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Vi Counter Stats

Vi Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #3 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Vi. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Vi in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Vi Data for all roles taken from 118,407 matches.
Vi Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (99%) Vi In the Jungle Counters: 116,676 matches, 41 counter champions

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Tips Against Vi in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

FalleN3 says “She has very high early game damage and can really put you behind easily. Ward and play safe, keep an eye on the map and camps to predict where she is. Try your best to dodge her (Q).”
Master Yi Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Master Yi by FalleN3 | Master Yi Player
reganakers says “Vi has a good amount of damage, but she has some easy cc to counter. It is very telegraphed so if she tries to 1v1 you you can just easily press R and take your free gold. If she has trinity force at quite an early point in the game she may be able to duel you.”
ak521 says “Shreds armor so build some health (armor if she is really ahead). Disregard previous if going AP. Q-Stun them as they charge up their Q, don't let them finish it. Ulti if they go on an ally, self-explanatory.”
Embracing says “Wins duels vs you and gets really tanky in 1v1s with aftershock. Dodge Q and land your Q. Hard to 1v1 later game gets.”
A Jungle Nidalee Guide by Embracing | Nidalee Player
Doubtfull says “Flash onto Vi when she is channeling her Q and you can cancel it and one shot her. You can use your ult to dodge her Q or even her ult. This is a pretty easy match up, as long as you don't start the fight off by getting punched in the face by her Q.”
Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide by Doubtfull | Rek'Sai Player
KamiKZ says “Kha vs Vi is a Kha favored match up, you can fight her as long as you are not on low hp its easier to fight her her Q is down so wait for her to use Q on jungle camps”
Riealone says “Insane duelist, but you still can duel carefully. Try to dodge her Q”
The Real Fake says “Out duels you always, especially if she has Aftershock. She can gank and split push just as well as you. She is also a backline diver. Both of you are very similar except she is slightly better in 1v1s and you serve as a better frontline. Recommended to go Red Smite and Ignite to match her 1v1 power.”
Top/Jungle [10.19] - In-Depth Hecarim Guide by The Real Fake | Hecarim Player
KamiKZ says “Haven´t played this match up much, but as long as you can dodge Vi Q with your E and kite her from Auto attacking you with her E by using your E or fleetfootwork movement speed you should be good to go and easily 1v1 Vi at all stages of the game.”
Season 10 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
Eagzey says “Weak early and we can dodge her R with ours and Q out of the way of her Q.”
FalleN3 says “She has very high early game damage and can really put you behind easily. Ward and play safe, keep an eye on the map and camps to predict where she is.”
Twitch Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Twitch Jungle by FalleN3 | Twitch Player
uSgSello says “Winning matchup. Elise is strong against Vi because you can cancel her Q with your cocoon and dodge her ultimate with your rapell. Also you can trade with vi in everytime moment because of that.”
[Season 10] Extensive Guide to Elise by uSgSello | Elise Player
uSgSello says “Losing matchup. Fizz has a high damage output with his auto hits + W + red buff in the early game. You should not fight him while he has red buff. Also he is able to dodge your cocoon with his trickstar.”
[Season 10] Extensive Guide to Elise by uSgSello | Elise Player
LambWolf says “You have to dodge her q and then you should win the 1v1.”
Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.19 by LambWolf | Kindred Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Vi has good duelling but if you dodge her Q she will lose the 1v1.”
Udyr uber says “Só desvie do Q dela, que é sucesso. Navalha+Tabi+Trindade”
O Poder do Xamã - Udyr Jungle BR - 10.18 by Udyr uber | Udyr Player
CaptianMike says “Super annoying. She is tanky, deals lots of damage, and ganks really well. It can be hard to fight her at any stage of the game. Try your best to counter gank but above all focus on your farm until the team fight phase when you can take her down as a team. Don't feed her for your own sake ”
ChaseMorePlz says “One of the hardest matchups for Amumu since she displaces you very hard with her CC. Just a plain counter honestly, when she charges her Q it's the best time for you to Bandage toss with your Q to put it on cooldown. ”
10.19 Amumu MELTATION Jungle Build Guide For Season 10!~ by ChaseMorePlz | Amumu Player
supermetroid says “Vi's main threats are powerful duelists, disruptors, and peelers. She sacrifices some of her dueling power in exchange for gap close, but if forced to gap close on a character who's only weakness is struggling to gapclose she will likely die. Disruptors and peelers will often stifle your ability to be effective and will need to be played around. Some examples that fit into one of these categories: Jax, Olaf, Malphite, Lulu, Nautilus, Rakan, Darius, Graves”
✔️ Challenger Vi Jungle Carry Guide by Super Metroid by supermetroid | Vi Player
Holessando says “Even matchup, she's a bit strong, but not that much. She can do a bit in late, but she can't do as much as you can. ”
[10.19] HOLESSANDO's ULTIMATE EKKO JG GUIDE by Holessando | Ekko Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Vi is pretty weak - just make sure you don't get one-shot in her R”
[S10] DESTROY SOLOQ WITH EVELYNN - UDYSOF Challenger Eve by UDYSOF_OCE | Evelynn Player
Polarshift says “Early game you can just kite her out by dodging her Q, but after level 6 she will be a nuisance and dueling her will be near to impossible.”
