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Viego Counter Stats

Viego Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked # out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Viego. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Viego in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Viego Data for all roles taken from 69,436 matches.
Viego Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (70%) Viego In the Jungle Counters: 48,499 matches, 47 counter champions

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Tips Against Viego in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LambWolf says “Viego really ain't threat to Kindred. You can kite him quite easily and he has hard time hitting the stun on you. Viegos usually go full damage so you can oneshot him with your crit build.”
[11.9] Kindred the Solo Carry Machine by LambWolf | Kindred Player
metalhydra273 says “VIego will get mauled if you ult him, but he's a duelist by heart and can really dish out some damage if you find yourself alone with him. Play around your cc and don't let him burst you down with his dps. Running him down shouldn't be difficult, so pick fights carefully and he shouldn't be too big of an issue. Fun fact, if Viego builds qss and takes a form of a teammate who doesn't have it, he can't use it anymore! Keep this in mind should that situation come up.”
Grandmaster Skarner Guide for Season 11, My Way by metalhydra273 | Skarner Player
Riealone says “Plated Steelcaps and Bramble Vest is the best counter to that champion. Try to focus him in teamfights to deny his reset-on-kill oriented gameplay ”
Suseri says “Dodge his stun or follow his R with your Q, he can deal alot of damage but you scale better so if you avoid his stun you should be good to go. Also try to stop him from getting takedowns otherwise he will heal alot.”
[S11] The Best Master Yi Guide ✔️ by Suseri | Master Yi Player
Pusi Puu says “You beat him at every stage of the game unless he's super ahead. Always fight him when you can and look to invade him since he has no escape tools. Try to kill him first so he doesn't get to use his passive.”
[11.10] (MULTISEASON CHALLENGER) PusiPuu Guide (IN-DEPTH) by Pusi Puu | Rengar Player
SnowballBarrage says “CC within his basic kit to stop you from ulting, great duelist damage and mobility, make sure not to path near him. ”
{S11} 1.2+ MILLION MASTERY Diamond 1 Nunu & Willump - JG by SnowballBarrage | Nunu & Willump Player
Doubtfull says “If he gets a reset on his ult you will probably want to run for the hills. Protect your carries.”
PulseBeat_02 says “Be very careful around him. Always make sure you have a black shield in handy to block his stun. When he goes into camouflage, make sure to have that fast reaction time. ”
[11.9] Season 11 Morgana Juñglê ^_^ by PulseBeat_02 | Morgana Player
litecrunch says “He will fuck you up in a 1v1. If he is in a teamfight he should be the first priority target because he can get so many resets off kills. Don't try to duel him unless you are decently fed.”
NEW OP CHINESE AP BRUISER SHYVANA BUILD!!! by litecrunch | Shyvana Player
SoSheolH says “In the right hands, Viego is busted. He has ridiculous sustain with his lifesteal, high damage and his passive can win teamfights, since he can possess you and CC your team if he kills you early on in it. Don't fight him at all if your team's not there to burst him out while you tank the damage, and even then you have to be extremely careful. Play rate seems to be waning, but still my go-to pick for a permaban.”
[11.9] Long Range Ganking - Tank Galio Jungle by SoSheolH | Galio Player
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Middle Lane (18%) Viego Middle Lane Counters: 12,740 matches, 55 counter champions

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Tips Against Viego in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

WayOfTheTempesst says “Facing Viego you have to windwall his W and try to dash out of his ulti. His Q -AA trades are strong so if you get hit by Q, back off and wait until his mark falls off. His sustain is a lot better than yours until you reach Shieldbow. ”
[Season 11.9 Yasuo Guide] Tempest Challenger Yasuo Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Matchup can be a little annoying due to his high burst and out sustains you early. Similar to the Sylas matchup just play to scale and not trade dmg early esp if you take Conq and you will outscale. Take 2nd wind and shieldbash.”
[Season 11.9] In-depth Challenger Yone Midlane Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Yone Player
Katasandra says “[1] When he uses his E, stay away from it as he can easily use it to get close enough to W [2] Stay away from him when he charges his W. Possibly stand behind minions to avoid it. [3] Can self R his R if in danger [4] Get oblivion orb after chapter”
How to bury the world in ice | The Lissandra Guide by Katasandra | Lissandra Player
XayLies says “The Ruined King is really strong, I'll recommend igniting him and never go one by one against him - he wll just get another and another ults. instead, group up against him because his AoE Power isn't great and he'll find himself stuck between your teammates eventually.”
[ALL ROLES] XayLies Yasuo Guide | Season 11 | In-Depth by XayLies | Yasuo Player
lolventureiro says “Trocar quando tiver ignite pra negar a cura dele. Usar o W no W ou R dele.”
[11.9] Noc mid/top/jungle guia PT/BR by lolventureiro | Nocturne Player
Coldsong says “Viego has really good dueling potential. Similar to Akali shroud, wait out his E since it gives him camoflague and attack speed. Also beware when he possesses someone, as it makes him untargetable. Flashing his R is very important and try to not let him predict you if you E away.”
[Season 11] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
PASS10NE says “Laning against Viego can be difficult, since he is a lot stronger than you early on. Try to snowball from roaming if you can't kill him.”
Wunsch3957 says “He's a little busted right now but you can block his only CC (his W) and you easily win auto Q battles because your Q is on a shorter cooldown and that you have a shield. But don't fight when he has E up and take short trades where he can't proc his Q passive to heal up. Rush Executioners. Conq.”
Tabletdogs's Bronze/Silver Yasuo Mid Guide by Wunsch3957 | Yasuo Player
Black Shadow QIYANA says “Its a tough matchup because this champ is broken and does alot of damage ”
QIYANA ULTIMATE GUILD / by Black Shadow QIYANA | Qiyana Player
angeLoon says “He has too much sustain,go for short trades with him.”
[S11] Yasuo Guide 11.9 TOP/MID Early - Mid-Game Carry by angeLoon | Yasuo Player
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Top Lane (11%) Viego Top Lane Counters: 7,826 matches, 50 counter champions

