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Ezreal Counter Stats

Ezreal Counters
Bottom Lane
Ranked #14 out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Ezreal. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Ezreal in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Ezreal Data for all roles taken from 395,212 matches.
Ezreal Counter Stats From:
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Bottom Lane (97%) Ezreal Bottom Lane Counters: 382,458 matches, 25 counter champions

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Tips Against Ezreal in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

LegendaryOstrich says “You can start doran's shield OR doran's blade in this matchup because it's mostly just farming/poking. If Ezreal has his W on you he is able to proc it by using his E so once he does that he is vulnerable that's probably your best opportunity to take advantage of the lane since he will always be playing safe and holding his E as an escape. ”
[10.19] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth] by LegendaryOstrich | Lucian Player
PH45 says “Pretty safe pick, you have to bait his E before you try to kill him as he will otherwise just jump out of your feathers.”
StriveHD79 says “Weak lane but can farm safely with his Q. He will build the manamune build + iceborn gauntlet most of the time, once manamune fully stacks you will no longer beat him in a 1v1 like you did earlier in lane so keep that in mind. Either fully commit for an all-in or do not even bother hitting him after his 2 items.”
✔️[10.18] The Bounty Hunter|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Miss Fortune Player
SaltedCrisp says “This matchup can really go one way or the other. Early to mid game, you should have the advantage due to the fact that Ezreal shouldn't be that built up yet, but mid game to late game, watch out as he is quite mobile and can sit at a very long range.”
IHaveNoName says “Avoid getting poked and try hitting him with your axes anytime you don't need to last hit or he comes to close, don't leave entries for his support while trying attacking him. His new W makes him way stronger, so don't get hit by that - and if, let it ward off and dont receive a hit from him.”
Absolute domination Draven - How to by IHaveNoName | Draven Player
Vapora Dark says “Ezreal will be doing the same thing as you, just trying to farm and avoid fighting. This is good for you as you outscale him very hard and his poke can be negated by some lifesteal/good dodging. Make sure to remember he can easily get out of his Curtain Call by arcane shifting over terrain, and he can line up his own ulti whilst you channel. Other than that, just outscale with ease. Stay behind/inside your creep wave so he cant Q poke you.”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
StriveHD79 says “You have advantage in lane, but when Ezreal completes his manamune + iceborn gauntlet you no longer win against him 1v1 and he is very annoying to deal with afterwards so avoiding trading once out of lane, you must all in or you will be poked down.”
✔️[10.18] The Frost Queen|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Ashe Player
StriveHD79 says “Well, this is a bit of a difficult one. During laning phase you have complete control of the lane against Ezreal. You beat him super hard as long as you do not misplay. Outside of lane when he has manamune stacked + iceborn gauntlet, he will be much stronger than you. But it is nothing unmanageable. Just know he will win 1v1 against you after that.”
✔️[10.18] S+ Tier Marksman|Diamond Guide|All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Caitlyn Player
ELOSANTA says “if Ezreal pokes Lucian down pre-fight and manages to dodge Lucians Q in fights, then Ezreal wins flat out. If Lucian manages to dodge poke and blows Ezreal's blink before he q's then Lucian wins flat out.”
[10.19] Rank 1 Lucian in-depth Guide by ELOSANTA | Lucian Player
Bouhhsolene says “If you hit W, he E's away, but you keep poking him. You have as much damage as him, so trades are most likely to be free. Just care for his support.”
[10.19] Follow the screams! by Bouhhsolene | Senna Player
LostFishEU says “Ezreal is a tiny threat because of this build you will be running. With this build you will get life steal from Vampiric Scepter and also get healing from your runes. Ezreal can't all in you and burst you down within a short period of time, and you will win almost every 1v1 if played correctly”
<Grandmaster> LostFish - Vayne: The Guide by LostFishEU | Vayne Player
R3Veal says “He can poke you even more after the rework. Try to dodge his Q or stand behind minions to not get hit by it. You can still kill him thanks to your movement speed and Ezreal's skillshot reliable abilities kit.”
[Patch 10.19] "How Lovely!" Jhin Guide! by R3Veal | Jhin Player
OverjarlZane says “He can dodge most of your harass, but early-mid you still massively out damage and push him. Focus entirely on your pushing power in this lane and force him out of farm.”
[10.19] The Jarls APC Ziggs AND THE TOWERS CRIED OUT by OverjarlZane | Ziggs Player
Profesor APH. says “I give him major but personally for me its even but you dont have dash so its hard to run away his r and he have dash he can dash your r or when he have gravitum passive on him dash under turret”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
StriveHD79 says “Stand behind minions to avoid his Q, it will be the main source of his damage, his W goes through minions and if it hits you he might E forward so step back when it hits you. You should have the early push on ezreal usually, this lane is fairly peaceful unless one of you messes up. He becomes very annoying once out of lane and will attempt to poke you out. Avoid fighting him unless you can all in him otherwise he will keep poking you.”
KXNGLXXVII says “W his W or his Q or both :D. dash through him during his ult and its free. kill it”
The only samira guide you will ever need by KXNGLXXVII | Samira Player
DoctorDingus says “Basically unkillable. Really strong champ in current meta. ”
Rank 1 World Heimerdinger Bot - Breaking the Meta! by DoctorDingus | Heimerdinger Player
Bwura says “His q damage with conqueror is really good. Don't try to fight with him.”
How to Play Our Holy Dragon in Bot Lane by Bwura | Aurelion Sol Player
StriveHD79 says “Weak lane but can farm safely with his Q. He will build the manamune build + iceborn gauntlet most of the time, once manamune fully stacks you will no longer beat him in a 1v1 like you did earlier in lane so keep that in mind. Either fully commit for an all-in or do not even bother hitting him after his 2 items.”
[10.18] Spear of Vengeance|Diamond Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Kalista Player
OverjarlZane says “If you play this lane even half well he's irrelevant. He takes WAY longer to scale than you and you can just straight blast him. Watch for his poke but tbh you'll be fine.”
[10.19] The Jarls GraspMF Crit & Lethality builds by OverjarlZane | Miss Fortune Player
ChaseMorePlz says “I honestly want to emphasize that this champion does counter Vayne. I can phrase this rather well! He CAN get to a point where he counters Vayne.”
10.19 Ranked Guide, Runes and Build ADC Guide (Youtube Climb by ChaseMorePlz | Vayne Player
Ultrama says “His poke is annoying but his is not a hard match-up, stay behind the minions and poke him with your Q. Watch out for his R.”
