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Gwen Counter Stats

Gwen Counters
Top Lane
Ranked # out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Gwen. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Gwen in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Gwen Data for all roles taken from 59,539 matches.
Gwen Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Top Lane (61%) Gwen Top Lane Counters: 36,533 matches, 56 counter champions

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Tips Against Gwen in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Anoying bro5 says “Pre 6 you should win easily by riposting her Q scissors. It is fairly easy to see the animation to riposte, but you can also predict her to use it when she builds stacks under her health bar with auto attacks. You win extended trades with vitals. After 6 you can riposte her Q or her 3rd ult of needles.”
[11.15] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
MrDomian says “Select Biscuit Delivery or Time Warp Tonic and try to destroy it before level 6. After level 6, wait for the jungler. You can try to kill her with your R, if she is close.”
quinn adc says “I have played against Gwen twice, so I will update this matchup with more helpful advice when I face it more. For now, it seems that Gwen sucks into ranged champs. The main goal is to bait her W, and if she uses it, blind her and then walk back, Her W lasts 5 seconds, and I typically just wait for it to expire before engaging on her. If I blind her she can't even hit me, so even though she is untargetable, I am too with blind. Play really aggro, and play around her W CD. Do not dive if her W is up. ”
QuinnAD's Season 11 Grandmaster Quinn Guide by quinn adc | Quinn Player
Phrxshn says “You have to fight Gwen from behind or aside to avoid her frontal cone attack such as Snip-Snip(Q) or Needlework(R). Purely a skilled match-up based on if you can dodge her skillshots. Try to force her out on her Hallowed Mist(W) so she doesn't get defensive buffs. (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Even) (Outscaling Edge: Gwen) (Recommended Items: Thornmail or Morellos)”
Veng Shotz says “Gwen is a wierd match-up, she wins with her level 1 e, so dont fight her at all, at level 2-5 you win, and at 6 she wins if you dont dodge any of her 3 ult casts, you can also use e to dodge her q true damage, but because of how we self root ourselves during our q she will generally use that self-root to land her q's, so you have to constantly move around and hold e's to dodge her q's. watch for her tabis/brambles rushes and her riftmaker, if you get exec and some MR mid game you can actually out 1v1 her but you have to play perfectly, alas, otherwise, this is a skill match up in her favor. ”
[11.15] Aatrox Mega Guide 4m Diamond Top 5 worldwide MP OTP by Veng Shotz | Aatrox Player
Fryx says “Skill Matchup. She deals a lot of damage and can heal up if you trade long. Going for Grasp and maxing E will make the difference in this matchup.”
Amphawn says “She is very strong early, but as long as she doesn't get a huge lead you will outscale her once you hit 11. Keep her passive stacks in mind as she may be able to dash on you and get a trade in early. She can also somewhat do this post 6, as she can poke you and then run away in her zone. It is safer not to follow her and instead settle for whatever damage you got during the trade. Her ult slows you down by a lot, so if you get low she can finish you off very easily and you won't be able to get away. You scale much better than her though, so it all depends on who farms better. In the late game, if she goes in her zone, you shouldn't follow her into it, as you should be trying to play the ranged game against her.”
SunFalk says “She will become untargetable. Her ult deals a lot of damage and slows. She has a dash. - Gwen his easy to deal with if you know what you're doing, play aggressive early and CS at the same time, then when she's level 6, play safe because of her Ult.”
✔️S11.15 Yuumi Top AP and AD from Sunfalk 🐈 by SunFalk | Yuumi Player
IvernLover74856 says “Proc her bone plating., then go for the all-in level 1. You're basically the same champ but she's ranged and has BS W. Your ult lets her heal off you for free with hers, so if you use it make sure to dodge the needles, though honestly if you need to use ult near her you'll lose the all-in, so just try and escape. Wolf can bite though her BS shield, because he's technically inside it.”
Kinder Egg Top UNLEASHED by IvernLover74856 | Kindred Player
FeedLaneGetCaryd says “Go Second Wind+DBlade. She is super strong in all-ins, so buy MR and healing reduction, wait for lvl 9 then you win. Farm as much creeps as possible, because she'll try to zone you off with her Q's. Don't R from far away when her W is up. You are also stronger in mid game.”
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In the Jungle (31%) Gwen In the Jungle Counters: 18,290 matches, 46 counter champions

