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Zoe Counter Stats

Zoe Counters
Discover all champions who counter Zoe. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Zoe in League of Legends and win in Champion Select!
766 Tips for countering Zoe below

Mid Lane
48.43% Win Rate84% Pick Rate Zoe Mid Lane Counters: 34 counter champions

Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.
Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

Tips Against Zoe in Mid Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

vSomnia says “Skill matchup. Don't get harassed, try to take as much farm as you can. Only trade when she used her E and missed it. Once you can oneshot the caster minions you can start perma shoving and make plays around the map. You outscale her and win sidelane. Get sidelane pressure.”
The Only Ekko Guide You'll Need by vSomnia | Ekko Player
InTaggar says “ENG: This matchup is a nightmare if Zoe's good. Avoid the walls if u didnt see her, if u roam, roam inside of your jungle. Trade her only if she waste his E. Rush Banshees or Zhonyas. Runes: Aery with inspiration (sustain) / Aery with Resolve (Second Air + Overgrowth) Spells: TP/Cleanse. ESP: Sinceramente este matchup es una pesadilla, si no la ves mantente lejos de las paredes en las que piensas puede llegar a estar detrás. Si vas a rotar tratá de rotar por los interiores de tu jungla porque puede estar esperándote con su jungla, tradeale solo si gastó mal su E. Rush Banshee o Zhonyas. Runes: Aery con inspiración (sustain) / Aery con Valor (Segundo Aire + Sobrecrecimiento) Spells: TP/Purificar.”
[Patch 14.3] - Viktor Guide In Depth - [ENG/ESP] by InTaggar | Viktor Player
FelixMrChat says “There is a special place in hell for Zoe players. She represents everything you hate: burst and crowd control from a long distance with dashes in all directions. It is one of the rare matchups where the Mercury/Kroakern rush is almost inevitable, even if the jungler is AD. But this matchup, although statistically the worst for Swain (10/02/24 lolaytics) is more impressive than it seems. If you avoid dying and manage to warn your allies in case of roaming, you will have much more impact. Farm, farm,”
[14.3] Swain the Manaless King (Mid/Top) by FelixMrChat | Swain Player
MasaruYoni says “If you are against a Zoe just watch out her high dmg output, but you can counter her easily cause you E back nullify her E so she will never sleep you”
Yone for Beginner by MasaruYoni | Yone Player
Kikife says “Positioning behind waves makes it really easy for you to dodge Zoe Q / E Experienced Zoe players will position themselves on the side of lane where their jungler is / where they have the most vision to prevent a gank, so beware of her Q circumventing the wave to hit you. Since all her abilities are completely straight lane and you know when she will use them, you can play around it. When her E is on cooldown, it's an easy engage. Otherwise you must juke out her E otherwise her burst is extreme to engage.”
vreiki says “Ataca de muito longe e dificilmente entra no seu alcance. O soninho dura muito tempo, e te impede de usar a sua ultimate pra se proteger. Tem potencial pra te matar sem reação.”
Axsanea says “[EN] You can't really use your "E" never as always as she has "E" you'll get stunned and outdamaged, also her "R" isn't the best "R" for you, it just helps you to maybe reposition yourself for a better "Q" or something but try to play next and behind the minions so she use her "E" if she fails such ability feel free to all-in, and winning it, but it depends a lof of her "E". [ES] Realmente no puedes usar tu "E" nunca, siempre y cuando ella tenga su "E", quedarás aturdido y te ganara en dmg y el tradeo claro, además su "R" no es la mejor "R" para ti, solo te ayuda a reposicionarte, quizas te ayude para obtener una mejor "Q" o algo así, pero intenta jugar al lado o detrás de los minions para que ella use su "E". Si falla esa habilidad, siéntete libre de hacer cualquier all-in ya que podras ganarlo, pero depende en gran medida de su "E".”
gaarrett says “HATRED. Nothing but hatred for this lane. The only times I've won against Zoe is if I got a lucky double in an early jungle skirmish. If you ever get slept, her Q will take you down to half health. Bait out the sleep by feinting towards the wave and then walking backwards. If the sleep goes on cooldown, you have a trade angle. If she throws the sleep towards someone else, blow her up. Pretty much always has Flash, Ignite, or some really useful item active available for use. Horrible ult to take unless you're going for a funny kill with E recast after you teleport back to the starting position. ”
14.2 Gold Sylas Guide: Every Likely Midlane Matchup by gaarrett | Sylas Player
MukiiBaa says “Stay behind minions and after 6 u can all in her if she misplay. get some MR and dont go near walls if you cant see her”
149Gray says “Stand behind minions so you don't get hit by her Q's like already mentioned in the Hwei matchup, pool her sleep and play safe.”
[14.2+] Vladimir Season 14 Midlane Guide by 149Gray | Vladimir Player
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