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Ryze Counter Stats

Ryze Counters
Middle Lane
Ranked #59 out of 59 in Mid Discover all Mid champions who counter Ryze. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Ryze in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Ryze Data for all roles taken from 33,577 matches.
Ryze Counter Stats From:
All Cha Mas Dia Pla

Middle Lane (78%) Ryze Middle Lane Counters: 26,288 matches, 56 counter champions

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Tips Against Ryze in Middle Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Lynter says “Runa Recomendada: Conquistador. Ryze agressivará contra Katarina com W nos níveis iniciais e depois E+Q nos minions mais próximos para te dar dano e puxar a lane ao mesmo tempo. O segredo para vencê-lo é aguardar o uso do seu Q, para depois avançar nele, fazê-lo gastar seu W (Rune Prision) quando você gastar seu EW em cima dele, pois assim, não terá como ele fugir do dano e você conseguirá posicionar QE + AA e ignite (ou junto com R caso esteja nível 6+) para finalizá-lo. Caso faça isso apenas para dar troca de dano, no período, a habilidade Q do Ryze ainda estará em cooldown, possibilitando que você dê dano e volte sem ter sofrido muito dano na troca. A troca deve ser feita se for vantajosa ou se for para matá-lo. No nível 6, dê preferência a um item como o Alfanje para que ele não escape da sua ultimate pois ele recebe velocidade de movimento com suas habilidades (Q). Abuse de roaming pois ele não conseguirá te seguir, a não ser com teleporte. Caso ele use teleporte no meio do percurso do seu gank, tente o mais rápido possível eliminar o time dele para que assim que o Ryze chegar você possa ou escapar dele ou matá-lo junto com seu time. Em teamfights se posicione contra ele sempre que necessário, visto que ele não pode parar a ultimate da Katarina com nenhuma de suas habilidades. Aproveite sempre que ele estiver com mal posicionamento. Ryze é um campeão que se destaca sozinho e que consegue ficar splitando e crescer rápido, por conta disso é muito chato, mas não é um problema tão alto se você não for solado nos níveis mais baixos. O potencial de perigo de Ryze é de igual para igual visto que ele também possui dano base muito alto, além de recuperação de vida, velocidade de movimento, escudo e ainda contar com muita resistência, Ryze só tem uma desvantagem que é a sua ultimate. ”
[S11] Lynter's Katarina Guide (PT-BR) by Lynter | Katarina Player
Avucado says “Go E and look to get early damage off. You can walk up to q -> e or hook into e, but if you don't land it you will be taking a horrible trade. He can match roams pretty well with his R but is easy to kill with others around. Ask for ganks because he has no escapes. If he gets fed you need to go mercs and possibly hexdrinker.”
[11.15 Pyke Mid Guide] War Crimes in the Midlane by Avucado | Pyke Player
Ambitieux says “Ryze is mostly a skill matchup like the terror Anivia. Only difference is he can out damage you very quickly in fights and you need to be careful when taking these trades. Hiding behind minions works for the most part, but your power spike when fighting him is before his tear. And lvl 6 due to ur mobility. If possible try to poke him out in lane while last hitting, and you can easily out roam him. If he carries cleanse just play for other lanes. But if he carries tp/ignite you may try to take favorable fights. (If landed charm or such)”
Ambitieux's MASTERS Quick Guide to Diamond+ by Ambitieux | Ahri Player
Quinncidence says “Immobile! D-Shield + 2nd Wind is key. Farm up, get some cats ready and try to land E or W, if you wall him force his flash or kill him. ”
Meowrick - An in-depth Challenger guide for Season 11 by Quinncidence | Yorick Player
iZianni says “You outrange, he outscales but his range is so shit that it doesn't matter. He should never be able to play this champion into the current meta or your champion. Play around E windows and avoid getting rooted by maintaining a safe distance. One shot this champion easily. ”
Zianni's Challenger Lux Guide by iZianni | Lux Player
AP WormMaW Mid says “Here the main problem is, that whenever you try to face-to-face fight him during early or mid game, he will block some part of your damage with his shield, which makes him hard to kill. In addition he can pull off a lot of damage on you in order to harass you. Another thing is, that he can roam early, which might snowball their entire team, but if he doesn't, you will simply outscale and once when you get your Lich Bane, he will have problems even in face-to-face fight, because your damage output will mostly be way better.”
[S11] WormMaW's Guide for AP Kogmaw by AP WormMaW Mid | Kog'Maw Player
Yeager says “Take cleanse and buy mercury's treads. You outrange him with the ball, so he can be zoned in the laning phase. He has a lot of damage, so if he somehow closes the gap and gets within range, he will nuke you down, and it becomes hard to trade back because of his shield and speedboost from passive and phase rush. Keep your distance and use the range advantage to win the matchup. ”
Yeager's Master Orianna guide by Yeager | Orianna Player
Halfhand says “This is a standard matchup, no need to rush specific items. Just follow the standard build path. ”
[11.15] S11 Twisted Fate guide - Halfhand - Master Tier EUW by Halfhand | Twisted Fate Player
Sanctuar says “Ryze can be very dangerous once he gets his roaming on at lvl 6 due to his ultimate. Since he is running low on cooldowns on his abilities due to his kit, it is very hard to lane against him. Max Q first and farm safely into the mid-game.”
A Swamp Master's guide by Sanctuar | Kennen Player
XayLies says “Should be bullied because his AA / Q / E are simply blocked by you Wind Wall so he can't do anything and barely even snare you. Warn your team when he reaches 6 because he might use it to roam into Drake / Herald. Season 11: Now Ryze has become a Monster in Late game thanks to the new items, he climbs up to Even.”
[ALL ROLES] XayLies Yasuo Guide | Season 11 | In-Depth by XayLies | Yasuo Player
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Top Lane (16%) Ryze Top Lane Counters: 5,480 matches, 53 counter champions

