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Vayne Counter Stats

Vayne Counters
Bottom Lane
Ranked #7 out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Vayne. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Vayne in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Vayne Data for all roles taken from 73,850 matches.
Vayne Counter Stats From:
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Bottom Lane (89%) Vayne Bottom Lane Counters: 65,675 matches, 19 counter champions

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Tips Against Vayne in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

DoublefeedOP says “Vayne is only a threat once she scales, but early game she's pretty easy to poke out because of her low Base HP. ”
[11.9] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Ezreal Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Ezreal Player
koog says “Vayne has issues dealing with most of your guns. Just don't let her proc her passive on you for free or all in you at 6 when you have poor all-in guns and you should be fine. ”
[11.9] koog's complete Aphelios guide by koog | Aphelios Player
PH45 says “Can be annoying after 6 with her stealth. However you can beat her if you can root her when she comes out of stealth and burst her there.”
[11.9] PH45's detailed guide to Xayah, the Rebel! by PH45 | Xayah Player
tokyodamonsta says “Outscales you, can cancel your autos with her invis, stopping you from getting feathers out, can easily dodge your feathers also. Win early and snowball pre 6!”
[SEASON 11] Xayah High Elo Guide! by tokyodamonsta | Xayah Player
Chaeha says “Vayne was Kai'Sa before Kai'Sa got released, so they have the same game plan to look to scale and play for the mid-game. However, Kai'Sa has a slightly stronger early game during the laning phase. ”
[11.9] Chaeha's Updated Challenger ADC Kai'sa Guide by Chaeha | Kai'Sa Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Vayne can be scary for her all-in potential at level 6. If you waste your W she can chase you down with passive move speed and Tumbles.”
[Season 11.9] Challenger Ziggs In-depth Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Ziggs Player
Vapora Dark says “Vayne usually gets roflstomped in lane, and then proceeds to transform into a midgame duelist then a late game hyper carry. The issue Jhin has against vayne, is he can't effectively push her out of lane. Quick skirmishes are Jhins weakness, and thats the only thing Vayne wants to do. Thankfully Jhin scales exceptionally well too, but NEVER be alone against her, you will lose unless you're super fed. Stay away from walls and bounce your Dancing Grenade across the back line to chunk her, as she has to walk right next to them to get farm. Set up traps in the tips of brush so you can quickly snare her when she steps into them and finally just try and end lane ASAP.”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
LegendaryOstrich says “Vayne in lane is not a threat for Lucian, it is later in the game once she has her invisibility she becomes a problem but as long as she does not get in range to condemn you while you are ulting you win the fights.”
[11.9] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth] by LegendaryOstrich | Lucian Player
FunkyBeagle says “A good Vayne can be an issue, she has higher range and some higher damage/trade potential than you because of the way her passive and PTA work, She's doing the same as you and looking to farm and scale because her early game is extremely weak. Try to abuse it.”
[11.9] Beagle's ULTIMATE Diamond Kai'Sa Guide [IN-DEPTH] by FunkyBeagle | Kai'Sa Player
Santoryo says “Vayne especially with Lulu will destroy you super fast, try to save your ultimate for duel and use it as shield to tank some damage, if you dodge her E and poke her with Q before duel, you might win”
[11.9] Santoryo's Guide for Kai'Sa (ADC, APC and Midlane) by Santoryo | Kai'Sa Player
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Top Lane (7%) Vayne Top Lane Counters: 5,056 matches, 44 counter champions

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Tips Against Vayne in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

