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Malphite Counter Stats

Malphite Counters
Top Lane
Ranked #33 out of 65 in Top Discover all Top champions who counter Malphite. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Malphite in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Malphite Data for all roles taken from 124,844 matches.
Malphite Counter Stats From:
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Top Lane (71%) Malphite Top Lane Counters: 89,246 matches, 53 counter champions

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Tips Against Malphite in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

I Am Goliath says “Push malphite in early game as much as possible as it's hard for him to farm under turret early game, Malphite also just has no kill pressure on you early game and bad waveclear so this should be easy, it's hard to kill malphite until you get black cleaver unless he messes up really bad, Also remember you can flash his ultimate. Basically we outscale Malphite really hard because of our passive + black cleaver + conqueror, and you should be able to build up a nice CS lead in laning phase, also Cull can be nice in this matchup since we're trying our hardest to scale in this matchup.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Ayanleh says “Malphite has become an easy matchup. Your passive deals allot of damage to him and will shred him so at all stages of the game he cannot fight you and conqueror makes it better with the true damage.”
A Guide To Playing Mordekaiser by Ayanleh | Mordekaiser Player
Sovereign Kitten says “Depending on what build the Malphite is going (Usually Comet AP) you would want to be utilizing bushes to avoid poke, and only poking when you see him use his (Q) to CS as this will slow you, sending the comet down and there is no way to react to this without (W) active and Mercury's Treads. Don't overextend past level 6 nor have your lane shoved in. This is just asking for you to be ganked and locked down by his knock-up burst from his (R), so it's much better to try to keep the lanes even or pushed up towards your tower. Hold onto your flash to avoid his (R) at the last sec takes practice, stasis is an alternative. ”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
YoungTact says “Apply lane harass combo whenever he goes for cs. Go MR if they have a lot more ap than just him. Your W Doesn't work on his R and you can use your E to a minion to dodge his ultimate. Free matchup.”
Rhoku says “TL;DR - EASY LANE. DON’T EAT POKE FOR FREE. GENERATE LEAD BEFORE LEVEL 6. BLACK CLEAVER IF BEHIND. PHASE RUSH AND CONQUEROR BOTH WORK. Malphite is not a challenge at all. The only hope he has against you is going AP, Comet and spamming you with es until you are low enough to all in and kill with R. And if you predict his R, you can activate your E just as it hits you in order to stun him so that he cannod do is his combo on you. He is only unstoppable DURING his ultimate, not after. Be careful of his level 6 powerspike as at that point, he can do a surprising amount of damage and is incredible at setting up ganks. You should have a kill and/or a cs lead before level 6. If somehow you got killed by him, you can go Black Cleaver which should help you easily take him down.”
[10.19] Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku's Darius Guide by Rhoku | Darius Player
lol Wero says “Free Lane: His Seismic Shard (Q) Damage may be annoying but building Lifesteal will fix the damage. If Malphite is building full AP, i recommend buying a hexdrinker during the laning phase.”
[10.19] S9/S10 Masters AD Crit Neeko Top Guide by lol Wero | Neeko Player
Defensivity1 says “Cpot or Dshield both work vs malphite. He is very good at setting up ganks with his q that slows you and his ult at level 6. ”
Defensivity's Yorick Guide S10 by Defensivity1 | Yorick Player
Pathetic Singed says “Always seems like an easy lane but Malphite out-damages you early on (If he takes comet) and using your E on him either puts him in closer range to R your team or allows him to E your minion wave. To my knowledge your W cannot stop his R, but this might be due to spaghetti code. (UPDATE: it was spaghetti code and has been fixed)”
[10.19] Mark's Guide to Singed: Desert Rose MonkaS by Pathetic Singed | Singed Player
Drake6401 says “Build Black Blade Cleaver first to break through his armor. This is an annoying lane because of his anti burst armor and Q. He also does loads of damage even with no items. I honestly can't wrap my head around the assasin level burst this guy has as a tank. You win most short trades and have better sustain so you do have an edge in this for a while. If his jungler ganks you post 6, he will absolutely ult after you if he has it. Know this up front and try to dash or flash dodge it because it will really set up the kill for them.”
Complete Guide to Renekton by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Olaf Only says “Go for quick Q + E trades. He will poke with Q so use your W to heal back up. Establish a freeze and look for all-ins.”
Olaf Only's Challenger Top Lane Guide [10.19] by Olaf Only | Olaf Player
I Am Goliath says “Easy matchup, he should never kill you in lane, you do more damage then him in trades and have more sustaine then him, you both scale good into late game so try to atleast get a cs lead in this lane, one way I usually do this is by pushing him in super hard for most of the game and forcing him to farm under turret. You have to be careful of the jungler coming though so always ward while doing this, it's smart to buy a control ward and place it in the Tri if you're bottom side , or the normal vertical bush if you're topside. It is possible to kill him early on if you poke him down enough with Q's.”
GoliathGames' Master guide to Maokai by I Am Goliath | Maokai Player
LiL Bunnie FuFuu says “Malphite is a melee tank with one poke ability - his Q. This will do decent poke and combined with his speed boost, is annoying to play against. However, Thresh can grasp stack him when he walks up to poke you and can do so again and again when his Q is down. Although if he plays properly you won't be able to hit him very often. His ult is a problem as it cannot be dodged without flash and has decent base damage. It also makes him stronger than you in teamfights. Go for a tanky build with CDR.”
BunnyFuFuu's Challenger Guide to Thresh [10.19] by LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Thresh Player
qasddsa says “Hard champion to deal with if you get caught. Try and dodge or flash his ult, as that will lead to multiple slows on your attack speed. Overall just annoying to deal with because of his slows and attack speed reductions. In teamfights, don't group as close to the rest of your team. Definitely take Lethal Tempo.”
PH45 says “Maybe one of the most annoying lanes you can face. He is weak in early levels so try to force him out early. If you try to trade with him after 3 he will just E and you probably can't finish one auto attack off before he runs out of range. He stacks armor too so your autoattacks won't do much damage to him. If he E's just jump away with Q so you wont take more damage from him. Beware at 6 since his ult is really strong cc that can enable the enemy jungler to get a free kill on you if you aren't careful.”
Raen says “Overall all depends about Malphite and You. You can just afk farm and wait for a gank from your jungler. Try to get him at early levels. Mercury will help a lot in this match up.”
RTO says “Keep trading with him to prevent his passive shield from coming up. Your sustain with Q and him having none is a big advantage in this matchup.”
[10.19] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
The_Unf0rgiv3n says “Relatively easy matchup. Poke a lot with your Q and avoid fighting him if he manages to hit you with his E because your Q cooldown goes up and your attack speed gets really low.”
SEASON 10 [10.19] Diamond YASUO TOP/MID GUIDE (3.5 mil maste by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Yasuo Player
Persicum777 says “ugh malphite is probably one of my least favorite toplaners to fight, nothing you can do in lane will help much youll need coordinated repeat ganks to bury him and honestly i build for another threat on the map rather then against him cause nothing will happen til your 3rd or 4th item, dont get poked down look out for dives level 6, and just manage your waves.”
Persi's Complete Camille Guide by Persicum777 | Camille Player
ak521 says “Get 'em off my floor. Generally stacks health but if he's going AP, like idk why he would. You win EVERY trade. Phase Rush without a doubt, he'll want to use his Q as an escape when you go in, Doran's Shield, Merc Treads to BORK.”
👊 10.19 SETT GUIDE & MATCHUP SPREADSHEET 👊 by ak521 | Sett Player
Anoying bro5 says “If it is Comet Malphite, take corrupting potions. The only real time that you can take advantage of him is when he is low on mana and before he gets bramble vest. Aside from that you mainly want to just farm the lane. Riposte his Q in laning phase to negate slow and damage.”
[10.19] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+ Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
iZeal says “Tank Malphite is not really going to do much against you as long as you don't stand still when he slows your attack speed. AP Malphite will try to whittle you down with his Q, if you pull him he pretty much dies. Be aware that he can still win teamfights with good ultimates. DBlade vs Grasp, DShield if vs comet, Mercs or Swifties, Phage (maybe Cleaver vs tank malphite)”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Darius compendium by iZeal | Darius Player
PH45 says “He usually build armor while you mainly deal magic damage so the lane can go well for you. Shield his Q damage and try to keep his shield down with poke so you can eventually try to all in him. He has no escapes outside his summs except ult at level 6 so you can potentially run him down later on. ”
[10.19] PH45's In-depth Guide To Sylas! by PH45 | Sylas Player
Justkb says “You can poke him and dominate every aspect of the lane here! just freeze and watch as his cs falls below 75% of yours. just make sure to ping missing as he can just press R on your mid laner and they will flame you for it. ”
✔️[10.19] JUST1KB'S DARIUS GUIDE! by Justkb | Darius Player
RTO says “Even though he can build tanky, he out damages you, and out tanks you. Wait for ganks, and try to roam.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Poppy Top Lane Guide by RTO | Poppy Player
RTO says “Malphite stacks armor, you won't do much damage. He can poke you down, E you, and run off. He's pretty weak in the first few levels, try put him behind. Watch for his ult, especially combined with a gank.”
[10.19] RTO's Challenger Jax Top Lane Guide by RTO | Jax Player
iZeal says “One of the easiest to play counters to Aatrox. While you might be able to smack Malphite around in the early game, once he has gotten like 1 component you will start to deal negative damage to this guy while he can go full defensive and still deal 2/3rds of your health in a combo after level 6. Because of his insane armor numbers you won't heal for anything which means you can't even outsustain him.”
[Patch 10.19] iZeal's Aatrox compendium by iZeal | Aatrox Player
Rhoku says “Easy matchup. He can be annoying with his E spam so take D.Shield. Other than that you just straight up beat him. He is Anti AD. You are AP. With Rylai's and Lyandiries, he has NO HOPE of beating you. Not to mention how he can basically NEVER kill you. Bully him out. Take every CS. Poke him down and kill him. Level 6, you can just mercilessly ult, walk up and just put this meathead out of his misery. ”
[10.19] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Mordekaiser Guide by Rhoku | Mordekaiser Player
LoLReal says “Very easy lane. Cannot trade with us at any point in the game.”
LoLReal says “Very easy match up. Slightly more dangerous if he builds AP but still manageable for us. He can't walk up.”
ChaseMorePlz says “Laning vs Malphite is a true test of your CSing skills. If you can grab around 70 at 9 minutes in the game, you can grab an early last whisper with a long sword start. He has a passive that slows your auto attacks, similar to frozen heart so try not miss auto attacks, it makes you look bad lol.. If you struggle vs him grab Mercs and feel free to ask more about the matchup ~”
10.19 Guidance Down The Path Of Every Single Riven Matchup [ by ChaseMorePlz | Riven Player
Ravenborne says “If he is tank this is one of the free-est lanes in the game. Very easy to deal with, has no escape except his Ult and that has a huge cooldown. Just stick to him so when he Q's you just W to slow him down. If he's AP don't let him free poke you with Q and try to get him down to low health pre 6 so you are able to kill him. Cleaver might be mandatory.”
[10.16] Ravenborn's Darius Guide by Ravenborne | Darius Player
Phrxshn says “Malphite will outdamage if he has Arcane Comet keystone active, but will not with any other keystone. You out trade him with any other keystones or if his Arcane Comet Keystone is inactive. (Recommended Items: Blade of the Ruined King, Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Warwick) (Outscaling Edge: Even) ”
Phrxshn's Guide To Warwick by Phrxshn | Warwick Player
ERNESTSAURUS says “FLEET FOOTWORK / CONQUEROR SETUP - DORANS SHIELD / 3 REJUVENATION BEADS + POT = Malphite kit is basically designed to stop Hyper Carries or good duelist such as Tryndamere, Fiora, Master Yi or Jax. Malphite players usually go either full AP to try to burst you or full tank to make it super difficult for you to deal damage and properly peel your team. One really good tip is to check his runes via apps like Porofessor or even opgg, Check if they are playing with Biscuit Delivery since Malphite has a lot of Mana problems. In lane just look to use Fleet Footwork to outsustain his poke, also Malphite after 6 has a really good gank setup since his R knockup is so abussive, even if you have lvl 6 and Sheen I highly recommend to not try to do extended fights, only look to do short trades where you get rid of his passive and lower a bit his health bar, and do that until he is low enough so you either kill him or he has to back. Regardless of his build he won't be able to outpoke you so look to get as much stacks as possible to oneshot his backline. Later on to the game look to splitpush and force him to match you since he is mostlikely the frontline of his team. ”
[10.19] How to get Gold with Nasus, In Depth - All Matchups by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player
Fan22 says “You completely counter malphite beacuse he is an AD counter, but you have magic and True damage, and he has relatively low mobility. The problem its that LateGame, either tank or ap, his ultimate can turn Cho´gaths Win into a shaming loss. So be careful lategame against him.”
The Monster of the Void [10.19] Cho'Gath Top by Fan22 | Cho'Gath Player
chrisorion says “He's hard to kill in lane while being really good in teamfights. Start Corrupting Potion. His W and E are unreactable, while his Q has a shorter cooldown than your parry. You can only kill him if you parry his E, which is the attack speed debuff, post 6 he can just ult away making it basically impossible to kill them unless he overextends. Manamune is recommended as you won't be killing him.”
One Step Ahead! - Fiora Top by chrisorion | Fiora Player
Shumair says “Unless he goes comet, he'll have no kill pressure on you all game and even if he does he loses pressure after early levels. Malphite has a lot more armor than MR and even if he does build MR, Mordekaiser is known for shredding tanks due to % health damage. Play this lane how you want and try to influence the map as much as you can through counter jungling, Rift Herald etc.”