[10.18] Miss Letalithy (In Depth / Match-ups and Synergies) by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player
GodMulti says “Try to bait his E (flash 2.0) out before ulting”
[10.18] Miss Fortune / The Bounty Hunter by GodMulti | Miss Fortune Player
GodMulti says “Try to bait his E (flash 2.0) out before ulting”
[10.18] Miss Fortune / The Bounty Hunter by GodMulti | Miss Fortune Player
Veigarv2 says “Can be nearly impossible to catch if he plays well around his E. ”
[10.18] CHALLENGER RANK 1 VEIGAR BOTLANE GUIDE |VEIGAR V2 by Veigarv2 | Veigar Player
DSpinz says “Not really a kill threat until he has items, but you cant really fight him. He just avoids your q and ult too easily and your w doesnt help enough. The way I play this lane is just sit back and farm, you will be a lot more helpful for your team than he will in mid game fights.”
Graves ADC. Pop Em 10.17 by DSpinz | Graves Player
Sephix92 says “His dash can us pretty suck. BUt if he did we can q him.”
ADPC Anivia by Sephix92 | Anivia Player
GiAEcchI says “Only armoured ezreal, you can't 1v1 this dude for some reason lol.”
Spider Shaped says “Эзреаль наносит не мало урона,но ему нужны для этого умения. Отдав все способности,убить эзреаля не доставить проблем”
Build by Spider Shaped | Ashe Player
yers says “Like you, he has long ranged skillshots. His built in flash will be annoying to run from/land abilities. Must he do that, try making your combo and stun initiate unpredictable.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
kryptonkat says “Honestly an easy match-up.”
These bananas are DANGEROUS! - ADC Soraka! by kryptonkat | Soraka Player
Melyn says “Hard to win; hard to lose. Stay behind minions and try not to give him free klepto procs. Recall that even if you land your E, he can E away at that moment so don't waste your spells.”
SweatMeALake says “Ezreal has the ability to poke you down with your low range, so watch for harass. He doesn't do good in a short trade, he excels in poking or extended trades. ”
[10.16] An Invitation To Dance - Xayah Guide by SweatMeALake | Xayah Player
SweatMeALake says “Ezreal has massive poke and outdamages you. Ezreal does not have much damage early game, you just need to dodge Q's. You have a higher auto attack range so punish him when his abilities are on cooldown. He is very slippery with his Arcane Shift, so poke and force him into an uncomfortable situation. Make sure Ezreal ramps up slowly with his tear. ”
Season 10 A Guide To A Deadly Ashe by SweatMeALake | Ashe Player
MrMad2000 says “Ezreal outranges you and typically builds Iceborn Gauntlet which nullifies your damage. If he builds Trinity Force, he will outdamage you unless you hit him with an E-Q or a trap headshot.”
(10.16: Livestream) Caitlyn ADC, by D3 Sejwoonapiggle | 400K by MrMad2000 | Caitlyn Player
CptTeemoOnDuty says “He has high mobility so might be able to get and keep a distance on you.”
A Twist of Fate (Off-meta AD) by CptTeemoOnDuty | Twisted Fate Player
epicslice72 says “Farm lane. He's a pain because he can build tank items and still do heavy damage. Try poking down his support first.”
Gold Gold Gold | A Sivir Build by epicslice72 | Sivir Player
LettArcticFox says “Might put up a little battle in laning phase, but if you win, he shouldn't be a problem”
Aphelios for Begginers by LettArcticFox | Aphelios Player
Wolfious says “He can use his E right as you root him or before and ruin your plan.”
TRAP JHIN ONESHOT by Wolfious | Jhin Player
StriveHD79 says “Weak lane but can farm safely with his Q. He will build the manamune build + iceborn gauntlet most of the time, once manamune fully stacks you will no longer beat him in a 1v1 like you did earlier in lane so keep that in mind. Either fully commit for an all-in or do not even bother hitting him after his 2 items.”
[10.16] In-depth Diamond Jhin Guide With All Matchups by StriveHD79 | Jhin Player
eyh4sxdf says “This guy is just annoying, he can blink out of your W and away from you when you use your E. His wave clear is terrible compared to you so make sure you engage when he has to last hit.”
An In-Depth Guide to Kindred ADC by eyh4sxdf | Kindred Player
EvoNinja7 says “Ashe is the perfect counter to Ezrael. I personally hate Ezrael to the very core, so laning against him makes me really angry, and I usually lose badly or destroy him. Try to poke the hell out of him, try to delay his manamune. Once he gets that, laning against him will get difficult. You can poke him a lot and can easily all in him late game. easy match up really.”
All Ashe Builds That You Didn't Ask For. by EvoNinja7 | Ashe Player
snukumz says “He has long range and his poke hurts you a lot. He's very hard to actually kill, like Tristana, because he can just E away after you snare him.”
Honk If You're Thorny - Zyra Bottom Guide by snukumz | Zyra Player
SapphireLoL says “He can't peel for himself and his damage is from Q, W and R which are all skillshots and he isn't strong in a right-click battle.”
KINDRED ADC/ OFF META BUILD GUIDE by SapphireLoL | Kindred Player
Alonixlol says “Ezreal is a champion that is primarily picked for safety, he is very hard to kill in lane and his long range low cooldown Mystic Shot allows him to easily keep up in CS from a range in situations where other ADCs wouldn't be able to farm. In exchange for being so hard to snowball against, he's also made to lack the tools to snowball himself. He has weak waveclear, unnoteworthy all-in power, and would be decent at trading if not for the fact that he can't poke through minions. He will never create a winning matchup solely on his own merits. However, bot lane being as complicated as it is, if his duo as a whole is one that is either stronger in all-ins or stronger at trading and he is able to pressure the lane rather than play defensively, Mystic Shot becomes an excellent poke tool and he can exert a lot of pressure with his range, similarly to Ashe but stronger.”
Mono Twitch ADC Guide (Master) (Muramana) by Alonixlol | Twitch Player
Terrific says “punish this beta cuck boy if he tries to CS. you win laningphase, extremely unfun to play against as a Draven because it's just so passive. Late game he does start outscaling you but it requires him to hit his abilities.”
Ikare says “The difficulty of this lane is based on the skill of the ezreal. But usually, most of Ezreal players will just try to poke and farm safely. Try to dodge his abilities with your passive. Remember that kalista with an hard engage supp can easily punish him if he goes too far on the lane with R, thats why you should try to freeze lvl 6.”
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ says “As of new rework, just pay attention to his W as it can deal a respectful amount of damage while returning all mana spent on skill used to blow the mark. Otherwise pretty easy lane”
[10.14] [En-US|Pt-BR] Art should terrify! In-Depth Jhin guid by KuuHaKu_OtgmZ | Jhin Player
Twiggymocha says “He is not much of a threat really, not even late, the second you get close to him you can kill him.”
[ADC] Vayne Guide Patch 10.14 by Twiggymocha | Vayne Player
VeneficusFerox says “Another nightmare lane. You will get zoned, out-farmed and bullied all over the place. Avoid.”
[S10] Twisted Fate: Your Get-Out-Of-Bronze-Free-Card by VeneficusFerox | Twisted Fate Player
Iroh_LFT says “Good ezreal is going to make you suffer. Bad ezreal is going to let you free farm and get stacks from him.”