[PATCH 10.19] BEASTMODE GRAVES [JG+MID] [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Graves Player
Stratogos says “She is strong and can cancel your ult wit her ult.Avoid 1v1 and focus on farming and safe gangs. In teamfights she is not that strong ”
[S10] [10.19] Junglesticks Guide ~ Are you Afraid? by Stratogos | Fiddlesticks Player
FrostForest says “Can duel you but your abilities are much more faster to hit Don't try to 1v1 unless you have the advantage”
How I play Jarvan IV like a Challenger in Season 10 Updated by FrostForest | Jarvan IV Player
Afro D Legend says “ Can possibly point and click ult and one shot you during the cc chain.”
Mastery7ViOCE says “Champions that are 1. Peelers like Leona or Zilean or Janna 2. A lot of cc like Leona or Lulu 3. disengage types like Alistar or Hecarim 4. 200 years champs too ”
Lethal Vi of North Star by Mastery7ViOCE | Vi Player
chasemyman1 says “Skill matchup. Use your Rappel to dodge her ultimate and you can burst her if you get the suprise on her.”
Elise in depth guide by chasemyman1 | Elise Player
PulseBeat_02 says “Just like Warwick, block her knockup with your Black Shield. Be respectful of her damage, and keep your distance.”
[10.19] Morgana Juñglê (Detailed) by PulseBeat_02 | Morgana Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Vi's combo can burst you down easily early on if you don't get Cinderhulk. Further down the line she will have to attack your carries in order to win the game so what I would do is focus on keeping your lanes safe while also gaining advantages by knowing where she is if the early game goes bad, then focus on the late game.”
(10.19) IN-DEPTH Jax Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION] by ChaseMorePlz | Jax Player
Rhoku says “Vi is not too difficult to deal with in a 1v1. You beat her up and you can cancel her dash with your pull. But her ultimate is SOO disruptive and it CANNOT be counterplayed. It can make 2v2s and teamfights very difficult. She also snowballs quite well like you. You outscale her and if you manage to 1v1 kill her early, then you just turn into a monstrosity compared to her though. Just don't be caught in a position where she can easily ult you and turn you into a free kill for her team.”
TheInkKingLoL says “Vi is fairly strong, but easily counterable with armor.”
[10.19] Sett Jungle Guide by TheInkKingLoL | Sett Player
NixLychee says “A hard counter, she will deal with you early, and she can actually teamfight. One of my favorite bans.”
[10.19] Lee Sin: The Man, The Myth, The Legend by NixLychee | Lee Sin Player
Yitastics says “Dodging her Q is half the job, once she ults pray u can still kill her.”
(10.19) The 500K Master Yi Guide by Yitastics | Master Yi Player
McSushi says “You can 1v1 her when you get your IE, but before that it will be hard, unless the player is bad, as she removes half your hp bar with q aa e. not worth banning.”
10.19 AD Shaco Jungle Guide by McSushi | Shaco Player
At0mikx458 says “Tanky a bit and she's pretty good in 1v1 situation”
Elise Jungle by At0mikx458 | Elise Player
CinderTheSnake says “Has a ton of knock-ups that can cancel your auto-attacks and your w. Don't try to fight early game. she WILL invade you. ”
just another yi guide by CinderTheSnake | Master Yi Player
wild overload lol says “Mais ou menos no mesmo estilo do Lee Sin, porém, você pode enganá-la com seu clone (R), o seu problema real é que ela faz objetivos de uma forma muito rápida e bem antes de você (Enquanto ela faz o dragão nível 4, você precisa do seu nível 6).”
[10.19] Mono Shaco Shaco - Guia 100% BR by wild overload lol | Shaco Player
NixLychee says “She does percentage health damage, and so you building health won't be as effective. Her ganks are decent, so make sure to ping her if you see her. ”
[10.19] Powersquatting to Victory by NixLychee | Pantheon Player
PsiGuard says “Vi has better team fighting than you but you can beat her 1v1 if you block her Q (or R after 6). Use R to counter-gank when she commits her R on one of your allies. Avoid diving carries if she's nearby, since she can break your shield and R you to lock you down.”
The Nocturnomicon by PsiGuard | Nocturne Player
PsiGuard says “The key to this matchup is to not let Vi see you post-6 before you've actually charmed someone. If you walk too close to her, she'll just press R on you and you can get locked up until you're dead if she has allies nearby, or at best you'll be forced to waste your R to escape. Either wait for her to use her R on someone else before entering fights, or get your burst done really fast so you can ult before you get locked down.”
Stalk and Seduce by PsiGuard | Evelynn Player
Aas112mm says “Kill her fast with your R combo and you wont get into trouble.”
Ap Malphite Jungle Guide by Aas112mm | Malphite Player
Veralion says “One of the few champions you can actually duel. If you manage to juke her Q or wait for her to use it before engaging, she's dead meat and easily run down with a red buff. If you meet her around crab, wait for her to Q the crab to lower its resistances, then go. It's got a very long cooldown until it's maxed. If you get caught out and she ults at you, ulting right as she reaches you will immune her dunk and stop her from following. Don't be late for drakes, as she is almost as good at killing them as you are. ”
AP Shyvana Jungle: Fire and Death by Veralion | Shyvana Player
PsiGuard says “Vi's biggest threats in a 1v1 are her Q and ult, both of which can be cancelled by Rek'Sai's abilities. Unburrow to cancel Vi's Q and she'll have very little damage to fight with. Post-6, you can ult Vi before her ult hits you and it'll completely avoid the damage and CC, putting Vi's ult on the full cooldown. While it's possible to fully outplay her, it's not easy. If you get hit by her main damage abilities, chances are you'll lose the 1v1 and will have to try to retreat.”
