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Twitch Counter Stats

Twitch Counters
Bottom Lane
Ranked #2 out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Twitch. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Twitch in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Twitch Data for all roles taken from 53,670 matches.
Twitch Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Bottom Lane (92%) Twitch Bottom Lane Counters: 49,331 matches, 20 counter champions

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Tips Against Twitch in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

DoublefeedOP says “Twitch isn't much of a threat because he has a surprise element but you could just Arcane Shift away. You should be able to easily pick him out”
[11.9] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Ezreal Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Ezreal Player
koog says “It's pretty easy for twitch to open up on aphelios whenever he wants. If he can kill you try to stay around control wards. I recommend galeforce here to get away from him if he tries to assassinate you. ”
[11.9] koog's complete Aphelios guide by koog | Aphelios Player
LostFishEU says “Twitch doesnt bring a lot of threat towards Vayne. He gets a big boost in attack speed once he comes out of stealth, but other than that he doesn't have any direct counters towards Vayne. ”
<Grandmaster> S11 LostFish - Vayne: On Wings of Night by LostFishEU | Vayne Player
PH45 says “Doesn't have too much damage or range pre-6 so take advantage of that. After level 6 he gains big boost in range with his ult so be careful of that. ”
[11.9] PH45's detailed guide to Xayah, the Rebel! by PH45 | Xayah Player
Chaeha says “Twitch is pretty weak during the laning phase but once he hits 6 and gets off from a reset/recall, Kai'Sa has to respect the invisibility one shot potential that Twitch has by outranging her with his ultimate. ”
[11.9] Chaeha's Updated Challenger ADC Kai'sa Guide by Chaeha | Kai'Sa Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Immobile marksman with low range early. If he ever ultis you just W him and walk out.”
[Season 11.9] Challenger Ziggs In-depth Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Ziggs Player
Vapora Dark says “Twitch is a potent mid game assassin, and a teamfighting powerhouse. Early game however he's pretty weak. Avoid long fights so he can't expunge you for a lot of damage, so poke him with Q bounces and 4th Whisper rounds. Later on stay close to your team and pay attention to how you plan your Curtain Call as he can open up on you and kill you before you even realise he's there. ”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
angata500 says “Play aggresive and try to shut him down early. Abuse his shorter range by poking any time when possible with your Zap! and Fishbones! Dont let him stack his E on you. Beware of his invisibility and try to kill him as soon as he shows up in team fight. Expect him to roam a lot and play defensive if you dont see him on your minimap.”
Jinx - Blow them up! by angata500 | Jinx Player
LegendaryOstrich says “Twitch is very weak early game just be cautious not to have too many of his passive stacks on you when you trade with him. Outside of lane be careful of his invisibility if he is not on the map just play safe, don't use your dash. AP Twitch can be a monster late game so be careful of his range after level 6.”
[11.9] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth] by LegendaryOstrich | Lucian Player
FunkyBeagle says “Twitch isnt that big of a deal as long as you respect his invisibility and level 6 spike. Dont willingly take his passive stacks from his W, his early game is very weak.”
[11.9] Beagle's ULTIMATE Diamond Kai'Sa Guide [IN-DEPTH] by FunkyBeagle | Kai'Sa Player
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In the Jungle (6%) Twitch In the Jungle Counters: 3,245 matches, 39 counter champions

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Tips Against Twitch in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LambWolf says “Twitch has hard time clearing jungle. Just go visit him in his jungle and show him who is the boss.”
[11.9] Kindred the Solo Carry Machine by LambWolf | Kindred Player
Frillen says “Mind the level one buff steal and the level 2 ganks. If he gets snowballing it can get nasty, if you are even or ahead Rammus counter Twitch really hard from the mid game and beyond. ”
Tips for Jungling by Frillen | Rammus Player
KamiKZ says “Easy to play against. Inavde twitch jungle and one shot him over and over again. (I recommend evolving R vs Twitch)”
Stratogos says “He is very strong but at the same time very squishy.Again teamfights are the key ”
[S11] [11.9] Junglesticks Guide ~ Are you Afraid? by Stratogos | Fiddlesticks Player
Kayn Mains says “Twitch will try to level 2 gank one of your lanes almost 90% of the time. Make sure that your allies are aware of this early threat while laning by either pinging or mentioning it in chat. Full clear your jungle and look to take his red side camps. If you happen to run into him, try forcing a fight when it is safe as you will beat him. The same goes for midgame, you should always come out victorious in a 1v1 unless you're behind. When it comes to lategame you can pretty much spawn kill Twitch if you chose Shadow Assassin. Him being a squishy adc with limited mobility makes him a perfect target.”
r/KaynMains | Comprehensive Guide [11.9] by Kayn Mains | Kayn Player
Narutoe says “Very Very easy match up, all early game you will be able to burst him down, and invade all game as he will be low when farming.”
Play Maker Build By 'Yed' [11.9] by Narutoe | Kindred Player
ak521 says “You may very well be able to 1v1 twitch. Especially as AP- even as tank, your E will be forced to get on low cooldowns supposing he wants to kill you. Slow clear speed and decent ganks (depends on player). You can contest drakes as you will normally be ahead of him (due to clear speed). Your only goal is to not mess this up and put him ahead!”
Riealone says “Track his movements and tell your teammates where he is. Then just hunt him down and kill”
KamiKZ says “This match up is Graves favored. You should always be able to fight twitch 1v1 as long as you find him. Try to track him down and contest his camps. Oracle lense is a good item against his stealth mode in Q so you are able to track his pathing.”
Season 11 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
Polarshift says “What? Run him down in his own jungle. Jungletracking and gamesense is very important versus cheesy matchups. Warn your laners for a level 2 gank and invade his second buff.”
[11.9] BEASTMODE GRAVES [VERY IN-DEPTH GUIDE] by Polarshift | Graves Player
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