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Soraka Counter Stats

Soraka Counters
Support Lane
Ranked #12 out of 39 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Soraka. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Soraka in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Soraka Data for all roles taken from 121,164 matches.
Soraka Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Bottom Lane (95%) Soraka Bottom Lane Counters: 114,897 matches, 30 counter champions

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Tips Against Soraka in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Jovy says “Too squishy to be anywhere near you. Her heals can be annoying to battle your poke and she can be incredibly annoying with her own poke (Q) that's difficult to dodge. Also her E cancels your ultimate. But if you all-in her she can't do much.”
Wanted Dead or Alive - MF ADC by Jovy | Miss Fortune Player
PH45 says “Focus on poking her since she will just heal her ADC, try rooting her as she has no escapes besides summoner spells.”
Vapora Dark says “Sigh... Just, sigh. Soraka is so frustrating to play against, it's sometimes worth it to ban her just because she's that annoying. She is a second HP pool for her ADC. Meaning you have to basically kill the enemy as if they had the HP of a soraka, unless you can burst the target within 3s she'll keep them alive forever. Her Q heals her so she can keep healing and it deals a chunk of damage. You'll need to avoid being hit by this if you wan't to keep her low on health, you should also focus her down first because she'll just heal the ADC. Her E is a delayed snare silence, run out of it if she places it on you and keep in mind it's a silence for the duration. Her ult can save people across the map and is increased based on their missing health (yay). Overall, fuck soraka. Kill her first and avoid her Q. ”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
Profesor APH. says “small damage hard to rout but she's healing enemy adc so much but i think shes not hard matchup just take off soraka heal and she gonna cant heal adc i she gonna heal adc just wait for infernum or calibrum and click r”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
Spider Shaped says “Всё что она может сделать,этл хилять союзников и немота,а после неё и обездвижение.”
Build by Spider Shaped | Ezreal Player
detective varus says “sorakas e can insta cancel varus q with her silence”
varus the hybrid demon by detective varus | Varus Player
yers says “Very pokey champ, but catching her out will usually lead to her dying. Look forward to an initiate and comboing her once she starts stepping up to poke, but just watch out for her silence as you do.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
Panuelos says “You cant spellshield her silence reactively”
Play Sivir like a beast - Pro inspired Sivir ADC guide by Panuelos | Sivir Player
eyh4sxdf says “Literally just ult before she does, none of her team will get healing from it if they hit the thresh hold. Poke is annoying but that'll be your only issue”
An In-Depth Guide to Kindred ADC by eyh4sxdf | Kindred Player
Terrific says “You shit on Soraka, Rush executioners always ( not over BF sword get it second back if u get BF first back) very squishy and easily killeable if you get Executioners.”
Trisien says “Soraka is similar to Yuumi in that she is mostly annoying. You can, however, abuse her low mobility and squishines, so make sure to focus her as much as you can. ”
Secret tech Quinn ADC by Trisien | Quinn Player
RCTD says “She is squishy and uses her own health to heal. If you can dodge her Q then you can just burst her into a pile of dust.”
ShroudedBRH says “Avoid taking damage from her Q as this will give her free healing. You can get an early executioners if her W becomes too much of a problem during lane phase. Dont stay inside of her silence as this will root you in place”
Ashe Complete Botlane Guide by ShroudedBRH | Ashe Player
Eccentricks says “I haven't fought many of these as Twitch. But, from what I have heard, and seen, she isn't anything to write home about. She might harrass you, and maybe make ganks harder to deal with due to her ult. Just get vision on the jungle and the river to completely stomp her.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Massive healing potential and annoying silences. You'll most likely want to grab healing reduction here.”
[9.23] Daughter of the Void - Kai'Sa ADC Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kai'Sa Player
Eucalyptus says “It really is awkward fighting this, but once you get it in your head that you can't at all touch the ADC, just blind the ADC and one-shot Soraka when she steps up.”
LORD OF UNLIMITED KITING- Graves ADC by Eucalyptus | Graves Player
Fruxo says “Can be a really annoying champion to face. Try to avoid her Q's and E's to your best ability. Take advantage of her abilities being on cd. Focus more on her rather then the Adc because she will just heal the Adc. Get Executioner's Calling or even build it into a Mortal Reminder to make her healing less useful, it'll make it easier to kill her.”
✔️ How to be a Purple Peach by Fruxo | Kai'Sa Player
Mimori says “Try to all in on her at higher levels. Squishy in the early”
9.20 DIAMOND DRAVEN OTP TIPS & TRICKS by Mimori | Draven Player
Fruxo says “Can be a really annoying champion to face. Try to avoid her Q's and E's to your best ability. Take advantage of her abilities being on cd. Focus more on her rather then the Adc because she will just heal the Adc. Get Executioner's Calling or even build it into a Mortal Reminder to make her healing less useful, it'll make it easier to kill her.”
✔️ Experience My Love For Feathers by Fruxo | Xayah Player
lonely Xatu says “spell shield her q and you get free mana.”
Lethality Sivir for Degenerates by lonely Xatu | Sivir Player
PCL GoDSons says “easiest match up. Buy calling and focus her”
9.11 patch OTP by PCL GoDSons | Jinx Player
Xerxes Is ADC says “Poke her. Get her low so she's scared to be near her adc. a simple auto when Soraka comes in to try to sap health from you with her q. if she doesn't land her q's then you basically win lane. ”
Season 9.7 Diamond Draven ADC Build by Xerxes Is ADC | Draven Player
purrpledrank says “With enough reaction time you can dodge all of her abilities, she's also really squishy so focus her in lane. Build early executioners calling if need be.”
Draaaven does it all! by purrpledrank | Draven Player
ThatsAShame says “Can poke you from range. Generally very annoying But able to counter.”
Perfection in Mind by ThatsAShame | Jhin Player
NDarKnight says “squishy and ez to kill”
[9.2] Miss Fortune build 100% CRIT ADC by NDarKnight | Miss Fortune Player
TruMediaMix1 says “Soraka can harass you using Starfall and can easily deny kills by using her ultimate ability. She's an Extreme threat if the enemy Soraka is a pro.”
Ace in the Hole: A Caitlyn Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Caitlyn Player
LonelyOF says “She heals your poke.”
II Monokaiser II says “Extremamente Fácil quando junto a Sup de engage.”
O Guia definitivo para o Mordekaiser ADC by II Monokaiser II | Mordekaiser Player
Gordove says “Defensives supports deny your damage dealt. Sivir loses her mana, but her enemy don't lose his HP.”
[8.23] Sivir - On the Hunt! by Gordove | Sivir Player

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