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Illaoi Counter Stats

Illaoi Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #6 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Illaoi. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Illaoi in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Illaoi Data for all roles taken from 31,092 matches.
Illaoi Counter Stats From:
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Top Lane (91%) Illaoi Top Lane Counters: 28,364 matches, 51 counter champions

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Tips Against Illaoi in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “My tips for this matchup: #1 Start Doran's Blade and run PTA since we are going very agressive early levels, corruption potion is also fine if you're a bit less confident in this matchup or they have an aggressive jungler.#2 Try to be very agressive levels 1-3 because illaoi is not good until she has her full combo skilled and you are strong in these levels. #3 Stand behind your minions to make it hard for her to land E's on you, if you're out in the open make sure you're constantly moving and trying to sidestep her E, if she misses E then try to go all in to punish her illaoi relives heavily on hitting her E to do anything. #4 Build executioners calling at some point, usually right after Black Cleaver. #5 Try to force her into teamfights, Illaoi thrives at splitpushing but urgot thrives at teamfighting. #6 If you know she is going to use her ultimate then try to play right outside the range of it so she doesn't get an extra tentacle on you, this can be especially important if your jungler is ganking for you and you know she is going to ultimate, her ultimate range is about the same as your auto attack range so you can simply step back a little bit to bait it out. #7 You can kill her tentacles with your W very quickly, this is especially useful to know once you're level 9 and have your W maxxed, it is important to note that auto attacking the tentacles and using your W will use your passive proc in that direction, which isn't a big deal later on but can be something to keep in mind early game.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Ayanleh says “It depends on the illaoi player, if she is good, she will cancel your ultimate channel with her ultimate and if shes not good she will get ulted by you and she will lose the 1v1 due to losing nearly all of damage.”
A Guide To Playing Mordekaiser by Ayanleh | Mordekaiser Player
Sovereign Kitten says “Illaoi has to be played through her passive. Keep taking the tentacles out as they grant you (5g) and prevent her from landing chain abilities, like when she uses her ultimate and hits a target nearby. That being said her ult needs to HIT a champion to activate. It's flashable and avoidable if you Zhonya. However, she is a very simple champion to deal with I would suggest learning to bait out her (E) and side step her tentacles (E) combo and her (Q). If you allow her tentacles to remain and they hit you, she will gain sustain for every tentacle that strikes a champion. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
YoungTact says “Skill matchup that relies on dodging her tentacles. Apply general lane harass combo here but it is VITAL to dodge her E as thats how she gets her really good trades onto you. You can also W her W to catch her offguard and get a nice trade in. DONT R DURING her R animation because she is immune to CC during it. ”
Pathetic Singed says “If you can dodge her E's you'll go even, if not you're in for a world of hurt. You can bait her into ulting by running right into her most of the time and then running straight past her as she ults, but it's risky business. A few too many tentacles can ruin your lane so always be looking to AA her tentacles to death.”
[10.19] Mark's Guide to Singed: Desert Rose MonkaS by Pathetic Singed | Singed Player
Rhoku says “TL;DR - SKILL MATCHUP. GENERATE A LEAD PRE-6. TRY TO NOT GET HIT BY HER E. BRAMBLE VEST WORKS WELL INTO HER. NINJA TABIS WORKS AS WELL. AFTERSHOCK IS A GREAT CHOICE. CONQUEROR WORKS TOO. LAND YOUR QS. CAREFUL WHEN FIGHTING HER WITH YOUR JUNGLER. Illaoi is quite a one dimensional matchup. If she lands her E, she is in a position to kill you. If she misses her E, you are in a position to kill her instead. Against Illaoi, you need to be on your feet as there is going to be a lot of dodging involved. You have to dodge her tentacles if possible and you MUST dodge her E. Especially Post-6, as it will lead to her killing you. Keep in mind that without her ultimate, Illaoi cannot kill you at all. Pre-6, she has no kill potential on you whatsoever. Use this to your advantage to generate as big of a lead as possible. Do not miss your Qs. Bramble vest is a good pick up into Illaoi as it allows you to burst her down without her being able to heal back up using her tentacles. I’d recommend a Dblade start if you can force fights early or a Dshield start if you know that she is going to play passive. Conqueror works wonderfully in this lane but if you need extra help into her, Aftershock is another great option. If she landed her E AND used her ultimate, then just RUN. Take as little damage as possible and RUN unless you are 100% positive you will be able to burst her down before she can start DPSing you. Do not underestimate her ability to destroy you at this stage.”
[10.19] Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku's Darius Guide by Rhoku | Darius Player
PH45 says “While playing against Illaoi it's important to dodge her Test of Spirit. After she misses that you are free to trade with her as she misses a good portion of her damage when she can't utilize the spirit from it. If she ults and you know you can't finish her at that moment Q away as she heals for a good amount when she deals damage in her ult. If you are having trouble with her healing buy a Bramble Vest or a Executioner's Calling. ”
Yamikaze says “Major: This lane can go either way depending on who has a lead. More information found below.”
[Season 10] Yamikaze's Challenger Fiora Guide by Yamikaze | Fiora Player
Defensivity1 says “If you dodge Her E and she is between level 2-5 as are you you can all in with 3 or 4 ghouls.”
Defensivity's Yorick Guide S10 by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Drake6401 says “If I picked one champ to remove from League, it would be her. Very overpowered E with very few counterplay options and mico windows to punish her for missing it. It's mana cost is low and it's cooldown is very short so it's ultra spam happy. You'll want to either bait out her overpowered E but if you do, she will run away until it comes back. Her E cooldown is extremely short and mana friendly so she can spam it forever. It's very low skill required to use as well because of it's range, fast cast time and generous hitbox. This matchup is annoying because even if you're ahead, she's still a threat with her E. Normally you can zone enemies off, but Illaoi is one that is mostly immune to this because there's nothing between you and her while zoning. You do however has zone power if she missed. You can just farm safely for the most part but it's very normal for her to have more CS than you. Illoai is only good in the laning phase but it's a level of good beyond all things.”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Olaf Only says “Buy Executioner's Calling first. Difficult to kill and you lose 1v1 if she has R up. Stay behind minions and dodge her E. She outscales you HARD in mid-lategame.”
Olaf Only's Challenger Top Lane Guide [10.19] by Olaf Only | Olaf Player
LiL Bunnie FuFuu says “Also a loss, Illaoi's Q, combined with her spirit can do most of your health bar regardless of what you build. She counters damage Thresh harder due to her innate ability to obliterate squishies... but it's a rough matchup nonetheless. Tank build heavily recommended (and you'll want to practice dodging her E too). Minions or pets will block it. Take CDR to interrupt her ult.”
BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh [10.19] by LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Thresh Player
qasddsa says “Dodging her spirit pull is a must, since it can do a lot of damage to you; rush your Tier 2 boots to help you dodge better. If you want to fight her, you need to kill the tentacles around her first. But, if she uses ult, you NEED to immediately use your own ult to negate the immediate damage that she'll do. After that, you're able to fight her if she has used her full spell rotation.”
PH45 says “Big point about Illaoi is obviously to not let her E hit you. She will be tricky to deal while in lane since she'll naturally be a bit tanky and still have good DPS for 1v1 fights, or even 1v2 fights with her R. When she R's try to get away ASAP and re-engage when it's duration has ended. After lane phase if she tries grouping she will be a lot easier to deal with since she is easily kiteable. Having healing reduction helps in this matchup quite a bit.”
Wawza says “Keep her out of range and always try to dodge her E and poke her down, try to get your jungler to gank if he has CC. Clear your lane of tentacles when she backs.”
"The Silence of Annihilation" Aatrox Guide 10.19 by Wawza | Aatrox Player
Raen says “You need to dodge her E in this match up. If you jump on her make insta side step cuz most of Illaois do insta E and if she misses her E you can try to kill her then. If she ults and you will know that you won't be able to finish her with her heals just jump away, wait for end of her R and then try to go in. You can get Executioner's Calling/Bramble Vest to reduce Illaoi heals. ”
CaptianMike says “Annoying, but you shouldn't be dying too much to her. Stack armour ASAP then you can begin to think about fighting her. Do NOT get hit by her E. If you do, you might as well engage.”
Consume the world | Cho'gath top by CaptianMike | Cho'Gath Player
RTO says “You need to try to kill her pre 6 and you need to learn to dodge her tentacles. If you can't do those, then you will really struggle after 6. The key is dodging. ”
[10.19] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
The_Unf0rgiv3n says “Illaoi is straight up cancer lane. If you want to trade her, make sure you have your windwall ready and also if she has more than 1 tentacle around her, destroy the others or there will be little to no space to run and avoid getting slaped. After 6, if she ults, just run away from her until it expires and then you have a chance to kill her. Rush tabis first item.”
SEASON 10 [10.19] Diamond YASUO TOP/MID GUIDE (3.5 mil maste by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Yasuo Player
PH45 says “Can be pretty hard to face at times. Make sure to dodge her E or if she hits it to run away from the range. Also just back off if she activates her R as she heals a ton from it if she gets to deal damage with it. She has no escapes though so if your jungler comes just CC her and avoid her R and you should get a kill unless she is really ahead.”
Persicum777 says “Her ult literally counters yours, stand behind minions to dodge her e, but next to them so she cant q the wave and you after level 6 you will onyl beat her if your 2 level ahead, or you bait out her ult.”
Persi's Complete Camille Guide by Persicum777 | Camille Player
ak521 says “Not a contender! Skill matchup. Stay behind minions as to dodge his Spirit Grab(E). Dodge his Q. You can take out Tentacles really easy. Doran's Blade to BORK, grevious wounds later in game (around lvl 6).”
👊 10.19 SETT GUIDE & MATCHUP SPREADSHEET 👊 by ak521 | Sett Player
Anoying bro5 says “Always try to dodge her Qs, but be mindful that her hitbox is busted. Riposte her E or Ult. When she ults, RUN. Dont fight her in her ult. ”
[10.19] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+ Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
iZeal says “While this matchup is definitely in Darius' favor pre-6, Illaoi can just stay back and last hit with her Q while fishing for Es. After 6 getting hit by an E while her ult is up means instant disengage. All-in if she misses her E, but be careful about her ult especially when she already has tentacles around her. Pretty much at any point you have to dodge her E to have a chance at fighting her. Boots can facilitate dodging her skills. DBlade, Ninja Tabis, Phage”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Darius compendium by iZeal | Darius Player
RTO says “You can't dual her, she will win. Avoid her E at all costs, trade when it's down, try to stay behind minions, farm up.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Ryze Top Lane Guide by RTO | Ryze Player
Justkb says “This is very favorable to Darius before level 6 so you need to abuse this. Force jungle pressure and control the waves so that you can freeze and stop her scaling harder. when she is 6 make sure you instantly disengage if she hits you with an E, and even if she doesn't try to not fight her inside tentacles. I would recommend going executioners early into a Tri - Ster and forcing any mistakes she makes with your jungler.”
✔️[10.19] JUST1KB'S DARIUS GUIDE! by Justkb | Darius Player
iZeal says “Dodge every Q and E thrown at you, abuse the fact that she cannot move during her Q and E by hitting her with a Q of your own, respect the fact her ultimate allows her to deal huge amounts of damage and just slowly chip away at her. If she hits her E, walk away and rethink how you are using your E. Illaoi is strong against champions who commit into melee range which Aatrox does not necessarily have to, so only all-in her once you have softened her up enough. Executioner's Calling rush can help at mitigating clutch healing from her tentacles.”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Aatrox compendium by iZeal | Aatrox Player
Rhoku says “For the earlier levels, you pretty much just beat her face in. Ideally, you should be avoiding her E but even if you do, you still stand a decent shot at winning the all in anyway. Just make sure that she doesn't hit both you and your ghost with the same tentacle. Try to dodge them as best as you can. DO NOT FIGHT NEAR AREAS WHERE SHE HAS MULTIPLE TENTACLES SET UP. She WILL murder you. When level 6 rolls around, things change. You basically want to be patient with your ultimate. Yes, it does remove her tentacles but understand that if you ult BEFORE she ults, she will simply ult in Death Realm and still have a way to fight back. There are 2 circumstances where ulting is good. A)AFTER she lands her ghost. Now this might be a bit tricky to do, because good Illaoi players WILL try to predict your ultimate and ult during it. Illaoi is immune to CC during her ult which means that if she ults at the same time as your ult, she will just cancel your ult. You won't get the stats or anything and will just get creamed. The first condition is waiting for her to catch your ghost and then ulting her. This way, she will have her ultimate but Illaoi with just 1 tentacle is weak so you can actually beat her. The other way B) is to ult her AFTER she ults you. This way she is just free food. But it also requires a lot of patience and a bit of mind games. Keep in mind that Illaoi can kill you even when behind 5 kills. If you let her have her tentacles, she will be a threat no matter what.”
[10.19] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Mordekaiser Guide by Rhoku | Mordekaiser Player
LoLReal says “This lane is pretty easy. Dodge E and you win all trades. Lane proceeds to get easier post 6 where we can all in her at almost any point. Morello 3rd is a good pick up here, can also run ignite in this lane.”
LoLReal says “Illaoi is a skill match up. You have to dodge her E, if you do, you should win the lane without too much of an issue. You outdamage her if she misses E. Depending on the situation fighting her in her E early is not bad before she has levels in it. It allows us to not get hit by the second part of the spell and we can often out trade her early. Respect her 6, especially if she gets an E off, never fight her post-6 when she gets a soul rip. Ignite is not bad in this lane, or executioners calling after trinity.”
ChaseMorePlz says “A lot of dodging is required to beat this matchup, I recommend Tiamat into Death's Dance”
10.19 Guidance Down The Path Of Every Single Riven Matchup [ by ChaseMorePlz | Riven Player
Ravenborne says “Just hug your minions so she can not E you. You have Kill Pressure pre 6, but when you are both Level 6 she can fight you even from behind. Be sure to bait out her Ult and then kill her on the next trade.”
[10.16] Ravenborn's Darius Guide by Ravenborne | Darius Player
Jungl says “Dodge her e and you'll be fine.”
AP/AD Kennen for top or mid by Jungl | Kennen Player
TwistedDemon says “Not that hard of a matchup, especially early game. You must take advantage of your dmg, try your best to kill her lvl 1, or make her B/use all pots. Very easy gankable, ask your jungle to come top and get the free kill.”
[S10] TwistedDemon's Karthus Guide by TwistedDemon | Karthus Player
RTO says “Stay behind minions, E her if she catches you. Play safe and just try to farm, you can't trade with her. She struggles to kill your spirit.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Nasus Top Lane Guide by RTO | Nasus Player
Phrxshn says “Destroy her Tentacle around her to prevent additional damage or awkward pathing. Dodge her tentacle as the tentacle attack pathing is pretty linear. Her Test of Spirit(E) needs to be dodge to be able to trade against her, but you cannot dodge feel to run out of the tether. To be able to trade with her Tether avoid stacking on your Vessel and Primal Howl Illaoi away from the Vessel to prevent extra damage. You will have to most likely run out of her ultimate or use Primal Howl to delay it. (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Illaoi, Without Tether then Even) (Recommended Items: Executioner's, Blade of the Ruined King) (Outscaling Edge: Even) ”
Phrxshn's Guide To Warwick by Phrxshn | Warwick Player
ERNESTSAURUS says “GRASP (SCALING) BUT INSTEAD OF PRESENCE OF MIND AND BLOODLINE, GO BISCUITS DELIVERY TIME WARP TONIC - DORANS SHIELD / 3 REJUVENATION BEADS + POT = Illaoi is a hard matchup for Nasus since she can poke him a lot and outdamage and outheal your Legend Bloodline + Passive Lifesteal, I tried in the past going for the Grasp (Scaling) Setup but its not the best, she can poke you really hard, i think its worth sacrificing you lifesteal in order to survive in lane. Illaoi main damage source are her tentacles which you can stack really easy, just whenver hitting them be careful since she will try to hit you with her E and poke you a lot. Because of how her abilities coordinate with the tentacles, the wave will almost always push towards you so just once farming under tower look to dodge her E and you should be able to survive. After Trinity Force and before Steraks Cage, go for Bramble Vest to cut down her tentacle healing. Illaoi R is also really dependent on her hitting her E first making it deal more damage so in mid/late game, if you survived lane, you can all in her if she misses her E, if she doesn't just back off. Its a really hard matchup to survive in laning phase but its not impossible and its not the hardest, just play it safe early on, don't try to all in her early unless she is 1 HP. Remember you can stack her tentacles with Q.”
