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Yasuo Counter Stats

Yasuo Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #48 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Yasuo. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Yasuo in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Yasuo Data for all roles taken from 210,076 matches.
Yasuo Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (62%) Yasuo Middle Lane Counters: 130,145 matches, 55 counter champions

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Tips Against Yasuo in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

lkycch says “If your team is all squishy or has no cc, I suggest dodging in champ select. His windwall will make you waste your Q+W+Q combo, so you need to approach him at a different angle if he uses it. Use your E to slow him, then throw out one Q. He will windwall to stop your second Q, so W+E yourself to re-position yourself, then try and land your bomb from a different angle. It's difficult, I know, so don't feel disheartened if you can't do it. Yasuo is a superb duelist, so it's better off ganging up on him with your teammates. In lane, dodge his tornado and let your jungler gank. Shutting down Yasuo early is the way to beat him, so make sure you follow his roams and don't let him get fed. Remember: Summoner's Rift is a 5V5, not a 1v1. You don't have to stay in lane and suffer a losing matchup!”
lkycch says “The windwall completely blocks off your Q+W+Q combo. If he has an aggressive support with him, it will be very difficult to deal with as they can engage on your ADC while you won't be able to stun them back. You need your jungler for this matchup for sure.”
Yeager says “Conqueror and fleet footwork both good options as this is a skill match up. Both of you will be playing for the same powerspikes (PD + IE) Things to keep in mind here: Yasuo can windwall your third Q but you can deny his knockups with E2 and R since you can't be CC'ed during this time, so if you play it right, he shouldn't be able to ult you. All of Yone's abilities are skillshots and Yasuo is super mobile, so don't ever use your ultimate if he has minions to dash to. Always try to combine it with a Q3. Yasuo is squishy and Yone has ridiculous burst damage, so you always want to go for the short trades when your E is up and then you back off afterwards. Go for a fake engage to make him waste his windwall and then you can look for a all-in. ”
Yeager's Master Yone Guide [In-Depth] by Yeager | Yone Player
Yeager says “Neeko struggles against high mobile champions, and especially yasuo as he can cancel out both her Q and E. Therefore you should avoid fighting him until his windwall has been used, and then you can go for quick trades. He can run you down if you're overextended, so i suggest playing at your side of the lane by pulling the wave. It also exposes him to jungle ganks.”
Yeager's Master Neeko Guide [All Roles] by Yeager | Neeko Player
Polarshift says “You will need good spacing/tethering skills as Ryze. Keep the wave at your side of the lane and don't take extended trades. His windwall will block both your Q and E, but not your W.”
Yeager says “Let him push the wave and attempt to freeze at your side of the lane. He's melee so he can't do anything if you get a freeze. His windwall can block your ball mid-movement, so it stops right infront of his W. Corrupting potion is a good start into Yasuo, as you can get a lot of extra damage with autos and abilities. It also screws up his passive shield . ”
Yeager's Master Orianna guide by Yeager | Orianna Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “2 Dorans + Pots / 2 Dorans + Refillable + Tabis + Time Warp Tonic / Minion Demat for survival + Extra Cloth Armor if needed (which later will turn into Zhonya anyway but don't complete anything until midgame because you will lack damage). Against Yasuo I'd play with Ignite because on ganks it will help you seal the kill, and compared to Zed/Katarina he doesn't have that much kill pressure till mid game where he might burst you (but by that point you are far away and you have your team with you mostly). Alternative: Heal/Barrier Perhaps one of the hardest matchups since he deals a lot of constant damage and unlike Cassiopeia who has a mana bar to take care of, his resources are limitless. I hope mostly that Yasuo is banned by a teammate because I will prob ban Katarina. His kit counters pretty much of our kit. Our E does not deal that much damage to his dash so it's not really reliable, our Q gets easily countered by his W. The main point in this matchup is just to outroam. He will certainly follow but he is predictable in dashes so it's easier for your team to respond after you ganked. Your E will however lategame destroy him if placed properly (and if you are decently farmed/got some kills). Your minions are his dash points so you will always have an idea of when he can reach you, so play accordingly. His Q's are dodgeable and you should try as much as you can, just side step when you see the animation. You should never get hit by his tornado post 6 because he will ult you. The tornado is much more simpler to dodge than his small Q's. Play with Exhaust, Heal or even Barrier for his ultimate. Always think where he is on the map so he does not catch you off guard and sits on top of your head for the next 10-15 seconds. His follow potential is insane so never get that close and just play safe in lane as much as you can. Ask for ganks if necessary and roam a lot. Try to get the kill with your jungler only when you are 100 percent certain you will get the kill - so when you have a hard cc spell available. You can use W+E through his wall if you position properly and you can get a huge chunk of burst if you use E right before he dashes to you, BUT stay always close to tower post 6 because he has kill potential on you with his ult.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID by Drewmatth by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
eiensiei says “REACTIVE lane, not proactive - the only way to win this match-up is through Yasuo's mistakes. I won't step up higher than the line my ranged minions form in lane to avoid him dashing to me with E. I'll AA him whenever he comes close enough to remove his passive, but I won't waste my spells if he still has minions to jump to and dodge (if I hit anything, I'll proc my passive, as long as I STAY BEHIND THE LINE MY RANGED MINIONS FORM IN LANE). After 6 it's ideal if I'm around half HP and I get hit by a Q under my tower and he gets baited into diving me with R, forgetting I have barrier up. Otherwise he's hard to kill (ahead or not) without jungle help. His W doesn't stop Lux's R.”
[10.19] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Yeager says “You should not push the wave at all because he will run you down. He can block all your damage with wind wall and there is almost no CD on his dash. Let the lane push towards you and attempt a freeze outside turret range. Melee champions can't do much to you when you manipulate the waves like that.”
Yeager's Master Zoe Guide by Yeager | Zoe Player
Sylvan Lore says “Yasuo is a matchup that you will improve at over time. I used to think it was a lot worse than it is. Early game when he is a low threat, make sure to auto attack him to get his passive shield down before going for a trade. Take not of whether or not he takes Q or E level 1 as he can surprise you with mobility and damage by taking E level 1. You outrange him but if he ever gets close to you or lands an ult, you are in for a lot of pain. I would recommend building some armor so you can take a bit of damage, but mostly you just want to get lots of damage to poke him out before the trade starts. Always respect his ability to get close to you through a minion wave and he should be fine. Recommend: Exhaust and Vs. AD Assassin. This is the one time i take exhaust against a champion since there is always enough time to exhaust him while he is Ulting you and you can block tons of his all in. ”
[10.19] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
xXkillercrackXx says “Due to his mobility, yasuo can be hear to deal with. Like Kat, hitting Yasuo with a Q is almost impossible. That coupled with the fact he can windwall all of your damage makes this a pretty tough lane. He has no real way to follow your roams though.”
[10.19] How to play TF like Apdo (Best TF in the world!) by xXkillercrackXx | Twisted Fate Player
PlayCabex says “very easy match up , just poke and don't fight before lvl 3, your q can go through his windwall”
Vladimir guide patch 10.19 MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
sweodigaming says “Not hard, just AA him on his shield like you would with any other champion. Try to bait is windwall with AA's. Stun him with your W instead of Q since it can go through the windwall. ”
[10.19] the Dark Child - All Viable Roles and Runes by sweodigaming | Annie Player
7daysko says “Use your AAs to proc his passive. His wall is better than yours and if he's any good, he will attempt to play around it when fighting you. Don't try to fight him around your creeps as he can potentially dodge everything. This matchup favors you hard late-game, but your laning phase is going to be sub-optimal.”
FalleN3 says “Due to his (E) Sweeping Blade, he is incredibly mobile which makes it very difficult for you to land your abilities on him as he can dash through minions (and you) consistently. His (W) Wind Wall is able to stop your ball in it's tracks and he also has a shield from his passive. Make no mistake, this is a nightmare match-up for Orianna and a decent Yasuo player is going to make it seriously anti-fun! Take Exhaust or Barrier for this match-up and you can consider taking Ninja Tabi's depending on the rest of the enemy team comp, if Top or Jungle is an AD champ too - go for it. An early seekers armguard can go a long way, you don't have to upgrade it to Zhonyas Hourglass right away. You will need to dodge his Whirlwind often and this is crucial after level 6 as he will then use it to pop his ultimate (R) Last Breadth on you. Concentrate on farming and use your jungler to your advantage, hopefully it's someone with plenty of CC.”
Orianna Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Orianna by FalleN3 | Orianna Player
CaptianMike says “Although you may think he is difficult, he really isn't. He can't windwall any of your abilities and he is a melee champ. Stand really far back for the entire duration of the lane and he won't be able to kill you. He also becomes a problem if fed DO.NOT.GET.CLOSE. ”
Embody death itself! (1k AP) (Mid and Top) by CaptianMike | Karthus Player
CaptianMike says “It is nearly impossible to hit yasuo with a Q during the laning phase due to his insane mobility. He is very hard to deal with if fed. Let him push the wave to you so you can farm under tower.”
Embody death itself! (1k AP) (Mid and Top) by CaptianMike | Karthus Player
FalleN3 says “This 'should' be a relatively easy lane for you but be careful of his mobility by using (E) through minons - don't let this panic you into silly trades. You can use your AA to down his passive before you trade. He is squishy so from level 6+ you should have no problem 100-0 him. His windwall only blocks your (Q) and your AA. Perhaps max your (W) before (Q) in this matchup.”
Annie Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Annie by FalleN3 | Annie Player
Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 says “VIDEO : 60>40 for Azir. You have to make sure, to save your Q for the right moment, so he can't dash away from your soldiers. As against other melee all in champs, set up slowpushes to create big waves,m he can not fight you in. if he somehow manages to E on you with his tornado up, ult him. This matchup depends a lot on the jungler matchup aswell. Can they set up his R? Play more cautious. Stay at max range and keep poking him.”
👑How to play Azir - MASTERCLASS👑 by Twitch.Tv-LimitBreaker88 | Azir Player
Veigarv2 says “Free ganks for your jungler, has no way to escape your cage. strong all ins and scales good so dont let him get fed from you. You can go electrocute with biscuits timewarptonic and corruption pot. or kleptomancy page if experienced with the page.”
[10.19] CHALLENGER EUW RANK 1 VEIGAR WORLD | MID GUIDE by Veigarv2 | Veigar Player
Phrxshn says “You win trades early game before Yasuo late game power spike. All in Yasuo while dodging his Steel Tempest(Q). Avoid getting knocked up by his Q or he can use Last Breath(R) which let him blinks to you and knock you up while your airborne for 1 second. (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Singed Early, Yasuo Late) (Outscaling Edge: Yasuo) (Recommended Items; Rylai's Scepter, Liandry's Torment, Boots of Swiftness) (Mega Adhesive prevent Sweeping Blade(E) and Last Breath from being cast) (Fling overrides Sweeping Blade)”
Phrxshn's Guide To Singed by Phrxshn | Singed Player
crabbix says “Did you know Yasuo's windwall can't block your q or w? Most yasuos don't! Poke heavily, use autos to pop his shield when safe to do so. Standing in your minion wave will result in death.”
fwii says “Break his shield with W first before trading. Max Q and wait for him to get close so you can Auto-Q-Auto him for massive damage. Dodge his empowered Q. ”
Scyrine says “skill matchup. if hes a good yasuo he'll windall your q and e, but usually if you bait him to use it and then engage you can win it. just dodge his tornado and engage. ”
FrostbiteMW says “Buy Armor and try to predict his movements! keep distance”
[10.19] [Dia+] Free Elo Vel'Koz Guide - updated by FrostbiteMW | Vel'Koz Player
Yeager says “Start corrupting potion so you can counter his shield. His windwall will block your Q, so you have to bait him before you use it. Sometimes Yasuo players will use windwall when you blink to them because they think you're going all in. You can also animation cancel your Q with E, so he has to react REALLY FAST if he wants to block it. In the laning phase you want to take short trades, by proccing your passive with electrocute, and then you back off. You have higher burst, but Yasuo has much better sustained damage. Make sure his shield is NOT up for when you do this. Get seekers armguard after hextech protobelt, AND ninja tabi if they have full AD or 80% ad team. ”
Yeager's Master Ekko Guide|Rank 1 Ekko world by Yeager | Ekko Player
Yeager says “Yasuo loves this matchup. Early game you need to let him push the wave. You can try get a freeze infront of tower so you can farm safe. A good Yasuo will always win this matchup 1 v 1, so you need to stay safe and farm until your lvl 6. At level 6 you gank the other lanes and get your teammates ahead so they can carry. ”
Yeager's Master Twisted Fate Guide by Yeager | Twisted Fate Player
PH45 says “Can be a bit of a tricky one. Try to stay away from your minions as he can just dash through them to you and 100-0 you pretty easily. His windwall also blocks your projectiles so it can be difficult to poke him down in lane at times.”
FalleN3 says “This is a skill match-up. He is very mobile amongst minions in lane and this movement can sometimes troll you into either wasting abilities or unfavourable trades. He is a manaless champion so can spam his abilities as much as he wants while tring to get you to waste yours. After level 6 the lane swings in your favour but be careful as his windwall can block your ultimate from landing. Play defensively before 6.”
Fizz Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Fizz by FalleN3 | Fizz Player
Dr Eggmund says “His early game threat is his mobility advantage in you, this is the time where you need to play sensible. With no mana costs and spamable abilities, he has the upper-hand so respect him. He is very prone to jungler ganks so it may be best to wait for one, otherwise test him out with some pokes and get a feel for what you can get away with in this match-up.”
Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
Glasletter says “Yasuo thinks "Hey, windwall the binding and I win, right?". Ult him first, then watch him flail.”
IncursioOCE says “Skill matchup for kat. Takes time to learn, Slightly Kat favoured have to respect his Windwall.”
[10.19] Incursios' Guide to Dominating Midlane as Katarina by IncursioOCE | Katarina Player
xAsuta says “If he tries to fight you, do it. Dodge his tornado and poke/all in him. Shouldn't be a hard matchup.”
[Reworked] A Guide about Xin Zhao MID & TOP by xAsuta | Xin Zhao Player
simplepoetry says “Yasuo is not hard matchup. You are outscaling him from start, dealing bigger damage and it is easy to kill him from start.”
10.19 EUROPEAN MIDLANE IRELIA + HOW TO FIRST BLOOD by simplepoetry | Irelia Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Ok, so I found Yasuo to be completely aggravating to deal with. Baiting his windwall is extremely hard since your E animation isn't exactly fast. I'd highly recommend trying to bait his W out to do anything to him. Otherwise he'll be able to walk all over you.”
[10.19] THE ULTIMATE SYNDRA GUIDE! - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | Syndra Player
Aegox says “His wind wall will block almost all damage you do. He'll dash onto you and almost instantly kill you. Pretty much your only hope if he gets close to you is to hit an E and run.”
[10.19] Aegox's Zoe Guide For Beginners by Aegox | Zoe Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Yasuo is a decent matchup for LB but it can work in favour for Yasuo if he plays it well. Bait windwalls out with Q/autos. Land chains on him(very important). If he windwalls your chains, you'll be forced to dash or flash away. Edit: In patch 9.3 Crit items were changed and have made Yasuo even stronger especially with the new Phantom Dancer. I would suggest trying your best to snowball/killing him as many times possible early before he gets his Phanton Dancer then start roaming as you will not be able to kill him once he get's PD.”
[10.19] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
AP WormMaW Mid says “This guy is definition of counterpick (if he knows what he is doing). Main problem is that he is hard to poke, due to his E. Another thing is that, if you try to autoattack minions, he can jump through them and harass you a bit and then just jump back, which will make laning against him annoying. Another thing is, that when he uses his wind wall, he can deny your farm, expecially if you try to last hit under your tower. Its really tricky even in lategame, when your team tries to go all-in against him, because if he uses right wind wall, you basically are unable to deal damage properly for several seconds, where in meantime your entire frontline might melt. On the other hand if he gets behind, he is not too hard to deal with, but it's always going to be frustrating.”
[S10] WormMaW's Guide for AP Kogmaw (build for ADC included) by AP WormMaW Mid | Kog'Maw Player
Yuki H. says “Skill based matchup, but the early game is in our favor (post level 4). Melee vs melee isn't too bad of a matchup in general, especially when the opponent has no real ranged poke. His only way of damaging you is by his tornado which can be dodged, or E + Qing through minions, which can be punished very heavily. Make sure to pop his shield first before fighting, since it does make quite a difference after a few trades. Remember, you can dodge his tornado with your ult, but the Yasuo will most likely try to bait it out by windwalling to make it look like he is using his tornado.”
[10.19] Zed + Matchups by Yuki H. | Zed Player
RedFire2055 says “He is a Brand counter with high mobility and a lot dmg . He can easy block your ultimate with his WindWall . Omen of Randuin can be a good item to counter his dps. This is my Ranked Games Ban .”
Brand The Fire God by RedFire2055 | Brand Player
Hullos says “Skill match up. Exhaust helps a lot. Play black and farm, wait for a mistake like being out of a minion wave.”
Impossible2Gank says “Due to the nature of his kit and not needing mana he can be troublesome early game but still easy to bait for your jungler though so look out for those plays.”
[10.19] SHACO AP & HYBRID OFF-META GUIDE FOR MID LANE by Impossible2Gank | Shaco Player
ShadowSlayerMain says “Trading him before level 6 is difficult because he can block your Q's with W and he's got Heavy Melee Damage so freeze the lane, Death's Dance and Edge Of Night are optional, proc Electrocute with AA,Q,E when he approaches you with his E (not when he can throw tornado), always break his shield from Passive before trading, using W,E mechanic may make him waste his W because he may think you'll cast Q so he can block it, dodge his tornado so he can't R you”
SSM's Gold Zed Guide Season 10 by ShadowSlayerMain | Zed Player
OverjarlZane says “He's an odd one. A really good one will stomp your face in most times post-6 but bad ones are wet towels. Just respect his damage and ability”
[10.19] The Jarls Midcian by OverjarlZane | Lucian Player
FrostbiteMW says “try to poke - cant 1v1 unless hes bad”
[10.19] [Dia+] Free Elo Xerath Guide - updated by FrostbiteMW | Xerath Player
PH45 says “With his high mobility when around your minions Yasuo can be tricky to deal with. Keep your distance and mostly just try to waveclear and potentially roam. His Windwall also blocks your 2 main abilities.”
FalleN3 says “This 'should' be a relatively easy lane for you but be careful of his mobility by using (E) through minions - don't let this panic you into silly trades. Only trade with him once you have taken away his shield. You can start cloth armor and health pots for some extra protection against him. He is squishy so from level 6+ you should have no problem 100-0 him.”
Akali Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Akali by FalleN3 | Akali Player
Bouhhsolene says “I'm putting this in hard as not a lot of people know how to deal with yasuo, with every champions, but this matchup gets easier as you play it. Play electrocute, and try to hit a combo when he gets close to you with his E. Not comet, so you can get more rewarded when you hit an E. You powered W autoattack go through his windwall, so if he uses it, try to poke him and get his shield down with it. Play exhaust and first back seeker's to avoid dying 1v1, wait for your jungler. Also for trades, try to wait for his windwall to be down and try to hit your E. You can kill him if he makes a mistake; but if he respects you when his cd are down, you won't be able to kill him. You won't really be able to match him sidelanes, so try to send your toplaner to match him, and in Teamfight, try to cc him as much as possible !”
[10.19] Be a strong tomato ! Neeko Guide ! by Bouhhsolene | Neeko Player
arcanejhin says “def a skill match up. dodge his Q2 and you should be able to poke him harder. Use your E combo, but make sure your body is not near minions so he can not follow you. If he kites you he might follow you to your body and kill you. his WW blocks the wind knock up, not your body.”
YONE MID GUIDE = SLICE THE COMPETITION by arcanejhin | Yone Player
ziolo to noob says “Dont let him snowball. If he gets deaths dance, you cant 1v1 him at all.”
Vladimir MID - Threats and Synergies updated! by ziolo to noob | Vladimir Player
I count to seven says “Remember to poke him with your aa to take his passive off. Easy to play on lane, his windwall blocks your E and R but you can time it. You can Q and W behind the wall ad he probably don't know that. H's got a decent late so try to defend your teammates to don't feed him”
10.19 | Syndra Guide ~ Power without limit! by I count to seven | Syndra Player
arcanejhin says “should be easy to kite him and burst him down with one combo. if he es to minions, q and run away”
LILLIA MID GUIDE by arcanejhin | Lillia Player
tyo professor says “Windwall blocks e, if he rushes wits end good luck trying to kill him. Go for short trades with electro, also your Q isn't a projectile so it is not blocked by windwall.”
✴ELECTRO+GHOST+SPELLBINDER✴ VLADIMIR (ELITE500™) by tyo professor | Vladimir Player
LunarVortex says “The Yasuo matchup is surprisingly easy. He has no magic damage to break your shield and he can only get out of your R if there's targets to dash on nearby. Don't try to Q him if his Windwall is ready, instead, start the fight with ult, wait for the ult to stun him, then melee range Q him. Exhaust and GLP make this matchup a lot easier. In teamfights, prevent him from doing anything with your E. Shut him down with Q and R as soon as he goes in. His best bet here is to sidelane instead because you make teamfights too difficult for him.”
[10.19] In-Depth Midlane Morgana Guide by LunarVortex | Morgana Player
Sushi_Cat says “This matchup entirely depends on how good the Yasuo is. If they're bad or okay at the champion, Mordekaiser wins. However, if they are good or great then this matchup turns into an even one. I've always dreaded this matchup because you cannot tell how good a Yasuo is based off of their Mastery. A 250k M7 Yasuo could go 1/17 but a different one could go 17/3. Other than that, poke out his passive with your Q and look to all in. Yasuo is almost completely fucked in Death Realm unless he's super fed. ”
[Patch 10.20] Mordekaiser Guide |"Iron Stands Eternal!& by Sushi_Cat | Mordekaiser Player
TheFwnK says “This champion is easy to fight with, If he blocked your Ultimate with his W. Uhm…. From here you are on your own. I ain't helping you. Try to kill him early and he will be 0 the whole match.”
