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Aphelios Counter Stats

Aphelios Counters
Bottom Lane
Ranked # out of 20 in ADC Discover all ADC champions who counter Aphelios. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Aphelios in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Aphelios Data for all roles taken from 32,310 matches.
Aphelios Counter Stats From:
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Bottom Lane (97%) Aphelios Bottom Lane Counters: 31,396 matches, 16 counter champions

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Tips Against Aphelios in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

DoublefeedOP says “Aphelios is a pretty bad champion at the moment and even worse in Season 11 as crit items aren't very good at the moment. ”
[11.2] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Kog'Maw Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Kog'Maw Player
DoublefeedOP says “He doesn't have much kill pressure over you, just scale and beat him later.”
[11.2] THE ULTIMATE S11 GRANDMASTER Vayne Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Vayne Player
DoublefeedOP says “Aphelios is inherently weak early game so you shouldn't have much trouble against him, just don't give him your W - E and then you get rooted with his Blue / Purple gun into an all in by his support.”
[11.2] THE ULTIMATE S11 Grandmaster Ezreal Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Ezreal Player
Chaeha says “Aphelios starts off the game with a range advantage over Kai'Sa which he can utilize to gain an early health advantage and then use his other guns which have a lot more kill potential.”
[11.2] Chaeha's Grandmaster ADC Kai'sa Guide by Chaeha | Kai'Sa Player
TheGronne says “Makes laning phase a living hell and can out damage you lategame if you're not careful.”
Top 150 Xayah Guide - TheGronne by TheGronne | Xayah Player
ELOSANTA says “Aphelios: This champion has zero to none escape abilities so you can easily deal with him during laning phase with your dashes (E)”
Rank 1 Lucian In-Depth Guide | Patch 11.2 Lucian Build by ELOSANTA | Lucian Player
DoublefeedOP says “Aphelios should be a very easy kill level 3 as he doesn't really have much when it comes to CC.”
[11.2] THE ULTIMATE S11 GRANDMASTER Samira Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Samira Player
Santoryo says “200 years of expierence. Either mega OP or mega feed.”
[11.2] Santoryo's Guide for Kai'Sa (ADC, APC and Midlane) by Santoryo | Kai'Sa Player
DoublefeedOP says “As of Season 11, they nerfed crit items so Aphelios is in a pretty bad spot. He's practically a worse version of Jhin that scales harder in the late game. He'll build Galeforce just like you but takes too long to go online that you should be able to easily stomp lane.”
[11.2] THE ULTIMATE S11 GRANDMASTER Jhin Guide! by DoublefeedOP | Jhin Player
Penguto says “Aphelios would be an easy lane for you early but late he outscales you hard so make sure to harass him early.”
[11.2] r/Sivir Guide UPDATING - Season 11 by Penguto | Sivir Player
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