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Garen Counter Stats

Garen Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #7 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Garen. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Garen in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Garen Data for all roles taken from 136,665 matches.
Garen Counter Stats From:
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Top Lane (85%) Garen Top Lane Counters: 115,618 matches, 52 counter champions

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Tips Against Garen in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “You want to push garen in to his turret as much as possible early laning phase as long as they don't have a good early game jungler, because it's pretty hard to actually kill him early but you outscale very hard. if you see him charge Q simply run away until it runs out or E away, garen is very easy to kite so he shouldn't be a problem for you. once you have W max + Black cleaver you just shred him with your W.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
YoungTact says “Can be a hard matchup if you don't respect him but general rule of thumb is to play to farm and apply lane harass combo. IF HE Q'S AT YOU, YOU Q HIM + W to disengage. Doing this will allow you to come ahead of EVERY trade. Play to farm as it is hard to kill him with his insane sustain/tankiness. ”
Rhoku says “TL;DR - EASY LANE. DON’T GO EVEN IN TRADES. ALWAYS EXTEND THE FIGHT. DON’T EAT FOR E COMBO. CARE FOR HIS IGNITE+R. CONQUEROR RECOMMENDED Garen is a very easy matchup for you. The only time he even has a chance of killing you is through some ignite+R cheese he can do level 6. His ultimate is stronger than yours as an execute on a single target but that should not matter as your kit hard counters his. If he steps up to CS, make sure to chunk him out hard. The only point in the game where trading is a bad idea is level 1 IF he goes for the Grasp -> Q max build. If he goes the normal, E max damage Garen, then it will actually be so free as he will be very easy to wear down. A great way to screw him over is to save your W or E for when he silences you. This way, you will CC him long enough for the silence to wear off, allowing you to dumpster him. Ideally, you should try to kite out his E while you try to Q him as it stacks up Conqueror really quickly but even if he hits you with every last bit of his damage, he still loses.”
[10.19] Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku's Darius Guide by Rhoku | Darius Player
Ayanleh says “Garen is a easy matchup as your passive and conqueror will shred him. Just play a little safe till you get rylai's and ult then you can start to shred him.”
A Guide To Playing Mordekaiser by Ayanleh | Mordekaiser Player
qasddsa says “Easy lane. Garen's a meatball waiting to die. Keep space between the two of you, kite backward, and be careful of his Q. Make sure to use your Q AFTER he uses his own Q to make sure he stays slowed.”
PH45 says “Garen is a pretty bad matchup right now due to how Riot made him extremely dominant already early. Most Garen's just run Ignite and play to win the lane during early. The key in this matchup right now is to not fight him while his E is up. You can also just dodge his Q with your E. Most Garens build squishy so later the game goes you do outscale and Garens weaknesses still take their place but getting there can be hard. Most of the time if the Garen is playing agro the best bet is to play safe until your jungler paths top and you are SURE you can kill him, otherwise wait for scaling unless you are confident on your own skill.”
Yamikaze says “Tiny: This lane favours you immensely and the enemy has close to zero kill pressure on you. More information found below.”
[Season 10] Yamikaze's Challenger Fiora Guide by Yamikaze | Fiora Player
lol Wero says “Free Lane: Similiar to Darius”
[10.19] S9/S10 Masters AD Crit Neeko Top Guide by lol Wero | Neeko Player
Kippari says “Garen is fairly easy to punish, just remember to not go into melee range when his E is up.”
[10.19] Omega-God-King GP Mastermind✔️(All roles) by Kippari | Gangplank Player
Defensivity1 says “Avoid standing in his E for too long as this is his main damage source, whenever he is about to silence you with Q or his sword lights up press Q and auto him back .”
Defensivity's Yorick Guide S10 by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Pathetic Singed says “Garen slaps hard, flinging him isn't that useful because it just means he e's the wave and you. His true damage ult cancels your tankiness for the most part but in teamfights throwing your W on him is usually enough to stop him from being effective. Awful lane though. 09/11/19 Bumped Garen up to 5 because his Conq build is extremely strong. 24/05/20 Bumped Garen down to 4 because his Conq build has fallen out of fashion”
[10.19] Mark's Guide to Singed: Desert Rose MonkaS by Pathetic Singed | Singed Player
Stinkee says “The recent rework to Garen makes it easier for him to apply Conqueror stacks. He should be stronger against tanks making this matchup even worse. He now has more tools to beat you, the only benefit for Sion is Garen will not be rewarded as much for buying Black Cleaver with the rework.”
Drake6401 says “Is stronger in all phases of the game with even items. Pre-6, I find it best to avoid trading with Garen as he tends to just flat out win fights vs Renekton due to him countering melee casters. Bring ignite, because if he has it and you took TP, you're disadvantaged further. Play safe until level 6, then you can start taking fights. When he's running to use Q, activate W so you can stun him on arrival. This is good for quick trades. When you aim to kill him, you'll want to wait for his shield to come up. Renekton's R has a lot of comeback power, especially if you Q Garen and the minion wave in the fight. Black Cleaver then Bork, and look for armor pen if they have one more tanky enemy.”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Olaf Only says “You win before 6. Just be careful at lvl 6 if you don't have Ninja Tabi + Kindlegem. Garen outscales and has great sustain in lane. Olaf is stronger in Midgame teamfights.”
Olaf Only's Challenger Top Lane Guide [10.19] by Olaf Only | Olaf Player
Sovereign Kitten says “Garen has been one of those long time easy match-ups for Teemo, however, with recent changes it made him a even match-up strictly due to the fact that he is much faster and deals much more damage. If you see him activate his (Q), you should activate your own (W) to keep your distance. If he manages to catch you hit him with your (Q) to prevent his (Q) silence. Keeping your distance and poking safely while out of his reach is a solid strategy. He gain's more damage based on attack speed from his (E). So don't get caught with him spinning into you. Morellonomicon will help with his massive sustain. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
LiL Bunnie FuFuu says “One of the easier matchups for Thresh top, Garen is super weak early. You can bully him hard during this time, just auto the shit out of him and flay when he tries to Q you. He has an annoying interaction where he can Q even if you flay him a second too late so keep that in mind. His W soft counters your crowd control, although he can only cleanse one of the slows (from E & R) not both. His ult will do a lot of true damage, but this is soft countered by the dozens of free grasp procs you can get on him. Aftershock also works well in denying a large chunk of his damage - especially when combined with bone plating.”
BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh [10.19] by LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Thresh Player
Wawza says “Keep him at a distance, he can kill you easily if he manages to stick onto you. Poke him to cancel his passive with Q,E and disengage by putting a W on him.”
"The Silence of Annihilation" Aatrox Guide 10.19 by Wawza | Aatrox Player
The Real Fake says “Used to be relatively easy matchup, but Garen is too overtuned rn. ”
Top/Jungle [10.19] - In-Depth Hecarim Guide by The Real Fake | Hecarim Player
Raen says “Try to dodge his Q by your E and you will be fine. If he will try to E your jump away. You lose vs Garen at early but you outscale him.”
RTO says “As long as you stun him before he gets his Q silence off, you will trade well. Make sure that you keep trading with him so that he can't get his healing up. What makes it difficult is that if you get a kill pre 6, then you will get a villain stack over you and you can't trade with him. ”
[10.19] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
The_Unf0rgiv3n says “Garen is quite easy. Harass him with your Q from a distance and run away if he engages with his Q. If he's running Grasp, you will most likely not win the trades until level 5-6. Try to only trade with him when you have your nado ready. Extensive fights with him early will lose you the trades. Go for PD into tabis.”
SEASON 10 [10.19] Diamond YASUO TOP/MID GUIDE (3.5 mil maste by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Yasuo Player
PH45 says “The new reworked Garen is a bigger threat during lane phase due to him being able to stack Conqueror fast with his E. Be careful to not stay in his E or you'll notice your HP dropping very fast. They tend to build squishier though so if you can catch him off with your jungler or just able to keep his passive down he shouldn't pose too much of an issue, especially late game you are much more useful due to your CC.”
RTO says “His Q has insanely high damage, he has free healing and free tenacity, along with a deadly ult. Play safe, run away from his ult! Build armor.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Kled Top Lane Guide by RTO | Kled Player
Persicum777 says “Any camille who says garen is a problem i want to have a long talk with, worst case scenario he stands under tower for 15 minutes. only engage if your passive is up,take q or e first for him, if you him first you win the trade... hard! reworked conc is something that is very awesome against him and makes trading even easier, his ult is a problem but you can dodge his ult with yours so jsut bait it out.”
Persi's Complete Camille Guide by Persicum777 | Camille Player
ak521 says “Reason he's not major is that you can outplay him. Run Phase Rush so you can escape his E damage. Time your W well so it can absorb a good amount of damage like his ult or his E. Don't E when he has his E active. BORK after he uses Q. Doran's Blade, Bramble Vest (not needed to rush), Ninja Tabi.”
👊 10.19 SETT GUIDE & MATCHUP SPREADSHEET 👊 by ak521 | Sett Player
Guoblide says “Similar to Darius. More of a threat in low elo.”
[10.19] Beginners Guide To CRIT Thresh Top Lane by Guoblide | Thresh Player
Anoying bro5 says “Do not fight him lvl 1 as he can chase you down with Q and the minions will eat you alive. lvl 2 get your parry and you always want to parry him when he Qs. It is pretty obvious when he is going to do it as well. Rush tiamat as the passive aoe damage when hitting minions will reset his passive. Make sure when you are low that you dont hold riposte for his ult, as his Q will silence you so that way you cant riposte in time.”
[10.19] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+ Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
An Actual Viable Blitzcrank Top Guide **BALL FART TECH** by epic blitz top | Blitzcrank Player
iZeal says “Garen has no tools to evade your Q unless he can cleanse your W slow with his Q. Stack up your bleed if he silences you (or buffer AA+W+Q when you see him running at you with his Q) and E him if he wants to disengage from a trade or to setup your Q heal. Remember that Garen's autos are pitiful compared to Darius so even if it looks like he is winning a trade his entire damage is gone after Q+E until he gets you into Ult range while you are only getting stronger from bleed damage and the AD steroid from Noxian Might. In teamfights you have to be careful as Garen can execute you from around 30% health no matter how far behind he is (Sterak's Gage is recommended) DBlade, Phage”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Darius compendium by iZeal | Darius Player
Justkb says “Garen is so free for Darius its kinda unreal. You can free poke him with Q and kite out his Q with your E. Make sure if he goes in hard you can still land a Q, W AA before his Q lands. The only way you lose is if you engage him at half hp and he has his ult up. Just keep poking him in lane and set up a nice engage once you are level 6 and have higher HP than he does.”
✔️[10.19] JUST1KB'S DARIUS GUIDE! by Justkb | Darius Player
DasGrauen_ says “This matchup is very even. The damage is very the same... Damage him after his W. Get away when you are low and the Garen-Ult-Mark is on you.”
[10.19] Pykë Top/Midlane Guide - Did I support right? by DasGrauen_ | Pyke Player
Ayanleh says “Same as sett and morde, pretty easy matchup but watchout for his Q movespeed, charge up your Q before poking him.”
A Guide to Playing Lillia by Ayanleh | Lillia Player
Rhoku says “The Garen matchup is in your favor. You outrange him heavily which lets you poke him down, and if the fights last long enough, you will win the all ins. The bad part comes in the form of him being WAY better in shorter trades. His Q and E do tons of damage and his W can negate your Q damage if he uses it properly. Early on, you shouldn't be fighting him for extended periods of time. Only using your Q to poke him down. If you are capable, the combo of e->q and then backing off will be very strong as you will continuously chunk him down. Land every single last him and make sure he suffers for every CS he takes. Know that Garen with ignite, has a pretty solid shot at killing you at level 6 so be careful of that. You insta win the lane once you get Rylai's though, provided you haven't died to him many times already.”
[10.19] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Mordekaiser Guide by Rhoku | Mordekaiser Player
LoLReal says “Skill match up. Don't trade with him level 1 because his AA+Q combo is too strong for us. Be patient, build tabi, and farm for 6. We can win post 6 when we all in. Can out trade him and push him in at level 3 but be mindful of jungle proximity, sometimes better to let him push the wave.”
LoLReal says “This used to be a Darius favored match up, but in his current state Garen is just too strong. Early levels Garen wants to just Q you and get out. Make him pay for it with E and punish him with extended trades while his spin is at low ranks. Be smart about going for CS. Again, make sure to take extended trades not short ones when you do go in.”
ChaseMorePlz says “Garen can be quite annoying, trading isn't an option due to his passive, Perseverance. Try to all in him early on and gain a lead in CS. I believe Riven has the slight advantage in this matchup, however it can be pretty difficult to deal with him when he picks up Bramble Vest. ”
10.19 Guidance Down The Path Of Every Single Riven Matchup [ by ChaseMorePlz | Riven Player
Ravenborne says “Easy Lane. Do not start the trade off with your E because he will just Q and run off. Either start with W or Q, then wait for him to silence you and walk beside him. Just simply pull him back in after the Silence and automatically win the trade against him. Starting the trade off with your E will not net you as much damage due to his Shield and the Q silence, sometimes not allowing you to get the W slow off.”
[10.16] Ravenborn's Darius Guide by Ravenborne | Darius Player
Jungl says “Must keep your distance from garen. If he trys to silence you try to stun him with your Q-W-Passive to stop him.”
AP/AD Kennen for top or mid by Jungl | Kennen Player
Phrxshn says “Use your Jaws of The Beast and watch for his Decisive Strike(Q) and precast your Jaws of The beast before his charges you as it overrides Decisive Strike(Q). Avoid his Judgement(E) and trade him. Do not trade with him if you're low as Demacian Justice is a execute. (Jaws of the Beast overrides Decisive Strike) (Decisive Strike stops Infinite Duress) (Recommended Items: Blade of the Ruined King) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Even) (Outscaling Edge: Warwick)”
Phrxshn's Guide To Warwick by Phrxshn | Warwick Player
ERNESTSAURUS says “FLEET FOOTWORK / SPELLBOOK SETUP - DORANS SHIELD / 3 REJUVENATION BEADS + POT = Garen kit is made to make short trades thats why previous to his mini rework, he used to play with Grasp of the Undying, but since his mini rework, it became a harder matchup. Nasus will win the extended trades so as Nasus look to farm as safely as possible, Garen will look to do short trades and disengage and whenever you are low enough he will force an all in into you, they will usually start a trade with Q to get movement speed, Q and silence you and then E and W out. Try to bait his Q so he has to Q a minion and shoves the wave towards you, or punish his cooldown if you have enough stacks. One really important tip to win an extended fight is to look to Wither him after his Q, since his Q removes all slows, and If you see the cast animation of his ult, you can ult while his animation is going so you get the bonus HP to tank his R, You outscale him, but he can snowball really hard so give minions early on if he is really aggressive.”
[10.19] How to get Gold with Nasus, In Depth - All Matchups by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player
chrisorion says “You can take Ignite as most Garens take Ignite and not Teleport. Take advantage of his weaker pre-6 before he can combo you without much risk. Level 1 you lose short trades and win extended trades if he started Q. If he started E it's the opposite. Level 2 if you parry Q then you have a good time to trade as long as you don't trade in his spin without minions. Level 3 you want to bait out his shield before parrying Q. Level 6 your all-in is better than his if he engages first. Keep poking him with Tiamat and Qs so he can't heal up with his passive. Later in the game you kite him out hard. ”
One Step Ahead! - Fiora Top by chrisorion | Fiora Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Annoying, but not "too" difficult. Try to stop his regen whenever possible with your Q. Be mindful of his ult as well, Olaf is very squishy early on depending on your build path. ”
(10.19) Olaf Top/Jungle Guide: Season 10 SAVAGE! [YOUTUBE ED by ChaseMorePlz | Olaf Player
Phrxshn says “Use your Seismic Shard after his Decisive Strike(Q). Avoid his Judgement(E) and trade him. Do not trade with him if you're low as Demacian Justice is a execute. (Recommended Items: Iceborn Gauntlet, Deadman's Plate) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Even) (Outscaling Edge: Even)”
Phrxshn's Guide To Malphite by Phrxshn | Malphite Player
Shumair says “This matchup is really a 50/50 because even though Mordekaiser has a slight advantage in lane, Garen is more useful in teamfights and wins the 1v1 late game. That being said, Garen can also win lane if you let him take advantage of his passive sustain. Due to that, try to constantly take long trades. In short trades he can shield damage with W and silence your W. Always use W early because his ultimate can execute if your health is too low.”
Fan22 says “After the rework garen has been a real pain in the ass, he has a lot of damague, true damague and tankyness, as Maokai the only thing you can do it´s try to feed your adc or midlane with a good teleport, or ask your jungler for a gank, don´t try to fight him unless he wasted his Q and E, and be careful since garen´s R can easily kill you. Here i reccomend buying tabis and randuins in the mid-late game”
The inmortal Tree [10.19] Maokai Top by Fan22 | Maokai Player
make alistar great again says “He hurts too much and counters your ult with his. I ban him every game.”
Making Alistar Great Again (Top/Mid) by make alistar great again | Alistar Player
NickCola Tesla says “Surprisingly, Sion fairs quite well into Garen! This should be a skill matchup slightly in your favor. At least, this is until the passive on Garen's W, Courage, starts to grant him enough armor and magic resist to negate a good chunk of your damage. Remember, in order to trade, Garen relies on using his Q to close the gap before using his E for DoT. His Q only breaks him free of slows effecting him, not slows affecting him! This means that unless he's in AA range of you, there should be no way for him to reliably trade! Every time he tries to trade with his Q, slow him with your E and disengage. The reason why he's an even threat, however, is because of his presence in teamfights. If you're sitting around 30% of your health in teamfights, Garen is able to execute you no matter how far behind he is! This is honestly the only time he should be able to cheese a kill off of you.”
"I! AM! WAR!" - NickColaTesla's Sion Guide by NickCola Tesla | Sion Player
Spligam3r says “Executing you when you are about to heal the most? Not fun. The worse part? Its only on a 1:10 cooldown.”
ItsmeKenny says “Despite being a counter-match up, you can win lane. However, even if you do, he can easily come back if you are not careful. Try to bait out his W and you should win trades. Use E to minigate his spin damage and leap to escape his Q.”
Twist21 says “CC is the hardest counter of Tryndamere , since Garen doesn't have any he is one of the easiest champions to beat as Tryndamere but be careful not to trade anymore when he uses W.If you only trade when his W is on cd you will win.Standard runes and sums for this one.”
[Patch 10.19] Season 10 Tryndamere Toplane Guide by Twist21 | Tryndamere Player
StrikeX114 says “His primary threat to you is his ultimate. Be sure to use your Commencing Stopwatch when necessary to prevent your death, as there is a small window of time for you to do so before his ability hits.”
BigFatPotNoodles says “just a pain in the butt to play against with his R, unless you cancel it out with your W shield you should be fine. Fighting before his 6 is your best option to win”
Sett The Beast-Boy Bastard patch 10.19 updated by BigFatPotNoodles | Sett Player
Fluddah says “His E is legit the most dumb thing in the game, although if you can wait out his E, then you get a free trade that should suprise him with a good burst of hp gone ”
A Very Odd Guide to Amumu Top? by Fluddah | Amumu Player
Steven on Jax says “Just block his Q with ur E and deal tons of dmg to him , but when u jump on him as an aggresor dont use ur E too fast cause he will go W E then Q ”
Jax Top patch 10.19 best builds by Steven on Jax | Jax Player
Twist21 says “Garen is another strong juggernaut just like darius but in the lategame you win the matchup no metter how bad you play it.The way you win lane vs him is by baiting his w and blocking his q with your e.”
[PATCH 10.18] TWISTGOD's TOPLANE JAX GUIDE by Twist21 | Jax Player
RemusEl says “Pretty easy to beat in lane due to the range difference.He can become a problem later in the game.”
It's an assassin! It's an ADC! No,it's Quinn! by RemusEl | Quinn Player
Bombabo says “Even after Garen's recent changes, Urgot should do quite well against him. Use your E and W simultaneously whenever he is about to silence you, and use your range to prevent his passive from coming off cooldown ”
How 2 Crab on 'em with Urgot by Bombabo | Urgot Player
ZzZ3DemonAngelZzZ says “he will do more dng than you ( even if you build full tank ) and he can just q e you while you actually have to hit a wall while he can jsut w your dmg ( this is the main reasson why im playing conquerer poppy now to find some counterplay )”
The Poppy OTP guide ( updated 03/09/2020 ) by ZzZ3DemonAngelZzZ | Poppy Player
wallobear53 says “In the laning phase, his combo is quite obvious as he has no gap closers. When he begins to run at you, moving away will stop him from getting his damage off. Just focus on kiting him and damaging him with your ranged abilities while he is charging at you. Garen’s W gives him a shield, so make sure to save your damaging abilities until after the shield runs out so that the shield does not absorb the damage or worse, an ability’s damage. Garen has a lot of in-built healing from his Passive, but the healing stops when he has taken damage recently. Regular trades can reduce his Passive healing drastically. ”
[10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide by wallobear53 | Dr. Mundo Player
ForgottenProject says “This used to be a Skill matchup until he got a slight rework and now he's strong. Don't underestimate his damage. [1]All his trades start with him running up to you with his Q but good Garen Players can Bluff. [2]Parry his Q and you will win the trade. [3]Good Garen Players will try to bait your parry out before they Q you, dont fall for it. [4]He stacks Conqueror super fast so don't underestimate him. If he hits his Q into E, you're in big trouble.”
[S10] Rank #1 Fiora Guide - ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
TXK_ says “Focus on poking with Q and cancelling his passive which has an 8 second lock out period. Opt for both Protobelt and Rylai's if he is too mobile.”
[10.19] Detailed Mordekaiser Top + Match-ups Guide by TXK_ | Mordekaiser Player
XtheZ115 says “A good Garen is a terrible thing. He can run just as fast as you, silence you before you can throw him, and his passive+Spirit Visage keeps him in lane. Kite him as you would any champion, but be very afraid of his ult- if he can land the execute, he will outtrade you almost every time. ”
Aggressively Running Away: The Art of Playing Singed by XtheZ115 | Singed Player
I Am Goliath says “Pretty easy matchup Garen struggles a lot with kiting and you can pretty much keep him under pressure the whole lane and even under turret so he loses a bunch of cs if you're safe enough to get out if the jungler comes, he should pretty much never be able to Q you early game or even spin all over you, and his spin is pretty weak early game anyway, and your W procs will do a lot to him.”
