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Annie Counter Stats

Annie Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #16 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Annie. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Annie in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Annie Data for all roles taken from 18,243 matches.
Annie Counter Stats From:
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Middle Lane (83%) Annie Middle Lane Counters: 15,193 matches, 58 counter champions

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Tips Against Annie in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Eriosunx says “Easy matchup. Just be carefull level6 she has a lot of damage and if we are rushing Blade of the Ruined King we wont have a lot of HPs to witstand her burst. Make sure to stay healthy when near her after lv6”
Lynter says “Runa Recomendada: Conquistador. Uma boa Annie sabe abusar dos seus Q e dos AA, por isso tome cuidado, pois tem um burst muito forte no início. Nos níveis iniciais a Katarina dá mais dano devido ela poder dar mais AA que a Annie na troca, mas ainda assim pode ser um problema. Fique atento ao stun, caso ela te stune com Q, pule imeditamente com EW+A e aguarde o efeito acabar para puni-la com QE+AA em seguida. A runa Lenda: Tenacidade ou uma Bota de Mercúrio dá conta dos seus stuns, Bandana também pode ser útil se achar que está sendo muito stunado. Abuse do Roaming, pois Annie não é tão eficiente quanto Katarina, mas tome cuidado ao invadir a jungle pois se o jungler inimigo estiver perto você morrerá rápido. Evite lugares sem visão visto que poderá ser combado com o R da Annie e dificilmente sairá vivo. Acompanhe seu posicionamento. Em teamfights, observe a barra de stun e caso ela utilize, puna ela imediatamente e tente matá-la antes que ela consiga te stunar. O potencial de perigo de Annie é de igual para igual visto que a Katarina pode ser parada com os stuns, e se a Annie souber utilizar o stun em sequência, poderá ser muito difícil de pará-la.”
[S11] Lynter's Katarina Guide (PT-BR) by Lynter | Katarina Player
Avucado says “Look to E through lvl 1 to get their pots down, from then on you literally can not do anything in lane without your jungle, unless they're really bad or you're ahead off roams or if you hit everything when your summs are up and theirs are down. Luckily her waveclear and range are not the best so you should be looking to roam consistently. Ping your jungler if you're shoved in because she can really only deal with 1 person at a time. Do not try to engage in lane solo because she can stun you before you're even on top of her or just run out of your E with speed/shield ability. If you mess up trying to kill her you will almost for sure die, especially if they have ignite up.”
[11.15 Pyke Mid Guide] War Crimes in the Midlane by Avucado | Pyke Player
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Start Doran + 2 Pots if 1) You think you can outplay her and hit your W's to generate a kill at levels 3-5 or 2) You think she will burst you down post 6 (get an extra ring). Start Corrupting if you think you will not hit your W's (or you will get poked down) and you rely more on wave clear/spammy poke (you will be way more squisher but more durable -- this is recommended if you are sure you will not get hit by CC spells and instantly die). She can kill you only post 6. She can't really do much else early because you outrange her. BEWARE: compared to other matchups you will not be able to one shot her due to her E damage reduction. KEEP THAT IN MIND and you will be fine. Play to your strengths, roam first, kill her when you can but beware mid to late of her one shot potential. Get early magic resist and time warp tonic and you will be safe. Pick Barrier if you feel you are going to get outplayed by her R.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
Vicksay says “Even though this little girl bursts hard, she's very one dimensional because of her kit and just building Merc Treads vs. her with Barrier makes it a lot harder to kill you. Skill dependent again, the more confident the Annie is the harder it is for you, she can engage with Tibbers and also use Tibbers as a shield to block all of your damage.”
Yeager says “Start with cleanse and rush roa + merc treads. The only thing she can do is flash ult someone. When her flash is down, she can't make any "surprise" plays. ”
[Season 11] Yeager's Master Twisted Fate Guide by Yeager | Twisted Fate Player
Yeager says “Take cleanse. When she use flash + combo, be fast with your cleanse and run away so you don't take damage from tibbers. She will be useless whenever her flash is down so time her summoners! You can also left click on her, so you can see how many stacks she has before her stun is up. This can let you know when she will go for a "flash combo". Banshee's completely counters her kit.”
Yeager's Master Viktor Guide by Yeager | Viktor Player
Ambitieux says “Annie has been known to be one of the more unfavorable matchups against Ahri. She has better auto attacks and high guaranteed burst damage with a free stun. Play very safe in this lane due to her being able to setup ganks for free almost like a Twisted Fate. It's best if you can get Junglers help for this due to her pushing with Q. Keep ur distance after 6 or else you will be punished Severely. I recommend going Merc Treads into this, With possible double MR runes and after that she can't really one shot you without Ignite.”
Ambitieux's MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+ by Ambitieux | Ahri Player
iZianni says “Hahaha Lux should always win because of Range advantage, but life does not work like that. Can you imagine something as terrifying as a mage with 900 movespeed. It doesn't really matter what you do in this match up pre-6, the moment she hits 6 you will always lose. There is a world where you land your full combo and she dies instantly, however there is also a world where she just hits the E/Protobelt or flash key and instantly removes you from the game. Consider buying a null-mantle if you fall behind.”
Zianni's Challenger Lux Guide by iZianni | Lux Player
AP WormMaW Mid says “Pre-6 be careful her about her stuns. If she doesn't have it, it's no problem to go and harass her with your W autoattacks. Post-6 the only threat is her flash R combo with full burst and ignite, even though again, if you build negatron and stand behind, while harassing her from range, there is not much she can do against you.”
[S11] WormMaW's Guide for AP Kogmaw by AP WormMaW Mid | Kog'Maw Player
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Bottom Lane (12%) Annie Bottom Lane Counters: 2,276 matches, 32 counter champions

