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Elise Counter Stats

Elise Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #24 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Elise. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Elise in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Elise Data for all roles taken from 35,539 matches.
Elise Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (99%) Elise In the Jungle Counters: 35,091 matches, 47 counter champions

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Tips Against Elise in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Polarshift says “Careful for her invades and early ganks. Warn your team to ward at 2.35 and maybe even countergank by tracking where she starts. When fighting, you want to dodge her cocoon and E her damage after it; if you can't dodge the cocoon, use your before it hits instead.”
[11.9] WARWICK THE UNCAGED WRATH [JG/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH GUI by Polarshift | Warwick Player
LambWolf says “Elise can chunk you quite hard. But if your full hp with red buff early on you can beat her if you dodge her e with your q.”
[11.9] Kindred the Solo Carry Machine by LambWolf | Kindred Player
KamiKZ says “Elise is the strongest counter to kha zix I recommend building tiamat (yes only tiamat in this match up) to remove her spiderlings to get isolation damage on Elise other items you can buy are merc treads and hex drinker and maybe take nullifying orb in sorcery tree too) ”
lightrocket2 says “AP Burst mages can destroy Taric before you have a chance to buy MR. You can 1v1 for sure but if you gank someone and elise is there and webs you... you die. PTA is best because she will be running at you and easily dodge your stun with Rappel.”
GrandMaster Taric Jungle : Welcome to the Gemshow by lightrocket2 | Taric Player
KhaZix Mains says “[8/10] Avoid her stun, and you can have a reasonable chance; however, she still has more than enough damage to take you out in mere seconds. Either play the fight very cautiously or try not to fight her at all. Her spiderlings negate your isolation damage so make sure to use your Void Spikes to create isolation by killing her spiders and additionally you can pick up Ironspike Whip to help with this. When fighting Elise try to jump to the side or diagonally instead of straight onto her to avoid her cocoon. Alternatively, you can use the maneuverability of your ult to dodge the stun by juking or jumping on top of her and using the speed to get behind her while invisible.”
r/KhaZixMains COMPLETE Guide to Kha'Zix [Up-to-date] by KhaZix Mains | Kha'Zix Player
Veralion says “Elise tends to be very aggressive. She more than likely will look for you at your topside buff. Consider starting topside and clear down to not give her the chance. If she cannot land cocoon, she has no way to close the distance between you. Respect her flash distance on top of cocoon's range. She also is one of the best champions in the game at tower diving and will look to do so whenever a stacked wave pushes in. If you're in a position to help and see a massive wave about to crash into one of your turrets, make sure you're in the area to counter the dive. Losing 2-3 waves of gold and experience will cripple your laner and tilt them to oblivion. Don't let that happen if you can help it. She is easily squished post-6, but only do so while healthy, and don't let her rappel your E. Even if she gets a billion kills, you should outlevel her and outscale her by miles in the midgame just by farming, completely nullifying that advantage. Just don't die early. Exhaust is great for that. ”
AP Bruiser Shyvana: Fire and Death by Veralion | Shyvana Player
Stratogos says “Elise is a very bad match up for Fiddle.Her E can avoid his ult which means he lost this for sure even if she is behind ”
[S11] [11.9] Junglesticks Guide ~ Are you Afraid? by Stratogos | Fiddlesticks Player
Doubtfull says “Elise can CC you and burst you down. It can be difficult to get on top of her. Mercs are great to have, and edge of night can prevent a lot of her damage. Don't forget to take MR in this match up, and try not to face check bushes (use prey seeker). I find myself building mercury treads early on in this match up.”
[S11] Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide by Doubtfull | Rek'Sai Player
Kayn Mains says “You will be able to take trades early on as long as she doesn’t catch you with her Cocoon (E). Same goes for the mid game: Avoid Elise's stun, and you win the fight. If you went Shadow Assassin, it is heavily recommended to go all in on her late game. While killing her is generally unrealistic, your goal is to try and force out her Rappel (E), Zhonya's Hourglass, and/or Banshee's Veil so your team will eventually be able to pick her up in teamfights.”
r/KaynMains | Comprehensive Guide [11.9] by Kayn Mains | Kayn Player
EUWRATS says “Wins before 15min so try to delay the game and counter gank early so she doesnt get fed to where she can just 1 shot you, make sure to build mercury threads against her”
[S11] Challenger Rank 1 Hecarim WORLD EUWRATS by EUWRATS | Hecarim Player
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