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Shaco Counter Stats

Shaco Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #11 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Shaco. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Shaco in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Shaco Data for all roles taken from 149,613 matches.
Shaco Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (83%) Shaco In the Jungle Counters: 124,691 matches, 42 counter champions

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Tips Against Shaco in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Narutoe says “Trade him down and then use your E to mark him before he ults, youll know who is the real one and youll easily kill him. Jump away from his boxes.”
Play Maker Build By Yed (OTP 2.9 Million Mastery) by Narutoe | Kindred Player
FalleN3 says “Not the most difficult of match-ups but he can still make a game very difficult for you. Eaerly game can be an issue for you, especially his level 2 cheese at your buff. He is annoying to say the least and has the ability to make you use all your damage on the wrong champ (his double)! His (W) JITB can troll you quiet hard, especially if you are using your (R) Highlander. Be sure that you can kill him quicker than he can escape using (Q) Deceive before attempting an all-in.”
Master Yi Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Master Yi by FalleN3 | Master Yi Player
Exoslol says “Shaco is a skill matchup. He can cancel isolation with his boxes which you can smite in return. Be careful about following him into the jungle as he can have traps ready and outplay you with ultimate. Use sweeper in teamfights to locate the dirty clown trying to assasinate your ADC/Mid.”
[10.19] S10 Challenger | The Void Predator UNLEASHED by Exoslol | Kha'Zix Player
reganakers says “You will have no problem fighting him, he is just annoying and hard to punish.”
ak521 says “Easily escapes any fight whenever he wants. His ulti is also irritating. But the good thing is that his camp clearing is slower than most junglers and he can't one-shot. Shouldn't be much of a problem for you to play against, even during his ulti, just don't chase him. Or focus him. But get oracle lens asap.”
Doubtfull says “Rek'sai's tremor sense is a huge help with tracking Shaco during his shenanigans. You can also tell which Shaco is the real one if you have knocked him up with your W, as the W timer will be underneath him. Try to invade and mess up his boxes level 1 if you can get your team to follow you.”
Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide by Doubtfull | Rek'Sai Player
Frillen says “Good players on stealth champs = cancer.”
Tips for Jungling by Frillen | Rammus Player
KamiKZ says “Shaco is a strong assassin who counters Kha zix because of his Q stealth makes him hard to kill and his R removes your isolation damage”
Ellesmere says “don't let shaco's tricks fool you, you're stronger then him throughout most of the game. the key to shaco is making sure you don't let him snowball other lanes, so ward up, pay attention to where he is and countergank as much as possible.”
Not So Fireproof | Jungle Udyr | 10.19 by Ellesmere | Udyr Player
Riealone says “Take Oracle Lens, smite his boxes, detect the real one and kill him (his clone takes +50% more damage, so you can easily detect the real one with your Q). Just always keep in mind that you can't go into jungle with low HP and always be aware of his invis and high damage (talking more about peeling and pinging your allies)”
KamiKZ says “This match up is Graves favored. I recommend buying Deaths dance agaisnt shaco to remove some of his burst damage, I also recommend getting oracle lense so you can track down Shaco while he is invisible in his Q.”
Season 10 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
FalleN3 says “Luckily there are few decent Shaco players out there. In the right hands though, he will cause you plenty of trouble until you get some items. He has as much cheese going for him as Twitch does, and that's saying something as Twitch is a Rat.”
Twitch Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Twitch Jungle by FalleN3 | Twitch Player
uSgSello says “Shacos often play with ignite. You are able to win the trades if u can react fast enough to stun him. You should try to find out where he starts his jungle. Try to go for your buffs early so he is too late for an invade.”
[Season 10] Extensive Guide to Elise by uSgSello | Elise Player
Smartest2 says “An obnoxious opponent. Start your buff camp and ward river at 1:20~. Ask your top laner to watch your other buff for you so it doesn't get stolen at the start. Make sure to always drop your trinket in river bushes. With proper warding you can fend off any Shaco.”
colingogo says “If you can use W or your first Q before he ults, you can tell which one is the clone. Smite his boxes to deny CC, and you just one shot him. Kinda scary early though.”
[10.19] Colingogo's Challenger Evelynn Guide by colingogo | Evelynn Player
LambWolf says “If Shaco isn't fed and you ain't low hp. He ain't a problem. Mostly just annying”
Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.19 by LambWolf | Kindred Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Shaco is hard for Jarvan to fight later in the game but shaco's weak early game means Jarvan can start red and invade shaco easily.”
Udyr uber says “Campeão EXTREMAMENTE IRRITANTE, mas que se você invadir bastante ele enquanto ele está gankando você diminui o snowball dele. (depende bastante de como o Shaco joga) Tabi ninja e Guerreiro devem te ajudar nas trocas com ele e faça um Sterak para diminuir o burst dele”
O Poder do Xamã - Udyr Jungle BR - 10.18 by Udyr uber | Udyr Player
CaptianMike says “He can be hard to take down, and he will try to take your camps. ask your team to ward your buffs so you can get an idea of where he is. If you see him taking your buff, go after his. Vision is key in this matchup. Don't let him get ahead and you will win team fights ”
ChaseMorePlz says “Very hard since he will most likely counter jungle. He will do his own thing so try not to focus on him too much and aim to get yourself to level 6. Buy an Orcale's Lens and buy pink wards. When he engages with his deceive, it is a good time to turn and focus on him. The puff of smoke means that Shaco is nearby. ”
10.19 Amumu MELTATION Jungle Build Guide For Season 10!~ by ChaseMorePlz | Amumu Player
Holessando says “Shaco is extremely powerful, has great ganks and can carry the whole game.. he will just sit on lanes and gank, that's all he does... dont let him get fed, or your game is lost.. you have to countergank him, invade him, just do anything to not let him get more and more powerful.. take oracle and pink ward as soon as possible.. i recommend dodging this matchup, better than losing whole game most of the times i'm banning him if you're really playing vs him, try to tell your teammates to not push, he will just babysit and kill them all over again, till your teammate will do something like ''open mid''... so they must not push, his invis makes him really good in ganking.. I recommend checking if he's duo with some lane, if he is, he will most of the time camp him.”
[10.19] HOLESSANDO's ULTIMATE EKKO JG GUIDE by Holessando | Ekko Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Shaco will fall clear and so will you.”
[S10] DESTROY SOLOQ WITH EVELYNN - UDYSOF Challenger Eve by UDYSOF_OCE | Evelynn Player
Stratogos says “Shaco is an interesting champ he can go AD or AP.His W can deal half your health and he can 1shot you if fed. You control wards at the places you know he can invade.If you manage to win early and put one lane or two ahead you can win teamfight easily ”
[S10] [10.19] Junglesticks Guide ~ Are you Afraid? by Stratogos | Fiddlesticks Player
uSgSello says “Shaco is a very squishy champ and should not be able to kill you early in the jungle because you can escape or try to fight him with your E + Q combo. If you try to engage him he will try to dodge your Combo with his Q. While your abilities are on Cooldown he will definitely outdamage you and might be able to kill you. That's why you should only try to fight him when his Q is on cooldown or when you are counterganking him. ”
[Season 10] Extensive Guide to Jarvan IV by uSgSello | Jarvan IV Player
FrostForest says “Annoying champion that you can never kill. He baits you into taking disadvantaged fights in his traps and can mess up your gameplan heavily. He's not an issue unless he has a few kills. Other then that he's just really annoying”
How I play Jarvan IV like a Challenger in Season 10 Updated by FrostForest | Jarvan IV Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Be careful, a skilled Shaco can easily cheese you early and kill you during your early clears! Have your team ward for you early, and be sure not to focus/Ult his clone when you hit 6. Buy pinks for him later on.”
[10.19] IN-DEPTH Vi Combo Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION] by ChaseMorePlz | Vi Player
chasemyman1 says “His boxes give him time to assassinate you and you are extremely squishy for him. Use your red trinket to spot him when hes close as your cocoon is hard to hit when he is invisible.”
Elise in depth guide by chasemyman1 | Elise Player
SELORONIOS says “Pain... A good Shaco can be really confusing. The good thing is that he's pretty squishy so you can 1vs1 him if he don't run away from.”
⚔️"Help is not coming... "⚔️ by SELORONIOS | Nocturne Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Annoying to deal with, stay healthy and split a lane to direct attention to yourself. With the correct timing this will punish him for going for assassinations.”