[10.19] How to get Gold with Nasus, In Depth - All Matchups by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player
chrisorion says “Her main trading tool is with landing Test of Spirit on you. If you get hit with it, you'll lose most trades as she'll be healing off hitting your spirit with her tentacles while you're taking damage. You can prevent this by standing behind minions or parrying E, once you do that you can look for an all-in as she can't trade without E. After level 6 you'll need to bait her ultimate before going for all-in. Buy Executioner's Calling if she gets fed.”
One Step Ahead! - Fiora Top by chrisorion | Fiora Player
Phrxshn says “Destroy her Tentacle around her to prevent additional damage or awkward pathing. Dodge her tentacle as the tentacle attack pathing is pretty linear. Her Test of Spirit(E) needs to be dodge to be able to trade against her, but you cannot dodge feel to run out of the tether. To be able to trade with her Tether avoid stacking on your Vessel and Seismic Shard Illaoi to prevent extra damage. You will have to most likely run out of her ultimate. (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Illaoi, Without Tether then Even) (Recommended Items: Thornmail, Ninja's Tabi) (Outscaling Edge: Even) ”
Phrxshn's Guide To Malphite by Phrxshn | Malphite Player
Fan22 says “She will make a lane against her a living hell. For Maokai illaoi it´s really hard to deal, as she deals a lot of damague and % Max health damague and heals a good amount of Hp, also illaoi will poke 24/7. Bramble vest and ignite can help you to reduce her healings and possibly kill her, try kill her pre-6 and when hits lv6 try to dodgue her R, dodging her E also helps you to not get destroyed.”
The inmortal Tree [10.19] Maokai Top by Fan22 | Maokai Player
Fan22 says “She will make a lane against her a living hell. For Maokai illaoi it´s really hard to deal, as she deals a lot of damague and % Max health damague and heals a good amount of Hp, also illaoi will poke 24/7. Bramble vest and ignite can help you to reduce her healings and possibly kill her, try kill her pre-6 and when hits lv6 try to dodgue her R, dodging her E helps you to not get destroyed.”
The inmortal Tree [10.19] Maokai Top by Fan22 | Maokai Player
Twist21 says “This matchup can be tricky , as everyone knows in order to beat Illaoi you need to dodge her E and then she won't do much.For this I would recommend to keep your mouse cursor as close as possible to your champ so you can react in time.Standard runes and sums for this one.”
[Patch 10.19] Season 10 Tryndamere Toplane Guide by Twist21 | Tryndamere Player
make alistar great again says “Illaoi is a very strong top laner, and Alistar is only a very strong Alistar. Avoid this matchup – consider switching lanes with mid if possible.”
Making Alistar Great Again (Top/Mid) by make alistar great again | Alistar Player
NickCola Tesla says “This is a skill matchup for most of the lane! As long as you avoid her Test of Spirit, she should have close to zero kill pressure on you in lane up until Level 6. At this point, you have to be aware of how quickly she can shred your resistances and health. She can easily turn a gank into a double kill, as her tentacles will be attacking at a much faster rate, allowing her more consistent DPS along with healing from Conqueror. I would not ask for a gank unless you know you are able to outplay this! Illaoi landing her Test of Spirit + Using her ultimate = IMMEDIATE disengage. As long as you stand behind your minions, she should have no way of tagging you with her abilities! However, this is all Illaoi is useful for. Her poke is easily predictable, her sustained damage is a joke, and her Test of Spirit does little to nothing outside of lane. Without her ultimate, she's hopeless! ”
"I! AM! WAR!" - NickColaTesla's Sion Guide by NickCola Tesla | Sion Player
StrikeX114 says “As should be incredibly obvious, her tentacles are her main threat. Be sure to dodge and eliminate her tentacles to remove her from being a threat. However, due to the high burst damage she can provide, going even with her in lane may result in her being fed and leading to a snowball for the enemy team. Due to this, you and your allies must be constantly aware of Illaoi's positioning and attempting to keep her from farming solo lanes.”
LulzTVit says “Illaoi is incredibly slow and has no way of engaging on you. Poke her to death, stack tear and win the lane”
Tank Lux Top ( Try on normals first ) by LulzTVit | Lux Player
BeerLoL says “Parry E and win the lane lmao. If she ults just walk our or Q out and wait for it to be gone.”
Jakec_SLO says “Dodge her E and you'll do well, if you can't do that dodge her in champ select”
Twist21 says “As long as you dodge her e you win easily.”
[PATCH 10.18] TWISTGOD's TOPLANE JAX GUIDE by Twist21 | Jax Player
Bombabo says “Most matchups against illaoi revolve around her E. Unfortunately for you, you're big and slow, so she won't have trouble landing it. Stay behind your minions, and wait for her to waste it. You crush her without it, she crushes you with it. *Note: The timer on her spirit no longer goes down by attacking Illaoi, making it that much harder to fight her.”
How 2 Crab on 'em with Urgot by Bombabo | Urgot Player
ForgottenProject says “This Champion has a trash Design. All her damage depends on hitting her E. Her whole Kit Revolves around a Gimmick. [1]All her damage is from Tentacles and they are All skillshots. [2]Parry Her E or her Ultimate and you should be fine. [3]It's Possible to bait her ultimate out and run away. Her Ultimate is all her damage after the Laning Phase. [4]Kill her tentacles when possible without getting hit by E. [5] She falls off late-game so you can play safe until then as well [6]Don't ask for Ganks if you're losing or she will get a double kill. ”
[S10] Rank #1 Fiora Guide - ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
TXK_ says “Use your Q to poke and hide amongst minions. In teamfights ult Illaoi to prevent her 1v5.”
[10.19] Detailed Mordekaiser Top + Match-ups Guide by TXK_ | Mordekaiser Player
laoshin3v3 says “Dodge her E and run away when she ults”
[10.18] Lao's Riven - Master's Onetrick Guide by laoshin3v3 | Riven Player
XtheZ115 says “Proxy farm her. See below for more details”
Aggressively Running Away: The Art of Playing Singed by XtheZ115 | Singed Player
Womsky says “Scaling runes, ignite, Illaoi is a strong champion vs melees, but you are the melee that illaoi does't want to face, you have a huge upper hand vs her pre 6 if she ever over extends and misses a E, you can spin with fury to lay down the hammer on her, she is not a champ pre 3, so u can shove her in no problem and let the wave shove into you and freeze it on her, also if illaoi is bad and stands in the middle of the lane, even if she lands an E on you, you dont have to worry, cause her tentacles will be so far that they wont slap you, post 6 just respect her, you can't just spin into her anymore, she can ulti you and kite, which can lead to your death, you can spin into her if you have fury plus ignite, if you play it right she dies easily, you just need to learn to dodge her tentacles so u can win every trade, or spin in, bait her ulti then walk away, heal up, and set up a dive on her, later on it becomes very hard to 1v1 her if she stacks tons of armor, you can let your adc deal with her or flank her team, over all a very easy match up, but give her respect and dont turn your brain off while playing against her.”
Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups by Womsky | Tryndamere Player
laoshin3v3 says “Conqueror Parry her E so her ult is weaker you earlygame run away as soon as she ults, lategame u will deal enough damage to kill her fast enough before she bursts with ult”
[10.18] Lao's Fiora - Every Matchup by laoshin3v3 | Fiora Player
AlanVenator says “This champion is so unfun to play against. Try to contest the wave, if you give her lane priority you are doomed, since you will be stuck under tower and she can hit E very easily. Executioner's calling is recommended.”
Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation by AlanVenator | Urgot Player
Olaugh says “U will probably be recalling a lot because her q deals a lot of damage and when she takes your soul, that hurts a lot and especially if u don't dodge her tentacles when they follow you, be very careful, try to avoid her q by staying a bit away from your minion way because she will try to farm and poke you at once , don't let her do that, and don't all in her on level 6 if u aren't 100% sure that you can kill her. You should expect a lot of incoming damage when she ult's and she is capable to do a lot bigger turnaround than you, for example when enemy jg ganks you and you kill them both(when you 1 v 2 with half hp just by picking up your axes,healing with w and finishing them with e), so she can do that too,just on another and more powerful way so don't take her as easy enemy. Ask jg for help,if you both are lower level or half hp dont 2v1 her cause she pops R and outplays you both.”
Olaf Top Lane 10.18 by Olaugh | Olaf Player
TTVXiralid says “When she hits 6 or get cleaver you need to avoid her E or u can't trade vs her or win ur lane”
All you need to know about Cho'Gath Top. By Rank 1 Cho World by TTVXiralid | Cho'Gath Player
SkellyBirb says “Avoid her pull and side step her tentacles. She becomes pretty easy to beat if you can manage that.”
[10.18] AD Ahri Top! Multiple Builds by SkellyBirb | Ahri Player
AWierdShoe says “It’s possible to win trades if you bait out her E without getting hit, but once you get even a bit low trading vs her becomes risky since her hitting 1 E can mean you get pushed out of lane. If you hide behind your minions it’s also possible to do short 1-grasp-auto trades when you got your shield up, since your shield will eat up her W (but you have to dodge her Q’s). Do NOT fight her if she's level 6, unless you're very ahead.”
SonRayne says “Illaois high damage with her tentacles make for a formidable top especially for VI ”
nehirshen says “sadece e'lerden kaçmaya çalış eğer e tutturursa ondan uzaklaşmak yerine onunla çatış ”
Neyirsen %100 ciddi ad teemo rehber by nehirshen | Teemo Player
ImVoxxX says “stay behind your minions and try not to be close her tentacles”
Teemo Top Guide by an OTP teemo [S10] by ImVoxxX | Teemo Player
1nversity says “Heals too much + tanky. You may beat him early, but forget about late. Also messes with your R. ”
Pyke - Silver TOP Guide by 1nversity | Pyke Player
Appl313245 says “Dodge the e and you should be fine. Doesn't matter which rune page you take. Just try to win pre 6”
Camille Guide by Appl313245 | Camille Player
OverCookedFish says “Your double punch passive allows you to insta kill the tentacles Illaoi leaves on the ground.”
Be the Boss of Top by OverCookedFish | Sett Player
Dan Sley says “En top es demasiado fuerte si no le ganas antes de 6 level y trata de esquivar Q y E y R Cuanto la illaoi llegue mid game si es buena no la podrás matar ya y tendrás que romear o ser muy abusivo para que ella no se arme”
Jax bully cosmic top, mid, jungle by Dan Sley | Jax Player
M.P.C says “Harass her with your Q when she goes to last hit during early game. When she uses Tentacle Smash side step and the Q + E her. When she uses Test of Spirit on you and you have your R up drop it on top of the spirit so she'll take damage if she goes in to hit it.”
Urgotem says “Refer to Match Up Section”
Urgodzilla says “The only reason I don't ban Illaoi is her low pickrate. When I play against her I find myself to be extremely miserable. It is very easy for her to hit her E due to your huge hitbox. I believe her tentacles are bugged: they hit you if you are outside of the indicated zone, they hit you if you stand on the opposite side, they hit you if you destroy them but for some reason Riot Games don't care about this shit.”
Urgot, The Dreadnought by Urgodzilla | Urgot Player
Pikkachu Loiro says “As you have low mobility and a huge hitbox Yorrick and Illaoi can abuse that, make sure you play safe against this two”
The Ultimate Ornn Guide by Pikkachu Loiro | Ornn Player
Fiora Pogjet says “Illaoi is not that hard to lane. You can try to go for early trades and you should buy executioners when she ll hit lvl 6, so she can't heal up much on her ult. You should just care about her e which makes a lot of damage.”
[S.10] Fiora Toplane Guide - FioraPogjet by Fiora Pogjet | Fiora Player
Ashookaa says “Illaoi is BROKEN we all now that sr im a bit tired now so just ban her sr its 01:01 where i am sr”
♥|Lillia Top|♥ Look who's blooming now! by Ashookaa | Lillia Player
NullPC says “Illaoi dosent really lose lane and she dosent lose if she hits her E, her mana problems are awfull and has zero hard cc and cant split push for her life. Play around her E in lane and punish her lack of cc in team fights.”
A comprehensive guide to Urgot top by NullPC | Urgot Player
sleep4theweak says “kinda get bullied early but if u rush some w points u can doge most ability”
Very Fasty Slowly undie-y Temmie by sleep4theweak | Teemo Player
Teemain says “Really depends on how good of a MOBA player you are in general. Dodge her Es. Dodge her Qs. Dodge her W... You can't. So just try your best to dodge her Es at least. Her Ultimate isn't that strong in the early game, so 1v1ing her isn't that hard and if she is NOT running Ignite and she already used Flash, then it should be a free kill. Unless you are VAD at dodging.(피지컬 ㅊㅇ. ㅌㅊㅇ)”
Garen the Lich King by Teemain | Garen Player
Teemain says “Really depends on how good of a MOBA player you are in general. Dodge her Es. Dodge her Qs. Dodge her W... You can't. So just try your best to dodge her Es at least. Her Ultimate isn't that strong in the early game, so 1v1ing her isn't that hard and if she is NOT running Ignite and she already used Flash, then it should be a free kill. Unless you are VAD at dodging.(피지컬 ㅊㅇ. ㅌㅊㅇ)”
Garen the Lich King by Teemain | Garen Player
ChevalierArlo says “Ganha a lane quem jogar melhor. Não lute com ela quando ela ultar. Não seja pego pelo E. Não peça ganks.”
Yorick Builds e Matchups 2020 PT-BR by ChevalierArlo | Yorick Player
LeSocair says “Always try to dodge E and Q, your lane will complicate a lot if she lands E and she can even kill you if she has 6. Kleptomancy procs on your spirit, by the way. With how fast you get as a Gangplank (Specially with Celerity), dodging her skillshots should be easy enough.”
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
Soothie says “try to avoid her E if she use W leap close to you you can destroy a tentackle before it strikes. trade a lot in early game Watch how many tentackles are around try to constantly harvest them. If you success early versus her, you might get tanky enough to bully her. When she cast R fall back and cast your R immidiately. Heal back and continue bullying.”
Infernal Taric Top Guide [10.13] by Soothie | Taric Player
ModxLoL says “A good Illaoi can definitely be obnoxious for Riven. Her kit is lame where her power is overloaded into her one ability, her E. If she ever hits you with it in the lane phase, and you don't already have a significant health advantage, or if she isn't in a huge minion wave of yours, you just have to leave, and kill the tentacles that spawn. Do your best to hide behind minions, so she can't E you. But don't play too passive though. If you let her push into your turret, you won't have any minions to hide behind, and you will be pressured for every minion you try to last hit by her E and Q. The good news here is that Riven is good about dodging her passive tentacle slams with her Q and E. Riven also scales better into the late game than Illaoi. So if you have a bad early game, just DO your best to farm what you can and wait until teamfights where Illaoi gets kited easily, and DO NOT call your melee jungler to come gank her when you're already behind, or you guys will get 1v2'd. That's what Illaoi wants. She excels when people come to her, but struggles when people just avoid her.”
Modx's Super Omega Giga Chad Riven Guide by ModxLoL | Riven Player
Stiwy says “Her levels 1 and 2 are weak so you can try to exploit this by going PTA + D.Blade into an early kill. From level 3 she is stronger than you and you should avoid fights if there are tentacles nearby. You can beat her in later fights but it will not be easy. Don't ask for ganks too much since her ult gets stronger based on the number of people hit. Lastly, try to dodge her E as much as possible because a lot of damage comes from that. ”
KingNklaus says “Dangerous pre 6 but after you can kill her by ulting after she ults all tenctacles will stay out of the Death Realm giving you a free kill ”
Enter and abandon hope Mordekaiser build TOP/MID by KingNklaus | Mordekaiser Player
E_IS_POWER says “Major: This lane can go either way depending on who has a lead. More information found below. ”
[Season 10] CrazyWolf's Fiora Guide 10.16 by E_IS_POWER | Fiora Player
gsaeyx says “Fuck this tentacle pussy up with a rushed Executioner's calling and a full AD Sion. Juke her e, and if her e is down walk up and charge q. If she tries to ult you keep charging. CC her and run. ”
Fourpaws33 says “Avoid e,q and bait out ult. ”
Paw's Guide to Throwing Top! by Fourpaws33 | Kha'Zix Player
Hypnosa says “be quick hit her all the time and use your shiled. Know when to give up and run.”
