her so when she does pop her passive, you can tell which clone is real and chase after her, but if she runs into a brush, be very careful as a good LeBlanc can turn on you and destroy you.”
Superior current says “Leblanc is your priority ban. Even if laning phase goes fine, she easily snowballs out of control and is nigh impossible to catch. ”
Mage Fortune is real! by Superior current | Miss Fortune Player
undeadsoldiers says “Since the W nerfs in 8.22, she won't have her fast wave clear and that is very good. Wait for her to use her root, if you're sure you can survive and then just root her. Take QSS.”
[8.24]Empire Above All[IN-DEPTH TOP/MID SWAIN GUIDE] by undeadsoldiers | Swain Player
Katapullt says “It's a really rough matchup since she has high burst. Maybe you can get ahead with roaming. Try it.”
Razor Fly! Do it quickly.【8.24】~ All you need to know by Katapullt | Katarina Player
Prenora says “Leblanc can get pretty out of control pretty fast, but she's a good one to counter strike, as her playstyle is much like yours, if you can win a trade do it, but if she's just playing safe.. push her under tower”
AP Lucain-The two Gunned sorcerer by Prenora | Lucian Player
Witwickies says “LeBlanc can simply kill you in no time. You can not do literally anything, as she can use her W to dodge your abilities. What is more, she doesn't have to come close to minions to last-him them, so poking is very hard.”
Ivy covers Mid Line Castle [Zyra Guide] by Witwickies | Zyra Player
Prenora says “you can dominate a bad leblanc but stand toe to toe with even the best ones, this is definitly a lane to max W, farm with autos' and when she goes for her all in, chase her down, you'll heal more damage then she can deal, (unless she's fed ofcourse)”
AP Nami the queen of the deep In depth guide by Prenora | Nami Player
undeadsoldiers says “LeBlanc can no longer push you in as of the revert. But her single target burst is much better, and she's just as mobile if not more. You can push her in and roam, but be careful of getting assassinated. She can W or RW away from your E. She is no longer as reliant on her E to assassinate you, so you may not have to dodge this with your R. But you can still R away to break the link if necessary. Remember that if you chunk her she will create a clone.”
AlphaCorkiMaster says “Only dumb champ to beat this alpha boi”
Alpha Corki master guide by AlphaCorkiMaster | Corki Player
pokeball says “Her chain and w pretty much stop your whole combo. Her laning and mobility create a tough lane phase for you. Another ban imo.”
|Masters Ekko 2m+| Pokeball's Ekko Guide 8.24 by pokeball | Ekko Player
Doctor_Dr says “How to counter: All in her, you either win massively or she wins massively, play safe until you get enough AP to 1 shot.”
M7 Veigar Runes + Vs. Champions by Doctor_Dr | Veigar Player
undeadsoldiers says “Her W did get nerfed, so she wont have as strong of a shove as she did before, so now just be careful of the root.”
Pikaciao says “Don't ban, but don't pick vel'koz into. You will lose.”
how to Vel'koz the SHIT out of midlane by Pikaciao | Vel'Koz Player
ctt13 says “She can mostly just one-hit you, unless she messes up or you bait her. Using shrooms to whittle down her health before an engagement is key.”
War Criminal Teemo by ctt13 | Teemo Player
Itsyaboyorchid says “Early laning is pretty safe. Once she uses her dash on you, you're pretty safe from her damage. Farm safely with Q/W, try to poke with Q/W/E occasionally. Once you hit 6, maybe try to receive a friendly gank to set her behind, avoid all out engages after level 6 however, if she manages to land her Q-W-E combination she will put you so far in the dirt you're eating worms. (Leblanc is an excellent 1v1 champion, avoid 1v1's at all costs) ”
Loser Syndra Guide (Patch 8.24B) by Itsyaboyorchid | Syndra Player
WubbyWulf says “Leblanc is a major issue against kat due to the amount of burst and mobility she has.”
Katarina Guide by an OTP by WubbyWulf | Katarina Player
EdenFox says “Respect her and give cs if needed to survive.”
Challenger Vladimir guide how to climb by EdenFox | Vladimir Player
ZF.PandaYang says “She is an easy match up, not much of an issue because you counter her kit and out trade her, do your best to find out which is the clone. ”
An INFORMAL entry guide to Talon! by ZF.PandaYang | Talon Player
macspam says “Terrible matchup for Veigar. If she gets ahead, just ask your top laner if they'll swap with you. Banshee's veil is essential. ”
The waddling nuke by macspam | Veigar Player
radecki says “This shit is crazy, don't even try to pick Vel'Koz vs this.”
Vel'Koz S9 Guide by radecki | Vel'Koz Player
Itsyaboyorchid says “Her level 3 burst is probably going to murk you. Play safe as possible, farm with Q-W. E yourself as soon as her W animation starts. Good luck chump. ”
Loser Orianna Guide (Patch 8.24B) by Itsyaboyorchid | Orianna Player
Death71 says “Leblanc is annoying and can easily roam, focus on the farm, try to poke her from time to time and that's it.”
JuaniG17 says “Although it won't be easy, be patient and wait for her W to be on CD, she is very squishy. ”
JuaniG17 - Talon Guide by JuaniG17 | Talon Player
Jukapiz says “Another bad counter for Veigar. It can be very hard to keep LeBlanc in control and give some damage to her + due to your squishiness, she can easy get you low if she lands a good combo.”
Escape low ELO by Jukapiz | Veigar Player
iiCrispi says “Deals tons of damage, out trades you, forces you out of lane with a simple combo. Can dodge your ult, and your whole combo.”