Surp1Clone says “Ezreal is really annoying he can E if you throw gold card at him so gets far away from you making it harder to deal with him not to mention his pokes.”
AD Twisted Fate by Surp1Clone | Twisted Fate Player
SuPIeX says “Extremely annoying. You literally can't do anything to him. Even if you get a goddess Leona support he can E out of her engage. Absolute nonsense. He will poke you from range all game.”
Low elo Easy Lucian Guide 10.14 by SuPIeX | Lucian Player
Trisien says “Mostly a skill matchup, if you manage to abuse him early with your support, you will win. If you go even or he gets ahead, he will spike sooner because he can stack Manamune faster.”
Secret tech Quinn ADC by Trisien | Quinn Player
CALSHARKY says “Cringe champion. Extreme threat only with Yuumi. Will Arcane Shift away from you all lane but still killable assuming your support knows how to play their role. You can catch up to him using your bloodrush and flash.”
Krod7435 says “Ez is pretty easy to beat unless you let him farm a lot and then he becomes a problem. I suggest making stoppages to his farming and try applying pressure to him. If your support isn't doing well helping you then i suggest focusing on him so he doesn't get the upper edge on you. ”
NediHere says “Just dodge his Q and W - stand behind minions, dodge his Q by walking or your Q.”
[10.13] Diamond Vayne by NediHere | Vayne Player
xSEASeahawks12 says “This mostly depends on how good the Ezreal is. At his peak, Ezreal can be a nuisance with his constant poke as Kalista has no built-in sustain, but he has to be good to land all of his abilities on you if you use your Passive correctly. His escapes are not as strong against you, as you can still catch up to him by auto-attacking the wave and still being to land your full Rend that you had stacked on him previously.”
Galois_Group says “Can keep distance to not get Q'ed but you can keep distance from his Q.”
Pizza Defence by Galois_Group | Sivir Player
SaintSega says “Ezreal can jump away from dives and poke you while doing a cool dance. Depending on their support try to let them push and farm under tower ”
Kennen Apc/Adc by SaintSega | Kennen Player
Zoodyacc says “This matchup really depends on you dodging his abilities, however I put him on '2' considering you do know, and you are able to know how to avoid these. Respect his trades, if he's running Lethal Tempo you might want to engage while it's on CD. Try to make him E to you and then engage on him.”
DravenMETA says “A smart Ezreal player will be play extremely passive early and become a monster late. It is very hard to punish this lane. While it is possible for some Ezreals to aggressively poke early it's not worth coinflipping into Draven. ”
[10.13] - Concise Draven Guide by DravenMETA | Draven Player
liteon132 says “He is extremely safe and it's hard to get snowballing vs him.”
Graves the crit machine by liteon132 | Graves Player
TwentyOneShadows says “This matchup should be in your favor since ezreal is not good in dueling others, avoid getting poked, try to autoattack him with your Q everytime he goes for basic attack last hit.”
Basic Draven Guide by TwentyOneShadows | Draven Player
atonementblade says “You can dodge his main source of damage with your tumble. If you're both free-farming during lane, you scale better at two items than he does.”
ShroudedBRH says “Ezreal is a safe laner with access to free poke so you will have a difficult time fighting him straight up. Late game his poke is way better then yours. If you fight him do it in groups as its harder for him to deal damage. His astral shift will allow him to reposition even if you lane your R”
Ashe Complete Botlane Guide by ShroudedBRH | Ashe Player
JccmSaysNom says “Ezreal doesn't have a lot of pushing nor clearing power but his poke FAR outdamages yours(Especially Runegliave Ezreal), and if played correctly then he will zone you out of the lane or kill you, neither of which are very favourable to you. Ganking an Ezreal isn't very easy either so stay on lane and roam with your jungler, if possible use your vision to catch the enemy jungler and snowball from this.”
Galois_Group says “Not a problem. You destroy his early game.”
[10.10] Push the winrate by Galois_Group | Lucian Player
RegalFlash says “Should not be hard to beat at any point in the game, unless he gets very ahead.”
[10.9] Kai'Sa Main's Guide for Everything by RegalFlash | Kai'Sa Player
namerb says “You just can't catch him”
Ashe Botlane - To CC or to Troll ! by namerb | Ashe Player
dobrykebab says “Když máš Predátora, neudělá nic.”
Garen by dobrykebab | Garen Player
Pingu Fugindo says “No late game pode abusar com seu range absurdo nas skills”
Vayne As Perfect As Udyr by Pingu Fugindo | Vayne Player
Loki029 says “troll lane, don t bother if he build ap or ad if you can silence him he is dead, hybrit”
Loki029 says “Silence and he is a Dead Man, Build AD yourself to kill him. consider Youmous too chase him”
PrettyPinkPutin says “Skinny dude only has damage and his E for safety, once you get on top of him he is as free of a kill as any other adc, even if you whiff your E because his E, you can just follow him with R and murder him, he's too squishy to even require the E atk speed steroid.”
Season fucking 10 half assed Camille "Guide" by PrettyPinkPutin | Camille Player
LupinTheCat says “His poke, his goddamn poke, if you see him engage, engage in return, you heal what he damages, and then you run away”
Soraka's hurricane. god bless the ds by LupinTheCat | Soraka Player
Reddish Red says “Ezreal's escape ability (his E) allows him to disengage whenever you engage. He must be CC'd before you can engage or bait his E out. Otherwise, your engagement will be completely countered with just his E.”
A mini-guide for Tristana ADC for myself by Reddish Red | Tristana Player
Phantom R says “Heavy dependant on Ez's skills. If you trade him well with your Q and kite him well (AAs and one or two AAs cancel every now and then) and you should be fine really. He is supposed to be the major counter for Jinx, but that's because many players don't know how to poke him fairly well on early game. Don't be afraid of this match up.”
Bebras19 says “Avoid getting poked and try hitting him with your axes anytime you don't need to last hit or he comes to close, don't leave entries for his support while trying attacking him. His new W makes him way stronger, so don't get hit by that - and if, let it ward off and dont receive a hit from him.”
"NOT DRAVEN, IT'S DRAAAAVEN." AK-47 DRAVEN BUILD by Bebras19 | Draven Player
TheGronne says “Very hard to land your E against.”
TheGronne's Guide to 2020 On-Hit Neeko ADC (In-Depth) by TheGronne | Neeko Player
madmickey says “Ezreal should be relatively easy to deal with. Keep moving to avoid his abilities. Use your net to disengage if he attempts to apply pressure.”