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Tips Against Viego in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Sovereign Kitten says “Ultimately Viego is like facing Pantheon and his spear jab, as all Viego can really do is (Q) spam to reach you from range you really want to try to fight in the open away from walls / terrain otherwise he will have the advantage, fighting in the jungle isn’t a good idea vs Viego because of his E and his Ultimate. His E will allow him to gain camouflage and be able to hop in and out of vision which offers him a lot of extra kill protection and survivability. Max your Blinding Dart due to his auto attack reliant nature as well. Viego’s Passive allows him to possess a dead body and take their basic abilities (Q-W-E) and items (among other things). When he does this, he becomes invulnerable and can dodge incoming damage but you can drop a shroom at his feet.”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
Psychopathic Top says “Don't have enough testing yet with this character, but in the few games that I did face it I almost always faced a Viego with ignite. He has lots of healing so bramble rush is obvious, besides that, if you stack well, can probably run him down with bramble sheen but DON'T TAKE MY WORDS on it (not sure yet). Teamfights should be hard because of his R kill reset. ”
[11.9] Psychopathic Top- Multi season challenger Nasus in-de by Psychopathic Top | Nasus Player
Drake6401 says “Keep fights away from walls, don't let him get free poke early, and abuse your sustain advantage over him at level 4 onward. Your level 6 power spike is much stronger so wait for that if you're having trouble for whatever reason. Viego will have a better-extended trade so use the standard burst trade to chunk him down and go for the kill on round two. His stun is ranged but you can see it coming.”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
quinn adc says “This matchup I have only played twice toplane, but from my games, I think it is okay. I will update this more when I face him more. E cancels his W stun, and basically play the lane aggro, and if he uses his stealth ability, try to fight him after it expires because you have a short window to do a lot of damage to him. Post 6, if he Rs you, Vault him instantly and run away to escape his engage. Do not dive him when his stealth ability is up becasue it is such a good ability to prevent diving from happening.”
QuinnAD's Season 11 Grandmaster Quinn Guide by quinn adc | Quinn Player
MrDomian says “Play safe in early game. Destroy him when you have R. Very important is anty-heal - Bramble Vest.”
[11.10] ORNN - THE BEST BUILDS AND RUNES! 💕 by MrDomian | Ornn Player
Raen says “Outrange you with his 225 range when you have only 125. When he uses his Q or dash try to all in him. Try to move a lot in this matchup. Tabi and executioner are good items vs Viego.”
Raen's Jax Video Tips & Tricks & Build ^̮^ by Raen | Jax Player
LoLReal says “Not very problematic for us. Darius wins at all points vs. Viego except very, very late. Careful of his sustain in lane and all in often.”
maxlid3 says “Keep your distance. He is really weak early. He can't really do much in lane. Stay behind minions and if he goes invisibile go a bit back so he can't hit his stun.”
[11.9] ULTIMATE SENNA TOP GUIDE [The Kraken Slayer] by maxlid3 | Senna Player
DarkyTheReal says “Easy matchup, just be careful with early level 3 you can start making quick trades and at level 6 you can just all-in him, and you'll always win. Get Executioner's Calling or Plated Steel caps”
Educational Darky's HIGH ELO GUIDE to Riven! [11.9] by DarkyTheReal | Riven Player
Phrxshn says “Dodge his Spectral Maw(W) or get stuned and fully combo by Viego. Take note his skill Blade of the Ruined King(Q) can deal a chuck of your health and his (Q) passive will remain active while under possession. Fight him outside of Harrowed Path(E) or he will gain buff within the platform for his attack speed and movement speed. Dodge his Heartbreaker(R) and you should be able to out trade if you have grevious wound items for Viego. (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Even) (Outscaling Edge: Viego) (Recommended Items: Thornmail or Morellos)”
Phrxshn's In-Depth Guide To Singed by Phrxshn | Singed Player
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