Fizz's Bible - Assassinating enemies like a fish. by TheFwnK | Fizz Player
TimRhabey says “You just completelly counter his kit pre-6 and outplaying him is pretty easy since his ult is so predictable, try to always kill him early on so you can build a lead and keep on IK'ing him the whole game, forcing him to build mr items instead of crit. Take the phase rush rune setup so you can deny him from dealing damage back to you after you combo him.”
Gragas Laner for Every Matchup | In Depth by TimRhabey | Gragas Player
Marky 2 Butts says “Yasuo moving around a lot can be quite annoying to play against. ”
Glass Cannon AP Malphite Mid by Marky 2 Butts | Malphite Player
crabbix says “The good ones are gonna dash away from your entire combo, fight away from your minion wave/anything he can dash through”
[10.19] Quantum Fizz-ics for Dummies by crabbix | Fizz Player
xxseraphinaaxx says “Absolutely annoying to deal with, as his windwall can block off your CC and your Frostbite, your main way of damage. His tornado attack is hard for Anivia to dodge and his dashes make him hard to deal with, as he can dash easily out of your Flash Frosts. As soon as he pops that tornado + ulti combo, you're practically dead as Anivia in early game if you're not under tower. In days where I swear almost every single person mains/plays/one-tricks Yasuo, I ban him most often. ”
[S10] Anivia Mid General Guide by xxseraphinaaxx | Anivia Player
Shazzaam says “Bait his Windwall and poke the living shit out of him.”
[10.19] Hybrid Corki Guide by Shazzaam | Corki Player
ToHadesWithYou says “Another mobility champ. Be carefull to not play aggressively, cause he could rush from the minions. Depending on the player, if he could block your E that is a trouble. But if he uses his W after you hit him with your E, try to hit him from sideways or even use your passive cause it pierces through his shield.”
Zoe Guide 10.19 by ToHadesWithYou | Zoe Player
Coldsong says “Yasuo is a skill matchup. If he is good, his W will negate 80% of your damage and he will dodge every W you throw out with his E. Make sure to Q on him first so that it is easier to land your W, and don't engage when he has his tornado Q up. Tabis is good into him as well since his Q counts as a basic attack.”
[Season 10] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
XayLies says “That's Equal. Better Yasuo wins you know... Try to get some of the VS AA Enemy items.”
Yasuo Guide | Season 10 by XayLies | Yasuo Player
Fadedreformed says “You can try killing him level 1 with w and d shield, or just play the lane passively till you get 6. After he takes his boots do not try approaching , since he is good at taking last longing fights”
michaelcorleones says “Yasuo easily blocks all your abilities and regentares health quickly.”
Lethality by michaelcorleones | Caitlyn Player
BEYBLADE NOXIANO says “Even match up. LvL 1 e 2 dele um pouco mais forte. Lvl 3 vc consegue ganhar, mas comece seu combo com o E e não com o Q, pra ele não conseguir usar a WindWall.”
Guiazinho de Kat by BEYBLADE NOXIANO | Katarina Player
Papzz says “High mobility + Phantom Dancer + Burst damage. Most yasuo players doesn't know how to play right so you should be fine, otherwise I suggest you to just poke him a bit on early and play safe late.”
God Tier Viktor Guide 10.19 by Papzz | Viktor Player
gadddd says “Sometimes the Yasou is good so with his Windwall (W) he dodges 2 of your Q's if he is bad its a easy win if you know a bit of Zed”
Zed Guide S10+ Mid by gadddd | Zed Player
ZedCZ says “You cant really trade against Yasuo because of his wind wall and dash.”
Sylas Mid and Top by ZedCZ | Sylas Player
Proma says “Dblade Start E lvl 1 as 99% of yasuo's start Q. Stun him, auto 2-3 times then back off limiting his ability to trade back. If you charge hook and he wind walls walk through it if possible. A tiamat doesn't hurt as the passive can proc Yasuo's passive. Play smart and respect his damage. A good Yasuo can be difficult to deal with. Wait for him to make mistake.”
economistastonks says “Toe to toe. Use your W to evade his Q. If he starts farming way more than you, you'll need executioners (because he runs Conqueror). Mind his short sword poke. ”
Farming Champions by economistastonks | Pyke Player
Chiefsnake says “If you're against a really good Yas player he'll abuse your star range and dodge your Q with being able to dash in and out with his E. He can also windwall your Q but you can detonate it before it touches the windwall and it might still stun him. However most of the time yasuos will end up outplaying themselves and letting you ult them into tower after they ult you. In this matchup you want to play around where your minions are so he can't dash in on you and doge the tornados.”
Scuffed Asol guide by Chiefsnake | Aurelion Sol Player
ItzJavAgain says “high damage output the whole match,especially once he gets his 2nd item powerspike,his W can block your E easily and,even worse,your R ,build ninja tabi and try yo bait his W since has a lot of CD and you should be able to kill him with both on first ítem since BORK is a much bigger powerspike for Irelia than Phantom Dancer is for yasuo,from there on,he outscale you,once he gets 100% crit”
Irelia build and guide by ItzJavAgain | Irelia Player
SaltGenerator says “Can windwall your ult and second e. With crit items he hard out damages you.”
[10.19] Sylas the Kingslayer - Mid guide by SaltGenerator | Sylas Player
ch1n0420_ says “if he's 'main yasuo' you're pretty good if not... yikes”
XIN ZHAO MID by ch1n0420_ | Xin Zhao Player
OmaHeinz says “Because of his mobility it can be quite hard to lane against him, with your ult you're able to survive his all in most times.”
Normal Game Swain (Mid+Supp) by OmaHeinz | Swain Player
Reason97 says “Yasuo is a tricky case. On one hand, you can lock him down easy, like most midlane assassin's and fighters. This makes it easy to punish him for mistakes. On the other hand, he's highly mobile, and isn't as hurt by your silence as other midlaners. A good yasuo is still gonna make your lane hell, even if you "supposedly" counter him. ”
elnino9 says “Keep track of how many minions he can E onto, try to fight Yasuo when there are no minions around for him to dash to so he can't dodge your spin damage on daggers. If he windwalls correctly, shunpo back. Setup Q dagger on minions and shunpo in, W for the full refund pre level 6, then go back out by shunpoing on your minions. Mainly a farm lane, call for ganks as he is very vulnerable to getting ganked since he lacks mobility. sync your Q when W lands, it animation cancels.”
Midlane God says “If he is a dumbfuck u can kill him easily. Take electrocute and wait for him to engage. Not a big deal unless he buy Wits End then he will become impossible to kill 1v1. ”
Dominate Mid as Rumble by Midlane God | Rumble Player
SkellyBirb says “Yasuo is really hard to deal with. He can dodge your Q easily with his dashes. He can also windwall it. He's also really hard to burst if his shield is up.”
[10.18] A Guide to Lich Bane Bard Mid! by SkellyBirb | Bard Player
Defensivity1 says “Dont stay too close to the minions, and every time his tornado is up walk out of its range and wait it out to not be knocked up.”
Defensivity's S10 Veigar guide by Defensivity1 | Veigar Player
laoshin3v3 says “Don't fight pre lvl3. He can't block ur Q with windwall”
[10.18] Lao's Vladimir - Kneel before Vlad by laoshin3v3 | Vladimir Player
Veralion says “HoB/Sword. Extremely frustrating matchup, but very winnable with careful play. Yasuo players have a big problem with diving and throwing and 1v5ing and generally being retarded, which is why his winrate is so low. You outtrade him massively in a straight up fight, but since his E has no cooldown a good Yasuo will simply E forward, knock you up for poke, and retreat before you can retaliate. They will also look to Q you when you walk up for farm, being careful to stay out of your range. Though you can't set up kills against a good player, HoB forces him to respect you and not stick around autoing. It is therefore highly inadvisable to take another keystone. If he tries to go for an extended trade, your combo will kill him from 90% health with a full shield. I've been reliably first blooding this champion with this new build. Yasuo is at his most mobile and dangerous while your creeps are running into lane, so take care whlie they are if you fall behind. Seeker's is always a very good idea since his ult shreds armor, so if you're even or behind make sure to snag one. At 6, tag his shield with an E and then all in the second you have the cooldown back while his shield is still down. Count his Q's and try to do this while he is still stacking to his third. Initiating while he has no knockup stacked is much more important than initiating while his shield is down. If he starts dashing at you with 3 stacks, he is planning to knock you up with his E to guarantee his ult. Press R when he gets to you to immune the CC and leave him without his ult's damage, armor shred, and free passive shield. This should guarantee you the win. Alternatively, simply ult through his tornado to initiate. Hold E for a half second to wait for his wind wall, which should be immediate if he knows how much trouble he's in, then find an angle to nail him and unleash the blender. Remember that you must land your E before proccing HoB. Do NOT let him fizzle or dodge your E, as that's where all your power comes from. If he does land his ult, he will always dash through you right afterward, and neither your E nor R are fast enough to beat it, so wait for him to do so. You land that E and you have that Seeker’s, you’ll win and leave him scratching his head. Yasuos will always commit for the kill and won’t retreat until it’s too late to escape. ”
AP Shyvana Mid: The Lizard Wizard by Veralion | Shyvana Player
Bartoos says “Can negate all your damage with 1 button.”
Syndra Mid guide [10.18] by Bartoos | Syndra Player
DabiDabi says “Yasuo is probably the most skill based match up for Talon. Yas hitting his Q's determines the fight since it sets him up for his knock up and an extra auto, so try avoiding them. Calculate his windwall so you won't miss both of your W.”
ReapeRGP says “Skill matchup. Try to dodge the most tornados you can and dont be near your minions. ”
Veigar 10.18 Carry Alone by ReapeRGP | Veigar Player
Poly Bear says “No 'nado, no problem.”
seemes says “he can dodge everything and he can kill you easy. try and go even in lane and buy armor”
A Chads Guide to A$$'Gath by seemes | Cho'Gath Player
Veigarv2 says “lots of mobility and sustain with dorans blade hard to bully out and hard to hit with Qs. ”
[10.18] CHALLENGER GUIDE TO KARTHUS MIDLANE by Veigarv2 | Karthus Player
I1oveZombie says “Its hard to face him as he has hes E and W to dodge your poke and is highly mobile. So in this matchup id advice to go vs ranged build or just glacial and build Lost Chapter into Twin shadows as he cant wind wall those.”
My Zilean Guide (Made by me, for me :) ) by I1oveZombie | Zilean Player
Filosh says “Can easily dodge your E+Q combo and block it with his windwall/dash. BUT his windwall DOESN'T block your W (do not forget!) - so you can easily bait out his windwall and try to take him down. It really depends on the player”
Simple Aurelion Sol guide by Filosh | Aurelion Sol Player
Grimkyle says “yasuo is a lane that you should dominate since he can use his wind wall at all not even your ult( to explane this better he can block the fish from moving but the shark still spawns, what you can do is hide your ult animation with the q+r combo, or you can q+r on him and he can't windwall that regardless not even if he windwalls perfectly) he does out mobility you with his e but you can simply e his e+q3 and e or q his q3.(always care about yasuo when he e's because he can e+q flash or even worse e+q3 flash and ult on you) yasuo is a late game champ but should be squishy enough for even you to one shot him like he's an adc| note if he has qss try ulting someone next to him so he can just run away easily ”
"Lets GO!"| Grimkyle's guide on Fizz by Grimkyle | Fizz Player
Nodon says “why is tiny the smallest threat? you let him push stand at your minions wait for him to get close because he's a yasuo and then just q and throw him into tower it's sad for him tbh”
MOOOOOOOOO! by Nodon | Alistar Player
vuty2002 says “"No luck. All skill." -Ezreal”
Yasuo Conqueror + Sorcery by vuty2002 | Yasuo Player
Witcha Jeralti says “Bait his W to stun him by pressing the S key during the AA animation as to cancel it, or use your Q.”
Lethality Hybrid With Sanguine To Get Fed And Win by Witcha Jeralti | Twisted Fate Player
BCota says “Windwall stops E thats it. He hurts a lot but you hurt more. Bait his wall with your E perma poke him with Q but beware if his nado. When hes low enough just oneshot him”
Vladimir Mid Guide 10.18 by BCota | Vladimir Player
RezoneVerified says “Windwall counters your bombs/stun and the hyper mobility can be hard to deal with.”
[NEW PATCH 9.24 - [SEASON 9] - KOREAN ZILEAN! - WHAT UP I GO by RezoneVerified | Zilean Player
Haywyre says “Matchup is always bad for you. Bait out his windwall before you go in. Try to be more passive until you have gunblade and mid game should be in your favor. ”
[10.16] Haywyre's In-Depth Rank 100 Katarina Guide by Haywyre | Katarina Player
Poppi Sama says “Dangerous matchup if not approached carefully. Yasuo is capable of blocking all your skill shots. However, use the opportunities when his wind wall is down to poke, as well and AA to remove his shield.”
[10.18] Que te queme con el beat by tyelp | Rakan Player
Frixen says “One of the worst matchups there is. You can't do much since he has his wall and passive. So just look to get whatever you can get in lane, don't die, and look for roams. Don't try to splitpush against him. ”
Wholesomefrog says “He can basically block everything you have, i would consider banning him because if hes good you will end up feeding him very hard.”
LETHALITY CAITLYN MID by Wholesomefrog | Caitlyn Player
meetori says “He can block you skillshots with his Windwall. Try to use your E when it is down.”
[10.18] meetori's In-Depth Zoe Guide by meetori | Zoe Player
Shyirl2 says “All depends how good you are on kassadin, just build Seeker's armguard and ninja tabi's and dodge his tonados and you will be fine”
Shyirl2's Guide To Kassadin by Shyirl2 | Kassadin Player
Aukaren says “He Has All Tools To Deal Against You. His Windwall Blocks Your E, Avoid Staying Near Minions and try to bait out his Windwall and then use your E. But as most Yasuo Players tend to play aggresively, get help from your jungler as he burns out his "W" and as of Patch 10.12, his Windwall Cooldown has been increased so the matchup has become a bit easier as he wont be able to his W much often and will play much more safe.”
Complete Zoe In Depth Guide [New Rune Page!] by Aukaren | Zoe Player
SnakeOnRiver says “Try to land Q before trading and just go back after wind wall. Dont come to close tho! Stay away from your cs.”
[10.17] The holy and blessed Cassiopeia guide! by SnakeOnRiver | Cassiopeia Player
TheSnakinou says “Skill match-up, you should play really smartly if you want to kill him.”
How to play Lux in S10 by TheSnakinou | Lux Player
Silva San says “You don't exist to this guy just don't get caught. (windwall exists)”
lessbedone says “Biggest threat. Always ban him or Zed. His damage, low CD, double crit , ult suppresion and gap closing will leave you emptyhanded.”
MID/ADC Aphelios: Most in-depth guide you'll see by lessbedone | Aphelios Player
K3y5 says “You have to dodge all of his Qs to even consider trading with him. Your trades also have to be fast enough so that he doesn't hit his E - Q knock up. Be careful about his windwall- it can delete the W dagger if it's on the floor, so use W after he uses windwall.”
Lunasta says “Yasuo is quite a easy lane for qiyana, he can W your ult and Q but he probably won't be able to, since you can use your E to get behind him and using the rest of your combo”
[ 10.16 ] A TOP 50 Qiyana's Guide (Top/Mid/JG/ADC) by Lunasta | Qiyana Player
GnarZing says “Take PTA or Lethal Tempo. Don't stand near your own minions whenever possible. When engaging with Mega Gnar, be mindful of where he can dash to dodge your W and Ult. If he is readying his knock-up and you aren't ready to kill him, stay away from him and your own minions. ”
Zing's Guide to Mid Gnar (10.16) (WIP) by GnarZing | Gnar Player
Big Shawn says “Yasuo has not been a strong pick in recent patches. You should consider engaging trades when you reach level 3. If you execute your full combo you wil ALWAYS win trades. The movement speed allows you to exit peacefully from the situation and you just repeat the process over and over again.”
Ekko | Big Shawn's Mid Guide by Big Shawn | Ekko Player
broflovski2015 says “windshield and his e on minions”
[10.16] Ezreal Mid/Support/APC/ADC/Jungle| Ooo, that looked by broflovski2015 | Ezreal Player
Nooldles says “Yasuo is an even matchup which obviously favors him early but as the game goes on you have more agency to outplay. You can steal Yasuo R and use it in tandem with teammates abilities but more importantly with your E2. This can catch them off guard and provides unexpected burst and CC if they aren't aware. Just play around his windwall and your E2 accordingly. His windwall halts Sylas' Q onto the windwall but if Yasuo is on top of his windwall he will still get hit.”
10.16 Updated Sylas Mid Guide by Nooldles | Sylas Player
Tonicek says “Skill matchup pretty much.”
Yone Mid Terminator by Tonicek | Yone Player
Nanelol says “Tough matchup but not the worst. If he freezes the wave ping your jungler. Play with your W around him, Q when he has his shield up again and trade with AA and W.”
Omega Zero says “In the rematch against your brother, it's a skill matchup that leans towards Yone's favor. Wind Wall can only block the gust of Q3 and your E/R prevents Yasuo from pulling off his ult.”
A Yone Guide for You-ne by Omega Zero | Yone Player
Omega Zero says “"Brother?" You ask, "Why are you in the jungle with me?" Yasuo smirks as your team lands more missing pings right on top of the two of you than both of your tornados combined. "Well, if death is like the wind for me, then I shall be your wind." Yasuo answers your question as a Smite takes the Red Buff, though no one said it was YOUR smite. Your heart sinks in despair as you sigh heavily, wishing you'd just read the other build's Threats for more details.”
A Yone Guide for You-ne by Omega Zero | Yone Player
ai darkfluid says “You have to understand Yasuo's R mechanics and where he will be placed to win against him. Place a smart stun field post-6 to trap him when he ults and pre-6, poke him out while keeping your distance. Since your empowered auto attack goes through windwall, abuse him when you can then peace out when he starts stacking his Q. Preferred rune: Summon Aery/Phase Rush”
A gold player's guide to Viktor by ai darkfluid | Viktor Player
Wolftastic says “Cancels all your abilities with Windwall. Engage after he uses it.”
Ahri Build by Wolftastic | Ahri Player
Kaali says “This is a purely skill based matchup - If you are confident go Conqueror but its usually safer to go Fleet Footwork”
Kaalí's Yone Mid | The Unforgotten by Kaali | Yone Player
xtrinity01x says “Disgusting champion. winnable but please, PLEASE take barrier. dodge his tornado and stay back. Just focus on farming and ask your jg for a gank.”
Morgana Mid/AP Morgana Supp (WATCH EM BURN) by xtrinity01x | Morgana Player
Zerolimit says “if you are a monkey don't go midlane”
Change is goood... by Zerolimit | Kha'Zix Player
ThatOneKatMain says “Really easy matchup respect him early game do quick trades. Q a minion then e to your dagger w auto catch w dagger and e behind your wave. Poke him down like this and all in him with ignite when hes below 50% hp. Post 6 bait out his tornado then e behind him when he uses it and burst him down. Try not to get your ult windwalled.”
In depth Katarina guide by ThatOneKatMain | Katarina Player
Kr1zzy says “Wind Wall and gap close”
PHASE RUSH ASHE MID by Kr1zzy | Ashe Player
Iruminati says “A good yasuo is almost impossible to 1v1. His windwall can block all of your spells even ultimate. you can trade him early game thanks to your reset AA on your shunpo Un bon yasuo est quasiment impossible a 1v1. son mur de vent annule tout vos sorts même votre ulti. vous pouvez le trade en early grace aux combos et aux reset auto du shunpo.”
[FR/EN] [10.16] Katarina main - Best guide ever ! by Iruminati | Katarina Player
iDiedOk says “This is a skill match-up the fights can go either way. Ask your jungle for an early advantage and you can snowball.”
Ultimate Yone Climbing Guide by iDiedOk | Yone Player
Brentonlop says “Although you outscale him, he is very annoying in laning phase. He can prevent your Q and E with his windwall. Use your W wisely or he will kill you.”
Brentonlop's In depth Leblanc Guide by Brentonlop | LeBlanc Player
TheWindWalker says “Not a threat at all. If playing aggresively let him dive you and ult you, after he does use W and Barrier if you have one and quickly get his ultimate and if possible activate it under your tower to snowball.”
The Hidden OP Sylas Build by TheWindWalker | Sylas Player
Dzsuz says “Probably the easiest lane you can face against. Just focus on dodging his Qs and wait until he uses his W after that you can easily kill him.”
Fizz Carry Every GAME by Dzsuz | Fizz Player
Zoe Sparklepop says “Be sure to stun with W or R so he can't windwall your stun You can easily dodge nado with E There isn't really a way you can lose the lane unless you screw up.”
Zailent says “He can windwall your 3rd Q, so i recommend post 6 going with R first, then using your 3rd q, while he can't windwall”
AlolanFairy says “Yasuo's skillset isn't the threat, having him in your game is. Remember, you're in low elo. Yasuo mains are as common as the black plague in medieval Europe. And your team WILL feed him. Make sure to ban this abomination of a champion every game!”
[10.15] Stormin' Through Low Elo! by AlolanFairy | Kennen Player
Mpegial says “Not hard to kill, but very hard to fight, his poke is very annoying and the biggest threat to you is the windwall, he can remove your ultimate and W from existance so be very careful to bait his W.”
The: How to be a Talon main by Mpegial | Talon Player
SirDrPotato says “More info in the match up section”
[Patch 10.15] Qiyana Lethality Mid In-Depth Guide. by SirDrPotato | Qiyana Player
The PaIe King says “Anti-Assassin Summoner Spells: Exhaust/Flash---- Build Path: Rod of Ages, Sorcerers Shoes, Liandry's Torment, Zhonyhas Hourglass, Void Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap. ----Rune Page: Electrocute, Taste of Blood, Ultimate Hunter, Zombie Ward, Presence of Mind, and Last Stand.---- ”
The Karthus Community Guide by The PaIe King | Karthus Player
Haweom says “He can kite you easily. His wind wall block your R. Can easily all in you.”
maxtenj says “Very esay matchup. As long as you dont let him kill you early just build Randiuns second and enjoy the free win.”
[10.15] Crush the Meta, with Malphite Mid! by maxtenj | Malphite Player
Arturpropl says “Dont even try to fight Yasuo, just farm.”