Fan22 says “Malphite its made for countering AD champs and you are an AP champion, so you should have it very easy but wacht out for ganks or suprises TP + R from malphite, since it can turn the game into his favor. ignite can help you to get some early kills against him but i think TP its better since Maokai doesnt really goes with the agresiveness of ignite and also tp lets you impact other lanes like malphite.”
The inmortal Tree [10.19] Maokai Top by Fan22 | Maokai Player
Twist21 says “A lot of people think malphite is a hard matchup for trynd but the thing is you can actually win it by not fighting Malphite and roaming with tp around the map.I would go Fleet with TP in this matchup.”
[Patch 10.19] Season 10 Tryndamere Toplane Guide by Twist21 | Tryndamere Player
StrikeX114 says “You will be able to zone out Malphite effectively until level 6. Once he has his ultimate, you will need to be constantly aware of your opponent's jungler to prevent a gank setup. Otherwise, be wary of Seismic Shard (Q), as it can lead to gank setups and is quite poweful on AP builds.”
top is high impact XD says “Malphite is kind of hard to do dmg to, and most of his dmg is magic. pray to god he makes a mistake during the early levels”
wukong 10.19 guide by top is high impact XD | Wukong Player
ItsmeKenny says “A winnable matchup, but heavily favors the malphite. You would want to trade early and bully him out if he is going arcane comet. However, if he is going a grasp / tank Malphite, you can just go tiamat and farm. DO NOT FARM IF HE GOES FULL AP, YOU WILL DIE OVER AND OVER AGAIN.”
LulzTVit says “Malphite has decent poke and can go R on you and if you don't react fast enough you have a chance to die.”
Tank Lux Top ( Try on normals first ) by LulzTVit | Lux Player
Regvy says “Huge armor=huge problem on lane”
YourFriendTuananh says “This can work both normal map and aram my friend”
Malphite AP one shot by YourFriendTuananh | Malphite Player
Steven on Jax says “hard to win againts him because of his E attack speed rucude”
Jax Top patch 10.19 best builds by Steven on Jax | Jax Player
Twist21 says “Malphite is a great anti-ad champion but he is incredibly weak in the early game.Try to snowball the lane before 6 and then roam around the map.”
[PATCH 10.18] TWISTGOD's TOPLANE JAX GUIDE by Twist21 | Jax Player
RemusEl says “He can poke you on lane with his annoying Q, and can separate you easily in a teamfight. The best option against him is to roam to other lanes. You scale better than him.”
It's an assassin! It's an ADC! No,it's Quinn! by RemusEl | Quinn Player
Bombabo says “Despite stacking armor, you can merely shrug off his damage, and your w completely ignores his attack speed slow”
How 2 Crab on 'em with Urgot by Bombabo | Urgot Player
wallobear53 says “Malphite is actually very weak in the early game. Although his abilities (mainly his Q) deal a lot of damage, they consume a lot of mana relative to his mana pool in those levels. You can afford to take some damage in this matchup since you will have an easy time in it after he uses up his mana. In this lane, you should prioritize taking farm by last-hitting the wave, so you can stack it up and crash it on his tower. Don’t forget to poke him constantly while he tries to CS. Malphite's trading patterns are to either poke with his Q when necessary or use all of his abilities and run away, and when he has Ultimate R, he will only use it if he can guarantee a kill. Unless you are low, you should extend the trade a bit longer after he uses his abilities to get some damage onto him. ”
[10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide by wallobear53 | Dr. Mundo Player
ForgottenProject says “A Shield, Poke and a Burst Combo once he hits Lv.6. [1]Try to parry his ult in All-ins. [2]If he rushes Bramble West against you, dont bother fighting him in lane you wont win the trades. [3]It's better to play this lane passively because you outscale him by the 20 minute mark if you're not behind. [4]He may not beat you but he will definitely beat your team in team-fights so stick with them if they keep dying.”
[S10] Rank #1 Fiora Guide - ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
TXK_ says “Strong poke can be countered with well timed W's and Doran's Shield. A relatively easy match-up. You will out sustain him due to Malphite's poor mana early so generate a lead.”
[10.19] Detailed Mordekaiser Top + Match-ups Guide by TXK_ | Mordekaiser Player
Womsky says “lane survival/conq set up, I play this lane every too often, cause ppl usually just pick malphite as the ultimate counter for tryndamere, which is not exactly how it goes, u don't auto loss the game if they pick malphite vs you, there is different ways of how this match goes, depends on how both of u want to play it, on the malphite side, he can pick grasp and straight up go tank, or he can go comet for poke and go ap, on ur side, you can go sustain with fleet and doran's shield, or u can go conq, and rush ravenous hydra, if i see him picking comet, i must start doran's shield, if i see him picking grasp i just go long sword and reju bead, how i used to play the match up before is going aggressive early with my sustain and kill him in the end, but the problem always is we both drop in hp and the enemy jungler comes in and one shot me before i kill malph and i loss the lane, so what i do now is chill till tiamat, and simply never trade, just spam Q on CD and relax, on tiamat i start trading abit but nothing too forcing, just harass to see if I can pull something out, once l reach ravenous hydra point, i start dominating cause he can't poke/outsustain me anymore, and my trades can be healed all back up with one wave from 20% hp so simply i will harass him to death this way and make him loss his mind, thats what worked out best for me, its a nice rush and a way to deal with malph cause its a really common pick against you, be careful from his level 6 cause he can easily combo it with a jgl gank to kill you, if u stay high enough hp u should be fine in a 1v1 from his burst.”
Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups by Womsky | Tryndamere Player
laoshin3v3 says “Klepto Earlygame you can trade a lot with him just dash into your Vitals and autoattack+parry afterwards he will immediatly use his E and u will hard win the trade. After lvl6 it will be 2v1 lane since malphite ult is mostly a free kill so don't waste parry and just survive. ”
[10.18] Lao's Fiora - Every Matchup by laoshin3v3 | Fiora Player
SkellyBirb says “Malphite can be super tanky or have extreme burst. If should win an all in if he hits his ultimate, but you can kite him fairly well. You also lose movement speed to his Q which can be devastating if you're low.”
[10.18] AD Ahri Top! Multiple Builds by SkellyBirb | Ahri Player
AWierdShoe says “His trading patterns are very predictable, and he’s got no way of stopping you from just taking short grasp-Q trades when he’s farming. Try to block his Q’s with your passive shield, and keep poking him down until he’s low enough for you to go for an extended trade. Make sure you don’t go for the all-in too early, because his attack speed reduction + his W damage is strong in those situations. ”
Amar4Amke1 says “Maybe one of the most annoying lanes you can face. He is weak in early levels so try to force him out early. If you try to trade with him after 3 he will just E and you probably can't finish one auto attack off before he runs out of range. He stacks armor too so your autoattacks won't do much damage to him.”
Horu says “If Malphite is going AP, its another free lane. He may keep poking you, but once you hit lv3, trading becomes one sided in your favor. Watch out for jungler trying to help him out. Start with w so when he goes to poke, you can cast your shield to counter as well as take his shield out.”
Yone by Horu | Yone Player
Urgotem says “Refer to Match Up Section”
Urgodzilla says “Try to get lead before he stacks too much armor because once he gets Thornmail you will not be able to kill him without your jungler's help. If he is going AP, this is better for you: he can't kill you in one rotation of his spells and you kill him after because he is squishy. Good thing is that his E is useless against you, because you don't care about attack speed.”
Urgot, The Dreadnought by Urgodzilla | Urgot Player
Fiora Pogjet says “He can rush armor and bramble vest which is very good against you. In the early game you can try to prarry his Q whenever he tries to poke you, so he doesn't get the movement speed. THen you can go for a trade. If he gets lvl 6 it will be even harder and you have to try to prarry his ultimate. ”
[S.10] Fiora Toplane Guide - FioraPogjet by Fiora Pogjet | Fiora Player
Ashookaa says “Welcome to War of Poke Ok its a hard lane if he is bad try to all in lvl 4 but when he hits his lvl 6 and ludens echo power spike u have no chanse to kill him when he is going tank build void staff as ur 5 item ”
♥|Lillia Top|♥ Look who's blooming now! by Ashookaa | Lillia Player
NullPC says “Break his shield and run him down. dosent have the sustani damage to be much of a threat”
A comprehensive guide to Urgot top by NullPC | Urgot Player
St0rmyss says “Try to kill him early.”
Tf Blade Jax by St0rmyss | Jax Player
Pelangirainbow says “Tank with Super power AP? WTF”
Graves Toplane ( bronze-gold) by Pelangirainbow | Graves Player
LeSocair says “Go MR rune stat. Q him all the time, that way he will not grow the shield, he's a pretty easy matchup at the moment, even killable if he's not exceptional at the champion.”
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16] by LeSocair | Gangplank Player
ModxLoL says “The trick with Malphite is to make him use his mana while your abilities are up. Don’t do full trades against him, but also do your best to not let his passive keep coming back up. It’s important to realize what the win condition is for Malphite by looking at his runes. If he has Arcane Comet and Inspiration he will have more mana to work with and is looking at maxing his Q for poke. If he goes Grasp or Aftershock with Inspiration, then he is looking to max his W or E. In these scenarios, use your W and 3rd Q to stop his autos to win trades. ”
Modx's Super Omega Giga Chad Riven Guide by ModxLoL | Riven Player
Flagoony says “Very easy lane. Poke him down with your Q autos and heal back his poke with your W's. When you are running low on mana, collect chimes and continue the process. Be careful of his level 6 power-spike though, as it may result in your death.”
A "Magical Journey" on AD Bard Top Lane by Flagoony | Bard Player
Nytefall24 says “His E is dodegable as well as his Ult if the spirit is used correctly. He is annoying with Q but dealable with BOTRK and Guinsoo's.”
Yone- The Azakana Hunter Top/Mid Guide. by Nytefall24 | Yone Player
MrMad2000 says “Impossible to kill, will oneshot you post-6. DO NOT BUILD LETHALITY IN THIS MATCHUP.”
CptTeemoOnDuty says “Early levels he is easy to kite, poke and just have a farm up lane or even kill him if he tries to fight too much. After level 6 be aware of ganks due to his ult. If he goes full AP he might become a lot trickier. Check more info below. ”
Teemo: The All-round Scout (Omnistone Teemo added) by CptTeemoOnDuty | Teemo Player
KingNklaus says “He cannot kill you but you cant kill him either every time you grab him he will just steal all of your movement speed and walk away ”
Enter and abandon hope Mordekaiser build TOP/MID by KingNklaus | Mordekaiser Player
E_IS_POWER says “Major: This lane can go either way depending on who has a lead. More information found below. ”
[Season 10] CrazyWolf's Fiora Guide 10.16 by E_IS_POWER | Fiora Player
vxryrvre says “super fucking annoying rock rat he pokes you then deletes you in a couple seconds by slowing ur attack speed and landing an instant crit”
BIG DICKCRANK by vxryrvre | Blitzcrank Player
EntxRecoil says “Fleet Footwork Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Dorans shield start. A lot of malphite players are doing the Q max arcane comet build with biscuit delivery to have maximum poke against you in lane so we need that extra sustain from this runeset and dorans shield to sustain. A big part of malphite whether he goes the grasp full tank build or a ap bruiser build is that they need mana to poke you down and to farm. If you are able to outsustain a malphite's mana pool you can make them miss a lot of farm. Also, if you keep them pushed in they will use mana to farm as well. When you have malphite pushed under turret it is essential when you are in a position where you can pressure him that you use the auto + spin out trade under turret for harass as well as getting autos on his turret (past 5 minutes.) Once malphite gets his first back for an item, see what he gets. If he gets mana like a glacial shroud you have to be more patient, but if he buys something like a bamis cinder or chain vest then try to do more to burn down his mana pool. Once he has used his mana to try to chunk you down (and you keep sustaining back up) then you can look for bigger trades and maybe even a dive with your ignite. In the mid-late game against malphite a lot of times you won't have the damage to kill him if hes building full armor like most malphite players do or unless you are extremely far ahead of him, so what you need to do is shove in the lane and force him to collect the farm on the split, then you out rotate him and flank his team (if there is an opportunity to) before he can match your rotation. Tryndamere has really good mobility which you want to make sure you take advantage of. Here is an youtube video example of how to play/lane against malphite and how to itemize as well. ”
FoggedFTW2 Tryndamere Guide by EntxRecoil | Tryndamere Player
BloodyDream81 says “Match up à l'avantage de Darius, il ne possède pas les dégâts de base suffisant pour te tuer, il faut que tu lui applique une pression constante pour éviter que son Shield passif se recharge, essaie d'éviter son E qui est la frappe au sol, car cela réduit ton atk speed de moitié, et diminue tes chances de le tuer, mais avec le fantôme tu as de grande chance de pouvoir le tuer tant qu'il n'est pas niveau 6, et même une fois niveau 6 n'hésite pas à le punir si il s'approche trop prêt ! En revanche reste vigilante et regarde souvent ta mini map, car Malphite à un excellent set up de gank qui t'assure la mort si le jungle ennemi vient et que tu ne t'y attend pas. Astuce : Les mercures sont un réel bonus contre malphite”
Darius Top by BloodyDream81 | Darius Player
Kingarthur720 says “Fleet Footwork Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Dorans shield start. A lot of malphite players are doing the Q max arcane comet build with biscuit delivery to have maximum poke against you in lane so we need that extra sustain from this runeset and dorans shield to sustain. A big part of malphite whether he goes the grasp full tank build or a ap bruiser build is that they need mana to poke you down and to farm. If you are able to outsustain a malphite's mana pool you can make them miss a lot of farm. Also, if you keep them pushed in they will use mana to farm as well. When you have malphite pushed under turret it is essential when you are in a position where you can pressure him that you use the auto + spin out trade under turret for harass as well as getting autos on his turret (past 5 minutes.) Once malphite gets his first back for an item, see what he gets. If he gets mana like a glacial shroud you have to be more patient, but if he buys something like a bamis cinder or chain vest then try to do more to burn down his mana pool. Once he has used his mana to try to chunk you down (and you keep sustaining back up) then you can look for bigger trades and maybe even a dive with your ignite. In the mid-late game against malphite a lot of times you won't have the damage to kill him if hes building full armor like most malphite players do or unless you are extremely far ahead of him, so what you need to do is shove in the lane and force him to collect the farm on the split, then you out rotate him and flank his team (if there is an opportunity to) before he can match your rotation. Tryndamere has really good mobility which you want to make sure you take advantage of. Here is an youtube video example of how to play/lane against malphite and how to itemize as well. ”
Let the anger take over - In depth Tryndamere guide top by Kingarthur720 | Tryndamere Player
Space69420 says “Should be a pretty easy match up just kite back and poke out of lane”
Karma Top/Mid Lane by Space69420 | Karma Player
Dantheman81 says “Malphite is similar to Nautilus, he gets very tanky but with your ult dealing a percentage max health you shouldn't have a big problem fighting him.”