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Tips Against Ryze in Top Lane Tips Provided by MOBAFire Guide Authors

Sovereign Kitten says “Ryze will mostly always run Phase Rush into you. You do NOT win this lane in any logical way. He will have full control over the waves so long as he knows how to utilize his combos correctly. So just keep yourself back, in bushes or to the side of your minions that are not being comboed unless he is not playing well or lining up the correct AoE spread combo. I suggest to take resolve as your secondary runes with Bone Plating and Overgrowth, and max rank your (Q) for poking only. It's often a better option to dodge this match-up entirely instead of having to go into the hard-counter, but this is personal preference. It's a farming and survival lane mostly. The good thing is, he isn't played much anymore so it's rare to see.”
THE PASSIONATE GUIDE TO TEEMO by Sovereign Kitten | Teemo Player
BoilTheOil says “Go Fleet Footwork. Ping your jungler to gank him because you probably can't kill him otherwise. Don't stand next to the minion wave because he will hit you with E-Q. ”
[11.15] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide by BoilTheOil | Sett Player
I Am Goliath says “Although kind of hard to hit E's in this matchup I find ryze to be pretty easy because of how weak he is early game he shouldn't really ever kill you, and if you do ever land E he is 100% dead but you may have to flash E to land them in this matchup, try to land your Q first and you can sometimes get in ranged to E him, other then that ryze loves to perma push the wave so try not to let him do that for free on you try to pressure him and push the wave back as much as possible, they will usually use their combo to push which means some of their combo will be down if you trade with them. Adaptive helm second or third item can be good in this matchup especially if it's good for the overall game, although ryze scales good, you still scale really good also.”
GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points) by I Am Goliath | Urgot Player
Drake6401 says “What could be more fair than a mage that only builds mana in order to one shot so he can stay in lane for longer without sacrificing any damage? Pretty much how this guy works. You're both burst fighters so he has the advantage being ranged and can't miss his CC. Take a sustain start so you can better share the wave early on and gain fury for fights. Use bushes to buy some time since he can't just walk in with you.”
Complete Guide to Renekton (Wild Rift Portion) by Drake6401 | Renekton Player
Anoying bro5 says “Level 2 you win, get Dorans blade and try to abuse him early game. He is hard to lock down if he grabs phase rush. He will scale hard so just try to abuse him and dont let him get free poke on you in lane. ”
[11.15] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) by Anoying bro5 | Fiora Player
MrDomian says “Don't trade in early game with him. Destroy him after level 6.”
quinn adc says “Make sure to ideally land blind on Ryze first, and if you do so, you can easily win the trade because Ryze will only be able to use his Q on you, which is hard to land when he can't see you. Next, be cautious of Ryze's flux. Don't stand near low health minions because Ryze E can spread the flux to you, and if you have flux on you, his abilites will be empowered. Ryze W doesn't instantly root you anymore, but now, his W only roots if you have flux on you. If Ryze uses Q or E on minions, you can safely go in for a trade and you will hard win it because PTA along with him not having one of his core abilities means that he won't be able to retaliate in time. Ryze Q only spreads around to other enemies with flux, so it's just important not to be marked by it. Quinn's E can cancel Ryze R, so if he channels his R, just vault him immediately. The matchup is easy if you play aggressive in lane because Ryze is weak early on, and with PTA, Quinn has limited sustain, but incredible damage. Constantly harrass him when you can, but ideally only when you land your blind on him first. Make sure to get your side stepping fingers ready to juke his Qs when you consume harrier marks :) I like to walk up close to ryze and move in unpredicable patterns to bait his Q because if he Wiffs his Q and it misses you, you can now go in for a trade with PTA because you will win it. Proc PTA and weave autos with Q and E, and then walk away to chunk Ryze without much retaliation. Late game Ryze is scary, but honestly Quinn can win the 1v1 if you land blind on him! You are able to DPS like crazy, but just make sure to side step his Qs because late game they do incredible damage. Build a maw if you are having trouble with him later on in the game, and mercs to help lower the duration of Ryze W root/slow.”
QuinnAD's Season 11 Grandmaster Quinn Guide by quinn adc | Quinn Player
RTO says “This matchup sucks. You can't trade with him pre 6 because if you try to get on top of him, then his passive shield will negate damage. Once you hit 6, if he misses his snare, then you possibly have a chance to out trade him. Expect a rough lane and being kited out all game. Good luck. ”
[11.15] RTO's 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide by RTO | Renekton Player
Raen says “Annyoing match up if you meet him. Most of the time if you jump on him, he will just W you QEQ and run away. Don't stay close to minions so you won't get affected by his E+Q. Early is his weakness. Punish it jumping at his head everytime you can. Mercury must be in this match up + Doran Shield vs Ryze.”
Raen's Jax Video Tips & Tricks & Build ^̮^ by Raen | Jax Player
Phrxshn says “Dodge his Overload(Q) so he does not fully combo you. If you do not dodge his Q he will have a debuff off it called Flux which will enhance his Rune Prison and Spell Flux(E). You have Ryze against you and this game will have to be very team dependent to win. (Mega Adhesive cancels Realm Warp(R)) (Recommended Items: Rylai's Scepter, Force of Nature, Mercury's Treads) (Outscaling Edge: Ryze) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Singed)”
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