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Morgana Counter Stats

Morgana Counters
Support Lane
Ranked #22 out of 39 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Morgana. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Morgana in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Morgana Data for all roles taken from 96,772 matches.
Morgana Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

In the Jungle (58%) Morgana In the Jungle Counters: 56,148 matches, 47 counter champions

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Tips Against Morgana in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

ak521 says “If she can land her Q's, that's unfortunate. If she knows how to use her E's thats also unfortunate. She will win the early game if so... Dodge her Q's and walk up- wait out the spell shield before you BandageToss/Q in. I'd get Zhonyas actually (or MR if you are going tank) to ignore her ultimate right before it stuns you. It's also worth noting that her early game power is almost equal to if not the same as yours if you get the upper hand. Because she maxes her W first (as Jungle to help her clear), it's less punishing to invade, and she GENERALLY will level her E at 4. So you can invade at lvl 3.”
LambWolf says “You need to impact the map more than she does. She clears jungler incredibly fast compared to Kindred. You should invade her whenever possible.”
[11.12] Kindred the Solo Carry Machine by LambWolf | Kindred Player
NixLychee says “This champ is pretty disgusting right now, and she has one of if not the fastest clearing speeds in the game, and if you get hit by her Q, you die.”
[11.12] Lee Sin Owner's Manual by NixLychee | Lee Sin Player
Kocykek says “Not really an popular pick but it works, her black shield prevents from getting stunned so wait it out. Also roots from her can get you in danger.”
MiningRicK says “So Morgana is in the Moment very OP in Jungle she will out jungle you, be careful! But actually I played vs her and won always in 1vs1. So I think even.”
Leona Jungle Tank to Win S11 by MiningRicK | Leona Player
SheepeyDarkness says “Due to the new jungle changes, morgana jungle is very strong. Her black shield can really screw your play making. If she has enough ap and lands a root on you you are most likely dead. She will run you down with her ultimate. ”
[11.10] The Bashful Bloom // Lillia Jungle Guide by SheepeyDarkness | Lillia Player
carlru says “Xin Zhao counters Morgana. Still, she is OP as of now.”
[11.10] Some Stuff About Xin Zhao by carlru | Xin Zhao Player
Baggyyy says “so annoying to gank like holy moly her spell shield and root are annoying thank god that she's banned every game.”
[11.12] pro gamer sett guide by Baggyyy | Sett Player
DeleDulux says “Actually not more in jungle but still strong because of her range if she misses her Q she's death”
EAT PEOPLE WITH WARWICK by DeleDulux | Warwick Player
Pusi Puu says “Always try to invade if you can (have vision/prios). Always look for skirmishes and don't waste your ferocity to cleanse her root. She clears really fast, so try not to get behind in tempo and look to always pressure. ”
[11.11] (MULTISEASON CHALLENGER) PusiPuu Guide (IN-DEPTH) by Pusi Puu | Rengar Player
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Bottom Lane (39%) Morgana Bottom Lane Counters: 37,442 matches, 32 counter champions

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Tips Against Morgana in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Massive Nuts says “Very annoying in lane, her binds are really punishing as your main potential is to be mobile. If she plays correctly, she will R during your R and will turn the teamfight.”
[11.10] Massive Nuts Kindred ADC Ultimate Guide by Massive Nuts | Kindred Player
Penguto says “Her root is longer than anything, try to stay behind minions and not get caught, and careful of her R try to not get stunned. You can try running away with Severum or Root her.”
KindledFlames says “If she times her ultimate well, hers can directly counter yours.”
Kindred ADC - "Rip them to bits!" by KindledFlames | Kindred Player
LordTowelYT says “I'll be honest, I HATE Morgana. But she isn't that much of a problem if you have an ally near to assist you.”
KoZee says “Morgana can be somewhat difficult to deal with when you first face her. Her Q can be instant death for Varus and with your immobility it can sometimes be tough to dodge it. However, it has a cooldown that can be punished and if she misses then you can win trades and possibly kill her. Additionally, her spellshield has a very long cooldown giving you a lot of time to catch her out post-6 with your ultimate. She's also quite squishy and won't want to be within range of you long enough for her to ultimate to bind you.”
Vapora Dark says “Morg is another Mage support. Bringing Damage and utility at the cost of the utility. She has a staggeringly long snare which (thankfully) is very slow, so dodge it at all costs. Her pool does a lot of damage if you sit in it and easily procs thunderlords for extra poke. Her E is what allows her to support, as it blocks all incoming magic damage (not physical) and also prevents the target from being CC'd. Save your W until this isn't on/avalible for your target otherwise it won't lock them up. Her ult is a great teamfighting tool as it does a lot of damage and can CC targets very well. It also splits teams up as if people stay close to her they get stunned after a couple of seconds. Dodge her Q, don't stand in her W, don't try and CC her E target, and run away if she tags you with ult.”
Art Requires a Certain Cruelty - In Depth Jhin Guide by Vapora Dark | Jhin Player
Sinci says “Morgana is just all around a good champion against, making it hard to save your allies and hard to engage on enemies. ”
[11.11] Fasting Tahm Senna | Tahm Guide by Sinci | Tahm Kench Player
Delta eGirl says “Morgana does great against champions who get in her face, which is bad news for you. Additionally, her roots and general damage are a lot for Aphelios to deal with, for icing on the cake.”
[11.11] World's Most Average Aphelios Guide by Delta eGirl | Aphelios Player
blazkoo says “Same as Lux, for the most part you can avoid her Q's but she will push.”
Senna ADC no attack speed by blazkoo | Senna Player
Penguto says “Morgana can stun you forever, so make sure to take cleanse, but she can also spell shield her ADC which cancels your E.”
[11.10] Off Meta Sylas BOT Guide by Penguto | Sylas Player
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