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Ornn Counter Stats

Ornn Counters
Discover all Top champions who counter Ornn. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Ornn in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Ornn Data for all roles taken from 35,639 matches.
674 Tips for countering Ornn below

Ornn Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Top Lane (95%) Ornn Top Lane Counters: 33,909 matches, 57 counter champions

Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.
Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Tips Against Ornn in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

TwTvRANGERZX says “Fight before he gets armor items. Don't let him proc Brittle in trades. Be careful of his lvl 6.”
Challenger Tryndamere Guide by RANGERZX by TwTvRANGERZX | Tryndamere Player
Antisocial_Renekton says “Renekton is shit vs tanks generally. Try to freeze and run him down. Once he gets tabi or wardens dont fight him - you will kill yourself. Watch out for his q e past 6 - he can 100-0 you. Go bork if ornn player is shit, cleaver otherwise. Can go ghost.”
RandumPersin says “Take conqueror, rush BotRK, and this matchup is pretty good for us in lane. Ornn is a tank that does an obscene amount of damage if you don't utilize dashes properly, but has no sustain in lane aside from his passive allowing him to build armor items. There is no point where this champion can ever beat us in a 1v1 so long as we don't dump our W into his flame breath, but he is VERY capable of short trading with us effectively. Use E1 to bait out his Q and E2 to dodge the final tick of his flame breath (which applies his brittle - a % max hp dmg passive if he autos us afterwards) and we should win every trade. This is one of the few matchups where I tend to look for longer trades where we can utilize 2 casts of our Q. He does massively outscale us in teamfights (as do most pure tanks), so we need to look to group on 2/2.5 items before Ornn starts to become unfairly difficult to kill. Cleaver third item is generally good here too as it does a LOT of work in getting through all Ornn's bonus resistances.”
The Ultimate Renekton Guide by RandumPersin | Renekton Player
AdventurousBoldJourney says “R him when he goes for R2, it is a "bait out W and win the game" type of deal. You can stun him out of his R2 as well with E if you time it right. He hurts, and you R him into the enemy team when in team fights.”
Sett Guide (WIP) by AdventurousBoldJourney | Sett Player
LeyzeHP says “(Top) Grasp or LT. Ornn has too much sustain, if you go for LT you have a free lv.1-2 kill but you would be forced to all in all time, if it becames a trade you lose because of his sustain, so i usually play Grasp on him”
Rengar jng/top/adc low elo guide 12.17 by LeyzeHP | Rengar Player
Smudey says “You win all trades pre 6 so try to get an early lead. If you go for a long trade and he tries to AA you while you have his W mark, block it with you W and back off so he looses the trade extremely hard.”
Fizzy says “I don't find it very problematic as kled but some of his combos can be very problematic against you, so always save the parry for useful moments where you know you will win.”
RuchaczSzmat69 says “Dont stay next to his pillar or wall as he can easily win the short trade if he knocks you up. His W+auto damage is very impressive but he doesnt have any constant damage so play around his abilities cds. If we talk about pure combat you outscale him hard as you can melt his tankiness, but the problem is that he gives his carries free gold value with items upgrades.”
hamgi says “(d blade, flash/teleport or ignite/teleport, bone plating/unflinching) ornn is a really easy match up for u but respect his damage. he is a mana champ, but he conserves it pretty well as he will only use his pillar to poke and not engage further unless he knows u have cd's/no flash. he has hard cc (airbone) both with his dash and ult, so if u see his pillar or ur against a wall, be mindful of his dash, and always be mindful of his ult. he has a move where he becomes unstoppable, so refrain from q3'ing or r'ing when he does that. he builds in lane, so make sure u freeze so that he doesnt have the chance to build up gold and gain item advantage over u and keep u in lane. back every single time u have enough gold and can crash the wave. and they all typically rush bramble against champs like yone, so if u have no items or only a sceptre, respect that item. there's no need for counter-building as it's not his damage that's worrisome, it's his tankiness. grab last whisper early if needed, otherwise, build normally”
MrSIrPops says “Orn is just a tank and he will try to abuse you with his w abilit and auto attacks . Dont let him kill you many times or in the late game he will be unkillable.”
Aatrox Build s16 by MrSIrPops | Aatrox Player
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