Rek'Psi by PsiGuard | Rek'Sai Player
Suseri says “Just Punch her back. Dodge her Q with your high mobility, try to Burst her and Q before she hits her Ult. Care for backup she can set you up very easy.”
[S10] The Best Master Yi Guide by Suseri | Master Yi Player
Agzer says “The only thing that is annoying about this matchup is her R. You have to be sure 100% that you can fight her, otherwise she can R to buy time for her team to appear. Anyways easy to kill and to invade.”
Loul_60 says “My most hated matchup. Painful to deal with at all stages of the game, destroys Kayn early as she has a good clear yet very strong ganking and fighting. Late game if you go Rhaast, she becomes less of a threath, but is not fun for Blue form.”
Weed Kayn's Season 10.18 In-Depth Kayn Jungle Guide by Loul_60 | Kayn Player
Happty says “Avoid fighting her alone in both early and late game, as she can easily outdamage you, and is both a tank, try to fight her with your allies, and also try to avoid her R, try to convince some of your allies to tank her while you're doing the damage.”
Eggoman says “Fairly easy matchup but her farm heavy nature means you won't get that far ahead by killing her.”
manco1 says “Vi will win the 1v1 against you throughout a game. Try to farm and gank while avoiding those direct fights with her. ”
RageAx says “Can 1v1 you early and late, in a teamfight try to engage away from her as she will cc you into oblivion. once she gets armour/steraks you can no longer 1 shot her and she'll just cc and kill you. Ward defensively, try to avoid being counter ganked and just out farm her. Rhaast strongly recommended.”
RageAx says “Can 1v1 you early and goes even late. In a teamfight try to engage away from her as she will cc you into oblivion. Ward defensively, try to avoid being counter ganked and just out farm her.”
metalhydra273 says “Vi bursts you down pretty easily and it can be hard to lock her down with her mobility, as well as her ability to cancel your r if she times her's right. She's doable if you play smart, but far from easy.”
The Other High Elo Skarner's Guide [Patch 10.18] by metalhydra273 | Skarner Player
League Of Cursed says “She will go in. On whoever she wants, you can't and won't stop her. Granted, your e can stop her q in its charging form. That is your strongest time against her; try to silence her mid q then fear her and hope you have back up. Late game that should be enough with your team to blow her upt. ”
[SS10] - Fiddlestick Tank Build in Jungle... by League Of Cursed | Fiddlesticks Player
League Of Cursed says “Vi is ... strong in a duel ”
[SS10] - Lee Sin can see... by League Of Cursed | Lee Sin Player
Dopamine_influx says “Vi is super annoying with redsmite and tabi, can fuck your team up with ult, but you're way stronger in counterganks and early fights, so play for that.”
[CHALLENGER 900 LP] How to play rengar like DOPAMINE ! Becom by Dopamine_influx | Rengar Player
DjapeFromSerbia says “Vi scales really hard in late game...”
Zac , Jungle Guide for Season 10 [ Patch 10.17 ] by DjapeFromSerbia | Zac Player
JunglerBuilds says “Has better jungle clear, watch out for those early ganks as she has high early damage. Can focus targets more easily than you, but has a higher cooldown on ganking effectively.”
Maokai Jungle [10.16] by JunglerBuilds | Maokai Player
Shreg says “Its really hard to survive her invades. I think she is the bigget counter to evelynn”
Xeldom says “Even match-up. Rengar is stronger than Vi during the first clear however once Vi reaches level 6 she can out trade you. Keep in mind Vi has the ability to cancel your burst and lock you in place.”
[10.16] Everything You Need To Know About Rengar by Xeldom | Rengar Player
NoLyfe says “Bitch ass insecure lesbian with 0 counterplay. She's my usual go to ban but if you get through champ select with her on the enemy team, use your rammus strategy on her aswell. If she just dives your carry , ignore her and burst her backline. ”
Nolyfe's Guide to Rengar by NoLyfe | Rengar Player
DarkArbalist613 says “Her Q and ult can really mess you up in teamfights, so try to stay out of range until she uses her ult, then go in. If you manage to dodge her Q you win any 1v1 as you can just kite her out.”
AWierdShoe says “Vi relies on getting close to her opponents and hitting them with her CC to do work (and she's pretty good at doing that), but you can avoid her Q with your E if you know where she's going with it. If you get ulted, you'll want to pop W immediately after the animation is over. Play around your team as she can only lock down one champion at a time.”
Double-Down on the Double-Barreled Jungler by AWierdShoe | Graves Player
0rphan13 says “Her abilities consists of mostly stuns so its really hard to go against her ”
Nunu One Shot Build [10.15] by 0rphan13 | Nunu & Willump Player
Comrade Eshgrim says “She deals ridiculous damage with Hail of Blades and will CC train you before you even have a fair chance to retaliate. Ban or avoid her if she is fed.”
Path of the Eternal Hunters / Simple, quick guide by Comrade Eshgrim | Kindred Player
Omega Zero says “Vi can exert a good amount of pressure on you and your team through (Counter) ganks, especially with Dark Harvest becoming popular which could mean that a Vi that decides to go for a more damage-focused build could surprise you and others early on in the game, so take care when fighting Vi! If Vi ults you either Alpha Strike her or another unit if possible, as she has 2 abilities that will interrupt meditate!”
