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Twitch Counter Stats

Twitch Counters
Bottom Lane
Ranked #2 out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Twitch. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Twitch in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Twitch Data for all roles taken from 129,862 matches.
Twitch Counter Stats From:
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Bottom Lane (87%) Twitch Bottom Lane Counters: 113,388 matches, 23 counter champions

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Tips Against Twitch in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LegendaryOstrich says “Twitch is very weak early game just be cautious not to have too many of his passive stacks on you when you trade with him. Outside of lane be careful of his invisibility if he is not on the map just play safe, don't use your dash.”
[10.19] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth] by LegendaryOstrich | Lucian Player
PH45 says “Doesn't have too much damage or range pre-6 so take advantage of that. After level 6 he gains big boost in range with his ult so be careful of that. ”
StriveHD79 says “He will come at you in stealth, and if he does catches you by surprise you will die since he gets attack speed buff coming out of stealth. You will need to mindful at all times when he is missing on the mini map that he could be coming for you. He is very weak in lane but once he reaches level 6 he will look for some stealth plays with his ultimate.”
✔️[10.18] The Bounty Hunter|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Miss Fortune Player
The Real Fake says “Just steamroll any fool who plays Twitch jungle lol. He may get a level 2 cheese gank off, but after your first clear you can just assert you dominance in his jungle and kill him every time your E is up. Also you can counter gank him easy if you know his pathing, as he often only does large, single monster camps (buffs & gromp).”
Top/Jungle [10.19] - In-Depth Hecarim Guide by The Real Fake | Hecarim Player
angata500 says “Play aggresive and try to shut him down early. Abuse his shorter range by poking any time when possible with your Zap! and Fishbones! Dont let him stack his E on you. Beware of his invisibility and try to kill him as soon as he shows up in team fight. Expect him to roam a lot and play defensive if you dont see him on your minimap.”
Jinx - Blow them up! by angata500 | Jinx Player
Vapora Dark says “Twitch is a potent mid game assassin, and a teamfighting powerhouse. Early game however he's pretty weak. Avoid long fights so he can't expunge you for a lot of damage, so poke him with Q bounces and 4th Whisper rounds. Later on stay close to your team and pay attention to how you plan your Curtain Call as he can open up on you and kill you before you even realise he's there. ”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
StriveHD79 says “In lane it should be straight forward, your AA slows + W will rekt him in lane. He will come at you in stealth, and if he does catches you by surprise you will die since he gets attack speed buff coming out of stealth. Save your R for him and you will be fine. Avoid places without vision control.”
✔️[10.18] The Frost Queen|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Ashe Player
StriveHD79 says “His game plan is stealth. He will try to stealth close to you to close the distance. Just be mindful that whenever twtich is missing he is coming for you and you will be okay. When he come out of stealth he will gain attack speed and he has an AOE slow, and the poison stack will do decent damage against you. Avoid letting him get close to you, keep your distance. You should win the laning phase, harass when he goes for CS, as twitch is usually very weak early game.”
✔️[10.18] S+ Tier Marksman|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Caitlyn Player
ELOSANTA says “Twitch loses to Lucian pretty hard, just like Sivir he wants to farm for his items, which a lane bully like Lucian excels at stopping. Engage / trade early on to make it hard for Twitch to farm for his items.”
[10.19] Rank 1 Lucian in-depth Guide by ELOSANTA | Lucian Player
Bouhhsolene says “He's like so Squishy, he's an easy kill in lane if you hit W. The only problem is his range in teamfights, you won't really be able to hit him unless you flashes. Just put him behind early and you're cool.”
[10.19] Follow the screams! by Bouhhsolene | Senna Player
LostFishEU says “Twitch doesnt bring a lot of threat towards Vayne. He gets a big boost in attack speed once he comes out of stealth, but other than that he doesn't have any direct counters towards Vayne. ”
<Grandmaster> LostFish - Vayne: The Guide by LostFishEU | Vayne Player
R3Veal says “Twitch's early game is actually quite poor. He can't do much unless he gets quite fed. The only way he can poke you is his W and E and if he gets to close just focus him as he shouldn't even try to fight early game.”
[Patch 10.19] "How Lovely!" Jhin Guide! by R3Veal | Jhin Player
StriveHD79 says “He will come at you in stealth, and if he does catches you by surprise you will die since he gets attack speed buff coming out of stealth. You will need to mindful at all times when he is missing on the mini map that he could be coming for you. He is very weak in lane but once he reaches level 6 he will look for some stealth plays with his ultimate. Once you have iceborn he should never really be able to kill you.”
[10.18] The Prodigy|Diamond Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Ezreal Player
Profesor APH. says “As Aphelios you hate playing vs champions who can be invisible. I'm always dodge when im playing at aphelios (my main) vs him Try to hit him sometimes with q and let your support do hard work.”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
StriveHD79 says “Twitch biggest advantage is his stealth, so as long as you keep that in mind he should not be able to get a jump on you. Expect him to be looking to kill you at all times and you will never die to him 1v1. Coming out of stealth he gains extra attack speed and combine with his R, he will run you down. But other than that Twitch is fairly weak, both in lane and out of lane.”
Bwura says “He has a nice damage in 3 level with lulu or yuumi. Try to ban lulu and say to your support to take aggressive support champion.”
How to Play Our Holy Dragon in Bot Lane by Bwura | Aurelion Sol Player
StriveHD79 says “He will come at you in stealth, and if he does catches you by surprise you will die since he gets attack speed buff coming out of stealth. You will need to mindful at all times when he is missing on the mini map that he could be coming for you. He is very weak in lane but once he reaches level 6 he will look for some stealth plays with his ultimate.”
[10.18] Spear of Vengeance|Diamond Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Kalista Player
Ultrama says “A skill match-up, he has a strong poke and a dangerous burst but you can win him if you play right.”
[10.18] Miss Letalithy (In Depth / Match-ups and Synergies) by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player
GodMulti says “Twitch is one of the easiest matchups , avoid getting hit by his bomb and you win every trade , ult him when he is ulting because the most twitches just stand still when they spray and pray”
[10.18] Miss Fortune / The Bounty Hunter by GodMulti | Miss Fortune Player
Spider Shaped says “1 на 1 убить Твича сложно. Если вы будете от него далеко,он может включить ульт и добить вас или убить,поэтому держитесь от него подальше и убивайье при возможности в начале.”
Build by Spider Shaped | Ezreal Player
GiAEcchI says “The biggest enemy is your own ignorance and impatience, wait for good chance to ult, don't force it too early, back off when your Q is about to end and wait for another chance.”
Spider Shaped says “В начале опасная цель для вас,в поздней игре шансы равны”
Build by Spider Shaped | Ashe Player
yers says “Squishy and easy to kill when he's not stealthed or lv 6. Once you have ult and you stun combo him, try to use it as fast as possible so that he can't invis out and make you lose the chance to PNC him.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
Melyn says “Twitch is a very good matchup early. Max E, poke with Q, and all in as soon as possible. Be very careful not to get surprised by his Q, especially after level 6. Also remember (in a close fight) you can flash his autos when he's ulting.”