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Tips Against Annie in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

singed best adc says “She will tibbers your support if Yuumi tries to use her passive. Be aware!”
Singed on steroids: The art of playing him bot by singed best adc | Singed Player
Lucifer6 says “As long as Annie isnt fed you wont have any problems since you out range her and will be able to deal enough dmg to kill her before she gets to hurt you. ”
Jhin guide S11 by Lucifer6 | Jhin Player
IHaveNoName says “From minor to extreme threat. If she's not fed and/or is plainly bad, you'll have an easy time farming/poking, otherwise be utterly careful of flash combos.”
Absolute domination Draven - How to by IHaveNoName | Draven Player
majororange77 says “Full info in Guide. Do not try to fight an Annie alone. All of her abilities outrange you, and she can oneshot you if she stuns you.”
Season 11 Full Vayne Guide | All Roles, All Builds by majororange77 | Vayne Player
majororange77 says “Read Guide for full matchup. All of her kit outranges you, try to farm when she backs off.”
SEASON 11 VAYNE FULL GUIDE || All Roles, All Builds by majororange77 | Vayne Player
OverjarlZane says “You poke her way too hard to be a threat and she cant stop your pushing. Watch for flash ult combo.”
[10.20] The Jarls APC Ziggs AND THE TOWERS CRIED OUT by OverjarlZane | Ziggs Player
OverjarlZane says “You wont see her often anymore, but if you do she's useless til' 6 against you. Easy to burst and get early picks off of with no mobility. Post 6 she can, and will, try to flash combo which can wreck you.”
[10.20] The Jarls GraspMF Crit & Lethality builds by OverjarlZane | Miss Fortune Player
laoshin3v3 says “Annie has a lot of burst but you can outsustain and poke her with your W on minions. Lvl6 you have to be carefull.”
[10.18] Lao's Mordekaiser - Time to Shred! by laoshin3v3 | Mordekaiser Player
Zoodyacc says “Qss might help against her, Annie might want to Flash and stun you right after, be ready for that. After Luden Echo her damage might be insane, try to avoid her W and R, somehow I guess.”
LupinTheCat says “If you call the FBI Annie players might get banned, which means you get a nice 4v5, especially if she's in your team”
Soraka's hurricane. god bless the ds by LupinTheCat | Soraka Player
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