How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke) by Dantheman81 | Yorick Player
ChocoChurro says “If he builds tank, you fuck him up. If he builds full AP, you could still win trades after he used his R if you got some kills and items.”
The top lane destroyer, Lillia by ChocoChurro | Lillia Player
Alan234 says “Any rune is fine. Malphite pressed Q. Its super effective! Malphite pressed R. You're dead! Grab ruby+null magic and harass him early (Goal is to get huge cs lead and win through item lead) Flash his ult and you're fine. Malphite is pretty gankable.”
[10.20] Alan234 - #1 EUW 900LP Chall Teemo Top OTP by Alan234 | Teemo Player
Grasp_Jhin says “He is low under 6lvl well , take care he is op with R and AP ! ”
The Grasp Jhin <3 [NON-UPDATED] by Grasp_Jhin | Jhin Player
Nodon says “he's preatty much you but stronger”
Lillia but a lot more annoying by Nodon | Lillia Player
Lintaar says “His Q is just a little annoying. You are AP so he cant rly scale off armor. You can dodge his R by just always having passive stacks and always moving. ”
LILLIA TOP LANE SHRED AND CARRY by Lintaar | Lillia Player
SpedIsOn says “Annoying with his Q and E aa slow.”
Sett The Boss by SpedIsOn | Sett Player
Colin0224 says “uh he beats you at every stage of the game. unkillable shitter. greaves bc tri you out-split him”
Garen is OP. Everyone builds him wrong by Colin0224 | Garen Player
Saturnyourube says “vs tank malphite. rush black cleaver and boots. vs AP malphite rush death death dance”
Solo Carry in your Elo With RIven by Saturnyourube | Riven Player
Angela du Seithr says “Malphite est un très bon Tank pouvant vous voulez votre vitesse de déplacement afin de se rapprocher, mais vous avez largement l'avantage en phase de lane. Toutefois, un Malphite AP peut vous mettre hors course, il faut rester prudent à l'itemisation du match up.”
[10.15] Lillia on the Top Lane [FR] by Angela du Seithr | Lillia Player
Alzeidx says “Keep trading with him to prevent his passive shield from coming up. Your sustain with Q and him having none is a big advantage in this matchup.”
Crixaliz says “Basicly both of you are kinda the same, just ignore and farm, if he trades, trade back, don't go for all ins unless he has like 30% health.”
Alzeidx says “Easy lane, just trade with him and push the lane, dont forget to ward though. He shouldnt be able to outrade you at all. Make sure to demolish him and deny his minions.”
SpyDaFX says “try to kill at level 3 and get a lead before level 6, his ult is very annoying, skill matchup. try to avoid trading when his Q is up since it will be harder for you to escape him with ur second E because of his Q. go Conqueror, ”
1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guidr by SpyDaFX | Renekton Player
Delvoid says “Your W is not effected by the attack speed slow. Punish him early and watch out for his ulti in late game”
Urgot to be tilted by Delvoid | Urgot Player
WayOfTheTempesst says “One of if not the hardest tank to play against as Yasuo. Early game you hard win obviously since tanks are very weak esp since Malphite can't abuse Aftershock early like most tanks. The reason I put him as a 3 is bc if you do not build up a big enough lead early, he sets up ganks so easily against you post 6. Only counter play to his ulti is to try to flash it but your flash has a massive CD compared to his ulti. Try to predict his E and dash away from him when he tries to lower your attack speed. Use your windwall on his Q only when your shield is down to take the least damage from his harass as possible.”
[Season 10.8 Yasuo Guide] WayOfTheTempest's Every Season Cha by WayOfTheTempesst | Yasuo Player
iTzToniOP says “You're not killing him but hes neither killing you. Just try to farm more than he does and try to be more useful later. This is one of those matchups where you should take advantage of your teleport to fight drakes or ganking bot.”
[10.14] iTzToniOP's reworked Volibear guide. #15 Volibear EU by iTzToniOP | Volibear Player
Nabura says “His R is VERY SHORT compared to your ult so you will need to stay very healthy to dissuade him from ulting you, let him Q you inside your own wave, as it's a single target spell and he will take minion aggro, and will push the wave to you simultaneously. Have your fingers ready on ALT+R.”
Mid/Top Kayle Guide Season 10 by Nabura by Nabura | Kayle Player
Nyx Adachi says “Nah, tauntealo antes de que tire su q y estarás bien, le ganaras casi todos los tradeos en general si bloqueas los basicos potenciados, ojo con ultear cerca de el”
Guia De Shen S10 Para Salir de Oro y otros elos by Nyx Adachi | Shen Player
ForOrion says “The rock is a really hardcore matchup. His regening armor negates any trades you can get and his overall engage on you leaves you useless to boot. Dont fight, but wait for ganks and a potential dumb malphite turret dive turn around.”
Shark 悪魔 of the Rift by ForOrion | Pyke Player
Dedrick says “He can't do anything to you, snuff his engage with autos and Q, heal through his poke with your E passive.”
(10.14) Tahm Kench Top Guide by Dedrick | Tahm Kench Player
MateuszNH says “Really Hard matchup. The longer the game the stronger he is compared to you, one of my most common ban. Try to trick him into 1 lvl fight and kill him or waste tp. For comet malphite doran shield is a must, he is slightly easier though than grasp, where you can fight him only after he misses E. Later on he is unkillable for you and even if he doesn't kill you lane is lost. ”
[10.14]Monkey king high elo ultimate guide ( IN PROGRESS) by MateuszNH | Wukong Player
JuarezLOL says “it is hard but there is several ways to beat him 1 early game at lvl 2 but with pushing your exp to g et lvl 2 faster 2 getting your ruined king 3 but consistently fighting after you get your life steal (900g)”
Best Guide For Jax by JuarezLOL | Jax Player
ACE4291 says “tanky but you are better watch for ganks ”
(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out! by ACE4291 | Tahm Kench Player
Hijitori says “His passive shield recovers every 10 seconds during laning phase makes it hard to poke down to low hp. He is playing with your gamestyle - poking and waiting for his ultimate to finish you when you are around 400-500 hp, always watch out for his Ultimate, consider he can be waiting in bushes for an ambush and finish you.”
Addition for Balori's ap Cho'God fans! (threats & tips) by Hijitori | Cho'Gath Player
Scoothare says “This isn't that hard of a lane, but damn it's tilting to fight him. Just save your shield for his poking ability, the stone thing (Q).”
[10.13] Ivern Attack Speed onetrick (All matchups) by Scoothare | Ivern Player
Javu767 says “You both are tanky so farming lane. Not a bad match up still,”
Singed Guide - The Mad Scientist by Javu767 | Singed Player
report singed ty says “Bad at tower farming so proxy. He can seriously hurt you in lane though.”
The Extensive Singed Bible (REMAKING) by report singed ty | Singed Player
gladiatorrr4 says “Try to poke Malphite from far away. You should farm up against him. If possible, you can bully him early. Watch out for his lvl 6!”
62% Winrate Diamond 1 Quinn! 10.12 SEASON 10! by gladiatorrr4 | Quinn Player
idadees says “Semplicemente il classico Tank anti AD, difficilmente potrò morire per mano di Aatrox. L'unico modo per ottenere valore da questo match up è cercare di zonarlo i primi livelli dal farm.”
[ITALIANO] CARRYARE CON AATROX | (TOP) by idadees | Aatrox Player
UlisesFRN says “His poke pre 6 is amazing plus his ult is great for all in. Try to get jungle assistance or surprise him with extended trades. ”
HIGH TEST TOP88 says “Can be rough if you can't punish his horrible earlygame, W max alot better than Q max due to his insane armor. You want MR if you think hes going comet or armor if you think he goes PTA, it depends on how insecure he is.”
Sq_09 says “Doable lane. You can bully him early. He can close up but you're mostly fine. Late he's not that much of a thread. ”
Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build) by Sq_09 | Ashe Player
WatchersGrim says “Malphite if played correctly and built correctly runes and mastery pages will be a hard lane to deal with. He has natural tank stats of course while having a good kit to fight you with. Just farm up and pick of squishier targets mid to late game. ”
not normal says “Just keep poking with fourth shot, and try not to take too much damage from his Q as it is a very strong poke and a slow plus speed boost for him. Don't take too much minion aggro. Be wary after lvl 6, as he can easily oneshot you.”
How to stay in Iron by not normal | Jhin Player
Beatport Expo says “No trouble, even If he builds AP”
SabinX says “More more more more more more armor. Presses E and disables your AAs.”
Wukong TopLane - Armor Reduction Build & Guide by SabinX | Wukong Player
Kingarthur720 says “Not too hard of a matchup. His armour becomes a nuisance late game so i recommend going the crithality build if possible to pass his armour or go LDR, BC and a lethality item. He cant kill you unless he ults you so try your best to flash/ predict when he will ult and be careful when he hits 6.”
AlexFL7000 says “If you don't kill him early you will never kill him. I would suggest bringing ignite.”
Second Wind Riven Guide by AlexFL7000 | Riven Player
Ashookaa says “Before he hits 6 parry his q and go for fast trades”
Low Elo one step ahead guide :D by Ashookaa | Fiora Player
VIP Titan says “I am sorry but with you Maxing E. His Armor stacking is no use. Tips: All you need to remember is when his E is on cool down so no reduce attack speed debuff than you can all in him. Again use Q to harassing him so that he can't get his shield back. ”
gabriel5ben9 says “If he pokes you, go all in (except if he's under tower). He succeeds at tanking physical damage, so he probably won't be a big problem.”
Toplane Tank Leona by gabriel5ben9 | Leona Player
ShaharKarisi says “Malphite can be annoying but Shyvana's trades are a bigger threat to him than he is to Shyvana. Try to push for level 6 to go for a hard all-in.”
TrinityForceYasuo says “When he Q's you if you have your passive up let it tank it, if not use your W to avoid the damage. Go in make him use his E go back and after few seconds you can go back in since his E will be on cooldown and he wont be able to lower your attack speed. Poke early game when he goes for minions and there should be surely an all-in potential 1-2 minutes later if he keeps disrespecting you. If you want buy bork against him it helps vs tanks to kill them and gives you a good sustain which allows you to take bad trades.”
Subject3 says “his auto attack slows are annoying, but it just stops the inevitable end they will have to experience over and over again.”
Tahm Kench Top / Bait and Kill by Subject3 | Tahm Kench Player
KayleMachine says “Is extremly tanky and will with a good jungler dive you over and over. after 6. Be aware of your own HP and track the enemy jungle.”
Captain Dantems says “Pokea ele, só tenha cuidado quando o 6 dele vier, antes disso você não tem muito oque fazer ele vai ficar jogando pneu em você e você vai ficar atirando nele. Grasp ou Clepto. Poção corrupta, cristal de safira com 3 poções de vida ou com refil.”
Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1 Milhão de maestria) by Captain Dantems | Gangplank Player
Starci says “His poke from his Q is really annoying, and it's impossible to catch him, since he can just Q you and you're slowed like hell while he transforms into sonic. If you parry his ult and stun him then you have a chance to kill him.”
Dominate the game with Fiora by Starci | Fiora Player
Vodka4Gaben says “As long as you don't lose trades, you will win. He will never be able to out damage your ultimate's healing so you should be good as long as you don't let him poke with his Q.”
[10.11] ILLAOI S10 GUIDE - THE QUEEN OF TOP LANE by Vodka4Gaben | Illaoi Player
HighSnork says “Unfair match-up just dodge. No point in even trying.”
Fizzmaker says “Dont know why people Think he is op ”
Garen by Fizzmaker | Garen Player
Discord Rengar Mains says “Yeah, maybe picking Rengar against one of the best anti-AD tanks in the game was not the best idea. You have a few windows of opportunity to deal with him though, specially around levels 3 to 5, which is where you are at your strongest. Try to keep his shield down as much as possible and whittle him down little by little, doing an all-in on him is impossible if he isn't at least below 50% HP. Whenever he lands his E on you retreat and save your stacks for a double W so you can nullify his combo damage. From level 6 onward there is not much you can do, since you will either be facetanked and steamrolled, ganked, or he will use R to run away. His ult is THAT much of a gamechanger. If you do not have any APs in your team I would strongly recommend you either pick something else, or dodge, because he will only keep getting stronger. Get BoTRK + BC if you want to have an easier time, but beware his E completely fucks over your all in because of the massive AS reduction. Ignite can work if you are 100% sure you can kill him early, else TP is better to follow him and keep up pressure. Conqueror is the way to go, it's the only way you can reliably fight him at any point during the game.”
Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1 by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player
CounterBlad3 says “Absolute cancer to play against, his q causes your movement speed to mean nothing and his armor stacking is still hard to kill even with your e passive and cleaver”
Top Lane Domination with Darius [10.10] by CounterBlad3 | Darius Player
NaCLBait says “Go for e into q and don't bother auto attacking him when he uses his e. Just farm and outscale him.”