SweatMeALake says “You beat Twitch in a 1v1 actually in every stage of the game. You must be careful for his positioning AT ALL TIMES. He has a huge team wipe potential, so you must be careful. ”
[10.16] An Invitation To Dance - Xayah Guide by SweatMeALake | Xayah Player
SweatMeALake says “Twitch is a high damage late game hyper carry. As Ashe your job here is to make sure he ramps slowly and does not snowball. In lane Twitch does not do as well as you do, watch for his passive stacks, E is bursty early game. Watch for his Q which makes in invisible, Twitch almost acts like an Assassin. ”
Season 10 A Guide To A Deadly Ashe by SweatMeALake | Ashe Player
CptTeemoOnDuty says “Like vayne, Destiny allows you to lock him down, take care of his R”
A Twist of Fate (Off-meta AD) by CptTeemoOnDuty | Twisted Fate Player
Pengwan says “Scary in late with invis and tons of damage. Early he shouldn't be a problem”
Time for a true display of skill [10.16] by Pengwan | Ezreal Player
HankScorpioblaze says “Twitch will be no problem at all to deal with as he is bad in early game so he can be seriously destroyed by your CC”
Twisted Fate Attack Damage, Attack Speed & Lifesteal Bui by HankScorpioblaze | Twisted Fate Player
LettArcticFox says “You have nice laning against him but be careful or he can pop-off late game”
Aphelios for Begginers by LettArcticFox | Aphelios Player
StriveHD79 says “He will come at you in stealth, and if he does catches you by surprise you will die since he gets attack speed buff coming out of stealth. You will need to mindful at all times when he is missing on the mini map that he could be coming for you. He is very weak in lane but once he reaches level 6 he will look for some stealth plays with his ultimate. You should be able to bully him really hard in lane.”
[10.16] In-depth Diamond Jhin Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Jhin Player
snukumz says “Super annoying to play against due to his invisibility, how much damage he does, and how squishy you are. Be VERY careful when playing again Twitch as he likes to pay stealth plays with his support and kill you. However, if he isn't making stealth plays you can out range him and poke him down easily as he is squishy, has low mobility, and low range without his ult. ”
Honk If You're Thorny - Zyra Bottom Guide by snukumz | Zyra Player
Terrific says “I feel like Twitch is really bad if he does not have a Lulu, Yuumi or anything that enhances his AA's. Tho do not underestimate his power. Once he has enough AS and AD he will shred. But most likely you win hard in laningphase. Care for his invis when he comes back in lane,he might do a sneaky opener with his support. But it will look very obvious.”
Ikare says “The rat is a really easy lane. He has short range, poor escape and poor all-in. You really want to all-in him and snowball. Keep in mind that if you freeze, he may gank other lanes with his Q.”
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ says “Twitch has always been a little bugger, but considering you just got a 30+ AD head start, you shall explode him”
[10.14] [En-US|Pt-BR] Art should terrify! In-Depth Jhin guid by KuuHaKu_OtgmZ | Jhin Player
Surp1Clone says “Small range small damage. Poke him as much as you can and make sure you watch out for his R ”
AD Twisted Fate by Surp1Clone | Twisted Fate Player
xSEASeahawks12 says “Since Kalista has one of the best early games of any ADC, you can counter Twitch pretty easily. By poking/engaging on him at any chance you have in lane, you can destroy him. Twitch absolutely needs time to scale and snowball, and you are the perfect champion to prevent that. In teamfights, withhold Fate's Call until he surfaces, then press R and let your support get right on top of him. ”
Abo0906 says “The invis is annoying but you can counter him with you're E. ”
A guide on how to play Jhin by Abo0906 | Jhin Player
Zoodyacc says “I really think Twitch is one of the best champions that can counter Vayne, along with Draven. His E can deal huge damage to you, try to also avoid getting caught in W of his, play as safe as you can untill you're confident you can kill him, or you catch him up off guard. You might want to try to Condem him into the wall and then bursting him.”
KriXPeIIo says “In late game this rat can kill you when you farm jungle. Be sure that your team nearby and can help you.”
Dark Harvest Ezreal by KriXPeIIo | Ezreal Player
TwentyOneShadows says “I have faced Twitch few times on botlane, but it always went well, his all-ins are not as strong as yours, but dont underestimate him, once you managed to get him out of the lane, he can be at your back in a moment!”
Basic Draven Guide by TwentyOneShadows | Draven Player
TheBraveGamer says “outscales/out ranges, vs twitch lane isn't hard”
MANAMUNE/HOB DRAVEN by TheBraveGamer | Draven Player
CaptainIano says “poison is extremely annoying, you need to take heal as a summoner, and rush banshees right after infinity edge.”
Kai'Sa Hail of Blades crit rush! by CaptainIano | Kai'Sa Player
atonementblade says “You have more damage than him in teamfights if his ult is on CD, but not too much you can spell shield (except for the slow on his W).”
atonementblade says “Twitch is actually one of the few ADC's that can rip through tanks as easily as you, and often with safer access. You'll win early trades if you can proc your PTA though.”
ShroudedBRH says “You can deal with him early during the lane phase but once he gets 3 items it becomes difficult to handle him as he will begin roaming and taking difficult positions during team fights. Be patient with your R and try to wait for him to show before you all in on a fight.”
Ashe Complete Botlane Guide by ShroudedBRH | Ashe Player
PaciCz69 says “He has camofluge so you cant see him and in late he is dealing more DMG.”
S10 ADC Caitlyn Guide by PaciCz69 | Caitlyn Player
Loki029 says “Build Thormail, buy Vision ward, and the twitch will bann Garen next Match, don t let him trade, don t get 4 stacks , and a must do is your w to minimize the damage you get”
TheGronne says “Easy to fight in a 1v1 unless he's fed.”
[10.8] TheGronne's Guide to Season 2020 Xayah by TheGronne | Xayah Player
Phantom R says “Now here it is what I consider to be the major threat for Jinx. Twitch can pretty much outscale your damage in every single stage of the game, be it early, mid or late game. He can position himself very well and easily on most teamfights. Don't let him get the early advantage, otherwise it will be very hard to win against him. In late game, try to place some wards near (but not inside!) the river bushes, so you can see whenever he goes invisible with his Q. TRY to place as many traps as you can think of a place where he could be. If he's trapped, he's doomed. Otherwhise mantain safe distance and don't get cheesed on by his Q ability.”
AngelisNice says “dont let him get ANY farm other wise you lose fully the game”
Xayah - Sharpening her Feathers to Victory by AngelisNice | Xayah Player
MayeLeven says “He can poke you with hes W or E. If he max his E on you, it makes a big damage, but you can still trade him with your auto-attacks. In early he's weaker than you, so you can trade with him, In the late game, your only chance to kill him, if you use your R invisibility.”
|Best| Vayne Guide -ADC- by MayeLeven | Vayne Player
Midorima says “You win trades and usually push. If he wants to win push versus you, he will run out of mana. To win this match up: Level 6 and the hunt begins. Always be aware that whenever he is missing or coming back into lane from death or basing, he will probably walk into lane invisibly.”
Midorima's Vayne Guide (Patch 9.1) | THE SAUCE by Midorima | Vayne Player
Deathfeather says “His lane is abysmal, and his late game is only good if he gets a lot of kills, so stomp on him early game and ez win.”
Spection says “RARE. A poor laner against most ADC's, Pantheon is no exception. Twitch has almost no CC but good escape with his invisibility move. The second you see him start to go invisible, stun him to make him cry. ”
[UPDATED FOR S10] Pantheon In the Botlane, Making ADCs Cry! by Spection | Pantheon Player
Szauronmester says “You can outtrade him in lane, past lvl 6 watch mid, and if he is missing go up, and countergank. Late he will try to flank your team, so save your W and all-in him to cut the main dmg dealer in the enemy.”
