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Tristana Counter Stats

Tristana Counters
Bottom Lane
Ranked #15 out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Tristana. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Tristana in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Tristana Data for all roles taken from 78,056 matches.
Tristana Counter Stats From:
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Bottom Lane (89%) Tristana Bottom Lane Counters: 69,476 matches, 15 counter champions

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Tips Against Tristana in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

DoublefeedOP says “Tristana scales just like you, except she has that all-in element with her W. Make sure that when you go against her that you're conscious about her level 3 all-in kill pressure that she gets. Usually she'll be laning with an all-in support so punish her if she fails her all-ins but for the most part give up the early game. At 6, Lulu can ult you so that mid W, you can all-in Tristana.”
[11.2] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Kog'Maw Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Kog'Maw Player
PH45 says “Annoying with her poke but you should win her if you can CC her as otherwise she will just jump away.”
[11.2] PH45's detailed guide to Xayah, the Rebel! by PH45 | Xayah Player
Harambe Homie says “Tristana has a lot of kill potential and hard engage potential. Try your best to not let her get onto you for free. Play safe early and outscale, you will do way more damage then her late.”
Kewllkiddo's Diamond Season 11 Vayne Guide by Harambe Homie | Vayne Player
DoublefeedOP says “Tristana is only a threat if she can get on top of you, so keep your Arcane Shift unless she's poked out. The main threat comes once she builds Galeforce and runs you down even with your Arcane Shift so try to get an early lead by poking her out.”
[11.2] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Ezreal Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Ezreal Player
Chaeha says “Tristana is another one of those very volatile lanes where she will look for the level 2, 3, and 6 all ins, but if you go exhaust and respect the all ins, it shouldn't be too bad.”
[11.2] Chaeha's Grandmaster ADC Kai'sa Guide by Chaeha | Kai'Sa Player
Vapora Dark says “One of the few champions that can get on you from pretty far away, mid-late game she has impressive auto/ability range and her jump is one of the longest a carry has. Her main power is extended trades/duels. When she throws her E on something, stay away from it, if she throws it onto you make sure to back off as it deals a lot of damage once stacked. Poke her down and abuse the fact she always pushes hard. Late game setup proper traps and angles for teamfights and she won't be a major factor to you.”
LostFishEU says “Tristana can deal huge amount of damage in a short period of time. If she jumps on you with her Explosive Charge and manage to get 4 autos and ult off you will die. You can however use Condemn just as Tristana uses her jump to cancel it.”
<Grandmaster> S11 LostFish - Vayne: On Wings of Night by LostFishEU | Vayne Player
TheGronne says “VERY tough laning phase and bursts you down lategame. Get ready for a VERY rough game.”
Top 150 Xayah Guide - TheGronne by TheGronne | Xayah Player
Harambe Homie says “Tristana has really hard engage and when paired with a support that has equal engage this can spell trouble for Miss Fortune. Luckily in the current meta Trist is really bad, so she isn't picked often at all. Generally as it is right now you don't have to worry about this pick. On the off chance it is picked try your best to play back and not get engaged on!”
Kewllkiddo's Diamond Season 11 Miss Fortune Guide by Harambe Homie | Miss Fortune Player
ELOSANTA says “All in Tristana once she uses either her (E) or (W). Once you get a small lead you will beat her at all times throughout the game.”
Rank 1 Lucian In-Depth Guide | Patch 11.2 Lucian Build by ELOSANTA | Lucian Player
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Middle Lane (7%) Tristana Middle Lane Counters: 5,446 matches, 46 counter champions

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Tips Against Tristana in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LunarVortex says “Trist mid can be a pain in the ass. If you ever waste your Q, she will all-in you and at least chunk you out of lane heavily. You also cannot really prevent her from constantly shoving and taking some platings. Coordinate ganks with your jungler.”
[11.2] Midlane Morgana - Season 11 by LunarVortex | Morgana Player
Reppy says “Unlike Lucian, Tristana has a jump AND a knockback, both which can dodge Katarina’s daggers. She also usually goes resolve secondary which makes it very hard to trade with her when she can cc you and jump away in a short trade + boneplating. The only time you can kill her is if she messes up or if you call a jungler or support to help you out.”
Hullos says “High dmg, good escape and engage. though if she does not burst you a few q's can kill her fast. Though if she gets ahead play super safe. ”
Nanelol says “She can outtrade you at every point of laningphase. She can oneshot you if you are greedy for a minion. XP is always more important than getting the gold. Don't die for gold.”
ShadowSlayerMain says “Her AAs are strong so don't approach her in Early Game, just last hit minions, she can't block any of your damage but she can still escape with W”
SSM's Gold Zed Guide Season 11 by ShadowSlayerMain | Zed Player
Ambitieux says “Same goes for lucian. Hyper aggressive but just like any other adc mid laner. Sit back and wait for armguard and hit level 6 you most likely out damage them due to you being an assassin and them being a adc. Be cautious of her flashing over ur charm. Look for charms only during her W.”
Ambitieux's MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+ by Ambitieux | Ahri Player
Impossible2Gank says “Try to avoid getting bombed and jumped on or else the lane will be quite tough. If she knows the matchup she'll just avoid any box plays and react accordingly. ”
[11.1] SHACO AP & HYBRID/AD OFF-META GUIDE FOR MID LANE by Impossible2Gank | Shaco Player
ParkboyYT says “If somebody dare go Tristana mid then your in for a painshow however it is not unplayable. Try and get your JG to CC her and Q3 ult. But overall if it is a good Tristana she will be hard to beat”
[11.1] Yasuo Guide | Tornado Town by ParkboyYT | Yasuo Player
FalleN3 says “DO NOT feed her in lane... AP Tristana will fall off very hard after laning phase... but she is seriously dangerous in lane. AD Tristana will be much easier to lane against. Difficult to kill until you are level 6+”
Annie Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Annie by FalleN3 | Annie Player
Snow Day Zoe says “Her early damage is insane, other than that, just watch out for her rocket jump. take barrier.”
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