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Yuumi Counter Stats

Yuumi Counters
Support Lane
Ranked #39 out of 39 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Yuumi. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Yuumi in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Yuumi Data for all roles taken from 64,384 matches.
Yuumi Counter Stats From:
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Bottom Lane (99%) Yuumi Bottom Lane Counters: 63,759 matches, 36 counter champions

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Tips Against Yuumi in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

IHaveNoName says “Even that she is not that strong, she can be an annoying match-up. Also, Q poke, very annoying, stand behind minions/inbetween. Her speed, shield and heal can make up a tough lane for you if not played aggressively - and you won't be able to play aggressive/ get kills if they've got a Cait that places her traps and E's right.”
Absolute domination Draven - How to by IHaveNoName | Draven Player
aCuria says “Healing Supports will negate your poke advantage running comet. Using Press the Attack is better here.”
Guns Blazing Miss Fortune (Season 11) by aCuria | Miss Fortune Player
Doody_tco says “Yuumi may be frustrating to play against when Miss Fortune pokes her ADC and she heals them as nothing happens, but she cannot deal much damage and it is possible to escape her ultimate”
Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7 by Doody_tco | Miss Fortune Player
pandorelol says “Easy to lane against. Be warry of ennemy jungle position and you shouldn't have much problem. Picking doran shield if not confident is a good option, as she has lot of poke.”
[PRE-SEASON] EUW Grandmaster rank 1 Vayne guide by pandorelol | Vayne Player
Kalista Monster says “Absolutely garbage champion like why do people even play her. Just kill her not hard she can't do anything”
[10.25] Guide to Kalista by Kalista Monster | Kalista Player
yers says “She will be latched to the botlaner for most of the time, which means two things; you cant kill her until you kill the botlaner, but the botlaner becomes an easy target as well. When she looks for a passive AA shield fight back and stun her if you can. She is one of the squishiest champs in the game so one commitment with you and your support will usually kill her quickly.”
yer's Recommended botlane [s11 update] by yers | Syndra Player
HoesBeforeBros69 says “Yuumi is a pathetic creature. She is useless solo and unable to protect others from this pick. Wrestling is no fair 1vs1. Just let someone bring her to the fight for a guaranteed double kill. Remember: You aren‘t trapped with them. They are trapped with you.”
CAGE FIGHT MORGANA by HoesBeforeBros69 | Morgana Player
Ultrama says “This cat is not much of a threat, one or two Q's and she is dead.”
[10.22] Miss Letalithy (In Depth / Match-ups and Synergies) by Ultrama | Miss Fortune Player
Camelorry says “You can't block her ult and she will help her ad keep distance with you, so you'll have a very hard time killing your lane oponents and you'll have to respect her ult engage.”
[10.20] Samira introduction guide. by Camelorry | Samira Player
Spider Shaped says “Не сильный хил в начале,не слабый контроль. Убить в начале адк и её можно,но зависит так же от их игры”
Build by Spider Shaped | Ezreal Player
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