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Skarner Counter Stats

Skarner Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #9 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Skarner. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Skarner in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Skarner Data for all roles taken from 26,222 matches.
Skarner Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

In the Jungle (82%) Skarner In the Jungle Counters: 21,559 matches, 41 counter champions

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Tips Against Skarner in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Dopamine_influx says “Haven't played against him since the reworks, so I can't really tell, but he clears fast and can hard 1v1 you with redsmite.”
[CHALLENGER 900 LP] How to play rengar like DOPAMINE ! Becom Rengar Build Guide by Dopamine_influx
Riealone says “Skarner with Predator + Cinderhulk is not a threat. Be aware of his R”
EXPERT GUIDE by BEST Hecarim EUW - constantly updating Hecarim Build Guide by Riealone
FalleN3 says “QSS can be a goto pick-up against Skarner, just use it whenever he ultimates you. He shouldn't be an issue in your side of the jungle for the early levels and afer level 6 you should have no problem taking him down. Try to get ahead of him early and pick up some kills. If he buys thornmail, botRK can go a long way to providing the damage and sustain you need to kill him.”
Master Yi Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Master Yi Master Yi Build Guide by FalleN3
ak521 says “Not a huge threat, weak ganks, weak jungle clear, but his R is really good and his E is pretty good, too. Not much of a problem to "outplay" in that fact, he's quite immobile and it will be hard for him to get to your ADC. Your ADC should handle him.”
giving amu ❤ ➤ DEATHMU ➤ tank + ap w/ matchups Amumu Build Guide by ak521
KamiKZ says “Skarner can be real trouble for you as he has one of the most efficient clear times for junglers and his early gank pressure can be insane. Add that to having a game-changing ultimate that can easily punish you or an ally who´s mispositioned and you´ll be regretting not shutting him down early. Skarner can be abused early game 1v1 scenarios if he misses his stun on you but be mindful when fighting in his spire zones. We suggest that you build a QSS if you´re being focused, or pick up an Edge of Night as a situational item instead.”
Tchouvline says “One of the worst matchups for Fiddlesticks, avoid picking Fiddle if you see a Skarner on the enemy team. ”
[10.16] Reworked Fiddlesticks Jungle, the detailled guide Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Tchouvline
UDYSOF_OCE says “Skarner can clear fast and counter gank effectively but struggles to make early plays, and his ult is countered by QSS.”
[S10] DESTROY SOLOQ WITH JARVAN IV - UDYSOF Challenger J4! Jarvan IV Build Guide by UDYSOF_OCE
KamiKZ says “This match up is actually 50-50 you are always able to fight Skarner 1v1 the problem is that Skarner often gets help from his team and there is not much you can do against all of his cc. I recommend trying to 1v1 him early but make sure that he is by himself. I also recommend by quick silversash to remove his ulti cc. ”
Season 10 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide Graves Build Guide by KamiKZ
FalleN3 says “QSS can be a solid pick-up against Skarner, just use it whenever he ultis you. He shouldn't be an issue in your side of the jungle for the early levels and afer level 6 you should have no problem taking him down. Try to get ahead of him early and pick up some kills. If he buys thornmail, botRK can go a long way to providing the damage and sustain you need to kill him.”
Twitch Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Twitch Jungle Twitch Build Guide by FalleN3
KevinThyAsian says “Fast and annoying CC. But his lack of dmg output makes up for it. Get Mercury’s and you should be fine, but he is still a threat”
[10.16] 200k Mastery Kindred, Crit/or tank shred build Kindred Build Guide by KevinThyAsian

Top Lane (16%) Skarner Top Lane Counters: 4,179 matches, 39 counter champions

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Tips Against Skarner in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Pathetic Singed says “Who? Skarner struggles to catch up with you and if he R's you in a teamfight it only takes the pressure off the backline.”
[10.16] Mark's Guide to Singed: Check out Phrxshn Singed Build Guide by Pathetic Singed
Sovereign Kitten says “You very rarely ever see Skarner being played anymore. The recent changes, have made him extremely hard to deal with alone, you really need to take his capture points to remove his ability to move swiftly through those areas an gain his bonus attack speed, and kite him. Once he hits level 6 he will win every single exchange once he locks you down into his allies. ”
A PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO (Redesigning) Teemo Build Guide by Sovereign Kitten
Drake6401 says “Avoid standing near his tower if the wave is pushed in. He can drag you under it with his ultimate and stun you there for an easy kill.”
Complete Guide to Renekton Renekton Build Guide by Drake6401
Defensivity1 says “Very weak 1v1 but great gank setup, be carefull to not get flash ult ignited under his tower because you may die to that. Overall he should be easy to kill 1v1 but i would recommend going triforce before sanguine because its safer as he has very good gank setup.”
Defensivity's Yorick Guide S10 Patch 10.16 Yorick Build Guide by Defensivity1
Stiwy says “Skarner 's recent buffs helped him but for Urgot he is an easy matchup. The real threat is its ult, especially in teamfights he can delete your carry just by pressinng R. Always try to defend your carry if you see Skarner near.”
Do1HaveTh3Sauce says “Skarner isn't played often and when he is, they normally do terrible.”
All Roles (Except ADC): Nidalee Nidalee Build Guide by Do1HaveTh3Sauce
Urgotem says “Refer to Match Up Section”
Kingarthur720 says “Lethal Tempo Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Long sword refillable potion start. What you wanna watch out for when dueling skarner top lane is his E. If you get hit by his E you get slowed down and his first auto on you will stun you and grant him bonus attack speed. If you are able to dodge his E or he wastes it on minions that is when you want to trade. Skarner can get pretty tanky and deal a good amount of damage with conqueror + trinity force however Tryndamere has more out of combat mobility as well better farm and waveclear. Make sure to take control of his spires in areas that you are potentially gonna fight him (and the free 15g at the beginning of the game by taking a spire.) In the mid-late game splitpush look to catch out skarner away from his turret, or buy a QSS so you can dive him. Merc Treads are VERY good in this matchup because of his CC that is very easy to hit. Also if the skarner builds a lot of cdr be very careful trading with him close to his turret, he can E then pull you under turret, auto attack to stun you then e and auto attack to stun you again for a 4.5 second CC chain (that + turret dmg = u dead)”
Let the anger take over - In depth Tryndamere guide top Tryndamere Build Guide by Kingarthur720
Darrkescru says “Isto e meio que especificamente contra o Atemon, usa o impeto , não tenta matar ele que este bicho e BACANA, ele geralmente não vai conseguir te dar dano antes do lvl 6 mas depois disto tudo que ele vai fazer e ficar procurando uma oportunidade para te pushar para baixo da torre, farma safe e faz ele perder farm que late você ganha (use tempestade crescente)”
Teemo apenas basico. (PT-BR) Teemo Build Guide by Darrkescru
ACE4291 says “dont go near turrets with him after lvl6. can use his ult to grab you out of position ”
(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out! Tahm Kench Build Guide by ACE4291

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