(10.19) IN-DEPTH Jax Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION] by ChaseMorePlz | Jax Player
Rhoku says “I wrote this as a Major threat because a good Shaco will be nigh impossible to deal with. You are too immobile. But the good news is most Shacos are terrible. You need Sweeper to better track him so that he does not outplay you with his stealth. Your bleed stacks expose him anyways but its better to react faster. Also, make sure to land ANYTHING on him before he uses his ultimate. This is because once he uses his R, any bleed stacks you put on him BEFORE, will stay on him and not on his clone. This means you will know the real one INSTANTLY. Also, his clone is very fun to fight, as you get extra healing from your Q if you hit it. So hitting both him and his clone doubles your heal. Your R does not reset off of his clone but you can get your passive if you stack it 5 times off of his clone. So if you have good attack speed, you can stack your passive on his clone and surprise him and his team with a Flash Q or something. ”
TheInkKingLoL says “Shaco is very dangerous in the early game with his damage and easy picks, but is honestly easily to counter him with items, and in fights you should always target him as he is a hard carry.”
[10.19] Sett Jungle Guide by TheInkKingLoL | Sett Player
Yitastics says “Can easily 1v1 u, has a fear that will fack u up and will counterjungle u and then kill u if ur contesting him. Ask ur team to help u if he counterjungles u and buy Deaths Dance to mitigate his burst”
(10.19) The 500K Master Yi Guide by Yitastics | Master Yi Player
Depresso says “Can make taking Ivern qs a death trap for your allies, combined with the possibility of Daisy losing her mind and randomly attacking the clone when you're just randomly strolling about. He WILL invade, but you can escape him given your slow unless he walks at you without q.”
Ivern Guide to Blossom/Spring up to by Depresso | Ivern Player
JustNeko says “EXTEMELY ANNOYING, go for first build 2 and invade soon, if he's fed, you'll be fine... Maybe.”
10.17/18 YI'S GUIDE FOR EVERY RANK by JustNeko | Master Yi Player
At0mikx458 says “Can invade you pretty easily so be carefull and try to do your buff quick before he takes it.”
Elise Jungle by At0mikx458 | Elise Player
CinderTheSnake says “Extremely tilting to play against. Has a ton of CC and is able to escape. Watch out early because he will most likely cheese you.”
just another yi guide by CinderTheSnake | Master Yi Player
NixLychee says “F*ck this champ. Very annoying and slippery, but you will always win an honest 1v1, but Shaco doesn't really do those. Shaco will lure you to one of his boxes, so don't chase him too far.”
[10.19] Powersquatting to Victory by NixLychee | Pantheon Player
PsiGuard says “Shaco players can be unpredictable, which can make them a threat in the early game. They often take Ignite which gives them an edge 1v1. If you can avoid dying to him early and make it to level 6, you can countergank him effectively or pull off your own ganks with ult. Try not to get tricked by his clone and save your R for after he's used Q.”
The Nocturnomicon by PsiGuard | Nocturne Player
Aas112mm says “Dont get baited by his clone, if you really dont know ult him when bothe of them are standing together.”
Ap Malphite Jungle Guide by Aas112mm | Malphite Player
Veralion says “AP Shyvana does very funny things to Shaco. Why bother taking the split second to identify which one is real when you can just kill both at once with one ability? Wait for him to press R in a fight and have an E there when he and his buddy pop back into existence. Be sure to Smite the triple boxes that the clone drops before they activate; don't want your team getting hit by that fear. He might be able to force you off of a buff at some point, but he lacks the follow up to finish you off unless you're already pretty low. Ward defensively if finishing a clear below half life. He's good at taking objectives very quickly with his ult, so make sure your objective rotations are on point. Don't be baited into ulting at a clone; if you see a Shaco running around facechecking bushes or running at your teammates without using any abilities, that's the clone. ”
AP Shyvana Jungle: Fire and Death by Veralion | Shyvana Player
Suseri says “Good luck! You can get Oracle at LvL 1 in this Matchup. Try to destroy his Boxes if he places them before you (try to use your doublestrike if possible). Med. his Burst, you can also try to run away from him after he Ults in order to know which one is the real thing. You need some experience about his Movements and Playstyles, can be tricky to beat a good Shaco player.”
[S10] The Best Master Yi Guide by Suseri | Master Yi Player
Agzer says “Extremly hard matchup early game. This champion can deny whole combo with his R so be careful while fighting. Also be extremly careful if you decide to invade, because most Shaco players will have ignite and hail of blades in their setup. Pretty annoying until late game.”
AST Raposo says “For me...Unplayable matchup You can be killed without have any reaction”
Foxes in the Jungle! (Ahri Jungle Guide for Normal Game) by AST Raposo | Ahri Player
Freyhacks says “Xin feels hard countered by Shaco because you cant really use your abilities on a champion that disappears, it will be easier once you get tabi. In order to win this matchup you have to use your full combo on him first and have him react using his ultimate or he stealth. After that, you can use your ult to negate damage or knock him away. Than you press your combo once again when his stealth is on cool down because your cds are shorter.”
Unknown420 says “Snowbally matchup of you go even with him i recommend u by redsmite”
[10.19] Beginner Guide-Rengar Jungle by Unknown420 | Rengar Player
bluelunged says “A pain in the ass. A good shaco will constantly invade you and make you regret picking cho. You can ask your teammates to ward your jungle and help you if he comes, which may or may not give you kills.”
In Depth Cho'gath Jungle <3 [Updated for 10.18] by bluelunged | Cho'Gath Player
chiefdonut says “His early invades can set you super far behind, so be careful and get wards in your jungle. If he doesn't steal camps or cheese you early, you should outfarm him by a large margin. When he is invisble your poison DOT will reveal his location.”
Jungle Singed Speed Demon (10.19) by chiefdonut | Singed Player
classicnoob says “Play extra Passive,this clown fiesta is anooying,he can invade you early game and just destroy you Get a maw of malmourtius if he builds ap,get armour if he has HEAVY AD.”
57K YI (10.10)+Matchups And Chapters. by classicnoob | Master Yi Player
DixeyNormis says “this is one of the best picks you can face... hes weak as f vs you... eat him up bois”
AD WOWO Jungler (Warwick) by DixeyNormis | Warwick Player
Happty says “He's pretty annoying with his W, try to not solo-fight him in early game, as he can go invisible with his Q and stop you from attacking back with his W, try to fight him with your allies or ambush him, as he won't be prepared with his W.”
Eggoman says “Very annoying to kill. You can waste all your abilities on his clone and end up dead or with no flash. Watch out for invades and ask your top laner to ward your topside buff.”
Maintained says “Can decide to invade you continuously and make you fall completely behind. If he doesn't kill you in your own jungle early on, he's not very threatening as you outscale.”
Break Their Ranks - Jungle Hecarim [10.19] by Maintained | Hecarim Player
metalhydra273 says “Avoid boxes, don't let him outplay you, and he really can't do much against you. Oracles is nice to keep track of him, just make sure you don't lock down the wrong way. He's easy to deal with provided you play around his tricks, but don't underestimate a good shaco even if the matchup on paper is easy.”
The Other High Elo Skarner's Guide [Patch 10.18] by metalhydra273 | Skarner Player
Nanelol says “His Q is annoying early game and his R makes you lose isolation.”
NoaaaaXD says “Skill matchup. Smite his boxes that cancel your isolation. Use sweeper to find him in his stealth.”
League Of Cursed says “I personally have never had any issues with shaco. It just depends on fed he gets off your lanes. If he looks to get fed off you, just walk away from where he places his box and start to drain him. Its not the hardest fight.”
[SS10] - Fiddlestick Tank Build in Jungle... by League Of Cursed | Fiddlesticks Player
League Of Cursed says “If you are afraid of the clowns, you will ban it, but if you don't, you only watch magic ”
[SS10] - Lee Sin can see... by League Of Cursed | Lee Sin Player
MetaSolaray says “Shaco is like Rek'sai with plenty of early game pressure, like Rek'sai we answer with Aftershock in turn. Save smites to destory his only box during a gank, as after his Q is down he has no escapes. Ward for your laners so they can see Shaco coming and more importantly you can countergank as with Aftershock and unflinching you outtank his damage. ”
DjapeFromSerbia says “Can easily invade you in early game and make big preasure on map later.”
Zac , Jungle Guide for Season 10 [ Patch 10.17 ] by DjapeFromSerbia | Zac Player
DjapeFromSerbia says “Almost every Shaco will try to invade and kill you on your top buff. That's one of his only window where he has a very big advantage over you with kill potential. If he succeeds, he'll invade you over and over again, with high chances to kill you, or/and will put a ton of pressure on lanes. If he fails, he'll fall behind, which means you're pretty much safe on invades for the rest of the game, and Shaco will usually have a hard time to recover.”
Hecarim , Jungle Guide for Season 10 [ Patch 10.17 ] by DjapeFromSerbia | Hecarim Player
CptTeemoOnDuty says “Will probably invade you, and he is very difficult to catch with your kit. If he makes a mistake you should win the 1vs1 early on. ”
Trundle: The Troll King by CptTeemoOnDuty | Trundle Player
JunglerBuilds says “Really tough early game, but if your lanes play safe you will win against him, ward your jungle so he can't surprise you with his high early game damage. Just play safe and play for the late game, he's useless then.”
