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Shyvana Counter Stats

Shyvana Counters
Jungle Lane
Ranked #14 out of 53 in Jungle Discover all Jungle champions who counter Shyvana. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Shyvana in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Shyvana Data for all roles taken from 94,469 matches.
Shyvana Counter Stats From:
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In the Jungle (95%) Shyvana In the Jungle Counters: 90,151 matches, 42 counter champions

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Tips Against Shyvana in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Narutoe says “Easy champion to deal with if she has no great lead. Trade her down in your ult and kite her.”
Play Maker Build By Yed (OTP 2.9 Million Mastery) by Narutoe | Kindred Player
FalleN3 says “She has decent early damage and you will need to be careful of this one. She has no CC which will make it a little bit easier for you to win trades. If she gets ahead of you, you will be in for a tough game.”
Master Yi Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Master Yi by FalleN3 | Master Yi Player
reganakers says “Has a very weak pre 6, if you find her you can look to fight her as she will not win it. Also try to prioritise dragons even more when playing against shyvana due to her passive.”
ak521 says “Shyvana is a squishy champion, who you will do a lot of damage to, even if you don't build AP. Practically FULLY useless during your ultimate (like most champs). Only good for the cc imo. Be careful if she gets far ahead and/or gets too strong, it hurts a lot. Fast camp clear, keep jg warded.”
Doubtfull says “Shyvana won't do anything in the early game typically, so you have free roam to torment her lanes. Make sure you have dragon warded at all times against this champion. You can get free wins from her trying to sneak solo dragon after her first back. ”
Doubtfull's Challenger Rek'sai Guide by Doubtfull | Rek'Sai Player
KamiKZ says “Since shyvana doesn´t get low on first clear you are not able to cheese her. I recommend either evolving r and only ganking your laners or evolve Q and try to fight shyvana 1v1 ”
Riealone says “The most regular matchup. No special tips and tricks. Just keep dragons warded, track her and stack MR”
KamiKZ says “This match up is slightly Graves favored. Aslong as you can kite Shyvana you should be able to win the 1v1´s against Shyvana.”
Season 10 Kami Challenger Graves Jungle Guide by KamiKZ | Graves Player
Eagzey says “Shyvanna does well 1v1ing Shaco - her W can kill our box and with Tabis and red smite she's almost impossible to kill. Dodge her E and focus on fighting her early - don't let her free farm camps. AP Shyv is also a thing now and this is the same, don't let her full clear.”
FalleN3 says “She has decent early damage and will likely out trade you unless she makes a mistake or you have some help on hand. Be careful of this one.”
Twitch Jungle | FalleN3's Guide to Twitch Jungle by FalleN3 | Twitch Player
colingogo says “Naturally tanky so you cant easily one shot her, farms just as fast as you, and she can R when you try to charm to cancel the CC. ”
[10.19] Colingogo's Challenger Evelynn Guide by colingogo | Evelynn Player
Glasletter says “Can't fight her, don't try. If you need to face her build tanky and try to CC her while your team kills her.”
LambWolf says “You can win fights against her early on. You should use your e for slow and kite back so she can't keep her w movement speed up.”
Kindred the Solo Carry Machine 10.19 by LambWolf | Kindred Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Shyvana has no terrain scaling on her base abilities and gets hard out pressured early.”
Udyr uber says “Antes do level 6, pode invadir ela a vontade. Se ela fizer AP: Faça Mercúrio+Guerreiro+Elmo Adaptativo Se ela fizer AD: Navalha+Tabi+Coração Congelado/Sterak”
O Poder do Xamã - Udyr Jungle BR - 10.18 by Udyr uber | Udyr Player
CaptianMike says “Another AA based jungler. You can win trades with her at nearly any stage. You should be able to out gank her as she has no dashes except for her ult. Fight her if she is in your jungle. Farm like crazy and you should win!”
ChaseMorePlz says “Shyvana will counter jungle you early, however her clear will result in her being low since she has no sustain in her kit. Ward your camps and collapse on her when she enters your jungle with your team. She does a lot of damage so be cautious!”
10.19 Amumu MELTATION Jungle Build Guide For Season 10!~ by ChaseMorePlz | Amumu Player
Holessando says “In early its really even, if she's inting she does nothing, but if she's fed she can do a lot of damage to your team, so try to harass her, take her camps, make her lose the jungle.. ”
[10.19] HOLESSANDO's ULTIMATE EKKO JG GUIDE by Holessando | Ekko Player
UDYSOF_OCE says “Shyvana will fall clear and so will you.”
[S10] DESTROY SOLOQ WITH EVELYNN - UDYSOF Challenger Eve by UDYSOF_OCE | Evelynn Player
Polarshift says “She has no real gapclosure pre-6 so this should be an easy matchup, just run her down with Phase Rush. Shyvana players tend to sneak drakes at level 4. If she goes AP Shyvana, she is only really a threath in her Dragon form; try to dodge her E and buy an Hexdrinker.”
