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Karthus Counter Stats

Karthus Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #26 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Karthus. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Karthus in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Karthus Data for all roles taken from 26,679 matches.
Karthus Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (78%) Karthus In the Jungle Counters: 20,777 matches, 48 counter champions

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Tips Against Karthus in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

ak521 says “A skill matchup. If the karthus is good, it may be game for you. Very hard to engage on due to his large AOE damage and Amumu isn't particularly strong against AP champions. Furthermore, even if you do happen to kill him, he'll probably be able to kill you as well in his death animation.”
LambWolf says “Karthus is very immobile and squishy at start of the game. Kindred almost one shots Karthus and it's not that hard to dodge his q's.”
[11.12] Kindred the Solo Carry Machine by LambWolf | Kindred Player
Arfreezy says “Similar to Ekko and Evelynn matchups. Take an agressive setup like Ignite+Fleet+Lethality to snowball games before you get outscaled. Remember that healing runes such as Fleet and Ravenous can be very useful here to heal you out of Karthus Ultimate range after you kill him. Hex is a great option if there are other ap threats on the enemy team.”
Frillen says “Top winrate vs Rammus, so he must be nasty. I rarely have big problems bursting him down and countering him with MR. ”
Tips for Jungling by Frillen | Rammus Player
Doubtfull says “Karthus is another champion who is only really a problem at the top of the ladder. He generally power farms a lot, so it shouldn't be too hard to find him in his jungle and 100-0, especially post 6. ”
[S11] Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide by Doubtfull | Rek'Sai Player
EUWRATS says “Take phase rush and go through him with your E to proc phase rush and just dodge his Q while running around him, shouldnt even be a problem”
[S11] Challenger Rank 1 Hecarim WORLD EUWRATS by EUWRATS | Hecarim Player
Citric says “Karthus clears faster than Shyvana and can gank with one press of the R button. You need to be actively trying to do more by securing objectives and perhaps counter jungling to break his jungle tempo. Save your W or R for when he dies so you can get out of his passive.”
✔️ Citric's Jungle Shyvana Guide (AD/AP) by Citric | Shyvana Player
SnowballBarrage says “Personally I rank Karthus at Extreme Threat because I find him very annoying. He full clears on repeat while pressing R for Kills and Assists. He also scales very well. ”
{S11} 1.4+ MILLION MASTERY MASTER Nunu & Willump - JG Gu by SnowballBarrage | Nunu & Willump Player
NixLychee says “This champ is really braindead afk farm, so just invade him and kill him. He'll definitely flash away, so try and save your second q for his flash. You might want to get a stopwatch for his ult in the later stages, and upgrade it into a Guardian Angel, he's gonna afk farm and then nuke everybody unless you can survive it.”
[11.12] Lee Sin Owner's Manual by NixLychee | Lee Sin Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “karthus can power farm and outscale Jarvan but cannot defend aginst his R.”
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Bottom Lane (14%) Karthus Bottom Lane Counters: 3,787 matches, 23 counter champions

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Tips Against Karthus in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

yers says “Immobile and almost like you, you just need to stun him to start exploding him. Remember his Q deals double damage if it hits only one target, so if you think you're getting hit, just keep running or be near a minion to negate the extra damage.”
yer's Recommended botlane [s11 update] by yers | Syndra Player
Fromagene says “been played bot he have a simillar range so be careful and dodge skillshots rush boots”
op sona bot by Fromagene | Sona Player
1tephra1 says “Its fun to completely negate his ult with your spell shield. ”
Wonder Woman - Top of the meta [9.10 Sivir guide] by 1tephra1 | Sivir Player
Cactusmies says “He 1 shots you by abusing funneling strat. He will always be 1-5 levels ahead of you from the minute you walk in to lane. If the ult doesn't kill you don't worry Liandry's + Dark harvest will finish you off after procing and killing your other 4 team members.”