[10.15] The immortal Ahri build by Arturpropl | Ahri Player
snukumz says “Major asshole in lane after lvl 1. Once he gets level 2 stay back and play carefully. Use your Q's to last hit safely and be careful when last hitting with auto attacks because Yasuo can dash over to you and do a ton of damage. You are way better in teamfights so that's where your win condition is. Just farm up and win team fights, you'll only rarely be able to solo kill him, or with the help of your jungler. One cool thing to note is that your ultimate goes through his wind wall. ”
orangepenguinhead says “Need to watch out for his windwall against your ult. Try to bait out his windwall by playing aggressive with your Q. ”
[10.5] Balance of the Blades: Path of Irelia by orangepenguinhead | Irelia Player
Raiiny says “Unless the yasuo is a GOD! you can take him...unless he is also a god at windwall. Then your pretty much screwed. ”
Long-Swords Are Key (Talon Guide) 10.14 by Raiiny | Talon Player
Aukaren says “Really Easy Matchup, I recall no matches where I have lost my lane against him. Take Conqueror Rune page.”
A Guide On Sett Mid Lane by Aukaren | Sett Player
nguyenbautroi says “Yasuo is annyoing by his W and E, but you can have a good trade if you hit with your Q.”
Killing Machine Pyke by nguyenbautroi | Pyke Player
1256 says “everything depends on the wave position and how good the yasuo is, same shit as irelia can be either hard or easy af, you permahave e becuase of his q on wave, pop his shield with q, take good trades, it's quite questionable if you outscale electro, fleet if not used to electro”
galactic kassadin guide by 1256 | Kassadin Player
Gacha says “He knoks you up then you die”
Patch 10.15 Lux Build by Gacha | Lux Player
cayden says “Yas is not a hard match up you can 1v1 before 6 and after but just care his wall when you want to ult”
Fizz guide season 10 by cayden | Fizz Player
AZIR MEN says “you win. Get conq, E collide with him, dodge his Q, easy lane.”
Pentakai says “Play pussy until level 3. Afterwards, press E>AA>W when he tries to all-in. He will lose fights if he's in the minions. Always respect him.”
[10.13] PTK| Choose Your Path | Kassadin Guide by Pentakai | Kassadin Player
Ghostwalker562 says “You burst him out harder than he can, but his dashes can be quite annoying for your engages. ”
[10.14] My Extra Special Vi Mid by Ghostwalker562 | Vi Player
KitsyMamori says “Yasuo will press W and you will cry. If you are against him, make sure to bait his W out or wait for a gank and then full burst him.”
Kitsy's Lux Build (MID) by KitsyMamori | Lux Player
tilt city jinx by bigbeanboi4 | Jinx Player
Zwengo says “Build Zhonya's first and make sure to bait his windwall before your combo. Try to auto attack him whenever his passive shield is up and make sure to bully him with your huge auto range. You should be able to blow him up if he uses his ult when you are around your turrets.”
Heimerdinger Mid OP by Zwengo | Heimerdinger Player
SicKitty says “this dude, is not a dude #4 ban. if your stuck with him or somebody else hasn't banned him already then just try and throw around his shield and wait for him to go near minions,”
Death to all towers by SicKitty | Ziggs Player
LizzyElune says “Este match es complicado de describir. En general un buen yasuo gana la partida antes de que anivia le pueda hacer pelea, cuidado con esta lane volatil. mismo consejo que con Coki, limpiar waves y esperar peleas en equipo.”
Como comenzar a jugar Anivia (En Construccion) by LizzyElune | Anivia Player
Art1val says “Auto-attack as often as possible before he backs or hits 6. If you sleep him throw your q to the side as he will almost always put up his windwall infront of him. If he knocks you up, ult if it lets you and he will ult where you teleport to which lets you get away. Play safe once he gets his first item. tl;dr: Auto-attack as often as possible. Throw your q to the side.”
PepeOnDrugs says “This 'should' be a relatively easy lane for you but be careful of his mobility by using (E) through minions - don't let this panic you into silly trades. Only trade with him once you have taken away his shield. You can start cloth armor and health pots for some extra protection against him. He is squishy so from level 6+ you should have no problem 100-0 him. ”
How to dominate with Akali by PepeOnDrugs | Akali Player
Arsenee says “His windwall will cancel projectiles like your q or e so you can barely even make him sleep or q him because he will see it.”
SimonNGarfunkel says “He could be more dangerous but tbh most Yasuo players don't know what they're doing. Go max E into this matchup. Space properly, poke his shield with Q and bait his E into Q poke, then go aa+E to his face. That will scar him for a good while. When you all in him with R, just stick to him aa and E, don't bother throw Q until the last second. Chances are he already wasted windwall when you press R.”
Conqueror Zed (Laceration new build) by SimonNGarfunkel | Zed Player
GG Yasuo says “Since you're on a guide I assumed that you don't know or mastered fundamentals yet, Yasuo is tough to deal with for people who don't know basic lane management and laning fundamentals so Yasuo pretty much dominates. Orianna scales harder that's why I didn't put the threat level on 5”
The Only Orianna Guide You'll Ever Need by GG Yasuo | Orianna Player
MageSlayerr says “dodge this... if not then get a barrier, when you both LVL 6. stand under your tower with 50 proc. hp (make sure he is full hp) and let him hit you with his wind he will R and ignite you under your tower. then you instantly pop barrier Q-Flash backward And E R him while he also tanks turrent. that is the only reliable way to kill goo Yasuo. other than that jungle has to hold your hand”
Hextech GLP-800 is they way to play lux by MageSlayerr | Lux Player
ImaTastyPancake says “Yasuo has plenty of dashes and windwalls in his kit to block your charm. You want to play defensively around him and hit charms when you know you can. You can play aggressive but you should know if you can escape/survive an all in.”
[10.14] Ahri Midlane And Support In-Depth Guide by ImaTastyPancake | Ahri Player
Jackpitts says “dodge his tornado and ult him, you will destroy him. let them push you all the time.”
One shot Fizz guide by Jackpitts | Fizz Player
Ekko Rush B Guides says “Yasuo is a skill based match-up. His mobility can give you a hard time landing abilities and his nado can zone you from minions. When trading you want him to come to you, because this will give him less options to dash back. I also suggest that you don't use your Q instantly when you dash on him, as most Yasuo players windwall as soon as you jump on them.”
[S10] AP Ekko Mid Lane Guide - Short but Detailed by Ekko Rush B Guides | Ekko Player
lRusu says “seekers armguard rush + armor runes”
KataFlix says “Yasuo plays a big part in late game and early game with his W, his W cancels your most important abilities, to counter back await for jungler ganks or counter build him with armor”
KataFlix Katarina Guide by KataFlix | Katarina Player
Lavishmouse1032 says “sheild becomes annoying and hes mobile when in minion wave so try and hit e. Poke level 1 since he has q”
Iron 1 xerath guide by Lavishmouse1032 | Xerath Player
MaxskeProductions says “Super hard match-up especially if he builds wits-end. Must kill him early with JG help or he will out-scale.”
Maxske's Ekko Guide (w/ Xiao Lao Ban's RANK 1 Ekko Tips) by MaxskeProductions | Ekko Player
manipulativexd says “If he gets a red buff because of your jungle, your lane is over. If he freezes, ask for help. He can suprise you with huge trades. Also yas can be easily beaten and out traded. His E will stack up yours and you can work from that. But a a good yas with good macro will make you a hard time.”
|SEASON10| High-elo Kassadin IN-DEPTH Guide | 10.10 | by manipulativexd | Kassadin Player
CallMeDaddyGR says “Yasuo is not as big of a problem as most people think, its clearly a skill and experience match up, you have be aware of his wind wall and dont let him counter your q with it, after 6 if he misses his tornado he is doomed, so i recommend engaging with ult and then using e or w to prevent him from hitting his q”
Best Akali Guide for patch 10.13 by CallMeDaddyGR | Akali Player
forever0lp says “If you beat him to lvl 2 and don't eat too much poke before lvl 3 this matchup becomes a free lane. Respect his damage and tornado harass early and you will demolish him post 6. Buy berserkers on your first back, following with phage or stinger. Don't use E everytime he will dash on top of you in the minion wave as he can easily dash back with minimal damage taken. It's better to Q him when he gets close and then chase him with E. Respect his 0/10 powerspike as it will unlock his secret FF powers.”
Raf Rivens says “Good Yasuo can beat u easy , but if u smart and outrun him with Phase Rush and ghost u can win ofc ”
[10.13] RYZE NEVER LOSE | 90% WiNRATE RYZE GUIDE by Raf Rivens | Ryze Player
Ventus2k says “Yasuo players often overextand / take dangerous trades and he has no base HP.”
audiboo says “ If you do end up fighting him you should try to signal for help. Yasuo can cancel out both her Q and E so you should avoid fighting him. ”
aldeo says “Hasagi.... this champ will permanent push you so make sure u have jungler ;D”
KromGa13 says “Try to wait out his dashes and then try to hit R.”
Varus Mega Poke MID by KromGa13 | Varus Player
Hyu Mungus says “Common matchup and relatively easy. Freeze wave close to your tower and be wary of his level 2 cheese. You outscale hard.”
Mid Lane Blood Lord (Diamond build and matchup guide) by Hyu Mungus | Vladimir Player
panger 174 says “VIRGO CHAMP. es tu counter mental, si no se te apaga el cerebro cuando se te tira le ganas, jugale chill pokealo un poko sin arriesgar. cometa o aery no se, me pongo nervioso cotra yasuo”
pangers zoe build by panger 174 | Zoe Player
Axelote says “Almost unwinnable match-up. Try not to go into minions, farm only with Q and wait for your jungler. Only use your ultimate after he used his windwall.”
Short way to Challenger with Katarina Season 10 by Axelote | Katarina Player
u fool says “A good Yasuo is hard to hit with any of your abilities; try to roam other lanes in this matchup. He can waveclear much quicker than you and generally has more sustain due to his passive.”
Gageowago says “If he is good he can easily avoid all your skillshots. Abuse with autos level 1 and always make sure his shield is down when trading abilities. After his windwall is down, you have about 22 seconds of a window to abuse him. Remember that if Yasuo gets ult off on you he will always appear behind you (except when near turret in which case he will appear as far from turret as possible), but most Yasuo players will immediately dash through you so charm him (if he has dash on you available) when he is locked in his dash animation. Also very easy to call for ganks against because without minions Yasuo is immobile.”
[10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox by Gageowago | Ahri Player
Debonair Karma says “Karma has the upper hand on Yas cuz she can W him while running away with E. He can block all of your dmg with his W though. Take exhaust.”
A guide to Karma Mid [10.12] by Debonair Karma | Karma Player
topal says “In theory this matchup seems super favourable.If you overextend and die it's hard to comeback play a bit safe and don't miss your cc abilities otherwise you will get destroyed. ”
Galio op op ( in depth Galio guide ) by topal | Galio Player
Noodles912 says “Skill based lane. for first 2 levels, farm with Q and AA what is safe. At level 3, you get a bit of a power spike, as your E charges fast against yasuo. If he dashes onto you, go E+AA+W+Q. You suprisingly win trades well. Run when he has nado. If trades look bad, R to your turret. Get seekers if you need it. You win at level 11.”
1v9 every game as Kassadin with Noodles912 by Noodles912 | Kassadin Player
YunaDragoon says “In my opinion Yasuo is one of the easiest matchups against Talon. Be sure to dodge his Q's when fighting him. And if he has whirlwind up then don't let him dash on you. This will force him to try and catch you in the wave or to use it as a ranged attack (if used as ranged, be sure to dodge). His windwall is a problem because it blocks projectiles. But if you bait it with your W you should be free to use your R on him. Just be sure that he doesn't get fed cuz then your game could be over. Personal tips on this matchup: 1. Poke a lot, just to bait his W and get his shield off. If he has no shield you should win most trades. 2. Wait with your R because of Windwall. Make him use it and it's a free ult.”
Talon The Blade's Shadow by YunaDragoon | Talon Player
Ignix0 says “Yasuo wins this. His w is really annoying. I recommend just setting up a freeze and punishing him for every roam/ward placement he does. Only fight if his w is off cd”
[10.12] Master of the shadows by Ignix0 | Zed Player
Sleeping Knight says “Classic and 50/50 match up but may be bored for the yasuo shields, just poke him then may the best man win”
Zed the Unseen Blade Guy (S10) Updated every day by Sleeping Knight | Zed Player
Papapostolou says “Easy match up, if he picked yasuo after you, well he actually trolling as an every normal yasuo. The game is pretty much over for him. Try to always poke him and you should be fine”
Guide to the Vlad God Patch 10.12 by Papapostolou | Vladimir Player
APW8 says “you need to play safe in first levels, but in late he cant kill you”
#769 Karthus eune mid build by APW8 | Karthus Player
Najss4 says “i dont like ninja or half ninja”
Kataspina says “Same as Zed. He is pretty hard to deal with in the early game because he can windwall your Q, once he uses it he is vulnerable and becomes weak, rush seekers and he can't win 1v1s unless you fuck it up. ”
Katarina guide 10.12 by Kataspina | Katarina Player
Lil Tidepod says “His windwall will negate pretty much all of your damage, because it takes away Q. Be really careful because he's very mobile and a skilled Yasuo will make your life Hell. If he goes on you, the best bet is to kite him out as much as you can. Stay back from the wave and let it push into you. If he's going to tower dive, try and root him. If he hits you with a tornado, I'd kiss yourself goodbye, because he's gonna ult you, and you probably stand no chance after he does.”
sm1rk says “You are the biggest counter to yourself. It's true, Yasuos can literally outplay themselves. It's a terrible way to go. Be careful with your plays. Don't be stupid.”
Stereotypical 16 Year Old Yasuo Guide by sm1rk | Yasuo Player
PRoli03 says “Can be annoying and he is your counter however somehow i have never lost lane to a yasuo.”
Sanctuar says “Experienced Yasuo players will close the gap quickly to deal damage in the most efficient way possible. Always make sure to keep your distance and past level 6, punish him with your entire combo if he commits into a fight. He is a melee champion, so harass him as much as possible to prevent him from dominating the lane. Glacial Augment has proven itself as very efficient against his mobility.”
A Swamp Master's guide by Sanctuar | Kennen Player
xXxYasuoxXx2007 says “U must be a noob who plays blind pick, just insult each other and the one with better replies will win the mental game”
The only yasuo guide you will ever need by xXxYasuoxXx2007 | Yasuo Player
pokbun says “Air bender can dash and block 2 of your abilities.”
[10.11] INFINITE POWER | MID / TOP / SUPPORT by pokbun | Veigar Player
Fhizzikx says “This really depends on how good this Yasuo is and how good you are. Although its not a skill matchup, it really depends on if any of you know what you're doing. Keep in mind that your r goes through his windwall and his windwall can block your q w e. Try to bait out his windwall with a split q and if he windwalls there you can follow up with a w e r. Don't try to knock him up if he is around minions because he can easily dodge your abilities. Learning how to lane against this champion takes time and you will get better with time. Also don't get close to minions as he can dash dash auto q auto dash dash windwall and you can't do anything about it. This matchup you have to play safe and be patient until he messes up and you will have to capitalize on it.”
Learn the Basics of Vel'koz by Fhizzikx | Vel'Koz Player
Cheesecake404 says “This matchup is not as bad as Zed/Talon, I believe. You can kill him late, just attempt to get a lead and don't die early to him.”
Capparelli says “Worth a ban, W can block your combo, his shield means you have around a 100-200 damage less then you should, and he can stop your R with W, even a bad Yasuo can blindly win this lane, your saving grace- if you get a lead you grab his balls and crush them, Tiamat to match his shove”
Qiyana In-Depth Guide by Capparelli | Qiyana Player
JacWilly says “Skill matchup, Max E, dont fight him pre level 4 , Post level 4 is when you want to fight him.”
A Real Zed Guide + Matchups by JacWilly | Zed Player
taenapay says “Yasuo's windwall can block both Pyke's Q and E making him almost impossible to hit”
JustQ says “every champion that can make ur w not hit them is a really bad matchup”
Harumony says “Basically the same as irelia.”
I main support says “He's very mobile, making it hard to land your charm, and his wind-wall is also really annoying, but when he doesn't have any of these, or the person playing him is bad, then he's not much of a threat.”
Low Elo Ahri Guide by I main support | Ahri Player
ahrienthusiastmain says “There's no counterplay against a good yasuo when he can just windwall a good charm. However, seeker's is a great item against yas. You try your best to go even in lane and be more useful than him out of lane. ”
Ahri Adaptable Assassin Build by ahrienthusiastmain | Ahri Player
BigBushMan says “Yasuo, like most other Assassins/Bruisers on the list, has a range disadvantage, but when they stick they don't let go. Especially not Yasuo, namely because it is so easy for him to stick onto you due to how he takes advantage of your own minion wave with his E. Freeze under turret and call for Jungle help, Yasuo can do nothing about ganks unlike Akali and Pyke who have escapes. ”
Low Elo Xerath Guide by BigBushMan | Xerath Player
Eytan510 says “his wind blade goes through your e letting him ult recommend banning him.”
(undying) Pantheon Mid by Eytan510 | Pantheon Player
Nohian says “he can easily dodge ur zap! (w) with his sweeping blade (e). Stay away from the minions and try to farm with your switcheroo!(q)”
[10.11] Muramana Jinx by Nohian | Jinx Player
Giurg says “His Windwall completely denies your Q which is your engage. If you are ever going to face him, punish his bad windwalls by hitting him with your Q but never go all in. Farm and wait for ganks.”
yungkanna says “Will nearly always win lane. can zone you from cs”
Katarina 10.10 by yungkanna | Katarina Player
Miandros says “Technically Fizz counters Yasuo, but if the Yasuo knows what he's doing he's going to bully you in the early stages. Play back and just absorb exp farming when safe for lvl's 1-3.”
Fizz basics for friends by Miandros | Fizz Player
serruh says “can ignore all your poke without much effort and stomp you early. if he has hands he can also windwall most of ur dmg and your root actually requires you to hit E on him so it's not as free to lock him down in a tough scenario or a skirmish”
[10.10] Ryze MID Guide & Matchups by serruh | Ryze Player
Noodles912 says “Skill based. You win short trades while he wins extended trades. Play safe against his level 2, and look for a level 3 all in. If he wastes his wall, throw your shark. He also has a sustain and shoving advantage, but you have burst. Avoid fighting in minions at all times. PTA is almost a free win in this lane.”
The1guy123 says “if you play this champ you belong in a camp”
Pline says “Dashing and prancing, it's hard to hit him with anything, especially with that annoying windwall. Try to hit him when's going for a minion or E him when he dashes through you. ”
WhiteWarriorWolf says “This threat counts as extreme assuming the Yasuo is good, if you're a plat player bump that down to a tiny threat.”
Kindred Mid/Top by WhiteWarriorWolf | Kindred Player
Mastertino says “I always ban him, the wind wall will make you useless, so he is a large threat.”
Sleep = Free Kill by Mastertino | Zoe Player
RockitoAhri says “Play it smart. You win. Stay close enough for him to start smashing you with autos after dashing from a creep, you lose. ”
[10.9] Ahri Guide! Climb Ranked Tips S10! [D1 AHRI OTP] by RockitoAhri | Ahri Player
Malmortious says “He is all sorts of annoying and counters you, I won't lie. Try to get him behind early; he'll surely farm a lot after that , so deny him even more when he starts farming or roaming.”
Malmortious' Talon Guide by Malmortious | Talon Player
Prenora says “yeah, his windwall sucks...but it's a 22s CD early, so when he uses it, unload onto him, get away from your wave when your cd's are down”
Blowin' Bubbles with Nami Mid by Prenora | Nami Player
JoshAy says “Don't let him poke you down and you'll be fine. He is mobile so hitting your E will be hard especially with windwall. Try and get onto him with a W before so he can't windwall you. Your E2 is a knockup so you can use his ult. Ult is okay for 1v1 and can be really good in teamfights if you have a knockup on your team.”
Frostbitte says “windwall and mobility counter you”
[10.9] Free Elo Syndra Guide by Frostbitte | Syndra Player
kujosrevenge says “You can first blood him at level 1 very easily and potentially snowball if he decides to stay in lane but if he roams around the map like he is supposed to he will outscale you and you won't be able to do anything about him.”
[10.9 NEW META] Best AP Irelia Build by kujosrevenge | Irelia Player
ifightwolves says “Assuming you can kite his tornado, He is an easy match up”
10.9 Kalista mid lane guide by ifightwolves | Kalista Player
LolLogan says “Can use your Q agianst you with his E ”
Hermidinger Guide. (How to play Hermi) by LolLogan | Heimerdinger Player
Frostbitte says “rush seekers armguard”
[10.9] Free Elo Ziggs Guide by Frostbitte | Ziggs Player
The Venerable Racoon says “What a guy. Try to auto or W him to proc his shield before you attack. Always assume he has R since its low cd, try and predict the tornado and be careful since he can use your minions to dash to you. Ask for ganks early”
Double Passive Vel by The Venerable Racoon | Vel'Koz Player
BabyTwisty says “Just look to play defensive and throw q's and if he goes onto u, proc passive and run away. Roam alot vs him.”
A Silver Ekko guide by BabyTwisty | Ekko Player
Frostbitte says “rush armor and matchup should be fine”
[10.9] Free Elo Orianna Guide by Frostbitte | Orianna Player
JackieXDz says “You are supposed to win early-mid game, don't let him snowball you, most of the time you can't get away.”
Xerath APC Late-game melter by JackieXDz | Xerath Player
Panciul says “just go into his back and wait for his windwall”
Akali if you know how to play by Panciul | Akali Player
Dankerino says “You easily counter Yasuo, just alpha dodge his nados.”
[10.9] Hypercarry Yi Mid by Dankerino | Master Yi Player
LolLogan says “anybody who is an assassin is bad for brand ”
Light a fire under your *** by LolLogan | Brand Player
P0rk0 says “in this matchup you want to let him stack your E with his spells, and sliding over minions, then poke him out.”
