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Gwen Counter Stats

Gwen Counters
Discover all Top champions who counter Gwen. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Gwen in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Gwen Data for all roles taken from 15,003 matches.
365 Tips for countering Gwen below

Gwen Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Top Lane (92%) Gwen Top Lane Counters: 13,795 matches, 57 counter champions

Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.
Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Tips Against Gwen in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Antisocial_Renekton says “Champ is shit, but if you arent careful she will murder you. Dont stunlock yourself with your w in her q. Rush hexdrinker (probably swifties too). Past 6 try your best to force her r, and run. Go chainsword 1st item.”
RandumPersin says “Easy matchup, either rune works well here. Wait out her W bubble or kite it out with our dashes and she is a sitting duck. Having E1 gives us strong counterplay to her fully stacked Q and can even dodge her ultimate, don't waste dashes and this matchup is pretty free. Keep in mind that Gwen scales super hard, so going even in lane/not killing her is NOT a good thing for us - she becomes a problem once she finishes riftmaker and steelcaps”
The Ultimate Renekton Guide by RandumPersin | Renekton Player
Deathbat1 says “She is an anti-tank champ but it is about a 50/50 chance of you winning the matchup, if she is smart and pokes you down with the true damage from her Q you lose but if she randomly pops her W then it's an easy win(which even then her W can't stop you)”
The bear top lane of death(Volibear top) by Deathbat1 | Volibear Player
AdventurousBoldJourney says “Gwen is a match up that depends on you playing around her spacing and her stacks. Arrive to lane early, and start to push for level 2 early. If she walks up, trade her immediately. Make each stack she tries to get for Q hurt. After that, you will need to learn to not get hit by the middle of Q by baiting it out with movement. This is where I recommend Swifties into this match up, where you can reduce the amount Qs that hit you in the middle, easier for you to space back and forth, and reduce that R slow that will become a huge issue. I wouldn't recommend fighting against her usually when she has ultimate up, it does too much damage. Bait it out, and as soon as you notice her little needles around her, give her respect and back up.”
Sett Guide (WIP) by AdventurousBoldJourney | Sett Player
Fizzy says “It's a complicated lane for newbies, because of its high true damage and its W depending on how Gwen plays it will be very problematic.”
RuchaczSzmat69 says “She counters your kit well, its hard to zone her from minions with barrels beacuse she can use her aura and it wont hit her. Her E is very good against your barrels as she can easily dodge them and lasthit, and also her ult and Q is very good for unmobile champions. The only thing that doesnt make her extreme counter is that her numbers are shitty and you can still win hard if you play well.”
hamgi says “(d blade, flash/teleport, bone plating/overgrowth) "gwen is immune" is not that annoying to see considering if u e into her mist and then cc her, she wont be immune. respect her stacks as she can easily q + e, and since she deals true damage, no matter how much mr u stack for when she isnt at 4 stacks or aa u with e, she will still hurt. her ult was buffed so now there is a 1s delay between each needle instead of her needing to aa to re-proc them, so respect that. rushing hexdrinker against her as well is ideal, but a mantle + merc's is ur second best option.”
Smudey says “Try getting lvl 2 first and all in. If not stay back and try to get some CS, maybe go for some short trades depending on how she plays. She can be very tanky, especially with her Mist and Conqueror so she wins long trades, but if you get an early lead, you can abuse her before she gets 6. Taunting in when she has no stacks is recommended.”
Justkb says “Try and play around her W, and look to Q whenever she goes up to CS. Early mercs is essential and keeping good wave position is very important as she is very immobile on the retreat. ”
[12.15] JUST1KB'S DARIUS GUIDE! by Justkb | Darius Player
Zorroh says “Gwen can be rough for Mega Gnar to deal with. Her Damage up close is insane with her Q true damage burst and sustained damage from Conqueror or Lethal Tempo. Her W allowing her to dodge abilities can protect her from Mega Q, which is your bread and butter high damage ability in Mega form. Take fleet footwork into this matchup and focus on taking super short trades. Use your boomerang at the start or end of a trade to slow her and allow yourself to get into range or to slow her as you're kiting away. Try to tether outside of her EQ combo range and hold your hop for as long as possible because she can run you down with Ghost and/or her R.”
Zorroh's Ultimate Gnar Guide 🪃 by Zorroh | Gnar Player
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