Quick Guide to: Master Yi! by Omega Zero | Master Yi Player
Megalondon says “Every champion that can reach you easily is threat for graves because you have to kite them and when they are sitting on you and stunning you is really hard to kite them. But remember Graves can bully Vi in early game and avoid threat.”
10.15 Graves Jungle Guide by Megalondon | Graves Player
QzKama says “Feast or Famine, she can go from absolutely free to difficult due to her ult, if she doesn't snowball herself and her team you'll be fine.”
[10.14] "Their Fear is Wise." Udyr Guide by QzKama | Udyr Player
shadowbloodedge says “Vi might have knock backs, but your dredge line is a perfect retaliation.”
Nautilus (10.14) by shadowbloodedge | Nautilus Player
FreefallPH says “Vi is weak against peelers. Just bully this champion in your jungle.”
VeneficusFerox says “Another special mention, since you [i]cannot[/i] interrupt het ult. So save your Gold Card until she lands it.”
[S10] Twisted Fate: Your Get-Out-Of-Bronze-Free-Card by VeneficusFerox | Twisted Fate Player
Lighge says “She's stupidly strong in this meta because of the burst and the tankiness. BAN”
[10.14] LighGe Lee Sin Build by Lighge | Lee Sin Player
AsheZ says “Can out gank you and beat you in 1v1s”
Dr. Mundo Jungle by AsheZ | Dr. Mundo Player
DarkPit59 says “Vi est l'un des meilleurs champions pour sécuriser une cible et lui infliger de lourds dégâts. En équipe comme seule, elle est très puissante et il est préférable de conserver votre charme pour lui échapper. Ses counter-ganks sont mortels mais vous pouvez également tenter de gagner le duel si elle prend beaucoup de retard.”
[FR] [8.19] Monter avec Evelynn (rev. 10.13) by DarkPit59 | Evelynn Player
Fresh Diamond says “She has very high early game damage and can really put you behind easily. Ward and play safe, keep an eye on the map and camps to predict where she is. Try your best to dodge her (Q). U can kill her late game 1v1 but u cant 1v5 , even if you are feed . ”
White Cr0w says “Easy matchup. Yes, I said easy matchup. epicly easy to kill on her jungle (she uses everything earlygame to farm), squishy early after his shield goes off, you can evade his ultimate with your own and she doesn't have a true escape mechanism. If she tries to use punch charge (Q) to escape, Deceive in her path so she can't advance. She is also so easy to countergank if you and your lanes ward a bit. at lvl 6 she has amazing ganks though, so be sure you spot her everytime he leaves base.”
Hawary says “definitely not a threat, if u played against VI invading her red camp is a must u finish ur red and blue buff faster hide in her bush steal the buff and take her virginity”
[10.12] Elise jungle guide 101 ! by Hawary | Elise Player
pdumpster says “Vi is another champ with point and click cc except her ult has a long range so it's bery hard to escape.”
"One By One" Phase Rush Kha'zix by pdumpster | Kha'Zix Player
Vodka4Gaben says “Early game is a huge threat, but as most other cases, the moment you get form you Win.”
KAYN - KING OF THE JUNGLE by Vodka4Gaben | Kayn Player
SapphireLoL says “She basically has the same attacks as you, except you can dodge her Q, Vault Breaker easily with Tunnel. Ulting at the same time as her prevents too much damage being taken”
Vazo says “Vi is a champion that can either Q in or out to her likings. This matchup can go either way depending on the skill levels and the team comps.”
Season 10 Graves JG Guide by Vazo by Vazo | Graves Player
WickedPoppet says “She will go in. On whoever she wants, you can't and won't stop her. Granted, your e can stop her q in its charging form. That is your strongest time against her; try to silence her mid q then fear her and hope you have back up. Late game that should be enough with your team to blow her upt.”
Fiddlesticks Guide by WickedPoppet | Fiddlesticks Player
GuidoNieuw says “VI has the ability to close the gap to you and kill you in an instance.”
Ivern Jungle - Season 10 by GuidoNieuw | Ivern Player
Kexx97 says “Hard vs her she has cc dmg and tankyness too.”
[Patch 10.11] Best guide for Nidalee by Kexx97 | Nidalee Player
JustQ says “i ban vi almost every game u cant 1v1 her she has a lot better team fighting and ganks ”
outdatet Shyvana guide by JustQ | Shyvana Player
gurubashi35 says “Your Q can negate Vi's Q knockback and her R, and you out-damage and out-sustain her in a duel. The problem lies in her diving and disrupting potential as a bruiser. Her R allows her to single out your carries and possibly kill them, so peel for your carries come late game. Her damage depends on her snowballing, and she's weak to your invades, so staunch her gold income as much as possible.”
[Patch 10.10] | In-Depth Warwick Jungle Guide by gurubashi35 | Warwick Player
SavageFy says “Vi's damage, mobility and clear time are an extreme threat for Amumu. You want to avoid her early game. Vi often looks to invade Amumu's jungle early.”
Multiple Amumu Jungle Builds by SavageFy by SavageFy | Amumu Player
Loggit says “Wins 1v1s, and has a similarly strong engage.”
