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Singed Counter Stats

Singed Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #19 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Singed. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Singed in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Singed Data for all roles taken from 13,446 matches.
Singed Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Top Lane (74%) Singed Top Lane Counters: 9,960 matches, 50 counter champions

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Tips Against Singed in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “Very easy matchup for Urgot, Singed just doesn't have the damage to kill you especially once you get some lifesteal, early on be very agressive because most singed players will try to push the first 3 waves and then get a recall, so you want to pressure him and make this hard for him to do, I always buy a Cull in this matchup since some singed players will just start proxying the wave and this makes cull an insanely good value buy. Another thing to keep in mind is your E can buffer his fling so you can still fling him even if he e's you which I will show a video of down below in the E buffer examples. Overall singed doesn't have the damage to kill Urgot and once you get lifesteal there's nothing he can do so be agressive in this lane, especially once you get your W toggle, and don't let him push waves for free.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
PH45 says “Can be annoying, don't chase him unless you are confident you can kill him. This matchup overall is very low interaction matchup as they will most of the time go proxy so you have to stay at your tower to farm. Singed isn't in the best spot right now in terms of power so he shouldn't be too big of a threat during later stages of the game. Some run ignite on Singed so be careful of that as he deals surprising amounts of damage with or without it. ”
Rhoku says “TL;DR - EASY LANE BUT YOU CANNOT AUTO PILOT. YOU NEED NIMBUS TO CATCH UP TO HIM. DON’T WALK IN A WAY WHERE HE CAN FLIP YOU AND ESCAPE. YOU CAN USE W OR E DURING HIS FLIP. DON’T LET HIM PROXY THE WAVE, WALK WITH OR SOMETIMES AHEAD OF YOUR WAVE. Singed is not a normal champion, which makes him very annoying to deal with. He can almost NEVER beat you out in a straight fight. You don’t really need the Conqueror damage. The problem with Singed is trying to catch up with him and then slow him so that you can apply the rest of your damage. With Nimbus and Ghost, you should be able to outrun and kill him. Singed always shoves his lane which leaves him weak against freezes. If you are able to pull off a proper permafreeze, the Singed has essentially lost the lane. The biggest thing to keep in mind when facing Singed is to make sure that you don’t let him proxy your wave. Proxying is basically when the singed walks behind your turret and then kills the minions before they get to lane. If you have a jungler, he is a free kill every time he does this. But since it is soloq, that is not always an option so try to make sure he does not do it in the first place. You can sneak a kill on the Singed a lot of times when he is proxying but try to fight him in a moment when you won’t miss too many minions. Try to make sure he cannot just flip you over and escape. Walk behind him, opposite to the direction he WANTS to go, so that you keep up with him to apply your damage but if he flips you, he places you in front of him. A good trick to keep in mind is that if you start your W or your E during his flip, the ability will CC him, slowing him down to the point where you can come out of the flip and stick on to him. His aoe circle ability does not let you use your ultimate when you are inside of it so try to walk out first. On the bright side, Singed is almost ALWAYS a free kill, even if you are behind. If you are ahead, he will just int you.”
Drake6401 says “More annoying than anything, but the recent Tank meta is doing him favors and has made him more of an even threat than a minor. Never run behind him for obvious reasons and look to out maneuver him once his E is down. His goal is to proxy waves, or keep you off them. It's also a good idea to use color blind mode in this case because it turns his poison blue and easier to see. You have a good chance against him early but he will scale over time and become a big problem for your split push game because he's so hard to dive under tower.”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Olaf Only says “Don't chase him unless you go for an all-in. With simple Q + E trades you will win this lane. Remember to use your R right before singed flips you! He is very hard to kill with his R active, so trading your ult for his is a good deal.”
Olaf Only's Challenger Top Lane Guide [11.5] by Olaf Only | Olaf Player
Stinkee says “This matchup might've been difficult if Abyssal Mask wasn't an item. Abyssal Mask was basically made for this situation. He's going to push you in a lot early game and you'll miss some CS. As soon as you get Abyssal Mask you will be able to sustain against him and keep up with his pushing. If he tries to proxy you (killing the wave behind your tower before it gets to the middle of the lane), just ignore him and don't miss the CS at your tower. Only try to kill him when your jungler is around, otherwise he'll just slow you and run away.”
MythicMike says “Singed can't really do anything if he's hit by your Q. At times he can be a bit hard to catch but as long as you don't overstay in his gas you should win every trade.”
Aatrox Top by MythicMike | Aatrox Player
Quinncidence says “Immobile! Yorick wins hard against Singed, if you ever manage to wall him with cats up, Singed will lose the trade.”
Meowrick - An in-depth Challenger guide for Season 11 by Quinncidence | Yorick Player
Anoying bro5 says “Do not chase him for long. Watch for him proxying in the early game, you should be able to kill him early if he does this. Try to poke vitals without getting caught in his gas. His throw is what you want to parry. Easy tells of this are when he is running straight at you, or if he has his grounding pool on you. You win early game against singed and get used to his patterns of throwing you as each player is different.”
Justkb says “As long as you try not to get a leash early you can handle his first wave pressure and absorb the minion aggro with your Q on him. Make sure you hard engage him as much as possible once you hit level 3 and also try to freeze when your jungler is topside! Easy lane once you get ahead but can be a nightmare if you somehow fall behind. ”
UPDATED ITEMS!! - [11.5] JUST1KB'S DARIUS GUIDE! by Justkb | Darius Player
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In the Jungle (21%) Singed In the Jungle Counters: 2,800 matches, 35 counter champions