Inscaped says “Skill matchup with your advantage. His Windwall counters your Q, but the rest of your combo goes just fine. His E procs your E, so if he wants to engage you, just lay the "carpet" and his willing to kill you will drastically reduce in a second. Real easy, unless playing against Yassuo.”
"Know the loom. Be the stone." A comprehensive gui by Inscaped | Taliyah Player
Loading..Please wait says “He will be very hard and annoying during the laning phase. don't even try to contest farm. Optimally yasuo and zed will both be banned. His difference with zed is that you can just nuke him late game and he won't have much to respond with.”
Kassadin's Book of Secrets by Loading..Please wait | Kassadin Player
t3rminated says “Some people think he is the hardest matchup, but he is actually not that bad. Not to mention, most yasuo players found in SoloQ are braindead monkeys that flame their entire team. Once his dashes get really predictable you can basically just full combo him and they are really readable. Maybe take exhaust as well. Note that his windwall does not block your R but blocks every other ability you have. Poke out his passive shield before using Q. ”
1Recycle Bin1 says “too annoying poke him and get his windshield he's a high mobility champion so ask for help from a cc teammate to get him if you're having trouble”
1Recycle Bin1 | Only Fools Hesitate!【10.8】 by 1Recycle Bin1 | Katarina Player
TDS Epic says “Yasuo mobility is difficult to manage, it is best to save your Q until after windwall is used.”
Zontasuna says “A good yasuo will easily dodge your Q, so it will be difficult for you to play vs him. I recommend going E-W-Q-E-R combo”
Zontasuna's Katarina Build by Zontasuna | Katarina Player
Gio Monster says “very beatable. But it feels like only off of his mistakes. Thats why i rate him a threat.”
santifazio says “Su W nos corta la W y E pero al ser un melee debe hacercarse y podemos hacerle mucho daño. Con las botas puestas dentro de la torre le podemos esquivar todos los tornados rapidamente,”
MAIN HEIMERDINGER by santifazio | Heimerdinger Player
Sanimal says “Can tank your W with shield earlygame and out-trade you with his early dps.”
Nunu Mid by Sanimal | Nunu & Willump Player
La zone en personne says “Champion de Jordan, il essayera de vous assassiné a coup de Feu Éclair ou autre expression de Jordan”
Les mathématiques by La zone en personne | Vel'Koz Player
NoNameJ says “a good yasuo is gonna fuck you and punish every little mistake...”
NoNameJ´s Anivia (D1 Midlane) by NoNameJ | Anivia Player
GopnikElite says “It really depends how good the enemy is, just leave lane if neccesary”
Aurelion Sol Low Elo Guide by GopnikElite | Aurelion Sol Player
spoilwrc says “Go glacial vs yasuo, you go attack speed/ap/armour runes, and poke him as much as you can while keeping distance. Start trading with spells after level 4/5. Wait for him to cast windshield first. If you cast your combos all at once and he windshiels --->> R and ruuuun. ”
M1keSujeffki says “He is good against all immobile mages, and his windwall an block all his abilities.”
Beginners guide to Lux mid! by M1keSujeffki | Lux Player
ur_mom_gay says “Fairly even matchup. If you ever get ahead, its a nightmare for Yasuo, especially if he chooses Berserker's greaves over Ninja Tabi. Eventually you won't even need to hit your Q's and just Death Mark + auto a few times and he'll die. Try to freeze so that he can't run you down the lane. Proc his passive before stepping up to farm with your Q. If Yasuo dashes in to trade with you, Q + AA + E should proc electrocute, and usually you'll win the trade provided he doesn't hit multiple Q's. Ask for ganks. If they tend to dash through you after you R, have your WEQ at the ready for a guaranteed double Q. ”
Zed by ur_mom_gay | Zed Player
chrisloths says “Yasuo is just a really annoying counter to Zyra. His dashes make it difficult to land both Zyra's Q and E and allows him to escape Zyra's ultimate before it knocks him up. His wind wall blocks both Zyra's E and her plants' auto attacks. Generally try to avoid picking into him.”
TheLuminosity says “Read in counters section:”
theboywhodominatedaplat says “Yasuo's will push pre level 6 always let him do all the yasuo thigns untill u reach 4 before you all in him Q his shield and then u win when u R him unless he somehow dodge all your Qs ”
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
Witchxry says “Try your best not to get hit with his tornado so he can't Ult you. Also, try to bait his windwall before going in.”
Sloyr says “One, in my personal opinion, of the hardest matchups. His W can deny your Q and R, and his E makes a good Yasuo nearly impossible to hit with your Passive. Play safe and try to help your botlane, in teamfights try to look at his windwall to avoid it.”
Carry your allies to the victory by Sloyr | Katarina Player
Yas Yasu Yasuo says “Skill matchup heavily favouring you. Why? Because Zed gets 3 pots and Yasuo gets 1 pot only. Windwall only blocks Q, he dodges with his E but if you land a W-E-Q you simply out trade him. WATCH OUT FOR HIS LEVEL 1 AND 2, ESPECIALLY LEVEL 2, after that the lane is yours, it goes even easier after level 6. Dodge his tornado, get Tabis.”
s1rnasty says “This is the hard counter in lane. The way is still doable you just need to always control the wave. You must either push or freeze the wave. Never ever let lane stay neutral or frozen in front of his tower. The way to fight him is to hit q while he is locked in his e animation, which again comes down to wave manipulation.”
Morgana mid- The only way to play her by s1rnasty | Morgana Player
Cube Master says “Yasuo is Only one can stop you!”
Only aphelios Mid guide you need to Gold by Cube Master | Aphelios Player
MomQueen says “Can shut down your combos with his wind wall, and playing around his wind wall is a tricky ordeal ”
Zoe Mid by MomQueen | Zoe Player
G7_Zeke says “Very squishy. You can very easily 1v1 him. Don't attempt to trade when there are loads of minions, because he can easily dash through them and do stuff like that, and then that's when you realize he's ulting you when you're on 100 hp. But, overall, easy pick.”
Insane Off-Meta Akali Guide by G7_Zeke | Akali Player
_HEXSTER says “conq here take dorans sheild. you beat him after 6 ”
S10 Zed Guide by _HEXSTER | Zed Player
shitieboh says “Might be a big threat because can deal a lot of damage and will be hard to hit when he uses his skills . ”
Lux Season 10 Build by shitieboh | Lux Player
Gogicha55 says “ANNOYING MATCHUP, Can avoid your damage with Wind Shield and can dash through you to dodge second W, Try to dodge his Qs and you might be able to win the trade, just hope that you get a trash yasuo.”
Small And Simple Talon Guide by Gogicha55 | Talon Player
HarceaParcea13 says “With his wind wall , Yasuo is a very big problem to jhin”
My genius will be understood - eventually. by HarceaParcea13 | Jhin Player
ekkologix says “skill matchup , but a good yasuo will probably wintrade, his w counters your Q so when starting a trade use E first then Q +AA.”
In-Depth Ekko Build Guide!! { Mid/Jg/Top } by ekkologix | Ekko Player
Eccentricks says “God help me its Yasuo. This champ is my permaban normally, and it probably should be yours. I haven't fought many recently... sorry, I mean any. Yeah, I ban that many. Some tips though. Keep your distance, and be sure to listen for the audio cue of him getting his tornado. Other than that, if you ever see him pop up on the enemy team, you might want to just dodge.”
8wolf says “His mobility is an annoyance and if he gets close he outdamages you. Poke from a distance and dodge the tornado at all costs. They are usually over-aggressive so post 6 you might be able to get a nice ult and throw him in your tower for an easy kill/flash.”
bigbeanboi4 says “wind wall grab extreme mobilty”
big bombo blitz mid by bigbeanboi4 | Blitzcrank Player
MrRiots says “Starting Item: Doran's 2/pots Id say this is pretty even, because if you can dodge the whirlwind he wont do much dmg too you, until the team fights. Poke hes wall with W, then Q him when wall is down and R him to death, R goes thru the wall. ”
Ap Gragas mid by Fuse Naru | Gragas Player
Gettsuu says “Horrible et intuable a part si il est nul Trop rapide trop de dash et un wall Votre R passe a travers le wall”
HeziEune says “Honestly it just depends on the yasuo. The threat level could be 1. Even if it is a competent Yasuo, he will probably just E into your tower at some point. I can't even say how many Diamond Yasuo players I've seen play like animals. Then I've seen some smurfing silver yasuo look like what Moe wished he was. Idk. F Yasuo lol”
Hezi Katarina Guide UwU by HeziEune | Katarina Player
lmasters says “50/50, a skill match on Qiyana rarely win, try getting him on a wall with R and burst him, before lvl 6, the better way is evade his trades and play safely”
Simple Guide - Madman Vives by lmasters | Qiyana Player
Haweom says “Too mobile on lane, try not to trade too much.”
MALZAHAR | season 10 by Haweom | Malzahar Player
Tehqo says “He's melee, so you have to poke him hard. Whenever his passive shield is up, you want to auto attack him to trigger it. This will make trading a lot easier, as his passive shield negates a fair amount of damage. You also just have to avoid his tornadoes and the matchup is already won. If he tries to go in on you, make sure you go near your turret to just ult him towards it. One main thing with this matchup is to make sure that you DO NOT WASTE YOUR Q. If the enemy Yasuo is at least decently smart, he'll realise that you're in a weak spot, and he'll dash to you to bash your skull in. It's fine if you're under turret if you're attempting to bait him though.”
NebuIa says “If he's e'ing in towards you, save your bubble. Odds are he will use the windwall immediately. Just try and observe his use of it. Maybe an early seekers. Use q in a creative way mid game to get around his windwall (throw to side). Consider phase rush or barrier if struggling.”
In-Depth Challenger Zoe Main Guide by NebuIa | Zoe Player
TheBlueImperial says “Incredibly annoying and slippery but you can still kill him, just have to play it safe and wait for him to make a mistake.”
[10.5] Galio Wanna Smash (Mid/Support) by TheBlueImperial | Galio Player
bittog45 says “Aim your skill shots at where you predict Yasuo will go, rather than where he is. Grasp will help you poke Yasuo.”
Jackie Chan never die by bittog45 | Swain Player
Je Suis Azir says “Set up a slowpush, he can't fight you. He seems to be annoying as shit, but there is something you can enjoy here. He is an all in melee champion, and you can fuck him in the skull if he is not as good as you. You need to use your Ws around minions he will dash to, and use your Q when he tries to leave or if he is going all in, don't use it too soon in a trade. Your ult makes his ult a liability to use.”
[Season 10] Azir Build : DOMINATE MID LANE by Je Suis Azir | Azir Player
Lomeitlo says “with with his windwall he removes your most dmg”
Kai'Sa the AP Sniper by Lomeitlo | Kai'Sa Player
GMXMITILOFUN says “Skill match up. The first who gets the lead will win the lane.”
Mitylo's master Zed guide by GMXMITILOFUN | Zed Player
Tartertoot says “Yasuo's Wind Wall is quit annoying, but he's easy to counter when it's down since Yasuo relies heavily on minions to spam his dash. Neeko's E is empowered when it hits minions.”
Neeko, The Naughty Tomato by Tartertoot | Neeko Player
TheSpark says “His W stops everything minus your ult, can dodge constantly to make hitting him impossible. Try your best to pressure him early before he gets his core item, if you lost lane just shove and roam, you can't fight him.”
[9.24] Mid Guide to Lux! by TheSpark | Lux Player
killjeantette says “can block autos q and cards. Can dive you with a jungler”
twisted fate AK47 Blue Cards Build by killjeantette | Twisted Fate Player
Eriuboom says “Most Yasuo are brainded and only push wave. You are fizz and cs well under tower, just wait for him to dive you or get help from your jungler. You can also dodge his Q with your E”
Fizz by Eriuboom | Fizz Player
6Coree9 says “Difícil jugarle si eres un jugador novato, te pondrá un escudo que impidirá que lances tu Q y tu R”
Como ser la mejor Kata by 6Coree9 | Katarina Player
Henriksen says “Wind wall can be a pain in the ass if It's a good Yas player”
Short Zoe guide for noobs Iron-Plat by Henriksen | Zoe Player
DirtyBellyDC says “Stay away from your minions or Yas will dash to them and kill you. Ping your team when he goes MIA so he doesn't snowball off a roamGet Zhonya's after boots. Your Ultimate goes through his Wind Wall. (not a projectile!)”
(10.5) Extensive guide to carry every game (low ELO) by DirtyBellyDC | Vel'Koz Player
Impswitch says “Wind wall sucks. other then that lane can be a little rough if you let him e up to you without punishing him. His 6 really isnt strong because your ult just wins it. However he is a late game beast and you wont be 1 v 1ing him there....”
Janna Mid OP by Impswitch | Janna Player
INT Zimmi says “A matchup some of you probably would rate as hard so i will give you my thoughts. I personally believe its the best AD matchup you can get. Poke his shild with your q if he goes for lasthits w him and when he dashes out e him. After the trade or while trading you can auto attack him for gaining either fleet/electrocut or grasp. If you cant get fleet of in the trade just hit a minion and then wait for your cd's and fleet to come back. ”
[MASTER] Kassadin S10 Slitter Guide by the fkn king of mid by INT Zimmi | Kassadin Player
GalioPlayer says “Melee assasin that does good dps , literally spells out dont pick galio but you can somewhat play against him because of your ability to get a zhonyas .”
The Ultimate Galio Guide by GalioPlayer | Galio Player
N4wt says “Take boneplating for him. He beats you early, but you will outscale him at 2-3 items. ”
[10.4] Kayle Mid Guide (Diamond+) by N4wt | Kayle Player
cobbzy says “A goood Yasuo will pressure you early game and try to poke with his Q and tornado while you're walking to get CS. Farm with your Q and wait for an opening to E in. Make sure to take Doran's shield for this one as well. Early game you have him as long as his passive is down, but make sure to stay clear once he gets some crit. ”
Understanding Katarina: A Full Guide [10.4] by cobbzy | Katarina Player
KingBladePlayZ says “All you have to do is play around his wind wall and don't get hit by his nado's and he isn't too much of a threat.”
Off meta Tanky Kat by KingBladePlayZ | Katarina Player
Neff1787 says “If he's half decent he'll dodge all your hooks and dash in on you”
Pyke Mid 10.4 Deep Sea Terror by Neff1787 | Pyke Player
KK Antitoxin says “His E gives him mobility to dodge and he has a wind wall that can block your Q and has strong CC that can lock you down for his teammates to kill you. when comboing around a wind wall, try to throw place W in a line with the wind wall to have chance of hitting him with more Qs rather than just placing W in his face where he can walk through the wall to blck all your damage.”
Climb in S10 with: Zed by KK Antitoxin | Zed Player
Kildoes says “A really unfun matchup, His windshield can make your ultimate useless if he use it right. Passive shield and high damage.”
Lethality Ezreal by Kildoes | Ezreal Player
ioannissid says “Yasuo is dangerous because his windwall and block your winds of war plus he can dash around to escape from your spells. A good counter play is to use your shield of durand before he does anything so then you can use your abilities without the danger of him escaping or windwalling.”
Season 10 AP/Semi tank Galio (updated once again) by ioannissid | Galio Player
vaske_lol says “Avoid fighting Yasuo if he has his tornado stacked and try to disengage after a short trade since he wins all-ins and you win short trades. Opt for Ninja Tabi.”
Dominate the game with Kassadin by vaske_lol | Kassadin Player
Poppy Kuma says “If you're a good Morgana mid, you should have no problem destroying him and winning lane. Deny him farm and don't let him get fed. It's your responsibility to make him worthless.”
AP Morgana mid by Poppy Kuma | Morgana Player
HSperer says “He isn't thaaat bad. His windwall is annoying but well... he's paper. And if you are using my runes/armor, then he shouldn't be a problem to you.”
Hyper.Sperer: Lux?! by HSperer | Lux Player
GESTAPOisHERE says “Skill matchup in blind. Whoever can get first blood / lane advantage will win the game.”
[s10] The blade, above all things... | Beginner Yasuo Guide by GESTAPOisHERE | Yasuo Player
Rosalinn says “he can dodge your q easiely, because of his w and e, of course u need to don't panic with hos huricane and don't use e to fast. rito pls nerf yas. but at all his windwall don't block your w and r”
charlton says “He can W your Q and E and can easily dodge your E with his E. Look for level 1-2 trades and snowball on him. If you can Q - E him and use all your HoB autos level 2 then you can chunk him nicely. Also, use your stab Q instead of hook Q so he can't W it.”
[10.3] PYKE MID 1v9 ROAM KING (Detailed) by charlton | Pyke Player
sekkondsEU says “Good Yasuo will outpush you and out cs you. Laning is super painful. Tp recommended.”
i am a heron says “yasuo can't really trade favorably with you in lane, and most yasuos will underestimate your power and int into you. however, he will outscale you if he survives the laning phase. If every yasuo, instead of just most yasuos, played aggressive against you, this lane would have a rating of 1. The yasuos who sit back and don't fight you and wait for plays are the reason this lane is a 2.”
Ivern mid: the secret boss of the early game by i am a heron | Ivern Player
69 y e e t says “Can dive whenever he wants and kill you easily. He can also cancel your Q and E.”
[S10] NEEKO MID by 69 y e e t | Neeko Player
BlueCarding says “He counters TF. Let him push into you and play it like vs. Fizz. Bait him to use Q on cs, so it pushes into you. Later on you can outkite him. Don't goldcard in his windwall.”
Ultimate TF Guide by BlueCarding | Twisted Fate Player
CupOLatte says “Probably one of the worst matchups. Extremely high mobility and his windwall makes most of your abilities useless. Avoid as much as possible. Just play safe and ask for lots of ganks.”
Zoe Guide [CupOLatte] {10.3} by CupOLatte | Zoe Player
lunox says “A good Yasuo wins sustained fights. Try to poke and wait for ganks. Good ban option”
Season 10 Assassin Diana Guide by lunox | Diana Player
stupid katarina says “(Q + R + W*) If you are playing with a Twitch, you will have hard time shooting through his windwall. Ask your Twitch to ban this champion.”
(10.2 PATCH) LULU MID/TOP FUNNEL BUILD by stupid katarina | Lulu Player
OhReflects says “Simple to kill just go around his windwall and bait him to your daggers.”
[10.2] Katarina: The Blade Queen by OhReflects | Katarina Player
LONERlSM says “hard to predict his movements and has an easy time sticking on to u. go rylias 2nd.”
Karthus Mid lane in Season 10 by LONERlSM | Karthus Player
Catematics says “Annoying matchup, his windwall blocks a lot of your damage and he kills you really fast if he gets on top of you”
Artillery Mage Kog'Maw Mid by Catematics | Kog'Maw Player
N1VA says “Yasuos mobility and wall is Anivias largest threat. Anivia needs to land her Q followed by her E to deal damage. Yasuos ability to dash around the lane and wind-wall Anivias abilities completely negates the opportunity to do so. Yasuo can then cancel Anivias Ultimate cast by landing a tornado on her and knocking Anivia up. Bait Yasuos wind-wall and then engage, utilizing the high cooldown on his ability to your advantage.”
Nìva's Anivia Guide by N1VA | Anivia Player
Mr Scandalous says “Yasuo players can counter veigar 's ult ( R ) or any other ability acept for his stun ( E ) with their windwall ( w ) so and with their insane damage they can kill you preaty quickly if you dont play it smart.”
Best 1 vs 9 veigar runes by Mr Scandalous | Veigar Player
Flennen says “Yasou is so stupid in laning phase against Ekko. Dont try to kill him or trade. He out trades u easily. ”
Flennen's OneTrickPony Ekko guide by Flennen | Ekko Player
Runtley says “This man is a lux killer he is thirsty for lux. Watch his sword poke and you will survive”
DravensBukkake says “Exhaust matchup. Tell him in all chat you'll send Riven titty pics on discord if he ints. Congrats, you won lane. ”
[S10] 10.1 - New Conq Azir - Combos, Builds, Runes, Matchups by DravensBukkake | Azir Player
Mid Win Repeat says “I ban him 100% of my games. A good Taliyah CAN lane vs him, your E shreds him but its just too difficult to stop him in team fights or prevent him from getting fed off of your teammates.”
[10.1] Top Ten Taliyah NA Mid Guide by Mid Win Repeat | Taliyah Player
SupaSnor says “Either the yasuo is shit and you win easy, or you play vs The_Legend_27 yasuo and you are gonna have a rough time, yasuo can go from minor treath to exteme depending on the player”
[10.1] - Australian Troll by SupaSnor | Aurelion Sol Player
Sq_09 says “Worst matchup. Bullys you pre-6. You don't have kill pressure bc of his Passive. His W blocks your Q. He can easily kill you off of 1 R post-6. Try to play safe and wait for your jgl to assist you. Compensate for your lane disadvantage through roaming. ”
A guide to Pyke, but NOT supp! :o (top & mid) by Sq_09 | Pyke Player
SrAlex-kun says “Yasuo es un emparejamiento basado en las habilidades y el farmeo, tienes que procurar alejarte de los minions cuando pelees contra el para que no pueda usar su E en tus minions. Tambien te recomiendo que no tires la Q solo te lances sobre el para que asi no te lo pare con su muro de viento, esperate a que lo use o simplemente este bajo de vida. Aparte tendras que usar bastante tu pasiva la cual te da velocidad cuando le petas las 3 marcas, usa esa habilidad para simplemente pegar los 3 basicos o habilidades y volver rapidamente hacia atras sin recibir mucho daño. No crees peleas muy largas ya que te va a acabar ganando.”
Guia Ekko HyperMamadisima by SrAlex-kun | Ekko Player
ToilettenHund says “Yasuo is not an assasin, but landing skillshots will be hard because of his dash. Also his passive shield will make it hard for you to oneshot him.”
JUNGELJESUS says “People think yas wins vs Kassa. WRONG! If u lose to yas ur doing something wrong. Free win”
BEST KASSA WORLD! Going for rank 1 s10 with this build. by JUNGELJESUS | Kassadin Player
YeeDS says “Can windwall all of your damage. Pushes you hard in the early game and will make you lose a lot of minions. To counter him use your E W combo on him when he uses his Tornado so he won't be able to ult you.”