Revamped Sion Top Guide by NaCLBait | Sion Player
Itreallyhim says “Rock solid, well for atleast a few seconds. Be careful with his ult, Trade long trades in lane, Since you mainly use Q just click on him instead of trying to orbwalk when he uses E.”
itreallyhim's Mordekaiser Guide! [100% Matchups] by Itreallyhim | Mordekaiser Player
Rivenetto says “Block his Q damage with ur E,play around his mana in early game.When he starts to build armor you cant kill him,play around other lanes and objectives.”
Riven is counter to next adc buffs by Rivenetto | Riven Player
LycheeMochigome says “May poke you with q but skaarl has a lot of health and he does have a mana bar, so just go in when he tries to go for cs”
Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled) by LycheeMochigome | Kled Player
ItsPaulygon says “Very hard match up for Jax, will be very annoying for you. He will be weak before he hits level 3, but after that, it will be tough. When you jump on him, he will most likely press E and you will lose the trade easily. After level 6, he has a powerful game changing ultimate that he can chain with his jungler. Play passively and wait for ganks.”
top is high impact XD says “can easily itemize into bork, has a lot of poke and an insane level 6 all in that you have to watch out for”
Jax BOTRK abuser NO. 1026787 by top is high impact XD | Jax Player
The Ryann Kingg says “Malphite is not able to damage you at all once you complete your first three items. Abuse him early on to shut him out of the game. ”
TOP Shyvanna Korean Build(Conqueror) by The Ryann Kingg | Shyvana Player
AkaiAsura says “Malphite isn't a really trouble in early lane, but if you can't manage the lane well, he can surclass you because at one point he will become too much tanky for your damage.”
[10.9] Gangplank "Got every angle covered." by AkaiAsura | Gangplank Player
Erenando says “Stack dude. Just stack. His E will decrease your attack speed but who cares. He deals no damage. He needs a jungler to fight you. Stack budy. You have been blessed to fight a stone.”
OnePunchDog by Erenando | Nasus Player
Anyerlaw says “Aunque puedas stunearle con su propia r, te pokeará durante toda la partida con su q. Comprate Mercurian Boots y Malmortius.”
Guia en Español de Fiora OTP (Season 10) by Anyerlaw | Fiora Player
wolfclaw3812 says “AP Malphite can poke you out of lane. Tank Malphite can shrug off your pokes. No matter which, when he ults you, you are probably going to die unless you are that ahead or he is that low. Go tank. ”
Every One's a Treasure by wolfclaw3812 | Teemo Player
DabPajusDab says “Really hard lane to win after lvl 6. Yes you will deal damage after BC but you can't die to him. If he builds a lot of armor he will just run or even kill you. Respect his damage and try to lane and farm.”
My amazing Crabgod! by DabPajusDab | Urgot Player
Gabotinus316 says “Get early kills and don´t let him get many minions and you'll be fine. Also build armor penetration.”
Nasus for low ELO by Gabotinus316 | Nasus Player
SuperPopo7 says “Fight early, but when he gets armor you cannot kill him, better to push the wave then roam”
HDlucky says “Just outdamage him by going all in.”
Cats4lyfe123 says “It'll be hard to get away from Malphite when he uses Seismic Shard, but at level 2 you can out-trade him. Try to dodge his ultimate with your E.”
AP Bruiser Akali Top by Cats4lyfe123 | Akali Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Lose: Will add more later”
[10.5] The Steel Shadow - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Camille Player
Rusty Toplaner says “Lose: Will add more info later”
[10.9] The Grand Duelist - Guide by Rusty Toplaner | Fiora Player
ShinyEmo says “Due to his relatively weak early game, Master Yi struggles against most tanks and Malphite is even tankier. He will poke you hard and after some armor, you can't kill him. You will need at least 2-3 items to kill him. Luckily, you can dodge his Ult with your Q. ”
Some Master Yi Top & Jung Stuff (W.I.P.) by ShinyEmo | Master Yi Player
VictoriousGogi says “I will talk more in-depth about matchups in another section. ”
[10.8] Jax Top Guide by VictoriousGogi | Jax Player
Death Rusofag says “Yendo tanque te gana en daño, poco puedes hacer así que trata de farmear y espera ganks. Intenta hacerle trades cortos aunque él pueda mitigar bastante daño por su escudo.”
[10.8] Poppy, La Yordle Inmortal by Death Rusofag | Poppy Player
shinsuky says “Q obviously boring against you, after his 6 you wont do a sht”
jeremythefrog says “hes a rock and he will fuck you up”
chromeq3 says “This one depends. He can be useless if he builds tank, but if he builds AP you probably need to rush Mercury's until you can do some solid damage.”
chromeq3's Kayn Top Guide! // by chromeq3 | Kayn Player
Nerkas says “His shield is annoying, but he excels at crushing AD champs, not AP. Pretty even”
Swain, The Ultimate Teamfight Carry in 9.19 by Nerkas | Swain Player
Jays_v says “GG GO NEXTTTT!!! You actually can't do anything to this rock, he outscale you, have a lot of armor to fuck your hole life up. Just dont focus him, focus the ADC.”
A Tryndamere Guide For Beginners by Jays_v | Tryndamere Player
MoregankFreefarm says “Reduces your attackspeed and pokes you. Hard matchup.”
The balanced version of Master Yi by MoregankFreefarm | Jax Player
StephanBJ says “Keep poking him and try to get him as low as possible until you get lvl 3 then you should rush to kill him, He has a good ultimate so use it wisely ”
The Beginner's Guide for Sylas by StephanBJ | Sylas Player
Average Ahri says “Is he full tank? Good, you're going to crush him. Is he ap? Even better, you're going to crush him under his tower.”
Poppy guide for climb by Average Ahri | Poppy Player
Blazeofepicness says “Start corrupting potion and take the cut down rune. Look for trades level 3 and try an all in level 6. Once he gets 2-3 items, he becomes a monster. ”
Wukong Top Guide by Blazeofepicness | Wukong Player
abihe4dy says “Disgustingly easy engage and high burst damage”
Every Build Path for Kayle Top by abihe4dy | Kayle Player
dinole says “Maybe one of the most annoying lanes you can face. He is weak in early levels so try to force him out early. If you try to trade with him after 3 he will just E and you probably can't finish one auto attack off before he runs out of range. He stacks armor too so your autoattacks won't do much damage to him. If he E's just jump away with Q so you wont take more damage from him. Beware at 6 since his ult is really strong cc that can enable the enemy jungler to get a free kill on you if you aren't careful.”
Jax TopLane guide by dinole | Jax Player
Thr3shPrinc3 says “You will always win this lane for the same reason as the Nasus lane. You can just bully him in early game and stop him from farming up. I highly recommend you still take Fleet Footwork in this lane since he will poke you with Q and you need the movement speed, but since you have so much kill pressure take Ignite over Teleport. Try and use your Energized attack on him AFTER his Q hits you when you want to kill him as this will mitigate the amount of movement speed he gets and ensure you can still catch him.”
Thresh Top : How To Play, How to Win!!! by Thr3shPrinc3 | Thresh Player
ForgottenProject says “FARM IT OUT Bring Corrupting Potion and focus on farming You outscale the fuck out of him Don’t fight him if he builds Bramble Vest and Ninja Tabis You will get fucked if you try to fight against Bramble Vest Malphite He runs out of Mana quickly, so abuse his high Mana costs and all in him when he is OOM Remember that he gets 3x Armor when his shield is active, so be careful about fighting him when it is up”
(Season 10) Rank #1 NA Fiora Guide by ForgottenProject by ForgottenProject | Fiora Player
PH45 says “You both are tanks, and you mainly deal magic damage, while Malphite usually wants to get armor. You also have built-in sustain meanwhile he only has a shield. Most likely a farm lane once again though Malphite has no escapes pre-6 excluding his summoner spells.”
Spear Shot says “You can probably beat him early, but he will begin to outscale you post-6, so becareful.”
The Spear Shot BUILD by Spear Shot | Pantheon Player
The Lost Drawing says “Muy molesto pero matable. No te pongas a pegarle basicos ya que te quita velocidad de ataque. Aplica la mima que a Garen y a Kled”
Poppy la Carry by The Lost Drawing | Poppy Player
Pedrokis says “É uma lane chata pelo fato de ele ser um tank focado em armadura. / O slow no attack speed que ele dá no E é bem chato e afeta MUITO a velocidade do seu hit da passiva. / Se ele chamar o jungler você tá meio ferrado, em razão da ult e do dano até grande que ele dá. / Usa muito o seu Q pra dar bastante dano; depois você vai pra cima quando ele tiver mais low life.”
Aatrox Brabo do Pedrokis by Pedrokis | Aatrox Player
Trial_By_Barrel says “All you really have to do is poke him and farm. Keep oranges handy for when he dives you so he doesn't get a guaranteed kill. If he dives you be sure to save your oranges for when he Q's you so he can't get the movement speed buff and catch up to you (if you can).”
Builds And Tips - Beginner's Guide To Gangplank by Trial_By_Barrel | Gangplank Player
Braddik says “You can kill him before he gets his tank items, but after that neither of you will kill each other. Look to outscale.”
Joaking says “R+Q+E and you're death. Start with your E and avoid his Q dmg in early game. He's a mana eater, so try to make him waste it, it's the only way to win the lane.”
Ultimate Riven guide: How to climb elo by Joaking | Riven Player
TheBiskoppen says “Malph is easy early before he has all that crazy amount of armor, call for the jungler to get a lead and then zone him off farm.”
Crazy Crocman (Low Elo Match ups get gold+ ez pz) by TheBiskoppen | Renekton Player
NoxianBlood says “Malphite stacks allot of armor, but you will be surprised how much damage you will do to him procking your grasp and your W shield, you can easily kill him and he will deal no damage to you, only threat about Malphite is when he collaborates with his teammates against you. but solo he can't hurt you. if he goes ap, just stack magic resist, he will deal no damage and plus he's gonna be squishier and easier to kill.”
Sion Guide by NoxianBlood | Sion Player
Split King says “Malphite is a very good anti-ad tank. But you are a mage with this build so that is the least of your worries. He cannot get to you without using Ultimate and he is quite easy to deal with pre 6. Your dot will ensure that his passive will never recover.”
Split King: Control Mage Teemo by Split King | Teemo Player
BeautifulWinter says “Prior to 6 passive. Post 6 agro when ult is up. Super easy match up but respect his early trades. Your ult can be used to dodge his ult.”
Illaoi build guide by BeautifulWinter | Illaoi Player
Valorkyrie Quinn says “Malphite is just... a natural QUINN COUNTER. I'd suggest you just simply ban him. He has high armor and even some burst with his W. Your only window of opportunity is pre-6. If you can't beat him early, you'll be surely rekt post-6. Tip: Take aggressive trades early, so he cannot respawn his passive shield, and use up mana for his Q. Malphite is quite mana-hungry early game if he uses his Q often. After level 6 just roam to other lanes and take advantage from kills, because it's impossible for Quinn to beat him up. Always bring Nullifying Orb and Cut Down.”
Phoenix, Fly! 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! [10.5] by Valorkyrie Quinn | Quinn Player
Mysterious Spoof says “slows your attack speed and renders trading pretty useless, especially if he goes for q max, you're never going to touch a minion without coming out behind until you get a black cleaver”
Diamond Jax Guide by Mysterious Spoof | Jax Player
xxskipskipxx says “E his Q and Break his Shield before going for long trade!”
(DIA)Riven Top 9.22 GUIDE [Matchups incl.]Testing season 10 by xxskipskipxx | Riven Player
feederfromelohell says “Really? Just ignore him, farm and stack Grasp of the undying. His R can be dangerous combined with turret aggro.”
The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion by feederfromelohell | Sion Player
Big Belly Bop says “Hard match up. Pre-6 you should focus on poking, and denying him farm. Post-6 however, you need to watch out and predict when he's going to all in. If he goes full AP ready to cry in your sleep or AFK in base. E out and W him for a safe escape, I recommend changing out for Nullifying Orb in the rune page. Flash + Barrier, Doran's Shield + 1 HP, Sustain rune page.”
[10.3] Only Senna Top's TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE by Big Belly Bop | Senna Player
ExfIamed says “So with Dwayne Johnson you basically lose every trade cause they overbuffed the fuck out of his damage, but he runs out of mana after he full combos twice so use that to your fullest advantage, and don't get near him if you're at 40% hp cause he'll kill you before you can even say demacia. ( get it cause garens shitty ass ult animation thats killed me 800 times before of how slow it is and how people can fucking cancel it )”
ExflamedMMask's Indepth Climbing Guide for Garen in S10 by ExfIamed | Garen Player
Verdehile says “Hardest match up for trynd. You can only kill a decent malph player before he buys frozen heart or randuins. After that you can only 1v1 him if hes half hp and you're ahead of him by a decent amount.”
9690 says “Very easy lane. Cannot trade with us at any point in the game.”
Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed) by 9690 | Mordekaiser Player
Loevely says “Annoying matchup that you can play around. Max W since he slows AA speed anyway. Grasp is your best friend, proc it as often as you can.”
(10.3) In-Depth Rengar Top Guide by Loevely | Rengar Player
Corin_devaliere says “A rare top lane pick in this season, be aware, he don't depend of his aa to deal damage, but with your empowered Q you may beat him”
Crushing Top and Support with SHEN (CHECK THE RUNES) by Corin_devaliere | Shen Player
numpadddd says “Annoying Q but high mana costs, strong ult but its definetly doable !”
10.3 CARRY Every Game With GAREN! by numpadddd | Garen Player
Ends says “If he builds armor you're fucked.”