[PATCH 10.19] BEASTMODE GRAVES [JG+MID] [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Graves Player
Stratogos says “She is tanky and gains DMG with objectives. A good shyvana player should go for Drakes early so you must be always aware of drake.Late game she is had to kill but if you get objectives you should win”
[S10] [10.19] Junglesticks Guide ~ Are you Afraid? by Stratogos | Fiddlesticks Player
KevinThyAsian says “Hate this champ, if she gets ahead, there’s little counterplay, try to be aggro pre 6.”
[10.19] 200k Mastery Kindred, all optimal build paths by KevinThyAsian | Kindred Player
Aqua Dragon says “Fighting other objective controllers can quickly become a bloody affair. Shyvana and Malzahar play a huge tug of war, racing to see who can kill the heralds and dragons first. Constant vision is needed on objectives to stop Shyvana from sneaking them by, and in turn, Shyv will keep a hawk's eye on Malzahar.”
Diamond Jungle Malzahar - The Void's Legion by Aqua Dragon | Malzahar Player
FrostForest says “She can never jump on top of you and you outdamage her if you land your combo. You beat her all stages of the game if even.”
How I play Jarvan IV like a Challenger in Season 10 Updated by FrostForest | Jarvan IV Player
chasemyman1 says “Its very easy to punish Shyvanna early however because you are so squishy even if you are ahead Shyvanna can almost one shot you in Dragon Form so be careful.”
Elise in depth guide by chasemyman1 | Elise Player
ChaseMorePlz says “If you both build Bloodrazor vs each other then you can dodge a lot of her combo with your Counterstrike (E). When your team dies to her ganks, build a Cinderhulk Red Smite asap. Also pay attention to when she flies in, you have easy opportunities to stun her, you can peel the dragon off. sounds weird l o l”
(10.19) IN-DEPTH Jax Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION] by ChaseMorePlz | Jax Player
Rhoku says “Shyvana is no threat at all. She is actually suuper free pre 6. Just walk up and kill her. After 6, if she has built AP then she has strong poke but is still a free kill. If she goes the old, bloodrazor, bruiser path, she will be very difficult to 1v1 if she gets fed/well farmed but nobody plays her like and even if they do, you have plenty of time to put her down.”
TheInkKingLoL says “Shyvana is very strong right now with her recent updates and her AP damage is very good. Building MR and Black Cleaver is recommended.”
[10.19] Sett Jungle Guide by TheInkKingLoL | Sett Player
Yitastics says “Can farm faster and scales faster and has better ganks, the only plus side is that u can 1v1 her, care as she will probably counterjungle often”
(10.19) The 500K Master Yi Guide by Yitastics | Master Yi Player
SSALEM says “Shyvana is my main and she can beat you if she is good. You don't have much counter play to her late game E damage. She out ranges you and is tankier than you are. What you can do is kill her team mates quickly then Zhonya while her dragon form runs out. If you manage to do that you will have a cake walk to victory.”
At0mikx458 says “She's pretty tanky against AP and in mid game she can deal a LOT of damage with her E”
Elise Jungle by At0mikx458 | Elise Player
CinderTheSnake says “You're both similar but you outscale her at all levels of the game.”
just another yi guide by CinderTheSnake | Master Yi Player
PsiGuard says “AP Shyvana is actually not too bad to deal with. If you engage on her when she's used E recently, she won't be able to kill you. Bruiser Shyvana is much harder to deal with if she gets farmed, since she can out-tank and out-DPS you. She has incredibly weak ganks early and you can 1v1 her at scuttle if you block her E, so try to take control of the early game before she farms up.”
The Nocturnomicon by PsiGuard | Nocturne Player
PsiGuard says “Shyvana heavily outscales you and farms quickly, but she can't do anything during your strong early game. If you do your job properly and take over the early game, you can snowball your team before Shyvana becomes relevant. If you fail, you're in for a rough mid-game.”
Rek'Psi by PsiGuard | Rek'Sai Player
Suseri says “Strong early-mid game, you beat her Later on.”
[S10] The Best Master Yi Guide by Suseri | Master Yi Player
chiefdonut says “She will most likely try to powerfarm through the early game, but she excels at soloing early dragons faster than any other champion, so make sure to ward for a possible steal.”
Jungle Singed Speed Demon (10.19) by chiefdonut | Singed Player
RageAx says “Pretty rare jungler to see, I haven't fought enough good ones to be sure but the matchup never seems hard. Full AP on her is pretty scary but you can just 1 shot her. Her meta build is tank however so you will have to avoid her in a teamfight. Thankfully her peel is weak and she usually is fronlining.”
RageAx says “Pretty rare so i can't comment on early game matchups. Late game she isn't a problem as Rhaast loves shredding those meaty health bars and if she is silly enough to build AP, aslong as you have MR you can just walk at her and kill her.”
metalhydra273 says “Ad shyvana is an ult magnet, get her out of the fight before she wails on you or anyone else. Ap is more annoying with the massive burst damage, but same deal. Get her out of the way early and keep objective pressure on the dragons.”