Maokai Jungle [10.16] by JunglerBuilds | Maokai Player
Stiwy says “Preety annoying guy with some good damage early. Just stay safe and you will outscale him very rapidly, after all, he is an assassin and you are a tank so the outcome of the lane is very predictable. Just don't waste your ult on his clone because it can cost you a fight or even a teamfight. ”
FrozenKnight says “He's the bigger clown.”
Shoot On Their Corpse: A Fiddlesticks Community Guide by FrozenKnight | Fiddlesticks Player
TestTheLimit says “Same boat as yuumi, where Shaco puts down a box or ults and you instantly lose isolation.”
[10.16] TTL's Challenger Kha'zix guide to Climb! by TestTheLimit | Kha'Zix Player
Xeldom says “Favorable match-up. Rengar can one-shot Shaco easily and smite the Jack-In-The-Box to prevent the fear from activating. Shaco's deceive can be revealed with Rengar's ultimate.”
[10.16] Everything You Need To Know About Rengar by Xeldom | Rengar Player
ZLOCO says “Easily escapes any fight whenever he wants. His ulti is also irritating. But the good thing is that his camp clearing is slower than most junglers and he can't one-shot. Shouldn't be much of a problem for you to play against, even during his ulti, just don't chase him. Or focus him. But get oracle lens asap. WATCH FOR YOUR JUNGLE CAMPS!!”
AP TANK MUMU (Best Build for low elo) FREE WIN by ZLOCO | Amumu Player
NoLyfe says “Also pretty gay to vs, you're usually able to smack him early game so you don't have to be to scared of him. Late game do NOT hop on him. Most shaco's love to masturbate in bushes with their close just vibing doing whatever, so most of the time you just get feared then infa cc'd. Teamfights should be okay , he can't really peel so again dive backline and you should be okay”
Nolyfe's Guide to Rengar by NoLyfe | Rengar Player
DarkArbalist613 says “Fuck Shaco. You'll have to watch very closely to see where he is going with his Q, and watch for movement patterns when his ult is around as if he fears you you die.”
vxryrvre says “Shaco is such a bitch champ”
MONSTER Skarner Jungle by vxryrvre | Skarner Player
AWierdShoe says “Very annoying but not impossible to deal with. Take sweepers early to reveal any boxes he places and to track him when he uses his Q. Most Shacos try to invade with Ignite/Smite so watch out for that. You should rush a defensive item (Hexdrinker or Aegis into Death's Dance) to mitigate some of his early damage.”
Double-Down on the Double-Barreled Jungler by AWierdShoe | Graves Player
Comrade Eshgrim says “Pretty much of a skill matchup. Ult if you get caught by him, stack up Mounting Dread on him before he ults (if possible), that way you can easily identify the real one. Track him with Oracles when he bails with his Q.”
Path of the Eternal Hunters / Simple, quick guide by Comrade Eshgrim | Kindred Player
Shujin Jasukai says “Shaco can be tricky with his boxes you will probably want to get oracle lens/sweeper early to see where his boxes are. When fighting him use your challenging smite to tell which one is the real Shaco when he ults. you will see a subtle burn effect on the real one if you challenging smite+auto before he ults. ”
SHHH... I'm Meditating! An in-depth Master Yi guide for all. by Shujin Jasukai | Master Yi Player
Sheepchu says “Shaco will gank every single lane before you can even react. Will rob your jungle and keep you under level. Not a big threat on the fight side.”
[10.15] Dream Dust, a Jungle Guide by Sheepchu | Lillia Player
Zailent says “Shadow assasin works well against him, but his puppets can oneshot you or just let him escape while youre feared. Rhaast isnt so mobile, which makes it hard for you to kill him.”
Kayn guide 10.15 by Zailent | Kayn Player
DoughnutFeel says “Careful of his traps, when fighting him you can even smite his trap to avoid getting feared. Do not get fooled by the clone.”
Low-Elo Yi Jungle Guide by DoughnutFeel | Master Yi Player
RavexyOFC says “annoying to face him, one of the best counterjungler.”
Dr.Mundo midseason - jungle [10.15] by RavexyOFC | Dr. Mundo Player
Amonheehee says “Being banned or picked sucks. ”
AP Shaco Jungle by Amonheehee | Shaco Player
Amonheehee says “If he's banned you: A: can't play him B: are tilted after reading this guide”
AD Shaco Jungle by Amonheehee | Shaco Player
Daynia says “Take care of his aggressive early. You have better late ”
The Night Is My Veil [thx for 200 Votes] [Evelynn OTP] by Daynia | Evelynn Player
QzKama says “A good Shaco will honestly make you question life, ward your jungle and don't greed as he will be cheesing you. He falls off faster and harder than you do so use Sweepers and Pinks effectively”
[10.14] "Their Fear is Wise." Udyr Guide by QzKama | Udyr Player
shadowbloodedge says “Constant counter jungle with random bits of being feared. its annoying”
Nautilus (10.14) by shadowbloodedge | Nautilus Player
limeia says “Prenez garde a son agressivité tôt. Tu as le late game”
ScytherKhaZix says “if u get feed Early Blue smite but if you dont Red smite. Try to disable shaco before 6 lvl, until he reaches level 6, he's not that strong against you”
D3 Kha'Zix OTP 3.7M POINTS Jungle Guide 10.14 by ScytherKhaZix | Kha'Zix Player
shadowbloodedge says “His boxes get annoying real quick. Hes also difficult to engage in prolonged fights.”
Vi (10.14) by shadowbloodedge | Vi Player
TimRhabey says “Ele snowballa muito facilmente ,consegue punir muito sua jungle e trocar com ele é impossivel já que ele fica invisivel impossibilitando você de dar AA nele. (Recomendo lente de oraculo level 1 e comprar bastante pinks)”
Guia de Udyr - O Poder do Uga by TimRhabey | Udyr Player
drmcbride says “Very hard to deal with boxes to trap you and kill you fast without you being able to sustain a fight.”
Warwick guide from god by drmcbride | Warwick Player
Hide on Nidalee says “Really hard match, if he gets ahead its over for you. Warding his jungle is a very good idea and just pay atention to do counterganks”
10.14 jungle Nidalee guide by Hide on Nidalee | Nidalee Player
Fresh Diamond says “If he brings ignite, do watch for invades and try to avoid him at least until level 3 or 4. Otherwise, its pretty much in your favor. He's clone and boxes' fear can be annoying or even deadly if a fight, so avoid fighting in the jungle or in compact areas”
[10.13] Diamond|Best Warwick Build| Season 10 by Fresh Diamond | Warwick Player
Esparleo says “He counters very well xin zhao, when he makes counter jungle on you”
HIgh Damage Xin Zhao Diamond by Esparleo | Xin Zhao Player
DarkPit59 says “A la façon de Udyr, Shaco est imprévisible et peut effectuer sa jungle -et la vôtre- dans un ordre qui lui importe peu. Il peut ruiner votre early, faire des ganks niveau 2, ou encore vous voler vos buffs.”
[FR] [8.19] Monter avec Evelynn (rev. 10.13) by DarkPit59 | Evelynn Player
Hawary says “take care early and he won't be such a threat to you or ur team”
[10.12] Elise jungle guide 101 ! by Hawary | Elise Player
RZEMgub9r says “Ganks runes Can invade you very easily, protect yourself with pinks”
[10.12] Morgana Jungle by RZEMgub9r | Morgana Player
SlaughterSong02 says “Q and Ult make him hard to kill, be careful not to get counter-killed.”
Kha'Zix Jungle Guide by SlaughterSong02 | Kha'Zix Player
Otos says “I personally dont like to play against Shaco, because if he uses copy right u cant land E on him. But Elise can ez win 1v1 against Shaco pre6”
[10.12] Free LP with Elise by Otos | Elise Player
Strikethru says “Hard to target and has annoying CC, just make sure you don't kill the clone and you're good.”
Shazamumu by Strikethru | Amumu Player
Flux31 says “Just a bad match up over all. He's a scarier Evelynn. But with the proper team he can be dealt with.”
Warwick Guide For Beginners by Flux31 | Warwick Player
Vazo says “Graves AoE damage counters Shaco's ultimate.”
Season 10 Graves JG Guide by Vazo by Vazo | Graves Player
WickedPoppet says “I personally have never had any issues with shaco. It just depends on fed he gets off your lanes. If he looks to get fed off you, just walk away from where he places his box and start to drain him. Its not the hardest fight.”
Fiddlesticks Guide by WickedPoppet | Fiddlesticks Player
LightBright9213 says “SCREW THIS CHAMP. Careful of his invades as he can duel you as he takes ignite. Always have your jungle warded!”
[10.11] LB's Guide to The Boss (W.I.P) by LightBright9213 | Sett Player
Kexx97 says “Harder one, has lots of damage and unkillable with his R and Q.”
