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Rakan Counter Stats

Rakan Counters
Support Lane
Ranked #14 out of 39 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Rakan. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Rakan in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Rakan Data for all roles taken from 32,145 matches.
Rakan Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Bottom Lane (97%) Rakan Bottom Lane Counters: 31,063 matches, 34 counter champions

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Tips Against Rakan in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Bungo_T_Baggins says “Rakan can intercept your ulti by E'ing onto your target and immediately W'ing onto you. Your immobility makes it really easy for Rakan to find good engages on you in lane.”
Bungo's Aphelios Guide by Bungo_T_Baggins | Aphelios Player
Gokinaf says “Very hard, so have many control and tanky, if he with Xayan its makes more imposible to kill him or his ADC”
DRAVEN FOR ALL (new top options) by Gokinaf | Draven Player
Doody_tco says “Avoiding his abilities are easy, but it can be deadly if Miss Fortune got caught in them”
Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7 by Doody_tco | Miss Fortune Player
Penguto says “He has heals and can dodge your R pretty easily so make sure to aim for the ADC and not him.”
majororange77 says “Full info in Guide. Avoid his Q poke so he doesn't heal. ”
Season 11 Full Vayne Guide | All Roles, All Builds by majororange77 | Vayne Player
KoZee says “Rakan is best at engaging and CCing you. However, you can often dodge his grand entrance and punish him for missing it by autoing him and activating blight before he disengages. However, if he catches you out, then it can often lead to death so long as his ADC is ready to follow up.”
Delta eGirl says “Rakan can not only engage but also get out, too. It's a dangerous lane, but he puts himself in a lot of danger when he engages. Watch out for when he gets his Mythic, as his engage range becomes MUCH greater.”
[11.11] World's Most Average Aphelios Guide by Delta eGirl | Aphelios Player
majororange77 says “Read Guide for full matchup. Great poke and engage, but not hard to deal with. Just avoid him and focus his team.”
SEASON 11 VAYNE FULL GUIDE || All Roles, All Builds by majororange77 | Vayne Player
kingamazin says “Rakan isn't too dangerous, just be mindful of his w engage. He becomes a lot stronger when he hits level 6 as you have to worry about his flash engage but during early laning he shouldn't be much of a problem at all.”
Challenger Jinx Guide by kingamazin | Jinx Player
Trampedach says “Your best partners hard counter him and you should be able to hard stomp the lane.”
A WASHED UP D4 PLAYER'S GUIDE TO KAI'SA IN SEASON 11! by Trampedach | Kai'Sa Player
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