The Other High Elo Skarner's Guide [Patch 10.18] by metalhydra273 | Skarner Player
League Of Cursed says “She will power farm. Extremely. Fast. That's about all she is really good at, but damn is she good at it. It'll be hard to get a drake from her, but if she builds ap you can burst her. If she builds bruiser you are dead if you ult her or she ults you. ”
[SS10] - Fiddlestick Tank Build in Jungle... by League Of Cursed | Fiddlesticks Player
Dopamine_influx says “She is a tempo jungler aswell, so don't let her counterjungle you. Aside from that, just contest first scuttle by choosing the right clear, or go red - blue - gromp - her red if she starts blue.”
[CHALLENGER 900 LP] How to play rengar like DOPAMINE ! Becom by Dopamine_influx | Rengar Player
MetaSolaray says “Ap Shyvana - Gank her lanes and have dragon warded so she can't sneak one on you. You outtrade her pre-six and if you build some MR you can beat her in dragon form as well. Getting an early wits end will nullify her damage and a secondary MR item will mean you can fight her with no worries. AD Shyvana's will try to rush dragons, remember they have no natural AS enhancements so abuse this pre-bloodrazor.”
JunglerBuilds says “Hard matchup, She can counterjungle you very well, watch out my boi. Late game try to disengage. She can also solo objectives.”
Maokai Jungle [10.16] by JunglerBuilds | Maokai Player
Xeldom says “Even match-up. Do not let Shyvana free farm and take dragons uncontested. Shyvana is weak without dragon form and has weak gank potential.”
[10.16] Everything You Need To Know About Rengar by Xeldom | Rengar Player
Jogress says “Same with the other pokable champions, you may jump around Shyvana and hit her with Q constantly. After she gets her Ult - try not to get hit with it. And with it's E. Luckily, Lillia is good champ for dodging. Again, as with the Udyr - monitor objectives. Shyvana may contest dragon as soon as it spawns - ward it”
Jungle Lillia - Tips and Tricks! (with detailed notes) by Jogress | Lillia Player
DarkArbalist613 says “Shyvana is really weak early so make sure to invade her. If she goes AP she can one-shot you with her E so try to play off that cooldown. Overall just make sure she doesnt snowball.”
AWierdShoe says “Shyvana's natural tankiness and AP damage makes her a hard opponent to fight. As she is a farm champion, you can try to invade her jungle early to maybe steal her camps or kill her by surprise. Try to avoid her E and deny her any objectives (ESPECIALLY DRAGONS) to get a chance into the late game.”
Double-Down on the Double-Barreled Jungler by AWierdShoe | Graves Player
Comrade Eshgrim says “Depending on her build. AD Shyv is relatively easy to keep at distance and fight off, AP Shyv will likely nuke you from afar when she ults. Ult to save your team from AP Shyvana dives.”
Path of the Eternal Hunters / Simple, quick guide by Comrade Eshgrim | Kindred Player
Arturpropl says “Before lvl 6 you can solo her, but she scales and her ult is kind of op”
[10.15] Lich Bane Ivern Carry by Arturpropl | Ivern Player
Daynia says “Weak ganks before lvl 6. Dont 1vs1 her before lvl 6. Later in the game easy to kill”
The Night Is My Veil [thx for 200 Votes] [Evelynn OTP] by Daynia | Evelynn Player
shadowbloodedge says “Her magic powers combined with her health prove difficult to get over unless you have a ton of magic resist”
Nautilus (10.14) by shadowbloodedge | Nautilus Player
limeia says “Ganks faibles avant lvl 6. Ne pas 1vs1 avant votre lvl 6. en late elle est facilement tuable ”
shadowbloodedge says “Her passive damage and armor are nothing comapared to yours.”
Vi (10.14) by shadowbloodedge | Vi Player
Hide on Nidalee says “You destroy her on early game, camp botlane to get all drakes and ggwp”
10.14 jungle Nidalee guide by Hide on Nidalee | Nidalee Player
Prosie Plomera says “If she play ap , u will have very hard game”
(10.14) Camille Jg - Killer With Sharp Legs by Prosie Plomera | Camille Player
DarkPit59 says “Shyvana n'est pas forcément une menace directe, dans le sens où son R est contré par votre propre R. Vous possédez également un CC dont elle ne dispose pas. Cependant elle clean très vite la jungle et possède d'excellentes capacités de counter-gank et de destruction d'objectifs neutres et de tourelles. Si l'ennemi la choisit, gardez un oeil sur ses déplacements.”
[FR] [8.19] Monter avec Evelynn (rev. 10.13) by DarkPit59 | Evelynn Player
WickedPoppet says “She will power farm. Extremely. Fast. That's about all she is really good at, but damn is she good at it. It'll be hard to get a drake from her, but if she builds ap you can burst her. If she builds bruiser you are dead if you ult her or she ults you.”