Balintvezer says “Hard because of the cc, but easy bcs it's weak. ”
EXTREME SHYVANA -AP CARRY by Balintvezer | Shyvana Player
TheDarkLight says “Personally I haven't had much trouble against her, but her kit has massive engage against you. ”
Seducing The Enemy by TheDarkLight | Evelynn Player
Nyftt says “Aftershock VI with merc treads is the hardest matchup in the game in my opinion,. I generally dodge this matchup!”
10.9 Evelynn Guide by Nyftt | Evelynn Player
Ehxakt says “She will try to kill your backline. Just peel your adc. You cant win a 1v1 with her. Just avoid her early on. In teamfights she isnt a threat for u.”
[10.9] Platin Zac Main Guide In-Depth by Ehxakt | Zac Player
TrevorJayce says “Vi has a lot to shut you down with. She can knock you out of bushes, point and click stun you, and become tanky as all shit so you can't touch her without being obliterated. Your best bet is getting 4 stacks and cleansing her R with your W, but even then it's a tossup. Handle with care.”
Trevor Jayce's Rengar Guide by TrevorJayce | Rengar Player
Fabosch is Love says “Stronge damage but you can denie a bit her damage, and punish her after her Q-spell.”
Sett Jungle, The Guide. by Fabosch is Love | Sett Player
AsarWeth says “Mostly a skill matchup, but in a long fight she will probably kill you.”
Nocturne ⚫ The key to Darrknessss『Jg & Lane』 by AsarWeth | Nocturne Player
Nico449c says “if you dodge the q you will win any fight against vi early lvl 3 you can easily invade her. She got good ganks tho so either try get some good counterganks or purely outgank her since you got the better gank.”
tsiami says “It is really difficult for you cause he is a lot tankly and if he take 1 or more (M.R.) items then you are finished”
[10.8] Shaco win 1 vs 5 by tsiami | Shaco Player
Bebro5 says “Vi can punish you very hard as she always wins 1v1s. always ask for help when fighting her”
Hecarim 10.8 build by Bebro5 | Hecarim Player
qjgfree says “vi é basicamente o maior medo de qualquer tank ”
[10.8] o guia mais completo de nunu by qjgfree | Nunu & Willump Player
Agrakonis says “Make sure you time Q to get a speed boost to kite her Q, if you manage this you have the advantage. Usually this matchup is rough for malphite but with this build you have the advantage if you especially early as you will not be relying on armor as heavily and will have great natural damage output simply off runes and malphs strong base stat scaling.”
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Vi is a strong dueling champion and she can deal a lot of damage. The best thing to do in this match-up is to be the one to do the counterganks because that way she will have blown her abilities by the time you go in.”
Kaji's Reworked Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying in S10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Vi is a strong dueling champion and she can deal a lot of damage. The best thing to do in this match-up is to be the one to do the counterganks because that way she will have blown her abilities by the time you go in.”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Vi is a strong dueling champion and she can deal a lot of damage. The best thing to do in this match-up is to be the one to do the counterganks because that way she will have blown her abilities by the time you go in.”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
Sanhulks says “CHAMPION MATCH UP. WARWICK 48 % WR VS ✅VI 52 % WR✅”
EdgyBoiKayn says “You shouldn't even try to fight, just keeping farming and ganking.”
guide for Kayn right from main by EdgyBoiKayn | Kayn Player
briguy1109 says “Insane early damage, CC, and shields. You will start to win fights after you finish your Tabi's, Bloodrazor, and Rageblade. Win Condition: Early game, never fight her alone. Stall out fights with W only after her dash is on CD. Stick next to your backline in team fights in order to kill the Vi when she R's your ADC.”
Yi 10.8 Build, Matchups, and Synergies by briguy1109 | Master Yi Player
The Top Bear says “Vi will dumpster you early if she hits her q, just try to kill her after she wastes q on a camp.”
I Will Guide You - Extensive Guide to Nida in EVERY ROLE by The Top Bear | Nidalee Player
RaptorDre says “She is too tanky for you to burst and she can burst you back. She has a lot of CC to back her up also. Do not fight if she is a small bit ahead.”
Weight Watchers Guide on Gragas by RaptorDre | Gragas Player
RaptorDre says “She is too tanky for you to burst and she can burst you back. She has a lot of CC to back her up also. Do not fight if she is a small bit ahead.”
Weight Watchers Guide on Gragas by RaptorDre | Gragas Player
exezidiot says “Easy to win, but also easy to loss be careful”
[Korean Lee Sin] MID/JG/TOP by exezidiot | Lee Sin Player
LikLikLik969 says “She gets on you easy and thats bad. But if you're really good, you can e her dash and w her off of you.”
Taliyeah! Jungle Guide by LikLikLik969 | Taliyah Player
SpecterZX says “Dodge Q and you win this with EZ. All early game JGs go for the same pathing so you can look to kill her on one of her buffs.”
1v9 Sett Jungle Guide by SpecterZX by SpecterZX | Sett Player
Tinjus says “She is one of the only champions that can 1v1 you in the early game. She poses a massive risk for you in fights and you will probably get perma-cced by her if you choose to jump in onto the carries. Fighting her when she has warrior is a big mistake unless you are able to get the jump on her.”