Szauron's guide to Kai'sa, daughter of the void by Szauronmester | Kai'Sa Player
HyperFake says “Twitch can be a huge threat if he can get distance and use his ult wisely. Otherwise it is a bit squishy champion so it's not extreme.”
HyperFake's 100% CRIT Caitlyn Bot Domination | Season 10 by HyperFake | Caitlyn Player
ZERO Destructo says “You might wanna consider maxing E in this matchup. Place traps into the sides of lane and into bush. That way you can slow him and deal some damage when he tries to attack you from his Q, and you'll also know his direction if he uses Q to run. You have upper hand pre-6th level, so try to use that as much as you can.”
[SEASON 10]A Comprehensive How to Jhin Guide [10.1] by ZERO Destructo | Jhin Player
Jima says “Twitch lacks the range to harass you in lane so you can exploit that to your advantage and poke him with your E and W”
[10.2] Twist Fate To Your Will! [TF ADC] by Jima | Twisted Fate Player
Nik7857 says “One of the best late game carries. He's pretty bad as an adc and even worse as jungler (rn). He has a big slow. He also wins extended trades. Though he doesn't do as much as you in the early game. Watch out for cheese if hes randomly missing and his support is playing a little fishy. He will out scale you hard and win the game. Ez lane though.”
jhoijhoi says “Twitch relies heavily on auto-attacks and his Venom Cask to poison you so he can use Expunge to apply large damage or harass. It's best to use your slow to kite. Be wary for when he leaves your vision because his stealth can let him get in close and do a lot of damage. Volley can hit an invisible twitch and give away where he is hiding. Be careful of Twitch's ultimate giving him increased damage and extremely high range.”
Ashes to Ashes by jhoijhoi | Ashe Player
Alchemisting says “easy, not much to say its just a free win. His early is so bad that u win any trade, even if u die aginst him 3 times in 8 min u will kill him. But dont stall the game like 40min cuz then u will lose unless the enemy team doesnt have much peel then u just onehsot him.”
Draven the Elo Climb Machine [ 9.25 UPDATED EVERY PATCH ] by Alchemisting | Draven Player
Eccentricks says “You are the better Twitch here, you will win. Just think of what your weaknesses are, and if they are personal, like not able to land your W well, or champion related issues, like your bad early game. You will be able to sus out how to beat this rat, don't worry.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
Venyax says “More mobility, very easy lane as both champs are late game and farm heavy most likely not many fights in lane”
Carry Vayne Guide by Venyax | Vayne Player
Deathfeather says “END THE GAME. he hyper sclaes if u dont and then its over. His laning is bad but yours is really good.”
[9.24] Deathfeather's guide to being a Lightslinger by Deathfeather | Lucian Player
Mr. Nyahr says “High late-game damage, but no escapes and very squishy. Easy peasy.”
[9.23] The Dragon's Den - Shyvana Jungle Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Shyvana Player
Mr. Nyahr says “He has no direct escapes, and his invis takes a moment to activate. Use this to your advantage. Don't cluster with minions/teammates to avoid getting stacks from his poison and to avoid the line damage from his ult. (It hurts, a lot).”
[9.23] Daughter of the Void - Kai'Sa ADC Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kai'Sa Player
Laverenz says “Twitch is weak early game. Try to farm up, and dodge his W, as his poison can be able to deal a lot of damage through his E. Use Tumble to dodge his W. Don't fight level 6 against him, as his Ult gives him a lot of range, which is a big counter for vayne, as you need to be up close to the enemy target. ”
Season 9 Vayne guide! Purge With Silver (9.23) by Laverenz | Vayne Player
philsopaoto says “Twitch is weak before he hits level 6, so make sure to shut him down before he is able to hit his power spike.”
Basic Xayah Guide S10 by philsopaoto | Xayah Player
MewlingRavenPaw says “Do not take elongated fights super early until you have an item lead as Twitch does surprisingly high amounts of damage with his poison instead focus on Press the Attack trades with a Q thrown in for good measure to keep him in check. Once you build up an HP lead and he falls below 40% hp look for the all in. 60% hp is fine if your support has hard CC. ”
Spear Dancing Through Low ELO by MewlingRavenPaw | Kalista Player
minepro221 says “He only in early if he gets a 3 -6 stack expunge. Don't stand in his W! But his combos take too much mana, so he cant keep it up. if he runs out of mana, you can punish him. He would want to roam, so shove him in and ping your team if he is Mia. After 6, if you dont see him, start to walk towards mid until your midlaners is barely in your R range. If she shows up mid, Boom, counter gank! In mid and late game, be careful of his steal r, as it really hurts. In teamfights, he will try to flank you, so hold on to your skills until he shows up. Then you can him in one rotation.”
Kynaz0071l0l says “The only annoying thing about twitch is his Q. He can easily sneak up on you or get away from you. In earlygame he has no poke apart from his E so hes not that big of a thread”
[9.23] DRAVEN ADC MAIN - GOLD [200+games] by Kynaz0071l0l | Draven Player
minepro221 says “He is bad in lane, so abuse him. Harass on cs, and shove him under tower. Be sure to ping MIA if her recalls or dissappears. Twitch like to run to other lanes after basing, and gank. If you shove him under tower, he can't roam, which is great. In the mid game, dont go alone in the jungle, or side lane. He is designed to catch you. Late game, he will try to flank you and kill back line. Nothing compares to a twitch's damage to squishies, so kill on sight.”
cait by minepro221 | Caitlyn Player
Dmitr says “Beware of him invading you. Try to invade HIM instead!”
Eucalyptus says “Depends on the Twitch, but generally they will be one of 4 or so champs that outscale you in the bot lane. You can eliminate his level 6 or at least force his flash with your Smokescreen but don't count on it.”
LORD OF UNLIMITED KITING- Graves ADC by Eucalyptus | Graves Player
Fruxo says “Doesn't have too much damage or range pre-6 so take advantage of that. After level 6 he gains big boost in range with his ult so be careful of that too.”
✔️ How to be a Purple Peach by Fruxo | Kai'Sa Player
MrDecoy says “low range, low dmg, bad wave clear, really easy target for xayah, be careful not to get cheesed by him on the way back to lane, think twice about engaging on someone who looks like they're just trolling on their own”
[9.19] Decoy's Xayah guide by MrDecoy | Xayah Player
HikariGames says “Twitch is often a winning matchup. His early game is super weak so look to bully him with your Q and fourth shot. If you have an all in support like Nautilis you can try to look for a kill at level 3.”
Jhin 9.18 Builds by HikariGames | Jhin Player
DOOM-guy says “If he Plays Adc you will win definetly a 1v1 with him and the Laning phase because you deny his Damage with your Q. But why is he a Tiny threat when he Plays adc? It's getting obivious when he isn't in place. So it's much easier to track him.”
dravenfizz says “Twitch's early is horrible just E->Q him in lane and zone him off CS, once you kill him once once or twice just perma dive him, KEEP IN MIND this champ isn't that bad in long trades and he can do quite a bit of damage when he has max stacks on his Contaminate.”
Diamond Lucian guide (not done yet) by dravenfizz | Lucian Player
Zach IWNL says “Twitch isn't too much of an issue if you position well in lane. Past level 6 he has tons of kill pressure with Spray n' Pray.”
[9.17] | "Strike Quickly" | CDR Ashe Guide by Zach IWNL | Ashe Player
Ryl Storm says “A champion that goes even at the beginning of the laning phase, but if played to his strengths, will make Jhin completely useless from the midgame straight to defeat.”