Fiddlesticks Guide by WickedPoppet | Fiddlesticks Player
Kexx97 says “Early on puniashable, later if she doesnt have ult you can fight her.”
[Patch 10.11] Best guide for Nidalee by Kexx97 | Nidalee Player
gurubashi35 says “You do Shyvana's job, but way better during the first 10-15 mins of the games. Once she starts scaling and has a few drags under her belt, she becomes a literal juggernaut, high damage, hard to kill and her W's mobility to boot. To stop her scaling, invade her as much as possible and avoid feeding her kills. She's a feast or famine champion, similar to Master Yi, so as long as she's not fed or ahead, she won't be a problem. AP Shyvana comes online faster, but has less overall DPS and carry potential compared on-hit Shyvana, so employ the same tactics and target her early game.”
[Patch 10.10] | In-Depth Warwick Jungle Guide by gurubashi35 | Warwick Player
SavageFy says “Shyvana doesn't really become viable until she reaches level 6. She'll become a threat once she reaches 6 and gets her ult, but you should be safe up until that point. ”
Multiple Amumu Jungle Builds by SavageFy by SavageFy | Amumu Player
Loggit says “If you can spook, then you should be fine. You have stronger team presence mid to late.”
Sorrowful Prince says “Luckily relatively uncommon. The problem with shyvana is that she will inevitably outpace you in the jungle and get her items earlier. As soon as she's got 3 Items you have little to no counterplay available especially because she can block your hookshot. Early invades if you track her pathing can pay off as well as early ganks she can't respond to. Trade Herald for Drake.”
Crazy Fly Camille Jungle by Sorrowful Prince | Camille Player
derpyboi says “Do not try to duel her without ult.”
Where Did Your Health Bar Go? (10.10) AD SHACO BUILD by derpyboi | Shaco Player
TheDarkLight says “AP Shyv basically melts your health, if she manages to snowball you don't stand a chance.”
Seducing The Enemy by TheDarkLight | Evelynn Player
Ehxakt says “Build MR. Dont feed her.”
[10.9] Platin Zac Main Guide In-Depth by Ehxakt | Zac Player
TrevorJayce says “Shyvana is 110% R based, and she just instadies to you without it. Her only real issue is how fast she does dragons, ensuring you need to keep that shit warded and be on top of it as soon as it spawns.”
Trevor Jayce's Rengar Guide by TrevorJayce | Rengar Player
Fabosch is Love says “She is tanky but has bad early game. AP Shyvana is weak (but poke you good), AD is harder to fight in 1v1 but with your ult you can denie her ult too.”
Sett Jungle, The Guide. by Fabosch is Love | Sett Player
Morzanoth says “Shyvana is a really tough match up for you if she gets ahead. She build pretty tanky and still deals a lot of damage. She clears the jungle very fast and she can invade you with very little risk. At level 6 you can look to fight her if you land your R but try picking easier targets. In teamfights your priority is the enemy backline but you can look to hinder her engage by ulting her.”
How to play Fizz Jungle. by Morzanoth | Fizz Player
Loki029 says “Spirit Visage and go hybrit to make her useless even in teamfights, Really if you don t dc the first 10 minutes there should be no way that she wins the lane vs you”
Nico449c says “Shes one of the weaker junglers you can try fight her lvl 3 if you hit the cocoon and you got a good shot of winning it otherwise not. She got really bad ganks so you can just outgank or countergank her and you will win most situations.”
Forazz says “Shyvana can easily solo dragon in early game, which Ekko is weak at. She simply counters Ekko with her abilities and tankiness. For most of the time she outfarms Ekko, due to the Ekko jungle nerf.”
Forazz's Jungle Ekko Guide by Forazz | Ekko Player
tsiami says “You can try this but try to play with his farm ”
[10.8] Shaco win 1 vs 5 by tsiami | Shaco Player
Ryttar says “She'll farm, you'll farm, you should be more powerful in teamfights if you manage to farm so aim for late game.”
Carry your fights Fiddlestick Jungle by Ryttar | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Shyvana is a pretty rough match-up for you. She is mostly build AP these days, so she needs some items before she starts doing a lot of damage, but once she gets online her burst damage is very high. Make sure to ward dragon when playing VS Shyvana and don't let her get free drakes because it gives her bonus stats.”
Kaji's Reworked Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying in S10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Shyvana is a pretty rough match-up for you. She is mostly build AP these days, so she needs some items before she starts doing a lot of damage, but once she gets online her burst damage is very high. Make sure to ward dragon when playing VS Shyvana and don't let her get free drakes because it gives her bonus stats.”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Shyvana is a pretty rough match-up for you. She is mostly build AP these days, so she needs some items before she starts doing a lot of damage, but once she gets online her burst damage is very high. Make sure to ward dragon when playing VS Shyvana and don't let her get free drakes because it gives her bonus stats.”
Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10 by KajiKumihoAkukei | Fiddlesticks Player
Sanhulks says “CHAMPION MATCH UP. ✅ WARWICK 53 % WR✅ VS SHYVANA 47 % WR ”
ShacoOnTheBeach says “Hard if you dont kill early”
Korean Jungle AD Shaco build by ShacoOnTheBeach | Shaco Player
Dexiron says “Doesn't deal enough damage to threaten you. Counter-gank when possible and keep eyes on dragon. Mess her up if she tries to solo.”
Jungle Taric: The True Power of Gems [10.6] by Dexiron | Taric Player
BlindKidNoThumbs says “Dont let her sneak drakes take drakes from her invade her and pressure early.”
[10.6] A 13 year old's Diamond Warwick guide for S10! by BlindKidNoThumbs | Warwick Player
MannerlessNG says “Not really a worry, she does much less damage than you and can't escape you. Contest her wherever you can, but don't get greedy.”
10.6: Diana Jungle - Can't Run, Can't Hide. by MannerlessNG | Diana Player
Ardent Deceiver says “Tanky, bursty, extremely hard to fight. Will steal your camps with no effort and has massive early drag prio because she can solo when it spawns. If she gets fed early you're done fighting for the whole game. Focus split pushing and stealing obj if this happens.”
s10 Shaco JG - Climb to Mastery 7 by Ardent Deceiver | Shaco Player
The Top Bear says “Shyvana has gross as heck damage and can outrun you. I would recommend not fighting her and instead ward up a ton. Get dragon control early, and try to snowball your bot lane or at least get them pressure so you can prevent her from getting free stats off of dragons.”
I Will Guide You - Extensive Guide to Nida in EVERY ROLE by The Top Bear | Nidalee Player
exezidiot says “Be careful if she takes advantage, fight at lvl 6 or before and try to take advantage.”
[Korean Lee Sin] MID/JG/TOP by exezidiot | Lee Sin Player
urrb says “Shyvana isn't the best jungler at the moment. If you deny her drakes she will have a very difficult time being relevant. Invade her early to try to get a kill and put her behind. Buy a control ward on your first back and put it on the drake, and try to stay bot side until you've secured the drake. In terms of micro, they generally build AP now, so if you dodge her e you can all in her and win guarenteed. If she isn't ahead you can actually just tank it most times if you're fighting her while she's isolated.”
Kha'Zix to Platinum S10 by urrb | Kha'Zix Player
SeekerPTK says “At level 3 she can trade with you if she has a point in each skill, be weary of her burnout as it has a long duration, try to kill her at her second buff, you can check where she started by looking at how late the enmy botlane came in. Without burnout she is an easy kill or flash atleast. However in the current met she is insanely strong so consider banning her as she has very good item and rune synergy”
[10.5] Get out of gold - Lee Sin Guide by SeekerPTK | Lee Sin Player
Tinjus says “You might experience some difficulty once she gets her jungle item and her ultimate. She is able to tank a few of your isolated Qs with the right build and will destroy you in a few hits, especially in the mid game. Try and kite her with Void Assault as much as possible.”
Tinjus' Ultimate Kha'Zix Jungle Guide for Season 10 by Tinjus | Kha'Zix Player
SirEdgeLordYi says “You can outduel a shyvana yes! But it depends on the item advantage.”
DeTomZTTV says “Ap Junglers are not ideal against Rammus.”
Rammus The Jungel King by DeTomZTTV | Rammus Player
OGPOTATOJEFFSHACO says “could be dangerous. make sure to keep dragon warded and gank bot and mid mainly for prio. If ahead you can kill her easily.”
Unawesomeness says “Really tanky and does a good amount of damage, hard game for the Lee Sin.”
Lee Sin-Jungleborn by Unawesomeness | Lee Sin Player
ImAceee says “Could be a little problem after 6. Just try to invade she's pre 6.”
NUNU E WILLUMP - Free winning by ImAceee | Nunu & Willump Player
0kruemlmonster says “I always say Shyvana is Yi in weak. Once I have beaten a six item Shyvana while i had four.”
[s10] a Master Yi Jungle Guide by 0kruemlmonster | Master Yi Player
SNOBOY says “You can poke her way better. When she tries to trade with her burnout, just use q and kite her back. Try to save your ult for after she uses hers.”
Straight tank is BORING (Season 10 Ready) by SNOBOY | Malphite Player
DonaldBinBaggin says “If this is AP shyvanna, you should be scared. They will keep poking you out with their E. You cannot one shot them unless ahead. She has faster clear speeds than you and can take the drake before level 6. Try to get yourself ahead from early ganks.”
[9.19] TILTING THE ENEMY-Stomp Solo Q with this Shaco Guide! by DonaldBinBaggin | Shaco Player
KingStix says “Shyvana is great at taking dragons but if you are mindful of this and can stop her from doing so, you will be providing a lot more for your team.”