Tinjus' Ultimate Kha'Zix Jungle Guide for Season 10 by Tinjus | Kha'Zix Player
WillowSprout says “Dash dash dash dash all the same thing”
[10.4] Hard work polishes the roughest stones! - Taliyah JG by WillowSprout | Taliyah Player
OGPOTATOJEFFSHACO says “you outdamage her, outscale, pretty much everything. ”
Goku SSJ sensed your ener says “Wait for her to go in and kill her. You can 1v1 her but watchout for her team.”
Master Yi Crit build|oneshot the ADC|no counterplay|best bui by Goku SSJ sensed your ener | Master Yi Player
Unawesomeness says “Vi is pretty good. She can be tanky or damagey, and you should counter her by being just what she is. Lee Sin is pretty capable and can do pretty good against her.”
Lee Sin-Jungleborn by Unawesomeness | Lee Sin Player
kogswain01 says “Alpha her ult/knockup and you'll be fine.”
[S10] Carry Low-Elo with Master Yi (General Guide) by kogswain01 | Master Yi Player
0kruemlmonster says “Don't fight her before 6, after that you got her.”
[s10] a Master Yi Jungle Guide by 0kruemlmonster | Master Yi Player
DonaldBinBaggin says “She clears camps relatively slowly. Use this time to get yourself ahead from either ganks/farm lead. Don't try 1v1 her until you have at least duskblade.”
[9.19] TILTING THE ENEMY-Stomp Solo Q with this Shaco Guide! by DonaldBinBaggin | Shaco Player
KingStix says “Slightly harder version of Xin because she has better CC.”
S10 Brand Jungle Guide - Challenger - KingStix by KingStix | Brand Player
Just_Dejv says “Vi isnt problem when you are in early game,but in mid game and late game she will be problem”
Pantheon Jungle Build by Just_Dejv | Pantheon Player
larada2000 says “Try to dash away from her Q. If she lands it, you are most likely dead.”
Kindred solo carry by larada2000 | Kindred Player
HackedAccountlol says “(not enough games played against her to know the matchup)”
Kayn Jungle by HackedAccountlol | Kayn Player
KillrBNS says “Try to dodge her q with your q, When teamfight -> wait for her r and you're good to go”
Wuju is strong in you by KillrBNS | Master Yi Player
SamuelWasabi says “Early , mid , mucho cc, movilidad , daño ,sustain y es pefercta para hacer objetivos a minutos tempranos de la partida”
MakethemfallRN says “Has a lot of CC which counters you. Try to dodge her Q with yours as she is about to hit you with it.”
High Masters Cowsep 's Master Yi Guide by MakethemfallRN | Master Yi Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Scary burst and CC, but poor sustained damage. Dodge her Q and punish the miss.”
[9.23] The Dragon's Den - Shyvana Jungle Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Shyvana Player
Lasoor says “[General] The CC+Burst+Gap close is so quick that it leaves little room for out play. However if you manage to trap a Vi after she used her engage then you can quickly burst her to a pulp with help of your Maiden and ghouls. ”
Laverenz says “Overall overpowered champion. She can fight each and every champion in the game, especially Twitch.”
Hugeli says “Dont go close to him at lvl 6 cuz if u get ulted its 80% dead”
TWITCH JUNGLE FREELO by Hugeli | Twitch Player
Ramisbest says “Super deadly combo if she r's you or q's you ”
Shaco build S10 by Ramisbest | Shaco Player
Dmitr says “She can outdamage you but try to Q her Q or R.”
CryAwake says “Don't underestimate Vi's damage she is very strong due to her passive W however try to block her Q with your steadfast presence and stun her against a wall.”
Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth) by CryAwake | Poppy Player
Her0mars says “I doubt you will face her often but she can wreck you with the % hp damage and armor shred. She can cancel your channel with her Q, or her R, and just generally run you down. Everything about this champ can shut you out of a game but this is dependent on her ability to snowball. As a carry jungler / tank(ish) jungler she needs to get kills and kill carries to win the game.”
Her0mars's Diamond Zac Jungle Guide by Her0mars | Zac Player
Hamstertamer says “Has 2 ways to cancel your ult, one being long range point-and-click. Not fun.”
AP hybrid Nunu by Hamstertamer | Nunu & Willump Player
Hamstertamer says “Her long range point-and-click ult is a nightmare. Even if she jumps a teammate and you conter-initiate, she'll just ult you. Tank up to survive her burst (phantom dancer/BT/GA/etc), and fight back with red smite.”
Hamster's guide to Twitch jungle by Hamstertamer | Twitch Player
Soyjoanbro says “tiene un escalado muy bueno en el late ”
zac op /the best ganks by Soyjoanbro | Zac Player
infected jungler says “really hard matchup..never fight her unless you are fed ”
Kayn's 1v9 Guide by infected jungler | Kayn Player
Ajagara says “She will devastate you in a 1v1 early and mid game, if you are full build she stands no chance against you. Be careful of her counter jungling as well.”
Oniikin says “If she misses Q you should have a free kill pre 6. Avoid her much as you can unless have support from team. Avoide one shotting late game, always get squishier targets.”
Patch 9.18 In-Depth Rengar Hunting (300K Mastery) by Oniikin | Rengar Player
TOYOism says “if you can play around her rotation you win this match.”
ezenandesz says “Es un champ que depende de la visión ganarle, pero en general se debería ganar siempre”
(Season 9) by ezenandesz | Morgana Player
theasianmiyagi says “If Vi starts a fight, chances are she will be able to deal more than 50% of your life. If you can survive her ambush, you CAN turn it around.”