600k Mastery Aatrox Guide by Ends | Aatrox Player
LuxIsMyCrush says “go double magic resist on adaptive runes and nullifying orb, rush wit's end and his damage should be a joke, he will not be able even 80% of your hp with an all in at level 6 and his Q will do almost no damage. as main rune I'd say to pick Aery (which kinda got nerfed so if you want to stick on sorcery primary comet or phase rush are better at least until Riot decide to giv back double proc) and poke him when you have the ocassion, also deny his farm as much as possible, once he use his Q to poke you he can't really trade back.”
Teemo serious guide [10.2] by LuxIsMyCrush | Teemo Player
XPRflew says “Just farm under tower because he will keep on poking you with his q when he runs out of mana and your lv 6 with mana you can finally fight him”
Nasus Guide Build Season 10! + Match Ups by XPRflew | Nasus Player
mightydylan101 says “Malphite isn't played much but when he is played properly it can be dangerous but if you farm and poke safely when you can he wont all in you and you might even be able to kill him. Remember to punish him when he walks up for CS.”
[10.1] Top Low Elo Stomper by mightydylan101 | Teemo Player
ProgettoYorick says “Malphite will be able to go aggressive in early, you just have to hit him. In late you just have to play it well with your R OTP tip: be careful if you have low life, malphite will win”
Greekamol says “Hard to kill and he scales hard. Try to make sure you can cut him down.”
Vizzpers says “ Best Tank into Kled, Lategame His Attack Speed Reduction Makes you Useless in a 1v1”
14 Y/O Master Kled Main Guide by Vizzpers | Kled Player
Skarner Main says “deepends on if hes tank or ap but just try farm i normaly run klepto vs tanks so i get something out from trading with them ”
Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate by Skarner Main | Skarner Player
Fluddah says “Hes just tanky, kinda understandable, he also has pretty high base damage on q and e, so when fighting be weary of that!”
A Silvers Guide To Kayn Top by Fluddah | Kayn Player
Karnan says “Usually seen if you got full AD team. Which sucks. Avoid fighting if he gets bramble vest and just powerfarm.”
DerpzGG says “Very Ez Lane but, he can still be useful for the enemies for Teamfights.”
Darius Guide S10 by DerpzGG | Darius Player
Objective focus says “Note: you will have awful attack speed thanks to his shield.”
AlienMV says “Similar to Gangplank, he has a point and click Q that will poke you down over time, although he's otherwise not very threatening.”
Kayle I Guess by AlienMV | Kayle Player
JokeRulHD says “Go normal build against this”
CRIT UDYR by JokeRulHD | Udyr Player
JohnnyC says “Try to 1vs1 him don't try to dodge any ambush of his Ult”
1 hit 736 health by JohnnyC | Darius Player
just000jay says “The movent speed from his Q is very annoying, but once your on him, he can't stop you from killing him/”
Attack Speed Cho'Bank Top Guide ( OP ) by just000jay | Cho'Gath Player
Rime101 says “Start Dshield if he has Comet! Q max and poke him down. If he’s building bruiser/AP you can easily poke him out of lane Don’t AA his turret very much, focus on poking him out of lane. He has lots of kill pressure when lvl 6 with a jg gank. Focus on poking him out of lane ”
[9.23] Rime's Ultimate Kennen Guide - KENNEN OTP by Rime101 | Kennen Player
Mr. Nyahr says “You're really only worried about his ultimate.”
[9.23] By Wing and Blade - Kayle Top Guide by Mr. Nyahr | Kayle Player
ryzetrox says “Insanely tanky. Almost impossible to kill but he cant really kill you either. Watch out for his jungler.”
Top 10 singed says “Skalniak jest głupi i jak dobrze zagra to nie zabijesz go raczej ”
Najlepszy singed w Polsce by Top 10 singed | Singed Player
Generally Break says “Probably your worst matchup. You probably can't kill him in lane unless he messes up. Your movement speed doesn't help you outplay his Q. If he hits you with an ult you're dead. Run TP, Farm as best you can, and roam a lot.”
The Quinntessential Guide - Preseason 10 Edition by Generally Break | Quinn Player
picklehater77 says “If he's building Armor, he's a straight 5. If he's building AP, it's a skill matchup.”
Bajnok says “Force early fights, don't let him to refresh his passive. Start with Hexdrinker and Executioner's calling. You can't really kill him after early game due to his amor scaling.”
[9.23] The Unstoppable Spear (Not finished) by Bajnok | Pantheon Player
Jnewbringspain says “Simply put, he cannot handle your sustain. Also, Malphite is at a disadvantage if forced to build Magic Resist, so you have a big advantage in this one.”
Cho'God - Hybrid Damage/Tank Top Lane! by Jnewbringspain | Cho'Gath Player
ChrisPs says “If you poke him back eventually you will scale off better and then you may be able to get a couple of kills on him . But be aware of his R and keep vision in the river bush . ”
Orn Guide Top/Support by ChrisPs | Ornn Player
Hamstertamer says “Annoying matchup. Conqueror is an absolute must, and early magic resist recommended. You can hold your own in a 1v1 but keep wards for obvious ganks especially when he hits 6.”
The meme lord - with detailed matchups by Hamstertamer | Nasus Player
Atlascrower says “Try to Q him as often as possible at lvl 1/2. Dont let his Passive reset. Sometimes, aa him with your passive. You cant kill Malphite, if he gets Lvl 3/4 with enough HP. LW is a Core-Item. He deals much Damage as a Tank, be aware of it.”
Oh Captain my Captain! by Atlascrower | Gangplank Player
ineptpineapple says “This guy is so stupid in every matchup. Slow him to hell when he slows you and when he goes in with his ult ult yourself and he will slowly scramble away from you. Awful matchup tho he is just too tanky.”
Agro Lissandra top lane S9 by ineptpineapple | Lissandra Player
Pacal Votan says “Almost a free farm lane.. just ignore him and farm. be careful with his ULT with a gank lvl 6.”
[9.21] Nasus The Chase One by Pacal Votan | Nasus Player
Guantecillo says “A nivel 6 se vuelve muy peligroso, pero también es muy predecible, aprovechate de eso.”
Guía de Teemo en español (En proceso) by Guantecillo | Teemo Player
AsomeSonic says “DON'T GROUP, he's very damaging in lane, don't try to kill him it becomes a pain with his attack speed slow, it's possible to kill him but a pain”
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer by AsomeSonic | Poppy Player
SummonedLight says “Depends on the malphite. You will most likely win unless he gets fed.”
From Toxic to Nuclear A Gold's Guild to Singed. by SummonedLight | Singed Player
Chromuro says “The few time he goes AP is a problem, but you can understand that immediatly with the first item, it isn't like cho'gath. He goes OOM pretty quickly, so you can hit him as much as you can. Time your ult with his ult and you win lane.”
Faith of the depths [S9] by Chromuro | Illaoi Player
sir monsieur says “Malphite is a major threat because of his sustain (his passive will absorb some of your pokes) and his annoying homing Q which he can spam every 8 seconds. After 6 he'll be able to all-in you and you will most probably die or go home with line pushed under your tower. The only thing you can counter his R with is Flash, but it's CD is 3.5 times longer that Malph's R. Read matchup details below.”
Top Sona Late Support (Testing New Meta) by sir monsieur | Sona Player
HKRV says “Malphite is a weird champ that has a Q that cannot be dodget in any way. In early game if he abuses it a lot runs out of mana quickly, the way for you to kill him. Be more defensive here as whatever if he full tank or AP the ult will more likely leads you to kill you. Great setup for a gank too. Have vision and make him suffer under tower. If you can avoid ganks, the early game is your and he can't do much. ”
Rhinoface says “AP and tank Malphite are both incredibly boring to lane against but shouldn't pose much of a risk to you. Not worth ulting until after he ults, as he can use his to dodge yours.”
400k Mastery Mordekaiser Top/Mid/ADC ALL MATCHUPS by Rhinoface | Mordekaiser Player
EpicDan01 says “You can sustain his Q poke and outdamage him with your own high magic damage.Beware of getting to low HP at level 6 as he has decent burst with his ult.”
Dr Mundo Top Guide - Run Them Down + Matchups by EpicDan01 | Dr. Mundo Player
Poppu says “Builds full armor, outdamages you by just going tank. Wait for ganks or make teamplays before he does.”
[Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top! by Poppu | Poppy Player
Aizo says “The easiest lane matchup you can be gifted is tank malphite. AP malphite is slightly more difficult but you can dodge his nuke with your W pretty easily. Just whale on this guy dude... its malphite”
CHALLENGER Maokai Top OTP Guide by Aizo | Maokai Player
MyNameIsHugan says “Champions with a lot of hp and armor and long range cc like malphites ult is broken against quinn and can burst her down easily. U do outscale them often tho so play safe.”
notlmaze says “this boi pain like a rock send help!!”
Lmaze's Camille Fleet Guide by notlmaze | Camille Player
CrimsonAngel1 says “Malphite's poke is a concern. Starting a doran's shield and building a spectres cowl can mitigate his poke.”
Aa Guide Aabout Aatrox. Aatrox Guide. by CrimsonAngel1 | Aatrox Player
Petethebossch says “Free Lane. Just sustain his q's with your pots and runes and stack to your heart's content. He has strong gank assist post level 6 with his ult though so ward for that.”
9.17 Split-push Nasus by Petethebossch | Nasus Player
MehmetPower69 says “He will poke you with his Q and that is just something you will have to deal with. If he gets to close or tries to melee a creep you can atempt a all in trade and maybe force him out of lane so you can get your ulti before him.”
Fiora guide by MehmetPower69 | Fiora Player
Lynboe says “Le matchup est similaire aux autres tanks, cependant son passif et son ulti vont le rendre plus difficile à tuer, face à un Darius il choisira probablement de jouer avec comète et de max son Q afin de vous poke durant toute la laning phase, il est donc judicieux de prendre un Doran’s shield et Second Wind pour éviter d’être trop dérangé et de pouvoir continuer de le zoner facilement. Le Conqueror scale très bien face à lui et vous permettre de le tuer bien plus facilement. Il n’y a aucun équipement spécifique à acheter face à ce gros caillou. ”
TheOsKaRoO says “No mobility. The only time he can kill you is via jungler ganks.”
CARNAGE UPON THEM // Plat+ Aatrox Top Tank Hybrid Tactic by TheOsKaRoO | Aatrox Player
Jnewbringspain says “Malphite isn't as big a counter as you might think. He has a shield and passive armor resistance, and his E will drop your attack speed, but if you build Hextech Gunblade first, your magic damage will be greatly increased through your abilities and you can win trades.”
Top Jax - Fear The Walking Eggplant! by Jnewbringspain | Jax Player
Necrops says “Black Cleaver+ Last Whisper is the way to go.”
9.16 Mantheon Top Build by Necrops | Pantheon Player
messketchup says “Pretty easy lane. His E is quite annoying and his R is good for gank engage. However you should win 1vs1 easily.”
Angela du Seithr says “Si vous avez la malchance d'avoir un duo Jungler AD, Malphite ne vous laissera aucune opportunité de le tuer en phase de lane. En teamfight, il reviendra facilement sur vous à l'aide son ultime.”
[9.16] Pantheon's Fall by Angela du Seithr | Pantheon Player
Smartest2 says “This is actually a pretty tough lane for Teeto if Malphite plays it well. He can just harass you down with Q and take the CS hit. I recommend pushing into his tower to keep him from farming, and AA+Q harassing him.”
Smartest2's Diamond Teeto Top Build by Smartest2 | Teemo Player
SteamingBullet says “Easy target, his slow is countered by yours and alone his ult won't be enough. Beware the AP Malphite.”
[9.15] The Legendary Tank Twitch Top by SteamingBullet | Twitch Player
Zestysquid says “This lane mostly depends on how predictable the enemy is. If you can telegraph his ult, it allows you to bait super easily. If you can't, you may be in for a rough time. In the latter situation try to bait his ult out on your clone.”
The Chad Clown - 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick by Zestysquid | Shaco Player
Jnewbringspain says “Malphite presents a bit of a problem because your W is completely useless against him. He is almost purely a caster. Also, his E will drop your attacks speed significantly so be careful getting in close. He has mana problems early on, and a bit of magic resist goes a long way against him whether he's going AP or tank build. Also, be particularly careful using ult with him nearby. He can easily cancel your teleport if he ults you.”
Save Your Teamates! Top Lane Shen by Jnewbringspain | Shen Player
zuiop21 says “If you are able to avoid using W while your attack speed is reduced, then Malphite shouldnt have enought DMG to kill you. (Wit's End Recommended) ”
[9.14 Kled Guide] The Grievous Wound Boi by zuiop21 | Kled Player
M2 Jizu says “Aunque el Malphite vaya full tanque, comprate resistencia mágica, revisa el equipo enemigo para ver si necesitas las Botas de Mercurio, si ves que las necesitas compralas en el primer back.”
Yisuo says “Very hard to trade with, his attackspeed reduction is annoying to trade against, if he pokes, just e”
Yisuo: Riven to beyond (unfinished) by Yisuo | Riven Player
Bombabo says “Despite building tons of armor, Malphite does prroly against Aatrox in lane. Without burning his ult, he has no way to dodge your Combo, and cannot hope to outdamage or outsustain you”
The Darkin Chad (WIP) by Bombabo | Aatrox Player
mahlightning says “He's not a threat til he gets ult at all. And even at that point the jungle is the threat not him just make sure you ward.”
He makes things and upgrades them...yeah by mahlightning | Ornn Player
Solink says “His E is just really annoying for tryndamere. During lane you can't kill him but he can't either. Just free farm and outscale him.”
TRYNDAMERE 9.14 HIGH CDR SPIN by Solink | Tryndamere Player
RainbowNova says “Against regular Tenmo, Malphite would absolutely win lane no questions asked. Sadly enough for Malphite mains, this is a guide for Tankmo. Malphite's damage gets blocked by Adaptive Helm and Thornmail, so you'll be able to poke him down.”