S10 Brand Jungle Guide - Challenger - KingStix by KingStix | Brand Player
HackedAccountlol says “(not enough games played to know the matchup) but still! She's pretty easy to beat. ”
Kayn Jungle by HackedAccountlol | Kayn Player
Simphoria says “Basically, she's a scarier version of Mundo. She will almost always do Drags early. She'll want to counter you often. With red buff she'll fearlessly walk into your jungle. She should either try to create a level gap like Nocturne or secure neutrals. You can out gank her and before her ult she shouldn't kill you as your Q cannot be followed. In team fights, CC her and peel for your back line if they're strong. ”
The Complete Sejuani Guide by Simphoria | Sejuani Player
Fyurex says “Shyvana has great teamfighting potential as she has 3 AOE damaging spells (Her E in dragon form) she can go in and ult your whole team. She can be very tanky and will be a pain. Although you can make her less relevant by taking drakes and getting her behind in early game.”
[9.24] Talk $hit get hit by Fyurex | Vi Player
Neallord says “Even though you can juke her when she engages you with your clone. Her AOE damage can shred you hard if she guesses right. ”
Mr. Nyahr says “This is based on the team compositions and player skill. Generally, if one team is tankier and has more CC, that Shyvana will be the victor. ”
[9.23] The Dragon's Den - Shyvana Jungle Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Shyvana Player
Mr. Nyahr says “Arguably the strongest duelest against you, she will massacre you in a straight-up fight, but if you are somehow able to kite her you can get away. You're one of the few junglers that can secure Drakes as well or better than her, so use that to your advantage.”
[9.23] Snowballing Your Team - Nunu Jungle Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Nunu & Willump Player
Tchouvline says “Tankiness, huge damages, a big threat for you. Can invade you on early”
[9.21] Junglesticks, a great pick ! (including matchups !) by Tchouvline | Fiddlesticks Player
CryAwake says “super east matchup save your steadfast presence for her ultimate, if she builds AP counter jungle her to the fullest.”
Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth) by CryAwake | Poppy Player
Her0mars says “% damage and botrk, and all that jazz makes her an honourary vayne, kinda. She can run you down and kill you with aa's and little to no skill, you can't really run so avoid bumping into her. 1v1 she can destroy you, teamfight wise you can stop her from accomplishing the goal of murdering your carries. ”
Her0mars's Diamond Zac Jungle Guide by Her0mars | Zac Player
Hamstertamer says “Good at counterjungling you and can solo kill you with ult, but in a teamfight she's very easy to deal with.”
Hamster's guide to Twitch jungle by Hamstertamer | Twitch Player
4by3 says “She has a lot of power farming. You scale harder, and you can duel very easily after 6 if you have red smite. ”
[9.19] AD Jungle | 4by3's Indepth Shaco Guide by 4by3 | Shaco Player
Eqxilibrium says “She just outdamages you.”
Eqxilibrium's In-Depth Jarvan IV Guide [WIP] by Eqxilibrium | Jarvan IV Player
EvilOranges says “Personnally, I dislike this matchup because of how tanky Shyvanna gets. You are pretty much required to buy Lord Dominik's Regards for the armor shred. She won't gank often until level 6, so gank more. You can also fight her at level 6 with evolved Q.”
Fear The Void - 9.15 In-Depth Kha'Zix Guide by EvilOranges | Kha'Zix Player
Bombabo says “Don't let her catch you out in jg, as she can easily catch up to you and beat you in a fight. Early game is safe since she won't be counterjungling”
Embracing The Thot by Bombabo | Evelynn Player
Aht3ns says “Really good this patch. Try to skirm with her so you can get an advantage. You ARE going to die if you are counterganked or if you get caught out. Buffs in 9.2! Ahhh!”
Thunder & Lightning [In Depth] by Aht3ns | Volibear Player
TheLord110 says “while pre - 6 she cant do anything to you so use that to your advantage and take all her jg and get as much kills as you can. after 6 use your Q to avoid her jump while she is using her R and run to safety. don't go for marks after she 6 if you dont have your R.”
the best Kindred guide ever by TheLord110 | Kindred Player
Killerbacca10 says “As long as you don't give her any dragons (Nunus good at that). You should be fine. Don't try to fight her when she has full rage.”
Nunu and Willump/How to be an unstoppable threat! by Killerbacca10 | Nunu & Willump Player
HAMMERSLAYER says “She will be quite passive in the jungle while farming a lot faster than Xin and aim towards the dragon, try not to stay behind in farm and gank your lanes while she is farming.”
Ghionova says “If you see her, just run. She has alot defense and damage in early and she also could ruin your early game.”
[8.18] Kayn, Path of Shadow Assassin by Ghionova | Kayn Player
LixoPanado says “Early game she's an easy target, after she gets bloodrazor, she will start damaging you, but dont worry, she only is a threat after her second item. ”
Nunu&Willump Jungle | Super Tank [9.13] by LixoPanado | Nunu & Willump Player
Jungle Kings Rage says “His Just Annoying Nothing Else. On Hit Build Recommendation.”