xPetu says “Recommended: Sustain Runes & Teleport Tips: Prevent her from hitting 3 W-stacks on you by blocking AAs with your W. Play patiently. If she wastes E you punish with a trade (if you have the HP for it).”
Sovereign Kitten says “Hands down Vayne is one of the easiest match-up to deal with. Her entire kit is (AA) reliant, aside from her (E) condemn. If you are fortunate to be alone with her, with no minions nearby, you can (Q) her as she (E)'s you into a wall stun allowing you to enter stealth while you wait out the duration. If she activates her (R) just go into stealth on a brush. You don't always have to use this trick, you can simply max (Q) and destroy her in a 1v1, however, once she has acquired quicksilver sash, you want to avoid being with her in a 1v1. You'll need your teammates assistance to deal with her at that point. Counter with Zhonyas. All in all she isn't played TOP lane much at all anymore, but if you do happen to meet her, max (Q) after 2 points in your (E). ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
ForgottenProject says “Ranged Top laners will always be a problem. Vayne specifically does a good job in countering Fiora. [1]You can parry her E(Knockback) but it has hard to predict so I recommend you stay away from Walls. [2]You can Burst her down with your Q>E1>Tiamat>E2 Combo and if you're able to parry her E after this it's an easy kill. [3]If you use your R on her, she will usually follow up with E to push you away. [4]Rushing Sanguine Blade after Tiamat is a valid option here.”
[11.8] Rank #1 Fiora NA | Challenger Fiora Main Guide - Upda by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
RealIreliaCarriesU says “She can be rough at level 1, so I recommend just being passive and getting whatever minions you can. It does progressively get easier over time but if you wish to fight her before the first back levels 2-6 are great assuming you remained healthy enough from before. Just Q a minion right beside her when you have your passive and stun her and start autoing her with full passive and try to land your E. If you land your E you 100% win but try to not be near any walls and try to walk behind her so that when she condemns you its towards her side of the map unless its close to her tower (denying her a way out). Then Q her as soon as you are in range after her condemn and you should be able to come out on top. Level 6+ is a little tricky due to her invisibility but as long as you jump on her and have your Q up for her condemn it shouldn’t really be a problem and you have your passive stacked. She will have a hard time dueling you until 2-3+ items. A sweeper helps a lot after lvl 6 if you want to get that but be careful about jungle ganks if you have no wards. ”
Irelia Carries U Challenger Irelia Guide S11 by RealIreliaCarriesU | Irelia Player
Rhoku says “TL;DR - DIFFICULT MATCHUP. DON’T GET POKED DOWN TOO MUCH. TRY TO FIGHT LEVEL 3. DON’T MISS YOUR HOOK AT ALL. CONQUEROR IS OKAY. DSHIELD + SECOND WIND. IF YOU ARE GOOD JUST GO DSHIELD WITH NIMBUS CLOAK. STEELCAPS IS A MUST HAVE. STRIDEBREAKER HELPS VS HER A LOT. Vayne is a very tough matchup for Darius. However, there is doable counter play against her. You might even be able to snowball against her if you make use of powerspikes correctly. Vayne is a kiting GOD with self peel which makes her a pain in lane, as if you miss any of your abilities, you can bet your ass that the Vayne will run up and AA you until you are left at half HP. Missing your E is a death sentence so try to land it every time. Phase Rush is okay but personally, I go Conqueror as the point at which you will be able to reach her is the point where you will be poked down quite a bit, which is where the extra damage and the healing from Conqueror come in. Conqueror also helps you have the damage to beat her, considering how you will exclusively be building defensively into Vayne until you are able to kill her. While running up to her, time your E so that it lands on her as she is condemning you away. Try not to get Condemned into a wall, as that is usually certain death. Rush Steelcaps and then try to go for Stridebreaker. You will NEVER beat her 1v1 later on into the game without this item, even WITH ghost. Pre-6 she is easier to kill so try to pull her once you have level 3. All in her once you have Steelcaps if the lane is even, as the powerspike of this item is huge in this lane.”
I Am Goliath says “This matchup is a really big pain, although urgot is ranged he is very short ranged so you struggle with getting kited here, I run PTA and build death's dance first for damage, if she ever gets out of position or wastes her condem you can try to hit and E on her, but most of the time you will probably have to E flash and R her right away on your E stun to get kills in this matchup, hopefully you will also get jungle help in this matchup since vayne is fairly easy to gank and will be pushing you in most likely, just don't try to trade with her very often early, and try to look for windows to one combo her.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Psychopathic Top says “A bit of a fun matchup. If enemy team allows it (not too much cc, all squishy) try the lethality Nasus build into Vayne (essence reaver- prpwler's claw- collector). If you think about it, there's no reason not going full damage vs Vayne, as you simply get outscaled if you don't build full damage (You die equally fast in a teamfight going full tank or full lethality, so lethality build is actually BETTER in this case). Ask for Jungle help early, as it's very easy to gank Vayne. Post Prowler's claw, you should be able to 1-2 shot her with decent stacks. Focus on splitting all game as your build is too squishy to teamfight.”
[11.9] Psychopathic Top- Multi season challenger Nasus in-de by Psychopathic Top | Nasus Player
PH45 says “Seen rarely in top lane. Can be tricky to deal with since she can push you away with her E if you try to jump on her or stun her. Best advice is to get Steelcaps and after she has used her E then Q on her and chip her bit by bit. Careful at level 6 as she can stealth and move away from your stun and just throw you to a nearby wall and stun you.”
Drake6401 says “ Vayne is a pain. She is way too mobile and can even launch you backwards. 100% have you and your jungler bully her. She deserves for going top lane anyway. She's more mobile than you, scales against any armor you build, and can knock you back and potentially stun you any time you engage. She's specially crafted to be borderline impossible to fight with melee champions. If you must fight her, be very aggressive once you reach level 2 and try to use any misplays she makes against her. Use the brush as cover and if she wards it, she'll have less vision to see ganks coming. She scales super hard into the late game and goes top lane to bypass her weak laning phase so shutting her down is mandatory.”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
MythicMike says “Very hard to catch with her tumble and E. If she wastes either her Q or E you should go in for a trade. Your goal is just to survive and hope she overstays because she's easily gankable.”
Aatrox Top by MythicMike | Aatrox Player
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