Builds for Jhin (9.18 onwards) by Ryl Storm | Jhin Player
nick205 says “Threats coming soon...”
ADNathan says “Is one of the only ADCs that can match you late game. Keep your vision score up and this pesky rat doesn't have a chance.”
complete wip [9.18] Most builds for MF! by ADNathan | Miss Fortune Player
Fruxo says “Doesn't have too much damage or range pre-6 so take advantage of that. After level 6 he gains big boost in range with his ult so be careful of that too.”
✔️ Experience My Love For Feathers by Fruxo | Xayah Player
GregPap says “Depends on the skill. Could be less, but in early game he is very squishy”
ASDHUB says “Biggest Counter BAN HIM!”
Jhin Silver-Gold Elo Guide by ASDHUB | Jhin Player
IPodPulse says “Take Doran's shield and don't stay in his venom cask. Pay attention to where he is, if you don't see him, assume he is invisible. Unless you know you can kill him, try to disengage with chain of corruption whenever he uses his ultimate. Alternatively you can engage with chain corruption if he is out of place and try to kill him. Buying a pink ward to place in one of the side bushes can be helpful for whenever he is invisible. ”
Varus - The Whistle you hear is not the Wind by IPodPulse | Varus Player
Hug0Frug0 says “Jinx have 49.4% Win Rate vs Twitch”
Potato95x says “This little thing's dangerous if you're not careful. His passive deals true damage, so life items are the best against him. His Q renders him invisible with bonus MS, giving AS after its end. His W deals slow and venom, while his E deals AD for each venom stack. Watch out for his Ult, it doesn't end his Q and deals a lotta damage. Play passively and ask for ganks.”
[9.15] Captain Fortune - Raise your shield [ WIP ] by Potato95x | Miss Fortune Player
JohnnyC says “you can bully him in the early game sure but beware his Q is a pain just ban him ”
KDC Kai'sa Damage Carry by JohnnyC | Kai'Sa Player
SimbaADC says “Abuse twitch's low auto attack range and lack of instant waveclear to push and poke him down. Be wary of him cheesing by coming into lane while invisible. If you just see the enemy support, expect twitch to be close by and ready to attack you.”
FrankynFood says “Can go invisible can appear out of nowhere, especially with Yuumi, you are dead.”
Ashe guide from an Ashe main (High DPS) by FrankynFood | Ashe Player
SlashLion says “Twitch is annoying, but fairly weak early game. he hits a power spike at level 6 but just bully him and he wont be a big issue unless he gets fed of course. "Mean Mouse Hurts."”
[9.13] Jhin: A Guide on The Virtuoso by SlashLion | Jhin Player
Jungle Kings Rage says “Crit Build 1 Shot Her She Cant Do Anything GGEZ.”
In Depth Solo Carry Penta Yi Guide S9!(Updating Soon) by Jungle Kings Rage | Master Yi Player
lonely Xatu says “lots of damage and almost nothing to spellshield and has better range.”
Lethality Sivir for Degenerates by lonely Xatu | Sivir Player
TotalWarKS says “You can very easily kill him.”
Uncouthlol says “See Matchups Section Near Bottom”
[9.12] Vayne to Diamond by Uncouthlol | Vayne Player
MallisTheGreat says “Make sure to poke him in early game, then be sure to cast your E in case he becomes invisible, so that you can see his rough position. He shouldn't pose a threat.”
Snipe snipe snipe! [A Simple Guide to Varus!][Patch 9.12] by MallisTheGreat | Varus Player
MallisTheGreat says “You can't kill what you can't see, he is going to engage you pretty often while he is invisible. If the enemy support is making a move or trying to engage, beware. Your W will only show his position either whenever he is invisible, so you still won't be able to fire at him.”
Jinx - A Simple Guide [Patch 9.12] by MallisTheGreat | Jinx Player
Vortiris says “Super squishy. Catch him out of invisibility, don't trade for too long, abuse his pre-6, and you will come out on top.”
Numresunw says “CAREFULL! best adc ever.”
Best sneaky killer by Numresunw | Twitch Player
SmoreEater says “Honestly he is PERSONALLY my least favorite champ to go against will Predator Teemo. His W will allow him to easily slow you down then Q and avoid being hit by your Q, running to the bush and proceeding to mow you down. He has the early advantage, but once you get Control Wards then it's easy to counter him, you just have to make sure that you don't feed him early game.”
(50% Winrate 2.0 KDA) Iron Teemo ADC Guide by SmoreEater | Teemo Player
Shoguken says “Easy to catch, rat in trap.”
ADC Thresh Guide by Shoguken | Thresh Player
Arcanarist says “Twitch has advantage but isn't very strong to begin with”
Lethal Tempo Kench Hijinks by Arcanarist | Tahm Kench Player
Venomous Aura says “EXTREME SNEAKY BOI lol, im jk, if youre good, there isnt any threat you cant counter.”
Shake the Shade says “You need to oppress Twitch early or he will outscale you. As with rengar, you need to watch out for the point in the game where he can 1 shot you out of stealth.”
Zilkoniss says “Toughest Matchups 47.9% (~10,700 Matches)”
[9.12] Zilkoniss - Best Win Rate Kai'Sa by Zilkoniss | Kai'Sa Player
KawaiiNeko says “If you see his support alone don't go after him unless you have vision of twitch because it might be a bait.”
Ashe Guide- All The World On One Arrow by KawaiiNeko | Ashe Player
Uncouthlol says “Explanation at bottom”
[9.11] Tristana to Diamond by Uncouthlol | Tristana Player
IamVictorious says “Poke with Q , win trades and prepare for the late game in which you can destroy him”
[Patch 9.1] Diamond Jinx Guide by IamVictorious | Jinx Player
Hidrogear says “Rush him until his 6, then waist his ult and go for him!”
[S9.11] Kogmaw for the win! by Hidrogear | Kog'Maw Player
Dayum Draven says “Keep your Eyes on twitch, use W to get out of his poison and poke him down”
Draven was an EXCELLENT pick for this game by Dayum Draven | Draven Player
BurstTheBots says “It can be very hard to predict where he is even with wards because if the Twitch is smart he'll Q before he gets near a bush making your wards useless. Your only hope is that he either uses his Q in ward view or bush or you know where he is at all times. Luckily for you though people don't seem to pick Twitch jungle very often or at least from what I've seen.”
Lydeer says “Until level 6 you simply are better than him, go away of his W, and dont let him E you with 6 stacks. If he comes in stealth and position behind you, jump with you support and destroy him”
GodOatmeal says “Twitch, the key is spell shielding his E. The particles fly before the damage hits so you can Spell Shield his E and win most trades”
[9.11] Fleet of Freelo - In Depth Sivir Guide by GodOatmeal | Sivir Player
Gun God Mike says “For twich you should watch out when he ults yo cause can kill you easly,but he can be countered by a grab or a boot by your e.”
Jinx Dark Havest guide by Gun God Mike | Jinx Player
BL00dY3nD says “Just dont get pocked by his W,E too much and CS better than he does. If he gets invisible use your W to keep him Visible. Try to stay out of his R.”
BL00dY3nDs Draven by BL00dY3nD | Draven Player
bluejaypig says “He cheeses laners and you really hard. My advice from personal experience: NEVER LOOK AWAY FROM YOUR HEALTH BAR OR YOUR CHAMPION ICON ON THE MINIMAP, if you can do this then your chances of beating him in increased a lot.”