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Tips Against Gwen in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Pullks says “Don't go near her if she is fed unless you have a team to back you up. She can ignore your ult damage and basically one shot you late game. ”
[11.15] Pullk's Master Nunu Guide! (1.5M+ Mastery Points) by Pullks | Nunu & Willump Player
Insightful says “she has good clear, she's a very strong duelist, does true damage and she can avoid your cc with her myst. s11 champion..”
[11.13] Challenger EUW In depth Sejuani Guide - Tank and Uti by Insightful | Sejuani Player
BlackFalcon2005 says “I mean, she's just Gwen, Unless she is behind, you will have a bad time.”
Destroy with Trundle in low ELO Σ(っ °Д °;)っ by BlackFalcon2005 | Trundle Player
Xpoxy says “Probably won't play jungle. But if some chance she does... you won't be playing jungle anymore. Avoid ganking her lane.”
Pusi Puu says “Try to fight her early game. Later on she outscales and you are not able to jump onto her when she uses her field. Look for first scuttle fights”
[11.15] (MULTISEASON CHALLENGER) PusiPuu Guide (IN-DEPTH) by Pusi Puu | Rengar Player
RedNBlue says “As long as Gwen is not too fed, you should be able to kill her even if she has conqueror. If the Gwen is ahead of you, I wouldn't try to kill her, I would definitely go to fight her if your reasoning tells you that she won't burst you down even with 3k health in a matter of seconds, generally if you have a bigger health bar than her you should be fine if she is not doing that thing where someone just dumps your sustain and tankiness and cleans your mouth out with soap.”
Kayncer says “Broken Champ, Scales way to hard and wins against you early, you can win with Red Kayn against her if you got an Item that has Armor Piercing, as Blue Kayn if you don´t one shot her, try to stay with the team to take her down!”
S11 Kayn Guide (In-Depth Kayn Guide) by Kayncer | Kayn Player
MiningRicK says “She got a Hotfix so now she is a little bit better but in Jungle she nahhh. I recommend to buy anti heal and then you will win I think.”
Leona Jungle Tank to Win S11 by MiningRicK | Leona Player
Riyad101 says “This is just skills. Try to dodge her ults and after that kite her and ignite her.”
Best Graves Match Up Guide for MID/JGL/TOP by Riyad101 | Graves Player
DeleDulux says “Punish early by invades and ganks/counterganks Mid game is a who is more feed Late game she's very strong so try avoid fights in 1 vs 1”
EAT PEOPLE WITH WARWICK by DeleDulux | Warwick Player
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Middle Lane (8%) Gwen Middle Lane Counters: 4,515 matches, 44 counter champions

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Tips Against Gwen in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Coldsong says “Gwen mid is not very good or common, but she is still rather annoying to face. Make sure to stand away from her when she has all her Q stacks available and bait out her W, since it can easily deny your W hitting.”
[Season 11] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
TheDuskWalker says “Flash Ignite or Ghost Ignite. Phase Rush. Conqueror is a possible choice. Respect her early damage and aim to just kite her out. You do outscale her so farm.”
Vladomire Guide For The Blood Enthusiasts. by TheDuskWalker | Vladimir Player
VeigarAnao says “Você não consegue matar ela sem entrar na skill dela, e se entrar ela te mata.”
Veigar Anão build e runa, canal: Veigar Anão by VeigarAnao | Veigar Player
Little Planet says “About as fun as sticking your cock in a blender. Gwen can dodge your E, your W and your R with her W which makes it awful to play out. Has stupid high sustained damage so you need to be quick in and out or you just hard lose the trade.”
How to surgically remove the ADC by Little Planet | Sejuani Player
Joseph Evanss says “Never fight her unless your jungler is there and she still might win those. Late game you might be able to win with Wit's End. Only fight her if her w is down. Don't stand in the center of her q and if your melee range e or q past her once her q starts so it misses. Go Bone Plating, Overgrowth + D Blade”
Patch 11.13 Yone Mid Guide +Matchups by Joseph Evanss | Yone Player
BullRedHunter says “When you get 2 item you will be able to 1v1 her, try to take ignite against her and trade with her a lot early but take care of her R and Empowered Q”
Rank 1 Ekko EUNE guide by BullRedHunter | Ekko Player
peytonqt says “[EVEN] [PR/Conqueror] [D Blade/Long Sword/Tear] I haven't played too many Gwens as Jayce but you are a bruiser who can stick to her pretty well. Wait for your Dirk power spike and you should start out trading her from there. You can also Hammer Form E her away from her when she starts her Q animation. Watch out for her LVL1 potential though as it is stronger than you'd expect it. She will auto you to death and chase you with her E. Stay away from bushes and hold your upgrade until you know what you know where she is. Also sniping her is less effectively due to her wind wall.”
[UPDATING] (MID AND TOP) "Face the future!" by peytonqt | Jayce Player
NaJua says “This enemy from the other side is one of the most dangerous enemies for you since it is capable of dodging the biggest damage dealer of Nidalee's Humanform her Q. So even if it might show up as an easy early game opportunity late game can be the definition og hell in a cup especially if enemy gwen is fed. So both of high and low elo have to deal with it. I personally suggest it as bannable if possible.”
StableJaguarOneshots by NaJua | Nidalee Player
PASS10NE says “I don't have that much experience laning against Gwen yet, but all I could say is that she has really high base armor. Killing her will be difficult. Back off when Gwen has stacks for his Q.”
Lot of Wind here says “Yasuo can be a great pick into gwen - especially toplane. Be careful not to take too many bad trades, she will be able to cut you down - literally.”
Detailled Yasuo guide for low/mid elo by Lot of Wind here | Yasuo Player
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