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Hecarim Counter Stats

Hecarim Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #15 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Hecarim. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Hecarim in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Hecarim Data for all roles taken from 246,453 matches.
Hecarim Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

In the Jungle (99%) Hecarim In the Jungle Counters: 244,969 matches, 43 counter champions

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Tips Against Hecarim in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Tchouvline says “Annoying matchup because of his E and his R that can cancel your W and R channeling. ”
[11.7] Reworked Fiddlesticks Jungle, the detailled guide by Tchouvline | Fiddlesticks Player
KamiKZ says “You can easy kill heca on his 2nd buff when you are lvl 2 or 3 since he gets low on his first clear and most Hecarim players run ghost > flash on him. This is basicly a free kill for you as Kha. (I recommend evolving R first in this match up) ”
Doubtfull says “You win this 1v1 in the early/mid game pretty hard. Pre 6 he has no way to get away from you. Find him, flash on him, and delete him. Post 6 you might try to time your ult to dodge his, but that is mostly a guessing game. ”
[S11] Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide by Doubtfull | Rek'Sai Player
Citric says “Hecarim is an annoying pick for Shyvana because he is much like Kayn. He clears fast and he ganks well. In this match up, you can not force ganks that are bad because he will counter jungle you very quickly. He also scales really hard so don't let the game go on too long. Focus on your objectives.”
✔️ [11.5] Citric's Jungle Shyvana Guide (AD/AP) by Citric | Shyvana Player
Caled says “Hecarim is a tough matchup in the early game due to his ability to sustain early and have a really healthy clear. Also, Hecarim can easily secure scuttle crabs with his Devastating Charge (E) pretty much making early game very rough for Kayn. Although you can take early trades against Hecarim for form, never commit to long duels as he will outheal you with Spirit of Dread (W) and Conqueror. Preferably want to go Rhaast into Hecarim as you do outscale him and offer more in teamfights LATE game. ”
Narutoe says “With your ult up, you can prevent his late one shot with his movement speed with your ult.”
Play Maker Build By 'Yed' [11.7] by Narutoe | Kindred Player
Tinjus says “He has the potential to faceroll you, but you should be able to fight him easily once you get evolved Q. Just make sure to avoid as much damage as possible with Void Assault.”
KhaZix Mains says “[4/10] He has the potential to face-roll you, but you should be able to fight him easily once you get evolved Q. Try to take advantage of him early-game with aggressive pathing and invades. Just make sure to avoid as much damage as possible with Void Assault. Be mindful of him snowballing lanes through early pressure. Go Q evolution for better dueling potential and focus your early game pathing around ganking/counter ganking. Also be sure to consider W evolve at level 11 to cripple his engage potential and save your backline from being dove. once he gets an item lead the matchup will be very hard to come back from post-trinity force.”
r/KhaZixMains COMPLETE Guide to Kha'Zix [Updated Each Patch by KhaZix Mains | Kha'Zix Player
Doubtfull says “If the Hecarim takes phase rush its very difficult to kite him, he also has the damage to one shot you, and can dodge your ultimate with his ult. Once you hit runic echoes, you can one shot him with your combo if he isn't already too far ahead.”
[S11] Doubtfull's Challenger Lillia Guide by Doubtfull | Lillia Player
Doubtfull says “This match up is pretty solid for Ivern. You hard outscale him in teamfights later on, just be careful of him using his ult to misposition you. Survive to late and he won't be able to kill your carries.”
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