[Patch 10.11] Best guide for Nidalee by Kexx97 | Nidalee Player
J4ck1902 says “He is so annoying as hell. Just watch out for his counterjungleling. He can do this always, so buy an Oracle as fast a possible.”
Play Kha'Zix like a real killerbug|by J4ck by J4ck1902 | Kha'Zix Player
gurubashi35 says “If he brings ignite, he may try to invade you so pick up an early sweeper. His kits makes it difficult to 1v1 him so ignoring him works out pretty well.”
[Patch 10.10] | In-Depth Warwick Jungle Guide by gurubashi35 | Warwick Player
SavageFy says “Shaco has early game mobility and clear time, but the damage lacks. If they do invade, majority of the time I'm able to just walk away from enemy Shaco junglers.”
Multiple Amumu Jungle Builds by SavageFy by SavageFy | Amumu Player
Loggit says “Wins 1v1s and has a ton of objective pressure.”
Ionia King says “Be wary of him while farming in your jungle, keep your bushes warded so you don't get surprised by a jack in the box > shiv in the back.”
[10.10] The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun by Ionia King | Warwick Player
Sorrowful Prince says “His boxes are a hard counter to your engage. His early is insane as well so don't get counterganked. Get deep vision on his camps and keep an eye on him. Ping your team what he is doing. If he snowballs hope for minute 30 when Gandalf will arrive with scaling. Don't flip Herald against this guy.”
Crazy Fly Camille Jungle by Sorrowful Prince | Camille Player
DONTPICKYITOP says “If you play against him buy Oracle he can easily kill you when he is building ap damage”
Jhanthem says “Can be really annoying if they are really good, use pinks and sweeper efficiently and he should fall off soon enough if you don't feed.”
John Dyr Classic, Breachin to Gold by Jhanthem | Udyr Player
racecarx says “Very annoying for Vi in the early game. If shaco takes your red/blue buff early, then kills you because of it, you are very likely to get shut down for a substantial part of the game.”
[10.10] VIctory in Piltover by racecarx | Vi Player
TheDarkLight says “Can burst you from invisibility and you can't really stop him pre-6. It's easy to beat him mid-game though.”
Seducing The Enemy by TheDarkLight | Evelynn Player
Ehxakt says “Can invade you and is always where u are. I hate shaco player. Just ignore him in teamfight. You´ll be fine when u reach 15th minute or something like that.”
[10.9] Platin Zac Main Guide In-Depth by Ehxakt | Zac Player
TrevorJayce says “This is highly dependent on the Shaco player's skill. If you're fighting some random Shaco, you'll have hardly any issue fighting them apart from some annoying clone 1v2s. If you're fighting Pinkward, you'll be questioning your sanity both during and after the match. Hold your second W for the box fear or the clone death fear and you should win.”
Trevor Jayce's Rengar Guide by TrevorJayce | Rengar Player
Sismanski says “Shaco also is one of the majorly annoying Champs to face against. If he is played well, his Boxes which fear will also mess with your flow. Even Oracle isn't much help, because you will dash in a lot from outer vision range.”
[ARAM] New Tank Meta by Sismanski | Wukong Player
Dannala says “LANE: This is more of a 2-3 threat level. Simple lane, avoid the bushes, if you have enough damage to one shot his boxes with your HW you can place it down and run into it for quick clearing. You can do great burst and poking on him as well. JUNGLE: THIS IS A SOLID 5. He will invade you a lot, with his boxes you will run low on escape routes and his potential to chain CC you will cause you to be unable to properly combo him. LATE: MORE A 4. He loses power in map pressure but he can still invade you and easily steal objectives like Dragon and Baron without putting himself in danger. 1v1 he's weak but with his boxes and kiting/baiting potential he's a threat to be respected.”
Elise In Depth All Around Guide by Dannala | Elise Player
Nico449c says “Be aware of hes ignite he usually got you can win the fight even tho if you hit your e on him and burst him down + you gotta avoid hes boxes. Ganking can be tricky tho either try to predict him and countergank hes really weak early so you should be able to win counter ganks.”
jsmolik says “Easily escapes any fight whenever he wants. His ulti is also irritating. But the good thing is that his camp clearing is slower than most junglers and he can't one-shot. Shouldn't be much of a problem for you to play against, even during his ulti, just don't chase him. Or focus him. But get oracle lens asap. ”
amumu 75 % winrate , easy stomp by jsmolik | Amumu Player
Ryttar says “Very annoying, will counter jungle you, try to get your team to protect you or you'll have a very difficult game. ”
Carry your fights Fiddlestick Jungle by Ryttar | Fiddlesticks Player
AsarWeth says “Very Difficult to cait him”
Kindred ☯ Bring Death to The Rift 『JG & Lane』 by AsarWeth | Kindred Player
Nanfaza says “His boxes will make you run away from him. I suggest buying QSS so you can cut him down.”
10.7 Master Yi jungle Guide by Nanfaza by Nanfaza | Master Yi Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Shaco is a very strong champion, but usually won't be invading you a lot early on. Mostly Shaco will be focusing on getting of some early ganks to snowball. Good vision control is key against this champion.”
Kaji's Reworked Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying in S10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Shaco is a very strong champion, but usually won't be invading you a lot early on. Mostly Shaco will be focusing on getting of some early ganks to snowball. Good vision control is key against this champion.”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Shaco is a very strong champion, but usually won't be invading you a lot early on. Mostly Shaco will be focusing on getting of some early ganks to snowball. Good vision control is key against this champion.”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
Sanhulks says “CHAMPION MATCH UP. WARWICK 48 % WR VS ✅SHACO 52 % WR✅”
EdgyBoiKayn says “If he is jungle, just buy Oracle Lens and before fight, check every bush next to you with it. If he is top, You propably can't gank him.”
guide for Kayn right from main by EdgyBoiKayn | Kayn Player
briguy1109 says “Probably worth banning, and honestly one of the most annoying champions for Yi to play against. 1. Whenever you fight him, he will use his Q, a flash combined with invisibility, preventing you from using abilities on him. 2. His boxes will fear you, and if in highlander, you will run halfway across the map. 3. Although in a 1v1 scenario it is not difficult to tell the clone from the real one, you will NEVER be able to count on all 5 teammates to do the same. Win Condition: Ban or Fight him after he has used his Q and R. ”
Yi 10.8 Build, Matchups, and Synergies by briguy1109 | Master Yi Player
66lew says “Shaco will q into you so laning position is important . Shaco will continually harass TF because it is easy to do so. Once stuck with shaco who attacks there is mo time to react and dead because he will attack have Tf dead quickly”
Twister of Fate in all position [theory] by 66lew | Twisted Fate Player
Gisbert12843 says “is invis and can distract you from charming”
EVE on Fire by Gisbert12843 | Evelynn Player
Prosie Plomera says “If u play vs good shaco main u will have a big problem”
My own Lee sin hot build ;D by Prosie Plomera | Lee Sin Player
Split King says “Same as Evelynn, this guy cannot engage or disengage without you knowing his exact location at all times. ”
Split King: THE Rek'sai Guide by Split King | Rek'Sai Player
Daedralus says “You can see him when he is invisible, you can latch on to him when he jumps away, you can reduce his burst, and you can entirely shut him down with your ult. Play smart, avoid boxes and killing clones (even though the clone will give you a decent heal if you Q it) and you will be fine.”
[S10] Hybrid AP Warwick [One-Shots + Full Heals Mid/Top/Jung by Daedralus | Warwick Player
NegativeSe7en says “Apesar de chato, shaco é fraco antes do level 6, e se estiver sem ignite, mais ainda, use o seu W quando estiver stackado para sair do terror das caixinhas”
Rengar Jungler BR Build 1Kk de maestria porém Gold by NegativeSe7en | Rengar Player
The Top Bear says “Shaco can be real difficult to counterjungle, and can shut you down real quick. It is better just to farm up and gank lanes than to invade this guy. Oh, and BUY PINKS!”
I Will Guide You - Extensive Guide to Nida in EVERY ROLE by The Top Bear | Nidalee Player
RaptorDre says “He is very annoying since he can W and cancel your E with the fear, do his combo and then disengage with Q. He can do this over and over. ”
Weight Watchers Guide on Gragas by RaptorDre | Gragas Player
RaptorDre says “He is very annoying since he can W and cancel your E with the fear, do his combo and then disengage with Q. He can do this over and over. ”
Weight Watchers Guide on Gragas by RaptorDre | Gragas Player
RaptorDre says “He is very annoying since he can W and cancel your E with the fear, do his combo and then disengage with Q. He can do this over and over. ”
Weight Watchers Guide on Gragas by RaptorDre | Gragas Player
exezidiot says “very complicated because of the boxes and his Q, Also the ignite”
[Korean Lee Sin] MID/JG/TOP by exezidiot | Lee Sin Player
SpecterZX says “Incredibly annoying! Mostly a skill matchup,if he gets fed you lose,but if you get fed he loses...”
