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Tristana Counter Stats

Tristana Counters
Discover all ADC champions who counter Tristana. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Tristana in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Tristana Data for all roles taken from 42,682 matches.
717 Tips for countering Tristana below

Tristana Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Bottom Lane (82%) Tristana Bottom Lane Counters: 35,135 matches, 22 counter champions

Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.
Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Tips Against Tristana in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Nico324252 says “Number one counter for Zeri. Can one shot you any moment in the game. (Perma Ban)”
Zeri Guide [12.18] by Nico324252 | Zeri Player
delektix says “skilled Tristana players can deal a lot of burst damage and escape without getting scratched. Tristana can do such things because of her kit. her E ability allows her to put a bomb on you that increases its damage everytime she aa's you and to that her Q gives her increased attack speed which allows building E damage quite fast. last part, her W allows for a quick escape. if your support isn't fast enough and won't act she WILL escape, not only that but support has to worry about Tristana's R which pushes back enemies.”
KingSteamRoller says “her all in potential at lvl 2 and 3 is stronger then Jinx's”
Jinx build 1.8 million points jinx main. 12.17 by KingSteamRoller | Jinx Player
Eowide says “Just run exhaust into her, Exhaust her when she does E W combo. Also you can stop her W (jump) with your E.”
Abo5olod says “If she jumps into you she will burst you before you can burst her unless you have exhaust”
Kaisa ADC by Abo5olod | Kai'Sa Player
Sanz_Moonshidder says “50/50 because of her current state but I would still be careful when playing against her.”
Aphelios (Both off Meta and Meta builds) [12.15] by Sanz_Moonshidder | Aphelios Player
KnobHobbler says “With a CC support, she can be deadly. Play super safe and farm under tower. You will win 1v1 if you're the better player.”
The Best Koggy'maw Guide by KnobHobbler | Kog'Maw Player
NotAragami says “Hyper carry that heavily relies on bursting people with E. Some people likes to bring Hailblade on her and combined with that fire rate steroid to guarantee a winning trade because the burst so disgustingly hurts and sometimes even one-shot you. Farm at maximum Q range and you're good.”
[12.15] Critless Zeri (Under Construction) by NotAragami | Zeri Player
franksterzz says “Pain in the a** to deal with. She bursts faster than you but you will outscale her eventually. Still, be wary of her burst damage as it is high across the game and she will look to all in you.”
Aphelios Comprehensive Guide by franksterzz | Aphelios Player
UwUSoftGirl says “[Poke] Tristana's range scales with level, so early it's fairly short. You can poke her from max range, and if she ever jumps on you, you need to have Exhaust ready. If you make sure she's low on health all the time she won't ever be able to jump on you.”
Apc queen Slayaphine 🎵 by UwUSoftGirl | Seraphine Player
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Middle Lane (15%) Tristana Middle Lane Counters: 6,576 matches, 51 counter champions

Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.
Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Tips Against Tristana in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Atemporal says “Esse confronto é realmente muito difícil na fase de rotas, mas como Ekko, você rapidamente supera e fica mais forte se sobreviver à rota inicial com um bom farm. Tristana vai para PtA ou HoB. Contra HoB Tristana, certifique-se de não obter auto' d de graça. Ela pode ir para um E em alguns autos rápidos nível 1. Alguns jogadores de Tristana também começam com W. Se ela fizer, Q auto automático para proc passivo e fuja. Fique longe de seus lacaios desde o início para evitar o dano inicial do E. Tristana pode realmente bagunçar você sobe o nível 2, sempre E de distância se ela pular no nível 2, você não ganhará a troca se salvar o E para danificá-la. Apenas deixe Tristana empurrá-lo, spam W para se proteger ao cultivar sob a torre. Tristana provavelmente terá Ignite, então seu A maneira mais fácil de ganhar esta lane é conseguir um TP antecipado de volta à lane. Quando você conseguir um 2º ponto no Q, sacrifique seu HP para empurrar a onda o mais forte possível. Isso pode ser feito desde que Trist não tenha cutucado você com muita força durante os primeiros níveis. Se forçando um recall não é possível, apenas sente-se e sobreviva. TP de volta quando precisar, porque não é um desastre se você não vencer a pista inicial. No nível 6 você tem que respeitar o combo E -> R que vai te explodir e você não pode nem R para evitá-lo. Se você não se mover muito e garantir que seu clone R fique em cima de você, é realmente arriscado para ela pular, porque você pode simplesmente insta R para evitar o dano W + lento e você também a fragmentará duro o suficiente para ela não ser capaz para jogar agressivamente. Tristana tem cooldowns muito longos, então se ela pular em você e não conseguir resetar o W, troque pesado com W E e Q. Essas são as janelas que você tem que abusar para passar por essa fase de rotas. Tristana geralmente não atende itens defensivos para que você consiga itens que você possa facilmente derrubá-la. Se você fizer uma emboscada em Trist, lembre-se de que ela pode proteger seu W para sair do seu stun. Eu gosto de segurar meu W para prever seu W depois de I E - Q auto ela. É possível evitar o knockback do R de Tristana com um E. E1 bem cronometrado, espere Tristana chegar ao R, então clique com o botão direito nela para usar E2 ANTES do R te atingir. Você vai começar a ser derrubado, mas então seu E2 dispara e você pisca para ela.”
Ekko guia by Atemporal | Ekko Player
Xelikari says “Your rune choice isn’t a big deal in this matchup, she’ll more than likely look to shove you in early (she doesn’t have much of a choice), allowing you to hit level 3 sooner if she builds up a wave and slow pushes. You’re stronger than her at 3-4 and can just run at her so long as she doesn’t have a large health advantage. Play safely and allow yourself to miss CS for the first few levels if you have to, if you can secure a lead in the early game you’ll be able to farm a lot easier than if she’s able to bully you. Once she hits 6 she has pretty strong all-in potential with the ability to also disengage really easily, so actually killing her gets pretty difficult if she’s able to play decently well. I would honestly recommend taking Predator in this matchup, and rushing Plated Steelcaps (unless she’s the ONLY auto attack threat). This makes her trading pretty useless, and you should use W to block the bomb explosion if possible. I combo Predator with Resolve, taking Shield Bash & Bone Plating.”
[PATCH 12.15] Through the Fire and the Flames by Nahde by Xelikari | Rumble Player
Dustyacer says “Respect her lvl 1/2. Lvl 1 she can start e and walk behind you and get an amazing trade, dont let this happen. Also she can start w and jump on you straight up. If she does that, you might be able to win the trade by starting w and getting an emp w on her. Lvl 3 you can be less scared, especially since the wave is probably pushed to your side now. Just try to e her e explosion. Also if she jumps on you now, you kinda just destroy her with emp w,q,e away. With more lvls, you can actually trade back harder. Don't be afraid to zone her from the wave. She has to push the wave with her E passive so we can always keep the wave on our side. Sometimes when he W onto her, she'll have W buffered and it'll still allow her to dash away (but she'll be stunned after she lands). Try to get your shield to block her E-explosion.”
xerexuwu says “Start DSHIELD, take 2 armor flex runes and rush WARDENS MAIL after your TEAR. Take second wind/bone plating and overgrowth or unflinching depending on the enemy team comp. Try to get as much cs as possible. You can look for FROZEN HEART 3rd/4th item.”
r/KassadinMains | Season12 Kassadin Guide by xerexuwu | Kassadin Player
DixonTheGuideMaker says “Her Explosive Charge(E) and Rapid Fire(Q) makes taking down turrets a piece of cake. Avoid letting her get free shots on your turret since the tower platings will give her a gold advantage over you. Avoid extended trades with Tristana whenever her Explosive Charge(E) is on you. The more auto attacks she hits you with, the more damage you will take. Tristana will often use her Rocket Jump(W) aggressively. If you’re strong and have good all-in, you could try to trade back with her and use her mispositioning to kill her. Take a quick glance at the minimap to see if her Jungler is nearby before committing to the fight though.”
💡Complete Akali guide by Dixon 🏆 12.14 ✅ by DixonTheGuideMaker | Akali Player
Skowronekk says “same as lucian, cant kill her on lane without a gank”
[12.12] Skowronek's Quick Katarina Guide by Skowronekk | Katarina Player
Vodka4Gaben says “Really tough lane, since AP Varus needs a little bit of time to get his 3 Blight Stacks on someone, tristana gets her damage out too quickly and will burst you down.”
S12 AP Varus - The God of Oneshots by Vodka4Gaben | Varus Player
Body Those Fools says “Play super safe early because she will jump on you at level 1 if she starts W. She will never be able to freeze becasue of her E passive, so do your best to freeze the wave near your tower. You out-range her AAs so look to poke her down with Q + Hail of Blades or Arcane Comet. If she jumps on you, you can AA her with Hail of Blades then Q E away; the shield will help negate some damage from her E. You can start consistently poking her out of lane after you have the mana from Lost Chapter. Ult her into your tower after level 6, especially if she uses her W aggressively.”
[12.12] BodyThoseFools' Challenger Azir Guide [In-depth] by Body Those Fools | Azir Player
Zarasaras says “She has a lot of kill pressure, af you, go Ghost and stick to her to kill”
Vladimir how to suck well (12.13) by Zarasaras | Vladimir Player
V1kt0r555 says “[Rune Keystone: Aftershock] [Summoner Spell: Teleport or Exhaust] [Starting Item: Doran's Shield or Corrupting Potion] [Try to not get poked too much] [Buy Plated Steelcaps and Zhonya's Hourglass]”
[Patch 12.9] My Galio's Build (All Matchups) by V1kt0r555 | Galio Player
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