Cait Baby! by madmickey | Caitlyn Player
AngelisNice says “can be annoying but drain his mana and he is about to get useless”
Xayah - Sharpening her Feathers to Victory by AngelisNice | Xayah Player
MayeLeven says “He can poke you every time with his Q, or Q + W combo and when you try to get close to him, he just jump away with his E, so it makes him to be a hard target for you. If he pressed his E, try to get close to him, then you can kill him with your R.”
|Best| Vayne Guide -ADC- by MayeLeven | Vayne Player
PVeS says “Pretty even poke lane but you outscale!”
Caster Jhin 2020 by PVeS | Jhin Player
Midorima says “Everyone thinks Vayne counters Ezreal throughout the entire game. Not true. In the early lane, Ezreal shits on Vayne because Vayne has to always keep away from his Q and once Ezreal finishes Iceborn Gauntlet, any of your advances will be stopped by a singular Q. To win this match up: just dodge every Q. Easy right? XD”
Midorima's Vayne Guide (Patch 9.1) | THE SAUCE by Midorima | Vayne Player
MonsterSkillBr says “He does not have much damage in the early game , but as time passes, he will outdamage you. Be carefull.”
Iceborn Ashe , All Lanes, 10.6 Guide. by MonsterSkillBr | Ashe Player
Deathfeather says “You play this champion, you're insecure. Just saying. When you play againt him, you play the "can you dodge the skillshot?" game. dodge his stuff and bully him out of lane.”
vincent98 says “He can poke you with his Q And E dash but you can use Youre E to slow him and use Q W combo to Hunt him down”
Draven by vincent98 | Draven Player
RoadDGM says “Hes a safe laner like cait high range and an escape so if you ever go for a kill make him waste his e then you will have to go in after he uses it for a free trade.”
Twitch WIP by RoadDGM | Twitch Player
xf3NNI3 says “Varus mostly wins or stays even with all other champions in lane except from the above shown hard ones.”
Varus Season 10, Patch 10.5 by xf3NNI3 | Varus Player
Kicaj says “Ez has much lower CDR's than Ashe. His poke is overpowered before you reach 6.”
Ashe forgotten botlane Queen by Kicaj | Ashe Player
Mericat says “Our nemesis! Very strong poke, easily able to safely poke you between bone platings and really hard to catch - My personal ban!”
Finnkip says “- Can potentially out poke you - His E - Abuse him early”
M7 Jhin Build (10.4) by Finnkip | Jhin Player
Spection says “COMMON. Ezreal brings almost no damage and no cc to lane. While he has a powerful escape with his teleport, he is incredibly squishy and entirely skillshot reliant. Wait for your support to stun him before you follow up! Keep in mind that your shield will block his Q. (I have no idea why)”
[UPDATED FOR S10] Pantheon In the Botlane, Making ADCs Cry! by Spection | Pantheon Player
NightSoar says “Pretty easy since you can dodge all of this abilities when then E in to combo.”
- The Death Lotus - How to Learn Katarina (In-Depth) by NightSoar | Katarina Player
Aizenvolt says “Rare but happens. You can destroy him after 6 and pre 6 you also have the upper hand, if you know how to play kassadin in an average lvl. Ezreal is what i like to call a nerfed Kassadin:D I believe you know what i am talking about if not well...”
Utility Kassadin [Patch 10.1] by Aizenvolt | Kassadin Player
Shimaru says “You should win early trades against him because you have a stronger poke with AA + Q”
Jeerus says “You counter Ezreal in every way possible. His damage output is heavily focus on his skill shots, try to hop around him and dodge his spells.”
[Patch 10.2] [Quick Guide] Kite Machine Kalista by Jeerus | Kalista Player
ZERO Destructo says “A truly difficult matchup for Jhin. His Q deals ridiculously big amount of damage with his W, and probably has one of the best pokes in game. His E provides him with much greater mobility than any other champion, and it allows him to avoid your traps and W, and also get out of your ult. Besides that, his snipe is even better than yours, since he has no range limits.”
[SEASON 10]A Comprehensive How to Jhin Guide [10.1] by ZERO Destructo | Jhin Player
Jima says “Ezreal as a lane opponent might be bit annoying due to his poke. If Ezreal has a support like Thresh, Braum etc. he can E before your gold card hits and the support can tank for him till the stun ends.”
[10.2] Twist Fate To Your Will! [TF ADC] by Jima | Twisted Fate Player
Loggit says “Low DPS, but has the ability to one-shot with a W->Q.”
The Stage is Set---Loggit's Jhin guide by Loggit | Jhin Player
Nik7857 says “He might be build Iceborn and Bork he might not. You can dodge his main damage but if you get lockdown you can't dodge. Winnable lane.”
jhoijhoi says “Ezreal is a high mobility, high poke champion. He relies on hitting you, your ally, or a minion with his abilities in order to proc his passive Rising Spell Force and give him increased attack speed. Try to stand behind your minions so it is difficult for him to land Mystic Shot. Try and use Enchanted Crystal Arrow after he has used Arcane Shift, as he will be lacking escapes and be forced to either Flash or get hit.”
Ashes to Ashes by jhoijhoi | Ashe Player
Falllol says “É uma lane fácil por que o Ezreal assim como a Vayne quer crescer no jogo mas ele é mais fraco que ela em quase todas as etapas, além de conseguir ser solado facilmente .”
Eccentricks says “What a JOKE. This champ isn't often played against me for some reason, but whenever I fight one (which I think has maybe been like twice), they go 0/13 or some crap. I don't really understand why, but his Ult will kill (if he can aim...).”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
Venyax says “Dodge skills shots and the lane is won, otherwise he will deal more damage through poke”
Carry Vayne Guide by Venyax | Vayne Player
Deathfeather says “AHAHAHAHA. dont play ez, hes like the beastie boys of the adcs. or the reeces pieces. not good, unless you're caught off guard. make sure to dodge the q's.”
[9.24] Deathfeather's guide to being a Lightslinger by Deathfeather | Lucian Player
spark2 says “Ezreal is crazy annoying, but not too bad of a matchup. He's got a lot of poke and a lot of safety with his E, so you'll have trouble catching him when it's off cooldown. However, its cooldown is longer than your Phase Dive, so you've got a brief window where you can catch him. He's also got godawful waveclear, which means you can push and roam really easily.”
[9.23] Sekkonds (Mid AP Ekko) by spark2 | Ekko Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Use minions as a shield from his Mystic Shot, and punish him if he wastes his blink to poke or engage greedily. His wave clear is terrible, so force him to farm under tower if possible. Pretty much Christmas for you if you're against an Ezreal.”
[9.23] Daughter of the Void - Kai'Sa ADC Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kai'Sa Player
Asothin says “Your E CD will be shorter than his [[Arcane Shift]] after you get your CD items. Harass him occasionally with W>AA>Q>Q>Q... this might force him to use his Arcane Shift after which you can E>Q>Q>Q. Dodge skill shots and you will have this match-up.”
