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Kha'Zix Counter Stats

Kha'Zix Counters
Discover all champions who counter Kha'Zix. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Kha'Zix in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Kha'Zix Data for all roles taken from 158,064 matches.
Kha'Zix Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

In the Jungle (99%) Kha'Zix In the Jungle Counters: 156,593 matches, 41 counter champions

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Tips Against Kha'Zix in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Doubtfull says “Kha'zix can use his kit to slow you, close the gap and one shot you. It's important to play "like there is a kha'zix" in the game and be wary of factchecking into him. I used to think this match up was impossible, but once you get runic echoes you can actually 1 shot kha'zix because he usually builds very squishy. Be aware that he can use his E to position himself behind a wall if you ult him. Invading early game can go well if you are confident in your kiting ability. ”
[Preseason] Doubtfull's Challenger Lillia Guide by Doubtfull | Lillia Player
Narutoe says “Do not fight him in the jungle unless you got a lead. Better dont invade him unless youre very ahead”
Play Maker Build By Yed (OTP 3.1mil Mastery) by Narutoe | Kindred Player
White Cr0w says “Skill Matchup. He can snowball so hard if he gets few kills early. Try to get your lanes fed so they can fight him. You can kill easily on his red at lvl 2, since he will probably take E + Q skills and won't have the jump ready yet. IMPORTANT: If you place a Jack In the Box when duellign him, he won't see you isolated, so the damage you will receive from his combo will be much less!”
Suseri says “Pre lvl 6 you can beat him. After that or if he gets fed you should avoid him. Try to W his Q when forced to fight and stick to your teammates.”
[S11] The Best Master Yi Guide ✔️ by Suseri | Master Yi Player
ak521 says “The buffs really did a number on this matchup. He's a significantly more potent invader as his single target burst damage is absolutely NUTS. His ganking power is equal to if not stronger than yours, so expect your team to hurt early game. The worst part is that he can take your Blue or Red buffs really fast because of his Isolation bonuses. If you are able to land a stun on him, you practically win that fight, though.”
uSgSello says “Winning matchup. Against a Kha'Zix you should try to run in the spider form through your jungle because he can't isolate you if your spiderlings are behind you. That's why you win most trades against a Kha'Zix. Often Kha'Zix has some HP problems while jungling in the early game and is very squishy. That's why counter jungling a Kha'Zix is a good option.”
[Season 2021] Extensive Guide to Elise by uSgSello | Elise Player
KamiKZ says “This match up is Kha Zix favored which means you need to respect Kha Zix in 1v1 after lvl 6 since his burst damage is higher than yours and his ulti makes him invisible so you can´t autoattack him. I recommend trying to fight him pre 6 and try to kite him out”
Season 10 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
nZk01 says “OP champ, but your box will make his isolation dissapear, so use it with brain. Otherwise you really can't do shit besides early counterjungling him.”
Pyroen says “I put even threat for K6 simply because of how squishy this guy is - even though it really is whoever gets the jump on who that will win this matchup. Nidalee gets the upperhand since she can trap bushes/track enemy junglers using a relatively low CD area ward (bushwack) Trap between his camps and ping him out for your team. This bug will always be looking to flank during teamfights so be sure to trap the routes you don't have good vision on and he should become a minimal threat. also - Land a spear post 6 and he melts if you have the needed magic pen.”
EUWRATS says “By far the worst jungler to play against, can kill you even if he's 0/5 by abusing his ult and applying slows and using his 500-1000 dmg Q. Perma ban due to being top 3 strongest junglers”
[10.24] Challenger Rank 1 Hecarim WORLD EUWRATS by EUWRATS | Hecarim Player
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