YeeDS's Ryze MID Guide by YeeDS | Ryze Player
Braddik says “can be annoying, after level 3 do short trades with your AA + W + E, his windwall cant block your E. Later on you'll just 1 shot him. Try to dodge nados as its really strong poke vs you. yo ucan buy seekers and tabis early if you want”
CHAD KASSADIN 1V9 GUIDE by Braddik | Kassadin Player
EvilBird090 says “Yasuo could also be placed in minor or major threat level, it really depends on how the lane goes. Whoever gets an early lead in this lane will destroy his opponent. Watch out that Yasuo does not just auto you to death level 2. You can Q and Ult through Yasuo windwall but your E gets blocked, so try to use it while you pool under him to guarantee it hits. If defensive try to dodge or if cornered pool his tornado to deny him the free knockup and ult.”
KNEEL BEFORE VLAD! [9.23] (WORK IN PROGRESS) by EvilBird090 | Vladimir Player
Rindelis says “you can beat Yasuo if you stay away from the windwall he isn't that dangerous except his CC”
AP Kayle mid/top by Rindelis | Kayle Player
LilSlaySlayyyy says “Phase and i'd rush hex 1 Q augment just so i can farm undertower tp and pot”
Viktor 9.24B by LilSlaySlayyyy | Viktor Player
bleezuz says “Dont let yasuo dash around and scare u you have a Q to Take his passive away and still can be a scary matchup but usually its freelo.”
Diana 9.24 Rework New Busted Build by bleezuz | Diana Player
Calabeast says “This guy is a dick with conqueror, does so much damage levels 1-3, and once he has an item he can basically just heal back all the damage you can put out in a rotation.”
Sad but true, you have to play aftershock Galio by Calabeast | Galio Player
Calabeast says “This dumb champion is OP with Conqueror and will just walk into you level 1-3 and auto attack you to death. Also gets an item or two and solos your entire team.”
Future Diamond Galio Main - Season 10 by Calabeast | Galio Player
BalkanGem says “Due to his high mobility and windwall its almost impossible to hit an yasuo with abilities ”
9.24 Zyra Mid Guide/ Flowers are red, Zyra is fed by BalkanGem | Zyra Player
Sakaya says “Skill matchup but it shouldn't be too hard. Deny him farm and make sure he doesn't get fed.”
Morgana AP Mid by Sakaya | Morgana Player
HypercarryGOD says “He can windwall pyke's E so he doesnt get stunned. ”
Pyke mid by HypercarryGOD | Pyke Player
RefFusioner says “It's not that hard you just have to bait out his W. If he does have W available don't even try to go against him.”
Live and die by the blade. by RefFusioner | Talon Player
Kings Slave says “BEWARE OF YASUO'S W!!!”
HELLO LUX! by Kings Slave | Lux Player
HeisendongNA says “Yasuo is one of the worst match-up for a few reasons. First, he can super easily E+Q turret to kill it and shield from his passive keeps him from taking too much damage in return. Second, his windwall blocks every ability in Heimerdinger's kit even the ultimate therefore one good windwall can completely shut down your turret. Build Zhonya's and take exhaust to survive against Yasuo”
[9.23] [S10 CHALLENGER] Heisendong's Guide ~ Raise Your What by HeisendongNA | Heimerdinger Player
Tayna says “Ohno, if he goes all in and blocks your Q, you're dead. He can get out of R, he has ABSURD DAMAGE just by hitting you with basic attacks! Ask for ganks and dodge everything!”
WannabeGenghis says “Yasuo is annoying because you'll have to destroy the shield before using Q one him because it won't do any damage if you dont.”
Juicy Graggy mid full AP SEASON 10 by WannabeGenghis | Gragas Player
Cloud375 says “Yasuo is difficult to lane against, but only depending on the situation, this is a harder skill matchup leaning to him but you can actually win this if you play it right. This is of course, presuming that the Yasuo knows what he is doing. If he doesn't, this lane becomes a whole lot easier.”
For the risks, an AP Sona Mid Guide by Cloud375 | Sona Player
IceBite says “Skillmatchup, dont go for long trades. Q to get rid of his passive shield. punsih him with your jungler he will nearly always push”
[Season 10] Master Katarina Guide by IceBite | Katarina Player
Yu_1 says “Skill matchup, use a Q or E to break his shield before using your basic combo on him. Bait out his windwall before ulting, as if the Yasuo plays it well they can easily use it to block all your Qs.”
Zed Guide S10 by Yu_1 | Zed Player
PAMICLO'S AKALI the Rogue Fearless Assassin by pamiclo | Akali Player
Garybaldo says “Depends on the skill of the yasuo, if he uses his E to dodge your E he has a good shot at winning, if you can land an E on him he's done, you blow him up with your Q at melee range, try and kite, your Q goes through his wind wall. In any case, you might wanna rush ninja tabi”
[9.23] I look out upon humanity, and see only a feast... by Garybaldo | Swain Player
Garybaldo says “Depends on the skill of the yasuo, if he uses his E to dodge your E he has a good shot at winning, if you can land an E on him he's done, you blow him up with your Q at melee range, try and kite, your Q goes through his wind wall. In any case, you might wanna rush ninja tabi”
[9.23] I look out upon humanity, and see only a feast... by Garybaldo | Swain Player
Sneaky boi says “Go tiamat versus him so you can proc passive and push the wave if he goes to roam to punish him. After you use tiamat for his passive try and trade with him but be carefull because his damage is insane. If you have ult you should be able to kill him with jungler help. Go tabis.”
w00txkill says “Start Dorans Blade ;) and resett AA with w to pwn him lvl 1 ”
minebaby says “He will bully your ass so hard in early that will make you go B, for that reason use TP.”
Wukong Guide (Basics) by minebaby | Wukong Player
YoussefJoe says “Higher Mobility champs causes his/her skills predictions are a little bit harder but you can always land your W at the right spot which he/she would stop by and do your skill order ”
SF Shadow says “If a Yasuo player is good, he is able to destroy a Zoe. Not only by using his W. He can use his E to get in Range and Poke. When Zoe tries to E, he just E back. Remember: The Zoe E has a 20 second CD at lvl 1. The Yasuo Windwall has lower Cooldown. If the Zoe actually hits her E, you can just W in front of her before you sleep in. She will Q into your Windwall.”
My Zoe OTP Guide for Mid Elo by SF Shadow | Zoe Player
Novok says “Play it smart. You win. Stay close enough for him to start smashing you with autos after dashing from a creep, you lose. My personal Nemesis. ”
worddog says “Windwall can mess up your combos and limit your outplay potential, his passive can also help him win trades if he has a minion wave to kite you with. This matchup is skill dependant slightly favouring Ekko as the Yasuo needs to play very well, not just as good as the Ekko.”
Ekko Mid 9.23 by worddog | Ekko Player
TF ASESINO // META VIOLENTO by kali Jayce LAS | Twisted Fate Player
Novok says “He won't outdamage you. Either in early or late game you are always stronger.”
[Preseason 10] To the Shadowrealm by Novok | Mordekaiser Player
Tchouvline says “Explained in Matchup section.”
[9.21] Middlesticks, a genius pick ! (including matchups !) by Tchouvline | Fiddlesticks Player
ShuUis says “Now this. This is a true skill matchup. A battle for both players to test their mechanics. The matchup can swing in anyone's favor, so careful!”
Akali Mid Build/Matchups Guide [9.22] by ShuUis | Akali Player
XDDDDDD says “Windwall, try bait it out ”
Hi Im Zoky says “Yasuo has great push potentional, let him push try freez lane and setup gank for your jungle!”
Diamond zed guide [ Patch 9.22 notes] by Hi Im Zoky | Zed Player
MironW says “Yasuo has a lot of mobility, his windwall denies everything you do, you have to hope you can enable your team to carry because this matchup is impossible to win if he knows what he is doing.”
today we pray our luck will be okay (TF guide) by MironW | Twisted Fate Player
Flakees says “Having an ability that blocks your ultimate in the early stage of the game can ruin your snowball potencial. Yasuo also has more wave clear with his E_Q combo, and no real weaknesses against Fizz. This is a matchup that is hard for any Fizz to win, unless the enemy is trolling. You will be pushed to your tower everytime, so try to get your jungler to assist you.”
Freelo with the fish by Flakees | Fizz Player
ZyDeDy says “Not a big enemy once agian. Could be annoying with the shield thing”
Zed (ussles) guide by ZyDeDy | Zed Player
VvAnYmvV says “same reason as akali only yas got shield and w too... but with senna mid and smart play u still counter every midlaner”
Senna: Shadow’s Embrace by VvAnYmvV | Senna Player
Xalt says “Play around windwall cool down to ensure you get your reset on your ult also E him into turret range which is easy to do as he dashes forwards a lot!”
Become the King of Diana by Xalt | Diana Player
ratasniper says “He can easily kill you, and more with the Hail of Blades Q thingy, Yasuo's E can easily dodge your skills and his W is a great counter. Try to catch him with your E while he is dashing, make sure he has no W and all in him. ”
Stop building Neeko wrong. by ratasniper | Neeko Player
Euphoric Toaster says “Permaban. Yasuo fundamentally counters Heimer in pretty much every way. He has an anti-burst passive, hyper-mobility, he can very easily kill your turrets and he can Windwall any attempt you make to go aggressive on him/completely negate your presence in a teamfights with it. Windwall literally is able to block every source of damage in your entire kit, and the hit box on it is massive. In lower elos this matchup isn't as bad, but if you play against a Yasuo who has a decent idea what hes doing, you will feel worthless as a champion.”
[9.21] S8/S9 Diamond - Midlane Heimerdinger - In-Depth Guide by Euphoric Toaster | Heimerdinger Player
thirstycamel82 says “Yassuo is a pretty hard matchup, Just q and AA him and try to dodge his tornando with your W”
Akali The unbalanced nightmare guide S10 by thirstycamel82 | Akali Player
J Husky says “He can only block your E with his windwall, your Q is undodgeable by him. As fizz, he is melee, you can abuse him and dodge his tornado with your W.”
Vladimir - Exploiting the potential by J Husky | Vladimir Player
chloric says “Auto him once at level one. When his shield comes off, get a Q + HoB trade on him until he's dead lmao.”
xdKami_ says “Play safe:) This guy is smurfing and will dash on you with ignite, miss 3 Q's and kill you with conqueror and basic attacks. Or if you're lucky he'll wait till 0/9 powerspike to kill you.”
[9.20 MID] The Mage Assassin [Diamond] - WIP by xdKami_ | Lux Player
DoF DeadLockeD says “His windwall can easily cancel your Q so engage him wisely.”
(9.21) Ekko MID lane destruction by DoF DeadLockeD | Ekko Player
Xethor says “This guy is easy to counter just use you passive with the minions to break the his shield”
Nocturne Mid and Top by Xethor | Nocturne Player
Zulp says “Really dislike this guy.”
Supportive Veigar for the Mid Lane by Zulp | Veigar Player
Chromuro says “His windwall can block like 75% of your kit, it' pretty annoying and can all in you forever. There is still counterplay, but you have to be a bit skilled to win”
Gardening 101 with the Thorn Lady [S9] by Chromuro | Zyra Player
SeeEl says “Abuse whenever his windwall is down, and respect his dashes + all ins post level 2. Play the lane to farm out and you can easily outsustain with corrupting pot. You can go for priority level 1 but it is generally correct to pull this wave and zone post levels with your ball. ”
-- by SeeEl | Orianna Player
Big Shawn says “You will always face an Opposition Yasuo, in Blind Pick of course. Facing a Yasuo is not as easy. This is a Matchup which depends on your developed mechanics. First one to fail will be far behind, especially against a Yasuo.”
Yasuo | The Unforgiven - Big Shawn's Mid lane Guide by Big Shawn | Yasuo Player
Big Shawn says “Kennen vs Yasuo. My Main vs my Main. Kennen should have barely any problems facing a Yasuo due to the amount of poke and CC he has available against him.”
Kennen | The Heart of the Tempest - Big Shawn's Mid Guide by Big Shawn | Kennen Player
Fox1ne says “Almost unplayable at level 4 and after 6. You can only roam to this match up,else if you can harass him before level 4 and 6.”
Fox1ne | #5 Ahri world otp | Art of mid lane by Fox1ne | Ahri Player
Froakinator says “He can wind wall all of your abilities, rendering you useless while he is free to charge into you. Either play around windwall, rush Zhonya's, or play far back.”
An Amazing Ahri Guide by Froakinator | Ahri Player
DVL CHALLNGR says “Skill Matchup He can block your shurikens with his W and is much stronger with his auto attacks You can cast R after he casts his Q3 before it hits you to dodge it and he won't be able to R you because he will need to hit you with Q 2 times and it will be hard for him It's a good idea to R him after his R but it's a risk with the damage he will do to you”
No Technique It Is Forbidden. Zed Main Pro Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Zed Player
MrxHudsy says “He is able to block everything apart from your ult with his windwall, which causes alot of trouble when trying to poke him, Try to stay back and dodge his hurricanes so that he has less all in potential on you”
MrHudsy's neeko build by MrxHudsy | Neeko Player
Patoxic says “It's hard, but not to much, is what you can say, tolerable, make sure that they don't have the passive when trying to poke, or even kill, but is easy, evolve Q first cuz wind wall can't stop all turrets hits.”
Zeyan says “Windwall blocks your daggers and all of your abilities, If you bait it out he's relativily easy to 1v1 but if he isnt a smooth brain he will win lane.”
Bronze Trashcan Katarina Guide by Zeyan | Katarina Player
thefeedski says “Incredibly mobile with his E and hard to hit with abilities. Toss in his wind wall and you have yourself a bad time. ”
Mid-Lane Heimer Guide. Carry To Diamond - Patch 9.19 by thefeedski | Heimerdinger Player
Keop O Darkin says “Skill match up, don't let him block your Q with his barrier.”
[Season 9] Best Fast Jarvan IV Mid Guide by Keop O Darkin | Jarvan IV Player
ZenonZeni says “Yasuo is weak early punish him before level 6. But if he does hit level 6 do not go close to your minions and play under tower since he will block every one of your abilities with wind wall. Wait for a gank or outplay under tower if he's greedy.”
Ahri Mid - Season 9 - Updated Seasonally by ZenonZeni | Ahri Player
DanDosXR says “His windwall is the only problematic thing about him. Either bait it or just play safe and try to bait him into coming to you. Once he gets too close you can ult him into your tower/allies to burst him.”
Nuclear Bomber AP Shyvana Mid - Hidden Meta by DanDosXR | Shyvana Player
OnlyCheeseBreads says “He can't block your ult and he usually won't level up wind wall until 3, so as long as you can harass him early he's really not that big of a deal. The wall is still a problem, so don't just fling your spells at him past level 3. Respect his tornados.”
S9 AP Neeko build- I'm gold and this is how I play her. by OnlyCheeseBreads | Neeko Player
KarmaFull says “Very bad matchup, can dash away from Q and block it with windwall and jumps away from ult”
Sink in gold | 9.19 | Pyke guide by KarmaFull | Pyke Player
Wizboy73 says “If the yas knowes what hes doing its a hard lane, you can stun him and blow him up but if he has windwall and blocks in time he wins te trade.”
Guide to Learning Viktor by Wizboy73 | Viktor Player
Senpaiyan says “Just destroy them yas mains”
AP Malphite for za win! by Senpaiyan | Malphite Player
ranyyyy says “Not a Hard matchup if the yasuo player is bad, make sure you have your stun when he wants to engage you, dont waste your stun against him, also he can windwall your ult”
One shot veigar patch 9.18 Mid and supp by ranyyyy | Veigar Player
LiakoZ says “Yasuo will easily be able to dodge your Q with his E or protect himself with W on early game. The advantage there is that Yasuo does not use mana. Ekko would slowly spend it all and would have to recall. I would suggest playing safe by staying under your turret or at least close to it, to prevent ganks and yasuo killing you.”
I Do Not Flame says “Yasuo mains always feed, but sometimes, they have some luck. Go Tabis and profit”
[9.18] Katarina, the Mid Queen [In depth guide] by I Do Not Flame | Katarina Player
Massive Nuts says “Yasuo is annoying but once you know the matchup, you can kind of control his pace and in teamfight you can E him and he loses all his mobility.”
Zilean mid hypercarry [S9 Diamond] by Massive Nuts | Zilean Player
Sundown23 says “Conqueror Champs generally counter Ornn, however Yasuo can dodge with his dash and makes extended trade go in his favor by kiting and using his Q on you.”
Ornn Mid Guide : JOB DONE! Time to go home by Sundown23 | Ornn Player
deixa akali open says “Just make sure you will hit him your Qs and punish him. He can outscale you if you don't take care with his skills. It's a minor threat because he is very predictable”
TwilightKid Zoe says “His passive Way Of The Wanderer makes it hard to trade with him keep far from minions and poke him to break his passive push him out of lane early to keep ahead stay clear of his Tornado and his W Wind Wall completely negates E Sleepy Trouble Bubble try to make his use Wind before hitting him with E Sleepy Trouble Bubble ”
Full Kit Ultimate Zoe Smite/Hextech Flashtraption by TwilightKid Zoe | Zoe Player
AwesomeTeddyBear says “Early his damage can mess you up, after you hit 6 he is no threat”
The best Ekko guide. by AwesomeTeddyBear | Ekko Player
KadiusFTW says “As long as you pay attention to yasuo's wind wall (your R penetrates it) and E below you when he dives, you can secure kills easy.”
The Nyoom-iest Vel'Koz by KadiusFTW | Vel'Koz Player
Hunipop says “Every Lux wants to ff at 15 when against a Yasuo. Rito, why does this champ exist??? ”
[9.18] Climbing with a Snare Sister by Hunipop | Lux Player
TruePvPYT says “In this lane you either go even , or you loose lane and throw the game. Try to avoid his short trades and go for all in's only when you get your lvl 6!”
[9.18] Play Zed like a God by TruePvPYT | Zed Player
kiewe says “With this build i won over almost every Yasuo i was playing against,unless his jg will gank u every minute you will be ok as long as u can catch him with q even if he dashes,if he's playing very aggresive then just poke from afar and then when he has like 50% health you can just one shot him with the combo Q+E+R this works for other champs as well.”
LUX ONE SHOT by kiewe | Lux Player
Vispectra says “Ah Yasuo , this one is entirely skill based. A good Yasuo will often Q dash into your face Autoattack you knock you up and dash away , leaving you barely any time to react to it. The one's that abuse auto-attacks are the ones that will hurt you the most. Fleet is a good option into Yasuo and you max E to not only slow him to stop him from getting to you , but it also goes right through windwall. You can often R the second he has knocked you up which will displace you although you'll still be ulted by him you can make it so that he is under your tower. He scales pretty well so don't rely on your late that much into this.”
Massadin Guide season 9 for mid lane! (9.17) by Vispectra | Kassadin Player
Zero Two says “As annoying as he is, if you bait out his windwall he is as good as dead. This however does not mean that he cant outplay you. Play with caution, and look for engages when both his shield and windwall are down.”
PizzaMarine says “This is the baby man that you will inflict the most pain on. As a Fiddlesticks going into Yasuo, make sure to harass him early game with many crows, and to suck him off when he attempts to bat you around with his pool noodle. However, do not let your cockiness get to your head, as it is possible that the Yasuo will achieve what is known as "Ultra Instinct," and will continue to fight you and burning you with Ignite. They will taunt you and think you are some lowly scoundrel. but do not fret, as your job is to tilt the player and not actually kill him in-game.”
Ultimate Counter; Make your enemies feel their fear; Fiddles by PizzaMarine | Fiddlesticks Player
vzelt says “Yasuo is a good matchup for akali due to your shroud being a way to dodge his tornados. With both these champions being mostly melee it is hard for you to be bullied by yasuo as long as you are poking with Q and disengaging from any bad trades/ganks.”
Potato Power says “Working on a update for Vs. Champions”
Xerath MID - [Analysing enemies] by Potato Power | Xerath Player
Michelaengelo says “Toggle E whenever he comes into range and don't walk up if you have a wave.”
[9.15] IN DEPTH Karthus mid guide 65% winrate by Michelaengelo | Karthus Player
SepekuAW says “This matchup gets really hard later on, it's kinda like ekko. this entire lane is about predicting his e. Yas windwall only blocks your E and your R. you can Q + W over it. pay attention to where your minions are, don't stand too close to them or he will dash straight for them and get on top of you, you lose if he's on you. If yasuo gives you space you should walk into your minions and zone him.. this makes it so he can't e since he is too far away.. q him when he goes to walk up to them.. and back off, slowly poking him down. if he positions close to them, you can walk at him like you're gonna q to force him back. If he doesn't back just poke him with q.. at lower elo it's easy to predict when he's gonna e through a minon cause he'll wait till it's really low then start running towards it.. this is when you wanna get ready to q + e him!”
SepekuAW untapped power Syndra guide! by SepekuAW | Syndra Player
Flygenring says “Really depends on the yasuo's skill level, hug tower if he gets lvl 2 before you. As he will stack conqueror and hardcore out trade you. MAX E to disengage him.”
Flygenring's Kassawin Guide by Flygenring | Kassadin Player
quinniston says “Pretty easy matchup, avoid his tornadoes and you're good. ”
Buzdon says “dont fight him 1v1 stay under tower and try to farm,escape his poke and his tornado”
Twisted-Fate THE REAL SHERIFF by Buzdon | Twisted Fate Player
DoAgitt says “Take the INSPIRATION(3) rune path. For more information go to the "Detailed Matchups" section.”
[9.15] Morgana MID - Bind Your Opponent by DoAgitt | Morgana Player
Kaized says “Can bait your ultimate by dashing in and out of minions. Windwall blocks your bind which is a major component of your damage. Sit back and save your shield for Tornados.”
[9.15] Support!...but in the mid - Morgana Mid Guide by Kaized | Morgana Player
L3zRoyer says “A good Yasuo will be pretty hard to face. Ask for early ganks and use that to let him behind. Bait him W before all in”
Irelia Guide by L3zRoyer | Irelia Player
yatsukiko says “He is easier to counter as you have to only wait for his wind wall, after that stun him. You can also just walk through his WW”
Buffed split pusher Twisted Fate by yatsukiko | Twisted Fate Player
Pumparum says “Yasuo is manaless and slippery and does high damage, but he isn't impossible to fight. Getting damage down on him early before he can sustain or go for long fights is key. Early on you may need help from a jungler so he doesn't pressure you out. Watch for tornado if you decide to Snowball engage, the windwall doesn't block it until you let it go.”