Unkillable Yi by theasianmiyagi | Master Yi Player
Maltz says “If she has warrior after 6 and hits Q she oneshots you. Pre 6 you can kill her and countergank/outfarm tho”
Intello says “Vi is a tough matchup since she has a dash, on target ult that'll cc for a few seconds, is tanky, and does alot of damage. When you see her charging up her first, move side to side before she lets go to make it hard for her to land it. If she misses it and doesnt ult you then it's an easy escape. If she does have her ult just accept it. DO NOT FLASH IF SHE ULTS IT WILL FOLLOW YOU. Instead wait for it to finish then EW/Flash away. Later on she wont be that big an issue.”
[9.16] - Ryze Jg - Fear the Tall Smurf by Intello | Ryze Player
Aht3ns says “HUGE COUNTER IN 8.19-9.3! Her CC is overpowered, and there isn't really any counter play to her right now. She is a real 1v9 champion because of this weird squishy champ meta. Make sure your team has burst tanks and build tanky yourself. Good luck! Buffs made her better but low elo will focus on the best parts rather than countering ypu, so she is a 4 instead of a 5.”
Thunder & Lightning [In Depth] by Aht3ns | Volibear Player
TheLord110 says “if she is going tank try to 1v1 in the early game as much as you can, force ganks and go for marks only when no enemy is missing. if she is goin DPS try to avoid contact with her since she can close the gap between you in second. Q backwards and R if she is trying to dive you. don't go for marks unless you know where she is unless you can get there faster then she can (very risky play).”
the best Kindred guide ever by TheLord110 | Kindred Player
Killerbacca10 says “Only champion you can not punish! Be careful. Stay on the other side of the map. She will kill you on sight. AVOID 1v1s at all costs. I perma ban her I recommend. DODGE IF PICKED.”
Nunu and Willump/How to be an unstoppable threat! by Killerbacca10 | Nunu & Willump Player
Jovan470 says “In teamfight try to engage away form her because she can cc you. She have massive shields and you cant 1v1 her!”
Jovan470 Kayn Guide by Jovan470 | Kayn Player
Tonga Ragnar says “Skill matchups. Be care of invades and do not fight him if he is ahead or if she has her Ult. ready. Try to bait it with your Q.”
Does Master Yi abuse on jungle? With this you are GOD by Tonga Ragnar | Master Yi Player
HAMMERSLAYER says “A pretty even or similar matchup to Xin with the exception that she can not properly 1v1 him, try to outfarm her while not letting her pull off any ganks on your team during early and midgame.”
LixoPanado says “She's amazing at canceling your ulti, but not so great at catching you after using it. In teamfights you might get hard focused though, if not, they're toast.”
Nunu&Willump Jungle | Super Tank [9.13] by LixoPanado | Nunu & Willump Player
Lil Trash says “She isnt a threat to you unless she for some rasons buys stormrazor which is REALLY strong against but still she won't pose such a threat”
DGtoon says “Try to avoid fighting her 1v1 and messing around in her jungle when you don't know where she is , she can counter Zac really well.”
DGtoon's Basic Zac Jungle Guide by DGtoon | Zac Player
TheStahpSign says “Scales hard, tank buster, gap closer”
Big Boi Blob by TheStahpSign | Zac Player
lolWillieP says “your bear stops her q (when its charging) btw”
[9.12] WillieP's Challenger Udyr Guide by lolWillieP | Udyr Player
NightmareBug says “She is one of the only champions that can 1v1 you in the early game. She poses a massive risk for you in fights and you will probably get perma-cced by her if you choose to jump in onto the carries. Fighting her when she has warrior is a big mistake unless you are able to get the jump on her.”
Kha'Zix Jungle Guide | Free Wins by NightmareBug | Kha'Zix Player
Anathema49 says “Vi is also a very difficult matchup as she is very good at early invades and overall dominates early game”
Evelynn guide (below diamond) by Anathema49 | Evelynn Player
SuicidalKitty says “high damage, Gapclosers, cc and Tanky she shits on you and ganks harder too”
Best Rengar Jungle Guide S9 by SuicidalKitty | Rengar Player
BurstTheBots says “With proper timing you can snare her mid dash but to be safe just snare her while she's charging up and trying to get into range but avoid face checking while you're putting down a ward in river or tri bush.”
KidPulse says “Biggest bitch around, invades you and counter ganks you hard.”
%HP True Damage Amumu by KidPulse | Amumu Player
Zoumakios says “Maybe the worst match up for trundle she is way too tanky and has good cc so stay away”
bluejaypig says “Strong if you can't dodge her q, better to rush a cloth armor.”
[9.9] Master Yi CRIT Jungle Carry Build (Season 9) by bluejaypig | Master Yi Player
Bielu1337 says “In early, catch her with Q and go all-in. In late just don't let her R you.”
[S9] Lux Jungle works by Bielu1337 | Lux Player
Jozle says “She is a very powerful jungler against Amumu at least in the start, but you should never try and 1v1 her.”
Larby says “Depends if she goes tanky or for damage. She can instantly cast Q and then ult you for a wicked CC chain.”
BigBadVoodo says “Weak early against us. We can dodge her Q and R with our R and Q.”