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Tips Against Singed in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Suseri says “Rather annoying to lane also he can kite you so don't try to fight him and play around your team.”
[S11] The Best Master Yi Guide ✔️ by Suseri | Master Yi Player
EUWRATS says “Abuse him early, but dont chase him if you cant kill him with your E because he will just kite you. Make sure to take phase rush into him”
[S11] Challenger Rank 1 Hecarim WORLD EUWRATS by EUWRATS | Hecarim Player
Do1HaveTh3Sauce says “PTA and you win the laning phase and the late game.”
*11.4* Top/Mid/Jungle Nidalee Guide by Do1HaveTh3Sauce | Nidalee Player
EdgyBoiKayn says “Singed is really hard to gank. Anyway he propably won't win lane, but the problem is that he is really tanky, instead of doing much DMG. If u see him in champion select, You should go Rhaast only cause of him.”
guide for Kayn right from main by EdgyBoiKayn | Kayn Player
LFS_aXent says “This is an easy match for you. Your speed will keep the stinky boy away from you. Crit, run, crit, run, crit run, etc. You will have a breeze, up until his righteous glory. Then you must play safe. Harass his proxy, it's more important than you think.”
VTEC Jhin [UPDATED] by LFS_aXent | Jhin Player
1Joshua says “As long as you dont greed you will not die cause of him so just ask your top to play safe and dont chase if not sure you xwill get the kill.”
Dragon Hyper carry by 1Joshua | Shyvana Player
Hamstertamer says “Not a jungler, but his ultimate gives him absurd magic resist so very hard to deal with, used to be my go-to ban when he was meta. Need early voidstaff + rylai.”
Hamster's guide to Karthus jungle by Hamstertamer | Karthus Player
The Jhin Cena says “Singed is too tanky to bother killing. Unless you can your entire team gangbanging his health bar then avoid.”
AP/Health Jungle Amumu: In Depth Guide by The Jhin Cena | Amumu Player
Jozle says “His poison trail is hard to counter when you have to mostly follow him to do damage so you will end up dying yourself instead. so be careful fighting against him”
Optimal Pancake says “Grounding is arguably the best cc in the game. Singed grounds and slows, and his fling will put you out of position, which is awful on Kayn. Take red against him or take blue and ignore him entirely unless you have your team with you.”
[9.3] A very ok guide to Kayn by Optimal Pancake | Kayn Player

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