Disco Revived by Pumparum | Nunu & Willump Player
Zeprius says “Annoying but do-able ”
295aminbae says “Really any mobile champion wins vs Zoe. This guy just works even better because he has windwall.”
My Zoe Guide! by 295aminbae | Zoe Player
kilgta says “A good yasuo is a 10, a bad yasuo is a 1. This champion can be so good at shoving and poking you early. It can also be really good at tanking easy turret shots in the hands of a noob. You ult him in teamfights and you should lock him down. Farm lane if you are allowed, else try to get your jungles help. Can start corrupt pot.”
[9.14]Easy way to higher elo by kilgta | Malzahar Player
unownreality says “a pain to face. Recommend to bring exhaust. windwall does not block ult”
[Mid] [9.14] Making Light Work of Climbing Elos by unownreality | Lux Player
MechaaZero says “Personally I love this matchup. Genuinely. What I do here is stall until 6 and piss them off for doing nothing, and all in them after they muff and tornado. Watch the wind wall and it will help you get damage off: Q after he places it if you land a sleep. He can win an all in almost every time if he lands a tornado.”
[8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery] by MechaaZero | Zoe Player
Latarnia40 says “Yassuo is a bad champion. Attack him after his shield is down. If he uses his W jast wait till it ends. The only problem is that he can doge your abilities by using his dashes. ”
Basic AP Glacial Augment Ezreal Guide by Latarnia40 | Ezreal Player
CC Diana says “Difficulty: Medium (Details in Matchup section)”
GaspiNinja says “he counters you everything. Unless you outplay him, or unless he's bad, you are probably fucked.”
maplecat21 says “He's annoying. A good one will ruin your day pre-6, a bad one will int you. I play it safe and ban him, since you can never really be sure. You can fight him post 6 by dancing in ult though, and you can catch him mid e with q, since he can't windwall while dashing.”
Eternal Winter - Controlling the Game through Waveclear by maplecat21 | Anivia Player
Wrxith says “Quite difficult if the yasuo player knows what he's doing. It'll be near impossible to hit Q or E due to his E. Most Yasuo players get cocky and try to play aggressive, so you can go for a Q into tower and then E him when he have no minions.”
[9.14] Pyke Mid (After nerfs) by Wrxith | Pyke Player
RagexAddict says “Yasuo won't be much of a threat to you in the laning phase, unless you happen to misplay at levels 1-2. Avoid throwing your ultimate at him when he is aware of your presence and has his windwall available. The real threat from Yasuo comes in the late game, when his ultimate can decimate your team if he has the right supporting cast around him. Put him down early and keep him down. Make him your priority target in team fights. ”
CoffeeCube says “This match up is purely a test of skill. Dodge his Qs and be very wary of when he hits 6. Like most champions once hes in the cage, he has no abilities to escape.”
League Veigar Guide (Patch 9.14) In Depth Guide! by CoffeeCube | Veigar Player
KingoOfAy says “If yasuo used his W you cant use your Q and he can escape easily from by minios”
EKKO BUILD ALWAYS WIN 🏆🔥🔥 by KingoOfAy | Ekko Player
EvilOranges says “Corruption Potion or D-Shield. This matchup is a skill matchup. If the Yasuo pushes, you win. If you push, he wins. If it freezes in the middle, he wins. Let him push the lane, otherwise he has a lot of room to kill you as you are running to tower. You beat him after 6, he shouldn't be able to land a tornado against you.”
Perfectly Balanced - 9.14 Kassadin Guide by EvilOranges | Kassadin Player
Envel says “To Mobile for Ahri but can get also hard destroyed by your Ahri you can easy Charm him if he tries to e you. While he flying to you or threw minions he cant dodge. ”
Altis says “Naturally, having an ability that blocks projectiles will cripple your chances of damaging him, since he can throw up the wind wall just before he falls asleep. But sometimes you can outplay him, but that's all on how skilled he is. Play safer and try to bait out the wind wall.”
[9.9] Zoe For Casuals by Altis | Zoe Player
Vombat says “Use your E on lane to make him unable to dash between minions without taking damage. It may be hard to land a combo but when playing safely and slowly poking him, you shouldn't have any bigger problems.”
SrSuders says “Die frühe Laningphase ist nicht schwer, aber ab Level 6 wirds schwieriger! Demnach bis Level 6 aggressiver spielen. Ab Level 6 Situationsbedingt handeln, entweder spielste gegen einen 2/0 Yasuo oder 0/2 Yasuo. Beim zweiteren kann man auch ab Level 6 weiter aggressiv spielen um Farm zu verhindern.”
Yegie says “Not the worst matchup, go for boots early to help dodge his Q. You usually negate his passive with your E's passive, since its hard to avoid being hit by that as a melee champ. Pretty skill dependent.”
Ap Trist Jank by Yegie | Tristana Player
wwcrystal1 says “Fck this champ, a good yasuo will stomp ekko, literally cant cs, just try your best and ask for ganks.”
Ekko 1v9 Low elo by wwcrystal1 | Ekko Player
Fluctuation says “Yasuo is another champion you might have a hard time against. Try to get your jungler to gank early to gain an advantage. Don't engage him unless his shield is down.”
Wukong Mid by Fluctuation | Wukong Player
KYSTAR says “why are you playing norm”
Tomato Farmer Yasuo by KYSTAR | Yasuo Player
RandomGuy5574 says “He's nothing compared to Qiyana”
Only Qiyana guide you'll ever beed by RandomGuy5574 | Qiyana Player
LyndonK9 says “Yasuo is pretty annoying mainly because his shield allows him to trade in his favor, and your early damage just isn't enough.. Try and auto him to proc his shield and go for trades after it's down. His e is pretty annoying because it allows him to dodge your abilities but it actually makes it easier to charm him while he's mid dash. Another reason why this sucks is because your charm doesn't last long enough to get your second Q part off, as he usually windwalls backwards. My advice would be to continue to push the lane and roam or ask your jungler for ganks. Even if you manage to trade with him early you will use up all of your mana and be forced to back. ”
9.12 Ahri Guide by LyndonK9 | Ahri Player
Thecookiesmudkip says “Yas, Zed, Kat and Akali are a scary matchup against you in mid lane. (play safe)”
AP Blitzcrank-MID and Support ;) by Thecookiesmudkip | Blitzcrank Player
LighterDay says “Yasuo's dash makes it hard to land skillshots and his windwall can block them. However, he is squishy and since windwall has a high cooldown, baiting out a Yasuo windwall is best to just poke with autos and stack on enemy minions.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Veigar Mid by LighterDay | Veigar Player
Yuriina says “Yasuo being able to dash around and poke at you with qs and nados are a massive pain considering you are super immobile, ontop of that Yasuo has his windwall which blocks all your spells. ”
9.12 Ashe Mid [WIP] by Yuriina | Ashe Player
DaytonMcCloud says “His passive is annoyingly strong, and he has a windwall that can negate most of your kit. You'll be under tower most of the time. Trade after his 3rd consecutive Q. All in with no windwall when pushed in. Ping Jungle.”
[9.12] Introductory Katarina God Guide by DaytonMcCloud | Katarina Player
KatAirlines says “His windwall will ruin all of your combos by just deleting your Q dagger. Do NOT shumpo into your q dagger until its landed. Dodge his Q's in early game.”
Dark Harvest Katarina Pro Guide by KatAirlines | Katarina Player
PhoenixianSlayer says “The higher the skill, the higher the danger. No skill Yas is easy to kill. High skill dances around and kills you whenever he pleases”
The Team Slower: Aurelion Sol by PhoenixianSlayer | Aurelion Sol Player
TotallySugoi says “Yasuo isn't too big of a threat, however his wind wall is very good against Lux for blocking both her Q and E. Aim to stun him when windwall is on CD and then use your combo. Play lane passively while farming and poking.”
Lux Midlane, The Queen of Burst by TotallySugoi | Lux Player
Ahrimu says “Just try to bait his windwall before you start a fight and don't play too aggressive against him. Don't forget to move a lot while he's going to cast his tornado, the chances of him missing it are higher.”
HideOnRocks says “Could win if you know how to use it unlike me”
Unranked Noob Guide in Playing Zed by HideOnRocks | Zed Player
Schmigo says “Keep track on how many minions he can E on and poke him with your Q so he has no passiv when you fight him”
KATARINA BRONZE GUIDE (9.12) by Schmigo | Katarina Player
SkyLaws says “It all depends on your early here. If he falls behind, you're his nightmare. If you do, he is yours. Watch out for his E, the dash can be tricky and make you miss your abilities and combos. Try to land the abilities when there are no minions or try to predict. Insist on basic attacks to trick him into using his W for nothing, once that is used, he's all yours.”
Lux Main Guide - In-Depth by SkyLaws | Lux Player
Saddboi says “His wall nullifies you. Can be worked around in lane, but need to be aware of the wall's CD in teamfights. ”
Season 9 Rainbow Ezreal by Saddboi | Ezreal Player
YourBestSenpai says “Yasuo is hard to deal with, but shouldn't give you too much trouble, unless he is hard Yasuo main that is actually skilled. Just try to farm and wait for your jungler to engage.”
GLP Ahri Mid Guide (Don't ask me why, just do it) by YourBestSenpai | Ahri Player
Ec40494 says “Pre level 3 you lose. Don't engage when pre 3 because you will lose 100% of the time. Try take out his shield with your q before all in. Level 6 you win but if enemy yas is good he can win as well.”
Basics and combos of Zed by Ec40494 | Zed Player
ParkChnm says “Pretty annoying. Q + W go through windwall. Try to use that to poke him down and ask for ganks.”
[9.11] Best Xerath in Silver Guide by ParkChnm | Xerath Player
ParkChnm says “He blocks pretty much everything you throw at him. While his windwall is down you have room for poke. Throw down your minefield if he goes in and Satchel Charge him away.”
[9.11] Beginner's Guide to Ziggs by ParkChnm | Ziggs Player
BL00dY3nD says “Counter his Q Storm with your E+W combo and you dodge it + you will deal damage. Get Hextech Portobelt and Zhonyas to dodge easier and you will be the hero of the game. He will roam alot so don't forget to SS. Your Q wors threw is Windwall (W)”
Electrocute Vladimir [V9.11] by BL00dY3nD | Vladimir Player
Bughans says “I ban this guy every game. I just hate yasuo in particular. But still, he can shut down your combo if he places windwall on himself. And if you go in, and he realises you fucked up, he'll just Hasaiyo you to death. Just fucking annoying to play against in general.”
AP RAKAN MID - 100% FOOLPROOF EPIC GUIDE by Bughans | Rakan Player
ParkChnm says “Not really a hard matchup once you get good at Orianna. Auto his passive down and then go in for poke if you can. Don't let him get close.”
[9.11] Beginner's Guide to Orianna by ParkChnm | Orianna Player
Evilfury10 says “as long as you don't die pre-6 you will win lane, be careful for enemy ganks.”
[S9] Get Out Of Silver With Cho'gath AP MID by Evilfury10 | Cho'Gath Player
Helnakensbrorsa says “Farm with q and try not to push. Play safe until 6. After 6 just do small trades and proc electrocute. Later into the game you beat him harder.”
Kassawin by Helnakensbrorsa | Kassadin Player
D3gReen says “Farm or feed. Don't ult if his windwall is up.”
Press R to pay respects by D3gReen | Katarina Player
Mern says “Your general AD champion which counters Kassadin. BUT It's not as bad as Talon or Zed. Depends a lot on player skill. Rush Seeker's and after lvl 6 if you dodge tornados you are fine. Try poking him down. Also whenever he Q you, teleport sideways and E>Q combo. If he gets too close, trade with W and run away with R if needed. After lvl 11 it's free win.”
Kassadin ULTRACARRY Guide [9.11] by Mern | Kassadin Player
Swift_Trapper says “Can W your Q longer fights he win But If you just play def and wait for him to get to close burst him down and run away Wining trades easy against yasuo his early is weak .”
SirCarnageX says “If you know how to counter him (And he is pretty trash), you should be good”
Burst Fox by SirCarnageX | Ahri Player
Rinwer says “Your nightmare is gonna be his wind wall.”
Rinwer´s build by Rinwer | Neeko Player
Jeou says “Yasuo is a huge threat to katarina, so wait for a gank and roam allot if possible.”
Come on, live a little... while you can! by Jeou | Katarina Player
hetter12x says “It might be suprising but yasuo W, passive and high damage early is complete pain in the ass for kat! He can delete your daggers mid air!”
[9.11]Welcome to the league of katarina! by hetter12x | Katarina Player
Best Karth NA says “There are a couple ways you could play this lane out, but I usually prefer to just allow him to shove early on and keep the wave towards my turret, setting up your jungler for a gank. Yasuo is going to have the advanatage 1v1 early on unless you can hit all of your Qs, so just look to build a CS lead and punish him for any misplays. ”
How to Win Every Game on Karthus by Best Karth NA | Karthus Player
Siand says “Yassuo is a weird matchup in the sense that its outcome mostly depends on him. Careful use of windwall will make you somewhat useless against him, so try to bait it out with your w and auto attacks, Barrier is pretty much a must in this match-up.”
Karma mid [9.10] by Siand | Karma Player
valimarinov111 says “drive by a fucking ninja”
Driveby Annie by valimarinov111 | Annie Player
Siberius612 says “3 words: - pressure with E - W - passive shield”
InkDsr says “Yasuo W counter all your combo”
Katarina Guide by InkDsr | Katarina Player
Coldwave says “Depends on how this yasuo plays. Make sure to avoid or try to counter his windwall (W) ”
Coldwave says “Depends on how this yasuo plays. Make sure to avoid or try to counter his windwall (W) ”
Lets have some REAL fun! by Coldwave | Ahri Player
BoopForTheTroops says “If he gets fed early then you will be useless. Auto him to proc his ult then once he releases his tornado then go in for some poke. You beat him early game.”
9.10 Solo Carry Space Noodle Guide by BoopForTheTroops | Aurelion Sol Player
NescEI says “Go in when he got no Windwall (W) and don't try to fight in minions, play save when you ulted or w'd him and you couldn't kill him. Try to dodge or to predict his Q-nado, If you dodge it with your ult you win the fight almost everytime”
Build Dla musTrunka by NescEI | Zed Player
HerrSolahri says “Fight him either in a big enough Wave so he gets a lot dmg by Minions or in no Wave so he can't e. If the wave isnt big enough he is too hard to hit and builds up his Shield too fast.”
[S 9.9] In-Depth Diamond Leblanc Mid Guide by HerrSolahri | LeBlanc Player
Default Ryze says “Despite being a melee champion Yasuo can be difficult to handle. Remember to play safe in lane to minimize the advantage he has over you. Try to bait out his windwall and use your root to zone if he gets too close. Also because of his mobility he is difficult to hit, so harass him with Flux Spread.”
Ryze Explained - Patch 9.9 (Work In Progress) by Default Ryze | Ryze Player
CharmingFeather says “Early game you crush yasuo, mid-late game of course that will turn around, but do your best to not let him get 2 or more kills. So sit under turret and wait for a dive, if you don't he will E Q to poke you down and engage with ult and by that time you're dead.”
[9.9] Rakan's Bad Midlane? I Disagree! by CharmingFeather | Rakan Player
aButteredPoptart says “Yasuo is a dangerous counter to Ahri. He has not just mobility from E, but his wind wall as well to dodge your skillshots. Always poke off his shield when its safe and respect his tornado when its up. These two things along with respecting his mobility can actually win the lane if you play it right.”
[9.9] Bronze Ahri One Trick Master by aButteredPoptart | Ahri Player
Extro Huski says “This annoying piece-of-shit can block all of your attacks, making you have to reorient your ult to at least try to get somewhat of a trade off. This is Sona's biggest counter.”
AP Sona working mid in Season 9 (basics) by Extro Huski | Sona Player
SmokeyEggs says “Remember, i am assuming that all the players in these matchups are beyond average, so Good Yasuo's will rush Wit's End and Mercs against you. His damage and healing will shred you, along with his Windwall denying your Q and his pushing power as well. Building an early Seekers will help in matchups like this and try to suprise him with ganks. ”
Jaspertjuuh says “Yasuo is a very strong laner and he is one of the only counters to yi mid”
Master Yi Mid by Jaspertjuuh | Master Yi Player
BicBee says “Stay away from minion waves. Look to AA his shield and W to harass. Don't throw abilities out too fast because there's a chance he will block with his wall. His wall is around 18s CD so abuse that. ”
[9.8] CRUSH LOW ELO WITH THIS BUILD by BicBee | Ahri Player
ryze4thewin says “with his windwall he takes away all your dmg in early a good yas can kill you easy and if fed he becomes unstopable”
RYZE UPON THEM by ryze4thewin | Ryze Player
TheSmithy says “If he is good, he can block your E, so you cant engage in teamfights or anywere. Always ban him.”
THE LISSANDRA GUIDE S9 ! read notes ! by TheSmithy | Lissandra Player
Header_FX says “Take exhaust and try to focus on wave control so yasuo cant dash. Also try to dodge his tornados. ”
[9.8] Header´s out of silver Corki-Guide by Header_FX | Corki Player
BicBee says “Stay away from minions if you can. AA him to break his shield before you land your skills on him. Building seekers can help you in this match up if you're struggling. It's pretty easy to land your skills onto him when he's dashing forward. If you can't then stick to your AA's and shield as he's coming in and look to land skills as he's exiting out. ”
9.8 CARRYING LOW ELO by BicBee | Orianna Player
QueenBrie says “Yasuo is a pretty skill based matchup but I personally find him quite hard to go against”
Vladimir for harry by QueenBrie | Vladimir Player
xispy420 says “You always win this match up but you're messed up if the player is good at him ”
Ready to set the world on fire by xispy420 | Brand Player says “Skill based matchup Proc his shield with your Q and than W>E>Q At lvl 6 you can all-in him after some poke”
Zed , The Master Of Shadows by | Zed Player
ImmortalPh0enix says “Yasuoya Karşı Veigar Alırsanız Ezersiniz.”
Veigar Kara Hasat + Luden =tek by ImmortalPh0enix | Veigar Player
AzureArmatt says “When bad yasuo won't even bother with efficient use of his E dashes, good yasuo will actually doge all your skill shots while leaving you defenseless when he closes up the distance where he shines. Later in the game he can literally use 3 attacks on you to kill you if he gets a lead. If you keep him on your side of the lane it will give you more space to chase him (he will be further from turret) and also he won't be able to use your minions to dash around as he wants too. Your best time to attack is when his wind wall is on cool down so he won't be able to block your skill shots (mainly charm). He counters skill shot reliant champions and we're on great disadvantage here so don't skip seeker's armguard and even consider buying ninja tabi (if they have many AD champions).”
Easy guide for everybody on how to play Ahri by AzureArmatt | Ahri Player
Edg3Lord says “One of the easiest champions to deal with, since his only CC and engaging ability can be blocked by your spellshield. Play passive in early and everything will be OK.”
Nocturne Mid R(o)ams Up Your Team [1.4.1] by Edg3Lord | Nocturne Player
ninjashmon2 says “Yasuo is a really strong and dangerous champion and since Irelia has no counter at all to him will make the fight even.”
FAKERS GUIDE TO IRELIA, Mid and Top S:9 by ninjashmon2 | Irelia Player
ninjashmon2 says “Yasuo can block you'r Q with his windwall (W) and you'r Q does probably most of the damage. But also you can dodge his abilities with you'r W and also poke him with it.”
WukongMainRetard6 says “Skill Matchup, good wukong will win this. Bad yasuo will lose this”
(9.7) Wukong Mid OP 70% Win Rate Bruiser Build by WukongMainRetard6 | Wukong Player
Hatzo1vs9 says “you outdamage him on early , push him under turret and in the mid game you will be superior ”
Play Lissandra as a PRO by Hatzo1vs9 | Lissandra Player
javimc17 says “He can't do nothing against you. Stay focused on farm and poke him with E. If he engages, use your E+W to survive his first strikes and kill him easily with your Q+R. ”
[S9] MORDEKAISER MID/TOP by javimc17 | Mordekaiser Player
Lobex says “easy matchup unless a high elo one trick that goes beta build MR stacking, you can def kill him lvl 4”
Shoue says “You can't 1v1 him. Need your jungler to fight him with you.”
pappychap says “dodge or ask someone to ban him every game if he gets thru kill yourself”
Iron Dome Xerath by pappychap | Xerath Player
Olenka05 says “Wait until he use his w. Then attack. If not he can block your ult.”
Escape to gold with one champ by Olenka05 | Veigar Player
BlueMoon01 says “Don't stand around minions that he can dash to easily; you can out trade him by juggling around his movements [DETAILED MATCHUP INFORMATION BELOW]”
[9.6][AP Mid] Fix Yourself, Mere Human. by BlueMoon01 | Viktor Player
Gerrage says “This will be your EASIEST lane of your life. He can't do anything against you, as long as you make sure you do not get hit by his tornado, you will be winning every single trade. ”
Sylas sustain damage king! by Gerrage | Sylas Player
kiNGSHADE1488 says “Not a threat, but he have a shield too, and that's hard to harass him. He will just running around like a chick and waiting for ganks.”
FISTING TIME - [9.6] Vi one shot build by kiNGSHADE1488 | Vi Player
SerbianMafia says “Good yasuo will dodge ur passive spins easy, block your q and r good and make u suffer so much because that. His tornado also can cancel Kats ult so you should realy take care of him.”
Healing like a God with Kat by SerbianMafia | Katarina Player
thedonk says “The main problem is his windwall. If it's on cooldown, you can go in for a trade. It's best if you use your chains against him as it will stop him from dashing everywhere. Dodge his Q's and tornado with your W. ”
[9.6] My Leblanc Guide Of Deceit by thedonk | LeBlanc Player
Dudstrol says “Depois de alguns jogos contra, yasuo se tornou, para mim, uma das rotas mais difícil do jogo. Sua alta mobilidade é bem chata, sua parede de vento impede suas habilidades e seu dano critico o torna bem poderoso.Caso ele tenha gume evite trocas.**Não consigo ajudar muito, pois todos os jogos que vou de Ryze eu tiro yasuo.”