S10 UNDYING DOMINATOR SHEN by Hypnosa | Shen Player
BloodyDream81 says “Match up un peu spécial, car tout dépend d'une habilité de Illaoi, son E ! Si jamais elle le rate, tu la tue à coup sur car elle n'aura pas les dégâts de t'inquiéter et elle n'a aucun sort pour s'enfuir une fois à ton CAC, en revanche, si elle te touche, back tout de suite, car tu n'auras aucune chance de la battre, surtout si elle possède son ultime, tu es sure de mourir ! Reste mobile en permanence sur la lane, essaie de bait son E et son A, et si tu les esquives c'est gratuit pour toi ! Ne sous estime cependant jamais le E de illaoi, même si tu as de nombreux kill et de gold d'avance, si elle touche son E et que tu l'affronte au corps à corps, elle te massacrera. Astuce : La bramble vest couplet au tabi ninja t'aideront énormément dans ce match up. Prend également conquérant. ”
Darius Top by BloodyDream81 | Darius Player
Mohid97 says “One of the few champs that Illaoi has a hard time going up against. you need to rush bramble vest to counter healing or go ignite and need to stay behind minions to avoid her E but if you go in go in balls to the walls. ”
Tankgot by Mohid97 | Urgot Player
Dantheman81 says “Since you can destroy her tentacles easily with auto resetting your Q all you have to do is dodge her pull and attack the tentacles and she is pretty useless. If she ults onto you try your best to get out ASAP as no matter how behind you are that thing does so much damage.”
How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke) by Dantheman81 | Yorick Player
Alan234 says “Any rune is fine. Go boots into swifties with w max second. Dodge her skillshots, kill her tentacles and youre fine. Sounds a bit idioticly simple but as long as you respect her and dodge well its not a difficult matchup. Dont call your jgl, in low elo she will just kill both of you.”
[10.14] Alan234 - #1 EUW 900LP Chall Teemo Top OTP by Alan234 | Teemo Player
Feedaboi says “avoid her e if possible, it is her main source of dmg output, if she hits her e she can 100 to 0 you, but if she misses she becomes very easy to kill. You can play aggressive pre 6, just make sure to dodge her e.”
[10.15] THE ULTIMATE S10 CHALLENGER Kled Guide! by Feedaboi | Kled Player
Twiggymocha says “To new sion players she will be hard to face, but after a few games you will be able to play vs her with not too many problems. Just follow the normal rules when playing vs illaoi, stay behind minions and do not stick around when she uses her ultimate.”
[Top] Tank Sion Guide Patch 10.15 by Twiggymocha | Sion Player
GARDENZE says “Compre Botas e Fago o quanto antes, para ajudar a desviar, seus tentáculos a curam então evite-os a todo custo, sobreviva até crescer.”
Grasp_Jhin says “Its little hard , u must dodge E and her tentacles, cuz u will win if u good poke her ! ”
The Grasp Jhin <3 [NON-UPDATED] by Grasp_Jhin | Jhin Player
Xplor says “Illaoi can be annoying as hell in special with his "E" and his ultimate after level 6. Poke him as much as you can and control the lane on your side of the turret. Don't push too much and stay away from the walls in special after level 6. I strongly don't recommend you to go all-in past level 6 as he can easily take you down.”
Hunter Frenzy says “1v1: PTA & Dom | vs Burst JG: HoB & Res | vs MS JG: PR & Dom | Boots: Beserker's / Ninja Tabi | 1st Core Item: Nashor's Tooth | Optional Item: Armguard”
[10.15] iPav's Teemo Book by Hunter Frenzy | Teemo Player
Lintaar says “You have to avoid her Q. Kill her tentacles when you get a couple passive stacks because you will outrun her if she tries to stop you. and you can do some damage while she does. Just remember to run from her ult like any other champ”
LILLIA TOP LANE SHRED AND CARRY by Lintaar | Lillia Player
Darrkescru says “Feito mordekaiser desvie do E dela a todo custo, sempre tente quebrar os tentaculos dela, e quando ela for te acertar o W use sua cegueira pra counterar, o jeito para ganhar e pokear ela ate a morte e não deixar ela se curar no R dela com o conquer”
Teemo apenas basico. (PT-BR) by Darrkescru | Teemo Player
SpedIsOn says “Dont eat her Q and E, and R her out of her R or tentacles. ”
Sett The Boss by SpedIsOn | Sett Player
Colin0224 says “easy af. just leave if she presses r”
Garen is OP. Everyone builds him wrong by Colin0224 | Garen Player
Saturnyourube says “if you dodge her E you win. exacutioners/Ignite will be very useful and abusing her in early game”
Solo Carry in your Elo With RIven by Saturnyourube | Riven Player
Magginator says “Just avoid e and buy early executioner's to shut her down. Run the lane until level 3 since she can't trade as effectively til then.”
Sett Damage Conq by Magginator | Sett Player
Angela du Seithr says “Ne vous mettez jamais en range du E, jouez derrière vos sbires pour la poke, ne la laissez pas régénérer ses points de vie et elle ne sera pas un danger.”
[10.15] Lillia on the Top Lane [FR] by Angela du Seithr | Lillia Player
Alzeidx says “Hard matchup, you have to kill her before lvl 6, dodge her tentacles and E. stack full rage and all in, you should be able to outrade her if you dodge her abilities. Go conqueror.”
Crixaliz says “She can poke you and abuse you for cleptomancy alot, other than that you should survive laningphase.”
Alzeidx says “Dodge her tentacles, try to get lvl 6 before her and all in. She is very tricky champ with high burst. Be careful in early, ask for ganks, get Dorans shield and Conqueror, you should be able to kill her when u get Phage and Stinger.”
SpyDaFX says “you must kill her or not die to her before level 6, try to dodge her E (when she pulls your spirit), ask for ganks, start doran's shield. You can pick either conqueror or press the attack. but press the attack is better for the early game. (conqueror if they have a tank mid or a tank jungle for example).”
1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guidr by SpyDaFX | Renekton Player
Delvoid says “Avoid getting hit by E, stay behind minions. poke with Q”
Urgot to be tilted by Delvoid | Urgot Player
tasie456s says “Avoid her e and slam. She isnt as bad as some other champs but you will never duel her and come out on top.”
This Ends Badly: A Ryze Guide by tasie456s | Ryze Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “This matchup is rather annoying since Yasuo has to play it basically perfectly to win. You can abuse her lvl 1-2 since she isn't really strong untill she has every ability lvled. After lvl 3 make sure to windwall E or you are going to get massively chunked. If you fail in blocking the E, disengage immediately untill her E passive runs out. Make sure to dodge all of her tentacles too and kill them when they spawn. When she gets lvl 6, try to get her to ult then disengage then finish her when it runs out. ”
[Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
iTzToniOP says “No one will judge you if you dodge this champion select. But if you don't try to trade just once you have cleared the tentacles. If you get cursed, stay frosty, just kill two tentacles and keep playing defensively. Try to bait her ult by making him think you're going all in but running out as soon as the opponents uses his R.”
[10.14] iTzToniOP's reworked Volibear guide. #15 Volibear EU by iTzToniOP | Volibear Player
Nabura says “Quite similar to Xerath, and Heimerdinger. You will enjoy this matchup if you are good at juking and you will hate it if you can't dodge. If he hasn't killed you by your first item then you've won.”
Mid/Top Kayle Guide Season 10 by Nabura by Nabura | Kayle Player
Nyx Adachi says “Lane bully, ojo como te posicionas y cuidado con tus tradeos a lvl 6”
Guia De Shen S10 Para Salir de Oro y otros elos by Nyx Adachi | Shen Player
TotallyEclipse says “Dodge if you see this champion, but if you really want to play it, dodge her E and then look to trade her. Dodge her W with your E, and make sure to walk away from her when she ults so her tentacles dont slam you. Rush executioners calling/bramble vest”
[10.14] ECLIPSE'S INSANE 1V9 JAX GUIDE FOR TOPLANE KINGDOM by TotallyEclipse | Jax Player
darksage1234 says “Even to major threat. Do not engage her under tentacles and always remove those whenever you can. She has decent sustain and will push you to tower. Ask for a gank, but be careful during level 6 because she can easily get a double kill with her ultimate. ”
In-Depth Guide to Volibear the Thundergod by darksage1234 | Volibear Player
ForOrion says “Illaoi has the self-sustain you keep you constantly on your toes and worrying whether or not you will even get out of the lane with 10 cs. Again, Pykes early game is super strong. But once she scales its almost impossible to contest.”
Shark 悪魔 of the Rift by ForOrion | Pyke Player
Dedrick says “It's difficult to escape her ult range and if she hit E you're being chunked.”
(10.14) Tahm Kench Top Guide by Dedrick | Tahm Kench Player
MarKoXGOD says “Illaoi is also a hard match-up for Aphelios, since she can poke you early with her Q, your slow movement speed can cause your soul to be grabbed by her E, and so on. The best thing you can do against Illaoi, is try to juke as much of her abilities as you can, and poke from safe distances as much as it is possible.”
A strange Concept - Aphelios TOP (100% Crit) by MarKoXGOD | Aphelios Player
Narghuls says “Pick Ignite. Only fight her when there are not many tentacles. Bait out the E ability - dodge it then all in her. ”
Irelia Top - Flawless Blade Dancing by Narghuls | Irelia Player
JuarezLOL says “one of hardest but we must escape with Q the moment she use R so after her lvl 6 powerspike try to save your Q and run away with it ”
Best Guide For Jax by JuarezLOL | Jax Player
Wamson says “Survive the laning phase at all costs! Don’t get bullied out of the lane! Freeze creeps on your side of the lane and farm until mid game.”
Riven/Yasuo Consistency Builds by Wamson | Riven Player
Wamson says “Survive the laning phase at all costs! Don’t get bullied out of the lane! Freeze creeps on your side of the lane and farm until mid game.”
Riven/Yasuo Consistency Builds by Wamson | Riven Player
foxthrone says “If you don't play right and safe, Illaoi is gonna beat your butt.”
MORDEKAISER 10.14 GUIDE by foxthrone | Mordekaiser Player
Haiise says “You can counter her but you must try hard, always remove her tentacles. Don't wait at blue/red buff, just ward it and go to lane early to clear any tentacles. When farming, farm behind or on the side, she cannot E through minions. Try to spread out your minion waves and DO NOT LET HER HARD PUSH, it will be very easy for her to harass you under tower. If she does land an E, attack the tentacle first, if she R's do it before or after she does it, your R will not work when she is in mid air. If you are pressuring her under her tower, make sure she does not land her E because the turret can start targeting at your soul. Harass her as much as possible but make sure not to get too low. ”
(10.14) HAIISE's Gnar Top Guide by Haiise | Gnar Player
ACE4291 says “dodge her Q as well as her grab and you will be fine. she cant do much againt you. also make sure you take out her squids safely as she can grab you while you are busy. Since you are a big guy its easier for Illaoi to hit you but building full armor will allow you to tank her attacks, Make sure you are pressuring her Tenticals count as i said before she wont be able to do much. ”
(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out! by ACE4291 | Tahm Kench Player
DirtyDishSoap says “Respect her damage and her ultimate. Just run away when she ults. Pretty easy to do if you don't mess up your wall. She pretty much loses to you at every point after that when you have Maiden out. The only reason why this is "even" is because her ability to 100-0 you if you DO decide to all in her when she has her ultimate up.”
Yoloick - Washed up low Diamond player by DirtyDishSoap | Yorick Player
kanyewest says “Illaoi can easy cut down Aatrox with her tentacles. I perm ban Illaoi every game as Aatrox.”
GRASP AATROX MEGA CRAZY GUIDE by kanyewest | Aatrox Player
Kynji says “Its an Illaoi, just play safe and wait for her to miss her skill shot and go in on her”
Wanna make an ADC to never play ADC again? by Kynji | Malphite Player
Javu767 says “This lane will be so boring. She will throw her E all the time at you and poke you while denying your cs. You can win her but not that easy.”
Singed Guide - The Mad Scientist by Javu767 | Singed Player
Mr. Popper says “Illaoi can be difficult due to her insane damage from her tentacles. Dodging her E (Test of Spirit) is very important in winning lane. I recomend Fleet Footwork into this matchup and getting a healing cut item (Executioners Calling or Bramble Vest)”
10.12 Gnar Guide for the Gnar enthusiasts :) by Mr. Popper | Gnar Player
report singed ty says “She used to be easy but she's actually insane now. Pretty painful lane and there's no secret tips to winning it.”
The Extensive Singed Bible (REMAKING) by report singed ty | Singed Player
gladiatorrr4 says “Make sure to clear tentacles around you before you try to fight her. You can go for some long range poke. But care about her E.”
62% Winrate Diamond 1 Quinn! 10.12 SEASON 10! by gladiatorrr4 | Quinn Player
idadees says “Illaoi è un coinflip, dipende come sempre dal player, evitare di combatterla nella sua ulti, e il rush di ferite gravi sicuramente aiuta contro illaoi.”
[ITALIANO] CARRYARE CON AATROX | (TOP) by idadees | Aatrox Player
UlisesFRN says “Her early is nuts. Dont try to fight her if she catches you with the E. Side step the tentacles and never fight during her Ult. If her R is down and misses the E its a free kill for you”
HIGH TEST TOP88 says “Pretty easy until lvl 6, but at lvl 6, she will just E and R as soon as you get close to her, you can't realistically dodger her E and you'll just die to her R. Try to bully her as much as you can earlygame and win off that. After 6 you can ult her away from her tentacles but they're still gonna slam your spirit and youre going ot have taken alot of dmg when your ult finishes anyways so it doesnt really do enough, you can beat her if she wastes everything but if shes good, she wont. Build executioners or bramble. Take armor.”
Sq_09 says “If you're good at dodging her E she's fine and you can poke her. If you get hit by it tho there's not much you can do. You can stay out of her AOE tho since you're ranged. ”
Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build) by Sq_09 | Ashe Player
Beatport Expo says “Hard fight, you cannot really tank the damage from her Tentacle Slams when you fight her. The best thing to do is run away when she ults and recover some health and If you can, re-engage. You however, can still survive the lane.”
Timesoul977 says “You can not push her with almost any champion, try to poke her and dodge pokes.”
Pantheon Top Lane Guide by Timesoul977 | Pantheon Player
SabinX says “If you time your W well, her E will be useless and consider taking Executioner asap.”
Wukong TopLane - Armor Reduction Build & Guide by SabinX | Wukong Player
Kingarthur720 says “illaoi one of the hardest matchups for graves. She out damages you at melee range, her sustain is downright unmatchable, i do not recommend you pick graves into her. Same with darius, build cost effective items and safer rune pages”
Shoqi says “Caso ela acerte o E e esteja fazendo Cutelo Negro, a melhor opção é sair de perto para que ela não bata tanto em sua alma e quebre sua armadura. Nas TFs a Illaoi quer ficar parada batendo com os tentáculos e se curando, como Ornn não tem muita mobilidade, ele se torna um alvo fácil e é derretida por ela”
Nyarlathotep72 says “The tentacles hurt bad, but if you can bait her E and dodge it sustain will carry you”
Death is For The Weak by Nyarlathotep72 | Warwick Player
VIP Titan says “Illaoi is basically Female Darius. You need to avoid her E and Q as much as possible. When in 6 you need to play it safe. Tips: Bring ignite rather than Teleport if necessary Get your reduce healing in to fight her Dodge E and Q are a must! Max E not Q! ”
gabriel5ben9 says “With your W you can fight her even if she ults. If you manage to dodge lots of tentacles it's actually very easy to fight her. Just go for some early armor, like tabis and chain vests.”
Toplane Tank Leona by gabriel5ben9 | Leona Player
RivalOCE says “Dodge her E, win the lane. That's all there is to it. If she misses her E you can hard trade, if she hits it you lose. Riven has the mobility to deal with this matchup and also outscales.”
ShaharKarisi says “Play safe CONSTANTLY. All her abilities have good reach and utility, which counters Shyvana's kit. Try to Q on the tentacles to instantly kill them.”
SirDrPotato says “Another lane bully that is very easy to play and consequently very hard to lane against. Dodge/riposte her E - the ability where she throws a ghost tentacle and steals your soul - and back off as soon as she uses her ultimate. Her ultimate does A TON of damage and heals her. She will easily kill both you and your jungler after 6 so be careful when you ask for ganks. Try to clean her tentacles unless it is to risky. ”
[PATCH 10.11] Gracefully Climbing With Fiora Top by SirDrPotato | Fiora Player
TrinityForceYasuo says “So against this hentai bitch. So damn around when she uses Q or W so you can dodge the tentacles. Dodge or block her E at all cost it is pretty much what makes her really strong. After she misses or gets her E blocked its the time to go for a trade. So after level 6 try to go in, again do not get hit by E and bait her R. When she uses it dash back on the minions, go to a safe distance and when the R is over you can go back in for a trade since you will have the ultimate advantage.”
Grakala says “You can fight her until lv 6 and always as she has ult on cd, but as she has her ult ready, just farm and play safe.”
BoxBox Riven by Grakala | Riven Player
Subject3 says “the tentacle mini game, illaoi is easy to predict and fight against, bait an E ability and fight around her tentacles.”