Eccentrik says “Leblanc is more of a game of whoever gets burst down first. Its ironic really. Ignite her at low level to know the real leblanc.”
Eccentrik's S9 Ahri! by Eccentrik | Ahri Player
wo xiang zhaoo says “Some LeBlanc players are bad and some are good, just like Ahri players.”
Your very DETAILED Kassadin guide! Get elo NOW! by wo xiang zhaoo | Kassadin Player
PilkkuOffical says “She will jump on you and you cant really do anything in time. Keep your distance and farm with Q.”
Glass Cannon ONE SHOT Twisted Fate [8.24] by PilkkuOffical | Twisted Fate Player
Prenora says “Landing grand entrance on leblanc will probably be impossible, but fortunately she is very mana hungry and you have much better sustain. in the early game stick to farming and use your abilities to avoid her skill shots. leblanc has clear openings, but she is skillshot based, use your mobility to your advantage. ”
The only Rakan Mid guide you'll ever need ( In depth ) by Prenora | Rakan Player
AQRC Turtle says “This is Skills matchup that favor zed a litlle bit. She's Still a lane bully so hexdrinker might be good option to build ”
asffg123 says “Leblanc has an aggressive kit, allowing her to kill you pre-6 and after 6. You are likely to lose lane due to her mobility and damage output. Warning - This champion can and will roam to counter a safe playstyle. Ping accordingly.”
Veigar in the Mid Lane (Gold - Plat) by asffg123 | Veigar Player
Whoospnip says “LB passive and mobility makes it hard to both catch or 1 shot her. Her poke makes the lane horrible. Go Aftershock and taunt her when she w's in on you instead.”
Dark Harvest Galio Guide by Whoospnip | Galio Player
DuhBrandon says “leblanc it not much of a threat to you in particularly but you should still because as her poke makes it hard to farm because she will make you stay under tower for half the game. but over time you will poke more than her and start winning lane. Although even if you do more damage than her you still shouldn't go in on her as she will punish you.”
[8.23] [Mid] Kite 2 Win TF Build Season 9 by DuhBrandon | Twisted Fate Player
GeneralJ0hn27 says “She has a unmatchable burst, but not until she hits level 3, so go all in level 2. Most LB play very aggressive in the early game and you must play off that, once she dashes in that's when you strike. Hit q then go in-between her and her shadow of her W and then use E. once your ahead you stay ahead and continue pushing waves till you hit 6 when you have to go all in before she hits 6. if you fall behind, ROAM and call for help or the game will collapse. (to tell which clone is the real one look which one is leaving a darkness trail behind).”
Their Screens will always be Dark|Mid| UPDATED :) by GeneralJ0hn27 | Nocturne Player
dumb lucker says “Patience is key in this matchup try to stay out of w+q range and hit her with full combo+ some autoattacks for lethal damage in earlygame if she uses w and still somehow doesnt respect your insane early burst ”
Earlygame monster J4 midlane by dumb lucker | Jarvan IV Player
everousdnb says “Too mobile and deadly for you to catch up if you fall off, you will int, a lot.”
Bombs? by everousdnb | Ziggs Player
Canttouchthis123 says “Ew, just ew. If you get a good leblanc than good luck. again like akali you have no escape abilities so your only option is to sit under tower and pray she does something stupid.”
Aftershock Diana + Shield Bash = op? by Canttouchthis123 | Diana Player
RobinR says “She can dodge your skillshots really easily and also engage. Play really safe and wait for gank.”
ZOE BLAMS EVERYONE by RobinR | Zoe Player
Jekana says “Awh.. LeBlanc is such a pain for Ahri. You can't win this lane unless you're a longtime Ahri main. Just try to freeze and keep poking from as far away as possible.”
Ahri - The Midlane Destroyer by Jekana by Jekana | Ahri Player
BattleXD says “Depending on how aggressive the player is she is easy to fight or super hard to fight. If she playing safe just out poke her and W to stop her from trading. But if she plays super agressive like more Leblancs do try poking and dodging he skills. if you throw your W then stand on it if she uses her W to attack she cant go back to her last spot till she is out of the debuff. ”
Cassiopeia Mid 8.23 by BattleXD | Cassiopeia Player
Arcuzz says “She probably will kick your ass. Keep calm and try to farm as much as you can. Mid/late game: like zed, stay out of your range and limit yourself to just poke and wait for your team to start the fights. The ky for winning this match depends on how good you are at farming.”
Sadmanv2 says “When she teleports to you, position yourself in a straight line from her current self and the original point from which she teleported from. Throw a sleep bubble, it will hit her regardless of whether she teleports back. Use passive and Q to trade with her. Crucial to land corrupting pot proc on her.”
Zoe Destroyer of Dreams by Sadmanv2 | Zoe Player
ShockMaster says “After the 8.8 patch LeBlanc can be a problem for Kennen,try to rush magic resist and if you re feeling uncomfortable against her choose a Barrier”
SeeMyShuriKennen by ShockMaster | Kennen Player
The Bando says “Annoying WQ combo, ask JG to wait for her W then just walk up. Free flash, then let her W again because she will. They always W again, BAM dead jg ganks.”
Smol Jelly says “A skill match-up. You're squishy, she's squishy. She's more mobile, but you can lock her down. Watch her distortions, and be careful of her passive, but it basically comes down to whoever catches who out first.”
Feel the Power of the Light! by Smol Jelly | Lux Player
Resl says “She is getting nerfed, so don't worry too much but dodge her abilities and proc her passive”
New to Talon? by Resl | Talon Player

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