GoliathGames' Master guide to Gnar by I Am Goliath | Gnar Player
Womsky says “Scaling set up, easy money for the most part, all u need to do is bait him to go into you, not for you to go into him, so u can advantage of your super sustained damage against him, like, for example walk near him, let him for confedent to Q you, kit him abit, let him hit you, hit him once to active your lethal tempo then wait his ilence to end so u can spin and lay down the hammer on his head, level 1 and 2 u can be agro with fury, u scale way too hard on first item plus boots that u run him down so hard he cant do much, after that when he stacks armor he becomes harder to kill, all over its an easy matchup, can be rough if he gets a lead. One last important tip, if u want to stop his healing "passive" you can land a W slow on him if he ever turns his back for you, it will stop his healing just like attacking him.”
Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups by Womsky | Tryndamere Player
laoshin3v3 says “Klepto or Conqueror Parry his Q in early game for short trades, run away from his E he will be slowed from parry anyway. Lategame u hard win with ult, try to parry his R”
[10.18] Lao's Fiora - Every Matchup by laoshin3v3 | Fiora Player
Olaugh says “Try to bait his q and run away by hitting him with axe when he comes to close to you(sometimes if he is that hungry and desperate to hit you with q he will maybe activate W and reduce ur Q slow and manage to hit you which now means that he hasnt q as tool to run away, he hasnt W as tenacity and shield which results in high chance for you all in him as soon as he comes back for few seconds to finish few last minions, also when he goes with his q for cannon,do your q+e or e+q combo, that hurts him a lot and often baits his w but then its too late for him, again he used W , now, look at map look at him ,use chance to get kill. Take care of your mana, you will see him spinning with E and q ing minions every second but he has no mana so be aware and dont let him control your laning phase”
Olaf Top Lane 10.18 by Olaugh | Olaf Player
SkellyBirb says “Garen gets free armor and magic resist, can gain movement speed while reducing disables such as your charm, and can deal massive damage.”
[10.18] AD Ahri Top! Multiple Builds by SkellyBirb | Ahri Player
Lichskorpion says “Doesn't seem to work well against Garen. Garen is always a though matchup. He can out splitpush you and you can't really fight him ever. He outscales you so even if you play passive you won't really win that. So go with regular runes maybe and do what you can.”
Anti-bully Shen Guide (Stop dying to Darius and Sett!) by Lichskorpion | Shen Player
orangepenguinhead says “Play around his Q cooldown. If his Q is on cooldown, you can freely trade and control the lane. With Q, he can just chase you down and dish out a ton of damage. ”
[10.18] The Unbalancable: A Guide to Ryze by orangepenguinhead | Ryze Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
laoshin3v3 says “Always use ur Q after his, his Q removes ur slow. U can kite him out easily. Use ur R when he uses his ult.”
[10.18] Lao's Kayle - Your time has come! by laoshin3v3 | Kayle Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
Viola Boss says “Pure skill matchup. Try to poke with your w if there is no risk involved”
Sett Top HoB by Viola Boss | Sett Player
AWierdShoe says “Position the blade up constantly, try to force short trades where you W (or passive shield) his Q damage and auto him a few times with your empowered Q’s. Repeat until he gets low and force him out of lane. ”
SacaZioto says “focus on movespeed items, he wins straight on fights, but he can't get to u. he can only engage with his flash, which is scary”
ImVoxxX says “just poke this one too”
Teemo Top Guide by an OTP teemo [S10] by ImVoxxX | Teemo Player
Appl313245 says “Must run grasp runes against garen. Try to make as many short trades as possible but use q minion into e into q champion and use e as your disengage.”
Camille Guide by Appl313245 | Camille Player
ClanBlade says “His only way to get close to you is with his Q so kite him with Q E. If he Q's you, you are screwed as you can't Q him while silenced. his tankiness from his W also makes him annoying so skip cauldfield's and rush exectioner's.”
The definitive Aatrox guide by an Aatrox main by ClanBlade | Aatrox Player
s3L_ says “punish him wasting abilties on minions. look to perma freeze. if you hit 6 first you win. trade only will full passive since you can out dps him post 6. dont get low and becareful of ignite advantage as most garens take ignite.”
"Tactical Inting" Irelia SoloQ WARLORD XXXtreme cl by s3L_ | Irelia Player
talla says “garen is a big threath because garen q make your w inactife if your enemy is garen use w after garen use q and dont give lvl to w ”
Full nasus guide by talla | Nasus Player
OverCookedFish says “Garen is not a hard match up in lane, but come late game he gets a true damage execute dealing upwards of 1000 damage”
Be the Boss of Top by OverCookedFish | Sett Player
Dan Sley says “El lo mismo que darius pero en su comparación te puedes contrarrestar más facil”
Jax bully cosmic top, mid, jungle by Dan Sley | Jax Player
M.P.C says “His passive and passive AR and MR scaling are difficult to deal without your Magic Pen items early game. So focus on CS'ing and harass him with your E while staying out of reach from his attacks.”
Urgotem says “Refer to Match Up Section”
Runtley says “Garen has been easy for a while, but some Garen players are evolving to our play style. It's common for Garen players to Q then E so what you want to do is use W to get away then when he turns around go back in and poke him. Repeat this and you will win. You can also lead him into your shrooms. ”
Dreadscythe95 says “You can't kill him and he can dive you but if you manage the wave well you can take the late game. it's not a game you can win though if your teammates feed because your lane is pretty hard and garen will always become pretty tanky with a ton of dmg so you can't 1v9.”
Omnistone Kayle - Cleansing the Unworthy [S10] by Dreadscythe95 | Kayle Player
BebsiMax says “no mana, his healing and damage mid to late game”
Full Lethality Dark Harvest Cait Top/Mid/Bot by BebsiMax | Caitlyn Player
Kal- Wardin3 says “I think he is Extreme because he will Wreck you with his r Make sure you tell your jg to gank top ofen”
Volibear Reworked Guide, Jg, and Top. by Kal- Wardin3 | Volibear Player
Urgodzilla says “Every time he wants to trade just E on him and press W before he silences you. Q him and/or auto him to turn his passive off. Frozen mallet works perfectly in this matchup. Be careful lvl6 if he has Ignite.”
Urgot, The Dreadnought by Urgodzilla | Urgot Player
Fiora Pogjet says “In early game you have much pressure. Garens will sometimes try to all in you lvl 1 with his q and ignite but you still win this fight. You can try to trade him and block his q so you win every trade. When he gets lvl 6 you have to play a bit more careful.”
[S.10] Fiora Toplane Guide - FioraPogjet by Fiora Pogjet | Fiora Player
Ashookaa says “When you see use him press Q use your own so you can outrun him and when his q runs out poke him down and spam your E when he wants to heal”
♥|Lillia Top|♥ Look who's blooming now! by Ashookaa | Lillia Player
Kujis says “Pretty easy matchup, try to use your W just before he hits his Q on you. Also E away when he uses his E.”
Climb Diamond with Renekton easily by Kujis | Renekton Player
liggergolly says “of the shit tons of matchups ive had with this guy spamming him since release,”
I can only call this better by liggergolly | Yone Player
XxDoctorDonnaxX says “His silence can be the death of you, but most of your abilities are activated before you start trades. You should be fine, just make sure that you're the one starting trades, or he will exterminate you.”
Ultimate On-Hit Hybrid Witch's Brew Build by XxDoctorDonnaxX | Volibear Player
NullPC says “Your R is better than His R, you beat him hard in mele and can stop his q with your E”
A comprehensive guide to Urgot top by NullPC | Urgot Player
ChevalierArlo says “Faça um Carrasco, troque apenas depois do nível 7 com a donzela e tenha vida suficiente pra não tomar outplay e uma ultimate na boca. ”
Yorick Builds e Matchups 2020 PT-BR by ChevalierArlo | Yorick Player
LeSocair says “This matchup is hard because Garen is resistant af and he does tons of damage, specially after 6. Remember buying Hexdrinker and avoid his Q and long trades. Keep your passive up against him so you can run away from him when she runs at you with Q, and try to Q him before he silences you. If you want to trade, use your abilities before his Q (Q and E) otherwise you'll get confused.”
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
Pyroen says “Bait out his Q, it is a hefty amount of his damage, engage after he has used it for a minion kill, and try to poke him often so his passive healing doesn't kick in. Once he starts stacking MR he can become a major problem and you will need Magic Penetration to do any damage to him.”
bocchicken says “high threat due to his impact late game. you can cheese him lvl 9, but he becomes unkillable late.”
[10.16] Toplane STOMP Malphite Guide by bocchicken | Malphite Player
ModxLoL says “4.5 if you're bad. 2.5 if you're good. You need to shield his Q and remember to not unleash your combo when he uses his W. There is a visual indicator when he uses his W and he will gain a shield + 30% damage reduction for .75 seconds. Wait until that wears off, then throw everything at him. It's much easier if he goes grasp + tanky build rather than the conqueror + berserker's greaves + triforce build.”
Modx's Super Omega Giga Chad Riven Guide by ModxLoL | Riven Player
Stiwy says “Garen is very simple and predictable. He can kill you if you stay in his E too much because it cuts armor and his ult deals a serious damage too. Buy early tabis. Try to trade after he uses Q and/or E on minions. If you can keep poking him to prevent his passive from healing him. He cant really dodge your ult except if he uses flash.”
CptTeemoOnDuty says “Outrun, easy lane, just be careful for later all-ins and ignite. Check more info below. ”
Teemo: The All-round Scout (Omnistone Teemo added) by CptTeemoOnDuty | Teemo Player
Doktora says “Garen is not hard champ just use your W and make 2 basic attack and Q and you need Mortal Reminder and the game is over for Garen : )”
KingNklaus says “Can be dangerous ot the first 2 levels but you should be able to win after lvl 3 there is a simple trick to beating him whenever he goes for a Q engage put your pull near you so that it will pull Garen behind you most of them use E immediately after it so most of it will go to wiff leaving you to retaliate with next to no punishment ”
Enter and abandon hope Mordekaiser build TOP/MID by KingNklaus | Mordekaiser Player
E_IS_POWER says “Tiny: This lane favours you immensely and the enemy has close to zero kill pressure on you. More information found below.”
[Season 10] CrazyWolf's Fiora Guide 10.16 by E_IS_POWER | Fiora Player
Paranormia says “Garen can silence you, making you very vulnerable”
Paranormia's guide to Wukong by Paranormia | Wukong Player
Velignis says “My only nightmare is someone with an execute, but if you face his justice, it's important to bait this man's q and w more than anything before engaging him in lane”
[10.16] Mr. Kled's Wild Lifestealing (WIP) by Velignis | Kled Player
Fourpaws33 says “Gets more armor for getting armor. Silence can get you sometimes and his spin hurts. If you pick into him be sure that you're able to kill his team.”
Paw's Guide to Throwing Top! by Fourpaws33 | Kha'Zix Player
Hypnosa says “If you can outsmart him before level 6 do it and use every support. Poke him with your range and freeze the lane. If he comes just block his Q with W and if he tries to spin taunt him and when he is open pass Q through him and teach him a lesson. Ignite garen is dangerous after 6 so don't go near him ”
S10 UNDYING DOMINATOR SHEN by Hypnosa | Shen Player
MisterDerpFace says “His Q does a LOT of damage, silences you AND his ult can do EVEN MORE damage... Just play it safe and poke him constanly. Also if you see him activating his Q, activate your W before he hits you with it. ”
Urgot Builds From Some Bronze Player by MisterDerpFace | Urgot Player
EntxRecoil says “Lethal Tempo Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Long sword refillable potion start. The problem that a lot of people have with the garen matchup is that they do not know how to force an extended trade. What garen will do is set up his grasp and then q you. His Q is on a 8 second cooldown. Tryndamere wins the extended trades, Garen wins the short trades. Early game build up fury, and when you have a good amount of fury built up, look to auto attack him and move forward towards his escape path in between auto attacks and then spin on him after his silence is over and you can get an extra 2-3 auto attacks to win the trade. Post 6, be mindful of Garen's ultimate which is an execute based on your missing health. It has a very long cast animation though so you can usually wait to ult until you see the animation for his ult coming down. You can ult even if you are silenced so dont worry about that. Another tip for laning phase is if you w and slow the garen it will stop his passive from healing him. If you w and dont hit the slow then it will not stop his healing. In the allin vs garen, make sure that you use your w after he uses his Q because his Q will cleanse your slow. In the mid-late game if garen built tanky it can be hard to dive him under turret so look to catch him away from his turret, or if he is playing really safe then shove him in and outrotate him with your superior mobility.”
FoggedFTW2 Tryndamere Guide by EntxRecoil | Tryndamere Player
Gaisgeach says “Garen is an absolute pain and his W makes it very difficult to trade into him with hhis natural self regen ”
BloodyDream81 says “Un match up un peu spécial, il paraît compliqué de prime abord, mais une fois que tu connais c'est réellement simple. Contre Garen tu dois te méfier de 2 choses, son ignite, qui lui donne un grand potentiel de kill sur toi en début de partie, et les trades court ! Ne le laisse jamais faire de court trade, c'est totalement à son avantage, il faut au contraire forcer un all in jusqu'a la mort que tu es sur de gagné, du moment que tu n'es pas au milieu de ses sbires ! Astuce : Les tabi ninja rapidement, rendront les all in beaucoup plus facile !”
Darius Top by BloodyDream81 | Darius Player
bigbeanboi4 says “silence spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin r ded.”
heccing hecerim by bigbeanboi4 | Hecarim Player
Mohid97 says “A skill match up the question is simple in this lane. Who will land the execution on there respected ult first.”
Tankgot by Mohid97 | Urgot Player
rawDrigo says “Very 50/50. You win all ins from 100-0. Anything less than 70% hp and it gets kinda dicey - ESPECIALLY at level 6+. Make sure you wait out his Q/slow cleanse before you W in lane.”
[P A T C H 10.16] - Darius is bad, stop banning him! by rawDrigo | Darius Player
Space69420 says “Difficult matchup but you should be fine as long as you dont get silenced as you are ranges”
Karma Top/Mid Lane by Space69420 | Karma Player
Dantheman81 says “Garen can be a little bit frustrating depending on how he builds. When you trap him in your W it can be difficult to engage because he simply spins around and can run away from your slow. However if he builds tanky and picks up a black cleaver first (like most Garens) you should be able to 1v1 at anytime in the game.”
How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke) by Dantheman81 | Yorick Player
ChocoChurro says “Harass him with Q and E and do not let him start his passive, neither reach you because he can literally burst you. As long as you keep him far from you, you can win the lane.”
The top lane destroyer, Lillia by ChocoChurro | Lillia Player
Alan234 says “Any rune is fine. Go boots into swifties with w max second. When garens run to you, just run backwards. Its that simple. Dont turn around to aa or his q will land. Once q is over you can poke him while he is running. Try to aa him so that his passive doesnt heal too much.”
[10.14] Alan234 - #1 EUW 900LP Chall Teemo Top OTP by Alan234 | Teemo Player
Feedaboi says “Has has insanely high damage with his q and e, he has free healing and free tenacity, along with a deadly ult for when you are dismounted. Look to poke him with q "bear trap on a rope" while farming and setup ganks for your jungler.”
[10.15] THE ULTIMATE S10 CHALLENGER Kled Guide! by Feedaboi | Kled Player
Twiggymocha says “Early game vs garen is difficult but if you max your w you will be fine. You are also a lot more useful in team fights.”
[Top] Tank Sion Guide Patch 10.15 by Twiggymocha | Sion Player
Theknight31 says “He is a tank with some nice damage if you dash on him he just e and knock out you. Like vs other tank roam.”
[Updated 10.15] Top bruiser/assassin main rengar guide by Theknight31 | Rengar Player
Grasp_Jhin says “U have chance to win vs him just, He is Garen - easy kill u in late game with R and Resist W ”
The Grasp Jhin <3 [NON-UPDATED] by Grasp_Jhin | Jhin Player
SuPIeX says “Garen just shreds you no matter how tanky you build. His ult scales off missing hp which wrecks you. Try not to die early but if you do play safe and you will scale and still be a monster late.”
Low elo Easy Dino'gath Top/Mid 10.15 by SuPIeX | Cho'Gath Player
Xplor says “Poke, poke and poke as much as possible. Garen will have to really clsoe to you to damage you. Your abilities can outperform Garen's ones. Whenever he comes close to you with his Q or spinning, use your W on your proximity, between you and him. You will either catch him in the cage or place it in front of him. Like this you will not allow him to get close to you. Still beware of a Garen with Ignite. That may be a threat. Farm under the tower if so.”
Hunter Frenzy says “1v1: HoB & Pre | vs Burst JG: E & Res | vs MS JG: PR & Dom | Boots: Ninja Tabi | 1st Core Item: Nashor's Tooth | Optional Item: Armguard”
[10.15] iPav's Teemo Book by Hunter Frenzy | Teemo Player
Nodon says “if he gets onto you you're dead but then again if he does you messed up beforehand”
Lillia but a lot more annoying by Nodon | Lillia Player
Lintaar says “You outrun his Q even without boots and you basically have a bigger range spin to win. play aggressive”
LILLIA TOP LANE SHRED AND CARRY by Lintaar | Lillia Player
Darrkescru says “Sugiro usar impeto mas não e nescessario, sempre que ele for te acertar o Q use seu Q primeiro e cegue ele, quando ele estiver perto o suficiente coloca um cogumelo no chão faz ele pisar e caita ele ”
Teemo apenas basico. (PT-BR) by Darrkescru | Teemo Player
SpedIsOn says “His R will most likely go through your W if used late. Stay in your minion wave if he e you. (SW or BP) ”
Sett The Boss by SpedIsOn | Sett Player
kurbart says “WOAH THIS THICC BOI IS TOO MUCH after the rework Garen can walk out of your wall faster then a pre-rework irelia...(if you dont know its pretty fast) let your team handle him he can run you down”
Veigar wip by kurbart | Veigar Player
Saturnyourube says “Double Doran's blade will be useful Shield his Q and run away from his E Which will deal more damage than your whole combo if you are not cerful.”
Solo Carry in your Elo With RIven by Saturnyourube | Riven Player
Angela du Seithr says “Moins dominant que Darius, il purge les ralentissements et il faudra donc vous armer de prudence pour l'affronter. Garen reste un très bon champion capable de snowball bien mieux que Lillia.”
[10.15] Lillia on the Top Lane [FR] by Angela du Seithr | Lillia Player
Alzeidx says “Play safe until level 3, build up rage, after lvl 3 you can outrade him if you play smart, get lead before lvl 6 so you will be safe after he hit lvl 6. You should be able to outrade him easily after lvl 3. Go conqueror”
Delvoid says “When garen goes to trade with Q use W and you will out move him turn and burn him with Q. The silence allows him to win most trades with you and ulti massacres you”
Flame Spitter by Delvoid | Rumble Player
SpyDaFX says “try to stay away from his Q's and play safe level 1, or you'll end up being under 50% health at level 2 and u will not be able to trade. level 2 and level 3 are easier to do big trades, try to bait his W by E'ing and waiting for him to use it, just like teemo's Q or fiora's W, because when u W when he W's he gets barely no damage and u will lose the trade. level 6 is kinda risky if you run conqueror but if you run press the attack you should be good unless you make a mistake, usually try to get a lead before level 6. go conqueror”
1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guidr by SpyDaFX | Renekton Player
Delvoid says “Annoying more then anything since he can play passive and get back to full hp. When he goes into with Q you can E W him and win most trades. Make sure to try hit him before every 8 secs so his passive does not proc”
Urgot to be tilted by Delvoid | Urgot Player
tasie456s says “Just kite him, hes tanky and has sustain, shove him in and never let him hit you with his e. ”
This Ends Badly: A Ryze Guide by tasie456s | Ryze Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “Easy lane, he basically will never out damage you as long as you stay in the wave since his E does a lot less damage that way. Only reason this gets a 2 is bc he is so tanky that it's pretty difficult to ever kill him if he plays back. Bait out his w then go for an all in when it's down.”
[Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
iTzToniOP says “Oh come on, his W is unfair! You will not be able to damage him, and if you do, he will heal with his passive. If you try to stunt him he will just run out with his Q.”
[10.14] iTzToniOP's reworked Volibear guide. #15 Volibear EU by iTzToniOP | Volibear Player
Nabura says “Click on his character and watch as his Q speed runs out as he runs at you. Using W to outrun his Q and turning on him after he tries to run away will make him question why he picked Garen. Make sure you don't use Q before he uses his, as he will remove your slow and probably kill you.”
Mid/Top Kayle Guide Season 10 by Nabura by Nabura | Kayle Player
Speed_Fire2 says “Garen is a skill match-up, you want to keep him low by poking him with your Q and pull him off you with your E, If he takes ignite be careful of his all in! and if you do want to fight him, Ult him as he tries to engage you, This will allow you to fight him effectively.”
[10.14] Welcome to Oblivion - CDRKaiser by Speed_Fire2 | Mordekaiser Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
DankFlyingCow says “Kench is a solid counterpick to Garen. Play aggressively, especially pre 6. If you, at any point, get your third passive stack on him he will probably die.”
Ultimate OP 1v9 Monster Tahm Kench Top Hypercarry by DankFlyingCow | Tahm Kench Player
Nyx Adachi says “Nah garen, bloquea su q y era, no le tradees cuando use su e”
Guia De Shen S10 Para Salir de Oro y otros elos by Nyx Adachi | Shen Player
Duelle35 says “If you meet another Garen who is also following this guide you could be in trouble. May the best Garen win.”
Duelle's Zaney Garen Guide by Duelle35 | Garen Player
TotallyEclipse says “I permaban this champ, even if you dodge his q he can spin onto you and then get away and heal all his health up. Your best bet is to keep your passive stacked and all in him early with as many stacks as possible. At level 6, you won't even win a close fight with him having his R up especially if he goes ignite. Go for early tiamat or stinger to have more dps pre6. Be careful fighting him when you are low. If you find yourself ahead, rushing bork is pretty good instead of trinity.”
[10.14] ECLIPSE'S INSANE 1V9 JAX GUIDE FOR TOPLANE KINGDOM by TotallyEclipse | Jax Player
ForOrion says “Stay away from this fight. You cant out trade, his Q chunks you out from any engage and he is a pain if he gets fed. Stay back and farm, and wait for a potential gank from the jungler or a play under turret.”
Shark 悪魔 of the Rift by ForOrion | Pyke Player
SnowWan says “SPINN TO WIN! To mutch silces for W to work to the fullest.”