Dr.Chrishock says “He steals ur ms with Q so you cant really auto attack him if he goes tank you have a chance but if he goes ap u are a dead man”
zygiux says “Will poke down with Q. Level 6 propably will be full go in for him since he will see that you can't stand his tankiness and armor. (maybe even ap)”
Luki7776 says “Pretty easy matchup. He can't kill you in any way. His damage is like nothing compared to usual build.”
[9.12] AATROX TOP GUIDE by Luki7776 | Aatrox Player
nkdalhajry says “he will keep poking you with q so try to play more safe under tower”
Zed top by nkdalhajry | Zed Player
FunkySoul says “You can't afford to let him scale. He'll just constantly poke you and slow you and ult you and you won't even have time to R. Out farm him however, and you will win every time.”
[9.11] FunkySoul's Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg) by FunkySoul | Tryndamere Player
Brentard says “You can't really hurt him, he can't really hurt you. But you can roam real easy. ”
Speedy Von Garen (Carry build) by Brentard | Garen Player
TechnoRenekton says “Poke. Be carefull if he buys Ninja Tabi or an Armor Item. All in on 6 or when overextended.”
"Welcome the havoc!" [9.10] by TechnoRenekton | Renekton Player
Bunny OwO says “Easy to fuck up early, but he does do some damage and takes next-to-none once he's armored up.”
A Gold Player's Darius Guide by Bunny OwO | Darius Player
DrMoneybags says “I find this matchup to be pretty straight-forward with conqueror and anti-tank items. Just be careful of jungler ganks. Even if you kill him early, he will still provide utility to his team later on. So be sure to splitpush efficiently to counteract his team-fight abilities. ”
Arcthunder says “Your axe is made to cut rock. Poke him over and over again and eventually, he will crack.”
Big Boy Matty D says “Full Clap Malphite isn't that great into a full-tank Malphite unless you snowball on him early.”
FULL CLAP MALPHITE by Big Boy Matty D | Malphite Player
Qubert64 says “Low kill potential. Run Klepto. Roam when possible. Get that massive lead.”
Shen 9.10 S9 (Chapters Coming Soon) by Qubert64 | Shen Player
kubsak26 says “His only movement ability is his ult and his dmg is pretty low he also don't have much range other than q which you can block with your w efectivly. Because of that you can easly harrase him with your poke and get procs and farm w. In team fights you can take his ult on your self for free or even conter it with your ult. As a full tank he can't do much more then cc your team do just try to keep him on you or away from dmg dealers.”
Skoh says “- Work in progress -”
[FR] NASUS IS OVERCHEAT by Skoh | Nasus Player
The_CuItivator says “Darius counters Malphite plain and simple. But Malphite is a beast in team fights thanks to the ult and his tankiness.”
The Punisher- Solo Beast Darius by The_CuItivator | Darius Player
Zdenster says “Go Kleptomancy or Conqueror. Rush Sheen. Max Q before E.”
TheNinjaRoid says “Can't stop you from farming. If he ults you out of nowhere, he's probably got a teammate nearby. You can win if you're able to farm and have a Sheen, just be careful of ganks.”
Ultimate Nasus Guide from a Nasus OTP - Patch 9.9 by TheNinjaRoid | Nasus Player
MrFakeHero1 says “This match up is easy taking Resolve secondary.”
Gunner Teemo 9.9 by MrFakeHero1 | Teemo Player
MediocrePolk says “Klepto D shield, he will stack armor go cleaver ”
Rengar Top by MediocrePolk | Rengar Player
Khazem says “Shield his Q spam, abuse his weak early game and build a lead before he starts stacking magic resistance. If possible, try to damage him often enough so he can't regain his passive shield.”
Top Lane Rumble - A comprehensive guide by Khazem | Rumble Player
LosAngeloser says “His damage is surprisingly high. His all ins are a big threat to you, but you can generally outscale him, so just take grasp and play it safe early on.”
Tankplank TOP (9.8) by LosAngeloser | Gangplank Player
ElleryTheViking says “Really easy. Simply walk up and E him to remove his passive shield entirely. Auto minions with increased W atk speed to refresh your E and E him again while also Q spamming. His damage output is next to nothing and costs him a fortune on mana. Just W to heal up and use your gradual poke down. When you're ready to all in ghost ult and the kill should be secured. ”
Godlaf in the Top Lane (9.7) by ElleryTheViking | Olaf Player
kingkang2 says “Pretty much all tanks don't stand a chance against Yorick except during the very early game. Just keep farming, get items, and let conqueror do the work.”
Yorick - The Goon Squad Splitpusher (Work in Progress) by kingkang2 | Yorick Player
SynergyXO says “People say he counters you, not really. he just doesnt really die to you. he cant kill you. you can Q heal his poke and, you can step back when he does his pouty ground slam thing. that way you dont get attack speed reduced. at that point you can all in him ”
Masters Experience, Tryndamere Build Guide + Top Lane match by SynergyXO | Tryndamere Player
Tompouce13 says “Your Q counter his Q, Your E deals more damage than him but care about his ult”
Carry with Garen in gold/paltinuim by Tompouce13 | Garen Player
Samas says “Cant really beat you in early game nor in late game if you were to go all out on eachother since you have mixed damage, and he has tankyness, but in lane you will get harrassed by his q, then all-ined when you are low, which is really hard to avoid since you cant trade with him, he can outrun you because his q steals movement speed so one gap closer is not enough to avoid getting kited when going for trades.”
[9.6] JAX 1v9 guide by Samas | Jax Player
E61K says “If he went Comet start Dshield. Other than that he is pretty free as your Kit completely destroys him. Malphite stacks more Armor than Health really which is really bad against Darius since your Ult is more effective the less total HP a Champion has and your E passively gives you total armor pen. His attack speed cripple is annoying but he is really easy to beat as Darius.”
SwiftOblivion says “Strength: Teamfighting, Tanky, Full armor, attack speed + movement speed slow, Quick Heavy CC. Weaknesses: Outscaled, High Mana costs early, Weak lane phase. Corrupting Potion Recommended. Not only packing multiple slows, a knockup, and an ability that cannot miss, this guy can poke you down efficiently. His built-in armor is also tough to crack so proceed with caution. Your main objective in the lane is to gain a CS lead over him by retaliating against him when he tries to poke you down. Be quick with your Riposte as it is the only thing to save you other than your own flash against his ultimate. It is also useful to Riposte his ground slam because if you time it right it negates the attack speed slow and allows you to continue with a trade previously made impossible because of it. This is the most important ability of his you need to look out for Pre-6 when trading.”
(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide by SwiftOblivion | Fiora Player
Miracle Matter says “Surprisingly difficult 1v1 matchup. Malphite has a kit that is, despite being armor-heavy, almost geared towards countering Zilean. This is because when you come close enough to E - Slow him and then bomb him, he often is close enough to Q you, not only harassing you but also stealing enough movespeed for him to outrun your Q radius. Furthermore, once Malphite builds Abyssal mask and Merc Treads, he has legitimate kill potential on you -- all he has to do is Q you a few times, then Ult you and pop you mid-air before you hit the ground, i.e. before you can Ulti. Even if you do Ulti before his Ulti hits, it may just result in him letting you live and running alongside you for 5 seconds to kill you after the ulti expires. Very annoying if he chooses to sit in a side-lane versus you this way, so force a teamfight instead. This allows you exploit the advantage of having forced their toplaner to stack MR, and suddenly they're incredibly vulnerable to your ADC (and AD threats from your mid/jungle.) Never stand close to your team or you'll simply get caught in his ult. Instead, stand back so that when he ults someone, you can revive them and then simply stun him inside your team while your team kills him.”
[9.5] Toplane Splitpush Zilean (Diamond, 75% winrate) by Miracle Matter | Zilean Player
Funkihunter says “This is what the build is built for. Burn through melee champs who stack armor.”
Burn Build Phoenix Udyr by Funkihunter | Udyr Player
Sion says “As long as he is not playing max W you should be okay. His constant poke is not a big deal given that you return the favour with E+Q everytime. As he cannot just poke and R you since you can just kill him after you die.”
Low-elo stomper AD Sion by Sion | Sion Player
Evil Lightning says “Can just poke against your harassment from afar, has LOTS of armor, having you deal, questionable-atmost, damage. When lategame comes, it's over for you. He's reached his power spikes and he can EASILY outtank you.”
Moccamasterpro says “another tank that simply can't kill you.”
BeastKing says “ You can kill him early game but he will get too tanky. Easy lane but in this case win lane does not equal win game.”
Nagakabouros gives free wins by BeastKing | Illaoi Player
Proxxecube says “Another tank; simply stay safe for a few levels, get your ult, and give him an escort to pound town.”
A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora by Proxxecube | Fiora Player
lxl1Mago1lxl says “The timing could save your life against him. Especially if played AP, Malphite is really annoying for us carefully when he's going to use his ultimate”
SHACO AP TOP LANE S9 by lxl1Mago1lxl | Shaco Player
NDarKnight says “80% that you will beat him on lane and 50% that you will win game against him”
[9.2] Illaoi guide by NDarKnight by NDarKnight | Illaoi Player
LordZeta1313 says “his ult may become a problem but unless you really mess up you beat him late game ”
Choose your Demise (kayn top build) by LordZeta1313 | Kayn Player
matthew0465 says “His pokes will be annoying but im pretty sure you can outplay him a lot.”
Renekton Top AD Fighter+Tankiness by matthew0465 | Renekton Player
Tvoi_clop says “Очень легкое противостояние. Просто блокируйте его Q стеной и уничтожайте.”
Русский гайд на Ясуо by Tvoi_clop | Yasuo Player
Trixelkour says “Annoying to lane against and can one shot you if it goes for AP. In-case of Tank, get Abyssal mask or Liandry's depending on teamcomp. If going for full AP 1-shot, get an early Mercury Threads into a Mikael's Crucible to counter his ult all-ins.”
Demon Birb of Zaun by Trixelkour | Swain Player
KennenenneK says “Chunky boi is hard to kill if he goes Tank but you should win.”
AP/AD Kennen all roles! by KennenenneK | Kennen Player
TriforceOfChozo says “Take Klepto and Teleport: You just die unless you get ahead.”
The Lightning Demon by TriforceOfChozo | Kennen Player
heyitsRainex says “Malphite counters most AD matchups, especially Renekton. He wins trades just with his passive shield, E and strong basic attacks. His weakness, however, would be mana in the early game. Try to do more trades to force him to use abilities.”
[9.1] Rainexton Guide by heyitsRainex | Renekton Player
go6unatora says “Very bad laning. Will always slow your movement speed and attack speed. Dont try to fight him.”
Season 9 TankDyr Top by go6unatora | Udyr Player
SirDeRp25 says “Build magic pen if he goes tank. Build damage and health if he builds AP.”
The SATAN of TOP-LANE by SirDeRp by SirDeRp25 | Teemo Player
BurnerTroll says “He can't kill you, you can't kill him so nothing much to say. Or, maybe he can kill you...”
Drench the Kench - Tahm Kench Top Lane Guide [ 8.24] by BurnerTroll | Tahm Kench Player
E61K says “Broken bullshit. Ever since Yasuo's bonus armor pen from his ultimate got changed to crits only, this matchup has become increasingly difficult. If you have laned against him recently or laned against him as Yasuo recently you will know what I am talking about. The fact that Yasuo got his bonus armor pen changed to crits only, alongside with the tank META and buffs to Malphite made this matchup unwinnable. Yasuo used to shit on Malphite. Now Malphite basically shits on almost every AD toplaner. Get a Spectre's Cowl (yes you heard me right) and just farm and outscale his ass. There is legit 0 you can do after he gets tabis+bramble. Spectre's cowl ensures that you will be healthy enough in lane to keep farming without getting bullied out of lane by the unfair amount of damage Malphite deals right now. Late game you melt him anyways, so there is no rush. Don't try to trade with him because you will most likely lose the trades. Unless it's really early into the game. Edit: Conqueror, enough said.”
undeadsoldiers says “Malphite - Conqueror Early items (in order) - Mercs, Tiamat, Phage (Spectral Cowl if behind) - Take the second wind rune - All in lvl 1 (passive stacked) - No all in lvl 2 - Play safe in lane (avoid trades) - DON'T all in alone until Trinity - He can knock back your Q - Play around his E cooldown in trades since it slows attack speed - Save W for his poke (especially if he takes comet) - Ult cooldown: 130/105/80 ”
Omega best says “Malphite will poke you alot, but he wont do that much damage, build some armor and some mr then flip him at the good moment in your wave, call for ganks if necessary and dont rush him early and play safe ”
Xozec says “Malphite beats Jax in most situations in general. Try avoiding him.”
Zachlikespizza says “You just won't kill him unless he's building full ap in which case you will always kill him. Otherwise just try to push and roam. You can outsustain his poke and will win in the long run due to his mana costs, but don't expect to get too many kills in this lane.”
The Fallen Glory, Aatrox by Zachlikespizza | Aatrox Player
Mouadyam says “you excell vs tanks, and this one is immobile pre 6, easy matchup, just dont get bursted at 6 as his r has high base damage”
Damiandad1 says “You can trade with him because you got shield from passive. He will be soon out of mana.”