1v9 Sett Jungle Guide by SpecterZX by SpecterZX | Sett Player
iMGyurukuN says “This freak would also make you play yourself.”
A Kin Dread by iMGyurukuN | Kindred Player
Kekwarim says “Extremely annoying champion to deal with post 6. Always be ready to use oracle/ w to see where he qs when fighting him. Try to bait out his ult and fight him when his r is on cooldown.”
Tinjus says “WARNING - THIS CHAMPION IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING. The amount of times a Shaco has stolen my buffs is too many to count. He can stop your isolation damage with his ult and can assassinate you if he gets the jump on you. Ward your jungle often and try to know his position at all times. Take your buffs as soon as they come up, because you are likely to lose one of them on your first clear depending on where he starts”
Tinjus' Ultimate Kha'Zix Jungle Guide for Season 10 by Tinjus | Kha'Zix Player
EG Vanquish says “A good shaco will definitely destroy you, he can Q your Q and your ult is also useless when he uses his to counter it.”
Fist your way to diamond with VI by EG Vanquish | Vi Player
SirEdgeLordYi says “Playing against Shaco is alright, just watch out for invades and counter ganks when he is on the enemy side.”
EVElution says “be aware of counterjungling”
You know you want me by EVElution | Evelynn Player
OGPOTATOJEFFSHACO says “dont go AP no matter what.One lifesteal item counters ”
Unawesomeness says “Really easy, just e as often as you can so you can see him, and when that wears off q and he can't escape and he can't do enough damage.”
Lee Sin-Jungleborn by Unawesomeness | Lee Sin Player
cutmeh says “Invasion and cheese is always annoying as it delays and stuffs up your farm efficiency. Bad shacos give freelo, good shacos are bleh. Overall, he is generally squishy and is revealed from stealth with Thrill of the hunt. Sweepers= Rip”
[10.2] Assassination by cutmeh | Rengar Player
probr859 says “As Fiddle the fear is the problem here. Como Fiddle, o medo é o problema aqui.”
[10.2] PROBR's Master Yi ProBuilds [En-PT-BR] by probr859 | Master Yi Player
ElBelmo says “Shaco can and is able to deal more damage in a 1 vs 1 , with his traps gotta be carefull”
Master/Dia Perma CC TRAIN GUIDE by "ElBelmo" 10.2 by ElBelmo | Nunu & Willump Player
ElBelmo says “Able to dodge your E + Q combo and is able to deal more damage in a 1 vs 1 , with his traps gotta be carefull ”
ElBelmo says “Able to dodge your E + Q combo and is able to deal more damage in a 1 vs 1 , with his traps gotta be carefull ”
Luthy2278 says “His clones makes it very hard for an YI to kill him. It happend to me many times to Q the clone and waste alot of damage auto attacking the clone while the real shaco was actually behind killing me. Alot of fears and if he fears you in your ult, you are pretty much long gone. Its very funny to see and ulting Yi running away at 350km/h.”
WUJU STYLE | A GUIDE TO 1V9 WITH MASTER YI by Luthy2278 | Master Yi Player
0kruemlmonster says “If he's good, he'll invade you, set his traps, surprise you and destroy you. Don't chase him, you'll probably run through his traps. Bad at teamfighting and falls off late game.”
[s10] a Master Yi Jungle Guide by 0kruemlmonster | Master Yi Player
eastya says “Stay burrowed and ping where he is so your team is aware of his presence on the map.”
THE ONLY REK'SAI GUIDE YOU NEED by eastya | Rek'Sai Player
KingStix says “Brand's ult will bounce off of Shaco's clones and his burn will shimmer reveal Shaco while he is invisible.”
S10 Brand Jungle Guide - Challenger - KingStix by KingStix | Brand Player
Scooltefan says “There was a time when i permabanned Shaco. Then I utilized Macro-play and my massive Damage to teach any Shaco wrong that thought he can counterpick me or steal my Redbuff.”
[S10] The only Guide you´ll need. S10 Build +Tips. free LP! by Scooltefan | Master Yi Player
jaybae says “Very annoying jungle matchup. His q allows him to dodge ur e quite effectively and he also has his boxes which can block your e from landing. Shaco junglers also usually take ignite which gives them a very powerful kill pressure early game.”
TheDrKlord says “He's pretty annoying to play against, he will invade you and win most trades, focus on farming and contesting objectives before him.”
HackedAccountlol says “(not enough games played against him to know the matchup)”
Kayn Jungle by HackedAccountlol | Kayn Player
TheAfterShock200 says “This champion can fear you multiple times in a row, also he can go invis allowing you, not to ult him.”
Kayn Guide for Starters by TheAfterShock200 | Kayn Player
Stiers0muLLa says “This fcker is actually not a big threat he can only go invisible wich is fkin broken so you cant kill him and he will go full crit on ya and you can stay in base to make sure he cant be takin easy kills”
El truc nocturne free elo build by Stiers0muLLa | Nocturne Player
Simphoria says “More of a pain than anything. He will often try to take your buff so be aware of that. He can clear fast and gank often. Likes to do drag at lvl 6 and often times will split push as the game progresses. His deceive can follow your Q so be careful about getting too close to him, but unless he's fed he won't usually kill us. Late game, be confident in your engages and engage often. ”
The Complete Sejuani Guide by Simphoria | Sejuani Player
Helbindi says “When you have AP Shaco as a enemy, then you are R.I.P. He will one shot you with all abilities.”
Helbindis Nocturne life steal Guide by Helbindi | Nocturne Player
Fyurex says “Shaco will in lots of cases try to invade early and steal your red. Make your team guard it for you to make sure he doesn't get it. Also you shouldn't use your ult if he has ult. because he can cancel it and then your ult will go to a waste. In teamfights just try to use your Q on him when he tries to assassinate your carry.”
[9.24] Talk $hit get hit by Fyurex | Vi Player
LFS_aXent says “A surprisingly difficult match-up. Shaco relies on box fear to back stab, so sweeping lens and at least two control wards at all time to beat this guy. I would even say consider a duskblade against him to deactivate his boxes. Make sure your laner wards your opposite buff so he doesn't steal.”
VTEC Jhin [UPDATED] by LFS_aXent | Jhin Player
KillrBNS says “Could be a problem, ignore him and get fed”
Wuju is strong in you by KillrBNS | Master Yi Player
Lyieru says “Shaco isn't a big threat against you, you have all the weapons that you need to fight him. You can use your ultimate to deceive him and can use your W to clean the boxes and isolate him. Also, you can build Tiamat for the boxes too”
Kha'Zix FTW 2K20 S10 by Lyieru | Kha'Zix Player
mastaYeeIsNeet says “just cancer, permaban this clown or rammus”
Master Yi is Very Neat by mastaYeeIsNeet | Master Yi Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Buy pink wards and be careful when roaming between camps and ganking lanes. Not very difficult.”
[9.23] The Dragon's Den - Shyvana Jungle Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Shyvana Player
Laverenz says “Evelynn and shaco are equally big counters. Counterjungle aswell as being able to escape”
[Former Rank 10 Skarner World] Atomizing Faces! (9.23) by Laverenz | Skarner Player
today ill feed enemy team says “If he is good, you will cry of disgusting and question the sense of living. Against him use your pinks in your own jungle and use oracle lens.”
The WIP Godyr Low Elo Guide [TOP AND JG] by today ill feed enemy team | Udyr Player
Roarus says “All Early Game junglers are extreme dangerous for Morde. If he gets killed early he will be bellow all match. Take care.”
Mordekaiser in the jungle by Roarus | Mordekaiser Player
Hugeli says “Both have invisible so he sees u but u cant see him. With twitch i think Shaco is the worst to play against. Just buy wards and farm safe in ur own jg.”
TWITCH JUNGLE FREELO by Hugeli | Twitch Player
Ninurt4727 says “This champ should not even be in the game just ff 15 if hes in game”
Never go to bot lane jng ekko guide by Ninurt4727 | Ekko Player
Japieapie says “Shaco is prone to counter jungle. This makes him a big threat, because Zac is able to maintain in jungle with very low health early game. Encountering a shaco when you are low and low level could end up in a death.”
Zac jungle|Not Just A CC-Bot|Brawler Zac by Japieapie | Zac Player
VapoSK says “Shaco is a menace for you his R can block your E and he plays with ignite making 1 vs 1 harder to win. Catch him off guard with stun to win this matchup.”
Cocoon Class Destroyer [S10] 9.23 by VapoSK | Elise Player
liteon132 says “If he gets the jump on you, or he lures you into his boxes you lose early on.”
Rengar Jungle Preseason by liteon132 | Rengar Player
GROFITEER says “AP breaks this build, even with all of your damage. avoid AP.”