[9.9] Master Yi CRIT Jungle Carry Build (Season 9) by bluejaypig | Master Yi Player
Fruxo says “Doesn't have too much damage or range pre-6 so take advantage of that. After level 6 he gains big boost in range with his ult so be careful of that too.”
✔️ Killing is my form of Art by Fruxo | Jhin Player
Todomagia says “Easy match, be careful with the invisibility, and the R range,”
LET´S TRY VAYNE W/MATCHUPS by Todomagia | Vayne Player
misterfirstblood says “Bad lane, gets revealed later”
[9.8] Kai'Sa ADC In-Depth Guide by misterfirstblood by misterfirstblood | Kai'Sa Player
DddyAwsmSauce says “Late game hypercarry but low mobility. You can bully him easily. Just try not to get ambushed.”
[Miss OP] All You Need is a Fortune (9.8) by DddyAwsmSauce | Miss Fortune Player
Floon-Guides says “Twitch- the invisible plague. he won't let you farm because his abilities are annoying. ”
Varus - The Arrow of Death - Guide by Floon by Floon-Guides | Varus Player
LW888 says “One of the easiest matchups. If you cant one shot him right away, try short trades, because he can easily win long trades due to his Passive+E. If he ever gets out of his Q and tries to kill you, immediately try to burst him -> E+P+Q+W+P (P=Passive)”
jster131 says “Unless you are playing against a twitch main, you won the lane already. Twitch isn't in that good of a spot right now, due to Marksman item changes (Thx RITO). Just poke him out as much as you can and try to zone him from the wave.”
THEY'RE GONNA LIVE, UNTIL THEY DIE!!!! Jhin Guide by jster131 | Jhin Player
DutchWolf114 says “Outscales you massively.”
ADC: Ahri Damage Carry [Quick & Dirty Ahri ADC] by DutchWolf114 | Ahri Player
Xerxes Is ADC says “he's nothing to you late game, once youre full build just have him focus your tanks then wreck him. ”
Season 9.7 Diamond Draven ADC Build by Xerxes Is ADC | Draven Player
xTheUnlimited says “You got a bit more range and early poke damage towards him, which you can use to pressure the lane. Can be really dangerous since he can come out of nowhere and crit the hell out of you. You can't keep up with his late game scaling. Try to harrass him in lane as much as possible.”
[9.6] Varus ADC - Give me a target by xTheUnlimited | Varus Player
xTheUnlimited says “Depends on how your lane works out against him. If he gets ahead of you, youre done. You can all in him tho with an aggressive support since he has no escape move in his kit. ”
[9.6] Tristana ADC - Blast 'em ! by xTheUnlimited | Tristana Player
TruMediaMix1 says “Definitely one of your biggest threats. He can easily shave away your HP bit by bit thanks to his Deadly Poison, and he can easily kill you if he catches you out of position or away from your team.”
Get Jinxed!: A Jinx Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Jinx Player
xTheUnlimited says “In lane he isn't that strong, but he can keep up through the lane. Since mid game he is pretty powerful with his good spray damage. Try to poke him alot in lane. ”
[9.5] Ezreal ADC - Time for a true display of skill ! by xTheUnlimited | Ezreal Player
Matyezda says “"Lategame hypercarry" Not in YOUR jungle!”
[TOP/JNG/MID] Cho'Gath guide by Matyezda | Cho'Gath Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Deals little damage early but lots late.”
Ashe deals big damage by Ch33syB0y8 | Ashe Player
Ightveso says “Use your Early advantage! Use your E whise you can spot him when he is invis ;) ”
[9.4] Rank 34 Jhin World! Go get your LP! <3 by Ightveso | Jhin Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Almost a non-factor to the team until 3/4 items, the early game is where you will have to get ahead of Twitch and make sure he doesn't get his items.”
Stattik Shivvir by Ch33syB0y8 | Sivir Player
DragenDragfer says “Solo en late, en early molesto”
Kai'sa The HypperCarry 1vs9 Guia en español by DragenDragfer | Kai'Sa Player
qasddsa says “In lane, you want to abuse his shorter range by poking with Fishbones whenever possible. Against him, you want to win trades as much as you can to put him behind, since he has a strong mid-late game. In teamfights, he has a lot of pressure with his invisibility and ultimate, so you need to shut him down immediately when you see him.”
[9.2] Get Excited! | Jinx by qasddsa | Jinx Player
weinerman says “hah, pathetic, you might think that twitch could be a problem because his e is hard to predict to spell shield and he is an auto reliant adc with a high auto range. well ur a dumdumhead then. basically, just keep pressuring him with q's until he can literally do nothing, his ult is almost scary but actually just kidding u can just run away. OH YEAH his e right? but just think about it logically, he's not going to pop e immedately and wait for you to be almost out of e range for max damage so it's pretty easy to predict if you think about it like that, just e while ur running the last few meters ;)”
DFireFox says “Super squishy, early game you out dmg him, poke when you can, dont let him stack his poison before a fight.”
Right. On. Cue! by DFireFox | Jhin Player
EagleBlades says “Very hard lane. lvl 6 just back. Only way you win is if he messes up and ults early. Bait his ult and then you ult to run away, unless he doesn't flash.”
Sivir Build by EagleBlades | Sivir Player
satancurls says “Cuidado com a invisibilidade mas vai ser bem raro encontra-lo na botlane.”
[8.24] [PT-BR] Hora do acerto de contas. by satancurls | Vayne Player
II Monokaiser II says “Extremamente Fácil quando junto a Sup de engage.”
O Guia definitivo para o Mordekaiser ADC by II Monokaiser II | Mordekaiser Player
Savagerayne says “He is easy in lane phase you can put him really far behind. If you manage to try to keep there or he will destroy late game.”
Kai'sa The Breach by Savagerayne | Kai'Sa Player
Hers Wolf says “Twitch is kind of a skill lane, the one who play's better in the laning phase wins, both have really good late/mid games, try to stomp him early game, abuse his lack of mobility”
Varus Build (8.24) by Hers Wolf | Varus Player
SSG Ruler says “same as kog basically.”
a silver guide on lucian by SSG Ruler | Lucian Player
AisBuax says “Invisible champs vs Jinx, at least for me, are big threats. If he comes and catches you off-guard, or has an advantage and uses his R after his invisibility, you are dead. Try to poke him with your Q's rockets.”
VincentDowel says “Super squishy and immoblie, feed off of his guy as much as you can to get ahead, he can't do anything if you invade unless he has his teammates.”
1 Super Fast Boi VS The World by VincentDowel | Hecarim Player
Whinit says “If he are not braindead be careful. ”
Old Lovely Elise Build. by Whinit | Elise Player
Robin Banks says “If he gets a lead in lane, you probably wont recover for a while. Twitch's like to cheese so if you ever think you're alone in lane, chances are twitch is coming to murder you out of his stealth. Late game, his DPS is much higher but with this build you can oneshot him if you land your W-E->Q combo. ”
8.24b Ezreal Guide | Lategame oneshot build by Robin Banks | Ezreal Player
Gordove says “Ranged AA based champions are hard to counter with Spell Shield. Also, laning against long raged adcs is somewhat tough.”
[8.23] Sivir - On the Hunt! by Gordove | Sivir Player
Nittwerp says “This is kind of a tricky lane because he can basically kill you when he initiates with Q + R. However head-on fights can you easily win. So don't be afraid of him, just make sure you get vision on him(Control Wards) and you should be able to do fine.”
