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Swain Counter Stats

Swain Counters
Discover all champions who counter Swain. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Swain in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Swain Data for all roles taken from 52,559 matches.
Swain Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Bottom Lane (81%) Swain Bottom Lane Counters: 42,550 matches, 55 counter champions

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Tips Against Swain in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Profesor APH. says “he have perma cc! if he catch you, you will die or you will lose ~50% of your life.”
[10.24] SNOVA's TIAMAT APHELIOS GUIDE - SEASON 11 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
pandorelol says “Mages are usually a pain botlane, but Swain is even worse as his base hp are basically stupid, his 1 item spike is stunning and you won't be able to 1v1 him ever. If hits his claw you'll just get bursted with no counterplay since his dps range is higher than yours. Cleansing his cc won't cleanse his ability to pull you to him. Ban worthy.”
85% winrate GM EUW complete Vayne guide by pandorelol | Vayne Player
Camelorry says “You can block his e but nothing else. He has a lot of damage and you range doesnt help to avoid it, just disengage once he ults and play around his sums. ”
[10.20] Samira introduction guide. by Camelorry | Samira Player
yers says “Later on he can get thick and tank your burst pretty effectively, so just try your best to kill him early. When he throws his hand and you're in the path, walk up and sideways instead of back; his hand will only root coming back to him so you walking up and sidestepping will buy you more time to dodge it. He becomes vulnerable once his hand is down.”
yer's Recommended botlane by yers | Syndra Player
HankScorpioblaze says “Swain can be a pain to deal with as his damage deal against you combined with the enemy ADC can easily put you low on health”
Twisted Fate Attack Damage, Attack Speed & Lifesteal Bui by HankScorpioblaze | Twisted Fate Player
Terrific says “I feel like Swain is really bad because you can dodge his E very easily. Tho do not underestimate this champion because he will do a shit ton of DMG if he does get you in his E. with his entire combo.”
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ says “It really depends on your dodging skills against him. Stay inside your minion wave to counter his Q, he is really easy to kill if you're not stunned”
[10.14] [En-US|Pt-BR] Art should terrify! In-Depth Jhin guid by KuuHaKu_OtgmZ | Jhin Player
HyperFake says “Swain is a big threat for caitlyn because you have to have fast reaction time to dodge his grab skill otherwise you will lose a lot of health.”
HyperFake's 100% CRIT Caitlyn Bot Domination | Season 10 by HyperFake | Caitlyn Player
Eccentricks says “Swain support is a hook support. I have never fought one, but I played this, and fell in love. This champ is absolutely bonkers in the bot lane and destroys AD Carries like bugs. So like a bug, you gotta always be moving, trying to avoid his E's and W's. As for W, if oyu get hit by in while Sneaking, you will get revealed. He can also check the grass very easily with it as well. Your ambushing will not be helpful, thus destroying your early game and therefor giving you little chance to catch up in late game.”
Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch by Eccentricks | Twitch Player
mhsmhs123 says “Swain has the ability like Heimer to chunk Vayne down at the very start of the game. His damage added to his utility and CC can create a living hell for any Vayne hoping to make it through early and mid game.”
Vayne [The Night Hunter] Champion Guide by mhsmhs123 | Vayne Player
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Middle Lane (11%) Swain Middle Lane Counters: 6,026 matches, 44 counter champions

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Tips Against Swain in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

BlueMoon01 says “Poke him as much as possible and push the lane post-Level 6 ”
eiensiei says “Can constantly harass him with E and even go for passive procs if I'm in a position to hit a Q as well - in that case it doesn't matter if he does his full combo, I'll still outdamage him. At 6, I'll stay out of his range and poke safely with E. After he gets RoA/Zhonya's he's unkillable and I'll only ever really Q+E him in fights, holding my R for squishier targets.”
[10.24] eiensiei's guide to Lux | Mid by eiensiei | Lux Player
Dr Eggmund says “Can be annoying, take care. Swain will look to all in you if he lands his stun so if you are confident that he will land it don't hesitate to pool out of it, but don't use your pool for anything other than if it saves your life against him or negates his damage. ”
Vladimir《Season 11》: Cosmic Devourer IN-DEPTH by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
PlayCabex says “you can kill him easily after level 6, if you have enough damage then just fight, otherwise r him then q and go for e and w then run out of his ult with your phase rush”
Vladimir guide patch 10.24 MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
Sylvan Lore says “I haven't had too many games against swain, but he is quite strong right now. You can afford to trade early, but if he ever lands his E onto you, you will always lose the trade. Dont forget that it can travel through minion waves as its deceptive in how far it can catch you and pull you in from. Building morellonomicon second really hurts his healing and he isn't very good at tanking consistent damage from mages like Orianna. Outplay his E and the lane is won for sure. His Ult is quite strong if you get stuck in it so avoid close encounters at all costs. Recommend Barrier and Dmg Build”
[10.24] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
Aegox says “As long as you're not hit by his root, you should be fine. He doesn't do too much damage if he isn't fed so just dodge everything.”
Drewmatth Taliyah says “Doran + 2 Pots or Corrupting for his post 6 sustain. Relatively easy to kill pre-6 and can't do much after that also if you finish Morello. Focus on getting an early kill on lane but beware of his CC spell and jungler followup (it is predictable/quite easy to dodge however). Focus on Roam if he becomes too tanky and get kills elsewhere. Don't use anything else than ignite because he doesn't really have any kill power on you especially pre 6.”
TALIYAH PRIMER: Ultimate Guide to Taliyah MID [S11 ITEMS] by Drewmatth Taliyah | Taliyah Player
Fuzzmonkey says “Dodge his E and this match up is pretty easy early game, you might take some trades every now and then when you W in but other than that, be extremely aggressive early game. Always take ignite for this match up like you would against Vladimir. Level 6 would be a good time to have your ignite up so that he doesn't heal off minions when he uses his ultimate.”
[S11 NEW ITEMS] Fuzzmonkey's LeBlanc Guide - Always win lan by Fuzzmonkey | LeBlanc Player
iZianni says “Fairly simple match up, dodging his combo is relatively simple since we can cast while moving. Our damage might not stick the best because of his itemization, but we'll usually have more impact early and snowball off that. Its the 25+ minute Swain that gets scary.”
Zianni's Challenger Syndra Guide by iZianni | Syndra Player
Ambitieux says “Swain isn't too much of an issue. Watch out for his e's and you should mostly win the lane. He is a slower champion then most and has no real mobility so Ahri is a natural predator against him. You can easily take trades pre 6 or after 6. This is mostly just a standard matchup of skill were you push him in. Deny him cs and try to look around the map for pressure. ”
Ambitieux's MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+ by Ambitieux | Ahri Player
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Top Lane (6%) Swain Top Lane Counters: 3,176 matches, 40 counter champions