Revert Urgot. by Asothin | Urgot Player
Laverenz says “Easy matchup. Ezreal is skillshot-based, which makes it easy to play against, because you can tumble out of all his abilities. Ezreal's ult is also very predictable, making it easy for you to dodge it. You should be able to all in at level 6.”
Season 9 Vayne guide! Purge With Silver (9.23) by Laverenz | Vayne Player
philsopaoto says “Ezreal is a safe laner, and can easily escape with his E. Fortunately Klepto has been removed from the game, making Ezreal practically unplayable. Watchout for his Q spam early game and you won't struggle against him.”
Basic Xayah Guide S10 by philsopaoto | Xayah Player
Pacu says “Annoying. He is very annoying, you almost won't be able to e him, because he often stays far from the minionwave. He also has poke damage. Only go in if you are sure you can take him down.”
Pacu's guide to Kindred (as an ADC) 9.23 by Pacu | Kindred Player
haloboleon says “You outscale and outperform ezreal in everyway, and now that Kleptomancy is gone there is zero chance of him gaining a gold lead over you making this matchup extremely simple. Stand near minions during the laning phase to avoid his poke and you should be able to push him under tower and gain a huge minion lead.”
[9.23] SENNA ADC FULL GUIDE | SEASON 10 by haloboleon | Senna Player
MewlingRavenPaw says “ Skill match-up that comes down to you dodging his Q with passive and landing any harass you can on him. If you can land a Q into rend reset try and all in him immediately as he will finish two items and out DPS you. Punish his early game! ”
Spear Dancing Through Low ELO by MewlingRavenPaw | Kalista Player
corvy says “hard to fight him early but you will have more impact on the game untill late when he takes over. usually an ez in lower elo will always fall over late if you can bait out his e in lane just go all in with everything you have. he should be looking for a tear first so he will consistently have less dmg then you in fights in lane, as long as you ward for ganks and respect his poke you can get good all in fights on him or his support”
[9.24] Kaisa Guide by corvy | Kai'Sa Player
Kynaz0071l0l says “Ezreal is very weak earlygame, which is the exact oppisite of Draven. You will stomp him by poking and dodging his W+Q combo. When fighing him make sure he doesnt have E up. ”
[9.23] DRAVEN ADC MAIN - GOLD [200+games] by Kynaz0071l0l | Draven Player
SirZeros says “He is strong, but if you focus on dodging his skillshots it won't be such a problem anymore. Buy boots earlier, so it'll be slightly more easy.”
Ledeni123 says “This is not old ez who could go in aa battle, you jjust dodge q and you are the winning side”
Sniper one shot/one kill by Ledeni123 | Caitlyn Player
Eucalyptus says “If you're able to catch him off-guard he melts. But a decent Ezreal will never let you into auto range during lane, just farm it out and look for skirmishes and dives.”
LORD OF UNLIMITED KITING- Graves ADC by Eucalyptus | Graves Player
Lincoln878 says “Ezreal is the stereotypical easy lane, he can't 1v1 you, he can't win the 2v2 if you don't get CCed a lot, he can only win the fight if you get poked too much before the fight, you normally just stomp him and win the game.”
Diamond In-Depth Kai'Sa Guide by Lincoln878 | Kai'Sa Player
Fruxo says “Pretty safe pick, you have to bait his E before you try to kill him as he will otherwise just jump away from your W. Don't let his W hit you or you will get bursted with either an auto attack or his Q. Try to avoid getting hit by his Q's when he's chasing you as if they hit it'll reduce the cooldowns of his other abilities.”
✔️ How to be a Purple Peach by Fruxo | Kai'Sa Player
Veroxus says “Ezreal can be a problem if he lands his pokes consistently and he can dash away from your stuns.”
Fly up the ranks with Xayah. by Veroxus | Xayah Player
Zulp says “Ezreal is becoming more common in the mid lane. Lots of poke, two evasive abilities (flash), his blue build is pretty mage-like, anyways this is a skill match-up. ”
Your crazy best friend, Ziggs. by Zulp | Ziggs Player
Hardstuck Sona says “Ezreal's gonna do a lot of teleporting. It may be hard to keep up with him at first, but late game as long as he isn't ridiculously fed, you should be fine. He loses pretty hard to CC in general if he can't escape from it.”
ADC TF Rise From The Ashes by Hardstuck Sona | Twisted Fate Player
MrDecoy says “really easy to lane against, poke might be annoying but d shield deals with that, he spikes really hard around 2 items so try to focus on hitting ur 3 item spike as fast as you can since you're just so much better at that point”
[9.19] Decoy's Xayah guide by MrDecoy | Xayah Player
dravenfizz says “weak early be a big bad lane bully against him and don't get hit by his W, Wait for his E before you ult him.”
Diamond Lucian guide (not done yet) by dravenfizz | Lucian Player
Zervax says “Ez really shouldn't be played in soloqueue imo as he's too skillshot reliant. Otherwise, he's safe and can't waveclear even half as well.”
Ashe Guide by Zervax | Ashe Player
Zach IWNL says “Ezreal and CDR Ashe tend to go even. He can use his e to dodge your W and ulti, but it has a high mana cost early so it's not sustainable.”
[9.17] | "Strike Quickly" | CDR Ashe Guide by Zach IWNL | Ashe Player
ADNathan says “Extremely easy lane, your Q follows after his E, but can be cancelled. It's an easy lane (as long as the support matchup isn't tragic)”
complete wip [9.18] Most builds for MF! by ADNathan | Miss Fortune Player
Fruxo says “Pretty safe pick, you have to bait his E before you try to kill him as he'll otherwise just jump away from your root. Don't let his W hit you or you will get bursted with either an auto attack or his Q. Try to avoid getting hit by his Q's when he's chasing you as if they hit it'll reduce the cooldowns of his other abilities.”
✔️ Experience My Love For Feathers by Fruxo | Xayah Player
ADCMike says “Mostly an annoyance. Ezreal is the hardest ADC to kill so this will make your snowball significantly harder than usual. Would suggest to farm up and wait for ganks if he is playing well and safe.”
Full Draven Guide (Patch 9.17) by ADCMike | Draven Player
GregPap says “Depends on the skill and your ability to avoid his spells ”
PhantomPlayz6 says “Pretty safe pick, you have to bait his E before you try to kill him as he will otherwise just jump out of your feathers.”
♥Xayah Lover 's Lane♥ by PhantomPlayz6 | Xayah Player
IPodPulse says “Stay behind minions to avoid damage and deny kleptomancy. He can buffer your chain of corruption with arcane shift, or dodge it completely. Try to engage when arcane shift is down or if he uses it too aggressively. You can try baiting arcane shift with hail of arrows.”