Tahm Kench Top / Bait and Kill by Subject3 | Tahm Kench Player
Captain Dantems says “Cuidado com o seu E, pois você vai tomar muito dano com os tentáculos e vai ser um saco ficar com isso, se esquiva do Q dela e não estenda a luta se ela tiver ult. Compre corta cura pois ela se cura de mais. Grasp com inspiração. Comece com poção corrupta.”
Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1 Milhão de maestria) by Captain Dantems | Gangplank Player
Starci says “As long as you dodge her E you should be good. It's not that hard a matchup tbh, you just need to pay attention and really dodge her tentacles. If you don't, she will win everytime.”
Dominate the game with Fiora by Starci | Fiora Player
HighSnork says “You will %100 lose the lane, just don't feed her and she'll peter out after the lane.”
thelaser_6000 says “illaoi is always a ban when you play irelia toplane because illaoi does a lot of damage that it is hard for any irelia player to avoid.”
irelia top lane guide by thelaser_6000 | Irelia Player
Fizzmaker says “Urrh not this bitch she can ruin you Whole game”
Garen by Fizzmaker | Garen Player
Auntbetsie says “Illaoi is a weird one as you either go up against a really good illoai or a really bad one. She can deal a lot of damage to you but you can return it but when she starts to build tank you are kind of useless against her.”
*WORK IN PROGESS*TRYNDAMERE TOP LANE GUIDE by Auntbetsie | Tryndamere Player
Implyy says “Bully her level 1 maybe level 2. If she misses her E punish her for it.”
Gwndimi says “Illaoi likes running klepto so do we but we got Range AA he cant kill you farm game ! look for good R with ignite you can kill him but pref barrier here”
[10.10] Toplane Soraka Carry with heals by Gwndimi | Soraka Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “You win this matchup before 6, after that if you are not ahead she will show you why people think Japan is so goddamn weird with their tentacle fetishes. She can't do much to you early game besides landing her E on you and if you manage to bait it out she can't do jackshit to fight you besides getting close to walls, W+Q you, and hope she can heal just enough. Always respect her tentacles, try to kill them asap (leap + q AA reset will instakill them) before jumping to her so she doesn't have too many retaliation options. If you handle this lane well enough early game she will be left behind and you can roam at your leisure to secure a lead, and if you leave her VERY behind, she is just free gold. ”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
VictorDelRey says “You counter her with your mobility. If you have ult up, you are a threat to her. If you use her minions while you are dueling her, there´s a high probability that her tentacles will not even touch you.”
[10.10] VictorDelRey's Guide for Irelia by VictorDelRey | Irelia Player
CounterBlad3 says “Dodge her soul steal and kill her tentacles whenever they spawn and just watch for her ulti”
Top Lane Domination with Darius [10.10] by CounterBlad3 | Darius Player
NaCLBait says “If you can't dodge her e you will lose. Don't fight her in her r.”
Revamped Sion Top Guide by NaCLBait | Sion Player
Itreallyhim says “Breeze, You can remove her tentacles from the game by ulting her, If she ults you ult her back in return and show her whos in charge, If she E's you, E her while shes slamming it and return some damage to her.”
itreallyhim's Mordekaiser Guide! [100% Matchups] by Itreallyhim | Mordekaiser Player
Circas says “This is marked even because before 6 you can probably kill Illaoi whenever you have 5 stacks and hit your abilities. However this lane does get much harder as the game progresses because of how she builds and just how Illaoi's damage scales. Easiest way to dominate this lane is to bait out her Test of Spirit (E) since that is where all her damage comes from. A true Illaoi main will always level this ability first making it much harder to go in on her later because even if she misses it will not be on a huge cooldown. You need to try and go in on before 6 and you are most likely on your own in this match up becasue I wouldn't trust a jungler to know how to gank this lane and it will end up in being a double kill for her. After you get BOTRK make sure to get either executioners or bramble to stop her healing so you can actually fight her. Even with healing reduction she will start to hurt. I have done a LOT of limit testing in this match up before and even when severly ahead of her as long as she hits Test of Spirit (E) she will win. You can get a lead off her early but do not fight her past level 11 to be safe unless you are confident you can outplay it.”
[10.10] The ULTIMATE Diamond Irelia Top Lane guide. by Circas | Irelia Player
Rivenetto says “If she misses her E,all in her.If she get you with E,just run away.”
Riven is counter to next adc buffs by Rivenetto | Riven Player
Hiimpurple says “you just don't win this, poke, don't take any trades and stay under tower and dodge her grabs”
LycheeMochigome says “Not getting hit by tentacles is key for this match up, especially after 6. If youre even or behind, you dont win against her ult unless you e away and she wastes it”
Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled) by LycheeMochigome | Kled Player
ItsPaulygon says “A fairly easy match up for you, she can't do much to out damage you unless all her tentacles hit you, just make sure not to get hit by her tentacles, and if she tries to W you, jump on her and unleash hell. But if she reaches 6, you're going to have a hard time especially if you can't dodge her tentacles.”
classicnoob says “This champ is anooying start with a cloth armour and go resolve secondary path to possibly win. Watch out for her thingy where she pulls you in. Play safe Upgrade W lvl 4.”
The might for Demacia! (10.10) by classicnoob | Garen Player
Implyy says “Try to bully her level 1 maybe level 2 after that you will probably get fucked. If she misses her E try to punish her.”
HeyItsLeemo says “Illaoi is really easy to counter, her E is easy to dodge and whenever she ults you just ult her and she is basically useless.”
My lane domination Mordekaiser 10.10 (basic guide) by HeyItsLeemo | Mordekaiser Player
DobbieTheElf says “Horrible Matchup. She out all-ins you, and can easily poke you early. Luckily, she isn't picked too often, but is worth a ban if you know enemy plays them.”
bocchicken says “just hold on for teamfights when you can use your R and Q to kite her out.”
[10.9] Cheat Lane --> Win Game by bocchicken | Maokai Player
Doaenel says “Illaoi can only be killed levels 1-5, after that you will need to roam around the map since she can easily kill you.”
TwixTreM says “Shyvana is pretty good counter on illaoi because of her R and the thing that u can killed her tentacles on 1 hit with q”
❤Shyvana top s10 65% win ratio❤ by TwixTreM | Shyvana Player
Erenando says “Her damage hurts a lot. Make sure to dodge all her E's in order to survive. Stay behind your minions and give up on some creeps. I would'nt rely on ganks since she can probably 1v2 with her ult. She must be oom or at least very low if you want a gank. Other than that you should have a even game against her in late. I'd also say it's more about wether she mechanically plays better or not.”
OnePunchDog by Erenando | Nasus Player
SOVIET IRON says “it is very hard to beat illaoi,this champion is good in poking using its Q and E and you cant just go and attack this champion easily killing it.This champion has a lot of tentacles that can break darius using its W.It is very hard to challenge this champion when you are using fighter champions like darius.”
Darius the Great [Basic Guide] by SOVIET IRON | Darius Player
wolfclaw3812 says “Poke Illaoi down. As long as you hide behind your minions and don't let her walk up to you/don't walk up to her, there is nothing Illaoi can do about you. ”
Every One's a Treasure by wolfclaw3812 | Teemo Player
P4nds says “Desviar e pokear, peça ajuda do jg se ele tiver CC e limpe os tentáculos da lane quando ela retornar.”
Aatrox, a Espada Darkin (TOP/JG) by P4nds | Aatrox Player
Dejuronto says “Illaoi, just like Irelia, can kick you out early. Luckily at lvl 6, if you see her slam into the ground (A.K.A using her ult), banish her to the realm of death so she can be isolated from her tentacles. She'd be useless basically.”
10.9 BEST MORDEKAISER (Situational) BUILD by Dejuronto | Mordekaiser Player
Gabotinus316 says “As long as you aren't near her tentacles you'll be safe. Unless she has her ultimate.”
Nasus for low ELO by Gabotinus316 | Nasus Player
I Play Blitz Top says “This matchup is less about skill and more about not playing aggro. Any good Illaoi will punish you for even thinking about playing aggro.”
Blitzcrank Top Guide (Blitz has never been this strong) by I Play Blitz Top | Blitzcrank Player
BonziBonnie says “oh no this is anime-tentacles ”
Alistar OTP guide by BonziBonnie | Alistar Player
SuperPopo7 says “dodge her E and your gucci. once she misses that its your chance to kill her”
HDlucky says “This matchup is pretty much skill matchup.”
Cats4lyfe123 says “Dodge her Test of Spirit, E away from her ultimate, and be careful of her Tentacle Smash.”
AP Bruiser Akali Top by Cats4lyfe123 | Akali Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Skill Matchup: Will add more later”
[10.5] The Steel Shadow - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Camille Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Skill Matchup: Will add more info later”
[10.9] The Grand Duelist - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Fiora Player
Dannala says “High amounts of AoE and low CDs kills your spiderlings easily and makes it difficult to dodge when in Spider Form. Baiting her ult with SE is probably the most use you have against her. She can out sustain you and has incredible range and damage. You are simply too squishy early on to handle her hard hitting spells and she can do almost full combos through your stun if timed well.”
Elise In Depth All Around Guide by Dannala | Elise Player
ShinyEmo says “Early game is a bit problem but after mid game, you easily can kill her. The key is dodging her R with your Q. ”
Some Master Yi Top & Jung Stuff (W.I.P.) by ShinyEmo | Master Yi Player
Loki029 says “I have always won vs her if she build tanky and i went hybrit build. Always try to get her ult and run out with your q or silence her to make her ult useless. IGNITE AGAINST HER ULT”
Loki029 says “F*ck her. Leave Game. Ban Her. FF. Report her. This Champion is Bullshit. Just *try* too farm, don´t get killed, *try* too stay alive, pray for her greedyness when you r under a Tower.”
hephephepeEPEPE says “Kill her tentacles because its going to get annoying later on make sure to dodge her E and if she ults just run past her and you can kill her once ult runs out”
Epic Singed Guide by hephephepeEPEPE | Singed Player
AkenoSenpai says “I don't play this match up very often but its pretty easly doable for Irelia as long as u dont get hit by her E. When Illaoi cast her Q on you, you can Q into her making u go behind her = dodge the tentacle. Once she is lvl 6 be careful for her ult. try bating it by engaing on her, while keeping atleast 1 Q up for escape in case she ults. Overal this match up isn't very difficult, basically all about dancing around her tentacles. Just remember that even an Illaoi going 0/10 can destroy you as long as she hits her abilities, so dont underestimate her at any point of the game even when your really fed (not to say you need to be affraid of her, just keep doding her at all time)”
S10 Irelia guide by AkenoSenpai | Irelia Player
Just a Scarecrow says “Illaoi Could Punish you taking cs Very Dangerous if you tried to 1v1 her with her R open side stepping his E would be her end Just Sidestep and you can Kill her 4 times before getting very tanky ”
Lucid Garen / Best Meta and Tank Garen Guide. by Just a Scarecrow | Garen Player
Bourbon says “Never fight in her ult, dont engage when she didnt waste her E you can try to bait it out jumping in and sidestepping fast this only works tho if she is not too good.”
Tank Diana Top by Bourbon | Diana Player
Nerkas says “If you dodge every tentacle, you should be fine, but you both like, when you are close to your targets and she deals more damage, so try to keep your distance with Phase Rush”
Swain, The Ultimate Teamfight Carry in 9.19 by Nerkas | Swain Player
Kwibli says “Can't really do anything against Ilaoi if she surrounds you with tentacles or slows you.”
Beginner Wukong Guide by Kwibli | Wukong Player
MagrelinOnFire says “Runa: vs Lutadores Spell: flash/teleporte Cara essa lane é um desperdício de tempo, illaoi está muito bufada e como não possue muitos jogadores, vai ficar assim por muito tempo, farme o máximo que conseguir a distância, desvie do E, sempre que ela utar corra para longe, reze para o seu time te ajudar a mata la.”
Gangplank para baixinhos. Guia do Novato by MagrelinOnFire | Gangplank Player
Ghastyh says “she is difficult to hit, and be careful of her skill that takes your soul”
Runner Garen's build by Ghastyh | Garen Player
lugzinho says “Another example of a matchup that got fairly easier since the GW buff. Just dodge the E and STAB her, she'll either die, get very low or have to flash since Illaoi doesn't have great mobility and depends on her E and R. Also watch out with the 1V2's she can pull off with her R.”
Thr3shPrinc3 says “This lane will be determined by how good YOU are. If you keep dodging her Q's and don't get hit by her spirit grab then you will win her quite easily. Make sure you take Ignite into this matchup and as soon as you guys start fighting use it to cancel out most of her healing. Late game you want to save your Ignite for when she uses ult and you can easily kill her in a 1v1 once you have your core items.”
Thresh Top : How To Play, How to Win!!! by Thr3shPrinc3 | Thresh Player
ForgottenProject says “Dodge her early game Qs and poke with your Qs Bait out her R and dash away Parry her E to reduce a lot of her damage output Her tentacle skillshots are all her damage, so you can win the lane if you focus on dodging them!”
(Season 10) Rank #1 NA Fiora Guide by ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
TymekOne says “She isn't really that much of a thread, as long as you avoid her R and tentacles. At any cost dont fight with her after she casts her ult.”
Aatrox simple build for climbing by TymekOne | Aatrox Player
SirVermillion says “Really annoying matchup, just build armor and eventually she'll be useless.”
Adaptive Low Elo Camille Guide From A Camille Main by SirVermillion | Camille Player
Speez says “Honestly not that bad just be careful around her passive and you are fine”
FlopyWeiner says “Illaoi is the hardest melee matchup for Garen. Beware that a Illaoi E can go through minnions. I know it sounds crazy but if there is a thin line of minnions between you and her it can hit. Kill tenticles and get ganks honestly.”
🔥 [S10] HOW TO REALLY PLAY GAREN 🔥 by FlopyWeiner | Garen Player
The Lost Drawing says “Si se cura ya sabes que hacer. Le cancelas una habilidad (creo la 'E') y la 'R' con tu 'R' (aveces)”
Poppy la Carry by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
Trash Collector says “Illaoi is strong after level 6 kill and its difficult to kill her after level 6.Destroy her tentacles to lower her damage and avoid getting hit by her e and ask jungler to gank before her level 6.”
Irelia Guide 10.7 by Trash Collector | Irelia Player
Pedrokis says “Evita tomar o Q e o puxão de alma do E, já que eles dão bastante dano. Quando ela tiver sem essas skills e sem muitos tentáculos por perto, a troca é quase sempre sua. / Tenta ao máximo destruir os tentáculos dela, abusando do combo de AA + E com pouco range (reset de auto attack) + AA pra destruí-los. / Se ela ultar só sai de perto, por que a cura e o burst são ridículos, daí depois você vai pra cima quando ela voltar ao normal.”
Aatrox Brabo do Pedrokis by Pedrokis | Aatrox Player
Trial_By_Barrel says “I used to have a really hard time against Illaoi back when I first started. But as I kept playing I realized she's actually not a very hard match up. You mainly got to dodge her E and poke her and when you push be sure to destroy her tentacles.”
Builds And Tips - Beginner's Guide To Gangplank by Trial_By_Barrel | Gangplank Player
Braddik says “Dodge if you see this champion, but if you really want to play it, dodge her E and then look to trade her. Dodge her W with your W, and make sure to walk away from her when she ults so her tentacles dont slam you. Rush executioners calling.”
Joaking says “If you're skilled as Riven, you'll easily win against illaoi. -Dodge her abilities (E mainly) -Short trade her until she has 60% hp. -Full combo her.”
Ultimate Riven guide: How to climb elo by Joaking | Riven Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Illaoi is a pain to lane against, and very hard to gank once she reaches level 6. If you can just keep even with her and don't give her any kills you'll be fine.”
Kaji's Nautilus Toplane Guide ~ All Will Drown by KajiKumihoAkukei | Nautilus Player
Pickle Pick says “Don't fight under her tentacles or when she has your spirit. Play behind minions so you don't get E'd by her. She usually can't kill your spirit if you do get hit by an E, so just run out of the range for it.”
Daedralus says “You can definitely beat her, but you really have to dodge everything. She can burst you down very hard in a ridiculous manner that is simply broken. BUT, if you don't get hit by everything and avoid feeding her, once you hit 6, you ult is a very hard come-back source as you go rather to head to head in duels. If done well, you should end up Ulting her, either killing her in the meantime, or getting your Q back in the duration and using that as the execute. While doing this, you will get back pretty much your entire HP back, thus you will survive her burst if she didn't have like 10 tentacles around you.”
[S10] Hybrid AP Warwick [One-Shots + Full Heals Mid/Top/Jung by Daedralus | Warwick Player
qtANG says “illoai is killable before 6 if you can dodge his abilities. Don't fight him when he activates his ult as he can 1vs 3 with it. ”
TheBiskoppen says “She out dmg and out sustain you IF she hits e, so try and avoid e and get help pre 6.”