Poppy's things on preseason S8 TOP/JG by Damiandad1 | Poppy Player
TakeLPlease says “Malphite has tons of armor and health late game. Use their health and armor early game as an advantage. Late game will be hard to take them down. They will also deal lots of damage if you don't take them out early game, so beware. If you can successfully dodge his ultimate, you can use your brush hop or ultimate as he's recovering from it.”
iam colorblind says “One of the hardest Matchups! You cant trade and get clapped very fast! Play safe and try to farm! Set ur focus on Late Game (35+ Minutes)”
Jax 1v9 in Preseason! 8.24/8.25 by iam colorblind | Jax Player
RIVEN (S9) STRATEGY BUILD [CZ] by SmiTyyy | Riven Player
Skullsunderer says “Poke and wave clear is a wierd combo. When your minions are dead engage, he won't expect it and it'll take him awhile to walk back to his turret from yours. Aside from that your E's passive armor penetration really helps you kill him, as he will most likely stack it. ”
S8 Guide to Darius. Rule the Top Lane [W/ Match ups] by Skullsunderer | Darius Player
MrPuggles says “You can't kill him, he shouldn't be able to kill you. Call your jungler.”
[8.23]Cho'Gath - A Guide For Bronze/Silver (Updated) by MrPuggles | Cho'Gath Player
Lvl 100 Trunks says “Armor, Tank you wanna play safe and farm up.”
Wuking - The King Of Top Lane by Lvl 100 Trunks | Wukong Player
joelblack says “Champions like Malphite are the reason Gnar exists. Titan or Marksman work well, it just depends on whether you want to be a tank for the team or if you want to absolutely destroy him. Post-6, he'll usually be too tanky to kill in lane unless you play it well, so take this advantage to go roam and help the team.”
[8.23] A Good Boi by joelblack | Gnar Player
Ashnard says “Malph gets a lot of armor as the game goes on, making him near impossible to kill outside of lane. If he plays to defensive to kill, you can only build as large cs lead on him as possible. This is the case for pretty much every low interaction toplane tank.”
[8.23] Aatrox lane matchup guide by Ashnard | Aatrox Player
leonardojgl says “Fichinha , level 6 ele nao é nada para voce , mais depois ele fica tank demais ”
Olaf vs Full Tank by leonardojgl | Olaf Player
JefferXpr3ss says “Currently Testing...”
JefferXpr3ss's Guide to Ornn Top by JefferXpr3ss | Ornn Player
Dacnomaniak says “You dont really rely on auto damage so he really has no strengths against you. Build a sunfire for extra magic damage and try to push him out in lane.”
The One True Hero (S8 Poppy) by Dacnomaniak | Poppy Player
GOTG Ment135 says “A pesar de su gran armadura, simplemente puedes ignorar su daño, ademas, tu W ignora su reducción de velocidad de ataque.”
thedunkening111 says “Ah shit, it's this guy. At least you got an auto reset, so your short trades will be nice. But eventually, the rock will slow your attack speed to shit, so killing him will be a chore. Look to kill him early, but later on, build tanky so you can counter-initiate in teamfight scenarios. Take Conqueror”
OmegaTeemo says “He has a decent poke, free shield and an engage that most tanks can only dream about. Don't stay in lane while low, trade as much as you can, shove the wave and get him stuck under the tower.”
[TOP] The Teemo Main Pocket Guide by OmegaTeemo | Teemo Player
galvapheonix says “ Maokai isn't too difficult to lane against. He has to get close to you to attack and his saplings got nerfed so don't do nearly as much damage. He will eventually become extremely tanky and have an unreasonable amount of cc so if you get ahead don't get cocky.”
Whack Em Dead by galvapheonix | Yorick Player
WannabeGenghis says “Op champ. Just a shitty champ.”
A Monkey From The Dungeons Of Gold by WannabeGenghis | Wukong Player
Thoir says “Malphite is one of the easiest match up for Irelia. You can zone him from the farm and try to push the first wave and the first minion of the second wave to get a fast level 2 and kill him.”
IN PROGRESS by Thoir | Irelia Player

Middle Lane (12%) Malphite Middle Lane Counters: 14,361 matches, 34 counter champions

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Tips Against Malphite in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

PlayCabex says “if you get against this sh*t , then youre fuck*ed up , he will just get a abyssal mask and SOMEHOW oneshot you , bs champion wait for gank , if he goes ap then you can kill him easily , just poke first and then fight (if ap) if tank then farm and wait for gank”
Vladimir guide patch 10.19 MID/TOP Iron to diamond by PlayCabex | Vladimir Player
Phrxshn says “Malphite will outdamage if he has Arcane Comet keystone active, but will not with any other keystone. You out trade him with any other keystones or if his Arcane Comet Keystone is inactive. Avoid flinging Malphite into your team. (Recommended Items: Rylai's Scepter, Liandry's Torment, Sorcerer's Boots or Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Singed) (Outscaling Edge: Even) (Mega Adhesive prevent Malphite from activating Unstoppable Force)”
Phrxshn's Guide To Singed by Phrxshn | Singed Player
fwii says “Start Corrupting Potion to sustain from his poke. Hard push against him early to gain CS lead. ”
Scyrine says “Malphite isn't really strong against you unless you let him be. Once he has R, he can surprise you with the amount of damage he has. Play smart and try to get equal trades with him when he trys to trade with you.”
Dr Eggmund says “You can farm and there's not much Maplhite can do easy win. Poke him till the bitter end.”
Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red by Dr Eggmund | Vladimir Player
Yuki H. says “Really rare to see a Malphite in the mid lane, but it happens. If you're against a Malphite just know Zed has kill pressure only during the early game. Take advantage of the fact that Zed is an energy user while Malphite uses mana. Manage minion waves well and all should be ok, at least until he starts stacking armor.”
[10.19] Zed + Matchups by Yuki H. | Zed Player
Bouhhsolene says “DON'T PLAY MALPHITE MID!!! No seriously I'm putting here the matchups I played and this one was so easy. He'll try to poke you, but you poke him better, and have more range. His only poking spell don't do that much damage and can be cancelled if you time your W well. Just aim for a kill early, and post 6, R whenever you first see his R animation. You scale better overall and have as much teamfight impact as he does.”
[10.19] Be a strong tomato ! Neeko Guide ! by Bouhhsolene | Neeko Player
arcanejhin says “def get frozen mallet if you cant survive burst or spirit visage as 4th item if you can Hes an annoying champ. You could abuse him in lane if you go in after he uses Q ”
YONE MID GUIDE = SLICE THE COMPETITION by arcanejhin | Yone Player
Fadedreformed says “very easy q when he q's and outrade him with your e ”
helizac says “Malphite is the most powerful champion in game; so if you see that a malphite is coming to you, just run!”
[S10] AP Malphite Guide by helizac | Malphite Player
Coldsong says “Malphite is another super hard matchup for Talon because unless he screws up, you will never kill him. Do NOT stand close to him once he hits 6 and try to stay out of lane as much as you can.”
[Season 10] - Coldsong's Talon Guide! by Coldsong | Talon Player
Veralion says “DH, Dark seal. There's been a lot of this going around recently. Point and click harass is BS, and Malphite’s high base damage on Q makes staying in lane aggravating for many champions. Smite healing is plenty to do so, though. It's tough to harass him down through his passive. If you hit E on cooldown you can keep his armor off, but if you lapse by a few seconds you will lose the war of attrition, so just focus on farming until 6. He does an absurd amount of damage at 6 with his full combo, and can stomp you dead from as much as 60-70% health. You do even more, though. Take a good recall timing right before 6, come back to lane fresh, and put your cards down on even ground with him before he has time to chip you back down again with his Q. He hits hard, but you’ll hit harder. You can HoB him down with jungle lockdown early, but his movement and attack speed slows will probably prevent you from doing so on your own. ”
AP Shyvana Mid: The Lizard Wizard by Veralion | Shyvana Player
OOBLEXX says “Gets pretty tanky. His Q cannot be avoided when you are attacking since you will have to be going in and out of shroud- this will slow you down and he can get away most of the time, especially in the early game. ”
Mr38i3 says “When you predict that he is gonna ult you then E backwards and you can probably delete most of his HP with your ult and Q W E combo at lvl 6”
Zak247 says “If playing ap you get 1 shot as soon as he gets R def a good ban from me”
RikudouDovahkiin says “Against Malphite, you don't have to do something special or making plays if he building tank only against you. Its rather a dull lane, even don't need to dodge his R at 1v1. Make sure that you have pink totem in 2-3x bushes, just in case. Losing against Malphite is an inconvenient possibility and can cost your teamfights if u fall behind in terms of DPS. There should be no such a possibility. If you are really sure that he has Ignite, you can pick cleanse against his Ignite and slow which will stop his burst and leeching potential. Building firstly Abyssal Scepter can help you a lot with boots of swiftness. Counter his Q with your Q. When you really lose the lane do not use E too much it will kill you instead of Malphite, wait for then use your E + 3rd Q, because healing from 3rd Q getting stronger for every missing health. You can pick magic pen boots if he only building magic resist, beware of his sunfire cape which is deadly in 1v1. His slow sometimes may be irritating but after building Rylai and Proto it will be easier to kill him. (Also malphites tend to build armor and AP instead of stacking up MR'es)”
How to Vladimir [Out-dated] Guide: Kneel Before Vlad by RikudouDovahkiin | Vladimir Player
Gyerchak says “in fights later its horrible to fight against him with his movment and attack speed reduction. in late can reach even 1000 armour”
Statikk Shiv + Stormrazor Sustain Yone - le epic build by Gyerchak | Yone Player
Nooldles says “Similiar to Swain, Malphite gifts you one of the best Ultimates in the game. He also just doesn't have enough damage to beat you 1v1 on a side lane unless he goes full ap in which if he doesn't os you, you kill him very easily as he is squiushy.”
10.16 Updated Sylas Mid Guide by Nooldles | Sylas Player
Snow Day Zoe says “He can one shot you after level 6, so just shut him down early as much as you can.”
leprosyy says “all in yaparsanız e ile saldırı hızınızı çok yavaşlatır ve siz daha çok damage yersiniz.Kite yaparak canını azaltın q suna w açın ultisini siz hortum atarken kullanması muhtemel olduğu için hortum atıyormuş gibi bir anda ona bakıp bir minyona e atın ultisini kullanmazsa bir daha aynı şeyi yapın.”
400k Yasuodan Öğretici by leprosyy | Yasuo Player
Kaali says “[Mid Lane] Early Game, you shred him. Make sure he doesn't get ahead and you have a feeding Malphite on the enemy team :D”
Kaalí's Yone Mid | The Unforgotten by Kaali | Yone Player
Zoe Sparklepop says “With his passive shield and Doran's shield, he can tank your poke pretty well while throwing that cheese wheel at you for basically the same damage as your Q DO NOT let him roam after 6 or he'll get takedowns. You need to try your best to match his roams or mirror roaming.”
snukumz says “Pretty easy pre-6 but after 6 you have to be very careful since he can ult you and either kill you or do most of your health in damage. Barrier will save you as well as a little bit of HP. Be ready to hit flash fast if his ult is up, if you're quick you can flash dodge his ult. He's killable with your combo but he can always ult away to safety, or ult you to stop your ultimate. ”
nguyenbautroi says “A super tanky champ can easily counter Pyke, he have a big armor that make Pyke hard to deal a good damage. His Q can make him run fast that make you hard to ult him.”
Killing Machine Pyke by nguyenbautroi | Pyke Player
LightningTemplar says “Tanky and loves to build armor, nice. Play aggresive early, attempt to keep his shield down and constantly put pressure on him as it only gets harder to kill him as time goes by. His R can be dodged with our R, or our W, should we already have a Shadow sat up. ”
Swagilicious' Zed Guide - ZED99 Inspired by LightningTemplar | Zed Player
only yasuo play says “Can only win lane early on, he gets too tanky to trade with the longer the lane goes on. Ping for jungle gank. Once he hits 6 you are fucked because of his insane gank setup.”
BEST YASUO GUIDE (WIP) by only yasuo play | Yasuo Player
PnuTru says “You basically don't get to kill this guy when he gets armor. What I usually do is just get vamp scepter then rush black cleaver to be able to fight him.”
[10.8] Monkeying around [Mid/Top/Jungle] by PnuTru | Wukong Player
PnuTru says “You basically don't get to kill this guy when he gets armor. What I usually do is just get vamp scepter then rush black cleaver to be able to fight him.”
[10.8] Monkeying around [Mid/Top/Jungle] by PnuTru | Wukong Player
Zephorgames says “If you don't know how to dodge her R, just play safe and dont forget to take conqueror against. first, take doran shield and try to poke so much with your shadow. After that, dont forget to roam with Zed ^^ if you're 0/2, ping your jungler for help, you can't 1v1 Malph in 0/2 lol”
panger 174 says “full ap es un asco, si lo violas early no te hace nada pero si te saca mucha ventaja perdiste dh elec ”
pangers zoe build by panger 174 | Zoe Player
BigFatCat909 says “Dodge his r with your r ;D”
Hunt Their Shadows by BigFatCat909 | Zed Player
Fhizzikx says “If u get ulted ur basically dead. Get a stopwatch and try to time it. Play from a safe distance.”
Learn the Basics of Vel'koz by Fhizzikx | Vel'Koz Player
JacWilly says “Rock make u go boom ”
A Real Zed Guide + Matchups by JacWilly | Zed Player
Malmortious says “Laning against him is rough. His passive is really strong and requires constant poking, he stacks armor and he does a lot of damage for a tank. Your best bet is to try to kill him early and then roam.”
Malmortious' Talon Guide by Malmortious | Talon Player
Kami_EU says “Terrible matchup for Yasuo, since Malphite can stack armor and you can't do anything about it. Best bet is to manage wave according to his spell cooldowns/his jungle pressure. ”
1Recycle Bin1 says “yikes, there's no actual counter-play as his kit is pretty straightforward, get d. shield and try baiting his ult”
1Recycle Bin1 | Only Fools Hesitate!【10.8】 by 1Recycle Bin1 | Katarina Player
ur_mom_gay says “You basically can't win this lane. You can hit the guy with WEQ electrocute and still get outtraded if he Q's you once. If you have LDR you can fight him though.”