S10 - TOP LANE GUIDE by SnowWan | Fiddlesticks Player
FirstBladeDancer says “Now Garen is a hard matchup for beginners. He can all- in and u will die. But because Garen is a Braindead champ, u can win with Irelia easy. U just need to practice and he wont be a threat anymore.”
Irelia Build and Runes (Learn Irelia) by FirstBladeDancer | Irelia Player
Dedrick says “You lose most extended trades due to being silenced and his shield. You lose most short trades due to his passive unless you poke him with your Q constantly. Your E is able to save you from his ult sometimes though.”
(10.14) Tahm Kench Top Guide by Dedrick | Tahm Kench Player
EveryMysticLimit says “All in is too strong and is too tanky for you. Just play safe. (Flash and Teleport)”
(W.I.P ) Beginner's Guide To Top Lane Gangplank by EveryMysticLimit | Gangplank Player
JuarezLOL says “if garen comes with ignite its hard to beat him because of his spin but you have the lane power pre 6 just use it to get gold advantage and remember to use your tp when you get 450 G for a doran blade because he has ignite and he cant go for a shop”
Best Guide For Jax by JuarezLOL | Jax Player
Wamson says “Survive the laning phase at all costs! Don’t get bullied out of the lane! Freeze creeps on your side of the lane and farm until mid game.”
Riven/Yasuo Consistency Builds by Wamson | Riven Player
Wamson says “Survive the laning phase at all costs! Don’t get bullied out of the lane! Freeze creeps on your side of the lane and farm until mid game.”
Riven/Yasuo Consistency Builds by Wamson | Riven Player
Walnut25 says “He just has too many base stats that you can't compete with until level 6. Try and burst him down so he can't have a chance to use his ultimate. If he does manage to Ult you, do NOT use your W as it deals true damage. You outscale him hard late.”
ACE4291 says “Easy Match up with Grasp. You will see alot of Garens. Watch out for his Q since it can silent you. You can bully his early game and swallow his spin to cancel it. Late game and fed he can be a problem since of his ult and damage. Not a huge issue due to most low elo underestimate you. ”
(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out! by ACE4291 | Tahm Kench Player
PalestinianLuck says “the average garen wins against pantheon... try roaming or dodging”
[10.13] Manliest Pantheon EUW Guide THIS IS TOPLANE! by PalestinianLuck | Pantheon Player
PalestinianLuck says “You can win before 6 if you manage to block his Q”
[10.12] Palestinian's Luck QUICK Shen Top guide by PalestinianLuck | Shen Player
PalestinianLuck says “Don't trade to long and don't trade with low health”
[10.13] Quick Ornn Top Guide by PalestinianLuck | Ornn Player
MrClockWorks says “So Garen is weaker then you early and once you get your lead you're stronger then him, but Garen has a silence so if you're ever low and he has ult he can silence ult you and you'll just die because you can't w so play around the silence and stop him from constantly regening his hp. ”
Play Sett as an actual Boss by MrClockWorks | Sett Player
DirtyDishSoap says “Respect his damage. Garen excels at trading mostly because his passive allows him to stay in lane way longer. With that being said, avoid him the first few levels, but after 6, you win. Once he Q's, E, W and you'll likely win the trade if not just kill him.”
Yoloick - Washed up low Diamond player by DirtyDishSoap | Yorick Player
TentiTiger11 says “If you are a skinless garen, and the enemy garen has a skin, he wins always. And if you are using this in ranked, he is hacking. Just go full AP and you should be fine. Maybe get a luden's instead of a zhonya's.”
Full AP Garen by TentiTiger11 | Garen Player
AskMeHowToGp says “A lot of cc but by baiting his q and his e would be the best strat since he cant run at you while u poke him.”
BUILDPLANK by AskMeHowToGp | Gangplank Player
Kynji says “Just watch out for his W, since it does give him some MR”
Wanna make an ADC to never play ADC again? by Kynji | Malphite Player
Javu767 says “Garen is fast, tanky and has damage. But little CC, be carefull. You are able to win this.”
Singed Guide - The Mad Scientist by Javu767 | Singed Player
Mr. Popper says “Same as Mundo no engage, and no poke tools as well making it very easy to abuse Garen players, make sure to keep the poke up to keep his health regen passive down. I recommend taking PTA and Taste of Bloode + Rav Hunter into Garen.”
10.12 Gnar Guide for the Gnar enthusiasts :) by Mr. Popper | Gnar Player
report singed ty says “Garen is overtuned now and can easily win lane. He also scales a lot better if you leave him to farm while you proxy too much.”
The Extensive Singed Bible (REMAKING) by report singed ty | Singed Player
gladiatorrr4 says “You can kite garen pretty hard. But be aware of his R. You should go for short trades. Q is dodgeable with E now. Easiest matchup.”
62% Winrate Diamond 1 Quinn! 10.12 SEASON 10! by gladiatorrr4 | Quinn Player
HIGH TEST TOP88 says “He can't walk up earlygame, you just beat him to a bloody pulp, if he's decent he'll just run with Q but if he fights you early, just auto him as he silences and spins on you, walk towards his tower, Q and then stun and W at max grit. If he doesnt run away with Q movespeed he loses the trade HARD. Take bone plating. Take armor.”
Sq_09 says “You lose every fight. He can close up easily and he's unkillable. Also strong as heck rn. ”
Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build) by Sq_09 | Ashe Player
Beatport Expo says “No trouble against Garen Throw your Q If he tries to escape using his Q and you can easily Tank his E”
Timesoul977 says “Garen in my eyes is similar to Darius but isn't the greatest against Pantheon. Use your E when he uses his E.”
Pantheon Top Lane Guide by Timesoul977 | Pantheon Player
SabinX says “Most players of Garen, won't even try to fight you 'till they get their hands on Tabi's. You are stronger than him after you get your BC.”
Wukong TopLane - Armor Reduction Build & Guide by SabinX | Wukong Player
Kingarthur720 says “Garen is one of the hardest champions to beat out early game, he has alot of mobility, good sustain in lane, armour shred and tenacity at level 3. You beat him late game or when you get RFC and PD powerspike so you can kite easier. During the laning phase look to roam mid if possible but be careful, he can push out your lane relatively quickly so roam effectively. Take fleet or grasp into this matchup, you od not want long trades against him, late game is another story he cant teamfight well due to his lack of AOE aside from E. Ignite is also a good pick into him.”
ahacz says “what the fuckc is this shit your cc's are useless goodbyee my friedn”
Spacix6 says “Garen is annoying because you will most likely not have enough damage to burst him down and if he's low don't be greedy because Garen players often bait their low health but this isn't relevant considering his passive.”
Illaoi - The Alpha Female by Spacix6 | Illaoi Player
AlexFL7000 says “Use the Level 1 cheese ability maxing order. Anytime he goes for a Q press E. I would suggest bringing ignite to match his ignite. ”
Second Wind Riven Guide by AlexFL7000 | Riven Player
ISwearImNotPolish says “A good Garen is going to be a total pain to deal with. He can eat your stun easily and deal a ton of damage while still being tanky. Take Phase rush.”
A Marvelous Guide to Tear Udyr top by ISwearImNotPolish | Udyr Player
MemeProduction says “He is going to build full armour if he sees you going full crit.”
Ultimate nasus crit build. by MemeProduction | Nasus Player
longcus says “Nothing much but you'll stuck in mid game since you can't kill him and he can't kill you so 1) poke him out of lane or 2) switch lanes”
nasus for dummies by longcus | Nasus Player
Ashookaa says “Tank with dmg build void staff and spam roams”
Akali low elo guide by Ashookaa | Akali Player
Senhor Sojogas says “Dar E ao Q dele para ganhar a trade. Ainda assim é preciso ganhar muitas trades para ganhar esta mathup. UMA trade má resulta numa kill para ele”
Jax Matchups by Senhor Sojogas | Jax Player
gabriel5ben9 says “If he runs to you, try to stun him with Q and run. His spin reduces your armor, so play around not getting hit 6 times by it.”
Toplane Tank Leona by gabriel5ben9 | Leona Player
RivalOCE says “Riven wins level 1, don't be scared to trade into him after he's Q'd you. Short trades, Q AA W E away, try and bait W. Garen scales really hard now with his new itemisation, try to get a lead in lane.”
ShaharKarisi says “Very hard to lane against, both his R and Q are a big threat to Shyvana.”
SirDrPotato says “Even match up, riposte his Q and don't trade when he's spinning. Riposting his ultimate in later stages of the game should be an option.”
[PATCH 10.11] Gracefully Climbing With Fiora Top by SirDrPotato | Fiora Player
TrinityForceYasuo says “That one is pure aids. Q does a lot of damage, has really good hp regen from passive, tankiness, W makes him even more tanky, E is also just aids he will use it after Q every time and his R does true damage. If you dont try to kill him early game I dont think you will later. So try go to poke when he goes for minions, freeze and go for a trade after he uses Q to try and catch you (if he fails it) and its on cooldown go in to try and deal some damage.While freezing set up ganks since he doesnt really have any escapes.”
Grakala says “Silence makes you completely useless. Don't fight him and just wait for the late game. Try to outfarm him and DON'T trade.”
BoxBox Riven by Grakala | Riven Player
Subject3 says “garens spin to win move works even when you swallow him so it can hurt a lot, but you can still out damage him if you play smart, wait for his q slam and then go in if you could q him.”
Tahm Kench Top / Bait and Kill by Subject3 | Tahm Kench Player
LloydOrchid says “Run away if he activates Q after slow or if he want to just Q.”
LolLogan says “You out damage him and have more healing then him. Watch out for the silence and you should be fine ”
How to dominate with Tryndamere Top Lane. by LolLogan | Tryndamere Player
Captain Dantems says “Não deixe ele usar o Q em você e não de dano nele quando ele usar o W, pois não dará muito dano. Grasp. Poção corrupta ou cristal de safira com 3 poções de vida.”
Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1 Milhão de maestria) by Captain Dantems | Gangplank Player
Darthflash says “Same as Darius but a lot easier lane”
Unstoppable Lulu Top Guide by Darthflash | Lulu Player
Vodka4Gaben says “You stomp him in lane, unless he somehow gets fed from the other players, you should never be able to lose 1v1 versus him.”
[10.11] ILLAOI S10 GUIDE - THE QUEEN OF TOP LANE by Vodka4Gaben | Illaoi Player
Echostyle says “PTA Runes Pretty simple to counter Garen. The only real way he can get onto you if you are able to maintain good positioning is by using Q and flashing to close the gap. Without flash, he will never be able to actually get into melee range against you because of vayne's kiting power. You usually won't even need to use condemn defensively. Be careful though, because if he does get into melee range, he will win the trade unless you can condemn him away instantly. Try to freeze wave in the middle of the lane or closer to your tower because enemy jungle ganks are still very deadly with garen.”
WolfNyte says “Garen is able to trade with you and back off then recover from most of the damage from that trade and come back in doing the same thing over and over again making it hard to survive laning phase as Voli cant do the same.”
[10.11] Bring the Storm by WolfNyte | Volibear Player
Auntbetsie says “During laning phase you have no pressure at all. He stands in between the waves, stopping you from CSing unless under turret. His Q also stops you from going all in as he silences you, his E can also deal some damage especially if they build attack speed and his W and R are just stop you from dealing damage to him and kills you.”
*WORK IN PROGESS*TRYNDAMERE TOP LANE GUIDE by Auntbetsie | Tryndamere Player
Gwndimi says “Garen with ignite is a hard lane for you just play it safe dont feed him try to cs as much as possible hit him everytime with a AA when his passive is gonna pop up. Garen with TP is a easy lane for us, just keep poking him when he Q to run to you run hit him with your Q after his Q speed is off chase him ”
[10.10] Toplane Soraka Carry with heals by Gwndimi | Soraka Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Garen imo is just trade early roam later like other juggers”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Only Trade at max stacks, Read the Renekton explanation to get a better idea of how this is done”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Similar to Darius but somewhat more manageable. Early levels you can deal with him fairly well, try to whittle him down constantly so he can't heal with passive before going in for the kill. Try to save up your stacks for his Q silence so you can double W and come away fairly unscathed. If you get a significant enough advantage it will turn into a farm lane, a fact which you can use to pressure anywhere else. If he gets to 6 without you having secured a lead however the match will go downhill for you. I would recommend either a bruiser build (sustain works wonders) or stasis. If he gets ignite however this matchup becomes significantly harder, but if you get help from your jungler you can push top somewhat soonish and help elsewhere. TP+Flash recommended, either conqueror or grasp work fine.”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
CounterBlad3 says “You will literally not find an easier match up”
Top Lane Domination with Darius [10.10] by CounterBlad3 | Darius Player
NaCLBait says “Don't let him get in range and e after his q so he can't cleanse the slow.”
Revamped Sion Top Guide by NaCLBait | Sion Player
Itreallyhim says “Read Darius. His Q will screw you over, he will win trades, and his ult can be deadly. Try for longer trades, Short trades only favor you if you dont use E. He can Q instantly after you E him so be wary.”
itreallyhim's Mordekaiser Guide! [100% Matchups] by Itreallyhim | Mordekaiser Player
RavenGOD says “No point in early trading or fighting him.”
Running it down by RavenGOD | Singed Player
Circas says “Ah Garen, my favourite stat check in the top lane. This is favoured towards Garen because most of them take ignite in the top lane but it is not really worth taking yourself since you can make Teleport plays and pick up easy kills if bot lane over extends. Teleport will always scale a lot better. The way to winning this match up is to pay attention to Garen's abilities and punish him when he uses them at in opportune times and especially his ability Courage (W). This is the ability that can definitely make or break an all in against him because it has a 24 second cooldown level 1. The basic combo to kill Garen is build stacks, jump near him, use Defiant Dance (W) to block his damage from Decisive Strike (Q) and then keep holding Deviant Dance because he will most likely instantly use Judgement (E) and you can block a few ticks of damage. This blocks most of his upfront damage and you now have a window to re engage on him. You need to make sure when you go in on him you have room to chase him down because you do not want to take short trades with a Garen since he excels at them thanks to his really annoying passive that heals him up a ton when he is out of combat. If you take a really good trade but did not quite kill him and start to shove him in, keep up the aggression. Get a ward down and keep trying to poke him with auto attacks or your ranged abilities every so often to keep canceling his passive. His level 6 power spike is much stronger than yours especially with ignite because it will keep you from healing back up in a fight against him leaving you vulnerable to getting executed by his point and click true damage ultimate Demacian Justice (R). Try and go in on him levels 3-5 since it is much easier. Make sure not to east free poke damage from him and always wait till you have Deviant Dance (W).”
[10.10] The ULTIMATE Diamond Irelia Top Lane guide. by Circas | Irelia Player
SpartaLives says “you must be very carerful and play safe vs garen because his early damage is unpredictable”
Who said PANTHEON TOP does not scale? by SpartaLives | Pantheon Player
Rivenetto says “If ure not a good Riven player,he will always be an extreme threat. His Q silence and E is so good for short trades against Riven. You can EW his Q and u want to go into extended trade or all in just when his E is on cooldown,instead you wont win that.”
Riven is counter to next adc buffs by Rivenetto | Riven Player
Hiimpurple says “It really a game of "Who chimps more?" Most of the time swain should win this match up if he baits and pokes Garen. Don't let his passive start and build morellos. Just kite him really”
LycheeMochigome says “Should be easy to kill him pre6, but after that if you're not ahead of him by a lot, you lose 1v1s. His w can negate your q but if he goes in pre 6 you have a solid chance of remounting and winning.”
Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled) by LycheeMochigome | Kled Player
ItsPaulygon says “This will be an easy match up as long as you don't get greedy. Don't waste your E on his Q unless necessary because the cooldown on his Q is lower than your E. Once he gets his tanky items, you will have less kill pressure. Take Doran's Shield to negate as much damage from him as possible. Play safe until 3, if he tries to Q you, negate it with E and unleash a combo on him. Save your Q to go back, once you do your combo, you can Q back to safety. You shouldn't have too much trouble.”
lonewolf91 says “I say it's even because it depends on both yours and his position and on the amount of feed, but in general, Garen's kit (mostly his E) helps him against Yasuo combos. He can escape, trick you or bait you. It's all about the intelligence of the Garen.”
Yasuo by lonewolf91 | Yasuo Player
classicnoob says “Ban Garen most of the time,People think this matchup is easy for Nasus.But trust me it isn't Garen can zone you off and Poke you every time when you come for CS And he can get you low enough and dive you later.”
Nasus 1 Trick Guide.(10.10) by classicnoob | Nasus Player
FoxyGrill says “Take bone plating, go with q on minion, he will probably attack you imediately, cast your w to block his combo and then go with e, q, q, once you get your passive he doesn't stand a chance.”
Irelia Top Guide by FoxyGrill | Irelia Player
The Ryann Kingg says “This is more of a skill matchup, it depends on how well you are able to play against him. But if you play it well, you should be able to beat him no problem. ”
TOP Shyvanna Korean Build(Conqueror) by The Ryann Kingg | Shyvana Player
HeyItsLeemo says “If he's good, he can kill you. But if you just play a little smart and dodge his E and Q, easy lane.”
My lane domination Mordekaiser 10.10 (basic guide) by HeyItsLeemo | Mordekaiser Player
xelosgre says “It's alomst impossible to win vs garen because u can block his q but now he has all his burst damage on his e and can't 1v1 him very easilly”
S10 Jax Low elo carry build by xelosgre | Jax Player
Quincy98 says “Garen is a nightmare if he lands his Q often. Fiora is heavily reliant on her kit early game, and can't kite quickly enough around his E. When facing Garen, consider freezing lanes and making him overextend. If he does this and tries to use his Q, you can reflect and stun using your W.”
Hit Glowing Spots, Farm minions, Repeat by Quincy98 | Fiora Player
DobbieTheElf says “You probably won't have kill pressure past 10 minutes, so either try and kill him early or roam. A lot. You have pretty great roams compared to Garen.”
bocchicken says “you can Q him to interrupt his Q, but he out-sustains you with his passive and lack of mana costs. Be careful that your CC will not be as effective on him due to his W.”
[10.9] Cheat Lane --> Win Game by bocchicken | Maokai Player
Erenando says “He will always silence you which makes farming hard. Make sure to activate Q before his Q autohit connects with you. You don't fight him until you got lots of stacks or until the jungler comes to help you. He will be a pain in the ass with his Demacian Justice, but you'll be fine if you play it save. By playing save I mean giving up some creeps and maintaining a fair distance between you and him. Nowadays people play Trinity Force crit Garen which means you'll have a good time at oneshotting him in the late game.”
OnePunchDog by Erenando | Nasus Player
OGIntel says “Garen with second wind + Doran's shield can survive your poke. Just wait until you have 1 or 2 items completed, at which point you hard win the 1v1.”
Nasus the early game GOD by OGIntel | Nasus Player
wolfclaw3812 says “Garen scales hard, which means you get to stomp him early. Save your blind for when he runs at you with Q, and then use W to run away. On-hit or AP. ”
Every One's a Treasure by wolfclaw3812 | Teemo Player
P4nds says “Fique distante e pokeando para negar sua passiva.”
Aatrox, a Espada Darkin (TOP/JG) by P4nds | Aatrox Player
Dejuronto says “The most evenly matched opponents in top lane in my opinion. Even though garen got nerfed, he still can win against you early game and pull himself ahead. Luckily for you, you can 1v2 to an extent if his jungler comes. Plus, you have a better powerspike mid game than Garen.”
10.9 BEST MORDEKAISER (Situational) BUILD by Dejuronto | Mordekaiser Player
DabPajusDab says “You do lose early game. After lvl 9 when you get unlimited w and lvl 11 5 sec legs you win easily.”
My amazing Crabgod! by DabPajusDab | Urgot Player
ArcLiner says “Garen's silence and spin-to-win nature makes him a surprisingly hard match-up, ask your jungler for a gank”
Raid Boss Swain Top by ArcLiner | Swain Player
I Play Blitz Top says “All depends on the skill of both of you. Just don't try to trade and play for undertower takedowns and you'll be fine.”
Blitzcrank Top Guide (Blitz has never been this strong) by I Play Blitz Top | Blitzcrank Player
SuperPopo7 says “This is like Darius, however less of a threat. this is due to the easy early bully you are able to do and, if done right, can solo dive before level 6”
HDlucky says “This is the Same matchup as Darius but garen doesnt have the Same damage as Darius. If skarl is gone he just one shot you with his ult.”
Cats4lyfe123 says “If you see your enemy pick Garen, it's not a good idea to pick Akali. Garen will silence you when you E in and spin you to death in your smoke bomb. If you try to get close enough to poke with your Q, he can run up to you and obliterate your health bar.”
AP Bruiser Akali Top by Cats4lyfe123 | Akali Player
GreeN1337 says “Runs at You with his Q and can just spin around You while You can just auto attack him and do almost nothing becouse Akali relays mostly on her abilitys. You almost can't do anything against him unless Your jungler comes and maybe then You can kill him.”
[10.9] Top Akali Bruiser Build by GreeN1337 | Akali Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Win: Will add more later”
[10.5] The Steel Shadow - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Camille Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Win: Will add more info later”
[10.9] The Grand Duelist - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Fiora Player
ShinyEmo says “Try to all in him early. When he is around his minions, try to poke him with usimg your Q on the minions so he can't heal rapidly. ”
Some Master Yi Top & Jung Stuff (W.I.P.) by ShinyEmo | Master Yi Player
Lazmm says “Go Aftershock and if he uses his Q and runs at you just fear him away. Seekers arm guard is a good item here if he has a lead on you.”
Fiddlesticks Toplane by Lazmm | Fiddlesticks Player
Poljca2 says “He should be quite easy for Darius anyway. Your ult is better than his (he needs low HP and only way you can decrease someone's health is fighting, which gives Darius Hemorrhage and while Hemorrhage is active, your ult deals more damage) Your Q deals pretty much same damage but heals you and his Q silence is not useful on you except when you are low and you gotta cast ult. Just farm more than him and play agro with warding and you should win the lane. ”
DARIUS FULL GUIDE PATCH 10.8 by Poljca2 | Darius Player
AkenoSenpai says “If garen is running Teleport u should easly be able to just autotrade him with stacked passive AA. Make sure to W his Q hit, and release right after it.”
