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Draven Counter Stats

Draven Counters
Discover all champions who counter Draven. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Draven in League of Legends and win in Champion Select!
1,051 Tips for countering Draven below

Bottom Lane
49.08% Win Rate94% Pick Rate Draven Bottom Lane Counters: 22 counter champions

Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.
Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Tips Against Draven in Adc Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

thedanknepper says “Skill matchup. Jhin and Draven have the same exact playstyle, whoever gets the kill first gets a major lead for the rest of the game. Just make sure you work well with your support, and you've got this!”
[14.14] A Noob's Guide to Jhin (WIP) by thedanknepper | Jhin Player
EdenHoangKim says “He is strong in early game. But play carefully and he will be a walking meat for you.”
For The Joy Unbound! (14.13) by EdenHoangKim | Nilah Player
Alvatorz says “| STRENGTHS - Strong early / Huge snowball potential / Good mobility / Outdamage you every state of the game / Presure in lane / Can comeback easily | WEAKNESSES - Easy to preshot abilities due to axes pattern / Weak to CC / Easy to abuse | WHAT TO DO ? - Play EXTREMELY safe in early game. Focus on stacks only. Don't ever trade with Draven. Mid/late game is pretty much the same, don't get too close to him otherwise he will destroy you in 3 or 4 auto attacks.”
[14.12] | The Fiery Fledgling [In Depth Guide-Builds] by Alvatorz | Smolder Player
Avxm says “Draven matchup is primarily support dependent. If draven gets a lead early he will stomp you, however if you can make it to 1 item with a lead, you stomp him beyond 1 item until he gets about 3+ items and can start 2 shotting you. If you are even at 1 item its a skill matchup but slightly favoured for you, do not try and trade him if he has his w and your e is on cooldown, wait for it to negate his ability to w at you and run you down. Also be careful of his e it is often overlooked how easily this spell can allow him to force all ins, and draven will beat you in full blown all ins especially before 1 item. But again this is probably the most support/jg dependent matchup kogmaw has as it can go either way depending on your sup, and his sup and who's jungle plays more around botlane. Dont be scared to play agressive or passive early depending on what the support matchup is. If you are struggling alot vs this matchup you can build plated steelcaps (ninja tabis)”
Amberdragon says “I find Smolder to be a decent pick against Draven, because he can stay neutral, poke and disengage easily, which means Draven has a harder time snowballing lane.”
[14.12] How to Train Your Smolder -- In Depth Guide by Amberdragon | Smolder Player
Kociokwik says “support dependant matchup don't engage wait for your support to make plays. You outscale draven but he snowballs better so tradeing 1for1 might not be the best option every time. Aim your qs into his axes so you can get free poke. Use exhaust when his axe is about to hit you so he can't cleanse it on time. Also consider takeing 65hp instead of scaleing.”
Karthus stomping bot start (free elo hack) by Kociokwik | Karthus Player
Antiwis says “PERMA BAN UNWINNABLE LANE Jhin wants to win lane, he can't against draven”
Shoro Mota says “You want to get the biggest advantage possible on early, either by denying farm or directly killing him as much as possible, since then it becomes increasingly difficult to have a 1 vs 1 duel against him. In late you depend on taking advantage when Draven is focusing on another ally, or when you see an opportunity to set a group ambush on him. situationally you can use your E to make him lose one of his axes, especially if you know that his Q could take cooldown. but it is not always a good idea to spend sentence on him, it depends on the context”
14.10 BROKEN FREE ELO CRITICS VAYNE by Shoro Mota | Vayne Player
jughat109 says “lane bullied - the dame he dealt is higher than u in most of the game. The most important in this match up is play around his passive stacks. My advice is to play safe, when his passive stacks are many, u can set up a gank to make him lose his stacks. U will outscale him if u don't die in lane.”
Latte9969 says “Draven is a very hard matchup for ezreal, he outdamages you hard early and if he gets a lead there's nothing your champion can do. The trick is to aim your Q's in lane where his axes will land and don't walk into his auto range. Ezreal's Q will always outrange Draven's auto attack.”
S14 Ezreal Guide (Unfinished) by Latte9969 | Ezreal Player
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