Most Viable Shaco builds (BIG UPDATES IN PROGRESS!) by BigBadVoodo | Shaco Player
WiskeyANDGin says “she can beat you in a 1vs1 early game.Get items and its ok, she wont beat u no more.U cant block her ult with your w so u dont have outplay potential”
Kayn builds by WiskeyANDGin | Kayn Player
EstellaOfVenus says “If she knows what she's doing you can't block her Q because she's up close and personal, tough matchup get laners help.”
Acrimitory's Bronze 4 poppy jungle by EstellaOfVenus | Poppy Player
oliveiragle says “Vi have a relevant control group with so damage what put you out the fight”
graves update build by oliveiragle | Graves Player
xTheUnlimited says “Vi is a pretty strong jungler. Her Q and her ultimate are both pretty useful spells for a gank or for picking off a carry. You are way more tank than her, but due to her bruiser build she will do more damage than you. Avoid duelling her without allies by your side. ”
[9.6] Sejuani Jungle - We fight while cowards talk ! by xTheUnlimited | Sejuani Player
BUILDAWALLLL says “she has to dash into you to fight so just plave your E on the ground and it will destroy her. force her to dash thru your E kite around it ”
Matyezda says “She has good moblity. Save your W until you see her charging her Q.”
[TOP/JNG/MID] Cho'Gath guide by Matyezda | Cho'Gath Player
craY13 says “Could be hard if she can snowball the game. If she doesn´t you outscale her hard and you can search the 1vs.1”
Offwhitetrash says “Her r screws you boxs and she's hard to burst due to her sheild”
Shaco 9.5 climb out of elo hell- build-runes-tips by Offwhitetrash | Shaco Player
LePlay says “She hits quite hard with her W and shreds your armor once you get caught in her combo. Try to use your W whenever she charges her Q. Additionally, you can´t block her R”
[9.4] Popping the Jungle! (In-Depth) by LePlay | Poppy Player
SubSequence says “She is easily on the list of champions that transitioned from bruiser to assassin this patch. ”
ItsJustSub's Guide to Twitch Jungle! by SubSequence | Twitch Player
TTTWEEE says “You don't win against her... But do not worry because she doesn't get picked often. Try to help your team snowball so you they can kill her for you. Avoid her in 1v1s late game.”
9.4 Zac - 5500hp Bruiser Build by TTTWEEE | Zac Player
Optimal Pancake says “Loads of cc but under played. You won't come across this match-up too often but when you do, just take red.”
[9.3] A very ok guide to Kayn by Optimal Pancake | Kayn Player
ElementressX says “Skill match up here.”
Top/Jung Don't call me Fathands by ElementressX | Vi Player
ElementressX says “Um, who plays Vi top???? Lol.”
Top/Jung Don't call me Fathands by ElementressX | Vi Player
Iced IMP says “Pretty easy, just try to avoid her ult, and save your ult in case she ults one of your squishies. Another really fun match up.”
Dynamic Duo of Death 9.2 by Iced IMP | Kindred Player
NDarKnight says “same as others (53.5% that you will win in early jg) 51% that you will win game”
[9.2] Warwick jungle god guide by NDarKnight by NDarKnight | Warwick Player
Predated01 says “Abusable early game but pretty hard if even/behind.”
Season 9 Diamond Nidalee Guide by Predated01 | Nidalee Player
Yasuo Comunica says “Annoying cc try to kill her pre 6 when her q is out ”
Rengar Jumping Oneshot [JG][S9] by Yasuo Comunica | Rengar Player
Gordove says “Vi isn't that threat. She stops yours combos with her kit. Play in backline. against this one.”
[9.1] Jarvan IV - Damage dealer, Colossus of Demacia! by Gordove | Jarvan IV Player
SpicySkelleton says “Haven't played against enough Vi's to give a more detailed threat level. Her combos can make it tricky but if you're able to build your tank build and combo with your abilities. You should be fine.”
Jungle Malphite.... It oddly works (sort of) by SpicySkelleton | Malphite Player
Corvux says “She will break your armor in no time. So this is a big no no.”
Rammus JG S9 by Corvux | Rammus Player
L3gislacerator says “Stop her Q chargeup with your stun. If she dives onto you or a teammate, use your ultimate to ignore any follow-up her team might bring.”
[S9] Pink Diamond - Jungle Taric Guide by L3gislacerator | Taric Player
Exhiled says “Strong if you can't dodge her q, better to rush a cloth armor. ”
(8.24) Form before strength. [Pre-Season 9] by Exhiled | Master Yi Player
Virreboy02 says “-Shreds you before you can do anything about it. -Too tanky to be able to handle alone.”
Carrying as Amumu by Virreboy02 | Amumu Player
Asianfury79 says “lol she does anything fear her and she ults you zhonyas and then fear her haha freelo”
Skate on them! FIDDLE the real way! by Asianfury79 | Fiddlesticks Player
Pancakedwastaken says “She is extremely strong when fighting people in close range. Just remember that you have lifesteal and bonus damage while she doesn't and this shouldn't be a problem. Ult when she or her teammates get to close to make sure you are only dueling her alone and you will erase her faster than Darius vs Teemo”
Xin Zhao-Jungler of Demecia by Pancakedwastaken | Xin Zhao Player
Damosus says “If you can dodge Q, you pretty much win. Careful for her ULT post 6 as she does some damage. ”
[8.24] Master Yi Jungle guide | 1v5 split by Damosus | Master Yi Player

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