Varus - The Whistle you hear is not the Wind by IPodPulse | Varus Player
Exs Xena says “Due to Ashe's relative high mobilty and easy sidestepping, Ezreal shouldn't be able to poke her a lot. Try to bait out his Arcane Shift (E), so you can slow him with Volley and outdamage him in the trade. ”
Snipe like Veteran PraY himself! | [9.14] Ashe by Exs Xena | Ashe Player
Potato95x says “His passive gives him AS after skills, so he'll kite you when you're low health. Try to avoid his skills the most, his Q specially (gives him CR on abilities). Bait his E (aka Flash 2.0) to Ult him and watch for his Ult. His R has so much range he can steal a Baron while in base.”
[9.15] Captain Fortune - Raise your shield [ WIP ] by Potato95x | Miss Fortune Player
GORE Klabok says “Another ADC with 50% Win chance against kalista just like vayne due to ezreal escape and long range skillshot. ezreal can keep kalista to a safe distance most of the time, unless ezreal isn't reaching late game, you Should win Lane phase most of the time, if he outscale its over for 1 v 1 due to Crazy Cooldown reduction from Ezreal Blink (E). he can actually escape each fight once he reach max Cooldown reduction. usually ezreal Duo with a Crowd control and Slowing tank support. Thats why i judge ezreal as an extreme threat.Ezreal is the Kind of annoying mothafucka you can't takedown if he blink (E) away each trade.Avoid chasing Ezreal after he Blink (E) away or you might get double tap each trade.if you bait the blink (E) in lane phase you can engage for 10 to 5 sec . Takedown at 100% chance in early game if you bait blink(E) before each attempt to kill. even any support can't stop you unless you get gotta win before 25 min against Ezreal to Avoid powerspike. ”
Spear of vengeance by GORE Klabok | Kalista Player
Official_Rimacc says “A huge threat do to his high mobility/dashing and even-distanced strong poke.”
Pulsefire Caitlyn - S9 Guide by Official_Rimacc | Caitlyn Player
SimbaADC says “Although Ezreal can farm quite safely, he has far less wave clear than Caitlyn, so you can constantly shove him in and get tower damage (of course you must be careful of enemy jungle).”
FrankynFood says “He outscales you so hard if you don't get really ahead. He can also dodge your ult really easily with his e. So if you do manage to land it, it wont be for that long because ashe' ult stun scales with distant traveled. ”
Ashe guide from an Ashe main (High DPS) by FrankynFood | Ashe Player
Math Eon says “Got to dodge Q's offcourse, but his W is very strong. If you move propperly you should be ok. Need to get early advantage or he will crush you in late.”
The Jhin Cena says “His poke will really be annoying, probably making it hard to CS early game. best thing to do is to probably hump turret until you get Lich Bane and then kill him.”
Snowballing Mid Lane / Jungle / TT Fizz: In Depth Guide by The Jhin Cena | Fizz Player
SlashLion says “Avoid his W which can pop for a lot of damage as well as returning the mana cost for the ability that was used to pop the mark. Another even lane that can go either way, it is usually dependent on the Ezreal's ability to hit skillshots.”
[9.13] Jhin: A Guide on The Virtuoso by SlashLion | Jhin Player
lonely Xatu says “while he does have skillshots you can spell shield, he can easily out duel you with a higher damage output. if you are smart however, he is an easy champ to face.”
Lethality Sivir for Degenerates by lonely Xatu | Sivir Player
TotalWarKS says “Jump in and kill him if given a 1v1 situation. Unless he is mega fed.”
Uncouthlol says “See Matchups Section Near Bottom”
[9.12] Vayne to Diamond by Uncouthlol | Vayne Player
MallisTheGreat says “Generally problematic. Bait his E before casting your ultimate, because he is going to dodge it easily. Don't pick Varus after Ezreal was picked (in ranked games) because poking will be impossible (his E has lower cooldown than your Q).”
Snipe snipe snipe! [A Simple Guide to Varus!][Patch 9.12] by MallisTheGreat | Varus Player
MallisTheGreat says “On these patches, Ezreal is quite the powerful pick. He can easily dodge your skillshots, so bait his E, Arcane Shift, with your W, Zap!, and then hunt him down with your Auto Attacks. Focus on getting lots of attack speed!”
Jinx - A Simple Guide [Patch 9.12] by MallisTheGreat | Jinx Player
Vortiris says “Dodge his abilities and don't get kited by him. He's pretty squishy even with his Trinity force. Bait out his Arcane Shift and you should be able to finish him. DO NOT under any circumstance, let late game take place, he will outscale you.”
Numresunw says “Try standing behind minions and go for a trade whenever he comes close, you should be able to win everytime, dont try to force a trade or follow him or he will poke you down, just auto attack whenever possible.”
Best sneaky killer by Numresunw | Twitch Player
Shoguken says “Avoid his skills, stay behind the minions. Late is very easy for you and you can one shot him.”
ADC Thresh Guide by Shoguken | Thresh Player
Shake the Shade says “A very easy matchup for Jhin. Ezreal typically stands at a perfect range to be Q poked. If he ever uses his E aggressively it should be a free kill or you can push him out of lane. The only annoyance here is landing skill shots. ”
MasutaKokoBot says “Ezreal is a decent threat to you. His mobility with his warp, and his long ranged ult can really get to you. Keep a doubly safe distance and buy banshees veil to protect you.”
Waambulance Soraka Support - Patch 9.12 by MasutaKokoBot | Soraka Player
Uncouthlol says “Explanation at bottom”
[9.11] Tristana to Diamond by Uncouthlol | Tristana Player
IamVictorious says “Ezreal is a skillshot adc , and with this build we are focusing on the Q-survivability , with your high attackspeed and some kite the duel is clearly yours ”
[Patch 9.1] Diamond Jinx Guide by IamVictorious | Jinx Player
Hidrogear says “Watch out for this guy, you deal him damage but he can Dash.”
[S9.11] Kogmaw for the win! by Hidrogear | Kog'Maw Player
Dayum Draven says “Ezreal has poke but mana doesn't account for damage. You can start a poke war as long as you poke back. Use your E wisely”
Draven was an EXCELLENT pick for this game by Dayum Draven | Draven Player
ApokalipseDKeijo says “Ezreal can easy kite him and should be some trouble at late game with his damage.”
Jax the jungle GOD 9.11 by ApokalipseDKeijo | Jax Player
Gun God Mike says “Ezreal can be a little dangerous in early with his e+q, then in late if you win your lane this threat is reduced.”
Jinx Dark Havest guide by Gun God Mike | Jinx Player
1tephra1 says “Fun match up because its so easy. Once you have IE its over for him since your crits do too much dmg at that point. Your E can block all his abilities so even if you mis time it you will block something.”
Wonder Woman - Top of the meta [9.10 Sivir guide] by 1tephra1 | Sivir Player
BL00dY3nD says “With his e he can stay out of your Range or also counter your R. He can poke you with W,Q cause he can see where you go when you are farming with your Q.”