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Tips Against Swain in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Sovereign Kitten says “Swain's biggest thing is his sustain and CC. Side stepping against his (E) is something you need to learn how to do. It's pretty visual when he is about to use the ability as he reels back his arm in a swiping motion. Keep your distance from low HP minions as he can shock you through his (Q) just like other champions like (Cho'gath / Lissandra). His (W) and (E) combo can reveal you in bushes but he can't pull you out of stealth if you're hit while in passive. He has a lot of sustain with his (R) and if he kills a target, he gets a soul fragment which can also grant him sustain and increased life. It's really all about positioning and avoiding the initial (E) pull towards his burst. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
Rhoku says “TL;DR - SKILL MATCHUP IN YOUR FAVOR. CONQUEROR/PHASE RUSH BOTH WORK WELL. MERC BOOTS IF BEHIND. JUST RUN HIM DOWN, HE HAS NO ESCAPE. SIDESTEP HIS PULL. EXECUTIONER’S CALLING IS A NICE PICK UP. Swain is probably the easiest ranged toplaner to beat. Phase Rush allows you to snowball on him and kill him but to me, Ghost is enough so Conqueror works better. Up to you. Taking Dshield is recommended but you can play without Second Wind. It is also up to you whether you take it or not. Swain has lower range than other mages and has no easy cc ability he can use against you. His root is very easy to side step and even if he does land it on you, him pulling you in towards him allows you to pull HIM in. Swain is a late game carry so try to abuse him as much as possible. He is a little difficult to deal with due to his healing but honestly, your dps is better than his healing even without Conqueror. You can pick an executioner’s calling just in case though. If he becomes a problem, just get Merc boots.”
PH45 says “Get early mercury treads and try not to get rooted by his W. After level 6 you should be able to beat him in trades if you don't get hit by his W. He has good sustain though so prepare to get forced out of lane, jungler ganks are pretty important in this lane as it can be difficult to beat him 1v1.”
Anoying bro5 says “Easy match up but can be hard when ganked. Abuse him early and riposte his stun which is very predictable. Keep your eye on jungle and you should be fine. Your riposte is on a longer cooldown then his stun so becareful when riposte is down and dodge his stun with your Q.”
UPDATED Season 11 [10.24]|Fiora Handbook(Top / Mid) (+Match- by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
MarkFromSingedMains says “Can be really oppressive in lane, and there's not much Singed can do against him. When he R's in teamfights goo fling him to neutralise the threat.”
Mark's Guide to Singed: SEASON 11 GO TANK by MarkFromSingedMains | Singed Player
Rhoku says “He is a ranged mage but he is pretty short ranged. You can fight back with your Qs. He will always be in your E range so you can easily combo him down. Try to side step his root as it lets him kite you down. If he makes the mistake of pulling you to him when he stunned you, he basically signed his death certificate as if you pull him in at this point, he is dead. Overall, he isn't too hard to deal with and can actually be snowballed off of. Ignite makes this lane free food if you can land your pulls. Protobelt is good.”
[NEW ITEMS 10.24] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Morde Gu by Rhoku | Mordekaiser Player
ryzetrox says “Free. Dodge his E and youre good. Be careful after level 6 since he has a super sayan ulti.”
Bombabo says “Has better poke than you, and can fight you 1v1 whenever he has his ult. To beat swain, you will have to play around his cooldowns.”
How 2 Crab on 'em with Urgot by Bombabo | Urgot Player
RTO says “You might be able to kill him pre 6 and can look for trades. Make sure to avoid his pull back. You are one of the few champs that can sustain his ultimate with your own and you should be okay. ”
[10.24] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
LeSocair says “Always dodge his E, it's his only way to win against anyone. Avoid fighting his R, specially without Grievous Wounds. Q him all the time and stay behind the creeps that have the most HP.”
The Ultimate Masters Gangplank Guide and His Mythics [PS11] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
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