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Qiyana Counter Stats

Qiyana Counters
Discover all champions who counter Qiyana. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Qiyana in League of Legends and win in Champion Select!
704 Tips for countering Qiyana below

Mid Lane
49.71% Win Rate85% Pick Rate Qiyana Mid Lane Counters: 21 counter champions

Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.
Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Tips Against Qiyana in Mid Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Vladmidir says “Pool her ult or her Q combos. You hard win trades and out sustain her. Ping her roams but don't follow her, you will never outroam her. ”
[14.14] [Vladmidir] Vladimir Top/Mid Guide by Vladmidir | Vladimir Player
GreenReapers says “Any page viable. Long Sword start. Another skill matchup, tho I think it's slightly Zed favoured. Poke her until you feel comfortable all inning. You should aim to dodge her Water Q or R with your W and R, as her locking you down can mean lead to you getting killed rather easily. Keep in mind that her Q follows you, if she uses it while in her E. Her grass Q makes it harder to hit your Q's so a early sweeper can help tremendously. She has a lot of dashes, which makes it hard to hit your Q's reliably in general.Think about where she might dodge to and aim your q's accordingly or while she's locked in an animation.”
In depth Zed Guide [14.13] by GreenReapers | Zed Player
5guzKAO5 says “Dont give her the chance to ult or all-in you, just poke from far away. ”
Zoe Guide by 5guzKAO5 | Zoe Player
support_diff says “Qiyana is an assassin that is really hard to play. She has a good poke damage, can go invisible (read her ability descriptions, it is really hard to understand her playstyle otherwise) and has a short root. She has a great mobility so you can't really hit skillshots on her. That's not bad, because you only have one skillshot that isn't your main source of damage anyways. She can get close to you really easily with her E, which is really bad for you as it is hard to win trades if you are close to a melee champion. You need to play passively, freeze the wave near your turret and wait for a gank. Keep your farm up, but don't expect to get a cs lead against her”
"Things To Do. Scores To Settle" by support_diff | Akshan Player
BrMario1011 says “broken pdf champ, same as zed, if you play right she cant play, just watch out if she has water cc thing since she can one shot you level 4,6 and after that always ig lol, funny champ ik, and make sure you wait for her dashes only real problem is that this champ is fucking disgusting and she scales so hard and one shots ur team tiny threat on lower elos she loses to u extremely hard level 1-3 go electrocute/grasp, d ring/seal and ingnite”
AP MIDLANE RAKAN GUIDE (14.12), WIP by BrMario1011 | Rakan Player
vitya331 says “Qiyana is an easy match up because she is very squishy and you can out trade her every time she tries to go on you. But be careful because she can cancel your engage with her Ult.”
[14.11] Gragas Mid/Top/Jungle by vitya331 | Gragas Player
TwTv Akai_Tv says “[PTA] You win this matchup really hard early game and should pressure her as much as possible with PTA + Boneplate and harass her for every CS to build up a lead. If she gets any kills from roaming / solokilling you the matchup quickly snowballs out of control and becomes unplayable.”
Akshan Mid Guide (Patch 14.10) by TwTv Akai_Tv | Akshan Player
sick204 says “Respect Qiyana's burst potential with her abilities, especially her Q and W. Use Yasuo's E to dodge Qiyana's abilities and minimize damage taken. Be cautious of Qiyana's terrain interactions, as they can significantly enhance her damage output and mobility. Utilize W to block Qiyana's abilities and reduce her poke and engage potential. Engage on Qiyana when her abilities are on cooldown, as she can be vulnerable during these times. Consider building armor items like Ninja Tabi to mitigate Qiyana's physical damage.”
14.10 YASUO BUILD MID by sick204 | Yasuo Player
MelodiesOfLIfe says “A good Qiyana is hard, I suggest you'd take TP on this once because she can kill you after she gets her ult. Harass her pre 6 and survive until you get that core and rely on your team to help you/.”
Seraphine Mid Guide~ (Patch 14.10) by MelodiesOfLIfe | Seraphine Player
otaliz says “Be careful with her level 3 all-in, generally people don't imagine she has much damage at this point, but believe me, she does. This is a good matchup to go Exhaust. You can poke her pre-level 3, so try to abuse this as much as you can, to reduce the chances of her trying to kill you from level 3 onwards. I like to go with Resolve on the secondary runes against her, using either Bone Plating, or Conditioning.”
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