RYZE BOLADÃO PT-BR [S9] by Dudstrol | Ryze Player
Padrepio says “His wall blocks your Q and your R, but you can hit him with E and W! Remember to keep his shield down with AAs (or passive if you're lucky). He can dash over your minions to reach you, avoid engages if he has 3 stacks of Q. Care of his 100% crit chance.”
[Mid] Brand ~ Catching Fire by Padrepio | Brand Player
Valor_Chaos says “An annoying lane for sure. He can windwall most if not all of your damage, but only once. Wait for your opening, clear those waves and try your best not to die. Best option here is to sustain out the lane and get 11, then split”
Kayle, the Auto Attacker by Valor_Chaos | Kayle Player
Jazzmonkey says “skill matchup. Go tiamat vs Yasou it can proc his Passiv so its rly usefull for you. Trade him after his passiv is gone. Try to kill him with level 6. ”
[9.5 Wukong Guide] Challenger Wukong EUW From zero to hero D by Jazzmonkey | Wukong Player
overweight_zoe says “Hyper mobility and the OUTPLAY BUTTON (W) are super obnoxious. His passive shield also helps him eat that early harass. Can decently bully him levels 1-3 but will eventually have to play around your ult post 6. ”
make noobs sit while they pee with zoe by overweight_zoe | Zoe Player
kyuwui says “Early game he shouldn't be too difficult to deal with, if things are looking iffy just poke and play safe.”
Gnar The Mid Lane Bully by kyuwui | Gnar Player
Underhead says “His windwall in late can make you useless, so try to bait it and then make your move”
Np moe by Underhead | Zoe Player
Utopia3567 says “Play safe and farm, he is not ranged champ so you will be fine, farm and poke as much as you can but take care on his jumps!”
Diamond Annie main build BY:Kova by Utopia3567 | Annie Player
Louiel says “Bait his wind wall and you should be fine other then that avoid getting close to your minions and make trades quick.”
A Glorious Guide To LeBlanc by Louiel | LeBlanc Player
EmperorEthernity says “In the laning phase he can be a huge threat. Stay back and dont fight him directly. In Team Fights he can be easily dealt with your Ultimate”
Malzahar - The forgotten Champion - With noob tips by EmperorEthernity | Malzahar Player
Conceit says “Can wall your q and e. Also threatens you early with dash through minions. Just play back and try to poke with e safely. ”
Underhead says “His windwall can be anoying, try to bait it. ”
Underhead's Oneshot guide by Underhead | Zoe Player
Jahim says “Skill matchup. You will get poked early dont lose faith i believe in u! (I BAN HIM BTW)”
PRO FIZZ BUILD by Jahim | Fizz Player
eloment says “Max e try to ult him unter tower. Rush revolver and sheen or if you feel like you are losing really hard buy iceborn gauntlet.”
Complete Gragas Guide (Mid,Top,Jungle) by eloment | Gragas Player
Dr Wonderdrugs says “Son mur de vent sera une vrai plaie pour vous mais en ce qui concerne son passif je vous recommande de lui donner une balle normal ou un spell puis de le tuer avec vos gros dommages.”
La quatrième est fascinante... by Dr Wonderdrugs | Jhin Player
Mern says “Can dodge Q,E,R when there are minions or multiple enemies, EXTREMELY hard to farm against if goes aggro.”
Pyke MID Guide 9.4 by Mern | Pyke Player
piggypiggyshadow says “His tornado and q can hit through shroud, and the windwall blocks q Use shroud to walk around the windwalls”
Akali still good by piggypiggyshadow | Akali Player
kimbathegreat says “He is hard to play against because his wind wall blocks your Q and R so its hard to all in him.”
Best Gragas 2019 Mid Guide by kimbathegreat | Gragas Player
Junix L9 says “Try to fight him when his W is down. Go for fast trades like Q E and then W out. You wont win long trades.”
[Season 9] Katarina Guide (High Elo) by Junix L9 | Katarina Player
lol mid laner says “use 2 of your bullets ts on minion wave when he has full stacks hit him with the 3rd bullet then get that 4th one in”
Jhin Mid OP by lol mid laner | Jhin Player
Zaradine says “People say that you counter Yasuo but it's more skillbased. Whoever get's the first kill or two wins lane. dodge his whirlwind and watch out for his E. He'll more than likely windwall as soon as you jump on him”
Eli The Bat says “His wind Wall and mobility makes it almost impossible for you to combo him so better farm and maintain disstance....”
Kat Best Waifu by Eli The Bat | Katarina Player
tsyuu says “You should always beat him, but watch out. Good Yasuo players will usually give you a hard time. But lets be real, who is really good at Yasuo?”
[Patch 9.3] tsyuu's Irelia guide. by tsyuu | Irelia Player
TruMediaMix1 says “Let's be real, Yasuo's banned in 49% of all games for a damn good reason.”
"Ionia Calls!": An Irelia Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Irelia Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “do a Q in his "face the wind" and you are dead.”
The Light Of Demacia! [9.3] by LuxIsMyCrush | Lux Player
Torblerone says “Probably the biggest counter to Anivia, can wind wall all your damage except your ult which he can just dash out of in a minion wave”
The Bird Season 9 by Torblerone | Anivia Player
BARAL says “His Wind Wall can block all of Lux's spells besides her ultimate. During laning phase, he passively builds up a shield from Way of the Wanderer, and has movement in lane due to his Sweeping Blade. This is a hard counter, so stay passive and watch out.Your Final Spark can go through his Wind Wall so you can do this when him or someone else is low. Your Lucent Singularity can't go through his Wind Wall but you can place the middle of the bubble in front of the wall.”
Lux Guide Mid by BARAL | Lux Player
LionLifeSteal says “Can windwall your ult and your q but if you hit him with anything and he doesn't have magic resist he will die quickly. Play with your team to counter him.”
LionLifeSteal says “Bruh you really playing blind pick? Ok just kill him first and you win.”
Yasuo, The Unforgiven by LionLifeSteal | Yasuo Player
K4SS says “A good Kass can manage yasuo, max E, get cloth armor. And unless you will get heavily ganked you can win.”
ikiilyou7523 says “Contra un yasuo te serviran las runas de aliento agonico (las de valor) Tambien intenta ir pokeandolo con tu Q o con tu E ve bajandole el escudo de su pasiva. Despues de nivel 6 puedes esquivarle los tornados con tu R y asi hacer que no use su R ”
Guia definitiva kassadin by ikiilyou7523 | Kassadin Player
moutenn says “Fun matchup. You have the upper hand, but a really good Yasuo will know what to do against you. Think about it this way. If yasuo hits his R you will loose, if he does not you will win, Therefor use R to juke his tornado. Also try and bait his windwall with your W-E. He will panic and send it out. Wait till its down, then take it and AA him. He will use tornado so R him, and kill him with your Q's.”
Zed Season 9 moutenn guide by moutenn | Zed Player
qasddsa says “Skill matchup. Max E from the start and run Grasp. Whenever he gets into range for E, use it immediately before he dashes out of range. If he comes into your melee range, you can do a full spell rotation along with a Grasp proc with E + AA + W AA + Q + E (assuming he has used 4 abilities) to trade back extremely well against him. Most of the time though, a simple AA + W AA with grasp + E is enough to trade back against him and stop him from going in further.”
[Mid&Top] Reave the Cosmos | Kassadin by qasddsa | Kassadin Player
WhiteSheepz says “Yasuo is simply an annoying champion to face, his wind wall can block your E however it cannot block your Q. Try to poke him down and don't stay too close to your minions. If he dashes too you try and stun him- similarly try to avoid his Q tornado shot so that he cannot ult you. If he does ult you do your best to back off as he does lots of damage.”
Xerath Guide by WhiteSheepz by WhiteSheepz | Xerath Player
HeroTerbiyecisi says “Play carefully, trade when he uses w u can buy ninja tabi”
Carry Talon Guide by HeroTerbiyecisi | Talon Player
PVPICHURRO says “You burst him or he bursts you.”
theknightsrises says “difficult but you can win it use exhaust instead of barrier ”
Best Azir Build by theknightsrises | Azir Player
vitim do morro says “He can be dangerous if you dont play smart because of his shield wall that can stops your ult. You need to go in with the combo a talked early and try to land your R close because far you won't”
The REAL Fizz Build Br do bom by vitim do morro | Fizz Player
Fokno says “His movements and W can cancel all your habilities”
Veigar The guide for the evil by Fokno | Veigar Player
Rugie says “Probably the hardest enemy you can get. Is extremely hard to trade with him if he is doing good. You need to take his passive shield or his windwall down if you want to trade something. Try to dodge his Q's. Take doran's shield. Ask for gangs from you jungler. You can also take armor runes to be more tanky.”
Draczor says “Don't get near minions and dodge his tornado's. On level 1 he can't do anything against you so make sure to Q + AA him as much as you can to establish a lead so you can do the same thing on level 2. Just make sure you keep a good distance from him so he can't dmg you. If he goes in to trade, AA his passive shield and land your combo afterwards as you walk away from him. You can use your gravity field to stun him if he goes too deep on you and has no minions to dash away from it. In that moment you can try to all in on him with your ult and quite possibly kill him unless you already are low on health or behind. Exhaust is pretty good in this matchup. If he has the advantage then don't try to fight him, focus on farming and wait until he makes a mistake or for your jungler to gank. ”
[9.1] [Diamond 70% WR] Unstoppable Viktor by Draczor | Viktor Player
mandatorycloud says “Windwall completely shuts down your combo potential. Be careful looking for trades if it's available as you will never hit your W or E if they're good.”
Swain Mid/Top/Bot Season 9 by mandatorycloud | Swain Player
candy4lif3 says “Be Creative with your shots, for example aim your q through a minion at an angle where the wind wall isn/t blocking”
OP Lux One Shot Build by candy4lif3 | Lux Player
RYZE number one says “Mesmo que muitos considerem skill match-up, e que você consiga solar ele nível 2. A partir do 4 a lane vira completamente para o Yasuo, ele te sola muito fácil por possuir muitos dash, sem contar que você não consegue pegar siege contra ele.”
Ryze (MID) (pt-BR) by RYZE number one | Ryze Player
XBlackyX says “Just do the damage until he's upset he will come to kill you then use your combo (In early game he's better than you because he uses nothing for cast skill Just Shout HASAKI) ”
My empire lives in every grain of sand by XBlackyX | Azir Player
MarkoLivaja says “Difficult matchup. Ask for gangs and stay underturret. He can block every ability of yours with his windwall.”
Best Anivia Build for Season 9 by MarkoLivaja | Anivia Player
Felispo says “Fica mais difícil quanto mais você sobe de elo, pois geralmente em elos baixos o Yasuo irá focar tudo no "Q", sendo que o Aurelion é stompado se ele focar o E.”
Centro do Universo (Guia em PT-BR) by Felispo | Aurelion Sol Player
OoozooSensei says “Yasuo usually counters you in most cases.”
OrangeJimm says “u̺̲͙̣̗̗̰s̲͖̘̥e̤̜̣̯̺͎ ͍̩̖͈y̟͖o̦̯̫͔u̠͈̜̜͙̲̝͟r̬̲̮̗̰̺̩ ḇ̦͙͖͇̀i͕̤͚g҉̣̰̺͙̺̲ ̡̫b͏o̱̬̤̖͈̻ͅi͏͙͔̦ ̫̼͇̼̀k̠̰̦̻͈͓̲͘a̖̙͢ḿ̦̻a͕̟ ̱̟͍̙̩̀t̗̹̙̝̺͡o͕͇̤̗͕͟ͅ ̵̫͎o̸̼̲̘̖u͕̦͕̱̻̲͓t͈͔̭͇̭r̥̘͘a̻͙͓̟̻ͅn͔͕̝ͅg͈̰̪̮͍e͉͎ͅ ̳͍̖a̖̹͔̣̱̭n̞̱d̶͇͈̯͓̘̗ͅ ̟͈͝s͓͉͕ͅm̛͇̦͎̝̫̜a͚͉̺͉͎̣c̠̟̤̯̺͝ͅk̺̠͢ ̨̥̰h҉̹̟͖ͅi̪̖͟ṃ͎̩̞̹̬̦ ̩̝́ͅi͙̳͈̯̰͙ͅf͖̫͔̟̹̖ ̨̻̥͉͍̬̜̯h̲͕̲̣e҉͖̼̬ ̞̱t̪̟͎͎̼r̹͈̟͎i͠ę̼̤̗s͚̝͕̞̜ ̧̜͎̹̖̹t̴̜̼̱̪o̬͚̹̻͙̯ ̝͇̘͟c͇̱̠̪̹̝̫͘a͍̬̩̼͕̪n̙c͇e̢̼̫̮̰̬l̞̯̥̬̞̠ͅ ̹̝̳̦̱yo͎̩̣̱̮͇̹͜u͚̪͈͠ ̫̠̱͚̠͍̜́o͘ṵ̻̜͓t͈͓̟͍̤̰͔͡ ̲w̜̪̼̻͎̝ͅi̳̩̞t̫ͅh̰̺̩ ͙h̡͍̯̫̱̱i̵͉̥͈͉s̶͍̬͓̖͙̜ ̪̮̘̟̙s̸̥̣̣tu̮̙̯̯͎̘p̥̖̯i̡͔̘̠̹͎͚͈d͏ ̙̥̮͠w̞͍a̺̮̭̮͓”
[9.1] A guide to Akali mid by OrangeJimm | Akali Player
Andicus says “Again, depends on your skill. Watch out for level 2 fights. He generally beats you pre-6 with more consistent faster aa damage and Q's. Try to go all in when he doesn't have windwall. Get E second if you can fight him early when he E's to poke you. If not get W to play safely. If he lands his knockup and ults you before you do anything, try to ult him as soon as you land and flash away / w away and then Q E. You can usually bait his tornado and W R E W Q him.”
S9 Zed Guide - Secrets Kept Are Weapons Wasted by Andicus | Zed Player
stevangnjato says “He is very big counter for you, because he can block your AAs and w. I dont recomend going this build vs yasuo.”
Mid nuke Graves Full AP by stevangnjato | Graves Player
rimzaki says “Down him shield with ur basic attack dont trade him early game when hes shield on save ur sanguine for hims tornado He no match against ur sustain and nuke Hes wall can not protect himself ”
The Ancient Bloodlord Vladimir Guide by rimzaki | Vladimir Player
RainForest says “Really aggressive yasuos can be a problem mid-game when they can outdamage you overtime.”
Fear The Depth by RainForest | Nautilus Player
2drunk4you says “His windwall is good against zed, but ignore him in late game and fuck him in early”
ZED ULTIMATE FISTING IN LOW ELO by 2drunk4you | Zed Player
Sozzoh says “You counter Yasuo because he's melee, so auto attack him if he has his passive shield up, then poke the living hell out of him. If you dodge his nado's, then you've pretty much won lane. If Yasuo is missing, warn your team right away because if he gets only a few kills, he can snowball pretty hard and be unstoppable, especially with 100% crit after two items.”
Superior current says “Stay away from him, but don't be too scared. ”
Mage Fortune is real! by Superior current | Miss Fortune Player
undeadsoldiers says “He has a kit that is made to counter mages, so you're better off just banning him.”
[8.24]Empire Above All[IN-DEPTH TOP/MID SWAIN GUIDE] by undeadsoldiers | Swain Player
Katapullt says “Dont let him get ahead. Play around him to dodge his qs. Get a Zhonia and Ninja Tabi”
Razor Fly! Do it quickly.【8.24】~ All you need to know by Katapullt | Katarina Player
Witwickies says “Difficulty lies in foreseeing Yasuo's location after his dash. And, of course, dodging his tornado. As Zyra it's easy to just activate his shield once per while and simply poke him. If he has no targets to dash nearby, you can go with all-in. Take note, that his W can't block your Q, as you press button behind shield.”
Ivy covers Mid Line Castle [Zyra Guide] by Witwickies | Zyra Player
Morathin says “His winwall can block all of your abilities (except R). It also block your W, even if he gets hit by its 1. instance and casts his W after. He also has very high mobility with his E.”
Vel'Koz mid guide for S9 by Morathin | Vel'Koz Player
hieuman98 says “You can e the wave to make sure he does not dash towards you as you go for cs.”
The COOKIE CUTTER guide on Taliyah by hieuman98 | Taliyah Player
pokeball says “Pretty difficult matchup because he excels at extended lane phases and extended trading. Ekko does not do well in both of these situations early game and you need a couple of ganks to handle this lane. Pushing is hard because he can deny a whole wave with windwall.”
|Masters Ekko 2m+| Pokeball's Ekko Guide 8.24 by pokeball | Ekko Player
Doctor_Dr says “How to counter: Use your cage to punish him if he dashes to your minion wave side, avoid ulting unless his wall is on CD.”
M7 Veigar Runes + Vs. Champions by Doctor_Dr | Veigar Player
undeadsoldiers says “Just ban him. His kit was made to counter mages.”
Pikaciao says “Your ult pierces windwall. If you avoid getting dashed on top of constantly, you should be able to outdamage in an all-in.”
how to Vel'koz the SHIT out of midlane by Pikaciao | Vel'Koz Player
sigurdur2002 says “As long as you have ignite just ult him and then type in all chat that he is bad.”
Malphite the tank assasin. by sigurdur2002 | Malphite Player
NekoTakahashi says “Watch the windwall and careful when he dashed towards you.”
I Know What They Desire by NekoTakahashi | Ahri Player
WubbyWulf says “Kat Vs Yas is a mostly a skill battle. All you need to do as a kat is take out his passive shield with q, and play safe.”
Katarina Guide by an OTP by WubbyWulf | Katarina Player
Tomsteri says “Very hard to hit Q because of his dash. Don't waste your Q in lane or you might find yourself in akward position when he comes at you”
AATROX OTP MID GUIDE/s9 BLood moon by Tomsteri | Aatrox Player
EdenFox says “Respect his early lvls. you outscale once you have 1 item he should rarely be able to ult you since you have pool.”
Challenger Vladimir guide how to climb by EdenFox | Vladimir Player
TwoRoundHero says “He's too fast, blocks your q and r, and will destroy you in lane. Build a zhonyas early against him.”
ZenoIV says “U need to place your turrets very good beacuse he can E your turrets”
Itsyaboyorchid says “Be aware of his wind wall, it will stop your ball mid-movement. His mobility counters Orianna, play safe, try to snag a bad Yasuo player with R under your tower (he WILL try to dive you). ”
Loser Orianna Guide (Patch 8.24B) by Itsyaboyorchid | Orianna Player
JuaniG17 says “His windwall, if thrown properly, can deny your rake's(W) damage and stacks for Talon's passive. This ability has a long CD though so bait it and then try to all in as soon as your W is up and he doesn't has the shield on.”
JuaniG17 - Talon Guide by JuaniG17 | Talon Player
Jukapiz says “He can be annoying to deal with, just focus to autoattack him once, when he has his sheald. Then poke him and it'll be all good. If he windshields, go besides it, combo, and you'll be good.”
Escape low ELO by Jukapiz | Veigar Player
Eccentrik says “Okay, first of, he's annoying with his dash, second, he's painful as heck if you keep getting hit by his Q's. He has no mana so it's best you ask help from your jungler everytime he's overextending. Fake your charm by auto attack cancelling on him multiple times until he uses wind wall. Also remove his annoying passive shield because let's face it, you can't deal max damage with that up.”
Eccentrik's S9 Ahri! by Eccentrik | Ahri Player
Ladymewra says “Try to advoid him, his windwall will block all of Lux's spells.”
Kaeze Poulsen says “Yasuo has a lot of DPS and burst damage on his kit, as well as CC and mobility, but his Windwall will make your Starsurge and Voice of Light useless. You can't take Exhaust because he usually takes Conqueror and you can't roam, you just need your jungler's help.”
Aurelion Sol - The Star Forger by Kaeze Poulsen | Aurelion Sol Player
wo xiang zhaoo says “Same as Talon, if you don't give him unnecessary kills, you're in a fine spot. Your E can surpass his Windwall. Surprise him with that E max through the Windwall.”
Your very DETAILED Kassadin guide! Get elo NOW! by wo xiang zhaoo | Kassadin Player
seba3479 says “I always lose to a good Yasuo, the windwall wil block everything.”
SWAIN in the midlane by seba3479 | Swain Player
AQRC Turtle says “Skills matchup, avoid to extend ur trades early game and dont fight in your minion wave. Post lvl 6 u should be able to win the 1 vs 1 Talon outdmg Zed early. Be carefull of his passive 3rd AA Proc but keep ur lane pressure to avoid his roams evbut it mostly skill match ”
asffg123 says “Yasuo is limited in his reach, so playing correctly (not staying next to minions) will allow you to get good auto attacks and abilities in. Dodge his skillshots and play semi-safe. You are likely to win laning phase.”
Veigar in the Mid Lane (Gold - Plat) by asffg123 | Veigar Player
Rosie Posy says “You can keep a match with Yasuo even if you allow him to push under turret and can bait out his windwall since without it he will won't be able to fight you or avoid you. ”
The Assassin With No Master by Rosie Posy | Akali Player
Whoospnip says “He can outplay you, but he is an easy gank with your cc. Have the jungler camp him.”
Dark Harvest Galio Guide by Whoospnip | Galio Player
TheHeroOfLegend says “it can block most of your skills but you can win”
Dark Harvest Talon Build (how to one shot) by TheHeroOfLegend | Talon Player
Bengineer says “That annoying windwall can block your E, but, when you have an empowered Q, it can't block it. Don't lose your guard, but, if you want to poke him, make sure to auto him and then Q him. ”
. by Bengineer | Vladimir Player
dumb lucker says “Very mobile guy if you miss combo you are in for bad time so have patience and just try to match the push and stay even. ”
Earlygame monster J4 midlane by dumb lucker | Jarvan IV Player
Snowyfreezer says “This is mostly a skill matchup favoring yasuo as he has more dashes and can easily escape your W and could possibly Wind wall your Shark”
Snowyfreezer's Fizz Guide by Snowyfreezer | Fizz Player
MaxBorsh says “Pretty much block your everything”
[8.23] ONESHOT ZOE by MaxBorsh | Zoe Player
everousdnb says “As long as you don't feed him, you're fine.”