S10 Irelia guide by AkenoSenpai | Irelia Player
Death Rusofag says “Si te pilla con la Q puede dejarte muy mal si usa su combo completo. Puedes ganarle trades pero se curará y cuando consiga el nivel 6 puede matarte fácilmente. Trata de farmear y detén sus engages con tu Q a la vez que retroceder.”
[10.8] Poppy, La Yordle Inmortal by Death Rusofag | Poppy Player
shinsuky says “Same for garen, a verry good laning against him, Q when he's going to Q you. Free poke again but warning on lvl 6 he can delete you.”
Bourbon says “If he gets ahead you are doomed don't push early game and wait for your jgl.”
Tank Diana Top by Bourbon | Diana Player
N3rdRag3_ says “He pushes E Stay out of range short trades.”
Braum of blades by N3rdRag3_ | Braum Player
chromeq3 says “He's going to silence you ever time you get near him. He's practically untouchable unless he does something stupid.”
chromeq3's Kayn Top Guide! // by chromeq3 | Kayn Player
StephanBJ says “Try to outplay him but carefully since Garen has more damage than you early , you should j farm until lvl 6 when you steal his ultimate and try to bait him to use it and try to get a gank from your jungler ”
The Beginner's Guide for Sylas by StephanBJ | Sylas Player
VelesemPT says “Garen can be a threat because of his silence but other than that depends on your skill.”
Maokai - The God of TOP Lane by VelesemPT | Maokai Player
Average Ahri says “1 word for this. why?”
Poppy guide for climb by Average Ahri | Poppy Player
Blazeofepicness says “Try to w his q to win trades. Taking short trades aren't too favourable however since his regen is much higher than yours. Level 6, try get your lane shoving towards you and look for an all in. ”
Wukong Top Guide by Blazeofepicness | Wukong Player
Bebro5 says “This champ is just broken”
Renekton Top guide by Bebro5 | Renekton Player
stratixx says “Likely the easiest match up, not because of your Q, but the fact that you can just run away from him when he uses his Q, and also destroy him when he is running away.”
Ask god for forgiveness by stratixx | Teemo Player
ysleepyash says “you will outscale him so dont worry if you dont fk up early”
Riven Toplane Carry Guide s10 by ysleepyash | Riven Player
lugzinho says “Since his mini rework he's been terrorizing the entire Top Lane with how fast he stacks Conqueror. To be honest i don't know what to say, IT'S FREAKING GAREN. E-Q into him and pray for the best.”
Thr3shPrinc3 says “Garen has a hard time playing against you in lane. You can constantly poke him down and with the sustain of Fleet Footwork you can farm without being too scared. If you see him use Q then just flay him away, but make sure you catch him on the edge of your E else his auto attack will still go off and silence you. Play more carefully when Garen reaches level 6 as his ultimate can probably kill you if he flashes on you. If his ult is down however don't hesitate to hard engage, you can kill him or worst case force him out of lane or under his tower.”
Thresh Top : How To Play, How to Win!!! by Thr3shPrinc3 | Thresh Player
ForgottenProject says “Don’t fight him Level 1 His Grasp+Q hurts, and you will lose the trade Level 2, you can parry his Q and trade with him Tiamat will reset his passive healing You can AA a minion near him and stop his healing without actually going up to trade ”
(Season 10) Rank #1 NA Fiora Guide by ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
tearfultimes says “I don't even have to explain this one”
[S10] Quinn Build by tearfultimes | Quinn Player
BDPMate says “It's a farm lane. Can't hurt him and he cant hurt you.”
Kennen One Trick guide to below plat. by BDPMate | Kennen Player
Gunford says “Garen will laugh about your Sustain. He just waits for the minion waves and will farm then under his tower. If you try to trade or poke him, he will play passive and just wait for his passive to come up. So you can kill him. Try to farm up and hope you can carry in teamfights. At six he will just flash on you with Q, E and R. Theres no counterplay and i always ban him.”
Conquerer Graves TOP by Gunford | Graves Player
SirVermillion says “Annoying matchup, in low elo you can probably dominate the lane if the Garen isn't so confident. But once he gets level 6 he can all in you and win because he's just so tanky. Do short trades in quick bursts so his healing passive doesn't kick in, but if you're losing trades it's best you just back off and wait for ganks.”
Adaptive Low Elo Camille Guide From A Camille Main by SirVermillion | Camille Player
spaceriftmaster says “Garen isn't difficult if you know what you're doing. In the case that Garen commits and all ins you, you'll win the engage because you have better dueling potential and sometimes you'll be tankier than him.”
Obliterate Your Opponents! - Beginner's Guide To Mordekaiser by spaceriftmaster | Mordekaiser Player
Speez says “[Also ban worthy] Garen is another level of aids he never dies and can also run you down but more playable against but also not at all, losing match up for you.”
Tigy says “He can out trade you with his q and if you make him low, he can regen all his health back by standing behind his minions or turret for a few seconds.”
[Season 10] Top Lane Kled Guide by Tigy | Kled Player
The Lost Drawing says “Normalmente siempre te quieren meter 'Q' y la 'E'. Cuando se te lance tira tu 'Q' a maximo rango, asi le pegas 1 carga si se retira o las 2 si sigue, si sigue no te lograra pegar. Al igual que Darius si gasta la 'E' entra pero no falles la 'Q'. Intercambia daño cuando tengas escudo y 'aliento del agonico' o usa tu pasiva para poquear pero solo para quitarle la pasiva”
Poppy la Carry by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
ChristianTheMyth says “Unless you have 5 levels higher than him,DO NOT ENGAGE HIM YOU WILL LOSE!!!!!”
The ult sniper and by ChristianTheMyth | Warwick Player
Trash Collector says “Garen is strong for few patches and deals high damage his q can silence you and his R deals True damage.Play Safe against Garen. freeze the wave and ask jungler for gank”
Irelia Guide 10.7 by Trash Collector | Irelia Player
Pedrokis says “No começo do jogo pode ser um pouco chato, principalmente pelo fato de que ele vai tentar 100% das vezes chegar em você com o Q e dar bastante dano com o E. / Tenta dar dano à distância com o seu primeiro e segundo Q, usando o terceiro Q pra bater nele caso ele não tenha o Q ou o E ou caso ele venha pra cima. / Se ele dar engage com o Q, espera a move speed do Q acabar e manda um W nele que a troca é praticamente sua.”
Aatrox Brabo do Pedrokis by Pedrokis | Aatrox Player
Trial_By_Barrel says “Garen is probably my least favorite champ to fight against as Gangplank. Garen has a movement speed buff, an engage, armor increase, out of combat healing, an execution ult, AOE damage and lots of health and a way of healing. Your best bet is to poke and walk away when he goes in. Try and predict when he's going to ult so you can orange out of range. Also land barrels if possible. When you're low just use potions and play safe.”
Builds And Tips - Beginner's Guide To Gangplank by Trial_By_Barrel | Gangplank Player
enderare says “super easy matchup just save ur q for when he q's. if he has half a brain, which most garen players dont he'll q when u q to last hit, and get a good trade or kill you. ”
Bruiser Tank Vayne Top by enderare | Vayne Player
Darkseige555 says “This either an easy matchup, or a living hell. If you don't play aggressive from level one, you will fall behind every second the game progresses. In order to win trades, you need to bait garen into fighting you and then q him while you walk away. Once he turnes away, be sure to proc a grasp passive to remove him a lot of kill pressure. Be vary careful once he hit 6, especially if he runs ignite, because the true damage is huge versus poppy.”
Become the hero! A poppy top lane guide by Darkseige555 | Poppy Player
zekynan says “I say even only because of his ult, if his ult is on cooldown you can kill him with autos just fine ( lvl 11 or higher)”
Death Emperor by zekynan | Mordekaiser Player
Braddik says “I permaban this champ, even if you dodge his q he can spin onto you and then get away and heal all his health up. At level 6, you won't even win a close fight with him having his R up. Go for early tiamat or stinger to have more dps pre6. Be careful fighting him when you are low.”
Joaking says “You can win him in early if you play good. Dodge his Q with your EW. Wait until he uses his W or until he uses his E to farm a big wave. In late game, he will only Q+R you and you will die. Avoid him in late game, try to push 1 wave in a side lane and then regroup with your team, everytime. You'll have a chance to have a good tf.”
Ultimate Riven guide: How to climb elo by Joaking | Riven Player
KajiKumihoAkukei says “Garen is annoying, but he won't be able to kill you 1vs1 is you just use your riptide to slow him every time he comes up to silence you with his q.”
Kaji's Nautilus Toplane Guide ~ All Will Drown by KajiKumihoAkukei | Nautilus Player
Pickle Pick says “All he has to do is run at you and there isn't much counterplay to it. He wins almost every trade and his ult does straight true damage. Not a fun matchup.”
BlazeBreeze says “Perma ban this champ 0 chance of winning lane or game”
Freelo Udyr Top by BlazeBreeze | Udyr Player
qtANG says “you can kill him before he gets some serious tank items. Farm safely and call for jungle help if you can't win trades against him.”
PlasmaFox1 says “ok garen is kinda cancerr because he q -> e and your hp is gone. Just dont let him do that by keeping distance and your E to disengage trades.”
Legendary Taric Top 1v9 machine by PlasmaFox1 | Taric Player
TheBiskoppen says “Garen is pretty nasty to play against, he out trades you, and he out sustain you. Get help early and then you should be able to keep him down”
Crazy Crocman (Low Elo Match ups get gold+ ez pz) by TheBiskoppen | Renekton Player
NoxianBlood says “Garen is pretty strong against Sion But you can out tank him really well that he will not deal any damage to you, but remember don't get too low cause his ult will always deal True damage and missing health, so stay healthy around him, Few Knockups and slows and all in combos should give the Demacian a good beating”
Sion Guide by NoxianBlood | Sion Player
EnchantedCat says “This is an easy match-up for Kayle because he shouldn't be able to get close to you ever, however you can't really kill him. You can W away from him, Q him to slow him (after he uses his) and you can just R when he R's. If he kills you, you mispositioned. However he will win all trades so there is no point in trying to trade because of his passive. Should just be a farm lane.”
Kayle builds by EnchantedCat | Kayle Player
Askio says “Somewhat dangerous since he can just disengage and proc Conq if he is going for damage. Make sure to keep the pressure on him, and disengage if he gets Conq up for his sustain. Do this enough and you'll be able to whittle him down to death. ”
MrLewie says “A Garen that knows what he's doing can be really oppressive in laning phase. Mid/Late game is a bit of a toss up.”
[10.7] MrLewie's Nasus Guide by MrLewie | Nasus Player
TheRevenantsHand says “This guy isn't much of a threat, but if he buys Hexdrinker and adds Nullifying orb to his runes, don't engage until you have items otherwise you will int.”
[10.6] Mordekaiser lane bully *Crush and Enthrall* IN DEPTH by TheRevenantsHand | Mordekaiser Player
VicGal96 says “Similar to Darius but somewhat more manageable. Early levels you can deal with him fairly well, try to whittle him down constantly so he can't heal with passive before going in for the kill. Try to save up your stacks for his Q silence so you can double W and come away fairly unscathed. If you get a significant enough advantage it will turn into a farm lane, a fact which you can use to pressure anywhere else. If he gets to 6 without you having secured a lead however the match will go downhill for you. I would recommend either a bruiser build (sustain works wonders) or stasis. If he gets ignite however this matchup becomes significantly harder, but if you get help from your jungler you can push top somewhat soonish and help elsewhere. TP+Flash recommended, either conqueror or grasp work fine.”
ozmankaan says “A good Garen player is always a problem for any top laners, he is too tanky, he regenerates at high rate coz of his passive, can give you huge dam n ult can ignore ur armor so instead of being aggressive be intelligent with garen, garen main ability to cover gap is 'decisive strike', he needs to be near you to give you dam, so when he go for 'decisive strike' you go for your purge n start moving away from him, he will get hit by ur bullets n if by chance he is able to hit you, you would have a shield on u, you will not get the dam instead he got all the dam, repeat this n keep poking him by your 'q' or 'AA' otherwise he will heal, when his health is abt 50% go for your regular combo of 'E' -> 'W' -> 'Q' -> 'R', n yeah he can ult you even when you have ulted him so dont go near him when your health is low.”
The Almighty Urgot by ozmankaan | Urgot Player
STIERNACKENTYP says “Easy Lane. You nearly counter him in every point. You can perma fck his passive, perma harass him and if he wants run to you, just barrel him and go back.”
[10.6] Cometplank by STIERNACKENTYP | Gangplank Player
Kicaj says “So so tanky. His Q deals a lot of dmg and silences try to get away from it and focus on farming. Buy black clever.”
Riven Top (Combos,spells,teamwork) by Kicaj | Riven Player
BeautifulWinter says “With Garen it should be super winnable however with the speed he has it might be impossible to actually finish him off. He can out trade you heavily early on and will bully you prior to 6. Prior to 6 passive. Post 6 agro when ult is up.”
Illaoi build guide by BeautifulWinter | Illaoi Player
Valorkyrie Quinn says “You can't really do much against him, because he can be so tanky that he can nullify your combo damage by his W. His E also deals a lot of damage after the recent update. Tip: Bring Press the Attack, to deal more damage and sustain with lifesteal on BORK. Try to look for more roams to take an advantage because he is impossible to kill.”
Phoenix, Fly! 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! [10.5] by Valorkyrie Quinn | Quinn Player
Devcon says “Easy lane. Use him to stack your Grasp procs, and dash when he uses his Q. Stay out of his E and you'll be fine.”
Devcon's Bloodthirsty Graves Top (Updated) by Devcon | Graves Player
xxd3cayxx says “His passive makes him sustain your pokes.”
AP Tank Malph by xxd3cayxx | Malphite Player
Canis858 says “Nervig wegen des Silence, aber ab der 20. Minute hat er keine Chance mehr Runen: 1, 2”
[10.5] Yorick Guide Deutsch by Canis858 | Yorick Player
Dominicanos says “Όπως και ο Darius έτσι και ο Garen κάνει counter τα tanks με την Ulty του με τη διαφορά ότι έχει αντί για Armor Pen, Τrue Damage όταν είσαι μαρκαρισμένος.”
My Ornn Guide for S10(In Greek only) by Dominicanos | Ornn Player
YukariYumia says “Don't let him silence you, he is a pain in the ass for most champs but if you play around his silence than you can win all your fights. Remember your early game is weak but once you start getting your lethality items, you'll start hurting him like a bitch. Don't let him heal too much from his passive either”
Senna Top: Carry Your Team to Victory by YukariYumia | Senna Player
Malwared says “Wait out the early game by using abilities on minions; Try not to feed before level 6, as it makes it easier for your jgler to gank you. (you don't need to farm to be useful as a tank!)”
Malwared's Malphite Build by Malwared | Malphite Player
xxskipskipxx says “The Garen changes made him a bit stronger.. Start with E lvl 1 and always E his Q Don't trade him in his E If you are having major troubles go for Shield Bash and Bone plating get yourself a Dorans Shield and rush Deaths Dance! Don't buy Hexdrinker since it doesn't deny his R dmg anymore since it got changed to TRUE DMG!!”
(DIA)Riven Top 9.22 GUIDE [Matchups incl.]Testing season 10 by xxskipskipxx | Riven Player
feederfromelohell says “Can push you under turret but not much else. Hard to kill but also can't kill you.”
The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion by feederfromelohell | Sion Player
IvaoManeirao says “Changed my mind on this matchup recently; after buffs he is really threatening especially since he is pratically fast darius with an ultimate that doesn't depend on stacks, but still has prolongued fights just as well as Darius. TL;DR: Mad Darius, i've been banning him.”
Another One Bites The Dust - Top Urgot guide by IvaoManeirao | Urgot Player
Goog2467 says “Spin Spin Spin Spin Spin "DEMACIA!!!"”
Personal Kayle Build by Goog2467 | Kayle Player
Big Belly Bop says “Ever since his rework, his damage has been insane to squishy top laners. If he starts running at you with Q just E away and get some autos off. Your W will be pretty much useless since his W gives him lots of tenacity. Deny him CS, stay even in farm, poke, and ask for ganks. Flash + TP, Doran's Blade + 1 HP, Freeze! or Gotta Blast! rune page.”
[10.3] Only Senna Top's TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE by Big Belly Bop | Senna Player
ExfIamed says “If you somehow find yourself in the mirror matchup, the better garen wins incredibly easy, you both run at each other to Q, but an experienced garen can W before he jumps to Q and get the E going as well meanwhile the other garen is silenced and can't E or W, so you just run away after and repeat.”
ExflamedMMask's Indepth Climbing Guide for Garen in S10 by ExfIamed | Garen Player
ElementalZyrus says “Annoying champion, but you can force him out of lane with the normal E > AA > Q > AA combo”
Quinn and Valor - Demacia's Wings by ElementalZyrus | Quinn Player
9690 says “Skill match up. Don't trade with him level 1 because his AA+Q combo is too strong for us. Be patient, build tabi, and farm for 6. We can win post 6 when we all in. Can out trade him and push him in at level 3 but be mindful of jungle proximity, sometimes better to let him push the wave.”
Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed) by 9690 | Mordekaiser Player
Kyooren says “Silence is pretty rough. it depends on the garren. just try and stay on them to prevent that passive.”
Experimental thresh by Kyooren | Thresh Player
Loevely says “Hard to fight without the right setup. Normally his silence silences you just long enough to where you cant use your normal W right after. However, if you take the Legend: Tenacity rune, you should be able to use W to heal AFTER he silences you. This is ping dependant. For people with higher ping, never engage garen without having 2 stacks before jumping. Standard trade would be, Jump with 2 stack -> E -> AA -> Q(this puts you at 4 stacks)-> Emp W -> W -> run back to bush. Grasp with W max make this matchup much more bearable. ”
(10.3) In-Depth Rengar Top Guide by Loevely | Rengar Player
Corin_devaliere says “the new garen counters shen =(”
Crushing Top and Support with SHEN (CHECK THE RUNES) by Corin_devaliere | Shen Player
KonataPro90 says “If he gets ahead he will snowball, if he builds any armor go void staff, otherwise go straight for ap”
Neeko Top WIP by KonataPro90 | Neeko Player
Gospodin Bure says “This one is tricky, Garen can mess you up in a blink of an eye if you allow him to get near because he can cleanse your barrel slow, so just stay back and wait for him to Q first and start running, THEN throw a barrel at him and run for your life.If you manage to Q him once or twice during this time you're golden.”
The ManPlank (CritPlank guide) by Gospodin Bure | Gangplank Player
ENX Kai says “New Garen sucks, honestly.”
Ends says “can run you down but can be zoned.”
600k Mastery Aatrox Guide by Ends | Aatrox Player
LoganGarnett says “It's a 50-50. You don't manage him properly - you die and fall off. He doesn't manage you properly - you get tons of mist and bully out of your lane. Don't forget armor penetration. ”
The Guide to Senna, the Supportive Toplaner by LoganGarnett | Senna Player
Luthy2278 says “Garen is one of the weakest champs against Mordekaiser. There is literally nothing he can do against you. He can try to trade, it won't work, you have that broken passive and you will always win trades against him, and you will definitely get first blood if he over extends. After you hit level 6, you will just farm him like minions.”
BigManYam says “Simply champion but still deadly early for you. Suggestion is just to let wave push to you and play it safe till mid game. ”
WHO LET THE DOG OUT!!! by BigManYam | Nasus Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “you can blind his Q, the single possible problem will be if he had ult up or not, probably you will not kill him in lane phase unless he's really bad.”
Teemo serious guide [10.2] by LuxIsMyCrush | Teemo Player
Defensivity1 says “Garen really isnt threathening at all, the grasp page is recommanded because garen has to be in melee range to damage you at all, every time he runs at you with his q wanting to proc grasp you can simply press q before he hits you with his q and proc grasp right back from him outtrading him whilst doing so. if you get camped by the enemy jungle garen could become a big threath at level 6, if the enemy jungle doesnt gank you at all however it is very easy to shut him down and get yourselve a free kill at level 6, if not sooner.”
Defensivity's S9 yorick guide by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Pankotr says “Fight if his "Q" in cooldown. Stay safe.”
Taliyehn says “Definitely one of the easiest : no gap-closer, no hook, no ranged spell... That's too easy. Just Q him to death. If he cleanses the slow with his Q, don't panic, you're still running faster.”
Quezel says “This matchup is very simple if he goes in to q you you drop e on yourself and kite his e out then engage with ult and kill him if he goes zerkers triforce and stacks damage he can very easily kill you so respect his e and try to disengage off him when he uses it otherwise just poke him down in lane and outscale him.”
How to play the King of Oblivion Mordekaiser by Quezel | Mordekaiser Player
N4wt says “Ignore him and farm, and kite him post 6. ”
Diamond Kayle Guide (10.2) by N4wt | Kayle Player
GokuBurakku says “I have a 90% winrate against Garens. Take Conqueror and all in him, if he has ignite, just manage your time warped corrupting pot and you should win.”
Goku's Guide to Gangplank by GokuBurakku | Gangplank Player
Evilfury10 says “Take Grasp Build Armor Pen. His Silence Is The Only Reason He Is Not Free Kills”
Rengar Top Guide (9.23) by Evilfury10 | Rengar Player
XPRflew says “Just farm and if you're half you should back because of his r and get a bramble vest”
Nasus Guide Build Season 10! + Match Ups by XPRflew | Nasus Player
SNOBOY says “This can be a counter, but it really depends on how it is played. Since Garen is melee, you can do rather well if you poke him down. Save your Q for whenever he uses his and he won't be able to catch you and combo you. Build Liandry's and Sorc shoes so you can damage him.”
