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Vel'Koz Counter Stats

Vel'Koz Counters
Support Lane
Ranked #42 out of 50 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Vel'Koz. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Vel'Koz in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Vel'Koz Data for all roles taken from 25,151 matches.
Vel'Koz Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (49%) Vel'Koz Middle Lane Counters: 12,310 matches, 50 counter champions

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Tips Against Vel'Koz in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

pwins says “A good Vel'koz player can easily outrange Zoe and poke her out of lane. Take advantage of his slow movement and do your thing! Be very careful of where you are since once you're caught in his E he can burst you to high heaven. ”
An Average 1.3M Zoe Guide by pwins | Zoe Player
Miscake says “Ele literalmente não dá dano se você desviar do E e não tomar o combo inteiro. O poke dele é irrelevante pelo resto da lane porque a partir do nível 8 seu sustain te deixa imortal. Outra matchup onde o único jeito dele ganhar é puxando e dando roaming. Aqui Electrocute é melhor que Phase Rush e Ghost é melhor que Ignite, você nunca vai estar no range de usar Ignite na lane e quando chegar no range dele vai querer dar one-shot (de preferência no nível 6 com o back de Alternador Hextech)”
guia de vlad lmao '0' by Miscake | Vladimir Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Relatively easy matchup. Stay away from the wave so you dont get hit by free W dmg. Can dodge his Q and E with ur E. When he uses his abitlies to poke or on the wave that is ur chance to go in for a trade. Should be fairly easy to kill after 6. Take 2nd wind and shieldbash. ”
[Season 11.14] In-depth Challenger Yone Midlane Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Yone Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Similar lane to Xerath but a bit harder due to not being able to windwall his ulti. Don't go on him untill you are lvl 3 and have all of your abilities so you can windwall his E when you go on him. Another thing you need to keep in mind is his charges on W. His W has 2 charges with a 19 sec cd so try to keep track of those and go on him when at least one of them are on cd.”
[Season 11.14 Yasuo Guide] Tempest Challenger Yasuo Guide by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
Katawina52 says “Only a bit hard, because he can keep distance and poke you out hard early game. Try to always dodge his spells and always walk in front or backwards when he Qs. Really vurnable to ganks and in 2v2/3v3 you should be way stronger so use that to your strength. Careful for his passive true damage if he hits his spells it can hurt a lot.”
S11 Katawina's challenger EUW Katarina guide by Katawina52 | Katarina Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Corrupting Potion because Intensive Poke and sustain is heavily needed. Biscuits MIGHT work too but I'd rather have Minion Dematerializer. Ring + 2 Pots also work because you will be able to kill him pre 6 as he actually needs to get a bit close to minions to last hit. It is a very easy matchup because his E is predictable and post 6 you can just keep your W for his R. Get boots if you cannot dodge his E. If you still cannot dodge his E roam, he can push as good as you if not better but he cannot roam and his follow(s) will be slow. Be careful of him when he follows because of his ult. In teamfights you can disrupt as well his ult with your W. Usually winnable matchup due to his inability to deal consistent damage pre 6 when you get too close. Learn his Q pattern in the first levels and you should be fine, hitting Vel'Koz Q's consistently is extremely difficult and you can predict it without fuss if you focus a bit. ”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
PlayCabex says “You need to dodge as much as you can, he is very squishy which means you can kill him very easily , when you are near him and he ults , ult and go kill him , when away run with your w don't run when you are fed , just 1shot him”
Vladimir guide (Patch 11.20) MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
eiensiei says “I poke him with E without going for passive procs after level 3, as he'll deal more damage with his combo, even through my W. He can constantly push me in and poke under tower with Q while I'm forced to use all my mana to CS. The best advice I have for this match-up is "just dodge and CS enough to stay relevant". I'll build Zhonya's for his R and if I feel like I'm having a really rough time, I'll get Mercury's Treads.”
[11.20] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
AP WormMaW Mid says “Velkoz is possibly hardest matchup, that you might have against any mage-type champion. Main reason is, that his damage output with full combo is insane and even if you build MR, it will not save you against his true damage. Last biggest thing is, that you don't have any interrupt for his ult, so if he manages to land combo, you are most likely dead. In this case just farm up and try to not get killed. You can poke a bit from behind, but don't get into his E range if possible. When you hit level 16, you should be able to win game through pure poke, because your range is just incredibly high compared to his, but mostly it's not easy to get there.”
[S11] WormMaW's Guide for AP Kogmaw by AP WormMaW Mid | Kog'Maw Player
Avucado says “Start hook because he wont walk up close enough for E and look for a hook. After 3 you can W up to him into either ability or e through the wave into a hook on him. Watch out for his E because he still does good damage. You will need hexdrinker if he gets ahead.”
[11.20 Pyke Mid Guide] War Crimes in the Midlane by Avucado | Pyke Player
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Utility Lane (24%) Vel'Koz Utility Lane Counters: 6,107 matches, 32 counter champions

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Lane (21%) Vel'Koz Lane Counters: 5,351 matches, 32 counter champions

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