Rammus but he hit twice [8.24] by GROFITEER | Rammus Player
G2 Ryan says “His W is annoying so buy some pinkwards, don't invade without sight. If He goes AP you don't stand a chance if you build Armor.”
Yi Build Preseason 10 by G2 Ryan | Master Yi Player
Foodex2000 says “Should be banned.His Q and Ult is really sade and CC.”
Ultimate Guide to Master Yi Jungle by Foodex2000 | Master Yi Player
XiCCed01 says “Shaco's fear and slow works aginst Poppy and can be the end of her in team fights ”
wall smasher jungler poppy by XiCCed01 | Poppy Player
mmaattxx says “Klon wyłącza izolacje i gra z podpaleniem.”
Kha'Zix 9.23 EUNE PL by mmaattxx | Kha'Zix Player
Dmitr says “Care for invades! Try to invade HIM! You can only kill him when his Q is down. If it's up, just don't try. He will just run away and you'll lose alot of time.”
Jerbiii says “I find playing against shaco annoying. He might try to invade you early to delay your powerspike. Fighting against him sucks too because of his boxes that you might run in to. In teamfights Shaco can fuck you up with one box if you have your ult on because i'll go to waste and you might just run into the enemy team while being feared. Qss is very good item against him.”
Jerbi's Master Yi Guide [Jungle/top] by Jerbiii | Master Yi Player
Froozenn says “Just ban this stupid clown. If he is good, you might suffer. ”
Kha'zix runes, build and some few counters. by Froozenn | Kha'Zix Player
EdrinD says “I just hate shaco so much his Wand Q are annoying as hell. U can kill him easily almost anytime (until u are far behind).”
Master Yi Jungle Carry by EdrinD | Master Yi Player
Bergio says “Watch out for his boxes when playing Shadow Assassin, they can ruin you when trying to flank.”
The Weak Fear the Shadows (In Depth Kayn Guide) by Bergio | Kayn Player
CryAwake says “Hard to catch easy to burst down.”
Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth) by CryAwake | Poppy Player
Her0mars says “Gimmicky, cheesy champ who can only carry if he stomps early and your team has bad judgement and awareness. overall easy if no one is dumb and pushes way up.”
Her0mars's Diamond Zac Jungle Guide by Her0mars | Zac Player
Hamstertamer says “50/50 matchup, the better cheeselord wins.”
Hamster's guide to Twitch jungle by Hamstertamer | Twitch Player
Rafamantis says “Fast jungler, can easy counter you. Ban him if you wanna be save.”
Rafamantis Karthus Jungle - by Rafamantis | Karthus Player
TeamLBS DominCZ says “After buff, you dont want to jungle with him.”
[9.21] The Swift Gunner! by TeamLBS DominCZ | Graves Player
VND HiGe says “He easily can counter your ass in jungle.”
RiffingtonX says “His fear has a long duration so watch put for his clone and boxes”
JAX 1V9 CARRY BUILD by RiffingtonX | Jax Player
sNenSss says “Shaco has a lot of outplay potential, but if you catch him wihtout boxes in the range you kill him.”
[S 9.20] One shot Rengo ;) by sNenSss | Rengar Player
Pyyotr says “very strong after the buff”
Trundle : objective destroyer by Pyyotr | Trundle Player
Jadiac5 says “His boxes can see trough your camouflage and activate when you come near them so be carefull. Also Shaco almost uses his Q everytime when you have the W fully loaded, even if you hit him when he is invisible, it wont make him visible and the charm will be over when he is visible again. Would be a ban if not for rengar.”
The Back To Spawn Edition by Jadiac5 | Evelynn Player
Theleon says “His counter jungle is very strong, it will be hard to gather darkharvest souls and generally you should ban shaco if you are not used to him. ”
Yi Jungle [S9] by Theleon | Master Yi Player
metalhydra273 says “Shaco has a hard time killing you. Can't say the same vice versa. Don't fall for his tricks and this one should be easy.”
I miss my playerbase [Patch 9.15 Jungle] Master rank guide by metalhydra273 | Skarner Player
N4m3n2l02 says “He can 1 vs 1 you so try to take him out in early and buy mercurys.”
Pantheon Jungle Guide by N4m3n2l02 | Pantheon Player
EvelynnGuides4U says “Very annoying. Can kill you easily and simply escape your combos.”
Intello says “This guy. When playing against him it's a guaranteed invade against you. Like Khazix, keep wards up at all times. You can keep him off with your EW if he does invade. Shaco's usually go Ignite/Smite. If you manage to root him after he goes in on you, you might survive.”
[9.16] - Ryze Jg - Fear the Tall Smurf by Intello | Ryze Player
EvilOranges says “It depends. A good Shaco kills you within a second, steals all your camps, and ganks all lanes. A bad Shaco gives you free kills. Don't overthink it, counter his mind games with yours, and you should win.”
Fear The Void - 9.15 In-Depth Kha'Zix Guide by EvilOranges | Kha'Zix Player
The Jhin Cena says “Ward up your jungle because Shaco can potentially counter jungle you which is a big weakness for Amumu. In 1v1s, save your Ult for when he uses his so you can destroy both Shacos. otherwise W > Q > E.”
AP/Health Jungle Amumu: In Depth Guide by The Jhin Cena | Amumu Player
RenPenGlen says “Also very good at taking your marks and going invisible when you try to kill him.”
Kindred in the Jungle (Patch 9.15) by RenPenGlen | Kindred Player
fetlol says “Shaco is just annoying... don't get involved with this guy as Kha'Zix.”
fet's Guide to Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver by fetlol | Kha'Zix Player
Bombabo says “This little dipshit will counterjungle you to the point of irrelevance, and can make the first move on you with his Q. If he shows himself, burst him down as fast as you can ”
Embracing The Thot by Bombabo | Evelynn Player
TheLord110 says “can be hard to play against. save your Q to open a distance between you and him. always take relentless hunter against him. don't go for marks without help.”
the best Kindred guide ever by TheLord110 | Kindred Player
Killerbacca10 says “You out duel him out gank him. Just dumpster him. Nothing he can do even if he gets fed.”
Nunu and Willump/How to be an unstoppable threat! by Killerbacca10 | Nunu & Willump Player
SacrificeL9 says “Shaco is an EXTREME threath to this build because in this current patch if he gets all these items together u actually break the game.”
Shacristeal [9.14] [9.15] by SacrificeL9 | Shaco Player
Tonga Ragnar says “Skill matchup. Try to invade him, but be care about the boxes and the fear. With R be care, he can kill you/bait you easily.”
Does Master Yi abuse on jungle? With this you are GOD by Tonga Ragnar | Master Yi Player
Chosokabe says “Ok. So. If there's a Shaco you want Oracles first instead of the regular ward. DON'T WALK INTO THE BUSHES. If he's not hitting you and running back somewhere, don't chase blindly.”
Season 9 Theorycrafting for Low Elo Jungle Yis by Chosokabe | Master Yi Player
HAMMERSLAYER says “A cheesy pick that will never play in the same way the same the last Shaco did, honestly nothing more to say, if you are good enough at jungle you can still predict his moves. (Also be prepared for jungleganks and protect your first blue/red).”
LixoPanado says “You won't enjoy going against him, but he wont either, try to clean his jungle while he tries to most likely gank level 2.”
Nunu&Willump Jungle | Super Tank [9.13] by LixoPanado | Nunu & Willump Player
Jungle Kings Rage says “Crit Build 1 Shot Him He Cant Do Anything GGEZ. Watch Out For His Clones Though.”
In Depth Solo Carry Penta Yi Guide S9!(Updating Soon) by Jungle Kings Rage | Master Yi Player
CiriuxGamerLT says “The invades from him are lethal and its soo hard to fight him”
How To play Evelynn Like A Boss by CiriuxGamerLT | Evelynn Player
SovietBear says “You don't have to worry about him a lot, but still keep an eye on him if you ever got matched with one.”
Master Yi Jungle 9.13 Build (Low Elo) by SovietBear | Master Yi Player
WorstEkkoEUNE says “Care about ur red or an early invade in ur jungle... He will fear u and probbly electrocute u...”
Ekko Jungle S9 - Time Can Carry by WorstEkkoEUNE | Ekko Player
FupiDupi says “He takes ignite just to make things worse :) Luckily Shaco players are usually one tricks and so are less common. If you do run into one, ward often in the early game and expect to be invaded”
Lights Out! | EVELYNN Guide for Season 9 by FupiDupi | Evelynn Player
lolWillieP says “This matchup all depends on how good the Shaco is. You should be able to beat a bad shaco easily”
[9.12] WillieP's Challenger Udyr Guide by lolWillieP | Udyr Player
NightmareBug says “Shaco is a strong assassin who counters Kha zix because of his Q stealth makes him hard to kill and his R removes your isolation damage”
Kha'Zix Jungle Guide | Free Wins by NightmareBug | Kha'Zix Player
Anathema49 says “This is a skill matchup and his mindgames can be very annoying if shaco player is good. avoid facecheking bushes and harass your team into constantly warding your jungle. teamwork and vision beat shaco. shaco players are virgins”
Evelynn guide (below diamond) by Anathema49 | Evelynn Player
NightmareBug says “Shaco has a lot of outplay potential, but if you catch him wihtout boxes in the range you kill him.”