BL00dY3nDs Draven by BL00dY3nD | Draven Player
Niculae01 says “Balanced to hard matchup, he will poke you, and will escape easily with his teleport.”
[9.9] Twitch ADC | ~ Sneaky Sneaky ~ | By Only Teemo by Niculae01 | Twitch Player
Shderen says “If he's AP, the aim of the game is to dodge his abilities. If he's AD, the aim of the game is to dodge his Q and stay out of auto range unless you DEFINITELY hit your Q and E, and even then, you run away. They likely know what they're doing and will know how to snowball - you need to be the better team here. Seek objectives and shit.”
Fruxo says “You have to bait his E before you try to kill him as he will otherwise just jump away from your W. Don't let his W hit you or you will get bursted with either an auto attack or his Q. Try to avoid getting hit by his Q's when he's chasing you as if they hit it'll reduce the cooldowns of his other abilities.”
✔️ Killing is my form of Art by Fruxo | Jhin Player
NeinMeansNo says “Ezreal's poking ability with his Q and his re positioning with his E in bushes can give Twitch a hard time.”
From out the sewers comes.. DOOM! by NeinMeansNo | Twitch Player
Todomagia says “Stay behind minions all the time avoid the W wait until lvl 6 after that you win.”
LET´S TRY VAYNE W/MATCHUPS by Todomagia | Vayne Player
DddyAwsmSauce says “His play style is quite similar- got some pokes like MF but with higher mobility. He is just annoying.”
[Miss OP] All You Need is a Fortune (9.8) by DddyAwsmSauce | Miss Fortune Player
boppang says “Rushes tabi and gauntlet and you do no damage to him. Especially if he plays with Thresh or Leona, its either early first blood or he beats you with armor.”
DRAVEN DOES IT ALL... by boppang | Draven Player
NMFO says “Ezreal isn't that difficult, however his teleport ability can be used to moderate sucess, and it's cool down is close to yours. Just requires smart thinking. ”
jster131 says “This will be a very easy lane. Ezreal is a skillshot-based champ, so all you hae to do is stay behind the minion wave. Be sure to poke him with your autos (preferably 4th shot) and your q and w.”
THEY'RE GONNA LIVE, UNTIL THEY DIE!!!! Jhin Guide by jster131 | Jhin Player
DutchWolf114 says “Dodge all the things.”
ADC: Ahri Damage Carry [Quick & Dirty Ahri ADC] by DutchWolf114 | Ahri Player
Xerxes Is ADC says “Don't let him poke you. and you're gucci. run away if he lands his W as it will do more damage. wait for it to expire.”
Season 9.7 Diamond Draven ADC Build by Xerxes Is ADC | Draven Player
ViriatoPT says “Probably the best matchup for Kai'Sa. You can punish him easily and poke with your W.”
Diamond 2 Top 30 Kai'Sa EUW Guide by ViriatoPT | Kai'Sa Player
Shizashi says “This matchup is more even, you both can match each other up, I would say Lucian has a slightly better early game, and Ez has the better late game but mid game is about the same.”
Lucian Guide For Season 9 2019 by Shizashi | Lucian Player
Mimori says “Pressure him, dont get poked.”
9.7 DIAMOND JINX FOR THE WIN by Mimori | Jinx Player
xTheUnlimited says “Ezreal got a lot of poke damage in his laning phase and will bully you with that. Try to dodge as much Q's of him as you can. Your powerspikes are almost at the same time. You have more consistend damage in late game though.”
[9.6] Varus ADC - Give me a target by xTheUnlimited | Varus Player
xTheUnlimited says “Can bully you out of lane pretty easy with his strong Q poke. Wait some Levels until you get the range to trade with him. If you are going out of lane equally, you got the better lane game, definitly. ”
[9.6] Tristana ADC - Blast 'em ! by xTheUnlimited | Tristana Player
L9 Boosted Trash says “He's like Draven, just a bit easier to deal with since he uses skillshots and not basic attacks, still an annoying as fuck lane tho”
Serve justice as ADC Kayle by L9 Boosted Trash | Kayle Player
purrpledrank says “Shut him down before he builds Iceborn Gauntlet or you're gonna have a bad time.”
Draaaven does it all! by purrpledrank | Draven Player
FelipeGustavo says “always stay behind the footmen to avoid Ezreal's nudge and hit him whenever he is within range. Do not fight 1x1 with him if he closed the Tabi ninja and items front you”
Best Draven Build For to Destroy by FelipeGustavo | Draven Player
SubSequence says “Dodge the Mystic Shot and you'll be fine. He does out-DPS you but if you aren't getting smacked by his Q, you'll come out on top. ”
ItsJustSub's Guide to Twitch Jungle! by SubSequence | Twitch Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “About an even matchup so skill is needed in the matchup”
Ashe deals big damage by Ch33syB0y8 | Ashe Player
Ightveso says “Stay behind minions. Q AA trade on his AA. If he dont AA he lose mana go in when he has no mana. Force him too stay on lane. ”
[9.4] Rank 34 Jhin World! Go get your LP! <3 by Ightveso | Jhin Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Easy for you to trade with in lane and Ezreal has poor waveclear so you can use it to your advantage”
Stattik Shivvir by Ch33syB0y8 | Sivir Player
KinkyGaren says “Ezreal is all around the worst ADC to play against, he is safe, has high damage, low cooldowns, low skill floor, and gets quite tanky for an ADC.”
Lucian ADC Guide by KinkyGaren | Lucian Player
Tipurrs says “Too squishy but high mobility. And he pokes a lot. Not that hard though, but Watch out from his burst if he's AP.”
Found Him! Patch 9.2 Annie Guide by Tipurrs | Annie Player
B34STLYG4M3R says “Ezreal is no longer a free matchup. He will try to shove you under tower and spam his Q. Rush Berserker's Greaves to dodge his stuff and shove the wave back. ”
OG Korean Triple Crit Vayne (1M Mastery) by B34STLYG4M3R | Vayne Player
qasddsa says “Constantly push him in; he has poor waveclear and can only last hit with Mystic Shot. Don't take free harass from him; if he steps up to ranged minions to last hit, use Fishbones' splash. Since he's skillshot reliant, a 1v1 against him depends somewhat on your ability to kite and dodge his skillshots.”
[9.2] Get Excited! | Jinx by qasddsa | Jinx Player
YukiWyvern says “No começo de jogo todo seu dano é focado em poke a longa distancia com seu (Q) e seu (W).Faça que ele utilize seu (E) antes para fazer uma troca,assim, ele não terá como escapar caso não tenha flash.”
Yuki Wyvern - Guia de Lucian (ADC) S9 (Update) by YukiWyvern | Lucian Player
tertablis says “Pretty much anyone with alot of mobility or can outburst you early. Changes depending on the meta”
mf build and runes by tertablis | Miss Fortune Player
KaedeGod says “it's perfect pick vs ezreal, you outdamge him in every trade and it's easy to dominate him.”