Crazy Crocman (Low Elo Match ups get gold+ ez pz) by TheBiskoppen | Renekton Player
NoxianBlood says “This matchup is pretty even, just need to know how Illaoi works and this matchup will be easier than you think, if she gets your spirit don't run away, actually you can land a full Q stun at her, cause she will tend to stay there hitting your spirit to take away as much health from you as quickly as she can, so get thornmail, and armor plus health items, and don't stay in the zone of her ult while she's ulting you just reposition and engage once her ult is over, she does mostly physical damage so armor is quite a good counter.”
Sion Guide by NoxianBlood | Sion Player
EnchantedCat says “This champion is just annoying as hell, though you should just be able to avoid most of her skillshots with your W. You don't have any major kill pressure on her until you are Level 6 and you can sustain most of her damage with Corrupting pot/Biscuits/Fleet/W. After 6, try poke her down, then kill her, since she can't kill you with your R and kiting.”
Kayle builds by EnchantedCat | Kayle Player
Askio says “It's Illaoi. Either you'll beat her to death, or she'll tentacle you and your whole team because they want to fight her as 5 when her ult is up. Tease out her ult, get bramble for grievous wounds, and your cc should be able to out damage her. ”
TheRevenantsHand says “Do not engage before your ultimate. Harass her as much as you can, but if she catches you with her E, go close to a tentacle she spawns as she cannot spawn more nearby but watch out for that tentacle hitting a 2nd or 3rd time. Ult her as soon as she ults you as there will be no tentacles in the Death Realm, and thus no defenses or offenses for her.”
[10.6] Mordekaiser lane bully *Crush and Enthrall* IN DEPTH by TheRevenantsHand | Mordekaiser Player
Maokai Perfect Guide by nidzzhd | Maokai Player
ozmankaan says “Illaoi is a prob for any one :O i mean her pokes are good, huge heals and damage n tanky too :O her 'Q' has great range but dodge-able try to dodge it, destroy her tentacles as quickly as possible, her 'E' is dodge-able too try to dodge it. stay away from her ult, your CS should be greater than her, fight her near your turret, try to disdain her into your turret, poke her with your 'AA' and 'Q' dont go for full fledge war till her health is near 50% , when her health is at 50% apply your full combo.”
The Almighty Urgot by ozmankaan | Urgot Player
Valorkyrie Quinn says “High damage, waveclear, and teamfight potential. Her only weakness is mana-hungry early game. Tip: Dodge her E. It is her main damage dealing ability to ranged champions. You can boost movement speed by auto attacking with Fleet Footwork stacks, or units marked with Harrier marks. In late game teamfights, you will look to splitpush in other lanes, this can avoid Illaoi from arriving in teamfights when clearing minions, while you can arrive teamfights and kill their team first.”
Phoenix, Fly! 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! [10.5] by Valorkyrie Quinn | Quinn Player
Canis858 says “Es gibt einen Champion der Illaoi bestehen kann!!! Runen: 2, 3”
[10.5] Yorick Guide Deutsch by Canis858 | Yorick Player
XRVG says “She can be very annoying to play against if she lands her grabs. You can beat her in 1v1s but she will slow you down and prove to be a pain regardless just based on the fact she is illaoi. ”
killjeantette says “GP cant do anything vs illaoi no poke can w her e. no 1v1 only farm vs her”
GP is Back!!! by killjeantette | Gangplank Player
xxskipskipxx says “Dodge her E AND Q! Whenever she misses E you can go for a trade ! Try to trade/fight her away from her Tentacles!! If she uses R step back and DONT fight her!”
(DIA)Riven Top 9.22 GUIDE [Matchups incl.]Testing season 10 by xxskipskipxx | Riven Player
feederfromelohell says “Can be as difficult as darius but for experienced Sion players she is quite average difficulty. Proxying is easy due to her being immobile and the tentacles are nice hp for W.”
The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion by feederfromelohell | Sion Player
K1M0CH1 says “mess with her hard early when she turns level 6 just do short trades”
HOT Rengar top bulid by K1M0CH1 | Rengar Player
Big Belly Bop says “Her range is minimal and you can abuse that very well. You won't see this champion being played often in Diamond+. Dodge her Q's, get free stacks, and deny farm. If she happens to land an E on you, E out and walk out of range of her E and kill the tentacles. NEVER EVER fight when she ultimates near you. She will obliterate your bum. Flash + TP, Doran's Blade + 1 HP, Gotta Blast!, Freeze!, or Sustained Damage rune page. I prefer Sustained Damage but if you're not good at dodging or want to kite easily, take Gotta Blast! or Freeze!”
[10.3] Only Senna Top's TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE by Big Belly Bop | Senna Player
weird picks boi says “well,the only problem is her R and her passive”
nautilus top fighter by weird picks boi | Nautilus Player
ExfIamed says “If you're able to dodge her E (the thing that takes your soul) you just all in every single time because it has a long cooldown, if she ults just run away from her and go back in, just make sure you keep dodging the E as long as you do that you auto win every single fight.”
ExflamedMMask's Indepth Climbing Guide for Garen in S10 by ExfIamed | Garen Player
ChunkySasquatch says “she can make multiple points of damage which can be a problem early game”
Tank Daddy Thicc Boi Ornn by ChunkySasquatch | Ornn Player
9690 says “This lane is pretty easy. Dodge E and you win all trades. Lane proceeds to get easier post 6 where we can all in her at almost any point. Morello 3rd is a good pick up here, can also run ignite in this lane.”
Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed) by 9690 | Mordekaiser Player
Ends says “is out damaged and sustained only because your ult gets rid of all of her tentacles which is her main source of winning fights.”
[10.4] Mordekaiser Guide by Ends | Mordekaiser Player
Loevely says “Difficult post 6 but you can somewhat keep up with her during early laning phase. Avoid getting hit by her shit (mainly E) and you should be fine. DO NOT fight her post 6 if both of you are comparable in HP, you will lose 10/10 times. Grasp / Fleet with a focus of MS.”
(10.3) In-Depth Rengar Top Guide by Loevely | Rengar Player
Corin_devaliere says “Really hard matchup, she has more life and damage than you, just wait for a gank”
Crushing Top and Support with SHEN (CHECK THE RUNES) by Corin_devaliere | Shen Player
H V N T says “Dodge her E and break her tentacles”
[10.03]Darius guide season 10 by Hi its Darius by H V N T | Darius Player
KonataPro90 says “Comes to a game of skill”
Neeko Top WIP by KonataPro90 | Neeko Player
Gospodin Bure says “Illaoi can one shot you quite fast but thats where your movement speed comes into play, the experienced player can dodge all of her skillshots and move in for a few flaming autoattacks pre 6.Post six just keep your distance and farm and kite. If you don't feel confident in your ability to dance around her tentacles then just keep your distance and go to farm when her E is down.”
The ManPlank (CritPlank guide) by Gospodin Bure | Gangplank Player
Krepted says “The only counter is to not get hit by her e ”
Ornn Guide 1st Tier (feat. Gaerihyeong) by Krepted | Ornn Player
numpadddd says “Very annoying, cant trade or kill (unless she is very bad), dont try it, she will probably completely destroy you, espacially when she gets ahead, dodge Qs and Es and dont ask for ganks when she hits 6 because she can easily 1v2 with her ult”
10.3 CARRY Every Game With GAREN! by numpadddd | Garen Player
ENX Kai says “insane damage and 1v5 potential. Watch her E and don't get caught by that. When she R just walk away and kill her when it runs out.”
Ends says “you can poke her from a range and use ur snowballing to avoid being in danger of dying to her ult.”
600k Mastery Aatrox Guide by Ends | Aatrox Player
Luthy2278 says “Illaoi can cancel your ult by using that shielding ability and it's over for you if she ults, you just can't do much except kill her with your jungler ganking you, since your ult is pretty much useless against her.”
BigManYam says “Will harass with Q and E. So just play safe and if she does E just back away from her and stack from he tentacles which will make up for some of the minions lost.”
WHO LET THE DOG OUT!!! by BigManYam | Nasus Player
Noc7urnalz says “It can go both ways. She can punish you pretty hard before level 6 and even harder after 6. In trades before level 6 you can easily bait out her E as you walk in straight line to her and being ready to spell shield it. Then you can Q and go for a trade thats gonna be in you favor. After 6 be carefull for her R , you can bait it out then fear her and walk back without even looking for a trade. NOTE: If you just fearead her but she popped R , DO NOT continue to try to kill her , chances are it will result in you death.”
Nocturne /Bruiser/ Top by Noc7urnalz | Nocturne Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “as long as you dodge her E you should be okey, most illaoi players are .. what is the non-toxic word to call them id*ots.. and even if they are losing will try to all-in you, as long as she not use her ult try to kite around her (always dodge E no matter what), when she ult just go back and wait like 5 seconds, or if you can kill her with ignite do it and flash aways (she will heal a lot from tentacles, dodges is important)”
Teemo serious guide [10.2] by LuxIsMyCrush | Teemo Player
Defensivity1 says “Against illaoi the grasp page is advised, however conqueror will also do a good job as long as you dont get hit by illaoi's e or ultimate so try to keep some distance and poke her down with ghouls to 40% hp before you decide to all in her, grievous wounds against illaoi is a must.”
Defensivity's S9 yorick guide by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Quezel says “Illaoi can do nothing in this matchup her spells lock her in place making it very easy to hit your q or e and if she ever uses r you can r her and remove the spirit and all of her tentacles then just kill her becomes slightly harder after she gets qss but she still will struggle into you.”
How to play the King of Oblivion Mordekaiser by Quezel | Mordekaiser Player
GokuBurakku says “Ew. Hate her. She wins 99% of the time, you can try and fight her but i'd recommend against it.”
Goku's Guide to Gangplank by GokuBurakku | Gangplank Player
Evilfury10 says “Ban This Champion Every Game. ”
Rengar Top Guide (9.23) by Evilfury10 | Rengar Player
XPRflew says “Stay behind minions to avoid her e and farm under tower and run away when she r if you don't you will take a lot of damage and she will heal a lot ”
Nasus Guide Build Season 10! + Match Ups by XPRflew | Nasus Player
Ends says “Can use her e to be able to attack sett from a range and if sett tries to walk up she can deal nearly double damage. and she wins fights if she has her ult and out heals his damage. the only way sett can outplay her is if he ults her right after she ults him.”
Sett Build Guide by Ends | Sett Player
kawakiller2 says “boots of swiftness would be a help against her, to avoid tentacles.”
Lee Sin Top Lane roaming assassin by kawakiller2 | Lee Sin Player
mightydylan101 says “Pretty annoying with her tentacles but she is super squishy early so you need to win the early game. Be careful and prioritize dodging her tentacles as they will hurt and make sure she doesnt hit her skillshot as she makes a clone of you and can damage it until you leave the circle”
[10.1] Top Low Elo Stomper by mightydylan101 | Teemo Player
ProgettoYorick says “Dodge the shots of illaoi his slowness is his weak point against your ghouls. At level 6, just close it and dodge its shots. OTP tip: Try not to get gank from your jungle after level 6 of illaoi”
Ga44moker says “Illaoi is 50:50 matchup, all you need to do is to dodge her E. Basically if you can do it you will win lane 100%. Since her mobility is 0 and your is 10 with brushes. ”
Tophatant says “I have not much to say stay far and behind you minons because of her extra buddys from the ocean will do a lot ”
ScythedS says “My least favourite matchup.Poke her a lot early game,but try not to run out of mana.Start corrupting pot and take the safe laning rune page.Dashing onto Illaoi is very dangerous as she can easily out damage yo with Ult and tentacles.If you ever think about an all-in,make sure to kill her tentacles first”
Bring down the sun!!-Diana Guide by ScythedS | Diana Player
hotdog93 says “She can deny you a lot of cs with her e, dodge it at all costs. Don't fight her if she has even 1 tentacle as 2 is enough for her to 1v1 you with R. Always be careful, even if you snowball she can still one shot you. Consider taking a second armor rune instead of adaptive force. ”
Season 10 Riven guide by hotdog93 | Riven Player
Greekamol says “parry her e or you will get destroyed. You will beat her but the one time she hits e on you you lose a third of your health. When she misses e, play very aggressive.”
linsher19 says “She lane push super hard with her Q so you have to dodge everything that comes in your way, but the good side to this match up is you can stack her tentacles, but in lane make sure to dodge her e if you get hit you're doomed”
Drop de Cane DOWN BOOM! by linsher19 | Nasus Player
ThisIsJustSad says “1. Get Vampiric Scepter. 2. Don't get hit by his E. 3. W his E. 4. Run if he Rs. 5. The only fights you win are fights where he doesn't have his E on you and his R is down or you're pre-6. 6. Currently, Illaoi is not a balanced Champion due to how much damage her E does relative to how safe she is when she uses and how spammable it is.”
Puck333 says “Illaoi isn't a great danger for Nidalee. Her attacks are just too slow to hit you. Look out with her ult though.”
Nidalee Top Lane by Puck333 | Nidalee Player
Karnan says “Make use of the minion wave. If she cannot land her E you will always win the trades. Kill her tentacles when you can, they are the source of her strength. Be mindful as her 6 beats yours. An early executioners helps alot, Illaoi relies on getting huge healing to win 1v2s etc. ”
DerpzGG says “Avoid Getting Poked. She Pulls Your Spirit? All-in her. She Cannot Win an all-in if you’re both even at lane and health.”
Darius Guide S10 by DerpzGG | Darius Player
Objective focus says “Rush boots and use your ghost. Kill her before she hits 6.”
AlienMV says “Stand behind minions. Be ready to dodge Q. ”
Kayle I Guess by AlienMV | Kayle Player
NasusIsMyBoy says “just watch out for her tentacles and stack them and you will be fine. best idea is to stay near tower and stack of the tenacles so she cant damage you as much in her ult or use them to poke”
just000jay says “Laning phase is even in the early game. After lv 6 walk away if she uses ult and try to re-engage when it ends.”
Attack Speed Cho'Bank Top Guide ( OP ) by just000jay | Cho'Gath Player
Doinky says “Make sure you don't let her hit you with her e. Just stay behint minions and you should be good. And also try to kill her before she gets her ult. Otherwise she becomes more of a threat.”
Doinkys Guide To A Stoinky Darius by Doinky | Darius Player
Rime101 says “Proto → morello asap. DO NOT 1V1 HER IF SHE HITS E. Turn brain on in this matchup and take those caffeine pills. Need to do lots of dodging. Not that hard of a matchup but I put it even because if you fk up once your lane is doomed VOD: ”
[9.23] Rime's Ultimate Kennen Guide - KENNEN OTP by Rime101 | Kennen Player
CrimsonAngel1 says “This champ makes the lane her's. If you stay behind minions, you should be fine. Dodge her tentacle attacks and you can survive. If you ask your jungle for a gank, you can possibly win lane.”
[9.24] SoloQ Poppy. How to Carry Guide. by CrimsonAngel1 | Poppy Player
Mr. Nyahr says “You shouldn't all-in her in the early game unless you have her low. Kill tentacles where you can and don't get gripped.”
[9.23] By Wing and Blade - Kayle Top Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kayle Player
ryzetrox says “Better player wins. Try to dodge her tentacle with E. You can duel her easily if she misses her E. DO NOT FIGHT HER WHEN SHE ULTIES. Tiamat -> Exe calling”
sauronkaiser says “This can be hard or easy depending a bit of luck. Your pets can block her E wich is the most dangerous spell in lane. If she uses ult, most of times just escape the zone and wait until the effect is gone. Remember she is useless without tentacles.”
The Apex Dealsman says “she is a very hard matchup due to her oppressive nature. keep behind wave to avoid her E and wait for a gank before her 6.”
The Ocean Man Cometh - Top lane Pyke by The Apex Dealsman | Pyke Player
picklehater77 says “Before, if she ran Klepto, you had no hope of pushing her out of the lane. Nowadays, you can deny her very easily with smart usage of your E before turning to kill her. Take your PTA tree. Once she gets her first tank items, play a little safer.”