Rengar Jungle Guide | RENGOD 1v9 by NightmareBug | Rengar Player
Puppeteer_TH says “For both AP and AD, Shaco is one of an annoying champion to play against. He's quite good in mobility and CC since Jack In The Box (W) and Hallucinate (R) can apply CC and damage at the same time. Also Deceive (Q) can help him escape from the battle or backstab you easily.”
[Off meta] The survival kit by Puppeteer_TH | Yasuo Player
Hidenburg says “Shaco pode pegar qualquer um de surpresa, mas se você for paciente consegue virar facil uma luta contra ele em qualquer lugar usando o seu Q acertando o Shaco e seu clone ou uma de suas caixas, isso o deixa em uma tremenda desvantagem, mas essa só é uma opção caso você esteja vivo”
franckenstien says “ulting one of his clones and thinking you killed him is the worst. make sure you dont engage him with an ult.”
Crit mega VI by franckenstien | Vi Player
RammusOneTrick says “just werry good at escaping”
Just exist, clear and gank, A full Rammus guide 9.11 by RammusOneTrick | Rammus Player
RasenderFalke1.3 says “The Box Fear counters you hard. ”
Master Yi Stomp Build by RasenderFalke1.3 | Master Yi Player
GinWinsky says “Piece of cake. Annoying but doable. He's only strong against you if he's got electrocute and is fed. Anyway, rush Tabi and Thornmail ASAP.”
[Updated] Malphite Jungle, a forgotten god. by GinWinsky | Malphite Player
DreamyGFX says “too op, he goes invis u can get him then he kills u”
Kha'Zix jungle | Never lose, Always win by DreamyGFX | Kha'Zix Player
bluejaypig says “He can cheese really hard, watch out for the level 2 invades and you'll be fine. His fear is also really annoying to deal with, meditate his combo and it should be really easy.”
[9.9] Master Yi CRIT Jungle Carry Build (Season 9) by bluejaypig | Master Yi Player
Deltix31 says “Ses boites bloquent votre Q et il peut vous tuer assez facilement si il vous prend par surprise, évitez d'être prévisible et outsmartez le.”
[FR] 700k Points Vi Diamond Guide by Deltix31 | Vi Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “Shouldn't represent a problem if you see throught his shenanigans”
[9.9] Master Yi not so in deep guide by LuxIsMyCrush | Master Yi Player
Bielu1337 says “He's very squishy, if he used R before just go all-in. Don't let him to catch you in jungle, just click Q.”
[S9] Lux Jungle works by Bielu1337 | Lux Player
Jozle says “LeagueSpy says he is pretty dangerous against Amumu so I trust them.”
nZk01 says “The Shaco should've dodged.”
[9.8] Tahm Kench Jungle Guide - Unbench the Kench by nZk01 | Tahm Kench Player
AbominableBear says “Can invade your jungle constantly and make you fall behind, if he doesn't, you outscale him.”
Trample Their Bones - Hecarim One Shot Jungle [9.8] by AbominableBear | Hecarim Player
WujuBladesman says “such a cheese pick for master yi, annoying fear/s, i recommend you to buy wards and lens to counter his invade/s.”
Master Yi The Wuju Bladesman by WujuBladesman | Master Yi Player
IIIIIIIIII says “Annoying champion with ignite he tends to win early fights because he has ignite ”
ArthurCaron says “Annoying boxes, strong damage even in early and a invade potential. Buy a QSS, ward the jungle and wait for the late.”
The Ultimate Master Yi Guide to Jungle by ArthurCaron by ArthurCaron | Master Yi Player
WiskeyANDGin says “a good shaco is an unkillable one,u wont be able to do anything, the jungle faze is a truly pain, try avoiding counterjungling him,ward your jg and do safe ganks”
Kayn builds by WiskeyANDGin | Kayn Player
nZk01 says “Shaco is a very tricky Matchup as he can just Q away. Take Oracle Lens against him and get River Control and wards in your Jungle.”
[9.7] Udyr Jungle - 1v9 Godyr by nZk01 | Udyr Player
xTheUnlimited says “Annoying matchup. Shaco is famous for his invades, so these are the things you really have to watch out for. If he is playing with ignite, what he will do most likely, you should just give your buff up if he shows up. He is to powerful to 1v1 him. To predict his engages is also pretty hard due to his invisibility from his Q. Just protect your carries against him and CC as fast as possible after he shows up.”
[9.6] Sejuani Jungle - We fight while cowards talk ! by xTheUnlimited | Sejuani Player
Yuki Nagato says “Fucks Kha'Zix because of his R, it removes isolation because of his clone and his Q stealth is hard to play around.”
Kha'Zix Guide | Change... is good. by Yuki Nagato | Kha'Zix Player
ApexZulu says “Shaco shouldn't be able to beat you early, and you can comfortably 1v1 him in the river early. Counter jungling is possible, however I would recommend tracking and counter ganking. ”
AD Trundle Jg by ApexZulu | Trundle Player
craY13 says “He is just annoying as hell. He will counter jungle you as much as possible. If he does so and you can track him in your jungle try to counter jungle as well. If you survive the burst damage you can fight him.”
drunken hunter says “Shaco is hard to trade if you play against him top. He can use his (Q) as flash, he can trade you easy but you can do the early kill, play safer til late game or wait for a gank, if shaco pushes hard when your gank comes, instantly after shaco used his (Q) use your ult to counter that. You can also buy Oracle Alteration to win trades.”
[S 9.4] Jumping Kitten Top and Jungle - NEW Top/Jgl Build! by drunken hunter | Rengar Player
PenguinOnStick says “Shaco is kind off hard to play against since he has a lot of cc and does all his burst in the beginning so you might not be able to react. Its annoying in late game since his W will cc you pretty hard.”
Who want's a piece of the Jax! [EASY EXPLAINED] by PenguinOnStick | Jax Player
MaRtOOOOOOOOOOO says “Probably the mos annoying champion to deal with thank god he isn't meta. 100% of the shaco players take ignite instead of flash and due to his annoying kit you 100% lose 1v1s. He will try invading you so ward your jungle and when you spot him try making a play on the oposing side of the map if possible but don't force it if you can't make it its good to just counter jungle him. Most of the players in low elo don't ward that much so shaco can snowball very hard. I will recommend you banning him and if not just pray for him not being against you.”
(9.4) How to dominate with Vi (by Vi OTP) by MaRtOOOOOOOOOOO | Vi Player
ChazarPL says “Watch out for invades (especially at his level 2). if you start a trade at level, you can smite him with your red smite, so if he use his R (Hallucinate) you can know who is the real.”
[9.4] Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman Jungle Guide by ChazarPL | Master Yi Player
OmnimX says “Kind of a pain, but has only burst. Survive it, or get the jump on him.”
Evelynn: The Taste Of Their Pain (In-Depth) by OmnimX | Evelynn Player
ElementressX says “Shaco is fairly easy to fight. Although try not to get baited by him. He can dodge your q with his and cancel your r with his.”
Top/Jung Don't call me Fathands by ElementressX | Vi Player
Rainbow6Six says “you can win against him in any fight, beware of his boxxes. you can't run through them like olaf and he can counter you with that. In short, make sure you have vision of where his boxxes are”
The Dyr by Rainbow6Six | Udyr Player
smokeyxde says “This is the champion that I ban. Shaco is the worst matchup for Amumu. His clones will trick you, and his small dolls fear you, so you won't stand a chance to him.”
Best way to use Amumu jungle! by smokeyxde | Amumu Player
Iced IMP says “Start at the opposite buff than normal so that he will so he can't meet you there.”
Dynamic Duo of Death 9.2 by Iced IMP | Kindred Player
NDarKnight says “(49.7% in early jg) 48% in game”
[9.2] Warwick jungle god guide by NDarKnight by NDarKnight | Warwick Player
Violzandre says “Be careful with him in early, that's all, use your wards and farm to get the advantage, after that you can easily fight him, escape if he use his R and it's too difficult to win, and don't fight without a pink or something to desactivate his boxes.”
[8.24] My Dear High Damage Shyvana (Irregular playing style) by Violzandre | Shyvana Player
Predated01 says “This champ just gives me a tumor I ban him every game because Shaco players shouldn't be allowed to play this game :). You can catch him doing jungle camps since he uses his abilities + use your traps well to see him. Sweeper also helps.”
