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Braum Counter Stats

Braum Counters
Support Lane
Ranked #27 out of 39 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Braum. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Braum in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Braum Data for all roles taken from 41,428 matches.
Braum Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Bottom Lane (98%) Braum Bottom Lane Counters: 40,627 matches, 33 counter champions

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Tips Against Braum in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

PH45 says “Can block your feathers and make your life miserable with his high-CC kit. Just try to farm up as best as you can and wait for jungler.”
[11.7] PH45's detailed guide to Xayah, the Rebel! by PH45 | Xayah Player
tokyodamonsta says “Stops your feathers from passing through. Play around his wall and all in when its on cooldown!”
[SEASON 11] Xayah High Elo Guide! by tokyodamonsta | Xayah Player
Vapora Dark says “A true bodyguard, Braum will keep his carry VERY safe and can keep you locked up very easily. Try and avoid using your 4th bullet on his unbreakable at all costs as it will negate pretty much all of its damage, also try to avoid his Q because it will slow you and mark you for his passive stun. Avoid extended trades because that's where braum excels at. Once he uses his cooldowns, feel free to walk up and trade as braum is useless once his stuff is on CD.”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
Massive Nuts says “Braum is very good with you, but he's also very good against you. His slows, stun and shield make it very hard for you to win trades.”
[11.7] Massive Nuts Kindred ADC Ultimate Guide by Massive Nuts | Kindred Player
LegendaryOstrich says “Blocks most of your damage output (kind of a hard counter to most adc's anyways because of his ability to shield) Braum completely stops your ult and most of your burst damage. When going in for trades use your Q to bait out his shield before dashing in. Braum still takes full damage if you are hitting him behind his shield so if you can position correctly he's not that big of a problem.”
[11.7] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth] by LegendaryOstrich | Lucian Player
CantParry says “His shield blocks your feathers. They will still be on the ground in front of where they hit the shield, which can catch the enemy off guard.”
S11 In-Depth Guide to Xayah, The Rebel by CantParry | Xayah Player
KoZee says “Braum isn't that great into you. While his shield does block some of your damage, a lot of your shred towards him comes from your blight which he can't really stop. Lethality vs Braum is going to be a bit tougher, but still manageable as he won't have the chance to engage on you. Be careful of combos with champions like Lucians, who can quickly proc his passive.”
tokyodamonsta says “Can easily CC chain you and stop your ult and damage.”
[SEASON 11] Draven High Elo Guide! by tokyodamonsta | Draven Player
Gokinaf says “Support with Control and have absorbing dmg shield ”
Draven For all by Gokinaf | Draven Player
TheGronne says “Doesn't do much other than tank the hits for the adc and apply cc, but you outrun them before they can get all basic attacks on you.”
TheGronne's Guide to 2021 On-Hit Neeko ADC (In-Depth) by TheGronne | Neeko Player
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