Kalrex says “Before level 6 when she steals your spirit, you can E in and trade pretty well. She wins all-ins after level 6, so be sure to get jg help on this one. Laning phase is pretty easy so long as you just dodge her slaps. Not too hard to lane against, just tough to get solo kills post level 6. When you run away after she pulls your spirit and the tentacles start spawning, just use your W and you'll rapidly destroy the tentacle before it can even slap you. ”
How to KS and Dominate with Urgot (9.23) by Kalrex | Urgot Player
NightlyGaming says “Avoid her E which pulls out your soul. If she gets you run away to avoid damage”
Darius INSANE Low ELO Carry Guide by NightlyGaming | Darius Player
Nightblue33 says “You need to try to kill her pre 6 and you need to learn to dodge her tentacles. If you can't do those, then you will really struggle after 6. The key is dodging. ”
Renekton Runes Best Way To Win and Carry Ur Lane by Nightblue33 | Renekton Player
Bajnok says “If you play against Illaoi play safe, you can do nothing against him. Look for opportunities on other lanes. ”
[9.23] The Unstoppable Spear (Not finished) by Bajnok | Pantheon Player
h0rnnyEUNE says “As long as you dodge her E, you should be fine. Don't stand near her tentacles, wait for your jungler and farm heavily.”
[9.23] Ornn Build - Gotta Forge Them All by h0rnnyEUNE | Ornn Player
SrHolmes says “Start DShield. Try to dodge E, if she ults then either back off or try to kill her quickly if she is low.”
Siren Senpai says “She does big dmg in erly game and will try not let you farm if yu go in to take cs she can use her E and you lose wery big part of you HP.”
Guide by Siren Senpai | Nasus Player
MordeStar says “As long as she doesn't dodge your R with her's, you'll be fine. If she Es you and ults, while the tentacles dont slam at you in death realm when she uses W, THEY SLAM YOUR SOUL OUTSIDE so take into consideration.”
ChrisPs says “Dont fight her if she has a clone from her E , she will heal back a lot .”
Orn Guide Top/Support by ChrisPs | Ornn Player
ineptpineapple says “Yes she is annoying but you can dodge her and generally all you need to do is be careful.”
Akali Top S9 by ineptpineapple | Akali Player
Hamstertamer says “Illaoi against melee champions is unfair. You can't go on her, just play safe, stay behind minions so she can't E you, and farm under tower. If you get hit by her E, use your own E on her, it reduces the duration drastically since it's a DoT. She'll have trouble ever killing your spirit so at least there's that.”
The meme lord - with detailed matchups by Hamstertamer | Nasus Player
Atlascrower says “You can stay away from her, farm from a safe distance. Pre6 you can duel her with your jungler. Dont underrestimate her Damage!”
Oh Captain my Captain! by Atlascrower | Gangplank Player
ineptpineapple says “If the illaoi is bad this is the easiest thing ever, if she is good stay behind minions and pray. You will most likely be able to kill her when you 6 but she is just annoying with her constant BS with he soul pulling.”
Agro Lissandra top lane S9 by ineptpineapple | Lissandra Player
Pacal Votan says “Tough lane.. she has tons of damage and very tank too... Try to avoid her E rushing Boots of Swiftness. It's good to buy a doran blade in the first recall. Invest in health here. Start with boots + 4.”
[9.21] Nasus The Chase One by Pacal Votan | Nasus Player
ExtremeExplosiveTeemo says “she s stronger in laning phase, but not so much after if she hasn t snowballed hard.”
[9.21] Mega Nuke Mushroom Teemo build by ExtremeExplosiveTeemo | Teemo Player
Guantecillo says “Si esquivas su E, puede vencerla muy fácilmente.”
Guía de Teemo en español (En proceso) by Guantecillo | Teemo Player
AsomeSonic says “don't get hit by the e, use minions, if she ults get out and then come back, her ult sucks if you do this”
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer by AsomeSonic | Poppy Player
Hugys says “For me Illaoi is a pain in the ass, but if you can dodge his "E" you should be fine. I just have a bad time against him really”
Teemo from a silver perspective by Hugys | Teemo Player
Polkadog says “Really annoying but still winnable. Just avoid her tentacles and you'll be fine. Don't let her get to your turret because she can just smack that like no-ones business. Since she's melee but her abilities are ranged, she'll try to poke you if you try to farm. Just stand behind your minions and avoid her tentacles. Once she tries to engage, land your W and your E if you have your ghouls up, then poke with Q. She'll try to fight back but back off if she still has a big chunk of health after your poke. Always have your ult up when you can since The Maiden can help you out really well, especially with your combo.”
"One More Step Toward Domination" Yorick Top Build by Polkadog | Yorick Player
Jezzzir says “Don't just dodge her E (the pull ability that puts you in the water realm), but try to actively bait it out. Without tentacles, you can often fight her off your spirit with Q at earlier levels. With tentacles it's usually better to run and lick your wounds. Save ignite once she get's ult. All-in-all an easy matchup. ”
AP Teemo Patch 9.20 by Jezzzir | Teemo Player
blunderr says “Illaoi does a lot of damage and you cant really do anything against it, just play very safely and let her push so your jungler can come gank.”
DVL CHALLNGR says “You MUST build Doran's Shield 1st and when you get lvl 6 you must try your best to hit ALL Q's. W will make it hard for her to escape because she doesn't have any MS advantage from her kit”
I am the god killer! Aatrox Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Aatrox Player
-ALR- says “same thing as aatrox ”
Weakling says “If you dont know how to avoid her Q and E you are dead man. Illaoi for Low Elo Nasus is Hell. If you can dodge some abilities you can expect to win lane.”
Why Nasus broke records [S9] - Weakling by Weakling | Nasus Player
Assonice says “Nothing counter this shit. Stay out of range of her E and don't trade her. Bramble vest rush and ninja tabi. She is hard to gank so take care”
Sion Guide | The undying by Assonice | Sion Player
Weakling says “If you dont know how to escape her Q's and predict her E, you will constantly be slowed throughout the whole laning phase. No chance at winning lane. Low-Elo HELL.”
How to Tryndamere [S9] - Weakling by Weakling | Tryndamere Player
HKRV says “Hard matchup, but not unbeatable. Keep distance and freeze the wave. When she rips your soul out go out of the range and stand in one position to dodge the single tentacle. (if you move more will spawn) then you can trade with her. Early game it has a big cooldown so it's helpful. When she hits lvl6 DON'T EVEN THINK TO ALL IN ALONE!! If ults on you then go away immediatelly as standing still or standing in it kills you quickly. She can 1v3 easily too, so keep a memo on her ultimate. ”
nikisultanov says “You are Klepto dude ,no counters”
Teemo ... just never lose <3 by nikisultanov | Teemo Player
Rhinoface says “Annoying to lane against pre-6, but once you're 6, she's food. Ult after she ults. Ignore her kit. Kill her.”
400k Mastery Mordekaiser Top/Mid/ADC ALL MATCHUPS by Rhinoface | Mordekaiser Player
EpicDan01 says “Illaoi can simply shove the wave under turret, then E you as you try to get some CS. Expect to have a large CS deficit. However, if you can deny her getting fed, your influence lategame will be greater than hers. If your jungler tries to gank you, make them back off unless the Illaoi has low HP. If you can poke her with cleavers then you can kill her midgame with 2 items.”
Dr Mundo Top Guide - Run Them Down + Matchups by EpicDan01 | Dr. Mundo Player
Poppu says “Illaoi is a stronger Juggernaut than you, has built-in sustain, and annoying harrass. You can still outplay her. If you dodge her soul grab, I would suggest trading with her afterwards in a span of 8 seconds near a tentacle spawn. Reason is, you block her E with your W, and you can stun her against the wall if she doesn't watch her positioning.”
[Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top! by Poppu | Poppy Player
Aizo says “You can be 7/0 and she'll be 0/7 and she will still beat you in the 1v1. You don't have the ability to fight her 1v1 at any point in the game, and if you get a jungle gank you don't have the damage to kill her unless if you have a high damage jungler.”
CHALLENGER Maokai Top OTP Guide by Aizo | Maokai Player
SQU1DW4RD2 says “Proxy, killable level 1-3, but insanely strong against you afterwards! Avoid her as much as possible. ”
Singed Guide S9 Patch 9.18 by SQU1DW4RD2 | Singed Player
SoulHero says “Tentacle lady, Straight up lose. Dodge her e's. I used to play illaoi so here are some tips: DONT ENGAGE HER IN ALL OUT UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU WIN. IF SHE PULLS YOUR SPIRIT JUST WALK AWAY. IF YOU ENGAGE WITH SPIRIT PULLED SHE ULTS AND YOU DEAD. btw the after effect of her spirit pull spawns tentacles. You can shred them with your w, but they will still slam down after death due to new buff. Fight her once you get executioners and she MISSES HER SPIRIT PULL. Try to destroy tentacles midfight too.”
AvatarDaniel says “She isn't played to much but if you lane against her, just farm as well as you can and hope she isn't over Iron 5 because if she is then you are F******. ”
Poppy Top. Patch 9.19. Tank and bruiser by AvatarDaniel | Poppy Player
ToastyKiller says “Illaoi is pretty easy to fight. you can get stacks of her tentacles when you last hit them. Ask for ganks and you will be fine.”
Do Not Try My Patience! Nasus Top Lane Guide by ToastyKiller | Nasus Player
Vodka4Gaben says “You can't win 1 v 1 against her, your best bet is to dodge her E's and poke her with your Q, you will lose to her every time unless you start the fight with a 5 Stack (5 bleed)”
Darius S9 - The Noxian Conqueror by Vodka4Gaben | Darius Player
notlmaze says “stay away from her R and tentacles dodge the E with SPEED and you should be good. Do not engage in long fights, Camille loses them with Fleet.”
Lmaze's Camille Fleet Guide by notlmaze | Camille Player
FromTopToGank says “dodge all her skills and hit her”
Shensei Ultimate Guides[S9] by FromTopToGank | Shen Player
CrimsonAngel1 says “Make sure you don't get hit by her E, as usual. When she presses R, GTFO.”
Aa Guide Aabout Aatrox. Aatrox Guide. by CrimsonAngel1 | Aatrox Player
Petethebossch says “Can't Outscale Illaoi in 1v1's until super late or with heavy jungle assistance. She can also pressure your stacks heavily but is skill shot reliant. Try to bait out her ult and quickly run away. If you have ult and she doesn't then you can win the fight.”
9.17 Split-push Nasus by Petethebossch | Nasus Player
ViperManEU says “(TOP) Illaoi is really hard to kill if u play pyke on top.. i ban her everytime i play pyke”
Pyke guide - how to play pyke (all lines) by ViperManEU | Pyke Player
Lynboe says “Afin d’affronter Illaoi, il suffit de la respecter suffisamment, il ne faut pas la laisser toucher ses E, si elle réussit à vous toucher il vaut mieux lui rentrer dedans si elle n’a pas d’ulti / si elle n’est pas proche de sa tourelle, si elle utilise son ulti alors, reculez et attendez. Étant donné qu’elle ne poke pas beaucoup il est conseillé de commencer avec une Doran’s Blade. Freeze la vague de creep est une bonne stratégie face à elle étant donné qu’elle n’a d’autre solution pour l'empêcher que d’utiliser son Q, ce qui signifie qu’elle doit avancer, ce qui vous donne une occasion en or de la go-in (toujours en faisant attention à son ulti). Si elle n’a qu’une seule tentacule vous pourrez go-in sans crainte au vu des peu de dégâts qu’elle vous occasionnera. Il n’y a pas d’objet particulier à acheter face à elle. ”
PhoenixianSlayer says “Her skills are good if she can get to you. If not, then she gives you extra gold. Just don't let her get you with her soul pull because it is super annoying. Also, don't be near her when she ults. ”
BLOW EVERYTHING UP! Ziggs the tower destroyer by PhoenixianSlayer | Ziggs Player
FakkerJackson says “Too much damage for no reason. Dodge her Q and E and your kinda ok. ”
Poor form! - Fiora ENG/GER Guide by FakkerJackson | Fiora Player
Jnewbringspain says “Try to fight her early, level 2 or 3. Avoid her Test of Spirit and Tentacle Smash at all costs. If you can make her miss these skills, go ahead and engage her. If she ults, Leap Strike out of it immediately and live to engage a different time.”
Top Jax - Fear The Walking Eggplant! by Jnewbringspain | Jax Player
messketchup says “Don't get your spirit pulled, and she can't do jack to you. If she ever uses her ultimate, run away. Don't try to fight her when her ultimate is up or you will die, even if you get 5 stacks. Illaoi is less than useless outside of lane phase. Just farm and don't die and you'll be far more useful than her late game.”
LiquidBlyr says “Hide behind minions to dodge her grab. if she does grab you walk out of the area. if she ults you run away. farm under tower and freeze, if she misses a grab all in her (if she is pre-6). if you cant pull of the combo within 3 sec ie. shes walking away ignore her (don't fight her if she has a huge minion wave likely accumulated from freezing).”
CuziTR says “Dodge her E and tentacles and flash out of her ult. If needed go Executioner's calling.”
Riven Build/Runes Paths by CuziTR | Riven Player
ShockTheWave says “illao is a strong champion we all know that so when you going to attack her make sure that you destroy her tentacles and Dodge Her E ”
Top Lane Shen Tank/Damage by ShockTheWave | Shen Player
Codseus says “Poke with Q as much as you can before he gets 6.”
(Patch 9.16) TRUE SPARTAN Pantheon Build by Codseus | Pantheon Player
WTMudkip says “Alert! You don't out damage her! Once you all she'll E you and deal more damage than you did with your all in!”
A guide to the Mantheon by WTMudkip | Pantheon Player
Smartest2 says “Dodge Illaoi Q's and E's, they are fairly slow animations so you should be able to dodge them. Use W to dodge her E if you need to.”
Smartest2's Diamond Teeto Top Build by Smartest2 | Teemo Player
Forseti Brusketi says “Big woman noticable problem for every slow champ , you jump she rips your sould you poke she tentacles your head, you can pull this fight out but late game is really hard to impossible”
mother of god Pantheon (+how to protect fatherland bonus) by Forseti Brusketi | Pantheon Player
EvilOranges says “D-Shield Start. I HATE this lane. She has more health, more damage, more zoning, and an actual ultimate. Freeze the lane and poke her while you are under your tower. Dodge her tentacles, and hold out. She is one of the few champions where if she does not pound lane, she does not scale. DO NOT GIVE UP KILLS, BACK WHENEVER YOU ARE LOW, and DO NOT back near her tentacles.”
PandaSenpai101 says “Go Grasp against her, and poke her with Grasp and Vitals. Stay behind minions for her E, parry it, or dodge it. She can become very annoying when maxing E. Pre-6 shouldn't be too hard, just parry her E. Post 6, you should aim to parry her ultimate, as she has no way to get damage from the ability, and it is pretty telegraphed.”
Janitsu says “Really tough matchup since she has sustain and wave clear and doesn't rely that heavily on auto attacks during trades and fighting. ”
uk Orca says “if u dodge the E u win, if u dont u lose. pretty much it.”
[9.15] Funny Elise Top [worth trying] by uk Orca | Elise Player
Devitt45 says “Sit behind minions and try to avoid her pull. Try to destroy her tentacles and just farm.”
Crit Master Garen Carry Guide by Devitt45 | Garen Player
Zestysquid says “Don't let her land the curse on you for baiting purposes, it's too dangerous. If she does, exit the range of it. If she ults, Q away because her tentacles will obliterate your box setup. It can be easy to kill her if she's willing to jump on you with her auto attack empower if her ult is on cooldown.”
The Chad Clown - 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick by Zestysquid | Shaco Player
TheWils says “Illaoi has to depend on the character she is fighting to not be able to take hits and regen back from it, poke her and take advantage of your 1v1 advantage.”
Early Game Dominance Darius by TheWils | Darius Player
PogLord says “ULTIMATE STEAL SCORE: 1/5 Personally, for some reason I have a talent to play against Illaoi. Maybe I am not into hentai lol... How to play against her: 1. - Always kill her tentancles if you can, but only when she is away and cannot jump or spell you. 2. - Never engage near more than 1 tentacle. 3. - You are mobile, dodge her spells, either with movement, or your E-E. 4. - After dodging her spirit pull with E, she will think you are scared, little she knows you will (flash +) E-back into her face and fight. You will win the trade if you dodge her tentacle smash. 5. - You see her animation moving her arm back -> you make a circular movement with character, that will instantly dodge her linear attack. 6. - You hear tentacle splash? That's her overpowered ass ultimate. You E away instantly, dont even trade it anymore. Possibly ping for teammates to do the same. 7. - Her sirit steal is LETHAL, dont. If she shot you with it, you run away and around a little. You'll lose CS but in return you can win against the lane bully.”
Poglord's In-Depth Sylas Top by PogLord | Sylas Player
betonek says “don't get hit form e when she miss fight with she”
kled 9.15 guide by betonek | Kled Player
FarrisReformed says “Both of you are lifesteal but she has more sustained damage and will keep poking you when you farm. Play safe and go in on lvl 7.”