Season 9 Diamond Nidalee Guide by Predated01 | Nidalee Player
LordTamaki says “Avoid early, win late. If he contests you pre 6 you might just have to give if he is running ignite. ”
The final caress by LordTamaki | Evelynn Player
Yasuo Comunica says “He's quite strong atm and mostly played by only Mains. Try to get him early game its a snowball heavy matchup ”
Rengar Jumping Oneshot [JG][S9] by Yasuo Comunica | Rengar Player
RyukoMei says “Strenght early vs Evelynn”
The sexy explosion by RyukoMei | Evelynn Player
Rick789 says “You can't trade with Assassins or fighters in early game, but you can counter them late game”
Amumu tank is BORING by Rick789 | Amumu Player
Loul_60 says “Shaco is a tough matchup and is a typically strong jungler currently, Shaco is worth banning a lot of the time, especially if he is free to play. If you do get matched against him, do you best to play passively early and outfarm him (which as Kayn isn't very hard). ”
9.1 - Loul601's In-Depth Kayn Guide by Loul_60 | Kayn Player
L3gislacerator says “Be sure to ward your jungle early, and ask your laners to do the same. As an assasin, he kills squishy targets quickly, but with the armor bonus and shield that a teammate gets from Bastion, you can protect against him.”
[S9] Pink Diamond - Jungle Taric Guide by L3gislacerator | Taric Player
Razvan1ro says “He will invade you early and you cant do very much to avoid this. He beats you early. After lev 6 watch for his ult, use Tiamat when you fight with him, the clone takes more damage so you will know whos is the real one ”
Warwick JG 8.23 by Razvan1ro | Warwick Player
BlackRabbet1 says “With Shaco's ignite it makes it easy for him to kill you early on, try to ward and avoid him and he won't be a problem later ”
Guide To Becoming An Evelynn Main [Season 9] by BlackRabbet1 | Evelynn Player
GinWinsky says “Skill matchup. Dodge his box damage and shiv with your W. Use his clone to stack and buy early tabis. If you're weak, Bork+Thornmail.”
Avarkk says “Use your abilities True Sight to counter his stealth and this is one easy matchup.”
[8.24] A Competitive Guide to Lee Sin by Avarkk | Lee Sin Player
OddOwl says “This champ can be incredible hard to play against or just a minor threat. It all depends on the Shaco player. Ask your team to ward buffs/jungle entrances early game.”
4 Fun Leona Jungle Guide (8.24) by OddOwl | Leona Player
RAT 4 says “this fucking new dark harvest makes him deal even more sick damage than before, just dont ever pick twitch againts him”
ITS ME |TWITCH JUNGLE SEASON 8| by RAT 4 | Twitch Player
Chef Bgob says “Ban him... we dont need no clown counter jungling us..its already a rough clear.”
JG GP! by Chef Bgob | Gangplank Player
Exhiled says “He can cheese really hard, watch out for the level 2 invades and you'll be fine. His fear is also really annoying to deal with, meditate his combo and it should be really easy. ”
(8.24) Form before strength. [Pre-Season 9] by Exhiled | Master Yi Player
Virreboy02 says “-Can destroy your early game and easily snowball out of control. -Can burst you before you get your tanky items.”
Carrying as Amumu by Virreboy02 | Amumu Player
VincentDowel says “His boxes are scary. His invisibility is scary. He can invade your jungle easily. Ward as much as you can and place a control ward by your buffs.”
1 Super Fast Boi VS The World by VincentDowel | Hecarim Player
CactusRaids says “Cheese hard, Annoying Fear. Be Careful when invade and ward alot”
1 Shot Master Yi Guide by CactusRaids | Master Yi Player
Razvan1ro says “He can CC you and kill you to fast for you to escape”
Gank machine Hecarim by Razvan1ro | Hecarim Player
Asianfury79 says “If he is good he will invade you like there is no tomorrow and with ignite he can kill you easy in early levels and put you behind alot ”
Skate on them! FIDDLE the real way! by Asianfury79 | Fiddlesticks Player
Chef Bgob says “if he can counter jungle will set you back hard”
Season Pre IX "I must... not... fail." by Chef Bgob | Jarvan IV Player
JessGT says “He could be anywhere and can Simply Delete you and Make your Jungle path a living hell”
Poof im Gone by JessGT | Evelynn Player
0 Ganks Given says “Just try avoiding this guy, in early game you can try to duel him if he doesn't have he's Q up”
Marking and Outsmarting by 0 Ganks Given | Kindred Player
Damosus says “Shaco, more than often, if losing a fight will just Q away. You beat him post 6. Meditate his combo when he Q's and watch for invades. ”
[8.24] Master Yi Jungle guide | 1v5 split by Damosus | Master Yi Player
KonOCE says “Don't get baited by his boxes and buy a early sweeper, and pink wards”
Full Ad Assassin Hecarim by KonOCE | Hecarim Player
Morzanoth says “Shaco is a painful match-up for sej. As a tank you generally clear the jungle very slowly which means it is very easy for him to counter jungle you. Also, Shaco's invisibility is rather tough to deal with because he can kill you carries before you have time to react. If you manage to survive your first clear without any hassles look to buy a control ward and place it in one of the river brushes by your jungle entrances. They may not last very long but it will give you much needed information.”
How to play Sejuani Jungle - Taming your Bristle by Morzanoth | Sejuani Player
Stallone Cobrah says “He will invade you, in any Elo. But try to avoidhim in game and be more dangerous than him.”
Optmized Evelynn Guide - Update 8.23 by Stallone Cobrah | Evelynn Player
Warmanreaper says “He's very tricky but as long as u get bleed stacks on him you'll do fine , DUNK HIM!!”
AD Darius 8.23 Experimental by Warmanreaper | Darius Player
TheMaster1768 says “any squishy champ should be pretty easy to kill with shadow assasin form”
consistent wins with kayn escape elo-hell by TheMaster1768 | Kayn Player
Great President says “If he's playing good he'll kill you with a trap. Dont go after him. Wait for 6 and use your ultimate when he's low hp.”
Easy Win for Kitty by Great President | Rengar Player
TheSoloNinja says “Same as Sejuani, but is not tanky. Try to avoid his traps.”
Pantheon Jungle is so BROKEN! by TheSoloNinja | Pantheon Player
ChumblesProductions says “Pretty easy, if you hit your spear he dies. Use your traps in his jungle so when he hits them you know where he is. Until he gets tiamat he has a bad clear and you can kill him over and over. ”
Jungle Nidalee Guide Preseason Patch! (from a real Nidalee m by ChumblesProductions | Nidalee Player

Bottom Lane (14%) Shaco Bottom Lane Counters: 20,990 matches, 31 counter champions

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Tips Against Shaco in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Profesor APH. says “he can invisible and have dash but its one of the easiest matchups when his clone following you just snare the clone”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
QueerJunk says “His boxes are seriously annoying and can mess with your resets and ults. Makes it difficult to dash around aimlessly one shotting without consequences. ”
yers says “He will be a very annoying support to go against. However he's squishy so usually a stun can lead to him dead, and if you both are level 6 ult him before the stun runs out so that you can basically identify the true one's location and also pitch some extra damage in.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
Terrific says “You most likely win if it is not pinkward on the enemy team. A Shaco support in my eyes is a troll pick because no one plays Shaco correctly. Care for bushes cuz it will have Shaco box in it. And care for his clone cuz he's most likely AP.”
Eccentricks says “Geez, Shaco support is uncommon now due to his Jungle buffs, but it still exists and is still deadly. Be sure to get your support to buy a sweeper like you would with Teemo to seek out the boxes. If they refuse to get the sweeper, do it yourself, you will need it. Try to not die, because his ult is actually quite good at taking down towers fast and he can get a lot of plates off before you come back. I would know, my ranked partner plays Shaco and nobody realizes this until they get back to a one plate tower at 8 minutes in.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
Mr. Nyahr says “A meme support like Rammus, but a lot less scary. Don't walk into boxes and you're fine.”
[9.23] Daughter of the Void - Kai'Sa ADC Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kai'Sa Player
PentasForDays says “Shaco is very strong rn now but anyways he can burst you up and the box flees are so annoying and good against you.”
Kaisa is so Broken by PentasForDays | Kai'Sa Player
PoroKamiSama says “Shaco is a tricky one if you let him get the jump on you since you have few escapes. Though as long as you are aware of his positioning Song of Celerity should be enough to get you out. Red trinket is your best friend in this situation. ”
Zero CS APC by PoroKamiSama | Sona Player
SmoreEater says “Shaco Support is probably THE WORST support to deal with using this build. His Boxes waste your predator by fearing you and turning you around, and he has to place them in the open where minions aren't going straight through, and you have to run through that area. His Q allows him to quickly wait for his Predator Mark to go away before backstabbing, his E slows ya down, everything he does counters you, you can even predator his clone by accident.”
(50% Winrate 2.0 KDA) Iron Teemo ADC Guide by SmoreEater | Teemo Player

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