Bombs? by everousdnb | Ziggs Player
RobinR says “Really hard to deal with due to his wind wall.”
ZOE BLAMS EVERYONE by RobinR | Zoe Player
Aegox says “Usually only real threat you have to worry about, being able to block all of almost all of your damage.”
Aegox's Easy Zoe Guide by Aegox | Zoe Player
BattleXD says “Yasuo seems like a 50/50 to me. Yes your W does stop his dash but for a way to short of a time for the amount of dashes that Yas has. His wind wall blocks your W and your E but not Q. ”
Cassiopeia Mid 8.23 by BattleXD | Cassiopeia Player
Sadmanv2 says “Level 1 Aggression. Stay away from minion waves, constantly knock off his windshield. bait his wind wall, his melee threat is severely reduced. ”
Zoe Destroyer of Dreams by Sadmanv2 | Zoe Player
RyCon03 says “you kill this assasin very easy, just dont get intimidated by his dashes.”
Aurelion Sol Carry Guide!!!! by RyCon03 | Aurelion Sol Player
deadroses says “the match up can go either way, try to go into w and stay in it while his nado is up”
(8.23) tango's guide to akali mid by deadroses | Akali Player
ShockMaster says “He is one of the eassiest to kill,start with doran blade,poke him hard,rush hextech protobelt..Play with ignite,he can t react to your e+r+prot+w+Q combo if you use it good”
SeeMyShuriKennen by ShockMaster | Kennen Player
Smol Jelly says “Your Q, E, and W are skillshots. Yasuo's Wind Wall blocks all of those. He's highly mobile and prevents all of your major poke. If you're lucky enough to land a root, he'll still block the E. He can't stop your ult though. Regardless. He eats Lux for breakfast.”
Feel the Power of the Light! by Smol Jelly | Lux Player
Resl says “You counter him, change your combos from w, q to q w so he cant wind wall you.”
New to Talon? by Resl | Talon Player

Bottom Lane (19%) Yasuo Bottom Lane Counters: 40,157 matches, 25 counter champions

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Tips Against Yasuo in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LegendaryOstrich says “Yasuo paired up with a good support can make the lane very rough for you due to his passive shield and windwall. Some ways to play around this is to get rid of his shield with your W, auto attack him, and most importantly try to deny him as much farm as possible early because he is a melee champion he is forced to walk up and hit creeps so, if he does just do small trades with him. If yasuo's windwall is on cooldown you almost always will win the trades.”
[10.19] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth] by LegendaryOstrich | Lucian Player
tokyodamonsta says “Play around his windwall. Your feathers dont disappear they are stopped at the windwall. ”
[SEASON 10] Xayah High Elo Guide! by tokyodamonsta | Xayah Player
tokyodamonsta says “Dont fight him around his windwall. Use your E to cancel his dash q knockup.”
[SEASON 10] Draven High Elo Guide! by tokyodamonsta | Draven Player
LostFishEU says “Yasuo is mostly annoying than a threat. If Yasuo goes for your support and put up windwall it is not a lot things you can do to save him/her. After Yasuo gets his Ultimate combined with a knockup support they become a major or extreme threat. You have to win early game and use your ranged attack to poke when Yasuo goes for CS. If you create a big lead early game you can go into level 6+ with a lead and scale from there.”
<Grandmaster> LostFish - Vayne: The Guide by LostFishEU | Vayne Player
OverjarlZane says “WindWall is annoying, and if he's good he can normally win lane but if you play smart and poke him he cant do much, run exhaust and trap him with it in his ults.”
[10.19] The Jarls APC Ziggs AND THE TOWERS CRIED OUT by OverjarlZane | Ziggs Player
Profesor APH. says “you can run away from his tornado but you cant dash he must be close to last hit minions with q in that moment try to hit him and use r when he use his w”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
DoctorDingus says “Natural hardcounter to Heimerdinger. His kit makes it nearly impossible to stun him (not only can he dash as if on steroids - he also has a windwall that can block all your damage).”
Rank 1 World Heimerdinger Bot - Breaking the Meta! by DoctorDingus | Heimerdinger Player
Ultrama says “This guy counters MF in all ways. He has a lot of mobility and damage, and his W denegates your entire R and Q.”
[10.18] Miss Letalithy (In Depth / Match-ups and Synergies) by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player
Stouker420 says “HASAKI and Sorye ge ton. ”
WoodieHoodie009 says “laning is even matchup, but in teamfights, if he ults you, you lose. his wandwall block all your damage and your ult. save your ult for when he doesnt have windwall.”
WoodieHoodie009's Ezreal guide to climb out of low elo! by WoodieHoodie009 | Ezreal Player
DRAVENSCRiPT says “Dodge if you are vs yasuo bot its really unplayable”
D1 Draven Guide by DRAVENSCRiPT | Draven Player
yers says “You vs his windwall. Out of your entire kit, your W and Q can bypass his windwall. Try to make him stupidly use up his windwall so that you can start a combo uninterrupted, or if you just hate him that much you can just ult him off the bat, shotgun stun, and then explode him with a Q and W electrocute. Stay away from and watch your minion wave, because he will use them to close gaps on you.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
fumpadumpus says “Barrier, dashes, everything to piss you off :)”
The dumbest kog'maw guide you will ever see by fumpadumpus | Kog'Maw Player
HankScorpioblaze says “If facing Yasuo mid try your best to avoid all his tornados launched at you and be very precise and smart when using Twisted Fates (W) as it can be easily discarded by Yasuo's wind shield”
Twisted Fate Attack Damage, Attack Speed & Lifesteal Bui by HankScorpioblaze | Twisted Fate Player
TismoTheTilted says “Noob jungle no gank.”
Gaiboi1337's Guide To Jhin The Virtuoso by TismoTheTilted | Jhin Player
snukumz says “Wow, not this champ again. He's super mobile and will eat you for breakfast if you aren't careful. Play super safe against him and ping your support back. His shield negates some of your poke. Watch your mini-map for your next wave of allied minions and run away as Yasuo will want to use them to get to you.”
Honk If You're Thorny - Zyra Bottom Guide by snukumz | Zyra Player
Terrific says “People that pick Yasuo against you probably either are auto filled or have PTSD from playing against a Draven in the past. Eitherway they probably are not that good. But do not underestimate him. Punish him if his windwall is on cooldown. DO NOT attack if he used his W because you WILL lose your axes even tho they do not hit anything. Also punish him for being a melee champion, like zoning from wave and AAing him when he goes for minions.”
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ says “This lane will really depend on your opponent's support, since Yasuo will need to rely on his shield, poking him will be extremely easy due to your high AA damage”
[10.14] [En-US|Pt-BR] Art should terrify! In-Depth Jhin guid by KuuHaKu_OtgmZ | Jhin Player
GiveMeMyDoritos says “haha windwall go brrrrr”
FULL LETHALITY SIVIR GUIDE by GiveMeMyDoritos | Sivir Player
CALSHARKY says “Mad annoying. Always take Exh vs him whether you are mid or bot Exh counters him. Be prepared to lose axes to wind wall.”
jmtl20 says “You can run exhaust and kite him out, but his w should't even be in the game, I just hate Yasuo becaus eof his stupid wind wall.”
Manamune Miss Fortune by jmtl20 | Miss Fortune Player
gips01 says “to fast aka. windwall and dash”
Zoodyacc says “Avoid getting hit by his Q's. Play around his W, you can easily avoid his Q's.”
DravenMETA says “Windwall. Broken, elo-inflating, axe-negating, degenerate champion (especially if paired w/ yuumi). Excels in punishing the pushed waves that Draven creates. Freeze as close to your turret and poke him down. ”
[10.13] - Concise Draven Guide by DravenMETA | Draven Player
TheBraveGamer says “deletes draven from match”
MANAMUNE/HOB DRAVEN by TheBraveGamer | Draven Player
Rashketa says “Wind wall renders you useless unless you get really close, where he will kill you.”
Machine Gun Ezreal by Rashketa | Ezreal Player
ShroudedBRH says “You can punish this pick early in the game before he access to all of his tools however once he gets 2 items it becomes extremely difficult. Avoid fighting in creep waves and when creep waves are arriving. Fight with team”
Ashe Complete Botlane Guide by ShroudedBRH | Ashe Player
Galois_Group says “Has good scale, so you are barely scaling on par with him. But he at disadvantage with range, force him early to low HP.”
[10.10] Push the winrate by Galois_Group | Lucian Player
RegalFlash says “He will hit a 10 death power spike and still one shot you.”
[10.9] Kai'Sa Main's Guide for Everything by RegalFlash | Kai'Sa Player
Tonybolt says “Can dodge most of Sett's onslaught ans can windwall Swain's CCs. Bait his windwall and don't be too reckless as he scales better.”
How to show sheer military superiority by Tonybolt | Swain Player
Tonybolt says “Can dodge most of Sett's onslaught ans can windwall Swain's CCs. Bait his windwall and don't be too reckless as he scales better.”
How to show sheer military superiority by Tonybolt | Swain Player
PaciCz69 says “Really strong champion. He can block your AA with W and caitlyn is very squishy so he will destroy you.”
S10 ADC Caitlyn Guide by PaciCz69 | Caitlyn Player
dobrykebab says “Celkem counterpick proti Yasuovi, protože Garen má hodně armorů, silence a je na blízko.”
Garen by dobrykebab | Garen Player
MonsterSkillBr says “High Mobility , High damage , His W counters everything in your kit.”
Iceborn Ashe , All Lanes, 10.6 Guide. by MonsterSkillBr | Ashe Player
Deathfeather says “Literally the most BS lane ever. He completely counters you, but if you play it back he cant do anything, he has no scaling.”
MR07U says “Master Yi is almost always immortal for you since he can use his Wall to protect himself from your spells.”
mrPERISH says “Yasuo is a hard counter to Miss Fortune. His windwall blocks your attacks and he has mobility and damage to be able to take you down. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Yasuo is a hard counter to Miss Fortune. His windwall blocks your attacks and he has mobility and damage to be able to take you down. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Yasuo is a hard counter to Miss Fortune. His windwall blocks your attacks and he has mobility and damage to be able to take you down. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Yasuo is a hard counter to Miss Fortune. His windwall blocks your attacks and he has mobility and damage to be able to take you down. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
mrPERISH says “Yasuo is a hard counter to Miss Fortune. His windwall blocks your attacks and he has mobility and damage to be able to take you down. ”
[10.4] Miss Carry Your Team by mrPERISH | Miss Fortune Player
DemonicBlank says “Just dont ulti when he windwall”
(10.5) Hybrid Crit /Armor Pen ONE SHOT!(UPDATED) by DemonicBlank | Miss Fortune Player
KilledbyBot69 says “The Windwall and the mobility is really hard to play against”
Taliyah ADC by KilledbyBot69 | Taliyah Player
Szauronmester says “If he is a god you will lose lane, but most of the time Yasuo wont kill you, coinflippy matchup.”
Szauron's guide to Kai'sa, daughter of the void by Szauronmester | Kai'Sa Player
Rumpelstil says “Yasuo just has too much range, especially when he is played as a support. It is advised to always tank the tornados since u will bait him into a 1v1. You should win this 1v1 since even when he has a level advantage yasuo has little to no mobility.”
Erek says “High mobility, hard counters you.”
Nik7857 says “Depends on how good he is really. Abuse him lvl 1 and kite him when hes lvl 2, lvl 3 things get tricky and level 6 try not to cry.”
EvE_Deoxys says “Very scary. A good yasuo player can easily win this lane. You need to watch out for his tornados and stay away from your own minions, otherwise he can just E through them and kill you.”
_Deoxys's guide for Kai'Sa bot lane by EvE_Deoxys | Kai'Sa Player
ReallyBoring says “This is a range to melee matchup where unlike midlane he is unable to just dash onto you due to your supports. However usually when there is a Yasuo there is also a engage champion. Try to abuse him lvls 1-2 and be careful later, his W destroys your axes so try to bait his wall out.”
[9.24] Diamond Draven ADC main [800+ games] by ReallyBoring | Draven Player
Deathfeather says “literally the most bs lane ever. expect to just farm and kill him under ur turret (he'll dive u). Or ban him if u dont fear draven. (alpha af)”
[9.24] Deathfeather's guide to being a Lightslinger by Deathfeather | Lucian Player
Otters Den says “Ask your jungler to get you ahead very early or this will be a nightmare”
Otter's Den Guide to Aphelios - ADC / Mid / Top by Otters Den | Aphelios Player
ThisMustBeLe says “You have to keep track of windwall. That is basically the only thing.”
[9.23]MF: Easiest way into Diamond (IMO) by ThisMustBeLe | Miss Fortune Player
minepro221 says “yasuo in spesific is easy, as they are noctorious for dashing through your minions. If you farm safely and give then an auto isolated q , and harasse on every cs, he should not be able to do anything. The key is always freeze, and don't take extended fights if your W is down or missed.”
SevdimHocam says “Buy mercurial immediately. Then no problem.”
Draven the One by SevdimHocam | Draven Player
minepro221 says “he is a representative of bruiser bot lane, such as irelia, fiora, and garen. You want to freeze the wave, and harass them on cs. the key is DO NOT FIGHT THEM HEAD ON. They always kill you in a fair fight. Try to harass them on cs, and freeze the lane. You will ouscale”
cait by minepro221 | Caitlyn Player
Eucalyptus says “Yeah, he just gets destroyed. you outscale him and beat him early. If he's so much better than you that you lose this then you deserved to lose against him. Obviously.”
LORD OF UNLIMITED KITING- Graves ADC by Eucalyptus | Graves Player
Svrbi says “Really player dependant. If the player is good and others on his team can set up knock-ups stay away from lv6 all-ins.”
Jinx Guide by Svrbi | Jinx Player
DejwiD69 says “smiec, jak bedzie dobry to cie ogra ostro przed 6 i zniszczy mentalnie”
Tristanka Dla Madzi by DejwiD69 | Tristana Player
Fruxo says “Yasuo against Kai'Sa shouldn't be super hard. If he tries to poke you down then return some auto attacks and use your Q, it's an even better situation if you can proc your passive during this period of time aswell while not taking to much damage. Your W is also pretty good to use if you are with a Support that can land CC on him for a good W like Leona.”
✔️ How to be a Purple Peach by Fruxo | Kai'Sa Player
Ni14 says “If they play yasuo adc and theyre good this lane is rough. I will say you should definitely not frontload your damage if yasuo has windwall up. Unless he's stunned or has windwall down your ult is useless. ”
Master Tier Ezreal Guide by Ni14 | Ezreal Player
HikariGames says “Yassuo feels too reliant on his team to assist him in the botlane. He wins early because of his decent damage, dashes and of course windwall. However as long as he doesn't get too many kills early on you can bully him out once you get your first item.”
Jhin 9.18 Builds by HikariGames | Jhin Player
Kenshiro Omega says “His W can easy block all your damage.”
Tristana ADC Guide || Carry The Soloq by Kenshiro Omega | Tristana Player
DarkenedWolfFire says “Once he uses Q and R, you can't move anywhere. Gives him the advantage to attack faster and better. Try to avoid Yasuo if your are playing against him in a lane.”
Basic Miss Fortune build for starters. by DarkenedWolfFire | Miss Fortune Player
JayBeeEU says “The windwall and getcloser I don't think i should say more... You can E from his E or while knocked up if you are fast enough”
How to Ezreal for Dummies by JayBeeEU | Ezreal Player
Fruxo says “Yasuo against Xayah shouldn't be super hard. If he tries to poke you down then return some auto attacks and use your E to root him. Your W is also pretty good to use if you are with a Support that can land CC on him for a good E setup like Leona.”
✔️ Experience My Love For Feathers by Fruxo | Xayah Player
Kirby108 says “If he's fed, just stick with team and avoid him and his q. Otherwise, kite him. That's all you can do against Yasuo since his E is the most annoying thing ever. Very Un-fun to play against.”
The fast Jhin but with damage by Kirby108 | Jhin Player
ELMallekZarzor says “Incredibly mobile champion that is adept at chasing down opponents in lanes, as he can use minion waves to close the gap. He does a ton of damage but is also a high skill cap and squishy champion. This means you can and should try and shut him down in fights.The best time to gank a Yasuo is once he's extended and with no minions behind him to dash to.”
Miss Fortune - LOw Elo Build- High AD&Mana ! by ELMallekZarzor | Miss Fortune Player
Righteous Maniac says “If you see this fucker in the bottom lane, you are bad because you should have dodged. Unless you can poke this fucker out from level 1 he will dash through 20 minions, keyblade both of you and destroy you while keeping even in farm and items. When you try to kill him he presses W and laughs as you stand there pathetically. Goal is to try and survive.”
Patch 9.15 | Let's be REAL, it'll be EZ (HEAVY WIP!) by Righteous Maniac | Ezreal Player
FrankynFood says “He literally just windwalls, stacks his q twice, ults you and you are dead. Put as much pressure as you can early on so he doesn't dominate later.”
Ashe guide from an Ashe main (High DPS) by FrankynFood | Ashe Player
SlashLion says “Tbh just dodge. Thankfully we dont see this much anymore.”
[9.13] Jhin: A Guide on The Virtuoso by SlashLion | Jhin Player
TotalWarKS says “He out DPS you, becareful not to stand behind minions or he will be on you before you know it.”
Horsedoover says “rito nerf yago op widwal olt”
Frozone Ashe by Horsedoover | Ashe Player
MallisTheGreat says “For some reason, Yasuo adc is a thing. Just get him down before he does... or ban him.”
Snipe snipe snipe! [A Simple Guide to Varus!][Patch 9.12] by MallisTheGreat | Varus Player
SmoreEater says “It's pretty simple. He can just wind wall behind him to block your Q, wasting your Predator.”
(50% Winrate 2.0 KDA) Iron Teemo ADC Guide by SmoreEater | Teemo Player
Lord K13 says “Yasuo is so irritant for Yuumy because your barrier, take care from your ultimate and use W in the mid. ”
Yuumy- The Sorccerer's Aprentice by Lord K13 | Yuumi Player
ShtevenMcBoss says “Can block all your abilities and get close to you fast”
leblanc/jhin bot lane by ShtevenMcBoss | Jhin Player
BL00dY3nD says “He can counter everything with his W and Passive shield. Just try to keep him away from you and aa from max range. Run away with your w while you aa with Q.”
BL00dY3nDs Draven by BL00dY3nD | Draven Player
Niculae01 says “His wall counters your ultimate. That can make you completely useless in a teamfight so, wait till he uses his wall and after that, you can join the team fight”
[9.9] Twitch ADC | ~ Sneaky Sneaky ~ | By Only Teemo by Niculae01 | Twitch Player
DimmyJimmy says “He is built to kill little adcs, bait windwall before you waster your ult”
Twitch by DimmyJimmy | Twitch Player
TruMediaMix1 says “A good Yasuo is very difficult to play against. Period. Perma ban him in low elo, if possible. Otherwise, ban Draven. Pay attention to when he activates his Wind Wall. Whenever it's cooling down in a fight, you'll have an opportunity to shut him down with your Enchanted Crystal Arrow.”
Permafrost: An Ashe Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Ashe Player
Xerxes Is ADC says “Stay away from minions, if he tries to chase u through a wave of minions, e him there and bait out his windwall before you do so. If he does this in the middle of teamfights, move to the side of the windwall, and you'll be able to do damage to him. ”
Season 9.7 Diamond Draven ADC Build by Xerxes Is ADC | Draven Player
purrpledrank says “Windwall causes you to drop your axes, blocks your E, and your ult. So basically he can negate your entire kit with one ability. Try to bait it out before committing to a fight.”
Draaaven does it all! by purrpledrank | Draven Player
Ightveso says “Hard Counter. Dont try 2 fight him when he has w Rdy.”
[9.4] Rank 34 Jhin World! Go get your LP! <3 by Ightveso | Jhin Player
Mkcoolness says “He can windwall your ult, outdamage you, chase you, and poke you. A terrible matchup that is hard to deal with.”
Mkcoolness's guide to Miss Fortune by Mkcoolness | Miss Fortune Player
MeSad says “A lot of Teemos struggle in this matchup, but as long as you can space yourself from minions when he dashes and dodge the tornado, you should be good. Just be mindful of the windwall, he can block all of your abilities, so be careful when positioning yourself around the wind wall.”
Vayne's Worst Nightmare by MeSad | Teemo Player
LonelyOF says “Yasuo ADC is bad. Make sure to ban him. If your AD Carry is a monky (Which most of the time they are.) You won't be able to 1v2.”
II Monokaiser II says “Extremamente Fácil.”
O Guia definitivo para o Mordekaiser ADC by II Monokaiser II | Mordekaiser Player
GetOwnedBro says “Again Wind Wall is only threat here - good players maneuver around the Wind Wall and so when his wind wall is on cool down - you can burst him down.”
Ezreal - APC/Poke Master/Burst Master by GetOwnedBro | Ezreal Player
rrocks003 says “Not played adc too often but when he does it is going to be complete torture. I will make a separate chapter below about countering Yasuo.”
The Key to that Heimerdinger Carry by rrocks003 | Heimerdinger Player
dominicdw says “His w makes fighting around him hard. You need to wait for it to be used to R or play on an angle around the fights.”
Tanky MF- Only Ult MF by dominicdw | Miss Fortune Player

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Tips Against Yasuo in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “Pretty hard matchup since he is so slippery, not only that but his windwall blocks your Ultimate projective and also the chain pulling people in, so it blocks both parts of your ultimate, With this being said he has to use his windwall early in the fight especially if you land E on him and you can usually dance around it and wait it out to combo him, try your best to punish him early because he isn't very strong until he gets items, early ninja tabi can be good in this matchup as well as randuins omen second or third item, since most yasuo's will get 100% crit making randuins omen super value. Playing around the windwall and saving your ultimate for it to wear off is really the key thing in this matchup.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Ayanleh says “This matchup has not changed, still an easy matchup.”