In Depth Solo Carry Penta Yi Guide S9!(Updating Soon) by Jungle Kings Rage | Master Yi Player
Exeo says “get team ahead, if not you lose. you cannot fight her post 6, try to fight her pre-6”
Exeo's Shaco Guide by Exeo | Shaco Player
lolWillieP says “Pre 6 you win, post 6 you lose. Frozen Mallet + Bloodrazor on shyvana is cancer- you better have a lead before she gets these two items. Red smite all the way”
[9.12] WillieP's Challenger Udyr Guide by lolWillieP | Udyr Player
LighterDay says “Vi's W and Vi's Q make it easy to play against Shyvanna because they do high damage and provide CC towards the dragon.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Vi Jungle by LighterDay | Vi Player
EvilOranges says “Fast clear, sticking power, hard to kite. Just gank pre-6.”
Forever Together - 9.11 Guide for Lamb and Wolf by EvilOranges | Kindred Player
KidPulse says “This bitch is going to invade you until you leave the game, the rudest of doods.”
%HP True Damage Amumu by KidPulse | Amumu Player
Sarutobi says “You are even mid game. You are stronger late game. She is stronger early game. Even if you try to fight her level 2/3 and she is losing, she can run away with her mov speed.”
[9.10] The Ultimate Samurai by Sarutobi | Master Yi Player
PsychoRekSai says “You can't really fight this champion 1v1, she just has more raw DPS than you. Shyvana will generally outpace you in farm as well, so you'll need to create leads in your lanes as quickly as possible before she scales up.”
PsychoRekSai Jungle by PsychoRekSai | Rek'Sai Player
bluejaypig says “She is one of the only champions that can outfarm you, other than that 1v1s are easy because she has no cc.”
[9.9] Master Yi CRIT Jungle Carry Build (Season 9) by bluejaypig | Master Yi Player
Deltix31 says “Très dangereuse en duel, outscale très vite et vous empêchera de faire les drakes sneaky. ”
[FR] 700k Points Vi Diamond Guide by Deltix31 | Vi Player
Bielu1337 says “She's not very hard to catch, if she's engaging with R just click Q on her.”
[S9] Lux Jungle works by Bielu1337 | Lux Player
Jozle says “Shyvana`s high burst damage makes her a hard counter jungler against Amumu”
nZk01 says “She is very easy to fight.”
[9.8] Tahm Kench Jungle Guide - Unbench the Kench by nZk01 | Tahm Kench Player
NicBFC says “Dont let her afk farm the jungle. She can hard carry if she gets ahead.”
Shaco Jungle Guide by NicBFC | Shaco Player
BigBadVoodo says “MUST PRESSURE EARLY. If she gets any free farm it's very hard to pressure her. She is very good at dueling Shaco due to her immense dmg with a couple of items stacked.”
Most Viable Shaco builds (BIG UPDATES IN PROGRESS!) by BigBadVoodo | Shaco Player
Jomickies says “Shyvanna is basically the female version of Master Yi but worse. She power farms and can solo kill you after six just like Yi. However, this champion is worse at team fighting than you. Your primary objective versus Shyvanna is to spam gank early and try to keep up on experience. She can really only beat you if she gets way ahead but that happens quite often.”
Prove your worth - Diamond Sejuani Guide by Jomickies | Sejuani Player
WiskeyANDGin says “high tank dps , cant kill her solo, maybe early game, but in late game is impossible, good shyv is a hard counter of yours,do your best, avoid 1 vs1s”
Kayn builds by WiskeyANDGin | Kayn Player
Agwy says “unbeatable just unbeatable.”
(9.07) dia shaco otp build guide by Agwy | Shaco Player
xTheUnlimited says “Her damage is just too high to handle. Her main weakness is the fact, that she has to farm up until she reaches 2-3 items where she starts to kill everybody. Luckily games are shorter than the used to be so you can use the fact that she is just farming up and make a lot of ganks. If all your laners are ahead, you have a chance to tame that beast. ”
[9.6] Sejuani Jungle - We fight while cowards talk ! by xTheUnlimited | Sejuani Player
Court says “Her passive will make her tankier with the more dragons she takes. Her Twin Bite (Q) also does decent damage late game. If she gets infernal early game it will really affect your game. Try to maintain drag control and Evelynn should be okay. ”
Everyday I'm L'Evelynn by Court | Evelynn Player
Yuki Nagato says “Evolve Q and try to fight her.”
Kha'Zix Guide | Change... is good. by Yuki Nagato | Kha'Zix Player
Shinxsage says “just does everything faster than you, and dueling is pretty good. Red smite is good vs her”
[9.5] Korean RIVEN Jungle by Shinxsage | Riven Player
ZaRetheWest says “One of the strongest Jungler in Season 9 so try to ban her everytime when u can.”