Middle Lane (6%) Karthus Middle Lane Counters: 1,703 matches, 26 counter champions

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Tips Against Karthus in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

7daysko says “Really Squishy, he needs to get up close if he wants to do serious damage, which favours you hard. A good Karthus will farm with Q and wait for late game however, try to prevent that.”
Fuzzmonkey says “Karthus comes as an extremely easy match up for Leblanc since he struggles to hit many abilities on her at all. Leblanc just has to hit full combo's and dodge all of Karthus' Q's and she straight up wins.”
[11.12] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
eiensiei says “I out-range him, so I just poke with E without going for passive procs and putting myself in a position to lose a trade. I'll build Zhonya's for his R, but there's no point rushing it as it doesn't deal that much damage early on. If he's some sort of god that lands every single Q, I'll get some Mercury's Treads. He's fairly immobile and pushes easily, so my jungler usually has no issue ganking him and slowing him down from scaling into a late game monster. I'll also spam ping when he's close to 6/gets 6, so my teammates are reminded to back or avoid fights if they're low on HP.”
[11.12] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Start Doran + 2 Pots if 1) You think you can outplay her and hit your W's to generate a kill at levels 3-5 or 2) You think she will burst you down post 6 (get an extra ring). Start Corrupting if you think you will not hit your W's (or you will get poked down) and you rely more on wave clear/spammy poke (you will be way more squisher but more durable -- this is recommended if you are sure you will not get hit by CC spells and instantly die). Be careful of isolated Q (just like Kha'Zix). Play around minions and try to get a full combo on him. Remember if you kill him to back away as soon as possible because of his passive. Always keep in mind that he can ult when you are low hp or your team, so use pings to communicate. Ping when he makes level 6 so your team knows that an ult might come. Roam but keep in mind that if he has ult he will use it. Try to go for the kill as often as possbile. Play with Ignite and get a stopwatch if you want to deny at least an ult.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID [S11 ITEMS] by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Mainly a poke match up/dodge match up. Your level 6 beats his though, play aggressive into him with Q-E to combo with your W then R at level 6. Buy zhonya's if you think you're taking too much damage from his ult.”
[11.12] THE ULTIMATE SYNDRA GUIDE! - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | Syndra Player
Avucado says “I don't think anyone really plays this champ mid any more but it's a free win if you go against him for obvious reasons. Just play very aggressive but smart and you'll win.”
[11.12 Pyke Mid Guide] War Crimes in the Midlane by Avucado | Pyke Player
Ambitieux says “Personally on the surface this matchup is one of my mental blocks. But Karthus himself is quite predictable. Sit near minions so you take minimal damage. He will outpush you but run out of mana fast. This is almost like a dumbed down level 6 Anivia, so with this being said, his low mobility allows for amazing setup ganks. And he auto pushes into you. You can try to look for ganks but it will be quite hard with his pushing power.”
Ambitieux's MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+ by Ambitieux | Ahri Player
AP WormMaW Mid says “For Karthus, it's really important to not get harassed too much in early. A lot of Karthus players are trying to go on your face and spam their Q on you in order to drop you down. If it happens, it's quite good to get some jungle ganks if possible, otherwise this lane might turn into nightmare. On the other hand, once when you hit level 6, you can mostly use your combo on him and kite him in your E because once again, he has to walk up to you if he wants to do something. In that moment, you are the one who dictates the rules of trading. For lategame it's quite good to have Banshee against him or Zhonya to avoid his ults, otherwise you might have a lot of problems to survive in teamfights, since your ult can chunk you down really badly with high amounts of AP.”
[S11] WormMaW's Guide for AP Kogmaw by AP WormMaW Mid | Kog'Maw Player
Halfhand says “Buy boots first item to dodge his q. Look at the boots section to see which ones you need.”
[11.12] S11 Twisted Fate guide - Halfhand - Master Tier EUW by Halfhand | Twisted Fate Player
Coldsong says “Karthus' Q is super easy to dodge with boots, and he is super immobile and squishy. Beware of his R though, since it can easily kill you if he has Dark Harvest. If you are having troubles with him, an early EoN is great.”
[Season 11] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
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