Zed by ur_mom_gay | Zed Player
theboywhodominatedaplat says “you lose when he goes against you no matter what you do unless ur jungler is kind ”
THE BEST ZED INDEPTH GUIDE FOR SEASON 10 WITH MATCHUPS BABES by theboywhodominatedaplat | Zed Player
Okolyr says “Why are you even picking this in mid”
The only talon guide you will ever need by Okolyr | Talon Player
shitieboh says “If malphite builds ap he can one shot you with his r .”
Lux Season 10 Build by shitieboh | Lux Player
Gogicha55 says “Hes Tanky so you can't really kill him, Just shove him in and roam but you won't see malphite mid that much anymore so you don't have to worry”
Small And Simple Talon Guide by Gogicha55 | Talon Player
Dgraider says “You outdamage him before 6(he can wombo you after 6 so be careful of that)”
Rumbling in the 90s by Dgraider | Rumble Player
cobbzy says “Practically an impossible matchup, since they are so tanky you really need jungler help, solo killing will be difficult. ”
Understanding Katarina: A Full Guide [10.4] by cobbzy | Katarina Player
ZED VORTEX says “When malphite gets ult and decides to ult you, you have to react super fast unless you will most likely die.”
ZED best build by ZED VORTEX | Zed Player
sekkondsEU says “Kinda annoying and pokey. You have to react fast when he ults you and ult before he hits you.”
tsundereRen says “when your best friend betray you”
Play Yasuo like me, Dan "Jellybean" Johnson by tsundereRen | Yasuo Player
Sq_09 says “Q poke is a big oof. Also you don't have that much pressure alone. He can kill you post-6 if you're not careful. ”
A guide to Pyke, but NOT supp! :o (top & mid) by Sq_09 | Pyke Player
imidasi says “hard to kill and he have broken R ”
Great Funnel Taric Main now top60 before top 1 world by imidasi | Taric Player
Cloud375 says “Ok, if this is AP Malphite, this is an absolute pain. Before level 6, you can hurt him but killing him is near impossible due to his shield and the fact that his Q has such high damage and scaling. But after level 6, he has the ability to oneshot you without you even having any ability to fight back. If he lands his ult and has enough ability power, you are dead. The same applies if it is not AP, but if they are not playing AP Malphite, you stand a stronger chance of surviving, but it's still very very difficult to win lane.”
For the risks, an AP Sona Mid Guide by Cloud375 | Sona Player
pamiclo says “BAN IT! OR JUST DONT DIE!”
PAMICLO'S AKALI the Rogue Fearless Assassin by pamiclo | Akali Player
ShuUis says “Oh yeah, he is tanky and has good defenses and poke and damage. Potent roams too. His scaling was nerfed recently so you shouldn't see too much of them now, but beware.”
Akali Mid Build/Matchups Guide [9.22] by ShuUis | Akali Player
MasterTierTheoryCrafter says “rok väri stronk. rok väri skäri. rok bygga armor väri tänki”
Rumbel väri gud by MasterTierTheoryCrafter | Rumble Player
Yeager says “Tanks are fun to play against because they are basically just pinhatas that can't kill you unless you mess up big time. - Spam starfire spellblade to get procs of kleptomancy. - His waveclear is horrible. If the enemy jungler poses no threat to you, or if they are seen at the other side of the map, you can shove the wave and force him to farm under turret while poking him with E. - If it's arcane comet malphite with corrupting potion start, you can max W second to out-sustain all the damage. ”
Yeager's Master Kayle Guide by Yeager | Kayle Player
TwoDoubleSix0 says “His ult can make laning extremely hard. so try to stay close to your jungler while farming under turrent.”
HARDCARRY - PENTA-KILL ZILEAN by TwoDoubleSix0 | Zilean Player
lma03 says “malphite's ultimate move is the most bitch thing you could ever use, malphite is the dumbest champ in the worlds”
Crit Aartox by lma03 | Aatrox Player
quinniston says “Annoying and his ult screws you, be careful ”
kilgta says “a good malphite player could beat you at level 6 but you can most certainly poke him and then finish him with ult if you poked enough. its a decent lane for you since you can abuse him early. start seal.”
[9.14]Easy way to higher elo by kilgta | Malzahar Player
BL00dY3nD says “Well sure you can counter his R. But he will poke you dead with his Q and if he gets abyssal mask you will get tilted cause he 1 shots you. If he goes AP you should be able to kill him.”
Electrocute Vladimir [V9.11] by BL00dY3nD | Vladimir Player
javimc17 says “He can't do nothing against you. Win all trades starting with your E, hitting with your Q and healing with your W when your shield falls.”
[S9] MORDEKAISER MID/TOP by javimc17 | Mordekaiser Player
Jazzmonkey says “pretty hard matchup. he will poke you with Q so go dorans shield here with second wind. Just focus farm and don'T trade him at all just if he missplayed or used his skills on minion. ”
[9.5 Wukong Guide] Challenger Wukong EUW From zero to hero D by Jazzmonkey | Wukong Player
rimzaki says “dodge him ultimate with ur sanguine pool he no match ur poke simple lane”
The Ancient Bloodlord Vladimir Guide by rimzaki | Vladimir Player

In the Jungle (9%) Malphite In the Jungle Counters: 10,736 matches, 42 counter champions

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Tips Against Malphite in the Jungle Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

nZk01 says “useless champion, dodge ult lol.”
Polarshift says “Slows your attack speed and is designed to be strong against AD champions. It will be hard to kill him, even early, unless he spends his mana like a madman. He also has great gank setup and disengage with his Q.”
[10.19] WARWICK THE UNCAGED WRATH [JG/TOP] [VERY IN-DEPTH] by Polarshift | Warwick Player
ChaseMorePlz says “Be careful!~ You can get one shot by a full AP Malphite easily so you have to time your Ultimate's stealth very intelligently!”
10.19 Updated Season 10 Kha'zix Build, Runes and Strategy! by ChaseMorePlz | Kha'Zix Player
Suseri says “Dodge his Q its very slow. After 6 he can't slow your AS anymore so once you also have Rageblade you can beat him.”
[S10] The Best Master Yi Guide by Suseri | Master Yi Player
SnakeTastic says “Hes not a good jungler and even in top lane he hasnt really got a chance against mundo”
Snakes Dr.mundo jungle guide by SnakeTastic | Dr. Mundo Player
classicnoob says “His main source Of DMG is R. Dont waste your Q on his R since rest of his abilities do alot damage aswell.Incase he builds AP get a maw of malmourtius”
57K YI (10.10)+Matchups And Chapters. by classicnoob | Master Yi Player
Ambient12 says “UNCOMMON. Pretty durable and powerful champion, but he belongs at top. He brings no sustain to his ADC, and does next to zero damage early game. Go hard and score an easy kill, but be wary of his powerful all-in capabilities.”
[10.17] [Season 10] Jungle Pantheon Guide by Ambient12 | Pantheon Player
Poohlio says “Your only chance to kill him is in the early when he doesn't have any items yet. Once he gets 2 items, just don't try it, he'll laugh at you trying to scratch him D: Go Red with Cleaver helps ”
A Vietnamese take on Jungling with Kayn by Poohlio | Kayn Player
Hide on Nidalee says “You can kill him easy on his jungle, just invade and let him behind. After lvl 6 just be careful with his ultimate and be atent to counterganks”
10.14 jungle Nidalee guide by Hide on Nidalee | Nidalee Player
sonni says “any tanks are easy with darkin kayn”
The darkin kayn build Guide by sonni | Kayn Player
Hawary says “malphite is rock solid and u don't have magic resistance runes or in your masteries so he will deal much damage to you avoid him in game or build some magic resist first”
[10.12] Elise jungle guide 101 ! by Hawary | Elise Player
TrevorJayce says “This champion is a permanent April Fool's joke injected into the Riot Games title League of Legends by complete accident. There is absolutely no way someone who is not in a mental ward thinks it is okay for a champion to build full AP with an AOE knockup that scales from said full AP to also then be unkillable. Handle with care.”
Trevor Jayce's Rengar Guide by TrevorJayce | Rengar Player
SeekerPTK says “He's kind of a nightmare to deal with catch him with your q when he ults to follow him in but you won't get knocked up. Don't bother fighting this guy too much cc and tankiness to kill steal his camps his clears are slow.”
[10.5] Get out of gold - Lee Sin Guide by SeekerPTK | Lee Sin Player
OGPOTATOJEFFSHACO says “doesnt win fights till super late game. Item reliant ”
0kruemlmonster says “If he ults you in a teamfight, you're probably dead. Try to dodge or flash (if you took flash) it. He can't 1v1 you, especially if he goes AP.”
[s10] a Master Yi Jungle Guide by 0kruemlmonster | Master Yi Player
shaundasschaf says “Dodge his Ult with Q and win.”
Master Yi Jungle Guide by shaundasschaf | Master Yi Player
McDank says “Try to anticipate his ult and block it with pillar.”
THE TRUNDLE BUNDLE [Jungle, Top, and Support] by McDank | Trundle Player
today ill feed enemy team says “He is a strong lane bully, you will need to rush cleaver and ruined king if he is building tank, if he is building AP, you just will need to rush wit's end and trinity after it.”
The WIP Godyr Low Elo Guide [TOP AND JG] by today ill feed enemy team | Udyr Player
G2 Ryan says “Recently nerfed BUT he's still strong, his E beats the sh*t out of you since you can't auto him, avoid him til' level 6, When you have Highlander, you just need the timing to dodge his R and it's done for him.”
Yi Build Preseason 10 by G2 Ryan | Master Yi Player
CryAwake says “AP Malphite can be very annoying make sure to build some early MR to avoid his burst.”
Bruiser Poppy Jungle (In-Depth) by CryAwake | Poppy Player
Yuki H. says “Luckily this isn't played as much, but he poses quite a bit of threat to Graves in the jungle. There is little to no chance you will kill this champion after he transitions out of the late game, and his Q allows himself to steal movespeed from you which makes it near impossible for you to chase or run away.”
[9.21] The Return of the Jungle King by Yuki H. | Graves Player
RiffingtonX says “If he is going AP you are screwed but it is more likely that he is going tank.”
JAX 1V9 CARRY BUILD by RiffingtonX | Jax Player
YouLikedThat says “Just don't. Avoid him, buy quicksilver or buy banshees veil.”
Spirit Guard Udyr Jungle 9.20 | 66% winrate on Udyr by YouLikedThat | Udyr Player
Jadiac5 says “Has high HJp and Hp, his ult will probaly be your death if you dont leave immediatly when it does a lot of dmg to you.”
The Back To Spawn Edition by Jadiac5 | Evelynn Player
pooploI says “fuck u up with the R”
Press R | Karthus Jg Guide (9.17) by pooploI | Karthus Player
CorruptedPoro says “Your speed is no match for his big boy tank stats. Same for any tank. Speed on them mages and squishy bot men. Also speed to opponent jungle to steal stuff and then speed back”
Big Fast Track Sprinter Kayle by CorruptedPoro | Kayle Player
New Player says “Could initate on your team with high burst dmg despite you being there. This could make it hard for you to fight back.”
Jungle Cho'Gath (Season 9) by New Player | Cho'Gath Player
WiskeyANDGin says “he is full tank, spamming is the key to kill him, and try to keep him in melee range, he can q and run away easy”
Kayn builds by WiskeyANDGin | Kayn Player
LilRalle says “malp can be a threat to jax, because, malp is pretty strong and tanky early, and if you just full upgrade e as malp you should be able to slow jax down a lot if he tries to jump on you, and the same goes for his q. pretty much slow counters jax or blind.”
One Shot Jax jungle build by LilRalle | Jax Player
slshylmnade says “this guy is just tank af for hecarim”
1st guide hecarim by slshylmnade | Hecarim Player
Violzandre says “I HATE YOU MAPHITE!!! haha, a little joke, but it's a threat if he is full ap, in late if you're not fast enough to use your R to escape, he uses his R and can delete you. Thanks to god, he isn't always full ap, usually a see malphites using a tank build. In early and midgame he isn't a threat.”
[8.24] My Dear High Damage Shyvana (Irregular playing style) by Violzandre | Shyvana Player
IceBrittle says “Has a very stong armor scaling, so you won't deal much dmg to him and only get yourself hurt”

Bottom Lane (8%) Malphite Bottom Lane Counters: 10,477 matches, 34 counter champions

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Tips Against Malphite in Bottom Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Profesor APH. says “he is 4.5/5 hes not extreme but its one of the hardest matchups for aph he can run away from ur ult by malph ult you can try to run away from his ult but he have movement speed and he can easilly catch up you and r to you”
[10.19] BEST GUIDE FOR APHELIOS - SEASON 10 by Profesor APH. | Aphelios Player
MutedOne says “he ults = you are dead”
smurfing with twitch by MutedOne | Twitch Player
Eneino01 says “You won't play the game probably”
[10.9] Diamond 1 - Aphelios ADC [Alune give me strenght!] by Eneino01 | Aphelios Player
LupinTheCat says “If he doesn't have ult up, he will do nothing, if he does, don't get grouped up with your team, cause it will be your downfall”
Soraka's hurricane. god bless the ds by LupinTheCat | Soraka Player
Phantom R says “This lil fella strong. Against a Malph mid you are pretty much screwed early/mid game as he will kill you with no problem going AP build. DON'T stay near him at any moment bc he will R you/flash and R you many times. He looks at you like a juicy meal, so stay away from him and wait for an opening when he presses R on one of your teammates. As soon as he does that, have your traps prepared for him and go hard!, you WILL kill him fast and easily after that.”
Antike2018 says “he hit u with his ult even god cannot save you try to dodge his ult and react faster”
be jhin by Antike2018 | Jhin Player
Xzit Thamer says “-Work in Progress- ”
TalesKursped says “USE Your ULT or Save your flash”
Season 9 Kayle - ARAM Goddess by TalesKursped | Kayle Player

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