TYTY130 says “Pretty strong because he will spam his Q and abuse of it , but u will get the wave preasure easily.”
[S9.2] ADC SIVIR by TYTY130 | Sivir Player
Nohian says “Ezreal is only skillshot, stay behind the creeps and fuck him with your E is he wanna do the W+Q poke combo”
[9.2] Nobody expects the banana by Nohian | Soraka Player
TruMediaMix1 says “Don't underestimate Ezreal's damage. He can easily burst you down or harass you out of your lane if you're careless.”
Embracing the Void: A Kai'Sa Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Kai'Sa Player
weinerman says “hah, pathetic, your damage far outweighs this cute twink's damage so you can pretty much sit ur huge weiner in the middle of lane and eat all the cs while he doesnt get any. be warned though, despite how comfortable you want to get with this supple young boy, the enemy jungler may in fact also be attracted to him so don't always push up completely.”
Dr3sko says “Dont get hit by his W or Q, harass with your Autoattacks and Q”
"Prefer the Good Cop or the Bad Cop?" Caitlyn S9 G by Dr3sko | Caitlyn Player
MeSad says “"Skill shot" reliant AD. Although with the hitbox on a lot of his stuff, not much skill needed. Because most Ezs you'll see do not auto a lot, and most their damage is from their ability combo, Ezreal counters Teemo. Use your w to try to dodge skillshots and do not get poked down by this guy.”
Vayne's Worst Nightmare by MeSad | Teemo Player
Darkkin says “Dano bom, porem pouco clear wave antes da manopla dos glacinatas, apenas puna-o quando for possivel e agressive nele quando ele estiver sem o E, desvie do W dele e tudo ficará bem. --------------------------------------------------- Damage good, but a little clear wave before the Iceborn Gauntlet, just punch him when possible and agressive him when he is without the E, deviate from his W and everything will be fine.”
[9.1] Santa Claus Draven - Darkkin Build by Darkkin | Draven Player
EagleBlades says “Avoid his q and you will be fine. easier said than done I know.”
Sivir Build by EagleBlades | Sivir Player
ExcalibursMight says “Ez can be easy to take down, save your Bounce until after Ez uses his blink if he tries to come in close, he will regret it!”
Carrier ADC (Patch 8.24) - "WTF WAS THAT!?" by ExcalibursMight | Quinn Player
satancurls says “Ezreal sempre foi um campeão que a Vayne ganha mas ultimamente por causa das runas e itemizações, o Ezreal pode se tornar um problema. Desvie dos tiros dele e assim evitará maior parte dos problemas na lane.”
[8.24] [PT-BR] Hora do acerto de contas. by satancurls | Vayne Player
II Monokaiser II says “Chato de lidar mesmo com suport de engage, melhor estrategia é pedir taric suport e empurrar ele para a torre e jogar dando Roaming, Thresh/Leona sup é bom contra ele. ”
O Guia definitivo para o Mordekaiser ADC by II Monokaiser II | Mordekaiser Player
Savagerayne says “A good Ezreal has a chance to beat you in lane throw poke. You can a better all in and stronger burst. Get an early kill on him and you can keep him out of the game completely.”
Kai'sa The Breach by Savagerayne | Kai'Sa Player
Hers Wolf says “He's a poke adc, his early game is weak against you, and you can handle the lane pretty easily”
Varus Build (8.24) by Hers Wolf | Varus Player
undeadsoldiers says “Zoe's crush is pretty annoying in lane. Don't underestimate his steady poke. If he has Kleptomancy, keep track of his inventory and when he pops his potions. Other than that, you can poke him when you find a window. He can dodge your E with his E, but his E's on a decent cooldown so it should be pretty easy to bait it with a Q before going all-in. Push him hard until he gets Tear. Suggested: Armguard rush if you feel you need it”
SSG Ruler says “heavy poke, W+ult is crazy damage. heavy dependant on support imo.”
a silver guide on lucian by SSG Ruler | Lucian Player
macspam says “Not a difficult matchup in general, but he does have a free escape from your cage with his E blink. If he uses it offensively, definitely cage him in retaliation. ”
The waddling nuke by macspam | Veigar Player
Federalist says “este simplemente tiene mas alcance: solo acercate y perdera toda ventaja ademas no te confies creyendo que no tiene como escapar ya que su E es literalmente un flash escondido”
TF mid in all by Federalist | Twisted Fate Player
Kikkujo says “Go Dorans ring. Destroy him.”
[8.24] Only Diamond Kai'Sa guide you need. by Kikkujo | Kai'Sa Player
Seigemaster035 says “A hard-pressed matchup early but you win late since he can't really poke you out before a team fight, just stick it out early and wait for late.”
Twitch Guide by Seigemaster035 | Twitch Player
Starredgamer says “Ezreal is a skilled matchup because of his mobility and his insane poke. You could be able to win if you play right! ”
|-[8.23]-| 4th Time's A Charm! THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE! by Starredgamer | Jhin Player
LordZeta1313 says “hid behind your minion and use your 4th auto to damage him ”
beauty in death (jhin build) by LordZeta1313 | Jhin Player
Nittwerp says “If Ezreal can't poke you down before a fight it will be easy peasy to kill ezreal. If ezreal rushes iceborn, all you need to do is dodging her Q's and you should be able to chase her down.”
PTA Vayne - PRE season 9 by Nittwerp | Vayne Player
Vimo94 says “it's fucking useless against you, he doesn't have damage in early neither to take down your shield and when he finally got power spike you are beyond him”
Who need ADC when you can play Mordekaiser? by Vimo94 | Mordekaiser Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Not as hard of a counter as you might expect yet if the Ezreal plays aggressively then you may fall behind.”
Big Yordle Gunner Boi by Ch33syB0y8 | Tristana Player
iOwnPT says “One of the easiest match up. Just stay behind minions and you win. With the new Rework of ezreal he does a bit more damage if he hits his W so be careful! But overall you just do more damage than him from early to late game, you should win this.”
Warmanreaper says “High mobility ezreal, just try to poke him without tanking his Q or flux to the face, He's very mobile so he can outplay you if he's experienced.”
Draven? No.. It's DRAAAAAAAAAAVEN! by Warmanreaper | Draven Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Ezreal's lack of trading power is good for you.”
Ch33syB0y8 says “You can out-trade Ezreal in the early game with your W and auto-attacks”
Darkk Mane+CheesyBoy8 Jinx by Ch33syB0y8 | Jinx Player
Ch33syB0y8 says “Quite useless against you unless Ezreal reaches Ezreal's power spike before you”
Runaan's Hurricait by Ch33syB0y8 | Caitlyn Player
Tylerfig455 says “Decent poke and his W makes it stronger. Get in his face and you'll be fine.”
Win Lane, Win Game | Draven Guide [8.22] by Tylerfig455 | Draven Player

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