PTA Vayne - PRE season 9 by Nittwerp | Vayne Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Twitch is more of a hypercarry late game yet he needs five or even full build to out-damage you.”
Big Yordle Gunner Boi by Ch33syB0y8 | Tristana Player
Warmanreaper says “His invisibility makes him a hard opponent, try to bully him early so you can plow through his lane.”
Draven? No.. It's DRAAAAAAAAAAVEN! by Warmanreaper | Draven Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Twitch is useless till pretty much full build.”
Ch33syB0y8 says “Twitch is of little threat to you until full build”
Darkk Mane+CheesyBoy8 Jinx by Ch33syB0y8 | Jinx Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Twitch offers little against you so is an easy matchup for you.”
Runaan's Hurricait by Ch33syB0y8 | Caitlyn Player
Tylerfig455 says “Late game is where he pops off. Show him your amazing skills and dominate him early game with your double stone bois.”
Win Lane, Win Game | Draven Guide [8.22] by Tylerfig455 | Draven Player

In the Jungle (11%) Twitch In the Jungle Counters: 14,314 matches, 43 counter champions

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Tips Against Twitch in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Narutoe says “Very Very easy match up, all early game you will be able to burst him down, and invade all game as he will be low when farming.”
Play Maker Build By Yed (OTP 2.9 Million Mastery) by Narutoe | Kindred Player
reganakers says “Although he can tilt your team when he level 2 ganks at 2 minutes in and then your teammates complained because they've had no ganks all game long. However, if you 1v1 him its doomed for the little rat.”
ak521 says “You may very well be able to 1v1 twitch. Especially as AP- even as tank, your E will be forced to get on low cooldowns supposing he wants to kill you. Slow clear speed and decent ganks (depends on player). You can contest drakes as you will normally be ahead of him (due to clear speed). Your only goal is to not mess this up and put him ahead!”
KamiKZ says “Easy to play against. Inavde twitch jungle and one shot him over and over again. (I recommend evolving R vs Twitch)”
Riealone says “Take Ghost. Track his movements and tell your teammates where he is. Then just hunt him down and kill”
Frillen says “Mind the level one buff steal and the level 2 ganks. If he gets snowballing it can get nasty, if you are even or ahead Rammus counter Twitch really hard from the mid game and beyond. ”
Tips for Jungling by Frillen | Rammus Player
KamiKZ says “This match up is Graves favored. You should always be able to fight twitch 1v1 as long as you find him. Try to track him down and contest his camps. Oracle lense is a good item against his stealth mode in Q so you are able to track his pathing.”
Season 10 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
LambWolf says “Twitch has hard time clearing jungle. Just go visit him in his jungle and show him who is the boss.”
Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.19 by LambWolf | Kindred Player
Udyr uber says “Só invadir ele no inicio do jogo. Guerreiro+Tabi+Malho Congelado”
O Poder do Xamã - Udyr Jungle BR - 10.18 by Udyr uber | Udyr Player
Polarshift says “What? Run him down in his own jungle. Jungletracking and gamesense is very important versus cheesy matchups. Warn your laners for a level 2 gank and invade his second buff.”
[PATCH 10.19] BEASTMODE GRAVES [JG+MID] [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Graves Player
Stratogos says “He is very strong but at the same time very squishy.Again teamfights are the key ”
[S10] [10.19] Junglesticks Guide ~ Are you Afraid? by Stratogos | Fiddlesticks Player
FrostForest says “Is this even a matchup? Anyways any other matchup not listed is not even a challenge for the King”
How I play Jarvan IV like a Challenger in Season 10 Updated by FrostForest | Jarvan IV Player
Rhoku says “He has no self peel and is defenceless. He can't even kite you properly without red buff. You can't countergank him levels 1-3 too well but invading him is a piece of cake. Get fed off of him and carry your team.”
Yitastics says “Cant escape from u and u can denie his slow with ult so should be free if not fed”
(10.19) The 500K Master Yi Guide by Yitastics | Master Yi Player
Veralion says “Before the game even starts, ping the crap out of him and tell your lanes to play extremely defensively. Twitch jungle is a straight up cheese pick that relies on his opponents to be very, very stupid in order to be useful. His clear speed is atrocious and he struggles to clear several camps. If he can't get enough kills off of disrespectful opponents to get a quick bloodrazor, he is dead in the water for the entire game. If your team wins the level 1, call to invade his red, take it, and head straight to your own. This will absolutely cripple him. If he's around, you will have to concede the first crab or two because Shyvana against a ranged champion with red buff is an unwinnable battle. Flash right away if he opens up on you with red as you risk dying otherwise; a max stack E does a ton of damage. This should be the only time you will need to give him any sort of respect. After you get 6, just yeet at him immediately whenever you see him and roast yourself up a plague rat. ”
AP Shyvana Jungle: Fire and Death by Veralion | Shyvana Player
Loul_60 says “Twitch has a very weak clear but very good ganks, however he does like in hard CC. Going Blue form is great as you can just blast him off the Rift with your combo, he has no mobility which makes it easier. As Red form, you can easily kill him, you just need to watch out for his ability to kite well, a good Twitch player will make it tricky for you. Consider Blue smite for instant Smite R combos.”
Weed Kayn's Season 10.18 In-Depth Kayn Jungle Guide by Loul_60 | Kayn Player
RageAx says “Fuck ranged junglers, he is squishy enough to kill at any point IF you can get in range to hit him. If he kites you try to E or Q through walls and escape otherwise you're probably dead.”
Nanelol says “Really easy to play against, invade him and burst him down.”
Ambient12 says “RARE. A poor laner against most ADC's, Pantheon is no exception. Twitch has almost no CC but good escape with his invisibility move. The second you see him start to go invisible, stun him to make him cry.”
[10.17] [Season 10] Jungle Pantheon Guide by Ambient12 | Pantheon Player
Dopamine_influx says “You can either late invade him, try to counter his lvl 2 gank if you think it'll be mid, or just invade his blue side if he ganks bot, then perma invade him/ countergank him. You're always stronger, try being in his face, don't let him grab scuttles.”
[CHALLENGER 900 LP] How to play rengar like DOPAMINE ! Becom by Dopamine_influx | Rengar Player
p4dgee says “Squishy, invade and take free lp. LETHALITY”
Xeldom says “Easy match-up. Make sure to inform teammates of Twitch potential level 2 cheese gank. Mirror his path. Most Twitch will start red buff first and gank. Invade twitch often and use ultimate to reveal his stealth.”
[10.16] Everything You Need To Know About Rengar by Xeldom | Rengar Player
ZLOCO says “You may very well be able to 1v1 twitch. Especially as AP- even as tank, your E will be forced to get on low cooldowns supposing he wants to kill you. Slow clear speed and decent ganks (depends on player). You can contest drakes as you will normally be ahead of him (due to clear speed). Your only goal is to not mess this up and put him ahead!”
AP TANK MUMU (Best Build for low elo) FREE WIN by ZLOCO | Amumu Player
AWierdShoe says “Invade him whenever possible. Twitch's damage early is nothing compared to yours, and you can close the gap on him very easily. Take sweepers early to find him if he uses his Q. If you take advantage of your strong early game he cannot scale. If you're having trouble getting close you can buy RFC for extended AA range.”