Renekton for Beginner's 1.0 (Top Lane) 9.15 by FarrisReformed | Renekton Player
The_Unf0rgiv3n says “You're not gonna have a good time on this lane. Your only chance to outtrade her is if she misses her E.”
[9.14] BEAST Garen build (Potentially solo carry games) by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Garen Player
VerneTheWizard says “Dodging her tentacles can be difficult and if she ults you then she can outheal you pretty fast”
Thief Trundle Top [S9] by VerneTheWizard | Trundle Player
Prince Afghan says “Illaoi's threat is based solely on her E. If you can dodge it and use your minions and ghouls to block it, you are going to be in great shape.”
The Complete Season 9 Yorick Guide (UPDATED Patch 9.14) by Prince Afghan | Yorick Player
zuiop21 says “Kled has more burst Dmg if you are 1v1 against Illaoi. Just engage on her hard early because you have too much hp for Illaoi.”
[9.14 Kled Guide] The Grievous Wound Boi by zuiop21 | Kled Player
Ryako the Exile says “Dodging is the key to win the 1v1 against her, dont let her push the waves under your turret. If you cannot really do against her pushing potential go for tiamat it will help you out”
Ryako the Exile´s Riven Guide. Carry your team by Ryako the Exile | Riven Player
M2 Jizu says “Yep, otro Bully en linea. Esquiva todos sus tentáculos, atraviesa tu Q para pelearle, y lo mas importante. ESQUIVA SU E Y SALTE DE LA R CUANDO LA UTILICE.”
Yisuo says “her damage is f***ed, really bad to all in if u don't have the damage, try to poke and dodge her e”
Yisuo: Riven to beyond (unfinished) by Yisuo | Riven Player
Bombabo says “If she hits her E, you lose. If she misses her E, she loses. Simple as that. It is worth saving your E to dodge hers”
The Darkin Chad (WIP) by Bombabo | Aatrox Player
mahlightning says “...Don't engage without some other hard CC or high burst damage. Drawing out a fight against her will end poorly even with help.”
He makes things and upgrades them...yeah by mahlightning | Ornn Player
AmnesiaT says “She's op af now. Try to dodge her E, but if she gets you then go fight with her. Dont be a pussy. :)”
0mega best says “Shes strong, just farm and call for ganks, be extremelly careful when she hits 6 and destroy her tentacles as soon as possible, try to bait her E and then engage, still, be careful.”
RainbowNova says “Illaoi is tanky, does tons of damage, has her E every 5 seconds or so and heals a lot. She's an annoying laner in the early game and a beast in the late game. Your Q isn't going to save you from this tentacle onslaught.”
Lil Tidepod says “Illaoi does a LOT of damage with her tentacles and with her ultimate. If she lands an E on you and you're low, it can be a big threat because her tentacles will just keep freaking coming. Pro tip: after the first tentacle pops up and you dodge it, simply stand under it, as it will not hit you again and because you're stationary no more tentacles will spawn. Be careful of her ultimate, as it will help her turn the tide of any fight, sometimes even 5v1s that were originally in your teams favor. Once you get tanky enough, just keep matching her push. She'll be able to push harder than you early but if she sees that you're matching her push and not giving away any free towers, she'll probably switch to team fighting until the side lanes open up again.”
Another Corpse for the Pile | Sion Build Guide by Lil Tidepod | Sion Player
Haedraline says “Illaoi's Q outranges your Q slightly. Ult her after she ults so the tentacles arent there to back her up.”
The Klang Experience by Haedraline | Mordekaiser Player
punmaster911 says “"what's that? you want to ult me? well then... OH WAIT WHERE DID ALL YOUR TENTACLES GO?"”
Become Death itself. (season 9 build) by punmaster911 | Mordekaiser Player
MoreLoliconThee2nd says “Note that Illaois grow stronger in Late Game so try to destroy her and her lane as fast as you can so that you don't need to deal with it later on.”
Dunk Your Way To Victory! (Not Always Updated Though) by MoreLoliconThee2nd | Darius Player
zygiux says “I really hate this matchup. Try to not get hit by her E in farming phase because when you get hit by her E the time you come back after you are done with the tentacles, she is going to E you again...”
GameRage20 says “Dodge her tentacles then you are good.”
[9.12] Top Lane Behemoth by GameRage20 | Tahm Kench Player
Plank4Life says “Just Run, or AFK for remake, you cannot win alone... Or you can, only if you poke and farm, and never get caught by his E or it's over for you and your mates.”
[9.12] MonsterPlank on da Rift ! by Plank4Life | Gangplank Player
ImpossibleLogic says “We've all been there facing Illaoi the god forsaken lane bully that will zone you and kill you endlessly however if you can just avoid dying in laning phase you will be a lot better in team fights later on. Its best to just sit behind your minion wave and strap yourself in for a long boring laning phase.”
The Only Aatrox Guide You Will Ever Need by ImpossibleLogic | Aatrox Player
Luki7776 says “Dodge her Passive and Q, if she catch you with her E, use your Q on her and you will win.”
[9.12] AATROX TOP GUIDE by Luki7776 | Aatrox Player
CAPTCHAFAMILY says “All you need to do is to destroy these things near walls. It will make her easier to destroy.”
The Ultimate Dankmaster Guide by CAPTCHAFAMILY | Darius Player
Hunterlogic says “All you need to do is ult at the right time and you win. Avoid he E in lane and you should be fine.”
Un-killable Mordekaiser Guide (9.12) (Matchups Included) by Hunterlogic | Mordekaiser Player
MasutaKokoBot says “Illaoi should not be able to get to you. Just heal your team as they fight her for you. if she grabs someone soul, just place your silence where she's standing. She will either continue to attack the soul to do damage and get stuck in the snare, or she will back off. Either way is a win.”
Waambulance Soraka Support - Patch 9.12 by MasutaKokoBot | Soraka Player
FunkySoul says “She has the worst Level 1 in the game by far! Punish, punish, and punish. Her only kill pressure is R, so you want to avoid getting destroyed out of nowhere. She does less damage than you with her E, so punish her and don't get hit by the Tentacles.”
[9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg) by FunkySoul | Tryndamere Player
Scuz Rat says “Illaoi bullys every champion in the game but Poppy is one of the more resilient laners to pick into her. Get your jungler to gank before 6 and farm with your passive. Dorans shield is a strong first recall purchase here”
S9 Rank 45 Poppy NA Diamond Top Lane Poppy by Scuz Rat | Poppy Player
Brentard says “Not a big threat early on. But her all in is better than yours. Just run away till its all over. Kill tentacles. Avoid soul pulling.”
Speedy Von Garen (Carry build) by Brentard | Garen Player
CoffeeDog says “Illaoi crushes you early game, making you a potencial target for lane harassment. Focus on playing safe and helping other lanes.”
TechnoRenekton says “Be aware for her ( E ) Test of spirit. Go in on her If she misses it. Has stronger lvl 6. Has 1v2 potential so don't fight her when she has her ultimate up. Try to bait her ult and dash out.”
"Welcome the havoc!" [9.10] by TechnoRenekton | Renekton Player
GrGamingTeo says “Be very aggressive early because you have better early game than her. Although a very good Illaoi main will probably know how to outplay you that's why i gave her a 3.”
My main Garen guide to climb elos/S. 9/ by GrGamingTeo | Garen Player
Atarka88 says “Won't allow to minion farm but leave the circle when she grabs you and farm stack on your Q off tentacle”
Eternal Nasus by Atarka88 | Nasus Player
DrMoneybags says “Illaoi is a juggernaut that can easily bully immobile melee champs. Fortunately you are pretty mobile and can E past most of her tentacles. If you manage to bait out her E, you should be able to win an all-in with ignite. Executioners Calling will make this lane a bit easier as well. Baiting out her R and disengaging is another great way to put her at a disadvantage in future trades. Always remember to kill her tentacles when you can, and dodge with E.”
Arcthunder says “Illaoi is a tough case. Her difficulty is actually fairly situational, but her healing is nothing to scoff at. See more in the Tough Matchups section.”
Mitil says “Like always Farm up with your q once you hit 6 wait for her to miss her pull and if you have high hp all in her.”
Big MUNDO by Mitil | Dr. Mundo Player
Qubert64 says “Annoying but fightable. Pre 6 you shred through her. After 6 try not to fight her without a gank by jg. Back up when she ults and you will be fine. If she doesnt have ult but rips your soul go in with a taunt and block some autos to keep her from killing it.”
Shen 9.10 S9 (Chapters Coming Soon) by Qubert64 | Shen Player
otto222 says “Might aswell hibernate!”
Volibear Top (9.10) by otto222 | Volibear Player
Skoh says “- Work in progress -”
[FR] NASUS IS OVERCHEAT by Skoh | Nasus Player
The_CuItivator says “Actually depends on the skillset of the summoners. Darius shouldn't win against Illaoi. But if you dodge her E, break her down and make sure her tentacles are always down. If she gets the control over the lane it is over.”
The Punisher- Solo Beast Darius by The_CuItivator | Darius Player
pontonmechanico says “very 50/50 on the meetup”
CrackenZap says “Not actually necessarily a threat alone, the problem is, I find Junglers feed this top guy... Good footwork keeps you out of trouble from him but goodness forbid the jungling goes to hell, everything then falls apart and you have to shroom/defend tower and poke last hits on minons and damage enemy champion.”
PSI Core Teemo; by CrackenZap | Teemo Player
OnionMilkshake says “we've all been there facing illaoi the god forsaken lane bully that will zone you and kill you endlessly however if you can just avoid dying in laning phase you will be a lot better in team fights later on so its best to just sit behind your minion wave and strap yourself in for a long boring laning phase (Recommended: Comet)”
Aatrox World Ender 9.9 by OnionMilkshake | Aatrox Player
Zdenster says “Dodge her Es. Use R to dodge her R. Take PTA. Rush Phage to dodge her abilities.”
TheNinjaRoid says “Can't kill her, can't gank her. She's really hard to beat, unless she's bad. Just farm up, and try not to die. Best of luck. Oh yeah, avoid her Q, E, and R. She heals off her kit. If you manage to get ahead, you can still win lane. Can't really stop you from farming, outside of killing you. ”
Ultimate Nasus Guide from a Nasus OTP - Patch 9.9 by TheNinjaRoid | Nasus Player
FakkerJackson says “Don't get hit by her E or she out damage you.”
IN PROGRESS by FakkerJackson | Renekton Player
F0gelberG says “Annoying trying to poke might be bad. Just farm to lvl 6 then make a move with your JG. Use everyting you got, dont hold back.”
TheBoltLord says “Its illaoi....... enough said? lol but no illaoi isn't tooooo bad you just have to dodge her tenticals and her grab ram her into a wall and get good trades. Shes squishy enough to where you can take her. By the way... your w cancels her ult and puts it on cool down <3 ”
S9 Full Tank Poppy (TOP) by TheBoltLord | Poppy Player
MediocrePolk says “You can use her tentacles to get away from her by using your passive, she is ok until 6 and after that point play safe. D blade start”
Rengar Top by MediocrePolk | Rengar Player
xxxskully says “Dodge Illaoi E or you will lose trades, don't fight near walls when shes level 6.”
Rengar Guide (Patch 9.8) 190k Mastery Points by xxxskully | Rengar Player
Ethereal Ezio says “Bully and avoid her E, overall easy matchup. Make her ult pointless by using W away from it.”
Season 9 Top FRONT LINE Vladimir by Ethereal Ezio | Vladimir Player
Bkorven says “This can be frustrating to play against. I win this lane by baiting out illaoi's E by preteding to last hit minions but i side step instead”
Klordix's guide to Yorick (1M+ MASTERY POINTS) by Bkorven | Yorick Player
Carlosm04 says “Illaioi é muito complicado, a sua ultimate causa bastante dano, quando ela for ulta, tenta sair da zona dos tentaculos depois vai pra cima dela .tenha cuidado com E dela .”
Jax top/jg [9.8] PT-BR by Carlosm04 | Jax Player
TH3MaCHH0MaN says “hight damage cap early, poke , slow ”
the one trip Macho Sion 9.8 by TH3MaCHH0MaN | Sion Player
ThatDabbingTroller says “My perma-ban, way to annoying+strong to deal with.”
How NOT to feed | Zyra Top by ThatDabbingTroller | Zyra Player
LosAngeloser says “Merely an annoyance - she can never force you to go all in. Go clepto and avoid trading with her unless her E is down.”
Tankplank TOP (9.8) by LosAngeloser | Gangplank Player
ApexDresden says “She can be a considerable threat, however just trade with her and you should be okay, you mainly want to engage once she has used her E, but don't underestimate her damage. Continuously poke her with Q and W and when she's low you should be able to all-in her, just be careful of her ultimate - R.”
Destroyer Aatrox by ApexDresden | Aatrox Player
ElleryTheViking says “Not a good word to say about this matchup. It's winnable, but difficult. Since you're melee it's difficult to move into E and auto range without her using the Soul Pull and combo. Post 6 it doesn't get any better, she can one shot you and your Jungler. Best bet is to just slowly poke her down with Q and when soul pull is on CD move in for E and potentially an all in. ”
Godlaf in the Top Lane (9.7) by ElleryTheViking | Olaf Player
The Lost Drawing says “Algo como Darius relacionado con el tema de ventaja. Le cancelas su 'R' con tu 'E' o tu 'R'. Tiene mucho daño con su 'Q' y su 'E'. Compra botas para esquivar sus habilidades”
Poppy - La tanque anti-tanques (y adcs si se puede xD) by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
BlackguardRaven says “*sigh*, this champ, if i have to say, is annoying to play against, but you should be able to handle, just remember to abuse you passive invis and hide from her tentacles”
Teemo Memeo by BlackguardRaven | Teemo Player
kingkang2 says “This matchup depends on how good the Illaoi is at hitting E's, and how good you are at dodging E's. ”
Yorick - The Goon Squad Splitpusher (Work in Progress) by kingkang2 | Yorick Player
SynergyXO says “tough matchup if you are being lazy. Dodge her Qs and most especially her Es, and dont stand in her ult due to spell vamp.”
Masters Experience, Tryndamere Build Guide + Top Lane match by SynergyXO | Tryndamere Player
God Slayer Akali says “She has better poke then you, and more than likely will force you under turret to farm. ”
Akali 9.6 Top AD Guide | by God Slayer Akali by God Slayer Akali | Akali Player
XPRflew says “Stay behide minions to avoid her e and farm under tower. ”
francodm says “Use a passiva e ativa do W para desviar do W dela, se você conseguir desviar constantemente não terá problemas contra ela mas se tomar o W dela você vai ser forçado a ir base ou morrer. Aery e aperto dos mortos vivos são bons”
A Bíblia do Teemo Top (em construção) by francodm | Teemo Player
E61K says “Stupid champion design. You auto-win pre-6, especially level 1-2. Her whole kit relies around her tentacles and her whole 1v1 basically relies around her pulling your soul and then ulting you and hitting you with her tentacles. Once you realize that all you have to do when she ults is either disengage and then reengage or dodge the tentacles she becomes easy to deal with. Make sure you dodge her soul pull then you win. Watch out for tentacles slamming down as they can hurt quite a lot when stacked.”
SwiftOblivion says “Strengths: Built in sustain, Early game damage, Team fighting. Weaknesses: Low mobility, slow attacks. She can punish you for being too reckless, but she has no mobility at all. If she decides to overextend once you've hit 6, easily dance around her and pop your vitals. Also, once you hit a vital you gain decaying movement speed, and this should help you when dodging the tentacles she tries to hit you with. Once again, she's not a cakewalk. She can easily punish anyone with her high early game damage if you go too ham. Another option is riposting her Test of Spirit so that she won't be able to rip your spirit out of you or her Harsh Lesson when she leaps to auto attack you. The last tip is just running away from her when she uses her ultimate, early on this does a pretty good chunk of damage and heals her back up so don't fight her in it unless you are sure you'll come out on top. Buying boots early is recommended.”
(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide by SwiftOblivion | Fiora Player
Suthafru says “Illaoi - one of top jhin's best matchups, an almost guaranteed win in lane. she can't respond to your poke in any way and due to your crit you can easily dodge a large majority of her damage, at a certain point she becomes helpless to you as you run circles around her slowly killing her. ”
the mega superior - JHIN TOP [UPDATED 9.5] by Suthafru | Jhin Player
Saiyan02 says “You will have a hard time against Illaoi. Try and take down her tentacles and dodge her E, But if she lands and E its almost over to be honest and don´t fight her when her R is up. Definetly go exhaust in this matchup so that you can run away when she presses R”
Everything you need to know about Xin Zhao by Saiyan02 | Xin Zhao Player
Fatihmtrgn says “Open your Q, walk around her while dodging her skills.”