Straight tank is BORING (Season 10 Ready) by SNOBOY | Malphite Player
Lunasta says “Punish him while his Q is on CD and tank his E with your W, take barrier and tank his ult with it”
[ 10.1 ] Simplifying Irelia by Lunasta | Irelia Player
oscarlotus says “He shouldn't really be a problem, as long as you dont let him farm and constantly poke you're fine”
The most Annoying Teemo Builds possible :) by oscarlotus | Teemo Player
mightydylan101 says “Garen is the easiest champ to verse if you do it right. Your Q blinds him so hit him with it right before his Q (Running Sword Silence Ability) hits you. This will completely block it if timed. Your W will speed you up so you get away from his W (Spinning Damage)”
[10.1] Top Low Elo Stomper by mightydylan101 | Teemo Player
ProgettoYorick says “Against garen or win immediately or lose. In late it will be impossible to kill him. OTP tip: try to get yourself ganked or killed before an item runs out of tank”
Ga44moker says “Garen is also 50:50 matchup all you need to do is ask your jungler for early 2 ganks and if you can make it to 2 kills early you´ll probably win lane. If not your chances are lowered since he is tanky with high damage. Try to break his passive”
hotdog93 says “Take small trades, try to bait out his W, and then all in him once it's down. 3rd Q+auto into E+W away is very good for this matchup. Boots early are very important to escape him. His 2 item spike is better than yours, but he doesn't do a whole lot of damage until he finishes Tri Force. Try to peel him off your carries in fights, or if you're far enough ahead, just roll his team as a silence is his only way to defend them, and Tenacity will reduce his silence. He'll probably be too busy killing your nexus towers for that though. ”
Season 10 Riven guide by hotdog93 | Riven Player
Greekamol says “He can Q R you and you won't be able to parry it so Parry the Q and run if you think he can kill you. Poke with Q and parry his empowered Q in lane. Disengage when he W's.”
KKLC547 says “garen can be now countered by yasuo just stop his passive”
ULTIMATE YASUO (TOP) by KKLC547 | Yasuo Player
linsher19 says “He's on the easy side of dealing damage you can just sustain it back and you win late”
Drop de Cane DOWN BOOM! by linsher19 | Nasus Player
ThisIsJustSad says “1. You can beat Garen at all stages of the game if you W his Q. 2. In the early game, only fight Garen for 8 seconds, since if he gets his second Q, the trade will go even. You want to wait for your w or he'll just destroy your hp bar. 3. A big problem that you might face is if Garen chooses to build armor instead of Trinity, then you can just crash the wave and keep roaming, getting pressure in the enemy top side jungle instead of focusing on your own lane. 4. You might want to save your W for Garen R, but a good Garen should Q you, and if you w his q, wait a second then R, or if you don't w his q, he'll just use q-r. So, always w the q if he uses it on you.”
Skarner Main says “Garen if he goes for you just e stun him and walk away”
Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate by Skarner Main | Skarner Player
craigo says “Depending on your skill, you're gonna eat his ass or he eats yours. If you can time your W's with his Q's you have a chance to defeat him, otherwise he will just auto-attack you to death.”
AP Shen Guide for Preseason by craigo | Shen Player
Karnan says “Pretty weak at the moment. Auto him as much as possible and don't use your mana when he has his W active. If he wants to walk up just continute autoing and kite him. Let him do the aggressive plays and play of that. ”
Shounate says “Hard to believe but he can out damage you lv1 and lv2”
Fiora - A tank sword master by Shounate | Fiora Player
DerpzGG says “Uhhh. I don’t know. You’re not really supposed to lose here. If he tries poke Q. Run. Try to predict his movement so when his Q Runs Out, You Can All-in. Yes! Even While He’s At His E State.”
Darius Guide S10 by DerpzGG | Darius Player
Objective focus says “W him before he Q's you. Press ghost and don't take every hit of his E.”
AlienMV says “Beware getting too close Garen is a very straightforward champion. Unfortunately he's harder to kite out than other champs since he gets MS from his Q. As long as you do not get too close to him, you can minimize the damage you take.”
Kayle I Guess by AlienMV | Kayle Player
iCamillia says “You need to build tanky against full dmg garen because you can't compete to his DPS ”
Camille 3-Shot Build by iCamillia | Camille Player
just000jay says “Make sure to Q right in front of yourself if he uses his Q. That way he will have to disengage or get hit.”
Attack Speed Cho'Bank Top Guide ( OP ) by just000jay | Cho'Gath Player
OpticR says “Garen is a very easy to play champion with a straight forward skillset. He has a silence and can ignore you're crowd control. He also does loads of damage and is tanky. Never underestimate him no matter what lever you're at. I'd recommend just poking during the laning fase to keep him as low as possible without putting you're self at risk. Save you're E (vault) just in case you need to escape.”
Soar through the clouds and beyond ! by OpticR | Quinn Player
Rime101 says “Build cull if he takes grasp and tp. Max W Focus on roaming, getting deep vision, and trying to get TP plays off. VOD:”
[9.23] Rime's Ultimate Kennen Guide - KENNEN OTP by Rime101 | Kennen Player
Lasoor says “[Top] Nothing Garen can do to you. You out damage him, out sustain him, can CC him, and have minions to help you. You actually beat a Garen 1v1 even without any minions/pets. Which means Garen loses to you when you're at about half strength. ”
Mr. Nyahr says “Same as with Darius, just keep your distance and kite them. Easy peasy.”
[9.23] By Wing and Blade - Kayle Top Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kayle Player
ryzetrox says “Has decent damage and armor shred.If you ever get dismounted you basically die. Hexdrinker CAN help against him if you are not the villain. Garen always tries to trade level 1. This is your big chance to get his flash/kill him.”
JuiceMoose says “His W is very strong, and his E is similar to Mordekaiser's Passive, watch out for his Ult and Q. He can tank magic damage ”
sauronkaiser says “You will almost always win a direct duel with this guy if you have ghouls up, so just play safe until you have them and wall him.”
Asothin says “You will most likely not be able to kill him as he has his passive that gives him lane sustain. You can however deny his farm especially early game when he isn't as tanky. Poke and kite. Once he starts getting tanky he will also raise in damage so always stay at maximum distance from him avoiding getting hit by the silence since Urgot relies on abilities.”
Revert Urgot. by Asothin | Urgot Player
Yazurou says “Garen will silence you like he does with everybody, abuse of you're early game power and it's GG.”
[PRE-SEASON] MORDEKAISER: "PARTY BREAKER" by Yazurou | Mordekaiser Player
The Apex Dealsman says “garen can't chase you easily due to your E and W but if he ambushes you the silence can get you killed”
The Ocean Man Cometh - Top lane Pyke by The Apex Dealsman | Pyke Player
picklehater77 says “Really tanky, anti-poke, and high damage. His silence makes trading with him nigh-impossible and his shield on W + Passive makes poking him down difficult. Typically the one I ban away. ”
Kalrex says “New Garen is quite strong, but if he starts using his E to farm you can out-trade him because he wont be able to proc conq. If he goes in to Q, you can negate its damage with E. You outscale him past the laning phase. ”
How to KS and Dominate with Urgot (9.23) by Kalrex | Urgot Player
OneMustFall says “Fairly easy matchup for Sivir. Go Sheen/BC because of Garen's true damage. Stay at least even with him in the MS game (If he has tier 2 boots, get tier 2 boots)”
Wonder Woman Top Lane by OneMustFall | Sivir Player
Nightblue33 says “Fight him he is extreamely easy for you with conqueror you fight him and be careful he will need many ganks so ward your pushes”
Renekton Runes Best Way To Win and Carry Ur Lane by Nightblue33 | Renekton Player
Nightblue33 says “As long as you stun him before he gets his Q silence off, you will trade well. Make sure that you keep trading with him so that he can't get his healing up. What makes it difficult is that if you get a kill pre 6, then you will get a villain stack over you and you can't trade with him. ”
Renekton Runes Best Way To Win and Carry Ur Lane by Nightblue33 | Renekton Player
T_ired says “Garen é um personagem que você consegue ganhar contra se for inteligente, mantenha distancia entre vocês, não deixe ele chegar perto, se ele usar o Q e vier para cima, use o SEU Q para dar slow nele, tome cuidado para não ser silenciado quando trocar com ele, isso pode realmente te prejudicar se você estiver jogando de AP”
[BR] [TOP / MID] A JUSTA | KAYLE by T_ired | Kayle Player
SrHolmes says “Start DBlade. Pull for aftershock when he tries to all-in, you win if he isn't able to successfully all-in you.”
Siren Senpai says “When ever he gets a moment he will use his Q and E abilities to get you low and not let you stack your Q. When after a fight he will back off to heal, he will get your HP down slowly to the moment when he gets you low when he get Lvl 6 he shoud try to all in yu when you in lane 0/0/0 best way to sat under tower becouse his jungler can come at any moment and help him to kill you. ”
Guide by Siren Senpai | Nasus Player
Aquatictheft says “hes annoying try to do small trades with him he beats you in a full fight ”
Volibear unique builds guide by Aquatictheft | Volibear Player
RiffingtonX says “Avoid his silence if u can trade early u can keep him under your turret if u freeze untill he recalls try and poke early before he gets 6 his lvl 6 is stronget than yours”
JAX TOP LANE CARRY BUILD by RiffingtonX | Jax Player
Jnewbringspain says “Easy because he's so predictable. If he runs at you with Decisive Strike, Rupture him, basic attack, Vorpal Strike reset, and walk away before he can punish you with Judgement. Keep up the poke and eventually you can go all in and execute him with Feast, which goes right through his Courage defense buff.”
Cho'God - Hybrid Damage/Tank Top Lane! by Jnewbringspain | Cho'Gath Player
PlasmaFox1 says “Pretty aids after reword e but could be handled.”
Aatrox Basic Guide by PlasmaFox1 | Aatrox Player
Ze mentira says “Max: Q. Rune: Comet page. start with corrupt potion, back with dark seal-->doran's ring. //just poke and back.”
Malphite TOP Guide w/ 25 Matchups[UPDATED] by Ze mentira | Malphite Player
MordeStar says “try to get your passive up before he silences you or you could potentially lose trades.”
ChloeLSakura says “Depends on how aggressive he is and how fast he gets to his black cleaver, try to stomp him before he does. ”
Senna, Ruler of Iron IV by ChloeLSakura | Senna Player
ChrisPs says “Be afraid of him if he goes attack speed , if he goes for a tank build just be patient and scale .”
Orn Guide Top/Support by ChrisPs | Ornn Player
ineptpineapple says “Garen is a pain you can either wreck him about 60% of the time or you have to back off. You can 100% take akali into this fight but just be careful garen does have alot of dmg and an execute so make sure you are awake and in the mood to mess with him. And when you shroud most garens with stand in the middle and spin, dont be too proud to leave your shroud a little to stop him from hitting you. And you will need a lot of magic pen vs him namely morello for his healing as well.”
Akali Top S9 by ineptpineapple | Akali Player
Hamstertamer says “Wait for *after* he uses Q to W him, since his Q purges slows : this way he can't get to you. Slow him to dodge his spin and go back in once it ends. You win the 1v1 if you're full HP, walk back if you're less than half so he can't ult you.”
The meme lord - with detailed matchups by Hamstertamer | Nasus Player
Atlascrower says “You are not able to Kill him, but he cant Kill you, too. If he wanna engage, just slow him with well placed Barrels. Farm and its gg.”
Oh Captain my Captain! by Atlascrower | Gangplank Player
ineptpineapple says “Ugh this guy is so annoying! he can use his slow removal stuff to still go in on you as much as he wants, when he does that root him and walk away. He is really annoying becuase he has so much dmg resist and he regens like a god but if you get to 6 you can most likely kill him if you have been poking enough. IF YOU FEEL LIKE HE IS GONNA ULT YOU ULT YOURSELF FIRST. If you ult garen when he ults it will still go through but ulting yourself you should be safe.”
Agro Lissandra top lane S9 by ineptpineapple | Lissandra Player
Pacal Votan says “Annoying lane but you can deal with him. Just try to farm and rush the Boots of Swiftness as fast as you can. He will use his E to poke you, what is nice because the spell pushes lane as well. Try to AA him to cancel his passive. Start cloth + 4”
[9.21] Nasus The Chase One by Pacal Votan | Nasus Player
ExtremeExplosiveTeemo says “Bayblade never stood a chance”
[9.21] Mega Nuke Mushroom Teemo build by ExtremeExplosiveTeemo | Teemo Player
Guantecillo says “Es un campeón fácil de kitear, no debería ser un problema.”
Guía de Teemo en español (En proceso) by Guantecillo | Teemo Player
lordfipi says “His high hp and Dmg output will make this a difficult matchup”
AD Top Thresh - Basic Build by lordfipi | Thresh Player
Syoxx says “its fine in early, but in midgame he will just e ur turrets. So you need to place your turrets right so he cant e them all, and you need to hit your E when he E your turrets”
S9 Heimerdinger Guide TOP/MID by Syoxx | Heimerdinger Player
AsomeSonic says “respect early, mess with is passive by using your buckler, mainly his r that's troublesome, be more careful around half hp (true damage ult)”
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer by AsomeSonic | Poppy Player
SummonedLight says “He can just sit back and be so passive making it impossible to lane vs him. Never lane vs garen proxy only and roam. In the last patch he gains conqueror faster than you with just his e so you will find he will be doing 500 true damage if you die which is broken.”
From Toxic to Nuclear A Gold's Guild to Singed. by SummonedLight | Singed Player
NTSW97 says “Should be easy in early but is hard in late”
Just carry with Poppy by NTSW97 | Poppy Player
Polkadog says “Garen is a spin-to-win champion. Unlike Trynda, he can't get out of your W but if he lands his Q to you, you can expect for his E and R on you and for the voice "You have been slain!" If your W is on cd you can only run... but Garen runs faster with his Q and you know what happens then... your E cannot slow Garen enough. Don't push much, try to last lit with your E and if he comes any closer, retreat. Since Garen is very easy to use, cheap to get and his recent buffs has made him unfair, I'd say for now, ban him most of the time!”
"One More Step Toward Domination" Yorick Top Build by Polkadog | Yorick Player
Jezzzir says “He has extremely high base stats, base damage, and a point and click true damage. You can blind his Q but not his buffed E, so keep Q up but still keep a big distance. You poison keeps him combat and negates his passive, so if you are in a good spot, try to keep the pressure up. He also scales quite well.”
AP Teemo Patch 9.20 by Jezzzir | Teemo Player
Chromuro says “Don't let him escape, just this. You can deal a lot of damage early, so try to kill him as fast as you can. Even a small lead can do miracles.”
Faith of the depths [S9] by Chromuro | Illaoi Player
P1Legend says “Only Trade at max stacks, Read the Renekton explanation to get a better idea of how this is done”
(Season 9) Diamond Ap Rengar Top Guide (Work in progress) by P1Legend | Rengar Player
Essela says “It wasn an easy matchup before the garen rework but after the rework you can struggle against him just play safe until you hit 6 and look for trades.”
In Depth Tryndamere guide! Dia/Master Elo Updated 9.20 by Essela | Tryndamere Player
blunderr says “Garen is really easy to beat because your Q blinds his auto attacks and his Q which leaves him with his E and R. Just be careful when fighting him that your not too low, he might run you down with E + Q (after the blind ends) and then R to finish you, but you usually survive those attempts.”
DVL CHALLNGR says “When you get lvl 6 you can lock him out of his tower and he won't have passive If you cast W that time your shield will block enough of his total damage Your Q is useful in Early game to burst him”
Embrace the cold edge of iron! Mordekaiser Rework Guide s9 by DVL CHALLNGR | Mordekaiser Player
Raideru says “Very Busted if fed but he is very simple in lane to deal with, first of all if he goes in on you with a q you activate your e to dodge and if he activates his e you stun him with your e walk away and then jump back onto him and keep AA him because he will lose the trade no matter what because he is useless without his e.”
-ALR- says “silence , true dmg on your 1500 hp face , dmg over time with E and shield like yours with W ...”
HKRV says “New Garen is kind of a BS. E into Conqueror is most certainly your death. Dariuses little brother. Mostly use the same tactics as for him. Don't extend the trades as he will heal in combat and shread your armor with the spin+conqueror. Poke with first Q. ”
Rhinoface says “Even with conqueror, he outdamages you without your ult. If you have ult; you'll generally win. If you don't; you don't. ”
400k Mastery Mordekaiser Top/Mid/ADC ALL MATCHUPS by Rhinoface | Mordekaiser Player
EpicDan01 says “New Garen with Conqueror will beat Mundo every time in a duel, but it is fairly easy to avoid fighting him. Late game however you should be more useful in teamfights, so try to farm as much as you can in lane.”
Dr Mundo Top Guide - Run Them Down + Matchups by EpicDan01 | Dr. Mundo Player
MrPuggles says “See the matchups chapter for all champion matchups...”
MrPuggles says “See the matchups chapter for all champion matchups...”
Poppu says “If you outfarm Garen and proc your Grasp more often, you can win lane easily. When Garen gets 6, he gets a little bit more tricky to deal with.”
[Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top! by Poppu | Poppy Player
Aizo says “Garen can trade with you pretty effectively so you definitely don't wanna let him bash all over you. Make sure to Q him away whenever he tries to get in on you and kite him through your bush saplings. If he tries to slow cleanse your bush saplings he'll be left sad because the slow is re-applied on each tick.”
CHALLENGER Maokai Top OTP Guide by Aizo | Maokai Player
thefeedski says “You can blind his Q but eventually he'll run you down. ”
SoulHero says “Play like he is nasus, bully him, take bone plating dorans blade. FLIP BEFORE HE SILENCES YOU, toggle w, and you should outtrade him. DONT WASTE TOO MANY SHOTGUN KNEES IF HE W's, You win at all lvls”
Katokirinku says “Easy to fight . Pretty nice combo with klepto .”
Klepto Pantheon by Katokirinku | Pantheon Player
General Cougar says “Not too hard to beat, but it requires playing passively until you can all in him. He also has an execute, so be careful not to bait him with lower health, like you can with some other tanky top laners”
[9.19] Big Lizard Man by General Cougar | Cho'Gath Player
Shady Zane says “Little bit Tanky. Still okay for Taliyah. As always watch out for ganks and if he/they get too close... Use your e to slow them down or W to push them away if you can.”
Shady's Guide to Taliyah [Top Lane] by Shady Zane | Taliyah Player
MrMurder says “His Passive will keep him in lane all game. Don't bother fighting unless he's low or your Jungler is ganking”
Mal FIGHT not Mal RUN by MrMurder | Malphite Player
Vodka4Gaben says “Shouldn't be a threat, you just five stack him and he has no where to go, He can't outdamage you so the only way he survives is to flash away.”
Darius S9 - The Noxian Conqueror by Vodka4Gaben | Darius Player
notlmaze says “danger danger we lost top call the jungler or leave till late game, never duel this man level 3 or even 1, his grasp proc can do damage buy tabi after tiamat :o”
Lmaze's Camille Fleet Guide by notlmaze | Camille Player
FromTopToGank says “Just bully him and he will recall at his base”
Shensei Ultimate Guides[S9] by FromTopToGank | Shen Player
DrNaara says “Bait out his Q, it is a hefty amount of his damage, engage after he has used it for a minion kill, and try to poke him often so his passive healing doesn't kick in. Once he starts stacking MR he can become a major problem and you will need Magic Penetration to do any damage to him.”
CrimsonAngel1 says “Garen's Win condition is running at you and running away. Try and fight him as hes running away, or when hes using his E.”
Aa Guide Aabout Aatrox. Aatrox Guide. by CrimsonAngel1 | Aatrox Player
Petethebossch says “Can pressure HARD pre-6 and if he takes ignite it will take a long time for you to outscale him. Get q's where you can and ward for dives. Also watch out if you are the villain as his ult will do true damage.”
9.17 Split-push Nasus by Petethebossch | Nasus Player
ViperManEU says “(TOP) Againts garen u need to dodge hes Q with ur E when he strats going on u with ur Q just press E and escape”
Pyke guide - how to play pyke (all lines) by ViperManEU | Pyke Player
empoleonz0 says “In my experience you can basically free farm in lane and he's not particularly useful his biggest threat IMO is that his ult can be a "surprise burst"”
Elementary Yorick Guide for people who are new by empoleonz0 | Yorick Player
TiuHiikou says “Skill matchup, U can avoid his Q with your E. Avoid his E damage, when he don't have Q and E u can trade damage with him. Still, he can W and stop your burst.”
Akali - Win every game. Patch 9.16 by TiuHiikou | Akali Player
Lynboe says “Ce match-up est très simple pour Darius cependant ce grand garçon peut s'avérer difficile à tuer à cause de sa capacité à prendre des trades courts. Afin de gagner la lane il vous suffira d'éviter de prendre son Q et de l'attraper avec votre E juste après, vous n'aurez plus qu'a le coller jusqu'à sa mort.”
PhoenixianSlayer says “The only annoying thing about this champ is that he can run like the dickens, so it will be hard to get Dark Harvest stacks off of him. The bright side is his passive is useless since you poke him (or at least try to) a lot. ”
BLOW EVERYTHING UP! Ziggs the tower destroyer by PhoenixianSlayer | Ziggs Player
TheOsKaRoO says “Pretty tanky, but doesnt have very good escape. Easy for chase and trading while fighting, but be careful about his passive.”
CARNAGE UPON THEM // Plat+ Aatrox Top Tank Hybrid Tactic by TheOsKaRoO | Aatrox Player
Jnewbringspain says “Garen is a skill matchup. Your Counter Strike will dodge his Decisive Strike, but his Judgement still makes extended duels difficult. Wait for him to come in with his Q, Counter Strike, get your combo in, and Leap away before you take lots of damage from his E. Do NOT leap to him or you will lose the trade.”
Top Jax - Fear The Walking Eggplant! by Jnewbringspain | Jax Player
messketchup says “Position your Q correctly and he won't kill you in a 1vs1 unless you are low. Be careful of his ult as it can do True Damage if you are the villain. Also it does magic damage. bringing Nullifying Orb or Hexdrinker is acutally not that bad of an idea on this matchup.”
messketchup says “You can either start Doran's Blade or Cloth 5. Your damage output is higher than his when his W is on cooldown. You counter his passive with your passive and R, and the passive E armor penetration goes through some of his free stat boosts.Despite the upper hand in damage, it is important to ward and be wary of the jungler. Garen will most likey ask for ganks due to your hard damage and, only then, will he be able to go toe-to-toe with you.”
CuziTR says “Tank his Q with your E and look for TPs or roams to get ahead.”
Riven Build/Runes Paths by CuziTR | Riven Player
movementspeed says “Extreme tanky when ahead or behind, will shrug off your damage and kill you”
Top Warwick Guide by movementspeed | Warwick Player
Forseti Brusketi says “Easiest in game champ, hes gonna win late game unless it is really disabled person and you bully his as*”
mother of god Pantheon (+how to protect fatherland bonus) by Forseti Brusketi | Pantheon Player
Sukay says “The way you win this is to have 4 stacks going into every trade. You are going to use empowered W to cleanse his silence and normal W right after, since most of his damage comes from his Q. You can then trade back on to him with Q and E. If you get behind you are doomed. Stay under tower and ask for help, or laneswap.”
