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Syndra Counter Stats

Syndra Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #52 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Syndra. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Syndra in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Syndra Data for all roles taken from 29,955 matches.
Syndra Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (84%) Syndra Middle Lane Counters: 25,260 matches, 52 counter champions

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Tips Against Syndra in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

7daysko says “Very annoying lane. Focus on farming and ask jungler for help. Her Qs are very easy to land and she gets to have an easy stun. Beware when your HP is below 50% as she can potentially kill you with her ulti. Exhausting her just as she casts her ulti reduces the damage significantly, so consider taking Exhaust.”
Yeager says “Take cleanse or barrier. Syndra is very oppressive and has very high kill pressure in lane. Keep track of her dark spheres and how she moves, so you can dodge her stun. Rushing merc treads against her is a must! ”
Yeager's Master Viktor Guide by Yeager | Viktor Player
Polarshift says “She beats everyone in lane, however she will never match you in the sidelanes. She has more range than you and is really good in 1v1's vs squishy targets like you; so get some MR.”
[S11.1] RYZE THE RUNE MAGE [MID/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Ryze Player
LunarVortex says “Make sure to time your spellshield very well so that she doesn't break it before attempting to stun you. If you fail at doing so, she can oneshot you. Get early boots to make dodging her skillshots easier. Most junglers can easily gank and kill her if you spellshield he E onto your jungler. Get an early Verdant Barrier.”
[11.1] Midlane Morgana - Season 11 by LunarVortex | Morgana Player
Ambitieux says “Syndra has always been a rough matchup, what she lacks in mobility she makes up for in damage. Try to get lvl 2 faster than her in this lane by shoving wave and weaving her q's out of minions. If you can succeed and get early trades with pressure of charm or landing it, roll with ur advantage and go for an early kill. If not you may have to play the lane very safe until a jungler can come due to her naturally pushing the lane. I suggest Negatron TECH into this matchup or even Merc treads. It will go wonders”
Ambitieux's MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+ by Ambitieux | Ahri Player
Dr Eggmund says “Dodge everything! Or your screwed. Build boots first or if you're confident build dark seal for sustain + Spirit Visage if you are unconfident which I don't blame ya. Poke her with Q's as this will signal her to use her abilities. What I tend to do is pressure with poke and dodge her AOE Attacks to make Syndra use mana. If she has no mana, it means no damage. Simples!”
Vladimir《11.1》: Cosmic Devourer IN-DEPTH by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
RezoneVerified says “Dont place turrets close together due to her having strong AoE. Prioritise Ult W or E against her due to her being able to throw away your Ult Q. Banshees as a 5th or 6th item can work well.”
[NEW 11.1] - [Season 11] - MASTER TIER 16,500 GAME Guide - N by RezoneVerified | Heimerdinger Player
Sanctuar says “Although Syndra can harass you often, her ultimate can be countered by an early stopwatch and later on, with a Zhonyas.”
A Swamp Master's guide by Sanctuar | Kennen Player
PlayCabex says “if you dodge her stun go all in if there is no huge wave of minions, if she ults you , your w can block it”
Vladimir guide (Patch 11.1) MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
Sylvan Lore says “Lots of people struggle with this matchup but it isn't too bad. You should take E level 1 if you are unsure of your ability to dodge her Qs. You can win trades with her early since overall your abilities are easier to land than hers. The only way to really lose a trade is to allow her to land a stun on you. Late game is much easier for you than it is for her as well. You can Ult her whole team and she can only Ult one of you. Respect her level 6 greatly and wait for jungler pressure. Even at full health a combo from a level 6 Syndra can just kill you. Recommend: Barrier and Vs. AP Assassin Build”
[11.1] Command: Attack - One Trick Orianna Mid by Sylvan Lore | Orianna Player
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Bottom Lane (12%) Syndra Bottom Lane Counters: 3,721 matches, 23 counter champions

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Tips Against Syndra in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

DoctorDingus says “Natural hardcounter to Heimerdinger. Can easily clear your turrets, outbursts you (without being in Exhaustrange) and if hit by one E its basically death. Advice: Get Liandrys first item in this matchup (maybe even Zhonyas second to block most damage and get Mercs as Boots)”
Rank 1 World Heimerdinger Bot - Breaking the Meta! by DoctorDingus | Heimerdinger Player
Alexaudio says “Heavy damage in the early game, a lot of pressure and a lot of pokeo”
karma ADC s10 by Alexaudio | Karma Player
OverjarlZane says “Her combo can facewreck you really hard. Banshees or Mask is a really good rush to just not die against her.”
KXNGLXXVII says “you cannot W her Q so try your best to dodge it. W the ulti and pray that your support is close to you. ”
The only samira guide you will ever need by KXNGLXXVII | Samira Player
WoodieHoodie009 says “Oneshots you. Rush Tear, then Hexdrinker if you are losing lane.”
WoodieHoodie009's Ezreal guide to climb out of low elo! by WoodieHoodie009 | Ezreal Player
PaciCz69 says “Syndra is really strong because she has stun and in late game its almost impossible to play vs her. Because she can one shot you.”
S10 ADC Caitlyn Guide by PaciCz69 | Caitlyn Player
CookieLoL says “Syndra's good against Aphelios because of Aphelios's low base MR and she also has CC and heavy burst, avoid syndra E at all costs”
[10.9] CookieLoL EUW Rank 10 - Best Aphelios Build by CookieLoL | Aphelios Player
Deathfeather says “She has good poke, and burst with a little cc. You can dodge most of her stuff however, and shes not very mobile. Uses a lot of mana too.”
minepro221 says “The mage bot lane are very oppresive. Do not fight them unless their cc is down, and they get caught by your support. If you have to give up cs to not get cced, so be it. If your sup get cc, he is dead. Just heal him and walk away. You should not fight her early unless she get caught and have no spells. If you don't feed, you outscale”
minepro221 says “She represents a group of mage bot laners, such as lux, xerath, ahri, ect. They are extremely oppresive in lane, so don't get in range of their cc. If you lose cs because of this, so be it. It is better than dying. If they waste key ability, like syndra stun or ahri charm, it is your opportunity to take a small trade with your support. The moral is, respect their damage, and only trade when their key damage is down. You will outscale, so don't worry if you are down some cs.”
cait by minepro221 | Caitlyn Player

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