Double-Down on the Double-Barreled Jungler by AWierdShoe | Graves Player
Hide on Nidalee says “Hahahaha this guy is a joke for you, start blue and pay atention to countergank his lvl 2 gank, in the worst case you would take a kill xD”
10.14 jungle Nidalee guide by Hide on Nidalee | Nidalee Player
Fresh Diamond says “With R, you almost always win if you can land it. In teamfights, try to lock him down or disrupt his damage output to allow your team enough time to kill him.”
[10.13] Diamond|Best Warwick Build| Season 10 by Fresh Diamond | Warwick Player
DarkPit59 says “Twitch reste un ADC jungler, et à ce titre il nettoie lentement la jungle et peut être tué rapidement. Tout comme Ezreal, sa force réside sur son gank surprise niveau 2, mais il est plus difficile à gêner à cause de son propre camouflage.”
[FR] [8.19] Monter avec Evelynn (rev. 10.13) by DarkPit59 | Evelynn Player
gurubashi35 says “Twitch normally ganks at level 2 with red buff. Most laners don't know about this, so warn them to play safe during the first few minutes. Like other ranged jungler's, take blue smite against him and try to avoid walking into his W. With R, you almost always win if you can land it. In teamfights, try to lock him down or disrupt his damage output to allow your team enough time to kill him.”
[Patch 10.10] | In-Depth Warwick Jungle Guide by gurubashi35 | Warwick Player
Sorrowful Prince says “He will always start red and can't clear other camps besides his buffs and gromp. Use this information to track, hunt him down, countergank him and make him hate his champ of choice. Don't let him ingame. You have the tools for it.”
Crazy Fly Camille Jungle by Sorrowful Prince | Camille Player
Balintvezer says “Easy matchup. You will one tap him. ”
EXTREME SHYVANA -AP CARRY by Balintvezer | Shyvana Player
GinWinsky says “Can insta-kill him at any point in the game. Kill him in his second buff if you can. Useless unless very fed. Ask your laners to be pushed under tower early.”
Ehxakt says “You just cant lose against it. You counter this too hard. Just save your e for him.”
[10.9] Platin Zac Main Guide In-Depth by Ehxakt | Zac Player
TrevorJayce says “Literal cat and mouse. He could be 10/0 and you'd suplex him. Invade often.”
Trevor Jayce's Rengar Guide by TrevorJayce | Rengar Player
AsarWeth says “This is your target, like for real, he has no way to escape from your engage, this is your prey.”
Nocturne ⚫ The key to Darrknessss『Jg & Lane』 by AsarWeth | Nocturne Player
Nico449c says “You can try countergank him or just invade him early and he will have no chance to win against you. you can easily burn hes flash or kill him at lvl 3 if you invade. So invade or countergank him and you should win”
AsarWeth says “Invade him, don`t let him play.”
Kindred ☯ Bring Death to The Rift 『JG & Lane』 by AsarWeth | Kindred Player
briguy1109 says “Twitch can cheese gank at level 2-3 very easily, but unless megafed with peel from 2+ champions on the other team, focusing him down should not be a problem. He has no mobility, and can not kite you during highlander. If you stick to him, you can also attack and Q him during his stealth. ”
Yi 10.8 Build, Matchups, and Synergies by briguy1109 | Master Yi Player
The Top Bear says “Just ward up his jungle and invade a ton. You have a lot more damage then him so get fed off this dirty stinkrat. The best way to catch this guy out is to ward the jungle entrances to the lanes nearest to red buff before minions spawn. Twitch's strongest moment is at level 2. He will almost guaranteed instagank a lane and go for a kill. If you see him use q from a jg entrance, just countergank him and rip him a new one.”
I Will Guide You - Extensive Guide to Nida in EVERY ROLE by The Top Bear | Nidalee Player
LikLikLik969 says “Did he show himself? He's dead! Just make sure to keep your laners topped off on his position, as his job is to pretty much cheese spam gank.”
Taliyeah! Jungle Guide by LikLikLik969 | Taliyah Player
urrb says “This champion is dumb but not in the sense that he's a threat to you. He's dumb because your teammates will be level 2 cheesed. Yes, even after you warn them that they are going to be level 2 cheesed - even though it's well known that that's the only value this champion has as a jungler. Don't let it tilt you when it happens. Just try to track where he's going, farm, and if you ever catch him in his jungle, he won't be able to deal with you without a teammate unless he is stupidly ahead. After your first back you can start to near one shot him if he's isolated. Unless he snowballs hard off of ganks he is a free matchup vs. Kha.”
Kha'Zix to Platinum S10 by urrb | Kha'Zix Player
Amstramgramite says “He will kill you early because or higher AD and AS, but with 2 items you should be able to burst him. You can also catch him on his camps, easy kilos. Buy red trinket.”
[10.5] Jungle Bard : how to control the game by Amstramgramite | Bard Player
SirEdgeLordYi says “you can kill him early, counter ganking is the key to win against twitch, he gets lvl 2 and goes into a lane, predict where he will go then you are gucci!”
OGPOTATOJEFFSHACO says “easiest match up of all time.too predictable with the cheeses. also if you invade him hes just dead. ”
PokeBen6551 says “Simple reason: Hes ranged, you`re not. He can easily kite and kill you.”
Shyvana, The Tanky Dragon Attack Speed Hybrid by PokeBen6551 | Shyvana Player
Dyt0Xx says “Twitch is a fairly easy matchup. Your goal this game is to punish his early game as much as possible. If he ganks bot, invade his topside jungle. if he ganks top, invade his botside jungle. Place wards in his jungle to keep track of him when he doesnt gank. having twitch jungle means that there are probably multiple enemy adc's. Build Ninja Tabis and Randuins Omen to negate some of their auto attack damage and crit damage. If this comes to late game, you are probably screwed. You don't scale as well, so you are reliant of your team. Try to pick the easiest enemy, and rotate to objectives after.”
Troll of the jungle by Dyt0Xx | Trundle Player
TrueCigar says “Smash him in early and win”
Crit Graves can carry by TrueCigar | Graves Player
ElBelmo says “Twitch can be a threat early due to his invisibility and his range auto attacks / poison you gotta care...”
Master/Dia Perma CC TRAIN GUIDE by "ElBelmo" 10.2 by ElBelmo | Nunu & Willump Player
0kruemlmonster says “You both are hypercarries, but he can't threeshot you. The only thing he's better than you is that he's ranged.”
[s10] a Master Yi Jungle Guide by 0kruemlmonster | Master Yi Player
Laverenz says “Twitch is kind of hard to define, when talking about counters to Skarner. If you're ahead, he will be afraid of you, which makes it easy for you to counter-jungle him, making his altars available to you, which allows you to catch him easily. If he's ahead, make sure you know your strenght and his strenght at the point of the game. If you're gonna engage on him, there is no running away, you have to keep attacking him till one of you dies.”
[Former Rank 10 Skarner World] Atomizing Faces! (9.23) by Laverenz | Skarner Player
pvp frenZy says “Easy matchup. Invade when possible, and try to countergank. You will destroy him all stages of the game. Evolve r first.”
Master Khaeve´s guide to Kha´Zix by pvp frenZy | Kha'Zix Player
Froozenn says “He got 0 damage earlygame in the jungle, so you can easy counterjungle him and he can't do anything. ”
Kha'zix runes, build and some few counters. by Froozenn | Kha'Zix Player
CryAwake says “Very easy to kill and shut down, if you are fighting a Twitch jungle make sure to constantly invade him.”
Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth) by CryAwake | Poppy Player
4by3 says “Cheesy champion, his clear isn't good so you abuse him easily, he can't duel you and because you're an assassin, in teamfights you one shot him which means you beat late.”
[9.19] AD Jungle | 4by3's Indepth Shaco Guide by 4by3 | Shaco Player
Zigh says “ADC's In Current Year LUL”
I need bushi by Zigh | Rengar Player
Jadiac5 says “be on guard all the time since there can a an ugly rat coming into your vision at anytime. you will probably see each other at the same time, so reaction matters. I he sees you first its either engage and kill him,die or get tf out of there if he is fed.”
The Back To Spawn Edition by Jadiac5 | Evelynn Player
Bagmeus says “Pretty much the same as karthus, you can try countering his lvl 2 gank picking up a double”
Maltz says “Sooo easy to kill, remember to tell your teammates about lvl 2 cheese and focus on counterganking more than farming, if you countergank him once or twice early game should be won”
ziolo to noob says “Go into his jungle, hes squishy and easy to kill, sometimes hes not doing his camps and hes going for ganks so make sure to make his camps while he ganks midlane.”
Pull, slow and kill - Darius 9.16 JUNGLE by ziolo to noob | Darius Player
vanchovski2002 says “Invade this Rat and make him beg for his money and cheese. Care for his invisible ganks and put Control wards at river..”
Aht3ns says “Mean poison, but flash + q can be effective.”
Thunder & Lightning [In Depth] by Aht3ns | Volibear Player
Alpha Rengo says “He is a adc and he is your prey”
RENGAR JUNGLE ONESHOT 9.14 by Alpha Rengo | Rengar Player
Ghionova says “If the enemy Twitch is a jungler, its gg. To squishy and an easy one shot.”
[8.18] Kayn, Path of Shadow Assassin by Ghionova | Kayn Player
LixoPanado says “Counter-gank this bad boy, or if you don't know where he will gank, counter jungle till he can't stand you no more”
Nunu&Willump Jungle | Super Tank [9.13] by LixoPanado | Nunu & Willump Player
MrParias says “Too squishy! you can always counter jungle and beat him 1vs1 , careful though dont get kited!”
Nocturne Jungle - Overwhelming Darkness! by MrParias | Nocturne Player
Exeo says “free win, invade and countergank most pushed lane after red buff.”
Exeo's Shaco Guide by Exeo | Shaco Player
New Player says “First champion to ban in games under Diamond 3 skill level.”
Jungle Cho'Gath (Season 9) by New Player | Cho'Gath Player
lolWillieP says “invade this guy and get 10 kills by 15 minutes”
[9.12] WillieP's Challenger Udyr Guide by lolWillieP | Udyr Player
NightmareBug says “He is free gold. Easy invades, bad clear just take his jungle.”
Rengar Jungle Guide | RENGOD 1v9 by NightmareBug | Rengar Player
RammusOneTrick says “Just rune away if he is fed/higher level if same level or you are higer level just run him over =)”
Just exist, clear and gank, A full Rammus guide 9.11 by RammusOneTrick | Rammus Player
phayilgaming says “Shouldn't be much of a problem, unless he is fed.”
[9.11] One Invisible Boy - Shaco Guide by phayilgaming | Shaco Player
Marihuanaman says “do pick jungle zed into jungle twitch tho, and kick him in the arse”
Jungle zed poggers by Marihuanaman | Zed Player
Ricnnn says “Glória Integra e Invade, recomendado fazer counter gank ou evitar presença de mapa dele. Recomendado as runas ''Ímpeto Hyper Carry''”
Udyr Full Pressão E Presença by Ricnnn | Udyr Player
Bielu1337 says “easy matchup, you can fight him in the jungle in early. Try to steal his camps. If you're ahead, he will be easy kill for you, even for just Q+AA+E+AA. In late try to catch him when he's using his R. Buy some control wards.”
[S9] Lux Jungle works by Bielu1337 | Lux Player
nZk01 says “If he dodges your Q, don't go in him. Otherwise you can kill him easily.”
[9.8] Tahm Kench Jungle Guide - Unbench the Kench by nZk01 | Tahm Kench Player
NicBFC says “Watch his early ganks and try to counter gank and clear his jungle every chance you get.”
Shaco Jungle Guide by NicBFC | Shaco Player
NinJoshPanda says “Just like Vayne, Twitch has a True Damage passive. This makes it very easy for him to counter tanks.”
Swift Death by NinJoshPanda | Rammus Player
WiskeyANDGin says “early game and middle is a problem, dont let him kite you, focus him a lot in fights and its easy, as a jg vs jg, he has a bit more pressure then u so u can focus on objectives. Get some items and its ok”
Kayn builds by WiskeyANDGin | Kayn Player
Lord K13 says “Twitch não é tão difícil de abater, mas pode arrancar muita vida de você rapidamente, o que o torna muito útil nas team fights.”
Stay easy with Garen Jg. by lord k13 by Lord K13 | Garen Player
Nam Fish says “Vous pouvez le counterjungle facilement, le révéler si besoin avec votre E, et l'abuser de manière remarquable.”
APPRENDRE À VOIR... (GUIDE FR) by Nam Fish | Lee Sin Player
Yuki Nagato says “Against Twitch you wanna perma invade and one shot him at any time you can, Twitch is one of your easiest matchups.”
Kha'Zix Guide | Change... is good. by Yuki Nagato | Kha'Zix Player
Moccamasterpro says “Same as Nidalee. Very easy. ”
Full damage nocturne jungle/ my best build season 9 by Moccamasterpro | Nocturne Player
GenFrogKing777 says “Twitch poses a strong threat against Jungle Sion. His poison and stealth, especially in the early game allow Twitch to harass the initially squishy Sion.”
Infinite Sionic Power (a general how-to) by GenFrogKing777 | Sion Player
Optimal Pancake says “Rat. His E and passive could be slightly scary to you, but not very. He's incredibly squishy, you can one shot him in either forms, getting to him is the real issue.”
[9.3] A very ok guide to Kayn by Optimal Pancake | Kayn Player
ElementressX says “Pretty easy. Even when he's fed you can still kill him 1v1 if you can get close. But with you there he shouldn't be getting fed at all.”
Top/Jung Don't call me Fathands by ElementressX | Vi Player
Yasuo Comunica says “He is free food. Easy invades, bad clear just take the 2nd Jungle ”
Rengar Jumping Oneshot [JG][S9] by Yasuo Comunica | Rengar Player
BloooodTV says “He is so squishy and usually rushes Bloodrazor, at that point he does zero damage and can barely compare to your ganks.”
[8.24] "Will you prove worthy?" Kayn Build Guide by BloooodTV | Kayn Player
Exhiled says “He cheeses laners and you really hard. My advice from personal experience: NEVER LOOK AWAY FROM YOUR HEALTH BAR OR YOUR CHAMPION ICON ON THE MINIMAP, if you can do this then your chances of beating him in increased a lot. ”
(8.24) Form before strength. [Pre-Season 9] by Exhiled | Master Yi Player
0 Ganks Given says “You can match and go beyond his damage through pretty much the whole game.”
Marking and Outsmarting by 0 Ganks Given | Kindred Player
KonOCE says “One of hecarim's easiest match ups in all of league of legends, you literally one shot him in all stages of the game”
Full Ad Assassin Hecarim by KonOCE | Hecarim Player
Great President says “Easy to invade.Or if he started blue, go wait in his red.Kill him and take his red.”
Easy Win for Kitty by Great President | Rengar Player

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