PandaSenpai101 says “This lane is pretty easy, just parry his Q, and after 6, parry his R. He won't be able to use it again like Darius R. After level 11, he's unkillable because of his passive. You should look to group and roam after his level 11.”
uk Orca says “I would say this is a free lane but garen is pretty hard for elise because if he runs at u and silences u cant really do much, if u can avoid the silence and play it right u win easily.”
[9.15] Funny Elise Top [worth trying] by uk Orca | Elise Player
Comandercool says “Only if there is an enemy garen with the same itembuild youll have problems._.”
Garen OTP xXxultimate destroyerxXx HD by Comandercool | Garen Player
Zestysquid says “Garen lanes often rely on your laner falling into the Garen player stereotype, but you can win it by baiting him when he charges. His W is a massive steroid for something that isn't an ult. It will block a lot of damage for a brief period, so he will use it when diving your boxes if he's smart. If you manage to telegraph his ult you can R out of it, which will reset his cooldown, but allows you a chance to escape. You can also Q out of it while he's casting it but this will also reset the cooldown. I like to hide in a bush and bait out the ult with clone which works once or twice in laning.”
The Chad Clown - 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick by Zestysquid | Shaco Player
bosniak34 says “Just be careful of his q and hit him always when he has used it. Start with doran shield if u want and have ignite. Don´t trade before level 3.”
Best olaf build top by bosniak34 | Olaf Player
TheWils says “I would say that Garen and Darius go even in almost all fights, attempt to get Garen to use his abilitys and then engaging while they are on cooldown.”
Early Game Dominance Darius by TheWils | Darius Player
PogLord says “ULTIMATE STEAL SCORE: 5/5 Total 0 against you. Spins (E) -> Dash away with E. He stops spinning -> you dash back with 2. E. He Q-s to run to you OR away -> You Q and slow him + damage him. His W is basically useless against you. You think he will ultimate? You can use your W. Or E to escape. You can steal his ultimate decently, if you know how to land his ultimate, you will dominate rest of the game.”
Poglord's In-Depth Sylas Top by PogLord | Sylas Player
FarrisReformed says “Can cancel your abilities and out damage you with his E. Play safe and dont fight him if he use Ignite and have his Ult marker on you.”
Renekton for Beginner's 1.0 (Top Lane) 9.15 by FarrisReformed | Renekton Player
Jnewbringspain says “Not as oppressive as other enemies because you can block his Q with your W. With that said, he's just as tanky as you and still deals a lot of damage with his spin. You lose extended trades with him, so avoid engaging him for long.”
Save Your Teamates! Top Lane Shen by Jnewbringspain | Shen Player
Portray says “Easy match-up. Just keep auto-attacking him when he dares to Q you and hits you with his E. Use your own Q to heal back the damage inflicted. ”
[9.14] A Depth-In Guide To Darius by Portray | Darius Player
Prince Afghan says “Garen has no escape for W and can be abused in the early game. Late game he becomes much stronger and can potentially 1 v 1 you. You are going to need to kite him and not let him sit on top of you and E. As long as you can do that you can beat him at any stage of the game.”
The Complete Season 9 Yorick Guide (UPDATED Patch 9.14) by Prince Afghan | Yorick Player
zuiop21 says “Just don't let him heal back. Fight him continuously, but care if you are the villain.”
[9.14 Kled Guide] The Grievous Wound Boi by zuiop21 | Kled Player
Tuiki12345 says “My worst games are against garen”
Blucian by Tuiki12345 | Lucian Player
Ryako the Exile says “E+W his Q and go away if he is going to use W, play around his W and you will win”
Ryako the Exile´s Riven Guide. Carry your team by Ryako the Exile | Riven Player
M2 Jizu says “Meh, Garen. bloquea su Q con tu W y deberías estar bien, super importante atravesar tu Q para tradear.”
Yisuo says “Hard matchup for beginners, need to out farm him and try to get a kill early with ignite ”
Yisuo: Riven to beyond (unfinished) by Yisuo | Riven Player
Bombabo says “Aatrox should have no problem with this matchup. If he ever charges you with Q, you should be able to knock him up with your own Q and lead into a full combo. His damage cannot match your sustain in prolonged fights”
The Darkin Chad (WIP) by Bombabo | Aatrox Player
AmnesiaT says “Avoid getting hit by his Q. Dont let him heal back with his passive. If you follow this 2 rules you can win against him.”
Solink says “Big juggernaut who you can't really kill. Just free farm and outscale him.”
TRYNDAMERE 9.14 HIGH CDR SPIN by Solink | Tryndamere Player
0mega best says “Garen Vs Garen is pure meme. It will all depend on skill at this point.”
Rcool64 says “He can't even touch you. While this tanky dude is annoying to kill, you can press e every time he tries to q you since the cooldowns are similar. You should have a distance from him almost all the time and it's a GG lane.”
Korean Top AD Kennen - Super Duper Pikachu by Rcool64 | Kennen Player
RainbowNova says “Garen is very annoying. He literally has no mana problems, has infinite HP regen and does tons of damage besides being the tankiest mofo there is. You can blind his Q damage, but the silence and the armor reducing E he has are annoying. His ultimate doing true damage if you've gotten a kill is also very lethal. I personally ban Garen besides Darius just because I hate playing against him.”
Lil Tidepod says “Garen is an irritant, but a high damage and tanky irritant. If you slow him with E to hit a Q, he'll just Q out. If you Q him and land a knockup, he'll probably just W as soon as he thinks he can't get out and you'll do significantly less damage than what you wanted, or he'll use his Q to get away quickly before you can do anything else. His ultimate is dangerous before Sion gets some health items, because of how much true damage it throws down. If you're low post-level 6 and your health is under 500, I'd back. It's just better to be safe. A fed Garen is actually one of the most annoying champions in the game.”
Another Corpse for the Pile | Sion Build Guide by Lil Tidepod | Sion Player
Haedraline says “Got immobile bully champs bullying you? fear no longer you just auto them to death.”
The Klang Experience by Haedraline | Mordekaiser Player
ARandomizer says “Avoid Garen's silence, be aware of when he has ultimate, and when he will use it. Then you win the lane.”
Top Ornn (Situational) by ARandomizer | Ornn Player
BrvndonLmao says “Garen isn't that big of a problem to you, I believe that you just need to play smart, avoid all ins, go for small trades.”
The Riven Guide We ALL Need by BrvndonLmao | Riven Player
zygiux says “Annoying matchup, when in lane farming try to get away from him if he tries to Q you because you won't be able to E from him for a few seconds, max E first if needed.”
SplashEUW says “He is basically your direct counter. He will Q you once, start spinning and you can't escape. If he gets mercs your lane is gone, he will keep spinning on your boxes, then he will touch you once and your dead. Proxy or if you can outplay him, then get full bruiser.”
iam2sxy1 says “harass with auto attacks if he comes in with q blind him before he hits it and it should be a miss”
Season 8 Hybrid God Teemo Top Lane by iam2sxy1 | Teemo Player
LighterDay says “Garen can be tough to solo because his W allows him to get bonus defense. That being said, wait until after he casts his W to go in on him.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Mordekaiser Top (Reworked Edition) by LighterDay | Mordekaiser Player
GameRage20 says “His silence is just annoying but you always should win 1v1 beginning at level 3”
[9.12] Top Lane Behemoth by GameRage20 | Tahm Kench Player
ImpossibleLogic says “Obviously Garen is the king of new players in top lane. His win rate is deceptive as you can just constantly Q him and poke him out if hes smart he will use his W to get out of your W and just run at you with Q at this point you should just be able to run and E away.”
The Only Aatrox Guide You Will Ever Need by ImpossibleLogic | Aatrox Player
de kake es a li says “Just watch out for his silence it can give him free poke”
Minion Tryndamere by de kake es a li | Tryndamere Player
Luki7776 says “Try to not get silenced with his Q, either he will win all trades. Don't allow him to regenerate from Passive.”
[9.12] AATROX TOP GUIDE by Luki7776 | Aatrox Player
LighterDay says “While you can harass Garen from a distance, using your W while Garen is spinning will still damage you. A lane against Garen will make for a fun and interesting one.”
[Patch 9.12] How To- Tahm Kench Top by LighterDay | Tahm Kench Player
CAPTCHAFAMILY says “Do I have to comment on him?”
The Ultimate Dankmaster Guide by CAPTCHAFAMILY | Darius Player
DanteCLZ says “You can't really trade kills with each other early because you do basically the same damage output. Later on you don't really do that much damage but neither does he.”
[9.12] Top Tryndamere Guide By DDD (In Progress) by DanteCLZ | Tryndamere Player
FunkySoul says “I'd say this matchup is dependent on your game sense and knowledge. Garen loses long trades, so do a long trade. When he runs away, make sure you W him periodically so he doesn't receive his passive. Simple as that!”
[9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg) by FunkySoul | Tryndamere Player
CoffeeDog says “Against Garen you must preserve your W at all costs, in case you need do some quick getaway use it to counter his silence and escape safely.”
TechnoRenekton says “Wait for him to use his Q, then you can go for a short trade. Avoid going all in on him Pre-6, unless overextended or low on HP.”
"Welcome the havoc!" [9.10] by TechnoRenekton | Renekton Player
Bunny OwO says “This is a stalemate. Have fun doing no damage to him later in the game.”
A Gold Player's Darius Guide by Bunny OwO | Darius Player
GrGamingTeo says “Garen is one of your easiest opponents. If he decides to q spam you in and uot of the brush, simply punish him. If he is a skilled garen main he will look to attack you while you are low in man and health after the drades so be carefull.”
Noxus will rise/Darius guide/S. 9/ by GrGamingTeo | Darius Player
PRoli03 says “Probably neither of you will get low enought to kill each other”
0mega best says “Should be easy, bait his Q then attack, just be careful when he gets his op ultimate.”
DrMoneybags says “I really hate how Riot wants to buff braindead champs like Garen, but I guess we'll have to live with it. He's pretty strong against melee champions, and his R will destroy you if you dismount. If you take conqueror and play around his cooldowns early you can maybe kill him with ignite. Just don't accidentally use your full W against his W active. If his team is heavy AP, consider a hexdrinker and nullifying orb rune to counter his Ulti magic damage. If you're marked as the villain, DONT FIGHT HIM. Pushing with tiamat and roaming will help you get gold if you can't kill him.”
Arcthunder says “Demacia may beat Noxus in this matchup. His Q is absolutely brutal, plus his free healing and Tenacity. See more in the Tough Matchups section”
GekteJelles says “E is Q and rush blackcleaver.”
Season 9 Riven Build Patch 9.10 [1mil+ mastery] by GekteJelles | Riven Player
Qubert64 says “More annoying than difficult. Just play safer, block his q, grab some armor.”
Shen 9.10 S9 (Chapters Coming Soon) by Qubert64 | Shen Player
kubsak26 says “Pretty simple matchup. You not gonna kill him (because of his q and the passive) but also he not gonna kill you. But don't be greedy if you get to low he can end you with his ult. He deal small consistant dmg up close do if you gonna keep him on safe distance you don't need to worry. You may not kill him but you can get procs from poke. But in late he may be hard to deal with because of how tanky he gets. Still he don't have much cc so it's not that bad. In team fights you need separate him from your dmg dealers and don't focus him until you get some numbers advantege.”
Skoh says “- Work in progress -”
[FR] NASUS IS OVERCHEAT by Skoh | Nasus Player
The_CuItivator says “People think they are similar as a mediocre Garen and Darius player play similarly. His w buff may have made him a bit tankier but your Q buff certainly makes up for it. Don't miss your abilities and don't stay in his E for no reason. You should win this fight,”
The Punisher- Solo Beast Darius by The_CuItivator | Darius Player
Speedy the dart says “Go aftershock and ghost. Start doran's blade, out CS him (but play safe), then kill him at 6.”
How to win in Low Elo as Darius by Speedy the dart | Darius Player
Shinxsage says “Probably the biggest counter to Rengar, he has a silence, is very tanky, and gets natural MR, so W max will not work. Just go lethality and snowball other lanes, you are not winning this. This is what I permaban right now.”
RENGAR TOP (WIP) by Shinxsage | Rengar Player
OnionMilkshake says “obviously Garen is the king of new players in top lane his win rate is deceptive as you can just constantly Q him and poke him out if hes smart he will use his W to get out of your W and just run at you with Q at this point you should just be able to run and E away (Recommended: Conq)”
Aatrox World Ender 9.9 by OnionMilkshake | Aatrox Player
Zdenster says “Don't make mistakes. Q him before his Q. Take Klepto or Conq and rush Sheen.”
TheNinjaRoid says “Another lane similar to Dr. Mundo. You can't really kill him, but he can kill you, especially if he gets ahead. Just farm up, and go for late game. Ask for ganks if you can kill him 2v1. Can't stop you from farming, outside of his Q or by killing you. You win late if you didn't get too far behind or feed him.”
Ultimate Nasus Guide from a Nasus OTP - Patch 9.9 by TheNinjaRoid | Nasus Player
Jomppe says “ [Top] Nothing Garen can do to you. You out damage him, out sustain him, can CC him, and have minions to help you. You actually beat a Garen 1v1 even without any minions/pets. Which means Garen loses to you when you're at about half strength.”
Top Yorick split push carry guide 9.9 by Jomppe | Yorick Player
F0gelberG says “slightly easier then Shen. Use W when he charges to gain shield then auto.”
GoldenSnivy says “If he q's you, aa him till passive proc'd, then swallow for the kill”
Unbench The Kench! (Top Lane Tahm Kench Guide) by GoldenSnivy | Tahm Kench Player
Genephobia says “Garen early game threat, sustainability laning makes him a hell of a laner to go against early game as Camille”
Camille gene build. by Genephobia | Camille Player
MediocrePolk says “The silence cucks you out of trades, you can kill him early and out trade him. His heal allows him to stay in lane for a long amount of time so try to roam and help your team get ahead. D shield and take Triumph Tenacity ”
Rengar Top by MediocrePolk | Rengar Player
Khazem says “Similar to most bruiser matchups except Garen is just less of a threat in general. Save your shield for when he runs at you with his Q, try to slow him down and kite him when he does. If done correctly, he should never really be able to get to you for any significant damage.”
Top Lane Rumble - A comprehensive guide by Khazem | Rumble Player
Nio161 says “My standard ban. He can dodge your E and the Tentacles way too easy with his movement speed and also his ult is very Dangerous, because normally you can go in half-life or something and heal by the ult and now you can not.”
[9.9] ~Worship the Priestess~ (DMG TANK) by Nio161 | Illaoi Player
xxxskully says “Trading in lane is impossible he always wins, and he gets really tanky so theres really no chance to win lane if your not babysit.”
Rengar Guide (Patch 9.8) 190k Mastery Points by xxxskully | Rengar Player
Ethereal Ezio says “His silence and ult are troublesome, but overall you can poke him down and win. Make sure to throw an AA or Q so his passive doesn't heal him.”
Season 9 Top FRONT LINE Vladimir by Ethereal Ezio | Vladimir Player
Maverickov says “Negates your ultimate, completely and can ignore your Q's slow. Wins every trade as well.”
qtANG says “for garen, do short trades with him. For example, E > W before he manage to silence you, AA him once then Q him. Most garens will just waste his silence on you clone.”
season 9.8 wukong top guide by qtANG | Wukong Player
bob14954 says “Extremely dangerous. Kill on sight.”
TheChairmanJr says “Garen is really easy fight, just wait for him to Q towards you the quickly activate all the abilities and the silence does nothing”
Mordekaiser Top by TheChairmanJr | Mordekaiser Player
Carlosm04 says “Garen é tranquilo, facil de cautera, so que tenha cuidado , n fique com pouca vida na frente do garen , R causa mais dano quanto menos vida tu tiver”
Jax top/jg [9.8] PT-BR by Carlosm04 | Jax Player
LosAngeloser says “He should never be able to get close to you. Always have a barrel and slow him down if he tries to Q you. If he uses Q to purge the slow, you still have the haste from explosion. Go Clepto and harass him to death.”
Tankplank TOP (9.8) by LosAngeloser | Gangplank Player
GalathBoiz says “Early Executioner's calling”
Sink 'em all _ Top lane Pyke Guide by GalathBoiz | Pyke Player
ApexDresden says “Level 1-2 he wins against you due to his Q so make sure you avoid his poke with Q, once he has used Q abuse that moment to then poke him with your own Q's. You should win after 6, you counter his ultimate.”
Destroyer Aatrox by ApexDresden | Aatrox Player
ElleryTheViking says “Such a boring matchup. Another case of once you learn the matchup you wont really ever lose it. Gotta be a little more conservative with mana given he heals most of the damage you deal. My strategy is to bait out his Q, slow him with my Q and then hammer him with E and gradually poke him down. If his passive comes back up hit him with a Q to cancel it. Try not to use ult if you're low as it will remove the passive armour it gives you making Garen's ult do even more damage. ”
Godlaf in the Top Lane (9.7) by ElleryTheViking | Olaf Player
The Lost Drawing says “>>> Juega con 'Conquistador' ya que el es muy tanque pero te lo comerás con 'Papas y Coca-Cola' xD >>> Solo administra tu mana >>> Cuando te inicie mete una 'Q' y no te alcanzara >>> Usa tu 'E' como si jugaras contra Darius pero el tiene menos daños >>> Armate 'Cuchilla Negra' y 'Calibrador de Sterak', ganaras los duelos facil, o de perdis 'Armadura Solar'”
Poppy - La tanque anti-tanques (y adcs si se puede xD) by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
BlackguardRaven says “Garen, Garen, use your q and then ur fine. Just don't underestimate the damage he can do.”
Teemo Memeo by BlackguardRaven | Teemo Player
SynergyXO says “try to get him to use his Q charge on a minion, then start trading. he should W and spin. at that point you can spin out. and then bait him into using his Next q asap that way you can all in him when he has no W or spin dmg. dont miss ult due to his ult”
Masters Experience, Tryndamere Build Guide + Top Lane match by SynergyXO | Tryndamere Player
God Slayer Akali says “You have no real way to counter his Q like a Riven E or a Fiora W does so, be mindful and don't get DEMACIA'd at lvl 6 when he's low hp.”
Akali 9.6 Top AD Guide | by God Slayer Akali by God Slayer Akali | Akali Player
Samas says “Majority of garen's damage comes from his E, and you cant dodge it after going in to trade, aslo his W reduces your stun time even further. Play defensive, wait for him to initiate trades with his q. Block with e + AA + W + stun and get out with q if needed. If gained a lead press him down, so he doesnt get to utilise his passive but be wary of his burst with ultimate. Save that Q for escapes!”
[9.6] JAX 1v9 guide by Samas | Jax Player
francodm says “Use bem seu blind pois ele cancela o dano do Q do Garen. Cuidado com o lv 6 dele. Use Aery ou aperto dos mortos vivos.”
A Bíblia do Teemo Top (em construção) by francodm | Teemo Player
E61K says “A budget Darius. Everything he does you just do 10 times better. Your passive does a good job at countering his passive. Don't let him regen from his passive and force extended fights against him and you win the lane. Care if you are the villain and you're not in a minion wave of yours and when he is even as it actually gives him a chance of 1v1'ing you. Freeze the wave right outside of your tower and starve him off of farm and EXP. When he tries to Q you pull him in so he is slowed and proceed to run him down.”
SwiftOblivion says “Strengths: Sustain with Passive, Point and Click damage abilities, Q silence, True Damage. Weaknesses: Low mobility, Outscaled, predictable CC. If you don't snowball against him you should at least be able to come out on top of the lane for the majority of it. Garen's main form of damaging someone is to silence them so they don't retaliate, but with Fiora, you can easily riposte his silence and trade from there. Just don't think you're invincible against him and just stand next to him when he uses E because the armor shred could easily put the advantage over to his side during trades. Also, you can parry his ultimate, so if you find yourself low and feel like he might try to ult you instead of chasing you, have your W ready to riposte the damage. It is a lot harder to Riposte than his silence but if done correctly can save your life.”
(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide by SwiftOblivion | Fiora Player
Miracle Matter says “The only trick to beating Garen is saving your E - Slowdown ability until after he's used his Q (which cleanses slows.) Once he's used his Q to charge at you, you can just casually slow him and stun him or walk away. The problem, however, is that he can become so incredibly tenacity-heavy and tanky that he closes the gap later, or at least becomes far too tanky for you to kill on your own. In that sense, he's more of an annoyance than a difficult matchup. Feel free to group and out-teamfight him if he's too strong to split versus. Last Tip: NEVER let him silence you when you're low HP without casting your Ulti first, or else he/his team can potentially one-shot you during the silence, before you can cast your Ult. So respect his damage and keep him on a tight leash until you have Zz'Rot armor. ”
[9.5] Toplane Splitpush Zilean (Diamond, 75% winrate) by Miracle Matter | Zilean Player
Suthafru says “Garen - Your poke can't, in most cases, out damage garen's tankiness. garen will heal away a majority of your poke and can easily catch up to you with his q little can be done in this matchup except playing safe and farming ”
the mega superior - JHIN TOP [UPDATED 9.5] by Suthafru | Jhin Player
Saiyan02 says “Pretty even and fair Garen vs Xin Zhao. Very much skill matchup and who makes the biggest mistake. After level 11 though his sustain becomes to much like Mundo”
Everything you need to know about Xin Zhao by Saiyan02 | Xin Zhao Player
xafemode says “difficult to poke down, true damage to you if you start popping off late game, and good luck ulting while you are silenced.”
PentaKayle - A crit reworked Kayle Guide by xafemode | Kayle Player
Matyezda says “Limit trading- he's a manaless champion with a Warmog passive.”
[TOP/JNG/MID] Cho'Gath guide by Matyezda | Cho'Gath Player
LeGwadeloupeens says “Match facile, utilisez votre W pour bloquer son q , avec de l'armure, ses effets ne causent pas trop de dégâts”
shen IN DEV by LeGwadeloupeens | Shen Player
drunken hunter says “Garen is tanky but not in lvl 1. Do the early poke and the lvl 2/3 engage as i explained in my table of contents, kill him early and never stop to penetrate this retarded champ. You can use the battle roar (W) to stop his passive (hp regen. if he didnt get hit from enemy champ for the last seconds) The Black Cleaver will help to fight him.”
