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Taliyah Counter Stats

Taliyah Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #29 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Taliyah. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Taliyah in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Taliyah Data for all roles taken from 18,844 matches.
Taliyah Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (89%) Taliyah In the Jungle Counters: 16,819 matches, 40 counter champions

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Tips Against Taliyah in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

KamiKZ says “Due to her fast early game clear she will be on the map a bit sooner than you and often looking to make an early play so look to punish her and secure vision to inform your team so they can react accordingly. This is a matchup where you can jump on her early and win in most cases as long as you combo properly. You should gain a larger advantage as the game progresses as Kha Zix will usually outscale.”
LambWolf says “Taliyah is also extremely immobile and squishy. Just avoid using your q in her e.”
Kindred the Solo Carry Machine [11.5] by LambWolf | Kindred Player
Maverka88 says “Easiest matchup for you. If you lose to this you did something wrong.”
[S11] MAVE'S RANK 1 EVELYNN GUIDE TO CLEAN FAST CLIMB by Maverka88 | Evelynn Player
KamiKZ says “This match up is Graves favored. You can always 1v1 Taliyah and contest Taliyahs camps aslong as you dodge her E or Q with your E. If you are behind you can buy Hexdrinker and you should still be able to 1v1 her as long as she is not miles ahead of you. ”
Season 11 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Taliyah can get easily ulted on by Jarvan and she has to either flash or fight in melee range.”
[S11] DESTROY SOLOQ WITH JARVAN IV - UDYSOF Challenger J4!! by UDYSOF_OCE | Jarvan IV Player
Riealone says “You have to dodge her W or she oneshots you. If you dodge it – she is dead ”
colingogo says “You farm faster, kill faster, are invisible, and more mobile. Literally hit six then kill her off R cd in her jungle. Unplayable matchup for Taliyah.”
[S11] Colingogo's Challenger Evelynn Guide by colingogo | Evelynn Player
LukaBre123 says “Taliyah is a MAJOR threat not because she can burst you but because she will slow you a lot with her E and poke you even through your passive.”
📙[S11] THE ULTIMATE SEJUANI GUIDE📙 by LukaBre123 | Sejuani Player
Lynter says “Runa Recomendada: Conquistador. Katarina precisa aproveitar do início para dar Q na Taliyah o máximo que conseguir, enquanto Taliyah puxa rota com suas pedras do Q (Threaded Volley), tome cuidado para não levar dano das pedras e desvie do W (Seismic Shove) da Taliyah que poderá usar para te dar dano massivo no E (Unraveled Earth). A Katarina consegue posicionar bem as adagas e não sofre dano do E da Taliyah ao usar o E (Shunpo) da Katarina em direção a Taliyah como outros avanços de outros campeões sofreriam. Taliyah puxará muito a lane para evitar que a Katarina farme ou possa sair, portanto, tente manter a lane controlada, tente solar ela a partir do level 3-4 nos níveis iniciais com o combo EW+AA+QE+AA e ignite, aproveite momentos que a lane não está puxada para assim não receber dano de graça dos minions. A partir do Hextech Gunblade a Taliyah tem que tomar muito cuidado pois é um dos itens mais fortes para a Katarina e ela morrerá facilmente em um combo. Taliyah tem potencial de roaming com seu R (Weaver's Wall), portanto acompanhe ela para ela não matar seu time. Caso não consiga, puxe bastante e colete ouro nas barricadas. Caso você consiga puxar a lane primeiro que ela estando na lane, faça roaming e tente matar o time dela o mais rápido possível antes que ela te siga. Em teamfights a Katarina se sobrepõe e a Taliyah precisa jogar com cautela para não ser morta muito rápido devido o dano da Katarina ser muito forte e rápido. Não é um problema lutar contra ela a não ser que esteja muito forte e isso só pode acontecer se você permitir que ela dê roaming ou te mate muitas vezes. Evite lugares sem visão pois ela pode te burstar com o combo WEQ. O potencial de perigo de Taliyah é baixo visto que a Katarina possui alta mobilidade e consegue desviar de suas habilidades, negando o dano das pedras e ainda burstando muito rápido, além disso também consegue pular sobre a ultimate dela, fazendo assim todas as habilidades da Taliyah sem eficiência contra Katarina.”
[S11] Lynter's Katarina Guide (PT-BR) by Lynter | Katarina Player
Polarshift says “Extremely annoying abilities to verse against. First of all she is AP. Second of all, you are a champion that wants to get close to his enemies and she wants the exact opposite. To finish, her abilities just counter you to oblivion (Q does counter you, but her E is the ultimate counter.) You definitely want to run Phase Rush and get an MR item.”
[11.5] BEASTMODE GRAVES [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Graves Player
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Middle Lane (6%) Taliyah Middle Lane Counters: 1,223 matches, 21 counter champions

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Tips Against Taliyah in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Halfhand says “This champion doesn't seem to be very popular in the midlane in season 11.”
[11.5] S11 Twisted Fate guide - Halfhand - Master Tier EUW by Halfhand | Twisted Fate Player
Yeager says “The new taliyah wins early trades if she hits her combo. Stay behind minions since her Q isn't AOE anymore, so it will be blocked completely. You have to watch out for her lvl 3-4 spike, and focus on dodging her W. If you dodge it, she will lose most of her damage, so you can trade back. Getting boots early helps a lot. She's a roaming champion and you can't really match her early on, unless you have teleport! You scale much better lategame.”
Yeager's Master Orianna guide by Yeager | Orianna Player
Avucado says “See Syndra. Watch out for W because you will take a ton of damage if you E through it. She can also match roams with R. Take hexdrinker if she gets ahead.”
[11.5 Pyke Mid Guide] War Crimes in the Midlane by Avucado | Pyke Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Since Taliyah's AOE nerf on her Q she has been a lot more easier to kill and not get poked by her so often, the only thing you need to avoid when playing against her is her W+E combo. If you can avoid this she is extremely vulnerable and can be killed with ease. Waveclear is also not a problem since her Q is only a single target damage ability. ”
[11.5] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
Hullos says “High dmg, that's it. if you dodge her knock up its an easy fight as long as you have decent close positioning. ”
Fuzzmonkey says “Since Taliyah's W doesn't have the range your Q-E combo does, you shouldn't have any problems with range in this match up. Q poke as often as you can and avoid her W, you should win this match up if you follow the above.”
[11.5] THE ULTIMATE SYNDRA GUIDE! - Always win lane 100% by Fuzzmonkey | Syndra Player
Katawina52 says “Probably easiest matchup in existance just go in and win, but serious :). Your mobility is really insane even if she tries to knock you. You should never be able to get hit by it unless she is cheesing in a bush and you walk up. 2v2s are an easy win unless they have a chain cc jgler which is really good with taliyah, but even then you shouldnt ever lose it if you focus same target with your jungler. Once you have Bork/Wits end just perma oneshot her. ”
S11 Katawina's challenger EUW Katarina guide by Katawina52 | Katarina Player
Coldsong says “Taliyah has very good waveclear and poke, along with good disengage with her E + W. Make sure to follow her when she roams, and E over her R when she traps you.”
[Season 11] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
Coldsong says “Taliyah has great poke and burst, plus she can use her R to either engage or disengage if she uses it correctly. Harass her early and stun her if you see her about to R.”
[Season 11] - Coldsong's Annie Guide! by Coldsong | Annie Player
7daysko says “Skill Matchup. You can probably afford to be aggressive early. She's also easy to gank. Watch out for her roams during mid-game and you'll be fine.”
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