Shaco Jungle Guide S9 - ZaRetheWest by ZaRetheWest | Shaco Player
craY13 says “Try to avoid fighting her till lv 6, if you are even. If you are ahead do it. At level 6 you should be able to fight her in nearly every situation.”
ZaRetheWest says “She is strong VS Lee,but when she got picked u must to go agressive,u need to try to invade at start and u need to kill her before lvl 6,at least 2 times u need to kill her.”
Lee Sin Jungle Guide S9 - ZaRetheWest by ZaRetheWest | Lee Sin Player
SubSequence says “I don't know if it's just me, but most Shyvana's in my games really like chilling in my Jungle. Glacial Augment makes it so you can't run away, and she's so fast. ”
ItsJustSub's Guide to Twitch Jungle! by SubSequence | Twitch Player
Optimal Pancake says “You really can't fight her without red form. Make sure you ward your jungle as she'll try to get level 6 as quickly as possible, and do not fight her if she is running ignite or exhaust, you will die for sure. Take red form against her almost always unless she's lacking on tank items.”
[9.3] A very ok guide to Kayn by Optimal Pancake | Kayn Player
ElementressX says “Shyvana can be really strong, but without her ult, there isn't much she can do to you. Counter gank. and if you find her alone without ult you can kill her if she isn't ahead.”
Top/Jung Don't call me Fathands by ElementressX | Vi Player
Mundo_Mundo says “Shreds tanks. Not a huge threat but will do better in 1 v 1s often.”
Mundo's Dr. Mundo jungle guide. by Mundo_Mundo | Dr. Mundo Player
Yasuo Comunica says “She has a good 1v1 if you fight her fair and square. Just try to sneak up her back when she has CD's or is low ”
Rengar Jumping Oneshot [JG][S9] by Yasuo Comunica | Rengar Player
SpicySkelleton says “Her damage outscales your health and armor and she doesn't use mana unlike you, build thornmail and take her down with a ally as much and as early as you can.”
Jungle Malphite.... It oddly works (sort of) by SpicySkelleton | Malphite Player
Slykku says “Her early game is weak, basically try to counterjungle. Late game nothing you can do. Focus on someone else”
L3gislacerator says “She hits hard, she's fast, and she's furious. Always be cautious of her for both your teammates' and your own sake. Her mixed damage is hard to itemize against. Because of her speed, stunning her won't do much since she can catch back up quickly. The best you can do is use all of your defensive tools and peel her from your team.”
[S9] Pink Diamond - Jungle Taric Guide by L3gislacerator | Taric Player
Hunterlogic says “You will lose against her early game. Try not to 1v1 her unless you know her ult is down or until you have a few items. Her clear is fast, I play Shyvana quite often and most of the time against Tryndamere she can win or lose.”
Exhiled says “She is one of the only champions that can outfarm you, other than that 1v1s are easy because she has no cc. ”
(8.24) Form before strength. [Pre-Season 9] by Exhiled | Master Yi Player
Asianfury79 says “She is a beast when farmed up so you need to out rotate her or you lose ”
Skate on them! FIDDLE the real way! by Asianfury79 | Fiddlesticks Player
0 Ganks Given says “Pretty much out duels you at every point of the game, try to get solo lanes to help you in order to shut her down.”
Marking and Outsmarting by 0 Ganks Given | Kindred Player
Morzanoth says “Shyvana is a very farm heavy jungler. Once she hits level 6 she has very strong ganks and great teamfighting ability. Shyvana is slightly reliant on taking dragons in order to benefit the most from her kit so look to ward dragon whenever possible. She can solo it at level 4. She can clear the jungle a lot faster than you so look to counter any ganks she is looking to set up. Be wary of her E because it deals %hp damage and the dragon form's deals a lot of damage. After 2 items her sustained damage becomes too much for you to handle on your own so it's better to avoid skirmishes at that point.”
How to play Sejuani Jungle - Taming your Bristle by Morzanoth | Sejuani Player
Razvan1ro says “worst counter possible, try to avoid”
Max Health Zac, Teamfight God by Razvan1ro | Zac Player
MetabuserEU says “Her damage is just too high to handle. Her main weakness is the fact, that she has to farm up until she reaches 2-3 items where she starts to kill everybody. Luckily games are shorter than the used to be so you can use the fact that she is just farming up and make a lot of ganks. If all your laners are ahead, you have a chance to tame that beast.”
[8.23] Sejuani Jungle Guide - Fury of the North by MetabuserEU | Sejuani Player
aIIy says “This champ has its AoE Damage but since you are LeBlanc you can just stun her and do most of your damage.”
Ally's LeBlanc Jungle Guide [PRESEASON] by aIIy | LeBlanc Player
Staszko says “she wants to take all drakes - just like you that makes her your worst enemy”
junglekaiser and reasons why it doesnt suck as much by Staszko | Mordekaiser Player

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