[S 9.4] Jumping Kitten Top and Jungle - NEW Top/Jgl Build! by drunken hunter | Rengar Player
kkiskk says “You have better early sustain. Watch out if he gets thornmail. Immediately build tank if he goes full damage. Full AD garen's damage will make you shit your pants. ”
Top lane Xin Zhao (What? It's still viable?) by kkiskk | Xin Zhao Player
Daniloooo says “Poke poke If he is building a lot of MR go On hit and ul destroy him. He is no prob for you at all so chill and have some fun :D”
Tank / AP / On hit Teemo! by Daniloooo | Teemo Player
SeaWeeb says “Can hurt you with his silence but otherwise lacks gap closing. Don't let him jump on you and just poke him.”
The Suit Hunts in the Manner You Choose by SeaWeeb | Kai'Sa Player
CommanderKevin says “Garen is garen but try to get your Q before you get hit by his and that's it. Use rek R if you expect him to R you ”
Rek Sai Top Dmg/Tank by CommanderKevin | Rek'Sai Player
Sion says “Farm lane, he outdamages you early and can sustain through your BS pretty easily. You don't want to fight this matchup but if you have to, focus on CS and roaming and try not to die. Keep in mind you can win with jungle attention pre-6, so don't let that slide away.”
Low-elo stomper AD Sion by Sion | Sion Player
Vincheelo says “His Courage ability mitigates some of your damage and removes your slow from your Crippling Strike. Easy matchup, nonetheless.”
Super Detailed Darius Guide v9.4 WIP by Vincheelo | Darius Player
TSA_Exotic says “If you can get ahead then it can be a pretty easy matchup. But his Q to speed him up and silence you makes it hard to get away from his initial burst of damage. I recommend Ignite, as well as building around movement speed items to help with kiting. If you use your ult and stealth with Q and reposition yourself it greatly hinders Garen as he's constantly reshuffling to get to you.”
Vayne - The Top Lane Tank's Worst Nightmare by TSA_Exotic | Vayne Player
TheNecromancerr says “Very stupid matchup, since Garen is stupid champ xD. His Q can ruin you everything and his R does so much damage. Don't ever go for shorter trades with him since his passive is SICK. Let him waste his Q, stack up your passive, dash around minions while he is spinning and all in him. He is dead.”
Irelia - Top Lane - Season 9 by TheNecromancerr | Irelia Player
Moccamasterpro says “A fed tank will always be hard to kill. if you kill him early and gets the lead you win. play offensive and rush ravenous hydra.”
SkullNatoR says “ASK FOR HELP, he out damages you if he gets ahead in level or in gold”
Yasuo top lane brief guide 9.4 by SkullNatoR | Yasuo Player
BornToBeAlive says “Can be a threat if somehow ahead. Carefull when he's lvl 11. He gains alot of passive healing then.”
BornToBeAlive's guide to Dr.PWNDO [Patch 9.4] by BornToBeAlive | Dr. Mundo Player
BeastKing says “Hard matchup. Buy hexdrinker if necessary.”
Nagakabouros gives free wins by BeastKing | Illaoi Player
Proxxecube says “Garen is relatively easy to fight, and is a match I consider to be a free win for a majority of the time. However, with the new runes, a lvl 1 Q w/ Grasp proc can chunk hard. After lvl 2, simply parry his silence, and fight. You do significantly more damage and have much more reliable sustain.”
A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora by Proxxecube | Fiora Player
VdeathSpartan says “Easy enough to lane against however he can be annoying because he can outrun you in your ultimate.”
The 8.6 Top Lane Tank Shredder by VdeathSpartan | Master Yi Player
S4TAN ES MI DI0S says “You're faster and you can win trades against him very easily.”
Zilean Top Tank (Challenger Build) by S4TAN ES MI DI0S | Zilean Player
Pelangirainbow says “sTAY behind minion and he can silence you”
Annie top for Bronze/Silver by Pelangirainbow | Annie Player
POTATOBEAVER says “Teemo does NOT counter garen. Why? cause whenever u get him low he just backs and heals it all up and also he can easily demolish you at 6. Before 6 play safe, cs and poke him hard to get those harvest stacks.”
Low Elo Teemo 9.3 by POTATOBEAVER | Teemo Player
Predederp says “Garen will eventually out-heal your damage after Lvl 11, try and stomp him early so you have a bigger lead.”
Lose your VirJhinity with Jhin Top by Predederp | Jhin Player
NDarKnight says “62.3% on lane 44% in game ”
[9.2] Illaoi guide by NDarKnight by NDarKnight | Illaoi Player
LordZeta1313 says “you cannot assassinate him, do not take this form against him ”
Choose your Demise (kayn top build) by LordZeta1313 | Kayn Player
Cstrange says “He can do nothing to you, just hold your Q until he uses his and do whatever you feel like to the poor champ.”
Klepto Kayle by Cstrange | Kayle Player
Nohian says “If garen engage with his Q, you can counter it using by your Q before his Q's animation, and poke it with one basic. it's a worth trade.”
[9.2] Poppy Top, Supp by Nohian | Poppy Player
Zahkar00 says “Take Grasp. This is just a boring lane. Its like watching two tortoises trying to kill each other. He Q's, you stun into it, you AA him over and over, he runs. Rinse and repeat. But if he is dumb enough to all in, you win.”
How to Taric Top 101 by Zahkar00 | Taric Player
polarehare says “Can heal your poke, has instant damage (something Malphite hates this build) and worst of all, its true damage.”
Was Just Messing Around, It Works !? by polarehare | Malphite Player
matthew0465 says “You can tradr a lot more. As long as you w right before he silences you. You can trade a lot more. Ignite is reccomended.”
Renekton Top AD Fighter+Tankiness by matthew0465 | Renekton Player
Bakiraka says “Not a hard lane unless he gets onto you. Poke him down, and don't let him combo you. He'll sustain, but it gives you the extra gold from Klepto/ health from Grasp.”
I Love Thighs says “Hes big, hes bad, he silences, he armor shreds, hes tanky, he sustains, and he executes. No thanks ”
Khan? Kanye? Oh Kayn Top! [UPDATED S8] [IN PROGRESS] by I Love Thighs | Kayn Player
Tvoi_clop says “Довольно трудное противостояние. Первые уровни не бойтесь биться с ним под его E, так так вы с Q и автоатаками наносите больше урона и способны даже убить его. Но не увлекайтесь, ведь малейшая ошибка с вашей стороны может сильно облегчить ему жизнь.”
Русский гайд на Ясуо by Tvoi_clop | Yasuo Player
Trixelkour says “The actual bane of your existence. Silences you and out tanks you, classic Garen. Go for the HP AP Hybrid build to beat this fool. Take Grasp or Fleet Footwork to out sustain him while 1v1. Get Liandry's early on into a Sunfire, then he pretty much can't take you on. Get a Lichbane if you like to poke him out.”
Demon Birb of Zaun by Trixelkour | Swain Player
KennenenneK says “You can see him running in if he has Grasp, otherwise his clear is better than yours.”
AP/AD Kennen all roles! by KennenenneK | Kennen Player
Swagus says “This guy can really be annoying in early game so you need to be level 3 in order to duel with him. He can also silence you when you're underground which result that you can't knock him up. So use q when he uses his q so you both can trade a little.”
9.1 Rek'sai, Queen of toplane by Swagus | Rek'Sai Player
RainbowBait says “Easily poked down, but make sure you have E so you can slow him when he pushes you.”
Varus God Mid/Late Game by RainbowBait | Varus Player
kyuwui says “You can poke him a lot, but he can be a real thorn in your shoes if he finds the chance to overpower you.”
Casually Having 7k Hp by kyuwui | Sion Player
heyitsRainex says “Garen has decent poke from early to mid game. Extend trades with him as his Q and E don't scratch much and his W has a long CD. If you're looking to engage, combo him after Garen uses his W.”
[9.1] Rainexton Guide by heyitsRainex | Renekton Player
lunarstaff says “This guy I despise. He can negate your damage, and deny you your heal since his silence lasts 1.5 seconds. He can damage you while running away / chasing thanks to E, and his ult is just bs.”
Hunt's Comprehensive Rengar Guide by lunarstaff | Rengar Player
Atticlinhos says “He can quickly get out of his Stun (E) and gets much less damage by activating his W, as well as causing him damage even though you have his E activated.”
Jax Builds by Atticlinhos | Jax Player
WhispeRCZ says “he doues everything you do, but worse”
Darius | Bring the pain by WhispeRCZ | Darius Player
go6unatora says “Make sure not to get silenced. Can only kill you with ult.”
Season 9 TankDyr Top by go6unatora | Udyr Player
SirDeRp25 says “Blind him when he Q's. Easiest match-up for Teemo, punish him when he attempts to Last Hit.”
The SATAN of TOP-LANE by SirDeRp by SirDeRp25 | Teemo Player
Ragdoll Poppy says “So your W doesnt work on garen, and he outdamage you, you have to keep poking with shield if you wanna win lane, but he engage on you and kill you. If you dont he regen back up.”
Top/jungle/support Ragdoll Poppy guide by Ragdoll Poppy | Poppy Player
Master_Yagyu says “this is the most easy enemy for river shen,use w if he use q.”
River Shen Guide by Master_Yagyu | Shen Player
E61K says “Garen becomes less and less popular the higher you go in ELO. Reason for that is his one dimensional kit. His silence from his Q is annoying for you since it restricts you from using anything but your auto attacks and moving around. If you take 4 spins from his E you will have your armor reduced by 25%. Since Black Cleaver is a core item on Garen he has the potential to shred nearly half of your total armor, making you extremely squishy against physical damage. Avoid sitting in his E for too long and try to position so there is an allied minion next to you since his spin will deal significantly more damage if it only hits 1 target. His ultimate is an execute with a special mechanic called "Villain". If you are the Villain Garen will deal an insane amount of true damage to you with his ult. 1K+ is no exception. Tabis into PD into BORK have proven successful for me against him.”
undeadsoldiers says “Garen - Conqueror Early items (in order) - Phage, Tiamat, Sheen - NO all in lvl 1-2 (even if it looks like you won the trade, he’ll just regen health) - Play very safe in lane - DON’T all in alone until Trinity and/or level advantage - It’s okay to give him space and farm under tower - You can buy 2 D Blades on your first back to win trades and farm safer - Bait his W with your E - Save W for his QE combo - Never all in alone if you’re the villain (unless you have a big health advantage) - If you’re not the villain, save your W for his R - Ult cooldown: 120/100/80 ”
Omega best says “Garen is easy to kill early game, but once he lvl 6 be careful, call for ganks and build armor and attack him once he used his Q he wont do a thing and you have chance to kill him, make sure to use ignite and play safe you will easily win this matchup but dont dive when he has his abilities he will one shot you ”
Beartrand says “Garen literally does nothing agains Volibear. Volibear always wins the trade from early game to late game. Just don't let him regen his health. It's gonna be annoying.”
Volibear Attack Speed Conqueror Top by Beartrand | Volibear Player
TehGuides says “Broken matchup.E when he is coming to Q you.start dorans shield.Farm without trading”
TehGuides AD DESTROYER TRYNDAMERE by TehGuides | Tryndamere Player
Tazllama says “Garen's annoying to fight against with most people, but his lack of mobility means you might be able to keep him at bay. keeping your distance is key, and only q or auto him after he uses his move speed- increasing Q.”
Sneaky top lane AD bard by Tazllama | Bard Player
Zachlikespizza says “His silence is very crippling and the fact his q removes your w's slow guarantees that it will almost never pull him. Much like the cho'gath match up his ult is always waiting for your ult to be over.”
The Fallen Glory, Aatrox by Zachlikespizza | Aatrox Player
ReformedLavahit says “As long as you dont give before lvl 3 -4 you should be good you outscale him once you get cleaver. ”
[8.24] Reformed Lavahit's guide to riven by ReformedLavahit | Riven Player
Avelon6698 says “Could be a bit of a challenge, but if you keep your distance you can melt him.”
Taliyah Top's it off by Avelon6698 | Taliyah Player
WhatUPHomie says “Garen is normally very aggressive so you just want to try to get as much farm as you can and maybe ganks.”
Be The Best Riven In Gold by WhatUPHomie | Riven Player
Mouadyam says “easy lane, dont get Q poked early, punish him if he goes for cs and take longer trades, careful if he has your ult mark on yo uas he can kill you quickly with it”
Demon Lord AC0 says “This braindead piece of crap champ is the one of the most frustrating ones after Darius. He can rush a lot of Armor and will still out-damage you. As he levels up his Q, his damage on you will be eventually too high. Stay away when he's spinning, and E+Q knockup him for ult. Once you have Bork and PD he stops being an issue if you're not the Villain and he's not fed.”
TANKGAR TOP LANE ME TANK ME BROKEN by The dankest mom | Veigar Player
macspam says “The matchup is deceptively easy in the early game since you can poke the living shit out of him with autos. The real threat starts mid game when he has his resistances and tenacity built up. He will shrug off the stun and regen the damage from your combo. Void staff is essential late game.”
The waddling nuke by macspam | Veigar Player
Damiandad1 says “If he want to fight then do this. Your Q deal more dmg than his.”
Poppy's things on preseason S8 TOP/JG by Damiandad1 | Poppy Player
TakeLPlease says “Garen's silence can stop you from dealing tons of damage, and he can do tons of damage. He is easily killed early game, but beware of late game of his health, armor, and damage.”
iam colorblind says “Hard matchup! Use ur E if he wants to Q you! Very usefull in early game. Set ur point at Roams and Powerfarm in late game if u dont have the mark, you should easy destroy him!”
Jax 1v9 in Preseason! 8.24/8.25 by iam colorblind | Jax Player
DreamDaddy says “Easily kiteable just save bork (if you get it) for after he pressed q so he doesn't cleanse it”
For fun lucian by DreamDaddy | Lucian Player
upalter says “Keep distance and poke it with basics. Don't spend too much mana in him, and keep eye when it uses his Q to hit you, Silence him and don't stay close to him when he got his Ultimate.”
Soraka, the top guardian by upalter | Soraka Player
HunterFreddy says “Garen can silence you so make sure that if you fight him your Q poison is going before you get silenced. Also if he does manage to catch up to you with his Q you can fling him at the same time he Q's you. This can help you escape or just fight him. This also makes a gape between him and you.”
How to yeet as Singed // A Guide By HunterFreddy by HunterFreddy | Singed Player
Patrozzo says “it's the same of Darius, pay attention”
Immortal Aatrox by Patrozzo | Aatrox Player
Trixelkour says “Can do a lot when he all-ins. Take Duelling runes to win the lane. Grasp or Conqueror is best option. Do not be afraid to go aggressive, if you land your E Q before is silence you win easily.”
RIVEN (S9) STRATEGY BUILD [CZ] by SmiTyyy | Riven Player
ZoeFromOrphanage says “Hmmm every time i see that thing on top I almost puke. Best of luck.”
IRELIA ON CRACK by ZoeFromOrphanage | Irelia Player
IcerIce says “this champ is overall bossted”
Yasuo Challenger always carry by IcerIce | Yasuo Player
FlakNShrapnel says “The only thing that screws you here is his silence and the movement speed he gets from it, and that his e does damage to you while he is in your stomach. Other than that you should do just fine.”
Lick 'em good by FlakNShrapnel | Tahm Kench Player
Din Mishura Kiramato says “hard to deal, can easy break your combo and escape from you, it will take a while to get the practice and stop of being punished”
[S9] The one shoot Darius by Din Mishura Kiramato | Darius Player
Club America says “Just block his Q or R then is easy kill”
Fiora - Best Duelist by Club America | Fiora Player
Coelinha says “Upe o "E" Level 1,uso no "Q" dele//Quando ele gastar o "Q" dê o máximo de dano possível nele//Mid,late game você pode ignorar tudo acima e você ainda vai matar ele”
Guia para as Riven Br by Coelinha | Riven Player
Aldebaran1918 says “He is a tank, abuse the hell out of him”
Tryndamere, Rito's president! by Aldebaran1918 | Tryndamere Player
Rading says “Even matchup in my opinion as he has to walk into your boxes to kill you. But he is very tanky and deals lot of dmg. Poke him with your E to stop his Heal.”
ONE SHOT AP SHACO by Rading | Shaco Player
Mr Regular says “Legit cancer to deal with He somehow outdamages you in quick trades, and can take your combo thanks to his passive armor. His silence and movespeed also prevent you from landing your tentacles Overall, avoid being hit by his Q, because his execution can ruin your fights.”
Hakomoruq says “If you carefull too eays lane”
Micheal Jorden role play by Hakomoruq | Darius Player
LivesforOnlyOne says “Pretty standard matchup. Play around his cooldowns and parry his silence, even post 6 (can't parry his ultimate execute if you're silenced). Don't trade into his spin, especially without minions and you'll do fine. watch out for him hiding his Q activation mid spin or him faking using it on a minion. I prefer Grasp in this matchup as he shreds the wave too quickly to take an extended trade early.”
JosephV says “Stupid Champion. No Mana. Goes full tank and still deals tons of damage smh. And don't get me started on his R. When I play against Garen I poke him with my Q. Try to get help from your jungler. ”
UNBENCH ME by JosephV | Tahm Kench Player
mrmundo says “A silence, damage reduction, spins to win, and an ult that can kill you when you least expect. Garen is pretty intimidating, but he can be easy if you rush black cleaver. ”
Skullsunderer says “Garen is almost a direct counter to Darius that is a top laner. His Q's silence and movespeed lets him get inside your Decimate so he only takes 35% of the damage. He has really good sticking potential, his passive also negates all the damage you dealt so he wins most trades. Best way to deal with him is to when he Qs use your E, it is a CC so he can't silence you for a second, buying you time to leave or stay in and fight him.”
S8 Guide to Darius. Rule the Top Lane [W/ Match ups] by Skullsunderer | Darius Player
MrPuggles says “Focus on cs. He simply cannot kill you.”
[8.23]Cho'Gath - A Guide For Bronze/Silver (Updated) by MrPuggles | Cho'Gath Player
Lvl 100 Trunks says “Careful engaging, spin does damage even invisible. ”
Wuking - The King Of Top Lane by Lvl 100 Trunks | Wukong Player
joelblack says “ABUSE YOUR RANGE. Garen WILL try to bait you to run towards him, where he'll turn his Q on and buttfuck you. Keep your distance and poke tf out of him. Getting AS could help, but honestly just focus on the Titan build and get tanky. If you want to murder him, take Ignite, but if not just tele.”
[8.23] A Good Boi by joelblack | Gnar Player
CaioOP1985 says “Like his buddy Darius, Garen is insanely dangerous when playing as Nasus. His Q deals a lot of damage while silencing you, his W defends against your Wither and his E strips your armor away. And his R deals extra damage when you use your Fury of the Sands. Follow the same principles as when playing against Darius and you should be good.”
Nasus, God of the Late Game by CaioOP1985 | Nasus Player
Ashnard says “Garen has pretty high damage early and a lot of free sustain and defensive stats, making him hard to force out of lane. Don't let him get close to you for free and poke every chance you get so he can't regen.”
[8.23] Aatrox lane matchup guide by Ashnard | Aatrox Player
Aldebaran1918 says “Nearly the same as Darius, his W makes him extra tanky for a few seconds and also gives him 40 armor and magic resistance when fully charged keep that in mind when fighting him.”
Top Dark harvest Morde by Aldebaran1918 | Mordekaiser Player
Kibbu says “E every time he q's and avoid ult, but don't let him regain health try to use tiamat to control his passive by walking near him and tiamat active.”
How to play Riven Easily [8.23]+ by Kibbu | Riven Player
RitoPLsnerfirelia says “This no skill champ will harass you early Better sustain and early damage YOUR E COUNTERS HIS Q Only use e to block his q Garen players will underestimate your superior ult All in with trinity then Dominate ”
Jax Top Domination 8.23 by RitoPLsnerfirelia | Jax Player
hiimthegodfist says “i mean it is a garen but if you play it right and use your e to block his q dmg you should be fine”
riven oneshot guide (8,23+) by hiimthegodfist | Riven Player
DERPFISHrejects says “One of Garen's strongest point is that most enemies will OOM trying to shove him out of lane. You don't have that issue. He still hurts a lot in a 1v1 if you're villain, so play around that and you'll crush him.”
Atrix--The Terror on the Top Half (WIP) by DERPFISHrejects | Aatrox Player
butcherblade23 says “Depends on the skill level of the summoner honestly”
The Butcher's guide to Attack Speed Split Yorick 8.23 by butcherblade23 | Yorick Player
leonardojgl says “Bem dificinho , ja que ele da muito dano e tank”
Olaf vs Full Tank by leonardojgl | Olaf Player
JefferXpr3ss says “This is the same scenario as Darius, Garen just does too much damage. It is near impossible to deal with. But as long as you play safe, you should be able to end up fine.”
JefferXpr3ss's Guide to Ornn Top by JefferXpr3ss | Ornn Player
Dacnomaniak says “Build tanky and avoid fighting when you are the villain. Play aggressive early and try to prevent his passive from activating with your passive.”
The One True Hero (S8 Poppy) by Dacnomaniak | Poppy Player
CBonez says “Garen's Passive is what makes this hard, you should try to keep harrassing him with your E, so he can't heal back up.”
S9 Broken Mordekaiser Shields by CBonez | Mordekaiser Player
UndDasHeisst says “Lots of health, Lots of armour, Lots of damage, No mana. He is in the same boat as Aatrox. He has free lane sustain from his passive and he is very scary both early and late game. I don't recommend ever fighting him 1 on 1 at any point in the game unless you are quite far ahead. ”
Bruiser Yasuo Guide [Patch 8.23] by UndDasHeisst | Yasuo Player
IllIlllIIlI says “Garen is a difficult matchup due to him being really fast, having his silence and INSANE regen in lane.”
Speediest Singed in the West by IllIlllIIlI | Singed Player
GOTG Ment135 says “Nunca deberías perder contra un Garen en una pelea, Cuando valla a silenciarte, procura tirar tu E y W simultáneamente y le negaras el tradeo. Asegúrate de acosarlo, constantemente, para evitar que se cure con su pasiva.”
GreenMoon935 says “You read my guide. So you are automaticly superior”
TH3MaCHH0MaN says “another heavy pusher that's just going to take your towel when you're gone”
the savior by TH3MaCHH0MaN | Shen Player
TrashIreliaxd says “A very annoying matchup since he can silence you with Q and just stack up his grasp. Fight him whenever his Q is down and don't take the full damage of E. W doesn't work with his R”
Irelia in Pre-season 9 by TrashIreliaxd | Irelia Player
thedunkening111 says “Guy's pretty tanky, but can be killed with conqueror. You just want to outfight him. Bait his q. Once that's down, take smart trades with your own Q. All in him if your health pool allows (preferably over 80%). Take Conqueror”
DuhBrandon says “Early game should be a hassle dealing with him and late gate also doesn't help much either. however you will out damage him and my best advice is for you to build around him. (as this is a build whatever guide.)”
unkbugado says “you can simply win every trade, just take care at lvl 1 and rush penetration if necessary.”