Toxic Singed by Fatihmtrgn | Singed Player
LeGwadeloupeens says “Llaoi posséde plus de points de vie et de dégâts que vous, attendez simplement un gank ”
shen IN DEV by LeGwadeloupeens | Shen Player
drunken hunter says “You can jump on her tentacles, destroy them and u have a really easy game if you dodge Illaoi's skill shots. But watch out for her ult - it does retarded dmg and gives her life steal”
[S 9.4] Jumping Kitten Top and Jungle - NEW Top/Jgl Build! by drunken hunter | Rengar Player
kkiskk says “Dodging her tentacles is extremely important. If she don't have any tentacles, she's nothing. Try to be a dick that back off every time she use her R. Her Q is super good at wave clearing so wait until she's out of mana before fighting her. If you fight in the place where she has 2 or more tentacle, you die . Her tentacle hits heals her. Get executioner's calling first. Be careful as she will always come back after mid game.”
Top lane Xin Zhao (What? It's still viable?) by kkiskk | Xin Zhao Player
SeaWeeb says “Tanky and has high harass. Keep back and play under tower and try for early ganks as she will mostly free farm.”
The Suit Hunts in the Manner You Choose by SeaWeeb | Kai'Sa Player
CommanderKevin says “When you do the Combo she'll do her so it's a matter of dmg and dodge her tentacles ”
Rek Sai Top Dmg/Tank by CommanderKevin | Rek'Sai Player
Sion says “Annoying lane, dodge her Q/E at all costs, she's easy to kite around and you can use your CC combo on her in teamfights to nullify her completely. As long as you survive the early game, you win.”
Low-elo stomper AD Sion by Sion | Sion Player
hrisimiriliev says “If you miss his abilities there is no problem for you. Just move a lot and poke.”
[p 9.4] Dominating top line - best build so far by hrisimiriliev | Teemo Player
MatatuMayhem says “Her ult does nothing for you, she can poke you from range, and she builds very tanky while still dealing lots of damage. Try to make her push and force her to overextend in lane. ”
Sylas Guide by MatatuMayhem | Sylas Player
Vincheelo says “You cannot win a fight against her when she uses her Leap of Faith unless you are super ahead of her. Kill her when she doesn't have her ult. Avoid her Test of Spirit and Tentacle Smashes.”
Super Detailed Darius Guide v9.4 WIP by Vincheelo | Darius Player
TSA_Exotic says “Illaoi definitely has potential to burst you out of nowhere. But if you can kite around her abilities and take out her tentacles when you can then you greatly reduce her damage and will help you win trades and ulimately lane.”
Vayne - The Top Lane Tank's Worst Nightmare by TSA_Exotic | Vayne Player
TheNecromancerr says “You are generally stronger at all levels, especially early levels, but only if you don't fight her in her ultimate.”
Irelia - Top Lane - Season 9 by TheNecromancerr | Irelia Player
1ceLoL says “Irelia wins this matchup before lvl 6 as long as you doge/bait her E. The matchup gets trickier after lvl 6 though, due to her insane ult damage.”
Irelia build guide for newer players by 1ceLoL | Irelia Player
Proxxecube says “Illaoi can be annoying, but treat her similar to a less oppresive Darius. Respect her damage, but don't let her bully you out of farm. When it comes to her ulti, once she has it, if she gets your clone, don't fight. If she ults, and unless you parry it, she will do a lot of damage. If she gets it, just run. She may seem scary, but you scale significantly harder than her.”
A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora by Proxxecube | Fiora Player
VdeathSpartan says “She can be a challenge if you're having a hard time dodging her tentacles, stay out of her grasp and you're fine. Keep Q up for her ult when engaging.”
The 8.6 Top Lane Tank Shredder by VdeathSpartan | Master Yi Player
LordZeta1313 says “also walls you. DON'T TAKE SHADOW ASSASSIN AGAINST HER”
Choose your Demise (kayn top build) by LordZeta1313 | Kayn Player
SKT_Jin says “Top lane and ultimate does not work with Sylas.”
Sylas Top Mid Jungle by SKT_Jin | Sylas Player
sylas1tr1ck says “Really the only counter i can think of to sylas. Her ult is useless and she is impossible to kill. its best to not even lane against her cause she will tower dive you. just help bot lane farm.”
Sylas Top Lane by sylas1tr1ck | Sylas Player
Zahkar00 says “Either would work. With Bravado you can clear her tentacles pretty easily. Dodge her pulls but if she does pull her you can punish. At lvl 6 is when things become risky. Her ult does a lot of damage so if you dont ult at the right time it wont save you.”
How to Taric Top 101 by Zahkar00 | Taric Player
Bakiraka says “You can poke her, but if she's smart she'll be able to deal with it. The worst part about this lane is that she can dive you super easily and can easily 2v1 you and your jungler post-6.”
Tvoi_clop says “Также как и с Атроксом - уклонения. Ваша стена ветра блокирует E Иллаой. Если она вытащила вашу душу то не бейтесь с ней, просто выйдете за пределы круга. Если вы попали во вместилище, то не сносите щупальца. Если Иллаой использует своё R, то просто убегайте. Зовите лесника и фармите. Это очень важно.”
Русский гайд на Ясуо by Tvoi_clop | Yasuo Player
Trixelkour says “The Queen of 1v1s, she will completely destroy you if you get to close. Get Grasp or Fleet Footwork and do not let her slam you in any way, or you're F*cked. Go for a Tanky build and tell your jungler to camp. Make her fall behind and do not let her snowball.”
Demon Birb of Zaun by Trixelkour | Swain Player
KennenenneK says “She wrecks you, ask for ganks and dont get your soul taken.”
AP/AD Kennen all roles! by KennenenneK | Kennen Player
Pabino says “Don't all in her at 6 or you'll die. Poke early and get assistance.”
Teemo top Lane Season 9 by Pabino | Teemo Player
heyitsRainex says “Do not engage unless she does not have tentacles around her, because her Q and W will instantly win trades. Her E also makes her an annoying champion to deal with. Look to outsustain her and burst her before she kills you with her R.”
[9.1] Rainexton Guide by heyitsRainex | Renekton Player
lunarstaff says “Dodge or shield her E and you win the fight.”
Hunt's Comprehensive Rengar Guide by lunarstaff | Rengar Player
TR3YK3Y says “Could just be me, but I have made Illaoi a permanent ban of mine while playing top because of how good she is against me usually, ”
Urgot Build by TR3YK3Y | Urgot Player
go6unatora says “Just make sure you dont get hit by the tentacles ”
Season 9 TankDyr Top by go6unatora | Udyr Player
Parmisan says “If you play safe and smart you might win”
[Patch 9.1] Free high elo with Garen by Parmisan | Garen Player
SirDeRp25 says “Poke Frequently, dodge tentacles and you should be fine. Avoid melee combat.”
The SATAN of TOP-LANE by SirDeRp by SirDeRp25 | Teemo Player
Master_Yagyu says “she is very strong,ask for help.”
River Shen Guide by Master_Yagyu | Shen Player
E61K says “Whenever I see this creature she always seems to snowball out of control. The key to winning this match up is windwalling her E and juking her tentacles with your own E. The thing is that if you deny her your soul by blocking it you drastically cut down her damage output. If you fail it expect to get chunked. You can also hide behind minions. Her ult is basically disengage and then reengage once it has worn off or dodge tentacles. You can do both. You have enough mobility to choose between those 2 options.”
undeadsoldiers says “Illaoi - Conqueror Early items (in order) - Phage,Tiamat, Boots (into Tabi if she's ahead) - All in lvl 1-2 (passive stacked AND if she doesn't have her pull) - Play safe lvl 3-5 and very safe lvl 6+ - Stand behind minions to avoid getting pulled (you can also dodge it with Q) - Save your W for her W empowered auto and subsequent tentacles - ONLY trade when she misses her pull - DON’T all in alone until Trinity and/or level lead AND her ult is on cooldown - Try not to get pushed under tower, since she can easily pull you (Tiamat helps) - She’s a beast in teamfights so aim to splitpush better than her - Ult cooldown: 120/105/90 ”
BreadyToCrumble says “She's really annoying. I hate laning against Illaoi and I ban her nearly every game. She can bully you into your tower. If you find yourself against Illaoi, ask your jungler to come help you before she hits 6 because of her tentacles. If she gets ahead, be careful.”
Loafy's Beginner Guide to Camille! [updated to 8.15] by BreadyToCrumble | Camille Player
Omega best says “She is hard. Just farm, never rush illaoi at all costs and play safe and build armor and wait for you being gank by your jungle before she is 6 then flip her and you 2 kill her before she gets fed”
TehGuides says “Start dorans shield.Never let her E you.DONT ASK YOUR JUNGLER TO HELP YOU.SHE CAN 2V1 YOU EASY”
TehGuides AD DESTROYER TRYNDAMERE by TehGuides | Tryndamere Player
Zachlikespizza says “You are basically Illaoi 2.0, the only difference is she has way more raw damage. However you can dance around this with your e. Remember to avoid her q at all costs as it is very punishing to the trade (for you).”
The Fallen Glory, Aatrox by Zachlikespizza | Aatrox Player
Testqment says “Build an early tiamat so she can't push you in that hard and E you under your tower the entire laning phase. Just wait for ganks BEFORE LEVEL 6!”
Riven Guide [Toplane] (S9) by Testqment | Riven Player
Mouadyam says “dodge the tentacles, kill her tentacles whenever you can and dont get E'd into her minion wave, if you are ahead give her false hope by backing off when she E's you then go back in and beat her up, careful for her ult, back off until it finishes. she has mana problems so waiting until shes oom is a good idea.”
Demon Lord AC0 says “Windwall her E and dodge her tentacles. She can't be opressive in lane like she used to, but she still does a metric f*** ton of damage if you allow her to. Unless you keep getting hit by her Es and Qs she's not an issue. The Standard build path of this guide will do just fine. Start Doran's Shield”
iam colorblind says “You need to dodge her E or u will pe poked very fast down! With your Q + AA u can kill her tentacles. Try to bait her Ultimate out! Use Wardjumps for it.”
Jax 1v9 in Preseason! 8.24/8.25 by iam colorblind | Jax Player
Patrozzo says “This girl is a bit broken, make damage and after lv 6 use that when she has half hp”
Immortal Aatrox by Patrozzo | Aatrox Player
TheCrocodileGuy says “If Illaoi hits her E on you, you will lose the trade 200%, so if you notice her hitting the E, just run away as fast as you can from the range and come back to lane.”
[Patch 8.24] Renekton guide for Top-lane by TheCrocodileGuy by TheCrocodileGuy | Renekton Player
FlakNShrapnel says “If you can get on her you win, if you can't you lose.”
Lick 'em good by FlakNShrapnel | Tahm Kench Player
Din Mishura Kiramato says “your mobility makes illaoi be easily punished, both of you does not have mana sustain, but use this to your advantage”
[S9] The one shoot Darius by Din Mishura Kiramato | Darius Player
Coelinha says “Build Dança da Morte e Tiamat//Não deixe ela puxar a lane, se você deixar, pode kitar,acabou pra você”
Guia para as Riven Br by Coelinha | Riven Player
Snaill says “Care to her tentacle, when she ult, ult her.”
Camille build toplane 8.24 (in depth) by Snaill | Camille Player
Hakomoruq says “HAHAHAHA x2 KEEP SAFE”
Micheal Jorden role play by Hakomoruq | Darius Player
MOOUSSA says “no illaoi can vs you you the best just try to dodge his e and try to get him and see guide items for illaoi ”
illaoi the king of the top dont need gank by MOOUSSA | Illaoi Player
JosephV says “She constantly pokes with her tentacles and her E. You will need help from your jungler. Farm near your turret and you should be alright. DON'T overextend. ”
UNBENCH ME by JosephV | Tahm Kench Player
mrmundo says “Nothing but damage in her kit. Her ult can just instantly slam you to hell. I'd say DO NOT engage, especially if she is 6. Try and poke her, and take down tentacles.”
Skullsunderer says “Illaoi can do what Darius does, just a little more safer the the range her abilities have. Leave when she ults and execute her whenever possible. Her abilities are super slow and telegraphed, this should make it easier to dodge her skillshots.”
S8 Guide to Darius. Rule the Top Lane [W/ Match ups] by Skullsunderer | Darius Player
joelblack says “Illaoi is hard depending on your reaction time. Early game, you should be able to get some pretty decent poke out, but avoid her Q always. Titan or Marksman runes will do well, but depends on how comfortable you are in your reaction time and mechanics. Post-6 she can be pretty scary, but as long as you poke her down to about 50% health, you can all in her and get the kill. Ignite can work as well if you really wanna be able to kill her early game. ”
[8.23] A Good Boi by joelblack | Gnar Player
OrangeBeard says “Dont even fight her if she has ANY advantage on you, she will thrash you and there is nothing you can do about it.”
Yoyoyo [Season 9 Skarner Top] by OrangeBeard | Skarner Player
CaioOP1985 says “Yeah, Nasus can stack Siphoning Strike on her tentacles that keep spawning. Add that to your superior sustain, innate tankiness and damage later in the game and Illaoi should be pretty simple. But do not think she isn't a threat at all, because if she gains an advantage on you, be ready for a world of pain.”
Nasus, God of the Late Game by CaioOP1985 | Nasus Player
Ashnard says “Illaoi is immobile and easy to combo down, but getting hit by her E will hurt you badly and give her free klepto/grasp procs, so avoid it above all else.”
[8.23] Aatrox lane matchup guide by Ashnard | Aatrox Player
butcherblade23 says “Her slows are better than yours. Out ranges you. Tanky. Tentacles.”
The Butcher's guide to Attack Speed Split Yorick 8.23 by butcherblade23 | Yorick Player
JefferXpr3ss says “Illaoi can be a massive threat to almost any Ornn player as she is incredible at dueling due do her high damage and somewhat decent CC making her almost unbeatable in a 1v1 against Ornn. The only way you can survive this matchup is basically staying under tower and even then if she is ahead, she can still sometimes dive you.”
JefferXpr3ss's Guide to Ornn Top by JefferXpr3ss | Ornn Player
KennenenneK says “Can you even kill her?”
AP "The shock" Kennen Top/Mid/Sup by KennenenneK | Kennen Player
CamilleN1 says “You dont wanna open fight this fella unless you're 10/0 on lvl 6”
CamilleN1's Poke Camille Top by CamilleN1 | Camille Player
JovexMasina says “Just dodge shes tentacless.And if she ult just run away and wait shes ult end.”
Darius Guide 8.23(dark harvest meta) by JovexMasina | Darius Player
Dacnomaniak says “Her Q damage and sustain can be annoying. But if you can dodge those and get a good stun off you should be fine in trades.”
The One True Hero (S8 Poppy) by Dacnomaniak | Poppy Player
shinysnivy says “no la puedes conterear a pesar de que dice que eres conter, pues no, solo bloqueas una habilidad de ahi juega pasivo, si te atrapa con el tentaculo mejor quedate a pelear”
build prrona de poppy by shinysnivy | Poppy Player
GOTG Ment135 says “Pokeala y estate detrás de los súbditos, a menos de que no le des kills, le podras ganar un 90% de las peleas.”
GreenMoon935 says “Her insane poke and huge damage will hurt throughout the game. Ask jung for frequent help”
TH3MaCHH0MaN says “heavy poke,decent laning phase heavy pusher”
the savior by TH3MaCHH0MaN | Shen Player
thedunkening111 says “Before six, easy. After six, hell. Try to get some lead before level six, as you'll win trades before then. She'll most likely take klepto, so abuse the fact she'll greed on thos and go for trades where she needs to make the choice of either hitting you OR her clone. (For the love of god don't position yourself so she hits both!) After six, you can fake an all in so you can take her ulti threat way, but you might take a lot of damage for doing this. Take Conqueror”
DuhBrandon says “illaoi is very dangerous because fighting her is all about lane control and your W does not help much when she pulls your soul or she hits her Q. Illaoi is a tank that can destroy you early game and definitely late. It will be difficult but your best bet is to see if you can beat her level 6 (which is the only time you can win on even terms.) and snowball. If she gets ahead you lose.”
galvapheonix says “ Since you can destroy her tentacles easily with auto resetting your Q all you have to do is dodge her pull and attack the tentacles and she is pretty useless. If she ults onto you try your best to get out ASAP as no matter how behind you are that thing does so much damage.”
Whack Em Dead by galvapheonix | Yorick Player
RainbowBait says “Illaoi can easily poke and deal a lot of damage. ”
Aatrox high ad and lifesteal by RainbowBait | Aatrox Player
Thoir says “To beat Illaoi you just need to bait his ultimate, gain health back and then engage,”
IN PROGRESS by Thoir | Irelia Player

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