General Mordekaiser 8.23 Build by unkbugado | Mordekaiser Player
galvapheonix says “ Garen can be a little bit frustrating depending on how he builds. When you trap him in your W it can be difficult to engage because he simply spins around and can run away from your slow. However if he builds tanky and picks up a black cleaver first (like most Garens) you should be able to 1v1 at anytime in the game.”
Whack Em Dead by galvapheonix | Yorick Player
My8os says “poke and e-w to get away from his q”
Solo que Aatrox by My8os | Aatrox Player
Undefinedwolf says “Can also zone you off of minions.”
Sustain Nasus by Undefinedwolf | Nasus Player
K1ngM1das says “It's garen, when you are going to kill him, he will silence you then use W E, not much to do after that”
Riven Guide Patch 8.22 Basics by K1ngM1das | Riven Player
WannabeGenghis says “I dont like it when im against Garen, i have to go black cleaver and maybe even buy Iceborn Gauntlet. If you go in against Garen, and hes not stupid to use his q to your clone, you are losing the trade for sure. In the end game your cds are so low its easy to play around Garen.”
A Monkey From The Dungeons Of Gold by WannabeGenghis | Wukong Player
Thoir says “Garen is easy to kill with Irelia. Just land your E.”
IN PROGRESS by Thoir | Irelia Player

Middle Lane (8%) Garen Middle Lane Counters: 10,310 matches, 39 counter champions

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Tips Against Garen in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Polarshift says “Not that hard of a matchup. You wont kill him though. Also he shouldn't be able to get close to you, but if he does your most likely dead.”
PlayCabex says “pretty easy match up, just poke him down and if he comes with his q then just go into your e and w then play def a bit until your w comes up and then play aggressive again, if you can kill him , then ult first before going to your e w”
Vladimir guide patch 10.19 MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
Phrxshn says “Use your Fling and watch for his Decisive Strike(Q) and precast your Fling before his charges you as it overrides Decisive Strike(Q). Avoid his Judgement(E) and trade him. Do not trade with him if you're low as Demacian Justice is a execute. (Fling overrides Decisive Strike) (Decisive Strike overrides Mega Adhesive) (Recommended Items: Liandry's Torment, Rylai's Scepter) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Even) (Outscaling Edge: Even)”
Phrxshn's Guide To Singed by Phrxshn | Singed Player
Scyrine says “A LOT of people have trouble with Garen, and I used to have trouble too. Garen can pressure you, abuse you in shroud, and finish you easily, but it doesn't mean it's not winnable. Akali can easily outplay garen simply by just waiting for him to Q a minion or use any of his abilties on minions. If he doesn't and he goes to Q you, let him hit you but exactly before he does, E away and immediatley start running. Garen typically Q>E, so once you E away he wont be able to hit you. Then, re-engage with E and unload your combo. ”
RezoneVerified says “Easily harrassed and beaten in lane pre level 6. Rush magic pen after your Ludens.”
[NEW 10.19] - [Season 10] - MASTER TIER 14,000 GAME Guide - by RezoneVerified | Heimerdinger Player
Dr Eggmund says “Very easy to verse in lane if you are aware and careful of his damage. Play back when Q is on cooldown and play more aggressive when it is up. Late game his Silence will ruin you and therefore ruin your teams late game damage. Freeze lane as he has no range abilities other than ult and so He can't poke you near tower.”
Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
xAsuta says “Skill matchup. Your damage is a lot higher than his but it is hard to land a full combo since he can silence you with his Q. Especially lvl 6 he is dangerous.”
[Reworked] A Guide about Xin Zhao MID & TOP by xAsuta | Xin Zhao Player
Eoba says “If he goes Doran's shield first item. Don't bother trying to kill. Just roam.”
Sushi_Cat says “Be extremely careful of his damage in the early to mid-game. Garen's spin out damages your passive until late game, so don't try out damaging Garen with it. Lastly, try to ult him when he activates W as to steal his bonus stats. ”
[Patch 10.20] Mordekaiser Guide |"Iron Stands Eternal!& by Sushi_Cat | Mordekaiser Player
Fadedreformed says “Annoying, you win him after 6 don't ever try to fight him just e+q him whenever and don't let him get healed by his passive”
XayLies says “This champ don't have mechanics actually. you have a lot. Make sure you're using your E to run from his E, and if you get Silenced by his Q, better go back a little and try to recover your shield again.”
Yasuo Guide | Season 10 by XayLies | Yasuo Player
Grimkyle says “Start W let him push you in. Garen is a such a counter to fizz due to him being naturally tanky and having a shield with his w which means he can build more damage. He has a silence which makes it hard for you to trade with him. I recommend getting seeker's first and then get codex. You should try and ping your jungler to help you and probably camp him since its garen mid and garen isn't as mobile. One thing that helps is around level 6-9 you can look to roam or track and kill the enemy jungler with zombie ward and oracle lens and garen will either tp or be there late even if he has lane priority ”
"Lets GO!"| Grimkyle's guide on Fizz by Grimkyle | Fizz Player
RikudouDovahkiin says “Garen's true damage works really well against Vladimir because its not just flat TD like ignite is. It's health percentage based damage (and can potentially do like 1-2k burst damage) Why do Riot still keep giving free TD every badass champion? Don't let him farm, poke poke and poke. He cannot oneshot you unless he gets feed, beware of his true damage but really, its a hard match-up. He has serious regen/def due to his passive and W. Winning or even getting kills will be not that much easy, you can prefer ignite to win lane much more easily because Garen, is a problem. ”
How to Vladimir [Out-dated] Guide: Kneel Before Vlad by RikudouDovahkiin | Vladimir Player
Maksaw says “All You can do is farm Dont even try to trade If your jungler put you ahead then you can fight”
KassaWin First Blood King by Maksaw | Kassadin Player
IEnjoyPlaying says “This Dude gives you a very hard time. DEMACIA”
Yone Build Guide for everyone! by IEnjoyPlaying | Yone Player
IEnjoyPlaying says “If you play good and your JGL helps you, you can beat him. But be carefull”
Yasuo build for Starters and advanced by IEnjoyPlaying | Yasuo Player
nguyenbautroi says “A extreme hard champion for Pyke to deal with. His Q can cancelled your Q and your skill and he can easily combo you. And he's very very tanky to trade by his passive.”
Killing Machine Pyke by nguyenbautroi | Pyke Player
GrayRiver says “"A LOT of people have trouble with Garen, and I used to have trouble too. Garen can pressure you, abuse you in shroud, and finish you easily, but it doesn't mean it's not winnable. Akali can easily outplay garen simply by just waiting for him to Q a minion or use any of his abilties on minions. If he doesn't and he goes to Q you, let him hit you but exactly before he does, E away and immediatley start running. Garen typically Q>E, so once you E away he wont be able to hit you. Then, re-engage with E and unload your combo." Scyrine”
fwii says “Conqueror Garen is really strong. Avoid trading with him and just push with W and roam. ”
only yasuo play says “Don't fight him, just take short trades and try to cs. You outscale. He is deceptively tanky.”
BEST YASUO GUIDE (WIP) by only yasuo play | Yasuo Player
SicKitty says “its garren, just dear lord do you not want him mid, always kite and if he comes close get your W ready.”
Death to all towers by SicKitty | Ziggs Player
CallMeDaddyGR says “When you play akali top, garen might be the biggest thret so i usually just ban garen but if you happen to play against him, there is really nothing you can do, he can poke you inside your w he can chase you with his q and completely destroy you while he also uses his passive to heal. All you can really do is play passive and wait fo your jg to gank you”
Best Akali Guide for patch 10.13 by CallMeDaddyGR | Akali Player
u fool says “Garen is a champion that has stats that are way too overtuned. Not only can he outrun you, he has a lot of healing, a shield, and will most likely build a ton of armor. You will not be able to burst this champ down, and avoid 1v1ing or fighting him in a teamfight.”
Gageowago says “Actually busted beyond belief. You cannot win this lane unless Garen is just awful and/or you have a good jungler. Try your best to poke without wasting all of your mana and do not assume a low Garen is defenseless. A level 13 Garen with Tri-Force and do around 1200 Physical Damage and 600 True damage in his full combo if everything lands (and unless your ult is up, everything WILL land because of his silence + phage) Honestly Garen right now isn't a bad ban”
[10.12] Ahri: The Charming Fox by Gageowago | Ahri Player
Ignix0 says “Just farm with q. If he has bone plating watch out for that. Kinda unwinnable, just try to get out of lane down only ~20 cs.”
[10.12] Master of the shadows by Ignix0 | Zed Player
Tortoise_Maniac says “- Beats you in sidelane - Way too tanky for you to kill - Out sustain's you - His W tenacity and damage reudction is very strong against your whole kit. - Try to peel garen off your carries in fights or go for the enemy backline - If you want to trade in lane, the combo is; E into him, Q, passive auto attack, charge W and hit him with W while running away - You never beat him in an all-in unless he is trolling ”
[10.11] Galio Mid Guide by Tortoise_Maniac | Galio Player
xXxYasuoxXx2007 says “If u are noob u cant do much, just insult him If u are pro outplay this modafuker and say ez whenever u kill him”
The only yasuo guide you will ever need by xXxYasuoxXx2007 | Yasuo Player
deprimere says “Garen is a huge lategame carry. if you go against a Garen, always try to gank toplane, so he wont get a lead. his lategame CAN be insane.”
10.9 Nocturne Midlane Build - Patch 10.9 / Season 2020 by deprimere | Nocturne Player
Kami_EU says “Garen's in lane sustain makes him a tough opponent for Yasuo, his base damages are high. Nearly unwinnable matchup 1v1, unless garen giga disrespects.”
La zone en personne says “Son manque de skillshot tuera tout espoir de faire régner les maths sur la faille”
Les mathématiques by La zone en personne | Vel'Koz Player
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
TheBlueImperial says “Just shove lane and roam, you can't kill him without Junglers assistance.”
[10.5] Galio Wanna Smash (Mid/Support) by TheBlueImperial | Galio Player
i am a heron says “kite back, use your Q against his Q and your E against his E.. a bad garen will eat harass for days trying to fight you or overextend for farm early and never get on you. a competent garen, which is what you'll see if you don't play in the baby leagues, will flash Q you and kill you when it counts. As i've said before, ivern doesn't do well against champs who can sustain through his harass while they farm and then rush him down, which is why i don't recommend you take him top.”
Ivern mid: the secret boss of the early game by i am a heron | Ivern Player
Ganux says “Sry for being such offensive but SCREW YOU GAREN MAINS! Just try dashing away from his Q if its possible... He will probably hit a minion so you can engage afterwards. Or he hits you and you have pain in a**.”
FixMonkeyPlease says “you can try but he gonna discombobulate you monky”
Funny Monky guide: For monkys, by monkys by FixMonkeyPlease | Wukong Player
Garybaldo says “A lot of room for harass, beware of his Q (always stay as far away as you can while still being in range to harass), if you do have problems with his Q you can go Phase Rush, however this is a great lane to go Grasp, careful with his 6-spike, other than that you should be safe, you even outscale him hard if he doesn't snowball early game, more so after his 9.20 semi-rework (and it's pretty hard for him to snowball against a Swain)”
[9.23] I look out upon humanity, and see only a feast... by Garybaldo | Swain Player
ShuUis says “Uh Garen's E is the size of your shroud so don't think that saves you. Also, if you feed him 1 kill, you proabably just made him unkillable already. The recent mini-rework on Garen was a mistake holy crap.”
Akali Mid Build/Matchups Guide [9.22] by ShuUis | Akali Player
LunarkeGG says “His Q can be a big problem with you so try your best to space yourself well in order to not get Q silenced into an ult without being able to E.”
[WIP] Riven from 0 to toxic riven main [WIP] by LunarkeGG | Riven Player
Elejul says “You can use Sanguine Pool (w) to bait out his Decisive Strike (q) when he uses it, otherwise be aware if he uses w”
WantedHamster says “It depends on how he plays. But since he does not use any mana,that sucks for your side. Try to avoid playing against him.”
Qiyana Builds - Midlaner ,Jungler,Top by WantedHamster | Qiyana Player
picarowanderer says “Pretty much the same as Darius, but a bit easier. He will spin to win, like Darius, but you can kill him if you are a god.”
JordyGSmiteq says “Due to Garen's Q, he easily cancels out a lot of where your damage will come from early to mid game due to your W passive. He also gets increased movement speed which may be a negative impact if you don't ult him. He's also very tanky so you can't deal with him early to mid game if you're too far behind.”
Varus: The Arclight Runner [WIP] by JordyGSmiteq | Varus Player
BL00dY3nD says “Pretty easy. Play safe and if he runs to u with his Q use your Q if he gets to close use E+W and he wont be happy with you. but you will be with your KDA. If you are fast enough you can dodge his R.”
Electrocute Vladimir [V9.11] by BL00dY3nD | Vladimir Player
BoopForTheTroops says “Just don't fight him 1v1 or you will loose.”
9.10 Solo Carry Space Noodle Guide by BoopForTheTroops | Aurelion Sol Player
chillin kenshi says “Can be killed but if he early stacks armor you might wanna avoid him. If he does rush armor he will wall you in lane so becareful try to kill him before he gets too tanky”
javimc17 says “He can't do nothing against you. Win all trades starting with your E, hitting with your Q and healing with your W when your shield falls.”
[S9] MORDEKAISER MID/TOP by javimc17 | Mordekaiser Player
shuckhax123 says “He does almost nothing”
Sivir in the Mid-Lane by shuckhax123 | Sivir Player
Jazzmonkey says “Hard matchup. He actually outtrades you and outsustians you. Avoid trading and just farm up. You can counter his R if you are fast anough with your W. ”
[9.5 Wukong Guide] Challenger Wukong EUW From zero to hero D by Jazzmonkey | Wukong Player
eloment says “Remember: You dont deal dmg to him but he deals to you. Which means: ARMOR.”
Complete Gragas Guide (Mid,Top,Jungle) by eloment | Gragas Player
Zaradine says “Doable but painful, bait him into your w when he rushes you. Build sorcerers if needed ”
tsyuu says “This really depend on how you play Irelia. Play safe and don't engage when you're low on hp.”
[Patch 9.3] tsyuu's Irelia guide. by tsyuu | Irelia Player
TruMediaMix1 says “Garen has no concern about charging straight at you. He'll Silence you, then smack you around like a Beyblade before you get the chance to seriously hurt him.”
"Ionia Calls!": An Irelia Guide by MediaMix1 by TruMediaMix1 | Irelia Player
candy4lif3 says “Very Tanky, never be in the front lines against a meele or a tank, always stay at a distance where you can poke and not able to be touched”
OP Lux One Shot Build by candy4lif3 | Lux Player
rimzaki says “Hes ultimate can be disturb u cuz it hit ur current life dodge her q with ur sanguine pool and save ur ultimate power if he didnt use hims W ability”
The Ancient Bloodlord Vladimir Guide by rimzaki | Vladimir Player
Rosie Posy says “Garen is only a minor threat due to his silence and the fact he spins to win. Akali can take Garen down pretty easily if you can take his silence then use your combo on him.”
The Assassin With No Master by Rosie Posy | Akali Player
Bengineer says “His silence is obnoxious, but, he can be stopped after you build full magic penetration. Never 1v1 him.”
. by Bengineer | Vladimir Player

In the Jungle (7%) Garen In the Jungle Counters: 9,997 matches, 47 counter champions

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Tips Against Garen in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Polarshift says “This guy is really strong and stacks conqueror crazy fast. He outscales you hard after the midgame if you didn't stomp him yet. Fortunately, he is very easy to gank like a lot of toplaners. His Q cancels your ultimate. ”
[10.19] WARWICK THE UNCAGED WRATH [JG/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Warwick Player
SELORONIOS says “Not a big problem as long as you can block his Ultimate with your W.”
⚔️"Help is not coming... "⚔️ by SELORONIOS | Nocturne Player
Aas112mm says “When you are a assasin but Armor and MR said NO.”
Ap Malphite Jungle Guide by Aas112mm | Malphite Player
Suseri says “Similar to Mundo only difference is that he can trade better. If you wanna be safe just farm and fight him after some items.”
[S10] The Best Master Yi Guide by Suseri | Master Yi Player
classicnoob says “Garen can be very anooying cuz of his silence and tankiness,and W it denies alot of your damage,Do get a mortal or Lord domineks,if his tankiness goes out of hand.”
57K YI (10.10)+Matchups And Chapters. by classicnoob | Master Yi Player
Loul_60 says “It's Garen, not much you can do. Blue form into Garen is literal suicide. Red form into Garen isn't great either, but as long as you can hit your W while he uses his E and then ult him before he ults you, you should be alright.”
Weed Kayn's Season 10.18 In-Depth Kayn Jungle Guide by Loul_60 | Kayn Player
ManiacChester says “Anyone who plays Garen is just lazy. Don't fight him until you're ranged. You'll lose any trade. Don't bother wasting your q or e on him. This is for patch 10.17 use Q to hit him and get mana back.”
Playing Smart Kayle by ManiacChester | Kayle Player
KillyOne says “Garen is fairly easy to deal with, especially cause he doesn't have a real gap closer. You can easily outrun his Q movement speed with yours and often even without your Q. If you keep your distance its an easy lane.”
GarenToBronze says “Its very scary especially if they use this guide. HARD COUNTER, like its such a big threat riot wont even let u lock it IKR weird.”
GarenOutOfBronze (Updated 10.16) by GarenToBronze | Garen Player
AsparWild says “Garen jungle is rare, though not unplayed. you outrange him and can escape him easily enough, though he wins all-ins and gets some damn MR and tenacity later.Get Void Staff/Morellonomicon/Abyssal Mask. then again, He becomes as unkillable as a cockroach lategame, regardless of enemy champ. ”
DoughnutFeel says “Garen jungle can invade and outdamage you easily, be careful of his burst.”
Low-Elo Yi Jungle Guide by DoughnutFeel | Master Yi Player
Omega Zero says “Fighters or Juggernauts can still be quite troublesome to deal with, especially if they're ahead. They still hurt a lot so be aware of your limits.”
Kayn you click this guide? by Omega Zero | Kayn Player
Hide on Nidalee says “Exactly same as Darius matchup”
10.14 jungle Nidalee guide by Hide on Nidalee | Nidalee Player
Heihro EUNE says “Pretty same as darius but you can 1v1 him a lot easier but dont be to greedy!”
Free zombie titty says “annoying but faceable. outsmart him”
nocitar by Free zombie titty | Nocturne Player
Luzyni says “I have never played this match up before in Solo/Q, Actually he is the reason of this guide, my first guide, YOU DO NO DAMAGEEE, and if you try to get closer he will scream DEMACIAAAA, and do a lot of damage, you cant kill him, impossible, neither your jg if is a late game jg, in team fights he is not usefull, but in the midlane you simply do no damage and he will get spiritual appearance as 1rst item.”
Break Their Time by Luzyni | Ekko Player
RZEMgub9r says “Gank runes Wont even bother you but you can't invade him. ”
[10.12] Morgana Jungle by RZEMgub9r | Morgana Player
Vazo says “Garen can literally run you down at all stages of the game. However, you should have no problem faring against him if your laners have presence on the map. This matchup will be quite hard because he can invade your jungle early without any consequences.”
Season 10 Graves JG Guide by Vazo by Vazo | Graves Player
Guena says “Yakalanmadığınız sürece öldürmesi çok muhtemel değildir. Base büyü direnci yüksek olduğundan tank çıkarsa sizi yakaladığı an öldüremez, eğer ad çıktıysa da yakalanmanız durumunda vermiş olduğunuz hasardan korkup kaçacaktır. Yine de temkinli olmakta ve bir takım arkadaşınızla birlikte öldürmenizde fayda var. Diğer türlü tam canlı bir Garen'i öldürmeniz için Dul Bırakan ve Donduran Çarpınızı kullanmak zorunda kalabilirsiniz. Fakat esasında en önemli sıkıntı sizin baş kötü olmanızdır, ve Garen'i öldürmeniz sizi baş kötü olmaktan kurtarmayacağı içün, bu durumda ayarttıktan sonra Nefret Dikeni ve Kırbaç kullanıp hemen oradan kaçmalı, Garen'i haklamayı takım arkadaşlarınıza bırakmalısınız.”
Evelynn TR Guide by Guena | Evelynn Player
GinWinsky says “Bruisers and juggernauts depend on being fed to do damage. If they're fed, they'll most likely outdamage you. If not, go for it.”
rivershen says “super tanky and has a lot of tenacity”
Rammus jg/top tank/bruiser by rivershen | Rammus Player
novagains says “You're your own worst enemy.”
Garen - The New King of the Jungle // 10.4 by novagains | Garen Player
arturmichh says “I will add matchup's details along with getting experience with playing against each champion.”
[S10] [10.5] New Garen - ULTIMATE JUNGLE GUIDE by arturmichh | Garen Player
DeTomZTTV says “True dmg does hurt like I said. Ger HP and maybe red smite”
Rammus The Jungel King by DeTomZTTV | Rammus Player
OGPOTATOJEFFSHACO says “actually a little scared just don't fight him till 6 unless you have box army”
Goku SSJ sensed your ener says “If fed then avoid him, otherwise you can probably beat him 1v1.(i have)”
Master Yi Crit build|oneshot the ADC|no counterplay|best bui by Goku SSJ sensed your ener | Master Yi Player
Rekar says “Wait for Garen to waste his W then do combo. Run away from his E then just keep biting him. His ult will kill you when passive procs.”
[10.1] Volibear Jungle - Pre-Rework by Rekar | Volibear Player
Just_Dejv says “Garen can be annoying but if you can block his Q or his R with your E you will be alright”
Pantheon Jungle Build by Just_Dejv | Pantheon Player
PugsAndPigs says “Garen's silence could throw you off course, because if he silences you he can run you down with his E and use his Ultimate and kill you.”
Ivern Guide to VICTORY by PugsAndPigs | Ivern Player
LFS_aXent says “His Q will silence you. Get your speed fast. With the semi-tank build, you will be able to crit him and get away from his spin. Farm close to your